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Lord Baelish

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Dont worry about your death, worry about your life.
There is no justice in this world. Except, if you make it - Lord Baelish. There is no Justin in this world. Except, if the parents name it.
{ } « destination ahead, "...Will there be more time for you and I to chat, Lord Baelish? I must admit, I've grown rather »
{ } « there would be to probe at Lord Baelish's brain to learn more about him and her stomach sank, along with her heart. »
{ } « she had 'racing' Lord Baelish. Everything surrounding her life was hunt, eat, sleep, survive. All she did very well, »
Van Helsing: Stay Away (Syfy, 2016-11-18): I seemed to have confused Dr. Harrison Wells with Lord Petyr Baelish the Littlefinger.
« to her lips, placing a rather delicate kiss. "You are a dream, Lord Baelish. I am quite lucky to have met you." Clearing »
« seams. . The mention of staying in the castle made her eyes go wide, looking up to Lord Baelish in complete shock, "T-That »
{ } Feisty, indeed. If only Lord Baelish knew just what she was capable of. He would see, assuredly, given that she would »
*Rising and holding out a hand in greeting, she replies,* Jamie Baelish, adopted daughter of Lord Petyr and betrothed to ~
“I trust no one, but my own blood, Lord Baelish.“
- . staff. Lemony needs exercise. . The servants do too. . *Lord Baelish smiled satisfied* . It's a perfect match.
{ } « to Lord Baelish's arm. "Growing up, the man who raised me to always be aware, be prepared. If I seem a little »
{ } « up at Lord Baelish - he was not tall, by any means, but she was particularly small - once more taking in his features, »
All desires are valid to a man with a full purse. - lord baelish.
{ } « Lord Baelish. Too kind." Said the ginger, taking a long drink before handing it back. The order to rest was given and »
{ } « whatever she wished; a thief, a servant, a handmaiden. But in the present moment with Lord Baelish, she was only »
Lord Baelish is sexy af. Once and for all
{ } « the one and only Lord Petyr Baelish and now... She was keen on learning everything she could about him, down to the »
{ } « desire to play with Lord Baelish, "That is not all I see ahead of me, my lord." Her lips curled deviously, snickering »
{ } Lord Baelish had an air about him that made her belief he had something to hide; his smirk, the way he held his »
Lord Baelish high af coming to the wrong show go back to GOT little finger
...I can think of at least a dozen ways you could entertain me, Lord Baelish. . Moustache and all.
Maybe... Would that be a problem, my dear Lord Baelish?
"Very well. Lord Baelish, let me share plans with you for the wedding and the seige on Kings Landing"
well.* "Lord Baelish welcome home as I embrace Sansa with a passionate hug. Dear Sansa Margaery is e…
{ } « tones and mannerisms of Lord Baelish as he spoke. This Lord Robert seemed an interesting boy, as sickly as she was »
What happens when you play Texas Hold 'Em with Lord Baelish? (He cheats.)
{ } « impressed, Lord Baelish." She teased further, letting go the flattering he laid down upon her ears. She was no damsel »
{ } « mouth, Tavaline spoke in that familiar gentle tone she had, "Not that I am complaining or not thankful, Lord Baelish, »
{ } « when Lord Baelish began to speak did the song stop and her eyes were warm, taking in the profile of his face. Curling »
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— shouting. "Lord Petyr Baelish, Protector of the Vale. Returning on Lord Robert Arryn's business, from —
I'm afraid to go to sleep. What if I have a sex dream about someone from Lord Baelish is 100% fine but otherwise I'm concerned.
{ } « her, she kept her still fiery sights on the niche which held her ride. Leaning toward Lord Baelish slightly, she »
{ } « comfortable. "You won't have to go anywhere, Lord Baelish. The horse is my own. Aptly named, too, he only responds to »
Lord Baelish is the dad but what if the entire cast of Sing Street was also the cast of Game of Thrones JON SNOW AS COOL BROTHER GUY
Is there a Buzzfeed quiz to tell me who I am in Sing Street? Because I'm newly single third act Lord Baelish aka "Da."
{ } « again, "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lord Petyr Baelish. I would be more than pleased to have you and »
{ } « "As much as I would like to offer my hand, Lord Baelish, it seems inappropriate, given their condition." said the »
{ } « forward. Letting her eyes wander back to Lord Baelish's face, her curious expression followed his own grey-green hues »
— greetings. "I am Lord Petyr Baelish, Protector of the Vale. And who might you be?"
Lord Baelish: "He has other gifts, the gift of a great name. Sometimes that’s all one needs."
I have lots of love for Lord Baelish 😛
...How clever. I will do my best, of course. I would hate to disappoint you, Lord Baelish.
I just love how Cersei Lannister replied lord Baelish"seize him, cut his throat, no wait, i changed my mind".I h8 dt man
- 9/13 . *The stone above the second flight of stairs showed black obsidian stains. . Lord Baelish didn't want to remove -
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1/13 . *In Harrenhal - time skip* . I know this place looks old. . It's not. . *Lord Baelish and Lady Sansa Stark rode -
they gift you this Castle Lord Baelish? Was it to increase your status or to bankrupt you?. [My summer blue eyes (14/21)
- . your grace. . Ser Jaime loves his sister well. . *But was it true? . Lord Baelish stopped eating. . Wiped his hands. -
. *It was not difficult for Lord Baelish to remember what happened. . He had been very young. . Varys had told him much. -
He is trying to play Lord Baelish and will end will playing Theon greyjoy 😂. Chopped one. 😂
At least I'm not going around making an *** out of myself. Threatening Lord Baelish after all he's done, shame.
You should be grateful for Lord Baelish ( ) "twin." He did give you Lady Sansa who is a pretty young…
Clever, Lord Baelish, truly. Now, did you have business here, or were you just interested in idle gossip?
I don't know who's sneakier. Lord Baelish or Varys 😭
- 6/15 . *Lord Baelish refrained from bawdy language in front of his wife. . But this made her laugh* . Only a rich man -
Lord baelish and that other fat fool are the most cunning men ever and i like them for that lol
🐭 Petyr Baelish 🐭. - Lord Protector of the Eyrie & the Vale of Arryn. ❝ Littlefinger... the gods only know what game…
I hope there's more of lord baelish next season
I liked a video Game of Thrones: Petyr Baelish and Lord Varys
Petyr Baelish. "We only make peace with our enemies, my lord. That's why it's called 'making peace."
Lord Baelish x Chinwetalu Agu. -Master manipulator. -Will sell you as long as he's benefiting . -Not your friend
. Time to make your own future Lady Sansa. . *Lord Baelish did not smile. Just nodded* . Learn from my mistakes.
Lord Baelish. The character of G.O.T. It was created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.
[Wondering if she can truly trust she nods giving a worried look] Thank you, Lord Baelish. I humbly accept.
She curtsies. "It is an honour to make your acquaintance, Lord Baelish."
People do not understand why I like Lord Baelish, Lord Varys and Tyrion Lannister in GoT
without Lord Baelish, Tyrion Lanister and Varys would be nothing.
I agree with you, Lord Baelish. *she nodded in approval* The thing is, I would not know what to do without Ser Jorah. +
Lord Baelish setting his eyes on Sansa Stark
Aidan Gillen asked what's next for Lord Baelish: "Maybe we could expect some kind of atonement."
“I did warn you not to trust me, you know.” - Lord Baelish
The way back to Winterfell was really long and slow for Lord Baelish. He left Sansa some months ago at his home to marry »
- . *Lord Baelish didn't know he had a brother. Paxter was sent to Braavos* . I thought. I was alone. -
. He was unfraid. Lord Baelish did not even wonder what she was thinking about what happened last night, but the Queen did ~
If this was Game of Thrones, Cruz would be Baelish. Trump would be Ramsey Bolton. Kasich would be Stannis. Jebya! would be Lord Tyrell.
Lord Petyr Baelish is such a troublemaker .. probably coz the word "bae" is in his name
And I really don't like lord Baelish
Lord Baelish you flatter me with your very kind words {she touches the flower in her hair and whispers softly} I also ++
suddenly I'm thinking of GoT monologues... Specifically the awe-inspiring one Lord Baelish gave in throne room to Lord Varys 😅
"A lot can happen between now and never" - Lord Baelish
- . I don't think she likes us much. Lord Baelish. . *Tyrion scratched his dirty beard. Shades of Cersei*
Game of thrones : Lord Petyr Baelish (de Chantal-france) :
“You are slow to learn, Lord Eddard. Distrusting me was the wisest thing you’ve done since you climbed down off your horse.”…
I added a video to a playlist Lord Petyr Baelish || I couldn't stop it.
My boyfriend calls him Lord Baelish of the Wandering Accent.
please, I can't believe I've made your day better by just glancing at you Lord Baelish {she smiles shyly}
he would much rather be off torturing someone or something, so she gladly took Lord Baelish and smiles} oh I would ++
To me, is a female Lord Baelish. Started at the bottom, now she's here!
satisfied her to see him in such bad form what Lord Baelish just did, she chuckles softly} oh it is true, it's a glorious ++
Baelish or Littlefinger as he was called but she couldn't understand why, she smiles at him} Lord Baelish, it's very ++
is also what the sign reads above Lord Baelish's brothel.
Lord Baelish is in The Scorch Trials. I bet he stabs someone in the back.
Lord Baelish creeping on Catherine's daughter is so creepy
Thank you, m'Lord Baelish. If only they would heed your words.
- . *He watched the lady turn away. In a huff. Lord Baelish admired her spirit, but not her present manners* . Lady Falworth?
. *Lord Baelish stood up. Politely. Spoke slowly. With asperity* . It's not the inn. Lady Falworth. That can be fixed. -
Someone asked why u like .I said, RRMartin writes about Lord Petyr Baelish.
The Queen doesn't want you to be helped by lord Baelish?
She didn't bring me any enjoyment she was a bad investment on my part - Lord Baelish
Saw Jeff Kent at SB city in SF. Is it me or does he look like Lord Baelish from Game of Thrones
- maintained by you and you alone, Lord Baelish." Tywin cast his daughter a disapproving glance and the subject was changed -
When you watch the final episode of the Wire and see how lord Baelish BEEN moving in silence with the shadows.
I would enjoy a titjob from you Queen Elsa.
Aye girls my Dms are always open if you want this BBC
“What's up ya'll?! LeShawna in da house and I'm straight up large and in charge!”
Little Giant Ladders
I'd love anything involving you Ellie.
Thank you for following back Lord Baelish -she made a curtsy with elegance-
Lord Petyr Baelish needs to die. Sansa Stark needs to kill him.
"Lord Baelish, perhaps I was wrong to mistrust you." - Eddard Stark
Knowing how dangerous things can turn if Lord Baelish catches on.
Lord Baelish is in scorch trials lmao
Boss...are writing my biography? U forgot I'm lord Baelish, first of my name
Thank you, Lord Baelish. I did it all by myself. Make sure you keep it a secret from the lady...
Lord Baelish. Bubbly girl, talker too. She offered the job of being her new hand maid.
into these girls. Needing one who loves gossip, not afraid of Lord Baelish, also easily bought. A simple challenge-
- as Varys spoke* Lord Tyrion. Lord Baelish. And myself. Are players in the Game of Thrones. Quite the best.
*Lord Baelish had a dark sense of humour. Very dark* Oh wise queen. You are right. My friend Lord Varys wants to be -
planning to periscope again sunday? If so, would you consider covering noteworthy defensive injuries and impact on matchups?
Dude, your facial hair make you look like Lord Baelish from
Am watching MazeRunner Scorch Trial..all i can see now is Lord Petr Baelish from GoT and Gus Fring from Breaking
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kai you get ears pass Lord Varys and Peter Baelish wallahi
Luke has taught himself to fetch. Please pay no attention to Lord Baelish.
Always keep your foes confused. If they don't know who you are or what you want, they can't know what you plan to do next - …
~ ruling the Seven Kingdoms. "I have time, Lord Baelish." This did not seem to be a matter to the Silver Queen. The throne ~
Lord Baelish just got a whole lot less serious after having realised he was also Lord Rathbone in Shanghai Knights
Saw Tyrion, Brienne and Lord Baelish (idk if the spellings are correct lol) on different movies trailers today hehe weird.
I have the biggest silver fox crush on Lord Baelish something about Aidan Gillen.
{Raises a brow} Lord Baelish should watch himself.
I venture to say a good Northern Family who have given much. Lord Baelish, they've earned a right to be stern.
> Targaryen, child of Rhaegar whom was supposedlydead when he was babe. Lord Baelish had requested to make for the Vale >
--. whole life -Lord Baelish and Petyr were two very different people but they had both become an equal part of him. His --
"You would be the last man I would willingly include in any party, Lord Baelish". Nobody wants you at their party Petyr 😂
-- incensed and tried to barge ahead of Lord Baelish. Cat felt sick at heart and drew closer to Petyr shivering. That's --
Tywin Lannister was my fav character. Then Tyrion, Lord Baelish, Arya Stark
Doesn't Lord Baelish from look very much like an older version of sipping on some Baileys Irish Cream.
Every time there's a mention of Lord Baelish in Game of Thrones, I feel the urge to sip on some Baileys Irish Cream.
{chuckles to escape the awkward tension. Then focuses his gaze upon the wide grinning face of Lord Baelish.} ~
I-- [she stutters, her face turning a deeper shade of red] I can't help it, Lord Baelish.
I forgot how effective Lord Baelish is
Luca mi ricorda Lord Baelish di Game of Thrones
The guard rattled the chains.} Get up girl. Lord Baelish wishes a word with you now.
"It's ok guys Sansa is married to Tyrion...ish 😂😂 i think it's lord baelish
The Ross Bros. new film is getting the Lord Baelish seal of approval
Lord Petyr Baelish, "Littlefinger', is Master of the Coin on King Robert's Small Council. Petyr was
> of something at that moment} Winterf- the Fingers. I grew up there, with Lord Baelish- my father's household.
Lord Baelish stroked his little pointed beard and said, “Nothing? Tell me, child, why would you have sent Ser Loras?”
Septa Mordane had been very upset to realize that Lord Baelish had overheard them.
That was when Lord Baelish had said, “Oh, I don’t know, Septa. Some of her lord father’s decisions could do with a bit of questioning.”
watching 3rd time . It doesn't matter what we want, once we get it,then we want something else. ~ Lord Petyr Baelish
Lord Baelish is like the ultimate manifestation of a brony friendzoni
- reach their destination within the next few days. Lord Baelish mounted his horse and so did the knights and the three -
Sansa Stark escaping King's Landing & ending up with Lord Baelish is like escaping the 1st circle of *** to go to the 2nd
Chaos isnt a pit, chaos is the ladder || lord baelish
Don't set the King's Guard on me. Lord Baelish.
summer gowns in Kings Landing.} Lord Baelish has business to attend to there. Lord Stannis has gathered, well bought an-
{Her eyes looked up through her lashes, sparkling like sapphires. As Baelish read the note. Lord Tyrion had escaped his-
I saw a man today who looked AND dressed exactly like Lord Baelish I almost ran in the opposite direction
great Direwolf was reminding him of his duty. Robb first realizes the relationship between his sister and Lord Baelish is not +
Yes, or the Lord Petyr Baelish, as I like to call it. Thanks
tent. Since Baelish was busy with Lord Royce. She heard loud noises streaming out, cursing being yelled. At least he was-
true name. Drunk Lord's Or not. Still dangerous. Than again Baelish was not one to care. Would risk everything to get what he-
{She quickly followed Baelish. Leaving the drunk Lord's to tend to themselves. She cleared her throat as he mentioned her-
They just continued to drink. Baelish words rang smoothly. The Lord's enjoying the fine wine. Clearly too much. Not one rose-
They needed convinced Baelish was right for the acting Lord Protector and only one who can care for SweetRobin. Rather tricky-
Ready to face the Lord's of the Vale. How hard can be, once they had enough arbor gold they would obey Baelish and sign whatever-
Sansa... You can stay here, with Lord Baelish.
$LL "Uncle L" up 3% today, still on its way to "zero" according to Lord Baelish.. Stay long yo. -Mo Greene
When Sansa tells Arya that finger is not the only thing thats little on Lord Baelish MT
- Lord Baelish was sitting, eating his evening meal extremely satisfied. Things were going exactly his way, despite -
Thanks a lot to Lord Petyr Baelish and Lady Olenna Tyrell.
Where Lord Royce awaits them. To house SweetRobin and begin the impossible task of Lord Baelish gaining more friends among the-
{Her act was good, almost too good. As she stood before the Lord's of the Vale, singing sweet lies to secure Lord Baelish's-
Lord Baelish? I wont detain you long, Im on my face
Where Petyr Baelish away in panic as Ser Addam and tell him the lord here while my mother was- a ***
He should move on I reckon. There's only so much denial a man can take. He should meet up with Lord Baelish 😂
"Know your strengths, use them wisely, and one man can become ten thousand." -Lord Baelish
That being said I've done very well in taking a Lord Baelish approach
-- Joy had departed a long time ago and the hope of youth was melting from her soul. Lord Baelish was teaching her to play the ugly game. --
{Startled at first. Composing herself properly. She gives a small curtsy.} My Lord Baelish. Pleasant to see you...
$LL "Uncle L" holding up well despite another round of "book talking" by Lord Baelish bashing $LL once more.. bid em doc. -Mo Greene
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Do not plan on melting soon, Lord Baelish
forms amused by the stories of her.} Lord Baelish took me out that day. Offering protection, promises of getting me home. -
Marsh the Lord Steward said Mormont asked for this visit, Lord Baelish? I wont hurt you
Lord Baelish has told many lies, all to protect me. He saved me. -Sansa Stark
Chris Pyne Head of the King's Guard. Kevin Rudd, Lord Eddard Stark, Warden of the North. Wayne Swann, Lord Baelish
Game Of Thrones - Sansa Stark at the Lord Baelish's ville [Dubhgilla]
Lord Baelish and Tyrion Lannister were baby boys abeg.
trauma of Kings Landing made her wary of everyone now. Lord Baelish even scared her at times. When his mask was on and he >
What was Lord Baelish's motive and benefit for planning the death of Jon Arryn and why did he…
*She smirked lightly* Oh yes, almost definitely. Although, I don't /quite/ recall saying I was on your side, Lord Baelish,-
Jamie, the Hound, Lord Baelish, Theon, Sansa, Jon, Tyrion, Bronn. House Greyjoy for the win.
Switching from Ser Jorah's to Lord Baelish's team, sorry guys
Why is Aiden Gillen’s (Lord Baelish) in Game of Thrones, accent getting more like Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, every episode?
I think Lord Baelish or Lord Varys would be more appropriate :)
This a compilation of the best Petyr Baelish scenes/phrases/dialogues. The video also tells the story of Lord Baelish up to Season 4. I hope you´ll like it. ...
Looks like Petyr gets to play down the Moon Door first! Bye, Lord Baelish.
"You're more beautiful than she ever was." "Lord Baelish" "Call me Petyr."
Thank you for following, Lord Baelish. *curtsies to his chickens*
Maybe we can get Tommy Carcetti as mayor, but he must keep the Lord Baelish pedo-stash.
I really freaking do not like Lord Baelish. I think it's just Aiden Gillen's voice.
You’ll always be Tommy Carcetti to me, Lord Baelish.
Oh, Lord Baelish, I don't care how sneaky you try to be, you'll always be Tommy Carcetti to me.
btw just figured out Tommy Carcetti = Lord Baelish.
-- a great deal of my mother in me, Lord Baelish?"
Javi Garcia, a distant second to Aleksandar Kolarov in City's Lord Baelish look-a-like contest.
Cersei Lannister: And which truth is that? Lord Baelish: Knowledge is power. Cersei Lannister: Seize him. Cut his throat. Stop! Oh, wait, I've changed my mind, let him go. Step back three paces. Turn around. Close your eyes. Power is power... - Game of Thrones
Dear Author of Game of Thrones, can we stick to one name per person? You confuse me. Littlefinger, Lord Petyr AND Lord Baelish? Come on!
Lord Baelish reminds me of Rupert Sanders. Cunning and devious and he is old.
I want to be Lord Tywin, but I'll settle for being Lord Baelish
*DON'T READ* if you haven't read books. Three new deaths! Well I just finished book 3 and it was shooking. Lol. They just had the King's wedding and at the feast Joffrey is making fun of Tyrion and told him to be his cup bearer and Joffrey starts to choke and dies. Cerise blames Sansa and Tyrion, but one who really did it was Lady Olenna Tyrell. Sansa escape will Lord Baelish (who gets married to Lysa Arryn). After they arrest Tyrion and for the longest time you think he is going to die until Jamie frees him and you learn a secret about Tyrion's first wife. As Lord Varys is leading him out they end up at the tunnel under the tower of the Hand of the King Lord Tywin (Tyrion's dad). Tyrion tells the spider to wait and he goes up to find Shea in Lord Tywin's bed. Tyrion picks up a cross bow and find Tywin on the his chamber pot :/. Tywin is shooked that he is out and tells Tyrion to put down the bow instead Tyrion shoots him in the groins and Lord Tywin dies. After Sansa is at the Vale, she is upset and lone ...
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Do you know what the realm is? It's the thousand blades of Aegon's enemies, a story we agree to tell each other over and over until we forget that it's a lie.. -- Lord Baelish
Aiden Gillen/Lord Baelish is the perfect Dr. Strange. Hugh Laurie is the other one I'd pick.
Chaos isn't a pit Chaos is a ladder Many who try to climb it fall and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a second chance to climb, they cling to the realm or the gods, or love. Only the ladder is real The climb is all there is. -- Lord Petyr Baelish
I don't know why every body trippin about the starks.. Its all about LORD BAELISH " THE LADDER" # tooo cold
Finished season 2 of Game of Thrones. The dragon princess is the coolest character.
"Insanity is the creed by which we should all live" Nathan Flippo
So I just finished watching the last episode of The Game of Thrones. Wow...
Who are your 3 favorite game of thrones characters? 1. Tyrion (the imp) 2. Arya Stark 3. Lord Varys (the eunuch) Runner up: Daenerys Targaryen
After a long reflection of Game of Thrones I have decided HOUSE LANNISTER FOR THE WIN
 NOT MINE! I found this on IMDB and it is hilarious! If you haven't read the books it is a little "spoilery"...but oh so accurate. Enjoy! _ I will start us off.   Normal:   Arya: It can be argued she is probably the smartest and most savvy Stark for generations. Superior survival instincts and a delightful vicious streak. Still, the show does make her out to be dumber than the books, but not so much that she sinks into the mire.  Hoster Tully: Lived to die of old age, despite having the Freys as his bannermen, so he must have had something going for him  Brynden Tully: Sees himself as an outcast of sorts from this laughably inept house and subsequently scuttled to the Vale to escape the retardation. Thus he is already ahead of the curve. Though the show makes him out to be a drunken bum jerkoff, the books show him to be shrewd, brave and totally badass. He is normal     Moron:   Bran Stark: Allowed himself to be pushed from a window after climbing a tower he had been repeatedly told not to cli ...
I am still in shock after last night's episode of Game of Thrones! I knew it was coming, but *** ? Seriously, you've got to feel for the Stark family.
I finally found love, understanding and mutual pleasure, i found it in it's one true place: fictional stories!
nwala antok q.. bwisit na game of thrones yan!! The Winter is coming.
Lets just cut the formalities and just make Petyr Baelish lord of everything
Non-book reader wonders what Lord Petyr Baelish will think when he hears about the events of episode 3x09.
"When you find yourself in bed with an ugly woman, the best thing to do is close your eyes and get on with it. Waiting won't make the maid any prettier. Kiss her and be done with it." - Lord Petyr Baelish.
Game of Throne made me angry. Why GOT? Why?
I was about to give the MVP award of Season 3 to Lord Baelish, but not I think Lord Frey deserves it more.
Well, the things I accidentally spoiled myself on in GoT all happened tonight! So, surprises from now on! And people, be good.
Ughhh game of thrones made me so upset tonight... No one is safe
//Wishes her writer could watch Game of Thrones but she lives in a stupid foreign country that doesn't have HBO and doesn't currently show it. BAH!//
watchers of game of thrones who have not read the books, I'm a little jealous you get to watch tonight's episode and be surprised
Well that was the shortest game of Crusader Kings II i've ever played ...
kingdoms in GAME OF THRONES were teams of EPL, which team would each kingdom represent? A: House Lannister – Manchester United Strong,powerful.But also they are the worst cheats I have seen on field. When they play, they have an extra twelfth player(Lord Baelish)- the referee!(dont get serious manu fans).But now things are turning against them as other stronger opponents have threatened their rule. They are slowly loosing their control over the throne and now they have to struggle to stay at the top. House Tyrell – Manchester city Rich and Clever. Lives the place where Lannisters live. Comes out of nowhere and became number one(queen margaery). House Baratheon– Chelsea Strong, powerful. Often become victim of cheaters(Lord baelish or refs). Got too much potential but don't have the right leader to use it. House Stark – Arsenal Consistent, reliable. Financially looks short of money.. Have a strong team but will never win any championship. Were great once when thierry henry(or Ned Stark) were in t . ...
A few caveats may have been added to the rules of the GoT drinking game! We are now also drinking any time the name Lannister is mentioned, when there is nudity on screen, any time there are veiled threats (you can imagine the fun during the Baelish/Varys scenes.), and when *** *** , 'lord', and its a double when 'winter is coming' is mentioned.
Saw a guy in the PharmaPrix yesterday who struck me as a cross between Justin Trudeau and Lord Baelish. What's that about?!
It always melts my heart when I see a Far Eastern man smiling with a bowl of rice or some piece of technology and I have no idea why... - Lord Baelish
Don't know about u lot But I'm choking for a beer... Or 10
So the Street Cleaner in Bushey with the Hitler moustache has decided to grow a little "soul-patch" and is starting to look a little less like Hitler and more like Lord Baelish. I am not sure if I should be less scared or more.
"It's funny. We get what we want and when we get it, we always want something else" - Lord Peter Baelish [Game of Thrones; s03e05] "Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst." - Jesus Chirst [the Bible; John 6:35] Jesus: 1 Lord Baelish: 0
Who inspires you most in life? Living or dead. Mine is Cao Cao an ancient Chinese Warlord around 150-220AD. - Lord Baelish
"Whenever I wanted to make a child with him, he had so many excuses, so many late-night war councils. He never wanted to try. Except one evening, after he’d had far too much wine to drink, he suggested something; something that sounded very painful and couldn't possibly result in children. Maybe the fault was with me." - Margaery Tyrell, manipulator extraordinaire
We make the shirt, Theo Walcott will make it matter.
In his dreams only and I thought it so ... he cannot kill the raven because he is not just a wolf but a raven as well? .he is a big boy now. . :-)
I watch that Lord Baelish x Lord Varys scene from last week atleast 5times a day, GOT>>>
I sometimes think there's sexual tension between Lord Baelish and Lord Varys?
When Lord Varys and Lord Baelish are on the screen, I get my *** to sit and just focus on their exchange.
I can boldly compare Lord Baelish and Lord Varys encounter in the throne room to Al Pacino and DeNiro's encounter in "Heat"
the intense discussion between Varys and Lord Baelish
First it was Lord Baelish, then Petyr, next will be Daddy. *smiling at She can't resist my Mockingbird charms.
See how tall Sansa is, she is even taller than Lord Baelish "House Stark via
"Chaos is not a pit. It is a ladder." - Petyr Baelish...can't wait to see you do murder in action Lord Baelish!!!
i only now realise that Lord Baelish and John Boy are the same actor.. Aiden Gillen.. my mind is blown..
ooh apparently the Mayor of Baltimore, Lord Baelish himself, was at the gig last night!
Also: The CIA agent at the start of the film is Irish actor Aiden Gillen, aka Lord Baelish from Game of Thrones
Hey I mustache you a question: do you think Sebastian has any relations to Lord Baelish?
1st there was King Joffrey in Batman Begins. Now, Lord Baelish in TDKR. Khal Drogo should be Bane!
Game of Thrones cosplay. Lord Baelish and Cersei Lannister. Wait, is Cersei a dude?
Littlefinger or Lord Baelish, am I the only one who is cheering for him to eventually take the Iron Throne? Unless he
I can't help but think Lord Baelish and Sansa Stark would make a great couple.
This man right here, is the character I relate to most in Game of Thrones. Lord Baelish, a pimp in more ways then one.
Look around you. We're all liars here. And all of us are better at it than you. - Lord Baelish to Sansa Stark
Lord Baelish, perhaps I was wrong to distrust you.
Add N D Tiwari as Maester Pycelle and Abhishek Manu Singhvi as Lord Baelish. If you know what I mean. :P
Lord Baelish is such a boss. I wish I was as cunning as him! Aiden Gillen is a great actor too.
I feel that Lord Baelish is going to get word to Lady Stark about Arya. That was a legit scene.
Is it wrong to want to do naughty things to Lord Baelish and Tyrion the same time?
LMAO, Great except for Robb Stark's comparison. Obama should be Lord Baelish
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