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Louie Gohmert

Louis Buller (Louie) Gohmert, Jr. (born August 18, 1953) is an American politician and current Republican U.S.

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Everyone gird your loins for "Incoming Chief of Staff, Some Guy From Louie Gohmert's Office".
It's time to hold Congressman Louie Gohmert accountable. Investigate & impeach.
It's time to hold Congressman Louie Gohmert accountable.
Do Congressional Republicans intentionally leave off "item 21" on any Party agendas they make to av…
What a vile despicable microbe this Louie Gohmert is. The ppl who are talking about are civil servants, area expert…
One of Trumps biggest supporters is Rep. Louie Gohmert.He said non-white 'subgroups' have not contributed to civil…
. 4. Grateful for President Trump & elected officials like Louie Gohmert that speak to serious issues.
There was like a 50 of em. They didn't hijack anything Rubio Cruz Gowdy Jordan Mike Lee Louie Gohmert they're my Republican party
I would fact check your sources in the future. and here ..…
Here is Rep. Louie Gohmert on the floor of Congress on the Awan Brothers.
Rep. Louie Gohmert, That was the most AMAZING speech I have ever heard in my lifetime! I think EVERYONE should listen t…
Maybe get reacquainted with the Republican party? Jeff Sessions, Steve King, Louie Gohmert. Party i…
House Representative Louie Gohmert (TX-1 voted for the AHCA bill.
.called H.R. McMaster a "dunce" & said the "whole cabal needs to be thoroughly investigated"
Louie Gomhert type of direction would be best. .
AM Radio Fox and Friends and Tucker Carlson and Breitbart and Gateway Pundit and Alex Jo…
Ask sen. Steve King and Sen Louie Gohmert how proud they are their boys' handywork in VA. 3 dead.
Folk like PsychoNazi Steve King and Louie Gohmert weren't created by Trumpster, but they sure have empowered him...and the New Nazis.
Louie Gohmert hasn't weighed in yet.
please listen to this, it's long,,, rep. louie gohmert/TX. be sure to listen @ .51 min. .
I know. I have to defend Texas daily because I know good people there. But of course Louie Gohmert…
AUDIO from my interview with today on Listen here:
Rep. Louie Gohmert, TX-1, voted to uninsure 24 million people on May 4, 2017.
It took you this long to figure out? They've had Louie Gohmert for years.
He didn't actually say this, but an argument he made for increased border enforcement was have been t…
Hands down, Louie Gohmert is the stupidest of the stupid GOP. Tar & feather him and run him over the border into Mexico.
There are a few dozen conservatives in the GOP like Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan & Louie Gohmert that are keepers though.
WTH is wrong with this asinine group? But then look who is on House Judiciary Cmte. Rs…
If only intellectual superstar Louie Gohmert were in the Senate.
to support the Coup. Oh and Louie Gohmert to. The Three Amigos.
Louie Gohmert in the House, but McConnell is in the Senate.
Joe you are just laughable!!! Between you and Louie Gohmert, it is clear why congress is so…
Even for the state that's given us Louie Gohmert and Lamar Smith, this guy's an *** Where is Molly Ivins when we need her?
It would almost seem like there's a challenger against Louie Gohmert for America's Dumbest Congressman.
Yet another reason why they say Louie Gohmert is America's Dumbest Congressman. Nobody, not even Alex J…
Wonders if it's Congressman Louie Gohmert, the dumbest congressman of all?. Why yes, it was Louie Gohmert, the dumb…
Give it up Steve King,R(Iowa), as hard as U try, U can't dethrone Louie Gohmert as USA's dumbest congressman...but ur close!
My favorite Congressman is Louie Gohmert and my favorite Senator is Ted Cruz,with strong admiration to Steve Scalese as well.
In all fairness, it was only after TX Congressman Louie Gohmert showed up on the floor in a fruit…
Yoho yoho a pirates life for me. Yoho the 1 congressman who makes Louie Gohmert look sma…
He's been in a race to the intellectual bottom with the likes of Louie Gohmert, Jim "Snow…
In a party full of *** Blake, Steve King, and Louie Gohmert are in a race to court racist dillweeds and fail IQ…
Texas Gov Abbott is just a typical Texas RWNJ. They also have Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, & Louie Gohmert. (better known as Huey, Dewey, & Louie)
Louie Gohmert recounting a story to some community banking advocates on what Arthur Laffer told the President on tax reform: Disregard CBO.
Exactly. Just look at Michelle Bachman, Louie Gohmert, Steve King, Todd Akin for starter…
It's a tight contest between Steve King, Louie Gohmert and Ted Yoho for the stupidest congressman in history.
In a world where Steve King and Louie Gohmert win re-election to the House easily, Takei as a Congres…
Abby Huntsman . rude to Louie Gohmert when he tried to tell the truth.
Thank goodness the no longer has its own Louie Gohmert!. We can use a few more Gabby Gifford!
Sheila Jackson Lee is sitting next to RSC Chairman Mark Walker, who's on the aisle across from Louie Gohmert.
I don't blame Louie Gohmert, left wing radicals like Jared Loughner are dangerous. Ask Gabby Giffords
Louie Gohmert - Ballotpedia. Just an avg republican who votes party line. Up for reelection 2018. 1st Con dist Texas!
Low bar since you work with Louie Gohmert, Steve King, Duncan Hunter.
Rep. Louie Gohmert statement H.R. 4919 government is not supposed to be our ‘big brother.’
I guess what I'm asking is if it's possible that Louie Gohmert is right behind Paul Ryan in the succession ladder, as a horror story.
The "deplorables" though Trump would pick nutjobs like Allen West and Louie Gohmert. Sorry, globalists and Goldman Sachs.
Yep. Had Max Sandlin before they gerrymandered and now I have Louie Gohmert. Such an embarrassment!
You spend a couple million dollars running for Congress, people get...
Louie Gohmert, who wants women to carry brain-dead babies to term.
umm Louie gohmert is also on your list of winners.
Remember, Bush picked Perry at Lt Gov to make himself look smart. Perry is a grad of Texas A&M, like Louie Gohmert
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Benefit your friends; make sure your enemies suffer from being you...
he looks like an accountant cosplaying as Louie Gohmert
The truth is that anyone... that wants to subvert our Constitution ...
Rep. Louie Gohmert allowed to BBQ at the Capitol. Read Blog:
Louie Gohmert talks about faith in politics with East Texas students
Congressman Louie Gohmert stands up for barbecue rights
And have Republicans on that best represent their party like Rep. Louie Gohmert and other ignoramuses
And we thought that Louie Gohmert was the dumbest Texan in Congress.
Rep. Louie Gohmert on how only Democrats voted to gut Medicare through Obamacare
Ok, I'll do it. I'll bite the bullet and ask the question no one else seems willing to ask: So, what's Louie Gohmert been up to lately?
That time when Louie Gohmert said John McCain supported Al Qaeda
I never thought "would be considered a palate cleanser...but that Louie Gohmert bit...
Listen and learn why I adore Rep. Louie Gohmert!! . “Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) spoke on the House Floor against...
Now imagine having Louie Gohmert as your future wife😍.
Congressman Louie Gohmert tells students at East Texas Christian Academy that success begins with hard...
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Trump will be a rubber stamp for anything House & Senate Republicans want to do. Think Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert--
"If Louie Gohmert's fer, I'm agin' it." -with my second-favorite all-time political quote.
Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) gave a Special Order on the House Floor to wrap up the 114th Congress.
Good job Very Serious deficit dupes. You validated the crackpot idea that fiscal stimulus is bad and basically got played by Louie Gohmert.
Rep. Louie Gohmert on House Passage of Bill for DOJ to Track Those with Disabilities - This is real!
If Ryan starts rejecting DT's plans,get him out of there.Trey Gowdy or Louie Gohmert or Chaffetz would be much better.
.I second Louie Gohmert's right to barbecue in his enclosed office.Breathing carbon monoxide can only improve his mental function
My birth state of OH and present state of TX need their own reality shows. Who voted for that schmuck? Or Louie Gohmert?
My friend fighting government bullies & hopefully winning. Hey Louie, do you deliver to Russell?
I wonder how life on Earth-2 is going where Louie Gohmert just drafted articles of impeachment against President-el…
The last House votes of the session are happening now. But after that, will Louie Gohmert give the last speech of the session?
louie.gohmert: Gohmert Statement on House Passage of Bill to Track Those with DisabilitiesU.S. Congressman Louie Gohmert, P…
. Louie Gohmert, was running for office, he tried to help us save it. Usw was dem run. None if them cared, Louie did.
Louie Gohmert is still mad the Architect of the Capitol tried to shut down his balcony barbecue operation.
Louie Gohmert is my favorite *** in history. Like he would be a great comedian. But sadly he is in Congress.
only the craziest, stupidest politician *don't believe* in Climate change (Louie Gohmert, Steve King, &c), most of them believe
He's the second-dumbest man in Congress. Only Louie Gohmert is dumber.
If you're looking for those things, don't go to Rep. Louie Gohmert first. I even use "Gohmert" as a verb.
It does not help when an administration, in response to American ...
Louie Gohmert is the first sovereign citizen rep.
Huh! Ur the Ex Gov of a State that gave us u, Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert & Dan Patrick! Nuff Said! Ur all f- Nuts!
The brought us Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Sarah Palin, Louie Gohmert, Michele Bachmann, and to top the list, Donald…
Trump sounds like Tom Tancredo and Louie Gohmert, which is HORRIBLE.
Louie Gohmert wishes the best for Congressman Ted Poe whonwas recently diagnosed with leukemia
Hey GOMER PYLE, why is it every day u make a new commercial for Hillary & Democrats? .. STEP DOWN & let Louie Gohmert step in.
Louie Gohmert: basically an angry, racist, insane Gomer Pyle look- and soundalike. Seriously-
like, nothing says "I know how to deescalate this situation," like sending Louie Gohmert and Steve King to yell at prot…
Why do you want to defeat Louie Gohmert? John Ratcliffe? maybe even Kenny Marchant or Randy Weber? Flawed strategy!
So, Louie Gohmert actually gets elected every 2 years. Or does Texas do some kind of lottery deal that Louie wins?
he has to deal with Louie Gohmert and Ted Poe on a daily basis. Brother West will be a cakewalk for him.
. Louie Gohmert . Tom Cotton. Jim Inhofe. 140 characters are not sufficient enough to list them all ;)
."I'd rather have friends like Glenn Beck and Mike Lee and Louie Gohmert than, say, John Boehner."
BREAKING: Louie Gohmert boycotts Radio Shack because he heard they have transformers.
House Freedom Caucus---the people who claim they ousted Boehner. Tea Party Ne'er-do-wells like crazy Louie Gohmert
Rep. Louie Gohmert, the Republican Congressman from Texas, thinks it's a good thing that a new law in North Ca...
Congressman Louie Gohmert from Texas (of course) said he wouldn't have resisted the temptation to enter a girl's...
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R) of Texas confessed that if given the chance, he would have faked being transgender to prey…
there's a bill in the House sponsored by Louie Gohmert to exempt us from federal taxes. I don't support that at all. 2/
East Texas here. I had Charlie Wilson as my Rep growing up. Now they've elected Louie Gohmert.
Joins the GOP Brain trust with Louie Gohmert and Sarah Palin.
Malzberg Rep. Louie Gohmert weighs in on Super Tuesday III results WATCH at:
U cut off Louie Gohmert If U dont have time for him 2 talk don't have them on.Rather hear guests instead of callers.Irratating
No greater friend of the than .– no wonder the establishment wants to take him down!
Rep. Louie Gohmert R-Texas. So stupid you could weaponize it on Twitpic
Donald A. Dix: Congressman Louie Gohmert, strong on National Security and strong on conservative values is a...
. my 3 suck! and two are GOP. Justin Amash, Louie Gohmert, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Mike Lee, Trey Gowdy . good 1s
Are you sure? That looks like Louie Gohmert to me.
Every time anybody in Washington talks about legal status, amnesty, anythin...
Has Trump received the coveted Louie Gohmert endorsement yet? .
Annghhh, of course. The Louie Gohmert of the Senate. Always devoid of an original thought.
Every country has its Louie Gohmert.Carrio in Argentina is the mirror image of Louie...
Louie Gohmert says on Fox TV this morning - . That the Donald Trump supporters need to be reeducated...!!!. Not...
When a contested convention leads to the swearing in of President Louie Gohmert in January, all of this hand-wringing will seem silly.
Louie Gohmert warns about 'hundreds of thousands' immigrant rapists via
I wonder who Louie Gohmert is going to support...
Flashback & not a shock RIPS Rep. Louie Gohmert on his Program For 6 Mins Re: Debt Ceiling Vote
Apparently Louie Gohmert is the more sane one.
I added a video to a playlist Louie Gohmert: Trump's the Liar, Not Cruz
I was an exchange student for a summer, and most of that summer was in Ukra...
Louie Gohmert is endlessly entertaining! I can see HBO developing a series built around a character based on him.
Frankly I don't think it takes much talent to be a member of the House or Reps. Exampes: Steve King and Louie Gohmert.
We've got the NSA getting logs of every call you make. The IRS is weaponize...
We got Louie Gohmert because there was no more place at the retarded people hospice! How damb can someone be?
(con-3) and/or genocide. . By the time that *** Louie Gohmert stood up to do his bit, I felt like 10 yrs. of my life had been sucked thru
Now had she gone and met with David Duke or Louie Gohmert or other known racists like Arpaio, I would heartily agree.
"Even native Americans weren't native at one point probably came across somewhere at some point" -Louie gohmert
Right: Because growing up in the country surrounded by highly conservative white Christians whose...
Is ejected from his Rice team's 97-58 loss against Texas A&M for repeatedly throwing his pants onto the court. RT
We now check in with America's Dumbest Congressman, who remains dumb and in Congress Rep. Louie Gohmert
In case my followers were worried about when crazy Louie Gohmert would pop up.
Rep. Louie Gohmert wonders why Secretary of State John Kerry would call on Iran to “rescue” our allegedly...
...because Steve King, Louie Gohmert, and Michele Bachmann not only ran for office, but won. And were re-elected.
I would think Louie Gohmert would attract a bigger crowd.
Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert draw crowd of about 30 to Lenox, Iowa which had about 1200 people
Louie Gohmert calls Cruz a host/facilitator of conservative conversation in Congress, not a hypnotizer.
campaigning w/ Louie Gohmert = automatic proof of rightwing extremist bonifides but should b disqualifier as national leader
Louie Gohmert a few feet away from Cruz on the senator's newest endorser: "You all right with Steve King? He's my best friend!"
Cruz beginning his 14-stop, 3-day tour of Iowa alongside Louie Gohmert. Only candidate here this weekend.
Louis u sound dumber than Louie"the goat"Gohmert !! & that's worse than Sarah Palin stupid! Wow
Louie Gohmert stumping with Cruz in Iowa this weekend per release
Id rather have him cast aspersions on my asparagus cuz he sounds like Louie Gohmert
I wish they would. No more Louie Gohmert or Ted Cruz!
Scary enough to think that elected But, then again, TX elected GWBush, Rick Perry, Greg Abbott, & Louie Gohmert.
I'm supporting the best candidate for the job. I've talked with many people from TX. I'll ask Louie Gohmert Sunday.
Why is Rep. Louie Gohmert so obsessed with the SexLives of *** men, anyway?!
Iowa: Join & Louie Gohmert in Coralville Monday at 10am! pls RT!
Bonehead Quote of the Week: Louie Gohmert and the Great Desert Island Experiment - San Antonio Current (blog)
Louie Gohmert, I love that name. He could only be a Repubnut from Texas.
TAMU should be so proud with this *** clown and Louie Gohmert, and Rick Perry being some of their alums.
How did Louie Gohmert become a thing again?
ftr I never eat animals of equal or greater intelligence to Louie Gohmert
I would like to see someone like Louie Gohmert as Speaker. A conservative with integrity.
TX love electing cow patties..we named ours LOUIE GOHMERT, POE & HENSERLING
How long before the only person in Congress .supports is Louie Gohmert?
Hill meetings regarding the Kurds support issues with my friend Congressman Louie Gohmert @ The…
They'd turn on Louie Gohmert if he backed someone other than Trump
BREAKING: Louie Gohmert doesn't know how to read document written in English.
I know, let's ask Louie Gohmert what we should do.--No One Ever
wlda said not bright enough. now we look at dimwits like Louie Gohmert .
Hey Ron, Ted is my Senator and Louie Gohmert is my Congressman. Ted has been to Trump and it has paid off . Lighten up on Enviro !
This makes me appreciate how Louie Gohmert has had to double up on the crazy talk to make up for your loss.
Delegates aren't assigned proportionally to CDs, just a blanket assignment. So Louie Gohmert's district has as many dels as Shiela Jackson's
Enjoyed dinner last night with Cong Louie Gohmert along with Dave Hartsock
Rep. Louie Gohmert might be the last member of Congress on Glenn’s radio show via
Stand strong Louie Gohmert!. you are certainly not in the crazy column my dear friend! . You are a warrior!...
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The media FAILED in covering Planned Parenthood vids. Here's how & politicans are fighting back -->
Lunch with Louie Gohmert yesterday. A champion for the Conservative cause.
Louie Gohmert for President... Redistricting contributed to this mess. Next census - 2020!
Yes, Louie Gohmert is a TIGER and great CONSERVATIVE. I love the guy and respect him. A great American.
Ryan is out. Rep Louie Gohmert would make a great Speaker
Speaking in the Springs, TX US Rep. Louie Gohmert says he understands there's disagreement in CO GOP. It's OK. "Means people are thinking."
Listening to Texas U.S. Congressman Louie Gohmert. It's all about the Constitution.
Gohmert stood his ground,. and yelled much out of Turn. Lettuce spray that God is here. and Louie's in his Urn. . . WHAT?. just RT
Good question. I'm hoping Louie Gohmert is just stupid. I don't think Louie could get himself out of…
Hmmm. Ted Cruz? Tim Scott? Louie Gohmert? This is like Abraham bargaining with God not to destroy Sodom...
Margaret Sangers BUST is in the National Portrait Gallery in DC. Ted Cruz & Louie Gohmert are leading a pack to remove it.
Dubya, Jindal, Rick Perry, Louie Gohmert, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, "Diaper Dave" Vitter and many, many more: this is the product of dumb voters.
Well then let them out and put Louie Gohmert, Joni Ernst, Ted Cruz, and Michelle Bachmann in there!!
I would hold out for Trey Gowdy, Mark Meadows or Louie Gohmert. *conservatives
Hey, we've got Louie Gohmert who's dumber than a sack of hammers! Why not Louie?
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McCarthy will just con't the collapse. WeThePeople need: Jason Chaffetz, Jim Jordan or Louie Gohmert as House Leader
. We The People need Jason Chaffetz to be Speaker of the House. Jim Jordan is a suitable match & Louie Gohmert too. 3 Patriots.
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) would do as Speaker. Will Rove's GOP approve?
Here is who I'd support for Speaker if he ran, my friend the Honorable Judge Louie Gohmert, Member of Congress from Texas
With Louie Gohmert and Jason Chaffetz now in the running, no way we should get Boehner 2.0
The Louie Gohmert photobomb of the century - Me and photo bombed by in green ...
Not an ideal choice but an improvement from Boehner and better than McCarthy. Louie Gohmert would be my choice.
You probably missed my chat with Louie Gohmert about sending people to death row
Justin Amash, Darrel Issa, Louie Gohmert, Steve Stockman, Meadows from NC . I'm not geek enough to name a bunch of reps though 😝
Can't blame him with that bunch of GOP looney tunes. Get rid of Michelle Bachman & here comes Louie Gohmert.
Go vote in the Louie Gohmert poll in Cheers & Jeers at Daily Kos. But don't break the NO button. via
Please? Louie Gohmert: “I think we’ll have a new speaker next January. Hopefully, a Republican. I think we’ll...
5. Louie Gohmert -Republican congressman from Texas Louie Gohmert has said he will pack up his toys and leave the...
Call your congressman now, demand they vote for Louie Gohmert for Speaker! It's time we had a true conservative!
Louie Gohmert, Michelle Bachmann, Ted Cruz. "They don't embody the Tea Party" would be an amazing copout.
*** like Steve King, Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, and Sarah Palin are allowed to be considered serious political …
Jeb Bush went there yesterday. I thought the Louie Gohmert & Steve King wing of the GOP had a lock on racial slurs.
I know it's not true, but pretending that Texas's first district keeps electing Louie Gohmert as a joke makes me feel better.
America's dumbest Congressman? Or is it still Louie Gohmert? "Rep. Steve King: I'm Just as Hispanic as Julián Castro" http…
If you were surprised or shocked by Trump's comments please google Rep. Steve King, Rep. Louie Gohmert, and Rep. Steve Stockman,.
" worse than...Steve Stockman, Louie Gohmert, Steve King, other Repubs who've ACTUALLY BEEN ELECTED" Sad but true
Trumps comments are no worse than comments by Steve Stockman, Louie Gohmert, Steve King, & other Republicans who have ACT…
Louie Gohmert at - Appointed Chief Justice of the 12th Court of Appeals by Rick Perry
Pope Francis makes Tea Party heads explode: Why Steve King & Louie Gohmert have it in for the pontiff
Nobody with IQ over 50 votes for Steve King. He and Louie Gohmert are beyond the clown car. They're in the twilight zone!
Michelle Bachmann and Louie Gohmert got slammed for wanting an investigation on MCCAIN!
The dinner is funny but not as funny as Tea Party Caucus members speaking on the House Floor such as Louie Gohmert, Steve King
After a strategic staff meeting with Ben Carson, Michele Bachman, Louie Gohmert to name a few, Tom concluded that...
Glen Beck: The GOP has targeted Texas conservative Louie Gohmert; here’s how he is fighting back
Book King and Louie Gohmert on a one way trip to rubber room
Is Tom Cotton trying to be the Louie Gohmert of the senate? That's Rubios job.
To be fair, Louie Gohmert is funnier than Palin. Palin just speeds my way to an everlasting death.
Breaking: Louie Gohmert scribbles open letter (in crayon) to Iran advising against agreement w/ Obama over Laser Cats
Catch Rep. Louie Gohmert on the Radio with Glenn Beck and Wayne Dupree. Details at via
Boehner enables the Left and undermines conservatives. Louie Gohmert is fighting back via PAC ==>
Louie Gohmert talks with Sean Hannity about his GOH Conservative PAC
Would you listen to people like Lonely Tunes like Louie Gohmert or Ted Poe ? Not me
Your take on this subject puts Louie Gohmert to shame. Pitiful.
Gohmert, Louie: "No country has ever fallen while it was truly honoring the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob"
I'll be spending a large amount of time in teavangelical Rep. Louie Gohmert's district. That will be fun. He seems nice.
The US-Mexican War of 2021 began when Senator Louie Gohmert sent a list of demands, contained in a BuzzFeed community post, to Presidente F
The usual suspects. Surprise, surprise. What? No Louie Gohmert? How was he missed?
Why is Louie Gohmert challenging John Boehner for Speaker of the House?
This country wld be so awesome if a pres getting an internat'l deal done had to then get Louie Gohmert's ok before it's a go
Louie Gohmert discusses w. ACU Blogger of the Year Tune in!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Actually my favorite person , and he isn't running is Louie Gohmert.
Louie Gohmert with hair. If that is hair.
LISTEN ALL Y'ALLIT'S A SABOTAGE - Cotton - all the education and intellect of Louie Gohmert with more hair.
Louie Gohmert. March 4 at 7:16am ·. Spoke with Tea Party Patriots about the dangers of outside the...
You wanted Spock but instead you go Louie Gohmert.
Louie Gohmert says Obama says Obama won't support Nigeria in fighting Boko Haram because Nigeria does not allow...
I would like to see Trey Gowdy, Louie Gohmert, Alan West or Ben Carson. Who could win? Probably Gowdy bcuz he can answer attacks
Louie Gohmert's profile in courage and self-sacrifice
Does make you wonder, doesn't it? Steve Stockman, Trey Gowdy, Louie fer-gods-sake Gohmert...all elected by democratic vote.
Blake Louie Gohmert are praying that our decaying infrastructure will lead to a bridge collapse.
Yeah, you pretty much have to have Louie Gohmert intelligence to swallow Scientology.
Representative Louie Gohmert has a thing for rodent fur.
I knew that I'd seen Rep. Louie Gohmert somewhere before.
Louie 'goober' gohmert spews nonsense yet again Vote not Stupid!
Oh yeah? You try mind-melding with Louie Gohmert and see how you like it.
Update your maps at Navteq
Who is the epic genius behind this slogan? Libertarians and creativity mix about as well as Louie Gohmert and public speaking.
Following Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress yesterday, Rep. Louie Gohmert called into the "Point of View" radio program to discuss the
Disappointed in your vote on DHS & Immigration?. SAD that you have turned into a Progressive & not Louie Gohmert = Patriot.
I liked a video from Louie Gohmert Proves God Exists
The NRA/GOP/KOCH/FOX/ALEC does not require a high IQ. Louie Gohmert is one of their smarter members!
. Looking FWD to an all Texas 2016 ticket: Louie Gohmert (P) and Ted Cruz (VP).
After finding out there were no working brain cells, they were recycled into Louie Gohmert.
Fire Boehner now and replace with Louie Gohmert.We have had it with Boehner.He acts like he is more on the Democrates side than ours
"We know Al Qaeda has camps on the Mexican border." – Louie Gohmert
Rep. Louie Gohmert, Rep. Tim Huelskamp, Rep. Trent Franks, and Sen. Rand Paul, and (Mike Huckabee)--all attacking...
Who's who of the worst: "The documentary features Rand Paul, Trent Franks, Louie Gohmert, Tim Huelskamp, Steve King"
Lethal injection for Rick Perry or Louie Gohmert? (It says Intellectually Disabled Man.)
Q&A: 'Extremely mainstream' Louie Gohmert on the Tea Party and Boehner as speaker via
The new GOP-dominated Congress convened in Washington, D.C. at noon on Tuesday, holding its first contentious vote in the U.S. House within the hour. Incumbent House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who faced long-shot challenges from two Tea Party favorites—Reps. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) and Ted Yoho
Yes I wish that Louie Gohmert had won the Speaker of the House. At least Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid crazy ? Are gone, *** stop these fools
A lot of folks dislike John Boehner. People see the country chafing under the thumb of an aggressively left-wing president, yet view Boehner as someone more concerned with his tan and placating K St. interests than in advancing a conservative agenda and stopping Barack Obama. I get it. After all, from the CRomnibus to various bailouts and spending bills, I have consistently opposed Boehner's policies on the floor of the House -- often times placing myself in a lonely minority within my own party. This hasn’t exactly earned me a warm place in the hearts of the GOP leadership. Nevertheless, I declined to participate in a coup plot against Boehner that failed today by 11 votes. The plot was ill-conceived, ill-executed and designed to fail. In my judgment, there was no chance that Boehner would be "fired" but the foreseeable failure of the coup will in fact serve to further marginalize conservatives within the House GOP at a time when we most need conservative energy in the House and Senate to check the ...
Louie Gohmert makes lunatics like Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz seem sane by comparison - AND he wants to be Speaker? That's a joke, right?
“I’d be rootin’ for Louie.” Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said it was time for a change in the House leadership and endorsed Rep. Louie Gohmert for speaker of the House.
Watching the far right try to push Louie Gohmert for Speaker today makes you realize that the clown car is far bigger than we first realized.
2 great Patriots-Louie Gohmert & Ted Yoho. Their were some brave men that voted against John Boehner for Speaker of the House.
I don't know if the leadership of the House of Representatives can ask Steve Scalise to step down from his position an Majority Whip when some in the party considered for Speaker Ted Yoho and Louie Gohmert. I don't know that speaking at a Klan rally disqualifies someone from the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party.
Louie Gohmert is saying on Hannity that Webster and Nugent are being punished by Boehner because of their candidacy against him for Speaker. If true, every one of you 216 GOP Congressmen who voted for that Weepy wuss are on notice. You are done.
You need to apply some common sense and strategic thought -- vice emotional behavior. Louie Gohmert???
Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) spoke to Sean Hannity about the historic vote in the House of Representatives, where 24 members bucked the status quo and voted ag...
Wow! frightening,GOP's solution to replace Boehnor is Louie Gohmert "Pyle" &Ted the Yahoo? utterly frightening
Interesting first day in office. I had the honor and privilege to be sworn into the United States House of Representatives. I still remember the first time I took an oath when getting Commissioned into the U.S. Army nearly 12 years ago. I love our constitution and the responsibility to support and defend our freedoms and liberties. I love our country. We face challenges...we always have...but I see great potential for there to be so much important progress with our economy, border security, foreign policy, veterans affairs, health care, education and more. I'm concerned with our nation's debt, deficits and the fact that we have only seen one federal budget passed since 2007. I ran for Congress to be part of positive notch one victory after another wherever possible. I'm encouraged that my first week in office can give me the opportunity to pass the Keystone XL Pipeline legislation, the Hire More Heroes Act, change the 30 hour work week under Obamacare to 40, and more. I just want to see Americ ...
O what I would give to see Louie Gohmert as the speaker. It would be like a never ending skit.
How Loopie do you have to be to think that Thick Louie Gohmert is the best leader for your party?
Let's all get behind Judge Louie Gohmert for Speaker! He has my vote! He's not afraid to take the fight to the president & …
Rep. Louie Gohmert and other Republicans trying to oust John Boehner sound as if they’re nuts.
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So, after this afternoon after the House vote for speaker, I just want to know one thing - which three *** actually voted for Louie Gohmert.
Louie Gohmert: "Our cause is a worthy one that we will continue. We must not be breaking our promises to the American people. We must keep the momentum that we created so that the House of Representatives can be as intended 'The People’s House' and not just a rubber stamp for broken promises."
Louie Gohmert: ‘We Made A Difference’ - Texas congressman defends his challenge to Boehner
Despite overwhelming support from both Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) failed to garner more than three votes out of more than 400, or 0.7%, in today's vote for House Speaker of the 114th Congress.
Is that bronzer on the tip of Louie Gohmert's nose?
Rep. Louie Gohmert defended his decision to challenge Speaker John Boehner for the speakership of the House of Representatives.
There may be a few Republicans who are willing to stand by the American voter, Louie Gohmert, but we saw precious few of them today when it was time to vote Boehner out. Thank you, Mr. Gohmert, for voting to oust Boehner. We just fell short of more republicans who have the integrity to do as they promised on the campaign trail.
PAST PERFORMANCE IS THE BEST PREDICTOR OF FUTURE ACTIONS ...: - "I am not playing Fantasy Football," said Rep.-Elect Ken Buck (R-Colo.). "I am playing an important game, and I have to choose between Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner. "If there was a viable candidate that was more conservative, I would take a serious look at that. There is not a viable candidate out there at this point, and I am voting for John Boehner (for House Speaker) when the vote comes up." Buck told CSPAN's "Washington Journal" Tuesday morning that if the effort to replace Boehner were serious, it would have happened when Republicans gathered after the November election. The last-minute decision by Reps. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) and Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) to run against Boeher for the speakership "is a very well-intended effort," but it has "minimal support...and I don't think it's the right way to go." Buck said he's received messages from many of his constituents who "care very deeply about this country and are very, very concer ...
Has Louie Gohmert learned to tie his shoes yet? . ... anybody know?.
Rep. Louie Gohmert thinks global warming is good because it will mean "more plants."
BREAKING: Sarah Palin supports Louie Gohmert for Speaker of the House. BREAKING: Louie Gohmert loses bid for Speaker of the …
The difference between Louie Gohmert and other would-be House Speakers.
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