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Los Angeles City Hall

Los Angeles City Hall, completed 1928, is the center of the government of the city of Los Angeles, California, and houses the mayor's office and the meeting chambers and offices of the Los Angeles City Council.

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It's time to let City Hall know Los Angeles wants 100% Clean Energy!. Join our members SoCal Sierra Club and...
In real terms, Herb Alpert and Lani Hall's gift to Los Angeles City College (LACC) will provide all music majors...
LA offering new loans to help boost small business - Los Angeles City Hall is opening up the purse strings with...
The death rays are rarely used. (@ Los Angeles City Hall in Los Angeles, CA)
VIDEO: Go behind the scenes at City Hall as Los Angeles celebrates Kobe Bryant Day.
VIDEO: The City Of Los Angeles Celebrates Kobe Bryant Day: Go behind the scenes at City Hall as Aug...
Go behind the scenes at City Hall as August 24th is declared 'Kobe Bryant Day' by the City of Los Angeles...
The Faces of the Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles Encampment at City Hall - LA Weekly
(1925): Bullard Block at Spring & Court, later the site of Los Angeles City Hall.
When we came together as a community before the Los Angeles City Hall Council to talk about…
WATCH: Los serenade for his birthday
Family Time: The Bryant's took it to City Hall today to commemorate in Los Angeles.💜💛
Peaceful protesting with my bro, at the Los Angeles City Hall.
I believe there is a protests near Los Angeles City Hall.
Thousands Attend Prince Tribute Concert at Los Angeles City Hall did you catch it on
The Los Angeles City Hall and Jail, circa 1860. Located directly across the street from today's City
Temple St. and the Los Angeles City Hall in the background.
Los Angeles City Hall is lit up in colors of rainbow during candlelight vigil and rally”
Los Angeles City Hall lit up in pride colors to honor the victims of the Orlando shooting
State, local and leaders speaking at Los Angeles City Hall today about support for measures.
At Los Angeles City Hall with Mayor Garcetti and city leaders
Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness...Vigil Los Angeles City Hall 7p.m. for Orlando shooting victims h…
Los Angeles City Hall, lit in pride colors.
Los Angeles City Hall paying respect to the victims in
Los Angeles City Hall will be lit orange to observe National Gun Violence Prevention Day.
May 14 | Los Angeles City Hall | 1:00pm | It's time for California to break free from...
Los Angeles City Hall is lit purple tonight to pay respect to Prince 💜
Been registering folks as volunteers to get out the vote for Bernie in CA! (@ Los Angeles City Hall)
Anarchist Stosh Machek during a Los Angeles City Hall rally in support of the presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. …
HAPPENING NOW. Thousands march and rally at Los Angeles City Hall for
Performing at today at 4pm at Los Angeles City Hall :)
There will be a public memorial tribute for Prince at Los Angeles City Hall on May 6
Los Angeles City Hall will host a potentially star-studded party for Prince.
Memorial for Prince to be held on Friday, May 6 at 5pm at Los Angeles City Hall, hosted by L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti.
A Memorial Service for Prince will be held at Los Angeles City Hall in May.
The four ambitious possible designs for the new park across from Los Angeles City Hall.
My colorized photograph of the landmark building, Los Angeles City Hall.
Los Angeles City Hall and the Department of Water and Power have received more than 2,000…
Willie T. Clay will give his 'Solution for Black America' at Los Angeles City Hall . 6/14/16 1pm - 5pm Join him
Here's and from the NE corner of Los Angeles City Hall's observation deck back in 2005!
Founder to receive the "Impact Maker to Watch" award tonight at Los Angeles City Hall. Thank you
Los Angeles pop art mural featuring Los Angeles City Hall inside the main lobby of the Krikorian…
Now my most-viewed photo on Flickr. Los Angeles City Hall. Over 26K views. Must come up on a Google search.
"Under the moonlight, the serious moonlight...". Los Angeles City Hall 1969 / Los Angeles Times.
Educate the youth, they are our future!!! Love abides, hate divides! @ Los Angeles City Hall
Educate and come together... One world, one people! @ Los Angeles City Hall
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Just FYI, this event is happening TODAY from 12:30-2 p.m. at your Los Angeles City Hall!
Today at 12:30, steps of Los Angeles City Hall. Stand up for diversity and religious plurality. One people, one world.
NDA ORANGE circle sticker on back phone lens! @ Los Angeles City Hall
Los Angeles City Hall cracks down on homeless living in RVs via why I they just do this then?hmm crooks
'Twin Peaks'. is filming at. Los Angeles City Hall. the next few days. .
Former Walmart worker Denise Barlage has fasted on the steps of the Los Angeles City Hall, outside Alice Walton’s...
Gun-control activists gather in front of Los Angeles City Hall for a rally before the July 2…
cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers, which was the Irving's Banquet Hall stripclub nightclub, in the city of Capital
Did you know that you can view the City of Los Angeles for the City Hall observation deck during normal business...
This is like a Harry Potter restroom @ Los Angeles City Hall
Did you know that Los Angeles has adapted City Hall to run on clean, renewable panels?
What are your thoughts on "mega projects" in Los Angeles? Are they helping in creating more densified housing or is
Where is your coverage of the Los Angeles Climate Rally that took place at City Hall yesterday in support of Paris Summit?
I added a video to a playlist Balin4Mayor: From Los Angeles City Hall
Kobe Bryant has done so much for basketball, the city of Los Angeles and fans around the world. He is the greatest player…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
in Los Angeles today at 1pm at City Hall. See you there!
Los Angeles (AP) — A Los Angeles City Hall proposal to send "john letters" to the owners of cars seen in areas known for prostitution has
The light-up musical sculpture across from Los Angeles City Hall may finally be switched on.
The building, the palm tree, the mom and the baby @ Los Angeles City Hall
Downtown Los Angeles from the City Hall observation deck.
Nice little night walk and dinner in DTLA!. 🌃 @ Los Angeles City Hall
Los Angeles City Hall, bracketed by the Times building and the new LAPD headquarters.
Catching the sunset yesterday on the observation deck yesterday at LA City Hall. @ Los Angeles City Hall
Also, you can pretend that you're the mayor in the Tom Bradley Room. @ Los Angeles City Hall
Busy day, but that's how I like it. Makes the day go by MUCH faster (@ Los Angeles City Hall) on
Anyone know why Los Angeles City Hall has been green this last week?
She has her arms around your waist, with a balance that will keep her safe @ Los Angeles City Hall
Art through our Eyes cocktail reception. Los Angeles City Hall is beautiful.
Anyone interested in celebrating the UN's 70th Anniversary this year with me at the Los Angeles City Hall? We'll...
I don't know how but we ended up outside. @ Los Angeles City Hall
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
So proud of the gathering at City Hall! @ Los Angeles City Hall
Pro life supports crashing press conference. Los Angeles City Hall.
Virtual Symphony by LA Philharmonic. Check it out now. Coolest thing ever! @ Los Angeles City Hall
Not too late to join us at Los Angeles City Hall for press conference! Help
On the positive side for fans, this is happening tomorrow at the Los Angeles City Hall!
Tiny houses for homeless at center of legal fight: The running legal and political debate at Los Angeles City Hall over how best to m...
Communication senior Karla Martinez spent her summer working in Los Angeles City Hall:
Los Angeles City Hall. Built 1928 - art deco style. Used in the Superman TV series as the Daily Pl
SILC Council Member Michael Agyin attended the Celebration at Los Angeles City Hall on July 11.
41 years ago, this date marks the lawful marriage of my mom and dad at Los Angeles City Hall. The…
Isabella celebrating her 33 ACT score on the observation deck at Los Angeles City Hall. @ Observation…
By the way, all you Los Angeles City Hall watchers, this also means two spots have opened up the Transportation Committee.
Self-made man: Manson is taken to Los Angeles City Hall in December 1969 on suspicion of having mast
Long day. View from Los Angeles City Hall makes it worth it.
"Let us have faith that right makes might." @ City of Los Angeles City Hall
Los Angeles City Hall ~ NOFX ~ today is the greates occuppy we ever thrown cant wait for another protest will go on and on and on
Occupy LA Drum Circle Los Angeles City Hall ~ Saturday, October 8, 2011 it it tommorow or is it the end of time high priest says any day now
Occupy LA ~ Camp Site Los Angeles City Hall ~ Tuesday, October 4, 2011 Images for images of occupy City Hall Los Angeles day 70
Looking down from the top of Los Angeles City Hall, I see the CalTrans building after the trees.
The view from the Mayor Tom Bradley room in Los Angeles City Hall.
Today I was published in the Los Angeles Business Journal regarding Los Angeles City Hall's proposal to shift the...
Let's figure out a way not to have ads on the benches and bus shelters in front of our Los Angeles City Hall.
Me and my pops on top of City Hall @ Los Angeles City Hall
L.A. palm trees are hard to escape. 🌴 @ Los Angeles City Hall
Love seeing images of genocide survivors in the forefront of Los Angeles City Hall.
View of majestic Los Angeles City Hall from Weller Court in Little Tokyo. Los Angeles, CA. May 28,…
Some of our staff are at Los Angeles City Hall today for the dedication of Joe Molina Day!
New post: "Leaving Los Angeles City Hall on an amazing morning and had to share this perspective. "
Herbalife Rally in Los Angeles creates a sea of green in front of L.A. City Hall
“Joni Mitchell is reportedly in intensive care in Los Angeles.”we dont need no piece of paper from the City Hall.
City Hall got "better leadership." Attorney for disabled throws shade at Villaraigosa for fighting sidewalk lawsuit,
Perfect example of your zoning piece (Single family home for sale as condos.
Good one by about Councilman Krekorian raising $$ from City Hall interests to pay state campaign debt
A lot of the bills in the nation's recent passed budget proposals should extend to Los Angeles City Hall.
something about seeing palm trees next to City Hall reminds me of Nairobi. @ Los Angeles City Hall
A huge replica of the Cyrus Cylinder held aloft by in front of Los Angeles City Hall during...
Go to the top of City Hall in and check out observation level. It's FREE! Read more:
We're at Los Angeles City Hall (1928) for the tour. In 1925 height limit was 150 ft. 1st bldg 2exceed http:/…
First annual Herbalife Day in downtown Los Angeles with 4000 Herbalife Members (Rally at City Hall)
Los Angeles City Hall and Times Building from Bunker Hill by Emil Kosa, Jr. on
we want full wages @ Los Angeles City Hall 200 N. Spring St
Gearing up to spread the love chat @ Los Angeles City Hall
Did you know there's an election for your neighborhood on March 3? It's great to have a say at Los Angeles City Hall
President Jihad Turk of Bayan Claremont and I spoke at the Memorial Service for Dr. Maher Hathout at the Los Angeles City Hall. We talked about the collaboration between Bayan Claremont and Claremont School of Theology as a legacy of Dr. Hathout!
Memorial Service for our founder Dr. Maher Hathout, LIVE from the rotunda at Los Angeles City Hall.
The rain-soaked scene outside Los Angeles City Hall on Saturday was a fitting tribute to Maher Hathout: Muslim...
on Sunday in front of Los Angeles City Hall. Bring pens, flags & candles:
Los Angeles City Hall. Built in 1928 this was the tallest building in LA until 1964 and has an…
Los Angeles City Hall. We are here today with Los Angeles Housing Authority to stand behind a better…
Photo: Started the week with a press conference, ending with another (at Los Angeles City Hall)
The Los Angeles city council meeting is today at 10 a.m in Los Angeles City Hall.
“Only the suffering of your body can take your mind off your suffering soul.” @ Los Angeles City Hall
A regular day at work with my colleagues! Los Angeles City Hall
my summer internship at Los Angeles City Hall could come into use right now. 😁
It's been a dispiriting drumbeat for the Chamber of Commerce this year at Los Angeles City Hall.
Shooting all over down town today. @ Los Angeles City Hall
Trimming trees is to Los Angeles City Hall what building a pyramid would be to Egypt's current junta.
'The Mentalist'. is filming at Los Angeles City Hall. this week. .
would like your attention, please... @ Los Angeles City Hall
from a friend: "Any idea why when I type "Eye of Sauron" into the Google Maps search bar it sends me to Los Angeles City Hall?"
A beautiful morning in Los Angeles to make history. @ Los Angeles City Hall
A shift in Jewish elected officials at Los Angeles City Hall
A shift in Jewish electd officials at Los Angeles City Hall
A look back at our epic hackathon at Los Angeles City Hall! Hear from Mayor Eric Garcetti, L.A. Chief Innovation...
We, the People, visited Los Angeles City Hall and Solidarity Park September 17, 2014 to exercise our rights...
Pancake's going away bash kokoninja blows it up @ Los Angeles City Hall
What an Epic Day! Taking over City Hall in NikeFuel colors @ Los Angeles City Hall
Well this just happened at Los Angeles City Hall ahoist @ Los Angeles
sh... Observe this lover of long grass @ Los Angeles City Hall
Members of the Local Government Commission after our board meeting at Los Angeles City Hall.
How the new gigantic dinosaur compares with Los Angeles City Hall (not so gigantic, but still awesome) http:…
The calm before the Made in America storm. @ Los Angeles City Hall
Listening to the opening remarks by Mayor Eric Garcetti at the 2014 NC Budget Day — at Los Angeles City Hall
See the view from the Los Angeles City Hall observation deck @ Tube For L.A.
Panel rules that Los Angeles City Hall must toss out...
Die-in at Los Angeles City Hall tomorrow, need at least 400 "bodies" willing to lay in street, usual caveats possible ar…
a die In in front of City Hall In Los Angeles
Protesters held a "die-In" for in front of City Hall In Los Angeles.
42 named to 2nd class of Los Angeles City Section Hall of Fame - In the 78-year history of high school sports in...
"There's going to be a Gaza protest Thursday at 5 pm at the Los Angeles City Hall"
Hello from Los Angeles City Hall. It's a beautiful day in LA!
Photo: losangelespast: Backlit by the morning sun: Los Angeles City Hall, looking south on Main Street,...
My Weekend Update on . "The democracy marchers began at Los Angeles City Hall on May 17th with a rally and speech…
.introduces .to kickoff at Los Angeles City Hall.
Behind the scenes: Up early on a Saturday morning to attend a workshop located at Downtown Los Angeles City Hall. Workshop is titled: "Effective Non-Profit Grant Writing Techniques."
At Los Angeles City Hall for the Mayor's Conference on Technology and Innovation
Who's going to Tech LA tmrw held at Los Angeles City Hall, Hosted by none other than Mayor ? Big day for techies!
Los Angeles City Hall's new open data page!
Los Angeles City Hall, and the Shrine Auditorium. John Corneby Wilson Austin was born in Bodicote, Oxfordshire, England.
it's time to celebrate our heritage!! @ Los Angeles City Hall
VAMBOA: Mayor’s Veterans Business Summit at Los Angeles City Hall on May 19th.
Batman at the Los Angeles City Hall fighting for our rights crazy USA
In LA County elections, some cities see power shift - While contests at Los Angeles City Hall drew...
LGBT Heritage Month celebrates its fourth year of celebration at Los Angeles City Hall on Friday morning. The public is invited to witness and
Artistas de la tercera edad Let's go to see art work done by seniors @ Los Angeles City Hall 2 Latinos among winners.
We do have a pretty City Hall building. @ Los Angeles City Hall
I have never seem a municipal building more lovingly maintained than the West Los Angeles City Hall.…
AT AAPI HERITAGE MONTH CELEBRATION Los Angeles – On the day that the Los Angeles City Hall celebrated Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) Heritage Month, a Filipino-American community organization was among the groups and individuals honored
Los Angeles City Hall panel hears recommendations from 'film...
As night falls on Oakland City Hall, a big day awaits the in Los Angeles tomorrow.
Along side Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles City Councilmember Herb Wesson, and Vice President of Budweiser Brian Perkins, JAY Z took to Los Angeles City Hall to officially announce the arrival of the Budweiser Made in American Festival to the…
Jay Z at Los Angeles City Hall this morning announcing his Summer show at Grand Park
Vigil at Los Angeles City Hall for the Los Angeles High School Students who lost their lives in tragic bus accident.
Long day ahead, two concerts. First stop being Los Angeles City Hall and Our Lady of Lebanon parish in the evening
Gender gap: Los Angeles City Hall women paid 83 cents for every $1 that men get
In October 2013, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill into law, granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. During a signing ceremony at the Los Angeles City Hall, Gov. Brown stated: "This is only the first step. When a million people without their documents drive legally with respect to the state of California, the rest of this country will have to stand up and take notice. No longer are undocumented people in the shadows,” reported the L.A. Times. Illegals are the new “VIPs” in the Golden Sanctuary State. And VIPs can’t be bothered with waiting on line with us chumps with papers when it’s time to get their spanking new licenses, now can they? Well now they won’t have to, because the California DMV is opening a new, illegal aliens-only facility in Lompoc, in Santa Barbara County… Lompoc is slated to house a DMV processing center for undocumented immigrant driving privilege applications later this year. The state will start issuing those cards in January 2015. California officials expect to p ...
Support for Cesar Chavez film is mounting. UFW flag raising at Los Angeles City Hall in solidarity with Cesar...
Los Angeles City Hall at night, as seen from the Santa Ana Freeway/US 101.
Thank you to all the HoneyLovers who came out to Los Angeles City Hall in support of Urban Beekeeping yesterday! Such a great day, couldn't have done it without you—YAY BEES!!
Exciting day when batman testifies at City Council! :) (@ Los Angeles City Hall w/ 3 others) [pic]:
It's beginning to feel a lot like SoCal again. High of 82* in Downtown LA today! @ Los Angeles City Hall
Classic TV: PERRY MASON's office with view of Los Angeles City Hall in background.
Photo 1- Kris Perry (left) and Sandy Stier greeted the crowd at City Hall in San Francisco on Friday afternoon after taking each other as "lawfully wedded wife" in a ceremony officiated by the state attorney general. Photo 2- Newlyweds Jeff Zarrillo (left) and Paul Katami (center) posed for photos after their Los Angeles City Hall ceremony with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, their officiant. + Plaintiffs in California same-sex marriage case wed as appeals court lifts stay URL The Associated Press Published: 28 June 2013 05:46 PM Updated: 28 June 2013 09:23 PM SAN FRANCISCO — The four plaintiffs in the U.S. Supreme Court case that overturned California's same-sex marriage ban tied the knot Friday, just hours after a federal appeals court freed *** couples to obtain marriage licenses in the state for the first time in 4 1/2 years. State Attorney General Kamala Harris presided at the San Francisco City Hall wedding of Kris Perry and Sandy Stier as hundreds of supporters looked on and cheered. The couple sued ...
Los Angeles City Hall is beginning to shine! - The Inauguration Celebration will include Jimmy Kimmel,…
Burbank cpl/plaintiffs married by LA mayor: On behalf of the state of California, let me pronounce you married
My eyes will be swollen forDAYS!!! Villaraigosa officiates Burbank couple's wedding at Los Angeles City Hall
Burbank *** couple just got married at Los Angeles City Hall. Story will be up shortly on
.officiates couple's wedding at Los Angeles City Hall
BREAKING NEWS: Paul Katami and Jeffrey Zarrillo were just officially wed at Los Angeles City Hall in California...
Here we go, live *** marriage of Mr. Katami & Mr. Zarillo at Los Angeles City Hall by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa...
This wedding taking place at Los Angeles City Hall shows Love is love!
WATCH THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW NOW as one pair of the plaintiffs Katami & Zarrillo are about to marry in Los Angeles City Hall
2 men who were among plaintiffs that led to defeat of Prop 8 are getting married NOW at Los Angeles City Hall. signal on CH 2 & HD.
Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo (the other two plaintiffs in the case) are now being married at Los Angeles City Hall!
Same-sex marriage getting underway now at Los Angeles City Hall.
The second set of plaintiffs, Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo, will be married at Los Angeles City Hall around 6 pm.
Prep for marriage ceremony of Plaintiffs Paul Katami & Jeff Zarrillo happening now in Los Angeles City Hall.
What up City Hall you stunning, boo!! @ Los Angeles City Hall
Working up my courage to ask her out! @ Los Angeles City Hall
Hundreds of taxicab drivers took to Los Angeles City Hall on Tuesday for a noisy protest over rideshare services...
Picking up inauguration tix for elect a (@ Los Angeles City Hall) [pic]:
Cabbies, Apps Clash Over Taxi Service: Hundreds of taxi drivers on Tuesday surrounded Los Angeles City Hall and...
Los Angeles City Hall trying to shut down Über car service. Might as well just say "we're cool with drunk driving."
Listening to Bill Clinton on the Los Angeles City Hall steps.
L.A. official recommends AEG to run the Convention Center: The top budget official at Los Angeles City Hall re...
Just like what the bell says... Let Freedom Ring!! 🙌🏤🔔 @ Los Angeles City Hall
The 2013 LA Marathon is right around the corner and another large Marathon turnout is expected.It will feature dozens of bands, cheerleaders and other entertainment that will keep your energy up throughout the race. This year we will run the Stadium to the Sea course for the fourth time. We begin at Dodger Stadium and head through Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. Runners finish with a final stretch alongside the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Throughout the course runners will take in signature sites including El Pueblo de Los Angeles (the city’s birthplace), Los Angeles City Hall, the Capitol Records Building, the Dolby Theater (home of the Oscars), the Sunset Strip, historic Route 66, Rodeo Drive and the Santa Monica Pier.
architect Southern California, including the Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles City Hall, and the Shrine Auditorium.
Hundreds of protesters marched on Los Angeles City Hall on Sunday as part of a nationwide demonstration designed to pressure President Obama into rejecting a Canadian pipeline that would bring oil into the United States.
It was March of 2006. On that afternoon over one million undocumented immigrants marched on Los Angeles City Hall. For one day, one million people stepped out of the shadows – mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, grandmas and grandpas. They were hardworking people who are always told that …
City Controller Wendy Greuel said she has issued subpoenas to three cell phone companies that failed to provide billing records for cell phone use at Los Angeles City Hall.
Swearing to uphold the US Constitution. Starting the new year with a new job. @ Los Angeles City Hall
DST will be honored with red and white lights at Los Angeles City Hall, The Los Angeles Convention Center and Lax from 1/01 -1/13!!
On November 30th last year around 300 protesters were arrested at the Los Angeles City Hall after being camped out in the vicinity for over two months. An es...
Join us to celebrate the One Year Anniversary of the International Tort of November 30, 2011, where the Sovereign Nation of Freedom & Peace was displaced in violation of the 3rd & 4th Geneva Conventions in the Free Speech Zone of Los Angeles City Hall!
i am familiar with it. They were camped out at Los Angeles City Hall. I didn't recall it was called the Occupy Movement.
Children celebrating their culture and heritage at City Hall for American Indian Her @ Los Angeles City Hall
After working on this for two years with the city- Los Angeles City Hall is finally recognizing Diwali on Nov 6! Can't wait! They will also recognize and honor Yogen Bhagat and Bollywood Step for his work in Bollywood Dancing!! Looking forward to the presentation.
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