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Lou Gramm

Lou Gramm (born Louis Andrew Grammatico; May 2, 1950) is an American rock vocalist and songwriter best known for his role as the lead vocalist and co-writer of many of the songs for the rock band Foreigner.

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So short sighted on his part. I was looking forward to seeing Lou Gramm one last time.
With you on this...played this and AProv album ritually...Foreigner was a clear gatewa…
Students...great pop-rock album of the late 80s...sort of marks the end of the big hits of Foreigner but still a gr…
"Regardless what Red Hat Enterprise Linux is, I like analog too." -Lou Gramm
My friends call me a music snob but if the lead singer is not in the band then NO THANK YOU! love For…
I liked Lou Gramm...stop listening after he left!
Wait a minute, is that Lou Gramm in the photo?
Per the brief talk/mention/rant on the Kelley hansen may not be lou gramm but he's a f…
Hanging on the couch with my buddy Lou Gramm of the rock band…
I’m sorry, but nothing like Lou Gramm. Love original Foreigner!
is Kelly Hanson still the singer of Foreigner? Or is Lou Gramm coming back in 2018?
Foreigner. I love Whitesnake. But Lou Gramm is one of my favorite male vocalists.
Foreigner that's Lou Gramm's tour de force.
Holy High School Batman!!! . Morris Day and the Time. Loverboy(but no Jenny). Lou Gramm. Salt N Pepa. Boys 2...
I added a video to a playlist Lou Gramm Lost In The Shadows
Now playing Midnight Blue by Lou Gramm on the All Request Sunday. Book your request at then…
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That was almost as crazy as the time Kevin Cronin went upside Lou Gramm’s head at that show back in 1981.…
Due to popular demand, I'll be releasing my long out-of-print albums. "Patterns of Thought" is due for release in a…
Lou Gramm here - with one of the best vocal performances ever committed to tape in modern rock
nothing but respect for MY president, Lou Gramm
Midnight Blue ✿ ~ "Don't want no misplay, Put on no display; An angel? no!, But I know my way.." ♫
What a great weekend with the Lou Gramm family...its been a great 7 years working with all of you. This was...
Lest you forget, THIS is Lou Gramm *** Jones and Lou Gramm going acoustic
15 Waiting for a Girl Like You/Foreigner. All Foreigner songs are written for Lou Gramm to sing to crowd for groupie shenanigans. 🤢
Lou Gramm - Midnight Blue on AIR FM the home of great 80's music
Does anyone have Lou Gramm's phone number, from Foreigner? He wants to know what love is, I think I can finally explain it to him.
I liked a video HQ Lost Boys Soundtrack: Lost in the Shadows - Lou Gramm (Original Music Video)
Well this is awesome news. After Foreigner had Lou Gramm, *** Jones, Al Greenwood, Dennis Elliott, Ian McDonald...
Oh so white actors can’t play formerly Asian characters but Jackie Chan can play Lou Gramm? Give me a break
Whoop whoop whoop! 🤪🤪🤪. "Group founder and leader *** Jones will be joined by original frontman Lou Gramm,...
Remember the first time Foreigner replaced Lou Gramm with Johnny Edwards? Flopped. Gramm later returned .
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Meet him in person a few times great guy and a great singer.
Plus, I have fond memories of Lou Gramm punching out a jerk in the front row at the Johnstown War Memorial Arena. That was the tops.
in the Treehouse: Midnight Blue by Lou Gramm ... just ask your device play Treehouse Radio from
My least favorite band of all time is “Foreigners”. I can’t stand Lou Gramm’s voice.
I used Shazam to discover Midnight Blue by Lou Gramm.
Foreigner sounds great, but their vocalist who isn't Lou Gramm is selling it WAY past close.
"It's my very strong opinion... and I've talked to people from Vermont to California... that Foreigner is not Forei…
Sweet Lou Gramm . Thank you for sharing your gorgeous voice with us!
{non-music video} The Truth about Foreigner's Lou Gramm and *** Jones:
I'm enjoying 'Lou Gramm - Just Between You And Me' on the 80s Rock channel at
I was thinking of Lou Gramm before the segment. Good stuff even without him. Learned song origins I was unaware of.
Also never forget that the fall 1987 tour found doing a pretty killer version of Lou Gramm's "Midnight Blue":
Sounds fun! I do miss Lou Gramm with Foreigner
Hey it's Cheap Trick and Foreigner with the Lou Gramm sound alike tonight!
😁More sappy 80s... geez what is with me this afternoon?🙈 🎶💖🎶 Lou Gramm - Just Between You and Me featured in NBC s Science of Love
It just not the same. I wish Lou Gramm was with Foreigner still.
Lou Gramm's from and still lives here in Rochester, NY!
Looks like Lou Gramm of Foreigner in the back of the car
Lou Gramm dies, goes to Heaven. God tells him he can have the answer to any one question he asks. Lou…
To get us through this Monday. Put a little gas in the tank. Lou Gramm - "Midnight Blue".
Foreigner...Until The End of Time... I think this song is my all-time favorite of Lou Gramm/Foreigner...So beautiful.
This Kelly Hansen dude is pretty great! Sounds just like Lou Gramm, only without the lisp 😬…
Baby Boomers are 1.5x more likely to vote for Lou Gramm on our The Best Rock Vocalists list. Vote
I think Lou Gramm is a better singer than Steve Perry.
Out of respect for Lou, that other singer should not have been on stage. In…
That other singer was not needed for that tune. Lou Gramm, sounding just am…
Ex-Foreigner members Lou Gramm, Ian McDonald and Al Greenwood reunite with band at New York show
Feels Like The First Time this has happened since 1980.
Yeah. As much as I love Bryan Adams his voice would be above Lou Gramm
27 Urgent/Foreigner. Lou Gramm writing songs to "explain" away his "problem" as "urgency". Yuck!
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In 1978 Circus magazine commented that Lou Gramm had a voice that Robert Plant might envy
Thank you, Foreigner. It's about freaking time.
There's no telling if Lou Gramm will be at Foreigner's gig at Red Rocks on Labor Day, but he did sing the other...
Black and white photo of singer Lou Gramm of Foreigner in 1979 from the Marty Temme Archives.
No Lou Gramm tonight. did in fact win the lottery.
*** Jones and Lou Gramm going acoustic via
Despite no Lou Gramm sighting, had special moments planned for 40th anniversary tour stop. Review:
That Was Yesterday is a stunning track, well crafted... Cracking vocals by Lou Gramm.
It was a treat to see the video with Lou Gramm but Kelly, you are rockin it!
Lou Gramm takes the stage with foreigner at Jones Beach Theater
The much-anticipated reunion of four of the five surviving original members of Foreigner took place at the Nikon...
More coverage from the History we made last night!
Great job by the choir, the crowd was chanting Lou for Lou Gramm. I hope the choir didn't think they…
The road is getting shorter, Neal. What do you think about Lou Gramm singing with Foreigner the oth…
Lou Gramm finally sang again with Foreigner Thursday, but not expected to at Darien.
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A big reunion for Lou Gramm and Foreigner [VIDEO]
Watch Foreigner reunite with singer Lou Gramm and two other members for first time in 37 years ht…
WATCH: Foreigner perform with Lou Gramm, Al Greenwood & Ian McDonald for first time in 37 years
Foreigner Reunite with Lou Gramm, Al Greenwood and Ian McDonald for the First Time Since 1980 ...
Best of luck Mr. Lou Gramm you are the best of the best singers of all time, good luck with everything and family.
Just announce whether Lou Gramm will be a part of it or not. FFS.
Glad you're playing the Lou Gramm version and not the Faux-reigner version with Kelly Hansen.
I find singing some of Foreigner's older songs are a little reckless ...
. Is Lou Gramm in the lineup? Otherwise it's not the anniversary group I wanna see.
You got a response from THEE Lou Gramm??? Wow I'm impressed buddy!!!
Lou Gramm coming back to town for a concert on March 3?
Wont forget Lou Gramm ever. Here is the man. Foreigner. Long, Long Way From Home. Earthy, powerful and in touch.
... inquiring minds that wanna know. I saw this many years ago !!! . Lou Gramm, Lou Gramm
Maybe it's because I'm such a huge Lou Gramm fan this song and many other Foreigner just don't sound the same...
hopefully this will mean lots of solo Lou Gramm & band shows this Summer...LOVE LOVE LOVE Lou's solo show…
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playing a Lou Gramm Foreigner track and a solo track on my radio show this Sunday. Would you do me the honour of choosing them?
im about to go off on somebody God forbid *** hath no fury like a Lou gramm fan scorned.
shut your mouth you know nothing about Lou Gramm
foreigner and Lou Gramm music will live on forever, listener in the 70s, 40 yrs later still enjoying every day...
"Foreigner to Be Joined by Lou Gramm and Other Original Members for Select 40th Anniversary Shows (UCR)"
let's go..they have a show at the casino and they are playing the durham fair..hopefully get to see Lou Gramm
“After 24 hours of some crossed wires and miscommunication, I can confirm that I and the rest of the original...
This new lead singer is just like Lou Gramm. love this ad!
Lou Gramm now says he'll reunite with original Foreigner members for one concert
You're casting a wide net there just to get Lou Gramm's attention. I'll show myself out.
Even if Lou Gramm only appears at one show on the Foreigner tour and performs a song or two, I am happy. It will great to see .
Question is, will he be showing up in Raleigh on August 6th?
I liked a video Lou Gramm ReJoining Foreigner for Huge 40th Anniversary Tour
Details have finally been ironed out with & 40th Anniversary Tour this summer!. More here:.
My understanding is that Lou Gramm will sing one or two songs at one Foreigner show on this summer's tour.
The bassist in Lou Gramm’s band looks like Danny from . Anything moonlighting you’d like to admit, S…
Jukebox Hero’ Lou Gramm returns to Biloxi for show at IP
For the next three plus years, I really was not in creative shape. That pa...
Not only is Lou Gramm the best singer from the best band in rock history, he also appreciates agriculture.
Off to hit the stage in Biloxi, MS! Tomorrow night we are rockin' the IP Casino Resort Spa with Lou Gramm!...
We put out press releases to tell people what had happened to me and that ...
.is Offering Veterans and Military Two-for-One Tickets to and -
Mine is tomorrow but I'll be at the IP Casino watching Lou Gramm and Foghat Friday and celebrating then. Happy Birt…
I am starting to look like and perform like the Lou that I used to be.
I want to be Lou Gramm when I grow up
When we finish this tour we are going to begin writing and go into the stu...
Beginning to create again was something that I took for granted but I neve...
After the accident Black Sheep was pretty much at an end.
It was a little at a time but I broke out my Walkman and my lyric pad and ...
Five years ago we were working on a new album when my health began failing...
I really like The Lou Gramm Band album. Are you making another album in the near future?
It's only in the seventies that I put the sticks down and I moved to the f...
We still play Foreigner songs. I play the songs that I was involved in wri...
Lou Gramm so underrated dude has pipes for days
Would love to see Lou Gramm and *** Jones to reignite the Foreigner spark!
Lou Gramm, Asia featuring John Payne and Georgia Satellites are just a few of the bands that will play River City Rock Fest - don't miss it!
I was there just had my 16 anniversary got to speak to Lou Gramm and saw Kim Mitchell both are wonderful miracles
Never dreamed I would open for one of Rock's greats - Lou Gramm from Foreigner! Today turned…
I'm just a dirty white boy. Lou Gramm of Foreigner at The Warehouse Brew Fest. @ The Warehouse
.tells about some of his and Foreigner's biggest hits
Hello it is me your friend Lou Gramm of the music band Foreigner
You're as cold as ice, Lou Gramm Official
Check out Lou Gramm - Midnight Blue Now hiring on air talent!
TODAY - Rain or Shine my show with Lou Gramm is on. But rain, please go away. :/
It was kind of fun being the headliners.
Hamilton Collection
Just can't get enough of this Great Picture of Lou Gramm courtesy PIV Photography of Edmonton Canada
This was Lou Gramm's reaction to that Lisa 😘
Sad when U need Attorney 2 send letter 2 a photographer who kept photo of Lou Gramm on his website for 2 years which was unauthorized.
I have to call you out though, how did you not book Bad Company and Lou Gramm.come on now
Take a look at our interview with Original Voice of Foreigner!
TOMORROW - Performing for and opening for at 12:30 downtown Carmel! Get tix:
great interview with Lou Gramm. Wasn't sure what to expect but *** dude knocked it out of the park
The tyrannical reign of Lou Gramm during the commercials is over
Regardless what technology is, I like analog too. ~Lou Gramm
.of performs 8.27 at GlenOak CC in Canton. Here he talks about his biggest songs:
Lou Gramm Brexited before it was trendy
INDIANAPOLIS - I'm performing this weekend opening for from Foreigner! tix:
Such a Great Shot of Lou Gramm From last weekend in Edmonton Canada .. This is my Favorite shot of the year thank U
INDIANAPOLIS - I'm performing this Sat. opening for from Foreigner! Get tix:
Jukebox Hero: Listen and learn as Lou Gramm tells the stories behind his biggest hits
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Lou Gramm playing the 'Foreigner' hits in Carmel.
myRockworld memorabilia: Foreigner - Album Foreigner - 1977- personally signed by all original members Lou Gramm,...
Oh lord. A week of Lou Gramm and Boston. better have some EPIC stories when they get back
You can't. Sing like Lou Gramm. no,forget it
A lot of times *** will play me different things, or I'll listen to a cassette, and out of twenty
No words just a song from...Lou Gramm, John Schlitt, john Elefante.
Wait 'til you hear their cover of Lou Gramm's Midnight Blue!
Standing in the rain with his head hung low, couldn't get a ticket it was a sold out show.. Lou Gramm
The future is finally something that we can now put into focus.
Foreigner Jones talking to Gramm about anniversary reunion…
Lou Gramm: Regardless what technology is, I like analog too.
Get your early bird tickets to Takin' It to The Streets now and save some money. Lou Gramm: The Voice of...
It's a two run double for Humphreys and it's 4-1 State. Lou Gramm trying to save what was to be 90s night with lots of "Double Vision"
You have to work with the ideas and give them a little push.
Mummy thinks it's funny that she likes Lou Gramm & has 'Double Vision' 😅
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Want to hang out with a rock legend? Come to the this Saturday night & see Lou Gramm LIVE!
Lou Gramm takes over the this Saturday! Learn more here:
The Foreigner song "Cold as Ice" was written one night when Lou Gramm's microwave stopped working.
Foreigner's Lou Gramm performs at the 2015 LOPen produced by Howard Perl Productions.
*** Jones and Lou Gramm going acoustic. Today's Vibos!. 😛. Urgent is a smash.
Regardless what technology is, I like analog too.
Lou Gramm of Foreigner concert last night, Bas Rutten class at Watts Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai Academy...
Rehearsal... 4 more days until we take the stage w/ Lou Gramm and Phil Collins🙏🙏 wykband
Now's your chance to WIN Tickets to see Phil Collins, Lou Gramm, Diego Torres, Alvaro Soler, and…
Lou Gramm and Elton John: please get into the bubble wrap because Juke Box Hero and Rocket Man were the anthems fo…
These guys rule! The singer reminds me a little of Lou Gramm in the best possible way.
🎤jingle bells, jingle bells, Mummy likes Lou Gramm, Daddy looks just like him but, can't sing for toffee & jam
I gave my life to Christ about 1991.
This brings tears to my eyes. Lou Gramm survived a brain tumor, after which the medications really did a number...
My Hubby's rendition of 1 of our many fave Lou Gramm songs, 'Midnight Blue' hope u like it
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Once Christ Martin starts making me cry, I switch to Lou Gramm asap
Sitting 5 feet from rock legend Lou Gramm
I was a drummer, and I did a little singing too.
Your a Rude Ignorant person to say that about Lou Gramm, A Man You have never Met
No one cares or knows who Lou Gramm is and I suspect that if he is a rock musician that he is an ahole.
Lou Gramm's Midnight Blue was a PLAY on No Way or Let It Play. Hey the texters have spoken. Rotation?! -
Nothing wrong with Lou Gramm...had one of the best songs on The Lost Boys soundtrack
To the mom who complained to mall management that I was giving the kids Lou Gramm: Ready or Not cassettes. I'm Santa, I choose the gifts.
Right off to bed. Last point of the evening after listening to music. Lou Gramm of Foreigner had some vocal pipes on him. What a legend.
🎼 let heaven & angels sing, let heaven & sing yeah! In the voice of Lou Gramm, with Foreigner he sang, he's a Jukebox Herooo
I'm listening to Lou Gramm - Midnight Blue - Real Gold Radio on Real Gold Radio with TuneIn.
So True What you have been Given🎼🔦 Songs written by Lou Gramm & *** Jones. Juke Box Hero Was Written about Rochester NY.
Lou Gramm performs at Rochester Hope for Pets fundraiser
just in case some of my followers are Lou Gramm fans and live in that area.
Lou Gramm's son opened a restaurant in Rochester last week and named it after Lou's pre-Foreigner band, Black Sheep.
Lou Gramm - "Midnight Blue" - ORIGINAL VIDEO - stereo HQ via big fish music song of the day enjoy
Even more of a fan now! Yes, I used that word, I rarely do, unless it's spinning blades in a cage
I think it's so cool that Lou Gramm went to MCC.
.if he isn't saved, please save Evan - he has a John Elefante / Lou Gramm like quality in his…
To a large degree I agree with you. No one I miss more than Lou Gramm with Foreigner. Just not the same.
Happy Tuesday. Starting the day with Lou Gramm. In your business, remember to be kind to your fellow humans!
"I want my 80's" with Mike from A Flock of Seagulls, DMC, Debbie Gibson, Dee Snider, Rapper Tone Loc, Lou Gramm,...
Lou Gramm - Midnight Blue (HQ HD) via ~'Life is simple it's either Cherry or Midnig…
Skid row wasn't that great but Lou Gramm was really good at Lawrenceburg fall fest!
Lou Gramm's from Rochester but he's not with the band anymore. Kelly Hansen, the guy who sang this one, is from Cali.
Know Lou Gramm very well. couldn't get a ticket, was a sold out show
Lawrenceburg Fall Fest continues Friday! Free rides and entertainment including Lou Gramm, the voice of Foreigner.
"Regardless what Amazon is, I like analog too. -Lou Gramm"
I had to pass the Hetsko & McGuire test .. Plus you have no idea who I am Oh yeah Lou Gramm's wife
"And a couple of us were in Foreigner" - *** Jones and Lou Gramm
I saw Square Pegs open for Lou Gramm in 1988.
I am sending out a shout to my friends Lou Gramm and *** Jones. Thanks for this one lads!. That Was Yesterday .
I c ur playing this Sat (9/26) in IN. Fyi... Lou Gramm will be playing there on Fri (9/25) 😄
Juke Box Hero: My Five Decades in Rock and Roll” (Triumph Books) was co-written with Scott Pitoniak, and...
now that's rock brother. Lou Gramm from Foreigner playing at the fair Saturday night, can't wait!
'If I Don't Have You' by 'Lou Gramm' out of 'Ready or Not'.
Driving to work and needing some Lou Gramm to get you going this morning? Get to 94.9 NOW!
I liked a video from ROAD TRIP IN LOU GRAMM'S TOUR VAN! | Steve and Jodi
Send us your pics as evidence. Is Maty Mauk really a time traveling young Lou Gramm from Foreigner?
I'm listening to Midnight Blue by Lou Gramm on
To think of Ozzy singing like Lou Gramm.
Great review of performance opening for Lou Gramm @ Rockin' on the River.
These guests & more on the Fake Show: Tate Donovan,Beau Bridges, Cindy Williams, Lou Gramm
LIVE on Lou Gramm live freedom fest
awesome tune by Lou Gramm and the Shadow King guys! VIVIAN CAMPBELL
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Congratulations to MELISSA MORSE, winner of the pair of tickets to John Kay & Steppenwolf & Lou Gramm at the...
Blog - Spandau Ballet in Boston for with the amazing Shelby Lynne, Lou Gramm and
Just Between You and Me by LOU GRAMM... at - Turn On. Tune In. Wig Out.
was inducted to the Songwriters Hall of Fame June 13 2013! See him live
4 Days left! THIS FRIDAY the fun begins with Honeymoon Suite/Lou Gramm/Doucette and more! See you then!
Not the best photo but Lou Gramm was awesome tonight! ☺️ and mr I'm kinda in love with your hair
Great weekend saw Lou Gramm and Platinum Blonde... Some hiking and friends, fab way to celebrate!
Great turnout for the Lou Gramm concert! What song are you hoping to hear tonight?
Crowd starting to roll in for Lou Gramm . Beauty night.
Happy 4th guys...David I just wanted you to throw a party for your ears, courtesy of LOU GRAMM, enjoy !!
Freddie had a *** of a range. So did Frankie Valli, Lou Gramm,Steve Perry, Brad Delp among others..
Midnight Blue” by Lou Gramm is an underrated classic.
Hanging with the ladies of Tourism Sun Peaks getting excited for Lou Gramm, the Voice of Foreigner…
don't think I'll ever be mentally prepared to see Lou gramm tonight 😍😩🙌
Sharing the spotlight with Lou Gramm July 31st.
rocking out last night in Looking forward to Lou Gramm, the Voice of Foreigner tonight!
Lou Gramm met *** Jones in 1976 & the two went on to form Foreigner. The "Voice of Foreigner" will be ROCKIN our house July 26
I would put Perry in next tier with Brad Delp, Tommy Shaw, Lou Gramm and Geoff Tate.
Hey since you're an artist, who would you say had the better voice, Steve Perry of Journey or Lou Gramm of Foreigner?
Cool pic of some very famous musicians. READ the names! Lou Gramm is an old friend of mine. SEE w/ Hat. :)
Foreigner - Break It Up ...not the overpaid coverband touring now, the Lou Gramm one...but I digress :) ♫
If it ain't Rochester's Lou Gramm, it ain't Foreigner.
I just used Shazam to discover Just Between You And Me by Lou Gramm.
in the Treehouse : Lou Gramm - Just Between You And Me ... Tune In at
Too busy listening to Foreigner and Lou Gramm
Imagine a cover of Foreigner's Jukebox Hero. is the new Lou Gramm.
Midnight Blue by Lou Gramm, found with Listen now:
Win tickets to the Saturday Rock Ribs and Ridges on June 27th with Blue Oyster Cult and Lou Gramm when you hear a...
Were you the last to hear about Lou Gramm & Colin James? Don't miss out on any more concert announcements:
"Jeff Lynne's ELO performs the best of Styx with special guest Lou Gramm"
Update your maps at Navteq
Reportedly, Lou Gramm guested with Def Leppard on stage in 1992, shortly after Vivian Campbell joined Def Leppard. Dawn, is this true???
Photos from the Pandora Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice live show at Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Fla., on November 15, 2014, featuring Meryl Davis and Charlie White, Evan Lysacek, Brian Boitano, Ilia Kulik, Kimmie Meissner, Michael Weiss, Alissa Czisny, Ryan Bradley and Elena Leonova & Andrei Khvalko. The show was hosted by Kristi Yamaguchi and Michael Weiss, and featured live performances from Lou Gramm and Paul Rodgers. ABC will broadcast the show nationally as part of the Colgate Skating Series on November 30 and December 14, 2014.
Lou Gramm singing "Cold As Ice" while Brian Boitano skates in leather pants is exactly what television was missing.
Jam and Rehearse with Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Lou Gramm of Foreigner, Bumblefoot, Steve Morse and more. Write & Record an original song. Play in a band led by a Rock Star. Perform Live at Foxwoods Hotel and Casino, CT. Attend master classes by world renowned musicians. Daily meals with celebrity mus…
they're the Lou Gramm and Ric Ocasek of college football.
July 14th 2011: Triumph had a street named after them in their hometown of Mississauga, ON. The dedication of Triumph Lane was attended by all three members of the group. 1992: Motley Crue began writing & rehearsing with their new singer John Corabi. Their first and only album with Corabi was released in March of 1994. 1984: Billy Idol peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart with “Eyes Without a Face” which was Idol’s first top ten single in the U.S. 1984: Heart singer Ann Wilson & Loverboy singer Mike Reno reached number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart with their duet “Almost Paradise” from the Footloose soundtrack. The producers’ original male choice was Foreigner singer Lou Gramm who turned down the project. 1982: Van Halen kicked off their Hide Your Sheep Tour at the Augusta-Richmond Civic Center in Augusta, GA in support of Diver Down. This tour would later bring the band to South America for the first time. 1980: Allen Klein, former manager of The Beatle ...
Oh, what a night! About eleven years ago, I interviewed James Young from Styx for the first of many times. We hit it off and we became real friends, especially after his beloved wife of 30-plus years, Susie, had a stroke and almost died six years ago. (I was reviewing Def Leppard when I heard about it. I almost couldn't finish the review.) A few days later, Sheri DenOuden Rodriguez and I were able to meet with JY, and on that unforgettable night of vulnerability and mercy, we were all bonded forever. Since then JY has met my family (esp. Jonah Craker, a fellow guitarist), endorsed my book ("Money Secrets of the Amish." JY's a financial wizard!), and opened his heart and backstage home to us many times. Last Thursday, JY invited me and Sher to Detroit for the show: Styx, Foreigner (without Lou Gramm, of course. Major deductions there!), and Don Felder from the Eagles. Whenever I hear a Styx song on the radio, I think of my pal, and I smile. I think of 1980, when I was 12, and "Too Much Time on My Hands" wa ...
Here are your connections for today -- 5:00 pm EST on Howard 101 Richard Pranks Howard – This morning brought one of the best Stern Show pranks ever – when Artie came out to George Takei. Hear the time Richard tried to prank Howard and things didn’t quite go so well. (4-27-09) Colin Quinn & Dave Chappelle – Take a listen to Dave Chappelle sitting in, in this Colin Quinn interview about his movie with Jerry Seinfeld . (10-17-02) Sal & The Emotional Friend – Hear the aftermath of Sal’s big reveal that his wife had a male friend who she turned to when Sal became emotionally unavailable. (6-13-07) Song Parody – 143 Music of The Howard Stern Show – Lou Gramm “Midnight Hour” (3-17-87)
Members of Deep Purple, Yes, Mountain and Uriah Heep are just some of the big-name artists who've come together to pay tribute to the Doors. Light My Fire: A Classic Rock Salute To The Doors features 16 new takes on definitive tracks by Jim Morrison and co, with each song delivered by a different grouping of musicians. Performers include Ian Gillan and Steve Morse of Deep Purple, Steve Howe of Yes and former bandmate Rick Wakeman, Leslie West of Mountain, Todd Rundgren, *** Box of Heep, ex Foreigner singer Lou Gramm, Keith Emerson, Steve Cropper, Steve Hillage and many others. Morse, who performs on Touch Me, says: "The Doors were the soundtrack for some of the most memorable times, good and bad, that I experienced as a young teen. Like many of my favourites they were adventurous, improvising, unafraid of what the media might say – and all with a sort of lyrical freedom that still stands up today." Howe says of his contribution to the title track: "I was delighted to play on this album – the Doors we ...
We play at Steve's Johnstown Inn tonight from 930 to 1230, and tomorrow night at the Williamsburg Legion from 9 to 12. Come hear our new covers of Lou Gramm's Midnight Blue and The Turtles' Happy Together! Ba ba ba ba ba.!
The Levoy Theatre is happy to announce that the Lou Gramm, the Voice of Foreigner, concert that was postponed on Friday, May 23 due to the...
Postponed Lou Gramm concert at Levoy in Millville gets new date
Enjoy! I wouldn't mind seeing Tommy Shaw but Foreigner without Lou Gramm just isn't Foreigner to me. :)
Right up there with Steve Perry is Lou Gramm!!! Guy has an amazing voice!!!
Kelly Hansen sounds just like Foreigner's original lead singer, Lou Gramm.
Lou Gramm is my fav rocker of all time (former lead singer of Foreigner )
the lead singer from Foreigner makes you forget about Lou Gramm
Who's in? has purchased tickets to Velvet Sessions featuring Lou Gramm, The Voice of Foreigner at Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando on Thursday, July 31, 2014. Click on the link above to purchase your tickets.
I might go to Lou Gramm at Arcada Theater in St Charles, IL - Sep 13
Shows on Friday, July 4 8:00 PM Foreigner's Lou Gramm The Juke Box Hero Tour Lou Gramm, the legendary voice of Foreigner will be rockin' the Summer Motion stage. 9:15 PM Exile One of the few bands who have put singles on both the country and on the rock and roll charts. This group, originally from Richmond, Kentucky will help us celebrate our nation's founding. 10:15 PM Fireworks Are you planning to go to the largest fireworks display in the tri-state? The annual Summer Motion fireworks display will be held at the riverfront on Friday July 4 at 10:15. If you are not on the river front and would like to hear the firework’s synchronized music, it will be simulcast from radio stations WTCR 103.3 and B97.
The Sound of Music Festival is just around the corner, June 12th to June 15th. See Lou Gramm, Kim Mitchell and more all for FREE!
Could someone get the CD or MP3 of and Lou Gramm doing 's 'Black Dog' to me?? please? xx.
All the brilliant Greatest Hits you can handle till 4, with INX, Eagles, Police ,Cars, John Lennon, Van Halen. Cold Chisel, Pink Floyd, Lou Gramm and more. 31 Moments That Changed Music, 1-2 with Biggest Selling Australian Album of All Time? Did you guess Whispering Jack. After the 3.30 headlines, Effie with A Word on Your Money. Cheers, Mal.
Because sometimes you just gotta go old school: Lou Gramm - Midnight Blue (Album Version) HQ: via
I added a video to a playlist LOU GRAMM ~ Time (AOR)
I added a video to a playlist lou gramm - just between you and me (HQ Official Videoclip)
it left? I prefer 'Head Games' and 'Urgent' Lou Gramm, vastly underrated rock vocalist.
Now playing Lou Gramm - Just Between You and Me on Hamilton Radio
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