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Lord Ram

Rama (Devanāgarī: राम ; ,; Jàma̰ ; Javanese: Ramavijaya ; Khmer: ព្រះរាម Phreah Ream ; Lao: ພຣະຣາມ Phra Ram ; Malay: Megat Seri Rama; Maranao: Raja Bantugan; Ramar; Rama; Phra Ram) or Ramachandra is the seventh avatar of the god Vishnu in Hinduism, and a king of Ayodhya in Hindu scriptures.

Lord Rama Lord Hanuman Lord Krishna Amit Shah Ram Navami Sri Lanka Jai Shri Ram Ram Mandir Sardar Patel Devendra Fadnavis

People! Lord Ram never asked you to burst *** Why not just light up earthen lamps and welcome healthy times?
In the Ramayan animals came to aid lord Ram (langurs/bears/vultures) they now need our help let us not forget them
If Bidi Bombs had greeted Lord Ram upon his return to Ayodhya instead of Diyas he would have turned back & returned…
Museum on Lord Ram can be built anywhere bt wat better place than his janmabhoomi.Aren't th ones opposing it indulging in
Congress did Shah Bano betrayal to Muslims & "Lord Ram never existed" affidavit to Hindus. Congress take c…
Ramayan Serial on by dragging on Sita's exile-a prime example of subtly denigrating& showi…
With Diwali around the corner, on with mythologist spells out the enduring a…
This Diwali, retrace the journey of Lord Shri Ram.
GURU JI!! We feel proud to see bcoz It's the film created by our Lord father.
Lord Ram was the great Farrow of Egypt. Egypt civilization was the Hindu civilization.
why SKR not mentioned that Sri ram is Lord Vishnu??? Hope they mentioned it upcoming episode in front of all. .. 😂😉
I liked a video why hanuman fight with lord ram
I hv the right to hit Lord Ram with slippers,says Christudoss Gandhi, Redt IAS in a live TV debate, action needed.
Yes. This is why Lord Shri Ram is called not Dashrath.
"...GRAAGGHH!!" He roared, attempting to ram his head into the clone.
Lord knows when Samsung made the Note 4 I know they were trying to stay cost efficient but they could have at least put 4GBs on RAM in here.
Lord Ram is disgusting? really? What disgusting if you want to explain? :)
awaiting whether Ram will know that he is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu or not. skr is a beautifully well crafted show.kudos
But Lord Ram left Sita without even saying triple talaq and everyone worships him.
New Orleans women are a gift from the Lord. Manna from on high. A wheel in a wheel. A ram in a bush. Water from a rock.…
Narsimha Avtar, Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Ma Kali, Kaal Bhairav, Ma Durga all carried weapons to defend & slay the enemy if needed.
Lord Ram & Lord Krishna were incarnations of Lord Vishnu the protector of this universe n one who fights Adharma
where Pushyamitra was projected as Lord Ram. Veda was written by Adi Shankaracharya in 9th Century AD based on Mahayana Buddhism literature
lol it is matter of perception for eg in the war Lord Ram killed many Sri Lankans along with Ravaana .
*Lord Hanuman tears his chest to show Lord Ram and goddess Sita residing in his heart*. Arvind Kejriwal ji- But where is L…
Lord Ram is your soul. Sita is your heart. Ravan is your mind that steals your heart from your soul. Who are Laxman and Hanuman?
We tweeps should learn from Lord Hanuman. In spite of No follow back in return from Lord Ram he continued to follow him.…
Learn to be calm and cool like Lord Ram. Happy Ram Navmi. Jai Shriram.
What is there to debate in Ram Mandir-Babri Masjid?Ayodhya is Lord Ram's place.And Ram Mandir shall be built.Period.
Lord Ram &Vishnu are non-different.Shiva is son of Vishnu's son, Brahma. RaGa believes in grandson but not in GF
Wrong Link. This one showcases how pitilessly cruel Lord Ram was with Sita, whom he suspected of infidelity
Genesis 22:13 Just as the Lord provided Abraham a ram in the bush as a sacrifice, God will provide you a last-minute miracle
Respect his views?!MK asks in which college did Lord Ram study that he was able to build the Sethu bridge?
does your religion teaches you to say bad things about other prophets, u wont find muslims insulting lord Ram or Lord Krishna
Thakur Chandan Kumar Singh - The man who has accused Lord Ram of 'domestic violence' |
Goat case, Case on Lord Ram etc are more important than these 2 crore cases. And they say lack of clear criterion.
Lord Ram, You saved your discipline Hanumantappa. Hope rest are in peace with You.
scribes r doing God's work by xposing corruption but even Lord ram was attacked by ravanas
“Justice for Sita” could simply mean making it acceptable to admit that Ram was morally wrong in exiling Sita
Mr Singh told the BBC that he took the action because he felt "Lord Ram was unjust to his wife Sita."
"Lord Ram was unjust to his wife Sita"says Indian lawyer is the hero of Hindus religious book in
Disturbing to see Lord Ram &Krishna being. referred as Mutants in . Plz delete the reference.
Why is GAIL project been proposed in the path where Lord Ram and Hanuman travelled in Tamil Nadu to get Seetha from Sri Lanka
By insisting on Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, RSS is imposing geographic & ideological boundaries on Lord Ram. Nice Try.
Indian *** are quota demented. Not surprising that *** are targetting Lord Ram
An Indian lawyer tried to sue lord Ram because he was unjust to his wife Sita
Let Lord Ram bless him with life and health.
Case filed against Lord Ram for abandoning Sita. Our judicial backlog just went up by a few millennia.
Anyway, if this Lord Ram case goes to court, it will be fun. For the first time, the judge will be calling the accused -…
The Place where Lord Ram did 11 years of Vanvas - Chitrakoot: The Place...
A case on Lord Ram for cruelty against Sita! What next? Case on Hanuman for travelling to Sri Lanka without visa! Indeed Inc…
It happens only in : Man has accused Lord Ram of domestic violence
many many happy returns of the day. May LORD RAM bless you with best of health and success in life. ..
it took 14 years for Lord Ram to clear all asuras , not only Ravan and family. Modi is doing best.
Case against Lord Ram, hope d lawmakers realize how easy it is2 abuse in our country
Man files case against Lord Ram for cruelty towards his wife Sita. Even God is not safe from litigation in this country! 😂😂
Q: Which character used to follow Lord Rama wherever he moved ?. A : Pursue Ram .
MSG !!Like a torch bearer You are lightening our path of life !thank YOU !! Lord !
St. ji,. plzz bless me to follow all ur PRECIOUS preachings.. Always With me MY LORD !!!🙏🙏. …
UP will remain secular state for ever. This state belongs to Lord Ram, Lord Krishna & Lord Gautam Buddha.
4/ Lord Rama protects us all. Just chanting his name gives us liberation from birth and death. . Jai Shri Ram!
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2/ Mareecha, who disguised as a deer to help Ravana abduct Sita, was attacked by Lord Ram. He was terrified and psychologically scarred :-)
1/ People general imagine Lord Ram only as a soft person. But, his valour was unparalleled. He was impossible to defeat in a fight
on 14th Feb - An inspiration from Lord Ganesh ji who worshipped Parents!
Will continue to fight for Sita maiya’s justice: The lawyer who filed a case against lord Ram.
What would Lord Ram & Hanuman see if they had first reached Delhi ?. Big hoardings of 'Vo pareshan karte rahe, hum kaam karte rahe' !
I talk with Thakur Chandan Kumar Singh who filed a case against Ram lalla & to get justice for Sita mata. My Lord! htt…
Some stupid court can even admit a petition against Lord Ram.. What has my country come to? https:…
It is tough being bhagwan in India ~ Lord Ram.
Shouldn't the chief judicial magistrate who admitted case against Lord Ram be sacked for wasting judiciary's time?
Purpose of Sitamarhi lawyer who filed case against Lord Ram & chief judicial magistrate who admitted it has been solved - they're famous now
.featured Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos illustrated on cover as Lord Vishnu but no guts to feature Jusus.
There are many devices in a man's heart; the counsel of the Lord, shall stand in my life, in the name of Jesus
ONly anti-hindu groups wld KILL 1000s of Hindus by lying tht Lord Ram appeared in Babri.
ah.. did u kno RSS gt 1000s of Hindus killd by LYIN tht Lord Ram appeared in Babri?. if tht isnt anti-hindu. wht is
Every hindu knws dat Lord Rama was born at ayodhya. We sud build Ram Mandir dere, but we couldn't 😟
agreed - in contrast to Lord Ram, they ruled worst than Ravana.
Mere Ram Sankirtan dedicated to Lord Rama released on the eve of Makar sakranti for you all. Plz.listen ,bless...
if kiku got arrested for mimicking baba Ram Rahim, than the guy who played lord shiva in PK should be hanged till death -_-
Babri was a history and LORD RAM temple. Will be a future.
Ram Tmpl demolition by Babar was a Sad day too specially when it ws lord ram's birthplace which he ransacked & built mosque there
Goodbye Alan Rickman. As Professor Severus Snape said, "You have performed extraordinary the last…
Illegal structures to be demolished proud of Babri demolition , y build in place of Lord Ram or Lord Krishna .
Babar Invade INDIA & destroyed the Temple at Lord Ram's Birthplace & built Babri mosque there to give Gift to INDIA & HINDUS
cant hardly wait now!! A love so pure.. Why is it lost now..Lord ram makes me believe In purit…
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall do business in the name of the Lord.
Our dear lord ram living in the tent... because of babri
temples were destroyed by Muslim invaders and on the statues of Lord Ram and Shiva the faithful troded to their way to Mecca
what a pity state of India.. We can't build a temple in ayodhya birth place of Lord Ram. This is india
Ur very calling Ram janmbhoomi fake is an insult not only Lord Rama but millions of devotees.
We are forced to keep the lord Ram in tent.
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Lord RAM belongs to Bharat. All political parties should join for making a great RAM temple,then there will not be opposition from any quart
You unfriendly helpers, I command you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, depart from me.
.Lord Ram chose to b born in Ayodhya so Babri cud b built over his temple, destroyed & communal riots happn'd.
Protest against Ram Temple seminar in Delhi University by those who believe Lord Ram as mythical character.
Lakhs of Hindus killed!. Our country Bharat divived, Our Lord Ram living in Tents and sanatan dharma distroyed
Tipu sultan killed millions of Hindu. . We want Lord Ram temple.
There is a constant Propaganda going on to Defame and create Myth Our Lord Ram so our Unity is gone forever
God bless you Faisal Khan. Writing of Lord Ram's name will give inner strength says Faisal Khan from Allahabad |
wanted to know your views on whether every stone that was used to form Ram setu had lord Ram's name written on it?
now we shd book those guys who mimics lord RAM in ramleela ...wat a funny act
his twtr profile says "0 following". Guy clearly believes he is second coming of Lord Ram. All …
Num 28:27 But ye shall offer the burnt offering for a sweet savor unto the LORD; two young bullocks, one ram, seven lambs of the…1/2
And the same Gopal Subramanium who famously swore in an Affidavit that Lord Ram was a ficitonal character and Ram-Sethu man made.
Lord Ram is not a political issue for us Indians. Ram is our faith, our culture, our pride & our soul.
jai *** Ram Mandir ka bhavya nirman will b d best gift of all Hindus to Lord Rama. Let buddhu rest in 2016 but dont relieve him
the bible says the Lord chose the ram to be the sacrifice for Isaac
Thank U Lord fr blessing me yet again 🙌🙌I trust that u going to be with me in everything nd everything Amen!🙏
like in the second chapter a demon lord introduced has ram-like horns and it's So Hard to describe them in akio's pov be of that
Congress supporter so much frighten to take name of "Lord Ram" why ? I found in many instance Mahatma Gandhi often use to say "Hey Ram".
Was that some concoction of Lord of the Rings, Ram-Leela & Devdas? Khud ko hi tribute di dali Bhansaliji ?
Therefore I will praise you, LORD, among the nations; I will sing the praises of your name. Psalm 18:49
so I did a comparison. 4790k vs 5820k with correct mobo & ram it's about $160 difference
Ashish Sharma to display human side of lord Ram via u killed it so far
Hinduism Demystified - Part 2. Why Lord Ram and Krishna are Ideal Leaders. via
The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised.". (Job 1:21 - NIV). We forever...
for congis it was like diwali, where lord Ram returned to ayodhya..but congis r no lord
Lord, I believe You and will obey You when you say to go possess the land You have given me -Deut. 9:23
Truth always win Dr Swamy, country is with you and so is Lord!
Wen v talk abt Lord Ram,Lord Krishna,Lord Vishnu Miracles,U guys out rightly reject it,How can dis lady do Miracle?
“with trumpets and the blast of the ram’s horn— shout for joy before the Lord, the King.”. Psalm 98:6 NIV
A love like saint tulsidas had for lord ram.
Good morning sir. May Lord Murugan be with you and give you all the luck.
bhakts getting so hurt. bJP IT cell is sounded. The war is on. Jai Lord Ram of India arvind!
“There is pleasure in the pathless woods...”–Lord Byron.
. Who is your favorite co star? & . What is your opinion about lord Ram for personally??
Jai Shri Ram! And here is a beautiful song for Lord Mahadeva found in the older Ramayana serial:.
Praying to Lord Shri Ram makes you quick in everything. Try, if you have not tried :)
Kejri:i just killed a man. Aaptards:Even lord Ram killed Ravana. kejri:i am corrupt. Aaptards:Respect this man atleast he acce…
On days ur feeling lazy to hit the gym, just remember that Lord Ram won his bride Sita in a heavy lifting contest.
before protest peep on ur soul. If u applauded mockery of Lord Ram by owaisi then be ready for su…
Your Lord Modi ruined all three Lokas in previous life, finally my Lord Ram finished him.
. : No, you people pray Lord Ram and support PM Modi. So, you ppl r communal in my eyes. Checkmate!
Uh oh! X-Men in trouble with Hindu leader for comparing villain to Lord Krishna https:/…
. Good morning lord,. Bless me so that I can do meditation and serve humanity with zeal.
The fall of the raavan me has started. The arrow has been fired by Lord Ram of India Arvind Kejriwal
Followers of Lord Ram will try to live like Ram. Similarly, followers of Mohammed.
just make your company work like a human being and then remember Lord Ram
Yo man are you EVER going to do african drug lord episodes again? ive been trying to make some youtube videos like you XD
Dont Mix things... What wud have been ur reaction if smomething agains Lord Ram
Ram(Lord Ram) Jethmalani will not take Punga with Dr Subramanian(Son of Shiva) Swamy by taking up National Herald case.
many many happy returns of the day my dear FM. ..Lord ShriRam hr pal apke sath rhe...Jai Shri Ram
Mr. Ashish Sharma can do better as Ram. Vedant Sawant did justice to the role of teenage Lord Ram.
Lord, how great is Your goodness, and how great is Your beauty -Zech. 9:17
Lord Ram himself won't take Panga with Son of Shiva/younger brother of Ganesh- Subramania--just to confuse already worried Orbasanno:)) RT
2 Timothy 2:19. All who name the Lord’s name should keep away from evil.
Ram says humans are so strange,we find Lord in an idol,but not in a living being.Cant we change the tradition? https:/…
No Niku BJP is not using Ayodhya to Score in UP. Lord Ram himself brought BJP in power to Score in UP. . htt…
Lord Ram is a very witty stoner. We get this by his choice of naming his kids. Love Kush
it's similar to the Hindu mythology & tradition of burning of Ravana, marking an end to 10 days war with Lord Ram,
On this day, ages ago, Lord Ram returned from onsite.
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My 😊 Dear ❤ wake up you will escape from *** become Real Hindu Pray to Lord Ram he will forgive you ❤❤
I was not there at that time,I guess even happy Diwali messages were not forwarded on mobile during Lord Ram's time ht…
Mulayam should help Modi to build Ram temple in Ayodhya to redeem himself from all his anti-Hindu sins.Lord Ram will bless him.
What’s your managerial style: like Lord Ram or Lord Krishna?. In Hindu mythology there are two great epics. One...
come back to the fold .Jai Shri Ram. Lord Ram loves all
Pita ji dhoom machegi ab all over world Ram nam ka danka bjega cheers uh rockz my lord thnkew so much
RAM in pap? Dict may mean Lord ram as he can b quixotic viz Jupiter & velocity
so the tym for refreshing our days is very near DATAJI... Thanks for UR love for a…
From 1982, it's 1K ZX Chess for the ZX81. An entire game of Chess fitted into 1K of RAM!.
. Ohh My God🙉. Cant believe nd can't wait to watch d trailer📱. Relly excitd😋.
I don’t know why I’m still waiting when my lord has said is just few hrs away
piTa Ji kYa BaaT hAi .My God ..mERE khuda.RaM...Alahh all of you only you LORD.MISS U
My wish is that Lord Vishnu- Vaman come in my home with Laxmi Ji on ONAM.
What is the one wish would you ask from Lord Vishnu - Vamana? Share your wish with us & win a brand new M4! …
How Lord Ram is punishing the BJP in
alert! Syed Firdaus is the name of this rotter.
Karma bites. It was the same Gujarat, Modi started Hate Mongering & now this is the beginning of the end of Modi.
claim to be descendants of Lord Ram. Awarded 14-year exile and none fought for the cause of Ram during Ram-Ravana yudh.
How Lord Ram is punishing the BJP in Gujarat by
'How Lord Ram is punishing the BJP in Gujarat'
How Lord Ram is punishing the BJP in finds out
We are decedents of lord Ram, we have blood of Sardar Patel, we can topple governments so DECLARE US BACKWARDS
Happy Sri Rama Navami, . May the divine grace of Lord Ram. Be with u all ur life. Wish u happiness and peace.
Hardik Patel said we are descendants of lord Ram, then why are you bagging for OBC quota? Why the descendants of Lords and Kings need quota?
Lord Ram stayed at during Vanvas with Seeta & Laxman. Story of sita haran is too well known to repeat
Not agreeing to built temple at birthplace of Lord Ram was failure to respect majority?
Which medicine did Lord Ram use to take during illness? . A. ParaSITAmol.
But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one.
Ayodhya temple idols to soon get a fireproof cover. News Nation-5 minutes ago. Idols of Lord Ram, Janki and Laxman in the makeshift temple
IIT-Roorkee to make fireproof sheet for makeshift temple for Lord Ram at Ayodhya
Lord Ram won the war and got back to his wife.Krishna won the battle and got back the reign for Pandvas
“We are the descendants of Lord Ram… we are the descendants of Sardar Patel,”. But we want reservation. …
Lord Ram's discipline and Lord Krishna's playfulness, are both essential in life.
this is like is Lord Ram n Tiger Shroff is Hanuman! . We love both of them! Would love 2 see them tog…
Rama Daan = giving .The name of Lord Ram in Hinduism -stolen Again
Chant the name of Lord Ram and success shall be yours...Jai Shri Ram
Worshiping in metro (Mumbai local train) with commuter for Lord Ram, Lakshman & Hanuman with amazing people.
Indian Festival - Ram Navami . The birth of a hero. Ram Navami is a festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Ram
the ram as a peace offering to the LORD, with its cereal offering and libation, and the basket of unleavened cakes. Numbers 6:16-17
English song 2 on Lord Rama with Isaignani Ilayaraja Instrumental. I am a chanting devotee of Ram!.
Seeing doing what he does best and speaking about his Lord Ram makes my heart gleeful. So proud of you.
lord ram Amit Shah to markandey katju. eat beef in gujarat. If he eats where it is banned he will know what...
Sri Sri throws light on resolving the popularly misconceived notions of Lord Shiva - Download your EBook Now!
"Lord Ram wasn't a Perfect Man. He was a Perfect follower of rules." - .
g papa g u r always right and u r my Ram GOD m always dependent of U my LORD.
Breast Cancer Awareness
It is innate trait of BJP to conveniently evoke extreme emotions in the name of lord Ram when ever they face public rage
Ram Raja Temple in Orcha.Ram worshipped as King.Madhya Pradesh Police daily gives Gun Salute to Lord Ram before Puja h…
I'll slide the first inch in gently then ram the other three in when you're begging. *Hopefully size doesn't matter..
By comparing Amit Shah to Lord Ram, Devendra Fadnavis just gave the term "Monkey baat" a whole new meaning..
Even a slightest comparison to Lord Ram is unacceptable. Period!
Still. No human being can ever be compared in slightest form also to Lord Ram. Good to follow a party but not…
Fadnavis has clarified: "I said he is *like* Ram. Lord Ram doesn't possess all of Shah's virtues, needs to improve." h…
"Devendra Fadnavis on Saturday equated BJP chief Amit Shah to Lord Ram.". He doesn't know he's written the epitaph of BJP by the comparison.
chief is like Lord Ram: And this is how Reacted http:/…
Deliberate loose translation by Mediatards results in mischievous headlines like: Fadnavis said Amit Shah is Lord Ram htt…
Now its height of stupidity of fadanvis...on one side our Lord Ram was Handsome and on other side this Shah looks like Ka…
So a gunda mavali tadipar is compared to our Lord Ram. May this BJP go to ***
So instead of making the Ram Mandir for Lord Ram, will the BJP built one there for Amit Shah. We Hindus are duped again!…
All those Bhakts and Right Wing Ideologues that said BJP doesn't try and rewrite history should eat their words after Fa…
BJP president Amit Shah is like Lord Ram: Devendra Fadnavis. n MODI-Brahma?. LOT of Sambit Patra in BJP. via
Expectation of Indian voters, want Lord Ram as PM, Goddess Lakshmi as FM, Lord Kartik as DM, Lord Narad as EAM, Goddess Saraswati in HRD etc
BK - Haram ? Nothing is Superior to "R - L - S", or "Rama - Linga - Swamy", established by Purushottama, Lord Abhi - Ram, Himself.
Sir,You are like Lord Ram,please save hinduisam and Hindus from this coward Christian missionarys,who get wealth from abroad.
all the best. Lord Shri RAM bless you.
# Hindus Own country Yet we can't build Our Lord Ram Mandir
Book facts of Ayodhya by a muslim author indicating that Lord Ram is born in Pakistan is to mislead hindus & blasphemous.
Amish, just so to ask, what is Lord Ram's last name?
Did you think about Pandits of Kashmir today? May Lord Esharwa give you the courage to help them return to their native land…
Lord Ram's birthplace Ayodhya is in Pakistan's KP claims book . Every piece of ancient Indian history is in Pakistan.
Expressing Doubts Reservations Jokes at cost of our GLORIOUS PAST dating to CIRCA 5114 BCE lord RAM took BIRTH is in BAD TASTE.?
Lord Ram's birthplace Ayodhya is in Pakistan, claims a book by Muslim leader
KP is becoming so popular that now historians are claiming it to be the birthplace of Lord…
Wow! Lord Ram killed a sudhra just for undertaking penance
Dear pm evry govt.sent something to evry holy places BT no one send one tent to my lord Ram in ayodhya.plz do it once.
1t fight from JVAS in Lord Hanuman Getup
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Mythological fiction and this author is getting it again and again. is the next. Excited to hail Lord Ram.
Listen to Ride Wit Me Tonight Mike SpvceyxLord Ram$yxDavDee (Prod.LordRam$y) by Lord Ram$y on
Lord I need you I know j don't have the worse life so why am I staying depressed lately lord take thoughts away I trust you lord 🙌
And by this you endorse the veracity of "Dravidian"-"Aryan" divide! Is this even real? Good lord
It was not difficult for Lord Ram to finish the devils like Ravana and his army. But he united Banar Sena, fought war and finished devils.
AIMPLB sec AR Kuraishi claims Lord Ram's was in Pakistan!
Based on the of Lord the r in Orissa http…
RAM RAM. Passed Ayodhya ji today Lord RAM sits under a tarpaulin in 42 degrees. Our vote was wasted
. In you are writing about Lord Ram, How do you avoid controversy considering that you write …
Hope the results of the contest are as fair as Lord Ram is! Thanku for a wonderful & interesting contest!
A10- Forget arjun, Lord Ram is the best shooter.
OK, I didnt know Lord Ram had tried executing Hanuman on Sage Vishwamitra's orders. *Narayan,narayan*
Here's a fuzzy preview of the second painting I nearly ruined. Hanuman meets Lakshman and Lord Ram for the first...
Wrestling is an Ancient Sport being played from the Era of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna. - I Love Sangram Singh -
If any body scolds Gandhiji Entire central government react and take action. But if someone scold lord Sri Ram why no reaction
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
im painfully inform you that, in Karnataka some shameless poet Bhagavan insulted Lord Sri Ram. Plz take an action to him
Kashmiri Pandits during a rally to mark the birth of Hinduism's revered Lord Ram...
may the divine Lord wash all our sins away & may we wish 4 a better 2morrow jai Sai ram
“and now a walker got in. cause of Gab. smh *cause of the lord
I sacrifice a pig to the dark lord satan as I dance around wearing a satanic Ram's head, all where the mall Easter Bunny is.
Its Strange that Congress wishes People on Ram Navami. Few Years back TDK's Congress Filed an Affidavit saying Lord Rama was a Myth
Wonderful beginning for a day. Wish u all a very happy Ram Navmi. May Lord ram bless each n…
We need Belarusian Native Speakers, if interested in this job, email me at dkarlamonique
then he shall bring to the Lord as his trespass offering a ram without blemish from the flocks,
We sing hyms in Bengali pronouncing as Rama & South indians call Ram Rama.. but this Lord thing is like dat mary carrying ganesh
Interesting to see Congress wishing people on Ram Navami. few years back they filed a affidavit saying Lord Ram was a myth.
If you have a "dodge the father, ram the daughter" sticker on your truck, I hope the good lord blesses you with nothing but daughters.
Nazneen Ansari, who has scripted 'Shri Ram Aarti' and 'Shri Ram Prarthana', said: "Lord Ram is the ancestor of...
Launched cover of book which will make Lord Ram relevant 2 Indian youth.Lookin fwd http:…
Happy Ram Navami ,Bday of Lord Rama !His path of overflowing love, generosity, humility and sense of duty while fightin…
Rama Navami festival celebrated: People turned up in large numbers at various shrines to offer worship to Lord Ram…
Come on Hindus, on this RAM NAUMI please build Lord RAM a Home to stay in. Why leave HIM under a tarpaulin ? Now the white s…
happy Sri rama navami guys .. May lord sree ram bless you all with good health wealth and prosperity
Hollywood movies buffs its movies theories from Lord "Ram".
Greetings on the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami. May Lord Shri Ram always shower his blessings upon us!
I wish everyone a very happy & blissful Ram Navami. May Lord Sri Ram shower his blessings on you and your family on this a…
Now, when HAM turns into RAM, as in THE Lord RAM of the East... well let's try it. Together... let's see here...
•Lord Ram was made/announced king on this day (rajyabhishek was done on this day). •Birthday of dev bhagwan jhoolelal ji 4/n
Hope Sri Ram blesses, his true devotee Dr.with a decent cabinet gaddi. He will be able to serve the lord manifold.
May the Lord Shree Ram give you the strength and means to do so at the earliest! The nation is with you!
Without the Lord’s Love, every other love is false; in an instant, it is all forgotten. ~ Sri Guru Ram Das Ji
Ram Naumi, or Sri Rama Navami, is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ram. It falls on the ninth day of Shukla...
Did you just ram Spacedock at 2k impulse?!
Day is not far when even card-carrying communists will quote Lord Ram/Seeta in times of despair to derive strength ;)
Heartily waiting the birthday of my sweetest loving one (Ram Navami... The birthday of my Lord Rama) . Vandau Bal...
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Sweet Lord, how can Final Cut Pro X be this clunky on a beefy iMac with 24 GB of RAM? (I miss Vegas Pro so bad…)
Ram Navami 2015. Date: Saturday, March 28, 2015. Ram Navami is the festival to commemorate the birth of Lord...
Pray for our RAM team in Negresti Romania as they spread the word of our Lord a lost world. Team returns Saturday after 9 days on mission.
O ideot,, all the government came in a power and for whom we all the HINDUS has reverence like Cow, lord RAM , they have never .
This is the worst Sri Lankan perfomance in a world event since Lord Ram's army invaded King Raavan.
They are giving out free food in front of The Ram *tears of joy and gratitude*. Thank you Lord!
Asaram Bapu Ji- 'Respecting elders, Saints & praying to God on Holi is the ideal way of celebrating it like Lord Ram!'
So I need a ride to York so I can see just waiting on the Lord to provide that ram in the thicket 😂😂
Lord Hanuman ,one of the most adored deities in Hinduism, is well known for this selfless devotion to Lord Ram.
Lord of the ram, the two computer towers
Jai sri Ram. Jai Hanumaan.. Thanx my lord for being always with me.
Really Lord Shri Ram heard my prayers & saved Joe Hart from .
Be with us my Lord and bless all our friends. Om Sai Ram.
I pray to Lord Ram, that plz spare joe hart from the attack of .
America & Europe wanted to break the Ram sethu bridge which was constructed by Lord Ram 1.2 million years ago.
Lord Ram "No one trusts CID, few trust CBI, no one trust netas: who do we trust then?
This bighorn ram from would like to stare into your soul for awhile http:/…
spoke to the people, the 7 priests who carried the ram’s horns before the LORD marched & blew their horns, & the ark of the
to them, “Take up the ark of the covenant with 7 of the priests carrying ram’s horns in front of the ark of the LORD.” & he
Also in that epic, Lord Ram builds a bridge between known as Ram Sethu South Indian and Sri Lanka with arrows (bigger version of darts).
Set the Lord as a seal upon your heart~Sol8:6 KENTUCKY's (BostonREDSOX)
This is Sri Lanka's worst performance ever since Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman invaded and attacked it .. 🙏
trail: How Ji plans to revive the legacy of Lord
Srilanka will loose so badly like when LORD RAM AND HANUMAN INVADED IT LOL
Its my time to go ahead to look into my life and to stand on my own. With Blessing of Lord 'SAI RAM' — feeling...
Remember the hymn shared in the intro of the ? Complete the hymn & join the Lord Ram tribe. …
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