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Louis Theroux

Louis Sebastian Theroux (born 20 May 1970) is an English broadcaster best known for his documentaries in the television series Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends, his BBC2 Specials and When Louis Met....

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This is just 👌🏼👌🏼. The Louis Theroux is beyond good.
Watching a Louis Theroux documentary on Dementia still counts as revision right?
I have such a weird crush on Louis Theroux
I remember that one Louis Theroux documentary where he left the lives of our every day communist and far-right citi…
Weird Weekends - the show that established the cult of Louis Theroux - turns 20.
There has to be something else out there! Did anyone watch Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends - Alien episode?
Nobody cares what you think Neil. You got arrested while filming a TV programme for Louis T…
Man, I didn't realise Louis Theroux had joined - what a team! :)
He looks like he asked someone a question three days ago, but he won't move or speak ag…
Louis Theroux needs to do a documentary on those people who pretend to be statues all day. Surely it’s not normal to wa…
No. That was the village of the former Gemeente van die Verbondsvolk, a religious sect. T…
Brilliantly done! Loved the addition of Louis theroux!
My first thought was, more Toby Young exposés? But no. Louis Theroux. As you were. :0)
Weird Weekends at 20: the series that established the cult of
Roses vinyl, pancakes sizzling, and a Louis Theroux documentary lined up... would say it couldn’t get any better th…
Yeah, if we agree that there's some clinical component to it, anything to minimize the harm (especially…
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i hope Louis Theroux had a really nice day today
The most important men in my life? Gordon Ramsay, Phillip Schofied, Louis Theroux and David Attenburgh. The fantastic…
I interviewed for about his doc My Scientology Movie, Jimmy Savile, and much more. Check it out. htt…
I love watching Louis Theroux fist bump people.
A must see for fans of Louis Theroux-esque weirdness, a bizarro world tale of ticklish men and big money with a li…
I’m sorry Louis Theroux, but Miriam Margolyes has just stolen your crown as the best British human interest documentary maker…
Been binge watching Louis Theroux and my brain has never felt healthier 😂😂 .
Sorry Louis Theroux, but Miriam Margolyes may have just topped it with the best human interest documentary maker. Such a…
Ok so we have (L-R):. Saruman meets David Baddiel, John Goodman meets Louis Theroux, and a prop forward.
Watch out Louis Theroux, Professor Sprout is the new documentary maker in town and she is not keeping her opinions…
The guy on the right looks like the offspring of Louis Theroux and Quentin Tarantino. . The guy on the left just loo…
The new Louis Theroux doc on Jimmy Savile is chilling. A kick in the balls for abuse apologists everywhere
Louis Theroux attempts to uncover the real Jimmy Savile now on this programme contains flashing imagery and…
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Glastonbury to meet Louis Theroux
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Las Iguanas in Peterborough to meet Louis Theroux
So neither Louis Theroux nor Robin Lane Fox have ever been to thought was by Britten but got…
I’m all for Prince Harry man. He da coolest. He’s up der with Justin Trudeau, Louis Theroux, Bill Nye and David Att…
I'm up at 7 for college and I can't stopping watching Louis Theroux documentaries someone send help
Would quite happily have Louis Theroux as Prime Minister
Watch on this Sunday for moving piece abt Anorexia + in n London.
Agreed. Louis Theroux's empathetic approach, and the rapport he develops as a result, a worthy model for academic research too…
Don’t forget that Louis Theroux: Talking to Anorexia airs today at 9pm on BBC Two
Louis Theroux asking “what is therapeutically advisable to say?” rather than saying “you look great!” to an ED victim is…
Don’t think there’s a single topic Louis Theroux would shy away from, such a legend
Great TV viewing last night .. Strictly Results , Blue Planet2 & Louis Theroux on Anorexia ...
Would it be weird if I went around wearing one of these?
My thoughts on - which I was, originally, filmed to be included in but wasn't in the end:
Safe to say that this Louis Theroux documentary is accurately depicting what life with anorexia is like
New David Attenborough and Louis Theroux one after the other oh wow
And louis theroux, how insightful and scary was his now dpcu
Maria Kane, BEH chief executive, is looking forward to Louis Theroux: Talking to Anorexia tonight. Don’t forget to watch on…
A bit heavy alright. Almost had me triggered but its so good to see this being talked about. I love Louis Theroux
Louis Theroux visits our Eating Disorders unit in his documentary. He discovers how highjacks p…
Louis Theroux is a gentle, unassuming personification of a guardian angel. He is ideal best friend and an inspiration for kindness
Think Louis Theroux is the only person who could get loads of blokes to watch a documentary about women with anorexia.
Yeah, had a pretty good weekend. Heard Louis Theroux say “baby mommas”. So that was big.
Louis Theroux is one of the most brilliant, empathetic, sensitive documenters in the world - especially on issues like…
not to be dramatic but I would die for louis theroux
Louis Theroux could do a 14-hour documentary on paint drying and I'd still watch it.
This review brilliantly sums up how many survivors/sufferers will feel about
Missed blue planet 2 AND Louis Theroux, this week is already ruined
Louis Theroux: Talking To Anorexia was important and humane ... ♥➡️
okay but louis theroux is how I imagined harry potter to look as an adult
David Attenborough and Louis Theroux in the same night is my kink
Louis Theroux just has a way of talking to people doesn't he. No judgement. Really gentle.
Louis Theroux doesn’t entertain, he educates. He doesn’t exploit, he tackles the issues we as society choose to ignore
If there is a God, he would provide us with a David Attenborough and Louis Theroux documentary collab. . Polar bears addicte…
Theroux Talking To Anorexia. Can't imagine anything more painful for a parent. If it's you God give you strength. XMax…
If you only knew how hard it is to waggle your brows...
The difference in tonight's Louis Theroux to when he was getting punched in the head by Chris Eubank
David Attenboroughs documentaries are honestly too sick, definitely up there with Louis Theroux and maybe Trevor McDonald 💭🌎
Also the TV today has been on point, David Attenborough, Louis Theroux, Lewis Hamilton winning a world title 🔥
People rave about Louis Theroux, but Trevor McDonald knows how to nail a documentary 👌🏻
I fancy all documentarians - Louis Theroux, Stacey Dooley, Reggie Yates, Di Atz, Trevor McDonald.. would make intellectual love to them all
The Glass Castle, Louis Theroux in dark America and a Basquiat documentary: our pick of what to watch this weekend…
Very excited about new Louis Theroux tonight
Getting all excited for Louis Theroux tonight
I totally forgot there's new Louis Theroux on tonight and I think it's the only thing that's gonna get me through work
Louis Theroux is back tonight and that Is a beautiful thing
So excited for new Louis Theroux later I litro cannot contain myself
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Americans tend to see these spree shootings as a reason to buy more guns, not fewer.
Tmrw's cover: sent to meet ever great (bc who doesn't love Louis Theroux?)
I then watched a random episode of 8 out of 10 cats and Dexter’s laboratory. Followed by a lot of Louis Theroux documentaries
Louis Theroux has to be everyone's favourite guy
Louis Theroux Dark States: Heroin addict reveals every crime he's committed to get drug
Don't know what to do with myself all day whilst waiting around for Louis Theroux tonight
Louis Theroux is back tonight with an especially unsettling documentary - review:
Ayeee new Louis Theroux series starting tonight 💣
New Louis Theroux docco on tonight mate!
Can’t wait for this Louis Theroux documentary tonight.
Maybe I'll be done in time to watch the new Louis Theroux tonight 😂
i am So ready for new louis theroux
Louis Theroux's new documentary looks certain to leave you absolutely speechless
A good listen if you would like to see a different side to Louis Theroux (of course you do)
such clickbait ffs. put him or Louis Theroux on the £50 note
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Words cannot describe my excitement for the new Louis Theroux documentary tonight!!
Louis Theroux back on the big screen tonight
The 'heroin town' where 1 in 10 babies is born dependent on opiates
Jen Changs and the new Louis Theroux documentary tonight
Highlight of my day has to be finding out that ow kid Louis Theroux has a new series on BBC 2, buzzin
Louis Theroux Dark States: What time is it on? How many episodes? What is it about?
Louis Theroux: 'For all his awfulness, I admire Trump's shamelessness'
Louis Theroux visits Huntington, Virginia, where one in four are addicted to opiates in Dark States: Heroin Town
Louis Theroux Dark States: BBC presenter admits he was tempted to try heroin. Sent via
So far I have spent my whole Sunday watching Louis Theroux documentaries..
Louis Theroux: ‘For all his awfulness, I admire Trump’s shamelessness’ LOUIS is KKK like Trump!
Buzzing for the return of my man Louis Theroux this evening
“In a shame culture (Trump) seems to have figured out that if you refuse to be shamed, it gives you enormous power.” Louis T…
Radio Times, me and the master of docs, Louis Theroux. You’ll find it if you google it. HE IS…
Louis Theroux and Justin Theroux are actually cousins
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Can't wait until the Louis Theroux documentary about working in Burger King
'With a little bit of luck, we can make it Theroux the night' - Louis Theroux design.
Making that Scientology movie certainly took its toll on Louis Theroux.
There are startlingly few gifs on the Internet (move over, Louis Theroux) and I now intend to try and chan…
Some sad news: Donna Warner, gorgeous 90s UK model who appeared in Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends, recently passed…
Examining very dedicated following, and the first time we've used a sub-heading like this in a whil…
When someone says they don't like Louis Theroux documentaries.
Starting to regret spending my revision time watching Louis Theroux now oops
Today we've been using social data for the power of good, aka studying the cult of Louis Theroux…
Finally watching Louis Theroux Scientology documentary and I'm so excited
New post: We jumped into the data to discover just how varied fan base is:
I added a video to a playlist Louis Theroux S01E07 Behind Bars
Molly can you um, explain this to me like you're Louis Theroux? tbh you need your own documentary series.
15) Louis Theroux in the early 2000s . I love his nose it's so prominent and nice
I keep seeing Louis Theroux lookalikes everywhere today, what's happening? 👀
i feel like watching some Louis Theroux docs but also dont know where i can locate them
Could literally watch Louis Theroux documentaries all day everyday
I could watch Louis Theroux documentaries for hoursss
Mulholland Drive would've been so much better with Louis Theroux in that role tbh
The women who came to you in 1994 also went to Louis Theroux in 2001, so it didn't seem to bother them too much.
Miami Main Jail inmate accused of 1st degree murder: "You a real *** ". Louis Theroux: "What do you think?"
Just saw a girl in a Thrasher tee that turned out to say THEROUX with Louis underneath and I'm smiling again.
had the bright idea of watching Louis Theroux's Drinking to Oblivion last night so obviously having an absolute mel…
Louis Theroux Investigate life with Autism(clip). (2012) - Louis observes the home life a family and their severel…
question are you the guy that did a fantastic documentary with Louis Theroux ? at The Las Vegas Hilton
Like "Being John Malkovich" except it's a Louis Theroux documentary about being stuck inside the head of Louis CK.
Louis Theroux was born in Singapore. Fact of the day.
The Call of the Weird: Travels in American Subcultures - Louis Theroux | Travel & ...
Louis Theroux's documentaries are one of the best things to come on Netflix
Im exfoliated, tanned, tucked up in bed with a zoot watching Louis Theroux with a bowl of watermelon. I could not be more content
I can't bare the accents. Louis theroux is on.
Louis Theroux in Johannesburg on Really channel now.
The bridegroom on this episode of 'don't call the bride' is essentially Rapper Louis Theroux
Keep amused & educated about getting to the truth with > The Turnaround with Jesse Thorn: Louis Theroux
Can Louis Theroux just make a whole series of new documentaries now
Parents are bringing me to Nathan Carter in Clonmany tomorrow, excited to explore the culture in a Louis Theroux fashion
I can't believe I've only just been introduced to Louis Theroux
Stacey Dooley and louis theroux documentaries are too good
"When Louis Theroux is your backup plan..." 😂
watching that Louis Theroux and the Westboro Baptist church doco now and I want to throw things at the TV...
Lesson learned today: Louis Theroux and Mo Rocca are completely different people.
Just found out that Justin Theroux and Louis Theroux are cousins and part Canadian. I feel very happy.
Britain's got its Louis Theroux shirts, so where are America's Mo Rocca shirts. Come on, his face is meant for some…
About to see Louis Theroux and Reggie Yates is sat in front of me.
Louis Theroux talking to Aryan Nation about Benny Hill and Are You Being Served, an…
Exactly, like when Louis Theroux went to the westboro b…
Listening to Louis Theroux on Joe Rogan Experience. On to Scientology already. Should be interesting.
Ru paul, Louis Theroux and more on my latest post darlings
There's a movement for Louis Theroux to become next Prime Minister.
- Lagos is not the capital of Nigeria re announcing the Louis Theroux programme.
I wish Louis Theroux would do a programme on Mo Ansar.
For the record, my dream dinner party guests would be Louis Theroux, Reggie Yates, James Blunt, Bo Burnham and Steve Carrell
Morgan Spurlock and Louis Theroux did a podcast together.
There's an old Louis Theroux documentary where Tom Metzger shows off his folder of A Wyatt Mann memes. BRAIN DEAD E…
Louis Theroux returning to BBC for three new documentaries. Always exceptionally good programmes
Louis Theroux is returning for three hotly anticipated new documentaries
no one can touch Louis Theroux but Stacey Dooley & Reggie Yates both have that air of being really easy to like but not afraid to disagree
Louis Theroux to tackle murder, sex trafficking and drugs in new series
Louis Theroux is back with THREE new shows
Louis Theroux is returning to BBC Two for three new hard-hitting documentaries
Breast Cancer Awareness
Go to Netflix and watch Louis Theroux's 1999 documentary on Al Sharpton and NYC's Black Nationalists. It is AMAZING.
I love Louis Theroux for fun (weird weekends) or into the Abyss by Werner herzog ... heavy
Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends always end up making me feel like the weird one
Question of the day from "If you were on a weird weekends documentary would you cheat on me with Louis Theroux? "
Louis Theroux and Adam Buxton singing falsetto is everything. EVERYTHING.
Then marmite spaghetti with Louis Theroux followed by chocolate and gentlemen prefer blondes, ideal food film combos
Louis Theroux in any situation is amazing
Tim Roth has also found himself on the list. Before Michael Ball, but after Louis Theroux.
Here's a video of Louis Theroux singing Faith by George Michael R.I.P
Nah I ended up going to Louis Theroux instead. Made the right call. It would've followed "Christine"... savage film anyway
I'm a little bit in love with Louis Theroux I hope my gf doesn't mind
Louis Theroux will either keep this convo working or I've just killed it
im watching a louis theroux docu series its LIT!
I'd like to see Karl Pilkington and Louis Theroux do something together
What has Louis Theroux got to do with this !
guy looks like the white power Louis Theroux with that haircut/glasses combo
I'm Louis Theroux. I'm Louis Theroux and his wry smile at the orgy
This is important to share and needs to be widely reported. Not least because this man is a CGI Louis Theroux
Glanced at this and genuinely thought it was Louis Theroux.
I think I have a little crush on Louis Theroux
my parents just made me choose between noel fielding and louis theroux im SICK of this slander and abuse get me back to cardiff
I've just seen a Louis Theroux mug described as 'buy one for your Gran.' Excuse me?! If anything I'll be buying it for myself thanks
The Louis Theroux dementia episode gets me so emotional
High life living on the train home with Louis Theroux & a free cup of tea
I'm going to watch Louis Theroux documentaries and cry until I get better
Building up to Louis Theroux's new documentary today.
Louis Theroux: Behind Bars look at his interview with Anthony perfect example of racism in the criminal justice system !!! :(
I was trying to show you a video of Louis Theroux and Adam & Joe dancing but it appears I don't know how to.
I had a dream that I met Louis Theroux cus he was going for a jog through Southville and I was so chuffed but no one else cared?? ***
How many issues is Louis Theroux up to now?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Looking forward to the Louis Theroux comic.
If I spent my time doing work instead of watching Louis Theroux documentaries i would be so chill rn
Why do I fancy Louis Theroux so much tho?🤔
Waiting to watch Louis Theroux's Scientology film with my housemates. If that doesn't show how much I love em don't know what will
Louis Theroux's documentary on Scientology is so so so good
Louis Theroux needs to stop bein a wee froot and put more documentaries on Netflix cause I'm runnin out
Would let Louis Theroux be my sugar daddy
There was a super interesting thing by Louis Theroux called Louis and the Nazis really got into the meat of the causes
Andrew Perez the star of Louis Theroux's Scientology Movie talks to me about his unique role & working with an icon. http…
I did. The Louis Theroux one was good too
how is Stacey Dooley in there over Louis Theroux 🙈
I'd rather watch a Louis Theroux grime doc than a noisey one tbh
the difference is Louis Theroux is a g
Noisey are literally on their 3rd Grime documentary in 1 month. They need to be stopped asap, moving like Louis Theroux
the only excuse for it was when Louis Theroux was on it. Now THAT is what I call good Christmas TV content xx
Oct: Louis Theroux's doc on Jimmy Savile is uncomfortable viewing in…
All the fringe crazy people featured in Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends are about to run the USA.
I'm so here for Louis Sebastian Theroux in general, clean shaven with ovally glasses and all. (I'm a genuine ride or die chick y'all)
I'm now ill enough to enjoy Louis Theroux on Netflix.
Louis Theroux themed debate results in reactionary *** up
the program was really good it was a Louis Theroux doc. It shows the difference between someone that wants...
Louis Theroux's doc 'My Scientology Movie' is good as well. Joe & Louis talking about it:
I liked a video Louis Theroux on My Scientology Movie
Whenever I feel sad, I just watch Louis Theroux's rap and I feel much better
Im finding this louis Theroux programme about Nazi people very offensive and off it goes surprised it was allowed by the BBC
Imagine if Louis Theroux was your dad and David Attenborough was your grandad
I'm Louis Theroux and his wye smile at the orgy
Louis Theroux should do a documentary on the meat industry just My onion
If I could have the perfect documentary it would be Louis Theroux going into the jail and interviewing Rose West
Starting my birthday the right way: watching Louis Theroux documentaries in my flatmates bed
Louis Theroux is the politest man in the world
"Scientology - Louis Theroux - Joe Rogan Full 2 hour Interview Sept 2016" | Do you have some time to spare? These…
Here are young Louis Theroux, Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish dancing to Groove is in the Heart. Can't watch this enough
Awesome ramble chat on podcast with Louis Theroux on this very subject:
Robert Peston looks like the dishevelled Uncle of Louis Theroux.
One of my flat mates is on a date, the others have gone out, and I'm in bed watching Louis Theroux. Uni is wild 🙃🙃🙃
What happened when the Church of Scientology went after Louis Theroux
I was on the jury this year and:. Chilled with Louis Theroux and Michael Moore. Saw some very good films. Probably got my mint j…
Louis and the Dog Whisperer - Louis Theroux's LA Stories: City of Dogs - BBC
um since when was it 1:30 time flies when ur watching Louis Theroux
Chris... Louis Theroux loves farts. You know his middle name is 'Followed'... ?? 😬
Interviewing Louis Theroux today. Nervous about interviewing a wonderful interviewer. Feel like the Karate Kid meeting Mr Miyagi.
*New Post*. Louis Theroux, Jimmy Savile and the failure to recognise the obvious: misogyny by
I'm glad we have our Louis Theroux. A thoughtful, insightful journalist with genuine empathy and a capacity for self-crit…
I wanted to see Louis Theroux Scientology movie but then I've heard It's a mockumentary and actors are involved. I feel less interested.
Not watched any peep show or Louis Theroux for like 5 weeks now how have I survived
This is a MUST READ on Louis Theroux, Jimmy Savile and patriarchy
Louis Theroux's documentary on Scientology is the best film I've watched all year.
Just catching up on Louis Theroux. Imagine a generation who didn't notice this guy was a massive nonce..
My Scientology Movie, review: Louis Theroux finally meets his match - The Independent
Not too familiar w/ Louis Theroux, I've heard the name over & over but never sought out his work, but Ill watch his Scientology doc for sure
Louis Theroux on Monday and Owen Jones on the 27th, made up
‘My Scientology Movie’: Louis Theroux’s Revealing Expose, Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief review .
Try and find the louis Theroux doc Saville, just aired in the UK, well worth a watch.
The guy next to me is watching a louis theroux doco and I can't get a picture iM
My Scientology Movie review: Louis Theroux's giddy, Pythonesque jab in the ribs .
MY SCIENTOLOGY MOVIE. DOCUMENTARY. Louis Theroux's investigation into the Church of Scientology...
*spoiler alert* Ha wow, the Paz De La Huerta accidental cameo in Louis Theroux’s Scientology Movie is amazing
"My Scientology Movie" documentary by Louis Theroux is *** near terrifying. We used to live by a Scientology place...obviously stayed away.
If you watched Louis Theroux - Savile have a listen to this interview with from Friday's show. https:…
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louis Theroux new scientology documentary is kinda boring not really learning anything new
Louis Theroux is a gift. A gift to my heart. And documentaries.
What we do in the name of religion can be stranger than fiction. Watch here:…
Really pleased with this. Exactly right. RT: My Scientology Movie: Louis Theroux's exposé is the most damning yet https:/…
Stal the bal, Louis Theroux : My Scientology Movie is online!
I know you don't technically need a CRB if you're dead and that letter signed my Louis Theroux is not persuading me, go away
Trying to resist the urge to watch Louis Theroux's new documentary before the Q and A on Monday
Louis Theroux could have a documentary about punching me in the nuts and I would still see and love it
Senior BBC managers were warned from the early 1970s that was having sex with underage girls, and did nothing. L…
On my 6th Louis Theroux documentary tonight, he's currently in San Quentin and also currently taking over my life
Watching teleshopping is so weird once you've watched the Louis Theroux episode
I would love to see Louis Theroux vlogging like get on it bro
Louis Theroux is a national treasure. Fact.
Plz plz plz someone come see the Louis Theroux Scientology documentary with me xxx
Do not watch the latest Louis Theroux before going to bed
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Louis Theroux just said that an impala was "almost tame". Geeked out over that
I found love while watching a Louis Theroux documentary under the name "foot" while eating chips and crying. Hbu
I'm 74 percent Louis Theroux, which is about right. MT: What percentage Louis Theroux are you? vi…
I see: wine, sofa, blanket, MailChimp campaign editing, Louis Theroux, sausage dog... no sign of sleep.
Louis Theroux Scientology movie here we go ...
Meant to go to bed 3 hours ago but here I am eating jubblys and watching Louis Theroux getting liposuction
I watched Louis Theroux's Scientology documentary earlier. While I absolutely loved it, I think I learnt more listening to him on Joe Rogan.
I REALLY like Louis Theroux but feel the Saville doc was him asking for victims to absolve him. Tough viewing.
Fascinating as it was,I agree re last night's Savile prog essentially cathartic exercise for Louis Therou…
Watching that Scientology doc by Louis Theroux. Been waiting for this for like 4 years
Louis Theroux is the best human on earth
Louis Theroux - Jimmy Savile: like a low budget horror movie. Read review
Louis Theroux - Jimmy Savile. Read new review. Write yours.
Louis Theroux - Jimmy Savile: Found this documentary disturbing. New review by
The new Louis Theroux doco on Jimmy Savile may be the first Theroux documentary i havn't liked   10% Off
Louis Theroux used to be friends with Jimmy Savile? This program is gonna be lit
About to watch Louis Theroux's follow-up documentary on Jimmy Savile. Not pleasant viewing I know.
got Kathy Burke & Louis Theroux downloaded ready for tomorrow. Theroux was great on Joe Rogan Podcast more serious, interesting !
Reminds me of bits of Louis Theroux's doc on Sceint "The Stanford Prison Experiment"
The new Louis Theroux on Jimmy Saville was pretty horrible
Louis Theroux documentary about Jimmy Savile is so shocking
I can't quit watching Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends. Infomercials, Swingers, The Black Nationalists. People are so strange! I love it!
BBC Two - Louis Theroux, Savile. The follow up to When Louis Met Jimmy | (reddit)
Drinking to Oblivion was somewhere between...
Excited to see the new Louis Theroux Scientology movie!
Louis Theroux, Drinking to Oblivion: the British documentarian... — Alice (alices…
THIS ‼️. How the failed the victims of Jimmy Savile. Shame on everyone who knew and kept quie…
'It made me scared about my drinking': reactions to Louis Theroux's Drinking
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