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Lord Lucan

Richard John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan (born 1934), popularly known as Lord Lucan, a British peer and suspected murderer, disappeared without trace early on 8 November 1974. He was born in Marylebone, the elder son of George Bingham, 6th Earl of Lucan and Kaitlin Elizabeth Anne Dawson.

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'Lucan' first look: Christopher Eccleston in ITV's Lord Lucan drama
Big shout out to all the beady eye/oasis/liam fans & all mods in general going to see the main man in action tonight in his warm up gig in the olympia before the main event tomorrow night :) Ps : tell Liamy G "ar kid's" are coming to get him tomorrow night. We'll see you lot Saturday night in the Lord Lucan
On this day in History 0921 - Treaty of Bonn: East France & West France recognize each other. 1519 - University of Leuven convicts teaching of Luther. 1665 - 1st edition of "London Gazette". 1820 - James Monroe elected 5th US president. 1872 - Mary Celeste sails from NY to Genoa; found abandoned 4 weeks later. 1918 - United Press erroneously reports WW I armistice had been signed. 1932 - 1st broadcast of "Buck Rogers in the 25th century" on CBS-radio. 1941 - British air attack on Berlin, Mannheim & Ruhrgebied. 1954 - US spy plane shot down North of Japan. 1967 British heavyweight champion Henry Cooper beat challenger Billy Walker to become the only boxer to win three Lonsdale Belts outright. 1974 Lord Lucan mysteriously disappeared following the murder of his children's nanny and a serious assault on his wife. 1976 - "Gone With the Wind" televised. 1997 Despite him being instrumental in their overnight phenomenal international success, British group 'The Spice Girls' sacked their creator and manager Simon ...
Many many thanks to Diane Todd "radio Pembrokeshires very own Miss Marple!" For finding my car keys in the back end of the store room She's now out searching for Lord Lucan and Shergar tomorrow! Diane you are a legend Thank you and also all the rest of the team who helped me search for them yesterday afternoon. Genuinely Appreciated !
I know you're the MP for Tatton, but who actually does the job? I've seen Lord Lucan here more often than you
The Holy Grail, Atlantis, the location of Lord Lucan, the boundary of the Black Country etc etc
42 with Tara! . 1. Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert died aged 42; they had 42 grandchildren and their great-grandson, Edward VIII, abdicated at the age of 42. 2. The world's first book printed with movable type is the Gutenberg Bible which has 42 lines per page. 3. On page 42 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry discovers he's a wizard. 4. The first time Douglas Adams essayed the number 42 was in a sketch called "The Hole in the Wall Club". In it, comedian Griff Rhys Jones mentions the 42nd meeting of the Crawley and District Paranoid Society. 5. Lord Lucan's last known location was outside 42 Norman Road, Newhaven, East Sussex. 6. The Doctor Who episode entitled "42" lasts for 42 minutes. 7. Titanic was travelling at a speed equivalent to 42km/hour when it collided with an iceberg. 8. The marine battalion 42 Commando insists that it be known as "Four two, Sir!" 9. In east Asia, including parts of China, tall buildings often avoid having a 42nd floor because of tetraphobia – fear of ...
I went a little overboard on my Friday trip to the library -- usually I don't get any more books than I can comfortably read in 3 weeks, bearing in mind books I may already be reading from my TBR pile -- but I think yesterday's haul exceeded that. Books borrowed from the library: On Cats, by Doris Lessing. The author's memoir of her life with cats. Even if the subject of the book hadn't been calling my name, I would have picked it up just for the lovely water color wash painting of a cat on the front. The Girls of Slender Means, by Muriel Spark. I may have already read this one but at this point I don't remember things that well. A novel by one of my favorite and most biting writers about young women living and working in London immediately after WWII. Aiding and Abetting, by Muriel Spark. I believe this is one of the last books Spark wrote. Lord Lucan disappeared after his alleged attempted murder his wife and the actual murder of their childrens nanny. This is in fact a real person and a real cas ...
No surprise no one recognises Prince Andrew at Buck House, he's more elusive than Lord Lucan
Today's the anniversary of Elvis being picked up in a UFO by Lord Lucan and flown through the Bermuda triangle to Atlantis.
Rory Kinnear to star in ITV drama as Lord Lucan who, scarily, was a childhood pal of Jonathan Miller's! See my Miller biography
I thought it was Lord Lucan, who was making a surprise appearance on the acoustic stage with Billy Bragg
More appointments at Newcastle.Stuart Hall is now youth development officer, Lord Lucan is chief scout, Shergar is new mascot, fitness coach is Razor Ruddock,Tax adviser is Ken Dodd and Pete Docherty is in charge of drug testing.hello Championship!
19th June 1306 The Earl of Pembroke's army defeated Robert the Bruce's Scottish army at the Battle of Methven, west of Perth. 1566 King James VI of Scotland and I of England was born. 1809 Curwen's Act was passed in Britain, to prevent the sale of parliamentary seats, thus decreasing the number of seats which the British government could manipulate for its regular supporters. 1829 Robert Peel's Act was passed, to establish a new police force in London and its suburbs. 1861 Douglas Haig, British field-marshal was born. 1917 The British royal family renounced the German names and titles of Saxe-Coburg, (responding to anti-German sentiment) and became Windsor. 1925 The birth of Charlie Drake, slapstick English comedian. 1961 Kuwait declared its independence from the United Kingdom after which the state's oil industry saw unprecedented economic growth. 1970 Edward Heath became the new British prime minister. 1975 An inquest jury decided that the missing Lord Lucan murdered the 29-year-old nanny of his three y ...
maybe concoct a plan that's similar to the fates of Amelia Earhart, Lord Lucan & Jimmy Hoffa? We can't find'em, don't pay'em
Neil "I'm not going to discount anything going forward." Santa Claus, Loch Ness Monster, Lord Lucan riding Shergar
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...As my domicile is a lost things vortex, I wouldn't be surprised if Lord Lucan & Glen Miller lived in my spare room, unaware & rent free..
lord Lucan left and I dropped off phone still in hand
then they all fell asleep. It was deafly silent. Beautiful. Just found lord Lucan in my bedroom
Amazing what ends up behind furniture. I reckon Shergar, Lord Lucan & my marbles are behind settees somewhere
Did you know jimmy saville was a peodo n that lord lucan is still missing. thats in mondays papers too lol
lot are normal bloody normal. *snigger* in other news, Lord Lucan been spotted in Aldi.
Might have 'Lord Lucan' printed on the back of next season's replica shirt
hmm, we shall talk sha! I don't even remember being near Lord lucan yesterday lol
:D its called shisha I.e. flavored water with heat lol btw I saw u yesterday bside lord lucan
Sorry my dear for my lord lucan like disappearance n non reply, the demon drink had taken hold n sadly i nodded off !
You can't libel the dead, or those off television so long they might as well be dead, I heard he made Shergar and Lord Lucan mate
Also in 1980 I bought "Lord Lucan is missing" by the Dodgems. Still hoping Lucan may turn up & the record will be a gold mine on eBay.
I just think its weird that we never heard a thing until there was a picture of Lord Lucan
sounds good but more likely to see Lord Lucan riding Shergar.
He found £1.07 & a shirt collar plastic thing! But no sign of Lord Lucan there though ;-)
Tunbridge Wells' answer to Lord Lucan raises his head above the parapet! U have 2 facial expressions
Hello Claude, what about Lord Lucan? He's been hiding from his family since 1974.
You don't think drinking den habitué Lord Lucan's murder of his nanny means: no inherited wealth, no £££ booze?
My God, and are Elvis and Lord Lucan dead also? I think not. By the way neither is Princess Diana. Or John Lennon. Or anyone.
he's like lord Lucan at times they ll write another book what ever happened to Roger Eli
Lord Lucan. Drawing one about a series of 20th century crimes
so lord lucan hasn't been found in ibrox canteen eating shergar. And I heard that from a reliable source too
4 minutes until Lord Lucan rides into Ibrox on Shergar.
I heard Lord Lucan's our next manager.
Only 15 minutes until Rangers announce that Lord Lucan has signed a pre-contract deal & will be joining the club on 1st September.
One of loveliest areas: without the Lord.
Hermit caught after 27 years in Maine woods No, not Lord Lucan.
I heard Lord Lucan has resurrected and is coming. He's still looking for a ticket though
mark probably more chance of lord Lucan winning milo or beating Tricey off next peg but there is always hope
Good luck on that, DP. Tying that bluenose down is like playing Cupid to Lord Lucan and Scarlet Pimpernell!
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Whatever happened to Andre Dirrell? That bloke has been missing longer than lord Lucan, last I heard he was doing a lot of sparring.
Shergar & Lord Lucan found in payor mad mento raids oan 'at newco Rangers castle greyskull zombie hoose!
Old Geezer Radio - This week in view with Terry and Neil discussing WOW petition, Lord Lucan, the humble Garden shed and we have
Wonder if they'll also find Lord Lucan & Shergar in the bowls of ibrokes?
During a benefit concert for Lord Lucan.
I was wondering where Lord Lucan was.
Or Lord Lucan product of an errant feckless aristocracy
think you're more likely to get a reply from Lord Lucan mate!
Just what does Lord Lucan think he's on???
.and your virginity. Then again, there is more chance of finding Nemo or even Lord Lucan, I suppose!
and should we judge all Eton schoolboys by the actions of Lord Lucan? Were his actions a product of that upbringing & education?
and of course you guys know notheing about Lord Lucan, Shergar or the JFK assassination do you?
Although your right, your opinion isn't welcome, do us all a favour & do a 'Lord Lucan'!!!
lord Lucan, mark thatcher, if they took peerages off people we would have to have elected 2nd chamber
And neither did they know who Lord Lucan and Shergar were! Tempus fugit!
This is what editing does -- 'Are you sure it's not zombie Robin Hood firing arrows made out of Lord Lucan's flaming chest hair?'
Attempting to get in touch with the Brother. Would be easier to get in touch with Lord Lucan.
- 'blige - that's a big bugger - has it been looked after by Lord Lucan?
Aren't they sensational? Both of them look like Lord Lucan.
was the moustachio'd puppet Freddie Mercury or lord lucan?
I think he was Lord Lucan in another life!!
Only just remebered this, but I went to a *** pub with Lady Di and Freddie Mercury. We were taken in a flying saucer piloted by Lord Lucan.
More chance of finding Lord Lucan than finding Paterson's elusive bTB Scientists!
You've got more chance of Lord Lucan riding into work on Shergar! X
so is Lord Lucan and others , does that mean they were abducted?
That news in full. Thatcher: dead. Franco: dead. Pope: new. Kate: expecting. Ariel Sharon: in coma. Lord Lucan: missing. Shergar: burgers.
Top 10 At 10: In today's featured year, Lord Lucan disappeared, Tom Baker took over as Dr Who and Red Rum won...
If think the Philpotts represent 'Welfare UK' then are all upper class men murderers like Lord Lucan?
Wolves win three in a row, currently out looking for the four horsemen of the apocalypse and Lord Lucan riding Shergar!
On the October 3rd 2011, Lord Lucan was found in Noel Edmonds' wheelie bin frantically eating a yoghurt using a shard of broken...
Who does Jamie Bryson think he is. Lord Lucan bah
So, let's be clear then, Nick Clegg is not not aware of the alleged misdeeds of Lord R/tuition fee unhappiness/plans to send his child to an independent school/Chris Huhne/the identity of the fifth Beatle/Cyril Smith/wherabouts of Lord Lucan (possible consumed by Lord R?). That gives me great confidence.
I have just seen Lord Lucan he is alive and well and having a few socials in the Village Inn
Lord Lucan had Shurgar in his Lasagne,Halle Berry got Black Beauty, when Roker Park snuffs it thats when i stop eating Lasagne
If they keep digging up that car park they might find Lord Lucan.
Remember the Y2K bug that never was? What are your memories of 1999. Share with Dave Pearce on air now.
Just heard on the 10 pm news headlines on Real there that people think that Lord Lucan had been seen in the Isle of Eig wonder who whiskf him away then?
A POLICE report seen by the victims son reveals the playboy peer fled to the island of Eigg and hid near the ruins of a monastery on the tiny island.
I helped Lord Lucan live a secret life in Africa via
If I admit I killed Lord Lucan will it end?'
New testament business meetings would have allowed for a roulette wheel. - Acts 1:26
Just drove past goodison and theres washing up liquid everywhere,,oh i know why that is,,, there BUBBLE HAS JUST BURST LOL (K)
Spotted Lord Lucan in the ladies casual wear department on the way out
Whole day spent sorting out my garage . Found some great things , some old things and lord Lucan
Today's sightings in the field opposite partridge, red grouse and a Dauphin AS365 helicopter. Tell you what it's non-stop here in Ragnall...
remote Police feared Lord Lucan of his family's had fled to murder of in aftermath Scottish island nanny
Ah well, as long as we beat the English!
Police feared Lord Lucan had fled to remote Scottish island in aftermath of murder of his family's nanny: Intern...
We are the north bank, we are are the north bank emirates!!!
Well, you learn something new about Eigg every day! Apparently Lord Lucan hid out at Kildonan.
my treble - villa survival, Ashes vicory and Lord Lucan found running a Bunga Bunga bar in Rochdale
He who sups with the devil should have a long spoon
Lord Lucan could have escaped to Scotland in fresh claims
Morning Lord Lucan! And Andros is only on loan so he still could be a star for us.
Daily Record has article on whereabouts of Lord Lucan. Must be a quiet news day.
This is rather tedious now trying to find a bloody tap for a tea urn. It's like trying to find lord Lucan on a unicorn
Is it coincidence that Lord Lucan disappeared around the same time that Queen became a big deal?? Just saying...
So, Lord Lucan fled to Eigg the Scottish island off Fort William . Population of 100 didn't notice?
Lord Lucan ‘fled to Eigg’, police report claims: LORD Lucanfled to a tiny Scottish island after the murder of th...
Lord Lucan 'fled to Eigg' after nanny murder, says newly-disclosed police report
England 9/2 for the Grand Slam, better odds on finding Lord Lucan riding Shergar.
DR front-page says Lord Lucan fled to Eigg. Can't say I blame him. After handing out that embargo to RFC he'll be bricking it
Saturday morning, sun in shining, cleaned the inside of my car, now settling down with my dinner ready for football focus...a proper saturday so far!
Lord Lucan was considered for the role of James Bond!!
“Lord Lucan mystery: Everyone knows he lives in my ironing pile!
front page of today's Record says you're harbouring Lord Lucan!
Great game England, well done! Kenya were fantastic and unlucky to loose. Great for both teams to beat the Kiwi's on home soil.
STFC. Be interesting to see who turns up to sit in the Shed of a Directors Box at Creepy Crawley today. Question will it be The Old Board - Lord Lucan and the new Board - Mickey Mouse - Donald Duck or the Grim Reaper. Yours guess is as good as mine
That's a lot of news to read this morning. Currently on Lord lucan.. Working my way through.
What's the chances of beef being found in McDonald's burgers!
Well if you will frequent Shergar King what do you expect - and don't say the Spanish Inquisition or Lord Lucan!
indeed. Lord Lucan. Next week they'll have an exclusive on which came first - the chicken, or the egg.
On today's front page, we reveal the Scottish hideaway of Lord Lucan.
There is probably a LOT of things under there, socks, the remote, Lord Lucan.
The Boeing 787, Andy Carroll, Lord Lucan and Shergar. There's a joke in there somewhere.
Your more likely to see Lord Lucan riding Shergar than me on the tube on a Friday evening. Addison Lee is far better...
Guess who's about to disassemble the washing machine... :-(
Need your help guys, i don't like unanswered things lol i have and a number of drivers from work have been added by Edward brown, and no one knows who he is, can anyone enlighten me plz
Unemployed Ken said his boxer dog Madge found the 6lb lump of ambergris, which could be worth £100,000
Today I am 37! I'm making the most of saying this, as tomorrow I will be 38! I've even found a mint at the bottom of my bag to prove I AM getting old!
Lord Lucan came back from obscurity as Freddie Mercury and then got done up the chocolate and caught AIDS of the ***
Sorry for not updating quicker - Peter Houston has left by mutual consent. Rumour is that Steve Kean might be new Dundee United manager, he was seen leaving Tannadice at 6pm.
Love being let down at the last minute on a Sat night! "Mates" for ya
In one of those moods where even the most stupid things wind me up!!!
I've seen something to make a rocking horse number 2 look as common as sand on a beach. a gritter out and about on the roads in stafford. We'll be finding Lord Lucan in The Sun next
We are no taking advanced bookings for up to 60ft berths for narrowboats in our brand new marina. Private location up to 14 berths All amenities available CCTV wifi on site showers and toilets. Completion will be July 2013 Call me for details
Any poker fans living in the lucan area , im goin to be starting a new poker league based out of the lord lucan , its starting on 7th of February and all are welcome !!cheap and cheerful buy in and its a freeze out - games on tonite and next Thursday (non league) also , for info pm me :-)
Finally found riders on the storm on the club juke box. the doorsr feckin mint.
not another weekend away thats free and ends up costing best part of £300!!
NUTS!! went to bed early as I couldn't keep my eyes open...2.55 a.m. BING! woke up can't get the buggers to stay shut now!!! woe is me!!!
In the context of Jack The Ripper, Lord Lucan etc., conspiracy theories are still in their infancy. Could be years & years to run.
Just hearing that reporters are researching Suarez family tree in the hope of finding Jack the Ripper and Lord Lucan
Osama Bin Laden won an award before he died - Worlds 2nd Greatest Hide & Seek Champion, Lord Lucan is still in first place
I'd like to rule myself, Bobby Davro and Lord Lucan out of the running too before all the 'speculation' starts!
The Lord Lucan would like to invite all Lucan United and friends to food and music after their intermediate game on the 4th of January. Spot prizes on the night will be 2 match tickets for Manchester United v Real Madrid on the 4th of March at Old Trafford. Come and support Lucan take on local team Guards in Westmanstown at 7.45 Free bus leaves Lord Lucan at 7.30 and returns after game.
Folks. Just a reminder that our Christmas Party is tomorrow night in the Lord Lucan at 9pm. Players, Parents and Friends all welcome. We hope to make a special presentation to our 3 lads Conor Masterson, Brandon Payne and Sean Whelan who beat Italian giants Juventus 3-0 playing for Ireland in Qatar this week.
Twirral, Lord Lucan, Shergar, Glen Miller and all live together at
Just had an amazing DM from Lord Lucan over there.
Me and stevie wonder playing Carmen Sandiego and lord Lucan at hide and seek doubles. That's what I compare finding a game on FIFA to.
Peter Ustinov – huge character, very interesting with lots of stories to tell and Poirot would get the truth from Lord Lucan
Lord Lucan – because I love a mystery and would love to know what really happened?
Clarrie has run off to Lord Lucan, riding Shergar
Looking forward to seeing pigs fly, the abominable snowman, the Loch Ness monster, lord Lucan and the Royals beat Arsenal.
Might send off the form to update my details and put that I've married Lord Lucan with whom I have a daughter, Shergar.
I got ridiculously excited by that Lord Lucan Is Alive story. Turns out to be some bloke plugging his bloody novel. Tsk.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
For all those asking: Lord Lucan is fine, Shergar is looking well & the crew of the Marie Celeste send their regards
it would be a nightmare if I bumped in to you Lord Lucan, where are you?
And so farewell Jack Hanlon, child actor of the silent screen. You starred in the "Our Gang" series and had a role in Buster Keaton's "The General" (one of my favourite movies). Nobody voted for you here because we all probably thought you were already dead. Makes you wonder who else might still be alive, doesn't it?
"the man known as “Lucky” who faked his own death after brutally bludgeoning  his childrens’ nanny to death has been.."
"Prince Charles this morning denied having met with Lucan"
It was Shergar being ridden by Lord Lucan on a grassy knoll that should have won. Crazy conspiracy theories
I didn't know Lord Lucan played tennis?
" Lucan has been regularly visited by  family and friends, including memebers of the British Royal Family. "
All the criticism of what's happened to El Ghanassy? We've seen as much of Lord Lucan as we have of him.
lord Lucan found shagging Shergar under the marble staircase wearing Walters cardie!!
If only Lord Lucan had watched "The Sound Of Music". Because there's a right way and a wrong way to see to the Nanny.
Mind you, in the Leinster's try-scoring boots are currently being fought over by Lord Lucan and Shergar.
"After nearly 40 years in hiding, infamous toff, gambler, and womaniser Lord Lucan has been found alive."
If you are a member of the firm a freemason doctor judge policeman cleric live in Jersey north wales or knew lord Lucan :}
The Spectator looks like it must be great fun to write, as it seems to be written after boozy lunch with Lord Lucan & James Jesus Angleton
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Other peculiar highlights of yesterday included an ale called Lord Lucan with his face on the pump. Mystery solved!
its just been on the news has been found with lord lucan and shergar. They've all been missing for the same time
Apparently Lord Lucan has been getting a few games for the North Islamd
“Tonight we're going to party like it's 1899 cc - looks like you have found Lord Lucan?
i thought he had started more chance of seeing Lord Lucan round there
I was offered a choice See Roddy working or Lord Lucan riding Shergar
I wonder when the UVF will come out and reveal were they buried lord lucan and shergar
Shergar's been found carrying Lord Lucan, The Loch Ness Monster's been sighted and even more crazy, QPR are winning a football match!
Lord Lucan still in hiding tonite...
Been on run, litter everywhere, wondering what's harder 2 find, lord Lucan or someone who goes 2 Macdonalds and puts their rubbish in a bin!
Theory of the week -  "Arnold Schwarzenegger killed Lord Lucan?"
just call me lord Lucan!! Guna check my bank in a min. Fingers crossed my love!!!
Ooh look, that's Lord Lucan in the florescent bib!
Walk The Line, a Johhny Cash tribute band are playing in The Lord Lucan pub. They're very good.🎶🎶🎶
Off to try & finish Ash by James Herbert, liking it very much so far. Wonder what really happened to Lord Lucan...
Due to the rink not thinking we are important they have put us on pad two at an earlier time of 11:45-13:45 due to a boxing match being on pad 1!! anyway the good point is that we can hold the AGM with everybody after the practice so everyone can have some input. Have a good Christmas and see you all in the new year.
Does anyone think Newcastle can get anything against Manchester City? City will obviously start favourites but you never know what can happen in football and surprise results happen. / James
A GRANDDAD was left stunned when he rang up to ask why his benefits had been stopped – only to be told he had been declared dead.
Evidence suggesting another man was at Lord Lucan's house at the time of the family nanny's murder, is uncovered by the BBC.
BBC 1 - Tonight at 7.30pm: Inside Out investigates psychic Stephen Holbrook, with the help of grassroots skeptics like Michael MArshall of the Merseyside Skeptics Society. Do tune in.
Looking for Lord Lucan. New revelations on tonight's BBC Inside Out South East and London at 19:30
The man could have been a boyfriend of one of the women in the property where Sandra Rivett was bludgeoned to death in 1974.
New Lord Lucan 'mystery man' evidence The peer disappeared in 1974 aged 39 and was declared dead in 1999. His body was never found A written statement from Lord Lucan's sister suggesting another man was at his house around the time of the murder of the family nanny has been uncovered. Lady Sarah Gibbs told police at the time the Lucans' young daughters talked about a "boyfriend" at the home, BBC Inside Out has learned. The 7th Earl of Lucan vanished after the death of Sandra Rivett in 1974 and an inquest found that he murdered her. His brother Hugh Bingham has called for the evidence to be looked at afresh. In the statement from November 1974, Lady Sarah said her four-year-old niece Lady Camilla Bingham told of a mystery man who sometimes slept in "nanny's room and nanny sleeps with us" and sometimes slept in "mummy's - she's got a gigantic bed". Lady Sarah, who died in 2001, said in the statement: "We were talking about home, that is 46 Lower Belgrave Street and Camilla said the boyfriend always stays up ...
Well its a dead rubber in Dortmund tonight, and suprisingly, City have a named a strong team. Hart, Maicon, Kompany, Lescott, Nastasic, Nasri, Garcia, Barry, Dzeko, Tevez, and the Lord Lucan-esque...SCOTT SINCLAIR!! WOO HOO!
Weston HC - Christmas Draw Tickets have now been distributed - Please make every effort to sell as many as you can. The draw will take place Dec 15th in the Lord Lucan, if anyone has raffle prizes for the draw please give them to Zoe Davis (Ladies) or Jon Long (Mens). Thanks Mairéad :)
Wondering if Harry Houdini, Lord Lucan or Rip Van Winkle will be in tomorrow.
Lord Lucan having tea with Jimmy Hoffa and Glenn Miller
I bumped into Lord Lucan today. I asked him had he seen Park Chu Young?
Lord Lucan, Ozzy Osborne, Mr Blobby and Joe Pasqualle. After all they don't have to have great knowledge for THAT gig
I see Gordon Taylor is quick to weigh on to Clattenburg debate. When it was players investigated I thought he was Lord Lucan..
i generally manage to hide my thoughts when I`m out and about . If someone walks across my path , or otherwise annoys me , I at most mutter under my breath . But I was walking along the promenade at Great Yarmouth [ faded seaside resort ] , when I called out , " No ," so loudly that two teenage girls turned round to look . What couldn`t I believe ? It was donkey rides for children , on the beach on Nov 1st . As unexpected as meeting Lord Lucan .
THE Americans are to retalliate for us not extraditing Gary McKinnon: they're going to find Lord Lucan and keep him.
there'd be more chance of seeing Lord Lucan ride Shergar down Horse guards parade.
Watching programme about Lord Lucan. Looks just like Freddie Mercury.
Fred Digance didnt ask the most important question in his programme tonight.."was Lord Lucan really Freddie Mercury?"
It seems yet another victim of Jimmy Savile has come forward, having just recalled the time she watched him AND Gary Glitter having sex with young girls. And she's only just remembered that? Yet she's also conveniently forgotten that backstage at the very same time, Jonathan King was buggering Little Jimmy Osmond, Lord Lucan was mahnandling Red Rum, Bruce Lee and Elvis Presley were having a naked Kung Fu fight, Cyril Fletcher was giving Esther Rantzen a mouthful of his "amusing anecdote", Derek from the Bay City Rollers was taking artistic polaroids of Bonnie Langford and Lena Zavaroni and Maggie Philbin was, to put it politely, "pulling a wheelie" on John Craven's Chopper.
News flash all people from cramlington going to benidorm this weekend will have the luxury of your plane crew being, captain buddy holly, co pilots ricky valance and the big bopper. Special guest on board Lord Lucan and Elvis Presley. Food by humpty dumpty's mother and father (sam and ella), bingo will be played (20 blind pilot, one it own this parachute). So heres me wishing you a good trip ***
Bugger, was banking on the Lord Lucan thing *deletes email to The Sun*... But glad to hear youre a smiley donkey :)
Gone public with what? I'm not on FB. Come out the closet? 3rd nipple? You shot JFK? You're Lord Lucan? What?
Liam Neeson tracks down Lord Lucan and brings him home
Lord Lucan drowned himself in the English Channel? Or wishful thinking?
Lucan AED scheme launching Thurs 13th Sept at 8pm at Lord Lucan. Should be a great night and all welcome. We will soon have one of the safe…
Lord Lucan is "potentially FINDABLE" as his body hasn't been found but do YOU think he is alive?
did he say this while sharing a cigar with Lord Lucan and riding Shergar!!!
ah I see is the modern day Lord Lucan? Now you see me, now you don't!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
ye il meet ye outside the lord Lucan again ?
I think there is more chance of Lord Lucan signing for LUFC than this so called take-over going through
A magazine here says "Interview with Lord Lucan's son" on the cover. Isn't he also Lord Lucan? That would've been a much better headline!
that's what they said about Lord Lucan
Where are you? I feel like I'm trying to track down Lord Lucan.
The posters are up for AED Responder Scheme Launch. Thurs 8pm Lord Lucan. All Welcome!
Rumour has it aka Lord Lucan is available for selection this week...tough choices for the gaffer!!!
Lord Lucan's son George Bingham tells of agony over 'lies' of father's escape to Africa
lord Lucan, and then they went for a ride on shergar...
Ha ha !! Come to think of it am sure have js seen lord lucan walking down the road :-)
I think there'd be more chance of Lord Lucan turning up...
Rumours about my father's disappearance pushed me to the brink of a nervous ...: Lord Lucan's son has revealed h...
I have come to work without my laptop. I would have been less surprised if I had come without trousers, or opened bag to reveal Lord Lucan.
Today's account of the death of Lord Lucan by his son was pure Beau Geste. Just needed the motorboat set alight for the full viking send-off
“I think you'll find she's Lord Lucan.” WOW!!!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I think you'll find she's Lord Lucan.
Daily Mirror have announced after the success of this weeks Lord Lucan piece, they'll follow it up next week with pieces on
Breaking News:- Lord Lucan just discovered in the back of our garage.His first words "Have England got Amla out yet?"
Cllr Gray's attitude sounds like a contrast to the 3 Lib Dems in St Jude's. Like Lord Lucan.
Conspiracy theories about France shootings getting out of hand. The mysterious cyclist? RAF man? Mossad? And where does Lord Lucan fit in?
Today I got confused in a newsagents and thought Alex Jennings was on the front of The Mirror. Turns out to be Lord Lucan's son
Do you think Lord drowned in the channel?
Just another one of rumours going around,at this rate Lord Lucan will be linked with us
Do you think Lord Lucan drowned in the English Channel?
fantastic Lord Lucan scoop today and yesterday mate
Mirror saved up Lord Lucan scoop for months in hope of a sales bounce post summer. Sadly not to be but great to see them come out punching.
Lord Lucan does nothing for Mirror's Saturday sale, despite TV ads. Seems the old 'uns aren't the good 'uns after all. Still a good hit.
I once met an elderly lady in Skipton who claimed to have had dinner with him in Africa post vanishing:
Still on a quest to find Lord Lucan ...
Glad to see you find wasting your time funny! Yes, I'm Lord Lucan really So what else? No black-belt? No motorcycle?
Has the mystery finally been solved? Lord Lucan committed suicide in the English Channel claims son:
The Lucans are a strange, sinister family. You know a previous Lord Lucan led the Charge of the Light Brigade?
Read Lord Lucan's son's account of what happened to his father
Except that Lord Lucan's son really didn't say anything new, so rather a non-story, really.
I gather from that the Daily Mirror has a Lord Lucan exclusive today...
George Bingham has the right to say what he likes about his father Lord Lucan, everyone respects that. But he will convince very few.
Lord Lucan's son: 'my father drowned in English Channel'
Find it odd that Lord Lucan's son has spoken about Britain's most famous unsolved murder for the first time in three decades and yet...
Daily Mirror: DAY THREE: 'My dad died on night of nanny's murder': Son insists Lord Lucan drowned himself in the...
B-side of the Black Box Recorder single 'England Made Me'. Released in 1998 on Chrysalis. Also available on the compilation album 'The Worst of Black Box Rec...
Back in 1974, aristocrat Lucan disappeared after Sandra Rivett was found dead in the family home in London, murdered with a piece of bandaged lead piping.
George Bingham finds it impossible to accept that his dad would have abandoned the children he loved if he hadn’t been “culpable”
Lord Lucan in the Mirror, Ronnie Biggs in the Sun, Sweeney at the cinemas - are we ever gonna move on & do something new?
In an exclusive no-holds-barred interview with the Daily Mirror, George Bingham finally sets the record straight on what happened
Famously, Scotland Yard was build over an unsolved murder scene. This started an odd chain of events within the bureau. The Lord Lucan Department of Missing Persons was named for Richard John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan whom allegedly murdered his nanny; and then disappeared, leaving only a suicide note. He was never found -alive or dead. The UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science was named for a television broadcaster who was murdered in 1999. Her killer or killers were never found. In future I hope they will also be able include the One Direction Department of Chainsaw Mutilation, and The Justin Bieber Dropped From a Helecoptor Into The Core of a Nuclear Reactor Bureau of Completely Ignoring Some Crimes Committed For the Betterment of Mankind.
Incredible that now at least 32 people sit round Cameron's Cabinet table.Rumour is that Lord Lucan was at latest meeting but wasn't noticed
New dishwasher being delivered. Just pulled the old one out. I found Lord Lucan and a few things that would flummox Darwin. Makes Mordor look like a flower festival.
So Banbury say they'll be in the Conference in 3 years - maybe Lord Lucan will be their manager too :-)
Breaking news: after years of searching the Met police have found Lord Lucan in his kitchen and Shergah has been found in his stable.
Its almost as if they don't want to let him out, Lord Lucan has been seen more times than George Osborne (who?)
Of course. Sunbathing on an island in the Bermuda triangle with Amelia Earhart and Lord Lucan ;-)
the Lord Lucan and then Mint for my aunties going away party! :)
Found Lord Lucan sniffing my smalls on the washing line. I have performed a citizens arrest. He is bound and covered in butter.
Is that Lord Lucan officiating at the trampolining?
He looked like larger version of Lord Lucan, good actor.
Has the Loch Ness monster finally been caught on camera? via Or is it Lord Lucan swimming in the loch?
Who knows where Lord Lucan is in Australia?
In return for the skeletons of Lord Lucan and Shergar?
How John Inverdale got this gig is the most intriguing mystery since Lord Lucan.
No, but Lord Lucan has been seen walking around the Olympic park.
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If this is who I think it is, then amen to that! Lord Lucan has been outdone.
Breaking News : Due to the mysterious disappearance of Phillips Idowu, Lord Lucan will now represent is in triple jump.
My plan for the next few weeks is to come up with a hypothesis as to what happened to Lord Lucan.
If it was Elton John's, I'd expect Lord Lucan to crawl out of it!
Hi Lord Sugars, just wondering if you’ve changed your mind about looking for Lord Lucan yet?
yep. He'll borrow Robert Maxwell's yatch & probably end up on the same Lord Lucan island, while his lads go quiet too.
Having said that, here is my question: Have you ever seen Harry Reid and Lord Lucan together? Exactly. I'm not making this up.
I have just been informed by a member of the British aristocracy that Harry Reid is Lord Lucan. Do I know that's true? I'm not certain.
Lord Lucan didn't have a tin opener. He had oyster shuckers ;-)
You don't hear much of Lord Lucan nowadays, do you?
your backside is so large a saddle would get lost in it. Rumour has it you have Lord Lucan hiding up there
did a similar thing with lord Lucan.. Earl not found.. Instead of URL not found
Nothing more satisfying than when asked to work overtime all weekend replying "you've got more chance of Seeing Lord Lucan riding Shergar"
I'm pretty sure Lord Lucan changed his name to Lord Toucan
did you ever get any tickets?? Want 2 for gymnastics for the wife but it's easier to find lord Lucan
trying to get the mrs and kids tickets for gymnastics that I can afford is like trying to meet lord Lucan? Any help???
Hide & Seek. Hoping to get the opposite side of the draw to Anne Frank, Lord Lucan & Peter Quinn
Within 12 hours of band status update saying we perform live slightly less frequently than spottings of lord Lucan we a offered gig. How odd
more chance of Lord Lucan doing it on the back of Shergar!
they might find shergar and lord Lucan!!
Just spent an entire 10 minute conversation with a man thinking "Don't ask him if he's Lord Lucan. You'll look an *** if it's not him".
check if has sneaked into your case? He's done a lord lucan again
Lou, do you know where Lord Lucan is ;-)
In other news tonight, the Queen isn't dead, Lord Lucan hasn't been found, the earth is round and day follows night.
I wonder which creepy fugitive the Guardian can deliver a comedy hamper to next week? Lord Lucan?
I think that Shergar & Lord Lucan man HMRC's call centre.
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