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Lou Gramm

Lou Gramm (born Louis Andrew Grammatico; May 2, 1950) is an American rock vocalist and songwriter best known for his role as the lead vocalist and co-writer of many of the songs for the rock band Foreigner.

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Enjoy! I wouldn't mind seeing Tommy Shaw but Foreigner without Lou Gramm just isn't Foreigner to me. :)
Right up there with Steve Perry is Lou Gramm!!! Guy has an amazing voice!!!
Kelly Hansen sounds just like Foreigner's original lead singer, Lou Gramm.
Lou Gramm is my fav rocker of all time (former lead singer of Foreigner )
the lead singer from Foreigner makes you forget about Lou Gramm
Who's in? has purchased tickets to Velvet Sessions featuring Lou Gramm, The Voice of Foreigner at Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando on Thursday, July 31, 2014. Click on the link above to purchase your tickets.
I might go to Lou Gramm at Arcada Theater in St Charles, IL - Sep 13
Shows on Friday, July 4 8:00 PM Foreigner's Lou Gramm The Juke Box Hero Tour Lou Gramm, the legendary voice of Foreigner will be rockin' the Summer Motion stage. 9:15 PM Exile One of the few bands who have put singles on both the country and on the rock and roll charts. This group, originally from Richmond, Kentucky will help us celebrate our nation's founding. 10:15 PM Fireworks Are you planning to go to the largest fireworks display in the tri-state? The annual Summer Motion fireworks display will be held at the riverfront on Friday July 4 at 10:15. If you are not on the river front and would like to hear the firework’s synchronized music, it will be simulcast from radio stations WTCR 103.3 and B97.
The Sound of Music Festival is just around the corner, June 12th to June 15th. See Lou Gramm, Kim Mitchell and more all for FREE!
Could someone get the CD or MP3 of and Lou Gramm doing 's 'Black Dog' to me?? please? xx.
All the brilliant Greatest Hits you can handle till 4, with INX, Eagles, Police ,Cars, John Lennon, Van Halen. Cold Chisel, Pink Floyd, Lou Gramm and more. 31 Moments That Changed Music, 1-2 with Biggest Selling Australian Album of All Time? Did you guess Whispering Jack. After the 3.30 headlines, Effie with A Word on Your Money. Cheers, Mal.
Because sometimes you just gotta go old school: Lou Gramm - Midnight Blue (Album Version) HQ: via
I added a video to a playlist Lou Gramm talked about a reunion with *** Jones in Foreigner
I added a video to a playlist LOU GRAMM ~ Time (AOR)
I added a video to a playlist lou gramm - just between you and me (HQ Official Videoclip)
it left? I prefer 'Head Games' and 'Urgent' Lou Gramm, vastly underrated rock vocalist.
Now playing Lou Gramm - Just Between You and Me on Hamilton Radio
FYI Lou Gramm does a heck of a lot more than the National Anthem. His solo work - creative outlet, sang w/F 27 yrs
I wonder if E will bring Lou Gramm to the Apollo Theater on Sunday night. Can't wait.
Lou Gramm had a near fatal brain tumor sometime in the 90a *** Jones kinda pushed him aside I think. I don't think he quit
No kidding. That's awesome. I just want Lou Gramm to go on tour w/ Foreigner.
If Lou Gramm doesn't surprise us at a random show this week, Imma be disappointed.
You might be a bit Hot Blooded. Ask your Dr. if Lou Gramm's solo stuff is right for you.
Right a new morning, a relatively reasonable sleep. And Lou Gramm has been singing in my head all night. Back to the legend before the day.
For those wishing to enjoy Lou Gramm at his best. Here is one Long, Long Way From Home by Foreigner.
Right time for a bit of Lou Gramm and Foreigner.
Ha, Steve Perry dropping by a local Eels show. Would be like Lou Gramm jamming with Spacehog.
Now playing Lou Gramm - Just Between You And Me right now on
Hey Rochester friends - a don't miss event on Sunday with Duke Jupiter, Russell Thompkins, Jr. of The Stylistics, Kathy Sledge of Sister Sledge, Marshia Ambrosius of Flowetry, Rudy Sarzo of Quiet Riot and Queensryche, Lou Gramm of Foreigner, Gene Cornish of The Rascals and Carmine Appice of Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart and vanilla Fudge!!!
Don Henley. Steve Perry. Eddie Money. Kevin Cronin. Dennis DeYoung. Lou Gramm. Sing to me. That is all. 🎶
ELP without Lake (3) or Palmer, Genesis with Ray Wilson, Mötley Crüe without Vince Neil, Quiet Riot without Kevin DuBrow, Foreigner without Lou Gramm. All albums I've enjoyed, some more than the albums featuring the more famous members. So, which albums by any group, any genre, do you really like, but the bands try to forget because it doesn't feature founder members, classic line-ups, or a member who was on a sabbatical? featured in NBC s Science of Love
you get a chance to ask about Lou Gramm possibly teaming up w/ the new down the road?
If Foreigner ever goes in the Hall, does Lou Gramm sing the songs that night? *** and he aren't cool
this song has always reminded me of you :)Lou Gramm - "Midnight Blue" via
Phil Naro live at Fox and Fiddle Yorkmills tonight. Come and listen to what Lou Gramm from the Foreigner called...
Sunday April 27th 7pm at the Eastman Theatre there is an induction ceremony into the Rochester music hall of fame for Duke Jupiter. After the ceremony, the band will be performing some of their hits from their 41 year career. Daryl Dubbs is a big Duke Jupiter fan and plans to attend. There will also be performances from other Rochester favorites that night including Lou Gramm & Gene Cornish. Tickets are $35-$50, if anyone might be interested in joining him that night, let me know... he plans to buy ticket(s) over the next couple days.
Just turned on Vh1 Classic to see Foreigner performing a live show. Without Lou Gramm. My day is ruined.
"My following days are I just got to follow through" ~ Lou Gramm
If it's not Lou Gramm singing for Foreigner I wouldn't go.
Sad that nobody asked Lou Gramm to come up with a theme song for Divergent.
Waiting For a Girl Like You by Lou Gramm dj: B - tune in
Catch perform LIVE with Marty Balin at on Mar.14
Is this really yer best Lou Gramm impression?
Lou Gramm, Robert Plant, and Freddy Mercury. I swear those men had some serious pipes.
That's The Way God Planned It by LOU GRAMM BAND... at - turn on.tune in.wig out.
Settling in for an all-nighter. iTunes on shuffle and Lou Gramm has me groovin in my chair.
I like Foreigner, only knew that Lou Gramm was the singer back in the day. :)
This Afternoon’s Broadcast is brought to you by…: Lou Gramm. When I win your heart, I’m gonna’ paint it cherry...
Just reaquainted myself with Lou Gramm's Midnight Blue. You Tube it, great kick *** song.
was one of THE BEST EVER Bands in the mid 70's. Original Singer Lou Gramm was 1st in a band (RochNY)
.Jimmy Fallon lipsinking to (Lou Gramm)& Gr8! He rocked it! Lou is my old friend from upstate NY. :)
somewhere far away, in a joint without a name, in a heavy downpour, Lou Gramm is proud.
Lou Reed...Lou's all the same right?
prince, Graceland & beastie boys for sure. Lou Gramm for Midnight Blue, Europe for laughs and lost boys soundtrack for you
Make sure to get your tickets to: Lou Gramm The Voice of Foreigner March 14!
Awesome! :) and in class of Music Hall of Fame
Lou Gramm is singing with Foreigner at some ceremony,not Kelly Hansen
Newest inductees include classical, rock & urban to in
Congrats to an iconic business, on their induction into the Music Hall of Fame
The voice of Foreigner Lou Gramm ready to rock at Golden Nugget Sunday night!
RULES: In your status update, list 14 albums that have stuck with you over the years. They don't have to be strictly "great" albums or critical faves, just albums that have meant something to you. Then tag 14 friends (including me so I can see your choices) to do the same. I know these things annoy some people but get over yourselves and have fun. These do not have to be your favorite albums of all time, either. 1. Enya - A Day Without Rain 2. Michael Jackson- Thriller 3. Blue October - Foiled 4. Lou Gramm - Long Hard Look 5. Train- Drops of Jupiter 6. INXS- Listen Like Thieves 7. Maroon 5- Songs About Jane 8. Howard Jones- Dream Into Action 9. Savage Garden - Affirmation 10. U2- Joshua Tree 11. Level 42 - Running in the Family 12. Norah Jones- Come Away With Me 13. Live - Throwing Copper 14. Zac Brown Band- You Get What You Give
Walked into Tops friendly markets today and heard "Courage" by the Tragically Hip playing throughout the store...not sure how I feel about that.guess I expected Don Henley or Lou Gramm instead...
Lou Gramm is a rock singing legend. Kelly Hansen can sing but man Foreigner sounds more like Justin Timberlake. Hansen gets a pay cheque for singing Lou's songs
gramm lead singer of !??? Let me know! Counting down the top 5 0f 1990.who will be no1. Hmmm
In Foreigner's "Hot Blooded," Lou Gramm sings of certain sexual negotiations that I feel would be more appropriately discussed in private.
"Midnight Blue" - Lou Gramm (1987) Lou Gramm (born Louis Andrew Grammatico; May 2, 1950) is an American rock vocalist and songwriter best known for his role ...
I wonder if Lou Gramm ever found out what love is...
Ok all you Music looking for lyrics that best represent life or learned lessons.what are some of your favorites? Let me start... Life is simple Its either cherry red...or Midnight Blue - Lou Gramm
Tonight we continue our weekend dance party with DJ Pete doing what he does best, (he makes sure everyone has a blast). Last night we had a lucky couple win our first drawing for 2 tickets to see "Foreigner" front man Lou Gramm live in concert at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando this thursday evening. Tonight we will be drawing another lucky winner to receive 2 tickets for the show! Come on out and have a blast with us and get your lucky raffle ticket and throw it in the bucket. A guest will be chosen at random to draw the winner. It could be You!!! See you all here!!
Just between you and me by Lou gramm
I ask you: Who made Lou Gramm (or The Carpenters) the authority on what day gets to be blue? This is Friday. And it ***
Everything ever can be blamed on Lou Gramm's facial expressions in the first ten seconds.
Watch the video «Lou Gramm - Midnight Blue» uploaded by jpdc11 on Dailymotion.
This is maybe the greatest performance of Mr. Lou Gramm as a soloist. The man is a complete artist!. Hope You Like it!!!
Original music video for Lou Gramm's 'Lost in the Shadows' from the soundtrack of the 1987 Joel Schumacher film 'The Lost Boys'. This original version of Los...
Lou Gramm Band with Richard Grammatico in Grand Rapids MI,. The band was so much better that year.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Lou Gramm is playing with the BPO in Buffalo on April 25, 2014.
Which one of these titles did NOT appear on Lou Gramm's first solo album Ready Or Not? - "Until I Make You Mine" - "Time" - "In the End It Hurts" - "Midnight Blue" - "Lover Come Back"
Track six of the rare Navy Seals(1990) original motion picture soundtrack, Hangin' On My Hip by Lou Gramm. For a free full album download, click on the link ...
Here's one of my all time favorite Christian rock songs "We Need Jesus" from Petra with background vocals from Lou Gramm (Foreigner)_and John Elefonte of (Ka...
Lou Gramm - "Waiting For A Girl Like You" Artist: Foreigner Writers: Lou Gramm *** Jones Album: Foreigner 4 Year: 1982 Chart Position: US, UK Label: Atlantic In his 2013 autobiography, Jukebox Hero: My Five Decades in Rock 'n' Roll, written with Scott Pitoniak, Lou Gramm recounts the unusual inspiration behind his fevered singing in Foreigner's breakthrough ballad, "Waiting for a Girl Like You." "This gorgeous, dark haired woman - an absolute knockout - walked into the control room and plopped herself down in the front row of theater seats near the glass that looks out into the studio where I was singing. I figured she was someone *** (guitarist/cowriter *** Jones) and Rick (bass player Rick Wills) knew, and to be honest, I couldn't take my eyes off her because she was so stunning. I began serenading her as if she were the girl I'd been waiting for all my life. I gave it my all for about 45 minutes, and just as I finished my final take, she smiled at me, waved good-bye, and waked out of the control roo .. ...
Does anyone know if Lou Gramm is going to be the lead singer for Foreigner's show at the Flynn next month?
Foreigner 'lou gramm' (I don't want to live without you 87s
You gotta check out this interview with Jay Francisco and Lou Gramm, the voice of Foreigner!...
I joined the Lou Gramm fan club too, such a busy gal! lol
We're giving you a chance to win tickets to see Lou Gramm on February 16th! Click here to enter:
We're giving you a chance to see Lou Gramm, one of Foreigner's legendary songwriting partners and vocalists, perform on our stage February 16th! Like, comment below and tag 2 people you would go to the concert with! Winner will be announced 1/26!
Dear Friends… Another friend of mine has been working on a benefit show to be held at New Jersey PAC's Victoria Theater on March 14, 2014. The proceeds of the benefit will go to Slick Aguilar, lead guitarist for Jefferson Starship who recently underwent an organ transplant (see below). Featured performers are Lou Gramm (voice of Foreigner) and Marty Balin (Jefferson Airplane/Starship). Tickets are available at There are two ticket prices - one includes a meet and greet with the performers prior to the show. Signed memorabilia will also be available for purchase. I hope you can make it. This should be a great evening of music and camaraderie while supporting a worthy cause. Feel free to share this email with your friends. _ WELLNESS BENEFIT CONCERT FOR SLICK AGUILAR Featuring LOU GRAMM (Foreigner) and MARTY BALIN (Jefferson Airplane/Starship) March 14, 2014 NJPAC Victoria Theater 8:00 P.M. (Slick Aguilar - right with Paul Kantner - left) You may not immediately recognize hi ...
I get it, they just don't like 80s power ballads. I wonder if they'll let Lou Gramm in by himself?
Largely thanks to I have found myself unable to stop listening to Lou Gramm's Midnight Blue all week
I believe that Steve Winwood, Robert Palmer, and Lou Gramm are actually the same person. Just like I used to believe Bryan Adams, Sting, and Kevin Bacon were the same person, also. That is all.
Lou Gramm Knows What Love Is - Must Watch Video: Foreigner was an '80s rock icon with Lou Gramm. Today, he is ...
Now I do not want to sound like some old fart but why does the SuperBowl (Pepsi) feel the need to get some hipsters to do the half time show? Especially in NJ/NY?? why not some local talent.. hometown heroes if you will.. Bruce Springsteen ( I believe he is a NJ boy).. Billy Joel - he is just across the river.. Jon Bon Jovi.. yet another fine choice.. want to go off the board - Lou Gramm and Foreigner from Rochester.. Bruno - umm he is Hawaii.. come on! I'll be watching the puppy bowl at half time!
Lou Gramm, the voice of Foreigner is performing live at the Hard Rock Hotel's Velvet Sessions & we are giving...
got ripped off, thought this was a Lou gramm record!
Well, 2013 has most certainly been an amazing year for BRandom Talent. Here are some highlights!! - Christine Campbell's Moncton CD Release in February and many shows after, including her full band opening up for Lou Gramm of Foreigner. - I was able to work with Whiskey River Trio, comprised of legends Alex Madsen, Turtle, and Jason Haywood. - ECMA's 2013 - Stage Management at First Nations Showcases where Gary Sappier got an encore and Melissa Girvan Music brought people to tears. - Getting acquainted with Kaotica Eyeball as they were prepping to release their product, then heading to NYC with them in October for CMJ Music Marathon & the AES Convention. I could write a novel about that trip and all the amazing people I met! - Being a panelist for Recording in an Independent Age - The Artists Perspective at CMJ. - Nominated for Music Industry Professional of the Year (owner Sarah Nesbitt) ( Music/Musique NB ) - Nominated for Music Business of the Year (Music/Musique NB) - Coaxed the amazing Sarah Jayne Do ...
2013 My Year In Music The majority of the trends to my listening are directly related to what I was working on, the movies I was watching, as well as what I was dealing with on a personal level. There are a ton of other musical influences I already have in my library, but what follows is simply and exhibit of what I actually spent money on in 2013. I hopped like a frog right into the New Year celebrating with some Sol Junky, and had a Good Time with a little Owl City. Ke$ha brought a very interesting 2012 to an exciting end. I kicked off 2013 reliving the MuteMath concert from a couple weeks prior by recreating the playlist from the show on Jan 1. I proceeded to pepper in a little David Guetta, Katy Perry, Ben Folds Five, and capped the month off with a throwback to my military school days with a dash of some Stain by Living Colour. Keeping alive the old school vibe Feb brought in some P.M. Dawn, a whole lot of Phil Collins, and a touch of Lou Gramm. The tempo jumped up shortly into the month with a hint ...
Multi-Band show Saturday night, Nov. 9th - going to be a great night of blues! We've heard there's going to be great food too including jambalaya + more! Plenty of room for dancin'! Big Boy Little Band goes on at 7 pm and doors open at 6:30 pm - see you at Wheaton American Legion! With Grammy nominated Bobby Messano (Steve Winwood & Lou Gramm) w/ Deanna Bogart along w/ Patty Reese/Lisa Lim duo!!!
Tonight, I celebrated a HUGE sale (laundry, housekeeping and floor care programs at a prestigious Four Star hotel here in Iowa) the way any music loving, grey haired, sixty-something should. By popping a music DVD into the player and watching a great concert. The dish of Pecan Crunch ice cream was simply "frosting on the cake." For this little personal celebration, it was Lou Gramm and Foreigner's "Live at Deer Creek" video (recorded in 1993). I've watched it countless times (probably more times than I should admit), but you know, you just can't enjoy Lou Gramm too many times! "Live at Deer Creek" is a tremendous video from start-to-finish, but when the all black church choir, The Prayer Warriors, comes out on the stage and sings the background on "I Want To Know What Love Is," it absolutely sends chills up your spine. Awesome! "Urgent," "Blue Morning," "Double Vision," "Head Games," "Waiting For A Girl Like You," "That Was Yesterday," "Hot Blooded"'s all good!
nice hand. But I raise you Midnight Blue by Lou Gramm.
Lou gramm can't do it no better how I miss music I grew up with
Foreigner concert on the DVR. Missing Lou Gramm, but *** Jones still has it.
Guilty pleasure watching Foreigner live on Palladia. Too bad *** Ronson won't bring Lou Gramm back . Not the same without him .
I'm a huge Lou Gramm fan, but this guy Kelly Hansen that sings for Foreigner now is pretty dang good. Watching on Palladia now.
Lou Gramm's rendition of Back in the Saddle.I like his gravely blues blues voice in this.He can't hit the high notes he used to, but his voice fits well with old school blues songs.
I'm enjoying a 2011 Foreigner concert on PaladiaHD. It's weird to see Dokken's Jeff Pilson on bass, and Kelly Hansen in for Lou Gramm.
Wow, googling Lou Gramm now, seems he's really religious.
Does Foreigner still tour? I wonder what Lou Gramm looks like now, lol.
Foreigner - Urgent - Live Dortmund Germany 1982: > brilliant version. Lou Gramm was some front man. What a voice.
I made a joke this morning where I mixed up Paul Rogers and Lou Gramm. I am covered in AOR radio shame. Please don’t rub it in.
But really, Lou Gramm and Joe Lynn Turner were the people I listened to most as a kid.
It's amazing what song can do for one's memory. I remember "Midnight Blue - Lou Gramm" when I was 17 years old. I also remember a red jimmy, the Table at GPSS, bush parties at the black church and cleaning my brother up to take him home after a night of partying in Sheffield at Don Small's house.
LOU GRAMM / *** jones Foreigner get them on you show they rockin the 70's and 80's
LOU GRAMM / *** jones Foreigner, put them on you show
The naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie think it all balances out, - Lou Gramm
we have Lou Gramm and Lou Reed, heh!
Corey Ian Haim (December 23, 1971 -- March 10, 2010) Lou Gramm with a great song & video from an excellent 80's movie The Lost Boys "Lost In The Sahdows". Bu...
♫ Take this Link for The Lou Gramm Band ( From Foreigner ) Christian song. "Willing to Forgive"
OK who is a better singer .. Lou Gramm or Robert PLant ?
Mine too. Mine were Linda, Lou Gramm, the Stones, and Steven Tyler.
Dear Freddie Mercury, Dennis DeYoung, Tommy Shaw, Lou Gramm, Steve Perry and Brad Delp,. I will do best as I pay...
All purpose parts banner
I’m at Daily Mess. We’re looking for columns on Beatles (50 ann). Like to get Lou Gramm if we could. Could you reach out?
that's an outrageous song to play sir..Lou Gramm..Lost in the Shadows
Truth is such a rare thing, it is delighted to tell it, -Emily Dickinson think it all balances out, - Lou Gramm
How 'bout that?! Great pic of two local legends and good guys too! Dave Kane & Lou Gramm. Proud to call them my friends... ;-)
Spending the day with the FOREIGNER catalog. Let me tell you - there isn't a single song in the whole woe begotten girly-man JOURNEY catalog that has the iron in it's shorts of "Urgent" or the he-man strut of the ridiculously sexist "Love Has Taken Its Toll". And yeah - classic Lou Gramm for the win over Steve Perry. Perry has range and a pretty voice. Gramm sounds like Paul Rodgers brother.
Important FYI: The four most recent searches on my iPhone Safari: "small wonder theme song", "soccer trade meat", " three amigos hedges", and "lou gramm".
Michael Jackson claimed he was the king of pop, is he really? I'm not so sure. He did have two big albums and had some hits on the lesser of his solo career, and of course sang lead for many of the Jackson 5 hits. Also, not mention duets he sang with others. But think there are others to consider. Here's my list of candidates: String, Phil Collins, Lou Gramm, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, just to name a few. Who do you think is really the king of pop?
Have some Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Lou Gramm, Lou Reed and U2 playing on the iPod back here in the screen print shop today.
Oh I was thinking Foreigner's lead singer died! It was Lou Reed not Lou Gramm. Know your rockers know the difference.
OK, for some reason I've had it in my mind that it was Lou Gramm who died, not Lou Reed. I was really torn up when I thought it was Lou Gramm! Yes, I know this will seem insensitive to some of you. So what. Hey, in MY world of music I get to choose who the rock gods are.
I was at a kid's museum all day and I overheard this distraught conversation from some hipster moms about how Lou Gramm died and how much they listened to him in college.
Magpie, listening to Foreigner, hoping Lou Gramm will come into our life
Hey arent Foreigner without lou gramm...hey cars your arent the cars without ric ocasek.journey ditto...I am tired of yese good bands replacing their lead singers and thinking no one will notice. Um yeah not pAying money to see that. its like going to c led zeppelin without robert plant...u know what we have cover bands...STOP
Rest in peace Lou Reed. Lou Gramm is alive and well. Thanks Allen Jackson!!!
Random little known fact about me: When Lou Gramm used to visit his parents, they lived on the same street as me when I was a child. He used to have me and my sister come listen to him sing and play guitar. Little did we know that he was the lead singer of the band Foreigner. Way cool, right?
On today's to do list: spending some quality time with Lou Gramm and Robin Zander!
I saw Lou Gramm this morning buying cat food and we talked about the weather. He said its as cold as ice.
Listening to some Foreigner.sometimes I forget just how great this band is...especially Lou Gramm...what a vocalist.
This has already been shared many times already. One more won't hurt , will it ? Lou Gramm -special guest artist and the talented awesome production of "Raiding the Rock Vault".
Love when Foreigner plays on tv shows or movies or on the radio knowing Lou Gramm shops at my store!
Brings back memories of better times 🎶 SPELLBINDER(HQ,HD) -FOREIGNER LOU GRAMM 1979
“achieving true sobriety goes beyond abstinence. it's also about healing your soul, apologizing for damage you did to other, and seeking forgiveness.” ― Lou Gramm, Juke Box Hero: My Five Decades in Rock 'n' Roll
rocking our Limited Edition Helio SC 400 guitar with Lou Gramm of Foriegner at Raiding the
Last night with Lou Gramm was absolutely the best show we've done to date. The crowd was electric and the band was firing on all cylinders. I do believe I actually saw Howard smile once or twice...Sad to see Lou go but excited for what comes next. Nice to be home for a couple days to recharge, celebrate my daughter Madison's birthday, and then grab Robin and head back on Friday.
Wenner's just softening 'em up so his buddy Lou Gramm can get in. "We let Hall & Oates in! C'mon!"
♚ Obtain this DOMAIN to hear Lou Gramm ( From Foreigner ) Christian song after Brain Surgery Recovery.
Fantastic show with Lou Gramm! So happy we got to see him perform with RTRV!
Lou Gramm of Foreigner ...a must see show at the LVH ..Raiding the Rock Vault
Grabbing some drive-thru breakfast and hitting the road. it has been an amazing, much needed break from reality for me. SO grateful to my sister for dragging me up here with her birthday money! She is so sweet to recognize that I needed to get away for a bit and destress. Also wicked grateful to our Uncle Tim for letting us crash at his place and eat his food for free and also for treating us to a visit to the Shark Reef! Insanely grateful to the guys at Raiding the Rock Vault for gifting us the tickets. Seriously made my LIFE getting to see the show again, with Lou Gramm no less! Grateful they recognized me and allowed that gift. ♥ This has been a trip for sure. First time I haven't driven or covered the cost of a trip. First people bless me with helping bring my husband home to visit, and then I'm blessed with a mini-vacation too. I'm so used to being the one that is giving to help others that letting people help me is outside my comfort zone, but it has been nice. :)
Hump Day's Cool Quiz Lunch: 1. Who were The Blues Brothers? A: Dan Akroyd and John Belushi 2. Name one of the three lead singers from Three Dog Night. A: Danny Hutton, Cory Wells, and Chuck Negron 3. Who is most well known for being the lead singer of Foreigner? A: Lou Gramm Congratulations to Big Al! You just scored a $10 gift cert from Earle Teat Music in Dover & Delmar! We play again tomorrow at noon! ~Amy
Foreigner still got it. Kelly Hansen is amazing.. can't tell the difference between him and lou gramm... rock on
A BIG Thanks to a few of my 'rocker' pals who were gracious enough to sign a B-Day card to me - and THANKS to ALL of my Face book friends and family for the greatly appreciated B-Day wishes and likes!... The whole thing was an absolute blast - David!... Signed by Brian Wilson, Jeff Beck, Meat Loaf, Lou Gramm, Al Jardine, David Marks, Blondie, Tracii Guns, Jay Schellen, Andrew Freeman, Paul Shortino, John Payne, Robin McAuley, Michael T. Ross and Howard Leese!...
I'm watching a current incarnation of the band Foreigner Live on AXS TV. The new singer sounds exactly like Lou Gramm, but it also look like either the live sync is off or he's lip syncing. Could he just be lip syncing to Lou Gramm's original track from a live show back in the day or just the studio cut? Uncanny.
Lucky to have caught this show last night with Lou Gramm.
Lou Gramm of Foreigner joins John Payne for 5 shows in Las Vegas Oct 18-22
love that show. But u got lou gramm which makes it better
Very happy to have been able to see both the opening and closing night of special guest star Lou Gramm in Raiding the Rock Vault. AWESOME.
SO grateful to the people at Raiding The Rock Vault for making my night EPIC right when I needed it most, and giving us 2 free tickets to the most incredible show in Las Vegas! MAD LOVE to the most amazing John Payne, Howard Leese, TRACII GUNS, Paul Shortino Fan Page, Robin McAuley, Jay Schellen, MICHAEL T. ROSS, and the insanely talented and still rocking Lou Gramm! This was such a great night! I danced off a billion calories, clapped until my hands ached, and sang along at the top of my lungs to every single song! SO amazing. MUST see this show! I will come back up with anyone who wants to see it. :)
Just saw Lou Gramm & he was great!! Rock Vault is just not the same without though :(
Lou Gramm of Foreigner closing out the show ... Raiding the Rock Vault
Lou Gramm Tonight and House of Blues Choir.With way to many people to tag!All of Las Vegas is out for this show.
Tonight is our last night with Lou Gramm. Honored to have worked with him this week. A nicer person in the entertainment biz will be hard to find. One more goosebumps moment when the choir kicks in.
For all who are in Vegas right now. Don't miss this once in a lifetime event. Lou Gramm will be singing at the LVH with Raiding the Rock Vault. Tonight only.
In Vegas for See Lou Gramm, legendary Foreigner vocalist TONIGHT with Raiding the Rock Vault
not 80's hair metal - this is The Story of Classic Rock from the 60's - 80's with special guest Lou Gramm of Foreigner
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
A lovely morning and lunch being spoilt by Carmen Shortino and her lovely Mum :-) Time for a sneaky nap before the last show with Lou Gramm tonight.
Raiding the Rock Vault with Lou Gramm and Mark Boals
Just putting the finishing touches to a few more releases; namely, Shakin' Street featuring French Tunisian chantreusse Fabienne Shine on lead vocals and former Dictators and future Manowar guitarist Ross the Boss. Produced by Blue Oyster Cult Svengali Sandy Pearlman (who also twisted the knobs on Aldo Nova's Debut album) this is one *** of a mean and lean hard rock record that takes no prisoners. Also dusted off the final elements for Lou Gramm's 'Long Hard Look' opus, a finer mix of hi-tech AOR and bluesy hard rock you will not find. Lou's sleeve notes are especially informative especially when discussing his relationship with Foreigner's *** Jones. Oh, nearly forgot to mention the Dirty Looks 'Cool From The Wire' album - been playing the remaster all week; an amazing record all things considered. Thank god for music!
Lou Gramm was in Las Vegas this the interview on Fox 5
Lou Gramm of Foreigner is with us one more night - TONIGHT! Come see it LVH Las Vegas Hotel & Casino! Here's Lou's TV appearance on FOX5 Local. Las Vegas -
Possible sit-ins tonight: Lou Gramm, Chuck Mangione, The Campbell Brothers, or the ghost of Cab Calloway.
Great time in Vegas with Esther and my friend the Rock Legend Lou Gramm. He sang a few of…
Lou Gramm is from/still lives in my hometown. Down to earth dude
I just watched Lou Gramm on Fox 5... What a Power~ House Rocker! And his quote "Family"and "God"are most Important to him. Humble Calm and still Rocks. Seeing him with my family tomorrow night at Raiding The Rock Vault with a Choir Behind him and all the Fabulous RTRV Musicians and Cast.. I absolutely can't wait! Soul personified Mr Lou Gramm... With Stars in my eyes!!! ;) Thank You , Carmen Shortino
4th time. This time with special guest Lou Gramm (@ Raiding The Rock Vault) on
Lou Gramm went solo from Foreigner in the 80's and had a couple of big hits. Love this one!!
TV: Lou Gramm of Foreigner on Las Vegas Channel 5 FOX tonight at 6pm
We've got 3 pairs of tickets to see Raiding The Rock Vault tomorrow night, the LAST night Lou Gramm of Foreigner...
2 more shows to see the legendary Lou Gramm in Raiding The Rock Vault book tickets here and get 2 for the price...
Lou Gramm will take the stage for five shows 10/18-22! Go Tonight!
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PHOTO: Lou Gramm of Foreigner on stage with us AND a gospel choir - he's here for 2 more nights!
"I remember what my father said. He said son life is simple. It's either cherry red... or Midnight Blue." - Lou Gramm I'm going to paint it Midnight Blue
Crying during Lou Gramm and the choir! So good! Thank you!!
THAT ONE GUITAR! Lou Gramm is kicking our butts tonight
Okay, seriously, Lou Gramm is bringing it, Mofos.
Lou Gramm just joined the boys. He's Hot Blooded. Rocking...
Here's a shot of Lou Gramm, founding member of Foreigner, performing with Raiding The Rock Vault at last night's... htt…
I saw Foreigner on this tour-winter of 1985. Lou Gramm's voice was amazing.
It's a kinda night! Excited to see special guest Lou Gramm of Foreigner. See ya there!
Goin to see Lou Gramm tonight. Its urgent.
Lou Gramm of Foreigner at Raiding The Rock Vault last night.
Another killer show last night with the AWESOME singer Lou Gramm of Foreigner and the Rock Vault Gang! and 3 more nights to come still. At LVH Hotel, main theatre, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Loverboy was really good. Foreigner is AMAZING. Kelly Hansen does Lou Gramm better than Lou Gramm does! Jeff Pilson got biggest ovation during intros. (Rocks)
Raiding the Rock Vault with my honey. We can't wait to see our favorite upstate NY vocalist Lou Gramm.
at sound check dialing in the keys to play the National Anthem with Howard Leese for the opening of the Wranglers hockey game, to my local friends, it will be aired live on The CW tv station, then after, we bolt to The LVH to play @ 8pm with Rock Vault featuring special guest Lou Gramm from Foreigner
"I gotta take a little time A little time to think things over I better read between the lines In case I need it when I'm older Now this mountain I must climb Feels like a world upon my shoulders And through the clouds I see love shine It keeps me warm as life grows colder In my life there's been heartache and pain I don't know if I can face it again Can't stop now, I've traveled so far To change this lonely life I wanna know what love is I want you to show me I wanna feel what love is I know you can show me" - *** Jones and Lou Gramm
Last night was one of those nights that validated my career choice in life...when Lou Gramm sang and that choir opened up on "I Want to Know What Love is" it was absolutely amazing. Goosebumps. And what a super nice person...4 more nights with this amazing personality. Couldn't be prouder to be a member of this fine family.
Amazing goosebumpy night. Humbled and privileged to have the chance to sing with the RTRV band and Lou Gramm. Thank you for being so gracious guys. x
Bad songs: an occasional series It is a matter of some amazement to me that this juncture could have been reached, the third entry in this occasional series, with only now the deserved attention focused on the works of Mr Dean Friedman. And then, only because Claire actually accompanied her mates to a gig of his last night (as an act of contrition for forcing them to join her at various Roy Harper gigs in the past). So, yes, there are possibly more asinine lyricists but, really, as rhyming couplets go this takes some beating (from “Lucky Stars”): “She still goes around as if she is always stumbling off a cliff.” On the other, hand Lou Gramm of Foreigner runs this pretty close (“Arrow Thru Your Heart”): “I can't take her light She's walking dynamite” Not wishing to appear overly pedantic or anything, but if someone really was walking dynamite the fact that they may appear brightly illuminated would not necessarily be the primary concern. Still, it would have to be acknowledged that the huma ...
Irene and I had a great day today. After sleeping in this morning at the LVH resort in Las Vegas. We got up and went to eat. It was lunch time so we ate at TGIF at the Good Sam Hotel. While waiting to get into the restaurant, Irene played one of her favorite slot machines and won enough money to cover two thirds of the lunch bill of us eating steak and lobster. Then we played a little more slots and headed back to LVH Resort to catch the floor show that she had won tickets at the casino yesterday. The Floor Show was called "Raiding the Rock Vault" that consist of a band that had seven band members that were in seven former popular rock bands from the past. Last part of the show, a popular rock star called Lou Gramm, from the group Foreigners , came out and sung a few songs. After the show, we headed to the portrait center to get our picture taken that I won a free portrait from yesterday but will have to wait until tomorrow when they open again. The weather has been in the 80's here so I am going ...
Another date night. Can't wait to see Lou Gramm
At LVH to see Raiding the Vault - The Story of Classic Rock featuring Lou Gramm with Wayne Russell Barber, Lynda Barber, and Chris Chris Neuman.
Lou Gramm, singer for Foreigner, is in the house tonight at Raiding the Rock Vault!
I am performing in Raiding The Rock Vault at LVH Las Vegas the next 5 nights with special guest Lou Gramm!!! :)
Comp fix to Rock Vault at LVH tonight @ 8pm. Guest performer Lou Gramm from Foreigner. Let me know pronto.
Excited to be seeing Lou Gramm in Raiding the Rock Vault at the LVH tonight. However, I will miss seeing my buddy, Daryl Weinbrandt there. Tomorrow, in Boulder City, Nevada, I'll be singing at a benefit called Hooray for Hollywood saluting movie songs. :) The weekend is off to a nice start. And what about this gorgeous day!
Well we arrived yesterday and after a few gins and a mojito I managed to keep Mum up until 9.30pm. Today we sat by the pool which is the first time I've done that while being here. Getting really excited now about singing back up on 'I wanna know what love is' for the legend that is Lou Gramm of Foreigner. Not forgetting the amazing vocals of Paul Shortino, Robin Mc Auley and John Payne. Whoop whoop :-)
Had lunch with a guy that changed my life with his voice and his songwriting. Already have goosebumps for tonight, Mr Lou Gramm you are the dogs dangles!
Lou Gramm from Foreigner performing the big hit "Feels Like The First Time" from the Delta Fair & Music Festival.
Vegas friends...want to see Raiding the Rock Vault tonight?! Lou Gramm from Foreigner is going to be performing tonight! Just follow the directions!
So wish I could see this. Saw Lou in Black River Falls on his solo tour and his voice was not so good. He is still a legend in music, and nobody could not hold a pimple on his *** as to how influential he was in the music scene at that time during the 70-80's. I really don't give a crap how these vocalists sound today, i.e. David Lee Roth, Lou Gramm, these singers are legends and we could only wish to write the songs they wrote to define an era.
So... we've got a choir coming in for the upcoming shows Friday - Tuesday with Lou Gramm. Why would that be?
One of the best Rock Voices of all time (Lou Gramm) is in the building for 5 shows with Raiding The Rock Vault plus later on today the Trouble and Mother in Law fly into Vegas to keep an eye on me. Hair cut, polished shoes and pristined iron shirt in order today. BRING IT ON.
My sweetie, Richard , bought me new shoes for Saturday. Gotta have new shoes for Raiding the Rock Vault and guest star Lou Gramm!
(Ran-Man) This afternoon on the Rolling Home Show, songs you Haven't Heard For Ages: At 345pm, a great solo hit from Lou Gramm, the former lead singer of Foreigner ... and ... At 540pm, something from my personal concert archives -- the first ever live performance of an epic song by Billy Joel recorded at C.W.Post College on Long Island on May 6th of 1977 - before the Stranger album came out! You don't have to be in the car to be Rollin' With The Ran-Man ... but the F.C.C. says it helps.
Having a very nostalgic, melancholy day, listening to Lou Gramm, White Snake, Foreigner,Journey, and Def Leppard, while making cookie dough brownies. Miss the good ol days!
Heading home after the show to recharge and get ready for Lou Gramm on Friday. Still waiting on my car.
It saddens me to say, I am the Lou Gramm of Cheese Metal. But, the show will go on. S.C.
It’s no longer necessary for Lou Gramm to want to know what love is – his audience at Landmark on Main Street on October 11th demonstrated love in abun
*** Jones and Lou Gramm perform on Today from 1995 to promote their Mr. Moonlight album. They perform the accoustic versions of Rain and Urgent.
Thank you Lou Gramm, Sweet Honey in the Rock and our amazing audiences Friday and Saturday nights for a wonderful kick-off to Landmark on Main Street's 2013-14 Season! We're back in on Tuesday if you would like to speak to the box office for tickets for a future performance. We hope to see you soon...
Had such blast opening for lou gramm. Thanks perth for the 2 standing os. Now for songwriting madness in nashville.
With his Landmark show only days away, Lou Gramm dishes on why Nassau County used to be enemy territory.
Read Lou Gramm of Foreigner's auto biography over the course of a few days. Lou is one of my all time favorite singers but somehow I never got to see him live. I seem to be drawn to singers with raspy, bluesy voices. Lou, Sammy Hagar, Paul Stanley, Joe Lynn Turner, Myles Goodwin to name a few. Amazing that Lou is still with us after surviving a massive brain tumor.
Lou Gramm used to think of Nassau County as enemy territory. Now he is returning to play the Landmark on Friday.
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My thoughts & prayers go out to Lou Gramm (lead singer of Foreigner) & his wife Robyn for the loss of their child during Robyn's pregnancy.
Lou Gramm, Shannan, Michael, Andrew, Billy, Benny, Arthur, Phil, Bobby, Christine Campbell, Sarah! We miss you guys already! You were fantastic guests that we'll never forget! We look forward to having you all here again. Amazing show! Those who didn't go, you REALLY missed out
"WE NEED JESUS" PETRA w/LOU GRAMM and JOHN ELEFONTE.mp4: via Jesus is America's only hope!
I think the real national tragedy is Lou Gramm's solo career never really taking off.
The first ever Perth Andover Rocktoberfest was a total blast! IATC Entertainment would like to give a big thanks to all of our sponsors and to all of those who were there for last nights incredible show, your support is greatly appreciated! If you weren't at Rocktoberfest 2013 you missed out on an incredible show! Both opening acts The Gary Sappier Blues Band and Christine Campbell gave us kick *** performance leading up to the nights headliner LOU GRAMM!...a BIG thanks to both bands...awesome job, awesome show! A HUGE and SPECIAL thanks goes out to The LOU GRAMM Band who was met with a standing ovation when they took the stage at 10:00PM with the opening hit song Double Vision then continued to ROCK the River Valley with ALL of Foreigners biggest hits! Rocktoberfest was definitely one unforgettable evening of pure Rock N Roll! If you thought this years Rocktoberfest was spectacular just wait till see what we do with Rocktoberfest 2014!!!
from White Wedding to Lost In The Shadows by Lou Gramm, I'm having an 80s moment, not that any of you would know these guys
Had a great time in perth andover nb tonight at the lou gramm concert! Rock and roll with a great crowd of canadiens!
Man I need to hear some memory flash back. Anyone else think dad sounds just like Lou gramm? Every time I hear foreigner I think " memory flash back "
Just saw Lou Gramm original singer of the band Foreigner and he was great.
Lou Gramm was great besides all the drunk canadians.
I met Foreigner former lead singer Lou Gramm, but "that was YESTERDAY, but today life goes on, no more hiding in yesterday, cause yesterday's gone ..."
Well going out for supper & of to the lou gramm concert ..hope its a great show and a great turn out our little town of Perth Andover well have more big name singers !!
Opening for Lou Gramm tonight. In the meantime, hangin in a castle hotel booked completely for the musicians. LOVE this place!!!
Friggin love this haunted hotel. Can't WAIT to rock out tonight and share the stage with the Gary Sappier band, and some guy named LOU GRAMM :)
Blake, and Pete in the big bus - Perth Andover. Night before opening for Lou Gramm.
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WOW! Just heard on radio where Lou Gramm *** Jones" buried the hatchet"on the Hall of Fame appearance recently,and Lou says he doesn't have any problem now with returning to Foreigner if ever asked back.Oh,That would be it!
Midnight Blue in home goods has me learning about Lou gramm, foreigner & his Christian rock album on my phone. Learning so much here :)
Well nice frosty morning might be good bird hunting .. then party tonight Big Rocktoberfest with Lou Gramm ...In our Little town !!
This is my room. Apparently the whole hotels booked for the bands. Swet!!! Opening for Lou gramm tomorri!
Going to Perth Andover to setup for Foreigner's lead signer Lou Gramm!
Playing with Gary Sappier and the band tomorrow night in Perth/Andover. Opening for Lou Gramm! Holy Crap!
Just saw Lou Gramm of Foreigner at the Perth Andover Ultramar standing outside a double stretch black limo.
Check it out - on Foreigner's Lou Gramm coming to Perth-Andover tomorrow!
opening for Lou Gramm at Rocktoberfest 2013 in Perth/Andover, NB tomorrow (Sat) nite. Tickets
This was a great show, with Chris Grove,Eddie Eddie Money,Tommy Girvin,Lou Lou Gramm,and Mickey Thomas all on the same stage.
The lead singer of Foreigner Lou Gramm totally just checked into the castle! WOW!! And I'm outside in my pink bath robe- go me. He isn't "as cold as ice" lol
Song of the day: Lost In The Shadows - Lou Gramm
, Today is Stiliyan Petrov's day, But I doubt you know who that is, think it all balances out, - Lou Gramm
where's Lou Gramm when you need him, am I right?
You have to work with the ideas and give them a little push, - Lou GrammFollow me, please, Itll mean th
Gents, do yourself a favor... Put on Lou Gramm's- "Midnight Blue"
Watching Foreigner in concert on palladia. Nice to hear Lou Gramm as front man. They may be old but they can still rock!
Heading to Perth tomorrow to settle in the hotel. Then opening for Lou gramm from foreigner on Saturday with a full band and then right to Nashville for songwriting. Bring it on!
Special Guest Star. Lou Gramm founding member of Foreigner will perform five shows from October 18 - 22 Lou Gramm...
Just watching "Foreigner in Chicago" on Palladia. *** Jones is the only one of the current lineup who was even a member of Foreigner, so it's kind of goofy for the band to still be called Foreigner. That said, the line up of the band featured here includes Jones, Tom Gimbel who toured with Aerosmith, Jeff Pilson who was one of the original members of Dokken, Michael Bluestein who played with Boz Skaggs and Stevie Nicks, Jason Bonham son of Led Zepplin drummer John Bonham and Kelly Hansen on vocals. All of them are insanely talented individuals but it is Hansen who pulls off the most amazing thing for any member in the group. That's because Hansen, as lead singer, sounds nearly exactly like original singer Lou Gramm.
I'm pleased that Joe Lynn Turner and Lou Gramm are coming my way in April!
Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent -Eleanor Rooseveltthink it all balances out, - Lou Gramm
Another chance to win some tickets to Rocktoberfest to see Lou Gramm live in concert coming up this morning. Just...
Rocktoberfest is only days away and we hope you are getting as excited as we are! Get ready to hear Foreigner's GREATEST HITS the way they were meant to be heard with the ORIGINAL voice of Foreigner...LOU GRAMM! This Rocktoberfest is the first of what we hope to become an annual event in Perth Andover.Lets show LOU GRAMM just how hard PA ROCKs!!!
Just heard this song. I remember it playing at the first job I had when I was 14. Lou Gramm - Midnight Blue - Manistee Michigan 11 / 27 / 09
Be listening this afternoon for my interview with Lou Gramm, and I've got another pair of tickets to give away!!
Would you like to win a Lou Gramm Prize package?! If you’re a fan of the voice of Foreigner you’re going to love what we want to give you! Lou
Be a Juke Box HERO... We sound just like Foreigners' Lou Gramm. What's your favorite Foreigner song?
I may release a Halloween themed charity CD where and I duet on a cover of "Lost in the Shadows" by Lou Gramm…
KOM CPC's kicking off Rocktober with a tune dedicated to crooks. Let's hear it for Lou Gramm & *** Jones
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(Lou Gramm) I used follow Yeah, that's true But my following days are over Now I just gotta follow through (cmon girl go do Spain)
Congratulations to Dawn Wilson! She won a pair of tickets to the Lou Gramm more chance tomorrow afternoon.
Awesome song. Turn it up. Gotta love Lou Gramm
Lou Gramm tickets up for grabs later this morning! Listen for your cue to call for a chance to win
This weekend - Gary Sappier Blues Band & Christine Campbell (with band) are the supporting acts for Lou Gramm Band at River Valley Civic Center!!! Ticket information can be found on the following event page :
This will be some rock'in good time at Raiding The Rock Vault October 18 to 22...Holy moley...that only five days we can see special guest Lou Gramm formerly of Foreigner. Better get your tickets now.
We had a great chat with Lou Gramm on the show this morning. We talked about the ups and downs of his music career, all the way from a little
Big thanks to Carey, John, Jonathan, Robert and Rocky for all of the help this past weekend. With a special thanks to Steve and Mat for all of the great lighting for Lou Gramm and Second City Comedy. A huge thanks to Jason for bring a new processor when the other failed on his day off. You guys made this weekend R.O.C.K.
01. INXS and Jimmy Barnes -- Good Times 02. Lou Gramm -- Lost in the Shadows 03. Roger Daltrey -- Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me 04. INXS and Jimmy Barnes -...
Just heard Lou Gramm and Zakk Wylde's version of "Stairway to Heaven". Zakk tears that solo up, as usual.
Set my guitar amp to the overdrive channel and cranked out Foreigner's "Feels Like the First Time." Great hard rock song for a rainy morning! I had a hard time singing it in the proper Lou Gramm style, though, with a straight face. Especially knowing that Lisa could hear me. So I sang it like Baby Gramps instead. I think I've got a hit on my hands!
Lou Gramm on plane with band ..sitting in coach... It's a shame how Delta treats Forigners
One more flight and I'll be home after a great weekend. Started with sitting next to rock n roll hall of famer, Lou Gramm, in the Rochester airport, got yelled at for partying too hard by the hotel staff, was carded for an R rated movie and witnessed the beautiful union of Allison Housholder and Brandon Fitzgerald :)
Few days away from the big show.Getting excited to hear Lou Gramm as well. So much going on starting at 2pm.
Lou gramm checking out my good pal John Whites olds 442!! For all you lames yes he was the singer for Foreigner for like ever!!
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MAN! i'm so stuck on youtube right now. when one song ends it reminds me of another one. and I search and find it andbam! its on again! stuck in the 80's we're talking bad English lou gramm men at work mister mister Chicago twisted sister. just to name a few
Just got back from Wayne's World in Dallas and came home with quite a haul of cds for $26. I got the following. Nelson:Because they Can (Japanese edition with 2 bonus tunes) Ozzy Osbourne: Prince of Darkness promo cd sampler Company of Wolves: s/t California: s/t (no idea who they are, just bought it on a whim) Rockhead: hard rock from Canada produced by Rob Rock. Eric Carr: Rockology Skrapp Mettle: Sensitive (w/ Jeff Scott Soto on vocals) Bad 4 Good: Refugee (Produced by Steve Vai) Katmandu: s/t (featuring Dave King of Fastway) Steel Panther: Death to all but Metal promo-cd Shadowking: Lou Gramm/Viv Campbell...nuff said!! Heartless: s/t Florida indie rock band
A Tale of Two LAN Cables -For Techies- "Is it pinging ... :p :p :p :p" This is the 240th article in the Spotlight on IT series. If you'd be interested in writing an article on the subject of backup, security, storage, virtualization, mobile, networking, wireless, cloud and SaaS, or MSPs for the series PM Eric to get started. It was a fine Saturday morning in the metroplex. I woke up to a brisk 64 °F and decided it would be a good day to head into the office and take care of some important details before the teachers arrived on Monday for a busy first week of school. I picked up my venti toffee nut latte, and drove into the beautiful sunrise as I headed up to the school. Little did I know what the day ahead would hold in store for me. I arrived at the school, hot glue gun in hand, ready to start decorating my new office. And yes, that is a VERY important detail. And yes, the weekend is the only time I had to do anything for myself in my new office because I could already feel the bombardment of help desk ...
Getting ready to go to Washington home coming game against pekin hangin with the wife and kiddos tonight might make a stop out later but pretty much fought it I have to leave early informing for a show with the one and only Lou Gramm
Looking forward to a great event weekend in Sag Harbor! Come find our table at the Sag Harbor American Music Festival and enter to win free airline tickets from Southwest Airlines® as well as VIP tickets to meet Betty Buckley after her show at Bay Street Theatre or free tickets with dinner to see Lou Gramm at Landmark on Mainstreet in Port Washington. You can also visit to enter to win. Get Inspired!!
A video mix I made for the song Russia by Shadow King. Written by Lou Gramm and Vivian Campbell. Shadow King are: Lou Gramm- Lead and background vocals Bruce...
Congratualtions to Chelsea Nickerson on winning two tickets to see LOU GRAMM at Rocktoberfest 2013 on 101.9 The Rock!
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