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Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless, MNZM (born Lucille Frances Ryan 29 March 1968) is a New Zealander actress and singer best known for playing the title character of the internationally successful television series Xena: Warrior Princess.

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Sex Clip for Lucy Lawless' sweet body in Spartacus [1 more in comments]
Some more pics of Lucy Lawless in Italy 🇮🇹
watching the reboots fail?Xena was special because of Lucy Lawless. with original cast.
bring back the Xena LEGENDS- Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor. with original cast. No reboot https:…
I am so ashamed that every time I watch Spartacus I forget that Lucy Lawless is Xena Warrior Princess and that makes me sad.
I honestly didn't compare grease live to the movie, but to the play. I remember seeing a stage production of it w/Lucy lawless
We don't want a Xena reboot with new actresses! We want a with Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor!
"Lucy (Lawless) is always having fun, trying to do what she wants the best way possible.", August 2012. Still true.
this just in: episode 15 of season 1 of xena is probably my fAVORITE SO FAR BC LUCY LAWLESS IS PERFECTION
My ideal show would have Tatiana, Alycia, Eliza, Lucy Lawless and Sasha Alexander on it
Watching Parks and Rec and just thinking about how incredible Lucy Lawless and Ron Swanson's children would be.
The Xena reboot should star Lucy Lawless and be called Xena: Warrior Queen. Just saying
even toys are saying that STARRING LUCY LAWLESS
What's this I hear about a revival of "Xena the Warrior Princess" coming to TV in a new film after ten years? She has to be Lucy Lawless!
We must have Lucy Lawless is the one and only you must know that!
Listen to the fans... Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor!! Please please!!!
and how wearing a fake tan is doing brownface? Lucy Lawless wore a fake tan to play Xena does that mean she's racist too?
Hot Scene for Jaime Murray and Lucy Lawless collaborate on body for Spartacus: Blood and Sand
Would totally pay money to see a movie with Lucy Lawless and Katey Sagal kicking butt a la Thelma & Louise. Throw in Sigourney as a villian.
Lee Majors is on panel with Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo, Michelle Hurd, EP Rob Tapert
I can't imagine calling anyone Queen who isn't Lucy Lawless.
Warrior Women with Lucy Lawless is beautifully done, artistic but keeps the 'truth' of the stories at it's core.
Lucy Lawless is super hot and I loved her show, so why would you call me a Xenaphobe?
I wish so hard they had cast Lucy Lawless as Jessica Jones. Old enough to be a loser detective, strong, horny, super funny.
That dumb Hawking movie would've been loads better with Lucy Lawless. LITERALLY THE ONLY DIFFERENCE.
I'm mad Lucy lawless has grown old why couldn't she have stayed Xena forever
delighted that Lucy Lawless included in list of possible "Jane Bond" actors-Lucy is a great talent who is underused, if not ignored by Hwood
tell me Ruby lives thru Season 2! I can't take another Lucy Lawless badass character death! Sometimes U just need to live!
I keep hearing Donald Trump is Xenaphobic. What did Lucy Lawless ever do to him??
Here's your weekly reminder that we want Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor back as Xena and Gabrielle. https:/…
Listens to the fans Lucy Lawless is Xena and Renèe O'Connor is Gabrielle! You can do it!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"If you say one more dumb thing...". "I'm going to say a lot of dumb things" -Ash vs Evil Dead for the win. ps I love Lucy Lawless still
Lucy Lawless Quote: "Planting trees is like hugging the planet and our kids at the same time."
Lucy Lawless [Factbook] - Gave birth to her second child...: via
I learned something today. Xenaphobia is not a fear of Lucy Lawless
Can't be option 3 cause Lucy Lawless would kick any car locks' ***
I dream one day meet you ... lucy lawless
lucy lawless his fans await you in Brazil in love you our eternal and loved xena. .
Because we love you, and are the best fan base ever!
⚡ Lucy Lawless and Sam Neill battle it out in a bake-off.
Oh yay finally some food news! The Changeover is to be adapted into a movie starring Lucy Lawless and Timothy Spall
You’ll NEVER guess what Xena: Warrior Princess star Lucy Lawless looks like now…
Also, actresses who are closer to WW physically (imho): Lucy Lawless, Katee Sackoff, Gina Torres,
BAT VS S.- note to G GADOT Lucy Lawless has a Kiwi accent. For 6 yrs she played Xena in an American accent. Gal, ask Lucy how to do one.
Adelaide Comic-Con: Karl Urban, Lucy Lawless in town for cosplayers’ paradise this weekend
Did you see Lucy Lawless on Sunrise this morning? She'll be in Australia soon for Oz Comic-Con!...
73 yr old Harrison Ford is able to return to role of Indiana Jones, but 47 yr old Lucy Lawless "too old" to play Xena again.…
Really would like to add Lucy Lawless to my Battlestar Galactica collection, but got work and she's at Oz Comic-Con Saturday only. Also $70.
Lucy Lawless is "too old" to play Xena, Sarah Michelle Gellar is "too old" to play Buffy, Harrison Ford is returning as Indiana Jones.
Gina Carano should be cast as the new Xena, because when I saw Deadpool I legit thought she WAS Lucy Lawless.
Lucy Lawless in my X-Files. I thought the world was just enough with her in Ash vs Evil Dead.
Very weird, esp Dr Manhattan. Cd barely follow it because I cldn't take my eyes off Gugino ;-) Convinced it was Lucy Lawless.
Richie McCaw, Dan Carter, Sam Neill, Eleanor Catton, Lucy Lawless, Piri Weepu, all have the same right to say opinions, no need to be rude.
Blow my mind & bring Alex Kingston to soothe my broken heart over Lucy Lawless' cancellation. That's all I ask!
In other news, Lucy Lawless is coming down under for Oz Comic Con 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Sooo tempted to go to Adelaide or Perth to see her!
Oz Comic Con cried out for a hero: Lucy Lawless to appear ... via
Lucy Lawless will be appearing at Oz Comic Con Perth and Adelaide (Saturdays only). I'm so excited! -Shona.
Lucy Lawless will be appearing at the Adelaide Comic Con Saturday only! Who is going to go see her?!. Oz Comic...
Lucy Lawless is coming to Adelaide for Oz Comic-Con, tempted to fly up for her.
Lucy Lawless has been added to Perth and Adelaide:
*squeal* Xena's Lucy Lawless is heading to Adelaide for Oz Comic-Con:
Lucy Lawless just chopped Adam Baldwin’s head clean off. Whatta show.
Lucy Lawless - Molly Bloom's soliloquy via amazing his performance is wonderful love you lucy lawless
I think for a movie made in 04, Matt Damon, Diedrich Bader and Lucy Lawless were more famous than Fred Armisen & Vinnie Jones
I added a video to a playlist The Cast of "Salem" Janet Montgomery, Lucy Lawless & Shane West at SXSW
I added a video to a playlist Lucy Lawless and Janet Montgomery Interview - Salem, Season 2 (HD) 2015
Ash vs Evil Dead, starring Bruce Campbell as Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless as Lucy Lawless.
*** that we lost Jill Marie Jones so *** early in the game!!! And they aren't utilizing Lucy Lawless enough!!!
I liked a video Kevin Sorbo introduces Lucy Lawless as Xena Warrior Princess
Shame. Xena without Lucy Lawless and Renée O'Connor is like remaking Hercules without Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hurst.
Throwback to Oct when Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor headlined Dallas Comic Con.
They can't bring back Xena and not Lucy Lawless!!! first you cancel your best show, Hannibal... Now this! I think you hate me.
It's impossible to be unhappy when Lucy Lawless and Jill Marie Jones are on the case
ya it's like a dream com true and with Lucy Lawless on board, it is beyond killer
Lucy Lawless donated her costume to the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History in 2006
Tom Shillue got to speak with Lucy Lawless and Jill Marie Jones about starring along side Bruce Campbell in...
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Love ALL conversations about ideas 😊👍🏻. The only wrong way to do Xena is to do without Lucy Law…
When are we going to see Lucy Lawless character.
Celebrities who should use their surname for perfume lines:. Shia LaBeouf. Lucy Lawless. Vin Diesel
Also, Lucy Lawless is still incredibly attractive
Feel the power of Xena ! ONLY LUCY LAWLESS & RENÉE O'CONNOR will get the job done right
Lucy Lawless should not be in Ash vs the Evil Dead. She is legitimately badass. That seems unfair.
Autog lines for Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor, Dallas con. Think there's interest for
Lucy Lawless makes every show better! BRAVO! BRAVO!
oh sweet Lucy Lawless is gonna be on Ash vs. Evil Dead
The absolutely unstoppable on feminism and the power of having a tribe. https…
Can't wait for Lucy Lawless to join the fray, though.
BUST Magazine: How do women react to the fact that you’ve been the original kick *** woman as Xena? Do they...
Bring Lucy Lawless back to reprise her role as Xena for an epic prior to a reboot with new cast…
Whoa, Xena was 20 years ago? Do you know what that means? It means that I've had a crush on Lucy Lawless for 20 years.
Lucy Lawless we love you, wij houden van jou, ti amiamo. We ❤ the Goddess of the fan universe.
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So, I watched last night and the first thing I thought was 'Not enough Lucy Lawless'
Have you figured it out yet? Bring Lucy Lawless back as Xena for EPIC SUCCESS!!!
"Lucy is still hot as *** ..the best part of my beloved Xena"
Lucy Lawless, it's all because of you! You made Xena the most kick *** woman in tv history!.
Not is too late for a with Lucy Lawless & Renee O´Connor. . Just, fix that awful ending!
A or Xena movie with Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor, we think that's the only right thing to do.
GET XENA back onscreen with Lucy Lawless & Renée O'Connor
Been watching The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior (1992.) The strong cast includes Sam Neill, Jon Voight, Kerry Fox and Lucy Lawless.
REBOOT NEWS! Spinoff Online interviewed Lucy Lawless, and had a few question about Xena 2.0. Lucy reiterated...
Lucy Lawless doing a Stevie Nicks impression in a Tex-Mex restaurant is a gift I am grateful for every day
Salma Hayek in Dusktill Dawn and Lucy Lawless in Xena the Princess Warrior !
'the women of are badass" . Lucy Lawless and Jill Marie Jones Interview.
"Chuck Lorre's Coming Out to Lucy Lawless and the Outlaw In-Laws". Big Bang Writer's new comedy. Set in a bin in ***
Look for new, insightful interviews with Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, Lucy Lawless, & much more!
Jill Marie Jones and Lucy Lawless are the reason I am excited for this show. I haven't been sold it but for them!
Can we get Lucy Lawless to fill the Sam Elliot role?
Photo: montyburns56: Lucy Lawless and Janet Montgomery wearing leather gloves on the set of Salem.
Someone other than Lucy Lawless playing Xena is like, like, like, someone other than Ferrigno, Sorbo, Johnson,...
Lucy Lawless at the 2015 Summer TCA Tour for “Ash vs. Evil Dead” with makeup by Vanessa Scali.
Lucy Lawless' husband is Rob Tapert, who was an EP on the original and has a deal to do the reboot for NBC
Now if Hi-Rez is REALY devoted to this they'll get Lucy Lawless and Bruce Campbell as well
I miss seeing Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless together.
They apparently want Sam Raimi & Lucy Lawless back, but they're both busy with Ash vs Evil Dead... As is Bruce Campbell. Err..
Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless and Sam Raimi on Ash's long-awaited return in Ash vs Evil Dead
I just watched the trailer for Ash vs Evil Dead and I’m SO READY FOR THIS. We need more Bruce Campbell. (also, Lucy Lawless!!)
Lucy Lawless just said mazel tov. This day cannot got better.
Some day, when I'm an old lady, I'll tell kids how I marched in a Prop 8 protest w/ Lucy Lawless and have to explain who Xena was.
Artwork by Alexandra Ruo dedicated to our great Lucy Lawless. We are very happy.
Lucy Lawless join the cast of The Barefoot Bandits.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
in my imagination where Lucy Lawless and I hang out all the time, she totally thinks I'd make a rad Xena. (and = Gabrielle, obvs)
Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor for playing some fierce women
No. I meant that Gracie let Playmates (and evidently you guys too) do the Lucy Lawless figure. Dressed as Xena.
Lucy Lawless is currently playing a recurring role; is about a struggle btwn witches
Hey guys :) Lucy Lawless started posting pictures in yesterday flw her here 2
Salem 213 "The Witching Hour" - YouTube - last episode with Lucy Lawless as Countess Marburg
. Sweet to see Lucy Lawless in here…. She is eternal. Love her as Marbug on Salem.
"Lucy Lawless and Janet Montgomery both are nothing less than sensational this week".
Ever since I started following Lucy Lawless, life has been incredible. I'm having an incredible year! Thanks Xena, Warrior princess
Xena: Warrior Princess aka Lucy Lawless--actress, activist & musician talks about Irlen Syndrome & changes in her...
Lucy Lawless and other activists protested aboard an oil-drilling ship in New Zealand. She faces a maxi...
But Lucy will always be the most Lawless.
on Instagram: “Look who stopped by the Mukpuddy studio! Stoked to have Lucy Lawless...
And then there were the ratings stunts, like the Lucy-Nator: AKA: The alien assassin bot played by Lucy Lawless.
Can you PLEASE bring Xena back as a new series with Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor?? It's what ALL the fans want!!
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Photoset: heart-eyes-motheracker: claudiablacks: All characters played by Lucy Lawless on Xena: Warrior...
Stuart Townsend and Lucy Lawless in the same TV show?! I dig it!!!
Happiness is a choice. You grieve, you stomp your feet, you pick yourself up and choose to be happy - Lucy Lawless
Newsflash: Lucy Lawless will be at the 2015 San Diego ComiCon next month to represent Ash vs. Evil Dead!
So now Lucy Lawless, Gina Torres, Adrianne Palicki, Rae Baker and Rebecca Romjin need to act together, with Archie Panjabi in the middle.
Surprising that Lucy Lawless thinks James Shaw talking with John Key would be a good thing. Just plain wrong.
Let's not kid ourselves. A gender bended version of Taken would star Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hamilton or Lucy Lawless.
Like, how do you through Lucy Lawless and Edward James Olmos under the narrative bus but keep dorks like Ward in the script? BOO.
Lucy Lawless was absolutely phenomenal in last week's episode of She's just brilliant.
People should watch Salem, if for nothing else, to see Janet Montgomery and Lucy Lawless scowl and snarl at each other in Season 2.
Salem l WGN America. Janet Montgomery & Lucy Lawless answer your question: Who would be your ideal love interest?...
Ok, so no-one told me that the Agents of Shield episodes starring Edward James Olmos ALSO featured Lucy Lawless. AND TALK OF HUBS.
Lucy Lawless teams up with artists on sea levels, super storms &
Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor are dangerous in all the right ways 😊
I still want my all-females expendables movie with Sigourney Weaver, Lucy Lawless, Carrie Fisher, and Lynda Carter.
Better be recapping that amazing Lucy Lawless kiss with Tamzin Merchant because I am SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW WITH…
Lucy Lawless and Reneé O'Connor present the Official Xena Fanclub: not easy Renèe 😂😂😂
Couldn’t control it anymore. Began watching from the beginning for the fourth time. John Hannah and Lucy Lawless are ❤️!
Crazy Lucy Lawless - Here comes trouble: Hello...hello...have a funny day..😅😅
So happy to see my 3 faves on Salem -Cotton, Anne, & Lucy Lawless- interacting. Cotton & Anne are adorable & I support them wholeheartedly.
Plus I just saw gifs on tumblr from Salem and Lucy Lawless is looking goood.
Just chatted it up with Lucy Lawless about how the film community comes together for the love my crew and my…
Salem, it's one of my favorite shows... Lucy Lawless just joined the cast 😍
Dear lord Lucy Lawless is killing it in Season 2 of
Yep, and it's only been getting better, as Lucy Lawless has appeared as a badass mofo witch, of course.
Blood Kiss: . All hail Countess Marburg!. And let's heap a lot of praise onto Lucy Lawless while we're at it, ...
Why does Lucy Lawless's character have two faces? That's really confusing.
The amount of *** undertones in Salem is great. It's almost as obvious as Xena.. With more Lucy Lawless kissing 😍
Gave it a try and Lucy Lawless is on this episode! — watching Salem l WGN America
was great the 1st season. I couldn't tear myself away. It's even better this season. Lucy Lawless is a great addition.
when I die, I want to be burned on a funeral pyre with Lucy Lawless leading the ceremony.
episode so good have 2do a 2nd watch. Evil diabolical boy child! Is there any role Lucy Lawless can't conquer! No delicate subj
Hey...I stumbled on an Australian show on Netflix yesterday.The Code. Have you seen it? It has Lucy Lawless in it.
"Wait a minute, Xena can't fly.". "I told you, I'm not Xena. I'm Lucy Lawless."
Lucy Lawless wearing a watch from the future! (She's a Witch!) Salem
Catching up w/ about Xena, Salem, Evil Dead...oh, & her hobby of watching public court proceedings
Salem: Lucy Lawless & Janet Montgomery on the Grand Rite and Mary's Magnetism via
Lucy Lawless brought all the spice that Spartacus needed
I stopped watching Salem early on in the show, so I had no idea that Lucy Lawless was in it. I'll have to catch up!
just finished watching Spartacus and god did I cry so recommend it. the TV show with Andy Whitfield Liam McIntyre Manu Bennett &Lucy Lawless
Lucy Lawless leaps from Xena: Warrior Princess to Salem on WGN America via
Sexual fantasy: Lucy Lawless, dressed in her Xena: Warrior Princess outfit, punches me in the face
Happy birthday! Scott Wilson, Lucy Lawless, and Elle MacPherson share a bday with you!
Happy early birthday! Scott Wilson, Lucy Lawless, and Elle MacPherson have the same bday as you!
Wonderful instagram photo of Lucy Lawless & Bryson Conley.
Update your maps at Navteq
Video Q&A: Lucy Lawless and Janet Montgomery on Season Two of “SALEM”!.
I need somebody to watch Xena with me and *** - out over Lucy Lawless
Oedipus complex? Definitely loves very complex characters. I am sure she'll excel this 1 too!
features new clip with Lucy Lawless & Joe Doyle seems to get into her foes minds kissing them
Salem Season 2: Spend Some More Time with Flw her! Starts 4/5/14 at 10 PM in WGN America
Exclusive: Watch things get witchy when Lucy Lawless moves to 'Salem' via
Geeks rejoice! is heading to 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' -Airs March 31! R u a fan of Lucy? flw her!
i saw u have ur books up for auction my two pencil art r there two. Check it out. The cast of Xena n lucy lawless, baby lucy, xe
Lucy Lawless as Lucretia. Her best performance ever!. I am sure that she will break her own record w/countess Marburg
Salem features a new clip with Lucy Lawless ...
My childhood has been ruined, I watch Spartacus witch has Lucy Lawless in it. Rip my childhood. XD
new with Lucy Lawless as Countess Marburg trailer for Salem Season 2
Sneak peek! Lucy Lawless is the last true witch
Our friends at HitFix are interviewing Lucy Lawless this weekend, and would like your help with questions! Submit...
We're interviewing Lucy Lawless this weekend at Have a question for her?
Have a question for Lucy Lawless? Submit your questions to for HitFix interview with to ht…
Tom Selleck, Richard Dean Anderson, Scott Bakula, David Hasselhoff, Lucy Lawless and more are on the wishlist for...
The interview with Lucy Lawless? I have better ones: Sigourney Weaver, Julianne Moore, Kevin Sorbo or even with Ariane Kranz;)
I can't be the only one wanting to see Lucy Lawless, David Hasselhoff and Richard Dean Anderson fighting off bad guys weekly
has anybody ever told you that you look a lot like Lucy Lawless
Japanese Laverne and Shirley, closely followed by The People's Court with Lucy Lawless.
Lucy Lawless' super soldier from the X-Files.
MT It's time for a dynamic comeback Lucy Lawless –>
.It would be as ridiculous as having a Xena convention, & not inviting Lucy Lawless, who is Xena.
LOL! you are funny! sounds like me! right now for me is Sasha Alexander & Lauren Graham before that was Tina Fey & Lucy Lawless
Why doesn't Lucy Lawless has her own TvShow yet. what are they waiting for?
I am wish guessing Lucy Lawless as the announcement. Cos shut up it could totally happen.
ALLright. Lucy Lawless was probably one of my first crushes, and seeing her again, I just... I can't... and then Fitz and I just... I can't.
Her titty fell out while singing the national anthem at a hockey game too."Lucy Lawless is so fine"
I wake up flawless. Just like Lucy Lawless.
I used to be in love with Lucy lawless
Lucy Lawless is 46. Gillian Anderson is 46. Sarah Parish is 46. I am not.
I'm not claiming rights or anything to this picture, but when i see Lucy Lawless in The L Word i can't help but...
This is played by the gorgeous, stunning and beautiful Lucy Lawless!!. Follow PLEASE!. ;) http:/…
My has got to be Lucy Lawless herself! Especially as Xena
this if you LOVE Lucy Lawless and think she is AMAZING!. Then follow her Please! ;) . .
Finally watching Spartacus...I'm loving the cool visuals, but mostly watching for one of my heroes, Lucy Lawless.
Now isn't she just BEAUTIFUL!? Lucy Lawless playing The best series EVER! Become a FAN and watch it!. ;)
Lucy effing Lawless is my because LOOK AT HER!!! So *** sexy! She should be Wonder Woman! NOT…
I know this is behind the times but Lucy Lawless as Antonia Stark in IRON WOMAN y/n?
It gotta be between Lucy Lawless from Xena The warrior Princess and Topanga from Boy Meets world for first white girl I ever crushed on
Some like it hot, starring Lucy Lawless and Lauren Graham in the Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon roles
Lucy Lawless. Best known for her leading role in the 90s television series Xena: Warrior Princess, Lucy Lawless...
Stunning women. Lucy Lawless and Zoe Bell - Are u a fan of Lucy? her and pls if you will
// If I do make an Atalanta account, I'm debating between Jaimie Alexander and Xena era Lucy Lawless as an FC... Which one?
Look, Sleepy Hollow, if someone uses a chakram I assume you want me to spend the whole episode fantasizing about Lucy Lawless.
Thanks for the RT. On a side note, you remind me of Lucy Lawless when she went blonde.
We want Lucy Lawless in a with ROC, and then next gen with her Legacy
OMG That's so hot ,,, lucy lawless ♥
Per that you are so offended? Lucy Lawless is super, is rare great.
Wish I could leave Lucy Lawless back in 2014 *** won't drive to Burger King
tau tak lucu lawless tu sape yang? Bukan that lucy u just watched. Its the actress who played xena! 😘😘
they have truly expensive VIP packages. At the Xena event most phot ops were 25-40. Lucy lawless was 175
Waitress complimented my bangs and a random stranger stopped me to say I look like Lucy Lawless. I call 2014 a win!
Lets see who can tell me who this is.. Xena?, Meg?, Diana?, Leah?.. Follow Lucy Lawless
Two different extraordinary beauties.. Lucy Lawless and Jeri Ryan .. Xena and 7 of 9!... Follow Lucy
Lucy Lawless and her great sense of humor LOL Follow Lucy
Lucy Lawless as Carabosse in Sleeping Beauty and her Winter Knight closes 4/1! Get tix now http…
Lucy does indeed have many skills... FIRST LOOK: Olivia Holt, Lucy Lawless, Garrett Clayton and more in Lythgoe Family Productions' SLEEPING BEAUTY AND HER WINTER KNIGHT at The Pasadena Playhouse. Photos: Philicia Endelman.
Jennifer Beals, Lucy Lawless and Cobie Smulders are all on the L word. I am all of the *** right now. OVERCOME WITH EMOTION
Hamilton Collection
Bonnie Tyler sings "Total Eclipse of the Heart" with actress Lucy Lawless on Celebrity Duets on September 28, 2006.
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Lucy Lawless (Xena), Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle) and Director Michael Hurst on the set of Xena Warrior Princess
Rob Tapert and Lucy Lawless on the set of Xena
Lucy Lawless: When the star becomes fan of a fan - Movies - NZ Herald News
fans! Here is a clip of on from last nights show! Hope you enjoy. B…
Are you watching The Fall? She's awesome. Her and Lucy Lawless, I will watch anything they're in.
I liked a video Lucy Lawless cutting shapes [HouseShuffle]
I have a few pics out. That one. Two others of me & cc. Me & Lucy lawless, me & Hudson Leick. & me and Jillian Michaels
We want Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor on your shows!
Was looking forward to see more Lucy Lawless on but that looks to be . well, how can I put it? Plus poor Fitz, so sad.
Alright, the pics you've all been waiting for: the AMAZING, AWESOME, GORGEOUS LUCY LAWLESS!
Lucy Lawless is now complaining about winters. I concur.
Lucy Lawless just said that if a Xena movie happens, she would not play Xena. I need to find a corner to cry in.
Okay, so Lucy Lawless just gave a shout out to saying she was one of her favorite colleagues she ever worked with.
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Guys guys, I saw her! For real! She was getting out of the photo ops she did this morning... Sque! I saw Lucy Lawless!
you'll not trick me into watching that again. Lucy Lawless fooled me once.
Lucy Lawless Carabosse Sleeping Beauty And Her Winter Knight subsite is now online .
Lucy Lawless makes everything at least 2.3 times better.
Ah, Xena, your reruns are always there for me. Syndication, streaming it doesn't matter. Lucy Lawless is hot all the same.
Still angry that Lucy Lawless was only in the L Word for about 5 minutes in the whole fracking season.
I would like a new show that stars Gillian Anderson and Lucy Lawless.
Lucy Lawless and Renee O'connor in STAY / QUEDATE l Subtextl Subtitles i...: via
A Chat with Lucy Lawless, the Sweetest Warrior Princess in the Universe с помощью
S2 of Agents of Shield started well. Can't go wrong with Lucy Lawless.
I want a series with Ming Na and Lucy Lawless in it, Chun-li and Xena. Lucy Liu would be okay... I guess
Well that didn't last long :( Lucy Lawless looks dead in Agents of Shield. Poo sticks.
Lucy Lawless plays a women’s clinic doctor who has a change of heart after challenging a repeat visitor.
yeah I was hoping Lucy Lawless was going to be in a few more eps. Guess they couldn't afford her. Lol
OK, SHIELD Disappointed the Lucy Lawless appears to have been binned off after one episode, & that Simmonds has done one.
Lucy Lawless in Be still my beating heart!!
My massive childhood crush on Lucy Lawless clearly doesn't appear to have diminished with the passage of time.
Lucy Lawless, Brian Patrick Wade, and a cameo by Agent Carter and her crew? I'm in heaven
A bit early I know I'm watching a BBC4 series called The Code in it there's an actress in it called Lucy Lawless is that Zena Warrior Princess or am I thinking of someone else
we didn't get to go this year, but my mom went with her bf and they got us Lucy Lawless's autograph :)
These woman look amazing for their age, Lucy Lawless, Gillian Anderson, Salma Hayek, Monica Belluci, they are all insanely beautiful.
Lucy Lawless (Lucrecia) & Manu Bennett (Crixus) in NYC theupsidernyc with owner volkstagram…
And of much more recent note, he was in the Spartacus shows on Starz (also had Lucy Lawless)
Remember that time Lucy Lawless got excited about my Xena costume and I died?
Mistress of the Cunning Smirk, thy name is Lucy Lawless.
You're just a little guy! Let Lucy Lawless tote her own bags. NYCC2014!
*** Lucy lawless and William shatner was 80-85$ for autographs. 😒 next year hopefully I can drop them bills like nothing. 💵
Now we're just standing and watching Lucy Lawless exist. Also Manu Bennett.
Australian thriller The Code starring Lucy Lawless on now. We're treated to a dramatic double bill this evening!
lol Lucy Lawless wasn't bad either. I'm pretty sure they're on Netflix. Now I have to watch them.
Metal Painted Version of Xena Exclusive from FotogSyn created 4 Lucy Lawless to sign at NYCC ht…
I'm sorry CJ, it was $85 to get an autograph from lucy lawless :c I could not do this thing. ;;
And Lucy Lawless! Not dressed as a Warrior Princess. I think. Not seen her yet. (nor Adam)
Lucy Lawless' character. Can't believe she'd be one and done.
Argh I nearly forgot, there's a new Australian political thriller series BBC4 9pm, The Code...must record. Lucy Lawless in it too!
Lucy Lawless,one of the most gifted actors of our times is not getting the big roles and superstardom NOW.La-La land is blind,agist & dumb
Xenites,. “No Touching” A short film starring Zoë Bell who doubled for Lucy Lawless, along with Heidi Moneymaker...
Mmmm. Y'know, I like Lucy Lawless, & I like Lily Loveless. But which is better, hmmm? There's only one way to find out...
Xenas Lucy Lawless in a great Aussie drama The Code. Doing much better than that Hercules nobody Kevin Sorbo from Gods Not Dead.Phew stinker
Not bad Lucy Lawless, can every girl do seems that way
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