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Lovie Smith

Lovie Lee Smith (born ) is the head coach of the Chicago Bears professional football team of the NFL.

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The colors of the Pie & Whiskey book are vibrant Illini orange and blue. Lovie Smith is not in…
Illinois vs Rutgers: breaks down the matchup for us because he has nothing better to do.…
Never loved Lovie Smith. But he got Bears to SB, had winning record, won 11, 8 & 10 games in last 3 seasons. Fired.
If you haven't been watching for some reason, this video will convince you.
Leave us fans alone, Clay. At least Illinois has (hopefully) a bright future with Lovie Smith.
Mike Ditka been canceled since he said he didn't want Lovie Smith to win the Super Bowl in 2007.
I maintain that the 80s bears win 3 titles with Lovie Smith as the head coach, both because it's tru…
Fire John Fox... bring back lovie smith... get rid of every offensive player we have and just have a super defense with lovie and vic fangio
The dumbest thing the Bears have ever done was firing Lovie Smith
who has more career wins in October...Lovie Smith or the Nationals?
Firing Lovie Smith sure improved the franchise.
I love when Michigan fans say Harbaugh went to the Super Bowl. Well so did Lovie Smith...
Illinois Are the Illini improving under Lovie Smith? via
Lovie Smith got to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman the same # of times Mike Ditka did with Walter Payton.
Don’t forget Lovie Smith had 10 wins the SEASON he was fired.
Hey, remember when Lovie Smith got the Bears to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman and got fired after going 10-6 in 2012?
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I really wanna know why the Bears fired Lovie Smith
Those Lovie Smith defenses seemed to take away the ball at will. I clearly didn’t appreciate that effort appropriately
Ever since lovie Smith got fired, bears have never looked the same
Bears really haven't been the same since they fired Lovie Smith.
Good god I miss the Urlacher led Bears defenses that played under Lovie Smith
Lol Lovie Smith working two jobs to make ends meet?
John Fox and lovie smith the only two coaches in football that call a timeout then get a delay of game penalty
Remember the Lovie Smith defense where and scored defensive TDs in back-to-back games? I miss that.
Happened all the time when Lovie Smith was coach
Red Grange sees Lovie Smith and leaves in a hissy fit
23-45 Bears last 4+ years with John Fox and Marc Trestman. 36-28 Bears last 4 yrs w/ Lovie Smith
If the bears weren't white supremacists they never wouldve fired lovie smith
John Fox is the worst clock manager I've ever witnessed in the NFL...and I thought Lovie Smith was bad
I would much rather have Lovie Smith for the record.
John Fox giving me flashbacks to when Lovie Smith called a timeout, then challenged a play unsuccessfully resulting in taking 2 timeouts.
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That was worse than Lovie Smith era staple, timeout before 4th down on offense
Lol John Fox is a worse version of Lovie Smith.
Everyone knew that was a bad signing. When you can't play offense for Lovie Smith that's all you need to know.
Guess Lovie Smith's plane is grounded too...
I'm not watching ESPN. I'll get my updates from the cbs sports app. Bears will lose by 16 points. Lovie Smith curse.
Check this out!! Ex buccaneers coach Lovie Smith's home is on the market! What a gorgeous home.
.talks Rutgers, the improved OL play, and more ⬇️.
In all fairness, he did mention almost every B1G coach, including Lovie Smith. But nice to hea…
Game Week Hub: Get all your pregame vs. content here. . Lovie Smith presser & notes up now.
Lovie Smith puts Tampa estate on the market for $4.8M (Photos)
Lovie Smith is Darryl Hazel with some mild luck.
After last nights loss Lovie Smith is now 2–15 at Raymond James Stadium as a head coach
Tonight's loss to drops Lovie Smith to 3-14 (w/ & record in his last 3 years as a head coach at Raymond James Stadium
Lovie Smith losing in Raymond James Stadium? I for one am SHOCKED at this result
There's a joke to be made about Lovie Smith and L's at Raymond James Stadium, but I'm throwing the flag in and not touching it.
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Lovie Smith will fall to 4-15 all-time at Raymond James Stadium as a head coach. . cc:
Oh hey, Lovie Smith getting blown out in Raymond James Stadium. Some things never change.
What's Lovie Smith's all time record at Raymond James Stadium???
Lovie Smith getting his butt kicked at Raymond James Stadium like ol times
Just when we had aired out Raymond James from the stench of Lovie Smith's mediocrity he returns full force looking just the same
Imagine telling Lovie Smith two years ago, "Oh yeah man, you'll be coaching at Raymond James Stadium, in an Illinois at USF game."
Lovie Smith strange reunion at Raymond James or just happy to have a job🏈
Lovie Smith right back to where he left Raymond James off. Ugly *** football.
I'll always have love for Lovie Smith, Brian Urlacher, Jay Cutler, Devin Hester, Matt Forte, Peanut Tillman and Lance…
Lovie Smith's defense. At Raymond James Stadium. This should be fun.
Gotta be weird for Lovie Smith, coaching again at Raymond James
Lovie Smith couldn't win in Raymond James when he was the home coach, I'm liking our chances
Former Bucs coach Lovie Smith takes the field again at Raymond James Stadium as his Illinois team goes up against U…
With the Bucs, Lovie Smith was 3-13 in two seasons at Raymond James Stadium. Illinois at USF tonight
Also, how Lovie Smith compares to Ron Zook! Because who DOESN'T want to be compared to Ron Zook?!
USF-Illinois is a homecoming for former Bucs coach Lovie Smith. An upset of USF would have Illini at 3-0, after going 3-9 in his first year.
Illinois Football: What Lovie Smith said after a 20-7 win over Western Kentucky
Jerry Jones, listen up. Fire Jason Garrett, and bring in Lovie Smith as head coach. He's one of the best defensive minds in…
Jesus, Lovie Smith is busy. Head FB coach at Illinois and Mayor of Houston.
Wasn't the current TB head coach the OC under Lovie Smith?
Lovie Smith is at Wrigley Field as a guest of the Cubs. He always gets a strong outpouring when back in Chicago.
Lovie Smith was an amazing coach while in Chicago. I'd take him back in a heartbeat over John Fox and Marc Trestman.
Brian Urlacher thinks the Bears cursed themselves when they fired Lovie Smith. (He has a point.)…
I went a full year forgetting Lovie Smith was the head coach of Illinois. Wild.
Illini must be Raider fans too, copied our coaching = Lovie Smith & Hardy Nic…
Kellen Davis . . . . the TE that Lovie Smith said could be a featured TE in this league. . . .
I know a lot of people who were convinced, and knew for a "fact", that Lovie Smith would never come here.
Five years from now, which B1G coach will have advanced his program farther: PJ Fleck, Jeff Brohm, or Lovie Smith?
Guys from Abilene Christian, Devin Hester, and special teams shenanigans. It's like Lovie Smith never left us.
Who teaches clock management at Iowa? Lovie Smith?
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Can u say retread? Lovie Smith, Brad Childress and Jim Fassel not available?
This *** Marty smith legitimately asked Lovie Smith "who looks like you that inspired you?"
Lovie Smith season wrap up press conference in minutes, as well as John Groce talking about the Chippewas.
Double-dipping today with Lovie Smith at 11:30 and John Groce at noon, both from Memorial Stadium press box.
Charlie Strong, Ty Willingham, Hugh Jackson when he was with the Raiders, Lovie Smith with Tampa Bay.
Its the Reason Tampa dumped Lovie Smith last season because although he was an amazing coach he wasn't the best fit to progress J.Winston
Let me guess, you want Charlies Strong? Or Lovie Smith? or Romeo Crennel?
The last time the Rams were over .500 on Thanksgiving: 2003 with Marc Bulger at QB, Mike Martz as HC and Lovie Smith as DC
field goal football, man. Gotta love that Lovie Smith ball.
I count 10 medical people out there, plus Lovie Smith and WR coach Andrew Hayes-Stoker, plus a couple trainers.
College football: Jim Harbaugh and Lovie Smith make history
If we're going off QB. Lovie Smith made a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman.
you might wanna start working on that harbz/Lovie Smith happy Gilmore gif, Scott.
Right around the times both announce stadium expansions, Illinois got Lovie Smith and Louisville got Lamar Jackson. Good times for this guy
On Big Ten teleconference, Illinois' Lovie Smith hopes LT Austin Schmidt can play this week vs allowing Megginson to return to G.
In 4 games, Dirk Koetter has as many 20-point losses as in each of Lovie Smith's seasons as Bucs head coach. Four in Schiano's 2 years.
Thank god we fired Lovie Smith and canned Jerry Angelo. 10-6 was an embarrassment four years ago.
. Campus Check In: The 'Butterflies' are flying for Lovie Smith at Illinois
At first sight, it's all Lovie at Illinois
ICYMI, Lovie Smith now has the best winning percentage in college football history.
So refreshing to hear Lovie Smith press conferences.Proud to be an Illini, and that feels great to say.
Got to witness Lovie Smith and the Fighting Illini play their first game of the season and completely dominate Murray State 52-3 🏈
[WATCH] Lovie Smith talks about picking up his first win as Illini coach:
Illinois wins Lovie Smith's debut in blowout of Murray State:…
Illinois wins Lovie Smith's debut in blowout of…
Illinois' Lovie Smith era begins with 52-3 trouncing of Murray State: Saturday marked the begin...
Kendrick Foster explodes for 56-yard TD run and Illini lead Lovie's debut 28-0 with 4:26 left in 1st half. Orange/blue agre…
(News Gazette) met in opener : Buzz matches result in Lovie Smith's first Illini win CHAMPAIGN —..
At first sight, it's all Lovie at Column
WATCH: Lovie Smith media session following a 52-3 rout of Murray State in his college head coaching debut.
.At first sight, it's all Lovie at Illinois
I spend my time prank calling Lovie Smith and texting so I don't have the time to know this stuff
Get to see my favorite former Bears coach Lovie Smith coach my Alma Mater vs. UNC next Saturday. Hopefully we can pull though for a W!
Only thing missing from domination of Murray was selfie w/Lovie, Racer coach joked:
fans will take days like today every time as Lovie Smith debuts
Excellent debut for Lovie Smith, but true test whether we are ready for our ranked BigTen rivals teams is next week against UNC.
Lovie Smith would have made sense at . . . USC.
Illinois 52, Murray State 3. It looks like Lovie Smith has found his calling. When's the last time Illinois won that big in an opener?
Illinois opens Lovie Smith era with 52-3 win over Murray State
These penalties the gators are committing would make Lovie Smith proud.
Will ex NFL 🏈 coach Lovie Smith bring a winning attitude and ways to the Fighting Illini.
Lovie Smith's debut as Illinois coach has student interest on the rise
48,644 official attendance for Lovie Smith's debut. Some freebies in that total. Not bad for Illinois, which can accommoda…
Fighting Illini looked pretty good today in Lovie Smith's debut
FINAL. Football begins the Lovie Smith era with a 52-3 victory over Murray State
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Kicking off the Coach Lovie Smith era of
Mr. Excitement is back. Lovie Smith's debut couldn't have gone better: via
Lovie Smith is now tied with Vic Koenning for the highest winning percentage ever among football coaches.
"Our goal is to become Big Ten champions." - Lovie Smith
And the first win for the Illini in the Lovie Smith era is. good!
Attendance at Memorial Stadium for Lovie Smith's debut as coach: 48,644
Illinois opens Lovie Smith era with big win over Murray State:
Coach Koetter is such a refreshing change from Lovie Smith. This guy gets it! Thanks to the Glazer's for making a change!!
Great interview with on tonight. Really looking forward to Lovie Smith turning the into…
The deadline for your hate letter to Lovie Smith is tonight at midnight!
Just saw Lovie Smith riding a golf cart out of the football stadium. 🏉
Kenny needs to do what I did three years ago - retire ! He is baseball's Lovie Smith. Doesn't work today ! Jerry too - times up
Looking forward to seeing how Lovie Smith's first-year squad looks over the course of a season.
Superbowl coach Lovie Smith made the playoffs three times in nine years. He's the black guy version of Jeff Fisher...
Lovie Smith's defense, Brian Urlacher and Prime Charles Tillman got them that far.
The last Bears HC to beat the Lions is still Lovie Smith.
2... (Players, coaching, front office) is the strongest it's been since Lovie Smith coached this team.
I don't know. I like hating on Illinois. I would give them the edge on defense of the sole fact that they have Lovie Smith
That sound you hear is Lovie Smith laughing.
Today's edition of B1G football previews features Lovie Smith and the Fighting Illinis:
The highlight was his dad's excitement at meeting Lovie Smith. A Bears' fan, the dad was like a giddy teenager. So excited.
Hey, look! I wrote a few words for the preview. ALMOST LOVIE SMITH TIME.
I watched McCaskey and Lovie Smith do it for years, at least I know you.
Just TWO weeks from today: Murray State at Illinois football. Mitch Stewart vs Lovie Smith!
Illinois might be decent with lovie smith
yet you got freaking Lovie Smith getting fired from bears after 10-6 season
If you had told me a year ago that Lovie Smith would assist in landing a 4 star BASKETBALL recruit to the Illini... I don't even know
just about got into a car accident with Lovie Smith😅
Episode I has dropped early! joins in to countdown his top 10, POTY race, upcoming teams, & Lovie Smith.
BUMP. Submissions to join our fantasy football league close Wednesday!
Asked someone to take a picture for me with 's coach and a poster of Lovie Smith and they didn't even take it 😭👎
Rough morning after a long night and I walk by Lovie Smith and the entire football team on my way to breakfast at noon lol
Dirk Koetter's approach to preparing the is a complete 180 from Lovie Smith:
We're at Quad Day! . ManagingEditor said it best: "News, maps, Lovie Smith, Bingo, what else do you need?"
When you run into Lovie Smith and the entire football team first thing in the morning
I didn't know Lovie Smith is coaching Illinois! Big10 might have more big name coaches than the SEC.
LOOK: Lovie Smith helps out with Illinois Basketball recruiting efforts
LOOK: Lovie Smith helps out with basketball recruiting of Trent Frazier via
Lovie Smith (and Jeff Fisher (are basically the same person. This just occurred to me.
Trent Frazier watching some practice with head coach Lovie Smith.
Everyone at UIUC posting pics of lovie smith on their story can't even name 3 of his albums smh
pull out all the stops for hoops recruit Trent Frazier.
Just getting rid of Lovie's scheme made us way better. Plus VH3, Grimes, Ayers, Spence, Smith..
Illinois is using Lovie Smith and Dee Brown to help land a basketball recruit. What a time to be alive!
Having to give a speech to a few thousand people is awkward enough..having to follow Lovie Smith's speech just makes this even better!!!😳
& it's a joke that Lovie Smith isn't a head coach in the league right now but chip kelly is ...a crime lol
Lovie Smith battling with FSU for Derrick Brooks son.
Illinois coach Lovie Smith speaks at the Big Ten Media Days on Tuesday in Chicago. -
football: Former UW assistant Lovie Smith back in college ball at Illinois
No media seems to be interested in hearing from new Illinois coach, Lovie Smith.
Illinois has been all over the place, and one of Lovie Smith's first jobs there is to finally find some stability
So many good Illinois high school football players wind up at Iowa. Lovie Smith is going to have push hard to make inroads.
Gerald McCoy laughs off report that he didn't work hard under Lovie Smith
St.Rita Marc Mondesir LB is a player who should have been ranked by the panel. Steal for Lovie Smith and Illinois
Showtyme Elite Football Camp . Lovie Smith and the University of Illinois Staff . June 9th
Malik Davis now has 27 offers on his table. The latest coming from Illinois and Lovie Smith on Sat.
. Freddy, welcome to the party. . Regards, . Lovie Smith... Fired by phone call on a Sunday night
hey Rick how's it going my man! What did you think of the Bucs firing of Lovie Smith?
Looking forward to Lovie Smith at the helm. Just hope he survives November.
Lovie Smith is coming home to TEXAS June 8th & Registration is now open adding schools daily h…
Hey its new week which means new anti-lovie smith dms from trolls
Lovie Smith's rebuilding plan for Illinois involves lots...
It's been 20 years since Lovie Smith coached in college, but the coach is hardly intimidated
My dad tried to tackle Lovie Smith in high school and said he almost dislocated his shoulder!
Really thought that was Lovie Smith at first glance.
I think Lovie Smith's ultra-conservative approach to hamstring issues had a lot to do with that, Don't judge on that
Lovie Smith got fired & had a new job & local yahoos still talking about it smh
So Brady gets his four games. What does Lovie Smith get for inflicting Josh McCown on the innocent citizens of the Bay area?
Great article on excellent former NU player and coach who have joined Lovie Smith's staff at Illinois:
Lovie Smith doesn't understand your problem with that end of regulation play.
Lovie Smith shouldn't have been fire than man was still clear up Mr Greg Schino mess smfh dude
Note: This is like 2 years old (!!) so no Lovie Smith. Otherwise Illinois would be House Stark, obviously.
SEE VIDEO! New Illinois head coach Lovie Smith on his time...
Geno Smith won 8 games with Rex who will be proven to be a bad coach for this era like Lovie Smith. Ground and pound is dead son
Jameis Winston on Lovie Smith "You learn it's a business" Likes what new HC Dirk Koetter did w offense http…
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Clearly, he just wants more Lovie Smith Do better.
Lovie Smith finding out rebuilding a thin roster will take time.
Little reading for you. Hopefully Lovie can get'er done.
Headline stings, but solid take on Lovie, "New Hope for a Failed College FB Program" via
Stop by 2310 N. Willow Rd. in Urbana today between now and midnight to win this Lovie smith signed football!
Good luck to Coach Lovie Smith and Hardy Nickerson on there Big 10 Debut for Illinois. SPRING GAME.
Lovie Smith brings new hope, fight to a failed college football program in Illinois
I dont think I knew the Illini hired Lovie Smith. Hope this works out, always liked the way Lovie ran teams.
Phil and the triangle are as outdated as Lovie Smith and the cover 2 defense.
Just gotta make it 8ish years, Lovie. (via
The resurrection of a dormant program: a weekend with Lovie and Illinois.
Lovie Smith at Illinois: New Hope for a Failed College Football Program via
"My son is 10 now. If [Lovie Smith] is still there and he recruits my son, guess what he's doing? He's going to Illinois…
What do you think of Lovie Smith as Illinois new head coach?
what do you think of Lovie Smith as Illinois head coach?
so much for those jokes of fans shortly after the Lovie Smith hire. Was a good bit while it lasted.
Jameis Winston was initially fearful of the domino effect former head coach Lovie Smith's firing, but…
Jameis Winston describes reaction to Bucs firing Lovie Smith: The day after learning his head coach had been fired…
Lovie Smith aims for full program revival at Illinois - The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines
How did I not know that Lovie Smith is the new coach for the Fighting Illini until just now?
you guys know both Lovie Smith and Ken Whisenhunt both got fired after drafting new QBs right?
Michigan State's Mark Dantonio calls Lovie Smith "an excellent football coach and a great person," says Smith will adapt fine from NFL.
Ken Whisenhunt and Lovie Smith suggest not much.
Ken Whisenhunt and Lovie Smith weren't afforded this luxury. Shows how patience varies from team to team.
LB Julian Jones granted approval to return to practice by university, AD Josh Whitman and Lovie Smith.
Which is why Lovie Smith is at Illinois and Jeff Fisher keeps humming along just under .500
Illinois QB Wes Lunt ready to dig in with Lovie Smith and Garrick McGee
Muskogee standout with an offer from Lovie Smith, Garrick McGee and Illinois.
Look at Lovie Smith getting in on the whole college rivalries thing
Silvy referring to Marc Trestman, coach Bears hired after Lovie Smith...failure...
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Hoiberg replacing Thibs reminds me off Marc Trestman replacing Lovie Smith. Same story as well.
he's alot better than Lovie Smith's booty buddy in Mike Jenkins
Johnthan Banks is happy Lovie Smith is gone...
STORY: Lovie Smith hires Bob Ligashesky as new special teams coordinator
No spring game for and Lovie Smith, but open practice April 16 at Memorial Stadium
Back to school: Crash course on what Lovie Smith should expect at Illinois
Can now confirm that Lovie Smith will not bring back assistant Mike Bellamy. Former Illini was key recruiter for …
With the hiring of Lovie Smith, Garrick McGee & Hardy Nickerson, Illinois is the only FBS school with an African-American HC…
McCarthy is getting into the Lovie Smith situation. Good coach just team isn't responding to him anymore.
I may have missed this, but did RB coach Tim Spencer decide on whether he is staying with Bucs or joining Lovie Smith at Illini?
You call Avery Johnson "Avery Bradley" and Lovie Smith "Lonnie Smith" in your latest take. Do you take your job seriously?
Bucs RB coach Tim Spencer is not leaving to join Lovie Smith's staff at Illinois, contrary to previous report, says ...
how about. This in a day where illini nation is still abuzz with the hiring of Lovie Smith. Illini basketball
Illini Basketball is now 1-0 since Lovie Smith was named football coach.
Per looks like are losing Tim Spencer to Lovie Smith's Illinois staff where he'll couch the RB's.
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Hi, AJ, it's Lovie Smith. Let me tell you about the time I ran Ron Rivera out of town.
Lovie Smith joins the University of Illinois, the first Black coach in the school's history:
.looks back at how Illinois got from Ron Turner to Lovie Smith
Source: Jeff Tedford back to college. New OC for Lovie Smith and Illinois.
FIU head coach Ron Turner (joins the guys to discuss the Illini and Lovie Smith.
The Matchmaker himself, Ron Turner, joins the show right now to talk Lovie Smith and Illinois.
Remember when Ron Rivera got fired by Lovie Smith as Bears DC after the 2006 SB season by in favor of Smith's buddy Bob Babic…
Ron Turner got even with Lovie Smith in the best possible way. Recommending him for the Illini job.
Yep, got my own emoji alongside AND Lovie Smith head!.
I spoke to a former RC who said Lovie Smith was a very good recruiter (landed Terry Fair for UT) -
Lovie Smith to announce Josh McCown as his starting QB at Illinois. "I feel Josh gives us the best chance to win"
Good for Lovie Smith, but someone should probably tell him that he's not allowed to give Josh McCown $10 million this spring.
special teams coach Ron Zook knows what Lovie Smith faces at Illinois
Lovie Smith the head coach at Illinois ... that is what you call market correction.
Illini like Florida rejects! They hired Ron Zook, now Lovie Smith. illini fan but really??
THIS JUST IN: Illinois hires former Bears, Bucs coach Lovie Smith as its new head coach.
Former NFL coach Lovie Smith hired as Illinois coach
Not a lot of people know that new Illinois coach Lovie Smith was named after Mrs. Thurston Howell III.
Not sure why Illinois picked Lovie Smith over Darrell Hazell
Illinois hires Lovie Smith: Two months after a surprise firing in Tampa Bay, Lovie Smith has la...
Lovie Smith to take over as Illinois football coach
Illinois hires Lovie Smith as head coach
FUN FACTS last time Lovie Smith was coaching in college, this guy was the head coach at Wake Forest
if Lovie Smith can get a team to a Superbowl w/ Rex Grossman under center . he coach!
Lovie Smith @ Illinois adds an intriguing matchup. IF Greg Schiano stays @ Ohio St after this season then he'll play Illinois in 2017
Lovie Smith is a great hire for Illinois... The Penn Stater in me isn't happy about it, but it's a smart move for sure
It's pretty bad when you have no faith that Lovie Smith can do what Ron Zook and Ron Turner did.lead Illinois to a major bowl
BREAKING: Devin Hester & Josh McCown have both been re-enrolled as Ultra-Super-Seniors at U of I to play under Lovie Smith
will reportedly announce the hiring of Lovie Smith on Monday (via http…
All signs point 2 Lovie Smith era in Champaign beginning tomorrow w/ official announcement of him as head footb…
Sources: Illinois' Josh Whitman meets with Lovie Smith about coaching job: Illinois athle...
Lovie Smith, who always believed in redemption, deserves shot at Illinois: One day years ...
Report: Lovie Smith to be named Illinois football coach
Just passed Lovie Smith and Illini AD Whitman pullling into BDubs in Savoy. Red Grange was in the back seat
Reports of Lovie Smith looking at houses in Stone Creek subdivision in Urbana but I'll believe it when I see it.
Lovie Smith reportedly to be Illinois head coach
*catches up on news cycle*. -Ben Simmons ineligible for Wooden Award. -Lovie Smith is new Illini HC. -Earl Wolff got kidnapped in NC. 0_0
Just saw Lovie Smith looking at the house for sale next to me in Stone Creek in Urbana. Looks like we have a new head coa…
ICYMI: Lovie Smith is expected to become the new head coach, source told
FOX Sports: Lovie Smith expected to become Illinois head football coach.
Lovie Smith is expected to become the new HC, source told FOX Sports. 1st reported by CBS/Chicago:
thinks Lovie Smith coming to is nice, but unless he can recruit like Ron Zook did, dunno how much difference it'll make
Well I'm glad we've got Darrell Hazell at locked up, there's no way we can sign Lovie Smith! We had enough w/ John Shoop
lots of talk about Lovie Smith banging around Chicago
Lovie Smith expected to become next head coach at Illinois
Last time Lovie Smith worked in college, Jim Caldwell was the head coach at Wake Forest
Anyone declaring Lovie Smith a bad or weak hire for ILLINOIS FOOTBALL is clueless and/or delusional
I know others are reporting it, but I now have multiple sources telling me Lovie Smith is expected to be the next
Rumors at U of I they hired Lovie Smith
I'll tell ya, if can land Lovie Smith as the head coach for the we're one Tom Thibodeau away from fixing everything.
According to a source, a name to watch: Lovie Smith.
My dream: Lovie Smith as HC, as DLine coach, as LB coach, and Mike Brown coaching the secondary. 🐻⬇️
Illinois to hire Lovie Smith, whose fear of scoring points is only exceeded by Mike Leach's fear of not scoring them.
Who am I to deny Mike Martz the OC job now that Lovie Smith is running the show?
Some credible sources are telling me Lovie Smith will be the next head football coach.
Lovie Smith is exactly the coach the need. Good man, good leader, and would bring stability where it's most badly needed.
I get Lovie Smith and Lovie Howell (wife of Thurston III) confused
Speaking of the Bucs, after firing Lovie Smith, I can only wish them the utmost in unhappiness for years to come...
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