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Lord Krishna

Krishna (Sanskrit: कृष्ण) (' in IAST, pronounced literally dark, black, dark-blue ) is a central figure of Hinduism and is traditionally attributed the authorship of the Bhagavad Gita.

May Lord Krishna Lord Ram Hare Krishna Bhagavad Gita Lord Shiva Lord Rama Srimad Bhagavatam Happy Holi Sri Ram Lord Ganesh Jai Sri Krishna

May Lord always reside in our hearts to bless us all the time...Jai Shri Krishna
The lord is ever with u. He is everywhere. Hare Krishna
Amazing work of Lord Krishna statue made of ice n snow, at the International Ice n Snow Festival, Harbin-China, sha…
Why does Lord say that His opulence due to Vaishnava’s mercy?
Have huge regard for but way he insulted Lord Krishna was NOT expression o…
This is ridiculous ji, Lord Krishna was not going around eveteasing, catcalling & sexually harassing random stran…
Disagree and feel sad about your knowledge about Lord Krishna. Women were attracted to Him not he was chasing them https:/…
Lord Krishna never forced 10,000 girls to leave school. He never threw acid on girls. So stop being *** before someone m…
It is offensive to compare Lord Krishna with d road romeos. has offended religious feelin…
Free audiobook: Teachings of Lord Kapila - Chapter 15 - Meditation on the Lord’s Transcendental Form…
Lord Krishna was an enchanter & not a pedophile like Muhammed! What ensued between him and d gopis was through mutual admir…
I think he was ok till he dragged lord Krishna into it. Had no disagreem…
The bright side is now every Muslim and liberal suddenly believes in Lord Krishna's existence .
If Lord Krishna were born today, he would have broken his pledge not to Pick any shastra in dharma yudh...
Blessings of Lord Krishna be Always be wit you. May you prosper in you career and life.
Wonderful episode😍this scene of Lord Krishna entry my favourite scene ❤😍❤🎉
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All art in my home is about Lord Ganesha, Krishna and Buddha. Everything.
But he should first required to study his own religious book. We are not…
Liar no one is my boss. Only Lord Krishna. . Iam neither pimp for anyone nor act as gobetween like ..
If you wish to listen to the flute of Lord Krishna and experience love of Jesus, Muhammad, Nanak and Osho, Oshodhara is…
Plz comment on Lord Krishna only after reading & contemplating enough about it.
sir,Lord Rama was never a politician .if you want to be in politics please follow LORD KRISHNA and GURU CHANKYA
The cult of Radha and Lord Krishna, particularly the Raas Leela, is central to its themes.
Not every cow is kamdhenu not every person is krishna, jesus. But the lord resides in every being that's…
If Lord Krishna were born in Today's India , He would have been Sad to see -So many 'Converts' trying to pull down Santan Dh…
It is said that Lord Krishna liked to play holi with flowers. I’m doing the same this year
Asaram Bapu Ji- 'Start the day of Holi with a prayer to Lord Krishna for bringing welfare in your family!'
There is no difference between teachings of Lord Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Hazrat Mohammad, Nanak & They all prea…
Guru Granth Sahib accepts Shiva and holding moon and Ganga river as also fact about Lord Krishna.
Fortunate to pass by the Giriraj Temple everyday.It is symbolic of Lord Krishna defeating Indra. Morning wishes to all,hav…
thank you Kween, thank you to Jesus and Christ, also thank you to Buddha and Lord Krishna out there, y'all the real…
There is no bigger guru than Lord Krishna & no bigger book than the Bhagwat Gita.
first read Bhagwad Gita and understand what is said in the book. Then think of playing Lord Krishna in movies
You are a fighter and Lord Krishna always stands with fighters. Get well soon and take India's diplomacy…
We pray, Lord Krishna bless you with successful kindly transplant and you recover fast. *Jai Sri Krishna*
'He(Lord Krishna) is knowledge, He is the object of knowledge, and He is the goal of knowledge. He is situated in ours heart
Did Lord Rama ever said 2 ppl he is GOD ? What about krishna ? What about Rama Krishna ?.GOD-Dess never ever say they r.
dailystarnews: 2 idols of Lord Krishna recovered from a mosque in upazila of
A person who offers a ghee lamp to Lord Krishna during Kartika attains the eternal spiritual world. Offer Seva…
The temple of Devji ( an incarnation of Lord is widely known as one of the most revered and...
Lord Krishna- Murals in Terra-cotta. Size 10x10 inches---. Everybody loves Lord Krishna,. Worshipped in every home,. Kr…
May the Lord steal away all your tensions & worries;. And give you all the Love, Peace & Happiness...Jai Shri Krishna https:/…
display their natural constitutional activity namely constant engagement in the devotional service of the Lord Krishna.
All HAIL the LORD of the UNIVERSE! Jai Sri JAGANNATH! Embrace Krishna's MERCY and know peace, love, and COMPASSION!…
Aftr lord Krishna,Chanakya it's only our PM is most intelligent in our country. Hats off
This could be one of the most beautiful sculptures of Lord Krishna
If one finds happiness in his own work, then he finds success. -Lord Krishna
Lord 's life is an inspirational lesson that not only teaches to live a dutiful life but also guides us to enlighte…
why bring Lord Krishna's Name,who was not in the assembly
Justice Krishna Iyer, quoting Lord Denning, on the law of contempt.
Longtime back I had told that is bringing all opposition together, just like Lord Krishna
Join us for Mayur Nritya from the land of Lord Krishna. with
Dwarkadhish Temple is an artistic temple in Its sanctum sanctorum houses idols of Lord Krishna & his belo…
Oh lord. Nw tht she has been fired from Gaurdian, I've a sneakng suspicion she's going to join NDTV. Natural progression…
The lord who is considered to be an incarnation of Vishnu is our Lord With the flute of his he rule…
. Sir I see Vivekanand in you when you speak and Lord Krishna when in action. don't know if somebody can match ever.
It is time to recall the 'samvad' between Arjun & Lord Krishna at Kurushetra which will answer all
I am nothing without my lord Krishna. ☆♡
Udipi is nice culture city. They respect Modi and Bjp. Here Lord Krishna bless all.
Lord Krishna declare in the battle field of Kurukhetra " I am in the form of Garuda, the king ( Pakshi Raj ) of th…
Didn't aware of such beautiful palaces at Bhopal, thanks Krishna for taking me down there. Feeling blessed at lord…
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it looks like kejri is Like lord Krishna, who know and say truth about everything.
Yeah he was playing Lord Krishna. He was amazing, people were actually gifting him on janmashtami day
Whatever you do, make it an offering to me the food you eat, the sacrifices you make, the help you give, even your suffering.” Lord Krishna
:We are all born on earth . We add a new work to do for best life style of humans & nature, like as Lord Kris…
May the divine blessings of Lord bring us eternal bliss to protect us from evil and fulfill our wishes Today & Alwa…
Yes ,I didn't feel jealous thought she's blessed by Lord Krishna so she got a chance.Hamari Baari…
"Draupadi cried out loud, and Lord Krishna appeared magically in order to save her."
Tulasi Vivahah was observed today, when Vrinda Devi was married to lord Krishna
Let's pray to Lord Krishna and ask for happiness,health and prosperity ✌ ➤
I have replaced photo of Lord Krishna to Lord Krishna might give Justice but will our Mr. PM…
Sir in last few days u ve fallen down from Krishna Vasudev Yadav to !! May Lord Krishna save you !!
is a prominent place of pilgrimage for the devotees of Lord Krishna. The vibrancy of this land teaches an enchan…
A painting of Lord Krishna dancing on Kaliya by Shanmugavel
There is no place for any negativity where Lord Krishna's great love lies. .Hare Krishna .
It is said that Lord Krishna designed Kurukshetra war as it was getting difficult for him to slay rakshasas one at a time
after diplomacy failed Lord Krishna had no option but to side Dharma against a Dharma in the war of kurukshetra.
Goddess Radha.. Is that the reason m crazily in love with Lord Krishna?
Lord Krishna delivers a sermon that has the power to bring wisdom, virtue and happiness to those who hear it
Radha Ashtami commemorates the birth anniversary of 'Shri Radha Rani', the consort of Lord Krishna.
After some time Guruvayur will also follow. Suit.. Have you ever heard of Shri Yesudas songs in Lord Krishna?
Lord Krishna had about 16,000 girlfriends. Only few less than Tiger Woods.
On name of Lord Krishna, temple pandits looting educated people all over the country. Few things can never change here.
Happy Krishnashtami everyone, happy birthday Lord Krishna. Thank you for sharing the world your wisdom thru the Bhagavad Gi…
hey Lord Krishna its time for U to come back as U promised in Bhagavad Gita we really need u now🙏🏼 h…
The whole day I was annoyed with everything that did not go well. It ended while I danced for Lord Krishna. Happy Bday my Lord. Peaceful me.
Today is , birthday of Lord Krishna. Lets us spread happiness to all.
On this day, remembering the 50 years of Srila Prabhupada went to America for the first time, to spread the teachings of Lord Krishna
O Lord Narasimha help me to serve Lord Krishna!
some ppl think Sachin isGod...does it make his biography spiritual document?... N Anjali tendulkar Rada to Lord Krishna?
Narsimha Avtar, Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Ma Kali, Kaal Bhairav, Ma Durga all carried weapons to defend & slay the enemy if needed.
📷 Sant Kirpal Singh: “From the life of Lord Krishna we learn how He once jumped into the River Jamuna,...
I added a video to a playlist Lord Krishna [Vishnu] Most Powerful Mantra ***WARNING***
Lord Ram & Lord Krishna were incarnations of Lord Vishnu the protector of this universe n one who fights Adharma
Sai Inspires from Prashanthi Nilayam 27th May 2016. When we chant the Name of Lord Krishna, what thoughts should...
In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says, “You cannot get into yoga (union with the self) unless you drop the desires in yo…
Professor Charles Xavier is the avatar of Lord Krishna, he can freeze time.
Sri Ram is not described to be a fair or blond haired person with blue or whatever eyes. Nor is Lord Krishna. Should i go on?
Lost my beloved Uncle Adv Umeshchandra Kulkarni on 13/05/2016,May he be rest in peace with Lord Krishna at vrandavan
Jai Sri Krishna !!!. Beautiful idol of Lord Krishna in LaxmiNarayan temple (popularly known as Birla Mandir) Delhi
May Lord Hanuman and Lord Krishna sit on your chariot and guide it to victory. Om!
People may follow what Lord Krishna said about us. Vote 100%
Transformational Love: When Radha Ji becomes Lord Krishna & he changes into her. Nainsukh family. 1825. Kangra
Lord Krishna(if He existed 50 c ago)adv taking arms 2 defend Truth The Buddha may not have said so cuz there His ti…
Knowing that Lord Buddha is an avatar of Shri Vishnu / Lord Krishna and Buddhism being atheism. If one worships...
Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu predicted " the holy names of Lord Krishna will be heard in every nook & corner of the world"
Lord Krishna was the greatest youth icon of all times! .
Srimad Bhagavatam is about Lord Krishna. To understand it, it shd b written by Krishna devotee and read by Krishna devotee.
After speaking all the 700 verses of Gita, Lord Krishna says, ‘Look Arjuna, I have said it all. You think about...
A poster of UP BJP president Keshav Prasad Maurya in Varanasi depicting him as 'Lord Krishna' and other politicians including Chief M...
yup Priyank as lord Krishna is gonna b a huge challenge & transformation
Poster of UP BJP Chief Keshav Maurya as Lord Krishna stokes controversy
the scene where Hanuman comes to Dwarka to fight Lord Krishna to prove Only SriRam is great only to findout Lord himself is SriRam
UR only hope to save this holy place & upliftment of Brajwasi. Hope Lord Krishna will be with U for UR acievement
Poster depicting new BJP UP chief Keshav Maurya as Lord Krishna put up by a BJP worker in Varanasi
Idols of the Lord Krishna of Keshav Dev Rai Temple buried under D steps of Begum Masjid. htt…
This disrespect of Lord Krishna cannot be tolerated.. We will show unke aukaat
Lord krishna character is doing very good acting in serial Surya Putra Karan at Sony TV. ..
via i made Painting of lord krishna. I love kanha so much than before since i saw u as KRISHN
so i know some good about Lord Rama AND LORD KRISHNA.and as on dis day if i to say then only and only 1 thing ABOUT HINDU RELIGION LORD R
BJP UP chief has been shown as lord krishna in a poster. This is blasphemous. How can anyone replace modi ji as lord kris…
via painting of Lord Krishna. Am loving Kanha more than before since i started watching
:) Lord Rama & Lord Krishna were departed from earth. Hence the mahamantra
Murder charged UP Chief of BJP become Lord Krishna in posters. It's insult of Hindus. Must Apologize https:/…
Huge controversy after BJP portrays its new UP chief as Lord Krishna and Mayawati, Azam Khan disrobing a girl.
Stupid Commies equating Rohit Vemulas of India to Ekalavya is tantamount to equating butcher Stalin to Lord Krishna https:…
Yugadi refers to start of d age we are living in now, Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga started the moment when Lord Krishna left the w…
A brahmin is he who have Brahma gyaan. Lord Krishna was a Jadav. Its easy to pass comments...
Manmohak Bansuri Gopal on Shankh :. Lord Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Shri Vishnu, the protector and...
when will u pin this as facts r clear - Lord Krishna arms open to all humanity Manu NOT holy book
Try to worship Lord Krishna,supreme God & the root of all thoughts,postulates & believes.Thank Him for life.
Hey Fred, Lord Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Without a doubt. Hare Krishna.
Guyana Post issued a set of 4 stamps in 1969 on Lord Krishna playing Holi - Phagwa Festival.
Happy Holi. May Lord Krishna bless you and your family a colorful and vibrant holi. Jai shree Krishna. 🙏🙏🙏 Have a Safe and
Why does ISKCON say Lord Krishna is the supreme god when we know that Lord Shiva is supreme? h…
,lord Krishna is the God, so u don't qualify, like ur Momo, only left over, used onse come ur way. Om...
I feel buried under mountain pile of to-do's But here's Lord Krishna holding up a mountain and partying. https…
Happy Holi to you & your family with the blessing of lord krishna. May Lord ...
Colourfull festival holi greatings to all followers and all world May Lord Krishna Colourfull ur life.
via These 13 mantras of Lord Krishna will make you wealthy and successful
Before the Lord, I am like a newborn child who has NOTHING, ready to receive EVERYTHING He is wonderfully giving me.
Shishupal is forgiven for 100 times then Lord Krishna takes action. Continue exposing so that count increases.
They feel Islam teaches killing. . Even lord Krishna was killed. Jesus was cheated on.
Celebrating for the 1st time, at Vrindavan by widows, indeed a
women celebrating holi with the intention that they are enjoying festival with Lord Krishna in appreciated .
Congratulations. Rahul Eshwar Shame On you. Lord Krishna would be proud today. Anyone who opposes this are shameless people...
that just *** and I don't get it ! since when did Lord Krishna say grope women?
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu chanting & singing of Lord Krishna's names from very young age."Hare Krishna" is the Mantra of him.
utter rubbish , why did Lord Krishna say v 10:20 God resides in hearts of ALL beings . Was anyone excluded - no
We need a batman, superman, Lord Krishna and Chanakya to solve today's problem
Arjuna's view from inside Krishna's chariot at the top of Amritapuri's Kali Temple... What to fear when the Lord...
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Lord Krishna taught Arjun to kill those relatives who bother.. I think he was the coolest teacher..󾌪󾌪󾌪
The Hindu Lord Krishna and Radha's love story is so Amazing...
Lord Krishna is the ultimate truth.
. Lord Krishna be with them Sir. Don't worry. Jai Shri Krishna!
Kesava Deo Temple--Deities installed by "Vajranabh' the Great Grandson of Lord Krishna and the first temple was...
in Ramayana and Mhabharata normal War Rules and Dharamas were not followed by Lord Rama or LOrd Krishna.
Thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by the terrorist attacks. Stay safe everyone. May Lord Krishna bless you all.
A11: BAMBOO. Lord Krishna started the trend, spraying the gopis of village with water from his modest bamboo pichkari.
Both Lord Krishna and Draupadi are blue in color. Wonder why no Telugu film had a Draupadi looking blue, like NTR's Lord Krishna character?
via Lord Krishna Mantras will Make you Wealthy and Successful
via Lord Krishna told about these 5 crucial gems to Yudhishtra in order to gain weal
“SHREE KRISHNA 1st time I am in TV, with all my strength & blessings of Lord Krishna…
but u wil never get Lord Krishna's support becaz u hv crushed the feelings of Lakham fans like Duryodhan
can you find a single incident of sex in the pure love of Meera for the Lord Krishna! ***
Has Lord Krishna taught u this tht how to crush the feelings of innocent fans.. we want shivangi in post leaptrk
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u hv immense faith in Lord Krishna thn how can u give so much pain to Begu fans ,we want shivangi post leap
Radha ma . an lord krishna. for holi enjoy
Correct Answer for Question is Spring, the time of celebration with Lord Krishna's mesmerising dance with Gopikas
186 years old painting of Lord Krishna celebrating Holi festival with Gopis was painted in 1830 AD.
Bramha Samhita, Gita, Srimad Bhagvat, Vedas all say equivocally: Lord Krishna is the Supreme Person Who sustains all.
In Bhagvat Gita, Lord Krishna said I am the Supreme Person, Worship Me, come back to My abode the highest spiritual world.
I read a story once, a myth that I haven't been able to find again about Lord Krishna when he felt so separate from his mother (God) that he
"For we have always been and always will be, you and I and these Kings of men.". (Lord Krishna, from Chapter 2, Verse 12 - The Bhagavad Gita)
chill. Let a thousand Hinduisms bloom. ☺not very religious, but shrine in home has Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Ma Durga
It is said in the Telugu states. NT Rama Rao doesn't look like Lord Krishna, Lord Krishna might look like NT Rama Rao ht…
Lord Ganesh's curse on Lord Krishna read more:
one of the temple of Lord Krishna and an incarnation of
Hare Krishnaa . :-). Six Promises by Lord Krishna. 1. Sri Krishna promises: “Therefore, Arjuna, you should...
UP will remain secular state for ever. This state belongs to Lord Ram, Lord Krishna & Lord Gautam Buddha.
To start over again I am Lord Krishna. The immaculate life existence of Jupiter. I solely am the protector of earth and its people.
...You should be a protector of the cows and its family being a Yadav, the descendent of Lord Krishna...
Frgve them Lord, even if they knw wat they r doing n still doing it. Ishwar Allah Tere Nam Sabko Sanmati de Bhagavan
Divine heart always seek purity which belongs only with the great love of Lord Krishna. ..Hare Krishna.
I curse u heathen scum. May u have the libido of Lord Krishna & the anatomy of a castrated chihuahua!
A beautiful art lord Krishna and Radha..:)
"She was very happy. He was transformed into the Lord
Lord krishna on the lap of mother yashodha poster (20X16 inches)
This song's like a love proposal to Lord Krishna, in voice. A proposal even Shri Krishna wudn't have refused. :D
My Lord Sweet Lord .and my love .shri KRISHNA its all ur mercy which has kept me alive in the…
Why r u silent on Hindu girls deny & hate Lord Krishna's gift of his own skin color and run after white skin cream?
Dear jiyori. The world is slowly understanding the Truth.As lord Krishna says there will be surely a rising power.
Lord Krishna gifted his skin color BUT HINDUS DENY WONT ACCEPT instead want whitening cream FAIR SKIN Think of that
Gandhari got very mad at the end & cursed Lord Krishna - Her anger was Krishna could've stopped it.
Koi Mil Gaya...when Rohit prays to Lord Krishna to give him powers after bein beaten by Raj n gang!
everybody followed and practised the teachings of Srimad Bhagwad Geeta by Lord Krishna
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My devotees always lives in my heart ~ Lord Krishna !!
Laxman is the shesh dev on which lord Vishnu sleeps, he came as laxman wid ram n as balram with krishna, evident from today's epi
Hare Krishna Chapter 02 TEXT 11. The Blessed Lord said: While speaking learned words, you are mourning for what...
- our heroes are Shri Krishna, Lord Rama, Shivaji, guru gobind Singh who taught us what to do with enemie…
dear Mr swamy tks for following. Who is that kid seems 2 b lord Krishna. Fine. Woz u all suxess.
Message: soul once was with Lord Krishna got separated from Lord Krishna and got under Maya's influence, got...
whatever you did its appreciable but you failed to save Lord Krishna's mother Cow. Still slaughter houses running openly.
- Our guru is not child molester Gandhi but Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh.
Arjun wishes to see the complete Vishwaroop or divine universal form of Lord Krishna.🙏🙏🙏
MOTIVATIONAL TIPS OF THE DAY :. In Bhagwat Gita, Lord Krishna greatly says that, If you follow religion, you have...
Here's my friend Ravi has shared a very b'tiful pic of Sonu Nigam as look like Lord Krishna. …
Hare Krishna, I am at my lord house to take the blessings of my lord and Brahmans
Lord Krishna says that it is not necessary for our plans for life to work always.
By name, U r a Sanghi too! If u have the guts, remove Lord Krishna's Name from yours!
This Client being a true follower of lord initially wanted to get something related to…
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Even Lord Krishna is cursed and we speak of our Misfortunes.
offered obeisances with folded hands again and again. He fearfully spoke to Lord Krishna in a faltering voice, as follows. (…
He sold it and successfully over the world became more assertive than Lord Krishna's words :(
Good morning. May Lord Krishna bless you and your …
The sound incarnation of Lord Krishna, the Supreme Soul [i.e. Srimad-Bhagavatam], enters into the heart, sits on...
gsurya was also doing same. Crediting Vilasrao Deshmukh for Higgs Boson, call RG as Lord Krishna,…
Illegal structures to be demolished proud of Babri demolition , y build in place of Lord Ram or Lord Krishna .
Subramanian Swamy's 'Lord Krishna' package: 3 temples in return of 39,997 mosques
Wen v talk abt Lord Ram,Lord Krishna,Lord Vishnu Miracles,U guys out rightly reject it,How can dis lady do Miracle?
Uh oh! X-Men in trouble with Hindu leader for comparing villain to Lord Krishna https:/…
Riyaz Pasha does embroidery work for deities of Radha and Lord Krishna at ISKON for last 15 yrs.
In this there were some questions that are put by Radha to Lord Krishna. Conversation between radha and Krishna...
Hindu mythology talks of a self-destructing clan of Lord Krishna. Religion apart, that's exactly status today!
also read about Mahabharat. It is just as important as Ramayan in Hindu mythology. Lord Krishna is the other incarnation of Ram.
To bring auspicious Lord Ganesh, Lord Laxmi or Lord Krishna idols as a gift
Kejri would love everyone to believe that it was his dummy like Lord Krishna pushed Bhim's dummy before Dhritarashtra.
Dedicated to Krishna, the art of the Hindu Pushtimarg sect will be on show in Chicago
No constitution could be more pertinemt today than lord Krishna's sanvidhan narrated to Arjuna.
Oh Lord. Krishna's speech on the futility of war has such contemporary relevance that it hurts. Add to it the tad hint of pain on His face.
Cold outside. Lord Krishna plays with his toes in the sunlight on the coffee table. The clock ticks…
There are three gates to this self-destructive *** lust, anger, and greed. Renounce these three. – Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna manifests in many way. Sab maya hai narayan narayan.Lost battle,but Namo can win the war if he goes after corrupt
Dedicated to Lord Krishna, Radha Madhav Dham is the oldest Hindu temple in Texas & also the largest in North...
Beautiful message from Lord Krishna (Bhagawat Geetha).. Me- I can’t find free time. Life has become hectic.
eagerly waiting 4 the epi.Hope karna is intellegent enough to identify lord Krishna.
Don't feel lonely…. when Lord Krishna is always there with you…! 🙏😊🙏
Oh..Lord Krishna!. Thanks for showering my soul with ur Divine Love.. Blessed.. :-)
ji why U drag my caste .I m Yadav and my king is Lord Krishna and Balram ji nt CharaChor nd his fool son.
The Life of Lord Krishna depicted in an Art form – The ‘Raas Leela’ Festival at Majuli, the… https…
📷 danielwamba: conversation between Lord Krishna and Prince Arjuna
Read Krishna: lord of love by James h. bae. To Read
Trying to adapt as many as qualities from Lord Krishna nature to be as best as I can be. Hare Krishna HARE RAMA.. 🙏🏽
A famous quote said by Lord Krishna in Bhagvat Gita :"If u don't fight for what u want,don't cry for what u lost..."
Find out why chose to retell the Mahabharata on Get your copy of Bhima:The Man in The Shadows
Lord Krishna has preached nurturing and protection of Cows. It is our duty to do
Gates of the Lord explores one of the world’s most intimate religious traditions:
As Lord defeated Kansa easily, you can also kill the pests of your house easily. | https:…
My piece in Daily O. I loved BR Chopra's Mahabharat, but Ive always wondered what Zac Snyder could do with it :-).
World we be the witness of the same thing in future. But in future lord Krishna won't support .
Hi sister i am in bus journey and enjoying your devotionals offering to lord radha Krishna, yasodha Krishna "Nanda ki laala "
Good morning. May Lord Krishna bless you and your family. Regards. Namaste. JSK. Have a great time ahead.
In bhagwat katha at my home place taking lord krishna on his head to vrindawan his father baasudev
in Singapore. Wonderful Kathakali performance of Lord Krishna and Sudama's friendship.
Lord Krishna also known as Govinda, who always gives pleasure to 'Cows' and senses. Govinda Bhagwan ki Jai!
For the people of Puri Lord Jagannath, visualized as Lord Krishna, is synonymous with their city like GokulDham..
. Pls download above and read 11th chapter and know who is Lord Krishna
So roughly 2000 years of Kal Yuga + 2500 years of Treta Yuga of Lord Krishna = 4500 years.
Lord Krishna is Bhagwan ji. The all Great, all seeing, omnipresent. Jesus not God We have real Gods 😃❤
Lord Krishna, one of the most well-known of the Hindu deities is often depicted playing his flute
Rare description of 9 Forms of Devi Durga by Lord Krishna via
Lord Krishna says uncontrolled mind devoid of governance is your worst enemy.
Rukmani temple, the place where Devi Rukmani (wife of Lord Krishna) had to live apart from krishna…
Blessings of Lord Krishna and Sri Ram to you Sir! Vijayi Bhava! U r a One man Army! Vande Matram!
May It be More on U and all of us as Hindustanis.Mau Lord Krishna be wd U
feels like a Fernando Rey joke in the making?
Lord Krishna lived in incest with his sister Subhadra,sharing her with his brother Balarama [Mah.wh.153
their consciousness,speedily I deliver them out of the sea of death bound existence.(Lord Krishna Bhagavad Gita chapter 12 verses 6-7)
And then they banned Segways in public and I did not speak up because I'm not an complete tosser.
is like Abhimanyu attacked by jealous haters in & out of BJP fortunately under shelter of Lord Krishna
Sri A P J Kalam is like Lord Krishna.We celebrate both of them but do not follow a single word of what they have preached.
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Art in Chicago! Gates of the Lord: The Tradition of Krishna Paintings. .
😊Dear❤ji I LOVE❤ lord Krishna but he is not Bhagvan. Jesus is King of Kings & Lord of Lords. Jesus is the Lord of lord Krishna 2!
Anandakrishna handpainted linen shirt- painting of lord Krishna playing his flute
May Lord Krishna bless your Life with all His blessings
we as a citizen of India respect you like a Lord Krishna who concurred Mahabharata and now you would take us to new high..
Name Lord Krishna’s childhood friend who came to meet him in Dwaraka. . A. Shishupala. B. Sudama. C. Samba
How many queens did Lord Krishna have when he lived in Dwaraka? 1) 16,108 2) 20,108 3) 25108
Which day of the war did Lord Krishna picked up chariot wheel and attacked Bhisma?. a)1st . b)3rd. c) 9th
The name of Lord Krishna because He is the benefactor and friend of the cows is __. a) Govinda. b) Kanha. c) Laddu Gopal h…
The 1st US show to explore art of the Pushtimarg sect: h…
either Anand, Lord Krishna or shehenshah akbar..
Everyone is at liberty to desire as he likes, but the desire is fulfilled by the Supreme Lord.
Varna is not Brahminical social construct - it is a construct of Lord Krishna
They are liars when explain the via similarity .
For better relationship keep lord krishna murti in your bed room.>>
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Mr.Lalu has always talked about buffalo.Where as LORD KRISHNA has kept cows as his pet
If we Hindus hide lord Krishna's idol and pray only to his spiritual form and stop praying to all other Hindu gods
So apparently the placebo effect for pain killers is getting stronger, but only in the US!
There was about a 60% chance of an ethnic minority winning at least one season of by now:
Lalu Prasad Yadav is the second and the last ''YADAV'' Avtaar after Lord Krishna. If you are pointing finger towards him, May God save U!!👊👊
How Lalu is a baggage for the Grand Alliance
The Yaduvanshi people have given India the White Revolution. They are inspired by Lord Krishna: PM
Lord Krishna said,"Yada Yada hi dharamasya glanirbhavati Bharatah.",till now he hasn't born.But should he not now too.
Advaita: Lord Krishna Advaitic wisdom the oldest wisdom of India has been lost: people...
dn't make India softer, read Bhagvat Gita?evn Lord Krishna said that we have 2be little cruel at times for dharma
Hare Krishna. Total faith in Lord Krishna transcends all obstacles.
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