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Louisiana Gov

The Louisiana Governor's Mansion is the official residence of the Governor of Louisiana and his or her family.

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Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards says video of police shooting 'disturbing,' says Justice Department to investigate.
Louisiana Gov. signed "Blue Lives Matter" law to protect cops that murder black people. It's time for his removal from office.
People should remember that Louisiana is the same state that just instituted Blue Lives Matter Law by Gov. John Bel Edwards
The "Blue Lives Matter " bill signed into law by Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) in May
The same day our governor announced he wanted to bring film back to Louisiana I landed my first job on a film set
Louisiana Gov signing bill on police hate crime was ONLY created after Obama signed Law
Due to Police Bill of Rights, officer can't be questioned about for 30 days:
Nothing will happen to those cops. Gov signed the Blue Lives Matter bill in Louisiana before this
Great news for Louisiana's film industry!! There may be hope after all!!
Lots going on in Louisiana. Next month 'Blue Lives Matter' law that makes killing a cop a hate crime takes effect
will not be tolerated in Louisiana': New 'Blue Lives Matter' law first in nation |
Does Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards remind you of anyone? Not a leading question, just asking.
is so important esp now and the dismissal of it proves how ignorant and uneducated the gov't of Louisiana are
In Louisiana the gov signed a Blue Lives Matter bill to protect cops but how do we protect the Alton Sterling's of the world against police?
It has no bearing on shooting but Louisiana's "Blue Lives Matter" law goes into effect on August 1.
A big step in the ride direction. Bring film/tv productions back to Louisiana!!!
And looking at the "Blue Lives Matter" law that the Louisiana Gov. signed last month, we know those officers won't be held accountable.
Let's save the film industry in Louisiana,
New changes are ahead for business tax incentives. Gov. John Bel Edwards said he wants to make sure Louisiana's...
Roses are red. Violets are blue. are sweet. And we can help you!.
In April, Gov. Edwards submitted the application for federal transportation funding, $60M awarded:
Gov. Edwards, announce $60 Million in federal transportation grant funding for Louisiana →
Film program review to focus on creating a sustainable industry for Louisiana:
Gov. Edwards: Film Program Review to Focus on Creating a Sustainable Industry for Louisiana |...
“Gov. Edwards: ‘Louisiana’s film industry has my full support’” .
BIG NEWS: secures $60 million in transportation funding for the state.
Gov. Edwards, LPFA and LA Surety Association announce bonding assistance program for small contractors:
Bringing back the bayou: NASA helps Louisiana wetlands avoid a bleak future. RT
Julia Roberts as Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco? Report says she might in ‘American Crime Story’ via
BREAKING Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to appear at HS to support I'll be there live at 5,6, 9&10.
ICYMI: Louisiana Gov. says LSU athletics could be hit hard if the state is forced to make cuts to higher education.
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Louisiana Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards on what governing will look like
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announced on Fox News that he will stop pretending he might be president one day.
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Suspends Presidential Campaign: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is now the third big n...
Bobby Jindal says he is dropping out of 2016 race for president: BATON ROUGE, La. — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal
BREAKING: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal drops out of presidential race
Vitter is the pro-life candidate here: Louisiana Gov (MRI): John Bel Edwards (D) 52%, David Vitter (R) 38%.
Christie's era is falling like a house of cards.
Election Day: KY, LA, MS, NJ, VA are big. Rundown of the races from
peeps: If you haven't registered to vote yet, this would be a good time. You'r ealready online, now...
the last time Louisiana had a surplus was with Democratic Gov. Kathleen Blanco on The Budget/stop lies Rep Have F la up 12yrs.
Watching the race... From a distance. Brings back pre-Mike Foster memories when Louisiana was proud to have the most corrupt gov't
A rundown of all of Tuesday's statewide races -- from governor to treasurer
Diaper racist dog-whistle in ads against opponent for Gov of back-fires. .
Democrat John Bel Edwards is beating Senator Vitter by 20 points in the latest LA Gov. poll. That is LA as in Louisiana.
Louisiana Real Estate Com requires applicants for lic to take bkgrnd check.Former Gov Edwards was granted waiver to get his lic
Jindal edges ahead of Bush in Iowa poll: Gov. Bobby Jindal, the Louisiana governor who has been relegated to t...
Cajun Madness in Louisiana Gov Race: Democrat John Bel Edwards in the Lead, According to New WVLA Poll and Fox44
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal edges out Jeb Bush in a new poll of Iowa voters -
Jeb Bush trails Bobby Jindal in Iowa: poll: In a soon-to-be released poll in Iowa, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is…
Gov't to add automatic braking to 5-star car safety rating
Also, the GOP candidate for gov of Louisiana is currently misrepresenting the 6000 as “thugs”
Gov. Pataki answers but... ...He was A+ NY Governor &sweats. How can you have been A+ NY governor &sweat? Louisiana I could see..
Notably, despite the other re-lists, Jacobs v. Louisiana — broad juvenile LWOP cert petition — is not re-listed:
.The governor of Louisiana has no control over national debt. What the gov. can control is state deficits.
"Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is catching fire on the trail here in the Hawk Eye state"
SEVERE WX ALERT: ...The flood warning is cancelled for the following rivers in Louisiana... Vermili... WX WARNING
OSHA renews alliance with Louisiana Associated General Contractors to promote worker -
Blogging the 2016 Republican Debate on CNBC at 8pm ET: Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, Louisiana Gov. ...
Bobby Jindal, other GOP candidates to debate tonight on CNBC: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and three other…
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will participate in CNBC debate via
"Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has done most of the things conservatives want the next president to do as governor.” . http:/…
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal came out swinging Wednesday at the CNN-sponsored Republican presidential candidate deb…
Jindal: Trump 'is not serious': Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal attacked Republican presidential... -
Under Trump, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal would NOT be considered Americans & are...
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will be in Davenport Sunday the 12th starting at 5:30 p.m. at American Legion Post 26,...
Jon Stewart rips apart Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's announcement he's running for president. Cruel and funny.
Jindal willing to look at national marijuana law changes: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal spe...
I'm glad someone shares my genuine dislike for the corruption that is Louisiana Gov't ever since Huey P Long
Louisiana Gov. to issue executive order enforcing religious freedom bill that was defeated by committee.
John Avlon pointed out that "top-two" primary led to KKK grand wizard vs. crooked former governor for Louisiana Gov.
Jindal blasts new FEMA rule on climate change: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Tuesday blasted the Obama administr...
People in should encourage this man to be the next Gov. He is the man who can fix Bobbys mess.
Arnold Schwarzenegger just blinded...I thought that PhD Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has bee...
Louisiana gov criticizes both Obama and GOP members of Congress in his CPAC speech
New Response: Stop the Open Burn of 15 million pounds of M6 propellant at Camp Minden, Louisiana. Pr...
According to records from office, Lt. Gov. has served as "acting governor" of Louisiana for 43% o…
In the mean time look what he is doing to Louisiana.
Gov. Had the pleasure of experiencing friendly Louisiana hospitality today but your roads are atrocious bordering on dangerous!
he's wreaked havoc on Louisiana. Resign/Recall, just get rid of
Y is Bobby Jindal aiming 2restore an ineffective Louisiana tx instead of trimming tx credits he dislikes? .
COMMENTARY: Bobby has destroyed Louisiana & his reputation. "Gov. Jindal’s Implosion"
Gov Jindal fighting to scrap in LA.
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has a plan to raise revenue without raising taxes, and conservatives are against it
My favorite part of this article is the boast that there are 30,000 less gov't jobs. Less jobs = good?
OXON HILL, Md. (AP) — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Thursday had a tough message for fellow Republicans who were wrestling with how to
The gov's flight path: Bobby Jindal was out of Louisiana for 165 days of 2014 via
"SiliconValley rejects Coconut Jindal Bobby, & Dems too, abhor desis but want our $
Bobby Jindal refuses to be a coward via Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) is standing by Rudy Giuliani
The are closed! Follow returns at or on GeauxVote Mobile.
BR Advocate: Gov. Jindal away from Louisiana 165 days in 2014. Only one trip was official state business.
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Unite IE Conference closes w/ Louisiana Gov Bobby Jindahl with opposition to and repeal
close in less than one hour, but you still have time to FMI, visit or GeauxVote Mobile.
"Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will join the Family Research Council on a trip to Israel this fall. ... "FRC...
There’s still time to Check your polling place and look at your ballot at or on GeauxVote Mobile.
Bobby Jindal plans trip to Israel with Family Research Council: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal plans to take a $5...
Louisiana gov. takes next step to irrelevancy. Supports comments about
Three motorists died in a vehicle-train collision in N. La. this wk. Are you taking proper precautions near tracks?
Louisiana lawmakers support most of Gov. Bobby Jindal's plan to reduce state spending, but 5 areas will be hit hard
Not sure that anyone asked him, but good to know
"FBI - Louisiana Man Charged with Robbing First National Bank on Steubenville Pike in January"
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Do you realize how many times you cross RR tracks daily? Are you taking precautions when stopped near tracks? Tips:
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal distances self from ethnic roots -
WaPost editorial: "It was particularly pathetic to see Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R), another would-be president, scrambling to steal...
sees growth of two new river deltas along Louisiana coast, via .
Need to know if your parish is one of five with an election today? Visit or download our Mobile app!
Scalise: Court’s Rejection of BP’s Attempt to Reduce Fines a Victory for Louisiana
That's what legislative council bureaus have found in LA: and NC:
Only 55% of rear-seat passengers in La. were properly buckled up in 2013. It's the law & it could save your life.
'Out of tricks:' How Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has driven state to $1.6B budget deficit via
MEDICAID NOW Louisiana Gov Bobby Jindal Your people are sick and suffering needlessly
Adjourned: Transportation Funding Task Force. Watch the video in the archives here:
Adjourned: Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget. Watch the meeting in the archives here:
New woes for Wrong tax info sent out -
Louisiana Resident Indicted for Insider Trading in Connection with the Acquisition of the Shaw Group
Edwin Edwards giving up politics for real estate: Former Gov. Edwin Edwards says he's done with pol...
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie have all taken trips to London.
Every nation (Christian) can adopt Dr. Jim Denison's counsel. It is scriptural principle, therefore, it is worth adopting. DR. JIM DENISON, PRESIDENT JAN 27, 2015 Sarah Palin 'seriously interested' in White House New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is preparing to run for president. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is said to be "seriously" looking at a run as well. As are Senators Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Former Governors Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney are already building their campaigns. But no one has generated as much recent political buzz as former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who told The Washington Post, "You can absolutely say that I am seriously interested" in running for the White House. A close second in political news has been the furor over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upcoming message before Congress. House Speaker John Boehner invited Mr. Netanyahu, a move that surprised the Obama administration and led to widespread criticism. As a longtime supporter of Israel, I am especial ...
Jindal: GOP needs to “earn the right” to govern in 2016: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) on Sunday said the Re... http:/…
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal opened a day-long prayer rally on the LSU campus Saturday, urging people to pray together for the nation. “Sometimes it would be better
As we have been reporting, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has decided to hitch his apparent presidential hopes to a collection of Christian-nation extremists, teaming with the American Family Associatio
The United States failed to quarantine the contagion of ignorance that is Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, and as a result, he is now punishing our friends across
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who only a few years ago was lamenting the GOP’s decline into “the stupid party,” is now staking out a position on the party’s far-right fringe in
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal used the wrong "you're."
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal used the wrong "you're." http:/…
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Monday stood by his criticism of so-called "no-go" zones in Europe, where sovereign nations allegedly cede authority...
In London on Monday, during a 10-day trip to Europe, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) gave a talk on Islamic extremism to the conservative Henry Jackson Society, discussing among other things "no-go zones" in the U.K. and elsewhere in Europe, where Muslims allegedly administer their own law and polic…
WASHINGTON (AP) — Some countries have allowed Muslims to establish autonomous neighborhoods in cities where they govern by a harsh version of Islamic law, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Monday during a speech in London. The Republican, who is considering a presidential campaign in 2016, later defe…
In a foreign policy speech delivered Monday in London, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said that in the West, "non-assimilationist Muslims establish...
Pressed for examples, governor comes up empty Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal criticizes areas
As Islamic terrorists launch attacks across the globe, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal plans to call on Muslim leaders to publicly condemn these “acts of barbarism,” declaring: “Let's be honest here
Weighing 2016 bid, Bobby Jindal to meet with pastors in Iowa: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal returns to Iowa on T...
"GOP moves early to court conservative Christians": "Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is urging people to join him...
NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Eighty-seven year old former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards has come up short in his attempt at a pol…
Gov Ricks Scott campaigns today with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Texas Gov. Rick Perry in Clearwater, Plant City, Lakeland and Orlando.
Last day of Louisiana early voting is today . Here is the totals so far
Vote YES to Amendment 8. Early voting ends today!. Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation, CCA Louisiana,...
'Brain-Eating Amoeba Found in Louisiana Water Supply'. If they routed it to the Gov's office it'll die of starvation.
"Ex-Gov, Ex-Con Edwin Edwards on the Stump Again" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
Appreciated opportunity to visit & say thank you to service members at AFB
.mag notes diversion of road $ for other uses and the work of the Transp Task Force
Well, there are rumors that he might run for Gov. of Louisiana in 2015.
.announces a big name of its own, Gov. is hitting the campaign trail in Ky. this Wednesday.
Early voting in Louisiana ends Tuesday. For more info: Groups & candidates step up get-out-the-vote efforts.
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to stump for Mitch McConnell at the Triple Crown Pavilion in Jeffersontown at 7p Wednesday.
New rule on installment payments for
Raising the minimum wage in LOUISIANA will benefit families, businesses, and the economy. Watch and share→
Great news! Mississippi, Louisiana & New Mexico have applied for preschool development grant funding
EHPNoonNews: Louisiana shrimp safe to eat after BP spill EHP study
See the over Lake Charles on Mon Oct 27, 7:25 PM via
Louisiana will hold its Gen Runoff on Dec 6, 2014. If you are a LA resident and need to vote absentee
Amen! LA Gov. Jindal: *rebellion brewing* against Washington, *The left is trying to silence us... *
civilian force up by 49,924 over yr, w/46,590 more in Sept. Full report w/data: ht…
mayor of Baton Rouge future Lt. Gov of Louisiana
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) slammed President Obama Thursday over his administration's response to a trio of...
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal was raised Hindu but converted to what he calls an "evangelical Catholic". Hear him explain the three things that led to his long search for truth.
Republicans are waging a "war on women," and part of their strategy is to deny basic reproductive health care. At least that's what Democrats want women voters to believe. So when Republicans like Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal propose expanding access to birth control by making more of it available over the counter, Democrats are thankful, right? Wrong. Democrats need women to think Republicans are evil, which in this case means preserving the access myth about birth control. Another big factor in the opposition is Planned Parenthood, for which a significant portion of business revolves around birth control. More demented still, however, is that Planned Parenthood is the nation's single largest abortion provider, and if women use more contraceptives, it means fewer babies to abort. Planned Parenthood is denouncing expansion proposals because women have to pay for all their birth control. All $9 per month. The horror! Patriot Post
Louisiana Gov. to sue federal government over Common Core .
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal sues the Dept. of Education for violating the constitution & destroying the Common Core.
Landrieu's Law Cancels more than $391M Community Disaster Loans From Katrina for Southeast Louisiana: “C...
Why Bobby Jindal needed to sue the Obama administration: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) just sued the Obama a...
Jindal to reportedly sue feds over Common Core
via Louisiana Gov. Jindal to reportedly sue federal government over Common Core
.rooting for Gov. Jindal in his continuing battle against feds forcing on Louisiana
Meanwhile, Bobby Jindal is suing the federal government over Common Core, after cutting millions from schools.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Report: Jindal to sue federal gov't over Common Core - OPINION: Take control of…
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to sue Obama administration on Common Core
Louisiana Gov. is suing the Obama administration over the
. sues Dept of Ed for coercing states to adopt a 10th Amend violation
Comes accross whinny spoiledd childern who don't get their way:RT:Louisiana dal sues O..:
The Obama Admin has used federal grants to lure states into adopting a single set of federally defined standards.
In filing this suit we are going right to the source of the problem.
The Feds are coercing states, as well as utilizing testing products created by a federally funded “consortia.” .
Louisiana Gov. Jindal to reportedly sue Obama administration over Common Core
On the heels of saying he would not be "bullied by the federal government" any longer, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) announced Wednesday that he plans to pull his state out of the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Jindal issued a...
Gov. Bobby Jindal has some questions for Obama about unaccompanied alien children: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal...
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is being sued by his own school board
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says rebellion is brewing with people ready for 'hostile takeover' of Washington.
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announces that he's unilaterally withdrawing his state from participation in Common Core http…
JUST IN: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal issues Executive Order to withdrawal his state from Common Core standards.
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal sent a letter and executive order Wednesday pulling the state from national Common...
In a press conference on Wednesday, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) announced actions to remove his state from the Common Core standards and the aligned Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessments.
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announces plans to get state out of Common Core - via
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal pulls state out of Common Core:
POLITICO BREAKING NEWS: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has issued several executive orders today to withdraw the state from the Common Core state standards and federally subsidized standardized tests. The move defies his state Legislature, Superintendent of Education John White and the business community. Jindal, a likely presidential contender in 2016, was once a staunch supporter of the standards. But amidst mounting opposition and tea party pushback, he changed his mind. (via POLITICO app for iOS)
Good for Governor Bobby Jindal!!. Louisiana Gov. Jindal Drops PARCC and Common Core - via
Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has hit back at Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, saying the governor's newfound opposition to Common Core s is built purely on political opportunism. In an appearance
Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) is making one thing clear about his run for governor: it's not meant to get him on the hit show Duck Dynasty, unlike Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R). "I will lead. I'm not running for governor as a stepping stone…I'm not even running to gain a cameo appearance on 'Duck Dynas…
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal now taking the stage at Iowa Republican state convention
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is spending two days in Des Moines this weekend and will speak Saturday at the GOP state convention. In an interview with the Register, he discussed the 2016 presidential race, his favorite books and movie, and the origin of his name:
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will be the special guest star on the season premiere of 'Duck Dynasty' at 9 p.m. Wednesday on A&E.
A bill moved to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's (R) desk on Monday that requires hospitals to keep brain-dead pregnant women on life support to protect the fetus, even if the woman's family members object. House Bill 1274, sponsored by state Rep. Au...
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) will make an appearance in the sixth season of the A&E show "Duck Dynasty." The governor is featured in a new video previewing t...
The Duck Dynasty clan is coming back next month, and they’re bringing along a powerful pal to christen the show’s sixth season. The show muscled past the brief suspension of family patriarch Phil Robertson late last year, and now Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will appear during the first batch of new episodes. Clearly, the program’s pop culture might wasn’t compromised by the imbroglio over Robertson’s GQ interview regarding homosexuality nor the media’s willingness to tarnish the show as a result. A&E announced the sixth round of Duck Dynasty will begin at 10 p.m. EST June 11. The premiere episode will …read more Source: Breitbart
IndyCar will race in the New Orleans area in 2015, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal confirmed through a spokeswoman Sunday. The open-wheel race will come to the 2¾-mile road course at the private NOLA Motorsports Park in Avondale, about 14 miles southwest of downtown New Orleans. The $60 million facility was designed by Alan Wilson, who also designed Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Ala., and Miller Motorsports Park near Salt Lake City. No race date was named. It is believed NOLA wants a June race date. I'm a FAN. Not of a June Date, but I'm a FAN.
Bobby Jindal: The Stupid Party, revisited - Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said in 2012 that the Republican Party nee...
Louisiana governor declares state of emergency as storm drenches region - Louisiana Gov.
Feds hve caused mre hrm thn good concerning ed. . Record of failure. Gov. Jindal: Leave education to us via
Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA-ILA, and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal sit down with Cam to discuss the latest assault on American liberties. They ...
A pamphlet from explores slavery in Louisiana and at plantations that are part of their site:
An invitation to all interested in the miracle April 22, 2014 Editorial The Daily Star Publishing Company 725 S. Morrison Blvd., Box 1149, Hammond, La. 70404 (985) 254-STAR Editorial Board: KEENAN GINGLES, Publisher LILLIAN K. MIRANDO, Editor LOVELL BEAULIEU, News Editor Sunday talk show hosts and viewers of the major television networks have been hearing a lot about the so-called “Louisiana Miracle” and how the state has made a remarkable turnaround. The message has been repeated over and over to audiences receptive to the news. The messenger has been Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. Miracle? Louisianans just finished celebrating Easter Sunday. That’s their miracle. It’s celebrated every year about this time. Miracle? Hammond just went through a brutal winter, where we had snowfall and below freezing temperatures. Some call it climate change. We call it a miracle that we survived. New Orleanians consider the Saints Super Bowl victory in 2010 their greatest miracle, although the Seattle Seahawks Super ...
When Webster’s Dictionary decides to add pictures to their definitions of words, “Illogical” will have Wayne La Pierre picture, and when the word “enough” needs a picture it will be of the American people. We have had enough killing of our citizens and it’s time for some changes. Not one time has the gun people come forward with help or answers to solve this problem. Who better to help than gun enthuastic who have a vested interest in gun ownership? If these kinds of people were in charge, women still wouldn’t be voting, civil rights would be nonexistent along with any amendments to our Constitution that make needed changes as time has gone by. And Rubio seems to open his mouth to change feet. NRA Hits Back at Bloomberg By Andrew Rafferty National Rifle Association leader Wayne LaPierre on Friday rebuffed Michael Bloomberg's $50 million initiative to counter the influential gun lobby, saying the clout of the group's 5 million members can counter the impressive resources the former mayor will ...
Louisiana pharmacy owner collected unused pills, re-packaged, re-distributed, & billed as if they were new.
Louisiana Gov. Jindal and North Carolina Politicians Latest to Oppose Common Core 25 April 2014 (Editor: More Republicans are jumping the Jeb Bush Common Core ship. Gov. Bobby Jindal, who formerly embraced Common Core, now opposes it. In North Carolina, leading Republican candidates for the Senate nomination vie amongst themselves about who would end Common Core first. North Carolina State Rep. Bryan Holloway is co-sponsoring a bill that would
Possible GOP presidential candidates court gun-rights supporters at annual NRA convention INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Several potential Republican presidential candidates courted gun-rights supporters Friday at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention, talking up their pro-gun credentials while imploring the crowd to fight not just for their Second Amendment rights but for other freedoms they say are being threatened. U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, former Pennsylvania U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal addressed the NRA’s annual leadership forum, a kind of political pep rally the organization considers one of its premier events. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire also recorded brief videos that were played for the crowd of more than 2,000 inside Lucas Oil Stadium, home to the Indianapolis Colts. One after another, the possible 2016 contenders thanked the NRA and its members for flexing thei ...
President Obama and Gov. Jindal share 40 percent Louisiana approval ratings in new poll - Tea...
Louisiana reshuffling money to keep colleges afloat: Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration is asking for a $40...
Gov. Jindal: Leave education to us Louisiana Governor Jindal and federalism.
Jindal: "Centralized planning didn't work in Russia, it's not working w our hc system & it won't work in education." htt…
Leave education to local control. See my op-ed here in USA Today:
Jindal lashes out at Obama, Holder, Bloomberg at NRA forum - INDIANAPOLIS — Louisiana Gov. Bobby J...
Ran into Louisiana Gov. this afternoon. He was kind enough to write a note to my sister…
Gov. "We can have rigorous standards without giving control to the federal gov't."
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal slammed former New York City Mayor Michael I. Bloomberg on Friday for recent comments suggesting Mr. Bloomberg’s advocacy efforts on issues such as gun control have earned him a place in heaven “if there is a God.”
LA Gov campaign to destroy public education:
Law by Landrieu Nets Louisiana $1.1M for Coastal Restoration: I passed GOMESA to establish a long-term revenue...
Rouhani gov hikes gasoline prices in Iran
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is final speaker at conference. Cox says in intro: "No governor has done more to protect our freedoms."
By Jim Geraghty Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who will be speaking twice at the NRA Convention in Indianapolis today, told an amusing story about why he missed a 2006 meeting with the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox: His wife went into unexpected labor with their third child.The story was a three-fer – a way to remind the audience of his efforts to pass a federal law banning gun confiscation during or after a crisis (inspired by gun confiscation efforts in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, humorous touting of women’s strength and a subtle shout-out to the pro-lifers in the audience.“My wife and me …read more Source: National Review
License office contracts have been awarded in and Congrats!
Common Core and RWT: People have again asked us where we stand. I am posting this again to restate our position:...
Louisiana company agrees to pay $150M to resolve allegations it submitted false home healthcare billings
Gov. Jindal: Leave education to local control
Great to meet Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal at the
"If we get to the point where we are ignoring parents, we are making a big elitist mistake." -Gov. Bobby Jindal.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Several potential Republican contenders for president will court gun-rights supporters at the NRA's annual convention Friday. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Louisiana Gov. Bobb...
U.S.A: Politicians denounce Bundy's racist remarks April 24, 2014 By: Ashley Killough and Paul Steinhauser and Leigh Ann Caldwell What started out as a standoff over land rights may be turning into a controversy over race. Racist comments from Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy – who earlier this month appeared to win a highly publicized standoff against federal authorities over his two-decade long illegal grazing of cattle on public land – are giving Democrats a new weapon to attack some top Republicans who earlier came to Bundy's defense. And the controversial comments also call into question moves by Fox News and some conservative media that highlighted the story and painted Bundy as a hero in his battle against federal authorities. Bundy, 67, won his standoff against federal rangers after armed militiamen came to his side. Even with the incident over, Bundy continued to talk to a dwindling crowd of media from his ranch, about 100 miles northeast of Las Vegas. The comments that sparked the latest controve ...
ACTION ALERT: Let's be clear, GOVERNOR JINDAL has defined his purpose for this session to be furthering the creation of a workforce for his planned, corporate demand-driven economy. We have an opportunity TODAY to slow it down or stop it by screaming for the sunset of the Louisiana Workforce Commission by demanding that the members of the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee kill HB 164 (Dixon) and/or demand of Rep. Dixon that he pull the bill. Senate Labor & Industrial Relations Committee: Dixon: LAGNIAPPE: From Gov. Jindal’s Streamlining priorities of 2009: --“46 Consolidate the state's data processing assets to move to a centralized data environment.” Gov. Jindal’s 2010 DOA Request for Proposals for the Fraud Detection System: “As part of Governor Bobby Jindal’s directive to streamline Louisiana government, this project will enable agencies to create a composite view of individuals’ and corporations’ interaction with State programs by creating state-of-the-art fraud identific ...
Bobby Jindal, with an eye on 2016, to unveil plan to replace Obama health-care law: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jinda...
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal slammed President Barack Obama in a speech before the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday, saying Obama has proven him wrong that Jimmy Carter was the “worst president” of his lifetime. “We have long thought and said this president is a…
From Prison to House? BATON ROUGE, La. – Three years after his release from a federal prison, 86-year-old former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards announced Monday that he will enter the race for Louisiana's 6th Congressional District, ending months of speculation about his political future. Edwards made the announcement at a meeting of the Press Club of Baton Rouge. He entered a crowded meeting room with his third wife, Trina, more than 50 years his junior. He pushed a baby carriage with their infant son, Eli Wallace Edwards, born last August. He assured reporters and supporters that he is eligible for congressional office despite his criminal conviction in 2000. "I'm positive I can run. I'm confident I can win," he said, adding that he expects to earn a runoff spot in what looks to be a crowded field. A lifelong Democrat, he sounded as though he was shaping a platform aimed at swaying voters in a conservative district that leans Republican. He backs the Keystone XL oil pipeline. He was critical of Democrat ...
Mary Landrieu is stepping up the pressure on Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to adopt Medicaid expansion under Obamacare, part of a larger strategy by the Democrats to put Republicans on the defensive going into the 2014 midterm elections.
Gov. Jindal Apologizes to Jimmy Carter: You Are No Longer the Worst President Ever CPAC is out in full force today, and to kick off his speech, Louisiana Gov...
Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy after Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal speaks at White House: 'Thats the most insane...
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal: There Is A Silent War Against Religious Liberty Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal gave a speech about "religious liberty" at the Reagan Library. Tony Perkins cheers via press release: After talking about the ObamaCare mandate and the assault on conscience, Jindal turned to marriage. "This is the next stage of the assault, and it is only beginning. Today, an overwhelming majority of those who belong to a religious denomination in America -- that's more than half the country -- are members of organizations that affirm the traditional definition of marriage. All of those denominations will be targeted in large and small degrees in the coming years." At times fiery and other times contemplative, the speech was a breath of fresh air in a political world crowded by weak-willed people pleasers. It was a fitting place for such a principled display -- there, surrounded by the reminders of Ronald Reagan's greatness. This is just a snippet of the speech. After all, how much could you really ta ...
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal had some harsh words for federal fisheries managers and President Barack Obama during a speech at the annual convention of the Coastal Conservation Association.Jindal on Friday told CCA members that it's time for the federal government...
GOP is adopting the Louisiana Gov's plan, find a Creole Voodoo woman and pay her in souls
Two prominent Republican politicians, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, said Sunday that they do not think New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie...
IOWA FALLS, Iowa - The Iowa Hawkeyes’ loss in the 2014 Outback Bowl against the Louisiana State University Tigers is a win for the hungry in Iowa and Louisiana thanks to a friendly wager between Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.Each governor pledged to send 200 pounds of his…
The National Association of State Budget Officers projects most states will see "fairly decent surpluses" in their 2014 budgets. For some, it might be the first extra cash since before the recession in 2007. In many states, those surpluses "coincide with elections that mark the first opportunity for officials to be judged on the results of their economic policies." Legislators are already debating whether to give tax breaks, boost spending or sock away cash for a rainy day. Below from left to right are NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, CA Gov. Jerry Brown and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, each who have strong ideas on the subject! Note: this is largely about states other than TX. What kind of advice would you offer? Should more be spent and if so, on what? Or, do you think states should save? Make tax cuts?
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The WaPo's (Hey, you *** willfully employ her, you own her!) Jennifer Ruben writes something SO profoundly stupid that it'll be really hard for Richard Cohen or Fred Hyatt to top it! "Romney felt constrained in going after the president on Obamacare and was personally unable to capture the lower- and middle-class voters most hurt by Obama’s policies. Likewise, Clinton’s life experience and persona make her less able to go up against a big personality, such as Christie, an accomplishment-light Rubio, deal-maker Ryan, outsider Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, man-of-the-people Texas Gov. Rick Perry or even an easily piqued senator."
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal weighed in, saying, "The left is tolerant of every viewpoint except those who disagree with them."
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin issued statements on Thursday in support of "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson, who was suspended from the A&E show "indefinitely" on Wednesday for s...
I acknowledge that this is a free country and everyone is entitled to express their views.
Lousiana Governor concisely demonstrates he doesn't know what the 1st amendment is or what it does:
Taking a look at the bigger picture of this Duck Dynasty issue, this is what happens when you only read snippets and headlines. Did anyone outraged by his suspension bother to go to GQ and read the entire interview? Maybe when something like this happens its not A&E simply not-liking Christians, maybe there were additional ignorant statements as proven by this man that they want nothing to do with. I find it amusing a man of color the Louisiana Gov made an earlier statement supporting this man, did he or his media folks even bother to read the whole article? It doesn't appear they did and of course Ms Irrelevant Palin butts in with her own idiotic commentary. Again, 1st amendmenter's it works 2 ways, you have every right to spew your hatred, bigotry, religion, thoughts and beliefs, but when you step into the public light your employer also has the right to run for the hills from the diatribe you leave behind. This is what happens in this day and age of news clips and headlines. If something catches your a ...
I remember when TV networks believed in the First Amendment.
The former Alaska Gov. and current Louisiana gov. cite the First Amendment -- and totally (cont)
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal doesn't know what the 1st amendment means...
Phil Robertson is a good man and a good friend. And his family are great citizens of the State of Louisiana.
The politically correct crowd is tolerant of all viewpoints, except those they disagree with.
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has defended Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson after he made a number of homophobic comments that led to his suspension from his A&E reality show. Jindal, the head of Robertson's home state, released a statement Thursday in which he suggests Robertson's suspension means ne...
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal jumped to the defense of Phil Robertson, the star of the A&E megahit “Duck Dynasty” who was indefinitely suspended from the program Wednesday after making graphic statements about homosexuality. In a statement, Jindal praised Robertson …
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is supporting Phil Robertson after the A&E cable channel suspended the "Duck Dynasty" star for inflammatory remarks about ***
What The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Scandal Tells Us About Race, Homophobia, And The Media BY ALYSSA ROSENBERG ON DECEMBER 19, 2013 AT 1:58 Yesterday, Phil Robertson, the star of A&E’s massively popular reality show Duck Dynasty, about a family that made a fortune selling duck calls to hunters, followed what’s now become a familiar cycle. He was quoted saying any number of intolerant things in a profile by Drew Magary in GQ, condemned by GLAAD, and swiftly suspended by his network for an indefinite period of time. The Duck Dynasty story has gone wider than this type of cycle normally extends, with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, normally a supporter of free enterprise, complaining that Robertson’s suspension is an example of how far our society has fallen from First Amendment principles. But variations aside, the Robertson kerfuffle is the perfect scandal with which to end our year in popular culture for what it tells about about the lines reality television tries — and increasingly fails — to walk, who ha ...
Add Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to the list of those defending Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson. Robertson was put on
Sarah Palin and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal are speaking out about A&E's suspension of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson. He was placed on "hiatus" after he made disparaging remarks about *** people, saying they're sinners akin to adulterers and swindlers. COMMENT: Who do you side with -- A&E or Robertson? Regardless of whether or not you agree with the statement, how do you think the network should have handled the situation? ARTICLE:
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal defends 'Duck Dynasty' star. Well, the Tourist attraction lately has been swamp. "Duck Dynasty" It's no wonder He is defending his pockets. Lets get real. Bobby's position stands for all civil rights to be acknowledged. Bobby is not fooling anyone. he's defending his local economy by the shows success. For what ever reason that is. It's right up there with 'Honey Boo Boo" trash.
"It is a messed up situation when Miley Cyrus gets a laugh, and Phil Robertson gets suspended," Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said in a written release.
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal told “Fox News Sunday” that creating and running a website on which millions of Ameri...
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal ripped into the Obama administration for the botched rollout...
Delivering petitions from around the world to Louisiana Gov we demand release of last prisoner
The Curious Timing of Louisiana Gov. Jindal’s Absence at Values Voter Summit: (via
Last week, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal insisted that federal officials and Attorney General Eric Holder drop their lawsuit challenging his state’s voucher system, which seeks to block Louisiana from issuing new tuition vouchers in some districts still under desegregation orders.
Wingnut Backscratching In Louisiana Earlier this week I reported that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal had appointed hate group leader Tony Perkins to the state Law Enforcement Commission. The SPLC has more on the Perkins-Jindal relationship. Jindal named Perkins to the Louisiana Commission on Marriage and Family in 2008, supposedly on the basis of “expertise in community programs and assistance.” The Commission on Marriage and Family website provides meeting minutes for the past three years. Perkins is listed as absent for seven out of seven meetings. Since Perkins has a day job in Washington, D.C., and is apparently unable to attend those meetings, it’s hard to imagine he’ll be any better about attending the Commission on Law Enforcement meetings. But Jindal appointed him, and Perkins accepted, because they both have something to gain. Jindal dreams of running for national office, and he wants support from and access to religious-right primary voters. That’s why he’s scheduled to speak, as he’s ...
This week, much of Louisiana is under a heat advisory. Parts of the state are seeing temperatures in the high...
Report: Six Louisiana cities are tops in US healthcare costs: Here we go again Louisiana Gov…
Regional: Louisiana governor to speak at Mich. GOP meeting: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will attend a big Repu...
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to speak at Michigan GOP meeting
Perry mistakenly tells conservative crowd he’s in Florida: ‘You’re in Louisiana!’: Gov.
Homes evacuated after La. train derailment - Louisiana Gov.
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal: Terry McAuliffe disqualified himself to be governor
Gov. Jindal speech at RedState gathering stop short from criticizing
Louisiana Gov. Jindal declares state of emergency due to train derailment. Christie did nothing.
UPDATE: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal declared a state of emergency Monday after a train derailed and leaked...
The announced Louisiana Gov. and RGA Chairman Bobby Jindal will speak at next month's as will Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker
Louisiana Gov. to speak at biennial conference on Mackinac next month.
DID YOU KNOW?: Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for 15-20 year-olds.
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