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Krishna (Sanskrit: कृष्ण) (' in IAST, pronounced literally dark, black, dark-blue ) is a central figure of Hinduism and is traditionally attributed the authorship of the Bhagavad Gita.

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How to please Lord Krishna on Vijaya Ekadashi? - . Why is...
You are repeating what I just said, Jesus's power of Love is attributed to the source, Lord Krishna.
😊Dear❤ji, I LOVE❤ lord Krishna but he is not GOD. Jesus is King of Kings & Lord of Lords. Jesus is the Lord of lord Krishna 2!
Lord Krishna fought Kansa for the freedom of His parents. Truly inspiring.
sorry missed that. Also, heard is "Hari ka Cula" (Family of Lord Krishna) - His brother Lets make world crazy.
I m not at all surprised, as during Lord Krishna & Ram times also, crooks were there, tried to malign them. But today we remember only Lords
Please join Pooja Ram for a special session to Lord Krishna as we all pray for a wonderful son Ajay Tikaram. We...
Like that this Lord Krishna from Gujarat (Narendra Modi) will save Jitan Ram Manjhi when he is stripped of his CM's post.
Happy birthday Birju maharaj ji.In you we see Lord Krishna.may He keep you in good health always
me too staunch devotee of Lord Ganesh n Lord Krishna
The following are some rare pictures of prime minister Narendra Modi living as a sadhu in himalayas in his younger age. According to Lord Krishna, the spiritual knowledge of Bhagavad Gita was originally meant for the raja-rishis, the saintly ki...
Sri Narada Muni Visits Dwaraka to see the pastimes of Lord Krishna " Srimad Bhagavatam"10th canto 69th chapter talks about Narada Muni's visit to Lord Krishna's palaces in Dwaraka to see household pastimes of the Lord. Narada Muni visited all 16108 palaces. Narada Muni first met Lord with Rukminidevi in one palace, then found Lord playing dice with another queen and Uddhava in another palace, then found Sri Krishna coddling with His infant children in one palace and preparing to take bath in another palace, and performing fire sacrifice one palace etc. Whether it is the role of son, friend, lover, husband or father or king, Krishna plays that role perfectly just to teach us how we should lead our life. Also in spite of being omniscient, Lord sometimes went in disguise to the homes of his ministers and citizens to find out what they were thinking, just like how a normal king sometimes goes incognito to find out information about his kingdom. Seeing these transcendental pastimes of the Lord, Narada Muni smi ...
i cant bless anyone, its Lord Rama, Lord Krishna. I surely pray for all. bt its he who bestows blessings
Please do something or take more step on Yamuna maai favourite of Lord Krishna, respect of capital, 2 national river. Welfare job
Lord Krishna: Indian philosophy and Vedas based on Unity.It mean...
I offfer my humbles obeisances to Lotus feet of my Lord Sri Krishna with Srimati Radharani, My respectful obeisances to All Vaishnavas Accaryas, Beloved Devotees -Prabu's and Mataji's and All Friends and my family. HARE KRSNA HARE KRSNA KRSNA KRSNA HARE HARE HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE A Lovely Morning To All. nishkalaya vimohaya shuddhayashuddha-vairine advitiyaya mahate shri-krishnaya namo namaha "I offer my humble obeisances again and again unto the great Lord Krishna, who is beyond the illusion of maya and from whom that illusion comes. He is the supreme pure, the enemy of the demons and is one without a second."
Russian devotee of Lord Krishna beautifies Ram Mandhir in Pudu with her art. Source: Udayavani English
A very happy New Year to all our visitors! May Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha, Lord Subramanya, Lord...
Lord Rama with Mother Sita enacted a perfect Drama in the Treta... Lord Krishna with Mother Radha enacted a...
Its not blind faith. To achieve the goal of self-realization one needs a Guru and so did Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.
In Mahabharatha, conversation between Lord Krishna&Arjuna at the beginning of Kurukshetra War is said to have occurred on
People often ask, "Who is Srila Prabhupada?", and that is not an easy question to answer because Srila Prabhupada eclipses conventional designations. He was a scholar, a philosopher, a cultural ambassador, a prolific author, a religious leader, a spiritual teacher, a social critic, and a holy man. And truthfully, he was all these things and more. Certainly no one could ever have confused him with the modern entrepreneurial "gurus" who come to the West with slickly packaged, watered-down versions of Eastern spirituality. Srila Prabhupada was, rather, a true holy man of deep intellectual and spiritual sensitivity. His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, appeared in this world in Calcutta, India on Nandotsava, the annual festival day celebrating Krishna’s birth, in the year of 1896. His father was a pure devotee of Lord Krishna who would always invite holy men to his home for meals. He would ask them to bless his son to become a great devotee of Radharani, Lord Krishna’s most beloved devot ...
Sacred Geeta philosophy and today Er, Jitender Kohli Not only India but nearly entire world minus a few fanatics is celebrating the 5051 years of Geeta teachings delivered by Lord Krishna before the Mahabharata war started. This is not a religious sacred book but true teachings for the betterment of the human and humanity. To chronically pinpoint Mahabharata war the authenticated facts are to be examined. Initially Mahabharata was known as Jayasmhita containing 8800 verses, the other was called Bharat with 24000 verses, now popularly known as Mahabharat. In the entire ranges of Indian epigraphy it is perhaps the only instance chronologically pinpointing the date of an epic war, known as Mahabharat war. The archeological array and other evidences found in the excavations in Hastinapur and other places from where a curious piece of inexplicable information is collected. It is proved that the Ai hole inscriptions of famous Chalukya king Paulakes II dated in the saka year 556 and ascribable to 634-35 AD says ...
Story Time: Residents of *** saved by utering namaha to Lord Krishna! (From Vishnu Dharma Purana) Once a great Brahmana and a devotee of the Lord called Mudgala travelled to the abode of Yamaraj to meet him. When he saw the torturous punishments inflicted by the Yamadutas on the sinful living entities, he looked at them with compassion and they saw him. At once they became purified and felt momentary bliss and relief from their hellish suffering. Yamaraj explained to Mudagala that this was possible because of his glory of worshipping the Supreme Lord in your third previous life, and offering of charity made along with chanting the Lord's names along with 'namah' such as 'krishnaaya namah', 'vasudevaaya namah'. Yamaraj also said, "Those who remember Lord Krishna, bow down to him, take shelter of Him and worship Him by chanting mantras like krishnaaya namah, vaasudevaaya namah, they are not under my jurisdiction." Hearing this the living entities who were suffering in *** started chanting, "krishnaya nama . ...
The Greatest Devotee Maa Radha Rani and her last meeting with Krishna! This question has seeked me ever since I can remember ...from my my my realisation and my internal assimilation of Lord Krishna as my god. Everyone - follower or non follower - knows Krishna and all the famous tales about him ..However very very few know about tales of Radha . Just Radha .Her perspective. Her viewpoint . Yet we call "Radha Krishna" as our Lord and not Krishna alone . We have their idols showing them as two ...yet when you study and research deep the mythological meaning or implied meaning(s) is.. that they are ONE !!! Just one soul .one UNION . The lesser known story of my lord Kahna and Maa Radhe Introduction Radha has been perceived differently by different people down the ages. She is sometimes the adulterous and amorous lover of Krishna and at others his divine consort. This perhaps makes her the most confusing character in Indian mythology. In the easte ...
ISKCON is like slow poison for Madhwa siddhanta ! They accept Madhwa as their Parama guru and make a U turn after Chaitanya prabhu's advent in the Guru parampara ! Most of the Gaudeeyas are ignorant about the works of Madhwa and they don't know the hierarchial position of Madhwa in the Taratamya kaksha . They have peculiar concepts of Balarama tattva , being the original form of Narayana tattva and instead of Vaayudeva they place Balarama and he is considered to be the first expansion of Krishna ! The position of Rudra deva is also misleadindg where he is given higher position than Brahma and he is said to be the middle agent ..neither paramaatma tattva nor Jeeva tattva but very close to Vishnu tattva !! The 2 form and 4 form expansions of Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu creates lot of variations in their understanding about the inseperable nature of eternal forms of the Lord that Madhwas perceive even today without any doubt in it ! They have Pancha tattva concept like Pancha Bhedha taaratamya concept and a ...
Lord Krishna reveals the truth about email forwards (could be contemporized to Whatsapp messages) to Arjuna :D
Dhanu Sankranti 16/12/2014 Lord Krishna is worshipped in Dhanu jatra Dhanu Sankranti is celebrated on the first day of lunar Pousha month. The month of Pousha is considered the month of plenty. After collecting the harvest there is a festival of general rejoicing with special sweets of 'Muan', which is offered to Lord Jagannath in puja. A grand street play is held on this day in the Bargarh town of Odisha enacting the various episodes of Lord Krishna's life. The entire township stretching over five kilometers serves as an open-air theatre and a large number of people participate in it with pomp and splendor. The festival is one of the important festivals of Odisha
Recently I had a sudden and unexpected visit to Rishikesh, thanks to an invitation of a central constitutional body. The sight of numerous ashrams, the picturesque scenic beauty, Lachmanjhula and , as Mr Jha of Swami Ram Ashram put it, Gangaji, all produce the required religiosity and emotional fervour. As everybody suggested I decided to attend the Gangaroti. I don't know how but I was offered a seat in the front row during the Arti, next to a Kenyan couple and we were sitting next to the swami. The Arti started with the chanting of Sanskrit slokas. From my little knowledge of Sanskrit I could made up that the the slokas were basically praise of the lotus eyed, grass coloured shyamsundar Shri Krishna who holds the flute in His lotus hand, of Lord Rama who killed the Rakshas, of the troubleshooter Hanuman and Ganesha, and of the Lord Shiva. The melody is very familiar with me as I heard it many times, even though the words are different and target is different, in the Darga Sangeet in my locality and even ...
True evidence of Lord Krishna dwarka city now under the sea Radhe Krsna
Amazing number of morons being confused by "Krishna = Christian God" baloney.
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. Our hero Lord Krishna in spectacles.. He looks good n handsome in every outfit😘
Religious Signification of Margazhi or Danur month "brhtsaam tathaa saamnaam gaayatree chandasaamaham maasaanaam margasheersho-ahamritunaam kusumaakarah" In Bhagawat Gita, lord Krishna has described the month of Mrigashirsha as one of his manifestations. The month of Dhanur Maasa or name Margazhi (Dec 14th to Jan 14th), derives from the star Mrigashirsha and is considered very auspicious month for religious services. During this month the sun transits through Sagittarius sign, the house of Jupiter and ends with the Makara Sankranti. Auspicious time for Worship One-and-half hours before sunrise is called Brahma Muhurta, an auspicious time best suited for worshipping Lord Vishnu as it would yield good results. Even the celestials do not fail to perform special prayers to Vishnu. This time starts with Mrigashirsha Shukla Ekadasi and ends at Dakshinaayana. The birth of the great Margazhi month is the time when the holy star Mrigashirsha combines with Poornima thithi. It is sacred from all aspects and renders ...
SRI ANDAL- A BRIEF LIFE-SKETCH Sri Andal, one of the twelve Alwars and the only female saintess, lived in the first half of 8th century A.D. Some scholars fix the possible date of Andal as far back as 3000 years B.C. Andal was born at Srivilliputhur near Madurai, in the Tamil month Adi, with the birth-star Pooram, on a Tuesday, on the fourth day of the bright fortnight. Andal was a treasure-trove infant, obtained in the Tulasi garden, in the premises of the temple of Sri Vatapatra Sai. Perialwar, her father, found her while tending the garden and brought her up as an adopted child. Andal grew up in holy surroundings, worshipping the Deity and listening to holy discourses, Vedas, Epics, Bhajans, Keerthans, etc.. From childhood onwards she listened to the Leelas (pranks) of Krishna with rapt attention and developed a deep love to the Lord. A DIVINE CHILD Andal helped her father in weaving flower garlands to offer to the temple Deity every day. One morning, Perialwar observed her wearing and adorning herself ...
Lord Krishna has said in Bhagavat geetha that " In the 12 months, I am Margazhi". (Masanam Margaseersho Asmi) .What else to describe after that!!! MARGAZHI Month Dhanur Masa - starting from 16th December and ending on 13th January (one day this way or that way is also possible) Dhanur masa-Marghazhi - is a Shoonya Masa. Because it is considered as inaspicious to do any good things other than Godly functions.This month month is allotted to Gods and for us it a blank - meaning Soonya - read The month Marghazhi (December-January) derives its name from the star Mrigasirsha occurring on or immediately after the month’s Pournami (Purnima - full moon). It is also known as Dhanur masa since during this month the sun transits through Dhanur rasi (Sagittarius). Vedas and agamas say mornings in this month are ideal for worship of the Lord. Krishna underlines its special nature by saying in Bhagavad Gita that among months he is Marghazhi, due to it's Jayanti this month. In temples all over India during this month t ...
Are you a Servant of G-d or are you just serving yourself? Lord Krishna says: In all activities , just depend upon me and work under My protection. In such Devotional service, Be Fully Conscience of Me. If you become conscience of Me, you will pass over all obstacles of conditioned life by My Grace. If, however, you do not work , in such consciousness but act through false ego, not hearing Me, you will be lost. You can do a seemingly noble thing, or do a good deed, but if you are doing it for reward, honor , ect, and not in Krishna Consciousness , then it is not devotional service. You are in fact serving yourself. Feeding your own false ego. Let us be mindful not only of what we are doing, but why. Let us not become lost. ~ Hare Krishna.
Sree Geeta and some observation Our Hon’ble Foreign Minister Smt . Susama Swaraj, recently in a deliberation, has indicated that, our Govt. has decided to give Sree Geeta as the status of “National Book”. This has already created hue and cry among the “Secularist” intelligentsia, media etc. I read a column in one well circulated daily News paper in Kolkata, in which few learned and famed persons commented that declaring Sree Geeta as the national book will be a communal decision. Their argument is that, Geeta is a Hindu religious scriptures. The comment made by the learned Professor/Lecturer of JNU does not invoke any reaction in my mind. He thinks, Geeta has two parts, one mainly talks about preparation for the war and the other part is Philosophical. I do not wish to argue with him, as I think, he is the most unqualified learned person who either never read Geeta in its entirety or has never understood anything about Sree Geeta. Few ‘Slokas’ in the first chapter, where there is descriptio ...
The Four Denominations of Hinduism A SPLENDROUS LOTUS WITH FOUR SUPERB PETALS For over 200 years, Western scholars have struggled to understand Hinduism, a faith whose followers seemed (to outsiders) to arbitrarily worship any one of a dozen Gods as the Supreme, a religion vastly diverse in its beliefs, practices and ways of worship. Some Indologists labeled the Hinduism they encountered polytheistic; others even coined new terms, like henotheism, to describe this baffling array of spiritual traditions. Few, however, have realized, and fewer still have written, that India's Sanatana Dharma, or "eternal faith, " known today as Hinduism and comprising nearly a billion followers, is a family of religions with four principal denominations Saivism, Shaktism, Vaishnavism and Smartism. This single perception is essential for understanding Hinduisim and explaining it accurately to others. Contrary to prevailing misconceptions, Hindus all worship a one Supreme Being, though by different names. For Vaishnavites, Lo ...
The Tamil Margali Masam, or Margazhi Month, is the month of Bhakti and Music. In 2014, Margazhi month begins on December 16, 2014 and ends on January 14, 2015. The importance of Margali Masam was announced by none other than Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita when says Maasanam Margasheershoham - among the twelve months, I am Margazhi. Rendering of Tiruppavai and Tiruvembavai, religious discourses and music festivals are the major highlights during the period Chanting of the Tiruppavai of Andal is the most important event in the month. Tiruppavai consists of 30 verses and a verse is chanted on each day of Margali. Another major highlight in the month is the drawing of kolams (rangoli) daily in front of houses. The most important festivals in the Margali month are Vaikunta Ekadasi, Hanuman Jayanthi and Arudara Darshan. The month also marks the end of the pilgrimage season in Sabarimala. The month is also of great significance in the Srirangam Sri Ranganatha Temple. Apart from the Vaikunta Ekadasi, the Srira ...
“When working under superior control (Buddhi or one's intelligence), the senses are very useful and can help one in executing Devotional Service to Lord Krishna. But if they are uncontrolled, the senses become prone to lust, anger, greed, fear, illusion, lamentation, frivolous talking, violence, and entrapment in the material cycle of birth, old age, disease, and death” Bhaktipada, Swami. “THE HEART OF BHAGAVATAM.”
Hare Krishna. Love cow as it is very dear to Lord Krishna.
GOD’S IDOL KILLED A DEVOTEE = ( Ref : Dainik “Ajka Anand”, 11/01/03. Translated and Compiled by Chakradhar Hadke.) He had never dreamt that he would be kill by the god’s idol to which he had been worshipping with bowing before the god’s idol for more than a year. Yes, 19 years old youth, named – Nirmal Mandal an passionate devotee of Lord Krishna went to worshipping and all of sudden a giant idol 108 ft. of Lord Krishna fell down on him. He was literally buried under the idol. His dead body had to be recovered from debris. My (Chakradhar Hadke’s) Comment : This tragic incidence compels us to think over. i.e. There exists laws of nature and every action in nature is caused due to natural laws i.e. Physical, Chemical and Biological laws. The action is well adhered to timeless law i.e. Cause and Effect relationship which is irrespective of man’s wishes, but well adhered to physical, chemical and biological laws. The Cause and Effect relationship, one of the doctrines of the Buddha, is as foll ...
tell her more abt Lord Krishna,BBhagavad Gita.we cant do dating for Rama but we are able to do for Krsna
Mind is Like Water Your body is like a hard shell. And your mind, the inner self is like water. You are like water inside. Nature of water is cooling and flowing. But when the innermost, which is like water, is burning with jealousy, anger, frustration and all the fires you put inside, then the water boils and its cooling nature disappears. Then how does one cool the water? Just imagine a pot and underneath are all these burning sticks. To cool the water you have to remove these sticks. All emotions are linked with people, objects and events. Catching on to objects, people or relationships hinders freedom, liberation. You are hankering for some greater joy that is not there, not going to be there. So, remove all this firewood and the water will become cooler. Because “cool” is the nature of water. When all these other negative stresses, burning sticks are removed, water will possess all its natural qualities — humbleness, humility, and naturalness — just like the nature of water which flows down. ...
WAR STARTS WITH THE BLOWING OF CONCH SHELLS The mighty commander-in-chief and the eldest man of the dynasty roared as a lion and blew his conch loudly, bringing joy to your son. (1.12) Soon after that; conches, kettledrums, cymbals, drums, and trumpets were sounded together. The commotion was tremendous. (1.13) After that, Lord Krishna and Arjuna, seated in a grand chariot yoked with white horses, blew their celestial conches. (1.14) Krishna blew His conch; then Arjuna and all other commanders of various divisions of the army of Pandavas blew their respective conches. The tumultuous uproar, resounding through the earth and sky, tore the hearts of your sons. (1.15-19),,continue.
Dear Members - Lets Create and Appericiate the MOOD of MARGHAZHI Margazhi month is considered auspicious because in Bhagavat Geetha (Holy book of Hindus), Lord Krishna says that he will be as the "Margazhi" in that month. Among the 12 months ,God resides in the Margazhi month.Hindus dedicate the whole margazhi month of 30 days only to God's worship and avoids keeping marriages and other functions in their home. It is the best month to worship and get God's Blessings. In the early morning,special poojas,prayers and bhajans will take place in temples throughout this month. What I can do this Margazhi month to get God's Blessings? Early morning(Brahma Muhurtha 4AM - 6AM)) wake up, & Visiting to the near-by temple Reciting Thirupavai and Thiruvempaavai Offering Naivedhya This is the best month to make God hear our prayers. It has been proven scientifically that the OZONE layer will be closest to the earth during the month of Marghazi,so breathing the fresh early morning air is very good for health in the mar ...
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.A famous quote said by Lord Krishna in Bhagvat Gita : "If u don't fight for what u want, don't cry for what u lost..." Likewise, "Nothing depends on luck, Everything depends on work because, Even Luck has to work."
The term “Govardhana” has two meanings. The word “Go’ means cows, and “vardhana’ means nourishment. Another meaning of “Go” is senses and also “vardhana” means to increase the attachment of the senses towards Sri Krishna. Sri Giriraja is the best example of one whose senses are very attached to Sri Krsna. Sri Giriraja kindly blesses the devotee by increasing his bhakti. Thus, by residing on the foothills of Sri Giri Govardhana, one’s senses and one’s activities becomes purified to serve the Lotus Feet of Sri Sri Radha Krishna. As Srila Prabhupada relates in the Krishna book (chapters 24 and 25), Krishna dissuaded his father, Nanda Maharaja from performing the ritualistic sacrifice to Lord Indra and in return, He encouraged the residents of Vrindavana to exclusively worship Govardhana Hill. All the cowherd men of Vrindavana made an arrangement to worship King Indra. Since Vrindavana is a village of vaisyas (farmers and dairymen), they especially depend on rain to grow their crops an ...
Indian lord Krishna in the Epic "Mahabharata". Please treat the painting as an art. Because this painting is hereby broadcast in International level.
tanjore was a place Lord Rama and lord krishna were came and lost his "sani thosham"
on Srk walk the talk, SG compared Salman with lord Krishna. Ndtv dreams.
How Lord Sri Krishna came to be Known as Parthasarathy. Click here to read full story: . http…
If you are in Karnataka: No Holiday for Lord Krishna Birthday and Holi. Yeah but that's ok. Secularism at work
Garuda is the mount (vahana) of Lord Vishnu, Krishna and Vaishnavi. . Picture : Garuda, Belur, India.
A quick job of while my stay in delhi.
Jesus Christ is just the remake of "Lord Krishna " .. Except for the crucification ( to add drama) .. Just compare and see
If ever there were a time for my divine counterpart Lord Krishna were to bless me with godly luck. Now would be the time.
Your dear lord Krishna only instructs Arjuna to uphold his dharmic religious duties as Ksatriya which is sanctioned & bonafide
Lord Krishna: We can realize eternal fact about rare friendships...
Dear , the founder of Islam committed those crimes. Gujarat riots were not committed by Lord Krishna or Ram…
Lord Krishna: Presumption is Hindhu religious concept. Hindhu wo...
May Lord Krishna bless you for this noble gesture.
Lord Balram Krishna has qualities of both Krishna and Balram. Since both are individually very powerful, they...
Keshava as described by Lord Krishna means "One who has long hair." But Kesav are the rays of the Lord that...
Hello Let's have good governance day on the birth day of Lord Rama, Krishna, Vishnu and all the...
last 3500 yrs kaliyug start in since from HinD reverse in after left Krishna but self KALKI reach in anti wa…
Birthdays of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna are not National Holidays. Just a reminder to the Sickulars.
Lord Krishna said to Parth “just do your karma without expecting the result; you are a warrior and war is your Duty..
Did u ever send ur kid to school in make up of Lord Krishna on Janmaahtami then why Santa 🎅 Cap is being ask..WHY??
'Even when he was 120 years old, lord Krishna looked like a 12 year old because his soap was made from cow dung' Jai *** fo…
Is he the most famous nephew after Lord Krishna and Suresh Raina's nephew?
Shri Krishna and Cow, both are identity of each other. Whenever Lord Krishna used to play cows became completely captivated. With the sound of His flute He made the stunned with bliss. Butter and milk produced by cow was favorite food to Lord Krishna and God himself worshiped and Goverdhan Maharaj (Lord Krishna, who is worshipped by all world, worships Gaumata. It shows the significance of Gaumata). That's why Cow has given a status of a family member, not an animal.
Today is Bhagavad Gita Jayanti. Which means today is the day when Bhagvad Gita was spoken by Lord Shri Krishna to his very first deciple in the form of human i.e. Arjun. Tomorrow Bhagavad Gita will complete 5151 years. Please refer: facts of Bhagavad Gita please read : 🚩What is the Bhagavad-Gita? The Bhagavad-Gita is the eternal message of spiritual wisdom from ancient India. The word Gita means song and the word Bhagavad means God, often the Bhagavad-Gita is called the Song of God. 🚩Why is the Bhagavad-Gita called a song if it is spoken? Because its rhyming meter is so beautifully harmonic and melodious when spoken perfectly. 🚩What is the name of this rhyming meter? It is called Anustup and contains 32 syllables in each verse. 🚩Who originally spoke the Bhagavad-Gita? Lord Krishna originally spoke the Bhagavad-Gita. 🚩Where was the Bhagavad-Gita originally spoken? In India at the holy land of Kuruksetra. 🚩Why is the land of Kuruksetra so holy? Because of benedictions given to King Kuru by ...
history of jatav The Jatavs are an endogamous caste of the Chamar, or leather worker, category of castes in India. Because of the polluting occupation of leather worker they rank among the Untouchable castes close to the bottom of India's caste hierarchy. Some say the name "Jatav" is derived from the word jat (camel driver), while others say it is derived from "Jat," the name of a non-Untouchable farming caste. Many Jatavs themselves say it is derived from the term "Yadav," the lineage of Lord Krishna. They are also known as a Scheduled Caste because, as Untouchables, they are included on a schedule of castes eligible for government aid. Mahatma Gandhi gave to Untouchables the name "Harijans" or "children of god," but Jatavs reject the term and its connotations of Untouchable childlikeness and upper-caste paternalism. Linguistic Affiliation: Jatavs speak related languages of the Indo-Aryan Family of languages including Hindi, Rajasthani, and Braj Bhasha, all using the Devanagari script, as well as Punjabi ...
This is the day when Lord Krishna gave the Bhagvad Gita to Arjuna.I'm sharing this link spea…
Bhagvad Gita, - spoke by Lord Krishna to Arjuna for the betterment of mankind . Gita Jayanthi the Birth Day of...
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For that matter Lord Buddha, Prophet Mohammad, or Lord Krishna as well.
The place of birth of Lord Buddha was known as Kapilavastu. Like Lord Rama,Lord Krishna before him he was the greatest warrior of his time.
It is said that at the age of five, she was given a vigraha or statue of Lord Krishna by a mendicant saint...
"On the pretext of Kurukshetra, Lord Krishna arranged for[...] killed them through the agency of war"
DEATH AROUND THE CORNER People are very much attached to a materialist life, but they forget that there is time which is quickly eroding their life. “One who has taken his birth is sure to die, and after death one is sure to take birth again.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 2.27) But for some reason, you are unwilling to accept this fact? You may think that while death may come to others, you will some how continue to live forever. You will hear about others dying, but it never comes to your mind that you could be next. The whole situation is like that of a slaughterhouse where one animal is being slaughtered and another one is busy munching grass and doesn’t realize that it will be next. This is ignorance. “From the highest planet in the material world down to the lowest, all are places of misery wherein repeated birth and death take place. But one, who attains to my abode, O son of *** , never takes birth again.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 8.16) Material life is full of calamities. The less . ...
PRESIDENT OF INDIA ATTENDS THE 12TH CONVOCATION OF TEZPUR UNIVERSITY The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee attended the 12th Convocation of Tezpur University as the Chief Guest at Tezpur, Assam today (November 20, 2014). Speaking on the occasion, the President stated that he was happy to be at the 12th Convocation of Tezpur University which is considered as one of the important centres of higher education in the North-Eastern part of our country. He said that whenever somebody visits Tezpur, the visit reminds him of its magnificent cultural heritage and the rich and diverse tapestry of its history. It is believed that Lord Krishna fought Banasura’s army here to rescue his grandson, Aniruddha. The archaeological site, Da Parbatiya, manifests architecture of the sixth century AD. Tezpur is a leading cultural centre of Assam. It is associated with Bhupen Hazarika, who spent a part of his early life here; Jyoti Prasad Agarwala, the first Assamese film-maker; and Kalaguru Bishnu Prasad Rabha, a doyen ...
What is wrong if seniors like Bhagwat & Singhal say this is first Hindu Govt after Prithviraj Chauhan or saffron Govt after Lord Krishna?
The Mahabharat war at Kurukshetra with Lord Krishna as the charioteer to the Warrior Arjuna.
My view / experience - Man is badly hurt when he is sabotaged by such persons who had been nursed by him as a mission / life's motto. Dont get surprised u read newa every day wen son or daughters r found involved in eliminating father or morher - Sgahjahan had ds bitter experience at the hands of Aurangzeb and Lord Krishna's grand father at his mama kans' hands who imprisioned Maharaja Agrasen.
Come on now. Almost destroying the world (Mahabaratha War) as Lord Krishna did is hardly the calm that you are agreeing to
PLEASE GOOGLE ABOUT !! read the touching story of this princess who was in love with .she loved him truely even if she knew that she wont get him .. her in-laws tried to kill her as she was not interested in her earthly husband .. but she still continued to love KRISHNA .. and her condition matches with mine .. i knw i wont get ... but still i love him .. i do .. everyone is not lucky enough to emerge successful in love .. plz do read about bai
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Is that your or Lord Krishna's recommendation. India has had all the rational thought &see how we fared Now we also the brute
Berating an elder is equivalent to murder and Self-praise is equivalent to suicide -- Lord Krishna, Karna Parva, Mahabharata
Some interesting stories in Mahabharata - One of the interesting and never ending debates is who is great of the two, Karna or Arjuna. There's an insight from lord Krishna on this. This incident happened on the 16th day of Kurukshetra when karna is made the commander in chief of the kaurava army after the downfall of dronacharya. In the final battle when the two face off, with each arrow , Arjuna was pushing back Karna's chariot by ten paces whereas Karna was just able to push Arjuna's chariot by two paces. Throughout this duel, Lord Krishna was openly praising Karna about his archery skills. Arjuna who got really mad at Krishna for praising Karna inquired about why he is praising Karna while Arjuna is doing better than him. Then Krishna replied " Karna's chariot is not as strong as yours. His charioteer is not even a great king. Your arrows move it only ten paces whereas Your chariot is being driven by me, Vishwaroopam and has Lord Hanuman on your flag . Pushing back your chariot even slightly is an imp ...
Celebrating the wedding ceremony of lord Krishna & goddess Tulsi..
A prayer for problems! hinduism Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas, praises Lord Krishna. She recalls all the occasions when the Lord has saved her family. Krishna saved her sons from fire and poison. A lacquer palace was built to house the Pandavas, and it was decided to set fire to the palace when they were asleep. But the Pandavas escaped through a tunnel. How would this have been possible, without Lord Krishna’s grace? That is why Kunti says that He has always saved her family from danger, said Kidambi Narayanan, in a discourse. Krishna saved Draupadi from being shamed in the court of the Kauravas. He saved the unborn child of Uttara. Kunti says she wants more problems, because only problems will make her think of Him! Problems are like speed-breakers. A car has to move at an appropriate speed. If it is driven at a mad pace, then it will crash. In life too, we must have a mixture of joy and sorrow. If we had only joy, we would never think of the Lord. A problem is the language through which He speaks ...
Rama was born in tertayuga so he was adjust with sits but if he born today he can beat out the score of lord krishna
The sacrifice which is offered, O Arjuna, seeking a reward and for ostentation, you know that to be a Rajasic Yajna. -Lord Sri Krishna 17.12
Got this comment on my Mahabharat Star Plus-Photo Edits page as i posted an edit on lord krishna "good morning anindita sir and you have good character like lord krishna anindita sir i like you so much sir"
The story of friendship between Krishna and Sudama. Sudama was a childhood friend of Krishna. They attended their primary education in same school. But while Krishna was a royal prince, Sudama was born to a poor family. However, their financial differences didn't come in between their friendship. It is said that Sudama was the avatar of Lord Narada in order to see Krishna leela on earth. When they grew up, Krishna went on to become the royal king of Dwarka, where as Narada was confined to poor conditions in a village. Sometime later Sudama's financial conditions became even worse and he was not able to feed his family. At that time Sudama's wife reminded him of his childhood friend Krishna, and asked him to visit Lord and seek some help. A reluctant Sudama packed some rice with him as a gift, and took a long journey to reach Dwarka. Seeing his pity condition, at first the gate-keepers refused him entry to the city. When the news reached lord Krishna that Sudama has come, He became very joyful and rushed t ...
Thanks to Hare Krishna Pavel who sang the whole of my sweet lord to me on Oxford street. It made my day.
Krishna Leela - the lord giving us a piece of his mind
body has tried to understand him. There was a Shishupal who hated Lord Krishna. Kansa wanted to kill Krishna.
thank you.welcome to my the greatest spiritual love story of lord krishna n Radharani.
Lord Sri Krishna is posing an open challenge to all the bogus incarnations of God. Srila Prabhupada explains:-.
Modiji the world doesn't even follow Lord Krishna, Prophet Mohammed or Jesus Christ if there is no fear or greed so why would they follow u.
Its heard that Paani was lord krishna now he is n temple ! I wish to go there to meet our dr.paani gud evng !
My Lord are more beautiful than diamonds
regram rememberkrishna. Dhoti for tonight.
Ur acting as lord krishna is wonderful... huge fan of u
is the day holy of Tulsi Devi with Lord Krishna. Check out the Reality of New Age Vivaah
Aashwat as itsss the other name of lord krishna.
As lord Krishna has said - YOGAH KARMASHU KAUSHALAM. Full colncentration on your work is YOGA.Make this your lifestyle.
Lord Krishna said one can see "Him" in a Ashwatha Tree, in Ganga, etc. Hence this tree is holy for Hindus.
Lord Sri Krishna was a serial kisser, he used to a flower seller girl in the middle of the market of Vraj.
Lord Krishna Tattoo Design by Visit our website at
Pranab Mukherjee will lay the foundation stone for Chandrodaya Mandir, 213-metre high temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, Nov 16,
Today is Tulsi Vivah - the celebration of Tulsi to Lord Krishna!
Mm you r in trouble after writing this. Pray to lord krishna for your safety.
Today is Tulsi Vivah day; we Hindu's perform marriage of the Ma Tulsi (holy basil) to Lord Vishnu (Krishna) today evening!
Radhekrishna. A day to accept Lord Krishna as husband for our souls. Let's offer this relationship day to...
Krishna...You are my life my everything...LOVE YOU MY LORD
Bhishma Panchaka fast from yesterday, pray to Lord Krishna to help me to fast till Thursday, to please him and Guru is my si…
“O Lord Damodara, in Your form as a baby, Mother Yasoda bound You to a grinding stone with a rope fo
Lord krishna kissed woman in public... His life shows Love and pre marital romance... Radha, krishna are best...
Luckyfellow Lord krishna survived kiss of love... no media and moral policing then...
Probably because of immunity to small pox after catching cow pox... and dancing with Lord Krishna of course?
Kartakiya ekadashi marks the Wedding Anniversary of Lord Krishna with Goddess Tulsi :) It…
I was blessed with twin girls after 8 years with mercy of lord Krishna. Pls visit once.
Just seen Lord Krishna gallop across my TL. Probably time to take a rest.
Sudama appeared before Lord Krishna as a poor Bhramin. Dont we meet Sudama every day ?
7 Kosi Parikamma of Goverdhan continues 24/7 365 days . Vraj Mandal / Mathura is the centre of faith for Hindus & Lord Krishna bhakts
sir pootna didi was during the time of lord krishna, soorpankha was during the time of Lord Rama.
the bhagwad gita of cricket is out.Lord Krishna(Sachin Tendulkar ) has spoken it out.He has given his principles on cricket.
The Bestest relationship is of a Guru and a Shishya...Of Ashtavakra & Janak .of Lord Krishna & . Arjuna...Wow !!! Nothing else is worth.
People from foreign lands have sunk themselves deep in the ocean of devotion for Lord Krishna. His Holiness Lord...
I feel lik evn if I get to meet real Lord Krishna..I won't believe it's truly him. ;-) :-P
Nd kuddos to u...if I think of Lord Krishna..ur face oly comes in my mind.
Massive crowd at Tulsi ghat for Nag Nathaiyya, a 400-year-old tradition depicting lord Krishna's life
Kejriwal's termination, The Judgement Day is on the anvil. Finally Lord Krishna has answered our Prayers.
complete as that resulting from association with a woman or with men too attached to women.'(5)-Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu
Look at this pic of which is 10 Year old.. Dressed up as Lord Krishna. Indians what do you think?... http:/…
In verse 22 of the first chapter of Shrimad Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna not to grief about death...
Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha,Lord Krishna, Sai Baba and many more automatically gave their shadow pic in the year 1992 on the one of the wall of an house in Sant...
Lord Shiva from the ST, Lord Krishna from the OBC! :X
Very cute, just like lord Krishna..innocent but naughty..don't grown up so we can love u forever ...
27-10-14 -Fasting till Noon on "Srila Prabhupadas" — Disappearance Day Srila Prabhupada was born Abhay Charan De on September 1st 1896 in Calcutta, India. His father was Gour Mohan De, a cloth merchant, and his mother was Rajani. His parents in accordance with Bengali tradition, employed an astrologer to calculate the child’s horoscope, and they were made jubilant by the auspicious reading. The astrologer made a specific prediction: When this child reaches the age of seventy, he would cross the ocean, become a great exponent of religion, and open 108 temples.(Satswarupa das Goswami. 1987. “Your Ever Well-wisher”. page x.) It is noteworthy that in that very same year, 1896, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura’s book was accepted into McGill University in Canada, a pilot light for preaching in the West. When young Abhay had been unwilling to go to school, his father saw the humour in it, and always treated him kindly, and was lenient. His mother however, hired a man to escort young Abhay daily to school. G ...
10 stories proving existence of Lord Krishna
Even a small service performed with love & devotion pleases Lord Krishna.
A nun in Warsaw, Poland, filed a case against ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness). The case came up in court. The nun remarked that ISKCON was spreading its activities and gaining followers in Poland. She wanted ISKCON banned because its followers were glorifying a character called Krishna “who had loose morals,” having married 16,000 women called Gopikas. The ISKCON defendant to the Judge: “Please ask the nun to repeat the oath she took when she was ordained as a nun.” The Judge asked the nun to recite the oath loudly. She would not. The ISKCON man asked whether he could read out the oath for the nun. Go ahead, said the judge. The oath said in effect that 'she (the nun) is married to Jesus Christ'. The ISKCON man said, "Your Lordship! Lord Krishna is alleged to have 'married' 16,000 women. There are more than a million nuns who assert that they are married to Jesus Christ. Between the two, Krishna and the nuns, who has a loose character?” The case was dismissed…
Lord Krishna visits Subhadra       Legend of Lord Krishna is also associated with the festival of Bhaiya-Dooj. It says that after slaying the demon Narakasur, Shri Krishna visited His loving sister S
LORD KRISHNA, THE PROTECTOR OF COWS, is worshipped AND COWS are SLAUGHTERED! Is this the reverence shown by us to GOD.
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Good morning friends jai shree krishna may lord krishna bless you all
Arabian morality is on Lord Krishna now
Worship lord Krishna today, Its the special Govardhan Puja day. Happy Govardhan Puja!!. Emenox Group
It is not Buddha and Mahavira were first attacked the Vedas but Lord Krishna himself spoke***...
Greetings on the auspicious festival of May Lord Krishna bless us with happiness and well being... http…
Lord Shri Krishna is one of the human avatar/incarnation of THE DIVINE LORD Shri Vishnu. by Keshav61
quite natural as He is God himself literally Google "SRK is Lord Krishna in disguise", Jai Radha Madhav
if we want to stop all this..the only way z to pray Lord Sri Krishna...with heartful...I like ur DP...
Hi Good Morning. Please pass on my prayers to Lord Udupi Shri Krishna & Lord Ananteeshwara swamy
A large statue of Lord krishna made by snow. Good morning
I liked a video Krishna - A Most Beautiful Song... Wonderful Composition on Lord Krishna
Greetings on Janmashtami! May Lord Krishna bless our lives with peace, prosperity and happiness.
More research needed on Lord Krishna, Dwarka etc
Lord Krishna of Hinduism by all means a sexual pervert, who had 16 thousand and 8 wives. But he never let any...
I liked a video Lord Krishna playing flute for Radharani
May holy Beings, Krishna & Lord Buddha bless your virtuous work for Our prayers go with u
Come help us for Lord Krishna's Mountain Festival. Meet us at the park ASAP.
hey SRJ sir u r the best.i never forgt u as Lord Vishnu,LORD KRISHNA...:)
Lord Shri Krishna of Mahabharata had 10,000,000 children Lord Shri Krishna of Goloka had at least 7 billions...
"Ahhh as Lord Krishna said... Non perishable..." Goods ... good enough for a space shuttle
Feeling intense spiritual ecstasy, I chanted Hare Krishna and played my vina as I traveled to Kailasa to see you.'
My Lord Krishna's garments are like bright sunlight
Celebrated the month of Karthik with Lord who celebrating pastimes with us, prem Bhakti real
holding on to her sari with one hand while she stretches the other up towards the Lord in supplication. For awhile Sri Krishna and his
Then on another part of the stage, Sri Krishna is seen quietly seated playing on its flute. Sri Krishna's queen gets very Angry at her lord
He is God himself in real Google SRK is Lord Krishna
While Traveling to Mathura ( Birth Place of Lord Krishna ) found a Freemasons Hall Lodge Ligonier # 51 .A...
There is no enemy other than the uncontrolled mind. Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita. Govinda Govinda Govinda. Good Mornin…
Colourful carving of lord krishna's "RAS LEELA" under the dome of iskon temple. .
of with India was done by Lord Krishna by doing 1st coronation of Queen in Kashmir. 26.10.1947 was reaffirmation
Lord Krishna helps only those who trust and love him. You love Lord krishna and need not 2 worship,he would take out all ur pain.
but today Lord Krishna helps only those who are having muscle and money power.
VB Singh Ji, Pandavs were too victimized for long 13 yrs, by Kauravs, despite Lord Krishna was with them.But final result u know.
Watch a hilarious introduction of Lord devotees of today for a hearty laugh. Enjoy this a
Lord Sri Krishna himself says that he can do nothing to make a man intelligent straight away. The adepts give...
I address Lord Krishna in choice poetic. words from the scriptures,. the acaryas and in words from. my own heart. I...
It is today that Lord Krishna lifted the hill to save his kinsmen from floods & rain.
Celebrating the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. Happy Krishnashtami to everyone! …
Not Protecting is not the Dharma of Lord Krishna... what India is doing ??? . Yezidi's are today fighting against...
Lord Shree Krishna's grandson and son of Pradhyumna, Prince Anirudh was married to daughter of King Banasur or Multan, Princess Usha
Dwarika was also known as Dwarvati, Jagatkoot and Kushsthali. Lord Krishna ruled from Dwarka for 96 years.
After ruling for 18 years and 4 months from Mathura, Lord Shree Krishna later moved the capital from Mathura to Dwarika of Kathiavad.
The Supreme Lord Himself! Lord Krishna appeared in this world on 19th July 3228 BC .
It also commemorates Lord Krishna’s victory over the demon Narakasura who had kidnapped and terrorized the gopīs...
"The ancient city of Lord Krishna was once thought to be merely a myth but ruins discovered in 2000"
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Radhekrishna. . A day to enjoy Lord Krishna's grace without straining our body & mind has arrived. ... Let's offer this happy Govardhan Pooja day to Sri Sanathan Goswami (disciple of Sri Krishna Chaithanya Mahaprabu) who did Govardhana Giri Parikrama (round about) till his last breath. Everyday Sri Sanathan Goswami used to do Govardhan Giri Parikrama even in his old age. During one hot sunny day in Giri Parikrama, he was so tired & sat on the Parikrama path... At that time Krishna came & advised him to stop the tedious penance of Giri Parikrama at that old age. But Sanathan Goswami was not able to give up his vow of Giri Parikrama... So Krishna stood on a small Govardhan Shila (rock) & started playing flute. Because of this extraordinary divine music the rock started melting & had the foot prints of Lord Krishna, hoof print of calf, imprint of Flute & imprint of cowherd Stick. Till his last breath, Sri Sanathan Goswami did Parikrama to this rock. This sacred Govardhan Rock is still in Radha Damodhar templ ...
Lord Krishna lifts Govardhan Parvat As always, Once the people of Vraj started planning for the Puja and Yagya for Lord Indra. So all the elder personality including Nand Maharaj, started discussing about the arrangements to be made. But Lord Krishna, the supreme personality of Godhead, questioned them as to why they are serving Lord Indra. Nand Maharaj nd the elder Villagers told the Lord that this is done every year to please Lord Indra so that he continue bestow his grace on the people of Vraj by providing us rain as and when required. Lord Krishna debated with the villagers about what their ‘dharma’ truly was. They were farmers, they should do their duty and concentrate on farming and protection of their cattle. He continued to say that all human beings should merely do their ‘karma’, to the best of their ability and not pray or conduct sacrifices for natural phenomenon. The villagers were convinced by Krishna, and did not proceed with the special puja (prayer) On seeing that the inhabitants o ...
Hare Krishna Bhagavad Gita 4.34 Lord Krishna says - If you want to know something, INQUIRE FROM YOUR TEACHER.SUBMISSIVELY You should have an intention to understand. ..not argue..if you think you know better than teacher, ignore him...let him teach.stop him if you think he is wrong.but if you think he is right. ..allow him to continue.if you want to put your point do it in gentle way.submissively. Neeraj gupta ( Gita Margdarshan ) For previous updates visit
"For the soul there is neither birth nor death, nor having once been does is ever cease to be." Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita
After Mahadev, Mohit Raina to play Lord Krishna in Life OK's next mytho!
Fresh frm visits 2 Somanath, Madhavpur, Lambe & Mocha Hanuman temple, Shivling by the sea, Lord Krishna finds... now back 2 the market :)
According to Vedic Scriptures fasting should be only done for the satisfaction of Lord Hari or Lord Krishna and for none else
RATHA YATRA IN TOKYO, JAPAN (Click HD button for better video) - Odisha Community Japan Tokyo RathYatra 2014 (Watch the same extended video on Youtube) Rath Yatra at Funabori (Edogawa ku , Tokyo) on 29th June 2014 - Ratha Yatra 2012 - Tokyo, JAPAN - Slideshow - Sunday Bhajan @ ISKCON Japan 20121118 Krishna Consciousness & ISKON “Human life is simply awarded to a living entity so that he can realize his spiritual identity and his permanent source of happiness.” The International Society for Krishna Consciousness is a denomination of the Gaudiya Vaishnava faith, a devotional tradition based on the teachings of Bhagavad-gita and the Bhagavat Purana (Srimad Bhagavatam). The tradition traces its roots back 5,500 years. The precepts and Lord Krishna instructing Arjuna practices of the members of the present day ISKCON were taught and codified by the 15th century saint and religious reformer Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and his principle associates, the six Goswamis of Vrindavan. Sri Chaitanya, whom devotees re ...
VEDANT SHARMAA Much of one’s character is determined by His/Her birth date. Numerology Gives your life path number and gets you closer to the real you. 1. Background I was born in Ujjain holy city of India. Ujjain is in state of Madhya Pradesh and also home to the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga, one of the twelve Jyotirlinga shrines of god Shiva. An ancient seat of learning, Ujjain is the place where Lord Krishna, along with Balarama and Sudama, received his education from Maharshi Sandipani. It is also known as the city of Temples. I was brought up in Ujjain and got my initial education from my father Guruji Gobind Sharma. My father is a well known astrologer and has many politicians & film stars as his clients. He has appeared on many TV Shows and written articles for newspapers. I have inherited many qualities and traits from my father. 2. Qualification I did my schooling from convent school. After schooling I did my Engineering in information tecnology from MIT. I am an IT Engineer and have done PHD. In ...
Let us salute the organization of karmayogis, RSS, on its founding day (Vijayadasami, 1925). Most of us might be familiar with the word karmayoga taught by Lord Krishna. If anyone wants to see the largest number of people who practice this karma yoga, they can visit this organization. They just keep working and working for the country heart fully. They care a *** for praises or criticism. We generally see Mother India in many photographs, on walls, books etc., but for these people, Mother India is right in their heart. You go to the farthest corner of the country, you can see at least one RSS member running an Ekal Vidyalaya. You go to the densest forest, you see a few working for the welfare of tribals. You go to a deadly terror infested area, you can see them working for the country daring the death. They are there to defend the country in crisis of every kind. They take the shape of swadeshi jagaran manch to support the economy, they turn into sevabharati to serve the underprivileged, Arogya bharati .. ...
Protagonist Madhav in is named after Lord Krishna. His prior novels also had:. Hari. Shyam. Govind. Krish. Gopal
Hats off to Sri for being a noble Hindu following "Karma" & "Bhakthi". Lord Krishna is proud of her
~~~《 Jai Sri krishna 》~~~ Krishna Janmashtami at Udupi on September 17 》》This 13th century temple town known for its Krishna temple and Ashta Mutts will not celebrate Krishna Janmashtami with the rest of India on August 17. Thanks to a glaring difference in the almanacs followed by the Udupi temple and those elsewhere, Udupi will celebrate the festival on September 17. 》》Why this confusion? When contacted, almanac (panchanga) scholars in Udupi told Express, “There is no meaning in celebrating Janmashtami when all the star signs do not coincide according to the Krishna Panchanga. According to it, Janmashtami can be celebrated only with the confluence of Simha Maasa, Krishna Paksha, Rohini Nakshatra and Ashtami Thithi as prescribed by the Souramana (Solar Almanac). This is the accurate ‘ghalige’,” said vedic scholar Gopalacharya. According to the almanac, Janmashtami will be complete only when the right combination of celestial signs coincide on one day. 》》In other places, from Gur . ...
Hi Frnds, I decorated this lord Krishna wooden idol. Howz this ?
Wishing u all a wonderful ashtami rohini may lord Krishna bless u all.
A leader plays role like Lord Krishna in da lyf of his follwer thank god I hav many Sumanpreet Kaur
I wonder why has NO depiction of lord krishna been by a dark hued actor. Krishna WAS DARK !!! Its in his name!!!
All are welcome to Guruvayur SreeLakam…. Jay Sree Guruvayurappa…..Bhagawan’s Srteelakam Sri Guruvayur Temple , all set to celebrate Ashtami Rohini, the divine birthday of Bhagawan Krishna. On Sep 15th , Monday – “Ashtami Rohini Day”, Bhagawan’s SreeKovil will open at 3 a.m. The highlight of the janmashttami celebrations includes the Ashtami Rohini feast, a ritualistic mass feast, an important offering to Bhagawan Sree guruvayurappan. Special arrangements have been made to serve as many as 20,000 devotees at the temple, Vilakku Ezhunnelippu will be held at 10 pm after Athazha Puja. The Guruvayur Devaswom Kshetra Kalanilayam will present Krishnanattom at 10 p.m. Special prasadam - Appam and Palpayasam will be prepared as part of the celebration & Devotees can book the prasadam and can get it after Athazha pooja. The Ashtami Rohini Aghosha Samithy will take out a procession, Avathara Vilambara Ghoshayatra, in Guruvayur on Sunday. While temples around Guruvayoor and several organisation celebrat ...
"Lord Krishna's mercy is dependent only on affection. Being obliged only by affection, Lord Krsna acts very independently." C.C. 2.10.139
The preference for the construction of royal palaces at this site dates back to as early as the Licchavi period in the third century. Even though the present palaces and temples have undergone repeated and extensive renovations and nothing physical remains from that period, names like Gunapo and Gupo, which are the names referred to the palaces in the square in early scriptures, imply that the palaces were built by Gunakamadev, a king ruling late in the tenth century. When Kathmandu City became independent under the rule of King Ratna Malla (1484–1520) the palaces in the square became the royal palaces for its Malla kings. When Prithvi Narayan Shah invaded the Kathmandu Valley in 1769, he favored the Kathmandu Durbar Square for his palace. Other subsequent Shah kings continued to rule from the square until 1896 when they moved to the Narayan Hiti Palace. The square is still the center of important royal events like the coronation of King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah in 1975 and King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Sha ...
Among the techniques, Iam the japa, says lord Krishna. The highest form of Sadhana.
Leadership Post - is about knowing your needs and those of your teams -
Rest part of mb will b continued next Sunday... N lord Krishna's entry will b shown so excited for next Sunday
These are the ppl who keep the Idea called India alive n safe! via
Did ne1 read this-Krishna takes birth in a Muslim devotee's house
Kumar Vishvas compares Modi to Lord Shiva,Amit Shah compares Ramdev to Lord Krishna;and it is all acceptable :(
If the city of Lord Krishna is explored properly it wd hv given etching to Khangress!
We had Lord Krishna from Yadav race who glorified Aaryavart & Hinduism and other is this Mulla Mulayam Singh Yadav !!.
Indraprastha was built by Pandavas with help of Lord Krishna
Very keen to see your creativity on Geeta Upadesh and Vishwaroop Darshan of Lord Krishna.
...and today, a message, probably from Lord Krishna Himself for India's daughters. Written by Pushpmitr Upadhyay
Well i have faith in my religion, and i believe in Lord Krishna. I wont deny his existence
But Lord Krishna never ordered to kill those who dont believe in HIM
Lord Krishna tried till last moment to avoid a war... it was coz of Dharma that he had to resort to it.
Kalindi has stated ''Surely Shri Radhika is the very soul (Atma)of Lord Krishna Who is Atma-Rama, that is, One Who delights in Himself alone
Lord Balarama respects Lord Krishna's gopis and is very careful to avoid mixing with them. (Appreciating Shri Vrndavana Dhama, pg.71)
one of these days i will surely get a chance to meet you sir. May lord krishna be your strength always- tatastu
Amit shah spoke very highly of Baba Ramdeo&compared him with lord krishna.Baba Ramdeo should request Govt to bring blackmoney lying abroad.
it is likeVasudev ji saving Lord Krishna wading through yamuna
In the lotus feet of my lord, my protector and my guardian, i bow before thee. Happy Krishna Janmashtami wishes...
Ep 212 13th June 2014 : Arjun gets to know the Eternal Truth of Lord Krishna!. h…
after shameful defeat of Congress; Sai Baba is as holy as Lord Ram Shiva Krishna for Hindus 2/2; Be alert 2/2
gm.mam.lots of regards from India. Below lord Krishna.
Srimad Bhagvatam Canto 5.24 on the planetaty system and some of the material creation of Lord Krishna around us.
Remembering Lord Krishna . With sword in hand, intelligent men cut through the binding knots of reactionary work...
For every problem there is one and only one solution " BHAGWAT GEETA " - Writen by Lord Sri Krishna. Good Morning & HND
Now where did I read this can't recall Lord Krishna "Secular Moderate" Yes they have boxed him also.Wah kya Education http…
Lord Vishnu is known as Dashavtar. Apart from Ram & Krishna there were 8 more incarnations of Vishnu. Do you know?
His Holiness Srila Sacinandana Maharaja & Sriman Gadadhara Prabhu are full of the power of Lord Krishna.,.
. It is, but when it is used by Lord Vishnu aka Lord Krishna it is called the Sudarshan Chakra.
Lord krishna is not blue anymore please, he is red. Not at all sree krisha call him comr: krishn.He used to black-tea, paripuvada,local weed
Thank you so much. May you have a lovely day filled with Lord Krishna's blessings.
I thank Lord Krishna every morning for the coffee in my cup, and the strength not to smack a person when I wake up.
Lord Vishnu aka Lord Krishna and his famous. Sudarshan Chakra, or as many believe the . " Brilliant Discus "
Where is our Lord Krishna() , who take part but without taking any Weapon(bat/ball).
The Day of Love and Fortune. The day of Birth of Lord Krishna. A Lover,Friend & Divine Guru. HAPPY JANMASHTAMI. Frm: Vrunali
Honest replies by lord krishna himself 😊😊
Sri Yamuna Devi... Who with great bliss and fortune witnessed the great pastimes of Lord Krishna right from the...
Devotion of all Gopi for Lord Krishna is the superiority of great love like beyond to great Hari Katha of today.
PM Modi reminds me of Lord Krishna ,Shivaji, Maharana Pratap & Guru Govind ; that is how long it takes to find a Patriot.
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My ' byte' in the programme 'Rahasya' - telecast on NewsNationTV Channel on Aug 30,2014. [ 08PM to 08:30 PM ]. The programme was regarding the mystery of footprints on the Goverdhan Parvat ( near Mathura ). There are some 18 footprints imprinted on the rocks. Some footprints look like that of human beings. People believe that these are the footprints of Lord Krishna who walked on the rocks while grazing his cows. This belief of people has no scientific evidence.The rocks are so hard that footprints can not be imprinted by just walking over it. Actually these footprints must have been carved by some one to fool people that Krishna was real and that he walked on this mountain. This appears to be nothing but cheating by the propagators of religious faith.
Dwaraka -City once ruled by LORD KRISHNA and was lost is found back in deep water and is declared as oldest temple in the world and HINDUISM id the oldest on...
This is purely my opinion. So pls dont ask for proofs. In Bhagavad Gita Krishna asked Arjuna to worship him only as he is the Supreme Lord. This sentence has the capacity to confuse us. If he alone is supreme why should we worship the rest of Gods? This notion we should not get. We are no one to consider any God inferior. Now my assumption is this. Did Krishna forbid the worship of all Gods to us except himself? I dont think so. This particular instruction I guess is only for Arjuna. Why Arjuna only? Just a day before he preached Gita he asked the same Arjuna to get the blessings of Goddess Durga. Vyasa, again a Vishnu avatar advised Arjuna via Yudhishtra to pray Lord Shiva and please him. Both the things Arjun did. Then why the same Krishna now advise Arjuna to worship him only? This means Arjuna has already achieved what he should to reach Krishna. Like you climb a ladder step by step he climbed every step before reaching or realising Krishna. He got darshan of Shiva on the advice of a guru (here it was ...
Very interesting considration by Srila Madhvacarya's commenting Bhagavad Gita verse 3 ch.13. The Bhagavat Purana states that the word ksetra-jna applies to the Supreme Lord, who being transcendentally pure and beyond any modifications is capable of creating perfectly by His will alone in the waking state, the dream state and the dreamless state. Anything contrary to Him is subject to modification and transitory and thus not eternal. Although in the previous verse the words etadyo vetti meaning those who know refers to the jiva this was used because there are some jivas who are experienced devotees of the Supreme Lord who have developed themselves spiritually and achieving atma- tattva or soul realisation possess marginal knowledge of the ksetra and thus in an individual sense they can in special instances be known as ksetra-jna as well. Otherwise to refer to Himself as the same ksetra-jna in this verse after referring to the jiva as ksetra-jna in the previous verse would be contrary. Lord Krishna is the k ...
Lord Krishna has Lotus Feet, And Lord Jesus Christ (Logos) walked on water.
tommorrow 5.9.2014, friday EKADESI benefits of fasting cleanses of toxins and wastes strengthens immune system cures diseases and illness rejunevates body and extends life expectancy boosts will power purifies mind ans senses saves mony and time above all Lord Krishna blesses inbounty to all those who fast on ekadesi
Hinduism Hinduism is only the religion of peace. It is the only religion which have scientific origination. The most intellectual religion of the world. Some great facts about Hinduism are as follows: 1. Aryabhatta invented zero "0". Without which maths was not possible. 2. Bhaskaracharya was a mathematician and astrologist who provided the diameter of earth hundreds of years back. Presently NASA found only 1% difference between the diameter given by Bhaskaracharya and NASA. 3. It is said that Jesus learned the powers from India during 10 years undocumented time of his life. 4. Principle of electricity is described clearly in Vedas. 5. 8700 year old book documents the 7 planets and also the fact that pluto's orbit cuts through Neptune's. 6. Gravity was known to Hindus around 5000 years back. As it is clearly stated in Mahabharata about solar eclipse prediction from Lord Krishna; this clearly means he and other hindus of that time was aware of gravity. 7. Computer understands the Sanskrit language most eas ...
Dunno, I'm in Bedford right now, it's pretty romantic.
Reading is basically the Paris of London-orbital towns anyway.
The one who commits the crime and injustice is a lesser evil than the one who encourages him to commit them-Lord Krishna
MUST READ- HISTORY OF AGGARWALS AND THE LEGEND KING AGRASENA . Agrasen was a vysya king of the Solar Dynasty who adopted Vanika dharma for the benefit of his people.[6][7] Literally, Agrawal means the "children of Agrasena" or the "people of Ag", a city in ancient Kuru Panchala, near Hisar in Haryana region said to be founded by Agrasena.[8] Noted Hindi author Bharatendu Harishchandra (himself an Agrawal)[9] wrote Agarwalon ki Utpatti (The origin of Agrawals) in 1871,[10] based on an account in the Mahalaksmi Vrat Katha manuscript.[11] According to this account, Maharaja Agrasena was a Suryavanshi Kshatriya king, born during the last stages of Dwapar Yuga in the Mahabharat epic era, he was contemporaneous to Lord Krishna. He was a descendant of Suryavanshi King Mandhata. Mandhata had two sons, Gunadhi and Mohan. Agrasena was the eldest son of the King Vallabh, descendant of Mohan, of Pratapnagar. Agrasena fathered 18 children, from whom the Agrawal gotras came into being. Agrasena attended the swayamvara ...
In His Sadguru Sookti Sangraha, Sri Swamiji reminds us that" In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says, 'Among things profound, I am Silence.'Silence (mouna) is meditation...silence does not mean holding the tongue. The mind should be given complete rest.When so done, the mind imbibes greater power and greater clarity. " Join us this Saturday at JDRC at 4:30 pm as we practice Kriya Yoga and then sit in silence in the temple in union with our Datta brothers and sisters in Germany who are enjoying their mouna conference with Sri Swamiji.
Scientists were amazed at documentary of alien nature in the Hinduism text on the City of Dwaraka ruled by Lord Krishna. Western scientists could not believe...
Detach yourself from all worldly things and reach out to Me for your salvation and liberation from this world. I shall always protect you from all the worldly sins you may encounter. Put your full love, trust, and devotion in me and you shall fear nothing.Lord Krishna.
TRANSFER Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita: na tad bhāsayate sūryo na śaśāṅko na pāvakaḥ yad gatvā na nivartante tad dhāma paramaṁ mama TRANSLATION: “That supreme abode of Mine is not illumined by the sun or moon, nor by fire or electricity. Those who reach it never return to this material world.” As long as a living entity is in this material world, he is in conditioned life but as soon as he reaches the spiritual sky, he becomes liberated. Then there is no chance of his coming back here again. There, he enjoys eternal bliss, eternal life and full knowledge. One should desire to TRANSFER himself to that eternal world and not petty transfers here and there in this material world. But how is it possible? In the spiritual world there are spiritual entities and they are having two type of dealings/relationships i.e. dealings with Super-soul and dealings with other liberated souls. Unless we understand those relationships/dealings through Vedic wisdom, through Guru and with the mercy of Go ...
stop these monkeying. Lord Krishna seeks from U only a drop of water/flower/leaf but not these explosive drum sounds
Beautiful pic Hindu devotees in at Janmashtami festival marking the birth of Hindu god Lord Krishna
Sweet Sri Krishna might be everyone's personal Lord & Savior, but I love Ganesh.
C'mon Stop comparing that grown up kid to Lord Krishna.
An article which tells you truth about Shrikrishna. Plx read & forward
A10). Lord Krishna and I would be Arjun! The way the Lord imparted knowledge and showed right from wrong!
Lord Krishna was born in Chandravansh.Yadavs/Ahirs are Kshatriya
Lord Krishna teaches us that we develop most when we have to draw from deep within our energy reserves to meet challenges
lord krishna so that he could teach me morals of 'GEETA' and help me understand meaning of our life...
Lord Krishna knew that evil is about to reach India,hence he placed Modi ji in charge to take care of Bharat Mata !
Did he just mention lord krishna and Ganesh?
Lord Krishna Logic . Are they all planing to convert into Hinduism ?. I hope Molana Diesel issues Fatwa on him
No.. will run a debate on how Modi Abandoned Lord Rama for Lord Krishna by gifting Gita and ignoring Janmabhoomi.
Sir, Pls visit Lord Krishna @ Guruvayoor Temple, Kerala as Lord Krishna takes care of all of us :)
According to you who is real hero of mahabharat ? ( except Lord Krishna as he is supreme hero) . 1. Daanveer...
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When you choose anything is possible...!!!. to .
Vote on the poll Lord krishna on via
K.Asif,Naushad,Mumtaz Mehal(Madhubala) along with Yusuf Khan,all Muslim chanting sweetness of my Lord Krishna.Yogi?. htt…
my mom, dad,sis,bro, n lord Krishna
His taunt on sickulars was a master stroke as lord Krishna might hv used.
: In war Even Lord Krishna made Arjun to kill his Grandfather n Guru for d Kingdom..wat does that mean.?
Back to being Hindu. May Lord Krishna Bless my path.
But to be honest leaving the EU would also be pretty hilarious.
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