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Louisiana Senate

The Louisiana State Senate (French: Sénat de Louisiane) is the upper house of the state legislature of Louisiana.

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Former Senator from Louisiana and long-time US Senate Finance Committee Chair Russell B. Long had a saying to...
Dr. Bill Cassidy is a Pro-Life Congressman from Louisiana. We need him in the Senate.
Credit Chad Pilster for The New York Times. Well short of the 50 votes needed to pass his bill, Senator Mitch McC…
"...58,000 Louisiana children would be uninsured five years from now because of the Senate bill. That is simply unc…
Small group of passionate people making their case on Senate health bill and it's impacts on Louisiana. NBC 10
THIS is what the Republican Senate wants for Louisiana.
You said the Louisiana purchase was hypocritical. Wrong. It wa…
The Louisiana Purchase was a treaty, for legitimate purpose (n…
The Louisiana Purchase was made by treaty, ratified by the Sen…
Like invasive rodents in Louisiana, Obamacare is proving nightmarishly difficult to eradicate
.would cost Louisiana $40 million in chronic illness prevention funding
hope you're doing better today. We need you in Louisiana and in the Senate,leading.
At an event Wednesday night, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was met by about 150 protesters who oppose the Senate’s efforts …
Already a Sen. John Kennedy (from Louisiana) & now there's a Robert Kennedy running in the Alabama race.
Senate bill would end Medicaid expansion which has been important for many Louisiana musicians,
Senate would make health care unaffordable for hundreds of thousands of families.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I didnt vote Louisiana governor But he was elected anyways. I don…
"Louisiana U.S. Sen. John Neely Kennedy, who made "OBAMACARE *** a catchphrase of his Senate campaign last year,"
..Please vote against the Senate bill and improve & fund the ACA to protect healthcare…
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Another financial showdown is set for Tuesday between Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner and Dem…
Letters: Here's how the Senate health bill could hurt Louisiana's residents with diabetes .
Senate's health plan would strip insurance from 430,000 residents
Senate confirms new FEMA administrator as Tropical Storm Cindy approaches Louisiana coast
Why the Senate's plan to replace Obamacare hurts Louisiana worse than any other state via
5-0. Starting with Louisiana Senate and ending at Georgia 6
It's looking like Democrat Foster Campbell will lose the Louisiana Senate race by more votes than Donald Trump won the Presidency with.
Louisiana Senate race headed to a runoff. Foster Campbell, Democratic candidate for Senate in Lo
Fayard endorses Campbell as Democrats try to patch up Louisiana Senate primary battle
Reviled white supremacist loses his Louisiana Senate bid by wide margin
Who thought it a good idea to have former Klan Grand Wizard speak, debate, show up, do anything at an HBCU...
Pretty much Louisiana style politics-as-usual. Recalling Edwin"Fast Eddie"Edwards & David Duke from the mid 1980s :).
so Dave Duke is running for senate of Louisiana... everyone is laughing about that.
Only in the USA can black ppl be so disrespected that KKK terrorist David Duke be allowed to debate at an HBCU.
Louisiana Senate debate: KKK’s David Duke has screaming meltdown in defense of Donald Trump via
I am still amazed that a known terrorist -- David Duke-- is allowed to run for U. S. Senate. ugh. But, there ya go, Louisiana.
4 out of 6 US Senate nominees from Louisiana publicly declared they are voting for Donald Trump. Tuesday is gonna be one…
The appearance of a former KKK leader (at an HBCU sparked protests from students: https:…
Protesters object to former KKK wiz David Duke at Louisiana senate debate on campus of Dillard Univ.
Louisiana has the worst senate race rules. Anyone over 5% gets into debates regardless of party or w…
David Duke melts down, protesters get pepper sprayed at Louisiana Senate debate
the former grand wizard of KKK is running for senate in the state of Louisiana 🤔
David Duke debate appearance marked by protest
Good morning. It's 2016 in America and David Duke spent last night railing against Jews in a debate for high office. https:…
During a Louisiana Senate debate, former KKK leader David Duke proclaims that the Jews are dominating our media:
David Duke turned up for a senate debate. It went horribly wrong.
A former KKK member's debate appearance at a historically black college in Louisiana sparks protests
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I hope in the next Senate election in Louisiana, has an alum (or student) run for the seat... It's time for real change
Police pepper spray protesters at Louisiana Senate debate featuring David Duke via the app
Inclusion of white supremacist David Duke derails the Louisiana Senate debate
REMINDER: David Duke participated in the Louisiana Senate debate tonight because that's where we are as a nation.
David Duke will debate other Louisiana Senate candidates in an empty auditorium: report
David Dukes white supremacist leader running for Louisiana Senate and staunch supporter of Trump says they share same beliefs
You know that "not everyone supporting Trump is a racist but racists now think they all agree with them"? Yeah...
The battle will be for United States Senate Libertarian Party . A. My hopes is for people in Louisiana to stop the incarceration of news.
Dangerous people everywhere. Former Ku Klux Klan leader Duke runs for U.S. Senate in Louisiana via
Ex KKK leader David Duke is running for US Senate in Louisiana, and ya'll worries about the Kardashians & Pokemon GO
Ex-KKK leader David Duke says he plans to run for U.S. Senate | AP Photo
Ex-KKK Grand Wizard David Duke wants to be Louisiana’s next senator
Former KKK LEADER is going for senate in Louisiana? Thats allowing the same system of oppression to relive itself
Former Ku Klux Klan leader who supports Donald Trump now running for U.S. Senate vía
When David Duke ran for La Governor in 1992, he won MAJORITY of white vote. 1992. DavidDuke not a joke
The Republican Party of Louisiana upon hearing the news that David Duke is running for U.S. Senate.
David Duke will bank on racial tensions in Louisiana Senate bid
GOP quickly condemns David Duke's entrance into Louisiana Senate race. "He will not have the support of the NRSC under any circumstance."
This is why Club PAC proudly endorses in the Louisiana Senate race.
What about all of the children will now be born so severely disabled they can't do things like breathe on their own?
Louisiana set to ban abortions if child is expected to be born with abnormalities.
I'm going to have to side w/ the pro-choice folks here. This decision is between a woman & her doctor. End of.
Since when did an "independent poll" mean bought and paid for by your biggest donor
Louisiana Senate to consider reworking indigent defense spending (via
Injured athlete graduates from Tulane University and is now a U.S. Senate candidate in Louisiana…
Louisiana Senate passes bill banning abortions for fetal abnormalities
House spurns Senate version of next year's $26B budget: BATON ROUGE - Lawmakers in the Louisiana House have r...
The anti-resolution, passed House today: Senate nex…
The anti-resolution, passed House today: Senate next, then the world.
Louisiana Senate votes to ban abortions based on abnormality via
Baton Rouge trends now: Trump, Declaration of Independence, Senate, House, Donny Everett, and…
But good luck getting a good education or healthcare. 'Louisiana Sen. votes to ban abortions based on abnormality'
- Louisiana Senate votes to ban abortions based on genetic abnormality
SR57 [Passed] Expresses the condolences of the Louisiana Senate on the death of U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Ja...
Waiting on the floor of the Louisiana Senate to acknowledge Junior Auxiliary of Slidell JA week.
Early, preliminary headcount shows one Democratic pick up in the Louisiana Senate and one Republican pick up so far in the House.
Louisiana deserves a better effort than Lopinto. Bill didn't die in senate, wasn't brought to vote
I'm with TROY! He will make an excellent addition to the Louisiana State Senate!
A petition on behalf of Brittany Monk has 714 signatures thus far
Also present tonight was Ryan Gatti who will hopefully winLthe Louisiana State Senate race
Must Read: Louisiana lays bare what happens if Republicans cut Planned Parenthood's funding:
Veto override session canceled by Louisiana Senate, despite push ...
Democrats officially ousted from Deep South after Louisiana Senate runoff loss: Bill Cassid... lol
Landrieu defeated in Louisiana Senate election. Last Democratic Senator in the South. Republicans now have 54 seat Senate majority
Bill Cassidy Wins and defeats Mary Landrieu in Louisiana - Louisiana Senate race 2014:
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Cassidy defeats Landrieu in Louisiana Senate race, increasing new GOP majority in Senate, reports.
“GOP adds to majority as Mary Landrieu loses to Bill Cassidy in Louisiana Senate race. NB Dems. u must run with pty & ppl.
Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu lost to The Tea Party Republican congressman Bill Cassidy in the Louisiana Senate runoff election on Saturday, completing the GOP’s dominance of the Deep South in the upper chamber. The Associated Press called the race not long after polls closed. The three-term incumbent, who chairs the influential Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, worked hard in the last days of the campaign to bring African American voters to the polls. She also tried, but failed, to convince enough fellow Democrats in voting to approve construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Cassidy’s election is noteworthy in one respect — the state of Louisiana has not been represented by two Republican senators concurrently since 1876. His victory brings the total number of Republicans in the Senate up to 54.
Cassidy Beats Landrieu in Louisiana Senate Race: The Associated Press has called the Louisiana Senate race for...
The polls are closing now in the runoff election for a Louisiana Senate seat between incumbent Democratic Sen.
With 100% of the votes counted in the Louisiana Senate runoff, Bill Cassidy (R) won by 56%, Mary Landrieu (D) got 44%.
That Louisiana Senate seat was in Democrat hands for 132 years! I guess the Obamacare death panel DOES work!
Cassidy wins Senate runoff in Louisiana - - "The joy has been in the fight," she said, recalling her ...
GOP Senate majority grows as Cassidy crushes Landrieu
With Cassidy win over Landrieu in Louisiana, GOP picks up 9 Senate seats and will have 54 next year.
Senate race comes to an end with Bill Cassidy set to replace Mary Landrieu: Louisiana voters cast their votes ...
GOP Senate majority grows as Cassidy crushes Landrieu .
Landrieu's defeat gives GOP 9th seat of cycle. Interesting times ahead. . .
US Republicans boost Senate majority: US Republicans increase their majority in the Senate after a runoff in Louisiana from the mid-t...
Thank you, Louisiana. I’m humbled by your overwhelming support. I’m ready to fight for you in the Senate.
Louisiana's Mary Landrieu swept away by red tide as GOP picks up 9th seat.
Landrieu loses reelection bid in Louisiana to Republican challenger Cassidy via the Android app
We did it! Thank you voters, donors and volunteers. You made this victory happen. I’m looking forward to serving Louisiana…
Ding dong one of the many witches are dead! Quite a few more to go!!! Republican Bill Cassidy defeats Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu in the Louisiana Senate runoff, giving the GOP a ninth Senate seat pickup and pushing their majority to 54 seats in January.
In the final insult of a devastating 2014 election for Democrats, Sen. Mary Landrieu, the party’s last remaining statewide officeholder from the Deep South, was trounced Saturday in the head-to-head Louisiana Senate runoff election.
Final Ohio state 59 to 0 - Pretty much the same in the Louisiana Senate race where the Democrat who voted to have our healthcare cancelled got cancelled herself. This day should never ever end
.has the story: Bill Cassidy trounces Mary Landrieu in Louisiana Senate runoff.
In case anyone is interested, Bill Cassidy defeated Mary Landrieu in the Louisiana Senate seat run off race giving Republicans 54 seats in the Senate.
National media outlets have started calling the Louisiana Senate race for Baton Rouge Rep. Bill Cassidy. It was expected that the Republican would beat incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu in Saturday's runoff.  The following organizations have already declared Cassidy the victor: The...
With less than 1% of precincts reporting, AP calls the Louisiana Senate runoff race for Republican Bill Cassidy over 3 term Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu, by a whopping 65% to 35%! Cassidy supports an anti-amnesty rider that blocks spending on Obama's amnesty. I think voters are sending the strongest message they can. Will DC listen??
Congrats to Bill Cassidy on his victory tonight in the Louisiana Senate race. That makes 54!
Hot dog! Bill Cassidy has defeated democrat senator Mary Landrieu in the Louisiana Senate race. Another demoncrat bites the dust.
Breaking: Cassidy defeats Landrieu in Louisiana Senate race, bolstering GOP majority in new Senate.
Republicans have aired 96% of the Louisiana Senate ads during the runoff, Bloomberg reports cc
Landrieu thanks Col Rob Maness for his run in the Louisiana Senate race. That says it all.
ABC, NBC: Louisiana Senate race between Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu and Republican Bill Cassidy will go to runoff http:…
Jeanne Shaheen wins in NH. Y'all are just dumb. Louisiana Senate race is going to a runoff.
Louisiana Senate race expected to go to December runoff between incumbent Sen. Landrieu (D) and Rep. Bill Cassidy (R)
Sarah Palin stumps for Louisiana Senate candidate (from
Louisiana Senate undoes many House adjustments to the state budget: The committee removed some ...
Louisiana: Set to Join Majority of States Allowing Use of Suppressors While Hunting Game Today, the Louisiana Senate unanimously passed House Bill 186, sponsored by state Representative Cameron Henry (R-Metairie). NRA-supported HB 186 will allow for the use of lawfully-owned suppressors while hunting game animals. In 2011, the state legislature legalized the use of these devices for hunting non-game nuisance quadrupeds. Now Louisiana is poised to join the majority of other states which allow suppressors to be used for taking game. Suppressors help prevent hearing loss, mitigate noise complaints and can increase accuracy for both experienced and novice hunters. Having passed in the state House of Representatives by an 82 to 15 vote on April 4, HB 186 now goes to Governor Bobby Jindal (R) for his expected signature. Additionally, the Louisiana House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 212 today by an 85 to 3 vote. Sponsored by state Senator Rick Ward (R-Port Allen), SB 212 was amended in the House t ...
Statement from Former Governor Sarah Palin Gov. Sarah Palin"Many of us have encouraged the election of more conservative warriors to join the fight in the United States Senate this election cycle. In the Louisiana Senate race we have the opportunity to send a true conservative and a real warrior to join that fight. So, today I am lending my support to retired Col. Rob Maness for U.S. Senate. "Col. Maness fought for 32 years in uniform upholding his pledge to support and defend our Constitution, and he is ready now to continue that service in the U.S. Senate. A decorated combat veteran, Rob fought to protect our freedoms and liberties and was awarded the Air Medal and Bronze Star for meritorious service in a combat zone. On that fateful day in September 2001, Rob was stationed in the Pentagon when the terrorists attacked. Rob rushed from his office to the crash site and quickly jumped on one of the first teams entering the building in an attempt to save their colleagues. "Rob is a true conservative –-- o ...
Louisiana Senate contest embodies Democrats' task: win black voters
I’d assumed southern Senate Democrats were a vanishing species, particularly vulnerable this November. Not true. According to a new round of polls conducted by The New York Times and Kaiser Family Foundation: (1) Senator Mark Pryor (D-AR) is leading Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR) 46 percent to 36 percent; (2) North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) has a tiny lead over House Speaker Thom Tillis (R-NC), 42 percent to 40 percent; (3) Kentucky Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is barely leading Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes (D), 44 percent to 43 percent; and (4) Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) has a commanding lead over Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) and the rest of the field in the Louisiana Senate race. But these are opinion polls. The actual results will depend on turnout. And you can bet Republicans will be doing everything in their power to make it difficult for likely Democrats (i.e. African-Americans, Latinos, women, young people, and the poor) to vote this November. The good news is that, a ...
Louisiana Senate committee defers action on bill requiring court delays in oil and gas 'legacy lawsuits'
To put a little fun into the Louisiana Senate race Phil Robertson should run against Mary Landrieu!
Uh oh, This time Rasmussen is NOT so reputable: Stop the Presses! By Lou Gehrig Burnett Cassidy leads Landrieu, but... Republicans are touting a recent poll which shows challenger U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy with a slight lead over incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu for this fall’s race, 44-40%. The poll, conducted between January 28-29, has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5%, which means the race could be a dead heat. But the telephone survey by conservative-leaning Rasmussen Reports has some veteran politicos scratching their heads. The reason is that retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness, who has picked up every endorsement from conservative and Tea Party groups, was excluded from the poll, while state Rep. Paul Hollis, who recently entered the race, was included. It begs the question of just how knowledgeable Rasmussen is about the Louisiana Senate race. A November poll by Southern Media and Opinion Research out of Baton Rouge had Maness with 10% of the vote. Landrieu led the field with 41% an ...
Tony Perkins floated as possible candidate for Louisiana Senate seat via
In a state with a reputation for having some of the harshest marijuana laws in the country, an attempt to reduce mandatory minimum sentences for repeat marijuana possession offenses died on the Louisiana Senate floor Thursday.
I like state Sen. Elbert Guillory. I spent a delightful 10 days with him in Turkey a few years ago. He's a kind man, wonderful company, and is now among my favorite Republicans. That's because he recently bolted the Democratic Party to become the first black GOP member of the Louisiana Senate since…
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Today the Louisiana Senate will discuss SB 36, which requires post-secondary institutions to adopt smoke-free policies for their campuses. What do you think about the bill?
Louisiana Senate passes 3 gun bills - Journalists, bloggers or anyone else who intentionally publishes concealed carry handgun permit information would be subject to stiff penalties under a bill passed by the Louisiana Senate on Tuesday. Two other gun bills also were approved. House Bill 8, sponsored by state Rep. Jeff Thompson, R Bossier City, would penalize the release of concealed handgun permit information. The bill was approved 33 2 with New Orlean...
For Immediate Release Contact: Julie Schwam Harris julieschwamh650-2746 Friday, May 17, 2013 Bipartisan Vote keeps Equal Pay for Women Effort Alive “Monday is the Big Day" On Monday, May 20, the Louisiana Senate will have a chance to keep alive the effort to bring fairer pay practices to Louisiana. SB 153 (Murray) won a 19 – 18 bipartisan vote in a cliff hanger on Wednesday – an exciting win in itself but not enough to move to the next step. A bill needs 20 votes to pass out of the Senate and to the House. On Monday the bill will be up for reconsideration – and will give more Senators a chance to demonstrate their support for fairness and equality. Julie Schwam Harris, IWO’s volunteer point person on legislative advocacy this year said, “We applaud those legislators from all over the state and from both sides of the aisle who recognize the fairness and financial rationality of the Equal Pay for Women Act. How can discrimination even be recognized if contrary to norm ...
Something tells me the Louisiana Senate seat race b/t Senator Vitter and Stormy Daniels is going to be closely watched...
Bobby Jindal education overhaul expected to face fierce debate in Louisiana Senate
Louisiana Senate calls for NFL to reconsider bounty sanctions Posted by Mike Florio on April 4, 2012, 9:47 PM EDT With appeal hearings to be held on Thursday regarding the penalties imposed so far against the Saints, coach Sean Payton, G.M. Mickey Loomis, and assistant head coach/linebackers coach Joe Vitt, the Louisiana Senate has chimed in on the situation.According to Ed Anderson of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the Committee on Senate and Governmental Affairs passed a resolution urging the NFL to reconsider the punishment.The resolution cites “widespread public opinion throughout the state of Louisiana and beyond that the penalties imposed upon the Saints are too harsh and should be reconsidered.” Though the public opinion beyond Louisiana isn’t necessarily widespread, the penalties are indeed harsh.Regardless of whether the league will change the discipline imposed, it necessarily will reconsider it. The procedure that the NFL has instituted for matters of this nature gives Commissioner Rog ...
Politico has a story on the Louisiana Senate race. According to Politico, the race in the Bayou State is "turning ugly." That's not quite right. For over a year David Vitter has been running attack ads on Charlie Melacon trying to frame in the minds of Louisiana voters as a "liberul-lovin' Obama-endorsin' Congressman." It's all the more peculiar since the race isn't even officially set. The Louisiana primary isn't until August 28th and both Vitter and Melacon still need to win that contest first. The family values creationist David Vitter has attracted 16 primary challengers, including a former Louisiana Supreme Court Justice, Chet D. Traylor. Melancon faces token opposition from two little known opponents in the Democratic primary. The first Vitter attack ad ran last summer. The second spot began running on Thursday. It accuses Melacon of driving a sport utility vehicle at taxpayer expense though in reality the SUV is leased by the Congressional office for travel within the District. The 30 spot is also ...
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