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Loretta Lynch

Loretta Elizabeth Lynch (born May 21, 1959) is the current United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

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Loretta Lynch, who said the DOJ would prosecute anyone for speech against Muslims, tells *** she'll totally protect the…
remember Bill DeBlasio & Obama are like two peas in a pod & Loretta Lynch was the US Atty in E. NY. Cover up much. 🤔
Loretta Lynch, it's not a State Department e-mail investigation, it's a Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation.
BREAKING! Loretta Lynch explains WHY she won't accept the FBI's recommendation of an indictment of Hillary Clinton! http…
Loretta Lynch is going to pull an Elijah Cummings. She's with her...
AG Loretta Lynch: I've never discussed Clinton emails with Obama
Loretta Lynch, who ultimately decides whether or not to prosecute Hillary has long standing ties to the Clintons. https:/…
FBI Director James Comey is due to recommend an indictment to Loretta Lynch - Attorney General / State Dpt. Head.
“Loretta Lynch [the Attorney General]…is not going to indict Hillary Clinton,” What is wrong with the U.S.?
Oh, I certainly hope so!! . If Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, does not follow her oath of office and...
AG Loretta Lynch announces focus on Alaska Native issues - and doesn't rule out VP run
Sean why is Loretta Lynch having a private meeting with Obama today. It seems odd that Obama gave his enforcement today.
- Sean, tonite's show was a blockbuster!! All of your guests were high caliber. I hope you send a copy to DT and Loretta Lynch.
.. Barack Obama is a white supremacist. Loretta Lynch is a white supremacist. John King, Jr. is a white supremacist.
Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, others pen letter to Loretta Lynch to halt investigation into private entities on climate change http…
Don't know! They were informed as well as AG Loretta Lynch & the FCC. Everything just seems to fall down a rathole.
I would guess Loretta Lynch would go the route of grand jury to get that job done. I don't think LL would act just on the merit.
What does Margaret Johnson, Wanda Starke and Loretta Lynch have in Common.? We are all women of Delta Sigma Theta Sororit…
AG Loretta Lynch comes to NC, pushes on, & Bill Cosby back in court. Details NEXT @ 6:42
Justice Andrew S. Hanen how about this overreach: AG Loretta Lynch has issued a warning to municipal and state…
After being in office for 30 days Attorney General Chris Christie indicts Bill and Hillary Clinton along with Obama and Loretta Lynch!!
President Trump calls Obama, bill and Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and Comey of FBI, my Attorney General Mr Chris Christie wants you now!
Not too surprised he does I'm sure Alberto Gonzales, Ed Meese, John Yoo and John Ashcroft concur. What does Loretta Lynch think?
Loretta Lynch may expect to continue as AG as a reward for spiking the e-mail investigation. - Steve Grammatico
Did i just hear Josh Gerstein say Loretta Lynch was first African-Amer atty general? It's too soon to forget Eric Holder!
Earlier this week, AG Loretta Lynch drew connections between NC's discriminatory bathroom bill and the shameful legacy of Jim Crow laws. 1/2
Loretta Lynch compared "bathroom laws" to Jim Crow. They're trying to blur the lines to get us to push their narrative.
AG Loretta Lynch says that not letting men use the women's room is the same thing as Jim Crow.
AG Loretta Lynch slams North Carolina bathroom bill, likening it to Jim Crow Laws
Booker T had Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder and Obama in mind when he said this.
Race obsessed Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch and Obama are better fits for the New Black Panther Party than they are for thei…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Now that you've seen Loretta Lynch's response to NC bigotry, imagine Trump's Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department.
Trying to remember. Loretta Lynch is a North Carolina native. And McCrory is from where again?
Loretta Lynch, now that's an Attorney General. George Brandis could learn a thing or two...
Loretta Lynch on North Carolina "bathroom law": "This law provides no benefit to society"
Based on the last name, my guess is that Willie Lynch and family enslaved Loretta Lynch's ancestors.
Loretta Lynch: "We have to make the 0.04% tranny population comfortable by making the 50% female population unsafe" https:/…
Loretta Lynch wants Uncle Pervie to have access to your little girls
Like Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch is Social Justice Warrior, not qualified to be Attorney General, and a disgrace. .
Who wore the title of Attorney General worse between Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch? You can flip a coin tbh. Both are trash.
Loretta Lynch should investigate Exxon Mobile suppression of the truth on climate change the corporation knew about 40 years ago under
Obama, Loretta Lynch and James Comey might conspire to cover up Hillary's breaking Espionage Act laws. .
Will Obama, Dept of Justice's Loretta Lynch and FBI's James Comey all conspire to let Hillary off the hook for breaking Espionage Act laws?
Both James Comey and Loretta Lynch attended today's Blue Mass for law enforcement.
CROOKED AS THEY COME: Looks like DOJ head Loretta Lynch wants to punt the Hillary probe... via
.Judging by Loretta Lynch's interview by Al Hunt on Charlie Rose last night, they'll be dragging it thru post Nov.
Hamilton Collection
Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the United States: Investigate the firing of New Orleans...
Where's Eric Holder? Al Sharpton? Loretta Lynch?! The evil Republicans have just.wait
Attorney General of the United States-Loretta Lynch, Mary Fallin, Attorney General of Oklahoma-Scott ... via
Loretta Lynch. Current Secretary of the Department of Justice. An Obama appointee that decides if she's charged.
DOJ Loretta Lynch didn't indict Heidi's Goldman Sacks, just a fine that will hurt the stockholders $5 BILLION fine.
"My message is really to anyone in the great sport of football . . . We hope FIFA can get back to its roots." AG Loretta Lynch.
Awww . . . AG Loretta Lynch loved soccer already back in the 4th grade! So cool.
Loretta Lynch should be Sportswoman of the Year. Enjoying seeing her being interviewed by on Men in Blazers.
I hope he doesn't but I have to say I'm skeptical...because of Loretta Lynch and her interview on Fox w/ Bret Baier
Jeez, don't let Loretta Lynch see this.
Loretta Lynch and James Comey better apologize to Tim Cook and Apple. It’s the least they can do for perjuring themselves.
A.G. Craig Richards announces this AM he's sent letter to USAG Loretta Lynch asking permission to prosecute Bill Allen for se…
Do not bet on it, that Hillary will not be changed. If it can get by the corrupt Obama Administration (G.A. Loretta Lynch).
Mine includes Carrie Fisher, Loretta Lynch, Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong'o, Kirsten Gillibrand, all the women on the SCOTUS
*** on Hillary, when will there be pressure put on AG Loretta Lynch? Bet she'll be silent. All Criminals
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The Obama administration's very own Ken Cuccinelli: AG Loretta Lynch "is exploring the propriety of an inquisition."
I bet Loretta Lynch mob, will soon be bringing back the American Isis terrorist. Why she's even making dinner reservations
I bet that soon Loretta Lynch will have the American Isis terrorist returned to the US. Why I bet they're making dinner reservations soon
...never mind Loretta Lynch and Susan Rice, they want everyone placed anywhere to be black. Must kill them that Thomas got in via Bush.
but see, e.g., Brian Sandoval, Loretta Lynch.
Another conflict of interest for Loretta Lynch in the Clinton email case. .
Recall how POSITIVE Obama knew Lois Lerner would be charged w/ NOTHING for IRS crimes? Loretta Lynch whispered that to him?
AG Loretta Lynch testified today at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, that the Justice Department has...
Turned on the TV and saw S. Epatha Merkerson. Oh no, wait, it's Loretta Lynch. I did NOT realize how much they look alike! WOW!
Obama + Loretta Lynch + Jeh Johnson are all so blatantly against the people of this country. BEWARE INCUMBANTS!
Imagine a movie where Loretta Lynch sends in an extraction team to kidanap a Navajo code-talker...
AG Loretta Lynch, whose confirmation process took 6 months, asks not to be considered for SCOTUS:
Loretta Lynch out of running for Supreme Court slot
AG Loretta Lynch asks White House to take her name out of running for Supreme Court vacancy. via
and the head of DOJ is Loretta Lynch, who works for.
- We are getting an independent & impartial investigation with FBI's Jim Comey and Justice's Loretta Lynch. That we need one is painful
Dear Obama,Hillary Clinton,Loretta Lynch, Joe Biden,John Kerry this is what pure HATE looks like,not Conservatives. https:…
Loretta Lynch . 1st Black woman appointed Attorney General of the United States
Next up, US AG Loretta Lynch discusses the Evolving Landscape of Security
Loretta Lynch,can't say anything about Hillary Clinton Emails, but it's being looked at by independent people.Who? I can'…
AG Loretta Lynch and CA Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye would be great choices!
Voted for Appropriations bill in December funding Syrian refugee program, funding of amnesty, for Loretta Lynch.
Bill Would Reduce Reach of Liberal Court | All eligible to vote says Loretta Lynch!
Washington elites such as AG Loretta Lynch, Joe Biden and Chief Justice John Roberts filled the pews. But one man...
Justice: More than a title. More than a word. Nominate Loretta Lynch to now!
Thank you Loretta Lynch and Obama for being so openly disgusting with this iPhone case.
Loretta Lynch who has already abused her office of attorney gen . should be considered racially unstable
Might I add:. 1/ large corporations to not move factories out of country. 2/ Loretta Lynch to do her duty etc..
A month before FBI/Apple situation, told that DoJ wouldnt seek backdoor for encrypted data
"[Earnest] also noted [Loretta] Lynch received bipartisan support when she was confirmed as AG in 2014."
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“We in the U.S. government are not asking for a backdoor,” Loretta Lynch said last month
I would like to nominate Loretta Lynch for
Our racist president and his racist puppet DOJ Director Loretta Lynch refuse to prosecute black on white hate crimes
This is a Disgrace. BLM Punks are *** Yeah, its a Hate Crime. Sue Me Loretta Lynch. Offing them would be no loss
My prediction for Obama's Supreme Court appointment is Attorney General Loretta Lynch.
Proper GOP response for a Loretta Lynch SCOTUS pick? We'll vote on that right after you finish the Hillary & IR…
Harry Reid says O to name SCOTUS appt in 3 weeks ( will likely be Loretta Lynch)
How will Hillary's FBI case be impacted if Attorney General Loretta Lynch is nominated to the Supreme Court?
According to a leading Supreme Court expert, Attorney General Loretta Lynch is the "most likely candidate" to fill the seat of the late
Has AG Loretta Lynch dispatched FBI to investigate civil rights violation? Is it b…
SCOTUS candidate Dems think, and GOP fears, wld energize the Obama coalition: Loretta Lynch, who'd be 1st AA woman.
Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Obama are floated as possible replacements for Associate Supreme Court Justice ” ht…
Loretta Lynch must be on the Applebee's board...
I thought Loretta Lynch is the least attractive Attorney General ever. But then someone reminded me about Janet Reno.
This is Loretta Elizabeth Lynch. She is the first African American woman to serve as the U.S. Attorney General. https:/…
Cruz has had a LOT of trouble showing up for votes. Loretta Lynch who he should have FILIBUSTERED
when Loretta Lynch testified against the Banks Banks s…
Not with Loretta Lynch as AG,unless Obama decides to be rid of Hillary & Bill for good!
1 closer to RBG's goal?. MT Loretta Lynch 'Most Likely' to Replace Scalia.
lizzie borden, I mean Warren, Loretta Lynch are good but AL Sharpton the everything U.S. justice on.crack
PBO's wisest choice for SCOTUS is Loretta Lynch. Make GOP defend, after her prior approval as AG, why she is unfit. h…
nothing no consequence the American people don't want Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch was appointed by Bill Clinton
Loretta Lynch would be DOA as a SCOTUS nominee. John Harwood must know very little about politics to think she would be hard to oppose.
"Loretta Lynch? Really? Qualified? She's about as qualified as you are an "Independent." She's a black…" — BIll Jay
Loretta Lynch may not be "excessively liberal" for SCOTUS, but she hasn't established herself as a fan of the Bill of Rights, either.
Kamala Harris, Loretta Lynch, Anita Hill, and 10 other women Obama should consider to replace on https…
SCOTUS expert: Loretta Lynch 'most likely' to replace Scalia
If Obama gets his way Loretta Lynch or worse Muslim Brotherhood who ever he nominates is there to carry the water 4 ObamaNation.
Loretta Lynch sues Ferguson Police Department for arresting too many blacks.. htt…
Today I would love to recognize Loretta Lynch, Kay James, Michelle Obama, n Ms. C. Rice.
Obama’s Shortlist to Replace Justice Scalia Includes AG Loretta Lynch: With the passing of Associate Supreme C...
A person from the higher Spirit World can divide into 7 separate people. Elena Kagan, Janet Napolitano, Loretta Lynch, Ms. Yellan, Chopra
DemocRATs floating Obama HACKS Loretta Lynch & Janet Napolitano for BLAH! Only one choice for me
probably it took Loretta Lynch forever to be appointed and she was also non-controversial
Ha! These GOPestablishment *** approved Loretta Lynch...doubt they'll object to a NWO puppet.
Loretta Lynch is 56, Sri Srinivasan is 48, Eric Holder is 65, Donald B. Verrilli, Jr. is 58.
Loretta Lynch is happy to go after police departments. But I'll bet she won't lay a glove on Hillary Clinton. You think t…
a Because Obama is President and his Attorney Generals have been Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch?
AG Loretta Lynch, is now trending in
Loretta Lynch appointed as first black female Attorney General of United States of America
BHF: In 2015, Loretta Lynch became the first African-American woman to be Attorney General of the U.S.
DOJ's Loretta Lynch, thanks the prosecutor in the Ferguson Michael Brown case for calling the police "lazy, incompetent & sub-standard"
Oregon and others send letter asking Sally Jewell and US AG Loretta Lynch what they're doing to prevent more occupations.
One year ago today. I was there for Loretta Lynch's historic 8-hour Senate confirmation hearing.
Neither has Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch as US Attorney General. People of color are stuck in limbo
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Atty Gen'l Loretta Lynch: “a transformative issue of our generation"
Due to involvement of JP Morgan in Eurobond scandal, Kenyans are asking AG Loretta Lynch to investigate
The day Loretta Lynch, took FIFA by the horns. Eurobond
like we were "stuck" with Paul Ryan and the entire gop that signed omnibus/confirmed Loretta Lynch?
Deepak . Chopra is Elena Kagan, is Loretta Lynch, is FRS Yellen, Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, is B.J. Raji.
My shameless efforts to shake hands with celebs is over. Best ones? Justin Trudeau, Peter Mandelson, Travis Kalanick, Loretta Lynch
And more importantly, Loretta Lynch is Janet Reno 2.0 she will never indict. But Director Comey could have her arrested right?
Imagine putting this crew in charge of America for the next 8 years:. Hillary Clinton. Nancy Pelosi. Harry Reid. Loretta Lynch. John Kerry
he basically votes party line so what. He missed vote on Loretta Lynch military pay increase and Veterans oversight
.and here's black agenda reports take on lynch. She's owned just like Obama and Bernie
Why do we celebrate and love people who abandon us? Is it their Empire power and.positions that we worship? What...
Morning Rock Star! I ruined my Saturday digging in Loretta Terror Lynch World of the SCARY DOJ Free to TERRORIZE USA Hope/Change
Two smoking guns | Constitutional Rights PAC with all the evidence against hillary, loretta lynch will never indict
Loretta E Lynch is the US Attorney General for those outside nj.
President Barack Obama will meet Monday with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to discuss options for tougher gun restricti…
Attorney General Loretta Lynch made a strong case for criminal-justice reform during a talk at Harvard Law School
it's nothing but a vanilla Obama both selling the wrong kind of change Cruz voted Obama budget and vote in Loretta lynch he's fake
It Loretta Lynch my *** When she threatens 2shutAmericans up over Muslims They all need 2B gone FBIComey please do something
" the FBI is building a case, and it’s going to be referred to Attorney General Loretta Lynch for indictment and prosecution.”
Loretta Lynch playing along with Obama on the
AG Loretta Lynch: Mandatory minimums have removed people from their communities, families, and future opportunities. ht…
calling on U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch to investigate Gov Snyder
I am so glad your name is not Loretta Lynch! Ha! Thank U so much 4being bold &voting 4Trump!
Congratulations once again to AG Loretta Lynch! Today, the women of DST joined her in this moment in history. http:…
Loretta Lynch and the Rising Power of the Black Sorority
The political power of black sororities:
Did Cruz vote and support Loretta lynch ? Hope not. Still considering him
Did Cruz vote for Loretta Lynch? Someone please let me know if this is true?
voted for Loretta Lynch...Just say no to
Richard Shelby to challenge Loretta Lynch on gun policy
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Supreme Court calls stolen valor free speech, but if I insult a Muslim Loretta Lynch is coming after me.
Before she sucked as head of Justice, she sucked as a prosecutor.
To Loretta E Lynch U S Attorney "metaphor " for when its Real,The Screls,icandreem/u
She knows that Loretta Lynch will never indict her as she LAUGHS at the FBI on the Late Night Show
Loretta Lynch nd Elena Kagan will do everything 2 imprison Caucasians wth help of BHO nd Michele.
Loretta Lynch was superb as the US Attorney for NY in the Philip G. Barry Investment Fraud & Bankruptcy Case. Obama turned her into a patsy.
Loretta Lynch is going to charge you with a hate crime🙄
Just realized Loretta Lynch is not a Hall of Fame Country singer!
And I recommend he go back to Cuba where he came from - and take Shannon Watts, Loretta Lynch, and Michael Bloomberg with him.
Anyone...anyone you "like", who goes on TV and states they trust and believe in Loretta Lynch, or James...
WE need you and Loretta Lynch and the ENTIRE DOJ to probe and bring our REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR AND HIS CRONIES 2JUSTICE.
Obama is meeting with fellow terrorist Loretta Lynch to discuss gun control. Others invited to the orgy are Valerie Ja…
Loretta Lynch "Violence like this has no place in this nation" Then why the *** do you continue import terrorists
AG Loretta Lynch should not be advising on skirting the law, but on obeying our laws. Meeting Monday to advise on
Looks like Jeb either thinks Eric Holder is still AG or doesn't know that Loretta Lynch is a woman. What a doofus.
Loretta Lynch isn't going to provide justice for just like how Eric Holder didn't provide justice for
Loretta Lynch proved real nemesis of - Irish Times
. FBI chief James Comey is an honest man. But he reports to AG Loretta Lynch. Wait & see..
"If FBI Director James Comey develops an open-and-shut case only to see Loretta Lynch bury it, will he go public?"
Yes, please. More hack progressives like Loretta Lynch and Thomas Perez please!!
remember when Steve Bannon found out he targeted the wrong Loretta Lynch, and told his terrible researcher to keep writing?
Loretta Lynch, arrest me. Cmon. I dare you. I will speak truth about Muslims! Try and stop me
And we remember what happens if you see something and say something. Now being sued by Loretta Lynch!
Today AG Loretta Lynch announced the Chicago police dept. will undergo a federal investigation.
Serena, Rousey, Carli Lloyd, Becky Hammon, Loretta Lynch. I think came up with a great Avengers lineup
When will US AG Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey arrest George W Bush and Barack H Obama who murdered millio…
no worries, Loretta Lynch just threw him in the back of her paddy wagon.
Did you tell Loretta Lynch that? She gives special favor to them, Can I call her if my Christian children are bullied?
Why does Loretta Lynch make it a priority to come after "Islam-aphobes" but gives Louis Farrakhan a pass when he says "kill whites?"
Do you think Loretta Lynch will be prosecuting Louis Farrakhan for speech that "edges towards violence" against whites?
Loretta Lynch ... Isn't this a hate crime?
Ash Carter and Loretta Lynch couldn't run a lemonade stand let alone some of the most powerful offices on earth!
Rather than speak out against radical islam *** Loretta Lynch doubles down on "anti-muslim" speech . https:/…
Loretta Lynch no longer even disguises her hatred of whites. https:/…
Loretta Lynch confirmed with Ten GOP Votes Thank for racist, anti-white, anti-Christian
☠Islamofascist, Loretta Lynch says we can't criticize Islam, but look at the message they have for the West!☠ http…
They are here and are plotting Islamic terrorism. Hello AG Loretta Lynch, you are assisting them.
Director Comley: We trust you with all our hearts.We don't trust Loretta Lynch, another Obama "shield maiden" at all. Don't let us down
Loretta Lynch just like Obama, both of them are ugly inside and out. Neither of them are fit to lead a parade.
Loretta Lynch, go find someplace to hide until we kick Oabma out into the street with the rest of the trash.
8th grade social-studies teachers urge Loretta Lynch to find authority for that in the Constitution.
Remember, kids: White House & Loretta Lynch stand with CAIR, not America.
AG Loretta Lynch to prosecute those who use 'anti-Muslim rhetoric' that 'edges toward violence'
Wonder if Loretta Lynch will prosecute government hate speech against conservative Americans?.
US Attorney General = Chief law enforcement officer for the US govt. Loretta Lynch & her predecessor Eric Holder
Obama DOJ Loretta Lynch no different than Eric Holder by taking Planned Butcherhood's side in . .
Attorney General Loretta Lynch, under fire on Capitol Hill for the Justice Department’s finding there was no…
This Loretta Lynch, A.G. She knows about toy tech. She also knows that the DoJ had the information to save...
Sign petition TODAY in support of Loretta Lynch’s appointment as Attorney General:
Loretta Lynch has not been doing her job right.
HELP Women who have had a miscarriage of Justice in PA contact Loretta Lynch and show her the evidence we need to expose
contact Loretta Lynch at the DOJ and fix this mess -- this improper venue has to stop there is no justice in PA
Both Loretta Lynch and James Comey gave speeches on the murder rate and keeping a database of police killings in the last 30 days.
AG Loretta Lynch on crime and counting our dead | on Blog
gives confirmation of Loretta the first African American woman to serve as Attorney General.
AG Loretta Lynch urged Americans to not "let this change our way of life."
WHERE IS LORETTA LYNCH ?. from April 22, 2013 . this is the result of a babylonian kangaroo court from top to...
"Loretta Lynch’s false claim on arrests" I've been reading these debunkings for 10+ years now"
Loretta Lynch tells House hearing there's "no data to support" Ferguson effect theory
Loretta Lynch is Racist, as are Holder and Obama. You, are a dip.
domain names
Frydenberg will phone Loretta Lynch about Michael Massing's Ny Rev of books piece advocating more info on plutocrats.Mass kidnappings ?
.Time for a Special Counsel to Look at Hillary Clinton's E-Mail
Loretta Lynch testified to this last week before Congress.
Loretta Lynch said this in her testimony before congress last week. She must have missed the memo
They will stonewall as long as possible. Loretta Lynch has her orders!
DOJ Hasn’t Responded . Never forget the traitorous RINO scum who voted to end the Loretta Lynch filibuster
And if the cop gets off somehow, Attorney General Loretta Lynch could file federal charges. And she’s no joke.
I'm just tryna end up somewhere in between Loretta Lynch and Annalise Keating
if Loretta Lynch does nothing that Says SOMETHING!
At Pres. Obama's Wed press conference, James Comey and Loretta Lynch acted out a scene from "A Hard Day's Night".
DEN : President Obama, with Attorney General Loretta Lynch standing by, makes a statement in the Roosevelt Room at…
Attorney General Loretta Lynch – on the hot seat over the administrations plans to transfer some Guantanamo…
Well, his own AG Loretta Lynch has said it is illegal for him to do so.
I don't think Loretta Lynch should be What do you think? Vote now via
Yes, American is racist. Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch and Jeh Johnson all at the same podium right now.
U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch claims "hundreds of sex traffickers" were recently arrested by the FBI. It's...
Now: Obama speaking at the White House on national security, joined by Jeh Johnson, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, and Lisa Monaco
AG Loretta Lynch right now beginning her testimony before House Judiciary Committee. DOJ declines to prosecute Lois Lerner…
RYAN sold us out again. No delay just one more step & Loretta Lynch just can approve it when they come
Loretta Lynch: You now!, Eric Holder and Janet Reno have all denigrated the position of Attorney General to the status of a"Political Hack"!
I KNOW lies about being black as do Attorneys General Eric Holder & Loretta Lynch pretending to be black.
Now key phrase becomes "prosecutorial discretion". Anyone wanna bet on Loretta Lynch doing the right thing?
Cop who fatally shot motorist in back cleared of all charges How the is that possible? Where u at Loretta Lynch?
Any word on when to expect Attorney General Loretta Lynch to brief local law officials and meet with the victims?.
Kudos to Loretta Lynch for doing it bigger, dumber and more political than Eric Holder. Didn't think it was possible.
sources say Loretta Lynch was a TOUGH prosecutor_NO BS_but Obama changed all that_
Barack Obama Loretta Lynch, Attorney General the EU is regularly responding to "as duly noted" EVERY IN REAL TIME...
Last night on Bill O'Reilly Monica Crowley says she has a "source" that could get her indicted. But will Loretta Lynch?
AG speaks at the Ministerial on International Cooperation in
I blame Senate 4 confirming Loretta Lynch 4 Attorney General after she basically said she would continue Eric Holder's policies!
Just filed in DC Circuit: amicus brief in challenge to Orwellian "Communications Management Units"
Sandra Bland’s Sister Calls on Loretta Lynch to Take Action via
Sandra Bland’s sister calls on Loretta Lynch to take action.
Doubt if they'll charge her, Loretta Lynch won't bring charges against her. Corrupt administration.
Old article, look who the Assistant AG John Carlin at the DOJ to Loretta Lynch was before. Infiltrated FBI not all.
Ted Cruz says GOP leadership 'took the lead confirming Loretta Lynch as Attorney General'
New Obama czar will hunt 'right-wing' extremists -   Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department will place new emphasis on...
Wow. Perhaps this has something to do w/ the fact that AG Loretta Lynch was at the White House today. Plot thickens> ht…
Where is Loretta Lynch with her hate crime charge? Too busy hasseling conservative organizations!
Secretive meeting about crime city's by Loretta Lynch because Obama was embarrased 2but meets behind closed doors Obama style
Loretta Lynch. I had such high hopes for you.
Attorney General The Justice Dept. is now targeting criminal executives via
DOJ Loretta Lynch goes to UN to form a UN police force to patrol US cities. .
I know it sounds like a nutty conspiracy theory. It's not. courtesy of Loretta Lynch, U.N. speech. https:…
Cruz wants to know why the DOJ is continuing this administration's war on COPS.
Police-community relations such an important issue. Proud of the progress we've made in Loretta Lynch says w…
Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch have to know the facts on Islamic mosques being havens for terrorism
Rev Barber and Loretta Lynch. North Carolina Roots strong in the house !
Had to sneak this selfie with AG Loretta Lynch at Didn't want to start a stampede! LOL
Loretta E. Lynch Announces the Strong Cities Network Gen. Assembly Remarks as prepared for delivery
Loretta Lynch: government shouldn't require reports of people killed by police
the mouth of U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, were not by her; FORTH BY HIS WILL AND WILL NOT
Loretta Lynch spoke of Jesus/The Word of God that became flesh, when she accepted the post, as Attorney
could Loretta Lynch be impeached for failing to indict Hillary? Could Hillary be impeached for her actions?
Loretta Lynch former Pres, delivers searing indictment of and Risk at summit http:…
Now that AG Loretta Lynch is taking on can we get her to address relegation/promotion for MLS/USL/NASL? Asking for …
Amazing news on the latest EMF / research summit that took place Oct.10 in Silicon Valley! http:/…
Might as well leave AG Loretta Lynch out of this, she can't do code hosing cases, only legal verbiage..
from AG at the Leadership Luncheon. Read more →
The tracking of police violence in the US may have reached a turning point
Watchdog probes Clinton Foundation payments to Hillary's campaign | - With Loretta Lynch as the AG no prosecution.
Here's a petition calling for a federal investigation into 's death.
Loretta Lynch majored in literature in college. Her mother was a librarian. Have I got a couple of books for the AG!!
In a SANE Obama would never have been elected twice & would be in JAIL with Hillary
.Demands to Know Why the DOJ is 'Chilling' Cops’ Efforts ->
I'm sorry I like Attorney General Eric Holder vetter than Loretta Lynch. He got things done
As long as Loretta Lynch is Attorney General the DOJ will never prosecute Hillary even if there's friction w/ the administration.
Loretta Lynch doubles down on Janet Reno's disastrous legacy that contributed to the cause of 08 financial crisis. .
Attorney General Loretta Lynch is Eric Holder in a dress! Big government Solutions!
Yes, Obama does it all the time. Ethics test for Loretta Lynch. I bet she flunks.
AL rep to AG Loretta Lynch: Please investigate the closures of 31 DMVs in black neighborhoods
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