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Lou Dobbs

Louis Carl Lou Dobbs (born September 24, 1945) is an American journalist, radio host, television host on the Fox Business Network, and author.

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Lou Dobbs n Judge Nap: Hillary in big trouble
I initially supported AG Sessions, but the pressure is building for to fire Sessions from Ed Rollins&Lou Dob…
U were excellent on Lou Dobbs. . We r counting on u re Russia bribery of Clinton…
On LOU Dobbs tonight. “ Entire Obama administration should have been treated as a crime scene”. Tony Shaffer.
Lou Dobbs called America a failed state tonight, Jeff Sessions corruption will cause the collapse of the USA! Prosecute…
Lou Dobbs 10/18/Chris Farrell "We're at the edge of a failed state;there's no real accountability,no consequences"
And don't get me started on Hispanics - going on Lou Dobbs show to complain ab…
Lou Dobbs is so old that he thinks you're a hot new thing. Pat Robertson is in that camp…
Thank our good Lord for voices of Hannity, Jeannie, Lou Dobbs, Mike Gallagher, Todd Starnes and ot…
Everyone needs to watch the replay of Lou Dobbs tonight just to see his interview with James Woolsey. He was 1st…
You and Lou Dobbs will have a swanky bachelor pad in *** (You're the Felix Unger character)
Everyone watch replay of Lou Dobbs on Fox Business & listen to his interview with James Woolsey. On after Hannity
Sean please watch the interview Lou Dobbs did tonight with James Woolsey
Lou Dobbs on NY Talk Radio calls Speaker Paul Ryan a "Do nothing incompetent snake who is NOT supportive of President Trump
I find it hard to believe that Fox News is having orgies with Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Kimberly G…
The listeners of the Savage Nation, Infowars, and even Rush have known this for years. Lou Dobbs has been calling…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Lou Dobbs | President took RINO Paul Ryan to the woodshed by making debt-ceiling deal with Democrats...
The video I saw of an interview with Lou Dobbs and Bernie Sanders talking about "amnesty" and Bernie dead…
Bernie Sanders on Lou Dobbs:. Translation: Brown people = guest worker
on Lou Dobbs just now saying the Awan scandal will go beyond financial crimes.
Reported on Lou Dobbs that Lyndon Johnson and a Democrat controlled Congress approved the naming of a new dorm at West Point Robert E Lee .
Hannity and Lou Dobbs are the only shows I watch on foxfakenews/business bc these 2 guys tell the truth and want to help POTUS…
It appears that Fox News has now joined the coup attempt on Trump. Stop watching Fox News except for Hanni…
I am 64 I used to be a dimm till last yr got Fox News and Lou dobbs. They tell the truth. An…
I swear, Fox News is going left. Having a hard time watching their shows recently. They are clueless. Lou Dobbs is the only one who gets it.
Hey Lou Dobbs Fans thanks for the follow!
Oonly watch Stuart Varney Lou Dobbs and Judge Jeanine that's it
I no longer watch except for Hannity Tucker Carlson and Lou Dobbs! Fox is attacking Donald Trump! We need new Conservative tv news
Lou Dobbs supports President Trump. Otherwise, Fox is a waste of my time.
What is up with Fox News putting down President Trump with fake polls! Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs may have to find…
Only Hannity and. Lou Dobbs. Pirro on weekends. They are the only 3 on Fox or Fox Bus…
Breast Cancer Awareness
He,Sean,and Lou Dobbs,are all that's worth watching
Lou Dobbs was the original bad boy when he left C(linton)NN
Lou Dobbs with Paul Sperry: Obama has trained tens of thousands of leftist organizers.
I prefer to see Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Judge Jeanine, Jesse Watters, Tucker Carlson, and Fox n Friends Crew there
Can't trust stations except Fox for the truth! Others would love t…
Prediction: Lou Dobbs jumps ship to Bannon channel.
BREAKING NEWS! Lou Dobbs apparently is still alive!
You forgot to add LOu Dobbs to the good list
A bedraggled Steven Mnuchin announces to Kellyanne Conway that civil rights activists are excessively fastidious. Lou Dobbs endorses Trump.
I love Lou Dobbs and Hannity and fox and friends but since I have been watching oann I can see fox is heading to th…
Hannity and Lou Dobbs the only ones I watch on Fox Business and Fox News and I wat…
I just stop recording except for Hannity and Lou Dobbs and fox and frie…
Don't even watch anymore, except for lou Dobbs and Hannity, but if they take them off, I wo…
Please Enter to WIN a hardback copy of Putin's Gambit by Lou Dobbs and James O. Born at my website!
When Lou Dobbs goes independent and Hannity drops these fools it's over for Fox. Varney, you there?…
Ah, Lou Dobbs, another Trumpkin...his judgment obviously skewd.
Lou Dobbs just called the New York Times "the Carlos Slim blog." lel
"There's a rotten-to-the-core Republican leadership on Capitol Hill." ~Lou Dobbs
Lou Dobbs is a washed up, irrelevant, senile old coot!! Fake president!!
Dorr you need to be on Lou Dobbs, work harder PRES needs public relations& community organizers out working.
Thank you Lou Dobbs it's nice to hear honest reporting 🇺🇸
Trump Thanks Fox News Host for A Rating After Lou Dobbs Calls for Media to be Shut Down
AngryLou Dobbs -Get Rid of Rosenstein, Mueller, Obama Leftovers. Do you agree? - Past Time.
Newt and Lou Dobbs do more to protect the president than the elected GOP due to they are spineless. Vote em ou…
Lou Dobbs you are a doofus making excuses for a traitor Fake President Putin puppet.
I love Lou Dobbs. Really. He has always been the real news.
The President of the United States is pleased with Lou Dobbs.
Does that mean that Lou Dobbs will be shut down as well ?
Lou Dobbs is one of the last people in the media that tells the truth!
Lou Dobbs is angry about the corruption in the Mueller investigation via
Lou Dobbs: "The Obama DOJ was the MOST CORRUPT department in the history of American government.". Do You Agree?.
God you're a fool. It's freaking Lou Dobbs.
Lou Dobbs. He thanked Lou Dobbs. . Not America, right? . Just the ONE GUY besides Sean Hannity who thinks Trump is doing a…
2.2 seconds. That's how long it took me to grab my remote and quickly turn off Lou Dobbs and the Fox Business Network.
Greg one of best..second only to the great Lou Dobbs . More Greg, more often
Lou Dobbs, Jesse, Jeanine, Greg are very pro Trump! Shep Smith is a Murdoch kiss *** Liberal just like Wallace.
greg gutfield Who is the crazy blonde on your show? How do these people get on television? Who hires people for Fox News? I miss Lou Dobbs
Yeah she's a Bushie...but Lou Dobbs rocks he did at FNN does Kennedy and Dag…
give Lou Dobbs an hour at 7 pm and get Greg Jared on as a regular or give him a show also. You have Bauer- McCallum terrible.
Jarrett was outstanding on Lou Dobbs tonight!!
I would just love to see Ed Rollins & Lou Dobbs get caught up in all this. It wouldn't hurt to see Hannity in it up…
KAC, the 6th has just received reinforcements. Excellent !. Saw u at Lou Dobbs tonight. U were…
you were outstanding on Lou Dobbs tonight. Spot on on with your opinion of KG. She is TRASH and needs to jus…
Lou Dobbs tonight on Hannity; You see the rancid soul of the Left in everything she says! ...talking about Kathy Griff…
Can't wait to see Lou Dobbs tonight and hear how he has processed Comey's testimony. Lou tells it like it…
Chris Ferrell on Lou Dobbs tonight(Judicial WatchDir of Investigations) saysMueller must recuse himself.(conflict of interest)
Lou Dobbs tonight has Judicial Watch people on. They say Mueller needs to resign due to conflict of interest rule!
Please listen to John Bolton on Lou Dobbs program tonight. Very informative for Trump.(About handling Mueller)Very good!
Lou Dobbs show tonight was fantastic show. Love his straight to the point talk!
Wow RepBrat! You summed it up quite well on Lou Dobbs to…
hoping you listened to Lou Dobbs tonight
Sir, Before the swamp buried you, please watch Lou Dobbs tonight. Time to stop the witch hunt. Ame…
Lou Dobbs is the man, his show tonight is fantastic and good every night. Thank you !
I never watch Martha MacCallum at 7 pm on I do watch Lou Dobbs on the Fox Business Channel.
Good for you Lou Dobbs you are a straight shooter and we Americans see that and s…
Lou Dobbs has more intelligence in his pinky finger than you have flowing through your whole body. Lol
I thought Lou Dobbs was too busy stoking irrational fears of Mexicans to comment here.
Sadly this explains why they nixxed Lou Dobbs, Crossfire w/ Pat Buchanan, & Hannity & Co…
Lou Dobbs : Steven Mnuchin says The Paris Accord was an unfair deal for ... via
Wait until Lou Dobbs and Hannity weigh in!
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(There is also all the anti-Latino hatred Trump, Lou Dobbs, and other Republicans drummed up over th…
I agree with Lou Dobbs. When will they oust their feckless leaders and protect themselves?
So why does the word seem so natural on his lips then? — Lou Dobbs (LouDobbs) Jun…
Read? Lou Dobbs and other similar *** right-wing conservatives have never stepped foot in a library...
Right again, Lou Dobbs and President Trump !!! Theresa May, same speech every time but what do they do to stop it.
And here is an interesting fact checking article about Lou Dobbs. Just want to make sure everyone…
Lou Dobbs is one of those *** too, where has common sense gone, what drugs are all of these right wingers taki…
I remember watching Lou Dobbs on CNN about 15 years ago and thinking he was a loathsome individual. I See he hasn'…
. He should do one every day on Lou Dobbs
Lou Dobbs? I thought you were dead. I'm sorry to learn otherwise.
Completely out of my orbit. To watch/listen/read anything from Lou Dobbs is to willingly scrub millions of brain ce…
Yeah, like Lou Dobbs worked for CNN for 30 years and is a birther. Hm…
Funny thing, Lou Dobbs worked for CNN too.
Getting better than FOX too. Sad will miss Stewart Varney and Lou Dobbs. They are the only 2 left I watch on Fox. S…
Lou Dobbs is still in TV? Sigh. I stopped paying attention to him a while back... Now what was that about... 🤔
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Lou Dobbs is so right ! Kathy Griffin is so rancid. Sick wanna be comedian who's behavior so sick# another deranged lefty!
and Lou Dobbs has the nerve to ask if Londoners have lost the will to live... he's pathetic
I was flipping through the channels and I came across Lou Dobbs show on Fox Business and thought I was transported to an alternate universe
Never heard your name before, heard you on Lou Dobbs but did not like the beard. I liked what you had to say. Good presentation.
Editor's Note: Lou Dobbs is well known as a big fat xenophobe.
That's all London needed That clown Lou Dobbs putting his spoke in .
didn't know Lou Dobbs was still around. He's become a sad manbaby. "lost the will to live"? They are out living…
Lou Dobbs . If you want to find Russian spies look no further than the construction industry. In NYC it's a joke.
Why can't Lou Dobbs kill Islam Muslim on his show to prove he's got some Guts and not Just another phony MSM suckin…
Meanwhile Lou Dobbs expects Christian RW and white supps to get away with killing American hero's!…
How much Lou Dobbs can this planet tolerate? We need a COMPLETE Lou Dobbs ban; his hot breath is melting the ice caps.
Lou Dobbs was the guy who claimed he couldn't be a racist because he married a Latina woma…
We adore you Sean. Without you and Lou Dobbs we'd be in the dark. Thank you for your courage.
Meanwhile Lou Dobbs is hunkered down in a pillow fort with only a tin of survival seeds for comfort.
Lou Dobbs, to all appearances, is dull. Very dull.
I'm not sure what happened to Lou Dobbs. He wasn't always like this.
We would tolerate much more than this. But would prefer not to tolerate Lou Dobbs
Lou Dobbs is right. They've lost the will to live.
Just watch Hannity and Fox Business Lou Dobbs
And it is good to recall who employed Lou Dobbs and Glen Beck and Pat Buchanan (by far, the most sinister of the talk hatemongers)...
Cavuto is not trustworthy, and is not an American-first guy. Stuart, Charles & Lou Dobbs are the real deal, Neil is not.
Lou Dobbs, Host of Lou Dobbs Tonight on the Fox Business Network, is here to give his analysis on everything from...
Tonight @ 7pm et 4 pacific Lou Dobbs has the guest with the answers! Fox Business Ne…
When Lou Dobbs isn't on "Lou Dobbs" it segues into Fox News. Fred Barnes-- ugh!
Listen to Charlie Hurt on Lou Dobbs show this evening talking about the Chuck Grassley bombshell (36:45 to 37:30)
Lou Dobbs should check out this new thing called REALITY. It's QUITE the concept.
Lou Dobbs is a purveyor of so that makes sense.
Really? Lou Dobbs is adding presidential historian to him resume?
I really like Lou Dobbs and how he reports.
Lou Dobbs is an *** Obama fired Flynn in 2014. Maybe, you should have asked him why Obama fired crazy Flynn.
So in addition 2 being a LIAR .. like…
Oh, well, Lou Dobbs, that changes everything.
Lou Dobbs just showed he is a sycophant willing to use obvious lies as flattery of those too dim to see thru this
What kind of drugs is this clown Lou Dobbs on?
Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity in one room? That's unmatched stupidity.
Lou Dobbs. Doesn't ring a bell. Who is that?
"He's pretty close to perfect." Umm, what parallel universe is Lou Dobbs living in?
Lou Dobbs is a moron. Just a moron.
That Lou Dobbs is a person is scariest.
Lou Dobbs goes on RAT . I'm so sick of this dude! He has to go ! . Liberal posing as a conservative 😡…
Now you've turned Lou Dobbs into a liar. Oh wait, he already was one.
In other news Lou Dobbs has been diagnosed with early onset dementia
Lou Dobbs, tells the truth, something liberals know nothing about!
Lou "hand job" Dobbs was just giving you a reach around
Yes, thank you, Lou Dobbs. Keep feeding the monster. 😡
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The person ur praising shared the private contact info of women who accused you of sexual ***
3. Lou Dobbs and fellow evangelicals believe this is true.
Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs agree: is "pretty close to perfect" via
It is a shame that Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity and other people on the failing will praise this ma…
Lou Dobbs is a jerk too. You guys stick together I see.
Lou Dobbs is a right wing stooge who was paid to say that. You know it doesn't count, right
How pathetic is it that Trump is propping himself up with LOU DOBBS?
In other news, Lou Dobbs is auditioning to be White House press secretary.
Trump's had the greatest 1st 100 Days ever! Lou Dobbs said so! And Lou's been around so long he met Andrew Jackson! htt…
My 8 year old thinks I'm the best mum in the world. probably because I'm his bigges…
Remember Lou Dobbs is one of the voices of Trumps Propaganda Machine at Fox News
Lou Dobbs? That's like having the Mormon Tabernacle Choir & 3 Doors Down headline at you…
*** .. Lou Dobbs is crazier than you are! But you are the company you keep.
I really respect Lou Dobbs always makes sense Neil Cavuto too
Lou Dobbs on Trump's first 100 days: He's been "pretty close to perfect"   10% Off
Don't leave out Maria Bartiromo, Lou Dobbs, Harrison Faulkner, Pete Hegseth! Get Greta back from MSNBC!
I do not want to bother with Fox News except for Lou Dobbs, Greg Gutfeld, Eric Bollings and all those babes with th…
Fox Business has some really great conservative reporters Charles Payne, Lou Dobbs, Stuart Varney, Trish Regan,Mari…
I have Loyalty to the Truth of Sean Hannity, JUDGES NAP AND Janine, Lou Dobbs, Dana Perino, Tucker Carlson…
Bolling boring, Dana grates, how about Lou Dobbs for Bill's slot? Tired of Jesse W., but will miss Mi…
Lou Dobbs is on O'Reilly slot. Much more conservative. Maria Bartiromo am slot n Neil Cavuto is Conservative on in S…
Great interview this morning with Lou Dobbs and Joe Piscopo
"Obama spied on everybody". - Lou Dobbs. Any normal American should care. Obama AND Hillary make Nixon seem like a Bo…
No compromise; death before dishonor, if it is a bad bill, better no bill. I remember Lou Dobbs shouti…
I've been saying this too... Lou Dobbs: It’s Time for Paul Ryan to ‘Vacate the Speaker’s Office’
Lou Dobbs at the Manatee County Lincoln Day dinner. He is fantastic
I watch your show and Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity not to know what liberals say but only to get the truth. I cant stand liberals.
thank you Bill for being one of our leaders , along with Lou Dobbs, Charles Payne ,Rush, Hannity, Judge J…
Fox Business far superior to FoxNews. Lou Dobbs and Charles Payne are the greatest.
Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Charles Payne, James O'Keefe & Assange seem to be the only places left to get .. THE TRUT…
Lou Dobbs of Fox Business Network warming up CPAC overflow crowd with effusive praise of Trump/Pence
on Fox Business I love Charles Payne I also Stuart Varney and Lou Dobbs. I really can't watch propagandists
You are so enchanting, I forgot my thought! Do you get Fox Business Network? If so, I definitely think you'd enjoy Lou Dobbs
Between California and the Supreme Court, you've got a bag of mixed nuts there. - Lou Dobbs
Thank you Lou Dobbs. First time I DVR your series & you didn't let "deluded" be used as an excuse! I really needed to…
.Juan Williams & Shep Smith are ruining your network. Lou Dobbs and Stuart Varney are your true stars. Cl…
Lou Dobbs thinks the media is covering Trump's voter fraud claims all wrong
thank you for doing the work that you're doing I'm in a NV resident, I wish you were my representative, watch you on Lou Dobbs
Pete Hoekstra talking with Lou Dobbs regarding DJT and the pace of events being laid down
The leftists in free fall courtesy Lou Dobbs FBN
Reported last evening on Lou Dobbs Reports FBN -
Lou Dobbs says nearly a million illegals voted for HRC no wonder the far left wing is against an investigation into 'voter fraud - theft
.Lou Dobbs & others have noted that you called Obama "President Obama" after his first inauguration but you call Trump…
Use to watch Fox, Now I watch Lou Dobbs on Fox Business Thanks for the option. Great Work!
love you Greta, but can't watch MSNBC, love Charles Payne and Lou Dobbs.
Haven't watched the Five or anything else on Fox since the 1st debate. Watch Fox Business. Love Lou Dobbs and Charl…
Everyone needs to watch Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Charles Payne. Best n the West, Most on the Coast
sometimes to be honest on how many on FBN is really for President elect I trust Lou Dobbs, Charles Payne,
Lou Dobbs, Jay Sekulow ,anonymous.. Jay is in co…
. Lou Dobbs is the Journalistic Atom Bomb! Looking forward to 2017 with LOU!
Lou Dobbs listen to Steve Forbes. 35% tax is not necessary if you have 15% corporate tax.
How do we get this to Dennis Michael Lynch? And Rush Limbaugh; Sean Hannity; Lou Dobbs? Share this!!
The only news that isn't fake is Drudge, Paul Watson, Lou Dobbs and Alex Jones. They better not touch any of those
This is pure Bunk intended to deceive voters!! Shameful again Lou Dobbs!
I respect no Media, like Lou Dobbs tho
. Lou Dobbs just interviewed the woman from Flint, MI. Why hasn't CNN? Is CNN going to investigate their CHEATING?
I like Lou Dobbs Varney Maria Bartiromo they are on the business Network and of course Sean Hannity is great. Maybe th…
How can ANY Dem watch this and still vote for her? . Lou Dobbs Tonight | Fox Business | November 2, 2016
and would you coming out with your life Lou Dobbs you've turned into a white lion hypocrite racist Pig
. Lou Dobbs just interviewed woman from Flint, MI. . Funny. HAS NOT CONTACTED HER.
Lou Dobbs: "Hillary Clinton chose to break the law, to risk national security, and enmesh her most loyal colleagues an st…
- Can we give it up one time for Lou Dobbs?
Lou Dobbs updates us on explosive Clinton email saga.
Lou Dobbs can say "there will be indictment unless DOJ obstructs" because the DOJ is the one who brings indictments
Lou Dobbs has really lost his *** mind he's starting to just use rhetoric just like Trump he's an *** Lou Dobbs is also a pig👻💩
Because FoxNews says Lou Dobbs says some unknown source says the FBI says...? That's not journalism, that's fantasy.
Great Job Bret Baier, add u to the list of Fox Anchors I love. Lou Dobbs, Hannity! you're in Great Company
Jim Hoft sez Lou Dobbs sez some unknown anonymous source sez the FBI sez... And you expect serious media to cover this?
Via STAND UP FOR AMERICA. Lou Dobbs. The FBI are now finding NEW emails from Hillary Clinton's private server on...
Lou Dobbs, is terrific, he's loyal & I remember that. I hope your ratings soar!! Everyone tune in…
You Mr. Dobbs were there at the onset and through the onslaught NEVER wavering in your support. TRUMP 45. Love you Lou❤
Investigators are now 99% sure that up to 5 foreign govt agencies were able to hack into Clinton email server. - Lou Dobbs STILL TRUST HER?
Lou Dobbs_ FBI Sources said Hillary's email has been hacked by 5 different Foreign Countries. Putting National Securit…
Lou Dobbs Tonight 11/02/16 FBI new emails ,wanted more information before renewing Clinton probe. via
Lou Dobbs Greatest 38 minutes of his career Nov 2, This is really worth watching!
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I've seen it before: Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck went from CNN to Fox when they started their foolery. you ne…
Lou Dobbs is good option on Fox Business. Not much else.
I will only watch you, Judge Jeanine, Lou Dobbs, and Kimberly Guilfoyle. Everyone else is crap. The…
Hillary's comments to Wall St are like Bonnie & Clyde's discussion over a big heist!. -Lou Dobbs
Your right. I think Lou Dobbs and Shawn Hannity may be the only two not bought out
Lou Dobbs, Shawn Hannity, and sometimes Bill O'Reilly are the remaining lights. The left has infiltrated FOX. Very sad.
YES! BOYCOTT MEGYN KELLY on Fox NOW! I'm not even watching anyone but Lou Dobbs in Fox Business Channel!
Lou Dobbs had an excellent show tonight on Fox Business Channel including a discussion of our weak kneed speaker of th…
I do too! also Lou Dobbs in Fox Business Channel he is awesome !
I watch mostly Fox Business Channel now. Stu Varney in the morning & Lou Dobbs in the eve…
I recommend Lou Dobbs. 7pm on the Fox Business Channel
Sleaze move on Lou Dobbs part, who blocked me, and just RT'd alleged Trump victims contact info. Why wouldn't these women wan…
AMEN and kudos to Lou Dobbs; he just came down on Paul Ryan like the whole country depended on it!
Thank you for all you do for Trump. When he wins, it will be largely due to people like you, Lou Dobbs & Hannity. Love you
Lou Dobbs is good too. But yes not many. 😊
Someone said on Lou Dobbs "Don't pay any attention to national polls, only look at state polls". Easy to see why! National…
I've decided I'll be watching on Lou Dobbs is, in my opinion, the comfiest place to get news on c…
"Hey"! Lou Dobbs remember Republicans didn't want to work with Obama because of his color.
Will Trump’s temperament cost him the election? Lou Dobbs
Lou Dobbs is the ONLY ONE I know of who is trying to tell America the truth, and of course alt-media
You're not Lou Dobbs, you don't look smart enough
Since the departure of Roger Ayles, Fox has gone totally MSM...sad. Only Lou Dobbs has any credibility.
I gave up on FOX (with the exception of Hannity and Lou Dobbs) because of the lack of support for Trump.
CNN. Home to Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs. With guest appearances by Pamela Geller and Debbie Schlussel.
this is what I can tell you I live in Washington st it was on Lou Dobbs Fox Business right before war story's
Lou Dobbs calls for resignation of Comey. "Head of the FBI has sold out lock, stock & barrel to the Clinton Cartel.". http…
I agree Lou Dobbs and varney on Fox Business, but Fox News just creeping on the liberals specially Shepard Smith and Megan Kelly
Lou Dobbs Must Review Fox Business- Got it Right. Hilary Clinton Scandals so extensive and corrupting defies reason.
Fox News is against Trump. Only Hannity, Judge Jeanine and Lou Dobbs are pro-Trump. The rest are anti-Trump GOP establishment.
Lou Dobbs notes that once again the states are forced to challenge the enemy in the White House
Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity are only two Trump supprters
I only watch Fox News now for Hannity,Lou Dobbs and Varney the rest I tune out! Fox News better shape up or no one will wat…
Lou Dobbs just showed "mystery man" removing things from Hillary podium! Called him front man for Clinton camp!They're…
TFW Dobbs is trending and it's not Lou!
What a crock, Lou Dobbs, another right wing poodle on Trump's lap
looked like Lou Dobbs threw that ball.
Fight back tonight. Don't give any ratings. . Let's go with Lou Dobbs, online
Lou Dobbs talked about it tonight on FBN they'll rerun it again at 10:00 CT
listen to Lou Dobbs tonight about the way he said for you to speech on.That is what we the people who want you to win to do
Anyone see Lou Dobbs tonight? The Clinton foundation sold watered down aids vaccine!! I can't believe that somebody that evil has freedom!
Lou Dobbs said tonight, that mystery man works for Clinton! She is always a dirty rotten, sneaky, no good cheater!
did you see Lou Dobbs tonight?. He showed that guy also going over to Trumps podium...they are investigating it
quote on Lou Dobbs tonight, she may have won the debate but he won the argument.
Lou Dobbs is hot tonight on HillBill. Go Lou! you make us proud. We 2 r tired of their crap!
hope you're listening to Lou Dobbs tonight. Take them all on
Big Issues Big Guests on tomorrow's show Lou Dobbs and Senator Tom Cotton break down the debate
yup only Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Trish Regan and Eric Bolling are decent to Trump all the rest are following the propaganda
I am done with all deplorable "news" media except Rush, Sean Hannity, Chris Plante, Lou Dobbs and some Outnumbered.
Howie Kurtz has a show on Sunday; Media Buzz, but the big DT fans are Lou Dobbs & Stuart Varney on the Biz Channel🇺🇸
I like Greta and Mike Huckabee. And Lou Dobbs on Fox Business is good too.
I'm watching Fox Business more these days Lou Dobbs, Stuart Varney, Charles Payne all ar…
Affirming the birthers: Rush, Sean, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Lou Dobbs and so many GOP. Now Trump.
Caught the end of the 8:00 segment of Lou Dobbs so missed you ! Watched Pastor Mark Burns though ! No Joanne on Dobbs now !
watch tomorrow...another rally.and Lou Dobbs reports he will go to Louisianna and speak to the people there
Anyone see gold star mom,Karen,on Lou Dobbs? Her son part of Seal team 6 who was targeted after Obama outed them! What…
Ingraham moderating along with three member panel: Lou Dobbs, Robert Costa, and Pat Buchanan.
Lou Dobbs & Ann Coulter only TV pundits see beyond TV bubble. Congrats for seeing/saying Trump the man from day 1.
Take our country back! Boycott Mainstream Media,Im down to Hannity, Pirro, Eric, Lou Dobbs, Savage nation, Joyce ka
Lou Dobbs' best friend, Mark Simone in NYC and the excruciatingly toxic Mike Gallagher.
Oh, and check this out from Lou Dobbs, telling BLM needs to be undercut.
Al and Today . Thank you Lou Dobbs for supporting . Donald Trump!
Ben Shapiro on Obama's Inauguration Speech: He Hates The Constitution - Lou Dobbs - YouTube 0 still calling us names
You were on the Lou Dobbs show on Fox last night about this very thing. And Taylor, and Wesley. :)!
Lou Dobbs exposed the North American Union which they were trying to do outside of Congress and secretly.
VIDEO: Lou Dobbs nails Paul Rino to the wall! "He is a useful tool of the Democrats and the left. Ryan is a Rino!.
everywhere cnn is made fun of.Biggest liars in news.Lou Dobbs,Rick Sanchez,Larry King,Campbell Brown,Amber Lyon all gone.ufrauds
I agree. Hannity's show is my favourite nightly show on Fox. Lou Dobbs on Fox Business is best analysis I know.
I've turned to Fox Business Channel since Fox News lost its way with Megan Kelly. CNN & MSNBC are still left wing. Lou Dobbs is the best.
What Bernie Sanders told Lou Dobbs in 2007 about why he opposed the Kennedy-McCain immigration bill via
The legendary Lou Dobbs sounds off on what pple really want to know. Who this Barry aka Barrack Hussein Obama is?
Lou Dobbs on Fox News Business will provide Fair and Balanced coverage on Donald Trump. This is my Guy.
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