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Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong (August 4, 1901 – July 6, 1971), nicknamed Satchmo or Pops, was an American jazz trumpeter and singer from New Orleans, Louisiana.

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What do Victoria Wood, Stephen King & Louis Armstrong all have in common? They were great guests: https:/…
Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole... really wish i could go back in time just to see them perform live haaay ❤️
Louis Armstrong, Paul Newman and Duke Ellington on the set of Martin Ritt's Paris Blues (1961).
Alan Rickman, David Bowie, and Louis Armstrong all died at age 69. Trump: *is 70*
Stewart photographed everyone from Louis Armstrong and The Beatles to Led Zeppelin and Albert Einstein
I listen to like Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Nat King Cole, Sinatra.way back way back lol
30-year-old Louis Armstrong, by this time (1931) nationally famous, visits his childhood home on Jane Alley. Razed in 1…
Louis Prima & Louis Armstrong vibes on this fine windy morning
"Anslinger looked over a scene filled with Charlie Parker, Louis Armstrong and Thelonious Monk and he longed to see them all behind bars."
I can never pin down a favourite!I think Sam Cooke but then Louis Armstrong comes on or Otis or Etta James etc.Adore them all! ❤️
love a bit of James Stewart and throw in some Gene Krupa and Louis Armstrong and you've got me for at least a few hours
My favourite music genre is jazz. Especially the likes of classics such as Sinatra, Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong, Etta James, Ella Fitz, etc
Beautiful morning to walk around Louis Armstrong park. Last morning here for now. We will be…
From Monty Python to Louis Armstrong: the 78 best funeral songs
Highly recommend the Christmas album from Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
On Air: John Tavare is Dancing Cheek To Cheek by Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald on The Request Show
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
When I was a young man, I shined the shoes of Louis Armstrong and Lou...
Have the feels but aren't ready to call it love yet? Louis Armstrong's "La Vie En Rose" is the perfect song.
La Vie en Rose by Louis Armstrong gives me all types of feels
Louis Armstrong plays for his wife in front of the Sphinx by the pyramids in Giza, 1961.
The man who shot The Beatles, Ronald Reagan and Louis Armstrong -
Louis Armstrong writing an album with Partners in Kryme in a synth-rock style, produced by Jeff Lynne
In the annual this should be Xmas no1 campaign. I'd like it to be imagine by John Lennon or Louis Armstrong Wonderful World.
"ISABEL RATO TRIO" . . Louis Armstrong, Norah Jones, Tom Jobim and Ivan Lins are some of the names that will be part of this concert,...
i like listening to old music Frank Sinatra , Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett! Music from a better time
Today in we saw the Swing Era in full bloom. Ellington, Goodman, Lunceford, OMG! Chick Webb and of course more Louis Armstrong
Listening to St. Louis Blues (Vocal) by Louis Armstrong, on the album: The Best Of Ken Burns Jazz
Louis Armstrong's La Vie en rose is my fav 😩❤️️
Let's us take time to play, like this group does in an impromptu concert in Rome with Louis Armstrong (Image: Slim Aarons).…
Just want to meet someone who will slow dance with me to Louis Armstrong and Nat King Cole
"We Have All the Time in the World" is a James Bond theme and popular song sung by Louis Armstrong
(con't) and Louis Armstrong (foxtrot) James Hinchcliffe and Sharna Burgess will be jitterbugging to Glenn Miller's In the Mood
Louis Armstrong--his last recording of St James Infirmary via
I saw Louis Armstrong perform at Albany State College on Radio Springs R...
Listen to Louis Armstrong - 07 - St. James Infirmary by bomb25802580 on
"Woody Shaw was the next step that began with Louis Armstrong, Buddy Bolden and King Oliver, followed by Dizzy,...
Ready for some Louis Armstrong y'all? Mike Sailors and Props for Pops is Live at Redpoint HQ right now!
Today listened to one of the great clarinetist of the 20's,Johnny Dodds playing with Louis Armstrong and Earl Hines. Wow!
If I could only listen to one song for the rest of my life I would choose La Vie en Rose by Louis Armstrong
George H. W. Bush (on the right) watches him play with Benny Goodman & Louis Armstrong:
"La Vie en rose" by Louis Armstrong makes me cry it's such a good song
Here's a photo of Thailand's king performing with Benny Goodman and Louis Armstrong. That's George HW Bush on the f…
get you a girl like Lil Hardin who died on stage performing a tribute to her dead husband Louis Armstrong
I love listening to Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Bobby Caldwell... I'm just an old soul😁🙈
My main influences have always been the classic jazz players who sang, like Louis Armstrong an
How I wish I grew up in the era of Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra ❤️🎶
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Just before I go to bed I'm gonna listen to Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Summertime. via
Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong - Summertime - Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong (Porgy and Bess album) 57
No two voices will ever match the dynamic Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong duo ❤️
"Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans and miss it each night and day?" - Louis Armstrong, New Orleans Native
Sad songs make me happy. But here are my top 5. Adiemus - enya. Gloomy Sunday - Billie Holliday. Moon river - Louis Armstrong. Sad girl - ldr
I can hear my brother listening to Louis Armstrong n Billie Holliday in his room, I've never been so proud
Ed Palermo just performed with the Louis Armstrong band in the Family Discovery Zone!
claims her first was Hayley Mills "Jeepers Creepers" . the 1962 one, not the 1938 Louis Armstrong one
1962 Louis Armstrong on the Mark Twain at Disneyland via
Louis Armstrong moved to Chicago in 1922, transformed jazz.
August 4th was the birth of jazz legend Louis Armstrong. . Pops loved cannabis, or as he referred to it, “the gage." ht…
View from here. Listening to Louis Armstrong: "All the Time in the World".
Patrick keeps "impersonating" Louis Armstrong but he sounds more like Carol Channing.
Happy Birthday to Jazz legend and New Orleans native, Louis Armstrong!
Happy birthday to the great Louis Armstrong.
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West End Blues - Louis Armstrong via The sound of the human spirit open & alive to everything.. HB Louis
In honor of his birthday, one of my favorite tunes by Louis Armstrong (1901–1971), "West End Blues"
Now hear the Phantom Dancer archived - mix with Harry James, Louis Armstrong, Julie London
Playing Hello, Dolly! by Louis Armstrong from the album Louis Armstrong's All-Time Greatest Hits - iTunes:
Louis Armstrong "Basin St. Blues" 180g vinyl. Coming to a store near you on 8/26. Preorder:
Subscribe to our channel to keep you updated with the newest video. Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World.
a "Battle of Music" between Louis Armstrong and Charlie Barnet at Griffith Stadium soon turned ugly
Fascinating. Who needs Louis Armstrong, Wynton Marsalis, Fats Domino, Allen Toussaint, when you have Lil’ Wayne?
Listening to some Louis Armstrong and it makes me feel like I need a cigar, some Johnny Walker Blue, and to be donning my Hugh Hefner robe
Legendary Jazz man Louis Armstrong statue at Hilton Memphis stands strong without a sound with Anner J. Echols...
- Louis Armstrong, Professor Longhair, Fats Domino and Allen Toussaint. Sheets of music, all handwritten, were -
Ave Maria is a fav and I've always said I want it played at my funeral along with Louis Armstrong's It's a Beaut...
1971: Louis Armstrong, one of the most influential artists in jazz history, died
Listen to Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Isn't This A Lovely Day... by David_Santamaria on
SONG IDEA: For Ryan & Melissa's wedding, he chose Louis Armstrong “What A Wonderful World” to dance with his...
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dude is invoking Benny Goodman and Louis Armstrong as progenitors of jazz. LOL.
We all stole it from Jimmie Rodgers, Robert Johnson, Bessie Smith, Carter Family, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Louis Armstrong...
"A lot of cats copy the Mona Lisa, but people still line up to see the original." Louis Armstrong
If you listen to Louis Armstrong from 1929, you will never hear anythi...
The whole point of Louis Armstrong is that no one can really figure hi...
Do you think Duke Ellington didn't listen to Debussy? Louis Armstrong ...
Our tribute to Bessie Smith is St. Louis Blues featuring the great Louis Armstrong.
Louis Armstrong and Friends Prince Lengoasa and Louise Howlett is about to start. htt…
Louis Armstrong and Charlie "Bird" Parker do not play the same. Kendrick Lamar and Young Thug do not rap the same. Vibes, placement, style.
Louis Armstrong arriving as king of Zulu Mardi Gras parade! On display in the New Orleans Mint, a great place to visit with free admission.
Louis Armstrong appeared twice on the inaugural season of ‘The Dean Martin Show’ in 1965.
On Decoration Day (now Memorial Day) in 1913, Louis Armstrong, 11, led his band through the streets of New Orleans. https:/…
Roy Eldridge is a crossover generation of influential trumpeters that links innovator Louis Armstrong to the modern sound in Dizzy Gillespie
Day two is Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson and Otis Redding. In that order.
They can't make a Louis Armstrong or Marcus Garvey movie though? What about Absalom Jones??
Update your maps at Navteq
My music can range from Jack Johnson to Chief Keef to Louis Armstrong in 15 mins
Louis Armstrong pays homage and gratitude to Bunk Johnson on a signed photograph
So many covered this, Louis Armstrong, Arlo Guthrie, Eric Burdon and The Animals..
on 40s Junction: I'm listening to Rockin' Chair by Louis Armstrong & Jack Teagarden.
Louis Armstrong plays for his wife in
Time to unwind now to the songs of Louis Armstrong, Eric Clapton and Tracy Chapman on 🎵
Sang Bowie and Louis Armstrong on Harvey Milk Blvd in Salt Lake City today. Bad ***
Louis Armstrong & Lonnie Johnson left in 20s & FQ was considered site for Slum Clearance at time too
Am I old before my time if my newest additions to my collection are Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong and The Drifters?
Waking up on Lake Titicaca last week had me singing some Louis Armstrong
I adore Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong, especially when they sing together. Also anything with trumpets. Jazz, I love it so much 🎺
I could probably listen to Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong eternally
Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington react to Paul Newman’s trombone playing on the set of '' (1961)
Louis Armstrong, the First Doctor, and the Reverend Awdry are mentioned in the same article. YES. DREAMS DO COME TRUE
did John Lennon or Bill Shakespeare or Louis Armstrong die last week
Looking for music suggestions in the genre of Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Norah Jones, Emilie-Claire Barlow! 🎶
Added some James Taylor, Louis Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerald to my slowly growing vinyl collection
Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald They can't take that away from me ( in dream Nat King Cole singing, can't find)
Jazz is a fusion of a wide range of music including African rhythms. Born in 1901, Louis Armstrong is considered the fath…
Few of us boggle - though we should - at the fact that Louis Armstrong sang...
Louis Armstrong & King Oliver with Bessie Smith - Big Butter and Egg Man From the West (High Society)
Listen to They Can't Take That Away from Me by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
let's settle it now where is the I would die for you louis Armstrong Slum village skit
Jazz is played from the heart. You can even live by it. Always love it. ∞ Louis Armstrong
1 of your firsts? Pretty amazing. I did Louis Armstrong and Ray Charles- long long time ago... I should take it up again ✏️
"Be my own for the rest of my days . I will whisper this phrase, my darling,. C'est si bon!". Louis Armstrong (1962)
. Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World The world is better with voices like yours and not so awful
Louis Armstrong enjoying his spaghetti, 1949 via
"If you have to ask what jazz is, you'll never know." -Louis Armstrong
I liked a video Newly Discovered Footage of Louis Armstrong Recording "I Ain't Got Nobody" in 1959!
An exciting new discovery for Jazz - the only known footage of Bing's dear friend 'Pops' in a recording studio,...
btw my song for you pulak is by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong- Dream a little dream of me💞
Only known film of Louis Armstrong in studio discovered in storage facility (33min recording "S...
Louis Armstrong impression had my throat sore for like two hours
In 7E we are listening to Louis Armstrong and debating what a Wonderful World we live in.
my parents got me Eric Whitacre albums!!! i am so happy!!! and Ella Fitzgeral/Louis Armstrong!!!
Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Dinah Washington and Nat King Cole are in my favorites too, Especially Billie Holiday.
Louis Armstrong, wearing a College cheer sweater, performed on campus in New York in 1941. https:/…
Did not realize King Louie was named "Louie" bc he's voiced by Louis Armstrong..lmaooo
In pursuit of my prior post about Louis Armstrong. LOUIS ARMSTRONG, IN HIS OWN WORDS. SELECTED WRITINGS . BY LOUIS...
Louis Armstrong was actually born Aug 4, 1901, but thought it was July 4th, 1900. Didn't like being called Louie. "This is Louis, Dolly."
"ain't worth nothing if you can't lay it on the public" Louis Armstrong
0245utc, Louis Armstrong heard. S6 signal with an S5 noise floor. Sounded ok. I hope they play again sometime.
So basically Louis Armstrong was the first Skrillex
Lord, how far we have fallen, musically: Louis Armstrong- A Kiss To Build A Dream On [1962] Live via
Here is a bit of inspiration for those in the music business are discouraged today. Louis Armstrong was the...
“It really puzzles me to see marijuana connected with narcotics dope and all of that stuff. ” - Louis Armstrong
I'm in should I be surprised? @ Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
High Society is possibly the next best film I have ever watched. Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Grace Kelly: INCREDIBLE.
I love Louis Armstrong. This movie has Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra too. Hot ***
DJ Abbott WKDfm is playing Louis Armstrong - Mack the Knife
My first and last faceswap ft Louis Armstrong
Agreed, clearly. Excellent comparison to Jamal. Even Louis Armstrong was pure.
When is the Louis Armstrong version of "Ray" coming out?
It is with deepest regret that we have needed to cancel our scheduled gig at The Louis Armstrong in Dover this...
Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Louis Armstrong, Stevie Wonder, and Patti LaBelle just to name a few
I'm here!! Wayne Hass, come get me and take me to dinner!!! — feeling hungry at Louis Armstrong New Orleans...
What a Wonderful World x Louis Armstrong
Tracy Morgan owns an octopus, wants to play Louis Armstrong...
Dr. John's hero is Louis Armstrong. They both grew up in NOLA and had memories of a special hardware store. https…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Louis Armstrong is the new go to for the gym
We Have All the Time in the World ( Louis Armstrong) in On Her Majesty's Secret Service intro
La Vie en rose by Louis Armstrong is the soundtrack to my life
Listen to What aWonderful World - Louis Armstrong by Hend Mous'ad Muhammad on
I paint better of Louis Armstrong is playing ✨
"I want to thank Mr. Louis Armstrong for my livelihood." -Dizzie Gillespie
Musician don't retire. . They stop when there's no more music in them. Louis Armstrong
"If ya ain't got it in ya, ya can't blow it out.". - Louis Armstrong (with Billie Holiday)
My little brother thought Louis Armstrong and Fred Sanford were the same person.
Unless it's a Jazz Lounge and brought back Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday from the dead for one night only.
*** aggiunto un video a una playlist di Louis Armstrong sings "Mack the Knife"
My favs are Miles, Charlie Parker, Cab, Louis Armstrong. There's a great college station here that plays all the stuff.
If you've never heard Brad's Louis Armstrong impersonation, I'm sorry for your loss.
Listen to That's A-Plenty (Live 1951 Pasadena Civic Auditorium) by Louis Armstrong & His All Stars on
A video of Louis Armstrong and his Allstars live in East Berlin 1965 OTD (2)
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Louis Armstrong and Paul Whiteman: Two Kings of in Louis Armstrong and Paul Whiteman
Louis Armstrong on the MGM set of 'High Society', 1956 • Photo by Bob Willoughby
the Liberace, Dali, and Louis Armstrong eps are so fun
Great tunes on Aircoach FM tonight. Just had Brian Ferry doing Jealous Guy and Louis Armstrong's Bond theme.
JoanMira - 3 - In the heat of the night: Louis Armstrong - "Hello Dolly" - Video - Music - ...
I might be the only one who still listens to Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Louis Armstrong, or even Chuck Berry, lol.
For St. Patrick's Day, don't forget to listen to Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five do "Irish Black Bottom"!
didnt know you used to play with louis Armstrong!
Hey, did you guys see that used to play clarinet for Louis armstrong? CHECK IT OUT!
But Gene's voice doesn't really do the song justice. One of my fav versions, by Louis Armstrong + Ella Fitzgerald 🎺🎶.
I've heard that one but I like the one from Louis Armstrong ☺️
The Complete Louis Armstrong and the Dukes of Dixieland [Box] by Louis...
Listen to On the Sunny Side of the Street by Louis Armstrong & Sy Oliver's Orchestra on Thank You Dad!
Struttin' With Some Barbecue by Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars . Free your soul with jazz! ♫
Finally clues in as to why I've been saying Louis Armstrong is my dad lmao I'm dead
Tonight as I was dancing with my daughter to Louis Armstrong she asked, "Is this Santa?"
"Owen! I dreamed Louis Armstrong was trying to kill me!"
“I thought Louis Armstrong was the bicyclist guy.” - Anthony
walked home from mid cambridge in the rain. Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald + louis armstrong playing in my ears. cliché, yes, but also euphoric
Not to mention Beatles, Elvis, computers, Wagner's final opera, Tchaikovsky, Armstrong (Louis and Neil), and 18 presidents.
You better have Alex Louis Armstrong in there!
“I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom, for me and you. And I think...”. ― Louis Armstrong
lowkey love listening to Louis Armstrong
today during class someone referred to Lance Armstrong as Louis Armstrong three times before being corrected and I nearly peed myself
Let's do this! (@ Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport - MSY) on
Louis Armstrong New Orleans Intl (MSY) tops the list of airport projects to watch.
They laughed at Louis Armstrong when he said he was gonna go to the moon Now he's up there, laughing at them
Happy birthday to one of Louis Armstrong's favorites: Bix Beiderbecke! Here is Louis playing Bix's horn in 1958! https:…
I love The Beatles, but I also really love that Louis Armstrong was the one to dethrone their 14-week reign atop the singles charts in 1964.
La Vie en rose sung by Louis Armstrong gives me light
Last night was the Bootstrap Blues at Louis Armstrong park ft the passerby and the bodyless voice. Today, the Botanical Gardens
A4: Connect music and art somehow...Imagine students illustrating the lyrics to "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong.
Louis Armstrong serenaded at Leeds Bradford Airport. More Leeds memories in our latest book:
I liked a video from Louis Armstrong - Mack The Knife ( ProleteR Tribute )
Otak kebas kesemutan.. 😫 ♫ Mack the Knife by Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra —
Louis Armstrong & Jack Teagarden record Knockin' A Jug today in 1929
Enjoy The Florida Orchestra as they play Louis Armstrong, and more tonight the
German composer Kurt Weill was born 116 years ago today! Check out Louis Armstrong and Lotte Lenya pay tribute!
Who do you like Billie Holiday, Jo Stafford, Louis Armstrong, Rosemary Clooney, or Ella Fitzgerald?
My 7 year old Ella asked if Neil & Louis Armstrong were the same guy. No. :) One went to the moon. One brought the moon to us.
Got home to the blasting of random Louis Armstrong jazz, a set table, & a classy family dinner. Feels like a Woody Allen movie.
I added a video to a playlist Louis Armstrong - TIGER RAG (1938)
your cookie monster Scott Wayland sounds more like Louis Armstrong.
On the woop! omg he just sang 'What a Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong, yes he did the voice.
La Vie en Rose by Louis Armstrong is one of my favs🔥👌
I added a video to a playlist La Vie en rose - Louis Armstrong.
at its finest. . Louis Armstrong serenading his wife, Lucille, in front of the Great Sphinx of Giza. https:/…
4:51pm On the Sunny Side of the Street - Louis Armstrong - Satchmo at Symphony Hall(Decca Jazz/GRD)
The impressive entrance to Louis Armstrong park in
Sun. Feb. 21 Gordon James presents Louis Armstrong program at the St. Lukes Episcopal Church in Ewing Township. 3PM
Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra, and Louis Armstrong is what I'm listening to until I fall asleep. Perfection.
Louis Armstrong dropping the lyric to YNWA in letter to a marine. Full Dude "‘Well ‘Bre’r ‘Villec, I guess I’ll ...
did Scalia attend the funerals of Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Josephine Baker, Etta James, Nat King Cole
Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald is there in the background and that sweet little angel in the...
I feel like Ms Thompson when I listen to Louis Armstrong
One of the many gorgeous statutes honoring musicians in Louis Armstrong park.
Nora Jones, Amy Whinehouse, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Ingrid Michaelson, nor any other artist can make my day today..
No one will ever understand how strong my love for jazz and big band music is🎶 Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald
how tf are you going to compare Drake to Louis Armstrong and Scott Joplin girl bye
And here's a great clip of Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra that we will watch in class:
Unless the person playing a horn instrument outside my window is Louis Armstrong or Lisa Simpson I don't wanna hear it
The brain is evolving at a fast rate right now ALL OVER THE WORLD I'm just awake typing it like Louis Armstrong like honest Abe like miles
Louis Armstrong playing for his wife at the Giza Plateau, 1961.
Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong have the best voices
« Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, /all/ classics. But you... I didn't expect you to enjoy jazz. »
Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong are some of the best musicians ever.
I go to sleep to Anita baker or Louis Armstrong or Frank Sinatra
All Of Me (Live) by Louis Armstrong from the album Louis Armstrong: Love Songs. Listen at
Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday . Lovin' You by Minnie Ripperton . Go Down Moses by Louis Armstrong . Tennessee by Arrested Development
I have resigned myself to that thank you. To feel better I went back in time and got really high with Louis Armstrong
Just to let ya peeps know, you can never go wrong with Louis Armstrong and Nat King Cole
On the road again/SF: Saw great 1-man play Satchmo on the life of Louis Armstrong starring John Douglas Thompson
I liked a video from What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong - John Whitfield Cover
Joey Ramone and an all-star band cover Same Cooke, Louis Armstrong and John Lennon,30/1/1993
My golden rule by Louis Armstrong "There's some folks, if they don't know, you can't tell 'em." I mute them!
Ella Fitzgerald 's version of mack the knife (by Louis Armstrong) is lit.
What can be better than being here, in this place writing and listening to brilliant jazz, Sidney Bechet then Louis Armstrong :-)
was so touching and genuine. John Douglas Thompson is the embodiment of Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis.
We're on air w/ and John Douglas Thompson talking about complex life of Louis Armstrong. Q's welcome!
On air: explores Louis Armstrong's complex legacy with 'Satchmo at the Waldorf'
m now I can only hear him ... Louis Armstrong ... Roy Orbison .. Chris Isaac -
Judged by Louis Walsh, Louie Spence and the Derek Acorah channeling the spirit of Louis Armstrong, for the older viewers.
Louis Armstrong takes a hard look at himself in intriguing "Satchmo at the Waldorf".
Review: Satchmo at the Waldorf (Court Theatre): Dynamically distilled by Louis Armstrong biographer Terry Teachout,…
Louis Armstrong on the set of High Society, 1956. Photo by Bob Willoughby….
Noise has included such atrocities as: jumping jacks; the music of Andrea Bocelli and Louis Armstrong; a Friday night viewing of Die Hard.
"Satchmo at the Waldorf" - John Douglas Thompson plays Louis Armstrong, his manager & Miles Davis.
Louis Armstrong, Evil Knievel, Harold Ramis, David Bowie, and Alan Rickman all dead at 69. I was going to suggest a 69 club but I best not!
Louis Armstrong evil knievel an now bowie what does this all mean?
Ben-James doing his best Louis Armstrong at the Pre-Season social... Amazing
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Come watch Austin Clark and I perform songs by Frank Ocean, Louis Armstrong and more at Mez Amiz, Tuesday, 8:00!
I think to myself what a Wonderful World ~louis armstrong
The Louis Armstrong Jazz Band available 4 2016 Fest dates. Check us out at:
Music to my ears. I'm an old skool guy loving Jazz Music from Louis Armstrong to Frank Sinatra. Love this...
Waiting at the gate to depart :) — traveling to Fort Lauderdale, Florida from Louis Armstrong New Orleans...
hejust stays quiet for a thousand years and then he suddenly belts out louis armstrong and isjust SO WEIRD AND FUNNY
Listen to Louis Armstrong - La Vie en rose by Wu-Xiak~ RapUnder on . Bana bununla gelsene.
I've also mixed up Louis, Neil, and lance Armstrong. I embarrass myself constantly.
tycho / Louis Armstrong / Interpol are all perfect choices for this rainy day
What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. With lyrics. Learn english by singing.
Pat Fuller/ this is for U for "STAMPING OUT RACISM" "What A Wonderful World" by the Great Louis Armstrong https:/…
.Here's to "STAMPING OUT RACISM" this song gives me hope> "WHAT A Wonderful World" by the Great LOUIS ARMSTRONG https:/…
SATCHMO AT THE WALDORF is "an intimate exploration of Louis Armstrong's life."
Sr. Rose made it a Wonderful World. Little NDA loves & misses our guardian angel💚🌹
The are the missing link betwn Public Enemy & Louis Armstrong -http…
Get get get lit it's about to go down htown voice @ Louis Armstrong New Orleans International…
No. 3: The name. “It’s funny how life can be a drag one minute and a the next.” - Louis Armstrong
Bye bye NOLA! Thanks for a wonderful time as usual! (@ Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY))
Dream A Little Dream of Me - Louis Armstrong on Martini Lounge Radio - Listen
Watch Louis Armstrong in London 1970 in one of his final filmed performances.
Louis Armstrong & Louis Jordan teamed up to record two sides in '50 that rock (via
I just listed: 'Tribute to Louis Armstrong', for 9.01 via
history: "Leading trumpeter and jazz artist Louis Armstrong plays the trumpet for his wife in front of the Sphinx a…
Louis Armstrong always makes me feel amazing
I hope my neighbors appreciate my swift change from blaring Louis Armstrong to NWA to Ingrid Michaelson
K when did Beyoncé do this? She is copying Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, but this time it slays!
On Now - Louis Armstrong - I Got A Right to Sing the Blues at
The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky..Are also on the… ♫ What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong —
Gritty as *** Splashes of Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong &...Kurt Cobain? Sean Stanley gives us some Sunday Morning https…
We welcome U Miss Rebels visiting New Orleans for with Louis Armstrong playing the Ole Miss Blues
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Here is a recording Conquer All Music did for Bud Webster and Steve Keith covering Louis Armstrong's "St. James...
Eye don't think P*, suppose to make uhh person sound like james Brown, Macy Gray, or Louis Armstrong... Ol dirty P*** B***...
Otis Redding was a construct, as was Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong and Ray Charles...
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