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Lou Reed

Lewis Allan Lou Reed (March 2, 1942 – October 27, 2013) was an American rock musician and songwriter.

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Jon Bon Jovi and Lou Reed were born the same day. Today.
Lou Reed would have turned 75 today. Here's a look back at 20 essential tracks from his catalogue
“One chord is fine. Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz.” Lou Reed
You're going to sit down and start listening to grown up music. Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Lou Reed are your friends
Had to change the music as my daughter disapproved of Lou Reed's singing voice; surely she can't complain about Harry Nilsson?
Sure, wait until Lou Reed and Sterling Morrison are dead and Moe Tucker is a tea party lunatic
we have Primal Scream too though!! Although you do have Lou Reed... And Iggy... and Patti.. so maybe you win
Hey, y'all! So far, we've enjoyed albums by Nick Drake, Lee Fields, Lou Reed, & Donny McCaslin. We're now spinning New Order!
been to so many great concerts at the Waterfront Hall, but I think Lou Reed was the best
Happy days when my baby makes me this Lou Reed painting for Christmas -
Lou Reed portrait by at 86th Street Station of new 2nd Ave subway.
the Berlin period when Jan took smack with Lou Reed is fascinating . Only person to put weight on , on the brown
Lou Reed back on South Broad Street nearly 50 years to the day after the Velvet Underground
Google Earth-ed pictures of Ames, Iowa for 20 minutes while listening to sad Lou Reed songs.
Lou Reed, *** Jagger, and David Bowie sharing a joke at Cafe Royal, 1973
Listening to the on NYC Man by Lou Reed started playing when Kevin Costner was talking about Bull Durham. Goosebumps.
Musical mavericks front and centre - Frank Zappa from 1984 and Lou Reed from 1992:
Too bad Lou Reed is no longer with us. Him performing "Metal MacHine Music" in its entirety at Donald Trump's inauguration would be spot on.
It's Lou Reed's Metal MacHine Music, except it gets 15% faster every time he says "quiche".
+ And then he turns the meter on & the CD off, & delivers a quick lecture about Lou Reed's Metal MacHine Music & Tangerine Dream. +
If 2016 is an album it's Metal MacHine Music by Lou Reed: an unlistenable farrago of noise which never seems to end and makes you feel sick
Metal MacHine Music PT1 by Lou Reed makes me feel like I'm dying in the worst way possible
Listened to the whole of Metal MacHine Music by Lou Reed while writing my annual Academic Activity Report. It made it much less painful.
He's probably the kinda guy who listens to Lou Reed - Metal MacHine Music unironically
I've decided David Bowie, Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen are all still alive. It's all a state of mind. Also, Hillary Clinton…
Lou Reed , Allen Ginsberg, Abbie Hoffman, Phil Ochs , Eugene Debs, Rexroth , Jim Carroll, Joe Strummer , they never gave up nor will I
When I was about 10 my parents took me to a Leanord Cohen tribute show with Nick Cave, Lou Reed, Anthony and the Johnsons, Teddy Thompson.
I learned loudness from working with Lou Reed.
Another set of Dead Rock Stars in a moment on .Prince, Surfer Blood, Joe Strummer and Lou Reed next. Top of every hour today!
Lou Reed yes but Richard Thompson, Bob Dylan, Jesse Winchester, Michael Hurley, Robert Johnson...and the list goes on...
Roy Lichtenstein was born today. And Sylvia Plath. Walter Berry & Lou Reed died.
Jon Mills and Lou Reed,those off the top of my head Mike,how many are there ?
David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Lou Reed and New York Dolls are at the top of my list!
New York musician keeps the spirit of Levon Helm & Lou Reed alive:
Listening to Lou Reed's Mistrial and then New York whilst reading Bruce Springsteen's book. Mixed up but it's working.
"I met Lou Reed and Patti Smith, it didn't make me feel different. I guess I lost all my innocence all too long ago." [harmonica bleat]
Come on USA; do it for Joe Hill, for Saccho & Vanzetti, for Bukowski, Lou Reed, Sylvia Plath, Dinosaur Jr, Hubert Selby Jr & Lenny Bruce
George Harrison and Lou Reed love their doxies
Sally Can't Dance by Lou Reed,,,she never could ,lol ♫
Vol. 4. Lou Reed's dance after three minutes is the high watermark of 20th Century popular culture.
A track from a seminal debut album, released in 1967. Lou Reed wrote the song in 1964 while employed as a record company…
Listening through Lou Reed's "Sally Can't Dance" album while chatting, first time in years. Not his best, but we're not going to get anymore
Tangled, starring Kate Bosworth and Chuck Norris. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, music by Lou Reed. Budget: $5m
Lou Reed's absolute butchering of the name Edinburgh in the song Modern Dance just makes me love him even more
Lou Reed with Patti Smith, John Cale and David Byrne at the Lower Manhattan Ocean Club (1976). Photo: Bob Gruen
"Legend" is dedicated to all those I've loved, esp. Maria, Naomi, Rachel, Bel, Lisa, Melanie, and of course, Sarah, Angie and Lou Reed. xXx
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sadsongz:. Andy Warhol, Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground, c.1980. Color silkscreen with diamond dust.
Madonna on the panel of a 1984 NY New Music Seminar panel with Lou Reed, James Brown, George Clinton and others
My favorite headline is "Jagger, Lou Reed at Club Opening", a little in-joke about Ziggy's farewell party at the Café Royal
Dirty Blvd. by Lou Reed. Did you know the backstory to Pedro's 'Wilshire Hotel'? ^AH
Been listening to hella Tommy Bolin, Lou Reed and the Velvett Underground for the past week. You don't know these people you're missing out
For those who still view Lou Reed primarily as Rock's Transgressor-in-Chief, it would be easy to pooh-pooh...
Watch tribute performances to Lou Reed from New York concert
Celebrate Lou’s work and legacy tomorrow at "The Bells: A Daylong Celebration of Lou Reed.”
“A Dream” by Lou Reed & John Cale, from the album Songs For Drella
I added a video to a playlist Lou Reed - Sword Of Damocles (HQ)
Could be Lou Reed...look at Chris's avi. Dunno.
there are like 5 different songs, from people like John Mellencamp and Lou Reed, that I constantly mistake for Tom Petty.
Nico:. -angelic voice . -accent!!!. -dated Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Lou Reed and John Cale (can i be you pls). -queen
When I was a kid, my first favorite song was probably Lou Reed's 'Walk on the Wild Side.'
Very jealous Albo. Saw them last tour at Rod Laver Arena. Best show I ever saw, and that includes Bowie and Lou Reed.
Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Ray Davies, Leonard Cohen. Who else do you add to my list of the greatest songwriters of last 50
A visit from the ghost of Lou Reed in a dream, telling them they've got it all wrong
Rob Wasserman, bassist for Lou Reed, Neil Young, Brian Wilson and more, has died. He was 64
Acclaimed rock bass player Rob Wasserman dies: He worked with the likes of Bob Weir, Lou Reed, Neil Young and Brian Wilson.
Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson’s Three Rules for Living Well: A Short and Succinct Life Phil…
I have the Lou Reed song perfect day going thru my head right now. @ Schiller Park, Illinois
SATURDAY, JULY 16 9PM | Okkervil River | Lou Reed, named Okkervil River one of his favorite contemporary bands
It's not a perfect movie by any stretch. But great character designs, amazing songs from Lou Reed, Deborah Harry, Cheap Trick
satellite of love by Lou Reed is just one of those songs that u can always jam 2
Ezra: "There's some important way I relate to Lou Reed as a closeted *** .. He formed his identity in a reactionary way"
"The 1st punk magazine that we saw in exhibit they interviewed Lou Reed & he was a *** .. may have invented punk attitude"
Q: Was Lou Reed a punk? Ezra's A: At SXSW he said 'I love punk rock & I was the 1st' but I was surprised to hear him use this label
I get sad when I remember that Lou Reed is dead, but then I think of all the leather jackets they made out of him.
I always said if I got married I would have perfect day by Lou Reed as my first dance but then I found out it's about overdosing on smack :)
Check this out. Luba Mason and Mariachi Flor de Toloache do a wonderful rendition of Rubén Blades and Lou Reed's...
That and Lou Reed was a huge *** from New York - not the kind of guy I'd want to have a drink with
just driving home from work - how about Lou Reed Perfect Day with all that reaping and sewing?
Anybody got a pic of Lou Reed riding his Schwinn geeking out on crank looking for the 8 guys he hired to provide his addict *** with smack?
Had to get new book, "How to talk to Stephen King, Lou Reed & other people at parties".
Playing @ 10 tonight on Gil-Scott Heron, Vampire Weekend, Zeppelin, Pixies, Rolling Stones, Lou Reed + more, on
2 songs from my demo EP "2Meaningful4U" are up on soundcloud! Have a listen to my covers of Lou Reed and Nirvana
well, my boyfriend's in a band...he plays guitar while I sing Lou Reed
Airing this eve on Lou Reed, Beck, The National, Hendrix, Mingus, The Cure, The Police + more, @ 10 on
📷 johncale: Lou Reed, Nico, and John Cale at Le Bataclan (Paris) in 1972.
Street Hassle may be my favorite Rock song of all time. 12 minutes of beauty. Lou Reed the most underrated.
Street Hassle by Lou Reed might be one of my favorite albums of all time. Top to bottom, incredible, not a single bad song.
Lou Reed - Street Hassle (complete music video) eat / kiss / sleep / dream. shalalala la, man. why dont you slip away?
"Let's get back to some serious suicide on vinyl." Lydia Lunch on Lou Reed's Berlin:
Last Great American Whale by Lou Reed is in George & Dragon Inn, Chichester.
Lou Reed. Velvet Underground, solo stuff (Transformer,New York) better than Ozzie's work. Matter of opinion/taste I know
Update your maps at Navteq
A Todd Haynes biopic about Bowie, Chrissy Hynde, Jagger, Patti Smith, Lou Reed, Prince, and Aimee Mann, all played by Tilda Swinton
Sufjan Stevens, Mac Demarco, and Alex G are the modern day Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and Lou Reed.
An outtake from David Bowie's 1997 interview for the American Masters film "Lou Reed: Rock And Roll Heart"
My life is now richer for the addition of Jonathan Richman - the missing link between Lou Reed and Jens Lekman
In case you have not seen this yet... I was lucky to get to compose the music for it. It was narrated by Lou Reed...
"I don't like nostalgia unless it's mine." - Lou Reed
Interviewer: Are you a transvestite or a homosexual? . Lou Reed: Sometimes
I liked all those jokes about the Electric Mayhem smoking dope. Who wrote that thing, Lou Reed? Shameful.
This is pretty good. " Bruce Hornsby in a hot live take of Bob Dylan's The Mighty Quinn with B.B. King & Lou Reed."
I miss Lou Reed. No one else like him. He and Laurie shared a great love. Here's a pic you'll like.
Laurie Anderson reveals three life rules she constructed w/Lou Reed
At HEART OF A DOG Q&A last night Laurie Anderson gave her & Lou Reed's three life rules...
Laurie Anderson reveals the three life rules she constructed with Lou Reed
Lou Reed, Mos Def, De La Soul, Bobby Womack, Snoop Dogg(!) - Plastic Beach by Gorillaz is a magnificent case study in music collaboration.
Ok we may need to go to Lou Reed. If it goes to Neil Young, someone should call for help.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
No song reminds me more of Bulmershe College Students' Bar than Perfect Day by Lou Reed
Celebrating Francis Crick to the tune of Lou Reed's Satellite of Love
Andy Warhol and Lou Reed are the ultimate bromance
“The city is a funny place / something like a circus or a sewer…” “Coney Island Baby” Lou Reed
David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and Marc Bolan by sedgewina (tumblr)
Somewhere out in the vast cosmos Lou Reed and David Bowie are making the most magnificent music of the spheres.
Lou Reed *** Jagger and David Bowie hanging out together at Caf Royale 1973 101
David Bowie's not dead he's just on Mars having a slumber party with Lou Reed and Marc Bolan
cool. warning though: I sing Wild Horses in the style of Lou Reed. Trying to learn St. James Infirmary though.
only restaurant I've ever heard Coney Island Baby by Lou Reed. Boss sounds
The only true debate is whether you choose Lou Reed or Iggy Pop
"When you're all alone and lonely. In your midnight hour". Lou Reed - Coney Island Baby (HQ) via
Coney Island Baby by Lou Reed now playing on
I'm not signing because you left out John Lennon, George Harrison, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and Lou Reed. Get a better deal!
I'll bet Merle, Prince, Sonny Bono, Bowie, Weiland, that dude from the Eagles, Fogerty, Lou Reed, and Kurt are jamming right now in Heaven.
now playing Satellite Of Love of Lou Reed of 500 + Kiss FM 102,1 ...Rock 1972 -=(kuesty mp3)=-
Prince and Michael. Lou Reed and David Bowie. all the pioneers are dying.
I'm getting Bjorn Berg with just a whiff of Jimmy Connors' headband. Lou Reed forward palate and some Hendrix.
Lou Reed is an *** for dying before he could record a cover of Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young"
Well. I was listening to a lot of Lou Reed and next thing you know, Charles Manson was my Jesus.
Lou Reed - Sweet Jane from Rock n Roll Animal Greatest intro ever? Maybe so.
According to Christgau, Parquet Courts are making Lou Reed proud
As for NY and NJ related artists, I love Springsteen and Billy Joel, Lou Reed.
Lou Reed entered the Rock Hall a year ago. Read the breathtaking induction speech by his partner Laurie Anderson:
“If it has more than three chords, it’s jazz.” Lou Reed pictured with John Zorn
Apart from Lou Reed, did any singer have more NYC spirit/edge/grit/beauty/passion than the great Laura Nyro?
ah yes Lou Reed king of the hidden drug reference
Lou Reed day at on July 30. Seems cool, unless your taste in music is dumb, then you shouldn’t go 😇
New York's Lincoln Center plans full day of Lou Reed
7 years ago saw in Amazing year also saw Lou Reed, Jonathan Richman and
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Lou Reed on his way to John Cale and Betsey Johnson's Wedding, 1968.
God *** wha happen to my lovely Jackie Mittoo weather?! Look at it out there. *Puts on Lou Reed's Berlin*
Cody uses Lou Reed to explain the transform mechanic
I liked a video from Pete Townshend & Lou Reed : Pale Blue Eyes
Your dark sunglasses won't make you Lou Reed / Your dark sunglasses just make it hard to see. Fab stuff Bill Baird
no one listens to Tom Verlaine solo albums or late Lou Reed, so I couldn't give a *** about popular taste in any circle
If I was to meet Lou Reed or Bob Dylan, I would be totally helpless. Writer...
I'm a few weeks behind on VINYL. Has Richie smoked angel dust with Lou Reed during the recording of BERLIN yet?
He IS. He also has a permanent association with Lou Reed & Stephen Crane in my head and that ain't right!
David Bowie impersonates Springsteen, Lou Reed, Neil Young and more on lost recording:
David Bowie, Lou Reed, and Dan Hicks. Did they practice late-stage abstinence or what-the *** Asking for a friend.
pretty crazy that lou reed wrote "pale blue eyes" about me over 20 years before I was born
Lou Reed would have turned 74 today. Singer and guitarist of The Velvet Underground..
"Don't believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. ... you can't always trust your mother." Lou Reed.
Who chose Lou Reed and Joey Ramone for 2 finales? SO PERFECT.
Remembering Lou Reed through his relationship with Lester Bangs via
the Lou Reed montage music.had me tearing up.
Lou Reed - Perfect Day . This is a song I'd like hearing when I die
Thanks for ending with cool Lou Reed
Perfect Day by Lou Reed...yes! Was played at our wedding reception. Great pick to end it.
did yi see the boy who was meant to be Lou Reed? I was pishin myself
Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side Walk on the Wild Side Lou Reed
From the social activism to the stories she has abt zeppelin shows, Lou Reed and Alvin Lee... It's wild stuff.
In Memoriam - Happy Birthday to musician/singer/songwriter Lou Reed, started with Velvet Underground b4 going solo
Dr Seuss, Karen Carpenter & Desi Arnaz have birthdays today, March 2nd. Kurt Weill & Lou Reed do too.
"It's such a perfect day" ... Born on this day in 1943.. Lou Reed
Mobb Deep, Jonny Cash, Crystal Castles, Lou Reed, Placebo to Roots Manuva. My phone shuffle is on point today 👏🏻
so back in the 60s my uncle Tony was in a band with Lou Reed & John Cale.
Ok, I may finally have come to grips with the loss of Lou Reed & James Gandolfini.
.on time travel, Lou Reed and The West Coast Avengers in our latest Milq Q+A.
Brian Eno has announced his first album since 2012, which will include a song penned by the late Lou Reed:
I was in a restaurant in Tribeca back in the day when Lou Reed walked in. It was like someone lit off a giant *** bomb. I LOLed.
Violent Femmes frontman on classic silent film, Lou Reed, the best enchilada in Denver, Playground Ensemble & more!
What a day that was. Remember walking out to Lou Reed's Perfect Day, and chatting to Chris Kiwomya in some club...
A concert for dogs, tabla at the Pavilion, Lou Reed's feedback, every one of Shakespeare's deaths. must be here.
Lou Reed guitar feedback to premiere
Spotify once told me "Based on your tastes you'd like this album" and it was Lou Reed's Metal MacHine Music
Lou Reed's Metal MacHine Music and the world of noise:
Lou Reed and Little Willie John on my discovery playlist? You are forgiven for the last 2 weeks spotify, big hug
mines is going to be Lou Reed with a touch of James Bond
Lou Reed's Metal MacHine Music is on Apple Music, good to know if I'm ever again facing horrible back/neck pain. cc:
I'm that guy who posts a link to Lou Reed's Metal MacHine Music whenever a friend on fb asks for a music recommendation.
Gospel-infused soul favored by *** Jagger, Mahalia Jackson, Bono, and Lou Reed
goes through her "noise-album" phase and lays vocals down over Lou Reed's Metal MacHine Music?
Today's lecture was performed as a live tribute to Lou Reed's Metal MacHine Music.
wait, does Pet Sounds sound like Lou Reed's Metal MacHine Music?
Dawn & I love Bowie. 'It's all Bowies fault!' Ain't it? Lou Reed=legend. George 4eva
Lou Reed in the Velvet Underground, with Vox Amp and Vox Phan…
Two lives of Lou Reed: Notes from the Velvet Underground by Howard Sounes and Dirty Blvd by Aidan Levy review
This week at Detox Mansion it's blues from Kirk Fletcher, a look at The Velvet Underground and Lou Reed, NZ’s...
Tell him he'll end up like Lars Ulrich. Old, bitter, out of touch and doing terrible albums with Lou Reed. Also deaf.
Famous singers who wouldn't have made it on American Idol:. Neil Young. Bruce Springsteen. Bon Scott/Brian Johnson. Bob Dylan. Lou Reed
Lou Reed - Debut- 1st solo LP with Steve Howe on guitar at Vinyl Music Madness-
Jessica Lange, Christina Ricci, AND Lou Reed in a move together. This never ceases to amaze me.
Got the Macaulay Culkin tee now all I need this the Kate Moss and Lou Reed
Great cover of the Lou Reed classic by Richard Hawley - I'm Waiting For The Man via
Hear David Bowie do spot-on impressions of Springsteen, Lou Reed and more via
Listen to David Bowie impersonating Bruce Springsteen, Lou Reed, Tom Waits and more:
Listen to David Bowie impersonate Bruce Springsteen, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, and more:
New audio: Bowie does awesome impressions of Springsteen, Iggy, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, etc.
Bowie impersonates Springsteen, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed in newly unearthed recording
Wonderful fun. David Bowie in the studio mimics Springsteen, Lou Reed, others, c. 1985.
Listen to David Bowie do impressions of Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Tom Waits, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, and others
Hear a newly discovered recording of David Bowie impersonating Lou Reed, and more https:/…
Bowie doing great imitations of Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, and Anthony Newley
he was doing a lot of copping in early singing: J. Brel, Scott Walker, Anthony Newley, Dylan's cracks, Lou Reed's flat affect
I was going to say Lou Reed or Elvis Costello so it works for me. Best supergroup ever.
RELATED: She may have lost Lou Reed, but Laurie Anderson holds fast to their 3 rules:
On this day (Jan 19) in 1976, Lou Reed's sixth solo album, Coney Island Baby, was released. . Read about it:...
If the new GILMORE GIRLS miniseries doesn't devote an entire episode to Lane memorializing David Bowie and Lou Reed, then why even do it?
Here is a gif I made of a Lou Reed song I really like "Coney Island Baby"
Antony Hegarty, Laurie Anderson, me, Little Jimmy Scott, Lou Reed, and David Bowie. A great, and moving night.
Not sen any mention of Lou Reed's 'Transformer' in all the David Bowie obituaries. One of the best albums ever made, and produced by Bowie
Even the new season of Gotham opens with Lou Reed's Perfect Day, produced of course by David Bowie and *** Ronson.
It super blows that David Bowie is gone. At least he is hanging out with my dad right now. Just hope Lou Reed isn't being a…
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Lou Reed's "Transformer". Iggy (Raw Power, the *** Lust 4 Life). "All the Young Dudes". That alone would be an amazing legacy.
I know God isn't real because I've never spent a day locked in a room with Harry Adam Driver and Lou Reed
At my age David Bowie He got hit in the face by Lou Reed after a dinner in Hammersmith. Took it like a champ.
Lou Reed solo is better than The Velvet Underground
RIP Walter de Maria.In 1965 he became the drummer in the rock band The Primitives w/ Lou Reed + John Cale precursing The…
ListenUp: Sonny Smith: Ayahuaska: . . Almost reminiscent of tracks from Lou Reed and J...
Now for some solo Lou Reed and laundry
Can't beat Lou Reed playing on the radio as you're driving back country roads in Tennessee.
keep thinking this jackhammer is a legit instrument in Lou Reed's "Goodnight Ladies," and it might as well have been
Why Do You Talk- Lou Reed [Why do you talk so much, why don't you shut up, you have nothing to say, you lack drama.]
From Lou Reed to a $14 cheeseburger, what happened to New York’s iconic CBGB?
11:09am Holiday I.D. by Lou Reed from 'Twas the Night Before Hanukkah: The Musical Battle Between Christmas and the Festival of Lights
Agreed.They had some amazing tunes. Lou Reed was something else.
Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed will forever be one of my favourite songs of all time
Lou Reed tribute is happening in NYC next year w/ Mirah, Sinkane & more
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I agree Lou Reed is really attractive to me
he's not bae, Lou reed or Johnny cash are bae tbh
Anderson told us she has been fascinated with death since a child, a more pertinent subject since the passing of her husband, Lou Reed 2/5
If you haven't listened to Lou Reed's Rock 'n' Roll Animal in a while, you should go listen and focus on Prakash John on bass.
I love him, this is SO good. He is such a dude
We all listen to the music we like, even if it's Lou Reed's feedback recordings.
"Lady Godiva's Operation" helps. Lou Reed's singing voice in that is so damned jarring, though I love that song.
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Lou Reed overuses the phrase "ding dong" in Sister Ray
Tuesday are for dressing nicely and reading a nice book next to the fire while listening to Lou Reed 🎼❤️. Ain't nobody got time for finals
Another great track from Lou Reed & John Cale's Songs For Drella, I've been playing this album loads! via
I've become completely well adjusted to being a cult figure.
Check out this holiday message from LIMHoF Inductee Lou Reed -
The 10 best box sets of 2015 includes The Velvet Underground, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. See who tops the list
coffin slides down the hall, spins, crashes through your door. the lid opens up, flames pour out. Lou Reed climbs out in sunglasses "sup"
I'm coupon cutting with Lou Reed on while I sit on the toilet with the door open. This is it.
Holly has been a part of my life since the first time I listened to Lou Reed, in Turkey, will be…
Holly Woodlawn, inspiration behind Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side, dies at 69
Too bad Lou Reed never made a Christmas album.
30 years ago, Jim Carroll joined Lou Reed on stage in Passaic, NJ to sing "People Who Died"
Lou Reed wrote the greatest rock ‘n roll song of all time and called it “Rock & Roll”. You could not get more on the nose if you tried.
Jim Carroll and Lou Reed doing Jim's best known song. They also used to do poetry tours together. A...
Lou Reed is a very strong possibility. I heard Telly Savalas was seen around the studio.
In Pret a Manger, I heard a cover of Pale Blue Eyes that was so bad Lou Reed's parents would have given its singer electric shock treatment.
Gimmee Sympathy is such a fantastic song. It just washes over you. Emily Haines truly is this generation's Lou Reed.
Hadn't heard of her until now! & I've been listening to more Lou Reed since watching his wife's doc
Didn't know it was inspired by a real person. Been thinking of Lou Reed since Heart of a Dog came out
Funny. I was just talking about this a few nights ago, regarding Lou Reed albums that should not have been. Keep …
I'd put Lou Reed on there. Doors. Jeff Buckley. Johnny Cash. all young country. Nirvana.
Movie pitch - Charlotte Gainsbourg as a young Patti Smith in Lou Reed biopic
Please enjoy some courtesy of your favorite franchise. Lou Reed- Coney Island Baby .
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Watched that sunset listening to Lou Reed - Coney Island Baby
I have listened to a Lou Reed album a day for twelve days straight (usually Coney Island Baby or Rock and Roll Heart)
JAMES WOLK, LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! Good answer, mine would be watching Bowie produce Lou Reed's Transformer album.
I'm on a huge Lou Reed kick lately. Coney Island Baby is such an awesome record.
All of that yeah, but think about this (Steve Hunter and Lou Reed)
Come on, no slacking please, David, I'm eagerly awaiting the Lou Reed character assassination to end them all
Lou Reed, *** Jagger and David Bowie at a party in 1973.
A Tribe Called Quest say Lou Reed got all the money from ‘Can I Kick It?’: The famous bass line on A Tribe Cal...
Lou Reed, Davy Jones, John Lennon, George Harrison, Elvis, Brian Jones, Johnny Cash, the list goes on and on and on
Lou Reed was an incredible artist, both solo and with TVU
Plenty of rock and roll since 2000, but none of it gets airplay. Lou Reed said it best: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, …
Neil Young & Friends - Tribute to Lou Reed at 2013 Bridge School Benefit... [via
Tramps like us, we were born to play. Lou Reed - Street Hassle (complete music video) via
I'm sitting in a hotel in Anchorage listening to "Caroline Says" by Lou Reed over and over. "It's so cold in Alaska." S…
everyone and also to Ian Curtis, Lou Reed and Michael Hutchence
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Coffee shop soundtrack just pulled a Bowie/Lou Reed double bill out its bag of muzak. Consider me kept on my toes!
70s!. Caravan, Jackie Lomax, Mac, Lou Reed, Man, Dylan etc...and so on ;). Opening Sat-Sun 7-8th Nov...
remember when we met Lou Reed? Do you still have snaps from Julian Schnabel opening (think I covered it for Paper)? Love/miss you
If you play Lou Reed's Metal MacHine Music in one channel and Hudson River Wind Melodies in the other, it sounds pretty goo…
Lou Reed, lover of Willamette Valley pinot noir
On Laurie Anderson's film, Heart of a Dog; used to see Lou Reed walk his beloved dog around the West Village.
Struggling with story about Lou Reed, hoping time with Laurie Anderson softened Mr. Reed's edges. But those songs.
Jill's done that more in other stuff She just says this is "about Lou Reed"
Antony Hegarty singing 'candy says' with Lou Reed for his final performance is beyond beautiful.
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean by Lou Reed from the album Martin Scorsese Presents the Blue
Dr. Strange's Mark Spitz 'stache: It's like these guys from Lou Reed's '74 concert with superpowers:
Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Marianne Faithfull and more performing the music of Kurt Weill
Father John Misty takes down Taylor Swift covers after Lou Reed appears in a dream and tells him to
This programme about Mrs Dalloway just had a break to play the chorus of Lou Reed's Perfect Day. I've never laughed so hard
you saw Avatar with Lou Reed? Wow... I saw Austin Powers 2 with Jeb Bush. Not as cool.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Sufjan Stevens' Chicago and Lou Reed's Perfect Day always feel like gloomy train songs to me.
Definitely on retro music kick: Joe Jackson, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Lou Reed dominate daily playlists. Hard to go wrong with the classics.
[Stones] Lou Reed on Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones From a 1987 interview with Joe Smith.
yes five years ago after watching Michael Clarke dancing to Bowie and Lou Reed
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Tuesday, with Harry, Mark, and John... ♫ Satellite of Love by Lou Reed —
Had no idea Brian May even knew Lou Reed.
But then Lou Reed's jaw dropped when I told him I never expected to see him at a fashion show. He said why not. It was at Betsy Johnson.
Lou Reed a monster of a man, according to new book - NY Daily News -
I just uploaded 'The Paper Knife [foreword to "Made in Catalunya. Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed, and Patti Smith...'
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