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Lucy Coe

Lucille "Lucy" Coe Collins is a fictional character from the ABC Daytime soap operas General Hospital and Port Charles.

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So glad and are at my house the whole time :) :) :)
Talking to someone else about pets and how I want a pet duck. I blame Lucy Coe.
Just spent £225 on a bus pass, student loan needs to come now
It's like you're Lucy Coe and he's Jasper Jacks and you're working at Deception in the mid-90s!!
no clue, the boys house are supposed to be coming round now so as soon as something's planned Ill let you know :)
Fully moved in and hating the Manchester rain!
Having a house at uni is so much better than halls
Less than 2 hours till I'm back in manch!
Feels weird to say I'm moving into my first house
will text u when I'm all moved in then will come round your house omg so grown up
ill leave to explain that. Obv she has failed to organise this error appropriately
Refuse to do anything daring today cos Friday 13th hates me
Literally so scared its Friday 13th
Laura's reaction on GH today to Lucy Coe's audacity was priceless!LOVE GENIE FRANCIS!!
Lucy Coe broke that door down like Herman Munster!
Lucy Coe...from chasing vampires to arguing with Richard Simmons.
Catching up on General Hospital. I ♥ Lucy Coe, Todd Manning, & Heather Webber. They crack me up! GH rivals any sitcom on prime time.
I ACCIDENTALLY turned on Genital Hospital today and I've seen Luke, Laura, Lucy Coe, Scotty Baldwin, Frisco and Felicia, Duke and Anna, and Heather Grant. Is it 1983?
Since i have been home sick, I have come to realize that Daytime TV *** Since they took my soaps off the air, there is NOTHING worth watching! Even GH is weird now! Star and Todd Manning have moved to Port Charles since OLTL is gone? Lucy Coe and Caleb the Vampire are back? (From the old "Port Charles" show). Anna Devane, Duke Lavery. WTH! Too strange, even for me. I miss "All My Children"!
Lucy Coe is no vampire slayer just the queen of the nutters lol along with Heather Webber lol
In the eighty's I watch the soap opera General Hospital. Over the past few weeks I have started watching it again. Imagine my surprise when all the old characters are back on there...Luke,Laura,Scotty Baldwin, Anna Devain, Lucy Coe.
Luke & Scotty battling for Laura, Frisco wants Felicia, the return of the Ice Princess, Duke loving Anna, The Quartermaines are front and center, Lucy Coe is still fabulous, yet loony and Heather Webber pulls the best antics. Best of all, Sonny isn't on 5 days a week. GH is on FIRE for its 50th Anniversary! Loving every minute of it.
Had two pieces of buttered toast and cherry Kool-Aid for supper. So far, so good. Did enjoy watching "General Hospital" this afternoon. Saw characters from 25-30 years ago - Frisco, Felicia, Laura, Lucy Coe, Heather Webber.great blast from the past.
Whats up with Geneal Hospital bringing back allthese old charaters..first Lucy Coe...then Frisco and now the vampires, AGAIN..really, thats why I quit watching it the last time!
General Hospital 's spin-off Port Charles never got to finish before it went off tv so they are doing it now!( so to catch up) This left the final episode as a cliffhanger; Caleb told Olivia that Alison (Erin Hershey Presley) was pregnant with his baby because of the wish that she (Olivia) made on his ring and it was revealed that Imani was a werewolf. After Port Charles, the characters of Scott Baldwin and Audrey Hardy returned to General Hospital, and many of the other actors from Port Charles moved on to play roles on other dramas, including a few who took on new roles on General Hospital, such as actors Michael Easton, Kelly Monaco, Kiko Ellsworth, Eddie Matos, Kent King, and Jay Pickett. The vampire storyline of Port Charles returned to the airwaves in General Hospital in 2013. After Michael Easton had previously joined the cast, the character of Lucy Coe, "Vampire Slayer," came to town and attempted to stab him with a stake. She called him Caleb referring to his Port Charles soap role. Later the act ...
I called a "code blue" and put 'General Hospital' on the "DNR" list about three years ago as the soap lost its mojo with over-the-top storylines becoming unrecognizable. Well, watched 'GH' last night just to see the highly anticipated return of Frisco's character played by 'Jack Wagner'. Wow, so impressed the show's landscape and direction has changed and Jack is still "smoking hot" sans the wrinkle and delineated bags under his eyes. No one apparently has introduced him to Botox. Someone please book him with a plastic surgeon fast. LOL. Refreshing to see so many familiar legacy characters' faces like Heather Webber, Robert Scorpio, Anna and Duke, and Lucy Coe return to their rightful place. 'GH' has found its heart again and officially back from the dead. I feel the renewed energy in the air and cannot wait for Laura Spencer's return next week.
GH RUMORS GH: Carly Schroeder to Return? Posted by ghhshirley on Friday, February 1, 2013\ Rumorville: Word is that Carly Schroeder may be reprising the role of Serena Baldwin on GH. We last saw Schroeder on GH in 2001. Lucy Coe was her surrogate mother, having carried her for Scott Baldwin and his dying wife Domnique [Taub]. Several years later, on Port Charles, Lucy adopted her. Serena, the heiress to the massive Taub fortune, was said to be studying in Europe the last time she was mentioned on Port Charles. Steve's demise could be a wet one. There may be a tale of two possible Quartermaine heirs. Sam may be tied into a story involving Faison. Expect the Spencer's to play front and center this summer into spring. Maxie's past rivalry with Liz may rear its head. Maxie's pregnancy with Spinelli's baby will impact her relationship with her parents, Felicia and Frisco.
I have to write this in part because facebbok keeps acting up and then I loose it. This week Ron and his writing team shined. They did things that I use to love on OLTL, characters that you would have never thought of putting together cross paths, giving us a feeling that these people all live in the same small town. Duke/ A.J., Todd/Lucy and Connie/Tracy. The Hospital and ELQ are once again the hot tickets. The supporting characters are now more then ever an important equation to the show and not just comic relief. Milo, Max, Diane, Epihany are so needed. To have so many vets back and more on the way. Look I get it, before Craputhers destroyed our beloved AMC, she took an axe to Port Charles. I thought it was ridic that the stuff going on , on that show was never happening on GH. It was the same town and when vampires were introduced I was glad but the fact is this is party of the history, storyline cannon for Lucy Coe. It happended people from 2000 to 2003. To ignore it would be disrespectful to the ...
I am so excited!!! ok, I do watch General Hospital, yes, I know a soap opera, ack. but anyway, I just found out that Frisco Jones is coming back after 18 years. I'm so excited! He will be back on Monday, and then (I just found out) that Laura will be back the week after that! so excited, Luke and Laura will be together again. I'm super excited! They have brought back so many people lately that haven't been on there for years - Kevin Collins came back yesterday, Ned Ashton came back a few days ago, Lucy Coe came back a few weeks ago, Duke Lavery (yes, very exciting), Cesar Faison, Anna Davane, Robert Scorpio. It's been awesome!
Take your best Caption This shot at these hilarious scenes of Todd (Roger Howarth) and Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) on Wednesday's General Hospital!
Lucy Coe and Todd Manning on my screen together, it's a dream come true!
Yay Dr. Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) & Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) are both back on General Hospital & the surprise of the week. Alison Barrington (Erin Hershey Presley) are all back in Port Charles which means Michael Easton might be playing 2 roles the cop (John McBain) & Swooning Vampire (Caleb Morley) which means my favorite character from Port Charles ... Livvie Locke played by Kelly Monaco who also plays Sam Morgan (Quartermaine) on GH might not be too far behind. I'm too tickled pink ...Love Soap Opera's forever!!
Revised letter to Valentini and Carlivati regarding possible "Caleb" storyline and vampires: Ron Carlivati, Head Writer General Hospital c/o ABC-TV 4151 Prospect Avenue Hollywood, CA 90027 Thanks for the very entertaining, compelling storylines you have been creating for General Hospital lately. I especially enjoy the scenes with Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco, which, though muted in romance, subtlely rekindle the passion the two actors shared when they were on Port Charles together as Caleb and Livvie. The recent re-inclusion of Lynn Herring as Lucy Coe was a very pleasant surprise, bringing back fun memories of her previous long-term roles on General Hospital and its spin-off, Port Charles. I am delighted to read that Lucy Coe, along with Michael Easton, Kelly Monaco, returning actor Jon Lindstrom, and possibly Ian Buchanan will be ushering in a storyline involving references to Caleb and Livvie. Since Port Charles was one of my favorite TV shows and Caleb was my most beloved TV character, I am th ...
Tv Guide Article on Sam/McBain/Lucy BLOOD TRANSFUSION They're back in town and ready to kill. Or are they? Years before bloodsuckers were all the rage via True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Twilight, they were raising holy *** on Port Charles. The 1997-2003 GH spin off featured Michael Easton as vampire stud Caleb Morley, Kelly Monaco as his luscious lover Livvie and GH crossover fave Lynn Herring vampire slayer Lucy Coe. Now that Herring is back on GH as Lucy and Easton and Monaco are on the soap in different roles, it is time for some wicked fun!! On January 14 Lucy will drop by Kelly's Diner for some chow and spot John McBain the good guy cop played by ME "She completely freaks and screams "Caleb" says head writer RC. "Later Kelly's character Sam comes out of the ladies room and Lucy thinks it is Livvie. Lucy then goes into full slayer mode and stabs John. He's rushed to the hospital and she ends up in the slammer. Our universes are colliding, but this is no quick gimmick, RC promises. This will kick ...
Lucy Coe being back and UBER relevent on is quite possibly the best soap opera present ever
So told me who played Lucy Coe on Really?! THE Meredith Vieira???!!
Yes, she does! So happy to see Lucy Coe back in Port Charles!
OK, now I really want Lucy Coe & Todd Manning to come face to face. She thought him rude & knew him as Victor Lord's *** son! LMAO
Sabrina and Felix take a trip to visit the one and only Lucy Coe today! Will they get the funding they need?
Hey everyone! Brandon here! Just finished finals week! I'm so relieved! Now, I'm off till Jan. 14th! Woo! Hope you all are enjoying GH! The Duke/Faison/Anna stuff is GOLD! And Robin! Will Anna find her?!? Lucy Coe returns today! I love Felix and Sabrina! Olivia and her visions, LOL! Liking the Dante/Lulu/Maxie scenes. Robert and John make a good team! I'm tired of Connie! Bring Kate back! Poor Molly! Love Michael and Starr! Well, I think I went on enough on my thoughts about the show. I'll catch up on the news note for the other soaps this weekend! Don't forget about links to spoilers for ALL soaps in our spoiler note! And thanks to my co-admin Isiah for keeping the page going! Happy Friday WAPCers! :)
Show of hands: who else is freaking right the heck out about seeing Lucy Coe on our screens today?? --L.
Oh lord they bringing Lucy Coe back...
General Hospital is heating up this week with an exciting turn of events! Anna and Faison have a showdown in Switzerland! Michael catches Sonny and A.J. in the boxing ring! Lynn Herring reprises her role as Lucy Coe this week! Maxie is rushed to the hospital! Starr questions Todd about his connection to Johnny! and more! Tune in this week to find out how things play out! General Hospital airs every weekday at 2 P.M. on ABC
What's up with all these people on General Hospital! I swear these people died 10-20 years ago and there back now *** Aj Quatermaine, Duke Lavery, Robin Scorpio, Cesar Fasion, Lucy Coe. Old school GH
Lucy accidently gets saddled with Sigmund the duck features: Lynn Herring as Lucy Coe , John Ingle as Edward Quartermaine , Anna Lee as Lila Quartermaine , Leslie Charleson as Monica Quartermaine , Steve Burton as Jason Morgan , Sean Kanan as AJ Quartermaine , Wally Kurth as Ned Ashton , and Stuart Damon as Alan Quartermaine
What is the average lifespan of a duck? Lucy Coe's upcoming return to General Hospital won't be the same without Sigmund!
fans can look forward to the returns of Robert Scorpio, Lucy Coe, Alan Quartermaine, Ned Ashton and Skye.
Why all of a sudden under "people you may know" are fictional tv characters that I have no friends in common with like Chrystal Carrington (Dynasty), Thelma Harper (Mama's Family) and Lucy Coe (General Hospital)
Watching General Hospital on the DVR...they just mentioned both Erica Kane and Lucy Coe. Makes me long for the days when soaps were good. Of course, I came back to GH just to keep a bit of "the good 'ole days" (thankfully they brought on a couple One Life characters...otherwise it might be unwatchable.)
Best show of the week! Anna, Luke, Tracy, Heather, Mac, Felicia.paging Lucy Coe and Bobbie Spencer!!!
Greg Vaughn would be back as Lucky & Alan would be alive & have a wild affair with Lucy Coe :D
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