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Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh (born Michael Louis Vincent Walsh on 5 August 1952) is an Irish music manager and judge on the British television talent show The X Factor.

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Liam trashing Louis Walsh . Louis rumored to sing solo in TXF finale . Niall posting a pic with Ben's baby . Zayn and Taylo…
Liam James Payne was only 23 when he ended Louis Walsh's whole career.
Louis Walsh killed Ian Gow, MP for the Provisional Irish Republican Army. Never forget.
Can X factor get any worse? Honey g is still going, Simon Cowells gone deaf,Sharon's back & Louis Walsh is picking the music
People are noticing Simon Cowell’s *** jibes at Louis Walsh and aren't happy about it!
the video of Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh laughing n Sharon walks into the door is the funniest
Simon Cowells family and the Osbornes and Louis Walsh rent boys. *** heads. Jeremy Kyle show contestants
Say hello to Louis G! You HAVE to see X Factor's Louis Walsh doing his best impression of
Louis Walsh 'lets slip Nicole Scherzinger has had a boob job' via
Louis Walsh probably wishes he never spoke about boobs now...
X Factor judge Louis Walsh stunned the Celebrity Juice audience when he claimed Nicole…
Has Nicole Scherzinger had a BOOB job? Louis Walsh claims she's had surgery as he films ... -…
Most popular celebs for pics before dinner so far ... Mary Berry, Louis Walsh followed by Andrew Flintoff.
and Bill has been photo bombed by A young Daniel Day Lewis, an old Louis Walsh and a House Martin
- Louis Walsh makes a d*ck out of Zayn Malik & rules One Direction out of X Factor return!
So what are Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell ? If the word monsters are taken by one direction
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Did Louis Walsh go too far with this Dermot O'Leary jibe in last night's
Nicole Scherzinger flashes her assets again in slinky sheer jumpsuit
Louis Walsh needs to get kicked off
It's almost like Louis Walsh picked the finalists for the Presidential
Donald Trump is on the same planet as Louis Walsh. This man cannot seriously be left to run the US!
Louis Walsh must be feeling vulnerable with only one act left now; selecting an 'act' like Bratavio doesn't say a lot for his judgment...
I'm sorry are you the ghost of Louis Walsh?
X Factor 2016 week 1 results live: Louis Walsh left with just one act as Bratavio are voted off and Brooks Way are…
I love Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne as judges, but can't stand Nicole Scherzinger or Louis Walsh. Loving X Factor UK in general though.
Louis Walsh is after packing on a few pounds in the bottom right as well
Can't wait for Louis Walsh to release a tell all book as to why his behaviour is so strange. Not seen Xfactor this year but luv the weirdo
Well it's already backfired on Louis Walsh, not even week 2 of x factor lives and he's left with one act 😂
The X Factor 2016 in turmoil as Louis Walsh hints he's QUIT after losing two acts: LOUIS WALSH has admitted t...
Celeb get me out: Louis Walsh to QUIT X Factor? Judge admits he 'could do Strictly next year': Last year it w...
Louis Walsh actually makes my heart warm up, look at his lil face n tell me otherwise
Louis Walsh tells Honey G that Tupac Shakur 'would be happy' with her performance
Cant help thinking that if being a 'Garda Whistleblowerr' was a worthwhile pursuit, Louis Walsh would already have the tour sorted
The way Louis Walsh claps makes me laugh so much
Am I the only one who's still annoyed at Louis Walsh for picking bratavio over 4 of diamonds 😕😂
tell now: 'Louis Walsh partied with us in Ibiza!'
Louis Walsh made a massive mistake sending home😪,they are just amazing,bring them bac…
Only Louis Walsh could put ppl in like these two. next stop honey G !! .
And I wish Louis Walsh would stop bopping his head along to the music. No way in *** would he bop along to this music normally!!!
Louis Walsh. Using pens to block out his own acts since 1891.
I think X Factor should get me on to replace Louis Walsh
I still think Louis Walsh's band should ask to get Nancy to sing with them!
Louis Walsh on X factor is the ultimate definition of "am just here for a laugh"
to wish the lovely a wonderful birthday with Louis Walsh and
Did louis Walsh actually say Tupac would be pleased with honey Gs performance...🤔
Louis Walsh just said 'I think tupac would be happy' and I laughed so hard I was sick.
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New life goal: to be as happy as Louis Walsh watching
Thought this was louis walsh. I'm out.
Them 2 jokers shouldn't've even made it to boot camp let alone live shows but that's I think your going 2 be a star Loui…
starting a petition. GET LOUIS WALSH BACK. And free him from the old ppls home. Ha.
Louis Walsh in front watching football. That's all!
didn't know Louis Walsh went to the matches
Louis Walsh has a great track record
My loathing of Louis Walsh has reached new levels and it's only been on a few minutes.
Louis Walsh is clearly bumming that pair of tone deaf ***
Girl bands just have no chance when mentored by Louis Walsh - sexist tosser...
How many times does Louis Walsh say pop star in one night
Louis Walsh needs to accept that he'll never have another Jedward. Jedward were something. Bratavio are just nothing.
shouldn't Louis Walsh be allowed to bring back another group as it isn't his fault were axed!!
Louis Walsh has a great track record...
Least the public isn't as retarded as Louis Walsh. Good job that pile of *** got booted off.
The state of the way Louis Walsh claps
Even I could stand and sing in front of Louis Walsh and he'd tell me I look like a popstar, sound like a popstar and that…
Also Louis Walsh on the bottom right! 😂😂
'The Louis Walsh Collection' sounds terrifying, think it would suit Halloween more than the 'Fright Night' theme
My favourites on the x-factor tonight were 5 after midnight , gifty Louis , and matt terry , as usual Louis Walsh...
Do you think Louis Walsh shud be axed 4 keeping in Bratavio? Who even watches X Factor anymore?. What do you think?
just puts me in a mood. Louis Walsh is just a pleb
Need to get Anne Robinson on the X Factor; "Louis Walsh, you are the weakest link. Goodbye!"
Pretty obvious how big of a fix X factor really is! Louis Walsh was clearly told to put through that joke act for ratings
The Brooks? Oh. Yeah you're probably right actually. This is Louis Walsh after all.
Did really Louis Walsh said those hateful comments about Rita Ora ? Oh boy , where's your career at ? Never heard your name before.
It's decision time for and Louis Walsh. The continues now on *bites nails*
We lost track a bit but we *think* this is Louis Walsh's final six. 6️⃣
QUIZ TIME: That cheeky Louis Walsh. But which contestant sang one of Nicole's songs (and made it better, according to Louis…
Watch Louis Walsh and Craig David party with the groups in Ibiza. VIDEO:
Hamilton Collection
Sorry but was/So much better then Louis Walsh he's an old man he needs to leave and retire now…
Louis Walsh, do you even know how to judge?
Louis Walsh is a proper vile specimen
No LouLou, no!! 12 times Louis Walsh put his foot in it on 😂
The X Factor 2016: 'Louis, close your mouth' Ottavio and Bradley get flirty with Walsh
Slamming Tulisa cause she won with Little Mix? Claiming she didn't create them and make them successful.
Louis Walsh has been a bit rude about some X Factor judges
Louis Walsh needs to start taking judging more seriously. I'm getting very agitated
If you don't have anything nice to say, Louis, don't say anything at all.
First chickengate, now THIS! Look what X Factor's Ottavio and Bradley get up to at Judges' Houses
Craig David joins The X Factor groups for a surprise gig in Ibiza
X Factor 2016: Watch the groups party with Craig David and Louis Walsh in Ibiza
Louis Walsh hits the dancefloor with this weekend
Ouch. Louis Walsh says Rita Ora is "more of a clothes horse than a pop star". .
Honey G is still on the XFactor after the Six Chair via
X Factor’s Louis Walsh REALLY didn’t want Rita Ora or Nick Grimshaw on the show:
Louis Walsh slams Rita Ora as a clothes horse, not a pop star
The X Factor 2016: Louis Walsh hits the dancefloor with Craig David at Ibiza Rocks for Judges House - SEE MORE:
Louis Walsh: Get me on the Gogglebox sofa:
i ws thinking more Louis Walsh but hey ***
Louis Walsh: Get me on the Gogglebox sofa -
Louis Walsh has a point...Rita Ora is a bit of a Clothes Horse. Like, does she even do Music anymore? Or is she just kind of...Around?
watching last weeks X factor and Louis Walsh is an absolute ***
Louis Walsh: Get me on the Gogglebox sofa
Louis Walsh: Get me on the Gogglebox sofa: But The X Factor judge would never do Strictly.
Jaysus Louis Walsh doesnt really like the talented woman around him, hes always slating them😕
Louis Walsh: Get me on the Gogglebox sofa
Louis Walsh lashes out at former X Factor judges Rita Ora and Tulisa
.says he and Louis Walsh have ideas for album number three via
Louis Walsh would be great in a packed train. He'd always give you a seat.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Louis Walsh is an utter bellend. Completely staged 6 chair hokey-cokey excruciating ***
Louis Walsh did a hokey cokey with them groups, good grief😧. With that mess over, judges houses looks to be a good 1
Omg, Louis Walsh doing the Hokey Cokey with his groups 😂
Louis Walsh is literally the worst ffs
A good'ol to when Louis Walsh made me cry in 2013. 😂
Just watching replay... *** is Louis Walsh doing there?Sharon..really and Scherzinger sings with a dweeb. Time for xfactor to go!!!
Why did not know who Louis Walsh was and think he was a contestant 😒
The presenter is Dermot O'Leary. The judges are Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne, Nicole Scherzinger and Simon Cowell.
'We create monsters like One Direction' - Louis Walsh
I'd swear that's the *** son of Louis Walsh and Frankie Howerd
22. When Wagner told Louis Walsh he would think about him on his death bed.
There were some dream pairings. Loved Kimberly Wyatt pretending to be his g/f, the Tess/Claud crackden & feral Louis Walsh
Joe Allen to Stoke? Thats like a Rugby League team signing Louis Walsh!
Nicole Scherzinger, Rylan, Matt, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh on the red carpet.
i also want Louis Walsh to decide it😂
If the goes to deadlock, will they call in Louis Walsh to do his thing?
Louis Walsh has arrived in Manchester in case the count goes to deadlock.
if it's 50/50 we need Louis Walsh to come and decide what to do
I hope it's an exact split and we have to go to Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh to make a decision
I hope it goes to deadlock and Louis Walsh is left to decide for us
Someone said if the referendum goes into deadlock will Louis Walsh make the final decision lol spinning
If the Eu referendum goes to deadlock does Louis Walsh decide the decision
This is definitely going to DEADLOCK. I just hope Louis Walsh is a Remainer.
- - Reminds me of gag in relation to Louis Walsh
For Pat Mustard, her from JJ72, Sergeant Pluck, Tom Cruise in Far and Away, Father Damo and Louis Walsh.
Stephen Hunt looking more like Louis Walsh atm!
Stephen Hunt looks like Louis Walsh on Rté2 rn
First look at Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh at Leicester City Football Club.
Louis Walsh reveals he helped Stephen Gately hide his sexuality from the press:
Nicole Scherzinger can't wait to be reunited with Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh on The...
My dreams have come true Louis Walsh and Sharon Osborne are back
Buzzing Sharon Osborne and Louis Walsh are back on XFactor
Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh, pictured backstage at the studios in 2005.
Now I'm not a fan, but is dragging back Louis Walsh and Sharon Osborne really going to "refresh" the X Factor?
Telegraph: New X Factor line-up: Sharon Osborne, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger return to the judging panel
simon, Sharon Osborne, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh.the only one I can stand is Simon x
OMG yes Sharon Osborne and Louis Walsh returning to xfactor! They're hilarious together !
New X Factor panel is Simon, Louis Walsh, Sharon Osborne & Nicole Scherzinger. Dermot will return to as host
Sharon Osborne and Louis Walsh back on the 2016 X Factor makes me so happy!!! They are hilarious together 😂😂😂
Welcome back & Louis Walsh who join on this year's judging panel. 👉🏼
The should have David Walliams as a judge selecting ridiculous acts. Oh wait, Louis Walsh is back!
I've only just realised how funny Louis Walsh running is and I can't breathe
The day myself and Denise met Louis Walsh ...
Louis Walsh style comment from me - Beau reminds me of young Abi Branning on Eastenders
Brendan's impression of Louis Walsh is perfect 😅
Simon is turning into Louis Walsh...actually he has overtaken him...m
Nice to see Louis Walsh appear on with
Simon has told another dance group they are the best so far, & to think he accuses Louis Walsh of using the same old lines! 🙈
Why can't they caricature Louis Walsh ? because he is already one
writing reminds me of a Louis Walsh ;)
Video: Louis Walsh doesn't like when you shout his name in public 😂😂 >>
It's looking pretty certain these two originals will be back on X Factor
Is about to return to Get your raincoat ready, Louis Walsh...
If Louis Walsh makes a comeback I'm not watching but auditions at may win me over for 1 day
Louis Walsh is auctioning 4 VIP audience tix for XFactor Live in London for charities & : https:/…
20 sources: Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell pose for photos after auditioning hundreds of hopef...
Cowell should set up a children's book X Factor. Jacqueline Wilson as Sharon Osborne, Michael Rosen as Louis Walsh
Confirmed: this year's full panel is Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger
Louis Walsh and Ronan Keating’s axe attack: Simon Cowell had showdown plan
Is this the confirmed X Factor judging panel?
Louis Walsh on retirement, losing his hearing and how to...
The X factor judges have been confirmed as Simon Cowell Sharon Osborne Nicole sherzeninger and Louis Walsh the old ones are back
Is Mrs O back on Simon Cowell 'confirms they will work together on UK show'
Is Mrs O back on X Factor? Simon Cowell 'confirms he and Sharon will work on a UK show': SIMON Co...
Dublin girl's encounter with Louis Walsh has left us...
To put my Louis Walsh hat on for a moment, he looks like a young Steve Brookstein tbh.
Louis Walsh is looking for another Jedward. This today this is only mindly more disturbing then news about future singles
There's one replacing the Voice of Ireland next year apparently. Louis Walsh's idea.
That's Louis Walsh or but don't think Louis would want one
Little Mix XFactor Final :. Louis Walsh encourages viewers at home to vote for Little Mix in the live final
impression of Louis Walsh was definitely on point on today's 😂😂😂
The Dystopia team were today to meet The X Factor Judge Louis Walsh ahead of the Final of Junk Kouture htt…
Can't help but notice Billy Payne doing the Louis Walsh clap as Tom Watson finishes off his Masters career!
"You look like a racecar. You drive like a racecar. You're a ready made racecar!". Perfectly taking the *** out of Louis Walsh!
Tom Jr does the best Louis Walsh impression 😂👏🏻
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pmsl at the Louis Walsh impression, it was spot on
Louis Walsh racing 😂 sad I missed that now, but nowadays you don't need to watch TV you can just watch others watch it for you.
Anyone think that Louis Walsh covered in mud on looks like the peanut butter baby?
I'm sure Louis Walsh has had worse on his face
Louis Walsh as you've never seen him before. 'He looks like the tinman!' Love it
Louis Walsh makes me ashamed to be Irish
Why does Giles always state the obvious? Louis Walsh, he was a judge on X factor. Queen Elizabeth. She's the queen on England.
What a brilliant impression of Louis Walsh by ☺
That impression of Louis Walsh was spot on 😂👌
actually wetting myself at the Louis Walsh impression 😂😂😂😂
Circuit of Ireland Came to Lisburn City - Louis Walsh up on stage!
All I can think about is Finlay with Louis Walsh's face.
Crazed fans mob Louis Walsh in Newry today :-)
Great to see this man up giving a hand at - busy call Louis 👍 http…
LOUIS WALSH - Pictured with Damien Quinn who he helped reach number 3 in Cambodian charts with Pro-IRA song.
Louis Walsh visited our Buttercrane store to test our new hearing facilities & suggested pay us a visit
BGT's Amanda Holden: 'Simon Cowell has an X Factor plan - and I hope it involves Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne'
X Factor showdown as Simon Cowell bids to bring Louis Walsh...
Amanda Holden says Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne are involved in Simon's X Factor plan:.
Louis Walsh hints at X Factor comeback... on one condition...
ICYMI: Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne and Nicole Scherzinger could be joining Simon Cowell on this years
So happy to have been selected to be in Louis Walsh's final 15 for the boyband thank you to everyone for all your support…
did you wear Louis Walsh' face to college
"You are a mix between Kat slater and Louis Walsh" need new friends man 😩
And, I know what Shane, Nicky, mark & Louis Walsh did & said regarding Boyzlife.
according to Mark, Shane and Louis Walsh to. Mark said it in an interview with the BBC2radio.Shane+Louis in a magazine
Who shot Simon Cowell? Amanda Holden, Olly Murs and Louis Walsh are all in the frame...
Man who falsely alleged he was groped by Louis Walsh avoids jail for raiding bank account
but keep the . Louis Walsh type cliches away:. "You play like a young Andy Cole". "You remind me of a young Laurie Cunningham"
it was Louis Walsh who shot Simon Cowel
X Factor Final spoof advert sends Louis Walsh to the moon
yeah cuz Simon Cowel and Louis Walsh have the voices of angels🙄
When whisper embarrassing loud 'that's Louis Walsh' on Grafton St, and your boyfriend misses the whole thing 😭
What is welsh is that what louis walsh speaks
excuse you when I was 10 I was a one hit wonder sang Leona Lewis bleeding love to Louis Walsh so shut your mouth
Get him sacked: Louis has voted to replace the iron a playing piece the shape of OAP killers.
Louis walsh is the mature student that always puts his hand up in lectures
Louis Walsh to make a sensational return to X Factor 'as fifth judge'
no. Nobody did. Simons troos slip and he trips. Or it was Sharon Osborne. Or louis walsh. . It could of been me.
I'm sure Louis can spell manager though 😂
well said Louis don't forget the whole of Europe alsotruth.👌 ❤
in his bio he's a boyband MANGER lol
hello Mr louis walsh is loving the show amazing xx
Results of our Louis v Louis poll so far! Vote here:
Delighted to be able to honour Louis Walsh at the last weekend 🍀 https:…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
what the fat Louis Walsh lookalike 😂😂😂😂
on count they are too much photos and Spanish language...
Chad Walsh of Rider pins Louis Mascola of Maryland in 4 minutes and 32 seconds!
thank you for follow . I m very happy.
XF 2012 the best edition ; the best singer James Arthur, the best judges Nicol , Gary, Tulisa , Luis .
Me too, I'd put money on Louis Walsh 😂😂
You should join Gary Barlow on his new talent show Louis it's gonna take the X Factor & you'll have more laughs 🎵🎤
With such talent hard not to love and impossible to forget truth
Hello what amazing show love louis walsh
love The Voice. But miss you on x factor. The voice definitely beats x factor after last year's seasons x
Thank God Louis Walsh isn't on have to ask, WHY??..
hello what amazing show what voice love Louis walsh what a show xx
Today the underdog got the better of it my friend
Hello Mr Louis walsh loves her well done on your team xx
what if we'd only bullied Hull today? 😉
Massively against bullying of any description 🚫
Hello what a show love Mr louis walsh xx
Hello gig now you made it what a voice all best Louis walsh xx
well done with the team all best Mr walsh xx
the genetic engineering experiment of combining Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell went very wrong indeed!
Mad I only found out there that Louis Walsh is Enda Kenny's da
Just catching up on Have just seen totes stole Louis Walsh's line!
Judged by Louis Walsh, Louie Spence and the Derek Acorah channeling the spirit of Louis Armstrong, for the older viewers.
Remember that dream I had where I was red riding hood and me and I taught a tomato how to power walk then we turn into celebs (Louis Walsh,
FOH Louis Walsh saying Perrie wasn't a good singer on her first audition look at her now !!!
Louis Walsh admits he missed being on the X Factor 'a little bit' - Irish Mirror
Jason Byrne and Louis Walsh are the televisual equivalent of stepping in dog poo with your bare feet
Could that boring *** Louis Walsh make it any more obvious that he felt upstaged by Jason Byrne?
Ryan Tubridy, Louis Walsh and Jason Byrne on the same stage. This is why the country isn't allowed nice things
Louis Walsh is actually on the more often than Ryan Tubridy.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Mary Robinson, Louis Walsh and comedian Jason Byrne are among the guests on tonight 9.35pm
Louis Walsh as the man on the moon amazing!!
Louis Walsh returns to The X Issue in spoof of John Lewis&Guy on the Moon... -
Louis Walsh looking through that telescope saying "Ché, you remind me of a young Rolf Harris".
Anonymous said: Liam wrote a song for Hometown. They are managed by Louis Walsh and signed to RCA like...
Brendan's Louis Walsh impersonation at soundcheck made my day 😂
do you reckon Louis Walsh helped make the clip, given his previous attempts to compare X Factor contestants to Lenny Henry?
operation yewtree the irish version will be tubridy Louis Walsh and Varadkar
Back in the day with Kate Thornton, and when Louis Walsh quit the show every week. Ahhh memories.
What such a silly advert from Keith Chegwin to Louis Walsh to Gareth Gates it was a bread advert lol
Another brilliant meeting with J. Another business venture is on route working with Louis Walsh 😃
Louis Walsh, Gareth Gates and Keith Chegwin battle it out to appear in new Warburton -
Nick Grimshaw on Mason Noise, Judges’ Houses and of course, Louis Walsh! WELL DONE LOUIE walsh via
Year 11 receive a motivational talk by Andy Walker (or is it Louis Walsh?)
If you look close enough you can see Louis Walsh hiding in one of Seann's eyebrows
Then they bond over the two people they hate most in the world: Ed Sheeran & Louis Walsh.
- Bring back Louis Walsh and let him choose 4 acts that didn't get through & have a wildcard category. Problem …
1D's Liam Payne has written a song for Louis Walsh's new boyband HomeTown
Liam Payne co-wrote a song for Louis Walsh boyband Hometown and it's super smushy
this format, to be fair, would have been hilarious with Louis Walsh. He would have bled from his eyes
Louis Walsh has just revealed on Beat Breakfast that the new single has been written by One D's
Louis Walsh talked a bit about the boys on 2fm just now! .
Max Branning, Louis Walsh and 50 Cent rumoured to be going in the jungle 😂👀
Tmrw on 2fm - & Louis Walsh join from 10 AND joins from 4.
Anne Robinson and Louis Walsh for this year's This is the best news ever.
Louis Walsh to win- he was lovely at Anne Robinson to do all the trials- can't stand her after her anti-Welsh comments!
Louis Walsh 😂. my flat mates love Anne Robison so I really hope she's in, will be easier to force them watch
Anne Robinson, & Louis Walsh are 3 of dream contestants, for the new series of
Simon Cowell consoles Grimmy after X Factor backlash from fans who want Louis Walsh back.
Mary Byrne: 'Louis Walsh won't tell me anything about X Factor rumours'.
What has Louis Walsh told Mary Byrne about those rumours?.
X-Factor: ‘Louis Walsh won’t tell me if the rumours are true’ - Mary Byrne: As rumours grow that sacked X-Fact...
10:00 Graham Norton: Singer Shane Filan, manager Louis Walsh and the casts of Elf and Jekyll & Hyde join Graham
Louis Walsh and Sharon Osborne alongside Simon made the X factor! .
"Simon Cowell is furious after getting the Overs: 'Are you winding me up?'" bem feito é castigo por querer louis walsh de vo…
yes it was amazing! Cheryl got replaced by Louis Walsh after row with Simon 😁
the day introduced me to Louis Walsh by name 😅
I know everything on X Factor is fake, but Louis Walsh saying NO to Harry - yet Harry was so gracious. Honestly, defining moment for Harry.
I wondered why teenage girls loved Louis Tomlinson so much until I realised he wasn't the same person as Louis Walsh
yas, I'm like the Louis Walsh of the idea what's going on but very entertaining
I think my life would be slightly more amazing if Anne Robinson and Louis Walsh were in the jungle this year.
"Louis Walsh set to RETURN to X Factor Goodness me no...have a word Cheryl
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