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Los Angelos

Los Angeles (which is written Los Ángeles; British pronounciation ) with a population at the 2010 United States Census of 3,792,621, is the most populous city in the state of California, and the second most populous in the United States, after New York City.

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I'd be stoked for this if it said the San Diego chargers and not los angelos chargers🙄 either way I'm glad we got a…
Excited to announce that I have been drafted by the los angelos rams in the cfl draft
stupid of candidate for office in LOS ANGELOS! to mock transgender people or people of color. They an…
Love Dudamel, his work with Latin American kids in Los Angelos and his message to politicians of Venezuela!
Los Angelos -> San Diego and everything in between
With the 7th overall pick, the Los Angelos Chargers select, Davis Web.
Oh that *** You should fly out to Los angelos for vacation. We have A LOT to do. But it's expensive 💸💸
America. I live like a 20 min. Drive away from Los Angelos LOL. Hbu??
Kids of the wealthy are raised by the poor. You send daughters to Los Angelos and New York
The focus would be on the individual voter. One vote in Los Angelos or NYC…
looking like a work of art. . The Teragram Ballroom, Los Angelos. April 21, 2017
got close and personal with 😍. The Teragram Ballroom, Los Angelos. April 21, 2017
gettin close up with the crowd btw The Teragram Ballroom, Los Angelos. April 21, 2017…
A great line-up at last night's rock gig including 25 Pound Hug, Los Angelos, Avalanche & many others.
Power outage in San Francisco, Los Angelos, and New York. We're all at work twiddling our thumbs.
Ola mamie rose. Uhh the name los angelos chargers. Don't even sound right. San Diego for year's.
I think on the Gousewives of Los Angelos or was it New York, they went to Bali!!
Because animal activists and a local city councilman know more about elephant care than the Los Angelos Zoo...
Up to 75 % Discount - Save Time & Money On ANY of Los Angelos Hotels?, Let me help you Book now
The event is in Los angelos convention center, so I feel like finding a different room there would be easier
just showing some appreciation for the van that took us from Chicago to Los Angelos and back
I can't go to Break Free (fossil fuel) in Los Angelos so I signed up to be a digital witness. I'll tell you about it as it happens.
How are you tini? i want that you comming to los angelos pleaze
so y then do individual states have legal weed? And sell it. Los angelos.. spanish. South west. All spanish run governments
. Basically. Draft us Los Angelos Rams. We're perfect for you
Colorado Springs -> Denver -> Los Angelos . Life is gonna be dope!👣
Watching ncis los angelos...good show...
tbh I'll probably never be able to move out of ohio simply bc i can't decide between New York or los angelos. both so terrible and expensive
we saw the ugly step-child take over in Manchester, Los Angelos, and now Madrid!!
And with the first pick of the 2016 NFL Draft the Los Angelos Rams select...
Order Miche Bag Online!
Just feels like a Baja kind of day. Bahia de Los Angelos 2015 for the
I'm in Kenya but i like to time myself as if i'm in Los Angelos
I ask the father to disperse angels to kill the spirit of Cain across the land, New York, Detroit, Los Angelos,...
I cry every time I watch John Mayer live in los angelos
Wait.a new model ??😱Her name is bretni and its from angelos.The media says is one of the most beauti girl😍
that guy ... From Los angelos? ... Lol i dunno where he came from ...
will be performing for you in your city! . April 25, 2016 Los Angelos, California…
Wouldn't bet a can of milk on a Expansion team in Los Angelos or anywhere for that matter but cool that owner would even consider
Who in the los angelos area just called me
Los Angelos is spending millions of $$ to provide homes for the while most the nation is spending millions to lock them in jails!
Look for homeless population to increase in Los Angelos
Finally, Los Angelos plans to spend $100 million to provide shelter for estimated 26,000 homeless people
The best taekwando in America exactly in los angelos
I'm complaining and then I realize...i get to stay in Los Angelos!
Thanks to I now have to stay the night in Los Angelos. Thanks for not paying for the hotel either.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
So1 update in Paris. 3 updates in Los Angelos. ..and 4 updates in rome
Which among these five (5) cities will get chance to host 2024 Olympic games...; Rome, France, Los Angelos, Budapest and Istanbul.
Cafardo On Duquette, Showalter, Hunter, Howard: In today’s column, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe caught up ...
"LA tech where is that in Los Angelos?" -carl Bruner
we want a new selfie like in France and Los Angelos plz give me a Rome selfie version
an ENORMOUS shoutout to for landing his dream job in LOS ANGELOS next year! I couldn't be more proud of you. 🎉🎉😁😭
Me and my best friend literally brought flights to Los angelos just for a chance to see him
those los Angelos car chases was designed to drive my brain around helicopter guy sound like NASA guy.
Enjoying the town hall meeting with Nnamdi Kanu in Los angelos US. Really I'm much educated!
Almost read that as Maria de los angelos
I LOVE my "job" & I LOVE my life! Dream Builder LIVE in Los Angelos this year is so surreal because…
I could watch NCIS Los Angelos all day. ☺
Christopher McDaniel of Los Angelos Ballet coming this August to Infinity!
I want to see the Los Angelos version start!
On June 16-18 I'm going to Los Angelos for e3 2015 it's only two hours from my house thank god for Nevada!
Where do USA citizens take the most naps? In Los Angelos... In the "Napa Valley!"
Local food historian Cynthia Clampitt's book Midwest Maize was selected for summer reading by Los Angelos Magazine!
Lakeside Summer on snapchat was probably in my top 3. Behind Dubai and Los Angelos of course.
what was it? Same thing happen to me last week with the Los Angelos one and I know mine was cool aha
My sister and business partner is being honored in LOS Angelos today! Our west coast office doing big things!...
los angelos Thank you for following me!!
goodnight love you Los angelos rock in forever and remember kids turn around and die
lovely Siberians husky for adoption.. text now (707) 348-9079 (UNITED STATES, Los Angelos)
Any news on the Walking Dead in Los Angelos ? Is it soon???
i always get confused with LA for Los Angelos and LA for Louisiana
Just found this picture from my favorite sushi restaurant in Los angelos. It's about 2 hours…
Why is the Los Angelos river so wide yet so empty?
And the LA unfortunately does not mean Los Angelos😑
something about they are so strong they make you want to throw up and killed a vampire from here in Los Angelos
the Tribe Radio Announcers are making fun of the Garlic Fries, saying they killed a vampire living in Los Angelos
"I live in Tokyo now with my big brother, I am basically from Los Angelos California."
ORIOLE SPORTS TALK: Wow other than Los Angelos and Oakland the BALTIMORE ORIOLES 69 and 52 record is the third best in baseball~ Yikes 6 and a half games over Toronto and im about to melt with excitement~ BEEN LIKE 1985 since dem ORIOLE BIRDS won anything? I JUST think of the old Birds and Brooks and company and wow would i love to witness a WORLD SERIES TITLE~ We dont get much chances between The Red Sox and mighty Yanks and when we do we better TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT ONE MORE TIME~ THE EAGLES and sing " WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS" QUEENS greatest hits
Good luck Vinnie! I'm going to miss you as a Cleveland Indian! You're going to do great in Los Angelos!
Someone paypal me a bunch of money so that I can go to LA to see PWG's Battle of Los Angelos.
Tanzania. Los Angelos. Mexico City. The world's cosmopolises illustrated by
went to rehab for a month, but that didn't work} {In the end, he went to a sober house in Los Angelos} {He got better,-
Boy..yo baby,I school in the states.,that's cool baby..where in the states? New York city,las vegas,Los Angelos? tell me so I can come visit in New York..,I school in the states baby..imo state baby..come to nekede owerri.. Girl..ok na..mmpa gi..
Los Angelos: City of Anglos: From the Opera singer to the acrobats via
“Los Angelos bans e-cigarettes: really? Better enjoy it here while we can.
I love coming here. The most beautiful city here! @ Los Angelos
if Los Angelos was in a cave it would be a den-sity of people
2 10 runs from New Orleans all the way to Los Angelos, thinking bout it.
NRA Board member Ted nugents latist raceist rant he advocates shooting minorities mexican americans and blacks from helocopters for sport in Los Angelos on his two TV shows and threatens presidents life by shooting Obama Zombies !
well i will be back on later goin to catch the rest of my NCIS: Los Angelos and Supernatural then watching Person Of Interest
Not sure what's going on but, in the past 3 days I've had 5 people in the radio business request a connection with me LinkedIn. Two from Los Angelos, one from Denver, one from Dallas and one from New Mexico . Hmmm
Okay, so I get to JFK and as I approach TSA security, this couple is arguing because they can't go through the priority line.I breeze on pass them in security line. Lol. Then we get to our gate, I again breeze on pass, headed to my seat up in first class!!!' Boom!!! LOS ANGELOS HERE I COME!!
I will be playing with the band THE GUVERMENT this friday march 14th at Roosters Roadhouse in Alameda ca. Then saturday at the O'Reilly Pub outdoor block party north beach San Francisco 5pm. Then sunday at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. Then monday at the Elbow Room in San Francisco. Then tuesday the 18th i am heading out to Los Angelos and i will be playing at The Whiskey a go go on sunset boulevard march 19th with singer bassist guitarist Victor Jerman and we will be opening for John Corabi who sang one album with Motley Crue and also singer Mike Tramp from the 80s band White Lion will be performing also.
that's why I pick and choose who I deal with. Sometimes even family has to be kept at a distance.
yea that's what I thought too but family n friends make me think otherwise
I need a get away from TEXAS. I need to go Los Angelos, that's where I should be!
I wish I was valdy r/t kids going to college in Los Angelos
Follow & Like Driter at Los Angelos by Robert Foreman Jr. via
on the set Fast Furious 6 in Los Angelos.
You are not in Los Angelos, Los Angelos is around you. 😂😂
S/o to Froggy Productions! West coasting out in Los Angelos, California! Nipsey Hustles block! west coasting!
If you are living in Los Angelos, CA and are looking for a career in business then click the link below. -
Isn't this just like every other major city in the world? Getting screwed over is part of the charm, of Paris, New York, Los Angelos...
I just want to move to Miami,FL or Los Angelos and live happily
Los Angelos is only 313 miles away 😱
I meant my American friends. Norman, Portland, Fresno, San Diego and Los Angelos and I hope in Charlotte too. proud to know all of you !
Get your iPhone insurance today!
LOS REY: Will the truth ever come to light about what happened between Aurora and Matias in los Angelos?
I get to go from Pittsburgh to Boston to Philadelphia to New York. Then from New York to Dallas to Los Angelos to
Am at los angelos now ma agent tells ms ders an emerg at hawaii ahh "I kuv ma life"
interesting... I'll have to check it out
it's about these killer whales and how they killed workers at sea world... Great movie/documentary
Major kudos to the city of Los Angelos for its sweeping restrictions of e-cigarette use!
My first flight ever coming right up! ✈️Los Angelos, California see you soon❤️
My first parking ticket 😒 Where do you expect me to park Los Angelos?
The Los Angelos leakers you know what is man
Tyler is in Los Angelos right now and I'm just sitting here like
Where will you be in california!??? will you be signi... — Los Angelos, Beverly Hills, and San Fernando. And yea...
I ran outside with a cloth drenched in gasoline and held it over the little girl's mouth until she passed out. Then I dragged her into the bushes and searched her backpack for some crayons. I finally found some and then rolled the little girl back onto the sidewalk. Then I went inside and wrote the following suicide note in a child's handwriting: "Dear everyone. I am very unhappy with my life. There is no joy in it at all. All I ever wanted was to be happy and normal like everyone else. I'm Sorry." Then I packed the suicide note in my suitcase and hopped in the shower. The plane ride sucked. Everyone was clamoring for that little *** Herman's autograph. Besides that, this old woman sitting next to me wouldn't shut up! She was telling me that she was from San Diego and was afraid to go home because a kangaroo had escaped from The San Diego Zoo! She also told me that in a few days she was going to be going to The South Korean Film Festival in Los Angelos. "Wow" I thought to myself. "Wouldn ...
Sharon Tate, in front of the house at 10050 Cielo Drive in Benedict Canyon, Los Angelos
Here is one of the "enemies of the NRA". You should see the horrifying proposals they make (with the exception of I would propose every one of these myself): Million Mom March (MMM) is a national grassroots, chapter-based organization formed in 1999 as a reaction to the shooting at the jewish community center in suburban Los Angelos. Their stated goal is to win passage of [something] gun laws, including: (1)licensing of handgun owners, (2) registration of handguns, (3) creating consumer product safety standards for guns, (4) closing the "gun show loophole," and (5) limiting gun purchases to no more than one a month.
If I wanted fog I would move to London. If I wanted weeks of inversion I would move to Los Angelos. Hating the weather right now. Boo
There was four major Pentecostal Revival Waves during the 20th century. The first initial OUTPOURING which founded its gensis at Azsua st., Los Angelos. The notable characters of this revival were Charles Pharm, William Seymour, Frank Bartlerman and William Durham. In the aftermath of the initial outpouring there came mor pioneering revivalist, like Aimee Semple Mcpherson, Florence Crawford, A.H Ague, R.E Mccalster, A.C Valdez, Carrie Judd Montgomery, Charles Price, Raymound T. Richley and a host of others in America. John Alexander Dowie, begin to discover healing before the turn of the century, as did Maria Woodworth Etter, who exercised a powerful Pentecostle ministry before and after Azsua st. In Europe T.B Barrett, Lewis Petrus, Alexander Boddy, Smith Wigglesworth, George and Andrew Jeffreys, and other ministeries had furthered the work. Others nations had theirCARRIERS of GOD'S FIRE/GLORY. The second Wave of God's GLORY was called the "Healing Revival" which occured in late 40's in America. Willia . ...
Join us on Inauguration Weekend Saturday, January 19th 2013, 4-6 pm Washington, DC Rally at Farragut Square (Conn. Ave., 17th and K Streets, NW) at 4 pm Followed by Candlelight Procession to the White House Tell President Obama: Israel should not be above the law. Condition US aid to Israel on compliance with US & international law. Sign the letter to President Obama NOW: Sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and Washington Interfaith Alliance for Middle East Peace Endorsed by: Alliance for Global Justice, American University Students for Justice in Palestine, BDS LA for Justice in Palestine (Los Angelos, CA), Chicago Divests, Chicago Faith Coalition on Middle East Policy, CodePink, CodePink Arizona, Committee for Open Discussion of Zionism, Committee for Palestinian Rights (Howard County, MD), Cornell University Students for Justice in Palestine, Episcopal Peace Fellowship Palestine Israel Network, 14 Friends of Palestine, Hilton Head for Pea ...
*A Detective Story I started in 7th grade and never finished.*   I was home alone, sitting in my Los Angelos apartment, waiting for my next case to begin. All of a sudden, the doorbell rang. Madame Loretta Swann was standing there, wearing an all-fur coat and a rose in her hair. As I gazed into her bright green eyes, I noticed there was something strange about her… as if her face was trying to hide a secret. Little did I realize she was about to give me my hardest page ever.   “I saw your ad in ‘the Seattle Times’. I’d like to hire you,” Loretta said. “Of course, Loretta, tell me what happened to you.”  “Last Monday, during spring break, at 5:00 PM… my boss, Dr. Lorenzo, was murdered at his house. I have no idea how it was done or where the body is now. In fact, it’s impossible to tell if he actually died or just got kidnapped.”   “Was there anyone else at the house,” I asked. “I was having a business meeting at Dr. Lorenzo’s kitchen table…” “What was the meeting ...
A boy moved newly into the big city of Los Angelos and was looking for a long lost brother of his. without any formal direction, he began to do a thorough search with the hope of getting a clue of the whereabout of his brother and perhaps where to locate him. he tried every possible effort but all to no avail. then he heard a thin, small and gentle voice which said to him; "YOU CAN'T DO THIS ON YOUR OWN, YOU NEED A DIRECTOR". the boy upon hearing the voice did never hesitate. being so despirate to see his only brother whom he has not seen for a long time, he quickly went on his knees, prayed saying: forgive me dear LORD 4 relying on my own wisdom, i humbly surrender myself to u. have ur way in this my present situation. surprisingly, he opened his eye only to see his brother standing right b4 him. amazing, isn't it? i think the point is, everything u're looking 4 is rite there in front of u. all u need is that man JESUS in ur life. HE is always ready 2 help. the question is, will u allow HIM? Goodevening! ...
Teenage girls are in the process of making our dream(will mine) come true. Gonna save up money to buy tickets to Los Angelos. It's my dream to go there. The City of Angels, Los Angelos Lakers, Melrose Ave., the HOLLYWOOD sign, and so much more. I can't forget about this and it'll happen if we believe and maybe get some help from some supportive friends? Please?
Supper club Los Angelos was disappointing saw Chris brown for like 5 minutes
Who wants to come to Beauty School, you get a free facial, skin care analysis and 2 colour session, 2 min colour look, then a glamour look??? Do b4 & after pictures, you can be my model and you are automatically entered to win a Trip to Los Angelos!! 6:30 pm at Windsor Park Canad Inns 1034 Elizabeth Rd. Free Lip gloss for coming with 2 girlfriends (must be over 18) inbox me or call/text me at 204.223.2049
I went to Hollywood today! Driving down sunset Blvd and Hollywood Blvd. Seen some celebrity houses and took a hollywood tour and saw the Hollywood sign! Walked down the Hollywood walk of fame! Was in Los Angelos and got a LA hat! Cool and amazing shops and street performers. Gonna post pics tomorrow!
Authorities had reported last night that Los Angelos was under seige by Terrorists. After further investigation,they found, it was just Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Bynes driving on the roads.
Kml! Stewie flew ALL the way to Los Angelos to smack Will Ferrell and tell him joke wasn't funny!
My brother Jay Boileau produced this concert last weekend in Los Angelos!!
50 things you didn't know about Marilyn Monroe. (cont.) 4. She was Playboys first sweetheart (later playmate) of the month, in 1953. Marilyn had been paid $50.00 to model for the picture in 1949; Hugh Hefner bought it for $500.00. 5. Several of the burial vaults near to Marilyn's have been put on sale. When Elsie Poncher, the widow of the man in the vault above Marilyn's put it up for sale on eBay, she received dozens of bids, including one for pounds 2.8 million. 6. Hugh Hefner owns the burial vault next to Marilyn at the Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angelos. He bought in in 1992 for pounds 50,000.
Less than 3 weeks to go to our 6 week world around trip! Any really good "secret spots" for: Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Paris, Tuscany, London, Manchester, New York, New Orleans, Vancouver, San Fransico and Los Angelos?
O.M.G this has been best birthday first went to Los Angelos, California and then went to: santa monica beach, hollywood/hollywood sign and met Freddie Roach and got A Manny pacman autograph! Then we went to: Beverly hills and saw houses of celebrities and toured around the whole city, the best of all we went to disneyland but to be honest the florida disneyworld was way better. The lord has truly blessed me with tremendous gifts, thankyou to all who greeted me. P.S. thank tita Terese for giving me a great birthday in Calorado and thankyou tita Arlene for giving me a great birthday too in san fransisco. P.S.S got awesome presents and had lots of fun in the hotels we slept in.Now going to Golden gate bridge with tita Arlene and Atty dan and tito Eric!!!
Nice lightning storm last nite, I love hearing issue solved...contractor on board to do 3 floors...BMU soccer camp going glad Bachelorette Emilie picked Jef!...workin' our way thru summer to do list..."Moonbeam Kingdom" w/ Bruce Willis, Ed Norton, Bill Murray etc. was FABULOUS - the debuts of the 2 young actors was excellent...quiche tonite...reading a book @ a werewolf! Master Chef hoo to the creep who used my visa # out in Los Angelos...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Was goin around Los Angelos on Street view. Im so guna learn to skateboard and then go there it looks amazing :D
The Attorney General for the State of Pennyslyvania should go to "State College" Pennsylvania and "disband the football team" (these crimes could and probably date back to 1968 "as stated in a report by the F.B.I.) remove the statue, "demolish the football stadium" if anyone who has read this far should ask "why I feel this way" it is because Joe Paterno's only goal in life was to be the all-time winningest coach in N.C.A.A. football amongst the "flagship banner universities" those schools being (Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Univ. of Southern California, University of California at Los Angelos (yes UCLA is one of those schools along with "Fordham, Suwanne, and Georgia Tech) Ohio State, Michigan, NORTE DAME, AND PENN STATE)
Nothing like a nice peaceful protest from the Occupy Wall Street movement.oh except the Los Angelos movement, rioting with police last night, with signs, chanting "kill the cops" When are these losers going to quit?
Promoting the Baby Happy Hand product in Los Angelos with over a ton of superstars.
*I will salute you if u tell me e artist&Name of song*1st verse goez lyk :"Kanye told me that Jesus walks in "04".but i grow up around impalaz&Druglordz.Welcum to Los Angelos ,Palm treez&Drugstorez...!!"
In South Dakota, heading to Mount Rushmore. Really excited. South Dakota is surprisingly a very cool state. Vegas, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, and Los Angelos left to get to!!
In fact, if we were alone, then look at the movies that are coming from Holly-wood. Prometheus. Battle of Los Angelos. We can even take it back, ET, Stargate, the list goes on. This information is just put before you to scare, it is slowly being brought forth to wake you up. So if you was to see a Sasquatch, you would not be stupid to run, because believe it or not, it will chase you and rip you apart. The info that is being posted is no joke. In Pueto Rico, there are so many secrets, you would not even go there if you knew what took place in those Mountains. You wouldnt go there if you that more spacecrafts land there than at Area 51. It is so much many of you dont know, but the sad thing is this, you dont care to know because many of you feel that just because you got a College Education, you have mastered the art of learning. You think that the knowledge you have can take you far. No, the knowledge that you gained was at the hands of the individual that put that course together. The real knowledge is o ...
Gabriel: We bought Nana and Paye tickets to the Justin Beiber concert in Los Angelos. It's on October 2. If its ok with you guys...? Me: Omg are you freaking kidding me! Best day ever
Good Luck to Alex and the Impact 94 playing in the Cerritos Memorial Challenge Cup in the Los Angelos area this weekend!
Going to Los Angelos this weekend, going to see my family!!! And while I'm there Hollywood & Rodeo Drive here we come, Oh yea!!! Woop woop.
Home from work...waiting on my granny to get here with her truck so I can haul off all my garbage, all goes as planned, this senorita is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico bound come this September on board The Carnival Splendor!! Got a spot waiting on me in a room already and planning the flight to Los Angelos, CA as we speak!!
Hugh Laurie is on Jay Leno right now and Monday 5/21 (series finale) same day, the city of Los Angelos will officially make that day House Day!:)
Peace due to the fall of the Black Panther Party in Los Angelos, this brought forth the gang known as the Crips. Many fail to believe this, but many of the members of the Crips werecomprised of youth that were ex-members of the Black Panther Party. This individuals did not put forth the gang in order for it to have the Ruthless mentality that it carries today, but it was designed to continue on with the work of the panthers by protecting the communities throughout the Los Angelos area from that of the brutality of the Police. Many of our organizations during those times were spearheaded by the youth or College Students. Even the group known as SNIC went from being comprised of white members to that of a non-white membership under the leadership of Kwame Ture aka Stokely Carmichael. Power To The People. Prince
Update:Its All About You Kingdom Ministries will host a 7 day Conference, Themed, , 7 Days a blaze July 1-7th 2012 7pm held at Living Faith Ministries International 1861 Piedmont, SC ,Speakers, Elder Shawn Briscoe Herbin from Washington DC, Pastor Troy Smith, Los Angelos, CA, Pastor Robin Shockley, Greenville, SC , Pastor Frankie Smith, Winston Salem, NC, Myself, Prophet James and Delores Lane, Apostle, Roscoe and Prophetess Cannon and Pastor Hattie Gambrell. It's Time to Rekindle the Fire, and Jesus said if we would believe on him we would do the works that he does and greater works.John Ch14v12 More info to follow. because everything we do is all about you
I wonder how would Los Angelos feel if the Clippers went farther than the Lakers cause Los Angelos love the Lakers lol But Chris Paul & Blake about to be they new star taha
Imagine both Los Angelos teams both losing game sevens, that'll be worser than the Rodney King riots!! Go Grizz!! Go Nuggets.
I will be in California between June 8 until June 15 (San Jose, San Fransisco and Los Angelos) with my HKB Team Leaders. If anyone is interested to meet or find out about Hek Ki Boen system, please contact us
I think it would be great to live near a beach in California. I know it's more dangerous there and stuff but can you imagine waking up knowing that all you have to do is through on some trunks (or a bikini) and walk out of your apt. and jump in the ocean or lay on the sand. People are more open minded there and i'll bet they don't stay in your businessand all that kinda stuff. A friend of mind showed me that website topix and people from around here talk about each other like they're worse than dogs. I'm not kidding either. But i searched a random city in Cali and there was none of that. I bet it's so nice in some small town near Los Angelos or sumthin. I'd like for ya'll to come up with 1 good reason why I shouldn't move there. The ONLY 1 I can think of is that i'd miss my family but that didnt stop me from going to Germany for 5 years. Well...the cost of living is probably pretty high but if I can afford it then why not? Oh yea.if sum1 talks about you on that website I was talking about.don't reply (not ...
Finally opened up a package I had in storage for months and it's really cool history.I bought in Julien's Auction in Los Angelos last yr Elvis Presley's bedroom side table that he used to put his closed circuit television cameras that were used to view the grounds of know that I own Elvis table that he had is his bedroom in Graceland is crazy...what a letter from Elvis's longtime cook, Mary Jenkins authenticating the fact that it was plan is to keep it for a while then get in touch with Lisa Marie and just give it to her...I'm sure she'll remember that as a little girl...
A Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Los Angelos, Vegas, or Orlando vacation for two for the price of a tank of gas??!!! Oh yes!! I will take at least 2 Alex. That is how we roll.
Just finished two more poems: Normal is a Setting on a Dryer and The Never Ending Kiss. Tomorrow morning I will teach my class via the OABS on Old Testament history and then Randy and I travel to the Los Angelos area to help a congregation in their community and then we travel back to San Diego. On Sunday we will visit several of our friends who are involved with the San Diego Artwalk in the Little Italy area of town and that is where we will enjoy a peaceful lunch in sunny San you. Donald Underwood
I will leave Thursday to Los Angelos for the tonight show with jay leno on friday. It will air Friday night at 10:30 central time.
It was a great show in Los Angelos, CA... The Kids' Choice Awards 2012 it was amaizing and the prices was amaizing.
About to head off to the airport to go to Los Angelos !!! [: ☀☀☀
I wish I grew up in Los Angelos, but at the same time I wouldn't give up my *** for anything in the world. Put that on my soul
Almost a quarter of the land in Los Angelos is taken up by vehicles.
how much will the gas cost from Los Angelos to Salt Lake City?
Yesterday we lost an angel (to the city of angels (Los Angelos). This may be worse than Bron taking his talents to South Beach
Everyone is happy that Magic Johnson bought the Dodgers. This is pretty exciting for Los Angelos.
NCIS:Los Angelos off the CHAIN tonite! Emmy preformances for G,Hannah n Hedy!! It's fast becoming my 2nd fave behind NCIS!!
; I thought the Memphis have this game. But the Los Angelos came back
When does the Los Angelos school go on spring break? -___-
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