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Lucy Beale

Lucy Katherine Beale is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Eva Brittin-Snell from 1993 to 1996, Casey Anne Rothery from 1996 until 2004, Melissa Suffield from 2004 to 2010 and Hetti Bywater from 2012 onwards.

Ian Beale Max Branning Lee Carter Lauren Branning Good Friday Happy Easter Nick Cotton

Its either the guy who threatens max on his laptop (tuesday 15th april 2014) or lauren when she founds out she was seeing her dad or lucys ex boyfriend from the past
EastEnders star Lorna Fitzgerald thinks Ian Beale will be revealed as Lucy's murderer
Lucy Beale needs. Good dinner for fck sake
I really wanna know how lucy beale dies in eastenders
Calling all fans! Think you know who will Lucy Beale's killer will be? Max 2/1 Lauren 2/1, Lee 4/1? >
Lucy Beale and Max Branning from Eastenders reminds me of Abigail and John proctor from 'The Crucible'
I wouldn't complain if I was shagging Lucy Beale
Lucy beale has been murdered on eastenders , well well didn't see that coming + neither did she probably
This sweepstake @ work on Lucy Beale whodunit in is starting to get a little ridiculous. There is 56 people so far on the list.
Is Lucy Beale killed by her own BROTHER? Peter emerges as new top suspect in EastEnders murder
the moment Ian Beale finds out about Lucy Beale's murder:
This Saturday we've got EXCLUSIVE chats with FOUR of the suspects in the dramatic murder of Lucy Beale. WHODUNNIT?
Who is comin out to my show at hard rock on Beale this Saturday at 7pm in Memphis?! Info for here :)
Actually excited for Lucy Beale to die on Friday lol
Who kills Lucy Beale (We'll be looking at the possible main culprits later tonight
Am... am.. I supposed to go to Lucy Beales funeral service tomorrow... cause... I've know the character like 3 days..
Our devons just had a bet on dot cotton at 50/1 that she killed lucy beale !. He said it must be worth a dabble!!
Cast Changes: Departing: Lucy Beale - killed off this Friday Jack Stone - to leave this summer Bianca Butcher - to leave this Autumn Returning: Libby Fox - returns this friday Gina Williams - returns on 25th April Christian Clarke - returns in May There are no character joining the show currently!
Gone up London for the day with my lovely girlfriend. The weather is as lovely as my partner,the place is well packed. Just walking down Regent St. & saw Lucy Beale from Eastenders. Hope everyones as sweet as me? Just to let everyone know I Love You baby you are my Life & you make me so Happy!
Shona McGarty has admitted that she is unsure over her character Whitney Dean's love life. Whitney has faced a difficult time in recent weeks after developing feelings for her friend Johnny Carter, despite knowing that he is *** Speaking to Inside Soap, Shona said: "It's difficult for her. I think she'd like to be single and play the field but deep down, she wants someone who will accept her for who she is and also understand her past. Sadly, I think she will go through the whole bunch before she finds the right one. Lee is very cheeky and says all the right things - Whitney will probably fall for that but she really just needs someone who will look after her." Shona also revealed that she was shocked when she discovered that her co-star Hetti Bywater (Lucy Beale) would be bowing out of the soap in a dramatic storyline. She said: "When I heard that Lucy was going to be killed, I went straight up to Hetti and was just like 'What?!'. Hetti was pretty happy and excited about the future and the storyline wil ...
EastEnders upcoming Lucy Beale murder plot has received support from The Suzy Lamplugh Trust. There are similarities between the storyline, which sees estate agent Lucy murdered after receiving a mystery email and going out to an appointment at a flat, and Suzy who vanished in 1986 after going out on an estate agency appointment in London. But unlike Suzy, who was never found, in EastEnders Lucy's body will be dumped on Walford Common. Personal safety charity The Suzy Lamplugh Trust said that the EastEnders storyline would highlight the dangers that are faced by estate agents. Charity director Rachel Griffin said that it would encourage employers to 'have suitable personal safety strategies in place'.
Eastenders Lucy Beale, is set to be murdered this Friday in a gripping cliffhanger storyline unraveling...
Lucy Beale from eastenders is on my train lol
I still can't get over the fact that they're killing Lucy Beale off eastenders :-(. She's really starting to grow on me
‘Entertainment Today’, quick recap’. Peter Gabriel says there’s a ‘small chance’ he may one day perform with Genesis again. Will Ferrell and John C Reilly are teaming up for a third time; their next film together is ‘Border Guards’. Paul Walker’s brothers have helped to complete his scenes for the upcoming fast & Furious 7. Lee Carter has now entered the ‘Who killed Lucy Beale’ puzzle. Bookies now have him as 3rd favourite, after Max and Lauren Branning.
Lucy Beale is set to be murdered within the next week on Eastenders and yesterday morning the BBC released pictures of a very distraught Ian Beale, crying, as he attends his daughter’s funeral. Lucy’s death will spark yet another massive…
With just a few days until the death of Lucy Beale, interest around EastEnders is building. New details are emerging almost daily and word has it that even the cast member who is playing the killer doesn't know it's them.
With the murder of Lucy Beale due to play out on our EastEnders screens imminently, one of the shows stars, Lorna Fitzgerald, has revealed who she thinks i
What's so good about Good Friday? Lucy Beale gets murdered on that day. That isn't good
EastEnders have released their annual cast photo for 2014 featuring every cast member - Including Lucy Beale and more than likely her killer! Fans of the h
So guys who killed Lucy Beale then.
Who kills Lucy Beale? 7 prime suspects in the soap murder 1 - Max Branning We already know things get violent between the pair in the run-up to her death and Max is getting increasingly jealous of Lucy’s flirtation with Lee Carter. With Lucy threatening to tell his family about their secret affair, will Max try to silence her for good? 2 - Lauren Branning While Lauren appears to be upset over Lucy’s death in the days after the news breaks, is she hiding something? It is possible that Max’s daughter has found out about the affair and her anger got the better of her, even if it was by accident. 3 - Lee Carter We already know the newest Carter arrival has a dark secret he is hiding from his family, could Lucy discover what it is? If so, we could see Lee’s attempts to silence her get out of hand. Or could Lee see red when he discovers Lucy’s fling with Max? Perhaps she’ll find herself caught in the middle of a nasty row. 4 - Peter Beale Lucy’s own brother is at 5/1 to be the guilty party, but co ...
can't wait to find out who kills Lucy Beale of eastenders! think its gonna be the best whodunit.
The ‘EastEnders’ cast have cosied up for a new photo of themselves on the Square – minus Lucy Beale (Hetti Bywater) who will be killed off later this month. It’s a lovely snap, but let’s remember that (at least) one of these…
im gutted we gotta wait to find out who killed Lucy Beale
Now I fancy Max Branning as much as then next hot blooded female, but this storyline with Lucy Beale makes me want to vom. Just thought you'd all enjoy that little insight.
People say lucy beale is hot, shes way to skinny for my liking get a bit of meat on ya love
So, Lucy Beale's days are numbered in How do you think she'll meet her maker?
I don't like Lucy Beale's eyeliner. Looks like done it without the use of a proper mirror
This Max Branning and Lucy Beale story line on Eastenders is disgusting! It's getting worse... 😪
Does Lucy Beale know what a steak dinner is?
Oh dear, please tell me Max isn't in love with Lucy bloody Beale 😂
Why are Max Branning and Lucy Beale snogging? I'm so lost right now. My eyes are burning
How has Max Branning managed to nail Lucy Beale though!?
Lucy Beale has serious daddy issues.
Max brannin banging Lucy Beale! He likes them young him doesn't he! Stacey must be a granny to him now the nonce
Lucy Beale is a genuine ironing board with a face
Eastenders preview pics: the cast film emotional scenes for Lucy Beale's funeral
Hours long phone call with coming up with solutions for the whodunit Lucy Beale storyline we should be writers
*** has Lucy Beale done to her eyebrows, she needs to get to LJR and have some brow definition done!!
People keep telling me I look like Lucy Beale
Can't believe are gonna drag out the Lucy Beale murder til next February!
Lucy Beale is like skeletore and I hate her so
Lucy Beale and Max Branning makes me so happy. Haters gonna hate
storyline about Lucy Beale's death is shaping up to be pretty *** good! Intelligent, emotional and not your usual 'whodunit'
It won't be a Happy Easter for Lucy Beale as she is set to be killed off this Friday
Just read the who killed Lucy Beale storyline is gonna be dragged on for 10 months💤💤
Who or what do you think kills Lucy Beale??
don't want to upset you but here Lucy Beale is due to die
I think the person that kills Lucy Beale is Lee Carter :3
EastEnders' Lorna Fitzgerald (Abi) has had a guess at the culprit of the upcoming death storyline... (spoilers)
Lucy Beale kicks about that square wearing ridiculous eyeliner and recycling that grey suit everyday. Canny wait for her to be pan breed! 😲
Lucy Beale is more wooden than that girl out of twilight.
I know it's not real, but it was bad enough that we had to believe that carol Jackson had 2 men fighting over her, now I'm supposed to believe that max could pull Tanya, Stacey and Lucy Beale?!?! Come on!
So we've just watched Monday and Tuesday's the aftermath of Lucy Beale's murder. It's horrific and yes I cried
So who kills Lucy Beale? & vie for sexiest culprit Good Friday! htt…
My hair might he as thin as Lucy Beale but it takes FOREVER to dry 😆
Thanks a lot Nicole Hammill for ruining Eastenders this week by telling me Lucy Beale dies! Told DeLane Hammill I dont wanna know n sang over the top of her telling me with my fingers in my ears on Sunday ! Pair of Spoilers!
Lucy Beale gonna be killed by Monday... East Enders gossip
Right. Hud the bus. Have I just seen what I think? Max Branning just raided Lucy Beale? That man is my hero. Absolute shagger!
So Lucy Beale (Eastenders) gets murdered this Friday and someone also gets murdered in Corrie this weekend - Happy Easter peeps!! So glad I don't watch soaps, bring on Hannibal...
Somebody needs to tell Lucy Beale that her eyebrows are horrific... Making my eastenders viewing rather stressful!
That lucy beale in eastenders is built like a jockey's whip... that canny be good for y!!
They say the tv adds 10lbs...I would hate to see how thin Lucy Beale is in real life. Don't go walking over any drains.just saying.
Max kissing Lucy Beale. I was just screaming at my telly no. Then diving across my couch 4 the remote to turn over prontoe!!
I be glad when lucy beale leaves eastenders what a rubbish actress
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Can't wait for someone to kill Lucy Beale.
Watching max braning and Lucy Beale makes me cringe. It is so wrong! Yuck
I wonder where lucy beale got that baggy suit from?
Wow Lucy Beale needs some weight on her !! One sweep to them legs and they will snap !!! Far to thin !!!
Some please invite Lucy Beale round for dinner
What the frigg has Lucy Beale done to her eyebrows 😬
Help! I've just been informed by my grandsons girlie that Lucy Beale dies on Good Friday I've not heard any thing about it. Is she killed or leave in a taxi?
Lucy beale looks like she could do wiv a good meal inside her rather than max x
Lucy Beale looks like an actual coat hanger!
Lucy Beale has no *** You was all thinking it, I said it
I think it's guna be Ian Beale who kills Lucy Beale! We won't find out til next year but just remember I said it cuz last time no1 belived me when I said it was Derrick who was shagging Kat and I was right from day 1. 😊
Hey soapies, its a sad week in Eastenders this week as we say goodbye to Lucy Beale... Will anybody actually miss her? Xx
Is it just me or are they soaps premoting Abortions?? I mean Lucy Beale, Lindsey Roscoe, Charity sharma, Moira barton, Tina mcintyre have all had abortions... its like they just dont care... Carlas still to have one... im sick of seein it... propa gettin ridiculous!
Hey whod do you rank as fittest/hottest female currently in eastenders I got a m8 who bang on Lauren Branning I was sayin nar its all bout Whitney Dean for me and 1 next guy told me Lucy Beale lol but yeh out off full roster dont have to be any of those 3 but whod u say u got a thing 4 most?
Like we care who killed Lucy Beale in Eastenders, at least somebody has, Just another 59 cast members to go
Lucy Beale Dies On Friday From EastEnders. This is Short Message To Everyone Works For EastEnders: This incessant need for Eastenders to keep killing off characters in a very small Walford Square is ridiculous and bears no resemblance to actual life, so please stop doing this, it's upsetting to the general public.
When's Lucy Beale supposed to get killed?
Is it bad that I'm really excited about Lucy Beale getting killed off eastenders? And I mean REALLY excited, I haven't been this excited since the John Stape whacked Charlotte over the head with a hammer in Corrie.
I've never like the the character Lucy Beale in EE so can't say I'm going to miss her when she's killed off ~ additionally I think the actress who plays her lacks in basic acting skills because she seems unable to use voice intonations or facial expressions plus notice how her body-language is always very stiff & wooden :(
So then, you have to watch Eastenders this week, we have to say farewell to our Hetti Bywater who plays Lucy Beale, the question is, who kills her?
Who kills Lucy Beale?.Looks like this will be like another .."Who shot JR?".. lol ..;)
EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt has revealed that he doesn't know who the culprit is behind Lucy Beale's death. Woodyatt's character Ian Beale will be left grief-stricken next week when he is informed that his daughter Lucy has been found dead. Show bosses confirmed plans to kill off Lucy in February, revealing that the story would keep fans guessing about the reasons for her death until the soap's 30th anniversary in February 2015. Woodyatt said: "I know it's going to be a very long storyline that's going to involve a huge amount of suspects. It has been very cleverly written in that you learn more about Lucy after she has gone. We've seen bits in the build-up to her death, such as her relationships with Max and Lee, but other things quickly come to light when the investigation starts. You realise that everyone saw Lucy in a very different way. It's more of a mystery than a usual 'whodunit'. But I don't know who killed Lucy. Apart from the bosses, no-one has a clue. Everyone at work has a different theory ...
It’s set to be the biggest ‘whodunnit’ Albert Square ever seen, lasting a nail-biting 10 months and changing Walford "forever" – but who kills Lucy Beale?
‘EastEnders’ is set to be rocked by one of the biggest soap murders in history later this week, when – major spoiler alert – Lucy Beale is murdered. Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) then has the task of breaking the news to his other…
Is it sad tht I can't wait till Friday to see how Lucy Beale dies?!?
I dont watch eastenders much these days, but as now Max Branning is sexing lucy beale im thinking he must be writing the scripts for it as hes banged most of the women on there lol
At work, they have a sweepstake on Lucy Beale's murderer. Odds at 500/1: Mr Blobby? Really?
Just put Eastenders on and Max Branning has got a hotel room with Lucy Beale 😂😂😂😂 Hero, how does he do it, the guy looks…
Lucy Beale and Max Branning makes me wna vom everyweeer
EastEnders teenager Cindy Williams causes problems for her half-sister Lucy Beale by exposing one of her secrets...
Eastenders is about the get exciting so stay tuned. Who kills Lucy Beale??🙈 really would love to say sorry for the teas…
Walford East: EastEnders fans left shocked as Lucy Beale's mystery man is revealed as Max Branning
Eastenders!!! I reckon Nick Cotton still alive ..him & charlie conning Dot. .then Lucy Beale will see Nick alive and he will kill her! Duff duff! Its real life!
Nick Cotton isn't really dead, he'll return and kill off Lucy Beale. There, said it. Get over it.
After seeing Lucy Beale in the underground I've been having dreams about Ian
Oh, Lucy Beale's going to get killed off in EastEnders!
Lucy Beale is getting killed off on "Eastenders." A whodunnit? What? I like Lucy.Who's idea was this?
Eastenders are killing off Lucy Beale at Easter. Thank god.
Just found out that Lucy Beale Is To die In Spring !! GEEZ , Eastenders is Back on Track ladies And Gentleman
they never should have replaced you in the first place - you are Lucy Beale in my eyes!
It's just your character in the soaps who is going to get murdered Lucy Beale is to.
Have you heard the news Lucy Beale is going to get murdered in EastEnders.
Lucy Beale is getting killed off in eastenders, think my day has been made
Lucy Beale is to be killed off in this spring, with fans left guessing for months as to who killed her.
well i guess so as Lucy Beale is going to be murdered! :O
recast Lucy yes but not kill her she's the only female Beale .The family needed to grow again not kill 1 off
Thank god Eastenders are killing Lucy Beale off!
They are killing off Lucy Beale.. I quite like her... but I hate the 'who done it' it drags!! Untill next year ***
Lucy Beale to be killed off in EastEnders No way man, I ❤️ lucy
Lucy Beale being killed off eastenders story line does sound pretty decent but it's defiantly going to be a dragged story line 👎
In one of EastEnders' biggest ever mysteries, Walford will change forever when Lucy Beale is sensationally killed...
the press release specifically makes no mention that Lucy Beale is murdered. It's WHAT, not WHO killed Lucy.
Omg just found out Lucy beale is going to get killed
Lucy Beale is going to be killed off
Death in Walford: Lucy Beale is killed off!! A dramatic exit in the Spring.. No one knows how she dies except for a few close friends.. She also takes a dark secret to her grave. Will Walford ever be the same?
The upcoming Lucy Beale storyline sounds really creepy😳
Rah I've just heard that Lucy Beale is going to die this Spring in Eastenders 😧😱
Who's going to kill Lucy Beale. EastEnders is doing it again; the soap is killing off another character. Only this time, tragedy will strike at the Beales as Ian’s young daughter Lucy (played by Hetti Bywater) is set to be murdered.EastEnders bosses say this will be “one of EastEnders' biggest ever…
I've just been leaked the script and can exclusively reveal how Lucy Beale is killed off!!
EastEnders' Lucy Beale is to be murdered.The 20-year-old businesswoman - played by Hetti Bywater - will be killed off this Spring in the soap's bigges...
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Excited for the lucy beale storyline in eastenders😱
They be killing off Lucy Beale from Eastenders and Tina from Coronation Street.
Yas...Eastenders are killing off Lucy Beale! Smug cow x
Just read on eastenders website that Lucy Beale dies around Eastender😯
Eastenders' Lucy Beale to be 'brutally slaughtered' in Spring plot:
Lucy Beale is away to get killed off from eastenders worst news I've heard all day :( :( :(
EastEnders Spoiler: Lucy Beale Murdered In Explosive Whodunnit: Walford will be rocked after Ian Beale's daugh...
EastEnders' Lucy Beale will be killed off in huge murder mystery storyline
When I think Lucy Beale I think Lucy is not Lucy without the narrowing of the eyes, the curl of the lip and an evil smile x
About time: Lucy Beale to be killed off in EastEnders
EastEnders` Lucy Beale to be Murdered! And we're not going to know who did it...
EastEnders' Lucy Beale to be 'killed off' in cliffhanger storyline for 30th anniversary
Lucy Beale is going to be killed off! Sad times
EastEnders: Lauren Branning is the leading contender to be Lucy Beale's murderer
We say goodbye to Lucy Beale - On 21 February 2014, it was announced that Lucy would be killed off in the spring, which would mark an "end of an era" for the show and the "start of a new, dark chapter for the Beale family".
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this new lucy Beale storyline sounds intense .
“SPOILER: EastEnders' Lucy axed from the soap some good news
Omg eastenders will change for ever when the Beale clan face some devastating and shocking news when Lucy Beale dies
Why do this to us, ? Lucy Beale is my favourite, aah so sad but excited too😉
Can't believe they are killing off Lucy Beale
It's been several years since I last properly Eastendersed, but this looks intriguing! Lucy Beale's dramatic exit
Spoiler Alert! Lucy Beale get killed off in Eastenders.
SPOILER! - EastEnders is preparing to kill off long-running character Lucy Beale.
Oh no! Eastenders whodunit of lucy beale murder! At easter she be died!
Can't wait for Eastenders. Lucy Beale is gonna be killed :O noo I fancy her fml lol
Lucy beale is being killed off in spring
Oo Lucy Beale is murdered! And a massive whodunit for the rest of the year...!
So eastenders are killing of Lucy Beale.wondering how they're going to do it, probably push her over she's the size of a twig! 😂
So Lucy Beale gets murdered this yr
Asif Lucy beale is being killed off eastenders.
So they're killing Lucy Beale off in Eastenders... No biggy.
Eastenders *** Spoiler Alert! *** Lucy Beale is set to be murdered over Easter in an exciting and daring plot
I'm in shock are killing off Lucy beale how can they murder her!
So Lucy Beale is getting murdered on the square..! Lets hope its Sharon next!!
*spoiler alert* Lucy beale from eastenders dies :o
So they're killing off Lucy Beale in Eastenders. Have to say that's a good thing because that girl is like a pro-anorexia advert 😒
Lucy Beale is getting killed off & viewers won't find out until next year who dunnit. Really!!??
Lucy Beale to be killed off in the Spring. More to follow.
Oh Lucy Beale! Eastenders is gonna be interesting lol
As if they are killin Lucy Beale off in eastenders! My prayers have been answered 😁🙏
SPOILER ALERT! Lucy Beale is gonna die in eastenders yay dnt really like her but
how much I don't like Lucy Beale, as if they're killing her off eastenders!!
so lucy beale is to die ,,, thank god I hate her character lol x
Lucy beale next on chopping block , to be murdered before easter and allegedly the biggest storyline of the decade
Who did you prefer being with Joey Branning: Lucy Beale or Whitney Dean? I personally preferred Joey with Lucy.
u seen lucy Beale on EastEnders, disgusting skinny
Just got starstruck seeing Lucy Beale in top shop
Just sat on a tube with Lucy Beale 😍
Can't decide between Lauren Branning and Lucy Beale as my favourite piece of EastEnders crumpet
Lucy beale has a nice face n nice lips but a hnk she wid go thru a wall if a fan blew in her direction in a hoose
I'm more worried about Ian Beale's lack of acting ability and how thin daughter Lucy is. Still, at least whispering Carl's gone
*** is up with the Beale's ? Ian is a zombie, Lucy completely different person and who's the son ? Parallel universe ? *** ?
Lucy Beale is ridiculously skinny, horrible
I only watch eastenders for one reason,Lucy Beale's back off
Wait, Lucy Beale's got my dress on...
Omg I have the same dress as Lucy Beale lol
My bridesmaids are confirmed my awesome lil sister Emma Weir & lil cuz Lucy Beale so happy :)
even Lucy beale in eastenders has the coat i really want.. might just have to buy it
Lucy Beale is gorgeous I reckon. No way is she Ian's daughter
Lucy beale is so skinny i could snap her in half
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I know omds a year 7 once asked me for a pic and said she was gonna post to fb saying she met lucy Beale 🙈
I don't know what a Lucy Beale is but I had a Toby Carvery on New Years Day. It was handsome.
Can we discuss how thin Lucy Beale is getting omg
I think Lucy Beale is looking a bit 'big fat gypsy wedding' with her orange face and her dodgy eyebrows!!! What's going on??
Why does every actress who plays Lucy Beale have to be such a deuche!
That Lucy Beale in eastenders is a sort !
I have such a massive crush on Lucy Beale from eastenders
no no he went out with Lucy Beale before and is now going out with my housemate
Dayum when did you get hot Lucy Beale 😍😚
Lucy Beale looking very orange and crazy penciled in eyebrows
Lucy Beale needs to get a burger down her neck!
First time I have seen eastenders in ages. When did Lucy Beale get so fit?
Lucy beale is hot but she's so brown😂
is there two different girls playing lucy beales in eastenders or am I going bonkers
When are they going to kill lucy beale off??
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Have eastenders changed Lucy Beale or has her face just put on a few pounds?
Why does Lucy Beale look like an ommpa lumpa?
Lucy Beale needs to sort herself out. Her eyes are always white from sunbed eye caps 🙈
Lucy Beale can stand in line behind Lola.
Where's Lucy Beale come from holy holy👌
Tuned in to Eastenders for the first time in a while. Why has Lucy Beale turned orange?
Lucy beale now wearing heavy make up to hide the fact shes half dead from starvation
Lucy Beale need to lay off the false tan a bit 󾰮
What the frigg has happened to lucy beales face . What colour orange is that little number .
Lucy Beale in eastenders is super pretty😔😩
Why is Lucy Beale really orange lately with massive white eye bags
Why does Lucy Beale always look burnt as if she's been skiing for a week?
Lucy Beale is looking a bit sunburnt
Does Lucy Beale wanna have more fake tan on?
Lucy Beale has a nice tan, has DIY opened a sun bed shop?
Wish i looked like lucy beale from eastenders
A customer at work told me I look like Lucy Beale from Eastenders. This is like the 27363873th time this has been said
Someone needs to get the Lucy Beale actress to a doctor if they haven't already. She's ill. '
catching up on a few episodes of Eastenders, i really wish some1 would give Lucy Beale a few good meals, omg she is painfully thin, and they reckon that tv adds loads of weight to you so I dread to think what this poor young girl looks like off screen. Not a very good image for other young impressionable viewers!
Lucy beale looks ill.not an ounce of meat on her bones, gaunt face give the girl a calorific meal b4 she blows away with a gustsy bit of wind lol
Anyone else think that Lucy beales legs are like twiglets! Utterly disgusting
Lucy Beale is like an auld free standing lamp with a coat on!
Lucy Beale needs a couple of cheeseburgers.
that Lucy Beale is lookin awrite these dayz in Eastenders int she boys
I wanna take Lucy Beale out for dinner and make sure she eats it To thin to be alive
Lucy Beale actress is losing more and more weight and looks so thin it makes me feel sick!
Someone give lucy beale from eastenders a bloody big mac meal for christ sake.
I want to take Lucy Beale out, just to make sure she gets a right good feed!
Lucy Beale in Eastenders is disgustingly thin & anorexic looking! Someone please send her a real food parcel!! ;o).
i wanna be skinny, but NEVER as skinny as Lucy Beale - vom
Whenever I see Lucy Beale waltzing around the square with those spindly twiglet legs it makes me feel all funny expecting them to just snap at any moment 󾍔
I wish the BBC would stop allowing the girl who plays Lucy Beale to wear short skirts or tight trousers, those bloody Andrea Charlette would say "they're like 2 pieces of cotton hanging from her hem" lol
That lucy beale in eastenders is the skinniest thing on tv. Her legs are like twiglets!!! Uch a fi she could do with a few kebabs and a lump of lard
Lucy Beale needs a serious cheeseburger down her neck.
ive started watching eastenders a bit just to c what danny dyer and his family r like but every time lucy beale comes on I feel sick. I feel like her legs r gonna snap. just wrong.
Lucy Beale desperately needs to put on some weight she's settin such a bad example to young girls she's way too thin and looks awful!!!
Someone give Lucy Beale a good meal and a longer skirt !
I think that lucy beale is anorexic she looks thinner everytime I see her !1
God will some1 feed lucy beale a burger before she snaps in half
Lucy Beale's legs are hideous. ...eastenders for those thinking who?
Note to Lucy Beale...if you have Twiglet legs...stay clear of the mini skirts
Developing unhealthy crush on Danny dyer, really do think girl who plays Lucy beale should be taken off screen, bag of bones!
Lucy Beale . Last time I saw legs like that they were hanging out of a nest !
Oooft what is with Lucy bealed legs...
Ugh, how scrawny is Lucy Beale? She's got legs like 2 Woodbines and needs a bloody good feed! She could be quite pretty with some meat on her.
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Wow Lucy Beale, you seem to have two pieces of string dangling from your skirt love...
I HATE being skinny but looking at those 2 pieces of string dangling from Lucy beales body makes me feel like Bruce Broggtrotter
Watching eastenders and the girl that plays Lucy Beale is painfully thin think maybe the producers of this program need to have chat with her
Actually can't bare to look at Lucy beales legs. she's gunna snap!
Lucy beale on eastenders needs to eat some pies. Theres thin and theres mega thin. Put my claws back in now :-D
Lucy Beale's eyebrows are thicker than her legs
Eastenders - Lucy Beales legs, I've had bigger twiglets in my packet.!!
That Lucy Beale is anorexic for sure she looks like a bloody stick she could poke ur eye out with her shoulder blades.
Lucy beales legs pmsfl she wants to b careful not to rub um togetha or shel start a fire loool
Does anyone else look at the actress who plays Lucy Beale and not wonder why the producers havent got that poor girl help for whatever reason she's skinny and frail to the point it's scary, they can try and disguise it with baggy jumpers and clever styling but she's clearly incredibly unwell!
Is anyone else watching Eastenders and has seen Lucy Beale?not exactly promoting a healthy body image!!!
EASTENDERS, why does lucy beale look like a stick??? She looks grossly under nourished
Is the actress who plays Lucy Beale anorexic? God she needs a good roast dinner!!!
Lucy Beale do me a favour and eat a BURGER 󾥠󾥧 OR inject yourself with lard, that girl is a skeleton with eyebrows and skin!!!
Thinks someone should give Lucy Beale a cheese burger or a roast dinner or both !! She looks ill !
Is it just me or does Lucy Beale look like she is suffering anorexia x to skinny !
That bird that plays Lucy Beale is seriously THIN! She shouldn't be on the T.V.totally abnormal.
I'm. Sorry but Lucy beale needs to eat...them legs.yuk
Lucy Beale has the thinnest stick legs I ever did see. Not a nice look tbh!
Lucy Beale on Eastenders is far to skinny...
Theres more meat on my coathangers than lucy beale ! :O
Lucy beale is jus to ridiculously skinny
Is it me or does "Lucy Beale" from eastenders really need to eat some lard sarnies?
Lucy Beale on eastenders is way too thin!! 󾌮󾍕󾍔󾍕
Could someone give lucy Beale a good meal please !!!
Lucy Beale is defs rexic someone should be looking after her
Whose the sexiest Lucy Beale: Melissa Suffield or Hetti Bywater? Just to add that Hetti Bywater was in the FHM top 100 sexiest female celebrities in the world 2013 at number 44!!
Lucy Beale needs to desperately eat a burger!
Lucy Beale's father owns a restaurant, a cafe & a chippy & she still can't manage to eat . . . . . . . she's seriously anorexic - not an attractive look.
Recorded east endears so watching it now--- BBC needs 2 wake up,, the young women playing Lucy Beale has odviously got an eating disorder,,, she is a beautiful young women who needs help!
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Any one else noticed how awfully thin the girl who plays Lucy Beale has become?? Always been tiny but looks incredibly thin in tonight's programme ...
This Hetti Bywater who plays Lucy Beale in eastenders has serious eating problems . She's skeletal not nice at all
Seriously Lucy Beale (Hetti Bywater) is obviously ill, why is she still onscreen?
Fookin *** that Lucy Beale needs a bowl of soup and a crust , can't believe how thin she is.
BUT WAIT!! Dont anyone but me realise that Lucy Beale/Eastenders is Bloody Anorexic?? She's like a Coat Hanger!!!
The bosses need to tell "Lucy Beale" to get eating some food her bones stick out through her clothes it's quite disgusting and a bad signal to other youngsters. That's all :-)
Catching even just a glimpse of Lucy Beale makes me wince, the girl looks so fragile.
That girl that plays Lucy Beale... defo has an eating disorder. She gets skinnier everytime I watch Eastenders!
Lucy Beale needs some snap down her surely that look aint nice ewww
Omfg is it ime or is that Lucy Beale gettin worst??? She gana disappear soon u won't be able to see her on the screen!!! That's bad like cannit say she hasn't got anorexia like no way that's normal!
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