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Lou Gehrig

Henry Louis Lou (or) Buster Gehrig (June 19, 1903 – June 2, 1941) was an American baseball first baseman who played 17 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the New York Yankees (1923–1939).

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Aaron Judge joins Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle are the only with 27 or more home runs at home in a season
Aaron Judge, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Joe Dimaggio are the only with 10+ HRs in a season against the Browns/franchise
Only the great Lou Gehrig ever had more RBI in a game as a rookie with the than Aaron Judge recorded vs th…
If you're Louisville Slugger and it's 1927, who better than Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth to sell your product.
April 2, 1931 - Legend has it Jackie Mitchell struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig during an exhibition, she was 17 yea…
Happy birthday Douglas Croft, who played young Lou Gehrig in Pride of the Yankees. Croft would later die at the age of…
Next metal card tin is Iron Men of baseball Cal Ripken and Lou Gehrig
He died of complications from Lou Gehrig's disease.
It was from complications due to Lou Gehrig's disease. Gordon Lish lost his wife to ALS, too. AWFUL disease. RIP
Learn more ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease, its symptoms, diagnosis and ways to manage it:
Lou Gehrig was a left handed hitter.
ALS ("Lou Gehrig's Disease") is merciless. Blessings on the soul of Sam Shepherd.
Beach bound with my babe. In background baseball legends Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig catching dinner back in the day.
Actor, playwright Sam Shepard dies after battle with Lou Gehrig's disease
The Oscar-nominated actor and writer died from complications related to Lou Gehrig's disease.
When you enter the 3 legends of the game in statues (Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson & Roberto Clemente)…
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Lou Gehrig killed Sam Sheperd, you know. I heard it was with an ice bucket.
When Oliver Hardy asked Stan Laurel "Who's on First?" great grandpa Lindner was in the audience and yelled "Lou Gehrig!"
ALS claims another victim. Truly a horrible disease and named for an incredible man, The Iron Horse, Lou Gehrig.
Sam Shepard died from complications of Lou Gehrig's disease
In my opinion he was one of our generations greatest actors, such a great guy, a typical good guy, fought Lou Gehrig's disease, so sorry ;-(
Sad day, losing the outstanding award-winning playwright and actor Sam Shepard. Suffered from very tough "Lou Gehrig's disease."
Lou Gehrig his home in Kentucky ...finally at rest... blessings to his family
Passing away in Kentucky, Sam suffered from ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. A tough disease to contend with.
Sam Shepard, Actor and Pulitzer-Winning Playwright, 73, passed away from complications of Lou Gehrig’s disease
The award-winning writer and Oscar-nominated actor, has died of Lou Gehrig’s Disease.
Sam Shepard passed away due to complications from Lou Gehrig's disease.
Director, actor and playwright Sam Shepard died Thursday of complications from Lou Gehrig's disease.…
He died of ALS (Lou Gehrig's). MSM is too busy reporting on our worthless leader. R.I.P. Sam…
God bless Sam Shepherd, playwright, actor and let the public know more about animal flesh as the prime cause of Lou…
Sam Shepard died of Lou Gehrig's Disease; let us pray for his family; for all afflicted by this illness; and for a cure for ALS!
Playwright Sam Shepard dies from complications of Lou Gehrig&Disease at his home in Kentucky.
..Actor Sam Sheppard has died from complications fro Lou Gehrig's disease. RIP
Playwright/actor, Sam Shepard, has died at age 73 from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, "Lou Gehrig's disease").
Case report: positive results for a patient using for Lou Gehrig's disease
Sam Shepard’s Cause of Death: How Did the Actor Die? via
Sam Shepard, the actor and playwright, died Thursday due to complications from Lou Gehrig’s disease
10u Steelies win lopsided game in East Amherst, NY over Lou Gehrig at Iron Horse Classic behind HR by C Stevens HR. Stay Strong!
in 1929, over 3,000 fans watch Lou Gehrig go 4 for 4 as the defeat the in an exhibition game…
Frank Sinatra asks Lou Gehrig for an autograph in 1939.
"Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth."- Lou Gehrig . "What he said..."- Mark Hamill
On July 4, 1939, New York Yankee slugger Lou Gehrig, who was suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or...
28 times, Juan Gonzalez, had 5+ RBI´s in a game. Carlos Delgado did in 22 games. The leader is Lou Gehrig with 41.(Baseball Digest).
Man who inspired ice bucket challenge to raise money for reasearch into Lou Gehrig's disease back in hospital.
Born on the day Ripken Jr passed Lou Gehrig in 1995, Logan Warmoth’s parents almost named him Cal. Column:
Hats off I lost my brother to Lou Gehrig's disease & have passionate hopes that technology advances continue…
If you smoke one reefer, you get Lou Gehrig's disease.
I can't believe Lou Gehrig's parents named him after a DISEASE!!
To the person at work that stole my sprite and left me a 7up I hope you get Lou Gehrig's disease.
Patricks dad played for the so i hope that whole family gets Lou Gehrig disease
I'm able-bodied& childless but care for my husband who has ALS Lou Gehrig's Disease. Medicaid pays my in…
$IONS Thanks to new drug, Laconia toddler successfully battling 'baby version' of Lou Gehrig's disease
Please give to my Kickstarter to produce a documentary about fundraising for Lou Gehrig's Disease: 'All Ice On Me'. Thank you.
Overheard this one-liner: "Seriously, what are the odds of someone named Lou Gehrig getting Lou Gehrig's disease?"
I am now aware of 14 McIntyre Powder-exposed mine workers who have/had ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).
Lou Gehrig played until he got diagnosed with ALS, a very little known disease at the time and was thus given the name Lou Gehrig's disease
My mother has Lou Gehrig's Disease. My stepfather has Alzheimer's. My niece has autism. Medicare and Medicaid are essential to their lives.
Amen! My aunt died of Lou Gehrig's, my friend has Gardner's Syndrome, a rare genetic disease.…
Rogue Genes May Cause Some ALS Cases. Most people with Lou Gehrig's disease have no known family history of it. Source: HealthDay. Related M…
Can you believe that Lou Gehrig died from a disease called Lou Gehrig's disease?. What are the odds of that?
"Joe Dimaggio...didn't he have Lou Gehrig's disease?" -Sarah . "...Lou Gehrig had Lou Gehrig's disease" -me 😐😑😂
[INFO] Youngjae's new bracelet is from 'WITH ICE' bracelet made to show support for Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS) patients i…
But the Yankees suffered another blow in 1939 when star player Lou Gehrig was diagno…
We are ready to serve here at Walnut Wednesday and help fight Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS). Come…
Still a pretty crazy coincidence Lou Gehrig had Lou Gehrig's disease. I mean, what are the odds?
On this day in 1939 NY Yankees announce Lou Gehrig's retirement after doctors reveal he has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Today,1939. Baseball legend Lou Gehrig is forced to quit baseball because of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis--a diseas…
Motorcycle Run for Capt. James Sparks, recently diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease.
OTD in 1939 announces Lou Gehrig's retirement, based on the report that he has Amyotrophic Lateral Scleros…
Happy birthday to Lou Gehrig; hall of fame baseball player and a namesake of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or…
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease and motor neurone disease (MND), is a...
Learn about the disease that affected baseball legend Lou Gehrig:
1930 Philadelphia Athletics, back to back WS champions, beat up Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig 'Murderers Row' Yankees
John McGraw's retirement crowded Lou Gehrig's 4 HR out of the headlines.
OTD in 1932 Lou Gehrig hits 4 consecutive Home Runs in a 20-13 victory over The Philadelphia Athletics.
in 1932 Lou Gehrig smacked 4 consecutive home runs (barely missed in a slugfest vs. Philadelphia
Lou Gehrig died 76 years ago today at the age of 37.
Lou Gehrig died 76 years ago today. Here's his July 4, 1939 speech at Yankee Stadium.
Ty Kelly is greater than Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Joe Dimaggio combined. He'd hit cleanup in murderers row
Most do not know that Lou Gehrig did not actually have ALS, but instead received brain damage from numerous hits to the head.
same for Lou Gehrig, but Miller Huggins just kept chugging along.
Thanks again to Lou Gehrig, er, for having me on the show today. Hopefully Wally Pipp, er, feels better soon.
Mike Francesa loses his mind when a caller says that Derek Jeter was better than Lou Gehrig.
Lou Gehrig better be glad Matheny wasn't his manager. Would've given Wally Pipp his job back.
If the training staff had Lou Gehrig, Wally Pipp would be in the Hall of Fame
Is Adrian Gonzales about to be Wally Pipp'd? 1B, Bellinger probably isn't the next Lou Gehrig though... bu…
Remember, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is supposed to be the Lou Gehrig to Sean Spicer's Wally Pipp. Whoo boy.
On this date in 1939, Yankees 1B Lou Gehrig's streak of 2,130 consecutive games played came to an end when he did not pl…
It's 1937 and baseball royalty is relaxing in the dugout at Fenway Park. (L-R) Jimmie Foxx, Joe Dimaggio, Lou Gehrig,…
On this day 20 years ago, Cal Ripken Jr. played in his 2,131st consecutive game, breaking Lou Gehrig's record.
This grouping is so era restricted. What about Gary Cooper as Lou Gehrig? What about Brian's Song?
Murderers' Row were truly savages 84 years ago today when Lou Gehrig hit 4 HR's and Tony Lazzeri hit for the cycle. ht…
Not a good 24-36 hours for the First, gets diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease, and now we learn Gale Sayers has dementia.
'SpongeBob' creator says he has Lou Gehrig's disease
'SpongeBob' creator Stephen Hillenburg says he has Lou Gehrig's disease
Sports History for Feb. 24, 1937 - Lou Gehrig did a screen test for the role of Tarzan. Johnny Weissmuller eventually got the part.
A Yankees fan? Looking for a fixer-upper? Lou Gehrig's old house might be just for you.
"Six years ago, he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease".
Babe Ruth, Lloyd Waner, Lou Gehrig, and Paul Waner shake hands before the start of the 1927 World Series
This vintage Yankees & Giants Baseball is signed by Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Rogers Hornsby & more! It is...
TIL: Alex Rodriguez is MLBs Grand Slam King with 25 bases loaded knocks - just two more than Lou Gehrig.
Paul Konerko is 1 of 10 First basemen in history to hit 400 HR and 400 2B. Some others? Lou Gehrig, Albert Pujols, and Eddie Murray.
Charles W. just reviewed Lou Gehrig Youth Jersey - Check it out! via
Ted Williams. Jimmie Foxx. Lou Gehrig. Rogers Honrsby. Babe Ruth. That is a list of players with a better career slash-lin…
My professor showed Lou Gehrig's retirement speech at Yankee Stadium during class and it made me really happy to know she knew who that was
Once the device was activated, the first thing she told her doctors was, "GET THIS THING OUT OF MY HEAD!!!".
That type of endurance makes one appreciate even more Lou Gehrig's 2,130 consective games played.
Yankee HOFers Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth meet with A's HOFers Tris Speaker and Ty Cobb before a 1928 Game in Philadelphia.
What's the longest streak of "REMIND ME TOMORROW" clicks one has made on MacBook update? I'm approaching Lou Gehrig territory now.
A big thank you to Ms. Lucas for being Mrs. Radeke's community reader today @ Flossmoor Hills. We really enjoyed he…
like Wally Pipp- Lou Gehrig. Both good, Dak just has run with his opportunity
Bless you! Lou Gehrig was the son of immigrants, people Trump would've told quite loudly to get out. A bigoted Red Sox should
"Bustin" Babe Ruth & "Larrupin" Lou Gehrig on the baseball barnstorming trail after the '27 Yankees season…
you sir are a despicable person and represent everything that is wrong with the left. I sincerely hope you get Lou Gehrig's.😍
This is sports. Its Lou Gehrig stuff that will never stop. Sports and injuries are a brutal thing. Father time/bad inj get all.
Lou Gehrig HATED blacks. Look it up. That's your hero?
Ichiro Suzuki accepting his Lou Gehrig Sports Award at the 22nd Annual Lou Gehrig Sports Awards
Ballot write-in directions: now Charles Dickens, Frank Lloyd Wright and Lou Gehrig sound good. County Committee (Ma…
Belichick references Brady, Ninkovich, Jack Lambert and Lou Gehrig (!) as guys who didn't play much but then made the most…
Joe Jackson, Cap Anson, Lou Gehrig bats bring big bucks in Christie's auction. has a recap:…
Gil Hodges on Lou Gehrig- "The only advantage Gehrig has is that he's a better baseball player than me".
Jackie Mitchell, was a baseball star in her day. She was the only woman to ever strike out Lou Gehrig and Babe Ru…
wait is this the commemorative acct for Lou Gehrig of Lou Gehrigs disease…or Curt Schilling of Curt Schilings disease?
TIL Eiji Sawamura was a bad dude, once striking out Charlie Gehringer, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Jimmie Foxx in su…
1931: 17yo Jackie Mitchell struck out Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig; the next day, she was banned from baseball as it was “too s…
On this date in 1995, Cal Ripken, Jr. surpassed Lou Gehrig's consecutive games played streak:
When you have a wonderful mother-in-law who takes sides with you in squabbles with her own dau
In this edition looks at Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, the All-Star Game and The Gashouse Gang. Enjoy!
20 years ago today Babe Dahlgren, the man that ended Lou Gehrig's then record consecutive games streak in baseball, passed away
This rare double-signed baseball could be the pinnacle of your collection - view now at https:…
Lou Gehrig's Disease is devastating. We have the power to help! Please help me by making a donation:
But stoops can get Lou Gehrig's disease
Phi Delta Theta Chris Brussalis taking the w 1,000 of his brothers paying tribute to Lou Gehrig.
as if a woman didn't strike out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig once
this LDW traffic is giving me Lou Gehrig's disease
they're the party of Lincoln like the Vikings are the Vikes of Fran Tarkenton or the Yankees are the Yankees of Lou Gehrig
Scientists identify an instigator of nerve cell damage in Lou Gehrig’s disease
Babe Ruth (9), Lou Gehrig (4), and Mickey Mantle (4) own 17 of the Top 20 most valuable seasons by a Yankees position player (by rWAR)
I agree, I put him up there with Lou Gehrig, Donnie Baseball and Tino Martinez
Well, among them but the last of them. Lou Gehrig(1st) Don Mattingly, Tino Martinez & arguably Chris Chamblis all better.
Health & Wellness: Another reason to avoid statin drugs: Muscle wasting that may lead to Lou Gehrig's disease...
'Gleason' honest look at realities of Lou Gehrig's disease via
[BLOG POST] Why does Lou Gehrig's farewell speech still resonate?
'Gleason' honest look at horrors of Lou Gehrig's disease: Compelling documentary about ex-football player Ste...
Frankincense has been shown to increase oxygenation in the blood: Using frankincense oil for Lou Gehrig's Disease -
With latest swing, Peninsula biotech tries to double up Lou Gehrig's disease
Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Miller Huggins give their opinions on why home run totals have risen so dramatically. .
Donaldson joined Lou Gehrig, Ted Williams, Reggie Jackson, Frank Thomas and Alex Rodriguez on that list.
Question of the day. Lou Gehrig or Rod Carew? Get voting!
Jackie Mitchell with Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. Jackie Mitchell is the only female in history to strike out Babe...
What r the chances Lou Gehrig would die from something called Lou Gehrig's disease? Like if Seal was clubbed 2 death as a baby.
On this day in Yankees history - Lou Gehrig loses his battle with ALS
Amazing shot of four of MLB's all-time legends - Lou Gehrig, Tris Speaker, Ty Cobb, and Babe Ruth (1927)
Do you ever ponder what a coincidence it is that Tommy John had Tommy John surgery & Lou Gehrig died of Lou Gehrig disease?
Yanks lineup had Lou Gehrig 4th, Tony Lazzeri 5th, Ben Chapman 6th. The Babe had the day off. This is incredible.
.I see you are promoting breast cancer today, it is awareness month, a disease named for Lou Gehrig, watcha doing for that
If i am right when I was looking at stats and can check later Lou Gehrig won or almost won the triple crown but Mickey Cochrane won the MVP
The cutting would be like the Yankees cutting Lou Gehrig to push Wally Pipp
Remember what Lou Gehrig did to Wally Pipp. hit it out of the park with today, better get back soon.
On this date 77 yrs ago, Lou Gehrig benched himself for poor play, ending his streak of 2,130 straight appearances.
NYT correction today: "...Wally Pipp, the Yankee usurped by Lou Gehrig..." He wasn't usurped--his position at 1st was. No?
Remember when the team was struggling and Miller Huggins replaced Wally Pipp with Lou Gehrig? By all means Joe keep doing what you're doing
Yay! So pleased for you. Never forget the Wally Pipp/Lou Gehrig story. May all your wildest dreams come true.
Lou Gehrig, Chuck Klein and Gil Hodges are the only players with four home runs in one game, and a cycle in another.
A breath of Hope- Are's life with ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease
I know they hit an insane amount of homeruns, but I wonder if teams did a shift on players like Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig
17 year old Jackie Mitchell threw and struck out Babe Ruth, then Lou Gehrig in the same inning in 1931.
Jackie Mitchell was a female MLB pitcher who struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. A few days later, her contract was voided.
You will never convince me that Bill Mazeroski is worthy to be in Cooperstown New York with the likes of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Hank Aaron.
Lou Gehrig's New Rochelle home for sale via
Larry Speakes, what a guy. Imagine if he'd made that joke about Lou Gehrig's Disease or Leukemia. The press...
1939: Sports - Baseball legend Lou Gehrig, afflicted with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, gave his famous farewell speech at Yankee Stadium.
Jackie Mitchell was 17 when she struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig one after the other and men were afraid of the power of a teenage girl
Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth in 1935, when Babe was on the Boston Braves.
Cal Ripken's consecutive games streak ended when the MLB players struck in 94 yet the league lies. Lou Gehrig will always be the iron horse.
right in the feels sir, that retirement speech is right up there with the likes of Lou Gehrig for me
Rare I get to see Raw. Prob best sports retirement speech since Lou Gehrig. is true class. One of the all time greats
I feel like we just saw pro wrestling's "Luckiest man" Lou Gehrig speech moment. People will tell their kids about this one.
The plus is that Bryan delivered the best retirement speech in any profession ever. (Except maybe Lou Gehrig.)
Trying to think of a "real" sports comparison for this and the only one I can think of is Lou Gehrig's retirement speech.
Well, this is going right next to Jim Henson's funeral and Lou Gehrig's farewell speech in my YouTube crying folder.
Lou Gehrig's speech wasn't this long.
This is Lou Gehrig-level emotion. But with a happier ending.
Lou Gehrig got the same deal, I think.
If you stole my phone I hope you get Lou Gehrig's disease
No offense Olivia, but I hope you get Lou Gehrig's disease
“The ballplayer that loses his head, who can’t keep his cool, is worse than no ballplayer at all.” Lou Gehrig
Sadness as popular US soprano dies of Lou Gehrig's Disease via
to Saturday, this is the last person alive to pitch to Lou Gehrig.
"Pride of the Yangtze," the story of Chairman Mao's struggle with Lou Gehrig's Disease (fact).
Please pray for my friend Matt. He works at McLaren with me and was recently diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's).
I mean seriously, what are the odds a guy named Lou Gehrig dies of Lou Gehrig's disease. Crazy
Don't worry about commitments back here in CT. My appearance on Beyond the Beat this AM was Lou Gehrig/Wally Pip like
New therapy halts progression of Lou Gehrig’s disease in mice via Scienmag
On an unrelated note: I hope you all get Lou Gehrig's disease in prison.
If Lou Gehrig was Manning. "I'm lucky ... that I'm covered by Nationwide health insurance!"
New therapy halts progression of Lou Gehrig's disease in mice
I'm giving away something for you on Lou Gehrig Stamp free mailing. Get it here -
Farewell football...and hello to baseball season! ~ Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig are ready for
Lou Gehrig and Joe Dimaggio side by side in the dugout in 1939.
Lou Gehrig story with Gary Cooper. Prepare to cry...but must be seen.
90 years ago today, the Reds bought Wally Pipp from the Yankees for $7,500, fresh off his Wally Pipping by Lou Gehrig.
“If you expect a boy to treat you like a princess you better treat him like a king”this gave me Lou Gehrig's disease
Right. Not like we're excited about it either. But no one can really fight with 75th anniversary Lou Gehrig dolls from Hrbek
Kent Hrbek's father died of Lou Gehrig's disease and he is the head of the founder of the MN chapter of the ALS foundation
Great podcast this week but unfortunately mic was getting it's Lou Gehrig on.
I miss my mom I lost her to ALS Lou Gehrig's disease
Mom's dad died of a heart attack. Her older sister died of Lou Gehrig's disease. Her brother is her last family.
Statue of Lou Gehrig, Esco Tuscany like, Chalkware Figure One of a Kind! MINT
Lou Gehrig only got 22.6% of the vote in his 1st year on the ballot
Probably the same ones who left Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig off their ballots.
Wow, I love I just won this for free, (4) LOU GEHRIG USA 25 CENT STAMPS
Free on (4) LOU GEHRIG USA 25 CENT STAMPS. Get it here -
Teacher: Lou Gehrig was famous for the disease named after him Kid: what's the disease called?
by that logic then Johnny Bench was clearly more deserving than Lou Gehrig.
I still need to be convinced on Martinez and Trammel.Convince me. McGriff is tied with LOU GEHRIG in home runs. PUT HIM IN !
According to Lou Gehrig shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame.
I hope Stan kronke, you , and people of your ilk, get Lou Gehrig's disease.
only Bagwell & Lou Gehrig ever ripped off 12 straight seasons at 1st with an adjusted OPS of 130 or better.
1B with higher WAR than Jeff Bagwell: 1.Albert Pujols 2. Lou Gehrig and 3. Jimmie Foxx
Last I checked, only one college had produced two Hall of Famers . . . Columbia! (Lou Gehrig and Eddie Collins)
Guy on bus: "Where the *** is Lou Gehrig's farewell speech coming from?"
Highly unusual circumstances made Lou Gehrig the only unanimous Hall of Fame selection in BBWAA history.
More on Lou Gehrig's unusual induction: He was the only player considered in 1939.
A clipping on the BBWAA's unanimous vote for Lou Gehrig to the Hall of Fame in a special election, December 8, 1939.
Probably worth noting BBWAA has had a unanimous Hall of Fame selection: Lou Gehrig, in a special election in 1939.
Darby, Lou Gehrig my disagree with you.
Dystonia affects more people than Muscular dystrophy, Lou Gehrig's disease, and Huntingtons Disease combined.
you are a disgusting human being. I hope you die from Lou Gehrig's disease.
Lou Gehrig is truly inspirational to me. Humble beginnings & rising to the top. And not being bitter when sick
Lou Gehrig died shortly after leaving his playing career. He wasn't alive when elected in the Hall of Fame.
Doctor: You have Lou Gehrig's disease. Patient: Well give it back to him, I don't want it. *both laugh uncontrollably*
Am I correct in believing Mussina will eventually make the Hall of Fame? He's really the only guy I've cared about since like.Lou Gehrig
Can you imagine what Stephen Hawking could have accomplished had he not had Lou Gehrig's disease? We may have been time traveling by now.
I knew there would be tears at the end of Pretty good movie. Gary Cooper was excellent as Lou Gehrig.
Go see this A+ film about life with Lou Gehrig's disease by a filmmaker who has it + .
Boing Boing: Watch this film about living with Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS), by a filmmaker w...
Film about Lou Gehrig's disease by filmmaker who has it
From the Archives:: Lou Gehrig might not have had Lou Gehrig's Disease - From the NY Times: In...
Best hitting by an Ivy Leaguer in the Lou Gehrig in 1928: 2HR and 3RBI (plus 2BB) in G3 against the Cardinals.
Lou Gehrig replaced Wally Pipp, when I dip you dip we dip
On 6/2/25, Lou Gehrig replaced Wally Pipp in the Yankees lineup. He played 2130 games w/o a miss. Did we see that today w/ ?
is to Wally Pipp as is to Lou Gehrig
Daniel Murphy has a hit, RBI & run in 7 straight games, tying Lou Gehrig for longest streak in postseason history. https:…
Barnstorming Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig kick off the World Series of Rodeo (Dexter Park, Brooklyn- October 12, 1928)
Lou Gehrig from LE PÈRE UBU. Bernard. One from a portfolio of six screenprint with watercolor, ink, and cloth-covered canvas
Right because someone like Lou Gehrig was just some other captain.
I'm a *** because I recognize Jeter wasn't the only great captain? Lou Gehrig, anyone?
If Mickey Mantle, Joe Dimaggio, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig have their own Monuments, Why doesn't Lawrence "Yogi" Berra have one of his own?
My top all time Yankees: Yogi, The Babe, Lou Gehrig, Joe Dimaggio, and Mickey Mantle in no particular order. No. 6, Jeter.
"If Babe Ruth is the greatest Yankee, Lou Gehrig the most admired, then Yogi Berra is the most adored."
The from representing at the LI Walk to Defeat ALS. Lou Gehrig was a…
Me and my pops at the All-star game in Cincinnati. Dad is dying from Lou Gehrig's disease, but u would never know it.
Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth in 1928. This is a tremendous photo. (Image: Mark Rucker/Getty)
On this date in baseball history (1995): Cal Ripken Jr. breaks Lou Gehrig's consecutive games record, playing in his 2,…
Yankee Stadium, and the Yankees are so famous for Mickey Mantle, Joe Dimaggio, Lou Gehrig, all of those guys.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
how they've decided to name the disease after me. Take that, Lou Gehrig!!!
Will Seager be the Lou Gehrig to Jimmy Rollins as Wally Pipp?
I know you don't know me Billy, but we need your help to fight ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). Please email me gdassatti
E.Encarnacion and Josh Donaldson/First teammates to each have 10HR and 35RBI in one month since Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig did it
You ever think what a coincidence it was that Lou Gehrig got Lou Gherig's disease?
'Help Lee Aaron fight ALS (Lou Gehrig) Disease' has raised $2,093! You could be the one to help us reach $3,000.
Ryan Zimmerman is Lou gehrig all of the sudden
Cal Ripken's 20th anniversary for breaking Lou Gehrig's consecutive games streak is coming up. Post your...
And can cause Lou Gehrig's disease, or ALS. Your point?
Never lose a job because of an injury? Lou Gehrig replaced Wally Pipp and then played 2,130 games straight.
As the sport of Lou Gehrig, MLB players proudly took the
Josh Donaldson & Edwin Encarnacion in August both had 10+hrs & 30+RBI. The last 2 teammates to do that in a month? Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig
Remember the ice bucket challenge silliness? It wasn't so silly. It led to a breakthrough in Lou Gehrig's disease.
This is how alert and fun to be around patients like my dad are
On the bright side, David Ortiz lined his 494th home run, moving past Lou Gehrig and Fred McGriff for 27th place...
So I'm assuming Paul is Lou Gehrig to Marco is Wally Pipp
Today In 1939 ⚾ Lou Gehrig is umpire at the '39 World’s Fair, one month after his "Luckiest Man" speech
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's disease.
I was thinking that the event coincided with Lou Gehrig Day at Yankee Stadium, but it was one year later.
Also there is a link between head injuries and a form of ALS. That's why Lou Gehrig got it. He was a football player.
"I have Luke Garius disease" - . I'm like 99.9% positive that it's Lou Gehrig's disease.
I added a video to a playlist Deanna Protocol a Cure for Lou Gehrig's Disease? -
Did you know Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig came to Fresno in 1927 while going on a national tour during the offseason?...
This is definitely what the early stages of Lou Gehrig's disease feels like
Sat next to a man at Jamba Juice today who had the Lou Gehrig ALS disease and it really touched me to realize how good I have it.
Ap Lang please print Lou gehrig's farewell speech and bring it to class to annotate!
Anybody else think it's weird that Lou Gehrig was killed *by his own disease*
I hope you get Lou Gehrig's you straight gaming nerd ***
Lou Gehrig may have been the best baseball player of all time. Holy crap. I knew he was Hall of Fame worthy but he was freakishly good
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