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Lord Voldemort

Lord Voldemort (born Tom Marvolo Riddle) is a fictional character and the main antagonist of J.K.

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Whenever I'm walking around wearing all black sweatpants and no socks I feel like Lord Voldemort
I remember myself falling off a chair while laughing when dokyeom used honorifics on voldemort. I mean like, "Lord…
He didn't fight only because Voldemort killed his parents, but also because Hogwarts was in great danger. Neville m…
Not a soul believes any of the piffle falling out the facial *** of of Lord Volde…
Call me Lord Voldemort because I feel like death
Look at my big Lord Voldemort hand in that mirror tho
The Scar on Harry Potter's head is not from Lord Voldemort, but a hickey he got while thinking about Chuck Norris.
This guy keeps saying "wizard" instead of "whizzer," like I'm trying to show you how to get out of a single leg, not how to de…
Back in 1962 Lord Voldemort put his hand on the thigh of one of my dearest friends named Benny Hagenmeyer. Just fig…
It’s funny how you can always see your nose but your brain chooses to ignore it, unless you’re lord Voldemort
Did until that poll came out showing Lord Voldemort was more well liked than him. Still blaming him f…
My ears! Ahh! Let's go ahead and talk about Lord Voldemort and Fight Club and a…
Raven and Lord Voldemort XD oh boy what a weird mashup
I’ve come a long way after defeating Lord Voldemort (17 year old me)
"Every drop of magical blood spilled is a terrible waste." - Lord Voldemort
Tom Riddle - I am Lord Voldemort! via this version of Lord Voldemort look…
It's basically the story of Lord Voldemort. I haven't seen that movie so don't think you need to, too watch it!
If your a fan of you need to watch " MovieFlame " on YouTube and The Story of Lord Voldemort 😯😯
Cedric Diggory was, as you all know, exceptionally hard working, infinitely fair-minded, and most importantly, a fi…
If Mia had been the Chosen One and met Voldemort, she would've said, "LORD Voldemort?" and stomped his foot.
this of course is why anyone can write a book about Jack Torrance or Lord Voldemort now
Lord voldemort last spotted off his nut
“There is no good and evil, there is only power, and those too weak to seek it.” – Lord Voldemort
Unleash your inner DARK LORD with this Voldemort Makeup Tutorial. .
Doesn't anyone else think he looks like Lord Voldemort?🤔
You are making me inpatient! You do not want an impatient Lord Voldemort
At this point Trump supporters aren't even hiding the fact that they voted for Lord Voldemort
Just watched a video about lord Voldemort from birth to death! Very interesting
Of course he will. But for the worse. Not like Lord Vishwakarma, rather like the Dark Lord Voldemort
Ya wanna hear the words of our lord and savior lord Voldemort? Then join the Death Eaters now for free
I added a video to a playlist The Life of Lord Voldemort - Episode 1 of HP Folklore
1st step is for Lord Voldemort aka Wenger to get the starting lineup right: Alexis & Lacazette need to be starting together period
I think you're being haunted by Lord Voldemort
People have no idea how similar Voldemort & Michael Scott were. "Potter slipped right out our fingers Dark Lord." . "Thats what she said."
the scariest part about Harry Potter wasn't lord voldemort or horcruxes it was marrying the people you went to MIDDLE SCHOOL w…
I'd like to go on the record to say that The Night King would body Lord Voldemort in a fight
" I am so reading things wrong today read Max Verstappen as Lord Voldemort "
Dog's names and what they tell us about pet owners in Ottawa.
Lord Voldemort Deathly Horcrux Bracelet. 20% Discount on your first purchase ...
I have a theory, no more than that ... It is my belief that your scar hurts both when Lord Voldemort is near you. (Dumbl…
Turns out wearing off black didn't cause Lord Voldemort to become a fake goth.
Here's a list of people I would have voted for over Hillary:. -Darth Vader -Cruella Deville -Lord Voldemor…
It’s he very first meeting of Harry and lord Voldemort
What's your dog's name? In Ottawa, everything from Rover to The Dark Lord Voldemort
Guys. I got the name of every dog in Ottawa. Guess what's popular.
Harry Potter was just 1 when he first defeated Lord Voldemort.😏😏
I liked a video The Story of Lord Voldemort: Tom Riddle Origins Explained
Salazar Slytherin is shaking. Lord Voldemort is shaking. Moaning Myrtle is shaking. Aragog is shaking. Hogwarts is…
I'm convinced that Pres Trump is actually Cornelius Fudge and not Lord Voldemort.
BREAKING: Cornelius Fudge sets up joint task force with Lord Voldemort to address violence in the wizarding world.
Tanya Plibersek dubs Tony Abbott "the Lord Voldemort of the Liberal Party" after Malcolm Turnbull refused to use his nam…
Harry Potter: He's back! He's back! Lord Voldemort is back. Everyone: *silent*. Pinoy: Edi Wow.
Would you stand up to Lord Voldemort?.
The should be titled Lord Phantomjund... Just like Tom Marvolo Riddle took the title Lord Voldemort
it bothers me that Tom Marvolo Riddle doesn't make Lord Voldemort perfectly in the Chamber of Secrets... where does the A, M, and I go?!
This day, 19 years ago, Lord Voldemort was defeated once and for all by the Boy-Who-Lived, Harry Potter.
Let's match the power of Lord Voldemort, Heir of Salazar Slytherin, against the famous Harry Potter.
Professor Umbridge and Lord Voldemort were in the same room last night. I was there too.
Kendall Jenner defeating Lord Voldemort with her can of Pepsi | Deathly Hallows Part 2 (2011)
What was the real name of Lord Voldemort?. a) Ebenezer Scrooge. b) Tom Riddle. c)…
It's useless now. Lord Voldemort is dead.
"Lord Voldemort had risen again" -Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Page 643)
lmao you've gotta stand close to me to see em otherwise I look like lord Voldemort lips
Lord Voldemort is coming for you in ten minutes. How do you prepare?
Did you know that almost didn't play the role of Lord Voldemort?
why do black legislators act like Trump is Lord Voldemort and wont say his name 😂😂😂😂
According to my 5yr old, this is Lord Voldemort, back when he was studying 😂
"Why do they call him LORD Voldemort? Why don't they just call him That *** -Dad 🙄🙄
If he loses tomorrow i swear on Lord Voldemort I will become a better person
. I would love to see a series about Tom Riddle's ascent into Lord Voldemort
. Why isn't anyone investigating Michael Flynn's calls to Lord Voldemort before the inauguration
Haven't seen this much warmth since Lord Voldemort shook hands with Bill Belichick.
I will play Lord Voldemort for my final English exam of my 4th Year in Law School ! ^^ It will be fun :D
I'm getting more of a Lord Voldemort vibe
I really dk if this is brilliant or just no . Beauty and Lord Voldemort .
I wish would write a story about Toms Riddle life and his transition into Lord Voldemort
Cancerous rhetoric, he would have sought out an equal. Lord Voldemort saw NO ONE as his equal. And certainly not his puppy Bellatrix. Silly.
Now all we need is Lord Voldemort, right J. K. Rowling???
Donald Trump is an anagram for Lord Voldemort
I gotta stop eating before bed, my great grandma and Lord Voldemort were in the same dream last night.
Lord Voldemort and Snape told me it's already working.
I have no idea who Lord Voldemort is, other than being from HP.
They have a smart phone with them all the time. Or in Lord Voldemort's case, his team does the work.
Lord Voldemort after doing a sex reassignment surgery
'Beauty and the Beast' Gets a 'Harry Potter' Twist in Mash-Up Video via
Someone out there just found out his girl went to Durban for the Metros..May the lord be with him 🙏🏽
Lord Voldemort was a stuttering, bouncy mess.
I would go see this in the cinema and buy it on blu ray– Beauty and Lord Voldemort via
I liked a video from Beauty and Lord Voldemort
People say is like Lord Voldemort. In fact he is more of a bully like Dudley Dursley
Now I'm with Daniel Radcliffe. So technically I met Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort in the same day. Tell J.K that I'm sti…
did you see already Lord Voldemort in the movie LEGO Batman?
Tired of people comparing Trump to the intelligence of Lord Voldemort when he is really just a Gilderoy Lockhart in all ways even aesthetic
My bet is either Lord Voldemort or Fire Lord Ozai.
"I miss Lord Voldemort. I wonder what he's been up to.".
Harry Potter was only 17 when he defeated Lord Voldemort.
I added a video to a playlist HOW TO VOLDEMORT/Dark Lord Costume from Harry Potter
Its a secret that only Lord Voldemort knows.
We are saying goodbye to 2016 and a happy birthday to Lord Voldemort!
nearly all Spurs fans agree. Lord Voldemort had no idea about football then and even less of one now.
"We must secure the prophecy for Lord Voldemort so he can once and for all defeat Harry Potter!"
Each one of them grew up and killed a part of Lord Voldemort's soul.
Oh hi guys, I'm just making a list of things that don't exist:. - Lord Voldemort. - The Tooth Fairy. - Dragons. -
Things America did today that made Britons vomit:. 1 Elect Gilderoy Lockhart as President. 2 Allow Lord Voldemort to sneak…
People hitting the gym trying to better themselves this year and im curled up in bed at 12pm looking like Lord Vold…
I love my heating blanket, but every time I use it I have a nightmare. Last night I had to duel Lord Voldemort.
u kinda look like lord Voldemort had a spary tan and got some glasses
First Beiber, now Voldemort has been spotted having an old Wavertonian of his wand in the The Brewery Tap
Me: why doesn't lord voldemort have a nose . Teacher: I meant questions about the exam
Top Death Eaters meet to celebrate the rise of Voldemort...
Harry Potter is The Boy Who Lived, singled out by Lord Voldemort at birth to be his greatest rival, and our hero
Who'd have thought you'd pop into your local pub only to have Lord Voldemort sign your beer mat?…
hillarious. He said Lane Kiffin was the love child of Lena Durham & Lord Voldemort
I feel like lord voldemort will be a better choice than them
Disappointed not to have caught such an esteemed visitor!.
Find out why the man behind the Lord Voldemort costume, Ralph Fiennes, was in town: .
We have such a beautiful country and it continues to be destroyed with people suffering at the hands of Lord Voldemort.
It really bothers my how Lord Voldemort holds a wand. Surprised he didn't drop it constantly
What better way to say goodbye to 2016 ... Happy 90th birthday, Lord Voldemort!
tell them you were in a fight with lord Voldemort and you'll get whatever job it is forsureee
I added a video to a playlist Versus Series | Darth Vader vs Lord Voldemort
Dec. 31: Tom Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort, is born to Tom Riddle Sr. and Merope Gaunt at Wool's Orphanage in Lond…
Still shocked to this day that Tom Riddle is Lord Voldemort
They better have named it Lord Voldemort
like Lord Voldemort is that desperate.
Why you look like lord voldemort off of Harry Potter ? — Lol *** I do ?😂
Love should be like that of Bellatrix Lestrange to Lord Voldemort, that belittles the devotion of Meera to Sri ram in Indian Mythology.
'Unicorn hot chocolate' is the new trend to keep you warm, sustain Lord Voldemort
Lord Voldemort transformed the Hufflepuff Cup into his fourth Horcrux by using Smith's murder as the tool.
You can't Blame Bellatrix for loving Lord Voldemort. I mean, look at him as Tom Riddle...
I just listened to Goblet of Fire: The Death Eaters and I daresay Lord Voldemort does keep you very very attentive.
Eric Trump look like Lord Voldemort when he smiles
A lot of milky homeboys & homegirls who grew up watching The Hunger Games & Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter hit 18 & voted for Tru…
Now that Lord Voldemort has been elected. Where is Harry Potter to save us from the darkness? Cc.
Who said it: Donald Trump or Lord Voldemort? Take the quiz to prove your worth!
Today is the 35th anniversary of Lord Voldemort's 1st attempt to fulfill the prophecy. Join us for an in-depth look at the e…
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It is forbidden for to utter Lord Voldemort.
This is right up There with I am Lord Voldemort among anagram name reveals.
Voldemort! The Dark Lord rises again! Happy Halloween everyone. Thanks to my amazing friends…
35 years ago today, the entire wizarding world celebrated the supposed death of Lord Voldemort but I still mourn the loss of James Potter so
Religion is bad if it restrict freedom based on abstract thoughts, its like Death Vader saying that Voldemort can't be a Sith Lord.
I've never heard of the Lord GUATEMALAN. Is he related to Lord Voldemort? 🤔
if Harry Potter Go was a thing you best believe i'd give up my life, career, and first born child to defeat Lord Voldemort
. Voldemort: It is I, Lord Voldemor!. Dumbledore: No one is going to take you seriously, Tom. Have some tea. Voldemort: Hmmm "T"
James and Lily Potter were assasinated by Lord Voldemort in October 31st, and you're all celebrating Halloween. What a…
On this day in a fictional 1981, Lord Voldemort attempted to kill Harry Potter after murdering the boy's parents. https…
An oldie but goodie from Reddit, to close out Halloween: Lord Voldemort’s rejected anagrammatic names
October 31st 1981. James and Lily Potter were murdered by Lord Voldemort.
"I assert our inalienable right to party." - Minister for Magic Millicent Bagnold on wizarding parties after Lord V…
I feel like are destroying bits of my soul. It is like I am Lord Voldemort with Horcruxes at London Bride and Norwood Jct
Just reply, "Lord Voldemort is my past, my present, and my future."
35 years ago today, Lily and James Potter were murdered by Lord Voldemort. Today we remember two brave parents for their…
"Well ure the weak one. You don't know what love and friendship is. And I feel sorry for u" ~Harry Potter to Lord Voldemort
31 October 1981: Lord Voldemort murders James and Lily Potter and is defeated for the first time when he fails to murd…
"How do you live with yourself, Lucius?" - Lord Voldemort
Last night's costume: young Lord with Nagini, played by our beloved nonallergic pet…
Helped defeat Lord Voldemort but can't get herself out of a tree? Dreadful
" Only I can live forever" . -Lord Voldemort . Sorry for not posting this ! last…
He who complains about how big or small his nose is i will avadacadavra his *** & make him Nagini's lunch. -Lord Voldemort.
Can't wait for Lord Voldemort to whip out the good ole white wand tonight and Avada Kadabra some baseballs
On October 31, Lily and James Potter were tragically killed by Lord Voldemort
The greatest rival of Lord Voldemort and the hero of Hogwarts. Tune In @ 8:30 PM for Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallo…
just saw a man walking his 2 pugs & it made me miss Lord Voldemort even more 😩
you know who. The one who must not be named. Lord Voldemort ❤️😍
Sometimes I forget just how much Norman Tebbit was like Lord Voldemort, then a Dark Mark hovers in the sky & he appara…
Ex-wife Ivana blurted Donald is you got it a tax-evading villain like Lord Voldemort
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Day 31 of October. LORD VOLDEMORT. ⚡️⚡️. "Harry Potter, the boy who lived... come to die. Avada Kedavra!" . Instagram:M…
Delphi was the last child born of a heterosexual union, and her parents were Bellatrix Lestrange and Lord Voldemort.
Lord Voldemort lookalike Jimmy Savile's headstone has been trying to disguise the awful smell from his bottom: with a swimming costume ma...
Why does Tom Riddle have a nose and then when he's Lord Voldemort he doesn't have a nose?... Shower thoughts 🤔
every time someone mentions this dude I think it's you. Who's Tom Riddle who's Lord Voldemort?
"Lord Voldemort will return... very... much... alive." - Tom Riddle
The history of the post-1965 United States makes one thing perfectly clear: Lord Voldemort was not only right, he was the defea…
Whatever Rio manages to pull out of the bag, it'll never hold a candle to when a horde of flying Mary Poppins defeated Lord Voldemort.
Not in Florida and North Carolina, thanks to Lord Voldemort and Gov. Pat McThickie.
Harry Potter titles as seen from Lord Voldemort's point of view:
What is the difference between Jon Snow and Lord Voldemort?. One knows nothing and the other nose nothing.
Raise your hand if you hate Dolores Umbridge way more than you hate Lord Voldemort.
En Sabah Nur dengan Charles Xavier ni dah macam Harry Potter dengan Lord Voldemort. I'm in your head, you're in my head.
It's good to know that after all of Harry protesting against being silenced on Lord Voldemort, that is exactly what we are expected to do.
Holby City "-the bedside manner of Kylo Ren or Lord Voldemort". I am done.
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Eddie Redmayne sounds like he's channeling Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldemort in all ways here.
striking resemblance to Lord Voldemort here😂😂
Lord Voldemort wand raffling this Friday. Just buy a $25, 24 hour pass on Friday for chance to win. Elder wand...
Is this even a question??? Do you not see that GOAT on the left with that scar from Lord Voldemort??
"My Lord, have you been eating candy?" asked Severus. Voldemort was jittering in his seat
Reports that Darth Vader, Ming the Merciless and Lord Voldemort also back
"You know what this means, don't you? He's back. Lord Voldemort has returned."
She must really be seething that Voldemort's been elected Lord Mayor of London!
I added a video to a playlist Lord Voldemort is a snake
❝Surely you didn’t think I was going to keep my filthy Muggle father’s name? No.❞ . 「Lord Voldemort」. 〘 Ṭ. ℳ. ℛ. 〙 https:/…
So going to kill now because she called lord Voldemort "that bald guy" 🙄🙄🙄🙄
tiny noses are so cute i wish I was lord voldemort
On this day in 1998,The Boy Who Lived defeats Lord Voldemort marking an end to the War.
When u watched Harry Potter & u rlly hate Lord Voldemort bc of everything he do & ur trying to *** him off like
Plot twist: JK Rowling was an anagram for Lord Voldemort
we gotta scouting report on Lord Voldemort in the year 2016
Ciara is definitely out of my league, don't mean she don't have Lord Voldemort box
24th December 1997: Harry and Hermione are attacked by Nagini and narrowly escape Lord Voldemort's grasp.
Well, she is the expert on the Lord Voldemort archetype so she probably has great insight into Mr. Trump.
Ted Cruz and Donald Trump both claim they were Head Boy in Slytherin House at Hogwarts, recruited personally by Lord Volde…
I'll tell lord voldemort before you can said "Harry.."
Lord Voldemort is the best Wizard ever! 😛.
"We have not been able to keep a DADA professor for more than a year since I refused the post to Lord Voldemort." https:/…
While Charlie Harper is also Harry Potter the real Lord Voldemort is Lord Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild.
. Lord Voldemort is not real either, but I still bash him, god is the antagonist of a badly written, rewritten book.
So basically, Trump is Lord Voldemort and Hillary is Professor Umbridge
at least I'm not a scared follower, cry to Lord Voldemort about that burn, Lucius Malfoy
Lord Voldemort burns taxpayer dollars to excoriate California for paying gets burned.
De Gea could of saved professor snape from Lord Voldemort
Rafael Edward Cruz is an anagram for I am Lord Voldemort.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
if you could kill either character in Harry Potter, would you rather kill Lord Voldemort or Dolores Umbridge?
I really think Doomsday was a metaphorical version of Lord Jacob Rothschild who is also Lord Voldemort.
And Jacob Rothschild who is the real Lord Voldemort was the real guy behind the 9/11 terrorist attack conspiracy.
Lord Rothschild is just Lord Voldemort in real life and is the same person in reality that he is in the movies.
I just observe and acknowledge all reality so if I know Lord Voldemort is really Lord Jacob Rothschild I just say it.
It's like the guy who runs the banks is Lord Voldemort in real life, he's Lord Rothschild, and he's a tyrant.
Very good day for CAA as FS1's Lord Voldemort has put some of their ESPN clients in play.
So Lord Voldemort is hotter than me... via
he had Ronaldo at his last club, he has Lord Voldemort at his new club
🙏🏼🙏🏼 shout out to lord Voldemort right behind us
I get the lord voldemort from Harry Potter vibe. They know who he is but don't speak his name.
Is Voldemort really a Lord and if so who on earth have him a peerage? Or did he inherit the title?
"Very few people know that Lord Voldemort was once called Tom Riddle."
A list of fictional tyrants & demagogues, Lord Voldemort to Rafael Trujillo: http…
what did you created before, the name of Lord Voldemort or Tom Marvolo Riddle?
Still better than Lord Voldemort's mum and muggle father. . Chin up. This too shall come to pass.
When even the Dark Lord Voldemort aka IDS revolts against immoral Tory cuts there is truly something rotten at the heart of government.
continue his battle with Lord Voldemort of course. No wait, that was a different book, similar ideas though.
There’s a network nearby called “Lord Voldemort” and I can think of at least 3 friends who possibly have the same wifi name.
I swear I love Lord this on 2012. 'You could be great, you know, and…
Lord Voldemort taught me that a life without love, is barley living.
I wish I could turn into Lord Voldemort so I can scare kids
Simultaneously runny and stuffy noses make me envy Lord Voldemort
not even Lord Voldemort nothing about him is Lordy rn 😣😒🙄😢
Which means now I have to one up her and name my child Lord Voldemort. Girl or Boy.
Donald Trump is like Dolores Umbridge and Lord Voldemort in one person.
Watching The Descent. I might hate Juno more than Lord Voldemort, Darth Vader and that woman from the Clear Blue commercial.
Stephen Crabbe, eminently more qualified to lead the DWP than Lord Voldemort, Darth Vader, Blofeld, or Vlad Dracula. Tough competition!
📷 slyherin: The Death Eaters was the name given to followers of Lord Voldemort. The group consisted of...
I wonder how long it took Tom Marvolo Riddle to anagram his name to "I am Lord Voldemort"
I want a short story of Tom Marvolo Riddle coming up with Lord Voldemort as his name
The whole Tom Marvolo Riddle/I am Lord Voldemort anagram always seemed like a bit of a stretch to me.
Seriously, the best thing ever is when Tom Marvolo Riddle transforms into "I am Lord Voldemort". 👓⚡️
Which came first - the name Tom Marvolo Riddle or Lord Voldemort? Cause that is some serious wordplay there.
'Tom Marvolo Riddle' changing to 'I am Lord Voldemort' is missing though.😝
While the anagram to 'Tom Marvolo Riddle' is 'I am Lord Voldemort' as my friend pointed out 'Albus Dumbledore' becomes 'Male bods rule, bud!
You can see Lord Voldemort very briefly when passing Malfoy Manor from Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley.
Who do you guys want to win the AFC Championship Game - Lord Voldemort or Darth Vader?
After Severus Snape got killed by Lord Voldemort's pet snake, he was reincarnated in a galaxy far, far away, where he became Darth Caedus.
In which Prince Amukamara (kind of) compares Coughlin to Lord Voldemort (by https…
“You are a fool, Harry Potter and you will lose everything.” – Lord Voldemort.
"You have to embrace the totality of his evilness. He's like the devil." – Ralph Fiennes on playing Lord Voldemort
What kind of shoes does Lord Voldemort wear? . Horcrocs
I have trouble buying Lord Voldemort and Jenny from the Block. But what do I know?
"But you know so much for the dark arts that you either: A) Wants to join his army. B) You're Lord Voldemort in disguise.."
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i am sorry but Lord Voldemort looks like a buffalo wing
Happy birthday to Lord Voldemort. But then again I hate you.
I sat through that movie twice now and I still didn't see Lord Voldemort.
"Why is Draco mad? Because he doesn't have a girl?" No mom it's because he's working for Lord Voldemort & it's getting really stressful
Hint: Don't make a 'Lord Voldemort' profile on grindr for a laugh
"Oh... I don't know... Maybe Lord Voldemort." . harry savage potter
The other thing about The Force Awakens: Lord Voldemort makes a couple of cameo appearances (no, not Ralph Fiennes but Andy Serkis).
Lord Voldemort : SLYTHERIN__KING, want to win FREE iPh0ne 6s T0DAY? Read bi0 for rules. Thx
he gets stabbed with the energy sword and Lord voldemort takes off his mask and says "die potator"
Lord Voldemort is the clear winner surely
Me:"watching Harry Potter marathon". Mom:"walks in" oh I love Harry Potter. Harry Potter:The Lord Voldemort is back!!. Mom: who is Voldemort?
Why is Voldemort the head of MI:6? I feel like having the dark lord lead British Intelligence is counter productive
I always felt he was more of a Lord Voldemort.
For sure lord Voldemort lives in this neck of the woods lol
This is why people are calling American businessman, Donald Trump, Lord Voldemort
Donald Trump only wears a toupee to hide Lord Voldemort.
Tis the Lord Voldemort of earworms.Timeless, twee, terrifying.
My cat has so much evil in his mind, I'm convinced he's lord voldemort.
Ralph Fiennes aka Lord Voldemort . Andrew Scott aka Moriarty . English actors just do the job for me.
if the jared was the lord Voldemort .
He used to be on the Dark Lord's side but then he became loyal to Dumbledore right before Voldemort decided to kill Lily.
Happy 53rd birthday to Ralph Fiennes aka Lord Voldemort!
Star Wars spoiler: Lord Voldemort kills Spock with the Ring
This web app replaces online mentions of Donald Trump with Lord Voldemort & it's hilarious https:…
Honourable mentions going to Gary Goals, Boris Johnson, Lord Voldemort and Ainsley Harriott too
Carson Palmer is like Lord Voldemort in Cincy. We don't mention his name, are afraid he's gonna beat us, but ultimately we come out on top.
Would win in a fight lord voldemort or Darth Vader?
Watching '92's "Wuthering Heights" on Netflix and I can only see Ralph Finnes as Voldemort. Sensitive Lord Voldemort.
"Cedric Diggory was murdered by Lord Voldemort." Dumbledore didn't dishonor Cedric's memory... Neither should we Hogwarts
That moment you figure out your boyfriends a Death Eater because he referred to Voldemort as The Dark Lord...
Hamilton Collection
My mom: "I didn't realize that lord Voldemort was Tom...what's his last name? Fickle? Piddle?". Me: 🙃
So, Descendants. A witch gave a love potion to a Muggle so he would like her. Sounds like how Lord Voldemort was born.
Lord Voldemort where are you when I need you?
He is back. Lord Voldemort has returned.
Boss thought my introductions lacked respect so now I describe him to others as a cross between Darth Vader and Lord Vol…
My rabbit, Lord Voldemort, is checking out my newly tidied desk. I think he approves!
Chemistry tests scare me more than thought of Lord Voldemort coming back, cause he's out there
but the Lord Voldemort in my life is financial aid
you know, it's that one fine line that makes you appreciate Lord Voldemort but makes you want to cry when you think of Hitler.
is the real dark lord!. Why all these posts about and Boo says I!
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