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Lord Ashcroft

Michael Anthony Ashcroft, Baron Ashcroft, KCMG, (born 4 March 1946), is an international businessman, philanthropist and politician.

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= Social media posters for are by paid trolls, Lord Ashcroft,…
Spotted at Tory conference: Former Labour MP Michael Dugher deep in conversation with Tory peer Lord Ashcroft.
Lord Ashcroft 'to begin donating to Conservatives again'
. . & majority ' in work' voted Remain . (Lord Ashcroft)
. Got it ta-not sure on poll size & that was pre- vote,right?. Very similar to Lord Ashcroft by age, except over 75's
. Link?. Was basing my comment on Lord Ashcroft analysis...
. Wasn't even top concern for Leavers . (Lord Ashcroft analysis) . ..sovereignty.
This is 1 of Lord Ashcroft's bought & paid for MPs he has a few. Does this bother haters?
if Lord Ashcroft's polls are anything to go by the majority of British Jews voted for Brexit. So there's that
You are a mug Anyone that follows Smithson is a fool for a start ask Lord Ashcroft +wink+
Lord Ashcroft reveals he has dined at Hooters. via
I've not seen or heard of any study like that. closest was Lord Ashcroft's immediate poll afterwards. No - economy Yes - WM
V interesting. Read it - Lord Ashcroft: How the United Kingdom voted on Thursday – and why | Conservative Home
Can someone make sure sees this polling about why people voted Leave? Immigration was a top concern.
Have a look. Interesting reading. Brexit voters were racists, the left behind and rich Tories.
lord Ashcroft's already need.
Little Giant Ladders
Come on Lord Ashcroft Call it Who's going to Win ?
all in the big poll Lord Ashcroft did. Also in Brum and some other areas, more people voted leave than there are white people.
have you got a citation for the BME claim? Lord Ashcroft says otherwise.
From the Lord Ashcroft poll of 12,000 people.
..."shy Tory" notion is debunked in Britain itself. Polling was flawed for other reasons:
It's day! Come and show your support outside the Lord Ashcroft building at from 6pm onwards…
Lord Ashcroft: My focus groups in Florida. “He’s tapped into something ...
"He's tapped into something really down and dirty in our country": my focus groups in Florida - Lord Ashcroft Polls
This Remembrance week, why not join us at our evening of talks on the First World War. In the Lord Ashcroft...
isn't this owned by Ashcroft the "independent" Tory pollster and Lord. Him of ex Chair of the Tory party finances?
Rather generic options were no doubt offered - it's a fricking Lord Ashcroft poll - the questions matter
2015 manifesto was an insult, ofc ppl didn't turnout. See Q10 here:
Great news! With UKplc becoming a tax haven Lord Ashcroft can once again be domicile in Britain
Lord Ashcroft put a 100k bounty on it.
Billionaire Tory Lord Ashcroft went to Hooters and welcomed 'optional' $2.67 tip
Breast Cancer Awareness
For some reason, Lord Ashcroft really wanted to let people know he was at Hooters
Lord Ashcroft happy he was able to decide his own level of gratuity at sleazy restaurant famous for objectifying wo…
Billionaire Tory Lord Ashcroft went to Hooters and had issues with a $2.67 tip
Thank GOD this is Lord Ashcroft. I thought you would play JOHN Ashfcroft's "Let the Eagle Soar" music vid...
From 2015: "Cameron no more comes armed with a theory than the plumber uses a theory of the bathroom to fix a tap"
David Cameron publicly denies Lord Ashcroft allegation for first time
"... and it seems to me like you lived you life like a jerk that [REDACTED] a [REDACTED]. At last that's what Lord Ashcroft said
"Cameron is a man with dispositions and inclinations of temperament rather than fixed beliefs"
From 2015: Cameron's early slogans pretended something he has never really believed—that Britain is broken.
Whoever knew ~ Gideon in the USA, while St John's hosted Lord Ashcroft
DODS on the up, a beneficiary of the recent referendum polling and business data recently perhaps- Lord Ashcroft big holding
ah that evidence backed pig story from spurned Lord Ashcroft hmmm
were you recruited to a Lord Ashcroft camp due to your anti pro Labour bias up in Scotland?
I suspect that you are on Lord Ashcroft's Christmas present list though, eh?
All seems a bit dodgy to me this Tory Leadership but what do you expect when they have the Lord Ashcroft Millions
All purpose parts banner
Lord Ashcroft owns this politics home stuff all agreed right wing output. His Lordship playing with democracy stuff
Oh God, I'm actually agreeing with one of Lord Ashcroft's ideas.
... anything else he'll be remembered for Lord Ashcroft...?
Retired from what? Obviously you haven't retired from using the title Lord Ashcroft.
Crickey. The storyline for "Game of Thrones" SE08 has just been leaked by Lord Ashcroft!
almost as if you know what you are talking about, Lord Ashcroft! ;)
Should make a 'Lord Ashcroft Tips' page for the bookies!!
misread Ashcroft for Ashdown. I can only offer Lord Ashcroft my sincere apologies for my previous comment
Has Ashdown also said this, or are you confusing Lord Ashcroft with Paddy Ashdown, which is most unfair?
Oh please get real - Lord Ashcroft FPTP analysis referendum vote have only 31% Remain - 69% leave.
sovereignty was consistently the reason of the people I spoke up and even Lord Ashcroft's poll suggested it was.
And Lord Ashcroft will join with Arron Banks to support the new party.
it's not too broad at all. Lord Ashcroft poll. No 1 reason "The principle, that decisions about uk, should be taken in uk"
Exactly. UK tax return is meaningless. Ask Lord Ashcroft. No intl agreements, some US states are tax havens.
Andrea Leadsom cartoon from lord ashcroft ht…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Andrea Leadsom cartoon from lord ashcroft
Ha! Just discovered by chance that Lord Ashcroft has blocked me 😃
Just seen him with Lord Ashcroft behind the scenes at Wimbledon. Claim size advice?
Arron Banks is like a Marvel Universe version of Lord Ashcroft.
oway sad emoji's. Not gonna lie I'd never seen 🙃 until you used it 😂. I know what you mean, I read Lord Ashcroft's polls 😐
That's wholly at odds with stats compiled for Lord Ashcroft and, separately, for Sky.
It's all facts. Hargreaves donated £3mil to leave. Cruddas undisclosed, Lord Ashcroft, Lord Bell, it's all greed.
Yes they should, Lord Ashcroft. We dumped them for the EU, as I recall.
Not what I want - can't argue 16m people. Murdoch, Cruddas, Lord Ashcroft, Lord Bell, Griffith, Banks... won.
Could have been worse, she could have made up a load of stories about Cameron as a favour to Lord Ashcroft.
So why do you style yourself Lord Ashcroft. I thought an act of parliament was needed to revoke a peerage.
Lord Ashcroft with the mad crazy banter. This man is amazing
Lord Ashcroft former Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, author, international businessman and philanthropist.
Lord Ashcroft hasn't had his collar felt yet though has he?
You and me both Nick. The only other person who's ever blocked me being Lord Ashcroft.
Really? I suppose someone that believes in Lord Ashcroft polls and Scots run about wae kilts, it isn't surprising you think that
You can believe Lord Ashcroft Polls if you want, but for me it's the people who have to carry the burden of Social injustice
My blog: Why, in the wake of Brexit "race hate" crimes, we must never forget the bravery of Polish servicemen in WW2 http…
Is lord ashcroft suggesting that theresa may dropkick leadsom
He shouldn't be so careless of our opinions! Besides, if he read Lord Ashcroft's poll he'd know we want to rule ourselves.
Gove knew and hopefully be voted out. Lord Ashcroft wasn't falling for it either.
. Hmm, no answers to pertinent points, maybe Lord Ashcroft is having a nap...
Lord Ashcroft: My final referendum focus groups. “I can’t make my mind up. It’s a lot of responsibility, and I rea…
How about this one, 'long term Albanian plan' . Did u read Michael G in the Mail today Lord Ashcroft?
Prime Minister Cameron has taken more heat from Lord Ashcroft & other leading Conservatives in the past year than the Labour…
Lord Ashcroft has the dough. Saved from operating via Tory-sheltered tax havens.
Patrick Rock - Lord Feldman - Andy Coulson - Lord Ashcroft - Oliver Letwin - Paul Dacre last but not least Rebecca Brooks !!
Every time I hear Isabel Oakeshott I think a) you shafted Vicky Pryce & she went to jail b) you got paid £1m to hang around w Lord Ashcroft
wonder if old Etonian pot head Cameron will be giving Lord Ashcroft's millions back that he bought knightho…
lord Ashcroft has prove him to be a liar!!
Jubilant: Prime Minister David Cameron met patients and staff at a medical centre in Tripoli in September 2011
Bombing Libya is not like being in the Eton cadet force, sir! via
David Cameron personally intervened to protect his fox hunting pal lord Ashcroft alleges. . …
Taking over where Lord Ashcroft targeted those difficult floating voters. I live in one Warrington. 😉
Quite, seemed rather attracted to pigs too, in rather an unusual way, if we can believe Lord Ashcroft
Come along and get your hands beautifully decorated with Henna at the Lord Ashcroft Building now until 4.00pm 😊
why Lord Ashcroft is critic wrote book on DC
Man behind 'Pig gate' David Cameron book in intensive care day after launch
not paid for by the state Lord Ashcroft contributed 50 grand to his defence
even Lord Ashcroft has backed his campaign lets get this hero home
mentioned it should be headline news even lord Ashcroft is backing him ffs
I saw him sucking up to Lord Ashcroft at a political book awards once... & he was introduced by his journo mentor, Fiona Phillips
.Oh, you mean the non-story made up by resentful Lord Ashcroft?
Treat yourself to our delicious home made goodies at our bake sale in the Lord Ashcroft Building now until 3 😋
Fancy a walk in the fresh air today? Meet at the Lord Ashcroft building,Chelmsford at 12:15pm. Free coffee or tea
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Yes. I do know that. Lord Ashcroft did recently. Perhaps I meant 'Expect them to retire'.
Don't start ! Neither was Lord Ashcroft elected or any other Blue sugar daddies !
Yep, and Sir Philip Green and Lord Ashcroft et al. Tax dodgers the lot of them...
and do you have none Domicile status? Lord Ashcroft had none domicile status
Ashcroft unable to attend book launch bc he's been in intensive care with kidney and liver failure. GOSH.
This makes the whole Lord Ashcroft hospitalised-David Cameron-pig triangle more and more suspect.
Gosh, Lord Ashcroft does look grumpy. Maybe his book isn't selling well today. Generally, it's getting ill-tempered
Opwall are coming to Anglia Ruskin on 6/11 at 1pm, Lord Ashcroft Room 109 to talk
Does he do a "peerage-lite"? I don't have as much cash as Lord Ashcroft.
.That story has never been reliably corroborated. Just spite on the part of Lord Ashcroft.
Cameron threatened Ashcroft with 'some terrible fight' if were published says Now this! https…
In place of Lord Ashcroft, Curator of his Victoria Cross Collection, Michael Naxton, will speak
Nick Clegg is currently on course to lose in his own seat, Sheffield Hallam, according to Lord Ashcroft poll …
Get your Henna done on Wednesday 28th October between 10.00am-4.00pm at the Lord Ashcroft Building for £2 per hand 😀
Come treat yourself at our Bake Sale this Tuesday 27th October between 11.30am-3.30pm at the Lord Ashcroft Building😋
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So, how's Lord Ashcroft recovering after that attempt on his life, a Russian hack asks with wry smile. Call Number 10, I suggest.
GLORIOUS story for to be attached to
Lord Ashcroft 'not settling scores' with David Cameron book
Call Me Non-Dom - Slicker on Lord Ashcroft's tax affairs and what the PM knew about them. See the new Eye, out now.
David and Samantha Cameron watch son amid Lord Ashcroft's biography bombshell - Daily Mail
What would your party's former principal financier LORD ASHCROFT think of you with a statement like this?...
Lord Ashcroft suffered liver and kidney failure shortly after the Cameron serialisation, it has emerged.
Lord Ashcroft in hospital with septic shock & organ failure
You don't want to upset 'Dodgy Dave'. Poor old Lord Ashcroft has had a visit from special advisors...
Lord Ashcroft misses the London launch party of the controversial book he co-authored about David Cameron, after suffering liver and
Must say, I find the Lord Ashcroft Gallery at deeply distasteful.
I'm the life of indulgence you never knew. The epitome of evil shining through.
Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi: " Lord Ashcroft is UNAMUSED with David Cameron ; for ALLEGEDLY RELEASING HIMSELF within a D…
Cameron jokes about being a 'hooker' at university as he alludes to Lord Ashcroft's book:
the way ian hislop tried to squirm his way to say Lord Ashcroft is bad , camerons good was laughable hignfy
Cameron says he will not dignify Lord Ashcroft's book by talking about it. Well, I think he said dignify. Might have been pignify.
"You can tell by the fact that he didn't get a job, that he didn't get a job," says Cameron on Lord Ashcroft
David Cameron furious over Lord Ashcroft's slur on wife Samantha
they dodge tax, Philip green, the Barclays Brothers, Lord Ashcroft the list is endless
Lord Ashcroft reveals 's favourite band in University was Blow Monkeys. Ironically also the initiation test …
'Lord Ashcroft has the biggest collection of Victoria Crosses but explosive new book reveals he never won any of them!'
What does David Cameron really think of Lord Ashcroft? in the know:
It's Lord Ashcroft who should be embarrassed - he's exposed his own system
Shame on you BBC News not one mention of Lord Ashcroft's claims and the sensation online. Reith is turning in his grave.
People who come out of this looking bad, in ascending order of damage; Dave, Isabelle Oakeshott, Lord Ashcroft, Louise Mensch, Laurie Penny.
Authors clash over Lord Ashcroft book on David Cameron. "Gives the good, the bad and the ugly". Yup...
I've written to David Cameron demanding he answers questions about exactly what he knew of Lord Ashcroft's tax status http…
Lord Ashcroft gets his 'revenge' on David Cameron.
This is great news. Bought by Lord Ashcroft. Will go to Imperial War Museum
First Margaret Curran and David Tennant, now Denise van Outen asking Lord Ashcroft to "release the polls". A bad day for mental images.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Labour's similarities to the Tories explains why Scots are voting SNP, says Lord Ashcroft
2 point lead in latest Lord Ashcroft poll in Colne Valley Jmac and John Boy
Lord Ashcroft. Happy to involve himself in the Uk election. Just not so happy to pay UK tax.
Populus and YouGov have Labour ahead. Lord Ashcroft and ICM have Tories ahead. All within margin of error of a tie
A Lord Ashcroft survey of the recent membership of the reveals 22% of males are named John-Paul, with a further 14% called Declan.
Jim Murphy facing a crushing defeat in his own seat, according to new poll from Lord Ashcroft.
Tory peer and pollster Lord Ashcroft resigns from House of Lords
A source says poll was paid for by Arron Banks, not ordered by 'Do polls by Tory peer Lord Ashcroft class as internal Tory polls?'
Nick Clegg on course to lose seat at election, according to Lord Ashcroft poll
Lord Ashcroft is a Tory peer who does independent polling in constituency's, basically asking people who'll they vote for) (1)
Tory donor lord Ashcroft did similar, only for 3.4mil.HSBC?Tax avoidance at the top been going on for yrs
did you see he may be guilty of hiding £2m Tory donation - Lord Ashcroft
Lord Ashcroft pollster avoided £2m tax on Tory donations thro company in credible his polls?
Lord Ashcroft's polling of four Conservative held UKIP targets. All with the Tories ahead but close in three.
Lord Ashcroft trolling re earlier still making me giggle
Our VC Mike Thorne meeting the stilt walkers outside our Lord Ashcroft Building in Chelmsford
you’re like the Lord Ashcroft of important internet spaceships 😂
This men’s rights *** appears to be a great story about him. Tory donor Lord Ashcroft, Labour claims Andy Parsons: Fool people into my home
V interesting last week.Lord ashcroft released constituency polling in 3seats with Con chance.Not South Thanet!
Lord Ashcroft: “Would be very surprised” at Campaign Financing: Dating back to the 90's, Ashcroft has been per...
Lord Ashcroft: Does bravery run in the blood? | via
A Lord Ashcroft national survey has put the ahead of by 6 points. However, another by Populus gave Labour a 5 point lead.
Lord Ashcroft’s poll predicts Tory victory in NE Cambs in what he says will effectively be a two horse race
"Is there a gene for bravery?" asks Lord Ashcroft. Dunno, mate. Is there one for being a *** handed backstairs little greaser?
Thank you Lord Ashcroft for including Paul Jacobs GM and Blind Veterans UK in your article in today's Daily Telegraph
Lord Ashcroft polls are a good place to start...
yes - just like Lord Ashcroft has been a big Tory donor. No reputable pollster would let that compromise its data gathering.
only slightly smaller than Lord Ashcroft's polling discrepancies then!
I see Ashcroft has asked what constitutes 'aggressive tax avoidance'. Lord Deighton responded. He has more restraint than I.
Lord Ashcroft done polling regarding voting intentions of immigrants? Would that show gerrymandering by supporters?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Lord Ashcroft polls - last question is left field e.g. if Cameron were a car what would he be. Interestign approach
Voters in Castle Point—where Ukip are bookies' favourites—are 3x as likely to hv been contacted by Ukip than Tories.
Lord Ashcroft's probably already made him an offer!
when will Lord Ashcroft buy the medal?
"Are You Serious?" Boris Johnson , the Tories and the voters - Lord Ashcroft Polls . via
Why Should it Fazal in 2010 how many Tory PPCs were connected to Lord Ashcroft??you are tory through and through
How will when they'll never get into Government? Look at your poll ratings:
...I intend to look in > detail at the (Tory!) Lord Ashcroft's constituency polls to get a better understanding
Ukip's poll rating slumps by five points in one week
Interesting view on news blindly quoting polls! ' 'Lord Ashcroft's polls are not what they seem - via
Lord Ashcroft: Ukip plunge in aftermath of Channel 4 programme | via All balls from Cameron's pal.
Note the policy area questions. I'd not phrase those the same I suspect. Poll: .
Ukip rating drops to record low as voters want more than EU policies says Lord Ashcroft poll via
YouGov has CON up 2. Lord Ashcroft has LAB up 4. Get ready for a bumpy ride.
Lord Ashcroft: The Conservatives lead by three points in my latest poll | Conservative Home
Stunning poll for from Lord Ashcroft but no sitting back - a power of work to do to turn polls into reality!
Lord Ashcroft's Scottish poll predicts that senior Lib Dem MP will lose seat to http:/…
Lord Ashcroft: Labour and the Conservatives are neck and neck in my latest poll | Conservative Home
Lord Ashcroft had to apologise to Ed Miliband for a poll. He was 26 points ahead of Ukip - not behind by 12; & he led Cameron by 14 points.
Lord Ashcroft says, don't vote Tory, in Doncaster South.
Doncaster North polling from Lord Ashcroft. If half of Tory vote jumps to Ukip this could get messy for Ed:. Lab 37%. Ukip 31%…
Lord Ashcroft poll to be released tomorrow puts 2nd in Doncaster North. If Tories don't field a candidate, Ed Mili…
Heading to House of Commons this morning for a breakfast with Lord Ashcroft and Forces in Mind for the Veterans Research Hub
Heading into London for a Veterans Research Hub Breakfast hosted by Lord Ashcroft at the House of Commons
Looks as though White Van Man is unaware of a Westminster Village Row about White Van Man
Lord Ashcroft polling has them on top tied with Conservatives in the C2 social class
Lord Ashcroft has had a team of 5 technicians spend 6 months scrubbing every last trace of that DM off his computer.
That is an interesting read Lord Ashcroft but may well cripple the system:
you need to get your finger on the pulse... Lord Ashcroft spends a lot of time on them! Labour with a 4 or 5 point lead.
Lord Ashcroft did one back in June. LAB - 33%. GRN - 32%
Doubtless they would make great PPC for either legacy party... See for current Lord Ashcroft polling
I never thought I'd live to see it: and Lord Ashcroft on the same page. Literally.
I wonder if you will Lord Ashcroft..?
We are awaiting Lord Ashcroft to endorse UKIP. He must see that the Tories under CAMERON are at the exit point.
Lord Ashcroft poll shows Labour surging to 5 point lead today complete silence from media if Labour had dropped 5 points be …
Lord Ashcroft: Labour are five points ahead in this week’s Ashcroft National Poll | Conservative Home
Despite all the "white van" nonsense in the Westminster bubble, Lord Ashcroft says Labour is pulling ahead in polls. http:…
All the data from this week's Ashcroft National Poll is now available at Lord Ashcroft Polls ...
Voters do not believe Ed Miliband will be Prime Minister: Lord Ashcroft polling puts Labour ahead, but with qu...
The party, under Ed Miliband leadership, is now back at 29 per cent in the polls, trailing the Conservatives on 30 per cent, according to a survey released by Lord Ashcroft this afternoon.
BBC online: Lord Ashcroft found that 13.5% of the electorate appear to have been influenced by the "vow", and especially Gordon Brown, to vote No. Without it, if just 2/3 of them had voted Yes that would be a 9% swing, there would have been a Yes vote of about 55% to 45%. Promises were made and votes were cast on those promises. Hopefully Gordon B has a 'plan B'.
Jack Straw In the aftermath of the Referendum it may have been missed that former Labour Front bencher Jack Straw has stated that it should be made illegal for Scotland to become Independent. Remember this is not a crazy rant by the Daily Mail but a former minister of state who still holds power within the Labour Party. A lot more power and influence than a certain Gordon Brown. The recent Lord Ashcroft poll showed that people who backed a YES vote and who backed a NO vote agree that we could return to the question of Independence in the next 10 years. This is not taking into account any shenanigans that might occur with the “Vow” and timetable. It is clear that Westminster is worried about the 45% who voted YES and growing number of people who are regretting their NO votes. Their solution is this affront to Self-Determination. In the meantime I would expect the Liberal Democrats to denounce this attack on Liberty and Democracy from the Labour Party.
What is the evidence, beyond an apparently tiny sample in Lord Ashcroft's poll, that the young voted Yes and the old No? A…
Also, the Lord Ashcroft poll has such a small sample size of 16-17 year olds, the 71% figure is unreliable.
A poll of UKIP voters taken by Lord Ashcroft yesterday is quite telling. "Who would you prefer as Prime Minister?" David Cameron: 30% Ed Miliband: 28% Don't know/Neither: 42% We need to work hard to persuade that 28% to vote for us at the G.E..A vote for UKIP is a wasted vote that will let the Tory Party in.
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Just been in the revamped - The Victoria Cross exhibit in Lord Ashcroft gallery is incredibly moving
Lord Ashcroft’s latest round of CON-LAB marginals polling would be even more informative if candidates were named -
Pay attention 007 Ashcroft. You're not dealing with "Mish" Moneypenny.
Hi you made an error on the "Latest voting intention" table on the 13th July Lord Ashcroft for UKIP, it was 14% not 4% :)
The new WW1 Gallery at the Imperial War Museum opens tomorrow. It's awesome. Do go and also visit the VCs in Lord Ashcroft Gallery
daily record owned by trinity.. biggest shareholder of trinity is pendragon, pendragon owned by lord Ashcroft tory donar ;-)
- can't wait and the superlative Lord Ashcroft Victoria Cross Gallery!
Lord Ashcroft phones up: "tell the missus we need more raunch for the hipster mum vote"
An inconvenient truth for the SNP from >> Trident: The SNP shoots the messenger - Lord Ashcroft Polls
it seems it. Its like Tory funder lord ashcroft saying theyre leading the polls
One of the biggest and most influential Tory donors ever is controversial offshore banker Lord Ashcroft
if Lynton Crosby masterminds a victory for Cameron, fat fees that Lord Ashcroft objects to will become fatter still.
Lord Ashcroft (Conservative Strategist) Said once that to win they needed the backing of the BME (Asian esp) constituencies
I think that Rupert Murdoch or Lord Ashcroft are better analogies for that role
I saw that. Two Lord Ashcroft employees agreeing with each other.
Lord Ashcroft's anti-Dave employees have been all over the BBC today. Isabel Oakshott, Mark Wallace and Tim Mongomerie.
He's off to play high finance (Read Rape) with his mate Lord Ashcroft - allegedly. Shame really funny little man (Read Pawn)
Does know that Isabel Oakeshott and Mark Wallace *both* work for Lord Ashcroft?
Lord Ashcroft ... you know everyone is just jealous of your of your sartorial splendor. Just pure envy!
Any polling to be done in light of the reshuffle Lord Ashcroft? A few constituencies might me interesting!
don't think I've read that but there are plenty to choose from
and a very good morning to you Lord Ashcroft, the sun is not long up here, stunning as sunli viz beneath blanket of cloud.
You base that on one poll? Read lord Ashcroft for a more reasoned summary.
Come away, come away with a baseball cap. Believing all Lord Ashcroft's crap. Drank 14 points straight off the tap. the Yorkshireman
Looking forward to Lord Ashcroft views on the last 24 hours. A more balanced view IMO comes from him
Lord Ashcroft asked for views - so they are my views. It's my opinion, not a preconceived idea.
"Lord Ashcroft ?" has Richard finally got his peerage
nope, no funding from Lord Ashcroft but has given me good ideas for future funding!
I thought her campaign was one of the ten funded by Lord Ashcroft?
You want all the same possitions I'd go for Lord Ashcroft. If only I were an MP tonight. You'd be great in the role of def sec
Lord Ashcroft... They've gotta do something to improve their poll numbers... 😀
Milestones in political career of getting knighthood tax dodging Lord Ashcroft, or fixing Waterstone Inquiry into ??
certainly looks like it, check out Lord Ashcroft's TL
Lord Ashcroft suggesting Andrew Lansley out of government too
Jeez even Lord Ashcroft hinting Hague is out, perhaps another post or stand down next election & go to the lords?
is that today's The Lord Ashcroft poll where Labour are in front?
Remember got, was it LORD Ashcroft, his old flatmate to preside over or was it murder? I cant remember as so many
a reply from lord Ashcroft too, get you
Would you like to get a job only because people with the title Lord Ashcroft may apply?
Just caught up with this Ashcroft poll. 46% of voters have heard from recently. 25% have heard from htt…
Lord Ashcroft: Labour lead by four points in this week’s Ashcroft National Poll via
Men are more worried about debt, women by rising prices. A nugget worth noting from today's poll.
My commentary on this week's Ashcroft National Poll on
The country is heading in the wrong direction and many don't feel any of the supposed recovery:.
A large difference with Lord Ashcroft's Polls of today that puts this around 14% for UKIP. We need more on side.
In the latest National Poll, Labour lead by four points. Here is his full analysis:
Labour are on course to win the election - it will be a fascinating year - Lord Ashcroft - Mirror Online.
Latest poll from Lord Ashcroft has on 7% (Lib Dems 8%) and this is General Election voting intention http:/…
If that's true then Lord Ashcroft must be about as popular with the Tories as Jimmy Saville.
Small earthquake, nobody injured : YouGov do an opinion poll every day of voting intentions at the General Election (a snapshot, not a forecast, as Lord Ashcroft rightly says) Today's number follow the trend of recent weeks : Con 34%, Lab 35%, Lib Dem 9%, UKIP 13%. Reminder ; Liberal Democrat 21.7% in Newcastle City elections, same people gave only 10& in Europe elections. Lesson 1 from the weekend. UK parliamentary elections are not the same as European parliament ones. As L Cpl Jones said "don't panic"
Lord Ashcroft predicts Labour will win General Election comfortably: The Chancellor sought to silence talk by ...
Lots of interest in the figures I posted on Friday on the actual scores for each party in the English Council Elections. There have been a few more declarations since then so this is now how each party fared: Number of councils won: Labour - 82 Tories - 41 Lib Dems - 6 No overall control - 31 UKIP - 0 Number of councillors elected: Labour - 2101 Tories - 1359 Lib Dems - 427 UKIP - 163 Others - 125 Greens - 36 Number of councillors gained or lost: Labour - 338 more UKIP - 161 more Others - 23 more Greens - 16 more Tories - 231 fewer Lib Dems - 307 fewer Also of interest - Lord Ashcroft poll shows that over 50% of UKIP voters were former Tories, only 1 in 5 were Lib Dem and only 1 in 7 were Labour (though most UKIP/Tories said they'd revert to Tories in a General Election).
"A new poll by Tory peer Lord Ashcroft showed that Ed Miliband's party was 12% ahead of the Tories in 26 key marginal battlegrounds. Clegg was in the firing line after his party lost more than 300 council seats and ceded control of two key councils – Kingston-upon-Thames (to the Conservatives) and Portsmouth. Ahead of the European election results – which could see the Lib Dems wiped out in Brussels." Zack Polanski Nick Jenkins
Good analysis - What I told the ConHome conference about my battleground poll - Lord Ashcroft Polls
Lord Ashcroft's research also shows why Labour has to offer a politics of hope, not despair: voters care as much about the NHS as immigration. If Labour bang on about immigration, they just keep the focus of debate on an issue their opponents will always be trusted to crack down harder on
at 1840 : Lord Ashcroft poll puts on course for Downing Street with big majority. Plus QPR's £80 million pound goal
Christ; are we really 10pts down in the latest Lord Ashcroft poll?. We've got to up our game to win it.
Will be on at 6.30 talking about Lord Ashcroft's latest poll with
Lord Ashcrofts latest opinion poll give Millibeans party a12 point lead over the Poshboys. Time for the OEs to do a deal with Nigel to cling to power? Or should they be grovelling to City cronies for jobs after May next year?
If you are looking for 'Awareness' Lord Ashcroft's polls are the place to …
Lord Ashcroft is trying to get out the sleeping tory voters with his predictions, Ladbrokes happy to take cash!
Just over half of UKIP Euro voters came from the Tories; 1 in 7 from Labour; 1 in 5 from the Lib Dems - h…
Video of addressing conference on his latest poll
Lord Ashcroft's poll shows UKIP are killing the Conservatives in the marginal constituencies
Has Jesse Ventura done an episode of Conspiracy Theory on Lord Ashcroft's polling? It warrants a good hour I would say.
The results of my battleground poll, at a glance. See Lord Ashcroft Polls for all the data
Lord Ashcroft's poll confirms we're making real progress in seats where we need to do well and that Labour can win next y…
Lord Ashcroft tells Conservatives 'don't fight election on last week's issues'
Boom! Ashcroft mega-poll a big boost for Miliband: 6.5% swing from Tories to Labour, enough for majority
Lord Ashcroft's latest battleground polling shows Labour well ahead in the marginals -potential majority of over 80 > …
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