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Lord Lucan

Richard John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan (born 1934), popularly known as Lord Lucan, a British peer and suspected murderer, disappeared without trace early on 8 November 1974. He was born in Marylebone, the elder son of George Bingham, 6th Earl of Lucan and Kaitlin Elizabeth Anne Dawson.

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last person to see Lord Lucan alive, too.
Thanks but I think I'm more likely to see Lord Lucan riding a unicorn than hear from her! 😞
They are having a meeting with Lord Lucan.
Connaught Telegraph newspaper continued to expose Lord Lucan asking in March 1849 'Shall the poor be left to die'…
'The workhouse or the ditch' on the Lucan estate 1849. The Connaught Telegraph calls Lord Lucan to…
It would be easier to find Lord Lucan than to find some honest journalism in the Daily Express.
Has anyone ever seen Nolito and Lord Lucan in the same room.
Dave, do you really thin they found the corpse of Lord Lucan on Rainham marshes?. Over 20 years ago? No publicity?
Lord Lucan's disappearance, and other unsolved mysteries
Lord Lucan apparently ate the same thing for lunch - lamb cutlets - every single day of his adult life
Lord Lucan . just to help with our enquiries !!!
You wait ages for Lord Lucan and then three of them turn up at once
Lord Lucan would be easier to find than a copy of Blue Murder
Mahrez doing his best Lord Lucan impression this season .doomed to the championship awful .
thought our New CEO "Lord Lucan" would have had to have a say in that!
don't forget a velociraptor, Lord Lucan, and the ever elusive wild Scottish haggis.
The goings on at our club leave me numb - I wouldn't be surprised if they appointed Lord Lucan as the manager.
Paul once claimed to know where lord lucan vanished to. And rumours are he once claimed to know who kidnapped shergar
More chance of Lord Lucan winning the Grand National on Shergar
Lord Lucan has been spotted heading in the direction of Ibrox
He is illegitimate son of Lord Lucan, and Shergar.
I believe I was blocked for either a picture of Lord Lucan or Harold Shipman.
Paul Nuttall claims he is best friends with Lord Lucan and knows where he lives
Sleep can like a lottery win.Or like Lord Lucan-very elusive. Tonight at least.
Dave King has been seen in Glasgow having a pint with Lord Lucan, he then rode into the sunset on Shergar!
Theses are the two great mysteries of our time,... what happened to Lord Lucan and what are "carrier imposed surcharges"
Notable drivers of the Ford Corsair include Lord Lucan and Peter Sutcliffe. Name a car with a better history. (Excluding the VW Beetle).
.glad current set up of means there's more chance of Lord Lucan being found alive than you being Home sec
The Beast shaved off his fur to reveal Lord Lucan.
bringing Shergar and Lord Lucan with him?
Major police activity in Trinity. Apparently Lord Lucan been found
there's a ben dunne gyn now near the penny hill in Lucan pal
Fake news is hardly new the Sunday sport used to have loads if like lord lucan and elvis seen on the moon
and also in the hunt for Lord Lucan and Shergar !?! Poor Arsene February always seems to send him more deluded
Looking forward to 'Top of the Toffs' quiz for tonight. Hear Lord Lucan is coming out of hiding just for it.
Parliament v the FA and we're looking for good governance? More chance of finding Lord Lucan. They're both out of touch.
She's my MP- she doesn't even live in the County let alone St Albans. Seen Lord Lucan here more times than her!
Lucan Ladybirds with their tree - Lord & Lady Baden Powell as the roots, Ladybirds as the trunk & their ha…
17.40 LBG to BTN most cancelled. Simon Kirby MP most useless MP and should be given a Lord Lucan award for most days absent.
Graham I would save your money and treat the missus to a trip on the Lord Lucan express, It comes round faster.
..but Lord Lucan does not do shirt framing as far as we are aware.!! Regards
From the archives of On this day in 2016. Lord Lucan officially declared dead
Paige, Summer Rae and Tamina all out, with Emma having dinner with Lord Lucan. Only six active wrestlers!
it was Lord Lucan, he was riding Shergar at the time.
Lord Lucan was a Nazi. Look into what police found when they entered his flat. Time to re-read 'Remains of the Day'! I knew it meant more!!!
Any news on the Lord lucan of rugby league yet and his visa.
Donald Trump staged the disappearances of Azaria Chamberlain, Lord Lucan and Shergar.
Anything else can find under that big pile of wood pellets where he miraculously found the Líofa funding…
Tory MP's take responsibility for their decisions. Hmm that's pretty far out man. More likely to find Lord Lucan.
Yeah and we got Lord Lucan and Jim Morrison in a dungeon too!
Lord Lucan: great disappearing act, like the 128GB. Forget celebs, let's have some goddam phones!
Can someone ask to see if Lord Lucan is hiding under that same pile of wood pellets where he found the Líofa funding?
:-). Somewhere in the whole muddle there’s a solution, and Lord Lucan and Shergar.
you ain't getting £40m for a 29 year old one season wonder. Lord Lucan turned up more times this season
Lord Lucan, riding Shergar is currently making his way to CC's Truth & Reconciliation Commission at force HQ.
has body of Lord Lucan in the back.😄😄
What was he betting on? The chances of finding Lord Lucan? The Monster Raving Looney Party forming a government?
I know where Lord Lucan is. I just can't say 🙄
last seen at second lit ridden by Lord Lucan !
Last night great! . Was walking up to Chinese Takeaway in Finnstown Estate: . Noticed Lord Lucan Pub was nearly empty! . 3 Peaceful Pints 🍻
in key games also goes by the name Lord Lucan
Lord Lucan has been seen in Brussels more times than
Finding a pen that works in the Bonsall household is like trying to find Lord a haystack.
i'm watching Netflix film about Lord Lucan and this sad story pops up and I remember that violence to women is alw…
drive Sevco into Europe 😂😂😂 more chance of that happening that lord Lucan turning up with shergar.
my friend. Lord Lucan will be spotted before…
My friend at the unicorn farm reckons they've found Lord Lucan, he's stunned Trump by announcing he's running for p…
I see our alleged law breaking minister is doing his lord Lucan impression again!
Lord Lucan, the rise of Mr Trump, kidnap of Shegar - these mysteries are nothing compared to the employment of Robbie Savage as commentator
Astonished to be on functioning Southern train, on tube strike day. Now off to look for Lord Lucan and Shergar (Goo…
All disappeared never to be seen again. 1.) DB Cooper who jumped from Hijacked plane. 2.) Jimmy Hoffa. 3.) Lord Lucan…
got more chance finding Lord Lucan than hearing from
I thought I heard making another competent & fluent attack on failing Govt earlier, but my mistake, it was Lord Lucan
he's done a Corbyn and gone to find Lord Lucan
owt at hillsbro al? Need sumone to give us a spark only forrestieri capable atm with abdi turnin into lord lucan
Still no sign of the man in control,more chance of lord lucan appearing riding shergar.
The Lord Lucan Story via all these old stories...
And I'm riding my unicorn alongside my good friend Lord Lucan, mounted on his favourite steed Shergar
Robert Maxwell, Lord Lucan and, let me think, Amelia Earhart?
Man can't wait until Len takes me to the Lord of Lucan🙌 looks like such an exquisite place 😍👌💯👏
Can't be true. A public comment from Corbyn is as rare as a sighting of Lord Lucan. Has this story been corroborate…
Thought I'd better check my Tower photos. Think I've sorted Lord Lucan.
think old sadiq has disappeared like Lord Lucan
he's been gone longer than Lord Lucan..
Rumours he's been seen with Lord Lucan, but that's about it.
Mam always confused Lord Lucan & Lord Lawson. I said one was dead politically while the other was just dead.
more chance of being serenaded by Elvis accompanied by Lord Lucan on guitar riding Shergar
By 2020 Lord Lucan will be more visible than Jeremy Corbyn
looking at that there's a good chance Shergar & Lord Lucan are in there too.
I found Lord lucan and Jimmy Hoffa - they were upset at being found
On 1974: British police search for missing Lord Lucan after nanny murder:
Breast Cancer Awareness
was hung yet Lord Lucan was allowed to disappear?
Lord Cardigan and the heavy cavalry? Lord Lucan riding Shergar? Rastamouse?
1974 Lord Lucan disappeared & body of nanny Sandra Rivett discovered at flat Lwr Belgrave St by Lady Lucan who ran into Plumbers Arms
on this day in in 1974 Lord Lucan disappeared!
😂 Hope you find Shergar and Lord Lucan, aswell as the planes!
she also hid Lord Lucan, kidnapped shergar and sank any ship that sailed through the Bermuda Triangle! Lol. Grow up
1974 Sandra Rivett was found beaten to death in the basement of Lord Lucan's home
The blood-stained car of 39 yr old Lord Lucan, was later found near the port in Newhaven, Sussex;…
It was on 7th Nov1974, Lord Lucan 'disappeared' after the battered body of a 29 year old nanny, Sandra Rivett was discovered...
1974 Lord Lucan disappeared after murder of nanny Sandra Rivett & attack on his wife at their house in Lowe…
Could the next revelation be that Lord Lucan is the Clinton's favourite assassin?
1974 - Lord Lucan mysteriously disappeared following the murder of his children's nanny and a serious assault on his wife.
So we're a Nation that's meant to be driven by footy, and rugby, yet we've as much chance of success there as Lord Lucan winning on Red Rum.
Was so gas up the Lord Lucan last night, can't beat a good band
Watching Charge of the Light Brigade - laughing at the fact Harry Andrews is Lord Lucan.
Hamilton Collection
Hows Mickey spose to get fit if u don't play him? Even Phil (Lord Lucan) Jones made the first team!
More chance of finding Loch Ness & Lord Lucan. The missing $10million - Fresh allegations rock the world of boxing
British tennis player no.1 in the world!! What next? Elvis and lord lucan turn up whilst riding Shergar. as believable in 80s.
I bumped into Lord Lucan riding on Shergar one night. Noone believed me either. I know the feeling.
The woman who accused Trump of rape, only to drop the lawsuit, has been sighted on holiday with Lord Lucan & Elvis
Where's the missing link?. Where's Lord Lucan?. Where are the Kruger millions?. And now, Sounds like a case for the
With Jimmy Hoffa and Lord Lucan helping to feed Shergar, presumably.
apparently it was handed in by Lord Lucan riding Shergar
How can Joao and Matias be third and fifth in the list..? They're currently playing hide n seek with Lord Lucan.…
Jimmy Hoffa & Lord Lucan on Shergar's back when Waterford & Limerick reach the final together :-)
Is the Lord Chancellor having dinner with Shergar and Lord Lucan?
I'm getting reports that Liz Truss and Jeremy Corbyn are currently staying at Lord Lucan's villa in the Bermuda Triangle.
In retrospect I have a sneaking respect for novelty songs about people. Shame 'Lord Lucan is missing' never charted
. Oh, and the ice wall, I forgot that too. And Area 51 or was it 57 !. Not to mention the Bermuda Triangle . And Lord Lucan 👍🍷
This does not surprise me. If we found Trump harbored Lord Lucan & Shergar in basement of Trump Tower I wouldn't doubt it.
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I can see me and next to lord Lucan in the stand
He also looks as you would imagine Ollie Reed would were he to have starred in a Lord Lucan biopic. That ought to count in his favour.
I was known as lord lucan at the time.had to disappear for several reasons. :)
I do believe there is more chance of seeing lord Lucan riding past on shergar but who knows old boy.
Lord Lucan,Shergar and in a bar in Essex. . Lucan asks how did Jose get on 2night Shergar says neigh very good
"Apparently I've got a hidden skill.". There's 'hidden' and there's Lord Lucan. .
I believe lord lucan may be hiding between all the rubbish in Terry's house
Utd v Fenerbache. Lord Lucan comes on as substitute...
oh I guess that wasn't aimed at me...! Happy Birthday Lord Lucan !! xx
Delighted to have you on board again. Ask if you need any mysteries explained (musical, not Lord Lucan!)
Tom Jones identified Lord Lucan as the murderer of Sandra Rivett. He claimed to have seen the knight in the light as he passed by her window
this just in - reported sightings of George Osborne in Paraguay with Martin Bormann and Lord Lucan..
I wonder if we will ever find out what happend to Lord Lucan, Ian Duncan Smith or George Osbourne? Where did they go?
perhaps he's gone to look for Lord Lucan, or preferably done a John Stonehouse
I'm sure that It is only a matter of time before Elvis and Lord Lucan get involved.
When is Lord Lucan going to make a Brexit intervention
Lord Lucan next? Or better still the Chilcot report...
Ok. Let me get this right. We're supposedly inferior to a team who, as soon as they had 2 key players missing, disappeared like Lord Lucan.
After months of crowing from spurs fans, they're as hard to find on social media as Lord lucan.
Special appearance of Lord Lucan on her madge's left
. I am pretty Shergar is going to be wheeled out with Lord Lucan on board?
. When I squeezed through I was expecting to find lord lucan
Lord Lucan found at old Trafford match off
I'm childishly amused by the fact that Lord Lucan only ever ate smoked salmon followed by lamb chops!
You and Gilligoon are going to There's more chance of finding Lord Lucan riding Shergar!
hey Ben, can you tell me where Shergar is, where Lord Lucan is buried and how much my mother will leave me in her will cheers
stats which put to bed once and for all the old joke about Lord Lucan & Shergar being found ... playing on the wings for Pool.
When we get promoted in 16/17, last game at home Lord Lucan will ride Shergar around the pitch!!
Likewise. Speaking of mysteries and between ourselves, you don't happen to know where Lord Lucan is, do you? *expectant face*
possibly the best pub in the World! Tremendous food and a drop of Lord Lucan. A cheeky rhubarb and custard tart to finish.
Expect Lord Lucan and Shergar to jump out that costume.
Humility indeed. Many others were voting for the man in the moon, Lord Lucan and the tooth fairy. Think of them.
Claary has become the Lord Lucan of the PR game
I honestly think at times it would be easier to find Lord Lucan than it would a Super League game on Sky!
1851 Dublin to Bologna Italy cover & English letter to Lord Lucan's daughter.
more chance of Elvis being No9 and banging in a hatrick, assisted by Lord Lucan on the wing , but we can but hope lol
how frustrating this is. Would love to chat to Libby Barr head of customer services but more likely to speak to Lord Lucan
there's more chance of you getting a pay monthly contract out of Lord Lucan.
they should've got me to look for Lord Lucan lol
If the titanic sailed into Wigan with Lord Lucan on wouldnt be as excited as they are about Sam Tomkins coming on
pointless got more chance of getting hold of lord Lucan
A distinguished club featuring Lord Lucan and the original Smiley
Now he's lost perhaps can tell us what happened to Lord Lucan. If he didn't ask his dad then he didn't deserve to be Mayor.
Hey what ever happened to that guy called Sterling.. Did he hook up with Lord Lucan!
Great idea but I think you have more chance of Elvis and Lord Lucan accepting an invite than that man-child coward Cuckerberg.
.it was an inquest. An inquest found Lord Lucan guilty of murder despite not having power to do so.
off the record, actually Lord Lucan is hiding in Bono's basement
it's definitely fine to run unless hitler or Lord Lucan deny it (hi
hitler is alive and well and living in Walthamstow with Lord Lucan
Of course they had, they're asking about whereabouts of someone who disappeared 20 years ago. More chance of finding Lord Lucan
Apology:Follow these steps to read Natalie McGarry's apology-. Find the lost city of Atlantis. Ask for Lord Lucan. Break D…
An above average 3.5 stars out of 5 for "A Different Class of Murder:The Story of Lord Lucan" by Laura Thompson. Fascinating case.
Lord Lucan would put up too much overweight. Ronnie Corbett more likely 😉
they might reveal mourinho at the kit launch, then again shergar might win the Derby ridden by Lord Lucan 😀
With on the committee that cut free parking, you've more chance of seeing Lord Lucan on Shergar in Brighton Rd
I had him on about par with Lord Lucan and Father Christmas.
. More chance of finding Lord Lucan riding Shergar
DAY 278 of NO SERVICE. More chance of Lord Lucan calling than a Vodafone Customer Service rep.
Still no news on whether Lord Lucan is putting himself forward as a PO candidate...
You've got more chance seeing Lord Lucan
Lord Lucan, Jimmy Hoffa and Shergar could be behind my fridge and I'd never know.
Pre-match parade Boleyn Ground – Ballyregan Bob, Arthur Daley, Billy the Fish, Lord Lucan, the Phantom Raspberry Blower, the Wombles 1/2
To the "rogue" marker that infiltrated the DfE - keep going that man! See what u can find out about Roswell, Shergar, Lord Lucan etc!!
No wait! I think we've finally found Lord Lucan! Or Shergar .
. Seriously son Don't be a 🔔end . Lord Lucan knows wings is based in bath . Too…
lol, last seen boarding the Newhaven ferry to Dieppe (Lord Lucan style).
More chance of Lord Lucan riding Shergar in the Epsom Derby than Leicester doing well next season
Yeah, and you stole Shergar, you're harbouring Lord Lucan and you kidnapped the crew of the Mary Celeste. *** you!
looking at the make over of Nigel Farage seems similar to a young Lord Lucan.
Jimmy Hoffa / Lord Lucan / DB Cooper / Shergar / The lighthouse keepers of Eilean Mor... and now the
Video: Son of Lord Lucan 'relieved' by High Court ruling ...
This Government would barely blush at appointing Lord Lucan to the Child Care Accreditation Council
In the wake of the High Court ruling Lord Lucan officially dead, his younger brother has broken his silence and...
you never saw Freddie Mercury and Lord Lucan on the same room. When he disappeared, Queen really took off. Coincidence?
We shud have a full length feature film or at least a Netflix series on John Bingham, the infamous Earl of Lucan, aka Lucky Lucan/Lord Lucan
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
As per new evidence, it is certain Sandra Rivett was not murdered by Lord Lucan but by Steven Avery. Or so Manitowoc County cops might say.
81 year old Lord Lucan is to be known from today as Mr John Bingham Brazilian sources say.
Death certificate for British peer Lord Lucan, missing since 1974, is granted to son by High Court judge
Lord Lucan death certificate issued by High Court after 42 years. DWP issue statement confirming they consider him still "…
Great news – apparently! There's e new Lord Lucan in town as his son claims the title. Not see easy for the son...
Richard John Bingham, aka Lord Lucan, has been officially declared dead by the High Court in London.
Now that Lord Lucan has been declared dead, does this mean that Downtown Abbey will have a seventh season?
As a private joke we used to stick Lord Lucan at the back of Spitting Image sketches, working as a waiter or barman. ht…
Lord Lucan is officially dead. . At least it makes a change from the BBC announcing that Leslie Nielson has died. Again.
How a brutal murder turned Lord Lucan into an aristocratic Loch Ness Monster
Lord Lucan's death certificate is granted: listen to the life
Lord Lucan officially dead after 40yrs of sightings. We'll have to go back to trying to spot the Loch Ness Monster
Typically, Giles Coren is already working on a piece telling us why we shouldn't mourn Lord Lucan and pull ourselves together.
George Bingham the new Lord Lucan comes across as a very nice chap. "Time to find a new Loch Ness Monster!" Classic.
4. Jimmy Hoffa. 5. Lord Lucan. 6. Martin Borman. and coming up on the outside, Iain Duncan Smith!
I'm still holding out for the to be discovered with Lord Lucan on board the Mary Celeste...
Lord Lucan's chum John Aspinall was, and Marquess of Bath was opening Longleat as safari park about then
Turns out the man on Grange Over Sands prom wasnt Micky Gray after all,It was Lord Lucan. Ironic really.
I think it's a tea party with Lord Lucan, Michael Jackson, Elvis and David Milliband.
just out of your show - absolutely brilliant the best comedy performance I have ever seen Michael ( aka Lord Lucan) follow me?
I have a shed. It has spiders in it.And gardening equipment.As I really don't do gardening, it's possible Lord Lucan is in there too.
Now you mention it, it does look like that. This is why we went out to see.I'll say no more ;-). Aside from "Lord" and "Lucan"
are these reports via Elvis Presley or Lord Lucan?
Knew there was something in Alaska which they don't want us to know about though. Lord Lucan is probably Sasquatch. Knew it
Wouldn't know where to start. Only locums, and Practice Manager more elusive than Lord Lucan.
you told everyone your address 2wks ago on here & more chance of finding Lord Lucan than a public library to read 'who's who'
Iestyn Harris,thought he'd gone into hiding,I was beginning to think he'd done a Lord Lucan and disappeared forever
Excellent show tonight at - apart from the *** who left at the mention of Lord Lucan!
One wonders where the DWP’s Alice in Wonderland world begins and ends, signed Lord Lucan
More chance of Shergar getting pictured chasing Lord Lucan through Atlantis if we play the diamond.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Found Lord Lucan - asked for a pumpkin spice latte out of season - dead giveaway.
more chance of Michael Jackson beating Elvis in the men's final at Wimbledon and then being given the trophy by Lord Lucan.
Shortly we'll be talking to Murray McCully but right now we're joined by Lord Lucan and Ron Jorgensen.
is that Lord Lucan I see riding Shergar? It'll never happen. Will they get HD to conduct the consultation?
I was abducted by aliens. I have now learnt this is not a valid excuse to miss an appointment, by my work coach Lord Lucan.
Security at credit card they really ain’t taking any chances. How am I supposed to know where Lord Lucan is?
Lucan post updated to include info relating to Freddie Foreman an his associates & the Manfred Mann Freemasonry, etc.
To be found alongside selfies with Lord lucan
With tacit approval from Sir Lucan, the Order's Knight Commander and adopted son of the Lord Chancellor,...
Elvis will walk down the high street with Lord Lucan before that happens😁👍
You got me Kristof. Also there were Robert de Niro, Gandalf and Lord Lucan
. Kray associate says Lucan was a 'club regular' & then puts forward lies about what happened to him. .
Ignoring the daft 'cat theory', it's interesting Earl Lucan was being sent gangster style death threats isn't it. .
Lord Lucan. . . . now that would be a turn up ;*)
Lord Lucan at this rate. It's getting tedious now.
it's here - I haven't added that Freddy Foreman was probably involved yet - but I will. .
I believe he's been seen less times than Lord Lucan. Riding Shergar.
tried there, downstairs toilet, kitchen, garage, back & front garden, all bedrooms even checked car! Think Lord Lucan has them.
I wish her good luck, but there's more chance of finding Lord Lucan than resurecting Lab's fortunes in Scotland
Lucky Lord Lucan gone for a trot on Shergar I think
he's on the moon with Shergar and Lord Lucan.
is that the island where Lord Lucan and Martin Borman got married? I missed that !
Next week Lord Lucan in a fish and chip shop in Cromer.
Stephen Thompson the Lord Lucan of football chairman
Watching the wonderful Robin Ellis as the Crown prosecutor in The Trial of Lord Lucan.
How long do we search for apparently missing people? Are we still on the hunt for Lord Lucan, Shergar?
Dave is currently sipping a wine with Lord Lucan while stroking Shergars face.😎
Never mind the onions I reckon you might find Lord Lucan Jimmy Hoffa and Robert Maxwell
Blandings Series 1, the Mystery of Lord Lucan, LA Confidential, Brave & documentary about the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.
And to think the SMSM rolled out everyone bar Lord Lucan to tell Hibs to do the right thing a couple of weeks back, why the change? 😊
and presumably responsible for disappearance of Lord Lucan and Shergar?
I think ISIS are actually Lord Lucan, Glen Miller, Elvis Presley, Hitler, Osama Bin Laden and Shergar… Funded by Bilderberg.
Have u read The Gamblers: John Aspinall, James Goldsmith and the murder of Lord Lucan, by John Pearson.
Saw BIG BAND show on BBC TV .B.B loves Glen Miller. (He is now on Pluto with Lord Lucan) Seriously sad business. But planes still disapear
"It's the most baffling mystery box yet - containing nothing but a lock of Lord Lucan's hair"
TeamNZ pressrelease:No member of the board or management leaked any information re BarkerAs I always suspected, it was Lord Lucan then.
Jay is Joe Allen related Lord Lucan ? Is he still injured ?
So George Osborne's uncle or half uncle or step uncle, John Aspinall said to have helped Lord Lucan escape & funded him while missing.
Lord Lucan pal & said to be funder of lucan, John Aspinall’s mother Mary, would go on to marry Chancellor George Osborne’s grandfather.
yes, I'm not making it up. Amazing. They've just found Lord Lucan hiding in a hole.
Lord Lucan conspiracy theory. I wasn't in the vicinity of him when we were both somewhere else when his servant was..
I would not be surprised if Elvis or Lord Lucan appeared on the Rangers board, the way thing have been going the last 3 years
Did Lord Lucan hire a hit man? . 'After 40 years, new stunning evidence emerges'
New books claims new evidence on Lord Lucan disappearance.
Lord Lucan escaped via private airfield in Kent, new book claims [Sale ]
After 40 years, new stunning evidence Lord Lucan flew to freedom
After 40 years, new stunning evidence emerges that Lord Lucan flew to freedom from private airfield
Do you think Lord Lucan is still alive? I voted NO in the poll! Have your say:
Beautiful ball from McGregor. That boy could find Lord Lucan with a pass.
Lord Lucan flew to his freedom via a private airfield in Kent after the murder of his children's nanny. According...
There was some bloke with a stick on moustache firing a gun in the dark, and the mercenary said "THAT's Lord Lucan!"
hi! Just discussing Lord Lucan, didnt u do the story of the mercenary who claimed to have found him in the Caribbean somewhere?
do you remember the Scottish mercenary who claimed he had found Lord Lucan, and ITN showed us a grainy nighttime film...
Is the Lord Lucan mystery finally solved? Author claims to have uncovered stunning new evidence
Is the Lord Lucan mystery finally solved? New theory claims to offer 'stunning evidence' as proof
Daily Star 25/10/80 The hunt is in for Lord Lucan and a new Doctor Who..
And I keep hoping Lord Lucan would call to say "Hi"
Hmmm Lord Lucan had that problem allegedly !!
'Ah,' says my landlord, 'you're having one of your Lord Lucan suppers.'
heard he was out for a pint tonight with lord Lucan
Unconfirmed public transport sighting of the Enigmatic & Elusive CEO of Might have been Lord Lucan riding Shergar.Im no expert.
Yeah, I heard Lord Lucan was the whistleblower, the posh git
Lord Lucan impressions are the best thing to do whenever they're about.
The Madeline McCann case enrages me. Her disappearance rivals the Lord Lucan disappearance.
good luck with your search! You've more chance of finding Lord Lucan riding Shergar than a pro-Dougie fan.
Does big foot exist? Who creates crop circles? What happened to lord Lucan? Now add to the worlds great mysteries what happened to Windows 9
That's right, champ. And Elvis, Shergar and Lord Lucan are all hiding out in a bedsit in Ramsgate
Radio Free Northwest - October 2nd 2014: HAC talks about intro overseas intro packs, Lord Lucan on the...
Lets see. Lord Lucan disappeared leaving dead nanny & fingerprints. Would HE have the same Excuses Made? Wasntme. Would ANYONE but ?
Mystery buyer of 4m Rangers shares in French bank - The Scotsman: I reckon it's lord Lucan!
Lord Lucan pub owner Charlie Chawke has said that his frontline staff "have to be Irish"..What do you think?...
I believe Lord Lucan just dropped him off on his unicorn...
Photo: In December 1974, Australian police arrested a man they believed was Lord Lucan, a British man who’d...
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