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Lord Heseltine

Michael Ray Dibdin Heseltine, Baron Heseltine, CH, PC (born 21 March 1933) is a British businessman, Conservative politician and patron of the Tory Reform Group.

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Cathy Newman asks Lord Heseltine why is their such a difference in the devolution offers? Confidence in how it will be delivered locally.
Highlight of House of Commons business questions: SNP's Pete Wishart demanding a debate on the death of Lord Heseltine's mother's dog
Cameron f***s pigs heads Heseltine kills dogs. Always knew he was an evil b*d
Should the RSPCA take action against Lord Heseltine? No, let's not waste time on this. What do you think?
I strangled my mother's dog, says Lord Heseltine
Lord Heseltine: the time a Tory grandee strangled a dog with his bare hands: Lord Heseltine tells the ...
Had trouble reading the newspaper this morning. What's this bout Lord heseltine strangling his mother's dingy?
Heseltine would never strangle a dog or hurt an animal
Lord Heseltine: I did not choke dog to death via Daily Mail Lying about LH having to have dog put down
Apropos of nothing... that there's a link between murdering/torturing animals and being a serial killer
Heseltine admits he STRANGLED his mother’s Alsatian .I believe he did.confirms what I already thought about him...
Now changed his mind says he was just affectionately stroking its throat very vigorously using a pincer fingers grip
Lord Heseltine talks gardens, politics and his mother’s dog Kim
Lord Heseltine admits throttling mother's dog but says: 'I did not kill it'
Lord Heseltine admits strangling his mother's Alsatian dog to death after it started biting him
If this is true Heseltine, you need putting down you tosser. ...
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Lord Heseltine reveals he once strangled his mother's pet Alsatian.
This is probably my fav headline since: 'Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster'
Don't psychopaths start off by killing animals?
Lord Heseltine: I did not kill my mother's Alsatian
NEW: Lord Heseltine: I did not choke my mother’s dog to death
Perhaps it was the final initiation test to become part of Thatcher's cabinet?
I am in a Poke listicle thing, so I can die happy.
I see Lord Heseltine's attempts to kill a story he attempted to kill a dog by saying his attempts to kill the dog didn't w…
Lord Heseltine on Killing his mother’s dog Kim
Wasn't expecting to hear of Lord Heseltine denying he strangled a dog in the 1960s when I turned on
That Heseltine piece needs to be read in full: he nearly squashes a dachshund too, & started *** Club" .
Lord Heseltine admits he STRANGLED his mother’s Alsatian Freud can't even spell auto asphyxiation.. Ooh err Mummy
Lord Heseltine denies reports that he strangled his mother's dog to death:
"If you have a dog that turns, you just cannot risk it. So I took his collar – and pulled it tight".
The EU-loving bounder would've strangled UK hopes if he'd had got his way.
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It is so good to see Lord commit political suicide.
Heseltine says he STRANGLED an Alsatian with its own collar! Another Tory animal hater showing their true colours. http…
Lord Heseltine has denied throttling his mother's dog, saying an interviewer "misunderstood him."
36 hours to get 20% discount - speakers include the Right Hon the Lord Heseltine, John McDonnell MP, Hazel Blears.
Lord Heseltine on : "He's created the greatest constitutional crisis in modern times."
Lord Heseltine: Boris Johnson has 'created the greatest constitutional crisis of modern times' v…
Lord Heseltine: "greatest constitutional crisis in modern times" .
Lord Heseltine: Boris Johnson has created "greatest constitutional crisis in modern times" .
This attack on Boris Johnson by Lord Heseltine sums EVERYTHING. His career is dead
Here's what Lord Heseltine had to say about Boris Johnson pulling out of leadership race
Lord Heseltine slams Boris Johnson for 'abandoning his army': Criticism mounts on ex-London mayor as Tory gra...
NEW: Lord Heseltine on Boris Johnson: He must live with the shame of what he’s done.”
Lord Heseltine's brutal savaging of Boris Johnson in full
Great afternoon on Dazzle ship on River Mersey with Lord Heseltine and other supporters of
Tonight with Lord Heseltine we're debating Combined Authorities, the Northern Powerhouse and how and the housing se…
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Mixed reception for Lord Heseltine's blueprint to deliver Tees Valley's economic regeneration
Lord Heseltine: Tees Valley can be bustling powerhouse of economic activity
A global industrial powerhouse can rise from the ashes of the troubled Tees Valley says Lord Heseltine.
Lord Heseltine launching report that claims the 'Tees Valley' can become "bustling powerhouse of economic activity," https…
Unemployment in Tees Valley is now lower than before the steel plant closed, says Lord Heseltine.
Tees Valley can be a global industrial powerhouse, says Lord Heseltine
Tees Valley ‘ready as ever to deliver in a global marketplace’, Lord Heseltine via
As a "Boro boy" this seems sensible from Lord Heseltine re the future of Tees Valley. Imp of housing recognised.👍👍.
2 of the threats to Lord Heseltine's Tees Valley paper are related to risk of Brexit [p90]
Lord Heseltine giving his report says he has found a diverse, growing & confident Tees Valley with great optimism
Lord Heseltine speaks on Teesside about ambitious plans to revive Tees Valley in wake of SSI collapse
Airport is 'a key asset' to Teesside, says Lord Heseltine
Lord Heseltine to return to Henley for literary festival
And as we mark our 10th festival, longtime Henley MP Lord Heseltine will be in conversation at a special event
Borus Johnson is losing it, says Lord Heseltine via I think any sane person would have to agree!
Boris ohnson is losing it, says Lord Heseltine: Former deputy PM attacks former London mayor over his 'obscen...
Right -- nearly time for the Referendum Desk of News: with extraordinary stuff from Lord Heseltine just in.
A vote for Remain is vote to join Euro - Lord Heseltine makes it v clear. Wrong on Thatcher - she'd be leading Leave
"veto backed by former Tory Lord Heseltine who warned UK cant protect interests by walking away." via
Could Lord not find a European buyer in time?.
Powerful speech - Lord Heseltine on the oft. forgotten origins of/ reasons for what is now called EU.
Lord Heseltine warns leaving EU would 'destroy' Britain
Lord Heseltine warns leaving EU would 'destroy' Britain...
Informative article about Brexit from talking with Lord Heseltine
Lord Heseltine warns leaving EU would 'destroy' Britain. Do you agree?
In exclusive interview with Lord Heseltine warns leaving EU would 'destroy' Britain
UNDONE: Recalling the hysteria about having to join the
Heh. Member of conservative think-tank Policy Exchange and longtime adviser in the Tory Party, Lord Finkelstein.. https…
forklift Lord Heseltine to chair Tees Valley investment programme
Heseltine's new role 'an insult': A union criticises Lord Heseltine's involvement in a scheme to help Teesside's…
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Useful to chat to about Lord Heseltine role on Teesside - vital he has right focus to help economy to grow & create jobs
Lord Heseltine to chair Tees Valley investment programme
Everything's OK now, folks. Tarzan will save us. 'to lead new investment scheme'
GMB say Lord Heseltine appointment to Tees investment body is another BIS PR stunt
Lord Heseltine to chair Tees Valley investment programme - Lord Michael Heseltine will chair a new inward inves...
Lord Heseltine will chair Tees Valley investment programme; aim to lift region profile and draw overseas investment
Lord Heseltine to chair Tees Valley investment programme |
Lord Michael Heseltine confirmed as chair of new inward investment programme for the Tees Valley htt…
Lord Heseltine to lead new Teesside investment scheme
Lord Heseltine to chair Tees Valley inward investment programme |
Lord Heseltine appointed head of new initiative to try and bring investment to Teesside in wake of steel job losses. As good a time as any?
Tories appoint Lord Heseltine to lead efforts to regenerate Last month he said this ->
Lord Heseltine to lead new Teesside investment scheme after closure of Redcar steelworks. Former...
Lord Heseltine to lead drive to find jobs for axed Teesside steelworkers
.Please tell me this is a joke!!. Lord Heseltine to lead new Teesside investment scheme
Lord Heseltine is to lead a new body encouraging foreign investment into Teesside. .
Lord Heseltine: “It is a great honour to be asked to help with the Govt. response to the sad events in the steel industr…
.on Lord Heseltine's appointment as chair of new Tees Valley investment scheme https…
does anna jones really need to say THREE TIMES to Lord Heseltine "Thanks very much INDEED for joining us"? Tedious and time-wasting
Former deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine said it was inconceivable that Mr Cameron would lead the ‘out’ campaign, even if he fails to
Lord Heseltine has been made an honorary liveryman of Worshipful Company of
“What Manchester has done today the rest of England will do tomorrow”. Lord Heseltine on
Heseltine launches attack on Farage for telling truths - 47 years after he criticised Enoch Powell's speech.
Profits at Lord Heseltine's publishing group Haymarket jump thanks to windfall from property disposal.
Hezza wheeled out to tell Tories to hold their nerve , clearly panic stations at CCHQ as polls hold firm
Lord Heseltine in gales of laughter as he tells it's a 'no' to offer of job as an advise…
is lord Heseltine think of a come back and John Major.
John Major, Hague & Heseltine all have serious questions to answer rgds before they get dementia I hope
Loathed pit-closing Tory, Lord Heseltine is being lined up to advise a future Red Tory-Labour Govt .
Is Lord Heseltine the King of the Plonkers? | via
Britain will have to join the euro, says Tory grandee Lord Heseltine |
Hey you in favour of this? Tory Lord Heseltine to be asked to help Labour government.
Labour may call on Lord Heseltine to advise them on the devolution of £30bn to cities
It's off the scale weird. Lord Heseltine as counterweight to Labour's core vote of filthy rich Orange Book devotees?
to call on Tory Lord Heseltine to be one of their advisors
Lord Heseltine laughing his head off at this idea ...think again Chuka
great to see is going to draft in Lord Heseltine to advise Labour in government. Trust this eases your fears ?
Lord Heseltine made honorary liveryman of Worshipful Company of Marketors
It seems like waving the white flag early if labour is advertising itself through Lord HESELTINE die hard conservative
We’re very pleased to appoint Lord Heseltine as an honorary liveryman of the Marketors via
Labour to employ arch-Tory Lord Heseltine as an adviser if they win election
Norfolk college building foundations for the future praised by Lord Heseltine: Michael Heseltine at Easton & O...
Lord Heseltine speaking at Northumbria University about Tyneside Reborn - lessons on urban regeneration.
Lord Heseltine tells that being an MP "is not a full-time job" but is a "huge committment"
In parliament, peers will question Vince Cable and Lord Heseltine about Pfizer's recent failed attempt to buy AstraZeneca.
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Lord Heseltine hints at 'exciting' news ahead for Humber region (Google Alerts)
Problem is, the union's who control Labour party policy would rather commit hari-kari, than get into bed with Lord Heseltine.
Ahh politics is a game of it's own;) Boris Johnson should not rush to become Prime Minister, says Lord Heseltine
Lord Heseltine says Tories should deal with UKIP by calling them "the United Kingdom Isolationist Party"
TORY grandee Lord Heseltine, the political driving force behind the regeneration of London’s Docklands and Liverpool’s Albert Dock, today urged the country to regain a “sense of adventure” and to back controversial high speed rail.
Taking public spending recommendations from Lord Heseltine is like taking childcare tips from King Herod.
UKIP: Amjad Bashir on Heseltine and media racist claims 1 hour ago UKIP's spokesman on small business said the media were "doing no good service to this country" with claims of racism about his party. Amjad Bashir was responding to comments on Wednesday's Daily Politics from ex-deputy PM Lord Heseltine that UKIP was a racist party. The candidate, with a Pakistani background, told the Daily Politics panel: "Here I am, look at my ethnicity." He said UKIP was a "disciplined party" and suggested its number of MEPs could rise from 12 at the last election to "over 30" in next year's European polls. Angered over a Times image of Nigel Farage with a moustache, he said to Times columnist Phil Collins: "You cannot treat us like this, Would you do that with David Cameron? Would you show a front-page picture of David Cameron with a Hitler-type moustache?"
The Tory peer Lord Heseltine said today that the Daily Mail had demeaned the political process with its attack on Ed Miliband’s father
Interesting dinner with Lord Heseltine at BCC CEO dinner last night
Flew down to Bristol with Easyjet last night for BCC CEO Roundtable event and dinner with Lord Heseltine. Public Law Chambers debated. Oh no
Stephen Robertson, Lord Heseltine & at the CEO meeting in Bristol yesterday evening.
I'm not normally keen on politicians but having been at dinner with Lord Heseltine I can say he knows how to hold the atrention of a room.
In Bristol for CEO quarterly meeting. Dinner shortly with Lord Heseltine as guest.
Lord Heseltine's top tips for RGF bidders. R5 opens soon for businesses looking for grants >£1m
Have you seen the brochure for the With a Lord keynote! Download yours at
Lord Heseltine’s top 5 Regional Growth Fund tips for potential bidders
Thinking about applying to Regional Growth Fund? Read Lord Heseltine's top tips for applying to Round 5 in Oct
An independent panel chaired by Lord Heseltine will produce a clear remit and direction for the national trading standards conversation
On the 25th anniversary of the new Albert Dock, political reporter Marc Waddington talks to Lord Heseltine
Interview with Lord Heseltine on creating regional growth Hezza underlining importance of
Vince Cable, Lord Heseltine & George Osborne are sending mixed messages over LEPs & devolution of funding.
Exclusive: Lord Heseltine fears British people are 'too rich to push' for economic recovery reports.
Lord Heseltine is supporting local community growth in Reading as the new station development progresses. See tomorrow's Reading Midweek
Iain McWhirter--The Herald ,today-- 'It's the HS2 factor: Scotland pays, through taxes and oil revenues, to build a high-speed rail network which starts in London and stops at Manchester. Last week, we learned that 6000 troops which were supposed to come to Scotland will go to Salisbury and Northern Ireland. Even Lord Heseltine says that the greatest problem facing he UK is over-centralisation of economic life in London and the southeast'
Lord Heseltine's phone just went off (live on air) during I thought David Dimbleby was going to confiscate it :D
Michael Heseltine hits out at transport spending 'bias': Lord Heseltine, the Government's economic adviser, has ...
We're kicking off our project with events with David Willetts, Lord Heseltine and Lord Adonis
Respect on business yes but on politics debatable. Hezza was keenest of the keen Euro Fanatics
Lord Heseltine tells Surveyor shift to single pot funding will address regional disparity & spur local growth.Check this week's mag for more
Lord Heseltine at Local Growth APPG - we are the ones out of step. No other country runs itself in such monopolistic way
For some, like Lord Heseltine, the EU is their cult and their faith is unshakeable.
Second Heseltine pilot to be in Hull - Hezza to oversee plan for econ growth & review what his reccdns might mean there
My conversation with Lord Heseltine on industrial strategy and (we touched on Europe at the end) is here:
If & when we ever have referendum the scale of scaremongering from "Lord" Heseltine et al will reach huge crescendo. Do not be tricked!
"Lord" Heseltine is a nob. He belongs to an earlier era when the plebs knew their place & nobs like him dictated what to vote
Unelected UKIP politicians are complaining about the unelected Lord Heseltine talking about the EU. What's wrong with this picture?
Lord oakeshott supporting lord heseltine unelected peers arguing against giving a vote on the eu . Prevent democracy at all costs the goal
Lord Heseltine and Tory MP Simon Hart are out to protect men who plead guilty to committing crimes - yet decry the RSPCA for prosecuting
mendelson allies with lord heseltine ?? They sound real German names to me
lord mendelson allies with lord heseltine and the German and USA governments to promote in battle with Nigel Farage
It seems quotes "Lord" Heseltine as a reason for staying in bedfellows indeed..
Heseltine is being wheeled out by the Europhiles. In 2011 he said we'd have to join the Euro, I think that says it all
past and future (Lord Heseltine, don't agree on Europe You're probably not surprised
BBC - UKIP Nigel Farage speaks about Lord Heseltine, EU in or out -Jan ...: via
UK POLITICS: Lord 'Tarzan' Heseltine Warns David 'Fauntleroy' Cameron 'Referendum on EU membership would be a punt'
Why should we listen to Lord Heseltine? If he had his way we would be in the Eurozone now.
Nigel Farage: "Lord Heseltine fears what the public will say"
Quote from Michael Fabricant (Conservative MP for Lichfield) "When Lord Heseltine attacks David Cameron about Europe, and Lord Tebbit attacks DC about morality, I know we are getting it about right."
Lord Heseltine criticises David Cameron over position on Europe -
Lord Heseltine urges PM to show caution over EU referendum Same old Heseltine pro power to the undemocratic EU!
Heseltine comes out swinging against Cam on Europe:
meanwhile in England, the fight over Europe threatens a party split & an in-out referendum option:
It would take Clarke & Mandelson nano-seconds to support Lord Heseltine in their quest for UK to remain in the House of Bondage ie the EU!
Pro pair, Lord & MP Simon Hart, are trying to stop prosecuting illegal hunting
Heseltine attacks PM's EU strategy Lord Heseltine warns the Prime Minister against an "ill-advised" referendum on Eu...
Warnings from Lord Heseltine on EU should be treated as seriously as his warnings of dire consequences for UK if we didn't join the Euro
UKIP leader Nigel Farage has criticised Lord Heseltine's position on the European Union after the peer said that an "ill-advised" referendum would jeopardise the UK's business prospects.
Former Deputy PM, Lord Heseltine warns the Prime Minister against an 'ill-advised' referendum on Europe that would hurt UK business
Lord Heseltine, the Prime Minister's adviser on economic growth, has warned David Cameron against rushing into a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union.
Major players from across the political spectrum have joined forces to call on the government to develop a long-term UK industrial strategy –...
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Trustees of the RSPCA broke charity rules by sanctioning a £300,000 prosecution of David Cameron’s local hunt, according to a cross-party group of MPs and peers including Lord Heseltine, the former Cabinet minister.
Lord Heseltine speaking at the “Science has never been so accessible or exciting…”
16:30 pm: Lord Heseltine and Chuka Umunna MP appear at a Social Market Foundation discussion on industrial policy, chaired by Evan Davis
In conversation with Lord Heseltine, Chuka Umunna and tomorrow is fully booked. But we'll be recording the event so watch this space
On Wednesday 31 October, Lord Heseltine published his independent report into economic growth and the UK's ability to create wealth. He presented his review ...
On Wednesday 31st October 2012, Lord Heseltine of Thenford, a former cabinet minister and Deputy Prime Minister of the UK delivered his rep…
Lord Heseltine has urged the UK government to take BOLDER ACTION to stimulate the UK economy by floating Boris Johnson on the US stock market.
Dave tries to spin negative into positive but is challenged by Ed Miliband David Cameron has praised Lord Heseltine's "excellent report" into economic growth – and denied it criticised current government policies. But, speaking at Prime Minister's questions, the Labour leader, Ed Miliband, told Cameron: "You say Lord Heseltine's report says you're on the right track; goodness knows what his report would have said if he had said you're on the wrong track. "He said there was no strategy for jobs and growth, business had no confidence (and) deregulation - your chosen approach - is not the answer." Chancellor George Osborne said on Wednesday he would study the report "very carefully", but Labour 's Chuka Umunna claimed it was likely to be shelved by the government because the recommendations were at odds with current thinking within the Tory parliamentary party.
Another error from Cameron: David Cameron backs Lord Heseltine's report on economic strategy
Forget watch Lord Heseltine destroy Andrew Neil on poor questionning on
Miliband - "Lord Heseltine says in his report people are resistant to his ideas, we know who they are - the PM and the Chancellor"
Lord Heseltine launching report on growth at town hall tomorrow "The location could not be more fitting"
Lord Heseltine "put economy on war footing ConDem have already declared war on the public sector, students, the poor..
Lord Heseltine calls for a National Growth Council chaired by the PM in his review.
"To be good only in part is to lose" - bit David Brent-esque from Lord Heseltine there. I know what he means though.
Put the economy on a war footing: Lord Heseltine calls for a National Growth Council
Lord Heseltine recommends ending a century of centralisation and moving growth funds nearer to industry in his report into boosting UK growth.
The TUC welcomes Lord Heseltine's report & urges many of its findings to be implemented across government. Will the Chancellor?
So that was the day I debated pro-growth strategies with Lord Heseltine at a round table discussion we hosted at the ECIT Institute. Epic.
Council: Lord Heseltine meets council and business leaders in Staffordshire
Lord Heseltine to talk on UK competitiveness as part of Vice-Chancellor's lecture series 3 May
Who are the new big beasts in politics? We'll be asking Lord Heseltine and on at noon BBC2
Is attending a debate on Thursday afternoon. Panelists include Lord Adonis & Lord Heseltine. I think you know by now what will be discussed
Lord Heseltine to make his maiden speech in the Lords this afternoon -11 years after becoming a peer.
Having been in the House of Lords since 2001 Lord Heseltine is going to make his maiden speech today in a debate I am also participating in
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