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Louise Parker

Louise Ayétotché (born 3 June 1975) is a Côte d'Ivoire sprinter who specializes in the 200 metres.

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Happy Opening to Mark Brokaw and the "Heisenberg" team!.
Hi I haven't heard of Louise Parker, I must look that up too! So many great ideas here
I really love the Louise Parker lean for life recipes all really healthy and taste fab
I saw "Heisenberg" at the Taper. Boy Marilyn Stasio nailed it. Dennis Arndt and Mary Louise Parker are fantastic.
The Gorgon attacked Mary-Louise Parker , because they ate the last piece of pizza topped with anchovies !
Go see at the SImple, hilarious, and bizarrely sincere. Very exciting to see Mary-Louise Parker perform live.
'Saint Mary Magdelene (Hand Carved Wood statues)' by Anna Louise Parker is available from
'Saint Mary Magdelene (Cast and Painted Relief)' by Anna Louise Parker is available from
'Louise (Commission Life Portrait Head sculpture)' by Anna Louise Parker is available from
'Alphabet (stone Lettering Plaques Panel carving)' by Anna Louise Parker is available from
'2150 Years (Carved Lettering Panel statue)' by Anna Louise Parker is available from
Louise Parker, body transformation & wellness expert - drink 'Lemonize', her speciality - that's lemon juice, hot and cold water to you & me
I will never not be in love with Mary-Louise Parker.
Mary-Louise Parker after meeting the mental health counselor: 'Shake the hand before you plough the field.'
Disquieting Bedtime Stories with Mary-Louise Parker: "Blinded by the Light" via
I liked 'Heisenberg' at the Taper in LA but I'd pay to sit and watch Mary-Louise Parker do anything so grain of salt... ht…
All purpose parts banner
Just caught up with and omg I can't stop crying!
Mary-Louise Parker to Play Janey Patterson in Adaptation of Stephen King’s MR. MERCEDES
There was also the time I sold Mary-Louise Parker a complete futon setup. She was very sweet & sent kind feedback a…
Apparently tonight was the night to rewatch Boys on the Side and cry about Whoopi Goldberg and Mary-Louise Parker
Seriously, what do we have to do to get Chloe Sevigny and Mary-Louise Parker in roles that respect their talent?
GOLDEN EXITS: gross. Also so gorgeous. . (What we put up w/ to watch Chloe Sevigny & Mary-Louise Parker on screen.)
he also *** for leaving a seventh-months-pregnant Mary-Louise Parker for Claire Danes, but don't get me started
Nude compilation scenes from Weeds - Mary-Louise Parker and co
first return to West Wing in a couple weeks and I'm blessed with a and Mary-Louise Parker centric episode 🙏🏼
Great conference organised by Papers by Louise Parker, Sally Bayley, David Mills & Margaretta Jolly so far. Amazing!
Not so little anymore! Mary-Louise Parker and ex Billy Crudup’s son, William, looked more grown up than ever:…
Mary-Louise Parker hit the red carpet with her 13-year-old son, William, who's the son of Billy Crudup
Mary-Louise Parker's son William looks just like his gorgeous mom, check out the identical pair…
PICS: Mary-Louise Parker and Billy Crudup's son William is all grown up!
Mary-Louise Parker made it a family affair at last night's premiere - See the pics:
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
What a way to end 2016! Mary-Louise Parker was at today's NYE matinee.…
Fun fact of the day: Mary-Louise Parker dated Billy Crudup until he left her after 7 years when she was 7 months pregnant for Claire Danes.
The Alex Ross Perry movie at Sundance stars Mary-Louise Parker, Lily Rabe, Chloe Sevigny, and the frozen corpses of men who've failed them.
Mary-Louise Parker on the first time she performed in New York
of for alleged There must be some mixup. I don't believe it
Thrilled to be sitting 'on stage' at Heisenberg with Mary Louise Parker.
This film was released on the same day as also directed by Robert Schwentke and starring Mary-Louise Parker.
Review: Mary-Louise Parker and Denis Arndt are magnificent in funny and surprising HEISENBERG
Mary-Louise Parker gives Stephen advice for his upcoming Showtime special: “Some bondage, maybe some light spanking” h…
Check out conversation with Mary-Louise Parker on books, plays, and the importance of kindness:
Mary-Louise Parker & more celebrate the Broadway opening of Simon Stephens' HEISENBERG…
Caught Mary-Louise Parker & Denis Arndt in Simon Stephens new play 'Heisenberg' - Achingly…
Mary-Louise Parker reveals shards of her past in 'Dear Mr. You'
Photo Flash: First Look at Denis Arndt and Mary-Louise Parker in HEISENBERG on Broadway
Mary-Louise Parker and Denis Arndt Set to Bring Heisenberg to Broadway -
Watching Red 2 and I can't help but think the movie would be a lot better without Mary-Louise Parker's character. She's so annoying.
Denis Arndt on his costar Mary-Louise Parker: “I serve the goddess. I do. I do. I truly do.”
Thank you to everyone who joined us at Mary-Louise Parker's event last night! She said that "Pittsburgh was AWESOME"!
With actress Mary-Louise Parker, best known for starring in "Weeds". @ St.…
A look at Sarah Jessica Parker's first starring TV role in more than a decade:
I don't think you necessarily have to be part of a traditional nuclear...
New for Mary Louise Parker cheeky wearing nothing but apron
"And I don't think I'm ever going to kiss Mary-Louise Parker.". "Or Janel Moloney!"
Honestly Nancy was worse than Piper but we forgave her for everything because Mary Louise Parker is fine. There I said it
I enjoy cooking and baking. Alicia Silverstone's vegan cookbook is awe...
Still waiting for Mary Louise Parker to make a guest appearance on OITNB
I hate how fascinated I am by celeb couples. Nobody ever tell me who Mary Louise Parker is with.
I like to pretend that I'm a tough guy. It's kind of an admission of d...
Spread the word! Mary Louise Parker will be talking with Elvis Costello at on July 26th!
Cracking letter from Gary Parker: is the 1st step to gaining control of our destiny
I don't really ever think about whether or not I like the characters I...
Is Mary-Louise Parker an acceptable fetish? Because I have a pretty serious Mary-Louise Parker fetish right now.
HEALTH: 'figure magician' Louise Parker on her Lean For Life shape-up plan -
On a panel with fellow alum Louise Leif and meaghan.parker recently at the AESS…
REBEL, REBEL - Louise Parker shot by Beau Grealy wears a Balmain dress styled by for
Patrick Wilson. I wish I was Mary-Louise Parker. She's one of my favs
star, Mary-Louise Parker, has debuted her highly recommended novel, Dear Mr. You.
you can hate ALL you want but Winona Ryder, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Mary-Louise Parker, and Emmy Rossum disagree
A parenting-relationships book recommendation: Dear Mr. You by Mary -Louise Parker, more at:
Hey man, I liked it. I didn't think it was that bad. Plus, Mary-Louise Parker was fantastic.
Been binge watching Weeds the past two weeks and didn't realize that Mary-Louise Parker played Ruth in Fried Green Tomatoes lol
Mary-Louise Parker, you remind us all of the teachers who helped us see who we are as humans & as artists.
Where is the Mary-Louise Parker and Rosemarie DeWitt sister drama ?
3 of 5 stars to Dear Mr. You by Mary-Louise Parker
it's a big cast but Guy Pearce & Mary-Louise Parker are a couple of the main ones-Woopi Goldberg guest stars (not here now tho)
I'm very pro Mary-Louise Parker bothering me at 5 am.
Is that Mary Louise Parker at the end of Captain America ?
I need to hurry up and figure out how to propose to Mary-Louise Parker .
Words are really powerful. I don't believe that axiom at all - words can ab...
Models Louise Parker and Yuka Mannami at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden - Vogue
Thank you Bob Francesconi, & SRT Advisory Board Members Peter Hedges & Mary-Louise Parker for this moment.
Delighted to see Louise Parker book 'Lean For Life' selling like hot cakes. (Joke - no cakes). Full of common sense ideas.
Louise Parker's Thai tofu and vegetable soup. .
Kick-start your Monday morning with these Blueberry . Pancakes from Louise Parker:
He walked out on her when she was 7 months pregnant to be with another actress! See who:
'The Twins,' Lisa and Louise Burns take a break from filming, 1980.
Mary-Louise Parker: Military Life Is Misunderstood by the Left and the Right
RED movie is on tv right now im rewatching it for the 3rd time because the love of my life Mary Louise Parker is in it bless
Louise Parker's chicken, mint and papaya salad 
‘Dear Mr. You’ by Mary-Louise Parker: Author writes letters to the men that matter
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Louise Parker's Thai tofu and vegetable soup
The Louise Parker Method: eat your way to a slimmer summer
Louise Parker's Method: Is this the easiest 10lb you’ll ever lose? | via
Louise Parker's Thai tofu and vegetable soup -
My only regret was too young for Mary-Louise Parker
Mary-Louise Parker waiting for the 14-Mission at the corner of 24th and Alabama:
Disappointing that Sharon Horgan's first American project is with Sarah Jessica Parker instead of idk Catherine Keener of M. Louise Parker
TBH Mary-Louise Parker is a babe. Like the textbook definition of a babe.
Remake "Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future" as a sci-fi TV show starring Mary-Louise Parker and David Oyelowo
There are many terrific bits in Mary-Louise Parker's excellent, excellent DEAR MR. YOU, but this…
Mary-Louise Parker is just gorgeous. So, no shame there.
Guy Pearce and Mary-Louise Parker to Star in Dustin Lance Black and Gus Van Sant's *** ..
Mary-Louise Parker made me take my clothes off:
SC native Mary-Louise Parker took home her first Emmy in 2004 for her role in Angels In America.
They made a mistake man. Actual speaker is Mary-Louise Parker.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
When you've been on the waiting list for Mary-Louise Parker's memoir for months
8.2.1964 - Mary-Louise Parker, actress, was born in Fort Jackson, SC. As an "army brat," Parker spent parts of...
Last week, Drama alumni Peter Hedges and Mary-Louise Parker came to campus and worked with students. Mary-Louise...
Wake me up when they reboot "Gossip Girl" but set it 25 years in the future so Mary-Louise Parker can play Blair Waldorf
Southern-bred Mary-Louise Parker from Fort Jackson South Carolina, was born on August 2 1964 ...
"Could never stand to see candidates flub my lines, anyway."— Amy . FREEDONIA. Mary-Louise Parker & Bradley Whitford
it's like the classy Shakespearean version of Billy Crudup leaving Mary-Louise Parker for Claire Danes.
Also, as we discussed today at work, Mary-Louise Parker is the not-basic Debra Messing
I have reached that state of sleep exhaustion where I talk like Mary Louise Parker.
The only person to blame for Weeds is Mary Louise Parker! (Is this a good joke? I don't know Hollywood.)
A lot of people liked that show. . Mary Louise Parker was five star amazing.
My favourite book of 2015: Dear Mr You by Mary Louise Parker.
I cannot recommend Mary Louise Parker's book "Dear Mr You" highly enough. Both funny and emotional, it made me laugh and cry out loud.
I favd that just to watch Mary Louise Parker but I couldn't get through season three of Weeds
Oh and Mary Louise Parker in RED/RED 2, but she was more the comic relief than anything else.
without a doubt Louise Parker from she's great
Mary-Louise Parker from weeds is 51 and I still think she's hotter than most college girls...weird?
Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford) and Amy Gardner's (Mary Louise Parker) main issue on West Wing is one of them doesn't move their face to talk.
Mary-Louise Parker is the most beautiful woman alive.
I thought it was Mary Louise Parker lmao. Whoops
Mary-Louise Parker, top of the pops. Mary-Louise | hidden.sessions.
Finished Bossypants by Tina Fey, now I’m onto Dear Mr. You by Mary-Louise Parker, because y’know
I feel like I'm gonna have to read Mary-Louise Parker's new memoir...
Haunted by certain passages in this raw, poetic book: Dear Mr. You By Mary -Louise Parker via
Fave memoirs of 2015 are The Light Of The World by and Dear Mr You by Mary-Louise Parker
Actress winning praise for her writing
My praise for women in their 50s- when I grow up I want to be like Mary Louise Parker, & others
Best of 2015 ‘Louise Parker: Women of South Africa’. "At around the same time, we had some…
siri, how do i get over my overwhelming, seemingly incurable crush on Mary Louise Parker?
I secretly want Charlie to get with Mary Louise Parker.
A comic one-act play in which Rose Byrne and Mary-Louise Parker are on a date.
New York, NY - The latest round of raves for Mary-Louise Parker is not for her ...
The theater is who I am - it's where I feel the most inspired, the most at home,...
Rosie ! :) you were wearing a beautiful Parker jacket whilst clay pigeon shooting with Louise , where's it from? Thankyou X
Actress Mary-Louise Parker earns rave reviews for her writing
Book signing with Mary-Louise Parker, sister Sage and mother Caroline! Photo copyright by Coty 2015
Mary Louise Parker doesnt get enough credit for being Mary Louise Parker. I miss Mary Louise Parker being on my telly.
Add me on Snapchat louiseparker98 and follow me on Instagram louiseparker1998 or search Louise Parker 😊
"Startling, electric — it beckoned, it provoked." Editor-in-chief Colin Harrison on first reading
Actress Mary-Louise Parker now respected writer: via
Just finished Mary-Louise Parker's beautiful book, upstairs in my sister's house, on her…
It’s a wrap: This week’s celebrity home swaps. Mary Louise Parker and the ghost of Andy Warhol among the
This week on Who Knew?: Mary-Louise Parker is a fantastic writer.
Mary-Louise Parker will forever be my favorite actress
Mary-Louise Parker and the men in her life
The Louise Parker Method: Lean for Life .Exciting 2016. New you is not just for Jan; it's for life
Actress Mary-Louise Parker now respected writer -
Billy Crudup is on the same flight as me and I was only able to confirm it was him because his kid looks a lot like Mary Louise Parker...
for a chance to Mary-Louise Parker's wonderfully unconventional Ends 12/10.
Loving this new memoir: Mary-Louise Parker on Life With and Without Men
Excited to Mary-Louise Parker's DEAR MR. YOU to my actress & general badass friend. I loved it …
Mary-Louise Parker looked the worst at the CNN Heroes event, right? -
With a lifelong love of poetry and abiding love for her late father, Mary-Louise Parker has written a non-memoir that …
: Book reviews: new non-fiction by Sue Ellen Browder, Dawn Casey-Rowe and Mary-Louise Parker . Browder r…
- Mary-Louise Parker on Life With and ... -
Book reviews on tap this week: Rick Moody, Paul Murray, Mary-Louise Parker, Bonnie Jo Campbell & more:
Mary-Louise Parker's book on life's betrayals - like pregnant and dumped for Claire Danes. >
'Weeds' star Mary-Louise Parker to discuss her book in Iowa City via
Mary-Louise Parker talked to me about her book & her reading at
Hear star Mary-Louise Parker read a letter to the grandfather she never met
How cool would that be, especially with Mary Louise Parker!
'scuse me? might be making Liar's Club into a TV show w/ Mary Louise Parker and I'm only just hearing 'bout it?
Can't decide whether I need my next bf to love Mary Louise Parker or not be attracted to her all
I crushed so *** Amy Gardner the first time I watched The West Wing. 1000% because Mary-Louise Parker. She's cute.
Dearest Mary Louise Parker, how I've missed you so. subscription fee can be a harsh mistress.
Photoset: takca: louise parker by charlie engman for dazed, fall 14
"People have a problem with me being different, but that propels me forward in life."- Mary-Louise Parker
nope. She's Mary-Louise Parker. She's been in a lot of things though. Lol
Mary-Louise Parker nude and very hot scene in S6E8 hd1080p
Mary-Louise Parker nude and very hot sex scene in Weeds S6E8 hd1080p
Louise Parker' unit tests don't run. They die.
Waste of two quality actors: Mary-Louise Parker & Jeff Bridges with Ryan Reynolds & Kevin Bacon rolling around in familiar movie mire.
New York Magazine Mary-Louise Parker: I Want to Apologize to the Man in the Loincloth New York Magazine This week,…
Any episode of The West Wing with Mary-Louise Parker in it is the best episode of The West Wing.
Just got done watching Saved! and the pastor who plays Mary-Louise Parker's love interests is her DEA lover in Weeds.
"The most provocative memoir hitting shelves in the coming months is Mary-Louise Parker's via
Mary-Louise Parker is great in everything she does.
You're actually younger than I'd really like. I'm talking Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Mary-Louise Parker.
Can't sleep when you're not next to me... Such lame!
What I need: I need Mary Stuart Masterson and Mary Louise Parker to come on back now that society has changed and finish this love story
Both Mary-Louise Parker and Mary Stuart Masterson live in my neighborhood, which only adds to my continual confusing of their names.
A Labor Day message from the Dorothy Parker page. . . thanks Rachel Louise Snyder!
"We're gonna be a family if I have to kill all of you." -Nancy Botwin. I love Weeds and Mary Louise Parker.
Drinking coffee and reading Mary-Louise Parker's memoir in letters, Dear Mr. You.
Member Recommendation: Louise Parker - cakes for every occasion
my sister Louise Parker makes sense lol x
Can't wait for this one. Yo Kelly Louise Maguire Renera Thompson Kate Johnson date night? Claire Parker how about...
Today, Mary-Louise Parker is exactly as old as FDR was the day of his presidential inauguration: 18,661 days.
Model Louise Parker is becoming quite the budding photographer:
Louise Parker by Laurie Bartley for Flair May 2015. Hair by MU by
My uncle just casually saw Mary Louise Parker with her kids at the gym today.
that's no excuse. Not a single person even tried in that. I mean even Mary-Louise Parker didn't try.
Mary Louise Parker putting Josh's flip phone in the stew Mary Louise Parker calmly snipping the landline cord
15 books to read this fall via I just knew Mary-Louise Parker had it in her.
Literary Friday, Edition 166: Mary-Louise Parker goes from actress to writer, booksellers fall preview, watch the…
If you're curious about Mary-Louise Parker's considerable writing chops, check out an excerpt here:.
"The black, *** community in Baltimore was hit with a double whammy" -Louise Parker Kelley on the struggles of the *** rights movement.
Author Louise Parker Kelley looks back at *** rights movement in Baltimore. "We had a great time making fun of the bigots!"
On now: a new book on LGBT history w/ its author Louise Parker Kelley & Curt Decker of
first day back after an amazing week away with some truly wonderful gorgeous sis Louise Parker and her...
Realizing you'll never be anyone's number one and coming to terms with the fact that, no one will be there for you... ?
Preview the new book from actress Mary-Louise Parker due out 11/10 ☆ DEAR MR. YOU ☆ ♡
Never have I ever drank an iced coffee without thinking of Mary Louise Parker.
Creative Review - Anna Louise Parker on letter carving and engraving Richard III's coffin
The West Wing ep that starts with Mary-Louise Parker dancing to Van Morrison 👌🏼
Someone told me I look like a young Mary Louise Parker when I had black hair and uh.. this is weird
I saw it in NY, where Mary Louise Parker starred, & act 2 seemed to sow confusion through the subscription audience.
Mary Louise Parker for Cancer Can Rock … -- Be there -- 9/19 Deck Party -
AMC are running Weeds from the beginning but missed the first episode the show may lose it's way a bit but Mary-Louise Parker.
Awesome weekend for my beautiful sister Louise Parker's wedding to Graham Parker had an amazing time with the...
Well, my beautiful sis is now officially married 󾌵 congrats again Louise Parker and Graham Parker ❤ finally got...
Mary-Louise Parker is the worst part happened to the show. Boring as *** I can't stand that character.
From Mary-Louise Parker, to Jelani Cobb, to Ron Chernow...check out our full lineup of fall public programs!
Patti Smith, Grace Jones, Carly Simon, and Mary-Louise Parker will all publish their memoirs this fall!
Ouch! Mary-Louise Parker, Darby Stanchfield and Elizabeth Berkley need some fan love! Are you a fan?
Mary-Louise Parker, Penelope Cruz and Claire Holt are the hot women for today! Play now?
what a great time that was “Timothy Hutton from Prelude to a Kiss. With Mary-Louise Parker
Cast in lost city of z feature film are.Niall Cusack, Louise Parker, Patrick McBrearty
i would like to wish Mary Louise Parker a big happy birthday
Mary-Louise Parker's return to form and the New York Stage in fantastic new play.
Heisenberg by Simon Stephens is terrific. Mary-Louise Parker & Denis Arndt are riveting in it. Until 7/18. Highly recommended!
I am pleased to inform everyone that Mary-Louise Parker can finally move all of her face again.
Rosemarie DeWitt and Mary-Louise Parker could too, if she wasn't actually only one person.
Por favor metan a Mary-Louise Parker a Orange is the New Black
Wow. is stunningly beautiful. Mary-Louise Parker & Denis Arndt are utter perfection. Thank you to all involved!
I like Marisa Tomei but how is Mary-Louise Parker not Aunt May? She has the same last name as Peter!
That moment when you realize youre Mary-Louise Parker
also because well written, acted, paced, and a little crush on Mary-Louise Parker
Mary-Louise Parker on Heisenberg and 'comedy in the pitch black' - The Guardian
Mary-Louise Parker and Denis Arndt give heartbreaking performances in “Heisenberg” at by 2015 Tony winner Simon Stephens.
Oh my goodness, this makes me love Mary-Louise Parker even more! I so want to see this play now!
Heisenberg review – Mary-Louise Parker charms as romance and physics collide
This year's Decades Ball is a celebration of the 1780s, with Kevin Kline, Mary-Louise Parker, and
Bruce Willis & Mary-Louise Parker talk about their upcoming projects after announcing the noms yesterday.
I'm just now realizing that I've been subconsciously shipping Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker for years.
ICYMI: Mary-Louise Parker and Bruce Willis did a great job announcing the this morning! https:/…
Parker, Willis to co-host Tony nominations: Mary-Louise Parker and Bruce Willis will co-host this year's ...
Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker to reunite for Tony Award nominations announcement: Karen ButlerNE...
Tony Awards 2015: Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker to Announce Nominations: Bruce Willis won't be making hi...
Watching RIPD. What is Jeff Bridges doing in this movie? Needs more Mary-Louise Parker.
In some of your photos, I see a significant resemblance to:
Amy Louise Hayes , Dawn Parker for real life!. I want one SO bad
It's less Walter White and more Jim Breuer, but I dig it. Also, I think I'm in love with Mary Louise Parker now.
Mary-Louise Parker to dish dirt on Billy Crudup leaving her pregnant via
That guy from "You're so money supermarket" has a better bum than me... This depresses me...
If Toni Collette and Mary-Louise Parker could come-back to actually good shows, that'd be nice too.
Oh, y'know. Just on set with Mary Louise Parker.
Mary Louise Parker did 'graceful deathbed' so well.
thinking about it, Mary Louise Parker was responisible for a lot of my VHS based teenaged tears
Girls love 50 shades of grey but claim he never raped her 🐸☕️
shout out to all the girls who will NEVER cheat. both of you are appreciated.
Sad when you see that technology has become more important than a relationship... Sigh...
"Mary-Louise Parker will star in the play "Heisenberg" at one of Off Broadway spaces
"Mary-Louise Parker will return to the New York stage in HEISENBERG:
Recently I've been getting into on and it's great and Mary-Louise Parker is a phenomenal actress
Louise Parker gets bent over and nailed deep Doggystyle:
LOL make up your mind 'entrance' seriously geez louise mate
Mary-Louise Parker fighting for her son in THE CLIENT (1994)
'Plinth' by Anna Louise Parker is now available from
'Louise' by Anna Louise Parker is now available from
Sometimes I think about how Meryl Streep's name is Mary-Louise, and that she and Mary-Louise Parker were in "Angels in America" together.
🎵 I'm losing my faith in you,. You don't want it to be true,. There is nothing you can do,. There is nothing you can do 🎵
Just watched Red on - I hope I look as good as Mary-Louise Parker when I'm approaching 50.
I wish Edie Falco and Mary-Louise Parker would get on social media
I maintain that Mary-Louise Parker's best work to date was playing Amy Gardner on The West Wing.
Thought I would get back to drawing again and of course I'm drawing Mary-Louise Parker hopefully it turns out
I'm one ep away from when Mary-Louise Parker joins The Blacklist rip my ***
Have you seen Romance & Cigarettes? Mary-Louise Parker plays a teenager in it.
This has been on my mind for a while: Someone needs to make a show or movie where & Mary-Louise Parker ar…
I'm really torn as to whether Allison Janney or Mary-Louise Parker is my favourite actress ever.
Excited that hubs is growing a Jeff Bridges beard so I can bite it like Mary-Louise Parker in R.I.P.D.
and now she's got the chance to work with Mary-Louise Parker, a top class actress!
Mary-Louise Parker looks better at 50 than I did at 25. She is glorious.
Mary-Louise Parker is forever my dream girl.
Everyone used to tell me I look like Mary Louise Parker. Now everyone tells me I look like Anna Kendrick - I guess getting younger?
Both excellent choices! Amy definitely deserved more screen time as well, but I think Mary-Louise Parker left to star in Weeds…
A model's behind-the-scenes view of New York and Paris Fashion Weeks:
Watching movies Mary Louise Parker is so good at dying characters.
she really isn't. It's all about that Mary Louise Parker
BYE! Just missed the Christmas episode of Lizzie McGuire with Aaron Carter. Mary Louise Parker take the pain away.
I love Mary Louise Parker ❤️ she seems so cool and sweet she may be my fav actress
Mary Louise Parker is the love of my life
Y'all, says the reason Mary Louise Parker and Megan Mullally are still so hot into their 50s is because they are so pale.
Blake and Louise?! NO WAY? If anyone needs me I'll be stationed outside of Subi Woolworths for the next six months.
A fine example of Anna Louise Parker's work 'Frog (Carved stone Low/Bas Relief Outsize statues)' can be viewed on
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