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Lorne Michaels

Lorne Michaels, CM (born November 17, 1944) is a Canadian-American television producer, writer, and comedian best known for creating and producing Saturday Night Live and producing the various film and TV projects that spun off from it.

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God, it feels like Lorne Michaels is actually President.
If you’re listening Lorne Michaels & I’m available to play the San Juan mayor on an upcoming
Bruh Seth needs to ask Lorne Michaels for jokes...Lol
calls POTUS a racial slur on LIVE TV, a *** in the name of comedy and art? Lorne Michaels burn in hel…
Some of Noah's standup isn't bad. Seth is a wholly talentle…
Dear Lorne Michaels:. Saturday Night Live - Cold Open. Opens on Disney Orlando in 2020 with all the traditional...
If Lorne Michaels would finally get on board, Andy and Bill could give us -. Laser Cats!…
SNL is a propaganda machine. One of your "leaders" went after the U.I. reading the teleprompter. Stop it, SNL is 100%…
*** just noticed Lorne Michaels in the front row
Dear Lorne Michaels, . Please stop covering Trump. We hear enough of his crazy antics all day long, we need a break on Saturday night.
I've seen his stand up. good thing he is Lorne Michaels life partner
i mean, is this an SNL skit? this is a 9 month skit. lorne michaels you can stop now.
Tom Petty’s death reminds me of this great short story by
How far will SNL go? They keep pushing the respect for the show or it…
Lorne Michaels reportedly wants to bring back ‘The Kids in the Hall’
Lorne Michaels should cast John Goodman (think Linda Tripp) as Sarah Huckabee. He would be PERFECT!!
Lorne Michaels on TV in turbulent times: 'People trust television ... - Los Angeles Times
Lorne Michaels: Rams happy ur in LA. having said that,taking you out the Coliseum and booking you in loc…
Lorne Michaels couldn't produce a better skit than what's happening right now on
WATCH LIVE: Obama is awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Lorne Michaels and Diana Ross, among others
Lorne Michaels is actually the funniest comedian on earth in my opinion
Facial recognition on the new iPhone means I can access Tina Fey's phone and call Lorne Michaels to ask him for a job.
Instead of great minds think alike it should be great farts stink alike did u read this lorne michaels let me do update for a few yearsthx
How does it feel to be a Lorne Michaels puppet and no longer be funny, just a Trump basher. He won, get over it.
Attention Lorne Michaels: We've got a taker to play Betsy DeVos on 'SNL'.
some sketches lorne michaels/nbc NEVER air again,like the tony danza war of the woilds skit.saw it in 1980'…
I like the idea of Lorne Michaels as being one of the elder gods
Lol every snl cast member has daddy issues with lorne michaels
Can someone PLEASE get Lorne Michaels to book pres Fox on snl? Maybe alongside Baldwin?. Ratings giant. PS...Bring the goat
SNL's Lorne Michaels, why did u apologize to Herb Sandler (in for a sketch where he's depicted?…
Someone call Lorne Michaels immediately. is a comedy genius!!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
This is Amazing! Mean Girls is going to be a Musical!
Tonight I learned that my prof/mentor has met and spent some time around Lorne Michaels a few times.
What can you do with an English degree? grad, 🇨🇦 Lorne Michaels chose a career in comedy & became the influential creator…
Lorne Michaels keeping a low life Alex Baldwin on snl proves he would blow the devil FOR ratings
Today's biggest loser: whoever Lorne Michaels had in mind for Scaramucci on SNL.
I liked a video Norm MacDonald on Lorne Michaels / SNL: Why Safe Comedy is not good! (Cellar Crowd)
Kevin Nealon's ten-year run on "Sat Night Live" was the result of SNL head Lorne Michaels losing a bet with Nealon's father.
Lorne Michaels, Mike Myers, Dave Foley ... not exactly a shortage of Canadians who influenced US comedy.
I have Mel Brooks or Lorne Michaels' stuff to watch. And food.
Lorne Michaels finally let a "TV star" host and it yielded one of the best opening monologues ever. Huh. . https:…
TIL in 1974 Lorne Michaels offered $3000 on SNL for the Beatles to reunite, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, both of whom happened to be wat…
Next week is going to be like that first season of SNL after Lorne Michaels left and nobody knew what to do.
The guy who was supposed to take over SNL when Lorne Michaels left in '80 but got shut down by Silverman is now a US senator. I love it.
Hey You would do a great Betsy DeVos w/ . Please call📞 Lorne Michaels!
.Lorne Michaels shares the secret to his management success
Originally I pictured a deranged Lorne Michaels hunting and killing them, but a few details turned it supernatural.
. Only when Lorne Michaels wants the show to be funny again.
I actually have huge respect for Lorne Michaels. I think that g...
It demonstrates the editorial reach that the NBC execs have over Lorne Michaels. SNL is now a network tool 😫
I love the idea of Kermit and Lorne Michaels working together to put on a Saturday variety show
It would make my day if Lorne Michaels and would run Best Of POTUS & the Orange One skits marathon starting…
If only Lorne Michaels would let us audition for SNL.
Why am I not on Saturday Night Live. It's stupid that I'm the local clown. Why not give me a job.Lorne Michaels?
Lorne Michaels said he was the worst host, right on the show. Seagal confronted Franken about it backstage at the Tonight Show.
*aroused cheering from Lorne Michaels is heard off stage during the taping*
Oscar winner Howard Shore got his start on SNL. He had been longtime friends with Lorne Michaels in Toronto. Created the SNL theme song
You can tell a lot from someone's eyes.
You can blame Lorne Michaels, he is a libtard of the highest caliber.
It pisses me off we can't view videos "in our country" Seems weak since Canada chipped in Lorne Michaels.
I'm starting to think Tr**p is getting kickbacks from Lorne Michaels for every time he mentions SNL. One way to dig himself out of debt.
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Or like having lorne michaels teach u about humility
Jon Lovitz could raise more than $500 if he tried. He knows Lorne Michaels!
Mr. President, Lorne Michaels needs to end this derailed mess of D-list Liberals, hasn't been funny in 20 years.
Understand. Lorne Michaels donated big $ to Hillary campaign and only received a participation medal from Barry. Major red ***
Why is the guy who details Lorne Michaels' car MLK to John Lewis?.
like he'll pump any guest who was on it abt what Lorne Michaels is like and weird stories about him. sounds a bizarre environment
The death grip that Lorne Michaels has on the show, the institution of the show.
. And once again, Lorne Michaels thanks Trump for the advertisement.
SNL bashing Trump like Lorne Michaels and NBC in general didn't give Trump his biggest platform on which to be funny and humanized 🆗🆒🙄
PSA: Only 4 days left to finish your fallout shelter! If you think Toronto is safe, remember we're responsible for Lorne Michaels.
I am writing sketches as we speak. I want to replace Lorne Michaels. We need to be cooler and funnier in this country, NBC.
What kind of horrible mojo does Lorne Michaels possess to ensure that nearly every ex-SNL star turns into human garbage?
I keep reading the last panel like Lorne Michaels in the Saturday TV Funhouse bumpers, "Come back here with my show!"
Wondering why Nazi jokes are funny to Lorne Michaels.
here's a pic of every single NBC internship I've ever applied for :) if only my dad was lorne michaels!
Lorne Michaels would like to thank you. The more you hate it, the better the ratings. Working to plan..
Sad that Lorne Michaels let it become a hate troupe. As w/ media, lost 62M people who used to love it
If I were Lorne Michaels, I'd give an unlimited contract. She just makes everything better.
If I was Lorne Michaels right now I'd be SO SO pleased with myself. SNL pisses Trump off like nothing else it seems.
jokes on him. Lorne Michaels pays him in Canadian money
I missed the story about how Lorne Michaels was holding Trump and Spicer at gunpoint and forcing them to watch SNL.
Good on Lorne Michaels for sending to the tilt button.
SNL doesn't have the writer talent they had.Lorne Michaels needs to drain the swamp".
Definitely nothing to see with Lorne Michaels show extolling virtues of Nazi invasion of Russia over the weekend
Auditioning for SNL so I can record Lorne Michaels say "If you don't respect us enough not to waste our time, at least stop wasting yours."
(Supercut of every *** panic joke from every season of Saturday Night Live) St. Peter: "That's why." (Lorne Michaels falls t…
SNL intern: "People are saying our cast isn't diverse enough.". Lorne Michaels: "Get me the most Hispanic sounding…
U thought & Lorne Michaels genius the many times u were on, especially w/Rudy Giulia…
Will he ever realize it looks weird for a President to be anxiously awaiting SNL every week? I'm not sure Lorne Michaels is…
Raw Story reports that Piers Morgan calling for the head of SNL producer Lorne Michaels, or they'll be *** to pay.
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Lorne Michaels: "Sylvia, have Jay Pharoah and Keenan Thompson cone to my office asap."
Lorne Michaels tells the only two management rules he's needed for the past 40 years:
He'll probably defend Steve Bannon. "I promise that he is not Death. It's Lorne Michaels that's Death. Obam…
Wonder what has to say about Lorne Michaels receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom?
Marc Maron has such a rage *** for Lorne Michaels he released a whole episode that was clips of other people talking about the guy???
Al Franken will walk out of to go steal popcorn from Lorne Michaels' office.
Seconds after Ken Bone appeared on screen, Lorne Michaels speed-dialed Bobby Moynihan, said "Get ready" and then hung up.
Alec Baldwin's Trump is definitely channeling a little bit of Lorne Michaels...
Tina Fey. Alec Baldwin. NBC. SNL. Lorne Michaels. That's really all I need in life.
And, as a couple of you pointed out, both SNL and The Tonight Show are produced by Lorne Michaels, and Trump's show was on…
I feel the same way about Lorne Michaels as George Lucas, grateful for the TV and movie series they started, but DON'T MESS WITH GOOD THINGS
My favorite character on SNL. Will miss you Lorne Michaels= George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld.
Lorne Michaels is killing off cast members like he's George RR Martin.
This thing is so Paul Simon-heavy I'm beginning to think Lorne Michaels is running for President.
Lorne Michaels please bring back SNL. Cecily Strong as Melania and Vanessa Bayer as Tiffany too good to pass up!
Further to my mental quirks, I've consistently mixed up Lorne Greene and Lorne Michaels. For years. . I really loved BONANZA, okay?
Look at how many regular members of SNL are late night hosts, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert.Lorne Michaels must be cackling.
Lorne Michaels, Judd Apatow, John Oliver, and More to Appear on 'Comedians in Cars' Season 8
Lorne Michaels & Larry David taking in some baseball!.
Buck Henry and Dave Thomas go back to save Lincoln in "Time Truck", from Lorne Michaels' "The New Show", 1984.
the neighbours can video. OTHER PEOPLE. having sex. IN MY. backyard. & Lorne Michaels can make REALITY TV for a BREAK
Tell Lorne Michaels to have a look at . Funny physical actor! Give him a shot!
Lorne Michaels says that when he does his job right, he leaves no fingerprints.
*** dude missed a chance to be on SNL... no message from Lorne Michaels should EVER be filtered.
I wonder if Lorne Michaels is aware of lorne sausage? I hope so. Or he's missing out.
when Lorne Michaels dies will NBC just go off the air 11:30-6am?
Whether you like The Beatles or not, read this as it's one of the best pieces of writing I think I've ever read.
If I prey to Lorne Michaels everyday will I be awarded with a job on
"We lost the igloo, but we have it back now... Lorne Michaels will boot us out of Holt Renfrew and we'll have no place to sleep, eh?"
Man, this - interview is so clearly the work of Hillary lackey Lorne Michaels. Sad
Little Giant Ladders
I remember how much Jimmy Fallon stunk in this sketch & it blows my mind how good he is now. Lorne Michaels is a genius
And you wondered what Lorne Michaels did in his spare time.
Thinking about lil yachty putting out a track called Lorne Michaels
A visionary taking web content to the next level: way to go, Deal b/w /
The Beatles get back together! An alternate Beatles universe, 1976 onwards. from
When Peter Dinklage Hosts SNL Some Seriously Funny Stuff Happens: Apparently all Lorne Michaels needs to do to...
Today is Lorne Michaels day on Closure. Great talk! Do it up!
No wonder the movie Mean Girls had so many cultural and psychologically accurate moments... it was produced by Lorne Michaels! (SNL)
I read this whole thing in Mike Myers as Lorne Michaels voice
If I had to save the lives of either the Wayans Brothers or the Fey-Poehler Sisters, let's just say Lorne Michaels would be…
Looks like Lorne Michaels stole the blog and used it to promote the boss.
To me there's no creativity without boundaries. If you're gonna write a son...
Rob Schneider's claim to fame is the sole possession of Adam Sandler's sex tape blowing Lorne Michaels.
umm the executive producer is lorne michaels, same guy as SNL
Loved the Ted Cruz impersonation this morning. Has Lorne Michaels hit you up yet?
"For me, there's no creativity without boundaries. If you're going to write a sonnet it's 14 lines." - Lorne Michaels on
Going Coastal proves its viability by referencing their knowledge of other Canadian comedies a la Lorne Michaels
SNL is a person and his name is Lorne Michaels
Maybe instead of looking for inspiration from current media, look to the past like Lorne Michaels did to create SNL
Yes, The Simpsons had fun with Ed Begley Jr.'s environmentalism. And Lorne Michaels was there, too!
Lorne Michaels should have given them more screen time. It's his fault.
top right, he looks like Lorne Michaels.
... The real story should be that the actor who played now looks like a bearded Lorne Michaels.
Hmmm. Only if you can also hash out your interpersonal problems and talk about drugs...and Lorne Michaels.
I wonder if Lorne Michaels and Walt Disney are the same person
Written like a great comedy piece. Lorne Michaels may need some new writers, I heard...
.I'm thinking, this is the real Lorne Michaels, cause the real Lorne Michaels doesn't need a blue tick.
Leslie Jones must have dirt on Lorne Michaels. Or someone in the industry. How is she on TV/in movies??? She's the absolute worst.
weird sudden realization that Dr. Evil is a Lorne Michaels impression
Lorne Michaels has said SNL doesn't make fun of Ds as much because their feelings are always hurt.
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If you love - or ever wanted to hear my Lorne Michaels impersonation - this episode is for you.
I feel like it will only be a matter of time before it comes to light that Lorne Michaels is behind the Trump presidential campaign.
Performed in a sketch comedy festival tonight and oddly enough Lorne Michaels' kid jumped off a cell and The State came back and shot fire.
.DISGUSTING that a CANADIAN, Lorne Michaels, SNL creator, gets away with smearing AMERICAN POLITICIANS!
Lorne Michaels' plan worked to perfection
Lorne Michaels on Trump "Donald’s giving voice to what polite society has sort of sat on for a while."
So "Documentary Now" is about how Fred Armisen has a brain tumor and Lorne Michaels won't let him stop making stuff?
Dear Lorne Michaels, I hope you do realize that Kristen Wiig hosting this season is a necessity.
Every four years, Lorne Michaels dresses up as a young woman and goes undercover to Harvard frat parties to find SNL's next head writer
And it turns out there's a petition to Lorne Michaels for Trudeau to host.
that IS sad. Lorne Michaels produces; he sold you guys out
Last night's sophomoric, inane, humorless. If Lorne Michaels were still alive he would never . . . wait, what?
how low can you go? WHERE is the FCC when they are needed? Lorne Michaels is one sick puppy!
Things you miss skipping the credits of 1) "That's a wrap", 2) special thanks to his daughter, Lorne Micha…
The flight attendant tonight looked like Sam the Eagle and sounded like Lorne Michaels. Anyway, we're back now.
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There's apparently already a petition for that.
Kenan Thompson is the worst & everything wrong with hes been on 13 yrs, does he have pics of Lorne Michaels doing a goat or something?
I'm watching Kanye West perform on SNL, OMG, ask Mark Zuckerberg and Lorne Michaels for 2 billion.
Memo to Trump: Neil Bush's 80s S&L scandal has nothing to do with Lorne Michaels & Anthony Michael Hall
Kenan Thompson been on SNL longer than Lorne Michaels 😂
SNL's 1st 2 musical guests were Janis Ian + Billy Preston, as close as Lorne Michaels could get to his wants - Carole King + Stevie Wonder.
Saturday Night Live's Lorne Michaels stopped into this weekend.
Live from the Bush Center: It was SNL creator Lorne Michaels - The Dallas Morning News
Chris Rock should've called out that white, racist Lorne Michaels who gave him a huge career break on Saturday Night Live years ago
Poor Reese, that hag copied her! Tina box office poison Fey, without Lorne Michaels, would be bagging groceries.
.is the first SNL writer to win an Oscar. A guy who once prank called Lorne Michaels pretending to be Joe Torre.
that Star Wars sketch was like something Lorne Michaels wrote then ordered on the show despite the objections of all the writers
Live from the Bush Center, it was SNL creator Lorne Michaels via
"Political cartoons used to do it, pre-television. You’re bringing a caricature to life." -Lorne Michaels
"[SNL] is a part of the American political system.. It doesnt always make people comfortable, but it’s a healthy sign." …
“We have to find a way in. And we have to do it in a polite way, not a strident way – because no one finds that funny.” …
.sits down with Lorne Michaels before tonight's Engage event htt…
Stay tuned for live updates from tonight's Engage event, An Evening with Lorne Michaels!
I'm all for less stuffy and more moments like this. Can Lorne Michaels produce next year?
Lorne Michaels infiltrated the Oscars...that's what happened
This segment brought to you by Lorne Michaels
After a good podcast to listen to? If you are a comedy fan I recommend Marc Maron interviewing Lorne Michaels of SNL fame. Really good.
Lorne Michaels biography to be written by The Susan Morrison - The Laugh Button
Tina Fey, Screenwriter Robert Carlock, Lorne Michaels and Senator Chris Dodd at the DC premiere…
Lorne Michaels, Al Franken and Chris Dodd at the Source. About to ask the sitting Senator is we can reprise this:
Dear Lord,. Thank you for Jimmy Fallon, Steve Higgins, The Legendary Roots Crew and Lorne Michaels to form a show. Amen.
HBO pulls the plug on Lorne Michaels comedy 'Brothers in Atlanta'
From your lips to Lorne Michaels' ears.
phillydotcom: HBO pulls the plug on Lorne Michaels comedy
HBO pulls the plug on Lorne Michaels comedy
Lorne Michael's new TV show project has been cancelled by
Is it not possible that Lorne Michaels convinced Sarah Palin to support Trump? It's all so *** entertaining.
HBO Not Moving Forward with Lorne Michaels-Produced ‘Brothers in Atlanta’: HBO has decided to take back its se...
HBO not moving forward with Lorne Michaels-produced 'Brothers in Atlanta'
Comedy 'Brothers in Atlanta' Dead at The project was picked up to series in April by the pay…
LeBron did to Dan Gilbert what used to do to Lorne Michaels.
Is there anything Lorne Michaels can't executively produce?
People go to the zoo and they like the lion because it's scary. And the bea...
I bet Lorne Michaels watches Vine all day
Lorne Michaels says Kristen Wiig is in the top 3 or 4 performers in the history of SNL. No list matters over what Lorne says!!!
I hope Lorne Michaels gets on the phone to Tina Fey this week.
“If you look around the room and you think, ‘God, these people are amazing,’ then you’re probably in the right room.” Lorne…
Just started listening to podcast. Garret Morris - fascinating; Lorne Michaels - wow, just wow. Thanks.
Dear Tina Fey and Larry David: . Cancel your winter plans. . Thanks, . Lorne Michaels
If Trump picks Sarah Palin as his running mate, Lorne Michaels may as well add Darrell Hammond and Tina Fey back to the payroll.
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"oh! Let's have Ronda Rousey beat up Trump (Darrell Hammond)!" -Lorne Michaels, probably.
I can just imagine Lorne Michaels in his office watching saying "Get me Tina on speed dial!"
What made George Lucas and Lorne Michaels so successful? Creativity, talent, networks.
What do Ralph Lauren, George Lucas, Lorne Michaels, and Mary Kay Ash have in common?
Now I see you are sexist Lorne Michaels. All the members of the " 5 club" are MEN!. We want Debra Messing to host SNL! Why hasn't she
In honor of Paul Shaffer's birthday, here's "On Broadway." I was there when they taped Lorne Michaels' part, May 11.
Lorne Michaels - producer of SNL, Vince Gilligan - Director of Breaking Bad and Elvis Costello have been my fav recently
Seth Meyers zings Lorne Michaels at museum gala: Under the giant blue wha...
*Lorne Michaels fires up the SNL Sketch Generator*. DONALD TRUMP...AND ED GRIMLEY...DANCE TO HOTLINE BLING. Lorne: Still got it.
I love my GF who just compared Trump and Lorne Michaels to Renly Baratheon and Loras Tyrell.
Moderators for the next GOP debate will include a guy whose name may or may not be Bob, a West Point grad, a hammer, and Lorne Michaels.
I'd always heard Dr. Evil was just Mike Meyers ripping off Dana Carvey's impression of Lorne Michaels, but man
DYK Lorne Michaels was once a gag writer for Woody Allen and Joan Rivers? Back during his Hartz Pomerantz partnership
One week from tonight SNL will be hosted by Trump. Thanks, Lorne Michaels. When is Charlie Manson hosting?
If Ben Carson is going to be a serious candidate, Lorne Michaels needs to start thawing out Tim Meadows.
In early days he also did funny stuff for friend Lorne Michaels but later left that to Paul Shaffer and Marc Shaiman.
Oct. 11/1975 - First Saturday Night Live! is aired. Produced by Lorne Michaels, with George Carlin as the host.
Some big names started out at Lorne Michaels, Norman Jewison, Donald Sutherland: via
Amy Poehler auditioned for SNL as herself, as Lorne Michaels had already seen all her characters on "Upright Citizens Brigad…
that's exactly what my good friends Leonard Cohen, Justin Bieber, & Lorne Michaels told me over maple syrup pancakes this morning.
Bill Belichick is the Lorne Michaels of football.
21 then. I was in the movie Trainwreck and Bill Hader told me he put in a call to Lorne Michaels and got me an audition. I wasn't going in
Lorne Michaels is a pretty conservative dude. Bob Roberts movie made light of it.
Lorne Michaels wields incredible power in careers of people who become our comedy icons. So people who go "get your own m…
"Lorne Michaels doesn't go to the Creative Arts Emmys." And Bill Murray doesn't go to the Primetime Emmys!
Lorne Michaels worthy of a lot of credit for his TV achievements, but mug bit was a dud.
In 30 seconds Lorne Michaels is going to be sipping some whiskey from that mug.
They're doing a skit about Lorne Michaels on the ... he started Saturday Night Live, one of the hottest shows
Lorne Michaels has left an amazing footprint on comedy. But many things are credited to him that were not his doing.
is too classy to point it out, but she was not hired by Lorne Michaels for SNL and never worked for him as producer of SNL.
aree we sure its not Lorne Michaels writing this all to him? :)
I agree, I love the mug for Lorne Michaels, there is a guy who deserves everything he has earned.
we also need to diversify the role of Lorne Michaels. he's one very specific dude. that power should be shared.
When does the Lorne Michaels circle jerk end
Per grads Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers, more than 40 of this year's nominees have, at some point, worked for Lorne Michael…
He learned how to be funny after a tragedy from Lorne Michaels, who showed him the way at SNL after 9/11.
Everything Lorne Michaels touches turns to gold.
I think Lorne Michaels is hella hot. I know...I'm shaking my own head at myself. :D
That was an actual smile from Lorne Michaels at Tracy Morgan. Woah.
I thought that Lorne Michaels had died for a second omg and then I realized what an *** I am...
Since Lorne Michaels was named worlds best boss do u think he'll hire me
What else you missed: Jimmy Kimmel, Tina Fey leave the front row seats to hang with Lorne Michaels
Its pretty sweet that Lorne Michaels always & proudly wears his Order Of Canada pin to special events!
When SNL loses to another nominee in a category, Lorne Michaels can be seen with a notepad writing: "Amy Schumer will never host."
I feel like Lorne Michaels understands how moms feel when we look at the zoo of children in our homes and think WE CREAT…
More than 40 of the nominees worked for star-maker Lorne Michaels at some point in time?
Lorne Michaels laughs "we'll see which show is on network in 5 years, enjoy your Emmy, Amy"
Lorne Michaels and Shonda Rhimes battle it out for the fake Emmy... Via
well, it isn't a surprise when Amy Schumer is in the front row and Lorne Michaels is like 20 rows back.
Lorne Michaels has an octave preference.
"Over 40% of tonight's nominees have worked for Lorne Michaels." . Might explain overall lack of diversity, despite being…
So far we have learned: Veep & Transparent are great shows, Amy Poehler is down for whatever, and Lorne Michaels hasn't laughe…
If Lorne Michaels was an agent he would be so much richer. They would have to invent a new dollar.
lorne michaels created this beautiful hilarious world and i don't know how i'd survive without SNL i love him so much
Lorne Michaels gets a mug tonight and our laughs (and hearts) every Saturday.
Over 40 of folks nominated tonight worked for Lorne Michaels at one point. is spring board. This is why we demand diversit…
I started to get bored around the Lorne Michaels love fest, so I turned the channel. It's rare that I don't watch a whole show.
EW: Lorne Michaels knows he missed out on Stephen Colbert, Lisa Kudrow and Jim Ca...
Another Barry Davis "Stephen Amell" name-drop. I'm starting to think Lorne Michaels is the Executive Producer of Rogers Blue Jays Baseball.
Every time Lorne Michaels talks during I just think of Dr. Evil. Mike Myers is a genius.
Tough to watch Mike Myers, Dan Akroyd & Lorne Michaels show what seens to be underlying pain & guilt over
Ooh, a doc about Chris Farley with interviews from Dan Ackroyd & Lorne Michaels. Can't wait!
Trailer for the Chris Farley doc, with Lorne Michaels remembering him as “infuriatingly talented.”
Watch David Spade, Christina Applegate, Lorne Michaels, and More in the ‘I Am Chris Farley’ Trailer: SNL legen...
Can't wait to hear Obama's Lorne Michaels story on ***
Way to make me cry: remind me that Lorne Michaels stood next to me for 3 and a half minutes
.to do an interview on I give it 5 minutes before asks him if he's got any dirt on Lorne Michaels.
can't wait to hear what meeting with Lorne Michaels was like!
that guy next to him is Lorne Michaels
I BEGGED my brother Dave not to approach & Lorne Michaels at tonight's Yankees game. He did not listen.
Excited to hear ask about Lorne Michaels.
it's not Lorne Michaels but still impressive! 🇺🇸
Ten bucks says Maron asks Obama about his experience meeting Lorne Michaels.
Jimmy at tonight's Yankees game with Lorne Michaels
That even sent and Lorne Michaels home.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Just saw an usher tell and Lorne Michaels to sit down. The balls on that guy!
Dyson wasn't going to be the assterisk that gave up to A-Rod! Screw Fallon & Lorne Michaels both. 󾆵. Ya...
is at the Yankee game with Lorne Michaels again tonight.
going to a baseball game with Lorne Michaels. Like you do.
watching the Yankee game next to Lorne Michaels.. once and for all, are you a Yankee fan or a Boston fan.. settle this now!
Marlins bcast of Yankees game shows Lorne Michaels and Jimmy Fallon watching game behind home plate. Comedy icons.
Of course I don't this trip to NYC when Jimmy Fallon and Lorne Michaels are in attendance!! I'd love to be an writer.
- Wait. Shooter had a KNIGHTS OF "BROADWAY" series before he partnered with Lorne Michaels' Broadway Video?
With jokes like this I have to question what photos you have of Lorne Michaels that keep you at the Update desk.
OBAMA: gridlock in congress is bad for progress. MARON: do you know Lorne Michaels?
I'm excited for President Obama to hear the same *** story about Marc Maron meeting Lorne Michaels I've heard forty-seven times by now.
A black, *** nerdy character called 'Tetris' except he pronounces it like 'Patrice'. When can I start, Lorne Michaels and/or Chuck Lorre?
Obama in limo, turning onto York, on phone w/ handlers giving him a refresher course on Lorne Michaels and Jimmy Vaughan.
I wonder if will ask Obama what it was like when he met Lorne Michaels.
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