Love Song & Sara Bareilles

A love song is a song about falling in love and the feelings it brings, and/or about ones heartbreaking and how it feels. Sara Beth Bareilles (born December 7, 1979) is an American singer-songwriter and pianist. 5.0/5

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remember how good Love Song by Sara Bareilles and Breathe by Anna Nalick were WOW
Four Year Strong covering Love Song by Sara Bareilles, A Day to Remember covering Over My Head by The Fray. Can't beat that.
Love Song by Sara Bareilles will always be a favorite song of mine.
Love Song by Sara Bareilles on Z102.9. Listen live at:
I'm not gonna write you to stay. If all you have is leaving.. I'mma need a better… ♫ Love Song by Sara Bareilles —
When I need to remember the payoff of staying true to who you are, I listen to Sara Bareilles' "Love Song," which is not about a guy...
I really want to hear Love Song by Sara Bareilles right now.
Known for hits like “Brave” and “Love Song,” which she wrote as a kiss-off to some record execs, Sara Bareilles likes to go against the grain. Ben Tracy sits down with the singer/songwriter who received a surprise 2013 Album of the Year Grammy nomination for “The Blessed Unrest.”
Brianna Jean look up these songs: Almost Lover by fine frenzy and Let Her Go by passenger and Love Song by sara bareilles and Fallin For You by colbie cailat
40 East performing Sara Bareilles' "Love Song" at the Beach House Bar & Grill's Chronic Kidney Disease Benefit in Ogden, NC on 11/3/13. 40 East members are: ...
Sara Bareilles new album is so so good! It's a shame she's not big in the UK, nobody seems to know anything other than "Love Song".
Promise me, you'll leave the light on. To help me see with daylight my guide… ♫ Love Song by Sara Bareilles —
Iam not gonna write you a love song cause you ask for it ♫ Love Song by Sara Bareilles —
Ill walk the Seven Seas when I believe that theres reason to write u a... ♫ Love Song by Sara Bareilles —
Would love to hear you do an upbeat song like "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles!
Sara Bareilles - Love Song...I used to love this song
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Well, I'm singing a duet with my sister tomorrow at her cotillion to 'Love Song' by Sara Bareilles. Mm.
[Spoiler] : Naya Rivera, Lea Michele and Dianna Agron will sing together Love Song by Sara Bareilles in the episode 4x12 (Naked)
Love Song by Sara Bareilles will never get old
-Music that Quinn, Santana and Rachel will be singing "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles
ALL SPOILER * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 1. Marley and Jake will sing A Thousand Years 2. Rachel and Blaine are going to sing a Taylor Swift song. 3. Episode 4x12 is called "Naked". Episode 4x13 is called "Diva". 4. The two-part Wemma wedding is on Valentine's Day and scandalous. 5. Santana has 3 songs in the Diva episode...a Naya record. 6. Rachel and Kurt will sing something from Les Mis. 7. In 4x12 Rachel will sing "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia. 8. In 4x12 Rachel, Santana and Quinn are singing "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles. 9. Marley and Wade are singing "Locked Out of Heaven"by Bruno Mars in 4x11. 10. A girl has a crush on Blaine. 11. Artie/Blaine/Ryder/Sam/Joe will sing TLC's "No Scrubs". 12. Naya, Dianna dan Lea lagi shooting bareng
-Hummelberry Duet from Les Misérables. -The x 10 will be sweet and rejoice. -In 4 x 10 Artie will solo. -Rachel, Quinn and Santana singing in 4 x 12 "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles. -Rachel and Blaine might sing a song of Taylor Swift. -There will be two episodes for Valentine's day. There will be a wedding and a scandal. -Santana sings 3 songs in 4 x 13 "Diva". -In the episode of the wedding we will have other Klaine scenes. -In 4 x 12 "Naked" are all naked. (If that's all there is Chris, splitting something 8 d)
Sara Bareilles stopped by The Bobby Bones Show for another amazing set of her hit songs including Love Song! Check out her performance and others at
Love Song by Sara Bareilles. Oldie but a goodie :)
*** dialed me last night and left me a voicemail of him listening to Love Song by Sara Bareilles. Classy!
Music video by Sara Bareilles performing Love Song. (c) 2007 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
Reply with the sentence!!! Mine is, Zayn sang Love Song by Sara Bareilles to me because he wanted to marry me. :D
After about a whole almost 3 hour session of straight learning, I can almost play Love Song by Sara Bareilles on the piano.. I feel accomplished.
Sara Bareilles was asked to write a love song. So she wrote 'Love Song' with the lyric "I'm not going to write you a long song."
Sara Bareilles is stunningly beautiful in the music video for Love Song
I'm watching Love Song by Sara Bareilles on for iPhone.
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Wait.. I need to some recording pa pala. - Love Song by Sara Bareilles
Check out me singing a cover to a favorite song (Love Song by Sara Bareilles) MY way (tell me what you think) B*).
I favorited a video Sara Bareilles - Love Song
Love song by Sara Bareilles. Notice that this is my first video and it might have some mistakes.Sorry for that. I love making videos like this so just tell m...
She’s not gonna write you a “Love Song.”  But she may ask you to “Stay.”  That’s the new single from Sara Bareilles and her upcoming EP, “Once Upon Another Time,” which drops on May 22nd.  You may know Sara better for her current role as a judge on the TV show, “The Sing-Off.”  Her fellow judge [.
I literally have a group of people I want to sing Love Song by Sara Bareilles to, and that's not good.
Open Question: In the video, Love Song, by Sara Bareilles, who are the twin girls in the video?
I feel like singing Love Song by Sara Bareilles but change the lyrics to "I'm not gonna like your status cause you ask for it"
I learned the hard way, that they all say, things you want to hear. - Sara Bareilles, "Love Song"
Song of the day: Love Song by Sara Bareilles
I added a video to a playlist Sara Bareilles - Love Song
So Sarah Bareilles performed at the World Live Cafe on 2/23 and this is her song, Love Song. Watch! Enjoy! She is AMAZING! Thank you for giving me the name!
The funniest thing happens at the Bpt train station. The hardest lookin *** here is bumpin to Sara Bareilles' Love Song smh lol
I'm listening to Love Song by Sara Bareilles on Pandora
is all about Love Song by Sara Bareilles
Update your maps at Navteq
I added a video to a playlist Sara bareilles -Love Song
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