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Lou Gossett Jr

Louis Cameron Gossett, Jr. (born May 27, 1936) is an American actor. He is perhaps best known for his Academy Award-winning role as Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley in the 1982 film An Officer and a Gentleman, and his Emmy Award-winning role as Fiddler in the 1977 ABC television miniseries Roots.

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I know Lou Gossett Jr when I see him.
Lou Gossett Jr once politely declined to give me an autograph.
This high school movie had me on edge as a kid! The Principal (1987) with James Belushi, Lou Gossett Jr
Lou Gossett Jr., now 81, discusses ‘An Officer and a Gentleman,’ ‘Roots’ and meeting his fans - -
Lou Gossett Jr., now 81, discusses 'An Officer and a Gentleman,' and meeting his fans.
If his hairline recedes and further, it will b…
Truly blessed to work with Michael K. Williams and Lou Gossett Jr. on Hap & Leonard coming soon Sundanc…
Former Brooklynites Larry King, Lou Gossett Jr. and more recall Jackie Robinson's big-league debut 70 years later
Can kooky Shannen Doherty help marooned alien Lou Gossett Jr. get back to his planet before it’s too late?
Lou Gossett Jr. ain't never been trustworthy.
Things I was not expecting to hear at the bar: karaoke Lou Gossett Jr.
every time I skipped school I knew Lou Gossett Jr would be on Showtime in the classic Iron Eagle
He keeps giving me the side eye. He does it again, I'm gonna give him the Lou Gossett Jr. An Officer And A Gentleman stare down!
Ran into Academy award-winning actor Lou Gossett Jr. In town for the dedication of the National Museum of African...
Mr. Lou Gossett, Jr., himself. What a man,what an honor. In town for the opening of the
I am on a plane with Lou Gossett JR I keep asking the flight attendant for "MAYO - naise" in a very deep loud voice
Lou Gossett Jr. is the founder and director of the...
Lou Diamond Phillips - Louis Gossett Jr. has a problem with cocaine. . Denny's Hostess - Just one for breakfast then?
one year ago - when Doves Fly - Lou Gossett Jr. Eracism in Partnership for Peace. With Dr. Shari Rogers, Shared...
InDaHouseMedia Live at the 4th MUHAMMAD ALI HUMANITARIAN AWARDS with the Legendary Lou Gossett Jr
Lou Gossett Jr. to recieve Ali Humanitarian Award for Education: LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- He has an Academ...
Oscar-winning actor Lou Gossett Jr. awarded Ali Humanitarian Award: Actor Lou Gossett Jr. has had roles in th...
Lou Gossett Jr collects a award this weekend. He made me do 100 pushups while spraying me with a hose.
A true "gentle" man, Lou Gossett Jr., in town for the Ali Humanitarian Awards. What a delight to meet him.
Sitting in a green room with Lou Gossett Jr, as you do!
So excited to meet Lou Gossett Jr. on GDL at 9. In town for Ali Humanitarian Awards. Terry ready to quote Sgt. Foley
there were NAMES attached to Roots. John Amos had just left good times, Lou Gossett Jr was that dude. Major players.
Hollywood is lazy and reactive. I recall Lou Gossett Jr., considered unbankable even after winning an Oscar
I'm reviewing a list one by one. So far I can confirm that Lou Gossett Jr is still alive.
when u begin Prince legacy project "Amarna", get in touch w/me and Lou Gossett Jr. Lou knows the story well.
Hear about on the US $20 bill? Racists will hate it, but sexists can pretend it's Lou Gossett Jr in a do-rag.
She said that man looked like the back of Lou Gossett Jr's ankle, and I don't know what to do with the rest of my evening
Lou Gossett Jr. Wins best supporting actor. Officer & A Gentleman streaming on http…
Lou Gossett Jr. and Matt McConaughey vs. JK Simmons and Forrest Whitaker. What a match!!!
Lou Gossett Jr. - first Black American actor to win an Academy Award for 'best actor in a supporting role' - 1982 -
he's the 21st Century's equivalent of Lou Gossett Jr.
Actor Lou Gossett Jr. to speak at Bellflower BRAVO Awards -
Just arrived late to Great movie w/a perfect pairing of Lou Gossett, Jr (gorgeous!) & the always cutie, James Garner
Erroneous!! I refuse to believe Lou Gossett Jr ever had hair
Oh man, plus cranky Lou Gossett Jr? How have I never seen this movie before now?
WOW. Did I just SEE what I just SAW? Lou Gossett Jr. and Mister "A" King of New York Isaac Hayes MeTVing it today on The Rockford Files?
WOW. Did EYE really SEE what EYE just SAW? Impressive. MOST IMPRESSIVE. Lou Gossett Jr. AND Mr. "A" King of New York Isaac Hayes...
is this a Lou Gossett Jr impersonator?
I'm watching The Rockford Files and James Garner is mercilessly owning Lou Gossett Jr
Coldest flick ever. It always manages to be on cable. James Woods, Lou Gossett Jr. Boxing/Hustling Flick. Hilarious
he's gonna be Lou Gossett Jr. in Diggstown
directing Lou Gossett Jr on day 7 of
Is it just me, or does Vonn Miller's mustache make him look like Lou Gossett Jr.?
on front page of The Malibu Times w/ Lou Gossett Jr - Super Smiley Supervises as usual. Radio show soon
dynamic & diverse party w/The legend, Lou Gossett Jr. All I could say to him was "Thank you!"
watching ghost adventures, Kim Russo tonight with Lou Gossett Jr., Dead Files, and so much more if time alots
'cause of my step-daughter's 2-syllable pronunciation, I've been saying May-O-NAISSE so much, the neighbors think Lou Gossett Jr. lives here
Tiger Woods looking like he has aged 20 years since his last win. What the *** happen to this guy? In ten more years he’s Lou Gossett Jr.
Tiger Woods head is a mess. He needs to cut bait and go with the Lou Gossett Jr. look at this point.
Apr 11, 1983. Lou Gossett Jr. is 1st African-American 2 win Best Supp at 55th for
Lou Gossett Jr claims is better than Roots. Get the DVD & have patrons decide
Lou Gossett Jr. makes a bold claim that the is better than Roots. Buy the DVD & decide for yourself! http…
Hung out today on with Lou Gossett Jr & Edward James Olmos. Fun times at LA turkey drive! …
how about some Enemy Mine tables. 1985 movie with Dennis Quaid and Lou Gossett Jr! Good syfy movie
It’s a bareknuckle fighting movie directed by Walter Hill, starring Lou Gossett Jr and James Woods. I’ve wanted to see it.
Got home tonight and called my great friend Richie. He told me that he and his lovely wife Kristi was going to watch "Captain Phillips". I told him that I was going to watch "Gilligan's Island". He asked me do I ever watch anything after 1987. I said Yes, I do. I wound up watching the movie "The Principal". That is the one that starred James Belushi and Lou Gossett Jr. That is a good movie.
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Was watching a movie from 1987 called The Principal. James Belushi and Lou Gossett Jr. Reminded of a time long ago when TJ Jurado introduced me to Lou Gossett JR.
We spent Saturday night at the 45th Annual Image Awards and had a great time meeting Ed Asner, Lou Gossett Jr, Terry Crews, Forest Whitaker, Michael B. Jordan, Regina King, Terrence Howard, and J.B. Smoove just to name a few, BUT the highlight of the night was getting to sit down with Stevie Wonder, and talk about sound and headphones, and of course life in general. AMAZING night.
What a great day at Los Angeles City Hall with Mayor Garcetti and many more polictial leaders at the African American Heritage tribute where they honored Charlie Wilson, Angela Basset, Lou Gossett Jr. and others.
KILLA= ( A DAY LATE ) Charlie Wilson Music Being honored today with my friends Angela Bassett and Lou Gossett Jr. by Mayor Eric Garcetti and the City of Los Angeles!!
Today I had a wonderful time at the African American Heritage Month Event at The City Hall in Los Angeles, California. Angela Bassett, Lou Gossett Jr. and Charlie Wilson along with the first African American female U.S. Judge Consuelo Marshall, Educator Dr. James Rosser and Supervisor,Yvonne Burke, were awarded today for their achievements. I'm blessed to be in that number of people who came out to support and give of themselves for the higher good for our youth and the community. I must say…"For me, Los Angeles is a great place to grow up and a great place to live"!! Blessings,
Mayor Eric Garcetti, Charlie Wilson, Angela Bassett, Lou Gossett Jr., Yvonne Braithwaite-Burke. And so many other city officials, civil rights activists, other public officials was an awesome Honor at the Black Heritage Month Celebration in Los Angeles CA..
At the African American Heritage Awards Ceremony with Charlie Wilson, Lou Gossett Jr., Angela Bassett, Donna Dymally, Jeannine Sturtevant, Mollywood Hollywood, Jacnique Harris Love, Victor Orlando. Thank you Kristi Hesselberg for my hair and make up!
don't forget when Lou Gossett Jr was on there getting his R. Kelly on with Thelma.
Rest In Peace to James Avery... About 10 years ago I was a film student with BIG dreams... I wrote a short film entitled "A Christmas Wish" and was determined to have an Hollywood actor in it. I'd been to a bunch of African American Film Festivals where black actors talk a good game about about giving back and opening doors for people like me, so I went to work faxing the agents, managers, publicists and lawyers of just about every known black male actor in Hollywood (as the part was written) - You name'em, I reached out to them, from the top on down... I got a couple of gracious responses from folks like Bill Duke , Philip Michael Thomas and Lou Gossett Jr... But (as you might suspect) none from anyone else EXCEPT JAMES, who had family in the area and agreed to help. James didn't come as a Hollywood diva... He came bearing wisdom and insight as an actor, as a man and as an African American who had walked the path I dared to tred... He taught in between takes and in between car rides and on his way to ...
I'm watching "Left Behind- World at War", with Kirk Cameron and Lou Gossett Jr. It's not a Christmas movie, but it's a Christian movie, and deals realistically with events that will soon come to pass that will affect the whole world. I've watched it many times, but it's a timely movie that doesn't get old.
Watching "Skin Game." The movie that inspired Djuango starring Lou Gossett Jr and James Garner.
3669 Slauson Ave. Get here and get your Thanksgiving box filled with a turkey and all of the sides... FREE! Lou Gossett Jr., Kym Whitley, Michael Colyar, Jan Perry, Curren Price, and many more are out here handing out boxes. Come Get Your Blessing!
Thank you to the friends who've stopped me at lax practice or Harris Teeter, who've emailed or posted -- asking when is my next blog coming out. Your encouragement is my Lou Gossett Jr. yelling at Richard Gere -- a motivating kick in my widening *** So here it is…
Legends Beyond Gala/Dinner at Eddie Murphys mansion in BH, Red Carpet begins at 530- Birthday celebration for Freda Payne, hostess Viivica Fox..Jamie Foxx in the house along with new album release "Earth, Wind/Fire. Fashion Institiute Alumni in the house..Mike Epps, Lou Gossett Jr. Darius McCrary...theme is 1920's
watch the deep instead. Same author plus Nick Nolte and a voodoo practicing Lou Gossett Jr
The last issue of Ebony I saw had Lou Gossett, Jr. on the cover.
Steve Francis dropped a rap song and promptly turned into Lou Gossett Jr
Played a younger Oscar/Emmy winner Lou Gossett,Jr on for Not 6'4" but baldhead &mustache ready
Vintage marquee: Peter Falk & Peter Boyle in THE BRINK'S JOB .. together on 42nd St. with Lou Gossett Jr. in THE C
My 1000th follower will receive a dingleberry statue of Lou Gossett Jr.
"[name of my player] was hitting like Lou Gossett Jr. in Diggstown tonight."
In response to a Coast Guard video starring Lou Gossett Jr, this happened. Epic Top Gun punch line.
Excited to work with A&E Networks and BIO Channel's "Celebrity Ghost Stories" again. I shoot the Lou Gossett Jr story as a Ghost on Tues
Thanks to Lou Gossett Jr for becoming Executive Prep Academy spokesperson!!!
The 80's were a wonderful time. I'm watching this "action" movie now called the Prinicipal with Jim Belushi & Lou Gossett Jr
Had to get Mr. Lou Gossett Jr ready for his Entertainment Weekly ace made…
Hear & I get tipsy & talk about Chuck Norris, Lou Gossett Jr & Sonny "Billy from Predator" Landham:
I keep thinking of An Officer and a Gentleman. Lou Gossett Jr would have ridden your *** all day for crying..
Another long day of filming on MIRACLE AT GATE 213 today. Set Pic of Mack Astin, Adele Rene and Lou Gossett Jr
Hanging out with Lou Gossett Jr on the set of "Miracle At Gate 213" at Air Hollywood Studios.
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Lou Gossett Jr. Why dont you quit? Just leave. Just walk away. Richard Geer Cause I have no where to favorite lines from An Officer and a Gentleman
I remember meeting you and Lou Gossett Jr. at Comic Con Chicago 2011. That was an awesome day for me!
how would a jaws game work, are you the shark, Roy Scheider, Lou Gossett Jr, Dennis Quaid or Michael Cain?
Ok ok ok so Your baby's mama looks like Robert Parish had a love child with Lou Gossett Jr and this is somehow my fault?
Hump day is over, I can finally see Friday! About to throw a movie on. 'The River Niger' with James Earl Jones,Cicely Tyson and Lou Gossett Jr.
I am always amazed at "the day after" syndrome in which people proclaim something is the BEST or GREATEST based on the last action of an individual. The posts on yahoo and other blog sites have now crowned Daniel Day Lewis as BEST ACTOR ever. WOW. Were these people born yesterday? Yes, he's phenomenal. But why is it our society has to have the disposable mentality the second something else comes along? How can anyone overlook almost a century of acting and just cast all the others aside. Can we give any consideration to Pacino, Brando, Dean, Newman, Redford, Portier, Robeson, Ben Kingsley, Charlton Heston, Denzel Washington, Claude Raines, James Cagney, Lou Gossett Jr., Ossie Davis, Jimmy Stewart, Fredric March...shall I go on?
An Officer and a Gentleman on AMC this icy morning. Lou Gossett Jr lookin' like a character in a dubbed kung fu movie from the 70s with the bleeping lol
On Monday the Museum of the Moving Image's ongoing Changing the Picture series of screenings and discussions here in NYC, which celebrates and explores the work of film and television artists of color, presented Making Roots, Making TV History - a discussion with Ben Vereen, Lou Gossett Jr., LeVar B...
I rarely get starstruck. But being around Levar Burton, Lou Gossett Jr., Leslie Uggams and Ben Vereen for a panel about Roots made me have a moment.
Video on For eight consecutive nights in 1977, the nation tuned in to watch “Roots,” a TV miniseries based on the Pulitzer Prize- winning novel by Alex Haley. Cast members Levar Burton, Leslie Uggams and Lou Gossett Jr. chat about starring in the much-honored, high-rated drama.
Last Night at the African Inaugural Ball in Chrystal City, The Nazu Dance Company TURNED IT OUT!!! Our performance was unmatched!!! Our song, our energetic, soulful healing dance was so skillfully performed...Lou Gossett Jr got up & danced w/ our leader! It WAS a BALL that we had!!!
Pam Oliver prolly look like Lou Gossett Jr when she take that mane off.
Some of the public people I have driven over the years and was their butler at the Hyatt.Alan King, Stefan Edberg and Stefi Graff, Bob Dole, Former Secy. of State James Baker, Tony Snow Former Press Secy. to George Bush, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Lou Gossett Jr., John Bolton former Ambassador to the United Nations, The Kings of Leon, The Eagles, The Doobie Bros., Mayor Daly, Peggy Noonan Ronald Regan"s speech writer, Kay Bailey Hutichinson rep. senator for Texas, Bob Beckel campaigne manager for Walter Mondale and Fox News contributor and Cal Thomas Fox news, Sarah McLaughlin, Jay Leno, B.J Thomas. I cant remember anymore, I'm tired and have to go to bed but it has been such a great job all these years :0)
Michael Irving looks like he could be Lou Gossett Jr's relation.
such talent in ROOTS - can't get over seeing LaVar Burton, Lou Gossett Jr, Robert Reed, Cicely Tyson, Lorne Greene, Sandy Duncan, John Amos
Helpful tips in finding hidden blaxploitation gems: 1) Go to and search the filmography of blaxploitation actors. 2) Check movies they played in from 1968 to the 1990. 3) If they are 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in role significance, then read the plot of the movie (i.e. racism, militant, the word "Black" in an adjective usage). 4) If the movie explicitly depicts the Black actor in a exploitative role, then more than likely the movie is blaxploitation. Of course there are other factors that goes into deeming movies as blaxploitation, but these tips generally takes you in the right direction. This is how I was able to find the 3 recent films I posted earlier of Lou Gossett Jr. and Phillip Michael Thomas. Surprisingly to my knowledge, Phillip Michael Thomas starred in more blaxploitation movies than I thought. Its very interesting and educating in searching for films.
Discovery of the day: granted the awesome recovery/stray from boredom gift of The Mel Brooks Collection on Bluray via my wife, I insert Blazing Saddles to peruse the special features. I find there was a plan to adapt it into a TV series called Black Bart starting Lou Gossett Jr. Needless to say it didn't get picked up.maybe because a TV audience wasn't ready to squash racism through laughter back in the early 70's? Or was it because they used the N word twice in the first 5 minutes?
If some of you have kids or friends that would like to read the Bible, but do not have time, the new Word of Promise audio Bible with an all-star cast is great. It's available as an App for all smart phones. Check out the cast: Jim Caviezel, Richard Dreyfuss, Lou Gossett Jr., Luke Perry, Marissa Tomei and more. The download is free and gives you the audio version of the book of John free.
Enemy Mine (Starring Dennis Quaid and Lou Gossett Jr) seems to have made it to Blu-Ray.but seems to cost $69.74 new and $59.75 used.
Watchin "enemy mine!" This old movie from 1985 with Lou Gossett Jr. & Dennis Quaid is one of the best!
it is a new movie by Russ Parr, starring Lamman Rucker, Isaiah Washington, Lou Gossett Jr.,
"Wait, you are telling me Lou Gossett Jr. was in Wuthering Heights?" -
Peace I was watching the USA men's basketball team selection Anthony Davis is hurt so Harden and Iguodala got the last spots..the team is loaded even without Howard and Wade Kobe got da thick *** Lou Gossett Jr goatie smiling from ear to ear he said Nash called just make sure he was good wit everything and Kob said *** to tha yeah Lakers 4 life real rap
A half hour episode of The Partridge Family in 3 minutes... costarring Richard Pryor and Lou Gossett Jr.
Me (Sherman) to The Almighty (GOD).in tears I got No Where Else to God! (As Richard Gere cried to Lou Gossett Jr in "An Officer and a Gentleman). What we MUST learn to be our Best Self! Thank You Father.
Name that movie: We watched an apparent late 70's classic the other day starring a very young (and sober) Nick Nolte & Lou Gossett Jr. gets eaten by a large eel in the end. Pretty good flick. Any guesses?'
It's amazing what a little ME TIME will do for the soul and body... Last night was all about me time... watched Soul Surfer starring Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid, and Carrie Underwood and Grace Card with Lou Gossett Jr., then read a few pages in an inspirational/motivational book by Victoria Osteen... Had GREAT night's sleep and woke up refreshed and renewed, ready to start the day with vigor... Through all the hustle bustle of life's daily business... DO NOT forget to take some time for self care... Even if you have to schedule it into your daily plan... It truly does the body, mind, and soul some good...
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