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Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless, MNZM (born Lucille Frances Ryan 29 March 1968) is a New Zealander actress and singer best known for playing the title character of the internationally successful television series Xena: Warrior Princess.

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nope nope nope we have Lucy Lawless on this side of the country you just have what sand?
Diane Lewis Lucy Lawless two daughters on ep6.20 'One in 8,000' via
Lucy Lawless video from doing the Xena Battle Cry
Lucy Lawless is such a sport! Love this photo :D so grateful to get to meet her at Supanova Gold Coast…
Gorgeous photo of Lucy Lawless from NZ Woman's Day contents page - higher res scans up on AUSXIP shortly
AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Photo of the Day - Lucy Lawless on the set of Xena episode "Between The Lines"
Hold the phone. Lucy Lawless was in an ep of
Watch Lucy Lawless in Adventures of the Black Stallion on AUSXIP Lucy Lawless RIP Mickey Rooney
Showbiz Legend Mickey Rooney Dead at 93 - Worked w Lucy Lawless on Adventures of the Black Stallion in 1993
Love Stevie Nicks on but this will always be my favorite memory: Lucy Lawless in Stevie Nicks' Fajita Round Up
Lucy Lawless now owns a Matt Sesow painting.
It was the biggest Supanova in Gold Coast history this weekend, check out the gallery here:
US deal for Oz thriller The Code starring Lucy Lawless, June premiere on ABC1 is possible
Happy Birthday to friend unit Tim Radford and also Pearl Baily, Earl Campbell, Eric Idle, Cy Young, John Tyler, Sam Walton, Lucy Lawless, Chad Allan(Guess Who) No really, it was a group! lol
So I have found a list of Celebrities that I share my birthday with.. The one's that made me smile the most are Christopher Lambert (Highlander), Lucy Lawless (Spartacus), Cy Young (Legendary Baseball Player), Walt "Clyde" Fraiser (Legendary Basketball Player), Perry Farrel (Janes Addiction singer), Michael P.S. Hayes (Wrestler) , and the best blues singer on the planet earth John Popper! (Blues Traveler)
Special birthday wishes go out today to Terry Jacks (70), Walt Frazier (69), Earl Campbell (59), Christopher Lambert (57), Perry Ferrell (55), Elle MacPherson (50), Lucy Lawless (46) and also to Jennifer Capriati (38).
Birthday wishes today to Christopher Lambert (57) and Lucy Lawless (46), two folks who've learned a thing or two...
Everything is a matter of degree. Was fun to see John Hannah ham it up as a villain with Lucy Lawless. Scheming, conniving.
A fanboy dream: Lucy Lawless cameo as the Rani, who then regenerates into Lara Pulver. Thoughts? :)
Was walking down the street with LUCY LAWLESS when a young man shouted do you support *** rights ( he was doing a petition) I thought if you are asking ME and LUCY LAWLESS if we support *** rights ... How *** are you? And do YOU support *** rights!! THEN WE BOTH felt old ... We indeed support *** rights , we would just like if the next generation recognized us !
Yes, Yes (for Fred Armisen and Lucy Lawless) and yes. Lynch is all about Tarmac.
Well, the bloody scenes and the naked bodies are my fav things about the show, with the language and Lucy Lawless !
Watching, Justice League: The New Frontier and I hear Wonder Woman's voice. I'm like, that sounds like Lucy Lawless (Xena) so I look it up and it is! Talk about being a Xena Fan!!
Lucy Lawless' bday is March 29. Instead of gifts she asks fans to do a good deed for the planet/ppl-Last yr's project. ht…
Hey Elyse, I can't remember if I sent you the Lucy Lawless autograph prices yet.
Gorgeous photo No2 of Lucy Lawless from Express magazine
Weekend Herald article now online but different Lucy Lawless, Shane & Amanda pic
Lucy lawless is in this movie? Nice... Watching the 'Boogeyman' movies
So... On episode seven of Hercules the legendary adventures, Lucy Lawless played a character that's wasn't Xena... In cace u was wunderin
If your trying to be apart of the next generation of Boss Perfection nows the time Jolla @ ya boy! We were recently blessed with a ridiculous litter off none other than "Mr. Throwin" himself Mac11, off CH. Glaze & CH. El Nino, bred to one of our many bad a$$ beezies Lucy Lawless off of El Bambino & Avalanche! They're almost a week old & already looking ridiculous! I've nothing but proud of what my boy Mac's been putting out & this is nothing more than proof he's something special!
here's another one for Spartacus fans: Spartacus Vengeance water bottle autographed by Lucy Lawless, Manu Bennett and Liam McIntyre for AUSXIP Charity Auction 21-27 March 2014
TV Guide issue Nov 22-28, 1997 - TV's Top 20 Sexy Stars - Lucy Lawless "As the best-looking sword-toting, leather-clad super-heroine on TV, Lucy Lawless is a feminist icon for the 90's. "Xena is sexy but not in the way most people think," the NZ actress says of her role on the syndicated hit Xena: Warrior Princess. Her character's appeal is that she's "complex, and ever-changing," which is to say, Xena is a lot like Lawless herself Balancing the demands of a relationship and motherhood with TV stardom - as well as a recent Broadway turn as Rizzo in "Grease" --Lawless is too busy to take life as a warrior pinup seriously. "I'm not a sex symbol in my own house," she says. "I'm boring old mom." Exec Prod R.J. Stewart disagrees: "Lucy combines beauty, wit, honesty, and tons of soul --that's a very potent combination." ~
I can't believe it took me almost half an episode to realize the reporter is Lucy Lawless. As if the show could be any cooler.
You know what? Do not stop it. . lawlessfineall going to die anywaynot now?
Might I suggest we get fliers, banners, and posters sorted? These will also be expensive and I'm not sure how we can achieve this. Expenses are already piling up and for me its all starting to look like its unaffordable. Also, how is everyone going with the contacts? EG Lucy lawless, politicians etc? Any news?
Xena Warrior Princess Lucy Lawless' Wedding Dress & Ring The wedding dress worn by Lucy Lawless as Xena in the hugely popular TV series Xena Warrior Princess. This incredible white dress can be seen in the season 6 trilogy called "The Rheingold", "The Ring", and "Return of the Valkyrie". The costume is made from white crushed velvet with gold trim, a pair of white leather boots are also included. The wedding dress was worn by Xena when she lost her memory and thought she was a Nordic princess named Wealthia. Also included in this lot is Xena's wedding ring. Made from faux gold with three fake pearls and two fake diamonds. Worthy of any Xena collection. The gold armour shown in the screen shots is missing however this dress was worn without that armour.
if I could live today again, I wouldn't have to. perfect already. the simple things thank you Matt Bousfield Lucy Lawless Berry Anna Nowotarski Johnny Ashenhurst food, drink, company. thank you xx
Megan Mulally, Lucy Lawless, and Christie Brinkley all in the same episode of Parks and Rec.
Actors including NZ’s to appear at Supanova Pop Culture Expo | Herald Sun
Late Night with Conan O'Brien - Lucy Lawless - Xena The Warrior Princess does the Battlecry! - thanks to ConanObsessed for sharing.
I swear; Lucy Lawless and Gillian Anderson just get hotter with age.
SUPANOVA 2014, APRIL, IS GOING TO BE HUGE! NO JOKE! A Princess, a Walker, Two Dwarves, a Gladiator, an Elf, A Tribute and a Shepherd Book walk into Supanova... It may sound like the start of a joke but we're supa-serious as we announce a new array of Supa-Stars, with tickets now on sale from Moshtix, for our 2014 Gold Coast (April 5 & 6) and Melbourne (April 12 & 13) Supanova Expos! Please make welcome, and share with all your friends, these wonderful stars. Newly Added April 2014 Guests! Lucy Lawless - Xena: Warrior Princess, Battlestar Galactica, Spartacus Alexander Ludwig - The Hunger Games, the Seeker: The Dark is Rising Manu Bennett - Arrow, The Hobbit, Spartacus Michael Rooker - The Walking Dead Ron Glass - Firefly, Serenity, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Emmanuelle Vaugier - Smallville, Lost Girls, Two and a Half Men Tom Lenk - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cabin in the Woods Mark Hadlow - The Hobbit William Kircher - The Hobbit Mark Ferguson - Lord of the Rings
OMG just found out Lucy Lawless and and Lindsay Wagner are coming the Gold Cost in April!!! Amazi…
Dot has some of the same nice features that Lucy Lawless has.
"Vivienne Segal interpreted the role of Mama Rose in *** Yankees," chortled Lucy Lawless, coarsely.
I know that she is FLAWLESS her name is Lucy Lawless.
I mean they have LUCY LAWLESS and some awesome VAs (ADVENTURE TIME) but I can wait til Adelnova
Good to see Bruce sharing his plane to Auckland with Lucy Lawless :)
And this...which is my pick. Loved the first 2 & Lucy Lawless is flawless.
Lucy Lawless is coming to Melbourne comicon soon. I wasn't planning to go, but after a week of staring at her stupid face I might need to.
but other changes that proceeded the most recent were why the ANZAC ploughshares and Lucy Lawless were charged with burglary.
I love Lucy lawless she is so cool in xena worrior princess
Lucy Lawless, voice cast for Wonder Woman: via
watching Lucy Lawless on right now. Thought you'd appreciate this.
Lucy Lawless, Xena, Gabrielle, and Renee O’Conner. I’ll upload a better quality pic when I get home. :-)
Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor sing a snipet of "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" at the 2014 Xena Convention in Burbank, Ca Video uploaded with no intent to bre...
Xenites! We all know that Lucy Lawless is as popular as ever. But did you know that she is getting a new action...
Lucy Lawless is such a hot blonde in Battlestar Galactica. Thank you
where is Spartacus: Blood and Sand? The fact Lucy Lawless is always naked in it is worth at least a 3 seed.
Among the performances was Rita Wilson doing Warmth of the Sun, Lucy Lawless performing Wouldn't It Be Nice and...
Ron shows up at the animal center, looking to adopt a dog for Lucy Lawless’ daughters, and carrying a picture the...
No woman will ever be hotter to me than Lucy Lawless as Xena.
Lucy Lawless and Chelsie Preston Crayford to star in new Aussie drama 'Code' | Screen Casting NZ
Code, Australian Television network ABC's new six-hour political thriller starring Auckland Actors Lucy Lawless and Chelsie Preston Crayford is a contemporary thriller stretching from the spectacular red desert of Australia’s outback to the cool corridors of power and tells the story of two very dif...
On reddit today someone asked Sarah Michelle Gellar if she and Eliza Dushku played dodgeball against Linda Hamilton and Lucy Lawless who would win? Someone wrote, "Have you ever actually SEEN Lucy Lawless? Pretty sure she really is Xena." And my life was made.
Make way for one of the fiercest and most dynamic woman warriors to ever grace the TV screen as all 24 Season One episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess come to DVD. Lucy Lawless is Xena: a smart, tough, and fearless fighter who travels the dangerous roads of Ancient Greece defending the innocent from the forces of darkness and seeking redemption for her cruel misdeeds of the past. Along for the adventures is her...
The amazing Lucy Lawless stopped by to talk with Crispy about her love for Adventure Time and new styles of animation. Lucy Lawless is best known for playing...
Lucy Lawless at Dragoncon with some snazzy Xenites and a Xena Movie Campaign shirt!
Lucy Lawless is always stunning. I love her hair here
Lucy Lawless, Xena Convention 2014. Thank you Xena Movie Campaign for sharing your gorgeous pics. lawlesso'connor
Didn't we already have a winter storm Titan? I can't keep track anymore. I haven't heard this much reference to Greek mythology on TV since Kevin Sorbo and Lucy Lawless were relevant.
from No Mining Hokianga some good news..tag No Frack No Deep Sea Oil South Canterbury Mike Smith Lucy Lawless good news is a kaha
I'm so happy with my placement in my life at the moment. The new job is great, with new challenges. I'm creating extra projects for myself. However, it is looking as if I won't be able to see Lucy Lawless in Melbourne for financial reasons. This makes me a very sad panda.
These are my top five actresses who I would like to play the lead female role of Amrys Iscovan in Claudia Black ("Farscape" and "Stargate SG-1"), Amanda Tapping ("Stargate SG-1"), Michelle Forbes ("Battlestar Galactica" and "True Blood"), Lucy Lawless ("Xena: Warrior Princess" and "Battlestar Galactica") and Alaina Huffman ("Stargate Universe" and "Supernatural"). Hopefully one of them will be interested in taking on the role.
- Lucy Lawless came to stardom as "Xena" in the famous TV series. We caught up with the actress on the red carpet of "Spartacus - Wa...
Photo of Lucy Lawless for fans of Lucy Lawless.
So there is this controversy about Gal Gadot being cast as Wonder Woman. Probably not a big of controversy as Kyle Cassidy's accidental Librarian Controversy but big in certain circles. Recently she posted a selfie of her. Frankly I don't care what a lot of the fan-boys are saying because there has been a LOT of ink/online screen time to how immature many fan-boys are when it comes to women in places like ComicCon and the like. HOWEVER, I am getting irritated about how much of the discussion is hijacked a very basic issue: can an actor (male or female) carry off the *presence* of the part? I feel much of why Ben Afleck is getting 'bat-flack' is people can't see him pulling off the presence needed for Batman. I didn't like most of the Christian Bale Batman movies but he certainly had the "Bat-Presence" down. I think there are two valid critiques against Gal Gadot. The first is the above; while 5'9" she lacks the presence to pull of WW. Linda Carter managed it but that was before years of Lucy Lawless playi ...
Lucy Lawless and Alexander Ludwig announced for Supanova!!! OMG, COUNT ME IN!!! Anyone else? Tay Pitts, Samantha Lyons, I'm looking at you! :P
Wow!! I am humbled beyond measure...In the 52 years of my Beach Boys career, there have been many, many highlights, but for me receiving the Ella Award was a personal blessing. Congratulations to Nigel Lithgow for his well deserved award...I agree with Nigel that it is very important educate our youth about not only American history but American Music History. Also, congratulations to the Waters family for a recognition long overdue.I look forward to working with you on future projects! I am so grateful to so many people that made the evening possible and exceptional. First to SOS for all that they have done and continue to do for singers who find themselves in challenging situations. Thank you to The Mancini family for realizing the need for SOS and continuing this amazing legacy of service. Events such as The Ella's require a team of creative, dynamic, organized and moderately crazy folks to put together and without John Koch of ID PR, Eric Breslow, Eric Vetro, Scott Totten, John Stamos, and my wife ...
This Tribute to Mike Love of The Beach Boys is tomorrow night! Will any of you be lucky enough to be attending? "The esteemed evening of and tribute in celebration of the night’s honorees has attracted an entertaining group of performers who will come together for one-of-a-kind collaborations including: America, Christopher Cross, David Lee Roth, Rita Wilson, Lucy Lawless, Micky Dolenz, Dave Koz, American Idol winner Jessica Sanchez, as well as Dean Torrence and David Marks." ~CC FB Admin Team
Yeah, but I've heard actresses Lucy Lawless and Zoe Bell speak before. They're both kiwis, and accents are hot. :)
Zoe Bell doubling Lucy Lawless as Xena in the season 4 episode "A Tale of Two Muses". Here Xena dances with Autolycus (Bruce Campbell) and Gabrielle at the e...
. vaugier, Lucy Lawless and Lindsay Wagner are attending this supanova
Anyone else think Lucy Lawless should be Wonder Woman instead of Gal Gadot?... 16 years since Xena... Im still crushing.
Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Superman/Batman. LOL wut? They should've casted Bryan Cranston and Lucy Lawless for those rolls.
Please contact Ausxip Lucy Lawless if you're interested in it. Gold ticket, seat A44, $400.
Unless you're referring to Lucy Lawless (which is perfectly acceptable) avoid using the hashtag this week or you'll risk looking like a myopic ignoramus.
second most badass Roman from Spartacus, the enduring, Lucy Lawless
Wonder Woman can't be a skinny model. She needs someone with some ... presence. You need someone like Lucy Lawless.
Lucy LAWLess makes me want to be a better person.
Lucy lawless in two and a half men. Cool
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Jaime Murray and Lucy Lawless reading together and my overpriced, pretentious apple product won't let me save and download the file. Guh.
Because for Xena, *** is other people. "Lucy Lawless and Jaime Murray read No Exit"
To Rob Tapert and J. R. Young A xena movie should be out by now, as buffy has one so why can't you just get a xena movie going, so that all us xena fans can enjoy another lucy lawless and renee o connor relationship that puts us into a fantasy world so that we can escape reality. its been too long so please do for the fans
With the number of fantastic fan fictions on the internet, in which Xena is brought back from the land of the dead, we know it is possible to make this happen for a film. Please make a Xena movie with Lucy Lawless (who has expressed interest) and Renee O'Connor.
'Lucy Lawless plays every bit of it with such conviction… I was like totally mesmerized.' you were not alone.
New post: Don't F--- with the Original: Hercules the Legendary Journeys (1995-
Photoset: brinconvenient: gammabase12: Lucy Lawless I think you mean Lucy Flawless.
LUCY LAWLESS: Colombian series of real life HELENITA VARGAS
Much thanks to and for helping with a reading of Sartre's "No Exit."
Lucy to perform at the Society of Singers ELLA event February 20, LA. Among the sea of award shows and galas in these first months of 2014, the Society of Singers much beloved ELLA will, once again, be a most memorable evening as it has been since honoring Ella herself back in 1989. Hosted by Actor/Singer/Musician John Stamos, the 21st ELLA will be presented to legendary singer, Mike Love, founding member of the Beach Boys. The 3rd VOICE Award will be presented to the dynamic Waters Family whose voices can be heard on hundreds of gold & platinum recordings for the last 50 years! And, the 1st ever, INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP AWARD, will be presented to Nigel Lythgoe, Executive Producer of American Idol & So You Think You Can Dance Executive Producer and Creator. Paying tribute to this evenings honorees include performances by: America, Darren Criss of Glee, Ariana Grande of Victorious, Micky Dolenz, Lucy Lawless of Xena, John Stamos, Rita Wilson, and CALIFORNIA SAGA — The Beach Boys Children: Wendy Wilson, Car ...
NOM perving on lucy lawless, as xena before guna jumbos with the *** !
The 7th track of the album Unexpected Dreams featured by Lucy Lawless
"Xena: Warrior Princess" could be making a comeback and series star Lucy Lawless has an idea of how that should happen. The series about Xena, a butt-kicking warlord-turned-hero, and Gabrielle, her best friend/soulmate, lasted for six seasons and spawned a dedicated following.
was just about 2 give up on 'top of the lake' ... but bam! Lucy Lawless shows up & i'm in again. even if she's playing a frumpy character, i'm in!
go google Lucy Lawless and then figure out why you know her.
Lucy Lawless was Xena's real name. Even her real name sounds like a warrior . Shot
So Lucy Lawless's birth name was Lucy Frances Ryan, so if she kept her middle name when she married, her name was literally Lucy F. Lawless.
An advertisement in a skyscraper I was delivering to told me that if I wanted to meet a millionaire I should move to Maryland... Holly Hewatt Lucy Lawless Hilary Cauchon Charlotte Jackson
starting watching the remake BSG series... yep, Lucy Lawless is in that, too. Everywhere, man.
What time is it? It's "look at pics of Lena Headey and Lucy Lawless on tumblr" o'clock.
I added a video to a playlist Lucy Lawless in London - Hallelujah
Lucy Lawless on the cover of a magazine
parks and rec, don't go Lucy Lawless, stay here, on my screen
LUCY LAWLESS: . the new generation of Colombian musicians BOMBA ESTÉREO . :
I will accept Lucy Lawless as my doula and no one else.
18. I think that Lucy Lawless was my first idol. I still love her
Zena / Lucy Lawless on The Simpsons...thats all I've got.
You missed out on heart dissection ✌️
I think you need a license for the audio you can hear all vids on getty: need plugin
Also... today a guy in my acting class said I have the profile of Lucy Lawless. Thank you
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Lucy Lawless was great in Spartacus, it's on Netflix if you missed it. Definitely still getting it done at 45+.
Lucy Lawless is a babe and now I'm super excited for Oct. I'll even have my very own Argo and we shall charge into battle
lucy lawless looked really hot in blonde hair. It took me forever to even realize she was on Battlestar Galactica
I've made so many jello shots by the end it felt like I was cooking meth ;) but thanks to Lucy Lawless…
My friend doesn’t think Lucy Lawless is hot but and I agree she’s never looked better
Lucy Lawless on the cover of a magazine 2014
want to read the magazine cosmopolitan about Lucy Lawless?!!!
I am so happy now because I finally got Lucy Lawless live in concert the DVD and I am enjoying watching it
You know what else is awesome? Lucy Lawless as Stevie Nicks promoting Mexican food.
Started watching Spartacus with my lady. Lucy Lawless is forever beautiful. Gladiators are the Spartans of Rome
Lucy lawless braless lookin like what a cat spat clawless clueless, film shoot on campus tryna wonder who the who's who is...
Finished work super early, plonked on the couch and turned TV on. Xena is on, lol. Yep, watching it. Still so in love with Xena.. Actually, Lucy Lawless in general, lmao.
Watch in HD!! Lucy Lawless performed these two songs in a row in LA at the Roxy in January 2008. The first song, I Wanna Kiss You All Over, Lucy sings alone ...
Lucy lawless signed autograph with COA £20 need the space
plan for the March Break: Have a Lucy Lawless marathon. I was re-watching Veronica Mars over the holidays and had forgotten that she had guest starred in that series. Just she guest starred in The X-Files, The L Word, Parks and Recs, etc, and starred in Xena, BSG, and of course Xena: Warrior Princess. I swear, that woman has been in every TV show that I've seen in the last fifteen years.
Wow I don't think there are any other shows that have got so many great actors on /towards the beginning of great career! Veronica Mars featured all these people: Kristen Bell, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Adam Scott (Ben on Parks & Rec), Max Greenfield (Schmidt on New Girl), Enrico Colantoni, Tina Majorino (many shows including Bones), Amanda Seyfried, Lucy Lawless (Zena), Lisa Rinna (Days of our Lives)
Going to bathe Luxor, give him a bottle, and then bed time for him and some free time for Mama. I'm determined to finish out my Battlestar Galactica marathon within the month. And I don't want to hear the judgment, because you got hot chicks kicking *** Lucy Lawless, a search for the mythical planet "earth" and high ranking females get called sir. That's a pretty cool future.
This is the woman that should have been cast as Wonder Woman, Jaimie Alexander aks Sif in the movie Thor, that or Lucy lawless aka Xena. Both of there women really look like amazonians would have been a better casting call than Gal Gadot.
In a perfect world Lucy lawless would be Wonder Woman
Dear. Mr. Tapert and Mr. Young. Please make. Xena with Lucy lawless & renee o' connor.
I totally expect this to be a "whitewashed" version of the anime. However, having said that, Lucy Lawless would have made the perfect Motoko Kusanagi back in the day. These days, not so much.
who's the little buddy now says keanu ? I think me and lucy lawless should see who's faster on the path of neo
Poll Time!!! Which Greek Legend would you like to be/have their abilities in the modern world? And what would you do with your abilities? A) Medusa B) Achilles C) Zeus D) Hercules E) Aphrodite F) Apollo G) Siren/Mermaid H) Harpy I) Poseidon J) Minotaur K) Xena (for those Lucy Lawless fans) L) Amazon Warrior
Dereck Krebs Your face when you saw Lucy Lawless in Spartacus lmao
so Looking at Gal Cadot as Wonder Woman and I seriously cannot see why they would cast her honestly only woman that could of played Wonder Woman was Lucy Lawless and I think Hollywood dropped the ball on casting her like 15 years ago when she was really in her prime
I just realized that I love Lucy Lawless...She was a Warrior Princess, a stone cold red hot foxy redhead who got naked quite a lot in the Spartacus series and currently Ron Swanson's girlfriend. These are all wifey qualifications in my book.
Lucy Lawless is the ultimate Wonder Woman. I don't care how old She is.
//so.I've finally figured out what my relationship to Lucy Lawless is. She is the wife of my grandmas cousins son
Rare Sunday entry...hope you're all enjoying your weekends...caught Atlantis from last night on BBCA. It's a show based on Greek mythology, and it sort of brings me back to the days of Kevin Sorbo on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Lucy Lawless on Xena: Warrior Princess. On Atlantis, we follow the exploits of Jason (Jack Donnelly) of Jason And The Argonauts fame, Hercules (Mark Addy), and Pythagoras (Robert Emms) aka the man who gave us mathematicians the Pythagorean Theorem. Of the 3 men, Jason is the cool one who acts with a clear conscience. Hercules, on the other hand, does not act or look very mighty, and is instead more of a comical bumbling buffoon who acts on impulse, sometimes without thinking...he has the hots for Medusa (Jemima Rooper), a normal-looking girl before her hair became snakes. Pythagoras is the other guy with the clear head, who pretty much just goes along with whatever Hercules and Jason does. The 3 of them remind me very much of the relationship between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy ...
Well done to Aaron Lawless on the opening of his Möbius Strip art exhibition Arts Encounter. Big thanks to Michele and Emma Lucy.
Do yourself a favor: go listen to read "No Exit" -- awesome.
Happiness is a choice. You grieve, you stomp your feet,. you pick yourself up and choose to be happy. Lucy Lawless
RAZE,now in theaters.staring Zoe Bell...dont know if y a know her but she was Lucy Lawless double/stunt woman (Zena's double from season 3 on) she has done a few low budget movies an one or two big movies, now she starts in RAZE,in theaters NOW,,,remember all the BUST a move scenes, she does herself'
would get jealous if Lucy lawless joined line up
I can run on walls, like im Lucy lawless
looking like Lucy Lawless in Adorable mode.
swet. Xena was my show loves me some Lucy lawless
I remember when Xena/Lucy Lawless was on Simpsons. As a 5 year old, I never fangirled so hard.
Do people actually watch Xena and not fall in love with Lucy Lawless? Is that a thing?
I miss lucy lawless cant wait on new album lets get it
Lucy Lawless the sexiest cylon but just cause of that Aussie accent.
Oh hey, apparently Lucy Lawless is in this episode of Veronica Mars! (Attn: )
Lucy lawless was the baddest chick on television, noone could tell me different at that time
Unfortunately I am not rich. but I would give ANYTHING to meet Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Conner from the tv show Xena Warrior Princess!
In this segment from the 2007 New Jersey Xena convention, I ask Lucy Lawless what she likes the least about acting. Saul Trabal
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I kind of want Lucy Lawless to be on this show, and I want her and Keri Russell to fight.
If and Lucy Lawless arm wrestled she would slam his hand down so hard it would fracture the earth's crust.
I'm half way through season 2 and the list included Lucy Lawless, Steve Guttenberg as well as Michael Cera.
That specific one is sung by Lucy Lawless!
If Lucy Lawless entered a singing competition w Chuck Norris, not only would doves cry but his ears would bleed
If Chuck Norris challenged Lucy Lawless to ping pong she would beat him so bad his balls would fall off.
Flawless, Lucy Lawless eats my soup in Boston. Invited her on private flight I don't cook it often
Ooooh Lucy Lawless would be awesome for ThroneCon. I'd get her for Battlestar though lol
Last night, I also realized how obvious it was that Lucy Lawless had a stunt double in Xena. And with that, my childhood has been ruined.
yes a few of them are like Xena herself Lucy lawless
I haven't really been watching this ep of Xena and it has really been 45 minutes of poor Lucy Lawless screaming "GABRIELLE!"
I can't think or the perfect casting for ww but I know it's not her. I would of said Lucy lawless if this was 20 years ago.
I saw! I think a couple were there last year but I was busy stalking Lucy Lawless and the rest of the cast of Spartacus.
"Today's Photos Are Some Interesting Photos Of Several Actors Posing With Their Stunt Doubles." - There are countless unsung heroes that bring your favorite television shows and movies to life. In this post, lets all salute the brave stunt-women and stuntmen who put their bodies in harm’s way to get those action shots and sequences that can make or break a scene. They are professionals that do an amazing job which is why you hardly notice them. You believe it’s the actors because of great editing, matching wardrobe and a stunt double that looks similar. From Left To Right, Top To Bottom Here Is A List of Who Is In The Photos Below. - This Was arranged By G.E. Lucy Lawless and Zoe Bell Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Stunt Double Charlize Theron and Stunt Double Alicia Vela-Bailey Jennifer Lopez and Stunt Double (yes it’s a man) Daniel Craig and Stunt Double Tom Cruise and his Stunt Stunt Double… Ben Stiller Brad Pitt and his Stunt Double Rob Pattinson and his Stunt Double Michelle Morgan (Heartland) ...
I thought it was a fear of Lucy Lawless?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
you see i love Lucy cuz she Lawless/. exactly like that 10304 is
Pause. Did Lucy Lawless cameo in Parks and Rec in season 5? O_o
An episode of Xena before I go to work. Trystian and I argee that if the reboot happens they better use Lucy Lawless (who has already expressed interest in returning as Xena)
Lucy Lawless and John Hanna are amazing in it.
Great News, Lucy Lawless has confirmed she is attending and speaking at our Open Air Screening of the Last Ocean, Saturday 18th Jan, Western Reserve, Orewa. Please share this with your friends on FB
Not sure why every show isn't Lucy Liu and Lucy Lawless making out after a romantic but not sexual coffee date.
she reminds me of a Scandinavian Lucy Lawless. I approve.
I had several strange dreams last night. Most were pleasant, but one kinda threw me off. Time to watch Lucy Lawless since she's the only thing that can really cheer me up.
Here's the amazing birthday girl Kelly!! Our cosplay Warrior Princess! She looks just like Lucy Lawless ;P Give a her great like!!
Lucy Lawless performs Gloria at the Sign On concert for the climate
Xenites! While we’ve hit the 90,000 mark and we think that’s absolutely amazing, our numbers have slowed a little of late. The 2014 official Xena Con starts in just under a month and we’d love to crack the magical 100,000 likes before then (imagine being able to casually mention that during a photo op!). But to do so, we need your help! So, let’s play a game of “Bring a friend (or two) to the campaign” over the weekend! It’s easy! All you need to do is click the gear icon to the right of the XMC page under the cover photo. Then click share and share on your own Timeline, a friend's Timeline, in a group, in a private message, or if you’re an admin of a page, on a page you manage! Or simply copy and paste our URL: and share it in a status! You can also help out by sharing this post! Want a starring Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor? Then please share and be a part of getting us to 100,000 likes and beyond! Thanks!
Maybe I'm late to the party, but has anyone else ever noticed that Dianne from Parks and Rec is Lucy Lawless? Ron Swanson married Xena Warrior Princess. As well as a Cylon.
In 5 days time Drake will be two years old and it occurred to me he's never watched Xena, so cup of tea for me, bottle of milk for him and Lucy Lawless kick the crap out of mythical beings ... This is what Saturday afternoons were invented for.
Biopics I would l ike to see produced: Red Skelton, Barbara Eden, Lucy Lawless has a bio-doc (very cool), Patrick Swayze, name a few...
I have to say, I find it impressive that actors and actresses can cover up there accents so well. I'd swear that James and Juliet were actually British. Same with Lucy Lawless, whenever she's Xena, or acting in other roles to me she covers her New Zealand accent so well.
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For Aucklanders, Rodney Greens present an outdoor cinema screening of 'The Last Ocean' Where: Western Reserve, Orewa on Saturday evening, 18th January 2014. Admission by donation. This family event will start at 7:00pm with pre-show entertainment of live music, food stands, stalls, coffee, bouncy castles and a children’s climbing wall. The Movie itself starts after sunset, at approx 9pm. The event is being supported by Lucy Lawless (who will be our MC from 8pm on the night), live musicians, Greenpeace, anti Deep Sea Drilling and Oil Free Auckland. Guest speakers will include the director of The Last Ocean, Peter Young, as well as Gareth Hughes, David Clendon and Marine Biologists Dr Roger Grace & Teresa Moore. We are fortunate to be supported by Openair Cinema to show The Last Ocean, in a community event. The set up with the biggest outdoor screen in the country is designed to host up to 5000 people.
Ever have those dreams where you wake up thinking i really gotta lay of the siracha before bed? Me and some folks went to a wrestling ring where a woman would kick your *** I'm who she was going to rumble . Someone like aviles giving the smackdown. zilla and nicollette were there. Fernando Orozco was there with lucy lawless, because I'm sure thats how he rolls. A girl i knew and of course Christopher Ross. Im sure the rest of you were there too. I think it means i miss SF.
Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor performing the last few minutes of Katherine Fugate's play at the 2012 Xena convention. Forgive the occasional blurriness of ...
Laying here watching xena,thinking to myself."she can kick my *** anytime".^_^ lawless.
Fun fact Friday! Did you know that rugby union and rugby league player Sonny Bill Williams and actress Lucy Lawless both grew up in Mount Albert? One of New Zealand's greatest athletes, Sir Peter Snell (triple Olympic gold medalist, world mile record holder and NZ's athlete of the 20th century) was educated in and was a long-time resident of Mt Albert as was Bryan Williams, an All Black great and president of the NZRFU.
Playing Xena, Warrior Princess: The Talisman of Fate video game on my Nintendo 64 console. I like both Xena and Lucy Lawless and I've got the entire Season Three episodes of this show on DVD.
Lucy Lawless, Actress: Xena: Warrior Princess. New Zealand icon Lucy Lawless, is most famously known for her role as Xena the Warrior Princess. Lucy is married to producer Robert Gerard Tapert and resides in New Zealand. They have two sons, Julius Robert Bay Tapert and Judah Miro Tapert who were bot...
"Xena Warrior Princess" star Lucy Lawless confirms suspicions, explaining that her character and sidekick Gabrielle were indeed a couple. Hear the excerpt fr...
Treat everyone the same until you find out they're an *** -Lucy Lawless
Akriti just brought the body count to 147,620 by icing A|O|N Lucy Lawless.
Mind you, Karl Urban and Lucy Lawless had their early gigs on there playing villains.
Help us promote Hello Xenites, PLEASE READ THIS POST UNTIL THE END. WE NEED YOUR HELP. I wanna tell you that i think “Xena: The Warrior Princess” was the best series that ever had and was done. However, I’m very upset with the end, sincerely the connection between Xena and Gabrielle was very strong, by the gods! How I would love if both of them stay alive forever, or even both dead, but together. Finally, until own Lucy Lawless said that she regrets having agreed with the final that the directors gave to Xena in the six season and because of it many fan hearts were hurt. I don’t know if you are knowing but there are a lot of conversations about the return of the series. But let’s say they need an extra push to make it happen (from us, of course). Well, our idea is to join a lot of fans, in a large petition that is: That the series continue with more seasons or as 2nd option it would be done a few more episodes or more a final episode not replacing but complementing the last episode that was done ...
I think my first guest of honor would have to be Lucy Lawless come on let's see how many likes we can get
August 21, 2013: Kiwi actress Lucy Lawless chats about her lead role in hit television show 'Xena: Warrior Princess'.
Ok I would really like to see a new justice league movie come out with Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman and Jennifer Lawrence as Hawk Girl. Can we make this happen 2014?
This forced scene from Spartacus shows TV actress Lucy Lawless raped from behind
The more episodes I watch of Xena, the more I like Lucy Lawless. She played a lot of different roles as one character o.o -Cucco
A few comments about our recent No Exit performance, in numbered list form, because I like numbered lists: 1. Thank you thank you thank you to Jaime Murray and Lucy Lawless, who were a lot of fun a
A Magazine show the most famous at 90's and one of is Lucy Lawless.
The New Frontier, starring David Boreanaz as Hal Jordan and Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman.
To all my friends going to the Burbank, CA XenaCon, I am jealous of you! You get to meet so many people including Hudson Leick, Renee O'Connor, and Lucy Lawless or also known as our Flawless Lawless! Who is going to put in their suitcase and take me with them and sneak me in so I can meet Lucy, Renee, and Hudson?
You are invited to join me for my talk with Zoe Bell, live and in person. Zoë Bell is a gymnast and martial artist who became an international action icon when she achieved fame as Quentin Tarantino’s preferred stunt woman. Born in New Zealand, she began her career as the stunt double for Lucy Lawless in Xena: Warrior Princess. In Los Angeles, she landed the role as Uma Thurman’s stunt double on Tarantino’s Kill Bill movies; most of her days consisted of sword fights, body burns, karate, and all-out pugilism. Bell quickly became one of the most sought after stunt performers in Hollywood. In the 2007 grindhouse movie Death Proof, Tarantino create a role that allowed Bell to play herself, showcasing her instinctive acting talents alongside her great action skills. Her acclaimed performance showed that Hollywood had a new leading lady—with a rare flair for acting and action. The thrill-packed new movie Raze gives Bell her biggest role to date; this series showcases some of her finest work.
Watchin disc 2/4 hehe can't get enough of Lucy lawless
Half awake, but must share dream I just had in which Sian, Swiss professional wrestler Antonio Cesaro and Lucy Lawless (aka Xena Warrior Princess) tried to pass themselves off as Daft Punk in order to extort coffee from a football referee hiding in a fireplace. Interpretations welcome.
When Xenite Con ‘2013 (a convention dedicated solely to the series Xena: Warrior Princess), SeriesAddict went to meet Renee O’Connor, who plays Gabrielle, the faithful friend (see?) Xena.   Find below our interview with Renee O’Connor!   Is this your first Xena convention in Paris? This is my second convention in Paris. I came for the first time three years ago. It was for a convention to which Nicholas Brendon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was also invited.   What do you like most when you participate in conventions like Xenite Con? I love meeting fans of the show and those new Xena for the first time.   Have you noticed any differences between the French Xena fans and those of other countries? French fans have better dance move that U.S. [laughs]! They know how to move, they are the best!   Xena was the main character a strong woman, strong and independent. At the same time was released Buffy the Vampire Slayer , another show that put him on stage as a heroine sharing the same trai ...
Worth noting about Spartacus: If all the slo-mo scenes were in real time, the season would be half the length. Also: Don't F with Lucy Lawless.
I know she's old now, but I will forever be in love with Lucy Lawless
We can't help but share this with all of you, Lucy Lawless extends appreciation to Greenpeace folks in the Philippines. We say, "No, Lucy, thank you for bein...
Hair tip for Tuesday : Carefree Cuts Kiwi women prefer an outdoorsy lifestyle and a simple beauty routine. That explains the popularity of short hair, like New Zealand native Lucy Lawless. "Most cuts women get are cropped styles and variations of the bob," says Dave. "They spend a lot of active time outside and don't get hung up on having long hair."
Submitted by Cande Best, who received it as a gift this Christmas. Signed by Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor,...
Lucy Lawless couldn't have done that scream any better than Brock Lesnar did
If Jude Law married Lucy Lawless, they'd cancel each other out
I wish they would revive Xena. But only with Lucy Lawless.
'i never had boyfriends ever and I had a poster of cindy crawford on my wall' i could FEEL my mother trying to ignore m lucy lawless posters
Photo: I don’t ask for much. Just a Wonder Woman movie with Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman and Karl Urban as...
Lucy Lawless should totally guest star on an ep too
The Cast of this Murder Mystery" The Diary of a BURNING WOMAN", is as follows... As always our" fearless" Narrator, Pat Tully! Tim Tinee (previous owner of the Cooked Goose Saloon ) Tim Candahl; Ebeneezer Pennypincher (Wealthy new owner of the Cooked Goose Saloon) Todd Jambois; Charlie Dickens (Henchman and Driver for Mr & Mrs. Pennypincher)Ed Kondracki; Agnes Pennypincher (Socialite, wife of the wealthy Ebeneezer)Deb Munson; Lucy Lawless ( Bar wench at the Cooked Goose Saloon) Carla Cozy ((Sorry Carla, cant remember your married name));Sarah Crachett (Ghost of the BURNING WOMAN) Shelly Tully; Lord Hiram ( Poet and "very" personal friend of Agnes) Paul Munson; Eliza Doolittle (Street Urchin who sells flowers and begs for food) Played by Jordan Tully!!! There you have it Mystery lovers! Come on down for some Good Old Fashioned FUN!!! January 25th, 2014.
No matter what anyone else says, Lucy Lawless will always be my preferred Wonder Woman of choice.
"While many might want to see Lucy Lawless in the role, Catherine Zeta-Jones wins out as the best choice to play Wonder Woman because, >
AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Chicago subsite has now been updated with an image section & site complete
Xena Crew T-shirt with all episode names for March 21, 2014 in AUSXIP Charity Auction & autographed by Lucy Lawless .
I'm not quite sure; I'm not Lucy Lawless. Go check out
Photo: Admit it. Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman would be amazing.
Anyone know where I can send a fan letter to the actual Lucy Lawless?
Dawg, I would not haved pulled out of Lucy Lawless in the 90s
I saw much of Battle star Galactica (cuz Lucy Lawless joined cast), but it's really good. Very complex
Heard Fleetwood Mac today, and now I can't get Lucy Lawless as Nicks singing about tex-mex food off my brain:
Lucy Lawless would have been a great WonderWoman. If only she was a few years younger. But hey RDjnr was in his 40's as ol shell head. So
Lucy Lawless 45 Xena . Recently in Top of the Lake - Pictures/Getty Images
It doesn’t need to be gift-wrapped, it just needs Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor!
Sublime - santeria by LUCY LU on SoundCloud -
Though that said, Amazing doesn't have a Lucy Lawless cameo
Team Ninja. Douglas Wong. This man has trained many people like Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), Lucy Lawless (Xena),...
Kevin Sorbo and Lucy Lawless need to have a child that I can raise as my personal assassin.
This past year I have partied with underage drinkers, appeared on the 6pm news, ran for my life from snarling zombies, and, for an all too brief moment, locked eyes with a sensuous Lucy Lawless.
i hope she becomes really big with the *** community in Australia...they are truly faithful to the likes of renee O'Connor and lucy lawless. i am thrilled she is having so much fun with her other half. she deserves all the good fortunes in the world.
Also, I see you sneakily trying to bribe me with Lucy Lawless _and_ Cary Elwes in the same two-parter, X-Files... IT WON'T WORK!
1) See? Have a little faith. 2) the "height" issue: most all of the fanboys advocated Lucy Lawless in the role during her prime, and guess what? Gadot and Lawless are within a 1/2 of an inch of each other in height. 3) I don't find the "boob argument" valid; it is, instead, immature and pedantic to say nothing of misogynistic (especially how the fanboys are expressing it). Ask any professional cosplayer or costumer and they'll be able to tell you how that can be enhanced without surgery if that even came up as a "problem". 4) They will have plenty of time to bulk her up with proper diet/nutrition and workouts. Let's give her a chance and stop hating.
LMFAO!!! This can ONLY happen to me. :D I bought Spartacus-Vengeance (with Lucy Lawless). I'm starting to watch it on my G4 Mac. Nearby is a TV that I have on, which I'm about to shut off. Guess what comes on? Parks & Recreation, guest-starring LUCY LAWLESS. :p :p I needed the laugh. :D
Douglas Wong has trained many people such as Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) and Lucy Lawless (Xena) and Jason Scott Lee.
AUSXIP Lucy Lawless - site dedicated to actress, singer and eco-warrior Lucy Lawless.
This is a clip from of Lucy Lawless leaving/trying to leave the Double Dare premiere November 14, 2003 that aired on Celebrities Uncensored.
Seriously I love this show but there's a little too much sex and a little too much naked lucy lawless. I like her and all that but I don't wanna see her naked 50 times an episode!
JEANNIE EPPER & CAROL CROSBY-FERGES CHRISTENSEN & KITTY O NEIL & DEBBIE EVANS Jeannie Epper is a stuntwoman and actress who is best known as the stunt double for Lynda Carter on the 1970s TV series Wonder Woman as well as appearing in other films and TV shows. She is considered by many to be a pioneer in the stunt industry. Her life as a stuntwoman was documented in the 2004 film Double Dare also starring Jeannie's friend and fellow stuntwoman, Zoe Bell (who was Lucy Lawless' stunt double on Xena) and Lynda Carter. She is also known for co-creating the Taurus Awards, which acknowledges and honors the work of stuntmen and women in Hollywood. Despite her age she has no intention of retiring any time soon Of Double Dare
OK, I kinda want Arya Stark to grow up into Lucy Lawless.
Watching Zena Warrior Princess first series on netflix god Lucy Lawless was so hot back then
I cld see someone like Gina Torres or Lucy Lawless. I'm going to thk more on it!!!
Three words: Xena. Warrior. Princess. That’s what Lucy Lawless will forever be known as, and that’s a good thing in our book. This week let’s take a look back at the many reasons we became fans of her back in the day and why we still are today
"Wait a minute...Xena can't fly" "I told you, I'm not Xena. I'm Lucy Lawless."
Haaahaaa that's funny...and how hot is Lucy Lawless!!!
Top ten list of people in pop culture and media that have influenced me the most. Just because I want to 1. Reba 2. Richard Dean Anderson 3. Amanda tapping 4. Lucy lawless 5. Chuck Noris 6. Carol Burnett 7. Don Johnson 8. Alan Davies 9. Stephen Fry 10. Eddie Izzard If you don't know who the people are I feel slightly sorry for you
So far I'm likin Spartacus gods of the arena ... Only cuz of Lucy lawless! Lol
Watching Battlestar Galactica for the first time - OMG! Lucy Lawless is a Cylon!
That's one thing I loved about matter how bad he screwed up, or what type of trouble came his way, he always ended up neck-deep in *** If any other human had been captured by Cylons, they would have been experimented on, tortured then killed. Baltar is taken prisoner and ends up having nightly three-ways with Tricia Helfer and Lucy Lawless.
Gadot as WW. Shes awful for the role. 1. She cant act her way out a paper bag. 2. Shes 5'9 110lbs. WW is curvy, muscular, not a waif. 3. Her accent is atrocious. 4. Did I mention I can count her ribs? 5. Erica Durance, Lucy Lawless, Gina Cararo, Katrina Law... way better choices
ok staying positive :) I just sent you a dm about it :) I can't wait to go! I have a photo op with Lucy Lawless!! Yay!!
Dam Lucy Lawless in at work tonight , still got it
Decided to spend Turkey Day in Cabo this year with the love of my life. Yup, just me & a signed headshot of Lucy Lawless basking in the sun.
Realizing that the familiar-looking lady in Parks and Recreation is Lucy Lawless made me so happy that I cried a little. Xenaaa~
It took ten minutes into the first episode for a Jaime Murray/Lucy Lawless scene. I'm okay with this.
SCREAM although lucy lawless as anyone makes me scream buT YES YES
Suddenly, out of nowhere, had an idea for an Almost Human genderswap post! Lucy Lawless as Jane Kennex! AH!
foxymicrowave: Sometimes I think the biggest shipper of Xena and Gabrielle is Lucy Lawless herself.
Photo: gabs-magical-abs: Lucy Lawless, the Almighty Abs and the housemate.
Genius! Though reminiscent of Lucy Lawless gem 'Locusts', in which a *** load of evil grasshoppers attack the Citrus Festival
"You remind me of Lucy Lawless because of your eyes" might be the strangest compliment I've ever gotten from someone I work with.
Opening Night for CHICAGO and the gorgeous lucy lawless
The recent performance at the Hollywood Bowl, which featured Lucy Lawless as Mama Morton, played in the same...
Among the activists was Lucy Lawless, better known to the world as Xena, Warrior Princess. Tra gli attivisti...
LUCY LAWLESS:It seems that the Colombian singer Shakira will sing at the world Brazil,
Omg is this the same Xena Warrior Princess Lucy Lawless & Richard Marx: via
I keep having these dreams of Lucy Lawless and they are wonderful dreams.
1 is Lucy Liu. 2 is Famke Janssen. Naya Rivera is 3. Lucy Lawless is 4. That's as far as the list goes.
Jane Campion, Kiri Te Kanawa, Peter Jackson, Anna Paquin, Lucy Lawless, Daniel Vettori, Ernest Rutherford, Edmund Hilary? Edmund Hilary? Can you hear me??? Your boys passed it forward! Fly-half to Inside Centre. Way far too forward. And then you had two attempts at converting the try, when most kickers only get one. :-)
Ok Kerry-here goes-my 11 things people probably don't know about me- 1. My ultimate sexual fantasy is a threesome with Lucy Lawless and David Tennant 2. I have 7 cats 3. I have crop circle stars tattooed on my hips 4. I was expelled from high school 5. I often fall asleep with dishes in my bed 6. I'm tormented on a daily basis by food allergies *** I want a coffee and cookies... 7. I have a thing for men with gray hair 8. I have a T.A.R.D.I.S. teapot 9. One of my favorite foods is Kimchi 10. Contrary to popular belief, I do not own any sex toys 11. I have tried many times to learn guitar, and failed epically each time. Hope this has been insightful ;p So i give people numbers now? Lol... Not sure how to play this game ;p
"Jon and his colleagues took a stand for us, now we need to stand up for them.'' - Nicola Beauchamp
In 2000 we opened the award to a public vote. Olympic rowing gold medallist Rob Waddell and actor and child-abuse campaigner Lucy Lawless were elected man and woman of the year. - New Zealand Herald
for sure Lucy lawless. Oh my god, she's perfect for Wonder Woman.
Lucy Lawless on . Yep. She's still got it.
Pretty sure Lucy Lawless created the art of raising one eyebrow.
Maybe that was it for Ryan. Hal wasn't funny enough. I'm thinking Lucy Lawless for WW and Omar would be good for Cyborg.
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