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Love Connection

Love Connection is an American television game show, hosted by Chuck Woolery, in which singles attempted to connect with a compatible partner of the opposite gender.

Chuck Woolery Mike Fleiss Andy Cohen

Chop Heston Clint Eastwood Chuck Woollery from Love Connection - spreading so much hate
Are the Cardinals going on Love Connection with Chuck Woolery to find a QB? 😂
Growing up, I watched Love Connection, so it's a thrill to know that Chuck Woolery is rage jerking off to me tonight. Crazy world, huh?
Chuck Woolery met Bannon and Trump and realized his Love Connection was a "menage a trois"
K & B, the new Love Connection? Do Ghetto Edition... 'member The Howard Stern Show? Jerry Springer meets The Bachelor, do that!
Love Connection is coming back this summer.
'Love Connection' Reboot Hosted by Andy Cohen Set at Fox . 'The Bachelor' exec producer Mike Fleiss will exec produ…
Andy Cohen will host revival of the show 'Love Connection,' w/Mike Fleiss ('The Bachelor') as EP. Coming this summer
.Cohen will host a new edition of Love Connection for FOX, with The Bachelor's Mike Fleiss producing.
Andy Cohen to host "Love Connection" revival for Fox. 15 eps ordered from EP Mike Fleiss
"I'm with her" a historic awful campaign slogan. Sounds like a line left over on the cutting room floor of "Love Connection" .
remember when Chuck Woolery used to say that on Love Connection? Lol
When baby girl's done with something, she drops it, then blows a kiss like Chuck Woolery at the end of the old Love Connection shows.
When listening to baseball and they say the count is "2 & 2" does anyone think of Chuck Woolery & Love Connection?
We stopped at the comedy club so someone could make the "Love Connection screw up" joke and be funny for once.
7 things your chakra system will teach you:. Trust. Connection. Commitment Love. Communication.…
Hamilton Collection
Got to love 'First Time Ever I Saw Your Face'... although, awkward given the connection it has for me.
Joseph Vincent's Rainbow Connection causes me really to fall in love HUHUHU I SO LOVE U JOSEPH!!!
Making it a goal to read a different writer or poet each night 📖 Tonight is writing about love, connection & growth
The labor of love in connection with work tide studying entering us: NudLygia
Best-selling author Othniel Seiden's book is on top again! You're gonna love it - just like everyone else!
I love you can still feel their connection even on the phone
I just had a connection with a man who looks like a mix between Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling and was so sweet..I've never been so in love
Love my team so much, i have a huge connection w/ everyone on it and i'm going to miss all the seniors and Coach Workm…
Love for one another reveals common divine source, this is truly the entire purpose of the Torah—2 reveal Jew’s essential connection to G-d.
Hi there from Berlin! we would love to test touch, cause we are developing a home holodeck in connection to vr themepark. Cy
Daniel and another Navy guy. Could be a love connection.
Flome really discovered a deep connection yesterday and a mutual love of the theater with this gentleman at...
I love your music but the two songs that I really have a connection with and stand out are Not Me, Not and Believe Again!
Great scopes today but many connection issues. Loved seeing u & Randy back. Loved the bus and cab rides too lol. Love u.
I actually love I think it's that's Igbo connection 😩
How to love Allah. 2- watch your gatherings. keep a close connection with those who love Allah.
Hello, I interviewed Whit Stillman, and we talked about all the things.
The connection they have just lights up the screen! Love these two!
Love is a connection. When that connection is made to something that's not good for you, it's often best to sever it. Love yourself first.
LOVE is not about the perfect match, Love is the connection between two people.
Animals always have a special place in my life and in my heart and soul. The most amazing special connection 😍 htt…
"I tried making an absurd connection between genuine love and a winning mentality" 🏆💞🎺🎖
Yes, eye to eye I can feel the love, spark and connection with each other. .
Gotta love it when your Wi-Fi connection dies & when you restart your laptop it takes ages to update.
.Ditto. Love your welcome message. A healthy planet is our aim - connection is our g…
Baby I love you, you are my life my happiest moments weren't complete if you weren't by my side,you're my relation and connection to the sun
For the love of God, don't quote Kur'an on social media!!! The only connection you need is between you and Him!
Love visiting this village, only 20 minute connection to York yet out in the Yorkshire countryside
People throw away love and deep connection for "potential" fun. Potential in quotations because this fun is...
I love Mobile Data Internet Connection not Wifi or others.
Education should bring joy, connection, fulfillment, fun and a wow factor. We value the love of learning
Movie night 😄 I Origins is the cutest movie. Love the concept of past lives and the intristic connection between memory and soul 🌻🕊
Whit Stillman interview on Jane Austen among other things.
We can't live withoute love. Love is everywhere, and love is good connection bteween peoples. Friendship is part of love. Rescpect is love
I also love the stable connection, cos i stream a lot on and
we have a cosmic connection〰bc I was just gonna DM you asking if you got my silly text. love u 💞💞✨🌹
My baby! More thankful for you than anyone else on this planet!! I love you soulmate & our connection
I could literally confess my love to thomas & he would just be like "oh sorry connection was bad & I didn't hear a word u said lol"
Thanks for the reminder. Looking back the little things were expressions of love and connection.
We love our VDSL-based connection ! What a contrast to the previous service we had (1/10th of the speed) - it is working wonderfully!
Real Clear Politics- The Panama Papers’ Love Connection: The ultra wealthy can be as petty as anyone when it c...
I love the connection Me and Bart have built over a short period of time. His friendship to me is so important and I will cherish it.
As the world keeps turning, Love stays in our Heart. One connection that no matter what, can't be broken. Xx💋💖.
I feel you don't fall out of love you just fall out of connection & you can't get that back
I am with you. I understand. I appreciate you opening up :) it is so good for you, & so good for human co…
It's even worse when they are in your life, like you see them. But there's no love, there's no connection.
Stronger love and a much more beautiful connection. I am so thankful for the distance and you should be too. It's strength! ❤️
Love this real connection using tech brings!
really not feeling the love connection they were trying to pull in season 2. Love felt stronger between every other pairing
Beau is really proud of 'Love What You Have' bc they wrote it themselves & it really shows the emotional connection be…
When there's love and a deep spiritual connection, physical love is merely an expression of my eyes at least.
we love "The Cars" !! and can't say good enough things about the Boston Connection
Put these on your to do list: kindness, love, connection💛
Yes, I caught the ALEC connection. I didn’t notice the “common law” book. Would love to know more. DM me?
Obviously dont have the kind of love and connection for J like I do niall but I've loved him so long always will and want him to be his best
I love sex but it gets boring when there is no connection
I love being able to touch history- a connection you can't get from a book.
I love those people who you meet for the first time and have an automatic connection with them
Twin flame.. Like an ultimate love connection.
Chemistry, and connection is the feeling, but Love is a choice.
Stop trolling. We're over here trying to make a love connection
💋👣-I know you think I fave Talie but I love you too me and you have are own connection and I pray it only get stronger and stronger😌
not Cruz Pac, no connection to Cruz. Yr glazed eyed man love for Trump is creepy.
Totally love the PDX connection. Winton was at Powell's. Says the girl with a 1st edition and whose read it 10 times
HBD to my never thought a connection could be so real..wouldn't trade our energy for the world. Mad love💞🌊
A film by about community, love and human connection...if you know what I mean
I love it! Thanks for making the connection. God's ways are so awesome!
I love the connection that you have with us. Thanks you 😊
It'd be easy to say love is overrated but the reality is I miss connection.
I fell in love with a woman on the subway today. She was reading "Just Kids" and smiled. Eye contact, connection, and the…
Sure would love to see a Jared Goff-DeAndre Smelter connection :)
.just had a LOVE connection w who KILLED IT at rally. She actin cool but I CAN TELL SHE FREAKIN
more effective connection w/the American people because u r not afraid to use social media to communicate. I love u brother
I love your mind,your words, the connection we made,but often I feel this painful ache of missing you. I miss to touch you,t…
TY for following me. I really appreciate our connection for RTs on
Love changing people's stories with Breaking the connection between feeling 'broken' and being successful.
The strongest wireless connection of all . love
Sex is gonna get boring with time for sure, but if the love and connection remains, then so shall the relationship homie.
It certainly is not a Love Connection but DT plays them like a fiddle. NewTune! love the music
Where's Chuck Woolery when you need him? I think we have a Love Connection.
That your life's biggest accomplishment is hosting Love Connection tells me all I need to know about Chuck Woolery.
I'd be much better than that smarmy *** Chuck Woolery as the host of Love Connection.
"Shut up! Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control. Here's Love Connection. Watch this and get fat and stupid." ~Bill Hicks
Talking to a friend about her date and I brought up Love Connection and Chuck Woolery. I'm old.
// Shhh~. When a thorough connection has been established and a nicely laid out love confession is made. Lovey dovey yuri --
Thanks for the wonderful connection I love looking at the static picture of a Lincoln...
Robin I love that you begged her to talk to you. It shows you really love her. I love your connection with Meri.
I don't never wanna loose you so let's keep a close connection because you the only one I love out of my whole collection
I'd love to watch it but froze up our connection and I can't see it 😓
I love that I have an extremely high wifi connection and the keeps loading and shutting off
the connection is obsolete to them when the internet and hip hop and RNB is their teacher. I love u BishopJakes
I chose streamer because I love being able to talk to fans that I don't have lol. It would be nice to have that connection
Perhaps.Or perhaps it's why they are easier to connect with. I love a good comedy, but I don't get that deep connection.
God is unknown, if you seek god, seek love and seek connection with the earth and the plants, you will feel the energy of love and life.
Dalton to Green-- gotta love that connection... tough catch by what's new-- guy has incredible hands!
I want a connection where I can't be unplugged 💯
In connection with the latest events in Paris is always lost on the status of the city of love .
Love it!!! Hope you've enjoyed the book and the great TD Baker connection. Have a great week!!
Communication,a dance, connection,vibration,a trance,more than a stare,more than a glance,sync,not by circumstance but love,true romance
We reimagined the VS > Mac connection, and I think you're going to *love* it:
Boutta lose all connection to the world for the next few days so if u need to admit your love to me now is the time to do so or forever hold
I cant wait to have a real connection with someone. Being able to look at em and say to myself. *** im really in love with you.
$250. I love mine as well. Other than the connection on the back. It comes loose every time I move slightly.
i love paying £99 extra to upgrade my connection only to have it drop for 10 mins every hour today, honestly!
I would love to actually play starwars but the game stops me every 10 seconds saying I have poor connection. 100mbps up and down (cont)
3 Horrible Things In Life: . 1 Seeing your mom cry. 2 Seeing the love of your life fall in love with somebody else. 3 Slow internet…
You don't have to be the baddest chick to get my attention if We fall in love , just know we have a connection and I don't…
I just feel a connection to shia. Love U bro hit my line I got that
I know after 2years of saying they have a connection now TRUE LOVE 😍💖💖💖
love that. should I post a missed connection? I'll seriously prob check them to see if he posted
love. It's so fascinating, the passion, the connection, the synchronicity. truly the most powerful force in the world.
I love explaining the Del Rio and Zeb connection to friends who haven't watched since mania
I love how Reinforced's site lets you choose a hi-speed or lo-speed internet connection, total 90s throwback vibes
"When you thank Me, it makes a love-connection between your heart and Mine."
I love how still doesn't use connection based matchmaking. Absolutely retarded
I feel like I'm really building a connection with my members whenever we exchange Happy Thanksgiving greetings. I just love the holidays.
Ima always love my ex , our connection is retarded
Strengthen the connection to the heart. More and more each day stabilize your existence in the purity of Love.
ყου should become the 5th member of 4th impact ❤️👭 the connection is so real I just love ყου with them !
Arroyo issuing make love - obstinate strike in connection with gulf issuing services: qXIKIkNEB
Oh boy now this is gonna be a good one I can just feel it. A real love connection.
I love delayed flights. Totally my favorite. Especially when it could mean missing my connection
A feeling that I struggle w is that I feel like I need to much love & people will go away from me bc my appetite for connec…
I love having this direct connection :P
That special Love Connection between a Mother and Son!. Some people never get to feel it. I too was Lucky!...
Love & connection: we're made for it, no doubt - but at the same time the most challenging part of life to make work, let alone understand.
I heard it in your voice . when your love died. on a telephone connection. stretching miles and miles of wire 🎶
This... pain connection... same day, same feelings... Does love shares the same feelings? .
This scene is just perfect! Their connection is unbeliavable ❤❤. I can't even tell you how much I love this scene. https:…
But despite my extra toes, And my goiter and my nose, I really wanna make a love connection. Can't you see me with a special lady
You can love someone and have a connection with them but it still can mean there not right for you personally
Reading this book is so different the second time! The connection between Hosea's love for Sarah and God's love for us is overwhelming!
A relationship fails. . It's your connection. . Cause it worked for others. Try another service provider. . Love.
I love quiet a atmosphere... I feel you have a better connection with someone if you can connect with their feelings without using words.
U can’t force a connection or love U can’t force them to be something they’re not sooner we all realize it the better off we are
I love pippi so much I especially like it because pippi was one of my favorite books as a kid idk that's a neat little connection for ya
Another love connection between Cisco and Lisa??
"True Love Knows No Boundaries" all the cringe at the connection BUT STILL I DONT WANNA HAVE TO CHANGE TEXTS SKDJSJAJ
Putin using mistress to birth love-child "deliberately" in Switzerland to invade Switzerland, citizenship revoked with no connection for any
Well, I can't get much going for myself lately, but I think I've successfully created a love connection between my little cousin & a friend.
woes listen I have genuine connection with salad fingers I cannot simply explain it in words but I love it.
I love making the personal connection with my readers. Start by signing up for my newsletter.
I haven't ever seen him live and its been my dream to hear his amazing love live & to final make that real life connection
love the new connection and relationships I have built with this team. Tomorrow is gonna rock.
How do you know that you're in love? — when you have a strong connection for each other when either of you walk in …
Please ask Nathan if the owner from the TV store made a love connection.
Meanwhile, I love my new Fibre connection :D.
Like I have a huge nostalgic connection to Attack of the Clones. The love dialogue makes me cringe now, but I can watch it no problem
I be literally sitting here worried about I care and love him a lot and don't even have a connection with him 😂😏❤
I love those people i have an immediate connection with
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Love and connection, the best tx for disorders of the mind and body! Also eat your vegies & take yr meds if needed.
Why I love edX and MOOCs - because the only prerequisite is access to an Internet connection and a willingness to le…
To love someone doesn't mean to force a commitment,sometimes u just have to be satisfied w/ whatever connection you ha…
See ur in love wit material. N even more in love wit attention. Walking through life so eager 4 affection. And never really was a connection
Love is just a deeper connection, a beautiful and unique energy between two individuals
Sex without love is like chewing food with no food. I got to have a spiritual connection. Soul snatching connection.
Sun, love and fun. True love to me is a connection of such contentment, peace and joy, that all you…
Keep the connection to the universal flow of Unity Light and Love.
That connection between fist amd Jenna jaw 😂😂😂 its always been the JelaShow! if you reading this I love you girl
This man knows love, forgiveness, human connection and kindness. He's going to be just fine.
Unconditional love . and acceptance. . A soul connection . that makes. waves of love.
I love the natural connection girls have with each other
I'm really glad I'm finally starting to feel a connection w the ladies in les chev...too bad I still only know 1/3 of their names 😁
There's like this instant love for someone or connection when you meet someone who has also torn their ACL
I have to admit I never picked how much Chuck Woolery knows about science & medicine when I used to watch "Love Connection."
Be nice to get Chuck Woolery with the Love Connection show on with reruns at least. Also be nice to get Parental Control show back on.
Darrelle is the only man i feel happy with and have a strong love connection with.
"our modern self portraits...We create them to find friendship, love,&that ambiguous modern thing called connection."
I saw an old lady so I stopped for a chat. In no time we had a connection! Now I know why we need a little more love
My wife couldn't hear me when I called to tell her I love her. Glad for little cushions of connection text & internet can provide.
Hey Jon! Just sent you a message/LinkedIn connection request. Love to learn more about BumeBox.
I love the connection me and Sabrina have when I look into her eyes it makes me so happy😊
but I love you more bc we have that v special connection *wink* 😎
I love my friend every single one of them too bad I'm gonna be away from connection THO
🎶🎵 The world can't break down the connection, 'cause our love is Devine and it's
LOVE the connection, artistry, talent, emotion an TEXTURE of this piece!
can you say more about the love connection? I always thought that would be a great story/super sweet. 😍😘
One of the football players was singing "crazy in love" & I felt a connection..
Hard to lose you, hard to miss you, hard to come to terms. I love you!. Never replaced, but always looking for the connection.
No one understands the love and connection I have with and for That's my heart 😌
Shonda loves me. I love her but we don't speak at all but the connection remains.
yoo shoutout to ppl who don't feel a strong connection to at least 1 of their parents. I hope ur ok & have found an outside …
I just love this connection right now fam. It's like my bullet reg connects its awesome
Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but I'd like to have a complicated talk about attraction, connection, and what it means to be in love.
When we pray, our souls and hearts get clarified. We feel teh love, we feel the human touch and connection with nature
What a way to start off my day..Love Connection !!!
Chuck Woolery on seeing Love Connection pilot: "The problem is the host was hitting on all the girls." Bob Eubanks: "I know who that was."
Is he living now? Chuck Woolery, born March 16, 1941, game show host, Wheel of Fortune and Love Connection? Yes. He's 74 today.
All those years watching Love Connection, I never would have suspected Chuck Woolery was such an un-PC badass.
Big Dog 106 & The Texas Longhorn are calling ALL SINGLE LADIES!! Sign up to be 1 of our 100 Love Connection...
LOL Chuck Woolery, host of the freaking Love Connection is anti-Muslim. That's hysterical honestly. Who can take that man seriously?
Is this Love Connection? Is playing the role of Chuck Woolery?
I'm not sure how people stomach this. I'd rather watch "Love Connection" hosted by Chuck Woolery.
"Every connection--friendship, love, whatever--can be painful. Its all a huge risk. Life is a risk."
eyebrow dance girl. ... strong connection I love you ♥ Today was PERFECT
MAJOR praise to the Jess/Ryan love connection! Love it so much we don't miss Jess/Nick (as much)!
I agree, but it's not like an intimate connection. It's complicated. I love you like a brother though
Love Connection This *** silly as *** for this go follow him on Instagram
Don’t be fooled! Gifts & Flattery are not acceptable substitutes for and real emotional connection
Do you think CeCe is either in love with Ally or maybe her older sister? She seems to have a deep connection/admiration for Ally
has a beautiful connection with and the love they displayed on is exactly what people need to see on TV 👏
I do not trust feelings . I try to convince myself that there is no connection . Until my intuition whispers my mind's contradiction .
I wish I could say I love u love n love u ...😘😘😘😘 n I want only u Becoz I know humara connection Purana h ❤
All look 4 & connection, but settle on self deception-Let the grow from the inside out-Let the love grow
I'll fall in love with the one who grasps my vision with her clothes on. The one who opens my mind for a deeper connection.
My mother lacks the feeling of love. I feel no connection with her. Lol.
I love holding hands because i feel like a part of that person ands its a connection you can't break
Love and emotion has no connection at all. That's something that we have been misinformed about for years.
I love the connection Ma Dukes and I have! I wouldn't trade her for nothing ✊💯
believe wht you want. We are emotional creatures. Women don't just cheat to cheat. They cheat for ANOTHER love or connection
The singer outside is doing a very R-rated version of The Rainbow Connection. Not sure if I love or hate it.
SOA Homeless lady. Wine and the connection.
"i love you" means your heart has made a connection with that person. "i'm IN love with you" means your heart is invested …
I hung up my German and Italian flag in my apartment :) I love my flag collection.. I only really collect ones I have a connection to though
My plan to go between Tsum Tsum and Love Live is having connection failures. no.
*** it, I thought the Cassadine connection would help for once." Ha I do love Sam.
I hope Audrey and Queenie make a love connection.
"Uh, yeah, KFKF? I love the variety, but I'd like it if you played Mothership Connection JUST this once."
Ummm Yer my new internet connection is faster then NBN. Docsis 3.0 HFC. I'm in love.…
We have the HUG CONNECTION going on around here! Love me some hugs!
I want a mental deep connection with someone. Somebody that's going to challenge my mind & make me fall in love with theirs.
“Feelings are a connection.They surpass time,and find their way back to the people you love.” -Bot
I love playing for about 10 minutes only to for NO REASON LOSE CONNECTION AND NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY. LOVE IT, FAVORITE EVER.
Really? With how much of a VGM fan you are Id think you would love it even without FF connection. Amazing rhythm game on its own.
love when I feel an instant connection w/ someone featured in NBC s Science of Love
Feels like I'm losing my connection to all my people out there. It's dramatic, I love y'all. Okay, I'm drunk.
We made love. We have a connection that you can't run away from. Face it. Embrace it.
So do love . Build sweet heartache. To continue the connection. To heart that save us.
Two types of people who can't sleep early at night: . 1.Those who are in love . 2.Those who have good internet connection
When you feel a connection that you knew was there lowkey from the start .. I love that feeling .
Love requires a pure connection between us. If we sever that connection with what we think about each other, love can'…
Y'all jus don't understand the connection me & Conner have. 💁😂 he loves me & I love him. It's us forever !
Ingles to exum for the 3, gotta love the Aussie connection
Yup, I do hope to fall in love with a guy who has good taste in music and a jawline stronger than my wifi connection. Lol
The connection between us is different
Strong love connection with me and my face mask lol
Thank you to the Ravenna Lions Club for allowing our 5th & 6th grade DPA students to help with the Love Connection Project!
That's real love, nothing more beautiful than the emotional connection between couple so in love that every day feels right
I love just having that special connection with someone who just lights up the entire world 😍
I love science: The truth about the connection between vaccines and autism? Hint: None
I'm in love!! I wonder if she'll fit in my carry-on. Great supplier connection
Lexi is my bestfriend that I don't talk to everyday but still have that connection when we link up 😍😍😍😍 it's all love when it comes to us
I like April and Dominic together but I really would love to see her and Leo together, they have this amazing cancer connection
Lol. love you too! hope that was genuine. cause i kinda felt a cyber connection. are yo... — Lmao you're funny :) x
I love yours and Paige's connection😍 Its really strong this episode.
Sex is our connection, No love is currently present
PLEASE for the love of God make matchmaking based on connection again instead of skill. I've not had a match without red-barring.
At the end of the day, its not about skin color or race. Its about the love connection: the vibe between man & woman -Something New (2006)
Love Connection. Chuck Woolery needs to get back to his roots and stop selling stuff to old folks.
I used to wanna go on Love Connection. Chuck Woolery with the two minutes two seconds right back atcha...
Chuck Woolery still look good..they need to bring Love Connection back lol
Golf with George C. Scott. All I wanted to do was talk about Patton. All he wanted to talk about? Love Connection. Amazing
Back from the Dead, 1985 - 1989: In the Fall of 1985 I moved back in with my parents in Rocky River. My Dad had vowed that I would never live with them again because of the *** I had put my parents through. But my Mom prevailed upon him to give me another chance. The love of a mother. I was fat, weak and smoked half a pack of cigarettes a day but I had a good attitude and I was on the road to recovery. I wasn't drinking or using and I went to AA meetings every night. I wasn't working yet but I was busy and occupied and getting stronger. In the afternoon I went to Far West Center at St. John's West Shore Hospital and hung out with other folks trying to put their lives back together. We went to Arby's for dinner fairly often and those roast beef sandwiches with the two sauces, red and white, one horsey, made quite an impression. My goal was to work at Arby's and become Mayor of Cleveland. As you can see, I've long had political delusions. I watched Love Connection every night on TV. And I came up ...
Portsmouth> Little Caesars spreads the to Social Ministry
In love with every connection we have
I love other sagittarius like I feel a spiritual connection w them instantly
Our friendship, brotherhood, love, and spiritual connection goes far beyond what words can ever…
love guys & Destiny is AMAZING !!! But what is up with connection issues?? Have yet to play a game because I keep getting dropped...
Love Issy so much we just have this special connection no one will have
Date with the intention of marriage or you're just dating just for fun. As adults, marriage is the ultimate goal of a tr…
I've been burned in love by the Sun today. If you've never experienced it, I highly recommend. Universe Mother Earth Connection
♥True pleasure lies in the connection and strength of relationship with ALLAH TA‘ALA, in love for the Prophet صلى الله علي…
I love a natural connection. I don't like forcing things.
I have a very special connection with my fans, and I love it.
I love hearing stories from the secret sessions bc each & every one of u have a personal connection with Taylor & thats …
Having a new love team does not always necessarily mean that they have to date/need a special connection. It's the truth. ✌️🙊
No matter what me & my BD go through I will always have love for him ✊✊✊✊ we have a special connection that can't nobody come between !!!
thanks for RTing, Louisa. Love to see connection between Ferguson and Hong Kong
Love is not a human emotion it's just a word... What matters is the connection that word implies.
Love seeing a fellow DM wearer. It's like there's this instant connection; for real. 😌
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
MISSED CONNECTION:. We made love during a screening of "Wild Hogs.". You refused to take your Travolta mask off. . I had the…
I love coming to Kendall's because I have a connection at her house. A wifi connection 😍
Can love be measured . By the hours in a day. By the distance between us,. By the never ending . Connection of two souls. Indescri…
Just made the connection that I definitely love weeping willows because of grandmother willow.
if I can't miss u I won't love u. I shouldn't be searching for a purpose in our love, our connection should have created the purpose.
📺DEBUT: The dating game show 'Love Connection' premiered 31 years ago today in 1983 with host Chuck Woolery
Love Connection host headlines Tea Party Express bus tour for Chris McDaniel in Miss
Question: What did Chuck Woolery always say on 'Love Connection' . Answer: ✌and ✌
Sitting next to Chuck Woolery on Love Connection has to be rock bottom...
TRIVIA TUESDAY! A game show legend was in a '60's band. He was in a group called The Avant Garde. They produced a hit combatting drugs, called, "Naturally Stoned." After that, his game show pedigree grew. He was the very first host of "Wheel Of Fortune." He later did "Scrabble," and "Love Connection" in the 80's Then he did "Greed" in 2000. He most recently hosted "Lingo." His name: Chuck Woolery. "Back in two and two!"
Being the game show aficionado that I am, this coming week Wheel of Fortune will celebrate it's 6000th episode!!! Ever since it's debut in 1975, this has became an amazing and fun way to play Hangman while having the chance to win tens of thousands of dollars in cash and prizes!! Pat Sajak took over "Wheel" in 1981, immediately after Chuck Woolery. Mr. Woolery left the show after Merv Griffin, the creator of "Wheel" and "Jeopardy", declined to pay Chuck $350,000/year to stay with the show. This led to Woolery hosting some great game shows of the 1980s, including "Scrabble" and "Love Connection". Vanna White joined Pat in 1982, making her one of the most beloved women in America. Vanna OFFICALLY became a "Letter-Toucher" in 1997, after turning letters for 15 years. So far, the show has produced 2 Million-Dollar winners, and has given over $200 MILLION in cash and prizes!!!
Ouch! There will be no Love Connection around here! lol. Type CHUCK if you agree with Mr. Woolery. ~Zeus
1st we had now it's by Well look at u Chuck Woolery from Love Connection
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