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Lou Ferrigno

Louis Jude Lou Ferrigno (born November 9, 1951) is an American actor, fitness trainer/consultant, and retired professional bodybuilder.

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Who knows how many thousands of dollars this garbage costs in order to not look even a t…
AU Lou Ferrigno where he swallowed the green hulk paint and it intertwined with his spirit
painting - This is pretty awesome: Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno
Looks like Lou ferrigno on quaaludes😳
It's cool to have Lou Ferrigno at . I quickly snapped this pic and ran off...…
Lou Ferrigno from TV Show Hulk in the theatre
I don't know how pissing on my face is gonna help me sell Lou Ferrigno's house
Bill Underwood on Johnny Carson. The founder of Defendo demonstrates on Johnny Carson and Lou Ferrigno (Hercules,...
Lou Ferrigno, the original Hulk, walked past my son at Comicon today. Apparently he's very big but not green.
That looks like young Lou ferrigno with glasses
He's got more of a Gorilla Monsoon than Lou Ferrigno look to me
Got a selfie with Lou Ferrigno. Kind of.
If she doesn't know the difference between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno, then she's not the one.
Ferrigno hyping up the Hulk in Ragnarok... expect a surprise,
Though consensus is Liza Minelli hair in the Raspberry video, Prince told it looked like Lou Ferrigno.
Best stars in the Tug of War | Mark Harmon, Lou Ferrigno, Dan Haggerty, Tom Wopat Tom Selleck
Lou Ferrigno, and Joe Weider at the Olympia htt…
series actor Lou Ferrigno gets inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame - awarded by…
Bill Bixby was Dr. David (not Bruce) Banner and Lou Ferrigno was the not-so-jolly green giant.
Im a big fan of The Incredible Hulk TV series of the Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno and the animated cartoons too.
Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno in The Incredible Hulk 24x36 Poster tv by Silverscreen
...good Hulk stuff is the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno show, and when he's part of an ensemble.
Happy Birthday to Lou Ferrigno, seen here with Bill Bixby and Fred Rogers on the set of 'The Incredible Hulk".
I'm more intrigued by your Lou Ferrigno reference. I know I'm old, but man, what year is it?
not recent. Has beens, they call it tho I think that's unkind. Lou Ferrigno, Tia Carrere, Jason Priestley.
Ann Jillian and Lou Ferrigno leading NBC to big win in 1978 Battle of the Network Stars. Next!
Then as I was wrestling as Terry Boulder. I was on a talk show with Lou Ferrigno, and I was actua
Coffee so strong it just beat Lou Ferrigno in the Mr. Olympia competition
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno meet in 2011 via
Lou Ferrigno trains his son Lou Jr and Chris Minnes via
Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Termin8r v Lou Ferrigno as The Incredible Hulk. U wouldn't like me when I get Governorship.
Terry Crews looking like black Lou Ferrigno but hits like Smalls from The Sandlot.
Lou Ferrigno at the luggage return of Gainesville FL Airport
HEY Did you know that LOU FERRIGNO (The Incredible Hulk) follows you? Amazing!
Nooo. Why is there a picture of Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno together? They're the same person. 😜
They're always drop dead gorgeous with a Lou ferrigno IQ 😒
I liked a video from BEDAZZLED Lou Ferrigno Demon Designs & Test BTS ADI
They actually got the HULK to star in this film. Lou Ferrigno to be more precise but still!
Would love to watch Christie go all Lou Ferrigno on Lisa Lampanelli on someone!
2. by alleged (by my mind) SURVIVOR fans Walton Goggins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Yoda, and Lou Ferrigno in costume as The Hulk.
I have a lot of anger about my childhood - being hard of hearing and m...
The Hulk was a unique character because of his strength and power. He ...
Forgot to flex when I walked by Lou Ferrigno earlier today. ***
Starring Lou Ferrigno, The Adventures of Hercules is a sequel in the era of Krull, Dune, and Masters of the Universe, but not as well done
Lou ferrigno must be pickin them up
I was nerding out when I found double feature starring Bill Bixby & Lou Ferrigno at
I was told I sound like Lou Ferrigno 🤔 I can buy into that
I like to be home every night with my family.
Where does Ferrigno fit in your Lou Power Rankings, sir
Why is Lou Ferrigno is the cast of movies that the hulk has appeared? Do you use special effects on him?
Lou Ferrigno and I must have the same diet and workout routine - the resemblance is AMAZING!
When your family knows LOU FERRIGNO and all the house wives of biggy😑
Anytime I do a movie or a TV show, I make them aware of my hearing los...
The new Hulk movies can't compare with Lou Ferrigno!
Starring Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby at 7PM on WPTZ MeTV Plattsburgh N.Y. in Montreal via TV antenna on channel 5.3
A co-worker just told me that my cutoff shorts reminds him of the old Incredible Hulk show w/ Lou Ferrigno
Lou Ferrigno (November 9, 1951) - click to view his 1969 Brooklyn Technical High Scho
Close to birth... I lost, like, 80 percent of my hearing, and I had di...
I saw Lou Ferrigno at an airport. I didn't say anything, because I imagine he gets tired of geek adulation.
I know right a way there's a person that's very insecure; that he's tr...
There's a fly in my apartment that's so big and powerful that he must be the Lou Ferrigno of flies.
All purpose parts banner
Lou Ferrigno and Kel Mitchell are among the guests slated for Laredo's Comic Con in October.
:o) I had to look him up. I'm more of a Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno type of woman.
The truth is, I've been the Hulk my whole life.
If you are going to try and hide something, sooner or later people are...
The attitude is very important. Because, your behavior radiates how you feel. - Lou Ferrigno
So far Lou Ferrigno has punched off 2 people's heads
Bill Bixby as David Bruce Banner & Lou Ferrigno as The Incredible Hulk. Jack Clovin as Jack…
When casino magnate Steve Wynn decides to branch out into game shows, he knows just who to call - Lou Ferrigno and Lou Diamond-Phillips.
lou_ferrigno_ taught me how to use this anterior serrates machine. He said stretch back then…
No one is asking to apologize. We just want him to quit acting like he's Lou Ferrigno
watching u and Lou now on the king of queens! Miss that show and seeing u guys!
Late night pump sesh. CHEST DAY!!! Go big or go home! Always inspired by my hero Lou Ferrigno…
my drawing for lou ferrigno when i meet him this saturday at =D
"No Lou Ferrigno's were harmed in the making of this show."
The Incredible Hulk and Lou Ferrigno made it back onto ABC on Fresh of the Boat,cool.
I don't think anybody else can play the Hulk like I could. I was able to sh...
Lou Ferrigno is the Hulk who is Mark Ruffalo?
Eli Roth looks like a non pumped up Lou Ferrigno.
Lou Ferrigno...The only Golden Era bodybuilder to turn into a mass monster!.
Lou Ferrigno Jr. as the in the movie should be as popular a fan casting as John Cena.
Bodybuilding saved my life because I overcame the nerd stage. I got picked ...
Lou Ferrigno can throw a bear, a log, and himself info space, but can he throw space into space?
Where we watch eight men handle Lou Ferrigno's Log
also comes back tonight so I'm trying to rewrite the bear and the maiden fair to be about Lou Ferrigno
Who would win in a fight between a bear, and Lou Ferrigno's bare hands?
If any boutique film label wants to put out the CAGE films starring Lou Ferrigno and Reb Brown, I will do commentary for free.
Doors are open for Come watch Lou Ferrigno throw things into SPACE!
Remember, when there's absolutely nothing else to watch, Reb Brown and Lou Ferrigno are your friends.
as the Lou Ferrigno scholar you should know. But from a quick glance at
time to put on a Lou Ferrigno Classic.
What is mr. Spock Going to do with Lou Ferrigno big green hand?
I don't want to watch The Incredible Hulk. It is bringing back way too many traumatic childhood memories. Yes, I was afraid of Lou Ferrigno.
Lou Ferrigno could have been the Sean Bean of his day if he'd played his cards right. Show up 1 day of shooting, tops
Prince had that Lou Ferrigno look lol
as a kid, the best were Mr. Rogers touring factories and talking to Lou Ferrigno in his trailer.
I liked a video from Lou Ferrigno beats up son Lou Ferrigno Jr. and Fer…
.is impressed by Jason Momoa's workout.
Watching "Pumping Iron" on Netflix. The old documentary with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. .
Favorite Hulk that isn't you: Edward Norton, Lou Ferrigno or Givanildo Vieira de Sousa?
Just ran over my wife's favourite jeans with my tractor lawnmower. They look like a pair of Lou Ferrigno's hand-me-down…
Why are both Mark Ruffalo and Lou Ferrigno in the next Thor movie? Please get every possible Hulk in this.
Happy birthday Diana Ross, pictured here with Incredible Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno in 1982.
Truly fantastic to meet the one and only original Incredible Hulk today Lou Ferrigno! Still in super hero shape...
Rex Smith as Matt Murdock, John Rhys-Davies as Wilson Fisk, Bill Bixby as David Banner, Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk.
announced three more people coming this year: Tia Carrere, Lou Ferrigno and John De Lancie. Loving the lineup so far.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
.announces Lou Ferrigno, Tia Carrere and John De Lancie are coming to Comiccon May 13 to 15.
Some cheap stunt double from a Lou Ferrigno thriller. £4.5m purchase from Zenit or something
Butterfinger - Lou Ferrigno - DC Douglas helps Lou Ferrigno out for Butterfinger.
The ORIGINAL Incredible Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno , will be at
Great Life & Business Lessons & affirmations for me that I can adopt and especially from a Hero from my youth too :)
A dude in this restaurant looks like Lou Ferrigno. I wonder what would happen if I made him angry.
Are you a Lou Ferrigno or a Lou Ferrig-yes?
I'm a Republican. I may go into politics myself.
I love the Mark Ruffalo Hulk.. I almost just wish he'd turn into Lou Ferrigno though
Watching the 1983 Lou Ferrigno and eating cobbled-together nachos. I'm okay with this.
Lou Ferrigno's dad/trainer is giving him a Rocky-style pep talk, but about how his arms look better than Arnold's.
Lou Ferrigno's wife says he kissed her. That's rape?
To be a champion you must act like one, act like a champion.
30 training tips for mass from Lou Ferrigno:
All-new episode of "Sidewalks Entertainment" to start off the New Year: actor Lou Ferrigno of TV's "Incredible...
Lou Ferrigno. Uncrowned legend of his time. .
Lou Ferrigno's wife said Cosby tried to kiss her. Is that rape?
Lord please bless this first week of the year 🙏💯
I liked a video from El hombre que no quiso ser Mr Olympia:Lou Ferrigno
Lou Ferrigno returns to the action genre in what is basically his version of EDGE OF DARKNESS(with more action)
"That's the best picture you'll take all year." . -Lou Ferrigno…
Lou Ferrigno will give you INSTANT DEATH in 2016! Here's the trailer... via
When your girl give you unexpected head after a argument
Lord knows I work hard and I'm not taking no days off. Ima keep working and watch it pay off
It's 2016 and there's a new Lou Ferrigno movie coming out: all is well with the Earth!
I feel a confident woman has no need to compete with another woman , because confidence has no competition.
Congratulations to Lou Ferrigno for his spectacular event!...right here in my own back yard! :D Looking forward...
So very cool! Thank you for helping keep Bill Bixby's memory alive as well as Lou Ferrigno!
Matt showed up at golds for. A second workout and ran into quite a crowd. Arnold, Lou Ferrigno, mike…
No but Lou Anamuro will be turning into Lou Ferrigno on defense.
Woke up from nap w message and thought it said Dolphins hired Lou Ferrigno as DC replace Coyle. Now THAT would have been a duo w Campbell.
The fans hope that Lou Anarumo will turn himself into Lou Ferrigno during the next 12 games and bust some moves.
Lifestyle | Incredible Hulk Actor Lou Ferrigno is Coming to RI Comic Con: Rhode Island Comic Con has announced that…
More shirt-shredding, muscle rippling action at 6pm as Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno​ star in The Incredible Hulk.
The internet/media needs to stop trying to shove Khloe Kardashian down our throats. She's not hot. She looks like Lou Ferrigno.
If I could have anyone spot me while working out it would prob. Be lou ferrigno.
Is it just me or does Jason look like Lou Ferrigno? 😂
I'm really tired of people saying I look like Lou Ferrigno when he was around 6'5" and I'm barely 6'2"
Dan Campbell has a bronze statue of himself AND Lou Ferrigno and maintains "it's totally normal"
Please welcome Lou Ferrigno (to Lou is an actor, fitness trainer and retired...
Hate it when no one refills the Brita? Watch Lou Ferrigno scare these refill-forgetters straight!
Original Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno gives his seal of approval to Bristol ... - Bristol Post
Original Incredible Hulk gives his seal of approval to fish restaurant
Corporate Kane turning into Demon Kane is best transformation on TV since Bill Bixby morphed into Lou Ferrigno in The Incredible Hulk.
Bruce Banner was played by Bill Bixby and The Incredible Hulk was played by Lou Ferrigno.
Thank you to Lou Ferrigno,Eric Estrada,Drake Bell and Tom Wopat for doing station liners for Hope Nation Radio.
I thought Lou Ferrigno lived in Queens next to Doug and Carrie
Please tell me it's Merle Haggard. Please. Or maybe Lou Ferrigno. I'd settle for Ernest Borgnine though.
It's usually just an exhibit hall and the Walk of Shame (so Casper Van Dien and Lou Ferrigno $25 autographs)
Casper van Dien... Lou Ferrigno... But I will still press play
Today I almost physically ran into Jason Mewes. And you know what? That was just fine by me. Also saw Ernie Hudson and Lou Ferrigno.
The best show of the 70s was about Bill Bixby turning into a green Lou Ferrigno when angry.
Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, Lou Ferrigno, Tara Reid, and the in the most unexpected collaboration w/ yet.
Photo with Robert Englund, Lou Ferrigno, Steven Yuen and my autographed Freddy Krueger doll
Be careful Bill Bixby while changing a tire in the rain, you might hurt yourself and become a Lou Ferrigno.
It's SMASH time! It's Marvel Monday and this time we feature: The Incredible Hulk Returns (Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno)
Were you a fan of the old Hulk TV show with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno before taking on the role in The Avengers?
Bout to post my written review of Scorpion King 4, which has Lou Ferrigno, Eve Torres, Rutger Hauer, Michael Biehn and Don the Dragon Wilson
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