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Lucy Beale

Lucy Katherine Beale is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Eva Brittin-Snell from 1993 to 1996, Casey Anne Rothery from 1996 until 2004, Melissa Suffield from 2004 to 2010 and Hetti Bywater from 2012 onwards.

Ian Beale Albert Square Richard Hillman Nick Cotton Max Branning Jihadi John Peter Beale Michelle Collins Ben Hardy

Bigger than 'Who killed Lucy Beale?'!! Surely not. Bookies PRs have short memories
So did you guess who killed Lucy Beale?
It's had me in hysterics. Kanye killed Lucy Beale, an episode of The Chase, Richey Manic, Denise Van Outen!
Gold digger (convinces crowd he killed Lucy Beale)
Debate rages on about but we're ignoring more important questions. Starter or dessert? Or both? And who killed…
Who murdered Lucy Beale? 30th continues at 6.15pm with a special flashback episode at 7.25pm. No spoilers
He killed Lucy Beale then made a white child take the blame for it because he's a one man paedophile ring.
While the whole nation seems to be gripped by 'Who Killed Lucy Beale', are people forgetting I've been lying dead in my …
Imagine how amazing it would be if someone made a Lucy Beale from Eastenders death video with The Scientist by Coldplay playing.
She died waiting for Eastenders to announce who killed Lucy Beale
Watching PLL is like trying to solve the Lucy Beale murder all over again. Basically it is just infuriating
whit is a coupon up? It's that long fae I've had one I forget. Couldnae even get who killed Lucy Beale right.
Lucy Beale wasn’t the only murder victim on the Beeb. Fellow soap star Michelle Collins got herself killed not once but twice, on Death In
Life was a lot more mysterious before I knew who killed Lucy Beale
So they're playing hits of the 80s in the cafe :) Morten Harket killed Lucy Beale !!
EASTENDERS UPDATE: The “Who Killed Lucy Beale?” saga is far from over on Beamly blog
Loads of Police just came into this restaurant we're in. Ross stands up and goes. ' I killed Lucy Beale. It wasn't Bobby.' 😂😂😂
Breaking News! It now transpires that Roland Rat and Kermit the Frog killed Lucy Beale.
Lucy Beale's final letter to her father Ian. A bittersweet moment.
the killing of Lucy Beale will never beat Richard Hillman driving the Platt family into the canal
On point tonight. Got the whole Lucy Beale thing right AND get to treat myself to a special massage. Happy Thursday everyone!
Next week on Ian Beale wakes up, Lucy Beale still alive, the whole thing was just a dream. Dale Cooper leaves Albert Square
Sorry Eastenders, but no matter who killed Lucy Beale, it's not going to be as surprising as Roberto Soldado scoring a go…
Its only a matter of time before Lucy Beale turns up alive. Does anyone ever actually die in Albert Square?
At 9 or something, Bobby Brown has killed Lucy Beale. Can he get a D in GSCE SATS though? I can. Enjoy your life in …
There been a major *** up in Eastenders. Lucy Beale's killer was in fact Jihadi John.
Can we just find out who killed Lucy Beale already
I'm going to assume that Martin Kemp is trending because Steve Owen has come back from the dead and is Lucy Beale's killer
I just wanna know who killed Lucy Beale, I think it was ian idk
I was unsure about who killed Lucy Beale until last night when it was revealed that Ian Beale had a different identity. Guilty.
The best who killed Lucy Beale killer for great tv would be Ian Beale. Eastenders
.Why aren't Scotland Yard investigating who killed Lucy Beale? The priorities of this country are
Maybe we won't find out who killed Lucy Beale after all.
I killed Lucy Beale. That's why Jo Joyner asked how I was.
Plot twist: Mr Blobby killed Lucy Beale with help from his dastardly sidekick Noel Edmonds...
Who'll come out on top ; Craig Gordon, Fredy Guarin, Harry Kane, or Lucy Beale?
Im doing my house party show in Leicester tomorrow. Ill be revealing who killed Lucy Beale.
Welsh media reporting that Rhys Priestland shot JR, and killed Lucy Beale in Eastenders.
World's gone mad over 80 million wagered on who killed Lucy Beale
Who killed Lucy Beale then?l fawaz, billy Davies,Collins or danny fox? They seem to get blamed for everything else at so why not?
it's be amazing if Richard Hillman from Corrie killed Lucy Beale because then we'd get a cross soap/time travel storyline and we need those
Fed up of hearing about Lucy Beale and eastenders. story isny anywhere near as good as the Richard Hillman fiasco back in 03
and theyre the ones who killed Lucy Beale... *eastenders theme tune *
Wouldn't be surprised if A levels killed Lucy Beale
It's quite embarrassing how the highlight of my half term is going to be finding out who killed Lucy Beale
Who killed Lucy Beale? My money is on Gerry and Kate McCann
Scenes when Lucy Beale comes off the bench to score the winner for Chelsea tonight.
“Who cares who killed Lucy Beale...less than two weeks people! already booked my time off 😁😁
why does Lucy Beale look better dead than alive?!? More intriguing than 😱
and their sister Lucy beale rip x x x
'Who killed Lucy Beale?' and members of the British public share their theories...
I scored 15/15 in the Mirror Definitive Who killed Lucy Beale? quiz, can you match me?
My money is now on Bobby Beale, hit Lucy over the head with the music box!
Kelly have they revealed who killed Lucy Beale yet because I don't even watch Eastenders and it's bugging me
People are way too invested in this Lucy Beale mystery. Personally I don't think anyone did her in.
“I can't wait to find out who killed Lucy Beale, said no one. Ever.” Said me for the last 10 months 💁
Having rewatched the Lucy Beale killing episode, Denise goes back in the house . So Lauren's card to Jane "Lucy was killed in the house"
OMG guys the lucy beale case has been solved and that killed LUCY :O did not see that one coming.
Lucy Beale was killed down rettendon lane with me and in the Range Rover, so her killer is mickey Steele you gu…
I don't think there is anyone else in the UK who is as passionate about Eastenders and the Lucy Beale storyline as Harvii
Did i kill Lucy Beale because no one on eastenders seems to have done it
is it? Okay. I killed Lucy Beale. Now everybody, move on and let me serve my time in peace.
“Jimmy Bullard killed Lucy Beale.. FFS Yep it was me!
Lucy Beale's last moments before her death….
Me and have come to the conclusion that it was Gus the binman and Wellard the dog that killed Lucy Beale...
they've built this Lucy Beale thing up so much the reveal is going to be ***
what happens to the story line if Lucy Beale killed herself?.
Peter Beale killed Lucy. You heard it here first. I would put money on.
These. 'I killed Lucy Beale' posts are annoying now ✋
Really hope Peter Beale killed Lucy because I put a bet on it months ago 😂 only be £50 up but still!!
Thousands of people getting killed around the world everyday. All anyone's interested in is "Who Killed Lucy Beale". Can't understand that.
“I wasn't going to say anything but I've kept it in too long... I KILLED LUCY BEALE” I laughed too much at this 😂😂😂
Did Max Branning mess up his lines for Lucy Beale murder bombshell?
OK I ADMIT IT WAS ME who killed Lucy. She caught me sniffing her thongs... I produced a classic Beale chokeslam on her & sh…
Peter Beale killed Lucy ...that's all I'm saying 🙋
“Dad's just said Bobby Beale killed Lucy and Jane is covering for him. Bookies have stop bets for him😳” ur d…
fans, who killed Criminologist looks into the case. Intrigued?
It doesn't matter who killed Lucy Beale, nothing will ever top Richard Hillman doing Emily Bishop over the head with a crowbar in Corrie.
Come on people it's obvious he didn't say "Who" or "You". He said Huw. Huw Edwards killed Lucy Beale.
The only thing that would make me care even less about who killed Lucy Beale would be Noel Gallagher making some comment on it.
Has Pat Butcher got the answer to what happened to Lucy Beale?
Let's be realistic it was either Mr Sproston or Sam Dingle that killed Lucy Beale
Nathan Carter in the Opera House and Lucy Beale murderer revealed .. Its gonna be a really good week 👌
“Who killed Lucy Beale then ay. Currently one of the most popular market online at the moment.”. Jihadi John
This time next week we will know the identity of Lucy Beale's killer...! My money is still on Jane Beale
Omg we find out Lucy Beale's murderer this month!!! 😱
I liked a video CCTV footage from the night of Lucy Beale's murder - EastEnders - BBC One
The lucy beale murder is making me ger ratty
Eastenders cast reveal who THEY think killed Lucy Beale: 'I've been practising my guilty face' http:…
13 times EastEnders hinted that Jane is Lucy Beale's killer:
EastEnders spoilers is this the moment when Lucy Beale is killed
Solve the Lucy Beale murder mystery and win a tour of Albert Square for you and a friend:
Im 90% sure now that its Peter Beale who killed lucy.
Every morning I wake up and try not to kill myself.only to find out who killed Lucy Beale
British Biggest flashback ever as we find out who killed lucy Beale
Did lee kill lucy Beale as the flash back begins
Lucy Beale messages the person who killed her
Jane starts to panic becuase Lauren got information about lucy Beale killer
Lauren tells peter she has information about lucy Beale killer
PREVIEW! first look: Lucy Beale flashback episode revealed! SEE:
See this eastenders advert with a ghost Lucy beale Floating around the square? Nae need likes! I about shat myself!!
When your team is taking penalties but you're more focused on figuring out who killed Lucy Beale
Hey this is how you wrap up a story nobody cares about -
Anyone else super excited that we find out who killed Lucy Beale next week. I am 🙋🙋
if Lucy Beale killed herself thats it I'm actually done with Eastenders!
“what is your inspirational quote you live with every day?”.I have to know who killed Lucy Beale
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EastEnders 30th anniversary: First look at the Lucy Beale flashback
they never do, but I wouldn't say Bobby Beale, he loved Lucy
This is the best theory I've seen relating to the Lucy Beale killer
Eastenders takes over my life! 12:17 and all I can think about is who killed lucy Beale
Eastenders got me wondering if i killed Lucy Beale
I finally figured out who killed Lucy Beale.. It was Colonel Mustard, with the lead pipe in the library 😏😏
I just need to know who killed Lucy Beale ? Seriously. 😑
Lucy Beale makes haunting return in EastEnders anniversary teaser
Well that was a killer hen party in Now, who did the murder? Sister-in-law, best mate, the groom, Lucy Beale's killer?
How do they sort out who dun it in 1hour...yet Lucy Beale.months...
Lucy Beale died and yeah the woman did get raped by Dean but he's lying and said hey had an affair
Lloris killed Lucy Beale. All will be revealed next week.
Got to a point in my life where i don't even care who killed Lucy Beale anymore
The highlight of today was finding out that Eastenders are FLASHING back to Lucy Beale's killer. They are FLASHING BACK. How exciting.
apparently it will be revealed next week. And Lucy Beale's killer will be revealed on the 19th of Feb!!
All purpose parts banner
the new eastenders trailer is like watching shaun of the dead. Can't wait to see Lucy Beale's killer exposed
I dunno if I can deal with watching the whole "who killed Lucy Beale" and PLL's "who killed Alison" plot at the same time 🙈 heads fried
Why do they keep trying to make out that the murder of Lucy Beale has the same intrigue as Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks?
This whole who killed Lucy Beale situation has been going on to long
Oh it makes sense week of Eastenders.30th anniversary of the show.reveal Lucy Beale's murderer
I'm not even excited for February bc it's my birthday im literally just so excited to find out who killed Lucy Beale
The question on my lips is do I go to the a dayer or watch who killed lucy Beale?!
Whitney has come back to Eastenders weeks before the Lucy Beale murder reveal and she appears in the Lucy Beale ghost video 👀
So hard to focus on writing this report without knowing who killed Lucy Beale. BBC shouldn't be allowed to drag these things out
Forever waiting to find out who killed Lucy beale😴
Who killed Lucy Beale?? Don't Care? Surely a little bet on it makes it more interesting odds with
me too, Carter, Carter, Carter..wake me up when it's lucy beale week..😴😴😴
feb 19th hurry up please I want to know who killed Lucy beale
Good grief, how long is this Lucy Beale storyline going to go on for - I don't even watch Eastenders and I'm fed up with it.
They're longing out who killed Lucy Beale sooo much that I dont even care anymore even if it was Dot.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
IT'S OFFICIAL! I KNOW HOW AND WHO KILLED LUCY BEALE... it was Diego Costa; his stamp killed her cold blooded!
Our pals are currently running odds on who killed Lucy Beale. Give them a follow and let them know what you think!
Kinda thinking Jane Beale killed Lucy now tbh.
You can bet on who killed Lucy Beale👀 may have to stick a bet on Abby Branning
I've got £2 on Whitney to have killed Lucy Beale...
what have i missed the fats was knee deep in lucy Beale
EastEnders! Who killed Lucy Beale to mark 30th anniversary by Luna
I worked out the Lucy Beale who dunnit even before she was killed even worked out that Ben Hardy would be leaving
"I've worked out the Lucy Beale case so I want to be a police officer" is Charlotte for real?😂
I'll be really disappointed if it was Nick Cotton that killed Lucy Beale
This is our new 'Probably didn't kill Lucy Beale' display
Who do YOU think killed Lucy Beale? I voted Jake stone in the poll! Have your say: Jake stone Kill Lucy
Highlight of my day was finding out two of the girls I work with watch eastenders and discussing the Lucy beale murder
RICHARD BLACKWOOD LANDS ROLE IN EASTENDERS Former pop star, actor & stand-up comedian Richard Blackwood has landed a role in EastEnders - making his debut during the soaps live anniversary episode. The character to be played out by Richard Blackwood will be a villainous one, perhaps to replace the squares now 'badman' nasty Nick Cotton. EastEnders marks its 30th anniversary in the coming month with a 30 minute live episode. The live episode due to be aired late February will finally put to rest the cliffhanger that is "who killed Lucy beale?" storyline. Blackwood said he had grown up with EastEnders "so to film on Albert Square is something I'll never get used to". "To know my first ever scene will be a live one hopefully means the team believe in me and I won't let them down," he added.
before being charged with the murders of Lucy Beale and Nick Cotton
Yey! This makes me think it's Lucy Beale murder, ummm I'll have to see if I'm right?!? Love JP xxx
EastEnders spoilers: John Partridge returning as Christian Clarke for Lucy Beale live week
Ma mum's away to Tenerife for a week today and she's para incase she misses who killed Lucy Beale 😂😂
EastEnders Intrigue: Is this the picture of Lucy Beale’s killer? on Beamly blog
deffo bro we'll whack 100 pound on Patrick Truman to kill lucy Beale 😽
Seriously?! I mean, Even a decomposed Lucy Beale is fresher than this.
This morning me and manager spent 45 minutes talking about Lucy Beale's murder case! Reckon we've cracked it you know👮
Wish they would hurry up with this Lucy Beale situation.
when dose Lucy Beale killer reviled ?
I've booked a week off work for 'who killed lucy beale week' because I seriously can't miss it, so excited 🙈!!!
Turns out it was black kev who killed Lucy Beale 😂😂😂😂
A whopping 75 characters are suspects in Who Killed Lucy Beale whodunit!
Got into a conversation with a stranger last night over who we think killed Lucy Beale 😂
Someone ask Abbie if she killed Lucy Beale
I have now come to the conclusion that Lucy Beale was killed by Perez Hilton
all I want to know is who killed danny Latimer and who killed Lucy Beale, not too much to ask
Oh look. Lucy Beale's turned up in death in paradise!
EastEnders cast trying to guess who killed Lucy Beale as producers drop red herrings
Booking the 19th February off work so I don't miss 'who killed Lucy Beale' lol dedication
how about some talk on Who Killed Lucy Beale? Or atleast some Josef Salvat Diamonds
"I bet they've already done at least one murder. you see Em near my Lucy Beale ? Call 📞 Ian now Eastenders 111
lol.. They all count ba! Love the who killed Lucy Beale bet! 😂😂
Will this Coventry defender be a replacement for when Kenny Clark goes to prison for killing Lucy Beale?
Lucy Beale to return to in first for the soap People need to understand how unique a drama this show is.
The Lucy Beale murder case has been the murder case of the soap century, spanning 10 months and set to wrap up in February with the big reveal of the killer. Bosses of the BBC soap have kept us all hooked by making everyone on the Square a suspect, dropping new clues every week and […]
EastEnders spoilers: Lucy Beale to return to Albert Square | Entertainment | Closer Online
All I wanna know is who killed Lucy Beale ffs 🔫
EastEnders: Did Abi Branning kill Lucy Beale? Clues, evidence and more | Entertainment | Closer Online
Lucy Beale won't be the only one coming back in the dramatic showdown.
why hasn't anything to do with the lucy beale storyline been nominated for an NTA?? Adam woodyatt deserves to have best drama performance!
Who killed Lucy Beale? Eastenders to air first flashback episode
Broadchurch is back and is still brilliant. With that plus the Lucy Beale case in EastEnders, I am going to be very on edge for a while yet!
I've worked it out who killed Lucy Beale!!
EastEnders to air first-ever flashback episode during live week to show exactly how and ... -
EastEnders flashback episode: Five things we can expect in the ‘how did Lucy Beale d ... -
EastEnders will reveal Lucy Beale’s killer in a flashback episode during the show’s 30th anniversary week.
Why hasn't Lucy Beale replied to my dm man😩
Was Lucy Beale’s killer revealed in the Children In Need special?
Lucy Beale to return to EastEnders - err, isn&she DEAD? (via
Danny Dyer is up for a NTA award, but poor Adam Woodyatt has been snubbed
EastEnders | Max Branning's own family will start to doubt him on EastEnders as the Lucy Beale murder mystery conti…
EastEnders reveal who killed Lucy Beale Show bosses on EastEnders release the exact date when we'll finally get ...
Who killed Lucy Beale | In tonight's episode Emma Summerhayes confronted the killer before collapsing and being rus…
I don't know a single thing for my mocks but I do have a theory about who killed Lucy Beale:):)
I still can't get over the fact I've had a dream over trying to solve the Lucy Beale case😫😁
I was the one Emma texted. It was me Lina. I killed Lucy Beale
Ooh! Guess who's making a special return to
When Samantha tried to tell me something it's like I'm waiting to find out who killed Lucy Beale
We'll finally discover who killed Lucy Beale on EastEnders
BREAKING: killed Lucy Beale. You heard it here first
I don't watch but are people thinking killed Lucy Beale?
Lucy Beale's killer will be unmasked in live flashback episode. via
Eastenders spoiler: Lucy Beale is coming back. Dun dun da.
After all the suspense. The killer of Lucy Beale has been revealed.. a tree.
There's no tonight - but here's a thought: this man knows who killed Lucy Beale
This poor guy has been waiting for 8 months for his accumulator cos he put "Who killed Lucy Beale" with the football htt…
Danny dyer's theory on Lucy Beale murder!
Get you and your SCD dialogue. Did you ask Jake who killed Lucy Beale?
I do not at all see how I resemble Lucy Beale in any sort of way...
With only Stacey confirmed not to be Lucy Beale's murderer. Who do you think it is?
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EastEnders: Denise makes a worrying discovery in connection to Lucy Beale’s murder
You can bet on who killed lucy beale on eastenders??? Really ??? 😂
when I'm back from Lapland, I've only got to wait 1 month to find out who killed lucy beale... ABOUT TIME
Measuring how quickly this year is going by how soon we are gonna find out who killed Lucy Beale
High light of today was my wife asking Peter Beale aka who killed Lucy in the tollington, he has no idea either
Mum: "So, 4 people know who killed Lucy Beale. Make it 5. Tell me. Seriously. I'm your mother". She's now sulking.
who actually killed Lucy Beale is the question
Ben Hardy is leaving EastEnders – is this the ultimate proof Peter killed Lucy Beale?
getting to the point of not caring, like the 'who killed lucy beale' I ain't bovered.
Do you think Peter Beale murdered Lucy? I voted No in the poll! Have your say: It was Jake stone
Does anyone else still not know who killed Lucy Beale?!
Do you think Peter Beale might have killed Lucy?
Ben Hardy quits EastEnders: BBC confirms Peter Beale actor will leave soap but did he murder Lucy
Was going to put it in Ian Beale to be the person that murdered Lucy Beale but could only get 6/1 😂😕
Me and Aisha are trying to solve the Lucy Beale murder case
They're trying to reframe Lee for the Lucy Beale murder, can't see it myself
All bets are off on who killed EastEnders' Lucy Beale! via
Has Lucy Beale's killer been unmasked? Ben Hardy quits - so did Peter Beale kill Lucy? via
EastEnders spoiler: Ben Mitchell confesses all about the night Lucy Beale was murdered
shutup Beale Lucy is dead and its your fault
No surprise Peter Beale will be leaving Eastenders, showed himself a great actor during the Lucy Beale story 👍
Bookies taking odds on who killed Lucy beale. Bet BBC & bookies in cahoots, whichever outcome makes most ££ they'll script as the killer.
Spoilers: Ben Hardy QUITS as Peter Beale - Did he kill Lucy? DOUBTFUL!
3 months left till the 30th anniversary!! And still not a clue who killed poor Lucy Beale! What about ever…
Well, at least we now know who killed Lucy Beale
Peter Beale killed Lucy? Dam I had £100 on it being Ethel and her Willy
I just loved the ghosts of Ian Beale when Lucy came back👏
I thought Johnny could have become a long term fan favourite.The new Peter & Lucy crap but at least we had a Beale family
not just Lucy had died the whole Beale family has. Awful
Does anyone care who killed Lucy Beale?
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So obvious who killed Lucy Beale now it's revealed that Jac Jossa's departing from Eastenders.✋
omg im so bored of Lucy effin Beale,iv got to the stage I don't even want to kno who killed her now lol xxx
My life will be 10x easier when I know who killed Lucy Beale
EVERY year. Meanwhile, Lucy Beale's killer is still on the loose too -__-
cant wait for *** to switch on Dean when he finds out! At least its just a few weeks & not months like the Lucy Beale case 😪
Source tells me this man killed Lucy Beale small part small odds 😕
But on the bright side, if Dot Cotton killed Lucy Beale, I'm 250 up
just gonna say now, my bet is that it's Abi Branning who killed Lucy Beale
Ooo my goodness... I cannot take it! Who killed Lucy Beale!! These scripts are driving me crazy 👀
Cindy Beale out to 20s as Lucy's killer. This actually printing money.
So last night i dreamt that alice killed lucy beale 😂 think im too into this storyline 🙈
Lucy Beale isn't dead, cause I just saw her in the Oxford Street Topshop
So excited to find out who killed Lucy Beale lol
everyone on the square is hiding something about Lucy Beale
WHAT? You didn't Insta the pic of Lucy Beale on the carlot floor?
EastEnders: The Brannings are now key suspects - let's recap on their alibis via
They can help us find out who killed Lucy Beale
The Lucy Beale case has carried on too long now, lost interest.
worth a punt- who killed lucy Beale in eastenders 😉😂
when louis don't answer your lucy beale question when you KNOW he watches eastenders 😤
who do you think BUTCHERED lucy beale
Can't work out if it was Abby or Tanya that killed Lucy Beale... Maybe both
Dot killed Lucy Beale in a jealous rage.
The bookies will literally take a bet on anything these days . Who killed lucy Beale?. I'm going for a white Christmas ❄️🎄🎅
I have sed it from day one Abi Branning killed Lucy Beale I ain't gonna be one of these guys who waits til it plays out I'm calling it early
Pam didn't kill Lucy Beale mun she's obviously killed a disabled kid Lucy would be too obvious
Who'd of thought that lil old Todger killed lucy Beale ay👀👵
If Les Coker didny murder Lucy Beale then you can hang me off the forth road bridge fae my baws
the question is.. who actually killed Lucy Beale?. will. we. ever. find. out
The Lucy Beale story line is so boring now 😴
I want an I killed Lucy Beale t shirt
Having an each way on Shabnam killing Lucy Beale @ 50/1
The only thing I'm looking forward to in 2015 is finding out who killed Lucy Beale 🔪
But Summerhayes was working on the Lucy Beale case
Just read Oscars campaign is to last two weeks longer than runup to Lucy Beale murder reveal. Gonna be a long winter! :) X
Class discussion about the 'new Lucy Beale not being the real Lucy Beale' in this seminar. I am cracking.
EastEnders Spoilers: Max Branning to feature “heavily” in 30th anniversary – Is he Lucy Beale’s killer?
Craig must think Max killed Lucy Beale with that low score of 6 😔😔
So apparently the funeral director is who killed Lucy Beale 😒
Oi Oi! We have some huge news to announce to you all later today. Can't wait to share it with you! It's bigger news than the 'Who killed Lucy beale' story line in Eastenders so check back on here later and find out whats occurring :)
Lucy Beale's murderer will be named in live episode in February
Want to know who killed are doing a live episode to reveal the killer!.
EastEnders' bosses will reveal Lucy Beale's killer ...
Who will be named as Lucy Beale's killer?
Eek, Eastenders is going to get VERY exciting:
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
are you talking about eastenders because its Lucy Beale
So BBC3 have announced that we shall find out Lucy Beale's killer on the shows 30th anniversary. Which is next year.
Not convinced. A whole week of live episodes is a bit too much. to reveal killer in live episode...
I think Ian Beale killed Lucy Beale - who else agrees?
will FINALLY reveal who killed Lucy Beale:
Who do you think killed Lucy Beale in Eastenders?! x
Why do it live!? So nerve wracking!! "to reveal Lucy Beale killer in live episode
Eastenders killer to be revealed in a live episode for 30th anniversary:
When they do the Lucy Beale reveal. We've got to wait until after Xmas though.
Got more chance of Lucy Beale turning up at the Caff than us getting anything from this tonight.
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