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Louis Zamperini

Louis Silvie Zamperini (born January 26, 1917) is a World War II prisoner of war survivor, inspirational speaker, and former American Olympic distance runner.

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I would have rather preferred name, Louis Zamperini after Olympic Athlete & *** POW.
We always love hearing Laura Hillenbrand talk about Louis Zamperini and UNBROKEN! Hear her interview w/ https…
this was a tight response. Thank you for participating. I'm currently torn between rosa parks, bob Marley and louis zamperini
"Unbroken" hero Louis ran up 2 flights of stairs at age 95, beating Pastor Greg Laurie's grandson!
"If you can make it, You can take it" -Louis Zamperini
This idea is more or less references. You should add killroy was here to a lot of things and louis zamperini's raft. I got more 4 u
I'd made it this far not to give up ☺️ thank you for the inspiration, late louis zamperini
Louis Zamperini became a Christian evangelist, forgave his captors and even ran a leg in the 1998 Olympics in Nagano at age 80. Amazing. 2/2
"Dignity is as essential to human life as water, food and oxygen." Louis Zamperini.
Thought of the Day.If I can take, I can make it.- Louis Zamperini "Unbroken"
Every soldier should learn survival on land, sea, and in the air.
My 2011 interview with Louis Zamperini. Not just unbroken, but unforgettable.
War Hero, Olympic Hero Louis Zamperini on the meaning of FORGIVENESS.
Louis Zamperini, a runner in the 1936 Olympics, served in the U.S. Air Force as a bombardier during World War II
I couldn't speak English. I'm in kindergarten, and the only reason I got th...
Louis Zamperini wasn't just unbroken; he was unforgettable.
In 2011, I was privileged to interview Louis Zamperini, who was not only unbroken, but unforgettable.
Though it's not your specific area of WW2 interest, I thought you might like this.
has posted his past interview with the 'Unbroken' Louis Zamperini. Read it here!
"I'd made it this far and refused to give up because all my life I had always finished the race."—Louis Zamperini
Great book. Louis Zamperini was a fantastic man.
I was a rotten kid. My excitement came from seeing what I could get away wi...
When you're on a raft, you pray like in a foxhole.
The story of Louis Zamperini captured the America's attention in the movie "Unbroken." Here's the rest of the story:
..." If you can take it, you can make it" - Louis Zamperini
Louis Zamperini greets his family in 1945 after spending two years as a POW.
A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory ~ Louis Zamperini
Don't forget, our POWs in *** camps, during WWII such as Louis Zamperini, in movie Unbroken.
Obama will visit Hiroshima on May 27, the 73rd anniversary of Louis Zamperini's capture by the Japanese.
Pleease tell if Unbroken was inspired by movie/book Unbroken about Louis Zamperini? My favourite song just like yours :)
If you ever need to remember the cost of freedom, watch or read "Unbroken", the true story of Louis Zamperini. May God bless all our POWs.
Great song by Coldplay about the life of Louis Zamperini
Filming in Louis Zamperini's garage in Hollywood for the film "Captured by Grace" watch it @
You only see part of Louis Zamperini’s life in Get the full story "Captured by Grace”
Wow! A deeply moving, well performed movie with an even better real ending. Louis Zamperini's life/story is inspiring, truly.
Love to read about Louis Zamperini running down the street at age 2. Ditto for my fence climbing street running son at the same age of 2‼️ 😍
Louis Zamperini is one of the bravest men to have ever graced this earth
Louis Zamperini was a strong man to endure ALL of that
The story of Louis Zamperini is an example of how sport can help build self esteem but God WILL change your life. 🙏🏼
Louis Zamperini is enough inspiration for all of us.
BREAKING: Louis Zamperini, subject of 'Unbroken,' dies at age 97.
A True Forgiveness does come from a Brave Heart... Louis S. Zamperini - Unbroken by author Laura Hillenbrand' 보기 -
Louis Zamperini was quite the miracle boy
and Louis Zamperini what an incredible man
Just watched Unbroken about Louis Zamperini directed by Angelina Jolie
My heart is so full after watching Louis Zamperini ran with the Olympic torch in Japan after being its...
If anyone ever asks what my favorite book is, it is definitely Unbroken about the story of Louis Zamperini. No doubt.
Unbroken always leaves me in tears, Louis Zamperini, what an absolute hero
Just watched 'unbroken' and it is one of the most powerful films I have ever watched. What a hero Louis Zamperini was 💙
The eyes can talk if you pay attention to them. These eyes belong to Louis Zamperini. Go see "Unbroken" the movie.
"A lifetime of glory is worth a moment of pain...". -Louis Zamperini . Unbroken
grand marshall Louis Zamperini who was of
Is it any wonder that Louis Zamperini: most visited BBTM bio snapshot? Louie!
Just finished watching the movie True story of Louis Zamperini, Olympian, WW II POW & hero. Amazing but so sad what he endured.
Louis Zamperini. True legend! Played so well by Jack O'Connell too 👏🏻
Louis Zamperini... A true hero and inspiration.
Louis Zamperini, if you don't know who he is, look him up.
My husband refers to Lafayette and Louis Zamperini as my “history boyfriends”. I told him they’d kick his ***
2 days ago the world lost an amazing man and hero, Louis Zamperini . He was an Olympian, a WW2 pilot, a ditching...
Are We Looking?: The movie Unbroken is based on the true story of Louis Zamperini, an…
Running heroes: Louis Zamperini...inspiration from Unbroken via
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“The one who forgives never brings up the past to that person's face.~Louis Zamperini~
I liked a video Faith: Louis Zamperini reads his Letter to the Bird
I liked a video from "Unbroken's" Louis Zamperini: The Rest of the Story
started my history project on Louis Zamperini and now I can't get away from it,it's so intresting,everyone should watch the movie Unbroken
So it turns out my Great Uncle was in the same Japanese prison camp as Louis Zamperini and heres a picture of them http…
"Life your life and have a little fun on the way, but when your close to the end, remember the ones that loved you." -Louis Zamperini
Dude was favorite read was: "Unbroken: The Louis Zamperini story.
Billy Graham, Louis Zamperini, Stuart Hamblen, and the two nights in 1949 that changed their lives via
Laura Hillenbrand's Unbroken, Louis Zamperini's life story, is one of the best biographies I have read. My review:
Spirit like Louis Zamperini, you could never break me down
"Don't give up, don't give in. There's always an answer to everything." Louis Zamperini
“I was raised to face any challenge.” . ― Louis Zamperini
If you cling to the axe you're grinding, eventually you'll only hurt yourself. - Louis Zamperini
Anything that's trying to kill you is your enemy. - Louis Zamperini
My son's 3rd grade wax museum project on Louis Zamperini was better than the movie recounting his life
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Life on earth is dangerous. You should be prepared for anything. - Louis Zamperini
Finally saw Unbroken. Absolutely insane story and film altogether. Louis Zamperini was such a great soul.
Out of the estate of Louis Zamperini is this solid wood carved bear coat tree. Come in to check out this great unu…
A 9: Unbroken, biography about Louis Zamperini. What an amazing human being! Such an inspring story.
The true story of Olympian Louis Zamperini. Limited time price.
Lol when Louis Zamperini won all of his awards no one was like "but Ghandi was better! Don't give him awards!"
Kinda tired of hearing about Caitlynn? . Here's a great American story.
Watched last night, v difficult & upsetting film to watch, Louis Zamperini RIP. was amazing playing him, terrific actor
Louis Zamperini's story still continues to bring me to tears every time I hear it
Louis Zamperini from Unbroken is a babe
Louis Zamperini is a runner and war veteran (basically means better than you)
“Unbroken” is a great movie about the heroic Louis Zamperini. It ends too soon. Follow it up with this video:
got done with baseball and we had run ALOT Then I remembered that quote from Louis zamperini: a moment in pain is worth a lifetime of glory.
Louis Zamperini is just so admirable, so inspiring
I owe today's cold, wet run to Louis Zamperini. I just ran 3.00 mi with Nike+.
If Louis Zamperini can forgive his captors I can forgive my grandma
Missed our review of the Louis Zamperini BioPic Unbroken? Catch up with the podcast here:
You guys have to see and read up on Louis To say he was motivational is an understatement.
Just watched Unbroken, the story of Louis Zamperini, for family movie night. Best movie I've seen in a long time.
Louis Zamperini is probably one of the most noblest, honorable and strongest human being that I have ever heard of.
Marked as to-read: Devil at My Heels by Louis Zamperini
I just watched Unbroken and it was so good! I'm so inspired by Louis Zamperini's story and his ability to forgive😭
Just watched Unbroken what touching movie.. RIP Louis Zamperini
Photo: trashboat-jr: 2015 Reading Challenge: a nonfiction book Unbroken is about Louis Zamperini and his...
Just saw Unbroken. Grabe so much respect for Louis Zamperini
Louis Zamperini ,94, lights the torch he carried at the 1994 Olympics.
Unbroken really touched my heart, God bless Louis Zamperini may you rest in peace.
after watching Unbroken, Louis Zamperini's story is unforgettable.
Louis Zamperini has a story that belies belief. Olympian, prisoner-of-war, survivor. WATCH:
Just watched Unbroken ,about Louis Zamperini. WHAT a man.
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My great grandpa ran against Louis Zamperini (whom Unbroken is about) in junior high
Louis Zamperini is a hero. I have so much respect for this man. Forever in my heart ❤
Louis Zamperini, you are my role model 🙏
This weekend's featured programme is Take One, where we review the Louis Zamperini Biopic, Unbroken.
Angelina Jolie and Louis Zamperini talk about Unbroken Today Show by ...
Unbroken is a phenomenal movie. Its the story of Louis Zamperini, a former Olympian, that was caught by the Japanese during the war.
The movie unbroken, is truly an eye opener and an inspiration 💕 R.I.P Louis Zamperini
What a film! What an inspiration Louis Zamperini was. A true hero
Unbroken was an inspiring film. What an incredible life. Louis Zamperini was an exemplary man.
epic drama that follows the incredible life of Olympian and war hero Louis "Louie" Zamperini (Jack O'Connell)"
FROM THE STARS AND STRIPES ARCHIVES | US vet carries Olympic torch in Japanese town where he was once held as a POW: h…
Thinking of you and honoring your service to our great country ~ Louis Zamperini, Chris Kyle, Mike Murphy.
On May 28, Abell will be auctioning items from the estate of Louis Zamperini. Zamperini, a USC alum and Olympic...
Life as fragile as the light of the eyes. heart. Louis Zamperini and Angelina Jolie. He was a quiet hero. ht…
I've been reading about Louis Zamperini's life and I'm just so impressed!!
Amazing story of an amazing Journey!.
Louis Zamperini, tortured in Japanese WWII camp, later forgave his enemies. Many of our past enemies are now cooperative trade partners.
Watched "Unbroken" and learned about Louis Zamperini's amazing life. What an unbelievable person, never tell yourself you cant do anything.
Louis Zamperini was a very man. Love that movie.
Unbroken is an incredible film, hard to believe that Louis Zamperini actually lived his life like that
Unbroken is one of the best films I have ever seen. . Louis Zamperini was a truly inspirational individual.
"Helping the underdog, that's been my whole life.". -Louis Zamperini-
'Devil at my Heels' ebook by Louis Zamperini available HERE
Unbroken is a great film about the life of louis zamperini. Brilliantly Directed by…
Angelina Jolie's is a powerful and moving story, Louis Zamperini was an inspiration. ~x~
// It wouldn't surprise me, I only fake the *** You must, Louis Zamperini is such an inspiration and just fukck.
BEST MOVIE HIRE : Unbroken. Tough watch, but true take on WW2 POW experience of Olympic runner Louis Zamperini.
finished watching the movie unbroken based on a true story of Louis zamperini american athlete & prisoner of war in japan . Fantastic
Been watching the story of Louis Zamperini. Unbroken. Unimaginable suffering and torture.
The movie "Unbroken" was very inspirational about the life of Louis Zamperini (1917-2014). The title says it all.
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Oh he's played by the guy who played Louis Zamperini
Louis Zamperini is the definition of never giving up.
Reading Unbroken, the story of Louis Zamperini and look! My grandpa's plane is mentioned
the story of Louis a truly inspiring story.Wife couldn't watch it,it was just too brutal for her.
Mile 7 is for Louis Zamperini a TRUE hero & in support of Veterans & to raise awareness of PTSD which affects 1 in 6 Veterans.
When you want to overcome anything, you have to be fully committed to it. And then overcome it. ~Louis Zamperini
If you haven't heard, read, or seen the story about the life of Louis Zamperini you must! Such an inspirational man!
Louis Zamperini doesn't have anything bad happen to him and suffers no physical pain, inspiring no one.
im pretty sure if Louis Zamperini can survive two years being tortured by the japenese, I'm pretty sure I can survive high school
they casted the perfect kid to play louis zamperini because he looks SO much like jack o'connell. like. in the eyes.
American Patrol in honor of Louis Zamperini by the USAF Band of the Golden West
A Lifetime of Glory is Worth a Moment of Pain. - Louis Zamperini WWII POW
Unbroken - some film, some man that Louis Zamperini was!
is a film that leaves you speechless. Louis Zamperini had so much strength. I can't imagine the horrors he faced. A true hero.
Unbroken was such an amazing film, R.I.P Louis Zamperini, what an amazing and inspirational man 👼
Unbroken- . Unbroken is about a track star named Louis Zamperini. He is drafted into the army and is in a POW camp. It Is a Great Book! MM
Unbroken: 6 Incredible Facts about the real life of Louis “Louie” Zamperini >
He had the will to win and the willingness to fight for it. Louis Zamperini was unstoppable.
Louis Zamperini's extraordinary life & his dedication to forgiving others is examined in "The Power of Forgiveness": http…
"You have to believe that no matter what happens to you, all things work together for good." - Louis Zamperini​.
.That's your loss. . Zamperini is an American hero, his life story is inspiring, and worth being known.
Up to you, terrific film of WW2 Louis Zamperini and horrors of Japanese warfare.
Directed by Angeline Jolie, tells a true story of Olympian POW hero Louis Zamperini.
That's one thing you learn in sports. You don't give up; you fight to the finish. Louis Zamperini.
The true story of the Unbroken film's hero is told for young readers. LOUIS ZAMPERINI: REDEMPTION by Janet Benge
The true story behind the Unbroken movie is told for young readers. LOUIS ZAMPERINI by Renee Taft Meloche
Hear directly from the hero of the Unbroken movie. DON'T GIVE UP, DON'T GIVE IN by Louis Zamperini and David Rensin
Unbroken – The Railway Castaway: Unbroken is the true life tale of world famous Olympian Louis Zamperini, who ...
Sometimes what we see as a loss turns out in the end to be a gain, and sometimes a gain is a loss. -Louis Zamperini
HOLD ONTO GOALS. When you have a goal that you desire, you have to hold on to it no matter what!!! Louis Zamperini...
In memory of our brother Louis Zamperini, Rush shirts will be on their way soon.
Watching .. Amazing movie, amazing legacy , props to Angelina Jolie for making it and Louis Zamperini for never giving up 🙏
I just had the honor of watching the life story of Louis Zamperini in the movie Unbroken. I use the word honor,...
Is Louis Zamperini is the guy from those Chiquita Banana commercials?
Louis Zamperini's hair is perfect in almost every scene of Unbroken. Lovin' it.
My little brother: Isn't that movie with that guy, "Larry Zuchinni?" Louis Zamperini but good try.
Unbroken some film like Louis zamperini 👌🏽👌🏽
The boy who played Louis Zamperini in the movie Unbroken did an excellent job👏👏
"When you forgive, it's like it never happened. True forgiveness is complete and total." – Louis Zamperini htt…
Director Angelina Jolie discusses working with Louis Zamperini & the trusting friendship they formed. http…
The missing air crew report from Unbroken's ill-fated flight via
"Unbroken " true story of Olympian Louis Zamperini portrayed brilliantly by Jack O'Connell
Louis Zamperini proved this belief again and again.
Texas update: I told some Baylor students that I am from Torrance. They asked me if I know Louis Zamperini 😂😂😂.
If you hate somebody you´re not hurting the person you hate. You are hurting yourself. Forgiveness is healing. Louis Zamperini
Just finished : Louis Zamperini's story. Fantastic story, so many life lessons...
God has given me so much. He expects so much out of me - Louis Zamperini. ♫ Miracles by —
That book rocked my world too! Louis Zamperini lived a pretty amazing life!
"I had nightmares until that night in 1949."~Louis Zamperini
The nostalgic photo of the day is Louis Zamperini, returning home after being a POW during World War II. In my...
Such an amazing story of Louis Zamperini. Inspiration on every page to read (or listen via Audible)…
Who had the most positive influence on you? — Louis Zamperini - taught me to stop complaining, to look things in...
Louis Zamperini was amazing and he was literally one of the most strongest people ever !!! & Unbroken seriously made me cry my heart out 😌❤️
If you could print any phrase on a T-shirt, what would it say? — if I can take it, I can make it. -Louis Zamperini
Which movies or books have made a big impact on you? — unbroken - both movies and books - Louis Zamperini has a ...
Louis Zamperini is truly an inspiration✨
finally watched unbroken. it is such an amazing story. read it. watch it. do both. just be sure to learn about Louis Zamperini's life
Louis zamperini was so strong so much respect
Louis Zamperini's mama was a savage!
Check it out! I donated to Louis Zamperini's Unbroken Promise:
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Just watched directed by Angelina Jolie, and I have to say: what a great man, Louis Zamperini. I'm happy I came to know his story.
Have you seen Now you can meet the Hero, Louis Zamperini! POP starts Thur @ 7:30
features Louis Zamperini's heroic story of finding hope during the darkest moments of his life.
Louis Zamperini, Olympian and ‘Unbroken’ War Survivor, Dies at 97 ” RIP. Film of life directed by A.Jolie
If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive w... — Soekarno, Louis Zamperini, Soe Hok Gie, Angelina Joli...
What’s the one book you think everyone should read? — Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, it's about Louis Zamperini,...
What famous person would you like to meet? — Louis Zamperini, he's so inspiring. and also Angelina Jolie
The movie Unbroken was unbelievable. Louis Zamperini is an inspiration
the one that just came out "Unbroken" true story of Louis "Louie" Zamperini WWII vet and Olympic medalist very inspiring
1930s USC track sweater and tank I managed to pick up. Same as worn by Louis Zamperini in the bottom pics! These b…
I was a 16 I met Louis Zamperini, what stood out to me was despite what happened to him, he emphasized forgiveness over revenge.
'To preserve is important for everybody. Don't give up, Don't give in. There's always an answer to everything.' - Louis Zamperini
If you loved Louis Zamperini in "Unbroken," wait till you meet Henriette Ngenga! Help us tell her incredible story!
Thanks for introducing me to national treasure Louis Zamperini. Still at 97 yrs. young!
Adult Movie Matinee, Thurs, April 9, 2 pm. Showing the newly released movie based on the life of Louis Zamperini, Olympic athelete, WWII POW
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Inspiring life story of inspiring man Louis Zamperini
The New York Times bestselling biography about Louis Zamperini, rough kid on the verge of delinquency, teenaged...
Share Louis Zamperini's unforgettable story, available now on Blu-ray and DVD.
just know if you EVER compare me to louis zamperini that is the highest possible compliment you could ever give me
Why was Laura Hillenbrand, author of drawn to the incredible story of Louis Zamperini?
Louis Zamperini enlisted into the US air force just after He finished eighth in the 5000-meter distance event at...
louis zamperini: former olympian, world war II prisoner of war, and true american hero.
Louis Zamperini, you're an awesome man with an awesome spirit :') ★ Unbroken —
If you saw the movie, Unbroken you have to see this! He came home BROKEN, but God put the pieces back together 🙏
The movie Unbroken inspires me because Louis Zamperini lived a really amazing life and his story is inspiring
Unbroken: an incredible story about an incredible man. What's the key to his resilience?
Unbroken: what makes some people more resilient than others? -
Maybe went to same High School as Louis Zamperini, being from Torrance.
Watch: Popular Louis Zamperini film returns to TV this month, see listings or watch at
Louis Zamperini's story was a movie waiting to be made-but it doesn't tell how he came to know Christ:
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A true life story about a WWII hero. Louis Zamperini - as a child delinquent he channels his defiance into...
Louis Zamperini, hero of the blockbuster Unbroken tells his story.
Louis Zamperini fulfilled the ideal dream of Christianity to forgive and convert many of his former enemies:
Pre-Order the inspiring movie on DVD! The unbelievable true story of Louis Zamperini
I love inspirational non-fiction. Unbroken By Laura Hillenbrand had me in tears over the story of Louis Zamperini
The life of Louis Zamperini (Unbroken) is on full display in this week's Always Good News airing on Monday @ 8pm. Deep faith = unbroken.
It's almost weird how obsessed I am with the story of Louis Zamperini
R.I.P. Louis Zamperini. One of the most remarkable people to ever live. Read his biography "Unbroken" and never complain again in your life
Just watch the moviewas awesome.. Louis "Louie" Zamperini was a freaking stud
The Bird rules over his POW camp and makes an example out of Louis Zamperini.
Your Sunday Read: What makes some people more resilient than others? via
Louis Zamperini is a true inspiration
Billy Graham's grandson Will Graham will honor Louis Zamperini in the http:/…
Just read Laura Hillenbrand's Louis Zamperini. Life lessons on will, perseverance, forgiveness. Never learned in history class!
Loved unbroken! You did an amazing job portraying Louis Zamperini :)
yeah, for louis Zamperini. It was alright, nothing like redondo 😂
nonprofit organization, Victory Boys Camp, will soon be renamed to the Louis Zamperini Foundation. ht…
"The world we'd discovered doesn't love you like your family loves you" Louis Zamperini
"As long as you've prepared and done your best, there's no shame in being flexible." - Louis Zamperini... Don't Give Up, Don't Give In
I just met and personally shook hands with the Clay Zamperini, the grandson of Louis Zamperini.
Unbroken was an unbelievable movie! What Louis Zamperini went through is just crazy and inspiring
"Revenge isn't the answer. Forgiveness is..." - Louis Zamperini
" to persevere is important for everybody. dont give up, dont give in. theres always an answer for everything " - Louis Zamperini
Don't give up, don't give in. I am thankful to have read this book from Louis Zamperini — reading Don't Give Up,...
Learn the rest of the story of Louis Zamperini (in "Captured by Grace."
Louis Zamperini visits his alma mater, University of Southern California:
266 People reed my book on Wattpad ? what is this ??? omg thank you guys so much !!! it means a lot for me. Wattpad =
In 2015 continue to remember: Louis Zamperini – “One of the greatest Americans & Trojans of all time” …
Unbroken: 6 Unbelievable Facts About the Real Louis Zamperini - As intricately detailed and historically...
Louis Zamperini has never broken down from a challenge," - The Zamperini Family
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"Doing good deeds is the best thing you can do for your own personal health." Louis Zamperini
Unbroken is the amazing true story of Olympian and WWII POW / Bataan Death March survivor Louis Zamperini.
Louis Zamperini, a true hero and one fine American.
Olympic distance runner and American hero, Louis Zamperini, would have been 98 today.
The Power of Hope by Friar Jeremy Harrington, O.F.M. The loss of hope is a terrible thing. It can be lethal. But for most of us, a deficiency of hope shows itself in more subtle ways: discouragement, putting our trust in everything but God, or focusing too much on the negative in the world. This month, I find hope. I’m inspired by three things: young people marching for life, Martin Luther King Jr., and Louis Zamperini. For six years, I lived in Washington, DC, and marveled at the dedication and sacrifice of thousands of young people who come each year in January for the March for Life. A typical schedule for many of them is boarding a bus at the end of the school day and riding 12 to 14 hours overnight to DC. When they arrive in the morning, they may tour the Capitol or the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land, which is where I lived. That evening, young people pack the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, wall to wall, for a Mass. Many sleep that night in a school gym. On their second day in Washin ...
Oscar-winning director, Ross Kauffman, explores the story of Louis Zamperini, a World War II POW who survives a near fatal plane crash only to be captured by the Japanese. This inspiring tale of faith, resilience, and forgiveness is also the subject of Unbroken, a major motion picture in theaters 12…
Have you heard about the movie, Unbroken?  It is based on a book of the same title by author, Lauren Hilllenbrand, who also wrote the popular book, Seabiscuit. I didn’t even know there was a book, even though it has been one of the longest running New York Times bestsellers. Guess I’m a little out of touch. I found out about the book and the story from a friend.  I had just finished watching an early showing for pastors of Unbroken back in early December and I was texting with my friend.  I told him my wife, Darcy, and I were just leaving the theater having watched the movie. He texted me back saying, “Not sure how the movie was, but the book was very,very good. Was completely clear about Zamperini’s conversion and faith in Jesus.” He was referring to the lead character named Louis Zamperini who had endured some amazingly difficult experiences in life and eventually turned his life over to Christ.  But the movie did not make this clear until the credits. What makes this so astonishing is th ...
- Unbroken Movie TRAILER (2014) Angelina Jolie Drama HD A chronicle of the life of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner who was taken p...
The buzz about this weekend at bayside is unlike anything we’ve seen in years; join Ray as he highlights 6 points from his interviews with Louis Zamperini, the author of New York Times best seller Unbroken, and subject of the movie Unbroken — based on the book.
Unbroken follows the real-life story of Olympian Louis Zamperini who survives a traumatic 47 days at sea on a cumbersome raft after a plane crash, only to be ca
Louis Zamperini is my new role model 😁
Two incredible stories of bravery, passion, strength and the power of the human spirit.."Unbroken" and "The American Sniper" God Bless Louis Zamperini and Chris Kyle. Both humble warriors of heaven!
After seeing the movie today I have to say that Louis Zamperini is one of my biggest new idols.
Many people thought Louis Zamperini would not live long beyond his formative years, and on many occasions they were almost right. As a child of immigrants, Zamperini was often in trouble with the authorities, until a police officer suggested that Louis use his fleet feet for sport instead of mischie…
Louis Zamperini is the greatest man to walk this earth and that's that
Gary and I just saw UNBROKEN. Olympic Gold Medalist Louis Zamperini, was imprisoned by the Japanese during WWII after staying alive for 47 days in the Pacific Ocean after a plane crash. His brother always told him if he could take it then he could make it. He did suffer with PTSD. He came to know the Lord later in life through Billy Graham. He was able to forgive those who imprisoned and tortured him. What a testimony. A movie so worth seeing.
Brother, fighter, survivor. See become Louis Zamperini in Released this Friday!
A drawing I drew of the amazing & Angelina Jolie who brought us the amazing story of Louis Zamperini.
. David Rensin and Louis Zamperini in May 2014. We all face life challenges from the seemin...
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