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Lord Lugard

Frederick John Dealtry Lugard, 1st Baron Lugard GCMG, CB, DSO, PC (22 January 1858 – 11 April 1945), known as Sir Frederick Lugard between 1901 and 1928, was a British soldier, mercenary, explorer of Africa and colonial administrator, who was Governor of Hong Kong (1907–1912) and Governor-General of Nigeria (1914–1919).

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" EHEN! Lord Lugard shebi you are now oba bini?! no?! na you get obodo?!" when he gets lippy.
"See Lord Lugard using back door to enter Nigeria" Bobs arriving home late from the party.
cant wait to call my son "Lord Lugard" when he is in his teens and thinks he is now the man.
is in existance b4 lord lugard of british came & creat We are
How Nigeria was created by Lord Sir Frederick Lugard & Royal Niger Company
Any small thing, don carry camera dey shake yansh. Na today? . Dem don dey shake yansh for Africa before Lord Lugard era. Make we hear word o
May curse be upon the day that Lord Lugard joined with islamic republic of the north and named it nigeria(area of darkness)
Ronaldo will manufacture Disco,LORD LUGARD!!! RT"If I say I don't want Barcelona in the semi final... I'm lying"
Lord Lugard (centre) with Northern Emirs/Chiefs on a visit to the London Zoological gardens.1934
Nigeria is a contraption that was created by lord lugard and his girl friend Flora Shaw, the creation was inorganic
see the people Lord Lugard joined together...
Just went through thread on nairaland... This Concubinic contraption of Lord Lugard is bursting at the seams... There was a country
House of Lords.the people of BIafra seeks to be free from the nigerian amagamation by lord lugard.independence
One Nigeria is a fraud caried by lord lugard and his harlot girl friend flora shure therefore say no to it.
The slogan "one Nigeria" is a fallacy. We are only united by Niger Delta Oil. And the contract in 1914 by Lord Lugard has an expiry date
Hello Oracle,When will Lord Lugard come to Nigeria again? Education still not enough.
no one is talking about Lord Lugard here but I know it makes your fans excited but probe the whole 16 years.
Are seriously suggesting that Saraki should be left alone until Lord Lugard is charged for raping Nigeria?
"Tinubu blames PDP for fuel scarcity". And who should Jonathan have blamed for fuel scarcity during the sc…
When two skyscrapers are fighting, the mud hut can only watch their shadows - Lord Lugard 1922.
"He who brings pounded yam, brings life" - Lord Lugard 1904 .
,Nigeria was amalgamated in 1914,by lord Frederick Lugard,what was that that was amalgamated?, ,so it must be restored.
Biafra Nnamdi kanu# remember that Nigerians are criminal, Nigeria is a contraption of British by lugard#
Way better. I should go find my own photos of Lord Lugard's house. They were super pretty.
lol or make I talk Lord Lugard don do?
Lord Lugard will still get a share in this blame game
This blame game will finally land at Lord Lugard's feet, God help this country
We blame Lord Lugard for the Amalgamation lol When will it end?
Buhari in this your blaming games or name calling dont just come near me instead blame Lord Lugard
A singing husband will always melt his wife's heart any time - Lord Lugard's step sister…
. The blame game is all we are going to get frm APC b cos they have no agenda. Buhari will soon take d blame down to Lord Lugard.
At least he is going deeper into history. It will get to Lord Lugard's turn very soon.
APC go soon begin blame Lord Lugard for our economic challenges.
9ja how far very soon he will blame Lord Lugard den our ancestors.
NGR,Boko hara will stop NGR is a frauds concocted by lord lugard
Lord lugard amalgamated the northern & Southern Protectorates
The mistress of lord lugard... His girlfriend
One bae like that after too much sex with Lord Lugard "What was the name of the person that gave us the name, Nigeria?"
Even their Lord said that and are like Oil and Water that can never be mixed
Lord Lugard and Tafawa Belewa are the Landlords of Aso Rock.
don't know the answer to 1 but 2) is Lord Lugard's wife think her name was Flora
Any1 who graduates from a conventional school without experiencing a strike, has never been to Nig - Lord Lugard (1904)
's trailer has been jamming people upandan since the days of lord Lugard
Yes nah, Lord Lugard gave it to them in his will before he died.
Lord Lugard -1802 "Says who? "Having sex with rich girls brings good luck""
When Lord Lugard amalgamated the Northern and Southern Protectorates , he took away shame. Nigerians, we don't have shame
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We should probe the British monarchy that sent lord lugard to Nigeria.
We should start with Lord Lugard while we're at it. You know, since we have time.
Why not start from Lord Lugard? If people can't probe their immediate predecessors why should PMB do it for them?
The almagamation of the Southern and Northern protectorate by Sir Lord Fredrick Lugard was a treaty under the law...
Creation of Nigeria, a crime against humanity by Lord lugard of Britain to waste innocent blood. What an evil minded colonization? God help!
Lord Lugard (Centre) with Nigerian Emirs and Chiefs at a London Zoo in June 1934.
only hausa foolanis n yorobbers are capable of ruling d zoo. We are tired of staying in d contraption of Lord Lugard wit terrorists
Wait! Could Lord Lugard have acted alone as regards Nigeria amalgamation in 1914? Does history say anything about roles of other officials?
The contraption created Lord Lugard has expired.Let Babbons&Monkys in the cage of Zoo called Nigeria know this. We're Republic of
spread the news Nigeria is a contraption by lord lugard 1914-2013 dec31 amalgamation is over
for the transformation of the colonial residence of Lord Lugard into an Ultra Modern Government House Complex
I can not deride Alams's death and you now expect me not to speak ill of the dead cos na Audu. Lord Lugard no give u sense I swear.
Audu was gov 1992-1993, 1999-2003. Today he came very close to Lugard House for 3rd time, but ended up joining Lord Lugard permanently.
"Lord Lugard’s Amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria Expires in 3 Months Time" | Niger...
"When you do anyhow, you will see anyhow" - Lord Lugard 1424
Any man who drinks alomo bitters without squeezing his face, is capable of murder. Sir Lord Lugard (1914)
exist before UK government send Lord lugard to come hand over the children of # GOD to Islam caliphate called Nigeria
Biafra has been existing before the advent of the amalgamation by the british under lord lugard
Lord lugard used to come to my Grandmother's mother's Canteen to eat Amala to fele
Wait o...Lord Frederick Lugard no get grandchildren? The should visit Nigeria this Oct 1 & celebrate their Papa 1914 decis…
Lord Lugard said "The North and the South of Nigeria are like oil and water, they will never mix". He amalgamated both …
who graduates without experiencing a strike, has. never been to Nigeria - Lord Lugard (1904). matter...
"The claim that Poundo Yam is same as Pounded Yam is one of 21st century frauds that only pple witout taste would take" - Lord Lugard, 1923
Lmaooo "Most people do not know that naija independence is August 13. That's the day Awolowo slapped Lord Lugard…
8· The name"Nigeria" was coined by Flora Shaw, the wife of Lord Lugard, Nigeria's Governor-General from 1914 to 1919.
Still standing on its feet, The Lagos Lawn tennis Club was established in 1895 by Lord Lugard.
I also don't like that Lord Lugard. I hate hate that King Leopold.
Jay Electronica on "the announcement" sounds like the proclamation made by Lord Lugard when he amended the Clifford constitution in 1896
If PMB fails Nigerians, then we need to call back Lord Lugard
lol I dnt even care abt that the fool said lugard gave Nigerians their abilities. Lord lugard is now God
Nigerians Lord, Creator and God Frederic Lugard is Scottish. My question is who created Scotland? . A Scottish will say God did.
This fool is probably somewhere praying to his lord and creator, White man Lugard. . The Stupidity of black Africans
Nig's want u 2fix d Nig nt rewinding activity of d past in d name of prob or beta still start d prob frm lord lugard
Lord lugard thinks he is more active
Nothing wrong with looking like Lord Lugard. 😌
The zoo must fall, the foundation was found on a fales hood. Biafran was existing before the birth of Sir Lord Lugard.
Everything made or created by man has an expeiring date and nigeria av expeired cus' it was created by lord lugard,am a biafran
The zoological republic of Lord Lugard stay clear of BIAFRA becos we are a moving train & CRUSH EVERY OPPOSITION. BE WARNED
Fair Igbo girls with moustache be looking like lord lugard
Lord Lugard you old senile fool... Just look at
Rice and beans been friends before the days of Lord Lugard
Lord Lugard's Landing: Your Game Of Thrones cast just got 'proudly Nigerian': Game of Thrones is that show tha...
Lord Lugard said it first...RT "Who ever is employing this is defy not a serious person. Dude is a joker.
nah it's not. Tun lokacin Lord Lugard fa 😂😂😂
Alimoso,balancing equation since before Lord Lugard.
*Hugs* And we believed that illusion for so long. I need to find Lord Lugard's grave & spit on it. I'm that angry
You don’t achieve something because of what you know but because of who you know. - Lord Lugard
Lord Lugard could actually find his way around the Kaduna of 2day..Atleast wit he might actually miss his way…
Flora Shaw the future wife of Lord lugard
She later got married to fredrich lord lugard who was the first Foreigh man to rule nigeria from 1914 to 1919.
Sir Lord Lugard"Who was the first person to eat akpu?.
Google: Lord Lugard's Nigeria, a century of myopia and acerebral waste. Read free preview of true African story
Bright was convicted for is seditious writing to d great delight of Lord Lugard, d newspaper was convicted 1922 to pay 250 pounds
At the end of the 1916 year, young N. Azikiwe received a prize presented by Lord Lugard for coming tops in his class at Glover Hall in Lagos
I think can reborn and restore the beauty of kaduna once again as it's during the days of lord lugard
I won't stop asking who sent Lord Lugard on that dubious assignment, only if the so called elders saw what young Ojukwu saw.
In 1916 at 12,Azikiwe was presented with a prize by Lord Lugard for topping his class during Wesleyan Boys High School…
9. Lord Lugard came much later, definitely closer to the end of our history of community. Definitely not at the start of …
4. It is an insult to repeat the bromide that “Lord Luguard brought us together”. We were here, co-existing, long before …
greatest problem was caused by Lord lugard by bringing 3 tribes with nothing in common under one nation. This has lead to greed and (5/8)
2. We must go back to our origin, which is God. God created Nigeria. Lord Lugard only revealed the boundaries.
Lugard was the worst sort of imperialist. A very insecure man. A vicar's son who later became a "Lord". He is our "founding father".
Okwuolisa Ginika wrote: Anyone who graduates without experiencing a strike,has neva been to nigerian skol - lord lugard (1904)
The black person is absorbed in the present only and has no remorse for the past or considerations for the future~ Lord Lugard
when will Jonathan visit Okija shrine? Or you forgot to snap that pics? Let him visit Lord Lugard and demons, he will loose
History matters. Like always says Lord Lugard, the British and Northern Leaders created this problem
""The typical African loves the display of power, but fails to realise its responsibility." - Lord Frederick Lugard."
Tribute to the Soldier of Fortune, Lord Lugard. Nawa o!
We are highly tribalised and av no sense of togetherness. Ethnicity over integrity. Am sure lord lugard made a serious mistake in 1914
The FUNDS made available to advertise Jonathan Lord Lugard's locomotives is large enough to achieve this.
Lord Lugard made them believe they were born to rule, that's why Buhari still wanna be President.
that's Lord Lugard in the picture. Boris Johnson said even Churchill thought he was brutal
I will hate to make a reference to Lord Lugard's uncharitable but astute observation of Africans in 1922. We lack the power of…
Highest girlfriend level: Lord Lugard's girlfriend. . Do you what it means for your bae to let you name a country? Wow!
A family that admires booty together stays together, are happier and stay winning. - Lord Lugard, 1853. .
when you go for a job interview and they ask you who was Lord Lugard's senior brother..
Lord Lugard is a lesson to all of us. Just because you think something will work out doesn't mean you should force it. Y…
did Ajayi Crowther die in you people's Benue. Did Lord Lugard make yah yard his homestead? No.
If you could travel back in time and tell Lord Lugard one thing, what would it be?
GEJ should blame Lord Lugard for NIGERIAS problems. Lmao
It all started with the almagamation in 1914...lord lugard caused this
Lord lulways LuGard naani "Who was the first governor of a unified Nigeria...?
As you step out on d 14th of February to go cast your votes, remember how Lord Lugard pungently described you in 1926
Before you trade your votes for an ephemeral stomach infrastructure, remember how Lord Lugard described you in 1926.
"The typical African is a happy thriftless, excitable person. Lacking in self control, discipline and foresight"( Lord Lugard)
Dear Herbert MacAulay, in 2014, the then Nigerian President thanked the British for colonising us and decorated Lord Lugard. Sacrilege
A woman who has no courage to cut the neck of a live chicken is not ready for marriage to a Nigerian man ~ Lord Lugard
i'm not particular about anyone! I just want change.Infact bring Lord Lugard, I'll vote for him instead of GEJ
If you listen to some Nigerians discuss Mungo Park and Lord Lugard, you will think our people never existed before the…
So you are proud to associate with those "Lord Lugard" locomotives? I learnt they break down with reckless abandon. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Thanks, Lord Lugard: As 2014 comes to an end, Nigeria correspondingly marks the end of its…
Lord Lugard's house to become tourism resort -
Let the same Allah end Nigeria! We want Democratic Republic of Niger Delta!!! Death unto the Generation of Lord Lugard!
“I've been observing since 1900 👀”before lord lugard kenan... Founding fathers be like..
Lord lugard "Tafawa Balewa"Abacha Who was ruling Nigeria during the time of your Birth ??""
Bend down boutique, helping Nigerian girls since Lord Lugard.
Anyone who graduate witout experiencing a strike has neva been to Nigerian School. Lord Lugard (1904)
Lord Lugard should be blacklisted in how history,he amalgamated different people with different ways of life into a nation.
Kogi State Tourist Site: Lord Frederick Lugard discovered the beauty and strategic position of this massive hi...
Abi should we also sit back and give Lord Lugard credit for 'initiating' Nigeria?
Lord lugard"The first President of your country is_?
If you do not have a visa yet, hustle for one.even the one to Togo. 2015 might just be the year we undo the amalgamation of Lord Lugard..
Lord Lugard, you caused all this. I hope satan is still flogging you in ***
...Kids, then the Mercury dropped from Lord Lugard's hands and that's how Nigeria was amalgamated.
God didn't make me a Nigerian. Lord Lugard did. God made me a Yoruba and Lugard lumped my Yoruba nation with others as Nigeria.
u call me mental and u preach being nice. Typical hypocricy! Nyways, I only blame one person for 9ija ' s woes.Lord Lugard! Bye.
in session. Christ the New Life Assembly. 40 Lord Lugard Street, Asokoro abuja
Lord lugard combine southern and northern nigeria in 1914
For prosperity. For the father land. For Lord Lugard. . Take this ***
So i left Nigeria n all y'all *** started eating *** Lord Lugard didnt amalgamate us for this!! 😩😩
LOOOL, since the days of Lord Lugard"Is Maheeda not mad like that?"
Is Prof Chinedu Nebo not competent sir? From the time of Lord Lugard till today 1/4
Ever since Lord Lugard era, Nigeria has been an underdeveloped nation. A member of the dark continent. Don't come here to lie to us.
Some of these jokers speak as if Jonathan is the genesis & revelation of problem. From Mungo Park to Lord Lugard how far?
From d day Lord Lugard discovered till date, Nigeria has been in darkness. No Nigerian leader dead or alive was able to do 4000MW +
If your soup finishes before your eba, then you'll never be a good manager" ~ Lord Lugard"
“Saw ur pic at d independence carnival wiv lord lugard see this old man?? You wey vote for SDP in 1993”
Those ones will stay claiming that they 'built' Lagos. I'm tired. Lord Lugard caused this nonsense. WE don't love ourselves
The worst thing that has ever happened to this country is Lord Lugard's amalgamation...
Enjoy the Lord Lugard Swag, the Dapper Classics, the Portmanteau Chic, the 60’s Serene at the
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lol its just bants sha. I know you're old. You wey dey arrange babe for Lord Lugard those days.
Man is happiest after taking a good dump - Lord Lugard 1980
Sir lord lugard"Who was the first PERSON to eat Indomie In Nigeria ___?
lool. at least we don't worship lord lugard or Nnamdi Azikiwe.
I pray God will keep punishing Lord Lugard for that stupid Amalgamation, God created us One Nigeria and a fool...
The Only Side of Nigerian History we were taught in school was the Amalgamation by Lord Lugard and other stupid...
Blame Lord Lugard for the problems and challenges facing Nigeria – Walter Carrington Yet, in spite of provocati...
"How can it be called pre-marital sex when you don't intend to get married?" - Lord Lugard 1909
“Lord beat up the guard that was taking him to the detention center. Lord Lugard.”"
Seun that was following Lord Lugard when they wanted to do amalgamation.
We can't wake every day moaning about Lord Lugard's stupidity in marrying North & South. We must find strength in our diversity.
Rochas Okorocha says the Lord have told him he will be President. Shey na Lord lugard abi Lord of Ajasa?
Reading up on pre-Nigeria and the Lord Lugard era would make you sick to your stomach
Heck, what if.Lord Lugard had taken another course of action in place of amalgamation?
In fact, we still went to disturb the spirit of Lord Lugard with Centenary award, I'm sure Jaja of Opobo was like "Yinmu"
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We'll trade blames from why did Mungo Park even discover River Niger, to Lady Shaw was Lord Lugard's side chick while the country burns.
Most def. “Lord lugard must've left Nigeria as a billionaire.”
Lord lugard must've left Nigeria as a billionaire.
Good Day, Do you agree with Lord Lugard's assessment of us?
Lord Lugard's House - The building was his residence throughout the period of the Amalgation.
Amalgamation House - where Lord Lugard declared the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorates of Nigeria in 1914
Lord Lugard in1913"Says who?"Its allowed *** be using styles to enter my DM nowadays."""
PHOTO: The First primary school in Lokoja and also Sculpture of Flora Shaw and Lord Lugard in Lokoja. RT
smh smh, since we are apportioning blames, why don't we go far back as 1914, call out Lord Lugard and burn him at the stake ?
~The port was built in 1912, but not given a name until August 1913 ,Lord Lugard named it after Vernom Harcourt
In the 1890s, British Journalist Flora Shaw, later wife of Lord Frederick Lugard, suggests the name "Nigeria" after the great Niger River.
LORD LUGARD.. 1872"Dealers that mix weed with grass can't make heaven."
The project will begin from Mount Patti which houses the iconic rest house of Lord Lugard in Lokoja /2
you can't spell Lugard with two Gs Jeez (alliteration) "In 1912, Indirect rule was established in Nigeria by Sir Lord Luggard."
One thing that I have to thank Lord Lugard for is shaping Nigeria like a tennis bat.
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"Na him babe na Lord Lugard was apparently screwing Flora Shaw."
Amalgamation, naming of NGR.. All Started after a drunken night "Apparently? "Lord Lugard was apparently screwing Flora Shaw
Arsenal : disappointing her fans since the time of Lord Lugard
BRIEF HISTORY OF OKUN PEOPLE Okun people are Yoruba descendants in Kogi state. Kogi is a multi ethnic state and Okun people are up to 20% of its population, smaller than the other two major completely different tribes, Igala and Ebira. Okun people spread across six local government areas in Kogi State, known as Kabba-Bunu, Yagba-West, Yagba-East, Mopa-Muro, Ìjùmú and Lokoja local government Areas. They speak varied dialects…Owé, Ìyàgbà, Ìjùmú, Bùnú and Oworo, but their language is generally called Okun, Okun has become a form of greeting among them. They understand one another to a greater extent and large numbers of them speak Yoruba. Their dialects are influenced by various factors. Such factor is that Kogi state shares boundaries with Kwara, Ondo, Ekiti, Niger, Benue, Nassarawa, Anambra, Enugu, Edo and Abuja. Also, The Nupe wars of the 19th century and interaction with the Hausas due to geographical zoning left an indelible mark on the Okun people and their dialects. According to oral sou ...
Lord Lugard left Lagos to start Hong Kong. Now compare the two cities!
if u blame BUHARI for not building 2nd niger bridge u can also blame Tafawa Balewa even lord Lugard over it.
"I saw u being colonised again by Lord LugardLol. “Which teem do you saw winning this march?
Lord Frederick Lugard was the first Governor-General of Nigeria from 1914-1919. True or False?
"Who is Flora Shaw? she is wife of lord lugard, she also gave us the name nigeria
Nigeria is a Fraud...God punish lord lugard
Happy women are sexually satisfied women, cranky women are sexually starved women ~ Lord Lugard
No matter the weight of an elephant, E no fit cause earthquake - Lord Lugard, 1915
Nigeria's centenary celebration fail to recognise Ikot Abasi, the town where the amalgamation was signed by Lord Lugard in 1914.
Lord Lugard’s Residence: The materials used in constructing d building were imported from England. The residence is located in d Lokoja LGA.
Lord Lugard’s Residence & Office: This colonial monument was Lord Lugard’s first residence & office in Nigeria. It was constructed in 1901.
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Lord Lugard Dual Mandate Policy destroyed Africa completely. The history of colonialism & the rape of the African continent is shocking.
this is a well thought well written. Article and total truth lord lugard said they are fatalist
If souls rest in peace, May that of lord lugard not rest in peace... AY Babsolat
good mornin, pls how do I get to Lord Lugard avenue at Ikoyi from Obalende or Cms? Pls its very urgent. Thanks
PHOTO of the day Lord Lugard amalgamated Northern & Southern Nigeria & Lagos on January 1, 1914
ha! sir fredick lord lugard nd flora. shaw.the biological parent of my. beloved nation(NIGERIA).surely. dey wil...
"The longer the Beans stays in the pot, with constant 'warming', the sweeter the Beans gets" - Sir Lord Lugard (1916).
At 105 years, Nigeria should be glad Lord Lugard ordered for the establishment of a school to nurture the leaders of the colony
and nature has a reason for bringing us together. Not lord Lugard. We can live together in peace. In unity we can progress
NOT EBOLA, BUT LLV Lord lugard virus.LLV is an emotional leech with subtle symptoms such as (cont)
"Let nobody use their Reggae to spoil your blues" - Lord Lugard (1915 (right after the amalgamation))
Regardless, by 1903, Lord Lugard complained that the RNC's barter trade was hindering the adoption of coins in Northern Nigeria.
ZERO accountability, nobody asking the right questions, politicians getting fatter. God will sha punish Lord Lugard in his grave
Gov Kwankwaso. that document has to be renegotiated, Lord Lugard said so. The President derive his powers from
oga when are you doing Lord Lugard's biography? That, man was a serious racist.
The Amalgamation House in was where Lord Lugard declared the amalgamation of Northern & Southern Protectorates of in 1914
lord lugard of England and master of English language pls I'm not in English language exams hall
| Zungeru Historical Site - Sites include Lord Lugard's Villa, the Colonial Market and Prisons and Military Cemetery.
When some people call GEJ dumb,. I don't blame them. . This man gave awards to Lord Lugard and Abacha!
A visit to Lord Lugard's rest house😃
Series 6: Lord Sir Frederick Lugard & Royal Niger Company “the creator of Nigeria” Must read how the Fraud was made!
Photo is from 1/1/1914, the day Lord Lugard merged Northern & Southern Nigeria, & Lagos h…
"The LORD is compassionate & gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love. Psalm 103:8" lugard
pls google the dual mandate report by Lord lugard page 71 n c eat he says about a Nigerian... Sadly it's still d case today
| Lord Lugard Colonial Ruins, Zungeru - was also the birthplace of Nigeria's first president, Nnamdi Azikiwe.
| Lord Lugard Colonial Ruins - Among the graves is that of one Dr AA Smith, founder of the West African Frontier Forces.
| Lord Lugard Colonial Ruins - a cemetery containing 100 graves belonging to white colonial aides to the governor-general.
| Lord Lugard Colonial Ruins, Zungeru - amalgamation site of the Northern and the Southern Protectorates of Nigeria.
| Lord Lugard Colonial Ruins, Zungeru - was Lord Lugard's colonial secretariat before it moved to Kaduna.
| Lord Lugard’s Residence and Office - The residence is located in the Lokoja LGA.
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| Baro Empire Hill and Port - At the top of the hill lie the remains of Lord Fredrick Lugard's first headquaters.
So when the world was fighting world war 1, Lord Lugard was doing over sabi here bah? Forming amalgam up and down.
Neva 4 once tot I had it, lived every moment as I disregard it, now like a colony, I Lord Lugard it, me no Jet Li, tho I bodyguard it.
Something like Lord Lugard made a mistake in
Lord lugard should never have made that move in 1914,But I still believe in d efficacy of the power of God.
I think the challenge is in our sense of NATIONALISM. Lord Lugard created Nigeria, we are yet to define Nigerians!
''Anyone who graduated without witnessing strike has never been to nigeria"-Lord Lugard(1904)"
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