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Lord Sugar

Alan Michael Sugar, Baron Sugar of Clapton, Kt (born 24 March 1947) is a British entrepreneur, peer, media personality star and political advisor.

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Lord Sugar telling a young man to "man up" - talk about bad 'taste' Alan. Young men being told to "man up" is the true failing…
Or perhaps the color of Penn Gillette, Meryl Streep, Lord Sugar, John Kasich, Grayd…
lol, KO blocks everyone 😂 I have Lord Sugar, Josh Peck from Drake and Josh and Jose Enrique on my…
The UK after Lord Sugar does a triple firing
Lord Sugar ripped up rules on Apprentice by JIM SHELLEY
Definitely would be Lord Sugar. He could pay the bar bill then, lol 😀👍
Peter Butterworth asks Lord Sugar if he can be his next Apprentice.
Lord Sugar should bring Nick back. Claude doesn't nail the 'dot cotton licking *** off a nettle' facial expression in quite the same way.
Lord please send me a sugar daddy that don't want no sugar. Thank you in advance.
I think they should add surprise to the show by spinning Lord Sugar in his chair with his finger out firing who he lands…
. Trying to help people and families in urgent need of help and Support, raising money for S.V.P .
Lord, Queen Sugar was so good tonight! Bravo to Ava and Oprah! I feel so good inside, just watching this show!
not impressed with new candidates. My 10 year old self could have done better on The Sims original.
And me but can’t move but give all my money to charity e.g this little girl whose dying back in Gujarat…
“West Ham’s trophy room has got more in it,” says That 2008 League Cup is taking up a lot room in Tottenham…
Missed it no wonder did you enjoy yourself or maybe bum yourself lol
I was makeing much the same noise most of the program.
A mark of respect lord sugar have u thought of that
Can we all just appreciate Karren Brady's facial response to Lord Sugar being told to not interrupt the boys teams…
I mean the apprentice lord sugar what a load of cr.p anyway lucky for me I got £30k to think about as w…
My dream on The Apprentice is that Lord Sugar fires all of those boobs at once and the rest of the series is following him around the house.
In 12 years of this is hands down my favourite ever moment from and the teams 😂…
“It’s not a case of I liked it more… I hated it less”. has chosen the Golf Hotel as the least worst design.…
That face when your PM tells Lord Sugar to not interrupt him
The Apprentice: Lord Alan Sugar surprises the candidates with a shock twist at the end of the hotel room task -…
The Apprentice: Viewers in meltdown as candidate SHUTS DOWN Lord Sugar with sassy remark as boardroom meeting ... -…
Congratulations to for getting in the
Keep saying my lad should go on the show- sure he'd wipe the floor with em (not just mum pride he's ver…
Does lord sugar sit and practice his puns for
I thought massive artwork in frames woukdav done instead of decorating, was gutted for the lads, like R…
am i the only one who tries to work out where Lord Sugar is pointing in the preview for next week's episode🙃
Looking forward to child minding skills on tonight @ 9PM. They apprentices are a bunch of blee…
I would have to save Ross simply because I too am 29 and eat pop tarts ✊🏻
I'm dead lord sugar said I'd wake up in the room thinking I was inside a trifle 😂😂🤣🤣
Did he just ask Lord Sugar not to interrupt him?
'Lord Sugar, please don't fire me'. 'Why?'. 'This...'. *stands up and breakdances on boardroom table*. https:…
When you tell you don’t want to be interrupted in the boardroom…
Did the PM just tell Lord Sugar not to interrupt him sksksksks I hope he’s enjoyed his time on the show so far
Susanna Reid watching Piers Morgan and Lord Sugar arguing on is my spirit animal
If you are the actual Jeff Wan from The Apprentice then I just want to say Lord Sugar is crazy for firing you! You were great!
I'm actually quite irritated with that episode of That was the worst episode I've seen. should…
Nice to see his hair starting to grow in...
I just don’t understand why the receptionist’s weave is like that YOU WORK FOR LORD SUGAR FFS
Lord Sugar keen to ensure the women don’t see it as a win... but a case of least bad!
Lord Sugar on fire tonight with his digs tonight. He should do stand up and talk about bad aeroplane food
dreadful design. A catastrophe so bad..Lord Sugar should fire both PMs
Apprentice star Danny Grant blasts Charles Burns for snaking him as he becomes first to be fired by Lord Sugar
Well done Lord Sugar for supporting the London Taxi Trade & appreciating the comprehensive knowledge test standards 👍.
i like the look of the note BUT dont rule out this bad boy right here
. Violets are red,. Roses are blue. If you make big mistakes,. Lord Sugar will fire you.
I had one of those. It was good, but the constant ad's on the screen were annoying.
He must be lieing, spurs have no chance sorry
you're teeth are due to fall out soon & Liam thinks your *** SAG Just like Your BEHIND🌑📕
Super Blues Limerick got beat by Cork in semifinal of Cup last night but we beat them in league last we…
Kai I just consumed plenty sugar o lord.. feel like throwing up 🤢
I thought this rule was for Everyone? Why have they Never been
This was one of your biggest flops Wrong time wrong place unfortunately.
Fair play, I spoke Sugar in his villa many years ago when I attempted to get on apprentice,the lad from…
If I had a new idea for the apprentice where do I send it
Be a one horse race city have it in the bag, united not played any top teams yet they will drop point v…
Do you believe Kate and Gerry story .?.
Think Mr Sugar needs a better tailor shirtmaker and shave the silly beard !!
Have you forgotten he promised uni tuition fees to be scrapped. But then admit…
I had one of these never knew how to use it
Karren Brady reveals her punishment for Lord Sugar if he bags West Ham.
How did you get into electronics manufacturing from the market stall?
Lord Sugar to humiliate 18 tossers in annual quest to find nation’s biggest *** via
I’d have them all in dressing gowns by the end of the programme!!!
Not in 256Gb model, probably not in 128Gb and even 64Gb out of stock.
They'd have no chance with you! And your business plan for a dressing gown empire would w…
Amazed that you actually had to pay for the advertising your saw on it.
Never pains him to make stupid statements..
So excited for the return of The Apprentice!! I’d love to face and Claude in the boardroom ❤️😃
Piers Morgan is really getting on my wick
Lord Sugar comments on strategy against | HITC
Lord Sugar has had enough of Steven Beale's EastEnders plot: "It's time to shut it down"
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Lord Sugar says Corbyn supporters 'didn't know what they were voting for'
Lord Sugar, known to be litigious (and wins) allegedly backing action against brexiters who lied during EU Ref. https:…
Lord Sugar has said Boris Johnson and Michael Gove should be thrown in prison for the “lies” told during the EU ref…
Lord Sugar says Boris Johnson and Michael Gove should be in prison over Brexit 'lies'
Lord Sugar: I'd fire Theresa May and send Jeremy Corbyn on a nice little trip to Siberia.
Lord Sugar: Theresa Might could be fired on The Apprentice: Lord Sugar has informed 5…
I Can't believe I am in total agreement with Lord Sugar. Perhaps he would like to introduce an early day motion, if…
EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Apprentice star calls for Lord Sugar to be FIRED from the show.
Good man Lord Sugar! Spoken like a true patriot! These lying Brexiteers need to be prosecuted now to the ful…
Lord Sugar called Jeremy Corbyn a cheat and told him to resign. Personally I think Lord Sugar is greatly overrated. Plese…
What about ALL Lies? Lord Sugar calls on Jeremy Corbyn to resign over student debt 'lie' via
You always did have an eye for a good business opportunity/product Lord Sugar!
Also call me crazy but a fair few Centre to Left wing EU leaders have praised Corbyn he might be good to have on the team
How would it bankrupt employers when the people spending money would averagely earn and spend more you nonce. Your fired.
2/2 that way SNP, Plaid, Lib Dem and Green all get their concerns heard (even Sinn Fein as border with…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
...says the person who hosts I think the world has learnt a lesson from listening to Apprentice hosts
Well duh. That's what the left has been arguing about for ages. In fact all party leaders (with MPs in…
You would think wouldn't be such a C U Next Tuesday considering his working class background.
Do you really believe the utter tripe in the newspapers then?
.tells that Corbyn was voted in by young people "who aren't very experienced in life"
Who made you Lord? You have lost all credibility! JC was a terrorist sympathizer, but it's ok for TM to…
Sugar, honey, sweety, you need to get to grips with the fact the Left is more intellignt t…
It's a disaster for the torys, she's a goner, it's a matter of time, longer she stays more chance of La…
"You know mr salt from the apprentice" I think you mean lord sugar
A bit like Lord Sugar when he founded Amstrad. Young people are the future and have the same right to vote as old rich people.
There should be legislation that ensures a cross party group is tasked to deliver a brexit deal thats representive for all UK.
Unfair or not there's a huge number of nurses teachers and other deserving people but all…
Lord Sugar drifts further out of touch
You are absolutely right. She created this mess she should sort it.
I guess so, but or maybe its fair and the nurses wages are just grossly unfair
Great for Labour if she stays. She's a joke.
They're better off then nurses for sure . I guess most people would have to say that's unfair .
shut up Sugar if this election was an Apprentice task you would have fired May before she got back in the board…
All the ordinary rail workers have done very well not just the fat cats . 33k for a conduc…
Rail companies only make 3% profits. I dunno why it got so pricey assume it's raw costs su…
Ramblings of a senile old irrelevance.
Should've come up with that 8 weeks ago.
Come what May best suited for the Job. Humble dedicated politician with little baggage. Has seen the bo…
I'm 49 soon & never been manipulated. We should all keep…
Lord Sugar tells Nick Ferrari Corbyn attracted young people "who aren't very experienced in life"
Lord Sugar you speak so much more sense the. Piers
I'm hoping you might be able to help,I am trying to get grant funding for my business can you please supply any names or advice
Yes Lord Sugar , I don't think she will & build a coalition with the DUB party to move forward
Pay your tax, you're in the wrong party son.
Provided the administration is innovative efficient & not wasteful & not merely a cashcow…
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
And then yeah if we get our cut and thrust right and clear some of the disease of personal…
Isnt that the only true way to bring "extra money" into country? . The rest just cycles th…
He's not an independent, he's a Tory Peer!
Yes listen to the billionaire who's telling you to vote against taxing the rich
Top priority 4 school university and industry: build a country which goes out in world to…
What dirt does Corbyn have on you?or should I ask what have you being doing with May? 👀
Accusations are cheap when they carry no substance.
Well, unfortunately my weakness is a ciggarette,I kknow it's a bad habit, but it doesn't…
Do u hate or do u just slabber at each other for fun?
Lord Sugar: Corbyn voters 'not experienced in life' and 'didn't know what they voted for' https:…
I swear Lord Sugar has a working class background, and grew up with his family in a council flat...Interesting. https:…
Please don't misconstrued my interpretation. I never u…
As has been said you are out of touch, support a party of class and have no clue about the real world ,…
He's been a member of the Labour Party since 1997 so he's not being at all biased 😂😂
The was all about getting in line, job gone, collateral damage acceptable
Seems to be a trend with the celebrities peddling for May. Barry Hearn, Lord Sugar etc...trying to think what they have in common 🤔
Lord Sugar has endorsed Theresa May. The former Labour peer would have supported her sooner but had to wait for his Amstr…
Corbyn you're fired- Lifelong Labour member Lord Sugar says he is voting for Theresa May
Lord Sugar only blocked me because I said it was nice to see Sid James firing folk on The Apprentice
I don't like the idea of Lord Sugar being able to lay down the law when he is an unelected person whilst being a su…
Anyone else have these huge business plans then remember that I'm not Lord Sugar & can barely afford a holiday never mind a building complex
Visit Climb Online's stand at Bath Business Expo 2017 on Thursday for the chance to win signed copies of Lord Sugar's books
Lord Sugar interview with Greg James from ages ago. Low volume: via
Lord Sugar highly critical of government business rate impact on small independent high street shops in Daily Mirro…
Piers, you're pathetic. Not sure you're an adult. You're just they you think is your bud
Candidates required for 2017. Apply by 30th Jan to be my business... by via
wondered where was getting his £250k investment for obviously getting a lend from his g…
yes, this is petty, but it is hilarious. People need to relax and see the funny side too.
If the Scott Hogan transfer saga was a negotiation task in would be fired
you're 1 up from him from me,the old goat blocked me and I've no idea why
Got this for my birthday, so excited to try ...THANK YOU
oh i have several. We can talk about this tomorrow night 😚😚😚
typical Piers all about quantity not quality
good... at least I am doing my job... whats your again, competing with and Hilarious. Rockefeller!
not that great considering your were presenting a popular TV prog in US where most folld you from
probably half of your followers are in Russia. Kudos
You dont need to ensure that they are going to look good on TV and there is no need to have the obligatory clown
good lord man!. I am still wet behind the ears. Will be less than 1,000 miles after my flighy home today :-p
what sort of childish comeback is that? No wonder you & Trump get along.
he doesn't have your television exposure Pears nor 5.4m people that despise him
Oh yeah because 5.2m followers is bugger all. FFS.
Lord Sugar would fire apprentice contestants for decisions as poorly thought out as that!
.er well you were a million in front ! Not really something to brag about is it !
his lead over you financially is give, or take £850,000,000
That is amazing Piers! Truly. Financially his lead over you is approx £850,000,000 give or…
Livid that stock cubes contain sugar, while eating her 60% sugar lunch. I'll stop, but good lord, the ignorance that's taught about this.
I think Piers was implying he'd paid for his peerage. Not in so many words, but…
Just because you have the most... doesn't mean your the winner just ask your mate The Donald!
let's start a campaign to get Lord Sugar more followers
it's called " rubber necking " it's human nature . Why don't you do a poll asking why people follow you?
Soon we'll be pressing a red button to elect a prime minister who has the best tan
I've got more marbles than you, so there!
Love this! Never thought I'd love anything Sugar said but this is pure genius!
if you discount the ones gained by riding Donald's tail or making women cry on tv, I bet that lead would disappear.
got to admit I like but that is a great reply 😀😀
You got any idea how childish that sounds ??
Piers questioned how he got his peerage the other day. Seems like a fair enough question . . .
he blocked me for questioning his Peerage. Which was probably fair enough.
Or you could play the net worth, international praise, or # of awards if "followers" metric doesn't work.
- you have more followers. Meanwhile, has a wealth over 100x that of yours. In the scale of things, he wins
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Hitler had a lot of followers at the time, not sure it is the greatest barometer.
He's blocked thousands in a good mood!
Only "Interesting" if you're writing a thesis on narcissism.
He's right though, it's just sad. Followers are not necessarily fans. I follow Sugar and he's a *** 😜
I'll take quality over quantity any day. 😉
if I could just get to 💯 I'd be 😁 I'll follow you AJ as I see you're on 299...300 now 😉
Need a man who looks at me the way Oliver looks at Lord Sugar
but Sugar has become a Lord which has boosted his ego
only difference is that Lord Sugar's political stance is centrist & he's not trying to become prime minister.
Persuasive posters, creative cooking and superb marking skills. watch out for your new Year 6 apprenti…
Good idea just give sugar a wide berth, lord Digby Jones would be a great asset
Embracing our strategic partnerships - London Makeup School and and company
where does Claude get his haircut again?,had a short back and sides today,but told them 2 leave like trump on top
what % of the apprentice loser's daily mail modelling fee goes to charity? . What? They think they're models?
So excited for the interviews on the always the best episode of the series
what I would of give know you was is that building today would of got the train
No one deserves it this series at all. If I was Lord Sugar I would keep the 250k and try again next year
Frances and Jessica to go through, Lord Sugar giving Fran benefit of the doubt. Courtney - no.
why not do a deal with Eddie Stowbart to put a big screen on rear of his trucks which shows video from CCTV in cab.
Looking forward to the Apprentice tonight! . Hansom looking canditdate this year!.
. “My first job interview with Lord Sugar was unusual….”
didn't know he owned that Sheesh place
What sort of animal arranges the Christmas party on the same night as the Apprentice interview episodes
The apprentice is actually a pointless show as already knows who's gonna be his business partner regardless of the tasks done
This must be how Lord Sugar feels when he checks his Linked In
I absolutely love when slays Piers Morgan, makes my day😂😂
I'm asking again for your help this Christmas time. £20,000 would be very much appreciated please help me!
New episode of the apprentice 2night really hope makes the final, surely lord sugar will realise she's the best contestant
Happy to speak to you Piers about PTSD and reasons why people do not speak about it until much later in life.
don't bloody play the victim , coming from someone who works for Daily Mail .
Trust me, Lord Sugar is a 'thoroughly decent human being' says The Apprentice's
"Lord Sugar's search for his next Apprentice continues..."
PC Sugar was wrong on everything. And supported corrupt Saudi funded Hillary. Who cares what he says?
exactly what he wants. Ignore the publicity hungry nob.
Cant wait for the Apprentice tonight
I've got feeling will win because she's the prettiest. . If I was Lord Sugar I would want to work with her ☺️
Best TV night of the's interview time on 😀👍🏼 Too excited 🎉👆🏼
its the 1st I haven't watched the apprentice worst one ever!!
Move over Lord Sugar, has big plans
Not really sure if you are insulting or praising him. lol . Whichever it is, it works.
Lord Sugar, sounds like a pimp's name.
Piers has been to a real life army base , so now he's an expert on all things military
Lord sugar I hope you aren't suggesting that because vulgarity is the standard it is the correct etiquette online
employ more women technicians, you will cover a bigger market. Single women owners will prefer it
so looking forward to Calude breaking them.
I love the interview episode. It's the highlight of every series. Go Claude - Get'em!
"How can it be britain got talent if one f the contestants was German" you obviously don't get it, be qui…
The actual truth, and more besides probably
you would like LED lighting direct without the middle men prices. learn more at
Hope he continues to read them. He might actually get over himself.
Lord Sugar reveals who wins The Apprentice - three weeks before the final
I mean ignorance and intolerance, really not far from the truth
charity boxing match you two? I'm pretty sure people would pay to make it happen! Raise a small fortune
Working Mums out there...NEVER feel guilty for trying to provide the best for your children. .
They are the nice ones. Would love to see the bad ones
Remember: tonight's the big one! Make sure you tune in to tonight at 9pm!
This is not me. This is Lord Sugar, my local friend! Older version of me!
who fiesty? Grainne or Frances? Dont think will go for make up or cakes
Please have a quiet word with and put him straight
I know these 5 hours are going to drag...
she hosts a television programme where she looks for people to be her next business partner. Fires a candidate w…
My money on Grainne tonight, hopefully see you next year
Great efforts by all today wearing their and raising money for
Will Doncaster's from survive interviews and make final with
Dear Lord, the first episode of Queen Sugar got me sobbing
Watched the BBC apprentice today with , have to say WAY better than which is crap
Embarrassing this 2 girls in final with just 2 & 3 wins out of 10 tasks. Bit like Spurs at Wembley tho I guess.
The Apprentice 2016: Trishna reveals why she SNUBBED Lord Sugar after boardroom firing -
Assuming you have any creative control over your show, maybe try to add some non-brits to the show.
When told Trishna she's fired, Echo Dot piped up with "sorry, an error has occurred"!!! We didn't even say "alexa".
And Karen Brady - your too arrogant on the show. It's cringeworthy watching you.
Lord Sugar should fire all of them & give the £250k to charity
And Francis's lost 8 out of 10 tasks??? The colony gin was tinging on racism and the map was wrong!
Trishna suggested orange but the PM could have said no. Gronya was a poor PM. It's a whitewash!
Just watched the apprentice and I am baffled at why trishna not fired.
Order Miche Bag Online!
When says 'I have nothing more to say to you two' swear he sounds like my dad
any idea where I can go buy a bottle of GIIN? Looks good! Great show tonight by the way. Thank you and to the
Love the apprentice but orange gin...really 👊🏻good luck to all the contestants hope Alana does well!
My bet is still on for to become Lord Sugar's Apprentice
Lesson 14. Let know that he made a huge error in sacking you.
Why does lord sugar's receptionist always pretend that she is doing work, when she is low-key just sitting there waiting for the phone
Frances, Grainne, Jessica and Alana making the final 5, Lord Sugar keeping the best looking ones till the end 😏
Lord Sugar has finally lost it. Fired the only person left in the process with a brain.
Lord Sugar's triggered off all the ethnics this year like he's voting for Brexit.
Lord sugar is on the hunt for his next business partner
You didn't deserve to go, Grainne did! First time this series I've disagreed with Lord Sugar.
Why did u desert Labour? Forget the TV, your fame, your wealth, explain yourself? You have renounced your origins
Lord Sugar should get to punch them square in the face after he says those famous words 👊👊
Lord sugar or the sugar you put on cereal?
This season of has to be the worst one to date!Final 4& none of them seem like a suitable candidate!id be worried
Colony gin. What are the special edition releases: shackle and chains, oppression & slave labour?
the candidates on this years show have been so bad. The editing can't even make them seem good at all
"Do you think you've got what it takes to be my next apprentice?" if the calibre of candidates are similar to thi…
Terrible firing from Lord Sugar on Apprentice this week, first one I've disagreed with
How about you select candidates from your hometown Hackney instead of cherry picking absolute tools
I think Frances FTW in this season of She is Quiet but very Strong, Smart & Honest + I think
The only way for this season of the apprentice to get worse is if Lord sugar becomes prime minister.
firing Two different ethnicities 2 weeks in a row, last 4 winners all white. The remaining 5 all white? Borderline racism 🤔
and he does it again. Racist. Bad move. Well done you was evidently so strong and professional
finally figured this tech out. Best of luck with your final 5 - I wouldn't employ them to wash up. All who got drunk - fired!
I love Lord Sugar's speech every week. You may be wondering why you're at a naval college . Well, you're going to make gin…
Fair play for running the first special needs series of the apprentice
Lord Sugar is just lining up his favourite birds for the final
apparently you put your foot in it. Betting suspended!!
Please can we have an all stars edition of The Apprentice?
Lord Sugar, "I can't work with someone that's got the 'ump" Why is Karren Brady sitting next to you then?
Well I think your team may have been copying us... look what we launched this morning. Fancy a bott…
Oh dear, some of the ways that I have seen people spell Grainne and Trishna are a hoot! 😅 Even has struggled! 😃
***NB: only apply if you're a monumental ***
Lord Sugar fires wannabe Apprentice because she made the gin orange, but not the other one that named it COLONY -
Doof = Foolish in Urban slang . Lord Sugar must be feeling foolish loo…
The Apprentice's Trishna Thakrar on being fired, Lord Sugar and possible winner via
Yes by my nan 😩😩😩. Apparently lord sugar let slip the other week who it was & my nan felt the need to tell me. Cheers Nan
Lord Sugar FIRES contestant from following coloured gin 'mistake'.
Appalling decision Trishna was the only worthy winner.
dont get it i thought britain had colonies in Africa. by the way disappointed trishna fired nothin wrong with colour suggestion
It's always been my absolute dream to enter but I already have 2 amazing businesses!
Imagine u all had a boss like Lord Sugar 👀
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