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Love Canal

Love Canal was a neighborhood in Niagara Falls, New York, located in the LaSalle section of the city. It officially covers 36 square blocks in the far southeastern corner of the city, along 99th Street and Read Avenue.

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who says I get hit on? I'm sure the boys love me dancing around canal street in this.
Another autumn evening run along the canal. How I love the changing colors of the leaves.
So difficult to not fall in love the Canal, more here >>>
followed by a brisk kayak trip up the "Love Canal' aka/Niagra river. Yes,glowing green is normal,no worries.
I love burgers in the Grand Canal shops at the at the venation. Has some of the best breakfast fair on the stripe.Reasonprice2
I always love the reflections you get in the canal
Nice walk round Chester canal, love Autumn excited for Halloween! 🎃🎃🎃
Morning canal run followed by family roast. love Sundays 👌
Sunday's are made for walking along London's Regents Canal find out why I love the stretch...
Ah I love this cafe! Last time was her birthday last year! . Pizza was pretty good too! @ CANAL CAFE
Do you know what's in your drinking water? Be aware, be WELL!
I also saw a plastic yellow clog with a speedboat motor on the canal, love to jump on with
Main lesson to be learned from the Love Canal crises is that in order to protect public…
you didn't love!!! I had a root canal yesterday and was in so much pain today.
Fell in love at canal mills and my life's over
As a result of Love Canal Superfund was created.
Canal Park crawling with UMD gear. Love it.
I was there with my daughter in September, I love the Embankment Griboyedov Canal
Dinner with my love! (@ Chipotle Mexican Grill in Canal Winchester, OH)
Seriously you'll love it! Absolutely Brilliant! You've seen promos? NOT the U.S. version the one on Canal.
I met my love . by the gas works wall. Dreamed a dream . by the old canal
I love the colours. You'll have to take some of the canal from Digby :)
'Love Canal' environmental crusader to make a stop
I love walkin the canal road at night 😍
I'm sure she will.. love going to Canal days..always good band and great food
Wowowowowowowow that was so great gotta love living in canal hall where we have a fire drill twice a week at any given time
Love queuing for a year to get in canal mills me
Almost at canal mills us gonna be one nasty night this love it me
lots of movement in the shot, love how the wiggly hoarding has caught the light. Gives the canal a glossy vibe
I love that xx meet me at the Manchester ship canal x
Awards doesn't always reward good music. Mackelmore won a grammy so keep it up bro' we love what u do canal d'or or not
Love Cyril Nri's suggestion that there should be a spin-off series from with him and Hazel saving future boys from the canal.
That's what I've found too... Pity, I love the Spanish commentators in Canal+
Love being a resident of Canal already.
I’d love to live in cosy world of Radio 4, where living on a canal boat is a “lifestyle choice” because house prices are too high
Loving - do love fairness when queuing 😊 Great guests... and I've learnt about Suez Canal queues too!
A beautiful love story and wedding on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa.
hitting her depraved mind, thinking about that horse *** stretching her love canal to its limits Satie at first tried to>>
Here's an idea, how about an Apple boat in this year's Amsterdam *** canal parade? Would love to see that happen.
Most beautiful place ... by kirstie_lea
I love waking up to the sound of birds outside my window and boat horns in the ship canal
I love the lines in this architecture in Grand Canal Square
I love this canal of Venice and how you express the old "Italian textures and atmosphere"
Thank you. Routine root canal turned into a whole new ball game. Kyle is offering to puree my food. Such
Tks! this wk we love at the Royal Canal
Definitely, yes please, I would love some fresh. I'm at Grand Canal Dock right by the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre.
Love Canal. . Can't you feel all the GOP love up our collective canal?
A Love Canal is brewing in Santa Clarita where Magic Mountain is. The poor folks of Santa Paula, Val Verde & Castaic don't have $ to fight.
Swim in the sea. Take roadtrips. Count the stars. Fall in love. Be free.
Trip to the dentist yesterday ended with me having a nervous breakdown, I need a root canal! Where do I go about remortgaging? 😂
Love the Nautical style: canal boat mermaid!
New video promo for Canal Reggae in Brazil! Brazil really showing the love over 2000+ views in a…
Text WORLD3 to 8198 and make me be CANAL 2OR Best World Music Artist !. Peace, Love & Light !
Lol at the high schoolers across the canal from me. I can hear ya belting Love Me Like You Do from inside my room... Learn how to party.
Describe what you want to do to my tight love canal
on the corner of canal and broadway where SOMEONE WROTE OVER "LOVE ME" 😒😒😒
I love you💗💛I had a root canal done few hours ago & it hurts so darn much😭.
On the corner of Canal and Broadway where that huge sign says "love me" shrouded in graffiti and the stench of weed.
I'm literally in the gutter of canal street and all I can think of is I LOVE YOU HAZEL
Gotta love this winter! “Rideau Canal record broken at 47 consecutive skating days ht…
"Some OK bike jumps along the canal. Would love to know who maintains them!" Foursquare Tip @ Timbrell Park
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
you will make a ruffle with the dreadbeard poseidon? :O Why i enter in this? Subscribe? Rt? Answer me please! I love your "canal"!
I love that spot! (we had canal house at St Peter's :) And nothing better than a beautiful place+a good friend!
I am in love with this beautiful, light and airy canal cottage! (via
I find the editing process starts more painfully than root canal but by the end I'm madly in love & have a much better book
I would love to win this for my uncle who has a boat on the Oxfordshire canal. It's his 2nd home.
love Marple flight,16 locks on the Peak Forest Canal. Much more to explore this Easter, can't wait
It nearly looks purple. Really nice photo. I love winter colours & very few boats on the canal :-)
as much as I love a hernia, high blood pressure, or a root canal.
Canal House Cooks - love everything about that book, from its sincerity to its tactile red cover
Serving next to Tulane's own Ironside WafflesBuilding! Off Canal on S.Robertson!
i love my neighbourhood...walks in the olympic park...long canal trails..Tom Daley diving...bumping into friends...sunshine streets
The leader of the Love Canal speaking to concerned people in North County St. Louis. Long, but important.
Paul Simon music lead me to Graceland.Steve Taylor music lead me to Love Canal?
drinking by the canal will never get old 🍺 love you Paris
In the 70's Love Canal folks told no health concerns due to nuclear waste. Same thing now @ westlake landfill. belive it? 800 6 leslie
Got to get a root canal and my wisdom teeth out. I love being me😃🔫
First, some good news about the 1970s Love Canal environmental disaster in New York: long-term studies have shown no increase in rates of cancer or birth defects among the area’s ...
My friend Will is making a film about notorious Love Canal. If you like supporting indie documentary filmmakers:
Love Can't wait for the concept store to open in on 5 Dec
East is definitely a great start, so pretty! Make sure you look into the canal too, love running on the canal!
Suez Canal new: all this love ya Mahlab
Pre-sales for Mike Love at Canal Public House are available, IM me or Justice Schricker
Living like a local on Saint Martin Canal :) thank you for hosting me Love your apartment
Thank you for supporting the families of Love Canal Great work on
I love the Canal Fulton Giant Eagle b/c all the cashiers call me sweetheart.
Sold! This lovely 'plein air' study "On The Grande Canal Venice" by Gerald Green has found a new home. Love the...
Posted onOctober 9, 2014 Stephen Hicks The opening of my latest column at EveryJoe: “First…
Canada, I am very in love with you already. @ Rideau Canal/Winterlude
Would love to but Im away that weekend.
wow! I really love that early morning mist rising off the canal. Eerie but beautiful :-)
Hamilton Collection
Love skating the canal when the moon is full
I don't understand how they factor out Love Canal 3 mile island & smog - just quality of life issues?
I love going for runs down the canal
Putting qtips inside your ear canal is just so dangerous pls don't do that ok you need to love yourself
Now looking forward to work on the Love Canal ❤️
Few stories better illustrate need for reform than Love Canal;a new film is being made https:/…
More love locks on the canal. People locking love while I'm unlocking whatever that was.
Marcus Thornton had a root canal this morning. Thinks he'll play: I love this game. It takes a lot to keep me away.
LOVE AND DEATH IN TRIESTE Milo wants to drown old boss in Canal thriller
Lois Gibbs of Love Canal spoke of nuclear landfill here:
I remember Love Canal, the Cuyahoga River fires, & Republicans chanting "smokestacks mean progress!" in the late 60s and early 70s.
7 August-1964 Vietnam War: the U.S. Congress passes the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution giving U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson broad war powers to deal with North Vietnamese attacks on American forces./1976 Viking program: Viking 2 enters orbit around Mars./1978 U.S. President Jimmy Carter declares a federal emergency at Love Canal due to toxic waste that had been negligently disposed of./1987 Lynne Cox becomes first person to swim from the United States to the Soviet Union, crossing from Little Diomede Island in Alaska to Big Diomede in the Soviet Union/1989 U.S. Congressman Mickey Leland (D-TX) and 15 others die in a plane crash in Ethiopia.
Climate Change is caused by HAARP, but yes Love Canal, Manhattan Project, Toxic Waste, Cancer. Drug side effects, all that jazz
Get down to Taurus on Canal Street tonight for scifi comedy Love/loss/lust/LSD & homosexuality from7
Love that brunch, seriously tempted to go back, great offer on just now
Love these Canal+ segments. Wish there'd been something like it to capture Danny Wilson bamming up the sheepshaggers
Nice & cozy love it ... architecture very traditional German. one little thing canal is almost greenish color. Thanks.
We would love to see you TODAY in Northhampton, PA! Come visit our spot at Paw Prints on the Canal!! It starts...
Walk out the canal today to clachnaharry love it out there.
Skating in Rideau Canal does, look awesome! 😍 Thanks a lot for sending these, Ruth! Really love it! ❤️
I love summer...sunny walk down the canal in my dungarees, now reading a novel with a canalside cappuccino :)
Little trip to Amsterdam is due! 💬✈️I miss late night strolls by the canal it's so peaceful. I love that city ❤️
How The Cultural Cringe Spawned The Counter-Culture. Love the story about Clive James waving to $10 Poms in the Suez Canal
i think you'll love Canal saint martin
Ran off the booze with a sunny 6k on the canal. Love Sunday mornings.
Last night we walked home from the pub through fields of livestock but we're still in London. Got to love canal life.
[John] john lennon oh my love lyrics suscribete a mi canal , gracias..
Just let the tinnitus rape your ear canal a little, you'll love it.
Totally the right choice Reflection of a Venetian canal
Palmer's favorite place to be. Love being your mom @ pink house Hood Canal
This is awesome. and I needed these when we lived on the Erie Canal in NY.
The canal is such an all-season treasure. Today's treat = bike ride next to boaters, baby ducks, and shimmering water.
Je suis Love machine, love platonique,
Love walking back from Paddington in the Summer along the canal (takes about 3 hours non-stop)
There were several weddings on the 👰💑💍I love and
Out on the beach at Hood Canal this afternoon in search of Bald Eagles - gotta love summertime in the Pacific...
Need a good place to take pictures. .need new scenery.. love canal & rockmill but need new places. .prefer surrounding water. And old man's cave is too far, Any suggestions ?
excellent, love a bit of xm! Enjoy. Love that canal view from your flat. Hope all is good
I'm in love w the places my mind wanders to
Hello friends, come on out and check out the love music tonight. We have a first appearance being made by the...
Then of course there is Love Canal for those that like toxic waste dumps in NY!
I'm at Colonel Fitness on Canal Boulevard! Love it already!
for starters if they'd get the licence from MGM/studio canal I'd love to see release
These old guys down the canal always make jokes about how cool I think I am because we own a really new jet ski . I love them
I got unsegregated pool water in my love canal.
Spending a sunny Saturday reading by the Canal. I love it here.
Lady gaga-Do what u want . En el canal 664 exitos recientes :)
I had no idea :/ I have been misled and I you guys!! .xx
Love Elvis? Come down to Canal Park tonight as we bring back the King for a pre-game concert and live in-game performances!
Summer in Dublin: a hundred teenagers pumping out dance music, the boys diving wildly into the canal, the girls snapping gu…
😂😂😂 so they closed NBHS down today due to some senior prank and they were all worried about the air quality from some fire extinguishers and what have you, YET that school and surrounding areas has more problems than the "love canal" in New York! Rooms blocked off due to poor air quality. Houses bought back because they are deemed "too toxic" to live in but sure, send the children there to school to "learn" MCAS and what not. I can't even. Not worth the rant because NOBODY CARES! 👌😂✌️
To all of my local readers - here is a great deal if you love Canale's restaurant! Get a $25.00 gift certificate for only $15.00!!!
Hyde Park Elementary in Niagara Falls declared safe from lead poisoning. Located 3 miles from Love Canal.
the far canal, the far canal, I met my true love by the far canal
Love the one of Regent's Canal sunrise...
An animal,s love, appreciation are genuine & unconditional - we humans should someday learn for ourselves.
I love the French title for the Hangover "Very Bad Trip" unfortunately I can't read the rest of the article:
A root canal. No sucking for you any time soon. -smirks, kissing cheek- night Ry, love you.
excited for Logan to see all the things I love in Canal! 😁
"Cherry blossoms above the canal. Photo by Hiro Kei. Love this so much!
Canada's Love Canal. Time to refresh people's memories.
I think one day Wes would love to give me a root canal for all my needy middle child wants and needs. 😁
Daddy I know you love brother laurier path and sister canal best, but just one plow come spring please!
We are love, we are taken for granted. I'm only here for this moment... SHIRI CANAL ROOT STRAIGHT TOHMA SHUL (100% correct)
I met my new doctor today and I LOVE him... He grew up In Niagara Falls New York, We are 10 years apart... His secretary is my age, I love everyone there finally.. Inside the narasistic that complained about my weight,when he had a gut and all his secretary's need extra large chairs... If you are going to ride your patients your staff before be in great shape. He never did anything I asked, except het me right in for the belly Hernia, Only because I was sick in his office, He ran full panel of auto Immune disease- He said I am in phenomenal shape considering my family history.I am 8 POUNDS AWAY from my perfect weight of 138 LBS, Just had all blood work done in December- cholesterol 175 . We talked about the LOVE CANAL~ Kimberley Clark~ Nabisco factory~ the DuPont company... How all of the toxic CHEMICALS of Niagara Falls went into the air we were breathing, We both talked about the sulfur eggs smell outside and next to the falls_ I remember like yesterday... It was kind of freaky, He kind of looked like . ...
My Kitchen Table: I thought I’d tell you the story about My Kitchen Table. It’s been 35 years since Love Canal...
I love people watching in Canal Park
Photo: Georgetown waterfront, how I love it in the
Georgetown waterfront, how I love it in the
“Venice Canal like I swear I'd just love to go some day
Beautiful! Just look at the color of that water! Ponte degli Scalzi Grand Canal, Venice h…
Today's a shot of the Grand Canal in Venice. It really is that beautiful. I love Venice…
Thanks for follow. Wld love to see Canal enter pic&donate on FB. Dogs allowed on barges?
:-) I'd love 2 but I'm doing the 130m Liverpool-Leeds canal race the week after so I'll be at home pooping my pants
Send Love to Two Romanian Fishermen for Rescuing the Stray from Icy Canal
Sweet! Author I love and site I love hooking up for one shining moment!
Have you ever heard that "You will get out of it what you put into it". We really need to make more thoughtful choices. (Remember Love Canal)
"Great Canal Journeys" is a brilliant series on superbly hosted by Prunella Scales and Timothy West. At its heart, a love story
MT I'm in love with . This one's on Nth Canal Rd.
Love this rollicking fun read and delicious spring pasta recipe from and
Ill fill your love canal with MY toxic fluid... ;)
LOVE AND DEATH IN TRIESTE Grand Canal: Old boss forces Milo to work for her. thriller
love the Time article (As a former GS guy I feel this trend. You'll like this
saw a kingfisher on Brent river but not the canal yet. Love to see sparrowhawk.
I love how Canal+ guys always stop talking and let everybody listen to YNWA 😍❤️
Paris is amazing, the fans are incredible, couldn't ask for anything more, love you x
Love that moment my dentist tells me I need to put $750 down tmo for my root canal... 😳 guess I'm taking out a loan today!
you'll get stuck. Here in south america we are crazy for you. But try to have a look around. Love ya♥
Gotta love hearing from the dentist that I have to get a root canal
Free museums, Canal Saint Martin – just a couple of these top 5 things to love about Paris >>>
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*Love canal at Nakameguro* Was out this Monday with my wife exploring and we went to Nakameguro canal. By far it is something to go and see. The Sakura are in full bloom and the sounds of the water makes it just peaceful. If you have a chance to see something while traveling in japan. This has to be...
Have fun with that root canal today 😘❤️ love you
Good luck to my sister with her root canal today 😁 love you shay shay 😘😘
1 hour with my jaw propped open and my root canal is finished. Love my dentist he's amazing
Holy smokes! I had no idea! We won't be traveling the canal until next month. Thx for checking on me Mama!!! I love you xox
This lady outside my apartment just said she's gonna go make love on the canal it don't feel that good out fam it can't possibly 😧
Bible study at your house tonight? Gosh I wish I would have known, Im getting a root canal. I love Jesus. I just can't b…
This is the best latin novela I ever saw , thank you and …
I've always blamed that on Love Canal.
Setting up Trot lines on a canal down my road. 😌👌 man I love doing that
well, when you guys come I'll bring you here. The canal is so chill. You'll love it☺️
someone in tech / raddy bring me to Richmond on Saturday to see Alex Young @ the canal club I'll give you a free ticket and lots of love 😁💋
They R flocks, they follow the leaders in groups! So easy 2 get lost on the Rideau Canal path!!! LOL. I love the canal sites.
Because we need a repeat of the Exxon Valdez and Love Canal disasters?
Lois Gibbs of Love Canal came to Baltimore's historic Cove Point rally to share what she has had to learn the hard way. Liquid Natural Gas exporting is NOT i...
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Bill Kuenkler, Larry Holman, Paul Sutton Gene McVay For those of you near Fort Chaffee, Fort Gordon and the Florida Panhandle who are unfamiliar with Agent Orange, it contains the dioxin TCDD. It is the worst of all dioxins, 10 to 10,000 times more toxic than those at the Love Canal and the Valley of the Drums that were cleaned up by the EPA Super Fund. It causes a host of health issues including cancer, birth defects, Parkinson's, heart disease, diabetes, etc. The government denied these facts for years and still intentionally drags their heels and denies benefits to Veterans. The dioxin TCDD can lie dormant in fatty tissue for decades before causing illness. It is still found in the breast milk of Vietnamese Women and likely to be present in many generations to come. Agent Orange was sprayed on thousands of acres at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, Fort Gordon, Georgia and Apalachicola, Florida to test its efficacy. It was then used for weed control. If you hunted or fished these areas or live near them, do you ...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FLEMING CALLS ON FEDERAL AND STATE OFFICIALS TO PUSH VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN ON LOEFFEL TOXIC MESS IN ADVANCE OF TUESDAY CAPITAL REGION VISIT Nassau, NY - January 5, 2014 - Nassau Town Supervisor David Fleming has urged federal and state officials to press Vice President Joseph Biden, during his announced Capital Region visit on Tuesday, for a comprehensive health study by the EPA of the Loeffel Superfund toxic site and for a firm position by the federal government to not allow any increased areas of contamination resulting from remediation activities. The Dewey Loeffel Toxic Landfill is a federal Superfund site and contains more than more than two-times the contamination of the infamous Love Canal. It is leaking a toxic cocktail of chemicals into Capital Region communities. "A comprehensive study of the health and environmental impacts of this Superfund site which has plagued our communities for fifty years must be done and the EPA must make sure that their approved remediation activit ...
This will be a fun walk along the canal in the dark. tell my family I love them.
Canal swim followed by 10km run via the country's most scenic route! I love my city! I love my sport!
Love Canal crisis is quite complicated, but it's quite interesting anyway.
"Victoria Canal - Nightmare: via I love your voice .
I see you in The Renovators in canal Glitz of argentina, I love your personality, you're so cute. You're a great designer!!
I absolutely love the . >> I don't know what I am going to do when it is finally over .
of course :-) and you love a bit of bin dipping so swimming in the canal is no trouble. Night x
I love running beside the canal & Dow's Lake. Now let's discuss: is my head small or is the…
I love Canal st in the morning. very. early. morning.
I love the smell of root canal treatment chemicals in the morning
Annie stayed in Amsterdam across da canal from great cat shelter! Love da poster to find out more!
Tell me whenever you are going for a surf. I'd love to join you. I was in canal walk too! I'm a big fan!
Woke up this morning to liked my Instagram picture of canal & richvale ☺️ ily 💘
happy emerging from the birth canal day! Much love from your man.
Got a nice workout today! Would love to do it on the home course but looking like a canal day
LOVE AND DEATH IN TRIESTE Santa goes for cool Xmas swim in the Grand Canal
Love spending a december 26th like this. West Ham - Arsenal
I love your horse costume go canal 2.1metres
Lovely run with my bro along his stretch of the canal. Would love to run with you soon. Hope you're having a good Xmas.
mmm. I'm going on a boat tonight looking at Canal Christmas lights. Give Sazzah my love to you both :)
I have been doing a lot of research and thinking and this is my conclusion:The people in the 1% are planning to exterminate up to 2 1/3's of the worlds population then implement all of the progressive sustainable stuff for themselves or they think that is what is going to happen but the Aliens they have been in contact with are going to double cross them and continue terra-forming our planet for acquisition in the Universal Market... Lol but seriously start saving can goods, dry goods etc.. etc... this drought is being maintained so that California is thrown into a state of emergency so Militarized measures can be taken... Do not trust people that are pro military and police( They thrive on chaos and look forward to any reason to be locked and loaded ask Andy Lopez and the other people that have fallen vicim to men like that and I don't have to bring up the Snowden Video were the Helicopter gunship cut down all of those innocent people... Me li, Haditha on and on. Bp oil spill, Exxon Valdez. Love Canal, F ...
Photo: you can wear this to work or school and not get in trouble. yet you’re telling people they are...
Love Red but I drink it like pints ffs. States and situations I've been in on that stuff. Woke up in a canal once in Northampton
yeah let's do it! Love pushing the envelope and break limits! I have a canal back too thanks to military! So down to do it
Studio Canal produces Love Actually. Its logo comes up and dad says loudly 'Studio Anal???' We're off to a fligher.
Es navidad y no hay un solo canal dando Love Actually. I just want to let you all know, TV drove me to piracy.
I love Christmas as much as getting a root canal, off to the parents, :)
unfortunatelly i live in France i can't do that but we have seen the beginning of the 3rd season on canal+ i love so much
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I love the Showtime for its fantastical realism, but I also love Canal's for its pure realism
Wishing i had a jersey... I love the boomstick & midnight strolls/ swims along the canal... Allegedly
smh ! Instead of order the stuff they got everything that's designer in saks on canal
If you love pizza, beer and saving money, then this fun canal cruise is for you! (via
I love getting a text reminder about my root canal on crimbo day :(
Here's a short documentary movie about Love Canal in Niagara and why we should never risk more of these disasters ever again. Mine's more emotional ...
Check out this fantastic blog. I love the style! Canal & River Trust...
Subscribe on YouTube: Retro Report: Thirty-five years after Love Canal became the symbol of the dangers of toxic waste in residential ne...
Remember it? Love Canal was a human tragedy but also an environmental wakeup call that spawned the fed. Superfund.
it's the rot from another dimension, toe jam, the figgy mold from the Love Canal
oh! now my christmas is complete since you Nazi's threw nuclear waste in our water system and then named it the Love Canal. when nuclear medicine was invented to help hitler mom deliver sextuplets.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith went to a sex therapist who promised to only take their case if he knew he could help them. After hours of tests, he agreed he could help. He told them to stop at the store on the way home and buy donuts and grapes. Mrs. Smith was to toss the donuts at Mr.Smith's erection and eat the ones that stayed on. Mr.Smith was to roll the grapes across the floor and eat the ones that became lodged in Mrs. Smith's love canal. A few weeks later, the Jones came to see the doctor. "Our friends the Smiths told us to come to you." they said. The doctor ran the tests and came back to the Jonses. He told them he was sorry but there was just nothing he could do. The Jonses said "You helped the Smiths, why won't you help us?" After continued begging from the Jonses, the doc said "ok, ok ... stop by the market on the way home and buy a box of Cheerios and a bag of oranges." Knowledge
In 1978, Lois Gibbs organized her blue collar neighborhood built on a toxic waste dump and stood up to those who said it was safe. She made Love Canal a hous...
Jackity Jack & I at the American Demon signing party with Love Canal tuning up underneath us. A very fun day
PREVENTING PRECAUTION p135 THE CHLORINE WAR ... an emerging body of controversial science regarding a class o~ chlorine-based chemicals-including DDT, dioxin, PCBs, and many others-that have come to be labeled "hormone mimickers" or "endocrine disruptors." Prior to the l990s, much of the debate over these chemicals was shaped by the legacy of science writer Rachel Carson and her 1962 environmental classic, Silent Spring. For years, concerns about these chemicals focused on whether they could cause cancer, and indeed there is a substantial body of scientific evidence suggesting that this is the case. The focus on cancer, however, has tended to obscure the fact that these chemicals also interfere with the hormonal messaging systems that control body development during fetal growth and infancy, thereby affecting growth, the reproductive and immune systems, and even personality, intelligence, and behavior. Although the science surrounding the "endocrine disruptor hypothesis" is still incomplete, leading resea ...
Girls your love canal can be as toxic as the EPA superfund Love Canal. Toxic tampons: How ordinary feminine care products could be hurting women via
Monsanto, the most evil corporation on earth. Read the facts: They Win ... You Lose! ..."Toxic Dumping and Coverups If you're talking about PCBs, Agent Orange, Bovine Growth Hormone, water privatization, bio-piracy, untested/unlabeled genetically engineered organisms, or persecuting small family farmers, you're talking about Monsanto... Another coverup, and NOTE: it is every bit as important as the Love Canal Style of managing toxins, is that many toxins are SOLD TO US CONSUMERS. Glade, Febreeze, Lysol, all those spray-them- everywhere products advertised as allowing for your home and small business remain "odor and germ free" - those products contain (among other things) large enough amounts of formaldehyde, alkyls, phenols and benzene that the World Health Organization used to warn consumers about them. This way the big chemical manufacturers don't have to worry about taking dreaded chemicals off to the Super Fund sites. (An expensive habit to have to employ.) Instead they sell us those chemicals to spr ...
The sidies, the love canal & the "goatee" are strictly male innovations, & growing them are things only man can do. Plus man can wear chest,underarm,leg,ear, & nose hair as proudly & loudly as they like. Women - I dont think so! Thats called a MANSCAPE.
In an hour and a half time, 21 years ago, I came out of mother dearest's love canal. How God blessed her with such a perfect child.
Thank you O'Brien Awards for making me a finalist! I really appreciate the honor. From Standardbred Canada: I Luv The Nitelife returned as a seasoned sophomore and looks to add another O’Brien to her trophy case. She is up against Love Canal in the three-year-old pacing filly division. I Luv The Nitelife boasted a record of 13-1-1 in 15 races and $1.2 million in earnings. She took a mark of 1:48.4 in the Valley Forge at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs. She also set a two-heat world record of 3:42.2 in the Jugette. She swept the Fan Hanover, the Lynch, the Mistletoe Shalee and closed the season as strongly as she began with a win in the Breeders Crown and runner-up finish in the American National.
We'll catch up with visiting environmental activist Lois Gibbs. She made the toxic waste of Love Canal national news 35 years ago.
I was honored to join my federal, state, county and local colleagues in calling for more comprehensive clean up and a health study to be done in Nassau and Schodack. The Dewey Loeffel site has twice the pollution of Love Canal and these communities have had to endure this for decades.
Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into an environment that causes instability, disorder, harm or discomfort to the physical systems or living organisms they are in. Pollution can take the form of chemical substances, or energy, such as noise, heat, or light energy. Pollutants, the elements of pollution, can be foreign substances or energies, or naturally occurring; when naturally occurring, they are considered contaminants when they exceed natural levels. Pollution is often classed as point sourse or *** fair nonpoint mega. Middle Ages The European Dark Ages like the early Middle Ages probably saw a reprive in wide spread pollution, in that industrial activity fell, and population levels did not grow rapidly. Toward the end of the Middle Ages populations grew and concentrated more within cithealth issues, and water pollution in population centers was a serious medium for disease transmission from untreated human waste. Since travel and widespread information were less common, there did not ex ...
Love Canal was a toxic dump for chemical waste used by the Hooker Chemical Company in the 1950s in Niagara Falls, New York. In the next 20 years two schools and 900 homes were built on or near Love Canal. A young housewife, Lois Gibbs, lived there, and tells host Steve Curwood that more than half th...
My version of Ginsberg's America. Against the filthy politics found in America and against the actions of it's dispicable governments. America tell Coloumbus to fook off, take his smallpox and Capitalism with him. America, you've swallowed your national mythology like pancakes and syrup. America, Land where eugenics was tried America, Land where the native americans cried America, Land where warmongering thrives America, you think you're the world police. America, you were duped by a Christian to believe he's the prince of peace and now a black man convinces you the same. America, your obsession with religion is insane. America, I hope your guilt drives you to suicide, having to stare into the eyes of the children of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. America, I hope the masterminds of the Manhattan Project are suffering like they should. America, your dream is as fake as Hollywood. America, what the *** happened in Zuccotti Park? America, you actually have a exhibition dedicated to Noah's ark? America, where is th ...
Love Canal had bigger impacts on environmental policy than human health, followup studies show.
Black sludge surfaces again? Could it be love canal leaking? Inbox us if you have any concerns or would like to talk to us !
On a lot of posts lately, especially those that cover the judge saying the NSA over reached and the spying probably is not constitutional, I noticed the gut reaction from some democrats against Snowden and the release of the information. Before you have apoplexy.. take a moment to ponder my reasoning for being incredulous about this. First, I don’t think that shining a light on REAL treason is treasonous. Secondly: I feel that being a democrat means that you want to have a transparent government that actually follows a living constitution and follows LAWS and does not intrude or abuse its citizens. Thirdly: You cannot whistle blow while still working inside the government or corporation. If you don't make the release BIG and very public it gets hidden and hushed. They want to make it so NO ONE shines any lights.. After you tell the truth, it’s always the same; they smear you, they fire you, and then silence you. YOU all are falling into the government’s hush campaign! I was there during the pentag . ...
Here's what I don't understand about the people who scream about how the government cannot be trusted. Most of those same people have no problem trusting the biggest corporations that are currently hoarding the most profits in the history of money. In American history, the greed of business owners have inevitably caused them to put profits above all else. Bodies of water will be contaminated, the air will become thick with pollutants, employees will be mistreated. They will even make products that are unsafe for their own customers and even make money betting against their own customers! Don't believe me? Google "Love Canal." Google "Triangle Shirtwaist Fire." Google "1948 Donora smog." Google "Simplicity Drop Side Cribs." Google "company town." Google "Ludlow Massacre." Google "West Fertilizer Company explosion." Google "Financial crisis of 2007–08." Google "oil spills." These are not tyrannical government agents causing the death of Americans, these are tales of corporate greed and irrespo ...
How many of you have that one [or several ] friends , whose posts and statuses are a running non stop commentary on their day , or flights of whimsy , that make zero sense and resemble a bi-polar acid trip through the love canal at high noon ??? ... I have the occasional random thought , political satire , rare oddity in my day ... but its not like listening to MSNBC transcribing the entire ovomit administrations latest promotional aids for the intelligence impaired .No , I don't over share , and might a time or 3 rant for a second , much like this .However , at least it has some basis to conform to, understand , follow or validate to a degree ,and everyone here isn't perpetually in a state of *** ?? . And that's all the news that's fit to print . viya con dios my friends , Monday is upon us .
I know the story--I grew up just blocks away from Love Canal. But here I sit in stunned silence listening to Lois Gibbs speak on NPR about the atrocities that took place there.
Rise above the Find calm in the silence on
for some reason i love christmas. Imagine fairytale of New York at canal mills last saturday 😍
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Benoit, would love to hear your take on the LNR/Canal+/BeIN moves in bidding for the T14 rights.
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Birmingham and Fazeley Canal - Fazeley. What a stunning day. Love the light this time of year.
Amsterdam celebrates history with bottles canal water. Love the design!
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I haven't wrote on that but I did write about love canal which is a Superfund site..Burr I think that's not what you need
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It has the very exciting name 'Hall One'. It's lovely, though! Love the canal at the back
A stroll along the canal in the winter sunshine
President, blogs on the recent student canal clean up, part of the campaign
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Dinner and the game at the Grand Canal with mom and this delicious little ditty of a drink. Love Sundays.
35 years later, legal and medical issues at Love Canal are still playing out. Watch doc on
BT readers found it hard not to love Abu Dhabi Grand Canal, naming it world's 'Best New Business Hotel.' ht…
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