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Lou Williams

Louis Lou Tyrone Williams (born October 27, 1986) is an American professional basketball player with the National Basketball Association's Philadelphia 76ers, who selected him with the 45th pick of the 2005 NBA Draft.

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Lou Williams was scoreless in 15 minutes, but like Harden, he is an artist at drawing three-shot fouls. He breaks the ice from the line.
... Lou Williams is 0 for 6 tonight ... I believe that makes 3 for 24 in his last 3 games. Nice job!
Do u know how many coaches in the would love to have an Eric Gordon or Lou Williams on their team? Man, H-Town…
I'd love to see both Eric Gordon and Lou Williams win Sixth Man of the Year. Especially on the same team, don't make us choose lol
Patrick Beverley goes between-the-legs to Lou Williams for the corner J .
Lou Williams protects the rim against Toney Douglas on the fast break
we beat them with Anderson been sick and not with Lou Williams on team. They beat us at oracle with both teams fit
This is a pic of Luther Head. Who thinks Lou Williams looks like Luther Head?
Lou Williams, Terrence Ross, Norman Powell. What is it about Raptors bench guards always being Wizards killers?
New guard Lou Williams almost got robbed once, but he spoke to the dude and ended up buying him McDonald…
Lou Williams, Eric Gordon, and James Harden on the floor at once that's deadly
teams are dumb bruh! Lou Williams was traded for Cory Brewer do u need more proof... matt can still go you'll see
without looking: Capella, Anderson, Harrell, Beverly, EGordon, Lou Williams, Ariza. that's all I got lol
we sign Bogut you know your money gone right? It's already hanging with Lou Williams still
James Harden is loving Lou Williams as his teammate. .
Lou Williams is way better than a first round pick and Corey Brewer, but I hope that first round pick can prove me wrong
Corey Brewer's last 17 games as a Rocket: 7 three-pointers made. Lou Williams 1st game as a Rocket: 7 three-pointers made…
Magic Johnson should get one more assist added to his career total for lobbing us Lou Williams in exchange for Corey Brewer
Lou Williams had 7 three pointers in 25 minutes. . Corey Brewer had 9 three pointers for all of calendar year 2017.
Lakers: We'll give you Lou Williams for Corey Brewer. Rockets: *going to tell Corey Brewer the news*
Lou Williams did more in one game for the Rockets than what Corey Brewer has done this whole season.
Lou Williams went out and balled in his first game with the Rockets: . 27 points . 2 assists . 2 rebounds . 7 3-pointers made!…
Lou Williams in his Rockets debut:. 27 Points (team high). 9-16 FG. 7-11 3pt. In 25 Minutes
Lou Williams, Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson and Trevor Ariza in D'Antoni *** man they loving it
Talk about a team loaded with threats from beyond the arc. Houston got Harden, Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza and now Lou Williams
Magic Johnson: It's my first day on the job, ima make a trade!. *trades Lou Williams for Corey Brewer*. Lakers fans:. https…
James Harden, Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson, Trevor Ariza. And now Lou Williams. Rockets bout to wreck the west
We would've been happy with Courtney Lee but somehow ended up with Lou Williams. Wow.
Live look at Kings fans realizing both Bojan Bogdanovic and Lou Williams brought back as many first-round picks as Boogie…
Ervin "Magic" Johnson named president of basketball operations for the LA Lakers. Lou Williams on his way to Houston. "Tell It Like It Is"🤔💭
Mitch Kupchak couldn't get a 1st round pick for Pau. Magic Johnson got a 1st round pick for Lou Williams. This is why he's here.
Lakers President of Basketball Ops Magic Johnson gets Corey Brewer and a first round pick from Houston for Lou Williams.…
Thanks to Ernie Grunfeld for not trading for Lou Williams!
your boys are still busy. Lou Williams to Rockets for Cory Brewer
Check out my latest post about the Lou Williams trade! |
Lou Williams to Houston for Brewer and a first-round pick
Lou Williams (is looking forward to playing for coach Mike D'Antoni.
Lakers are trading Lou Williams to the Rockets. (via
The Rockets traded Brewer + 1st rd pick for 2015 6th Man of the year Lou Williams! Houston now has top 2 scorers off the be…
The Rockets will send Corey Brewer and a 1st-round pick to the Lakers for Lou Williams!
Between Lou Williams and Eric Gordon, the Rockets have 35 points coming off the bench... Rockets are the 2nd highest scor…
Lou Williams is exactly twice as likely to make a corner three-point shot (52.5%) than Corey Brewer (26.2%) is.
For those wanting a better first round pick for Lou Williams, this was the best offer they got for the 2017 draft, which…
Lakers for real... I hope the future is bright but Lou Williams is a vet we could've kept. Hope Magic know what he doin
It's been a brazy day.. Lou Williams got traded to the Rockets, Migos Jumped Sean Kingston & Chris Brown getting a Restrai…
Magic is the person who made the trade with Houston for Lou Williams. He's the person working the phones.
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Most bench points scored this season:. 1) Lou Williams (1,065). 2) Eric Gordon (770). They now play on the same team.
Lou Williams has scored the most points off the bench this season (1,065). . Rockets guard Eric Gordon has scored the 2nd…
Lou Williams on being traded to the Rockets: . "My mindset has to be to go into savage mode and get ready for a playoff ru…
Trade Deadline Tracker updated after the Lou Williams trade.
One thing to remember as you consider the Lou Williams trade: the Lakers were 1-8 when he scored 25+ points.
Lou Williams leads the league in scoring off the bench this season. Eric Gordon is 2nd on that list.
Rockets: We got Lou Williams from the Lakers. Corey Brewer: Nice!. Rockets: We're sending you in return. Corey Brewer: h…
James Harden and Lou Williams together will be the best defensive backcourt ever
Los Angeles Lakers trade Lou Williams to the Houston Rockets for Corey Brewer & a first-round pick, per
Lou Williams is a solid PG. I would take him over Derrick Rose and Brandon Jennings as a starter for the Knicks anytime.
Lakers fans acting like Lou Williams is Michael Cooper
Jimmy Butler, Damian Lillard, Derrick Rose, Andre Drummond, Brook Lopez and Lou Williams are the most notable players on…
Magic Johnson is just as clueless as Vlade and trades Lou Williams and Nick Young for Miles Plumlee and a 2nd. 😊
5 players I think will be traded before the deadline. 1. Ian Mahinmi. 2. Bismack Biyombo. 3. Lou Williams. 4. Brandon Kni…
maybe my dub can get brooke Lopez or Lou Williams want my warriors 2 take out that LeBron James 🏀💪👅 need 2 up grade
If Jazz get James Johnson from MIA and Lou Williams from LA, I got a $500 bet on Utah winning the 🏆
Wizards should trade for Lou Williams. Thunder should trade for Wilson Chandler. Magic should trade for Brandon Knight.
Wait, so the Lakers haven't landed LeBron James for Lou Williams & Luol Deng as yet? Weird.
4 top players that should be traded are Wilson Chandler,Lou Williams, Gallinari, Brandon Knight
Wilson Chandler, Lou Williams or possibly Brandon Knight, they'll be set! Send them Burke, Oubre, Nicholson and draft pick
Lou Williams to the wiz for a 1st Trey Burke and porter or something . Then nick to the thunder for Payne roberson and 2 2nds
Roses are red. I could use a million . I don't think the Lakers would trade. Trey Burke for Lou Williams
Lou Williams to the wizards please 😩
Lou Williams responded to fans saying he shouldn’t play over the Lakers’ younger players
would love Ramon Sessions & Lou Williams for the Wiz. Would that of been possible if they didn't sign Burke/Nickleson?
Who needs Lou Williams when ya got Trey Burke lmao
Lou Williams is our 2nd best player and should be the starting SG. what are you doing? FYI, No one taking…
Time I accept that Lou Williams is more important and a bigger priority in the scheme of things than D'angelo Russell.
Can't say I was 100% satisfied with Lou Williams finishing the entire fourth quarter over D'Angelo Russell
Lou should not finish this game with Lou Williams. And he should not wait to bring in Russell at all.
2Q down at MSG. Lou Williams has 12, Randle adds 10. on top of 61-45. Melo: 19 points. . League Pass. htt…
The lakers may suck , but they got heck of a young talent .. Russell , Lou Williams off the bench which can be a factor
LAKERS 27 Pacers 24 after Lou Williams hits all 3 free throws. 1:04 left in the 1st Q here at Staples Center. (DELAY)
Playing around w/ trade machine, it really likes Lou Williams. Lou to OKC adds 12 wins! Shows how good Lou has been this yr
Jameer Nelson just blew by Lou Williams like he was being guarded by Jameer Nelson.
CLE looking for back up point guards? How about Marcelo Huertas & Lou Williams for Jordan McRae, DeAndre Liggins & a 1st Round Pick?
I like Clarkson, Ingram, Randle, I don't mind Lou Williams. Keep that rookie center but everybody else is gone
I assume you mean Lou Williams, because I think he's quite a bit better than Tyrone Lue was.
Imma tell y'all who I'll never draft again on FanDuel, Lou Williams, Austin Rivers, TJ Warren and old *** ZBo !
Eric Gordon or Lou Williams winning 6th man this year.
Saw an article suggesting the Bulls trade Jimmy Butler and a young player for Larry Nance Jr. and Lou Williams, seriously.
if you see your boy:. D'Angelo Russell. Julius Randle. Larry Nance Jr. Jordan Clarkson. Lou Williams. Luol Deng. Timofey Moz…
Lou Williams is that annoying guy to play ball with who flails and shoots and calls fouls every time he touches it
Lou Williams and LeSean McCoy beefing after Kobe's last game then Marcus Vick saying McCoy gave his BM herpes and J…
Lou Williams is probably the best in basketball at doing this.It's so similar to Harden but it's different at the same tim…
Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak believes Lou Williams has been the team’s MVP so far.
Lakers as usual can't play defense. When you have Nick Young & Lou Williams on a squad you kind of give that up.
What does Cory Joseph do well? Raptors could have kept Lou Williams for less money than he got, but instead scapegoated him to the media
Lou Williams' 137 Pts are the most off the bench in 4-game span by any player since starts were 1st recorded in 1970-71.…
face it... Even before the injuries it was always the LOU Angeles Lakers... They'd have maybe 2wins without Lou Williams
HIGHLIGHTS: Lou Williams filled up the stat sheet again tonight with 38 points, 7 assists, and 6 rebounds
Lou Williams has 38 points. trail 103-97 with 2:40 to play in the 4Q.
LMAO with or without the injuries this team was always garbage without Lou Williams.
HIGHLIGHTS: Lou Williams scores a season-high 40 points for the Lakers but they fall just short in a hard fought game against M…
A red-hot Lou Williams drops the Lakers' first 40-point game of the season, but Memphis pulls this one out.
Lou Williams stays hot as he buries a corner three and beats the shot clock (📺: & https:/…
It's getting toasty in here, as Lou Williams sinks a corner triple to give himself 15 points in 10 minutes. 🔥🔥🔥
you guys had a list for Lou Williams when he was here.. might as well start for
Lou Williams is currently in ESPN's real plus minus stat. Last season Brandon Bass finished the year as the highest…
Lou Williams has 137 points in fourth quarters this season, third in the NBA behind only Russell Westbrook and Damian Lillar…
Yo Nick Young straight up stole Lou Williams' pass and hit a fade-a-way FTW -- definition of SWAG
Nick Young hits the game-winning shot after stealing a pass intended for Lou Williams 😂
Nick Young on hitting the game-winner after taking the pass meant for Lou Williams: "They should have given me a steal."
Larry Nance Jr. scores a career-high 18 points to pair with Lou Williams' 25, but Chicago takes this one.
Lou Williams heats up in a hurry, leading the Lakers with 19 points in 13 minutes of first-half action.
Maybe one day I'll have the juice like Lou Williams..
Lou Williams hits from half court to beat the first quarter buzzer. . (📺: /
Lou Williams the best SG in our franchise history since Nick Van Exel.
Laker Nation: Jordan Clarkson & Lou Williams with the way they are playing will give Jamal Crawford a run for 6th Man Of…
Nick Young and Lou Williams are making a combined 12 million this year. Luol Deng is making 18 million.
Lou Williams said Luke Walton has a way of making the players feel like they’re his teammates, and want to “run through…
lakers have D'Angelo, Nick Young, Lou Williams, Deng, Ingram, clarkson who can all bring instant offense
Hol up we'll trade mozgov and Lou Williams or Nick Young and a 1st rounder
NBA Updates NBA Capsules - LOS ANGELES (AP) — Lou Williams scored 10 of his 20 points in the fourth quarter, an...
Lou Williams and Larry Nance Jr., uninterested in risking ghost encounters, stayed elsewhere.
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Lou Williams can GO!. Nick Young can GO!. Jordan Clarkson has to play better team ball
Deng and Lou Williams at times. The second-unit was impressive and maybe Luke should have used them in the fourth-quarter.
Imma keep scaring Lou Williams at horror nights
Lou Williams would be a GREAT
Lou Williams is available*. . *Has a PG body. That qualifies him as a PG, right?
Would you swap him for Lou Williams w/ the intent of playing Lou as a back up PG? No, right?
Good read: To Lou Williams with, love-- a member tribute.
"Many people forget that Jazz, no matter what form it takes, must come from the heart as well as the mind." - Mary Lou Williams
Golf consulting guru, Bruce Williams, speaking to Helena customers at Walpole Country Club today. Very educational!
whose a better own ish Smith or Lou Williams? Thx
Do the Lakers really need Lou Williams and Nick Young? They both play the same type of game. Duplicate players.
Eboni Williams love ur honesty on the show tonight. Lou get E on more.
to be fair he stated Lou Williams in most the games so thats on him.
No he's too much of a ball hog, with guys like Nick Young and Lou Williams on the roster that would be terrible
Hawks knew this dealing with Lou Williams...
Lou Williams is maybe my least favorite player in the league
Oh, you are not talking about the Dem operative, Juan Williams, are you Lou?
Lou Williams nails a three in Dwyane Wade's eye to take the lead late in Game 4 of the 2011 East Playoffs 1st round. h…
The Lakers Nation Podcast is back with another episode, this time we talk about Brandon Ingram's potential, Lou Williams' trade value, and …
clarkson should come off the bench .Lou williams starter!
Lou Williams dishes down low to Nance Jr. for the slam
anything but Jim Buss, how the team is more confident without Kobe, Lou Williams not being best SG
Rumors: Lakers to send Nick Young and Lou Williams to Charlotte Hornets? .
Lakers News: Nick Young and Lou Williams sent to Charlotte Hornets for Jeremy Lamb and ...
He's gotta get Lou Williams out of the starting lineup. Reminiscence of Byron Scott in that it makes zero sense.
Kooin' wit my *** Lou Williams from the Los Angeles Lakers
Trade Nick Young/Lou Williams for Gary Harris/1st round pick and just sign Xavier Henry for 3rd string SG. Anthony Brown can get mins too
Calderon is fine but I don't know how much they'll play him. Lots of mins for Russell/Ingram/Clarkson/Lou Williams.
Trade Idea: Lakers trade Nick Young and Lou Williams to The Milwaukee Bucks for Center Greg Monroe.
Lakers Trade Rumors: Greg Monroe to LA for Nick Young, Lou Williams in latest trade scenario
Congratulations on fine free agency period with Timofey Mozgov, Luol Deng and Lou Williams. Big impact players.
I wish i had juice enough to run the game like Lou Williams. Let me find you a best friend for when I'm working and love both of yall.
Russell,Jc, KD, Julius, whiteside bench: Brandon Ingram, Lou Williams, Larry nance if they gel together we would beat them
Really just seen Lou Williams at Sugar house lol. He was dropping hella bread like it was nothing
so much money and everyone wants to go, that's why y'all signed Lou Williams, Roy Hibbert, and Brandon Bass lol
The Lakers and Nets also pulled off a deal that sent Jarrett Jack and RHJ to the Lakers in exchange for Lou Williams.
I bet the Raptors regret letting Lou Williams and Amir Johnson go now
Laker fans think they're going to get everyone every summer but they end up with trash like Lou Williams, Roy Hibbert, and Brandon Bass.
most need to go.sign Lou Williams, Dwight Powell Durant trade for Boogie
Lou Williams may have been Sixth Man last year but having Cory Joseph off the bench ...🙌🏼👌🏼
Lou Williams and 32nd pick for Joel Embiid lol
Laker fans crying about not signing Isaiah Thomas like he was leading us to a playoff spot in the West. He would be another Lou Williams.
Cory Joseph is such a HUGE upgrade over Lou Williams and Greivis Vasquez.
What's going on between Lou Williams and LeSean McCoy? 👀😂
I feel as though a lot of people are going to be bummed if Jamal Crawford wins 6th Man. . The spirit of Lou Williams' victory lives on.
I'm pretty surprised Jamal Crawford or Lou Williams doesn't have this record.
Lou Williams and Jamal Crawford beating Iguodala for this in back-to-back years would definitely be odd.
How will Lou Williams fit on the court with max contract Dennis Schroeder?
Would anybody REALLY trade this 76ers team and all of their assets for Lou Williams, Willie Green, Thad Young, Elton Brand, and Jason Smith?
Lou Williams and Bass should be playing instead of Huertas and Kelly
Colangelo would have kept Carter-Williams. Colangelo would have drafted Doug McDermott. Colangelo would have signed Lou Williams.
Scott was trying to win at the beginning and sorry but Lou Williams and Brandon Bass were giving you better chances to win
Lou Williams is close to Meek Mill and Nicki's camp! FYI! Could be something there 😬
Lou Williams passed to 7 different teammates last game, none of which were D'Angelo Russell. (via
My blocked count is up to 4: Lou Williams, James Worthy, Yasmani Grandal and Dan Slott.
Elton Brand with the And-1. Doug Collins celebrates on the bench as Lou Williams picks up the tech for flipping off Royal Ivey
Lou Williams went off in the 4th quarter against the Suns but the Lakers ultimately couldn't pull off the win.
Ronnie Price and Lou Williams getting injured is the only reason Byron gets credited for Clarkson/Russell developing lol
That's another 3-pointer and 30 total points for Lou Williams!. He's got the deficit down to one with 1:20 left!
Brandon Knight answered a 3 from Lou Williams that cut the lead to 1 … Brandon Bass answered that w/a 2-point J. 87-85 …
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Only to send Russell and Randle back to LA for Lou Williams and Larry Nance.
Wrong about the Lakers last night. Soon as Lou Williams came back D'Angelo got his minutes cut and went in a slump. Fun season!
Rare game where D'Angelo actually got more minutes than Lou Williams and Marcelo. Well, barely.
D'angelo is learning from the Lou Williams school of drawing fouls.
Lou Williams enters the game for D'Angelo Russell.
I feel you. That's like D'Angelo with his minutes being lowered whenever Lou Williams plays. I hate that ref baiting bum
Yo, D'Angelo, how much has Lou Williams crippled your development?
So with Lou Williams returning, D'Angelo Russell's minutes dropped to just 21, and Huertas got 25 minutes?! Stupid..
Lou Williams bru. He back and suddenly d'angelo Russell minutes and games drop smh, Byron give way to many minutes to Lou
who was entertained watching Lou Williams and Marcelo Huertas? 21 min for D'angelo... Lol
better headline would be Lou Williams returns to take d'angelo Russell's minutes.
Byron Scott has Lou Williams and Huertas playing over D'Angelo and Clarkson in crunch time. Way to develop those young guys!
Whaaat? Lakers were down 16. Now they're up 5 with 3:16 to play. Lou Williams, Brandon Bass, Huertas leading the comeba…
D'Angelo Russell when he heard that Lou Williams is coming back into the lineup
D'Angelo Russell is playing too well, so Lou Williams checks in for him.
Lou Williams coming back tomorrow means goodbye to D'Angelo Russell's hot streak
Mike Scott has improved because of Lou Williams (shooting) and Coach Darvin Ham(grit)
Lou Williams out at least a week with strained left hamstring - L.A. Times
If Schroeder can get a max contract off of playing 20 minutes a game he should be in the Hall of Fame right next to Lou Williams
Lou Williams will present at the 12th ADAO Awareness & Prevention Conference
Kobe jacked up double the amount of shots than the next player and Lou Williams played more minutes than Russell. Fire Byron Scott.
Lou Williams with chuck...don't know how he did that. Lakers only down 7 with a free throw coming.
I think the should trade JR Smith and James Jones for Jeff Teague. Or for Gordon Heyward, or for Lou Williams. JR Smith not good mojo.
The Lakers like Lou Williams and his contract, same with Bass - Hibbert market very soft, team focused on preserving cap sp…
great. Lou Williams and Brandon Bass can just keep stealing minutes from the kids
Lou Williams is a Laker. Nick Young is a Laker. Brandon Bass is a Laker. Roy Hibbert is a Laker. Nothing has changed.
Like to see the lakers try to get Okafor. Maybe give up Lou Williams and Brandon Bass.
he could get draft picks outta Lou Williams and hibbert and maybe even Nick Young
Brandon Bass + Lou Williams along with Huertas fills some holes Detroit has, not saying I care all that much, just saying.
No... Y'all can have Julius Randle, Nick Young, Roy Hibbert and Lou Williams if you giving up Cousins doe
If want to trade anyone, it has to be the vets like Roy Hibbert, Nick Young, Brandon Bass, and Lou Williams
he fired D'Antoni, Hired Scott, gave Kobe that contract, gave Lou Williams that contract when he had guards to develop.
id be happy with Lou Williams or Ty Lawson by the end of the Nba Trade deadline
Scott is an *** tho lol he starts the 3rd worst defender in the league in Lou Williams what does he know?
KD,Ty Lawson,Lou Williams,Jamont Gordon,Eric Devendorf & Mike Mercer...all in the same HS game
Jordan Clarkson and Lou Williams are both 7 for 13, Clarkson’s latest hit giving him 19 points with 7 assists and 6 boa…
Lou Williams doing what he can to make an impact this game!
Lou Williams looks like a black Matthew Mcconaughey
You get one player to go on a flame shooting hot streak: JR Smith, Lou Williams, Jamal Crawford or Nick Young...who you got?
how long until the bulls trade for Hibbert and Nick Young / Lou Williams?
Just played: Scratchin' in the Gravel - Marian McPartland; Mary Lou Williams; Williams
It has been confirmed to me that man live Lou Williams life style inna real life but odda man out here forever alone - life unfair
I like Lou Williams; but he should be our 6th man; like Lamar Odom used to be. Russell needs to start & learn.
In answer to question "Which Eastern Conference finals contender should make a deal at the deadline?" Lou Williams? https:…
A team of Joe Johnson, Jamal Crawford, Lance Stephenson, Lou Williams, and Nick Young would be hilarious.
Do I do Lou Williams for Elfrid Payton? I have Lou, need steals, assists.
Lou Williams realizes Kobe Bryant is the boss...
Passions are common to all mankind. Lessing
Passions are common to all mankind. Lessing Nice WE!
Lakers are looking to move and have made Nick Young, Lou Williams and Roy Hibbert available in trade talks!
Approaching Lou Williams might be best by imagining next year's lineup. If you squire someone > JC, can JC play w/ Lou?
as of right now Lou Williams is better than Oubre lol
Lou Williams broke up with one of his girlfriends apparently
I thought it was Lou bad
Thought so. Keep up the good work, Lou Gossett, Jr
Lou Williams really hurt us in the Fanduel main lineup. Other than that it did really good!💰💰
Son who can we trade Lou Williams to at the deadline? Who needs him?
This might come as a shock to you...but Lou Williams just drew a shooting foul
I dont understand Lou Williams had 5 turnovers, Clarkson 4, Russell only had 2. Why bench him at the end of the 4th
Just re-wound to watch the game's final play. Why was Lou Williams on the floor?
Lou Williams has 5 TOs and plays no defense. Things Byron says are important but he gets to close out the game. ***
As I said before it doesn't matter how well DAR plays he will still get benched for Lou no matter how bad Williams has played
I still don't like Byron Scott or lou Williams
Did he really take deangelo Russell out for Lou Williams?? I hope we lose
Byron Scott is really doing Russell wrong. Lou Williams should have stayed on the bench.
Lou Williams has been bad. But he's closing. Yep.
I really hope Lakers get rid of Lou Williams soon
Like I'm Lou Will...Williams to Bass for the JAM on
There should be no reason why Lou Williams is playing rn
Not liking Lou Williams coming in for DLO here.
It takes more than 1 and less than 3 in a relationship unless you Lou Williams
Difference between this year & last is Lou Williams could shoot 3s and Cory Joseph can't
Laker's gotta trade Lou Williams, Hibbert etc if they wanna keep their pick and draft Simmons. Russel, Simmons and Randle? Down
Lakers got: Brandon Bass, Roy Hibbert, Lou Williams, Metta World Peace all available for trade.interesting
Lou Williams needed a shower after this dirty move by CJ McCollum 👀 👀.
Somebody hit Lou Williams' B button on accident.
how about a trade of Lou Williams for a pic? Thunder can use a 6 man like that
Full version of Vince Carter blowing past Lou Williams and slamming
Anthony Brown is making threes, Julius Randle is making weird runners, and Lou Williams thinks he's Steph Curry. Lakers trail by 30
but credit to Mitch for getting four good players in the draft and signing Lou Williams
Larry Nance, Jr. putback off Lou Williams' miss brings the Lakers back within 2, 3:45 to go.
A rare moment of on-court entertainment: Lou Williams throws a lob to Larry Nance Jr.
Lou Williams and lobs it up to Larry Nance Jr. for the alley-oop slam.
Mitch has to trade Lou, and force Byron to play Russell. I hate Lou Williams.
Lou Williams off the glass one more time! It's a 94-91 Lakers lead with 18.5 seconds to go!
Dropping 44 last game wasn't enough for Lou Williams, who sinks the first basket of this one.
Lou Williams went off for 44 pts last nite and I kept him on my fantasy bench for Ricky Rubio
Lou Williams' 44 points are the most by a Laker not named Kobe Bryant since Shaquille O'Neal in March 2003.
99% of Lakers fans don't know who Lou Williams is.
A sweet night for Lou Williams, but it goes sour for Lakers at end in loss to Thunder
Lou Williams literally took over the 4th quarter for LA fun to watch
Lou Williams rode a career-high 44 Pts to the top of the leaderboard. Who else got buckets?
Lou Williams is shooting like he knows Kobe is about to come in the game and take all the shots from him
Make sure to get the truth about Benghazi -go watch 13 hours, co-written by the survivors themselves Lou Williams
Lou Williams decided it was a good night to drop a career-high 44 points.
Lou Williams is a keeper. Mitch, whatever you do, keep that one in purple and gold.
The last play drawn for, but Lou Williams had 44.
Kobe was fouled in the last play, but after Lou Williams was on fire the entire 4th, why not draw up the play for him to take the last shot?
Lou Williams posts career-high 44 Pts tonight, the most by a Laker NOT named Kobe since Shaq put up 48 in 2003.
Lou Williams erupts for a career-high 44 points, including 23 in the fourth quarter alone.
Lou Williams put up a career-high 44 Pts in a loss to the Thunder.
Thunder with the win, and Lou Williams with a career high in points
Lou Williams got 40+ points and Kobe takes the final shot 😕😕. Just selfish man.
Lou Williams with a career high and they go to Kobe lol
After Clarkson’s steal … you’re not going to be surprised … Lou Williams drew a foul taking a 3. He’s 15 for 15 at the …
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There's only one word to describe Lou Williams: LOL.
Lou Williams cant miss on or off the court .
Lou Williams is the first Laker to score 40 since Kobe had 44 in Nov. of 2014 vs GSW. Lou’s at 41 after hitting 3 FT’s …
Lou Williams' ability to draw fouls >
Leave Kobe on the bench if you want to win Lakers - let Lou Williams keep scoring
Lou Williams has 38 points. Kinda think he wants Kevin Durant to be his teammate next season.
I'm enjoying the Lou Williams show right now.
6 Man strikes again!. Lou Williams now has the seventh 30-point game of his career.
Sam Presti is probably walking to Mitch's suite to trade for Lou Williams right now
6️⃣ Man for 3️⃣. Lou Williams now has tied his career-high with 36 points, as the Lakers lead 102-101.
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