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Lou Diamond Phillips

Lou Diamond Phillips (born Lou Diamond Upchurch; February 17, 1962) is an American film, television, and stage actor and director.

La Bamba Tim Meadows Richard Ramirez Young Guns Benjamin Bratt Bill Paxton Edward James Olmos Richie Valens Melissa Etheridge Penn Jillette Santa Fe Native American Robert Taylor Juliette Binoche Cassidy Freeman Rob Brown Sullivan Stapleton

The Big Hit. Mark Wahlberg and Lou Diamond Phillips should've been nominated for Oscars.
I like to introduce myself to my dates by asking "¿Donde está mi pantalones?" and then insisting on calling them Lou Diamond Phillips
LSU’s soccer coach is Lou Diamond Phillips? How cool! I loved him in La Bamba!
I once thought Lou Diamond Phillips and Benjamin Bratt were the same person.
I want Lou Diamond Phillips & Benjamin Bratt to either play brothers or the before and after versions of something in an informercial.
You would... Your pants get tight at the simple thought of Lou Diamond Phillips...
My favorite movie from Lou Diamond Phillips is Labamba!
I can't remember ever not liking Lou Diamond Phillips.
We watched some eps of Wolf Lake a circa 01 show w Lou Diamond Phillips (why we were watching😍)…
Wife wanted to watch a family entertainment movie last night. Cop and a Half New Recruit wasn't bad. Lou Diamond Phillips was 😂
I played poker with Lou Diamond Phillips and won his money at Texas-Hold-em
Best News Bloopers July - - FUNNY VideoS via hey this amrio solis is lou diamond phillips the dead actor
yes...its Sunday morning, singing Apples and Bananas with the Wiggles...and Lou frickin Diamond Phillips.
Do you know, my pal, Lou Diamond Phillips has been nominated for a Golden Globe, Daytime…
Someone (not me) tried to get away with putting on not one but TWO Lou Diamond Phillips movies in one night.
This is a video of me and Lou Diamond Phillips slightly before he told me that you are a…
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I can't stress this enough, Jess. I extremely know Lou Diamond Phillips.
No, but I do know Lou Diamond Phillips very personally and he says you are a massive tool.
The bullies looked like they’d been cast to remind us of Kevin Bacon, Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Phillips and, I dunno, Bill Paxton?
OK that's Lou Diamond Phillips but he's playing Richie V...
Lou Diamond Phillips is singing Twinkle Twinkle on The Wiggles. This Sunday is off the hook!
He's really leaning into the lou diamond phillips look
Watching "The First Power", the 1990 action horror starring Lou Diamond Phillips, and Bill Moseley has just shown up as a bartender!
"Did you know Lou Diamond Phillips is speaking in the Senate?" asks, watching the livestream of on the dais.
See Lou Diamond Phillips in "Created Equal Movie" on Saturday, September 30th at the Lady Filmmaker Film...
is it me or does Chavez look like Lou Diamond Phillips?
"Nearly 30 years after playing a defiant teen in Stand and Deliver, Lou Diamond Phillips is back with another...
That is a good point like casting Lou Diamond Phillips as a Native American simply because the skin tone matches.
Lou Diamond Phillips reads The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper
Why did a young Lou Diamond Phillips pile on the as a server? |…
John Ritter and Lou Diamond Phillips in this old Miami Vice epi. Good stuff.
Thrilled to have Lou Diamond Phillips and director Santiago Rizzo at the Fest to present the World Premiere of...
Oldenburg: Lou Diamond Phillips and Dash Mihok face off in 'Quest' (Exclusive Clip)
This is like a JCVD movie that couldn't afford JCVD, so they got Lou Diamond Phillips and Joe Pesci impersonators instead.
I remember my dad tried telling adamantly that Lou Diamond Phillips did the singing in La Bamba and I s…
Had my first ever cortisone injection today and now watching a Cop and a Half reboot/sequel starring Lou Diamond Phillips how is your day
Lou Diamond Phillips shining at Ed Asner and Friends Celebrity Poker Tournament Benefiting the Autism Society at...
Ted Cruz: I swear, I did a search for Lou Diamond Phillips bc I love Young Guns, & I'll be damned if his…
Stand and Deliver is a classic. Lou Diamond Phillips is edgy and Eddie James Olmos dynamic.
...while Lou Diamond Phillips shined my shoes. (2/2)
When did Lou Diamond Phillips turn into swarthy Joe Lo Truglio?
BROOKLYN NINE-NINE books Tim Meadows and Lou Diamond Phillips for multiple episodes
You’re the Worst escala Lou Diamond Phillips e Zosia Mamet
Zosia Mamet et Lou Diamond Phillips rejoignent le casting de You're the Worst
Zosia Mamet and Lou Diamond Phillips to guest star on You’re The Worst
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 5 - Tim Meadows and Lou Diamond Phillips to Guest
Rex Linn in Ben Lawson e altri in Tim Meadows e Lou Diamond Phillips in
YAY, I love news: Lou Diamond Phillips and Tim Meadows will guest star on the upcoming season
Lou Diamond Phillips and Tim Meadows will appear on the new season of
Tim Meadows and Lou Diamond Phillips are coming to this season.
Tim Meadows and Lou Diamond Phillips pop up on this season, and “some of our old favorites will be back as well,” says Dan Goor
Andy Samberg says Tim Meadows and Lou Diamond Phillips are guest starring on this season.
I'm literally sitting across from actor Lou Diamond Phillips in the studio and it's so hard for me not to yell "RITCHIIIEE!"
When I was growin' up... Women were NUTS for Fabio and Lorenzo Lamas... and maybe some Lou Diamond Phillips.
More food for the soul! Meet and greet the stars and enjoy cinema gems at...
I am not a robot big guy. At least I'm not a…
I loved that movie where you grabbed Lou Diamond Phillips' ***
Who allowed the movie Cop and a Half to be remade with Lou Diamond Phillips?? ...I regret to say I may still watch it.
lol I'll try my best but I'm gonna look like Lou diamond Phillips
Just finished watching this screening premiering 2morrow Texas native Lou Diamond Phillips joins me for a L…
yo! working w Lou Diamond Phillips today. thought about that movie we did w him. hope you're well!!
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Lou Diamond Phillips to debut new film at SA Film Festival – KENS 5 TV
'La Bamba' star Lou Diamond Phillips will be promoting his newest film at the San Antonio Film Festival this weekend
I kept calling the character he played on a Disney Jr show "Lou Diamond Phillips" and my daughter was…
My favorite film is 'Stand and Deliver' with Edward James Olmos and Lou Diamond Phillips. A good classic!
They've made a sequel to Cop and a Half. 24 years later. Starring Lou Diamond Phillips. For an audience of NOBODY. Except me.
24 years later, they decide to make a sequel to a bleh! movie. But hey, it's nice to see Lou Diamond Phillips fina…
Juan Pablo Raba, Luiz Guzman & Lou Diamond Phillips at the 2016 Imagen Awards. We will see on August 18 at
COP AND A HALF 2 Starring Lou Diamond Phillips, that girl from all the Blumhouse movies and a lot of bored extras
I now know he's not Native, but Lou Diamond Phillips in Young Guns. Chávez Y Chávez was Navajo/Mexi…
This is a real thing? Is it better than A Talking Cat?!? Also: poor Lou Diamond Phillips. That pose is very “What a…
Good to hear. Annoyed with Lou Diamond Phillips in Longmire, but I guess he has some claim to the role.
Come celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic film 'La Bamba' with stars Lou Diamond Phillips and Esai...
.shares "This film isn’t just about religion. It’s about– gender equality, inclusion, and...…
Right? Dante Basco has only been Filipino in The Debut, & Lou Diamond Phillips has been everything but Filipino
Lou Diamond Phillips is not allowwd to play anymore mexicans.
I am at that restaurant where the female version of Lou Diamond Phillips works.
120 Minutes from 1990 - Commercial Break: Intertitles for a Lou Diamond Phillips movie called The First Power
on for more Lou Diamond Phillips and Zahn McClarnon!
I still love this movie due to the fact that Lou Diamond Phillips was in it. Sad ending though.
Lou Diamond Phillips looks so much like my brother that I had to do a double-take on that last RT!
Lou Phillips on the left. Lou Diamond Phillips on the right
Leg busts on the set of "Rapid Dreams" with Lou Diamond Phillips. Taller than he looks on screen.
Was trying to think of a dope Lou Diamond Phillips reference but realized he's not in Selena and I'm…
Surprising to me! Lou Diamond Phillips and Enrique Iglesias are half Filipino.
I looked long & hard at Emilio & Lou Diamond Phillips and said what needed to be said, "Old Guns" is happening with or without you 2."
who is that lou diamond Phillips jr?
Lou Diamond Phillips calls for your support of our nation's Veterans. Please visit
Lou diamond Phillips was affiliated with the acting school. She said it had a soap opera actor in it.
Lou Diamond Phillips, guardian angel of Santa Fe. El Mitotero mourns the last season of Longmire now shooting in SF…
Austin Rivers looks like illegitimate son from one of Doc's one night stands with Lou Diamond Phillips.
i loved the movie La Bamba when i was a kid.. never did i think i'd actually be able to work with lou diamond phillips on a show
Isn't it strange how Lou Diamond Phillips has replaced the image of Richie Valens?
Lou Diamond Phillips buys a hat: What do you think?
Did anyone else notice that one of the celebrity final pairings today was essentially Wilson Phillips? (Carnie and Lou Diamond)
Robbie R = Lou Diamond Phillips. Maybe a stretch cuz of age, but Woody is 55, too.
I'm so in love with Lou Diamond Phillips🙈💕
When Lou Diamond Phillips doesn't get his ranch on his dressing
Penn Jillette, Lou Diamond Phillips, Carnie Wilson, and Coolio have all been on the same episode of Chopped. Best episode ever
Lou Diamond Phillips, guardian angel of Santa Fe, is with you always
Lou Diamond Phillips seems like too much name for one man.
Aw Michael J Fox. One of my very first crushes. Well, him and Lou Diamond Phillips from 'La Bamba.' I had eclectic taste.
Happy 55th Birthday to actor Lou Diamond Phillips, here as Richie Valens in La Bamba:
remember you are shooting more Longmire for us... you are Henry Standing Bear not Lou Diamond Phillips
Tonight we are watching the DVD movie titled, RENEGADE with Keifer Sutherland and Lou Diamond Phillips! Pretty cool...
Lou Diamond Phillips on is the best thing ever, now we need Lorenzo Lamas and David Hasselhoff. Who books this?
Lou Diamond Phillips is really intent on making sound way more important than it actually is.
I had the privilege of working with Lou Diamond Phillips, Bill Paxton, and Justin Cornwell on…
Today 11/2/2016 on the set of Training Day the series with Lou Diamond Phillips, Bill Paxton,…
Yerzy (Lou Diamond Phillips has fallen in love with kate mulgrew
Blessed and fortunate to work with Bill Duke, Lou Diamond Phillips and Gregory Alan Williams. A huge shout out...
LOVE this song! Was so crunching on Brian Server back then. Loved him opposite Lou Diamond Phillips too!!
Lou Diamond Phillips - Louis Gossett Jr. has a problem with cocaine. . Denny's Hostess - Just one for breakfast then?
CONGRATULATIONS! Could you ask Lou Diamond Phillips if he could be a superfan for Fear the Walking Dead? YNS has TWD.
"Zombie Cattle" starring Lou Diamond Phillips and Mr.T, this time your burger eats you. Only on demand.
i cried when Lou Diamond Phillips died in La Bamba. i was probably seven. still my favorite melody.
Lou Diamond Phillips as both of you.
No, I didn't. The casting is great. Lou Diamond Phillips' best work ever. He steals the show later on. . Netflix
28. Lou Diamond Phillips has my heart in this movie 💛😍
3 of the best tv supporting actors on tv, Mitch Pileggi, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Robert Patrick.
have you seen their music video with the stuffed animals and Lou Diamond Phillips?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
On the set of Longmire with Lou Diamond Phillips and Peter Stormare.
New LJ post is up. I'm out of the loop & going to bed. P.S. For those not on my LJ, Lou Diamond Phillips is chilling as the Night Stalker.
Our last screening of writer/director Megan Griffith’s THE NIGHT STALKER, starring Lou Diamond Phillips as serial...
Wendys Grindhouse Revenge needs to be a Si-Fi channel original with Lou Diamond Phillips.
Lou Diamond Phillips scares tf out of me
I dont know who Lou Diamond Phillips is either lmao
check really channel . & how can you not know Richard Ramirez played by Lou Diamond Phillips ?
Lou Diamond Phillips deserves an Emmy for his performance!
Did you guys watch the new Night Stalker movie on Lifetime yet? It stars Lou Diamond Phillips as Old Ricky
Lou Diamond Phillips, Charles Dance, and Mia Sara in my Showtime film, UNDERTOW.
COURAGE UNDER FIRE - Denzel! Overall, not bad, but nothing special. Lou Diamond Phillips was good.
Lou Diamond Phillips plays such a good, true to life serial killer in
also, any room for Lou Diamond Phillips and possibly Johnny from the original karate kid in any future projects?
Lou Diamond Phillips is sitting in front of us in LAX! Too bad I don't know much of his work 😁
Her: diamonds are a girls best friend. Neil Diamond: heyya. Lou Diamond Phillips: sup girl. Dustin Diamond: how ya doi... Her…
Did you watch the Lifetime Night Stalker movie starring Lou Diamond Phillips? Oh my.
Danny Trejo, Lou Diamond Phillips, Jaime Camil & More to Guest Star on ‘Elena of Avalor’ via
the Los Lobos LP vinyl of La Bamba with Lou Diamond Phillips in a black suit with a Guitar, Yeah I know 😻
my cousin always tell me that my fiancé looks like Lou diamond Phillips & then posts her mcm.and its Lou. 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Lou Diamond Phillips as Richard Ramirez in "The Night Stalker". I definitely have to watch that. 🔪
UGH, bought tampons in front of Lou Diamond Phillips in the 80s at Rock not Roll Ralph's grocery on Sunset Blvd. Very nice tho!
lou diamond phillips and Mrs. Reigel. Count me in.
You didn't see beans complain when Lou Diamond Phillips played a Messican, they embraced him.
Fairly sure Lou Diamond Phillips still alive! La Bamba star. Goggle him Gill - doppelgänger for who??
Lou Diamond Phillips as the Night Stalker! Been dying for this!! . h/t
The Night Stalker, starring Lou Diamond Phillips, to air in June
Our will appear in Megan Griffiths' The Night Stalker, w/ Lou Diamond Phillips
A 1980s Lou Diamond Phillips is standing next to me on the subway. Mhn. How you doing, Young Gun?
Nightstalker Movie stars Lou Diamond Phillips is showing on LMN. It deserves to be on worldwide movie theatres
So what do you think of Lou Diamond Phillips & would you do him
All purpose parts banner
The night stalker is FINALLY airing on June 12, on LMN! So excited to see Lou Diamond Phillips playing Richard Ramirez.
Trump names Lou Diamond Phillips as running mate. "He was great in La Bamba. See? I love the Mexicans!"
Wait. Lou Diamond Phillips is in Longmire? I've liked that guy since Young Guns.
we need Lou Diamond Phillips on with Yvette Nicole Brown! I bet LDP has a few notebooks started with show tidbits as well
Richard Drummie, Travis Meeks, Phil Rudd, and Lou Diamond Phillips as his character from the La Bamba movie.
Is Benjamin Bratt a poor man's Lou Diamond Phillips or is Lou Diamond Phillips a poor man's Benjamin Bratt?
Born on this day in 1962 Lou Diamond Phillips, Philippines, actor (La Bamba, Stand & Deliver).
Okay nobody panic, but I think we've misplaced Lou Diamond Phillips.
Not sure who Adam Driver is unless the illegitimate child of Lou Diamond Phillips and Josh Groban cauz...Live from New Yawk!!!
Watching Renegades with Keifer Sutherland and lou Diamond Phillips. Does anybody love this movie more than me???
Marvelling at Lou Diamond Phillips weird shaped face earlier in Red Water. Cracking shark nonsense with Coolio trying to be Ice Cube.
Lou Diamond Phillips' play "Burning Desire" will have its world premiere in February. Co-stars Longmire's Cassidy...
One time my mum sat next to Lou Diamond Phillips on a plane and she told him "My son loves La Bamba!". Lol. It's true, I do. ;)
Yo I’m watching and (Lou Diamond Phillips) could totally play your brother in a
Lou diamond phillips did live sketch comedy at Zero Club in FT Worth in the 80's??
Lou Diamond Phillips looks like a lost Callahan brother.
My palm reading of actor, director Lou Diamond Phillips is now up on YouTube
I had a moment like that with Lou Diamond Phillips. It was amazing.
Two of my heroes. Ritchie Valens, not Lou Diamond Phillips (no offense) lol, and Eddie…
This taken just after Emilio Estefez and Lou Diamond Phillips had left the band, due to musical differences.
Started watching Longmire on recommendation from a friend, then find out Lou Diamond Phillips is in it. That's a win. A yummy, yummy win.
Hollywood will put you in a box, so to speak. Some people will have seen you in ...
Is Alicia Vikander this generation's Lou Diamond Phillips?: When you look at her recent roles she has played a...
Whatever happened to: Acid Rain, Enya, Lou Diamond Phillips and paper bags in grocery stores?
In a private audience I asked PopeFrancis what Jesus yells when he hits his thumb with a hammer. He said "Leaping Lou Diamond Phillips"
how many times have you been compared to Lou Diamond Phillips?
ERM !...A Richard Ramirez role is already taken by Lou Diamond Phillips as older Richie, and Benjamin Barrett as 25yr old RR
Lou Diamond Phillips on Chilean miners’ saga, "Night Stalker" and
Please recognize Longmire for the Golden Globe Awards. Wonderful writers. Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Phillips are excellent.
I loved Lou Diamond Phillips! T was good in South Pacific. But his voice matched the role. He was just okay in Sweeney Todd.
Little Giant Ladders
Is it just me or can Lou Diamond Phillips totally pass off as Bellamy Blake/Bob Morley's father?
Sullivan Stapleton, Rob Brown and Lou Diamond Phillips on one screen? . Whew!!! I may faint.
Lou Diamond Phillips, Sullivan Stapleton, Audrey Esparza and Rob Brown on the set of
Lou Diamond Phillips is the greatest Filipino/Scots-Irish actor ever to play a Mexican musician and a Spanish-American/Indian in Hollywood.
Director Patricia Riggen, Lou Diamond Phillips, Mike Medavoy and Juliette Binoche premiere and discuss in DC.
Lou Diamond Phillips, Mike Medavoy and Juliette Binoche re the fact-based Chilean miners rescue story "The 33."
Longmire S4: Behind the scenes of 'The Calling Back', with Lou Diamond Phillips, Irene Bedard, Cassidy Freeman &...
In real life Both Actors, Lou Diamond Phillips & Benjamin Barrett will Play Richard Ramirez in the Night Stalker Movie 2016
I saw trailer over the weekend. Will be a powerful movie, released 13 Nov. Amazing cast, incl Lou Diamond Phillips
//So this is a thing? Probably one of these two. Edward James Olmos and Lou Diamond Phillips, respectively.
Interview from end of August with Lou Diamond Phillips about "Longmire". He's one of the show's greatest assets.
Was a pleasure meeting and interviewing Lou Diamond Phillips
Hello, would it be possible to set up a phone interview with Lou Diamond Phillips on our radio show?
I love that show. I loved Lou Diamond Phillips. His recipe for a lemon cake, "Pucker Up Irene", is wonderful.
Outstanding performance by Lou Diamond Phillips in Sanitarium. Lucky to be able to witness the Q&A with creator Kerry Valderrama
Update your maps at Navteq
And sometimes there are NO WORDS. George Kozel, Bai Ling and Lou Diamond Phillips.
they are already doing a movie on Richard Ramirez, but doesn't star Erza Miller, but Lou Diamond Phillips & Benjamin Barrett
L-R.Christian Slater, Rob Lowe, Emelio Estevez, Lou Diamond Phillips and Charlie Sheen having a good night out.
Lou Diamond Phillips is a velociraptor? Suddenly the Young Guns movies have an entirely different context.
I like that Lou Diamond Phillips has a bit part in it!
Want to feel old? Melissa Etheridge stole Lou Diamond Phillips' wife from a velociraptor
Babes!!, I don't DM Lou Diamond Phillips but I know your so sweet I'd not need a spoonful of sugar to swallow you😈 🔥❤️
Time has run out for Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips). With Gab (Julia Jones) temporarily safe with the Medicine Woman…
A new film that stars Lou Diamond Phillips, currently in post-production. No mention of its release...
know what goes good with milk and cookies? Lou Diamond Phillips.
Sam Bradford looks a little like Lou Diamond Phillips. .
how exciting! Lou Diamond Phillips, Billy Porter, and wasn't it Alec Baldwin all in one week!
BACK TO BLOOD Audiobook by Tom Wolfe 12 CDs - narrated by Lou Diamond Phillips
Lou Diamond Phillips guests on today's fresh new Fake Show w/Jim Tofte at
Now at the Fake Show, coming soon, Dave Davies of the Kinks, Lou Diamond Phillips & Rick Harrison!
Video: A new trailer for Tao of Surfing, the movie with Eric Balfour and Lou Diamond Phillips that I am...
Ha! Yes.Had a look at wiki, I approve of Matt Dillon and Toby Jones. But will it be as good as Lou Diamond Phillips' wolf Lake?
I cannot wait for season 4 of Longmire. Robert Taylor is my pick for a real Jonah Hex film! /
Lol you wish you looked like Lou Diamond Phillips in La Bamba.
I don't even look like Lou Diamond Phillips 😒
I sometimes get a little melancholy. . But I quickly remember that Lou Diamond Phillips is looking up at the same moon as me
.realising you follow Lou Diamond Phillips has just made my day
Because The Posse can just never get enough...
Technical difficulties permitting, AARP has your LDP right here:
Catching up on LONGMIRE for the new season and I'm liking the show but kind of wish it was just about Lou Diamond Phillips running the bar.
Fairly certain started rocking this goatee after seeing how well mine was working out.
Our tech guys have been @ a continual soirée, but U may B able 2 access it here as well:
'Longmire' Is Back — on a New Network I suppose resorting to the hashtag would simply be too gloaty...
Boromir looks like a Jesus-Viking and Aragorn looks kind of like Lou Diamond Phillips.
On the wisdom of never messing with the
Hate to brag, but I look like Lou Diamond Phillips when you talk to me on Skype.
'Longmire' finds new life at Netflix: Lou Diamond Phillips, Robert Taylor and Gerald McRaney speak onstage dur...
Longmire star Lou Diamond Phillips supports the Native American community. A great actor and...
I once saw Lou Diamond Phillips as the lead in "The King & I". Dude is LEGIT:
You just reminded me how much I want Lou Diamond Phillips to shill for Blue Diamond Almonds.
Lou Diamond Phillips is the owner of the Red Pony Saloon and continual soiree. Mysteries and Katee Sackhoff. Need more?
Watching Metal Tornado on When I see Lou Diamond Phillips playing a scientist, I know I've picked a good one...
I saw Lou Diamond Phillips & Donna Murphy in the 1996 production of AMAZING!!!
Watching Ready Steady Wiggle and omg! Lou Diamond Phillips was on! La Bamba!
Great day on set and doing something different for Robert Baxter. Awesome guy! Tnx Bob. Great seeing you 2 Lou Diamond Phillips
Terrell Pryor outchea looking like Lou Diamond Phillips in La Bamba.
Cassidy Freeman and Lou Diamond Phillips on set of Longmire
Were you born in 1962? You were born the same year as Jennifer Jason Leigh, Lou Diamond Phillips & Noami Wolf.
I don't know who killed Lou Diamond Phillips' career. Andy Garcia? Benjamin Bratt? Lol
Coolio is currently battling Lou Diamond Phillips and Penn Jillette on Chopped. I looked up and was so confused.
i thought it was a good movie - evn tho it wasn't scary, Lou Diamond Phillips and Robert Englund played their roles perfectly 💕
"Citizen 'Caine", indie film that gives a nod to "Longmire"'s Lou Diamond Phillips, now on YouTube.
Not cool. Please be more supportive of Lou Diamond Phillips' career M'KAY?
On a side note it's great to see Lou Diamond Phillips back working, we've missed him.
Don't give me that look, Lou Diamond Phillips. It was the dog that humped your foot not me!
Miguel is so sexy. I used to have a crush on Lou Diamond Phillips from La Bamba. He reminds me of that.
The last time I got a dental check up, I had a minor panic attack because Lou Diamond Phillips wasn't my dentist. It is upsetting though.
Young Guns is on. Remember when Emilio was the wild one? & Keifer was sooo young? On the other hand, Lou Diamond Phillips hasn't aged a bit!
Watching Young Guns, surreal how young Lou Diamond Phillips, Keifer Sutherland and Emilio Estevez look in this.
I really like that movie. Lou Diamond Phillips was great.
"From behind, it's like 'Oh, it's Lou Diamond Phillips!"
You're face to face with the man who sold Lou Diamond Phillips.
So I'm also watching the series "Longmire" and Lou Diamond Phillips plays a Cheyenne who never uses contractions. Ever.
Lou Diamond Phillips used to be such a badass
wonder if Lou Diamond Phillips ever tried going vegan. The world may never know.
Update your maps at Navteq
Can someone tell me the name of the movie with Lou Diamond Phillips that has the trace buster buster buster
I thought Lou Diamond Phillips was Mexican for the longest time growing up. Surprised he isn't in that.
Remember when Lou Diamond Phillips was an A-lister? Me neither.
Lou Diamond Phillips is still cooler than me, mainly cause of the Diamond. Lou Phillips doesn't have the same ring
haven't had that. I've had Indian food.and no smartie pants it wasn't Lou Diamond Phillips
definitely leaning more towards Lou Diamond Phillips
. PARTY!! ...and by "party" I mean sit at home and watch Lou Diamond Phillips movies all day.
Is it weird that when I hear La Bamba I picture Lou Diamond Phillips?
I'm going to play Lou Diamond Phillips in his biopic.
Papa John looks like Ray Liotta and Lou Diamond Phillips had a baby. johns
"""Approach every film with the same enthusiasm, regardless of its budget.""Lou Diamond Phillips, actor"
Lou Diamond Phillips is by far the most dramatic person we’ve had on set and we’ve had Real Housewives.
The only human I have ever been one hundred percent attracted to is young Lou Diamond Phillips
Ugh. Lou Diamond Phillips doing super fast breath needed at the end of every three words and voices is not a good combination.
Love Lou Diamond Phillips, but he's downright creepy in that VFW commercial!
Two actors are talked about more at family dinner than any other: Viggo Mortensen and Lou Diamond Phillips. . And I have no idea why.
We love you Happy Holidays and THANK YOU for all you do for the posse!
Made my husband watch STAND AND DELIVER. when Lou Diamond Phillips gets a 5 on his AP exam I'm sorry you'd have to be made of stone
"I thought it was John Philip Sousa... I mean Lou Diamond Phillips."
Congrats! Did you ever see Lou Diamond Phillips performance as Arthur?
Lou Diamond Phillips didn't do much post-La Bamba, did he? Shame, always liked him.
when did Lou Diamond Phillips become an NFL referee?
Which law and order do y'all watch?. My favorite is with brisco,Lenny,and the dude who looked like Lou diamond phillips
Betsy Brandt and Lou Diamond Phillips, last day of singing American Pie with them.
Billy reminds me of lou diamond phillips character in Young Guns
No. It was actually Lou Diamond Phillips wife. But I just saw Yvonne and NATURALLY thought of OUR Yvonne. ;-)
Kids these days can't even do the math to calculate how many Lou Diamond Phillips it takes to equal one Young Gun.
I would pay $100 to watch Lou Diamond Phillips do improv comedy
for some reason, I imagine sounds like Lou Diamond Phillips
"These bats are bred for one purpose. For war." -fav line of Hobbit & makes me sad there hasnt been a bat film since Lou Diamond Phillips
He'll always be Melissa Etheridge's kid's father. With the lady who left Lou Diamond Phillips.
Me & review Denzel in Courage Under Fire & talk how Lou Diamond Phillips briefly made me ***
Wondering why has been sporting a goatee? May have something to do with a new role |
Lou Diamond Phillips and me on the set if Quest.
Quit being such a sheep! Emilio Estevez, Christian Slater, Lou Diamond Phillips, Jr., the dude from CSI. What's not to love?!
I love Lou Diamond Phillips, and could use more of him in my life.
*** ..when did Lou Diamond Phillips get so old?
A bud driver just told me I remind him of Lou Diamond Phillips
Dear Internet Hackers, . Can we get more movies with Lou Diamond Phillips in them? Since you run Hollywood I thought you could help. Thx!
Sherry KDiamond Phillips congratulations on Longmire being picked up by Netflix. Love the show! Love you.Glad you have a family Too!
I'm giving away: La Bamba Movie VHS Lou Diamond Phillips. Check it out -
.doppelgänger showed us the Drunkest Animal on TV at Awards. Check it out:
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