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Lucy Beale

Lucy Katherine Beale is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Eva Brittin-Snell from 1993 to 1996, Casey Anne Rothery from 1996 until 2004, Melissa Suffield from 2004 to 2010 and Hetti Bywater from 2012 onwards.

Max Branning Ian Beale Ben Mitchell Jake Wood Peter Beale Dot Cotton

EastEnders' bosses will reveal Lucy Beale's killer ...
Who will be named as Lucy Beale's killer?
Eek, Eastenders is going to get VERY exciting:
are you talking about eastenders because its Lucy Beale
So BBC3 have announced that we shall find out Lucy Beale's killer on the shows 30th anniversary. Which is next year.
Not convinced. A whole week of live episodes is a bit too much. to reveal killer in live episode...
I think Ian Beale killed Lucy Beale - who else agrees?
will FINALLY reveal who killed Lucy Beale:
Who do you think killed Lucy Beale in Eastenders?! x
Why do it live!? So nerve wracking!! "to reveal Lucy Beale killer in live episode
Eastenders killer to be revealed in a live episode for 30th anniversary:
When they do the Lucy Beale reveal. We've got to wait until after Xmas though.
Got more chance of Lucy Beale turning up at the Caff than us getting anything from this tonight.
The killer of EastEnders character Lucy Beale is to be unmasked during special live broadcast to mark the soap's 30th anniversary next year.
BBC News - EastEnders to reveal Lucy Beale's killer in live episode
Have to wait till 16th of Feburary to find out who killed Lucy Beale ffs
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EastEnders: Lucy Beale's killer to be revealed in special 'unguessable' live episode
EastEnders: Lucy Beale's killer to be revealed live on air - News - TV & Radio - The Independent
Lucy Beale killed Lucy Beale? Anyway, the show has just become 'lets keep secrets' because that's all every plot is about
I read the person who killed Lucy Beale is 'Unguessable' - Surely that can only be true if it's someone we've never seen before
"You might be my Father, but you will never be my Dad!" ~ Lucy Beale.
Who will it be? Eastenders bosses say when they will reveal Lucy Beale's killer:
to go live for its 30th anniversary and reveal who killed Lucy Beale
Lucy Beale's killer to be unmasked during live EastEnders episode. via
To mark 30 years of they will do a live show. Lucy Beale's killer will be revealed 😴😴
Eastenders to reveal Lucy Beale killer in live episode
Ian Beale told Jonjo Shelvey that Max Branning is the killer of Lucy Beale. Throw some dough on that
Hi Holly! Patrick has discovered about Ian's night he spent with Rainie Cross (On the night Lucy Beale died). Hope that helped!
Hopefully it will be: Happy Birthyday, Lynz! Ian Beale is sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Lucy Beale!
Have they found out who killed Lucy Beale yet ?ΒΏ
I have 4 tickets to the Cinderella Pantomime on August 20th at the 7:30pm showing at Blackpool North Pier, Starring. that Dancer from Kendal off BGT and the actress that played Lucy Beale. These were ordered by mistake (wrong date) Β£20 for all 4. Treat the kids, its the summer hols pm for more info
Can you see the reflection of Lucy Beales killer who do you think it is in the Mobile Phone screen?
How wide is Seana after last nights destruction from your mamba?
So is that the message? I thought she was going to tell us who killed Lucy Beale.
Who killed Lucy Beale, let me know who you think
This guy is guilty of killing Lucy Beale. It's written all over his face!
What's the secret message in the baton thingy? Is it who killed Lucy Beale?
so i was just wondering.did you kill Lucy Beale??! πŸ˜†
Lucy Beale caught me taking a picture of her
I don't know what I want more... To be a billionaire or find out who killed Lucy Beale
it's hilarious how worked up we get about who murdered Lucy Beale πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
it's the Lucy Beale murder storyline
It's worrying when more people care about who killed Lucy Beale than who care about 298 innocent people getting shot out of the sky.
episode removed from BBC iPlayer after 'accidentally revealing Lucy Beale's killer'?
Behind on why has Billy got pictures of Lucy Beale?
I think it was Ben Mitchell who killed Lucy Beale
Is this the picture of Lucy Beale's killer? on Beamly blog Haw haw πŸ™€
Oi If you killed my Lucy I'll give you a classic Beale chokeslam. I've gone months without sniffing her thong…
already started on people, I killed Lucy Beale pal
not finding out who killed Lucy Beale
Lucy Beale's killer is either Lola or Jay.
Is it weird that in my dream my sister killed lucy beale
Topic of mine and convo tonight, who killed Lucy Beale. I vote
EastEnders catch-up: Ian Beale is absolutely, completely and totally Lucy Beale's murderer (probably)
oi Beale how's about you give me a shoutout bfore I tell all the shopkeepers on eastend how u & Lucy made a sex tape with a dog
This Lucy Beale storyline in eastenders is geting carried on far to long
episode removed from iPlayer after 'accidentally revealing Lucy Beale's killer'?
So my night at work consisted of being continually called Lucy Beale...I dont get it though...anyway sweetdreams πŸ˜ͺ
ugh I want more episodes of the lucy beale murder
id of thought she would of been I've been looking for a while I've kept a soap mag with Lucy beale murder on the cover lol c
waiting to find out who killed lucy beale on eastenders excites you more than Christmas
Hi just wondering what odds can you give me on Matt Prior being Lucy Beale's killer? He has a habit of stabbing ppl in the back
My theory is that Peter Beale killed lucy
Don't forget it's Notebook day. This week we caught up with 'Enders Peter Beale aka Did he kill Lucy? We a…
Did they ever find out who killed Lucy Beale?
Time to do some speculating as we properly kick off our Lucy Beale detective event!. Isn't this a bit of a...
Im so bored im gonna launch a private investigation to see who killed Lucy Beale, no one else is doing owt about it
Check out the exclusive new Walford Gazette newspaper article in relation to the Lucy Beale murder enquiry:
This Lucy Beale storyline is just boring...
I killed Lucy Beale okay! She was slagging around so i took her out. Case closed.
EastEnders: Meet the new Ben Mitchell - but did he kill Lucy Beale?
Get your cash on Ben Mitchell to have killed Lucy Beale in EastEnders 12/1 HUGE
you: " smack her up" . Me: " she'll end up like Lucy Beale in a minute " πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This Lucy Beale Storyline In EastEnders really starting to get on my nerves now. Fantastic Acting in Beginning. But Dragging Out Now.
Calling it. Denise killed Lucy Beale. Put your house on it. Lump on.
Eastenders! First time I've seen this crap in 6 weeks, who killed Lucy Beale!? Xx
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Ian Beale seems to be remembering a different Lucy to the one we got to see.
Except obviously for a million squid and to know the answer to Who Killed Lucy Beale, oh and to be a Hollyoaks actor. Yeah I think that's it
Alan Hanson "it wasn't for a lack of trying". Nah, it was too hot & the chance of missing who killed Lucy Beale was too great a risk to take
siennas daughter turned up in Hollyoaks Lucy Beale died in Eastenders&Rob killed Tina in Corrie but I dont watch anything else lol
Yes my baby's bk Lucy Beale OMG tears in my eyes xx
Phil comforts Ian as he breaks down over the murder of Lucy Beale.
I believe that we are meant to be together Mr dreams tell me so! I don't even care if you killed Lucy Beale πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ’‹
I'm 62% sure Abi was the one that murdered Lucy Beale.
Tuesday night looks set to bring yet more action in the latest episode of β€˜EastEnders’, as the Lucy Beale murder storyline takes another dramatic turn. In the latest instalment of the London-based soap, we see troubled Rainie (Tanya Franks) make a return after two years away from Walford, where she…
Bet365 are taking bets on 'Who Killed Lucy Beale'
Just discovered it was who killed Lucy beale!
If I don't find out who murdered Lucy Beale soon I am going to cry
Just had an argument with some fella about who killed Lucy Beale...he said Dot Cotton. amateur
I have a serious problem, I've just put 3 bets on who I think killed Lucy Beale in Eastenders.
So serious note who killed lucy beale
Now for Masood to be the killer of Lucy Beale...
So who does everyone think killed lucy beale (eastenders)??
I feel like Ian Beale when Lucy died..
tell your lass not to worrie I know who killed lucy beale
England are as likely to win the world cup as Dot is to killing Lucy Beale -.-
After whole season of Alex Mytton appearing from dark streets in that parka in he's Lucy Beale's killer
In May 2014, after witnessing Ian's grief following his daughter Lucy Beale's (Hetti Bywater) murder, Phil decides to get in touch with Ben; however, Phil's lawyer Ritchie Scott (Sian Webber) reveals that Ben was released the previous month, leaving Phil speechless. Phil calls a few people to see if they know where Ben would be and they reveal that he was in a half-way house but has since left there. Jay then calls Ben and tells him Phil is looking for him and reveals that he has been calling Ben since his release.
I no hu killed Lucy Beale, finally got out his pit
No way, Lucy Beale was such a rubbish nothing of a character nobody cares who killed her.
If you think Who Killed Lucy Beale should win Best Soap Storyline at vote here
Pretty obvious who killed Lucy Beale, and everyone just thought he sells music down the market
Not even kidding I swear Lucy Beale just walked right past me
had a dream my mum got arrested for killing Lucy Beale, my love for eastenders is getting out of hand
It's gonna be more dramatic than when Ian Beale found out about Lucy being killed
i did not know you both are sisters are you lucy got a twin brother Peter Beale becuse i got a twin brother
I want to put a bet on who killed lucy beale ok
So excited for the Lucy Beale story to come out
it doesn't matter, that's not the point... don't be a *** have some respect for the late Lucy Beale x
β€œSpain right now That's Ian Beale and Phil Mitchell after Lucy's death actually
Spain feels like Lucy Beale right now
Me and Nicole want matching suits so we can walk around like Lucy Beale an Lauren Branning and look sophisticated
Pay up Ian Beale or you'll get lucy Beale body back on yer doorstep
Can't believe just filled in the missing pieces to the puzzle...Maybe It could be the funeral director tha…
Ah the police interview was quite pleasant actually, we were pondering who killed Lucy Beale
And Lucy Beale was there murderibg everyone and only I knew and no one believed me
What has Ian been up to with Rainie? Follow the UPDATED EastEnders Lucy Beale timeline .
Rainie finds a place on the my Lucy Beale murder investigation board.
2 months ago today Lucy Beale was murdered!. Woah! How time flies, eh?
I like my Toby Cole how I like my Lucy Beale. Dead
Lucy beale gets done in I don't reall care its her funeral I don't bat an eyelid but david wickes leaving well that has left me devastated my little heart broke ee man I love david wickes
Urghh I keep suspecting everyone on for Lucy Beale's death! Come on EastEnders xxx
I have watched Eastenders ever since it started, there have been some dramatic story lines in it over the years, funny, hilarious, unexpected, sad, very sad, and, I have to say, just lately there is way way too much of the 'sad' and 'upsetting' by far!!! Carol's cancer, Lucy Beale attacked and killed, poor David Wicks having a heart attack on his wedding day and Carol did not know he had and thought he had stood her up, She went to the hospital to see David, and we are all thinking, yep!! this is where they make up x - but, no, Carol has a go at David! Come on Carol? Did you really think David had a heart attack on purpose?? But, tonight's episode? David discharged himself from hospital to rush home to find out if him and Carol were still a couple and fly off on their honeymoon, but, once again, Eastender writers did the same - Carol told David to go!!! Yet, she was in absolute pieces when he left!! I definitely would have taken David back x. After all this, come on Eastenders! Sort it out!! At least put ...
Walking to sams feeling like Lucy Beale in the common
tonight my mum and I figured out who killed Lucy Beale
Lucy Beale was on my train, I was so tempted to ask her who killed her.
Does anyone know wats happening with Lucy Beales murder in EastEnders plz?
We did a song about Lucy Beale. Who do you think killed her?
imagine if Sharon and Rex Manning teamed up to investigate Lucy Beale.
I now need Spain and Chile to win and nick cotton to be the killer of Lucy Beale and I've had a great week £££
It's 2020 and we are still waiting to find out who Killed Lucy Beale.
Lucy Beale dies and I did not shed a tear, David Wickes leaves Eastenders tonight and I am a wreck! Is Carole mad?
I cried more at David wicks leaving than I did when Lucy Beale died
My social life is like Lucy Beale. Dead.
Yep...or who killed Lucy Beale in eastenders. Pressing issues for us to be concerned with here!
They are going to drag this who murdered Lucy Beale storyline out for 9 months! I was bored of it before she died! Lol x
Instead of telling me who killed Lucy Beale, they will be doing love in the eastend.
EastEnders star Jake Wood has told Digital Spy that he wants his character Max Branning to settle down with his new love interest Emma Summerhayes. Last week, it was revealed that Max will soon embark on a surprising relationship with Summerhayes, who is one of the detectives investigating Lucy Beale's murder. Speaking to us about the new storyline, Wood commented: "I think there's real chemistry between them. We saw that from the moment when they first met. You could see that Max was taken with her. "Hopefully it's a genuine feeling between both of them and Max will find some happiness. He'll find a good woman and he'll settle down - that's what I'm hoping for." He added: "We've seen a lot of Max feeling lost since Tanya left. Obviously that's why he fell into the relationship with Lucy. Hopefully now there's a real, genuine spark between Max and Emma. "From Max's point of view, it could be love - but we'll have to wait and see." The new plot begins early next month as Summerhayes starts to spend more ti ...
Browsing betfair and found 'who killed Lucy Beale' Dot Cottons at 100/1 ***
someone told me if ever meets when there is a full moon the will implode and Lucy beale will rise again!!
So anybody got any thoughts on who killed Lucy Beale?
EastEnders newcomer Anna Acton: 'There's clear chemistry between Emma and Max' Max's new lover: Bosses recently announced that Max is to have a relationship with Summerhayes, the family liaison officer who has been investigating Lucy Beale's murder. In upcoming scenes, the pair will grow closer together as Max begins to move on from his romance with Lucy. Meanwhile, Acton believes fans may be surprised to see "genuine affection" between Emma and Max. Speaking at the British Soap Awards, the star told What's On TV: "She [Emma] could get in a lot of trouble if she's found out, "But there's a clear chemistry between them which you sort of notice early on and I think there's a genuine affection between them and I think they're both lost souls, lonely, and they both tap into each other at the right time. "But it's not very smart of her to get involved with Max Branning." Jake Wood, who plays Max, added: "It's great, we get to question Max's motives about why he's getting involved with her. But you'll have to w ...
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Sitting at a bus stop and the topic of conversation is who killed Lucy Beale... Really?
I am also going to say that I killed Lucy Beale.
True or False:Round 4 Is it true that Hetti Bywaters started acting as Lucy Beale in 2012??
True or False:Round 3 Is it true that Max Branning is Lucy Beales dad??
True or False:Round 2 Is it true that 2 people played Lucy Beale?
True or False:Round 1 Is it true that Lucy Beale has a twin brother?
Bearing in mind I missed the episode when Lucy Beale was killed, I'm going to predict, controversially, that it was Peter Beale!
I dreamt I had dinner with BeyoncΓ© then went to Disney land dressed as a vicar to bury Lucy Beale then went swimming with my English teacher
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I think that left hook to Lucy Beale was my favourite
Forget "who shot JR?" Even forget "who killed Lucy Beale?" The burning question is "who ate Alex's prize Strawberry?" Nurtured with love. Ripened to perfection. GONE!!!
Why am I still awake? How is it the weekend again already? Who killed Lucy Beale?
Just had a dream that I was being haunted by the ghost of Lucy Beale. I watch far too much Eastenders.
Is she wearing an I killed lucy beale tee?! πŸ˜‚
Let joey Barton comment on topics that match his calibre like who killed Lucy beale and the price of freddos
It was that posh bloke on the market stall with the big hair who killed Lucy Beale! The bloke who had a fling with Roxy :)
in a nation of nearly 70mil, 5 million people voted in an election... Significant? more people seen Lucy Beale get killed
I want to know who killed Lucy Beale 😐
Ben Mitchell deffo killed Lucy Beale who needs to wait til February
Prefer the killing tina off storyline rather than lucy beale
Really want to find out who killed Lucy Beale!
"Who died? Lucy beale.where have you
Lucy Beale's ghost is following me omg y πŸ™ˆ
Really wanna no who's killed Lucy Beale
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Do not blame Lucy Beale for sleeping with Max Branning, I 100% would if I had the chance πŸ‘Œ
How did Lucy Beale actually die ? I reckon it was Max Branning, in the car lot, with a donkey punch
Eastenders is dragging lately. Ain't nobody giving af about Lucy Beale or her douchey father.
EastEnders's executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins has already brought us the revelation that Shirley is *** Carter's mum and the shock demise of Lucy Beale, but it seems that there is more excitement on the horizon. Actor Nitin Ganatra, who plays Masood Ahmed has spoken about what lies ahead in the show's current murder mystery plotline "They've got some big surprises in store, I kid you not. Nobody knows what’s going to happen with this story. The storyliners and writers are very talented. It could be Masood! It could be anyone! Though I doubt it’s the Asian bloke from EastEnders that did it. But wouldn’t it be a headspin?" Of the levels of secrecy surrounding the identity of the killer, Ganatra added: "Dominic has kept a lot back from everybody, which means that everyone is slightly on their toes."
it's the alternative to kill someone nobody cares about then wait 2years for the reveal. Lucy Beale indeed.
I live that Lucy Beale champagne, shisha lifestyle
Just seen lucy Beale in Soho has anybody got Ians number that she is alive
One good thing about working in central London is the amount of "celebs" I see. Today, Lucy Beale from Eastenders smiled at me. Wants the D.
Sir! Not sure on your thoughts/if you've considered this one. Potentially DC Emma Summerhayes as Lucy Beale's killer?
Looks like you'll be seeing me on your screens in Walford very soon folks!! Who killed Lucy Beale?! Ima find out!!
Hollyoaks winning best soap, *** ?! That wasnt in the script! Hope Eastenders do well next year with the "who killed Lucy Beale story"
. Who is Lucy Beale? Serious stuff. Have relevant authorities been notified?
Cannot stand the Lucy Beale hairstyle when people have hair tucked into the back of their tops, makes me sick 😷
Why have you split the 1hr Lucy Beale funeral episode over 2 episodes with a weekend in the middle?
Oi I found out who killed Lucy Beale. It was me according to my dream! On the 13 bus, I set some wood alight and chucked it on her...
[ Soap Operas ] Open Question : Who do you think killed Lucy Beale from Eastenders and why?
Does anyone else watch Eastenders? Abby Branning said something to Max about Lucy Beale at the very end of the and I missed it!
Peter Beale's speech about Lucy genuinely almost reduced me to tears, heartbreaking incredible acting
I've said from the start that its Abbie Branning who killed Lucy Beale not backing down on itπŸ‘Š
Ian Beale walking out of Lucy's funeral with Jane around his shoulder looks like that scene in the inbetweeners when Will shat himself.
Ian Beale has been the most annoying thing to ever exist since Lucy died
TAMWAR MASOOD PLAYS DETECTIVE Tamwar Masood gets another unpleasant surprise on EastEnders next week as he realises that he knows the person who left an abusive card at Lucy Beale's funeral. on May 20th one hour long episode, viewers saw Tamwar (Himesh Patel) find a malicious "Rot in *** message while attending the emotional church service. With the card now in his possession, Tamwar starts to study the message further next week and is shocked when he recognises the handwriting. Now aware of who wrote it, Tamwar confronts the culprit - but how will the individual in question explain their nasty actions? EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday, May 26 at 7.30pm on BBC One.
Just to get it out in the open.. I killed Lucy Beale now sh πŸ”ͺ or your next 😏
Feb15 you'll find out who bealed Lucy Beale bro!
Terry the Cabbie is not at Lucy Beale's funeral I bet he's doing an Hailo job the slag
Was Lucy Beale some sort of Saint? Have I missed something? Did Max Branning force her skinny *** down and rape her? No! So why isn't he allowed in the vic? It takes two to tango! I'm so wound up over Eastenders tonight!
EastEnders is well good the now pure want to know who killed lucy beale sum1 tel me
Beale your not the only one who would do anything to bring lucy back
I know who killed Lucy Beale. Do you wanna know ?
Is it me or is Ian Beale using Lucy's death to get into Jane's pants?
Does nobody remember when lucy beale was a wee *** hole and broke her dads tele
February! February 2015 until we will find out who killed Lucy Beale! Really BBC! Really!😑
Deep breaths. Lights dimmed. Tissues on standby. It's time to pay our final respects to Lucy Beale...
Remember, it doesn't matter if your the one who killed Lucy Beale. Coz
Why did Lucy Beale's funeral actually make me feel sad lol
I do not want to wait till the end of the year to find out who killed Lucy Beale on Eastenders...Just reveal who done it already
A very emotional eastenders tonight as the funeral of lucy beale takes place poor ian
Get in bed early to watch family guy. But NO Lucy Beale went and died!
Lucy Beale was in her twenties yet Phil and Alfie turn up at my boy Max's door acting like he's Jimmy Saville. Calm Down!
Lucy Beale just can't resist the Max Branning bedtime jiggy.
Didn't even like Lucy Beale and I'm in bits at her funeral
Why they all being tight on Max? They should be all high fiving him. Lucy Beale's fit.
Abi Branning Killed Lucy Beale. You heard it here first πŸ‘Š
Lucy Beale's last moments before she died πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ .
Ian Beale's acting on the Lucy storyline has been an absolute master class!!
Watching Lucy Beale being buried and I ask you this... Would you rather be buried or cremated? I actually cannot decide.
OMG Lucy Beale's funeral song is the same as mine! Snap sista!
As if Dot Cotton is being offered 100/1 for killing Lucy Beale. Betting gone mad!
Whos killed lucy beale i think its her brother peter
πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚β€œLucy Beale's last moments before she died. . …
I wish Ian Beale would stop crying nobody knew who Lucy Beale was her face changed twice
Lucy Beale had to be my favourite character
Decided to watch Eastenders for Lucy Beale's funeral. I remember now why I stopped watching.
πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚β€œLucy Beale's last moments before she died. .
Abi /Lauren or even Tanya Lucy Beale murderer/ess
BBC EastEnders should take lessons from Neighbours on how to do an 'emotional episode.' Before tonight's ep, the BBC promised us an emotional episode. I cried my eyes out during Kate Ramsay's funeral episode, yet during Lucy Beale's I didn't shed a single tear.
Good job eastenders is real. Because otherwise I would have felt a bit silly for getting all emotional over Lucy beales funeral.
Arrr I know its sly but just cos Lucy Beale's dead doesn't mean everyone in Walford has to be nice about her, she was a cow!
Just switched over to eastenders now, and as sad as it is, but I'm getting sick of the Lucy Beale story!! πŸ˜’πŸ”«
Such an emotional wreck watching Lucy Beale's funeral...god *** my silly woman feelings!! –  10% Off
hope as many people turn up to my funeral as they did Lucy Beale's
Lucy Beale's last moments before she died. .
Knowing the catalogue number for Lucy Beale's coffin handles is telling me I need to get a life...
So got on Alex shirvos to be the killer of Lucy Beale I got him at 50-1 now he's dropped to 8-1 .. Must not be the only person on him then
This Lucy Beale thing is getting abit boring! Glad to see the back off it tbh
I think yaya toure killed Lucy Beale as she didn't send him a " happy birthday" text last year
Attended Lucy Beales funeral today. A lovely service for a lovely lady who will be greatly missed by her dad Ian, Brother Peter and the rest of her family. RIP Lucy.
Watched Eastenders tonight and it triggered me cause there was a funeral on it. It was Lucy Beale's funeral and she was only 19. I know it's only pretend but seeing the coffin and how upset people were in the church brought it back how my mum has died sadly only at 61 and how I didn't get the chance to see or speak to her before she died, despite her being in the hospital seven and a half hours and other family members being there. when I was informed I got there in ten mins but it was too late and I find near on impossible to cope with it .The knock on effect of my mum dying is not only did she ring me up and ask me how I was but she made me laugh which is so important. also cos she is no longer here I hardly get to see my children. Cos she used to go and pick James up from his grandparents once a fortnight. I never know when I'm seeing him from one week to the next.
Can't beleive dot weren't at Lucy beales funeral what a snake to ian
Gonna put it out there. I think Whitney killed Lucy Beale!!!
Gotta say I felt really awkward watching Lucy Beales funeral. If I'd actually known the girl I'd have never gone! Or if I had it would only be to make sure they actually buried her
"They should do a Who Killed Lucy Beale? special, presented by Troy McClure". Eastenders producers, you ought to tell Lynne McMenemy to knock this town planning lark on the head, she's missing her true calling.
Lucy beale funeral some of the funniest tv ever! And no i don't watch eastenders by choice.
Can someone explain to me how there taking bets on who killed Lucy Beale when people know the outcome? Didn't think that was allowed to happen ya know
The 'who killed Lucy Beale' storyline is going to last until February 2015... No time for that me
Miss her so much seeing her 4 nights a week to nothing really hurts miss ya Lucy Beale
Think I've figured out who killed Lucy Beale πŸ‘
Lucy Beale's funeral was everything we could have asked for and more. So much so, some are even suggesting it was better than this morning's episode of Jeremy Kyle.
Lucy Beale's funeral was never going to be dull and that was certainly a roller coaster of an episode. Max was exposed, Jane returned and Shirley finally spilled her secret.
Has the queen died or Lucy Beale ? Lol also did she not have any other friends apart from the 5 from the square
Omg Since This storyline Lucy Beale's Death Hetti Bywater who played Lucy fab but Ian Beale who plays her Father, actor Adam Woodyatt has been absolutely phenomenal, such a Believable actor! The British Soap Awards is On Sunday 25th May 2014 but if he doesn't Win best actor, I will chop my arms off, as he really deserves that- definitely this year & hope Eastenders Get their award back, as they won 17 Awards but recently past few years Corrie beat them but Enders definitely Deserves it! Xxx
Av I missed something?...y did Lucy Beale get nasty message on her blogg and in her funeral flowers?
Ok you Enders lovers .. Who killed Lucy Beale ?? Twin bro too obvious , I thought him at first ... Have not got a clue now .. Guess old boldly Max will be suspect now .. WHO DID IT ??? πŸ˜›x
I wonder if Lucy beale was sat at home watching her funeral on eastenders???
Watchin lucy beales funeral, i know its only a programme but its made me realise that i am going to treasure and not take any moments for granted with my little princess! πŸ’—
Lots of flowers at Lucy beale's funeral - and all tacky!!!
Been crying my eye's out since eastenders started omg so emotional...R.I.P Lucy beale xx
Ben Mitchell is Lucy Beales killer as he was let out ages ago trust me
Who killed lucy beale i need to know!
Well after poor Lucy beales funeral ( yes I know it's not real ) I don't fancy a burial or cremation , I fancy being vaporised , hope it's in by then 😊 xx
Abby killed Lucy beale! Glad I spoiled it 4 yous. Now stop watching it.
So who do we think killed lucy beale I really dont know
Did Lauren branning really just say the pearl harbour song to say goodbye to lucy Beale? Real cheese in eastenders
Eastenders love dragging things out.. Any chance saying who killed Lucy Beale.
It was me, I admit it...I killed Lucy Beale
Haven't watched eastenders in time, what the devil has happened to Lucy Beales ???
Crying my fookin eyes out at Lucy beales funeral.even Phil Mitchell is crying!!! So I'm not soft afterall!!
That is the best acting Lucy Beale has ever done.lying in a coffin where she can't b seen.worst actress ever 😭
Actually having a debate with someone over who killed Lucy's not real..
Awww man Peter Beale you brought me to tears. Really sad Eastenders today - Lucy Beale's Funeral. 😒
Can't believe this bloody Lucy Beale thing is guna be dragged out till next Feb yawn yawn
Not a fan of eastenders but Lucy Beales funeral tho !!
Didn't even like Lucy Beale but I'm still bawling my eyes out watching Eastenders!! πŸ˜₯😫
EastEnders... Am all cried out.. RIP lucy Beale
Does Lucy Beale get cremated in the chippy?
Sitting watching EastEnders and with the funeral of Lucy Beale. and watching that and watching my sister Nicola Grassick crying at it i mean come on eh it not real it just a programme :p
Rite, who the fuk done Lucy Beale in? The suspense is killing me!!
Aye if Lucy Beale would get that many folk at her funeral.
as if you'd need half a dozen people to carry Lucy Beale man
It's good to see Lucy Beale has put some weight on since she pegged it
Maybe I was wrong about lauren.. it could be Abi who killed Lucy Beale!
Murphy whistling, chirping and banging his head on his mirror during Lucy Beale's funeral.
There saying lucy beale is dead but I've just seen her advertised in something else? Ha
Either Peter or Ian killed Lucy Beale! Trust me blud! LoL
So eastie fans who killed lucy beale
Fook me i thought i was watching the wrong channel... thought i was watching chesea Flower Show..loads and loads of Gorgeous Flowers. Then i realised its Lucy Beales fookin Funeral ! xx
Looks like Lucy Beale is having her funeral in a cathedral lol
I know who killed Lucy Beale. She was walking though the woods. Tripped on a twig and snapped her neck. Let's b honest that girl needed a tattie pot
I'm a bit behind with eastenders, so who killed Lucy Beale?
Really wish Abbi would go on a sunbed she looks more dead than lucy Beale !!
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The last time i watched Eastenders, sharon was married to grant and lucy beale was being stolen from ian by cindy! Now lucy has shuffled off the mortal coil, sharon is banging grants brother and the place is full of people i don't recognise!
I've just found out that we'll have to wait until February to find out who killed Lucy Beale!!! What a load of rubbish! If I'd known this I would have got in there first, bludgeoned her to death and confessed immediately to save myself, and other sad Muppets like me with no life, 8 months of turmoil!
Lucy beales funeral tonight. Better get the tissues ready. One last cheeky ***
So because Lucy Beale is dead there is no holby tonight?!?!? No one cares!!!
I'm emotional as it is and I've gotta watch Lucy beales funeral now πŸ˜‚ fml!
Emma Louise Bruce Lucy Beale this is what you needed to go down the stairs!
Me and mum are just debating ( even though I don't really watch eastenders) who killed Lucy Beale. Post comments below xxx
Somebody buy Lesley Burford some tissues because tonight she's gonna ball it over Lucy Beales funeral!!!
What's every one wearing for Lucy Beales funeral tonight gunna go smart-casual I reckon.. She wasn't to in to me in suits
It seems like it’s been forever since her dramatic death, but tonight it’s finally time for Lucy Beale’s funeral.
Lucy Beale's funeral tonight. This will be a giant tear and weeping fest. Bet Ian Beale will be glad when it's over and he can dry his eyes and smile once more! xx
Right, I know 4 dudes in a boat are lost somewhere near Cape Cod and we've stopped looking for them, who won Master Chef, how to know if i'm having, or someone else is having a stroke, what my online dating profile should and shouldn't say, some dude has been suspended from work for having a picture of The Queen in his workplace and winding up some other dude. The only thing I don't know is who killed Lucy Beale!! I think we've all established that i'm bored so the only question is what time are we going to the pub Joanne Tatton?
'None of the actors know who did it!': Max Branning (a.k.a. Jake Wood) on the Lucy Beale plot
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