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Love Island

Terry Walsh Jessica Hayes Caroline Flack Chris Hughes Miss Great Britain Maria Fowler David Dimbleby Jon Clark Geordie Shore Scott Thomas Ryan Thomas

Love Island new boy Theo Campbell immediately becomes a fan favourite with his hilarious impression of Jonny Mitch…
The big it entertaining enough to drag myself away from Love Island now to listen?
. . Love Island: Gabby Allen left 'upset' over arrival of new boys Jamie and Theo after
Watching an interview with girls from Love Island and they all sound like Janet Street-Porter. How can people willingly watch it?! 🤔
Love Island's Jonny Mitchell is 'secret millionaire' travels the world first-class and drives super cars.
Why is everyone being cringey on Love Island tonight, show me clips of kem doing dance routines
Attention Singletons- You can still apply for the current season of Love Island.
James and Sam need to stop voice noting over Love Island 🙄
Blue facemasks, books, Love Island and much more! Tis a new vlog!
As we rattled past the Angel of the North, a plummy young couple conducted a breathless debrief of the latest episode of Love Island.
Everyone including Stormzy is glued to Love Island and I'm sitting in my room blasting Hollywood Undead and Blood On The Dance Floor xD
can't cope with Love Island right now. Kem and Amber 😲what will happen 😱
But was it as good as Love Island? Reading your review in paper felt like reading about the discovery of some new planet.
What's with the weird face and walk Caroline Flack does when she's walking into Love Island
Caroline Flack to join Love Island in shock new twist after Camilla Thurlow support? -
Love Island fans form new theory about Caroline Flack and her love for islander Camilla Thurlow - The Sun.
It's a Jones thing. Danielle has dragged me down to the Love Island gutter as well.
Is there another level to Love Island on which Martin F. Robbins and I can engage with it or?
Mum has just notified me that her cousin Steve is now on Love Island 🙄
Never watched Love Island once in my life but this Camilla sounds like a delight
Cant wait to see what will be like in Love Island after watching his youtube videos for a couple of years now 😂😂
The only good thing about Love Island tonight was so many people using this GIF. What a discovery 😂
I don't know if I can watch Love Island anymore, I'm so angry
Taking FB quizzes to see which Love Island boy I'd go for and rigging all the answers so I get Marcel
Love Island fans outside the villa for Johnny after doing that to Princess Camilla
"Value the friendship more than the new relationship" Marcel dropping the most wise words of Love Island this year
Why is Love Island acting like Pretty little liars texting each person the results? Maybe Love Island is A?
I added a video to a playlist Love Island newbie Tyla Carr is determined to STEAL Chris Hughes from
Can next years Love Island be on Alcatraz? With snipers? And a tiger?
So, Lauras come over and is now making me watch Love Island 🌴 . What a load of pretentious self obsessed bell ends...
Lucky there's Foo Fighters tonight to compensate for the lack of Love Island
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Love Island contestant Tyla Carr accused of wearing WEDDING dress on date with Jonny Mitchell and ITV2 viewers are……
‘It’s like a baseball bat!’ Chris Hughes’ massive WILLY sends Love Island girls and fans……
Love Island: Mike Thalassitis Olivia Attwood and exclusively ... - -…
Love Island newbie Tyla Carr is determined to steal Chris Hughes from Olivia Attwood - The Sun.
Love Island: Chris Hughes DUMPS Olivia Attwood for new girl ... - -…
Love Island fans thrilled as new girl Tyla couples up with Dominic and Simon picks Montana
since when was Jason Roberts a DJ on Love Island?
So ITV put on an advert promoting Marbella Sessions with DJ Colin Francis...then get him in the Love Island villa 😂
Always felt emasculated for watching Love Island, but an ex England rugby international player does. Man card back.
To be fair, the Isle Of Dogs is the real Love Island, who hasn't had a grope by Asda or a fumble round Mudchute?
That moment you realise that Vernon Kay and Sid Owen's love child is Mike on Love Island ❤️🌴
. . Love Island: TOWIE's Jon Clark reveals the real reason why he WON'T be confronting ex ...
Happily! As long as we can watch Love Island 💕
I might not no much about European Art or TQM or Empowerment but at least I know what's happening on Love Island
I hope Chris drowns on Love Island and I hope Camilla finds the love of her life the absolute angel
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Jessica on Love Island reminds me so much of Ferne McCann
Scott Maslen is better than Love Island let alone people innit
Jacob and I are sat in his room catching up on Love Island & seeing who can blow the biggest bubble. This is what our relationships come to
Just got beaten up by my Sis tried to turn the football on turns out she's watching Love Island
It's taken me all week but finally worked out who Jess reminds me of on Love Island.. Ferne McCann!!!
Camilla from Love Island reminds me of Pam Beesley so much yikess
Trying to keep up with Love Island, Big Brother and start the new series of OITNB is honestly taking over my life😩😩
Love Island: Viewers brand Amber Davies a 'SNAKE' after she causes drama between Kem and Chris -…
People out here watching rubbish like Love Island and Big Brother but BBC News are running the best reality show going right now
Love Island star Harley Judge reveals Dom Lever is 'really really happy' with Jessica……
Jessica Rose from Love Island has better heading than Ronaldo
Dom Lever admits to Montana Brown that he's starting to like Love Island's Jessica Rose Shears as ...
I hope the cast of Love Island have registered for their postal votes.
Apparently someone from Blazing Saddles is from Love Island? Praying Gene Wilder faked his death.
My life is literally on hold for 7 weeks for love island 🙌🏼
Since when did everyone start watching love island?
I actually can't believe im sitting here seeing geezers getting excited that love island is back on TV. Grow a pair you f…
All these boys in love island are absolutely mattid man I'd walk out the villa
Love Island and Big Brother are back.being social is out of the questions for a few months
That Jessica off love island is fit.
Jess's body off love island is goals 😍😍
Feel the love on this Planet tonight
Jessica off love island is absolutely stunning omg 😳
Can't belive that this is the third season of love island 😮😮😮
The heat is rising on for Denbigh's Amber Davies | Love Island
Thanks bud! Looks like Ghost Island is going to smash it's goal. Can't wait to check it out! Love the…
Don't know what all the hype is about love island, think it's full of arrogant knobheads with massive egos
I'm already love island addicted is it 9 o'clock yet?
Big brothers dead, given up on it already...all about Love Island 🌞🌴.
You going on love island? Yeah I'm am are you? Yeah let's pair up and try win the 50 bags
Love island is cruel... get a bunch of average girls then throw in a bombshell at the end to tempt their mans lol 😂😂
I wouldn't go on shows like love island, u have to be a specific sort of black to be liked lool
Cringen me out how many times the girls on love island keep screaming 'omg' 😭😭
Watching Love Island is not the same without my sisters tbh
What's the odds on the winners of this love island making a clothing brand and buying a French bull dog
So Love Island is starting soon, and already we know some people will do anything to get on a show 😅 https:/…
Us rushing home after work to watch Love Island.
Petition for last years love island to be put on Netflix please
I have never watched Love Island before.. is it worth a watch?
Them love island girls are deffo those ones that sit at tables in clubs with their prosecco posing and judging you for havin…
Montana reppin Hertfordshire being the biggest psycho on love island
I've never seen a thicker group of girls than on Love Island and I live in Dartford
Man walked out on love island hella confident & got no tings LOL
That Jessica bird from Love Island is unreal
Head to Hope Island this summer, where the sea sparkles, change is in the air & two best friends might fall in love…
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Oone of the ladies on love island is in humanitarian explosive ordinance disposal.she better find love guys!!!
Cannot wait for love island tonight oh my goddd
Yeah I'm planning on being the oracle for all things Love Island. Wa…
I really want to go on love island just to see Chloe's face
The new islanders in love island are alright but they're no Alex Bowen are they
Knowing Love Island is on for the next 7 weeks
Get Marcel out the love island villa pls 😂
Never think out loud with your bird sitting there watching love island
Death penalty for any lad who watches Love Island
Finally watching Love Island, I'm so happy it's back
Love island makes me feel fat and ugly
Love Island is right up there with Geordie Shore as the worst thing on television, just shoot them all.
Love Island on. Time to watch omg she is next level 😍😍
Meet the 2017 Love Island cast: Motorsport grid girl
Knowing that Love Island is back on Tele tonight has made me the happiest girl ever
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Take a look inside the brand new Love Island villa
Mans been done good and proper 🙈Love Island will make a girl drop a man like nada
What do you choose to watch. Big Brother or Love Island.
Caroline Flack reveals she gave Love Island villain Terry Walsh advice on how to deal with online hate after he ch…
Big Brother 2017 launch confirmed for Monday 5th June, going head-to-head with rival Love Island - full story:
Confirmed: Love Island starts Monday 5 June at 9pm on ITV2.
Love Island and Big Brother go head to head as launch dates revealed - Metro
Terry Walsh is in the house with a surprise visit from his pal, Love Island's Scott Thomas! 🔥 Tickets still available on the door! 🍾🍾
Zara Holland was Miss Great Britain until she suckled a dude on Love Island.
I cannot wait for summer so that Love Island is back on 😂 that show gave me life last year.
LISA Appleton's daughter is reportedly in talks to join Love Island.
Love Island: Lisa Appleton's daughter to join new series?
Me and the Mrs. just binge watched Love Island. and you're a snake for sure... ashamed to know your'e a northerner
Love Island star Jessica Hayes jumps on a parked motorbike as she leaves the Mayfair Hotel
The 21-year-old Love Island beauty showed off her incredible figure and perky assets in a sizzling keyhole gown
Just pals? Sam Reece hit the town with Love Island stunner Jessica Hayes at the Miss Swimsuit U…
This saucy Love Island pair just can't help themselves
Tom from Love Island has just started following me on Instagram 😂😂😂
Lots of love to you too and the wonderful folks of Reunion Island.
Who wouldn't get lost in this truly splendid green island and warm loving ocean? You will certainly get lost in lov…
A beautiful golden sunrise over Davaar Island, this morning
No love for Super Mario Bros. 3's Big Island replacing the giant fish with a tiny one? *tuts*
You HAVE to see the stunning shade Love Island's has just dyed her hair! Beautiful!…
Long Island, NY came with that east coast 🔥🤘🏽 love y'all! @ John F. Kennedy…
I fell a little bit in love with Napier, a town on the east coast of New Zealand's North Island,…
Which actress would Andrew Garfield choose to stay on a desert island with? Emma Stone, he loves Emma Stone.
The Hidden Transatlantic Bank: a precocious inventor finds love with a far-sighted old man on an island off the coast of Spain
Romantic Crimea, the island of love and beauty | Traveling Dreams via
End of school run Radio 4 this morning. Desert island discs Amazing woman. Excellent music choices. Love her pottery too.
wonwoo dances like * but I don't care I love him with all my heart I'd cut out my fat heart for him to eat on…
Those who love Emma Bridgewater - (Burley's) will enjoy Desert Island Discs Radio 4 . X . Emma Bridgewater...
:-) I'm going to read the books before I send them mind (sshhh) I love your positive approach! yes super excited about trips
'I love weddings': Former church set to become a new P.E.I. wedding venue
High school friend hanging out in Santorini island 💋
Oliver said the island was a gift, it brought him to diggle and the love of his life, Felicity. thats what makes his life…
Love Island's Kady McDermott, Scott Thomas hit the beach in Australia (and get all romantic!) https:…
Let us continue to love one another. Eric's message on Thursday, December 1, 2016 at The Island.
Watch my Alex and Olivia love island edit video!! 😜 .
I heard about you might remove small servers. But what about HC pve survivors? Only SE no center/island. Where's HC love?
Love interview and his summary of Christmas cooking 'the whole of this little Island is shaking with creative fear'!
to Guam and the unreal amount of love we got from the island ❤️ excited for what's to come for 🤘🏾 https…
Who would Andrew Garfield want to be stuck on a desert island with? "Emma Stone. I love Emma. She's all right"
Love Island drinking game - drink every time Zara mentions anything to do with being Miss GB and every time Daniel blinks. Sp…
N'awww! Love Island's has been gushing over her beau Alex Bowen!
Seen Linford Christie and loads of z listers who have probably appeared in those chavvy Love Island on the Beach reality shows. So tacky 😍
Love Island star is gorgeous in gold at
Love Island star ramping up the glamour at last night's
We are pleased to announce that Hollyoaks and Love Island star will be joining us on our celeb Team!
She's not exactly shy when it comes to flashing a little flesh and Love Island star Cally Jane Beech flaunted her incredible figure when
You'll freak out when you hear Love Island star fashion news - woop!
Have you heard? Love Island star has announced some major fashion news!
I miss Love Island so much it hurts
- Corrie's Ryan Thomas and his twin brothers from Love Island and Emmerdale scul...
Celeb get me out: Katie Prince admits she wants to replace Caroline Flack as Love Island host: The 38-year-ol...
‘I was already pregnant’: Stephanie Davis talks video of her in bed with Love Island star
Yes, he could do a show called Kelvin Mackenzie's Love Island, with Max Clifford, Freddie Starr and Jim Davidson
Love Island investigated by Ofcom over sex scene. I'm sure they think it's worth it for those 15 minutes of fame
Love Island investigated by Ofcom over sex scene: An episode of ITV2 show Love Island is to be investigated by…
Love Island investigated by Ofcom over sex scene
Love Island investigated by Ofcom over sex scene (via BBC Entertainment News):
Love Island investigated by Ofcom over sex scene. And it's all publicity, that's why a third series has been ordered
Get the look! Love Island's Tina Stinnes glams up for a night out at Sugar Hut
Exact match! Love Island's glams up in co-ords on Essex night out, looks SO hot
Love Island winners Nathan and Cara talk marriage, TOWIE and baby steps with Lorraine Kelly: . The winning pa...
Don't understand the Pokemon hype and haven't watched Love Island so I feel I have lost touch with society
Love Island's pays a rather big compliment tonight!
Love Island's Kady reveals true feelings for Scott: YOU know your relationship is getting serious when your p...
Oh no not another Love Island fan where is David Dimbleby when you need him?!
Would be so much better if David Dimbleby was hosting the Love Island results night
Love Island's Kady reveals true feelings for Scott
Do us all a favour, stop pretending you know all about politics & how to save the world and get back to watching Love Island. *** me off 😂
Love Island: Terry Walsh slams Malin Andersson for online ‘hate campaign’ after he swaps her for Emma-Jane
If Nathan and Cara don't win Love Island i will be fuming🙄
T in the Park is my absolute perfect festival... Yet am sat in bed catching up on Love Island. FSSS
ay up mate, you sneakily slipped on to Love Island didn't you? Thought you were back in Zante this summer.. Last min? X
Nobody else seeing that Terry from Love Island is Jamie Lannister!?
Love Island's Olivia feeling insecure about Alex after steamy kissing challenge...
Love Island's Troy Frith reckons one of the islanders doesn't "properly like" her partner
Love Island newcomer wants to make a move on fellow islander: 'I'm bisexual & she's my type'
Love Island's Tina and Troy's first date didn't go that well, then...
Love Island has a harsh twist for newcomers Troy and Oliver! Ouch!
Love Island's Terry tells Sophie about Tom's "no feelings" remark.. how does she react?
i've just tried watching Love Island for the last 5 minutes i can't take it any more my head hurts
Love Island over going out bit of me
Love Island: Terry Walsh has been kissing an islander and it's not (ex) girlfriend Malin!
has her eyes on this Love Island star:
Charlotte Crosby admits to crushing on Love Island star Terry Walsh
Love Island's Terry moves on with Emma-Jane after saying 'I don't miss Malin'
Love Island's breaks down at Terry's plan to dump her: 'That's killed me'.
Brutal: Love Island star Malin Andersson has been thrown into further turmoil as she saw her 'b…
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Love Island fans want Malin Andersson back for explosive showdown with 'snake' Terry Walsh.
Love Island's Malin breaks down as Terry reveals plans to dump her: 'That's killed me' - Daily Star
OMG our Love Island girl is Slaaaying in her lace cover up tonight 👊 🔥. ➳
Malia from Love Island is the worst singer I've ever heard in my life.
Love Island makes me thankful for having a brain.
TC watching Love Island for some quality team bonding.
Was Zara Holland told *not* to have sex on TV prior to appearing on Love Island?
Dethroning Miss GB Zara Holland for sex on Love Island is absurd
Zara Holland stripped of Miss Great Britain title after sex on Love Island with Vicky Pattison's ex
So I had a drink and applied for Love Island, why not? 😂😂😂
Maybe K Love would play better if he didn't look like he owned a blood-stained volleyball and was stranded on an island.
love the new profile pic! And your island would be the perfect place to play outside,
I love the island feel in My Kind so much
Guten Morgen ♡Kallimera ♡Günaydin ♡Good Morning all People and Friends of the World and my Love Island Chios /...
Miss Great Britain Zara Holland stripped of title over Love Island sex -
Olivia on Love Island looks like both Renee Zellweger and Michelle Williams
I've gotten to that stage in life where Love Island is the highlight of my day. Everyday.
Love Island's Alex: Alex Cannon will win Big Brother 💯;"I have a lot of support for him
'You can eat me' Love Island's Zara gets X-rated in quest to bag hunky Adam...
The closest thing to Love Island on Tv when I was younger was Rainbow. Zippy, Bungle & George starred, it's about the same, full of animals.
So weird that George's cousin is on Love Island
Love Island is basically what 95% of our generation is like. The other 5% are going to throw plastic furniture around F…
Love Island of the Blue Dolphins. A forever favorite!
I really don't get the whole concept of Love Island? Surely it's fairly obvious that your ex is going to rock up and it's gonna be awks?
Is this Ex On The Beach star set to appear on Love Island?!
Ex On the Beach star Charlotte Dawson stumbles down the street with Love Island's Jessica…
That's the panther woman!! Awesome. Love Island of Dr. Moreau!
TOWIE's Jon Clark's mum reminds him of Love Island proposal?
Love Island's Jessica Hayes and Katie Salmon flash their *** at Cheltenham. .
Love Island's Josh Ritchie and Danielle Armstrong? He reacts to *that* TOWIE drama...
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Towie have got Jon from Love Island now Megan from Ex On The Beach! Soon you'll see Ian Beale selling egg sandwiches from …
May as well be naked: Cally Jane Beech wears practically pointless cut-out dress: Because the Love Island babe...
Swit-swoo! Love Island's Cally Jane Beech was SMOKIN' at the Kung Fu Panda 3 premiere! Pics:
Get the look! Love Island's nails red carpet glamour in purse-friendly frock
I love being at a tropical island for my spring break. I'm not jealous at everyone who is in Florida, SC, cause I'm in beautiful Island Lake
love Harry but that was not a good performance & agree he would have been voted off the island
I love Hawaii. I've decided I'm never leaving this island ✌️☺️
Wow, what a beautiful island day one and I'm already in love with this place, break out the sunscreen spf60. Lol
I'm grateful to have a friend like you, love you sm💙 @ Narragansett, Rhode Island
Jungle Love, island-style~Enjoy a quirky romance set in the Hawaiian tropics https…
Go back to White Cliff Bay this summer, paddle in the sea, eat an ice cream & fall in love.
Seychelles is awesome, I'd love to hop from island to island! 🙂
What it's really like behind the decks and on Ibiza's Total Wipeout via
Award winning Charlottetown principal Kevin Whitrow 'never bored' with love of learning
Real genuine love is all that matters, don't ever lose sight of that.
Oscar Night on Vashon! If you enjoy this kind of Vashon Island photography I love to shoot, check me out on Patreon!
So many guys I havent seen in years . So much love. I love city island games . I feel like "sophia home now"
Worcester, MA last night! Absolutely love playing there. Stoked for Long Island, NY tonight!
He even gave her pink edges so y'all couldn't go in on her not having edges...that's love!!! Lol
Love this island. Next time I return I'll become a Mrs …
hi Laura! i'm coming to town w/ Goose Island Beer Co. & would love to invite you to our beer dinner. Can you share your email?
I love that song, I listen to The Lonely Island all the time.
so much more to the island than just nightlife. I absolutely love
Oh to be marooned on an island with the love of your life 😍😍
Victoria is a beautiful island close to vancouver canada. will love it!
Governor Cuomo only cut the Verrazano Bridge tolls because I made it a major point in speeches. I love the people of S…
All I want in life atm is for Love Island to be back on TV😭
Perfect spot and perfect people. Falling in love with this island 💚 by ninauc
hey Frank P Seidl. What do you love most about the island?
Santorini: inspired by a true story "Watch love grow on an enchanting Greek Island"
Australia on my bucket list. Never heard of Fraser Island but would love to go.
Happy happy HAPPY birthday to the most beautiful soul I know❤️ love u 5ever🎉
Love the light cabinets with the dark island .
rhode island I'd love to be with you rn
I go every month wvery day. I love the island. I love exploring. I don't do any of the games. I just like the place
I wanna go to MayJah RayJah. someone go with me if you love reggae and island music
Yes! I've played all the Cyan titles I think. I love puzzle adventure games and am also a big fan of the Monkey Island series.
Just another HK pic with a caption about how much I love this place 🌞 @ Lamma Island 南丫島
Love how a stolen Christmas tree from outside a shop makes headline news on the Island
If I were on a deserted island I would love to bring my guitar but, places that have high moisture are bad…
Family Saturday - March 19th. "Love Our Habitats" Jekyll Island is home to more than just sea turtles. Explore...
The sounds of bird chirping right now makes me feel like I'm on an island. Love it!
Love Uncle Dan, but if it's Periscope you gotta have Rhode Island Randy Warwick
I might stop being an active primadonna but I will always love ft island
I actually love the Lonely Island they're hilarious 😭😂😂
Mt.Luho view deck to see the whole island of Boracay...maganda puntahan jan. . WE LOVE MAICHARD
“If you’re going to insist on turning into an island, what can I do about it? I love you, but you call it soundtrack. Well then.”
São Jorge gives incredible and simple landscapes to fall in love :D
Love the totally nailed what I wanted to look into this weekend "How to buy an island" LOL cc
100 things we love right now This jacket:.
You'll gasp when you see hot HOT Love Island's looked in Essex last night!
Love Island's Cally Jane Beech is a natural beauty in no make-up selfie...
We're in for another long, hot summer on Love Island 🌴🌴🌴 . Ready for round two
Love Island co-stars have an interesting idea for the next series!
Love Island star launches exciting new project!
Geordie Shore: Charlotte Crosby and Love Island’s Max Morley an item? What about ...
Welcome to the Love Island. NP: Michael Jackson- Everyday. NEXT: Zapp & Rogers- I wanna be your man.
This Bear geezer is basically a mini Paul Danan, for anyone that remembers the original Love Island
Jessica Hayes flaunts her ample chest as she teams up with Maria Fowler for yet another night out... as she puts row with Love Island beau
All the Love Island lot down Spread Eagle lool
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RUMOUR: Jess & Max from Love Island have reportedly split after Max was seen with Jess Wright for the second time. htt…
The waiter in Oasis Cafe in Lagosh is the actual spitting image of Max from Love Island. Definitely separated at birth.
With costar Cally Jane Beech, Love Island winner Jessica Hayes enjoys girl time in high heels and party dresses:
Love Island winner Jessica Hayes and Maria Fowler enjoy London night out
Sun columnist Ally Ross lets rip at Love Island
AMAZING PICTURES: See what REALLY happened at the Love Island afterparty
Scouse Playboy Bunny Hannah Elizabeth is runner up in Love Island - Liverpool ... - Liverpool Echo @
If Jon and Hannah don't win the whole of Love Island will of been pointless
Former Lib Dem leader Lord Ashdown says he'll eat his hat if John and Hannah don't win 'Love Island'.
'Sometimes I get it really wrong' Love Island host Caroline Flack is ...
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