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Lord Lugard

Frederick John Dealtry Lugard, 1st Baron Lugard GCMG, CB, DSO, PC (22 January 1858 – 11 April 1945), known as Sir Frederick Lugard between 1901 and 1928, was a British soldier, mercenary, explorer of Africa and colonial administrator, who was Governor of Hong Kong (1907–1912) and Governor-General of Nigeria (1914–1919).

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Only a courageous woman can fry a bunch of plantain without tasting any - Albert Einstein (1872) He who says nothing last forever has never tried Hausa perfume - Isaac Newton (1904) He who fully unwraps a sharwama before eating it cannot keep a secret - Abraham Lincoln (1864) Any man that uses his teeth to cut shaki from pepper-soup with his eyes wide open is not afraid of anything - Martin Luther King Jr. (1900) Anyone who thinks he has many enemies has never been with a mountain of fire member - William Shakespeare (1788) Anyone who graduated without experiencing strike probably has never attended Nigerian public school - Lord Lugard (1904) He who refuses to classify Agege bread n Akara as a type of sandwich is a racist - Nelson Mandela (1931) Any man who drinks alomo bitters without squeezing his face, is capable of murder.Obasanjo (1999) Drinking Garri doesnt mean you're poor, but allowing the garri to swell-up before drinking is Poverty- Queen Elisabeth (1893). He who runs around looking for scissors ...
People that dips bread into tea should not be trusted - Lord Lugard, 1913
I smell trouble immediately Lord Lugard mergerd d northern and southern part of a land and cald it NIGERIA.
People who live in glass houses, change their clothes in d basement- Lord Lugard, 1910
"Trouble dey sleep. Iyanga go wake am" - Lord Lugard
In 2014 9ja mark at 100yrs of amalgating d northern & sourthern protectorate by lord frederik lugard now 9ja is bout 2decentagrate by GEJ.
Lord Lugard "SOUTH AFRICA will never forget Nelson Mandela GHANA will never forget John Kufuor, Nigeria will never forget?"
What an excuse! I bet the old Pa. Knew Lord Lugard personally.
| Lord Lugard's House - The building was his residence throughout the period of the Amalgation.
| Amalgamation House - where Lord Lugard declared the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorates of Nigeria in 1914
The description of the African by Lord Lugard and Matthew Ashimolowo is so spot on its frightening.
Lord Lugard and Matthew Ashimolowo described the African as childlike and easily excitable. I agree with them.
Gov Tanko Al Makura of APC ranks as the worst performing Governor since Lord Lugard almagamated Southern and Northern protect…
Anyone that reads this without laughing, that person is looking for a job - Lord Lugard (1914)
Just for u to go and start talking in your lord lugard vocabulary then she starts throwing "gbagauns" at you..… —
Breaking news! Information reaching me now is dat LORD LUGARD is dead. Am yet to confirm it though
We 're tired of this 1914 almagamation of Niger River & Niger Area (Nigeria) by Lord Lugard. We have to split the nation (N…
The dearth of historical consciousness in Nigeria (I) Posted by: Agbo Agboin Campus Life4 days ago “The nation suffers with no sense of history. Its values remain superficial and ephemeral unless imbued with a deep sense of continuity and a perception of success and achievement that transcends acquisition of temporary power or transient wealth. Such a nation cannot achieve a sense of purpose or direction or stability, and without them the future is bleak.” –Prof Jacob Adeniyi Ajayi, Emeritus Professor of History In May 1999, when former President Olusegun Obasanjo came on his “second missionary journey” as leader of this potentially yet prostrate nation, he was confronted by challenges from key parts of the country. In the east, there was a visible resurgence of the Biafra cause championed by Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB). In the West and North, The O’odua Peoples’ Congress (OPC) and the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) were pushing for an Oduduwa and ...
Belgium Coach Wilmots gotta do something about the Agbada-esque coat and brown Lord Lugard shoes
I have came to realise that, the amalgamation of Northern & Southern Protectorates brought about by lord lugard in 1914, was indeed a big Mistake. Northern and southern regions of Nigeria ought to exist as neigbouring countries! The labour of our "past Heroes" in their sacrosanct struggle and sacrifice of gaining Nigeria's Independence in 1960, has been in vain; The use of UN democractic or Hypocritic system of government in Nigeria under various political dispensations since 1999 till date, was a huge waste of time! It should have been much more better to be enslaved to our ex-colonial Masters or live at the Military's mercy under "Military regime" than for us-Nigerians, to be experiencing these adventures of gross High Handedness, Brutality, Persecution, clueleness, Injustice, ineptitude and so on and so forth, in the hands of a mere "bloody civilian", all in the name of UN democracy and civilian rule. Enough Of democracy Mistake!
rejoice if u like Nigeria still remains n will always remain a failed state lord Lugard is in his grave turning n biting is finger cos 1914 was is biggest mistake.I say to u don't be proud of this nation Nigeria is a mistake we were never meant to be.. River Niger n Benue Two rivers indicating natural divisions 50 years of political manolipulation 50:years of empty harvest 100 years of lord lugards mistake Nigeria is a failure
David Prescott shared the following link and had this to say about it: And so Ekiti proves what Lord Lugard said about the african! Let's see if the people of Osun are any different. character and temperament, the typical African of this race-type is a happy, thriftless, excitable person. LACKING IN SELF-CONTROL, DIS...
“I Would Resign From President To Be Emir Of Kano” – Sanusi Former CBN governor, the highly intellectual world acknowledged Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has been appointed the new Emir of Kano, Nigeria’s second highest Muslim leader as the mantle holder in a historic lineage of one of Africa’s greatest dynasties. He assumed the historic top monarchical office after the death of Emir Ado Bayero (1967-2014). Kano is a historic city known at the time of the colonialists as perhaps the greatest kingdom in Africa. In those years the Kano empire was involved in massive trade across the Sahel. Over 1 million Hausa slippers were exported every year from pre-colonial Kano. Lord Lugard, the first governor general of Nigeria estimated in 1904 that there were 170 walled towns still in existence in the whole of just the Kano province of Northern Nigeria. He described Kano: ‘Commercial emporium of the western Sudan.’ Of its wall, he said, ‘I have never seen, nor even imagined, anything like it in Africa.’ The ...
It is disheartening that once a great country like Nigeria is now a pale nation! Where is Yakubu Gowon, Jeremiah Useni, Danjuma TY, Joseph Wayas, Alex Ekwueme and others. I don't believe in one Nigeria. I think the above names did a mistake for not leaving Biafra to be and the worst blame goes to Lord Lugard for amalgating North & South. Ernestly speaking, the Northerners are the cause of this quagmire we are having today. Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida know as Islamic Barbaric Bomber, single handedly legalised corruption and pionered bombing in Nigeria. We have'nt forgotten what he did to Dele Giwa with a parcel/letter bomb, the first of its kind in Nigeria. The Northerners have ruled the country for over 38 years, what have they used this rulership for?? Buhari promised 2 things during his 2003&2011 campaign. (1) is to make Nigeria an Islamic State (2) is to make the country ungovernable if he does'nt win. Now all filty accusing fingers goes to the Federal Govt courtesy of Insecurity, Unemployment, Terroris ...
BRING BACK OUR GIRLS: This country, which Lord Lugard graciously named Nigeria, is in a very great dilemma. The problem isn't Nigeria as a country but Nigerians as a people. Nigeria as a country is a wonderful nation loved and abundantly blessed by God Almighty with everything any other nation on this planet earth, would ever wish for. This is a nation endowed with crude oil, the so called black gold, various solid minerals, excellent weather, arable land and a crop of intelligent,patriotic and hard working populace. But bad governance, "mumu" followship, lack of employment or serious poverty alleviation programs, corruption, stealing of public fund with impunity and extreme hardship have turned many hitherto patriotic good citizens into armed robbers, kidnappers, ritual killers, prostitutes, drug pushers etc.. Regarding the Chibok abducted girls, who have spent almost six weeks now in painful captivity with hardened religious zealots, without any visible hope of rescue, if it is true that our Pr ...
Lord Lugard, I command you turn in ur grave, somersault and die a 1000 deaths in death,know no peace! Your demonic Almagamation is a blood sacrifice to the devil! Let us seperate!! North and south together is a mistake!!! Total rubbish!!! This is one area GEJ has failed me, seperate this bloody country! Divide it along religion and tribal similarities!!! Lord Lugard die by fire!!!
Cole: Legacies: Lord Lugard and indirect rule (2) Tuesday, 20 May 2014 00:00 Written by Patrick Dele Cole Continued from yesterday THE records of the colonial office are filled with thousands of documents which show “X” as the signature of Chiefs in different parts of the world selling and giving their land to the British in return for the protection of the Queen of England. The French, Danes, Germans, etc followed these same examples to show acquisition of land through sale or otherwise. The land was said to have been acquired or bought in perpetuity and from this grew the doctrine that the minerals under this land also belonged to some foreign European sovereign. At Independence, ownership was deemed to have been passed over to the new Nation. With the advent of Nollywood, it should now be possible to imagine the scene where Olu Jacobs or Pete Edochie wearing their traditional costumes sit with the British consul and someone is translating that the Chiefs and his council had sold their land in perp ...
we should blame Lord Lugard for amalgamating different nations together without understanding or considering their ethnic, religious, cultural differences. He did this for their selfish interests. Tell me what does an Igbo man has in common with an Hausa man? Do we have any problem relating with other countries in the West African region? believe it or not this is the problem we are in now. Until Nigeria is splinted amicably we will continue crying, asking why.
In one sentence. How would Lord Lugard feel if he should come to Kogi State today?
Do you know that Lord Lugard residence and office is still the present day Kogi State Government House
He that goes around looking for scissors to cut indomie Noodles is not yet hungry - Lord Lugard 1849
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100 years ago Lord Lugard amalgamated the North and the South, could it be time for this century long joke to come to an end?
WARRIORS ABA WOMEN'S RIOTS /WOMEN'S WAR (November-December 1929) Source: The “riots” or the war, led by women in the provinces of Calabar and Owerri in southeastern Nigeria in November and December of 1929, became known as the “Aba Women’s Riots of 1929″ in British colonial history, or as the “Women’s War” in Igbo history. Thousands of Igbo women organized a massive revolt against the policies imposed by British colonial administrators in southeastern Nigeria, touching off the most serious challenge to British rule in the history of the colony. The “Women’s War” took months for the government to suppress and became a historic example of feminist and anti-colonial protest. The roots of the riots evolved from January 1, 1914, when the first Nigerian colonial governor, Lord Lugard, instituted the system of indirect rule in Southern Nigeria. Under this plan British administrators would rule locally through “warrant chiefs,” essentially Igbo individuals appointed by the ...
The north be holding us all to ransom. I hope Lord Lugard & his homies are cutting iroko tree down with razor blade in *** atm.
Biafrans were forced to join nigeria to become one nation by lord Lugard. Because we are Christian country Islam is killing us
Back in the days when all these was introdused forinstance parlimentary system of govt was introdused by lord lugard he saw beyond what he could used on selfish end follow up unitary system of govt by general ironsi all these system has gone we cant go back to them prof utomi should not think of going back or encourage this country to go back what they tried can one vomit from degestion instead expecting better our society should be blaming govt think about ur self at large we are they people we should no what is right to do and do it well
What a respite for me & the global world of football that the “happy one” & his chelsea team are thought a good lesson by Diego & his team how to play modern football & not the “lord Lugard” brand that chelsea just reinvented. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
I always pray that may God save us frm ourselves& may Lord Lugard + his girlfriend, Flora Shaw burn in the hottest part of ***
NIGERIAN NEWS Nigeria’s amalgamation was a mistake – Tam David-West The former minister of Petroleum Resources, Professor Tam David-West, has described the amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria as a mistake. According to the Sun, David-West stated that: “There is nothing to celebrate. Nigeria amalgamation is a mistake. From 1914 till today, Nigeria cannot showcase any tangible achievement. We are yet to get a nation because we don’t love ourselves. We are still living with ethnic sentiment. We still have divisions along ethnic and religious lines, which are now worse under President Goodluck Jonathan.xx “So far, it has been 100 years of motion without movement. So, what are we celebrating? If we are a serious set of people, the celebration should be used for deep reflection on where do we go from here. “If after 100 years, we are still looking for a national dialogue, so what are we celebrating. All along we have been after money, milking the resources God endowed us with. “The way . ...
Nigerian Youths!!! What a shameful set of pathetic ignoramuses!! Nigerian Youths are useless I swear,Some minutes ago,I was reading a news on sahara reporters page on the protesters that were cannoned by hot water,I clicked on the comments button with the hope of reading constructive and judicious arguements and suggestions by the youths,I was more than shocked with what I saw,I saw Insults,Curses And Swipes!!! The People From the north and those from the south south and south east are currently locked in war of words,Some are saying Jonathan has failed,Some countered and started insulting eachother's tribe,1 *** even came from nowhere and said Jonathan till 2019,Am now like what sparked this unnecessary war of words then I remember how sentimental an average Nigerian is. Is it Jonathan till 2019 that we should be saying now or Buhari for 2015?? 9ja youths,I tire for una ooo!! And to those ones supporting Jonathan blindly,Am sure ur kinsmen are among those that were cannoned by hot water,Stay there and .. ...
If man no chop cocoyam because of oil then he go chop oil because of cocoyam- lord lugard(1915)
Nigeria is a frudlent Project by Lord Lugard!
Fredric Lord Lugard was tamed we elite nigerians with his backedup after his achievement said ''i have spend my life in africa in which i have aimed my betterment in the native which i'm ready to give my life for. But this is a words of disrespect and dishonest to us socrate of nigerian by his words which we must change to the best aknowledge to every nigerian..
"During Lord Lugard's wars against the (Northern) Emirs, the latter were largely unsupported by their Hausa subjects who comprised, and still do, the great majority of the people of the North (of Nigeria). Yet, when he had won, Lugard opted to keep the Emirs in power and rule through them, rather than to sweep them away and rule directly. The concern of the Emirs and their courts, like that of most feudal potentates, was to remain in power in conditions as unchanging as possible. To this end they set themselves against the biggest challenge to their own conservatism - change and progress. The obvious forerunner of these two is mass-education. To the Emirs Western education was dangerous and they did their utmost to confine it to their own offspring or those of the aristocracy". -Frederick Forsyth This means that the present Boko Haram ideology did not actually originate from these youthful Northern Nigerians who have over the years seen the immense benefits which have accrued to these Emirs, as a result o ...
Perhaps cos he was called Lord Lugard some have taken him to be god? When he was just a mortal man dealing with the exigency of the time.
After reading this article, please ask yourself if creating a country is meant to be for economic, administrative or financial gains of a different entity? or to achieve a highly developed economy and advanced technological infrastructure to better the general standard of living of its citizens. THE FORMATION OF SOUTHERN AND NORTHERN PROTECTORATE OF NIGERIA: SOUTHERN PROTECTORATE - In 1862, Lagos Island annex became a colony of Britain and Mr. H.S freeman became the governor. 31 years after then, (1893), Oil river protectorate that was renamed to be the Niger Coast protectorate with Calabar as the capital. In 1890, British reporter (Flora Shaw) who later married Lord Lugard suggested that the country be named Nigeria, after the Niger River. Then in 1897, British overthrew Oba Oronkanwen of Benin, one of the last independent West African kings. All the events stated above occurred in the late 19th century, then in the 20th century, 1900, Southern Nigeria was a British protectorate in the coastal areas of m ...
LOL they don't need to see it, it's already been practiced since the amalgamation of Nigeria by Lord Lugard in 1914!
What we do with Nigeria in 2014 would determine our next 100years. At that time, Lord Lugard would not be to be blamed.
Still applies to a lot of africans. "Lord Lugard's thoughts on Africans in 1926
Nigerians lack the ability to visualise the future and are incapable of learning from the past - Lord Lugard
Group plans one million man march to force Tafawa Balewa’s son to take over from Jonathan. Not his turn yet. What of Lord Lugard’s son?
He loves the display of power, but fails to realise its responsibility - Lord Lugard describing Nigerians. Any iota of truth?
‘We hold these countries because it is the genius of our race to colonize, to trade, and to govern' ~Lord Lugard, British colonial official
Nigeria mark centenary this month. Will you say Lord Lugard did anything wrong to divide Nigeria on Southern and Northern Protectorate?
When u taste Moringa leaves in hot water, you will learn to appreciate the fine taste of Lipton yellow label tea!!!...Lord Lu…
The way an African man eats chicken bone has nothing to do with his socioeconomic status. - Lord Lugard. 1912.
GEJ is a fool.. U r giving lord lugard an award for what? Oponu children are dying and u r throwing a bash silly misplaced …
If you don't like egusi soup, you are a sadist, an extremist, rapist, racist and tribalist - Lord Lugard.
We stupidly celebrated Lord Lugard that started our problems as a nation of strange bedfellows in a sham centenary event …
Lord Lugard: “The North and the South are like oil and water, they will never mix.” Yet he went ahead and amalgamated the…
Lokoja: Birthplace of modern Nigeria Located at the point where the two main rivers in Nigeria, Niger and Benue meet before heading southwards to the Atlantic Ocean, Lokoja is the town in which Lord Frederick Lugard received the instruments of office that marked the beginning of direct colonial administration of Nigeria by the British in 1900. Lokoja has since developed into a city and is now the capital of Kogi State in the North Central Region of Nigeria. No other city hosts a greater collection of the antiquities that reflect the earliest colonial activities in Nigeria than Lokoja. The relics of Lugard and his paraphernalia of office as a colonial officer featured prominently during the recent celebration of Nigeria’s centenary. Lugard took over the running of the Niger Territories’ Affairs from George Tubman Goldie, leader of the Royal Niger Company in 1900 in Lokoja after it became necessary that the British should step in to directly administer Nigerian territories following threats of encroachm ...
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Prior 2 arrival of Lugard meaning u had no identity,culture no ways of life, no wonder they called him ur lord
“41. Lord Lugard he put us in this mess...
THE SECTARIAN VIOLENCE, THE BEST OPTION IS TO CALL OFF LORD LUGARD'S ILLEGAL MARRIAGE It was only a little uprising of political violence in the eastern Ukraine (Crimea), the UN-backed Ukrainian Govt allowed the Crimean people to decide their future by given them opportunity to vote in referendum whether or not to stay in Ukraine. In UK, the People of Scotland have been granted the same opportunity to vote in referendum for their proposed Scottish Republic from the UK. Again, our immediate neighbour, South Sudan was given such ample opportunity by UN in 2007 to opt out of the Islamic Republic of Northern Sudan through a referendum. In Nigeria, the North and South dichotomy which has being manifesting through political *** religious crisis across the Northern part of Nigeria date back to the 50s. Such crisis which has being changing from form or the other since in the 50s has being in reocurring decimal up till this day. The present day Boko Haram jihadish movement and the renewed Uthman Dan-fodio (Fulani ...
It looks as though it's artificial "That moustache is epic!!! "41. Lord Lugard
NIGERIAN NEWS THE AMALGAMATION OF NIGERIA WAS A FRAUD – Richard Akinjide (SAN) “ When the North formed a political party, the Northern leaders called it Northern People’s Congress (NPC). They didn’t call it Nigeria’s people Congress. That was in accordance with the dictum and policies of Lugard. When Aminu Kano formed his own party, it was called Northern Elements Progressive Union (NEPU) not Nigerian Elements Progressive Union. It was only Awolowo and Zik who were mistaken that there was anything called Nigeria. In fact, the so-called Nigeria created in 1914 was a complete fraud. It was created not in the interest of Nigeria or Nigerians but in the interest of the British. And what were the structures created? The structures created were as follows: Northern Nigeria was to represent England; Western Nigeria like Wales; Eastern Nigeria was to be like Scotland.” . . .When I was in Tafawa Balewa’s Cabinet, all Cabinet Ministers had access to written intelligence report every month. That was th ...
BUTv Sunday Article-20-04-2014 100 YEARS A FRAUD: THE METAMORPHOSIS OF A TICKING TIME BOMB (NIGERIA) PART 1: THE BEGINNING OF THE FRAUDULENT FIEFDOM It is of great prudence that the earlier we tell ourselves the truth in this country called Nigeria, the imminent our salvation. After recent tensions in the political atmosphere, it was glaring that that the volcano was getting warmed up, as such a sovereign national conference was demanded to negotiate the myriad tentacles demonizing the nation. In a very disappointing move, the government, took away the sovereignty part and organized a national conference, which is very habitual of the country to continually lie to itself that there is unity among then. Before the conference was converged, the president was apt to say that the unity and continuity of the existence of the Nigeria State was out of the table, and just before anything can come-out from the conference, the bombs came lashing, and this should wake us from our slumber to the reality that this nat ...
Great Nigerian Cities and Towns Week Lord Lugard Hall 1950. This was the home of the Nothern Legislative Assembly.
when Lord Lugard amalgamated the southern & northern protectorate in 1914 & called it Nigeria, he wrote & signed that when we get to 100 years that we can divide. we are now 100 years so am calling on national cofab, national assembly, President Goodluck Jonathan to please rise and divide this nation Nigeria. do u support this?
The deadliest attack ever in Nigeria's capital with abduction of 85 schoolgirl's. Who do you blame? For me i blamed Lord Lugard, i believe this problem was designed by Lord Lugard the founder of British Nigeria, who favored the Docile Orthdox Muslims.
This country just foolish sha. Lamido Sanusi behind Nyanya bombing. No na Lord Lugard do am cos we no name national stadium afta am
Does Nigeria want to divide? There's a certain clause about that signed by Lord Lugard in 1914. 100 year re-evaluation clause
A man that uses fork to drink garri is nothing but a patient man- Lord Lugard 1914
"The most stubborn goat is always the prime target when making isi ewu" -Lord Lugard, 1835
''poor husband'' and ''rich wife'' According to Lord Frederick Lugard describing
I'm really tired of this country ooo.if lord lugard or watever call dt white man name,he would have left us to we were ooo
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Boko Haram is the source of this heat - Lord Lugard (1960)
Since Lord Lugard era"Since 1960 "Corruption has come to stay in Nigeria !""
North remain the problem of this nation.Lord Lugard made a big mistake.abi na him wife sef
& as to whether the system design is "bad" is dependent on what the intention of the designer was..& the designer of Nigeria was Lord Lugard
.if only Lord Lugard hadn't done that horrendous thing he did in 1914.
Lord Lugard built the house hundred years ago,it is our turn to rebuild the house or renovate the house.Senator Adolf Wabara
the cultural differences are too vast.Lord Lugard did us no favours. Its an Islamic north vs a largely Christian south
Then when you fart you undo the amalgamation Lord Lugard made
Anyone who graduated without experiencing strike probably never schooled in Nigeria - Lord Lugard (1904)
Tell me how its Lord Lugard's fault that you cheat in examinations. Or that you plan on stealing your company's money. ***
Pls if anyone sti hav d contacts of Lord Lugard, tel him dat his joining of nothern nd southern protectorate has bein in vain, tel Azikiwe dat his quest for peaceful nigeria has became a hostile nig, tel Ojukwu dat his fight for freedom may stil yeild positive result, tell Chinua achebe dat he shud re publish d arrow of God if the arrow may locate those perpetrators in d country, tell Iyayi dat after fightin so much for asuu, asup nd coesu r also lookin for a heroe like him dat wil go for them. I dedicate this to all those that lost their lives in nyanya bomb blast, may their souls rest in peace , amen. Long live Nig.
Ladies... AnyMan who can give you His Phone-lock "PASSWORD" * MARRY HIM...Fredrick Lord Lugard. (1999)
Okey Igbokwe wrote: "I have the honour to enclose for your information, charts of the estuaries and rivers in the neighbourhood of the proposed port and terminus of the Eastern Railway at Diobu or more correctly Iguocha. In the absense of any convenient local name, I would respectfully ask your permission to call this Port Harcourt, and I anticipate, that in the future, it will be one of the most important ports in the coast of West Africa." Well, that was Lord Lugard the bandit, in a letter of correspondence to Lewis Harcourt, another bandit in 1913, appealing to him to allow his name be used to mark the Igbo territory and its waters. In a sheer disrespect to Igbo land and its inhabitants, the criminal bandit renamed Ugwuocha after his mortal brother instead of upholding the name and memory of the people that hosted him! Instead of Port-Ugwuocha, we were handed Port-Harcourt! Today, Ugwuocha has disappeared from the memories of the people that owned it to the winds due to man's inhumanity to man! Gullibl ...
Read the Autobiography of The Late Rev.D.Ogiriki Ockiya and you will know that the West brought Christianity as a Religion to palliate the strained nerves of of Africans.After they were forced to stop buying African Human Beings as chewing gums. While he was translating the Bible into Nembe Language,which was first of its kind in The Niger Delta,he was living in a very poor dirty building or hut! Lord Lugard came to Nembe and asked for who can interpret from English to Nembe or the reverse. He was sent for! He almost resigned from the art which is now an act. Yet,when his wife died,we know what happened! But his work was done!
Ogbomah Akpobomowei Justin Wrote. These whites are dare demons, but our leaders are giving them room to destroy us. The most painful thing is when they murded blacks in th U.S, but when whites come to Nigeria, the Nigerian government will use four (4) soldiers to guard just one (1) white man, which means endangering of four souls just for one soul, indirectly we are calling them super beings whereas they are the major caurse of our problems. The Boko Haram insurgency in the north-eastern part of the country is caused by a whiteman Lord Lugard who amalgamated the Northern and southern protectorate in 1904, and our selfish leaders still give them the chance to cause more havorc, i still dont know the reason for this blindness, may be western education is the cause. that is why BOB MARLY of blessed memories said: " If i have been educated i would have been a mere fool." Am not trying to say western education is bad but what am saying in essence is that it has caused alot of problems too numerious to mentio . ...
Picture of the house that Lord Lugard lived in Ikot Abasi Nigeria,a National monument of Nigeria history in ruins
A PRESS RELEASE BY THE NIGERIAN BAPTIST CONVENTION PRESIDENT, REV DR SUPO AYOKUNLE OVER THE STATE OF THE NATION AND SUNDRY ISSUES ON MARCH 3, 2014 Let me seize this opportunity to congratulate all Nigerians for the Centenary Celebration of the amalgamation of the northern and Southern Protectorates into the present day Nigeria by the then Governor-General, Lord Lugard in 1914. We are celebrating the fact that we are still together as a nation. We cannot say that all is well but we believe that if we all work together towards making all things well, year after year, the story of the nation would change for better in the name of Jesus. While I charge all Nigerians to be law abiding and be upright in all they do, shunning corruption, I want to urge our leaders to ensure that they commit the resources of the nation into serving the nation not self. Some of the challenges the Government must be prepared to solve are mass unemployment, provision of stable power supply which is key to development, especially, in ...
What is the fuss and hullabaloo about this centenary celebrations? And if I may ask, what are we celebrating? A grand fraud and deception by Lord Lugard and now his latter-day saints who have continued to dehumanize and demonize us in this free for all enterprise called Nigeria. It is really so preposterous that a cache of the devil incarnates called Boko Haram are foisting all manners of heinous crimes and atrocities on Nigeria and Nigerians and amid all the confusion, the best solution to this canker worm that has eaten deep into our national fabric we can come up with is a misprioritized centenary celebrations. Is it not akin to pouring water down the drain? Can't we utilize such wastages in the building of the second Niger Bridge? Are there no matters of urgent national importance that we can sink this centenary money into, such as the education and power sector? And again, what gains are there to be accrued from such bogus and misplaced celebrations? Onye ulo ya gbaa oku oga ji achu oke? I have also ...
President Jonathan what *** you think u are doing?. How can Gen. Abacha, babaginda, those who kill dele giwa and the rest received award for promoter of Unity why Boko Haram doesnot deserve award then... Femi kuti said they won't collect the ward until federal govt apologize for murder of his grandmother funmilayo kuti. PROF WOLE SOYINKA SAY IT WON'T ACCEPT THE AWARD WITH SUCH PEOPLE IN THE LIST.. imagine Lord Lugard received ward upon the book he wrote title tropical Africa..
Christie Nonyelum Akumabor .just looking at the list of those given national awards even without the attendant recent massacre shows that their government certainly DOES NOT reflect the feelings, aspirations or mood of the country. Imagine honoring Buhari, IBB, Abacha; known coup plotters, human rights abusers and one a convicted theif alongside Gani, Fela, Prof Olukoye Ransome-Kuti, Prof Ambrose Alli, Achebe and Soyinka. Then including the Queen, Lord Lugard and his then girlfriend on this list whilst names like Awolowo, Zik and Mary Slessor were conspicuously absent. You continually urge Nigerians to support the country/government whilst it is PATENTLY OBVIOUS that Nigerians love their country, otherwise we wouldn't spend so much time and energy discussing it.However most Nigerians have total disregard for our government and it's officials because they offer us nothing, not even security and simply pillage our resources for their own use. Imagine some of the names the younger generation of Nigerians com ...
[Ad] Why Nigeria’ll not break up under Jonathan’s watch—Clark on February 28, 2014 at 2:17 am in Politics Elder statesman and Ijaw Leader, Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark was the guest lecturer at the 7th Distinguished Lecture Series of School of Media and Communication, Pan Atlantic University, Victoria Island, Lagos, last Wednesday. He spoke on burning national issues including the raging Boko Haram insurgency, war against graft and comments that Nigeria may disintegrate before 2015 among others. BY IKENNA ASOMBA CHronicling the history of Nigeria dating back to the 1914 amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorates, Clark said that propositions that the nation will disintegrate should be totally disregarded, as what is playing out in the country today is only a tussle for political power. He said: “We have been together for the past 100 years. It was in 1914 that Lord Lugard amalgamated the Northern and the Southern Protectorates. Don’t ask me why the amalgamation because ...
The International Conference Centre in Abuja was agog with activities as the Centenary Conference had in attendants some diplomats, as well as Heads of Governments of various countries who graced the occassion to celebrate with Nigerians and Nigeria at 100, but as the big question is: Which way forward Nigeria? For the past 100 years, after the almagamation of the Southern and Northern Prolectorates in 1914 by Lord Lugard, which birthed what we now know as Nigeria, there has been issues centred on Ethnic, Tribal and Regional consciousness, morethan the much desired National consciousness. Cases abound of ethnic based high class tribalism, nepotism and favouritism at the detriment of merit in Federal Appointments in this country. Even admissions into most federal institutions have been and are still characterized by sheer tribal and sectional interests other than merit in this country. A statistical enumeration of all staff in all the federal agencies, parastatals and ministries in terms of ethnicity will ...
In your opinion, what do you think of Lord Lugard's assessment now?
- Lord Lugard - posing in front of decapitated African heads. Say no more.
Lord Lugard and Abacha (among others) to receive awards at a centenary ceremony later this week. A joke?
Nigeria more than three(3) countries in one but who do we blame the scatterd people or Lord lugard who brought them together via the Amalgamation of 1914 God help us
Centenary In Nigeria : This is a timeline of Nigerian history, comprising important legal and territorial changes and political events in Nigeria and its predecessor states. The Northern and Southern regions were amalgamated into Nigeria in February 24, 1914 marking her 100 years. God bless Late Lord Lugard and many other Nigerian Legends who served to have brought this History ! Powered By : +Royal Palace Foundation, Dakar, Senegal Capitol, February 24, 2014.
CENTENARY: Queen Elizabeth, Lord Lugard, Acho James, Buari, Obasanjo and 95 others have been honoured By FG
Centenary centenary centenary! Wetin concern me with Lord Lugard's illegality? ! Hiss
THE AMALGAMATIVE CENTENARY.The blessings, the hope and the mirage INSIGHT.ANCESTRAL AMALGAMATION AND THE GENERATIONAL VALUE. Dated.23-02-2014 Fellow Compatriots, The labour of our heroes past as inscribed sonoriously by the admiring tunes of the anthem proved so welcoming as Nigeria celeberates an historical reports with vehement concerns towards the 1914 amalgamation which led to the recognized centenary value. This level of vox populi has laid dramatic consequence as significantly we all must term the adequacies of this sojourners of fate as a conserved interest of Christ. The fredrick lord lugard of the 1914 leadership era as the general governor of the northern and southern proctectorate was a pragmatic and dogged exemplary value as the properties of the unification seating was traced towards an effective recommendation of fiscal federalism, structure and form of government, power sharing and devolution of powers,tax policy, and citizenship ethno-religious friction. Fundamentally, Nigerias' choice of ...
" BRIEF HISTORY OF OKUN PEOPLE ". Okun people are Yoruba descendants in Kogi State. Kogi is a multi ethnic state and Okun people are up to 20% of Kogi State population, smaller than the other two major completely different tribes, Igala and Ebira. Okun people spread across six local government areas in Kogi State, known as Kabba-Bunu, Yagba-West, Yagba-East, Mopa- Muro, Ìjùmú and Lokoja local government Areas. They speak varied dialects…Owé, Ìyàgbà, Ìjùmú, Bùnú and Oworo, but their language is generally called Okun, Okun has become a form of greeting among them. They understand one another to a greater extent and large numbers of them speak Yoruba. Their dialects are influenced by various factors. Such factor is that Kogi State shares boundaries with Kwara, Ondo, Ekiti, Niger, Benue, Nassarawa, Anambra, Enugu, Edo and Abuja. Also, The Nupe wars of the 19th century and interaction with the Hausas due to geographical zoning left an indelible mark on the Okun people and their dialects. Accordin ...
The way our Nigerian politicians love POWER like there is no tomorrow and lack APPREHENSION, reminds of “Lord Lugard” excerpt on Nigerians and Africans titled “The Dual Mandate!” It is difficult to accept this comment was made many years and yester decades back. But it is so true at reflecting the character of the average Nigerians to be specific and Africans in general. If “Lord Lugard” had actually made this comment many years ago and the sublimed comment's spontaneity is still mint, pristine in tune with present Nigeria's reality? That speaks volume about the role of genetic make-up with respect to character traits! It beats my imaginations and whoops my *** how a man could so be accurately predicted the whole race by a mere mind projection? Rather than employing the usual modality of begrudging and hard-nosed criticisms and consternation, We have got to contact the best geneticists of the world to come to Nigeria and help us re-ordering our genetic-trait make-ups because the current ones a ...
Yaay!! My fatherland is 100. Its the centinery celebration. When Lord lugard amalgamated the northern & southern protectorate. But unfortunately I celebrate with mixed emotions. Why? Most important sectors in the country are in shambles. The masses are suffering. Democracy is a far cry from what we're witnessing. No security. No roads. Violence at its peak. It just goes on & on & on. What I think? All we need is revolution! Mental revolution of course. A thing of the mind. This should start with our youths. Influence their thinking. Meanwhile, God bless Nigeria. 1914-2014
LORD LUGARD - Visionary or Villain?. What do you think of the man who was instrumental in creating Nigeria?
We are living in Lord Lugard's country...& until we sit down & negotiate the terms of our unity, this is not OUR country..
Idiat Lord Lugard and his amebo ism. Who begged him to amalgamate us? Nonsense
Military President brahim Babangida came a shocker yesterday when he revealed that Lord Lugard created Nigeria to last for only a 100 years.
FG honours MKO, Gani, Mamman Shatta and 95 others : -
Gudday pipo,aw was ur day lyk.take dis inspirational quotes to culoff nd put smiles on ur faces. 1. A man who runs around looking 4 scissors to cut an indomie spice sachet is nt yet hungry...Sir Isaac Newton 2. A man who decant his Garry b4 drinking is nt 4rm Ijebu..Charles Taylor 3.who ever said nothing last 4ever has never tried Hausa perfume..Lord Lugard 4.Anyreader waiting 4 me to write anoda inspirational quote is definitely a 9jirian..Pholajuwon Mo' 2 come, thank u nd God bless
Centenary celebration: Nigerians founded modern Nigeria, not Britain —Unionist …says Nigeria existed before amalgamation The planned centenary celebration of Nigeria’s “nationhood” has continued to elicit mixed reactions from Nigerians and groups. Proponents of the celebration hinge their argument on the 1914 amalgamation of the Southern and Northern Protectorates by the Lord Lugard led-colonial administration in Nigeria, while some of the opponents argue that Nigeria existed before the amalgamation. Still, others insist Nigeria’s nationhood truly began in 1960. Follow the debate. BY VICTOR AHIUMA-YOUNG One of the opponents of the amalgamation centenary celebration being organized by the Federal Government is the General Secretary of the National Union of Textile, Garment and Tailoring Workers of Nigeria, NUTGTWN, and Vice-President of Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Comrade Issa Aremu. For the likes of Aremu, who is also Chairman, IndustriALL Global Union, Africa Region, those planning the c .. ...
It is baffling hearing from an elder stateman Mr Ezeife pouring out some unreasonable vitupration that if Mr Jonathan is voted out of power in the year 2015 it will be the end of a component called Nigeria. He was saying that the Niger Delta militants will blow up the oil pipelines. Who is afraid of a break-up of Nigeria when the stake holders were not part of Lord Lugard's concubine who christened it the name Niger
Lord Lugard and northern Emirs at the time of the Amalgamation 1914. Source: The
The Igbo/Biafran side of the if writing a Movie synopsis: +English Errors Allowed...think Igbo+. Before 100 years ago, Igbo people were independently united and religiously harmonized with fear of God (Igbo ways) and respect of truth. Not everyone was happy with the then organized Igbo family where nwanne was ready to die for nwanneya. then the Devil struck: As usual, the Devil works through human proxies, he (Lucifer, Satan the Devil) called the then Criminal leaders of England and instructed them to destroy Ala Igbo, Biafra and Umunnemism. England headed to Biafra through their Evil agents, Lord Lugard and others. Their Mission: Conquer the Igbo people who were so independently united thus proving difficult to control like Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba and others. it was and still is almost impossible to conquer the heart of the entire Igbo people as Igbo people do not recognize central government for leadership hence the misconception that Igbo people are disunited and no more umunne. As far back as ...
Without Oba Ovonramwen’s death, Nigeria’s amalgamation may not have been possible – Prince Akenzua of Benin The Enogie of Obazuwa and younger brother to the Oba of Benin, Prince Edun Akenzua, in this interview, gives an insight into the greatness of Oba Ovonramwen and how the centenary celebration coincided with that of Nigeria. Excerpts: Centenary celebration I believe people see it from different points of view. I believe government officials who proposed the celebration of this event are thinking of corporate Nigeria. As a country, we are 100 years old, therefore it is worth celebrating, but when you look at the so-called amalgamation, I don’t think it is anything to celebrate because it wasn’t done in the interest of Nigerians, it was done in the interest of the colonial masters. The British did the amalgamation to give themselves an easy way of administering their new acquisition. During the Berlin conference and, 14 European powers converged and shared out the continent of Africa, the ...
Nigeria at 100. Time to think of our national unity and address d problems created by Lord Lugard in amalgamating a people for British economic nd political interest wtout recourse to their socio-cultural and religious interest. This is a political blunder
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The (NIGERIA) named, from the wife of sir frederick dr lord lugard, The first governor of NIGERIA when it was colonized.
THE NORTH AND THE CONTINUED EXISTENCE OF SOUTH NIGERIA “Federal Nigeria has never since her independence shown the distinctive mark of a united nation. It has been impossible for her to silence tribal rivalries –to achieve that mixture of ethnic /cultural blend required to forge National Unity” ---Francois Duvalier, then President of Haiti, March 22, 1969. The above quotation is a time honoured statement that aptly describes Nigeria since 1947 till date. If it is from the hearts over-flow that the mouth speaks, I invite the reader to listen to the words of “Our hero’s past” whose labours (we sing), shall never be in vain. In 1952, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa addressed the Northern House of Assembly thus “The Southern people who are swamping into this region daily in such large numbers are really intruders; we don’t want them and they are not welcome here in the North. Since 1914, the British Government has been trying to make Nigeria into one country. But the people are different in every w ...
Unguwar shanu a heterogeneous community in the city of kaduna state, the Community was founded around 1913, according to legend, by Lord lugard and the ex members of the West Africa Frontier Force WAFF, Thereby becoming a home to vetrance of first and second world wars, Unguwar Shanu is presenltly one of the fastest growing communities in kaduna state in Northern Nigeria,
The was a huge achievement that when Lord Lugard and his army attacked the city in 1904,he was amazed by what he saw.
Our morning training session was a bit different today, as the Kogi Confluence Queens f.c team went on endurance trek to the top of the mount party 1,500 feet above sea level here in Lokoja. it was all fun, adventure and a very good fitness test for the players. The players were accompanied by the Technical Director, Coaches, Team Manager, Secretary /Media Officer, Welfare and Curator. Here are some of the pictures taken during the endurance experience, some taken at the old Lord Lugard house.
I see Nigeria at the verge of disintegration to the original Divine plan...the "optimal solution" to the amalgamation blunder made by Lord Lugard in 1914! The Northern and Southern Protectorates are too different in ideologies! Can two walk together except they agree? Amos 3:3. Nigeria is not a nation, but a mere geographical expression...'Obafemi Awolowo 1947'. Let's pray for a peaceful disintegration!
...was a Journalist/Novelist. She married Lord Frederick Lugard in June 1902
D amagamation of 1914 by Lord Lugard was wrong..a big mistake..dis slogan of 1 Nigeria is false..i neva believe in 1 Nigeria & we can neva b..i knw dat soona or lata we shal part ways..bcos even couples get divorce @ od days...hapy nit.
''Lord Lugard Created Nigeria to Last for 100 Years Only-IBB'' ''By Lugards 1914 Amalgamation Document, Any Region Can Secede in 2014-Shuluwa'' Date Published: 29/11/2012 Most of the nations with e...
As Nigeria clocks 100 years in 2014, following the 1914 amalgamation of Nigeria by lord Lugard. The beautiful city of Makurdi and food basket of the nation would play host to indigenous and non- indigenous youth from the emerging economies in Benue state as the Youth Awareness & Leadership Development club (YALD), an NGO initiative and sister organ of BEAM MAGAZINE GROUP, established for the purpose of helping to promote information and service to humanity; aimed at shining the spotlight on education, innovation, entrepreneurship and entertainment in the African youth emerging economies' story of growth, has announced hosting of the Benue Youth Centennial Leadership Development Forum & Award 2014, to hold at the Makurdi, come April 2014 YALD wishes to use the opportunity to celebrate Benue 100 most impactful youth leaders in all works of life, even down to the best of Benue driver and photographer etc. This event is expected to host about 5000 attendees in Benue state. There shall be resourceful presentat ...
if this is real...and Nigeria still celebrates people like Lord Lugard???
I've seen cases of... Boy falls in love with Girl. They get married. Then, a few weeks/months/years later, Boy falls out of love with Girl. They get a divorce and move on. I've also seen cases of... Papa/Mama posts Girl to Boy. They get married. Few weeks/months/years later, Boy discovers Girl is the best thing that ever happened to him. They choose to stay married and raise a family together. ...because of my observations, I can never make 'Lord Lugard' my excuse for failure. I'll rather work on myself.
Lord Lugard "GEJ RTThe 6-3-3-4 educational system in Nigeria was introduced by who?""
1918: The Adubi War  is fought in Egba  Land, the first major revolt against Lord Lugard’s government.
Photo taken January 1, 1914 in Lagos; the day Lord Lugard amalgamated Northern and Southern Nigeria. A memorable day in our history!
In 1914, when Lord Lugard amalgamated Nigeria, it was a collection of fragments held in a fragile clasp, it still is, till today.
The British colony and the 1914 amalgamation of Nigeria by Fredrick Lord Lugard was to achieve their own specific desire and not on our own interest so i see nothing to celebrate in this centinary but stock taking.
Lord Lugard has made a grave mistake by Almagamating the Nothern and Southern protectorate together, We are close to reaching the promise land while they are drawing us back to Egypt, who are they?
Lord Lugard became the major general o the amagameted southern and nourthern question is: is Flora Shaw the wife of lord lugard, or the girlfriend or concubine. I need answers pls.
Last night, I dreamed of a dream long ago, b4 d creation of ancestors. Far in d coast of Niger Delta Beyond d great waves of Sea Brass up 2d Mountains of d Cameron borders, standing upright is Lord Lugard engaging 2 separate regions. I woke up 2 realize
FOR THOSE WONDERING IF BAUCHI IS PART OF THE MIDDLE BELT. The area south of Bauchi is known as Bauchi Plateau. It mainly comprises Tafawa Balewa LG & Bogoro LG. The inhabitants of these places are called Zar (sayawa by the Hausas) and their land geographically falls within the area called middlebelt. They are culturally and religiously different from the hausa- fulani. They were forcefully incorporated into the Bauchi emirate council during Lord Lugard's time (indirect rule). But they now have their own chiefdom known as d Zar chiefdom. The bauchi state govt however, in the typical hausa-fulani manner of disrespect & hatred 4 religious and ethnic minorities, has refused to acknowledge the seat of the Gungzar in Puji (Tafawa Balewa). The issue at the time of this writing is in court.
Strength For Your Days. Tuesday, 22 January Topic: Nigeria shall Rise Again Read: Eph. 6:18-19 More Lessons: II Chro. 7:13-14 Bible Reading in One Year: Job 21-24 Nigeria is a land of destiny. While the colonial masters, in the era of the scramble for Africa, were busy, especially in West Africa, splitting ancient kingdoms into national boundaries, Lord Lugard, the commander of the Niger area, amalgamated the Southern and Northern Protectorates of the Niger area into what is now Nigeria in 1914. With over 600 languages, Nigeria has remained united geographically from that time. Since her political independence in 1960, the country has witnessed political turmoil, civil war, riots, ethnic and religious violence, bad leadership leading to the plundering of the nation's wealth and subsequently, widespread poverty, and more recently the onslaught of terrorists threatening our corporate existence. That Nigeria has survived all the threats and still stands as a geographical entity shows that the hands of God .. ...
History has one very great significant, that is no matter the length of time, the root of an issue will be revealed. Lokoja to some was an entity discovered by accident and hence poorly informed people claim to it as their home and earlier settlers. Thank God 2014 has come and well informed people now talk or focus on Lokoja with the ongoing centenary celebration. Also worthy of note is the historical relics of Mount Patti traced to Nupe people as the earlier settlers before the exploration of the River Niger and Benue and the administrative seat of Lord Lugard. The nupe people who for economic reasons are scattered along the coast of the two rivers are now back to their feet.The stolen glory has been restored. The Bassa nges now claim their national identity and known as Nupes of the Nupe Kingdom. The nupes by geographical location spread to Bassa, Lokoja, Ajaokuta LGAs in Kogi State, Bida, Minna, Muye,etc in Niger State and Ajowa, Akunu, Erusu, Ayere in Ondo state and substative areas of Kwara State. Th ...
In 1914 Lord Lugard literally joined the Northern and Southern Nigeria, this launched British colonial adventure in this side of Africa. Lord Lugard married a female journalist who gave the name Nigeria. Lord Lugard died in 1945.
Many good man have had their destinies sidetracked by oju come and do - Lord Lugard.
Lord lugard,can neva rest for what he did to nigeria.
Having nepa lite for a whole day in Lagos means Lord Lugard is back in control and MLK will be shouting I've a dream...
I read that the sales of French car maker PSA Peugeot Citroen have continued to slide, and I asked, Why not? Why would sales not slide when it was the same design of Peugeot 406 which I analysed its advert in BrandFaces in 2002 that is still on sale in 2014, when Corolla and Camry have been changed up to 4 times since then? Who would like to change his car if it is still "current"? Asian car makers are continuously bombarding the market with exotic and exciting models, while Peugeot believes in keeping one design for an age. I also heard that even the guys who sell Peugeot spare parts in Nigeria have been run out of business, because the same part that was made in 1904 during the time of Lord Lugard is still the same design in use today!
LIFE & FREEDOM IN RETARDED AFRICA There are certain things about Africa that make one to wonder in life. One truth is that most of the people in the continent are not "wild" in thinking and reason. They rather live their lives like "wild animal" in retardation. This is because they lack sound mind due to lack of sound education. They are too pretentious because they failed to have their minds brushed. It is obvious in wisdom, and the wise know that the lack of mental brushing is root of backwardness, poverty and perpetual suffering in Africa at large. The killing and brutality we see in Africa imply that majority of the people are barbarious in mind. There is no single difference between them and wild animals in forest. This is because life exists in mind, and most of the minds in Africa are retarded, degenarated and decayed in downhill. That is why they kill one another for nothing just like wild animals do in barbarious animal kingdom or forest. One thing I know is that man is free moral agent. God crea ...
PHOTO of the day Lord Lugard amalgamated Northern & Southern Nigeria & Lagos on January 1, 1914
A woman who has no courage to cut the neck of a live chicken is not ready for marriage to a Nigerian man - Lord Lugard.
BIRTH OF A COUNTRY It happened in January 1914 A century back precisely, When the areas North, south, East and west of the Niger Were joined together in historical matrimony. Lord Lugard presided over the merger He was incognizant of their antecedence He joined people who had Little fore knowledge of themselves The people's countenance he didn't seek The inhabitants’ éclat he never asked Product of that historical and controversial Marriage, she called NIGERIA.
When will Lord lugard rest in peace.?
If I am to travel to Britain in the nearest future, the whiteman will be in trouble.My presence will make them uncomfortable.I will tell them that the kind of politics we are practising today in Nigeria, was started by Lord Lugard and his lover girl Miss Flora Shaw.We are now in 2014 and marks a century of our almagamational existence.Do we know that Oba Ovoravwen of the great Benin empire had to be deposed to Calabar, for the almagamation to be possible.He rejected the advances of British chauvinists.The Queen of England is culpable for our woes as a people.Till date, nobody knows what happened to the Oba.He was killed and his body was claimed by historians to be buried in Calabar.An exhumation, confirmed nothing of sorts happened.As I speak now, the death certificate of the Oba, is no where to be found.It is not even in London Museum, but that of William Shakespere, Thomas Beckett, are all there.It is not even in our Calabar Archives or any historical museum in Nigeria. And uptil now, no Nigerian Pres . ...
It's the year of the Centennary and understandably, people are more fixated on Lord Lugard's role in our history...
Some political analyst from various school of thought is of the opinion that the amalgamation of the north and south protectorate of the Niger area a century ago by sir fredrick lord lugard into a single entity called Nigeria was a monumental error, what is your view countrymen. If concured to the tought what's the way foward
QUOTES OF 2DAY if there is no hole in d wall, lizard cant gain entrance -Lord lugard 1913 d downfall of a man is nt d end of him -fadeyi oloro 1999 instead make e spoil 4 pot...make e spoil 4 belle -rick ross it is beta 2 die than 2 commit suicide -patience jonathan it is beta 2 keep quiet dan 2 offend oga at d top -nscdc oga it is half word we say 2 a responsible child, wen it reaches his/her stomach, it will b full -john f. kennedy
I was watching the Tv Series titled Hostages where a sponsor to the incumbent Democratic party of the USA made a statement. He said that the balance of power never shifts, it has been always where it has been - where the money is. I pondered immensely on this and realised it is true. So, I now applied it to Nigeria and found it, so far, to be true too. Then I remembered how the APC (CAN + CPC) have been recruiting rebel governors. To what means? This is like giving old thugs new guns. As far as APC do not control the money (oil) of this country then their efforts will come to nought, even let them merge with INEC and EFCC. So long as PDP controls the oil of Nigeria it is but a wild goose chase. The sponsors, Chieftains and Patrons of PDP are all oil barons. Talk of Dangote, OBJ (Oando) and others. If APC thinks any other money can measure up to oil money then they've not learned anything. APC, a baby of two constant enemies - Yoruba and Hausa, pretending to unite and then hiring rebels from other parties. ...
Nigeria is not one and i dnt tik if she wil eva was only amalgated by lord lugard in 1914.nigeria is a country wit diverse culture,languages e.t.c.were u can easily seperate hausa man 4rm ibo,yoruba,efik,edo even kanuri.yet u wat 2 practice america system of govermt.wit one language were u cant seperate texas man 4rm missisipi or califonia. I prayed power sharin didnt lead 2 anoda civil war.
Almagamation of 1914,by lord lugard of britain,is d worst mistake britain has eva don, against nigerians nd d igbos in specific.(mixin peopl of diferent beliv,charata nd religion 2geda)al 4 selfish purpose.
Amalgamation: When Will Lord Lugard Rest in Peace?: Amalgamation was a contingency of history…
I thank all my good friends for their continued commitment but let's pray for Nigeria for as we approach 2015 we need unity, peace, Justice and equity to sustain the amalgamation of lord lugard in 1914. Let's be prepared for the best, ready for the worst.
2015 : APC may wrest power from PDP – Oyebode January 19, 2014. Professor Akin Oyebode, is an academic giant in every sense of the word . From Christ ’ s School, Ado - Ekiti in 1960 to Harvard Law School in 1974 , Osgoode Hall Law School in 1981 and Nigerian Law School in 1990 , the Law professor is no doubt an authority in the legal field . In this interview with Senior Correspondent , ISHAYA IBRAHIM, Oyebode examines a number of issues in the polity , including the legal implication of Nigeria’ s amalgamation in 1914 , and concluded that 2015 elections will be exciting . Excerpts … Prof . Akin Oyebode In Nigeria’ s 100 years , what , in your view , is the greatest threat to its existence ? The question of centenary, for me , is like a storm in a teacup because it is ridiculous that we are making heavy weather of the amalgamation of Nigeria by British colonialism . I don’ t know of instances where slaves celebrate their enslavement . The various ethnic groups , nationalities that existed prio ...
Here in this white bread, with a burning lamp and an overflowing pool of thoughts, I put ink on paper. Though it is not much compared to that at Woolwich, I like the shelter here. In the mornings, the window at the back of the house presents the young bronze sun with a thousand birds streaking beneath, appearing like moving black dots on the crystal sky. The evenings are not any less artistic. These times from the sitting room window, I will watch the dashing aged sun melt into the distant horizon where the earth keeps a date with it, beautiful and sweet, like an orange sliced in two, and then of course the noisy birds would prance through again, appearing this time like a painting. I mustn’t fail to tell you of Bundu- A fourteen year old lad from the eastern tribe, he has been my house help and tour guide. This boy, with skin of ebony and deep darting eyes picks up the English language in a day faster than I could do French in a year. He is like a cat, highly intelligent, humble and introverted. The ot ...
54 or 100 years of Nigeria: Golden jubilee or centenary?? I am confused. At my adolescent age I often took to join in march-pass during the 1st October to celebrate 1960 political independence. From that date to today is 54 years. During the last 4years 1 October we celebrated Golden jubilee. Prayers were offered hoping that Nigerian will celebrate Centenary when we have 100th first October. But today we change the tune to celebrate 100 of Nigeria called centenary. The idea is Nigeria got amalgamated in 1914 therefore we are 100 as a nation. Here laid my. Confusion. Is it the infamous 1914 lord lugard amalgamation we want to celebrate or the 1st October 1960 lowering of the Union Jack political independence? All countries in Africa celebrated the colonial political independence not scrambling and partitioning that merged them as colonial outpost or effective colonial entities. USA was British colony in the 18th century but they never celebrate it..rather they celebrate their Union day that make the into . ...
Fellas,last nite i was in deep tot tryin 2 profer an endurin solution 2 d nigerian reocurin problem,i den remebad d write up one profesor of history,he said dat, d fruadulent marriage of 1914 designed by lord lugard,shld be divorce,do we agree wit d idea?
THIRTY YEARS ON THE THRONE. By Dan Galadiman Ningi. Gombe Emirate was founded by the Fulani Jihad of 1804. The expedition that established the Emirate was led by Modibo Bubayero who was one of the flag bearers of Shehu Usman Danfodio during the Jihad. Modibo Bubayero was a descendant of Fulbe Walorbe that came from Mali on their way to Mecca to perform Hajj, which is one of the pillars of Islam. That group of Fulbe Walorba was under the leadership of famous Fulani leader Salihu Jahollo, who was nicknamed Alfa Salihu Laro. Mallam Bubayero received his first Qur’anic education from his father Ardo Usman. After the death of his father, Bubayero travelled to Kukawa in Borno where he acquired more Qur’anic education and lessons in Islamic theology and jurisprudence. In 1810, he travelled to Degel to meet the famous Shehu Usman Danfodio. On his way to Degel he made a brief stop at Katsina where the Emir of Katsina gave him Zulaihatu, his daughter, in marriage. The couple was blessed with Suleiman, the first ...
Lord Lugard am not sure you did well with this amalgamation stuff
NIGERIA HAS EXPIRED! ...Now an illegal country ---EASTERN PILOT REPORT Nigeria's amalgamation and Nigeria as a Union expired at about 12 midnight on the 31st of December, 2013 and took effect from 1st of January, 2014. The Amalgamation Treaty of 1914 which merged the Northern & Southern Protectorates into what is now NIGERIA, was indeed an International Treaty similar in some respects to the one signed between the British Government and China regarding Hong Kong... the latter treaty was valid for 100 years which saw Britain formerly handover Hong Kong to China in 1997. Nigeria's Amalgamation Treaty also has a 100 year validity period, and expired on January 1st, 2014. A peep into the hidden document of the 1914 Amalgamation shows startling revelations that make Nigeria's existence beyond January 1st, 2014 illegal. The Amalgamation of Southern and Northern Nigeria by the British through the instrumentality of Lord Lugard, was to be experimented for 100 YEARS to ascertain its workability or otherwise, accor ...
The RICE at the top of the COOLER was once at the BOTTOM of d pot. Lord Lugard
Can someone help me with the date Lord Lugard amalgamated Nigeria. I know it is 1914, but the actuall date skipd my memory
Lord Lugard made the worst human experimental mistake in 1914 by amalgamating the Northern and southern protectorate called NIGERIA
Tank God the law of lord lugard has exper yesterday the word NIGERIA Has expered at the age of 100 years I also tank almighty God for making this dream to come to pass.maybe this is the time to divide this country,and we ar nw biafra from nw go on.
The name NIGERIA was derived from River Niger Area)by Flora Shaw.who later became the wife of sir frederick Lord Lugard...KC
Kudos 2 Lord Lugard, 1914 to 2014, Nigeria at 100yrs bt wot av we achieved? No light, no water no free educatoin nd free heath care, no security, no gud roads, no employment, no wrk etc, nawaaoo
The name "Nigeria" as a country has expired (after 100years of Amalgamation according to Lord Lugard). Is either we continue to be one Nigeria or we divide this country into how many nation we want it.from 1914 to 2014
RETURNING TO PRE-1966 CONSTITUTION; PANACEA FOR PEACE IN NIGERIA-PART 1 January 15, 2014 at 3:15am By Segun Badmus Midrand, South Africa Today 15th January is a day commemorated as the Armed Forces Remembrance Day in Nigeria. It was the day the military suspended our independence constitution in 1966 and the day the Biafra secessionists surrendered in 1970 while January is a significant month because Southern and Northern Protectorates and Nigeria were all formed. It is supposedly not a date or month to remember or celebrate; baring the events that occurred rather it is a period for sober reflections and reminiscing that should be rechristened Reconciliation or Reunion day or month if we are to move forward as a nation. The following excerpts from Richard Akinjide's paper titled The Amalgamation Of Nigeria Was A Fraud reveals the underlying problems facing Nigeria. Where he wrote that "Nigeria is a very complex country. Our problems did not start yesterday. It started about 1884. Lord Lugard came here abo ...
STUMBLING INTO THE NEXT 100 YEAR Written by Mahmud Jega Official celebration of Nigeria at 100 will start in February, President Goodluck Jonathan said last week. Why? Lord Lugard carried out the Amalgamation with effect from January 1, 1914. Was the Federal Government too busy replying some letters that it forgot about the date? If your birthday falls on a certain date, will you tell your friends that you have decided to hold the party next month? Given the Nigerian Government’s penchant for celebration, it announced soon after we concluded the 50th Independence anniversary celebrations in October 2010 that we will be marking Amalgamation in 2014. Several of our newspapers took a cue from that and came up with special packages to mark the day but government itself came up with nothing. Why are newsrooms more efficient than State House even though they have far less money? We do not as yet know what the official celebration of Amalgamation day will entail. I suspect that there will be many long speeches ...
K"Nigeria was almagamated in 1914 and the signing of agreement took place in Akwa ibom by Lord Lugard. I'm proud to be Akwa i
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Northern and southern protectorate amalgamated last 100 years by then Gov. Gen. Sir Lord Lugard.
There was a time when the north was the most literate part of Nigeria. According to lord Lugard, there were 25000 Qur'anic schools with about 25000 pupils in the north.
Which way Nigeria ! You are now 100 After amalgamation by lord lugard but stil a baby what a pity! our leaders hv all embraced the loosing spirit instead of the winning spirit. Present interest instead of future interest. God help u Nigeria.
Lord Lugard need to be Cursed This is 100years of Nigeria and still yet filled with shame, disgrace, corruption and poverty. For the Amalgamation of Nigeria, Lord Lugard will never rest in peace cause right from the beginning the aim of british on Nigeria started out of selfishness and greed not love for humanity. Today I read about news of 2500 teenagers who were rescue from baby factories... All these re subject to the great evil done by British and Lord Lugard to this country.. In all, just as I am cursing Lord Lugard so also history and posterity will either pray or curse our Past and present leaders right from Nnadi Azikwe to the Goodluck Jonathan of Today... Now is the time to decide whether or Not to remain a Nigeria.
NIGERIA AT 100- Time To Think-According to some historian,the amalgamation of Southern&Northern protectorate was instituted by Lord Lugard,the naming was by his wife.But the case of study today is the aim&objective.What can make the British combine two unrelated region to one?what did they expect?is there any historical backing 4dis step.Although d decision has been taken 4almost a century now but came to discussion now bcuz d citizen of dis con3 found it uneasy to live together.There is no cordial relationship among its diverse ethnic groups.But d intention of d British is to rule 4ever even without their presence and d result is d activities of d expatriates in our con3 till today.It's now left to d citizen of d country to gather themselves and discuss d way forward.Our governors should stop looking 4investors abroad and start educating there youth and empower them after their service year.And this has to be among their discussion in d forthcoming CONFAB.LONGLIVE FED REP OF NIG.
Lord lugard seven secrete of nigeria, one totaly truth.
What can you find in Gurara Falls, Oldest Dam, Lord Lugard's Colonial Villa, Zuma Rock & more http…
thanks 2 Sir Fredrick Lord Lugard and his wife Flora 4 their contribution 2 nigeria 2 achieve dis great height since Amalgamation in 1914, so let's celebrate Nigeria at 100 since amalgation
1914 amalgamation, a blunder, a fluke, on d side of d Queen's errand boy (Lord Lugard) wil God save the queen for that 'calculated blunder'?
The amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorate by Lord Lugard, in 1914, made 9ja @ centinary this 2014. Does it calls for celebration? What is your oppinion?
In 1914 Lord Lugard amalgamated northern and Southern Protectorates to make up an entity called Nigeria The creation of Nigerian sjate is by accident iorder in council promulgated to give legal backing to the creation was done in bad faith it failed to
Nigeria is 100 years old. The southern protectorate and northern protectorate was amalgamated on 1st January, 1914. It was named Nigeria after the River Niger by Miss Flora Shaw who later married Lord Lugard.
The treaty that almagamated the Northern and Southern protectorate in 1914 had 100 years. Lord Harcourt and Lugard signed the documents.
This photo is from 1 January 1914, the day Lord Lugard merged Northern & Southern Nigeria, & Lagos
I wonder why somebody who was former attoney general of d federation in second republic came out and said d amalgamation which lord lugard did for nigeria in 1944 was a fraud,Why cant he said it when he was in govt then.,d old man should pls dont alter any statements dat will bring another wahala o.
Nigeria @ 100 challenges and responsibilities before our youths. We are celebrating the symbolic and the historic amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorate by the then Gov-Gen Sir frederick lord Lugard in 1914.
The marriage officiated by Lord Lugard back in January 1, 1914 btw the North & South gave birth to hatred, killings, religious bigotry!
we are celebrating the Amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorate by fedrick Lord Lugard
It was reported in the vanguard news that the FG will build 9,000 strong amy for the south south region, is this not a preparation for millitry power for the south south if eventually the Lord Lugard 100years amalgamation of 1914 finaly expire this year (2014) at the instance of the propose National Confrence. Allah please take conrol.
The Amalgamation january 1 1914.God will never forgive lord lugard and his generation for that.
WHY JONATHAN IS NIGERIA'S BEST PRESIDENT SO FAR (1) With Lord Lugard, it was impunity. (2) With Gowon, it was genocide (3) With Obasanjo, it was total annihilation (4) With Buhari, it was expansion for prisons (5) With Babangida, it was plane crash and letter bombs (5) With Abacha, it was quiet or die (6) With Obasanjo again, if it is not me, na who god go bless (7) with Yaradua, it was if you say im sick, lets fight at the boxing ring So far with Jonathan, Buhari is free to incite post election violence, Obasanjo is free to heep any mountain of false allegation, Atiku is free to point a warning finger at the President of the nation, Boko Haram can attack and kill soldiers and the soldiers are take to the civil court for retaliating, a central bank governor is free to use the peoples fund to sponsor terrorism, even an ordinary State Governor is free to challenge the Country's President. An example of DEMOCRACY
Lord lugard is d cause of our problem by joining three countries 2gether called amalgamation. Today no peace in naija at d age of 100. Wow
"Your president visited our country with seven private jets and that’s never happened before. We were all excited. This is Nigeria. It’s the country with the largest private jets. Seven private jets only. I know there must be more but for us still that was wow. Everybody came in their own jets” Please, someone should tell that Kenyan woman in that video on Youtube that like Lord Lugard described, our president loves the display of power without responsibilities. I am surprised the trio of Abati, Okupe and Gulak haven't bared their fangs on these people. You see? When we talk, they say we ridicule our president. I guess it's okay when other Africans make jest of us because of his actions.
GANDHI PROFESSEER When Mahatma Gandhi, the internationaly acclaimed India philosopher who lived between 1869 to 1948 said "it is the reformer who is anxious for the reform ,and not the society from which he should expect nothing better than opposition. Abhorren and mortal persecution." He must have had an idea of days like these in Nigeria history of our Nation, Nigeria today. The evolve of Nigeria state date back to the 18th century berlin conference ,early 19th century Almagamation and the eventual naming of Nigeria by Lord Lugard girl friend Flora Shaw. These making however , was done without consultation between the tribal clan or The agreement among the thirteen clony that make us American federation. Despite the attainment of independent in the mid 60s and the lowering of the union jack and lifting high the Nigeria green white green flag. We have fail to address conjent national issue. Not to mention 1979 constitution was not fully operation while the 1999 constitution in his application a unitary c ...
MY OWN OPEN LETTER Happy Centenary to my dear country NIGERIA. please consider this an open letter to my GEJ, OBJ and my fellow Nigerians. To GEJ: For the first time I went to vote for you because I hoped that someone from a minority like GEJ can cause a rapid change. Yes, I personally do appreciate the few changes made thus far. my major concern is simple, why give a rat as security to protect fish. A country where the very wrong people occupy the right position based on God fatherism and influnce. A country where corruption is totally ignored and as a matter of fact exalted. where being lily livered is considered diplomacy to tackle insecurity. where people boast of making the country ungovernable by using Boko Haram to kill Christians and they still sit in our National House of Assembly and others govern other states. A country where recurrent expenditure take over 70% of the budget and the remaining capital expenditure is embezzled. The last time I checked you Mr GEJ did not have shoes to go to school ...
Flora Shaw,a travelling journalist,was the wife of Lord Lugard ,who gave the name-Nigeria,meaning Niger area
NIGERIA - 100 YEARS TODAY: In 1851, Britain had seized the port of Lagos. In 1861, Lagos became a British Colony. In 1886, the Royal Niger Company, [RNC] was given a charter by the British Government to maintain law and order in territories where the British had commercial interests. By the end of the 19th century, the Fulani Emirates of Northern Nigeria had been subdued by the forces of Lord Lugard. In 1900, the British Government made the region the Protectorate of Northern Nigeria with Lord Lugard as its colonial governor. In 1906, the whole of Southern Nigeria, including Lagos, became the Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria. In 1914, British merged the northern and Southern Nigeria into a single unit named the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria... Towards A Better Nigeria by Mike Okoye
IS JONATHAN NIGERIA'S LAST PRESIDENT? by Bayo Olupohunda The 53 post-independence years of Nigeria's political history have witnessed a few catastrophic events that have threatened her very existence as a nation. But this country colonised by the British and forced together by Lord Lugard in his 1914 amalgamation which brought together two strange bedfellows under a marriage of convenience has always teetered on the edge of the precipice. Since the decade after independence in 1960 and many years after, the country has not had a moment of respite from elements in the union who have constantly threatened separation with devastating consequences. Since independence, Nigeria's stormy socio-political history has shown that perhaps it was a bad idea to have brought together disparate ethnic behemoths that have nothing in common. Little wonder that shortly after the British left, cracks that revealed the mistake of 1914 began to emerge. Even the action and utterances of political players from both sides of the ...
Our country Nigeria has made a centuray since it's almagamation in 1914 by Lord Lugard. Her fundamental problem it's still corruption., we have enough for our GREED but not enough for our NEED. GOD SAVES NIGERIA!!!
Yes,Nigeria expired by 12midnight Dec 31 2013.Although people's reaction about the forceful and deceitful amalgamation of the Northern and southern province by lord lugard and co is raising alot of dust.The question is,are we still one?
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NIGERIA became another century in this year 1914 to 214 may god help us... 1914 lord lugard to2014 goodluck jonatha ...NO progress, no peace and unity...only god can save our country
The economy today seems to be a mirage during Nigeria girls; how do your model related to miss flour a;(Mrs : Lord lugard)
Double thanksgiving by Nigerians at home and in abroad for the new year and 100 years of creatn modern Nigeria thru the amalgamatn of Colony of Lagos and Southern Protectorate and Northern Protectorate by Lord Lugard in 1914.
Are we still in Nigeria or an expired one? Do we not need Lord Lugard to renew it???
Alhamdlh! Its exactly 100yrs 1914-2014 Nigeria turns 100 after the Amalgamation by British colonial masters lord lugard, mark peyrson Richard etc. May Allah give our country stability and Good leaders nt rulers.
NIGERIA is now 100 years old. Since when the fredrick sir dr, lord lugard proclaim the amalgamatio of the southern and northern protectory. And united them into one single unit, to form a one single nation in 1914.
To whom it may concern: AMALGAMATION OF 1914: Was it a mistake? Often, in a moment of despair, I would like to forget some salient factors in the history of Nigeria. Many times, the situation of the `Nigeria Question` would be so overwhelming in my mind that I would forget that I am a Nigerian and would want to leave the country for a while. A times, I would not want to be reminded of what would happen in 2015 as prophesied by some political pundits in the USA or their oracle consultants in Nigeria. It is all well that the defeated presidential candidate in the last election, General Mohammadu Buhari has warned the country of the possibility of a political revolution if things remain (electoral processes) unchanged. The fervent hope is for the rain of a social revolution to fall and not the torrents of a bloody revolution. As it is often remarked, Nigeria is a very lucky country among those politically contrived nations of the world in the 20th century, and perhaps, would still remain politically stab ...
Do u remember 2 congratulate Nigeria yesterday as it clocks its centenary? It was on January 1, 1914 that Lord Lugard amalgamated wat was d northern protectorate wit d southern protectorate of d Niger area 2 4m d geographical xpresion of Nigeria.
Who amonge dis leader did u like best ? and why (a)Nnamdi Azikwe (b)Tafawa Balewa (c)Lord Lugard (d)Murtala Muhammed
2014. a leap year(i e february 29days), a year of world biggest football event(brazil 2014), a penultimate year of Nigeria general election and finally a year of centenary celebration of Nigerian state.(almagamation of 1914 by sir lord lugard).
Taking a retrospect in2 d amalgamation of Nigeria by Lord Lugard in 1914, evaluate Nigeria @ 100. Wats ur take in dis?
Sir Fedrick Lord Lugard almagamated the Southern and Northern protectorate in Jan 2 1914, and this was done, in the favour of the country. Lets give it up to the first Governor General and the man brought the initiation of Nigerian Council. Happy Anniversary. Hurray!!!
As Nigeria celebrates her centinary year this January 2014,I think this ALMALGAMATION of Southern and Northern Nigeria in 1st January 1914 by Lord Lugard is a great mistake in the political vandal which is the bane of today's Nigeria crisis and problems. Can it be ratified?.
Fellow compatriots it is wit high sense of humility and euphoria dat I welcum u 2dis cornucopia year of extraordinary rain of God's blessings. plz permit me 2 cast our minds back 2 wat gave birth 2 dis country(nigeria) theoretically I was told dat d entity knw as nigeria came as a result of 1914 amalgamation by lord lugard which by mathematical calculation is 100yrs 2day. Pls let's join hands and beta our country!!!
NIGERIA! Are u a vampire? From 1965 to 1970,and up till date,you Nigeria have sucked more than 4million head count blood just to keep u united,yet you are demanding for more. If I am right,then satan is involved,how? John 10v10.. But Jesus has shed His blood so that our blood will be spared. He died that we will live. So why should satan use dis name Nigeria to collect blood for sacrifice and to fulfil his three-fold ministry( to steal,to kill and to destroy)No! IT'S TIME! get ur International passport, let's settle dis hatred once and for. all. Imagine,countries like:Chad, Niger Republic,Ghana,Libya, even Saudi Arabia don't kill nigerians,but unfortunately,nigerians hate and kill fellow nigerians with impunity. Co-existence as worshippers,tribes, states and regions has always failed us since 1914. The best option is international diplomacy,official agreements,MoU,just only on international levels. Enough of this pretence. Water and Oil cannot mix. Was it not God that told Abraham to send Ishmeal and ...
Nigerian celebrate centenial 100 years of Almagamation by Lord Lugard in 1914.Which so many regarded as a marriage of inconveniencies what is your own view?
Nigeria is celebrating 100 years centinery. 1st jan 1914, lagos colony, northern an southern protectorate was amalgamated by Lord Lugard an made it one nation nigeria. De country is exactly 100 years yesterday. What is ur reason for trying to disentegrate dis country nigeria?
FOLASOPHICAL!!! This is an excerpt of my article to be published this coming Friday in PUNCH NEWSPAPERS. It is titled: “IS NIGERIA A TRUE FUSION OR CONNED FUSION”? If a nation has patiently sought and pursued peace and progress that have been largely elusive and unattainable due to discord, dissonance and dissension among its people for over a century, a deep reflection and introspection then not only become necessary, but expedient to peremptorily resolve of all that has brought a bedlam on that nation and its disparate people. 1914 was the year when the northern and Southern Protectorates of the Nigerian arrangement were amalgamated by the then Governor-General, British Lord Lugard. Over the last 100 years of the tumultuous relationship, the fusion now appears to have metamorphosed into a grand, exacerbated excrescence as many of us continue to comb and flip through pages of history books in an attempt to find a justification for why Lord Lugard lorded over us a load so unbearable. It is now a know ...
1914-1960: Challenges of Amalgamation Historical Review (1914-2014)100 years of Amalgamation. The amalgamation of Nigeria was introduced by the newly appointed and first British Governor –General of colonial Nigeria Lord Lugard in January 1, 1914. It was the first time the British colonial administration tried to bring the culturally diverse people of Nigeria together under one central colonial administration. Without amalgamation Nigeria would not have developed or emerged as one country. Instead we would have now two or possibly three countries. The amalgamation of Nigeria was not a historical accident but a direct product of British imperialism in West Africa.
Can one justifiablly say that, 'the amalgamation of the Norther & Southern protectorate by Lord Lugard in 1914 was a mistake?' After 100yrs of nationhood, what is ur appraisal of d country? Does it call 4 a centiniel celebration? Am confused.
1 January 1913: A grand Durbar in Kano to welcome Lord Lugard back to Nigeria after a long trip to Hong Kong.
Happy new year folks. Best of the year. 1914-2014, northern and southern colony was baptized 'NIGERIA' by Lord Lugard. Happy 100 years 'Nigeria'
Nigeria @ 100. A landmark... Thanks to God,Flora Shawn and Lord lugard.
The Northern and Southern Protectorates were amalgamated on Jan 1st, 1914 at Zungeru, Niger State. Here, many Nigerians of different ethnic groups were called upon to give the country a name. While some called it Muazu, others called it Dele. In order to remove sentiment and tribalism, the wife of Lord Lugard gave the country the name "Nigeria"; i.e., 'the area around the River Niger'. The country, Nigeria, is therefore 100 yrs tdy. But the question is, will we still continue to operate as one country bcs the various treaties leading to amalgamation were consolidated so as to be recognised in international law. Under international law, every treaty has a life span of 100 years. The Amalgamation Treaty took effect on January 1, 1914, which means that it will expire on December 31, 2013 at 11:59pm, signifying, Nigerians can decide to go their separate ways, with each person forming his or her own country and belonging where he or she likes?
2014 here we are, let' s join hand together and make Nigeria a better place to live. eschew spreading rumours with unfounded sources. from the giant of Africa to the giant of the world. avoid currupt practices in our offices, streets, highways, airports, seaports, and boundries as this can promote criminal activities among our societies.also, help security personals with relevant information about individuals with questionble character so as to help track down the security challenges in the country.Remember, we don' t have another country than Nigeria.Even some of us who left the country for greener posture have either deported, arrestested and turture, jailed as illegal immigrants.some are currently seeking refuge in C. A . R of Nigerian embassy in the state cpital Bangui.with this piece, I hope my country people will rally round in mantaining peace and harmony, so that Nigeria will be great again.Let's put our differences of ethnic, religion and politic behind in other to move the nation e .. ...
Happy 100 years Nigeria. Today 1st January 2014 Nigeria clock a century. This is courtsy of the 1914 amalgamation of the Northern, Southern Protectorates and the colony of Lagos by Sir Fedrick Lord Lugard.
Today, 1st January 2014, is the 100th birthday of Nigeria. On 1st January 1914 Lord Lugard amalgamated the Protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria and the Colony of Lagos creating one united country Nigeria. We have come a long way since 1914 and I look forward to the next 100 years with hope and optimism. Our great size earns us the respect of other nations and we must keep it that way. Happy new year Nigerians and happy birthday Nigeria!
D southern nd northern protectorate of nigeria was amalgamated on 1914 by Lord Lugard, as today 2014 makes it a complete 100years after d amalgamation..during d year many nigerians think dat is not proper while some 2day 100 years what are d merits nd demerits of d Amalgamation??
Nigeria is 100 years today after Sir. Lord Lugard amalgamated the Southern and Northern protectorates on January 1st, 1914. Nigeria#
Its 100 years Today since Lord Lugard made the worse mistake ever made in the history of this Godforsaken nation Nigeria by almagamating the north protectorate with the south protectorate. This stupid mistake has claim the lives of many nigerians and is the source of the so called Boko Haram .well may his Rugged soul rest in partial war
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2014, its 100 years of uniting Nigeria Fredrick Lord Lugard in 1914 amalgamated the nothern southern and lagos protectorate. S what experience and or development do Nigerians could account for in the last 100 hundred years
100 years today the northern and southern protectorate was amalgamated by Sir Frederick Lord Lugard to become one country called ''Nigeria'... Happy centenary celebration nigeria
Yes, accordin to history nigeria is hundred years of almagamation today. since 1914 by fedrick lord lugard...
Today Nigeria marks its hundredth year of almagamation by Lord Lugard... Hmmm who be dis lord lugard sef. Well him try 4 us sha. Bt i hear say d man sabi drink beer wela nd 4 dat i jst took 1 bottle in his honour. God bless nigeria.
And d treaty signed by Lord Lugard in 1914 dt kept Nigeria 2geda expired 2day.lets see hw it goes,fingers crossed!
The mistake of lord lugard of 1914,has nw reached 100yrs,The amalgamation of Northern nd southern nig left more problems nd confuses behind in d mind of nigerians,nothing good to write abt but rather disuniting the nation
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U NIGERIA. I felicitate with all Nigerians as our country turned 100 years today. It could be recalled that Sir Lord Lugard, the then governor general, amalgamated the two saperate northen and Southern Protectorates into what we today know as Nigeria. This is no mean feat, despite the turbulance the country has gone through. Lets continue to be one country.
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