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Looking Forward

Looking Forward is an album by folk rock band Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, released on Oct 26, 1999.

New Years Happy New Year

Looking Forward to tonight's game Hull city v Man Utd two up . Southampton FC awaiting us in the Final, Three / One Unite…
Looking Forward to the 2017 .Q-School. Five Austrian Players will try it and also many from Germany.
Thks for the invite! Very much enjoying visiting, looking forward to future collabs
Beautiful way to start 2017 for Strategic partnership with IJM (International Justice Mission) looking forward to work…
Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to this years' wassail
helping students during her visit last year. Looking forward to the next round of the
Looking forward to all music on today! Play some Delos !!
Looking forward to seeing our Deben mussels tonight Channel 4 at 8 pm
Looking forward to your results by the summer! :P
Looking forward to the fundraising event at The Joker, Brighton in support of Charlotte's BAG.
Honoured to be named Minister Looking forward to continue the work led by Thanks for y…
I've never been so excited to hear a song get recorded than with Give Me A Minute 😍 so looking forward to the new album
😩I was looking forward to eating a sandwich 😂young
Idk cause maybe we got dream goals. Nothin wrong with talkin about something you are looking forward to in the futu…
Good Morning everyone - what are you all up to today? I'm looking forward to a lovely Networking lunch in Bristol!!…
making 🌊 in . 📸: ✋🏽me. Dope influencer, talented artist & just cool AF. Looking forward to more shoots!
Looking forward to welcoming you all back after the Christmas Break. Don't forget Boiler Suits and Wellies!
I am happy where I am, and looking forward to future adventures.
Looking forward to meeting up with tomorrow!.
Looking forward to work together with
Crazy sounding wind outside, I'm not looking forward to going to work today
Looking forward to Tories and Labour criticising SNP for it being closed 😁
Looking forward the the last this eve. With in the 4Sight slot…
Looking forward to joining conference this afternoon and presenting with my colleague Julie Ewald
We can't wait to be part of either! Looking forward to spending time with years 1 and 4 😊
Looking forward to starting a trial of next week. Looks like a great product
Which bit of are you looking forward to the most this year? We take a look at what's coming up.
I didn't even hesitate. Looking forward to the new season!
What am I looking forward to in 2017?. What the *** happened after this!!
Hi Readmymind, I am Stuart a world traveling Yoga teacher, looking forward connecting with you!
Out of the 7Confirmed 2017 Games, all of which I'm looking forward to. 1 got cancelled. Disappointed, but it's not the…
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Looking forward to morgan schneiderlin being announced. Koeman got the best out of him at Southampton and will be a great player for Everton
On the way to the with London Looking forward to an inspiring day of fabulous ideas &…
Looking forward to watching final speech later. Have watched Michelle's 3 times already.
Looking forward to hearing from Aileen Richards at tonight's at See you there!
Looking forward to San Diego this weekend 😎
. I didn't watch it since I'm not interested in the past. I'm looking forward to the future.
I am looking forward to welcoming our customers and partners to in Berlin this year!
Every person from Hawaii is looking forward to this when heading home 😻
Happy Wednesday! Feeling energetic today lol 😂 looking forward to coffee later. And a walking the dog up mountain if the wind dies down !
Looking forward to coffee and some snowboarding in the AM..
Early start to Looking forward to a 10 hour flight with no phone signal!
Swizz got DMX sounding right! I'm looking forward to this new Ruff Ryder's music!
I'm looking forward to blacking out with lyric this weekend
It's coming Jan 27 to Sweden... Looking forward to it, the director's prior movie "Whiplash" is one of my favourites.
Looking forward to serving at our home church! What a privilege and…
Looking forward to Corbynites trying to defend this dog's-breakfast 'relaunch'.. :-/
Looking forward to this tomorrow morning.
I just want to sleep through February NOT looking forward to Valentines Day and my B-Day. ♓️🐠
First of many exciting gigs in 2017 coming up this weekend! Looking forward to performing again…
Spot on as ever Looking forward to moving to Scotland for better inforned political debate
Are y'all are looking forward to hearing kips new single this month?! If I don't get at least 1,000 RTS I'm gonna tell…
Please be safe. We're looking forward to the end result!
Rain/Snow tomorrow - not looking forward to being rained on - maybe I can head off somewhere.
Not even a sneaker head but this is something I'm looking forward too
Lovely sexy Saturday at home with Mr. Looking forward to our date tonight 💋
Now that New Years is over, this is the main thing I'm looking forward too.
So not looking forward to Valentine's Day this year😅🙄
Looking forward to seeing my tribe tomorrow
Great visit to this morning. Looking forward to moving in!
Really looking forward to chatting to - live with just after 7.30
2016 was great for in - first therapeutic procedures done, lives saved. Looking forward to a great…
thanks for a great evening of discussion. Looking forward to delivering those initiat…
Thank you my lovely friends. I've enjoyed baking and supplying them. Looking forward to a happy and successful 2017 for…
Looking forward to from Hearing good things!
I'm actually looking forward to Sunday. I'll be busy so my mind should be occupied. That's a good day for me lately.
Today's event was a success. Looking forward to doing it again.
Excited to say I am now a Philadelphia Eagle! Looking forward to the opportunity to play football for such a great organizat…
I love my mother, but I'm really looking forward to having my house back and jumping back into full time writing Monday
Waiting for and looking forward to see the Mega Beautiful
I thought it might be part of your recent haul of wood. I am looking forward to see what your plans are for that.
Looking forward to getting this project off the ground. Stay tuned Mission Control 🚀…
cont1.. working on increasing our fleet. Looking forward to serving you better on your next ride with us
Looking forward for more feels than Bellemere and Nami story
Oh terrific! We tried to get tickets and it was sold out!! Looking forward to 2/19.
Looking forward to seeing the kids in the fa cup today
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I am sure it is. Looking forward to our first in April!
Really looking forward to this event! We would love to say hi!
here's some of the stuff I made in 2016, looking forward to an even more productive 2017!. (find them all here:
had a lot of fun my dude. Looking forward to the next run.
Looking forward to the day that my husband and I are sitting at the kitchen table roasting tf out of our kids together
Wow... Semma looking forward for 500 followers =D>
Looking forward to seeing confront the *** who attacked Ivanka.
Not looking forward to driving back home to Pittsburgh tomorrow
Great team performance and looking forward to the draw on Monday 😬
Not even looking forward to my birthday tbh.
Looking forward to it! I hope you and John are feeling better!
Sooo looking forward to classes starting
Looking forward to upcoming AshLloyd movie this year. OMG is it going to be a continuation of their rom-com or something new?…
Looking forward on how God will reveal his greatness and goodness this 2017.
Looking forward to a long night's rest
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Check out the homies tape. The songs he's dropped already were 🔥 so I'm looking forward to listening to this
i have a lot of readings i need to do tomorrow for classes and im not looking forward to it in the. SLIghtest
Looking forward to Regis baseball to start! need a new wardrobe and some boots though!
VIDEO: Ventura High goalscorer Whitney Ellis is already looking forward to the next meeting with rival Buena…
Looking forward to this I scored for 😊✏️
Very thrilled about this new time in , looking forward getting started!!! ⚽️🐝🐝
Music you're looking forward to in 2017 — Travi$
Looking forward to that, this 2017.
Looking forward to it! Would love to know more about your experience about being on live TV on They should hire you!
Really need to forget what's gone & to start looking forward to what's coming next.
W/ seeing more NFLers embracing and now the NFL opening up to new causes, looking forward to a big 2017 for…
umpiring at the in Garvaghey this evening. Looking forward to his comprehensive match repo…
Looking forward to in Calgary Feb 19 Saw Dusty live as a kid several times, hope my boys get similiar memories
2017 ~ Looking forward to original music, by HARVIX. . . Link ~…
I wonder if this writer visited my blog the day after the election. He says he was looking forward to enjoying m…
Back to work Monday fighting the good fight looking forward to 2017
And everybody back at school happy and I'm just at home not looking forward to going back 😅
One of the things that I'm looking forward to sa DTBY promo is Maine guesting on Boys Room. ☺️❤ (Oo, hohopia ako. 😩) .
I'm looking forward to doing a tv/bd comparison on vivid after seeing you catch so much choreography i don't remember
In Bengaluru for the . Looking forward to an insightful day full of discussions, sessions, meetings…
Looking forward to hearing it again! ;)
Not looking forward to leaving my dog or my bed tomorrow
You'll never move forward if you keep looking back
"Are you looking forward to going back to school?"
Regarding MANILA BULLETIN has already reached out to me. I am looking forward to reading the article s… ht…
Really looking forward to the Cruise blogs BrittanyA_Xo
Looking forward to the arrival of mainland friends over the next week or so...
Me & had an amazing time with you - thank you!!! Looking forward for our plan 2017...
🎉🎉🎉🎉 Looking forward to the love story.
Tq sweetie..looking forward for your next visit dear..☺.
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I cried more in 2016 than I have my whole life but I'm grateful this year has made me stronger, looking forward to my man…
I really hope is going to drop an album this year. Looking forward to it.
hey man looking forward to hanging at MAGfest — should I bleach
thank you so much for Mayward! Looking forward to more projects together!. MAYWARD ForKCA2017
Power rangers and Logan are the two films im really looking forward too this year
Looking forward to using this for next 4 years. Thanks and
Already looking forward to spring break
Thx..She's autistic and her first pets, so not looking forward to the morning when she feeds her fi…
I read that this change was coming a few weeks ago. I'm not looking forward to it at all.
Looking forward to helping you having a clear view on your new year resolutions https:…
Looking forward to working with to lead the focus on the customizer this year!
I know it's too early to be talking about summer rn but I am seriously looking forward to going to Seaside this summer! 😍🏝
Glad! we could assist. Looking forward to see you on board soon.
Looking forward to seeing the goods at CES. Probably whatever I want is out later this year -- going to wait.
I've been looking forward to laying with my heating pad and watching my show al afternoon 😍😍😍
Looking forward to ranting this Friday, after briefing with over the Russia/Putin hacked election. What a farce!
We wish you a Happy, Healthy New Year! What are you looking forward to the most in 2017?
Thanks for showing me around your office Looking forward to working together.
Looking forward to the view from the top of Star City!
Looking forward to the spring semester.
2017 gonna be a crazy year I'm looking forward to it
Looking forward to the next Jetpack competition. Where will that be?
Back to work on the transition team at Trump Tower. Looking forward to another productive day as we continue to work to
looking forward to hearing you contacted this location & resolved the issue. Been like this for way too long! I wanted to spend $
This weekend w. my girls is all I'm looking forward to
Looking forward to working with the new Romanian govt, just approved by parliament beneath this fine roof, in developing…
Heading out to Looking forward to walking the floor tomorrow at the 50th CES.
I loved them so def looking forward to seeing them some more.
"Sarah Connor?". Otherwise known as innovative and forward-looking income recovery systems.
Looking forward to being back on to fight Trump admin’s efforts targeting civil rights & immigrants
I'm looking forward to creating a pro for your or -
That feeling when you're heading to weekend. Looking forward to LA. Thank you for all the votes!
hi, I noticed that the series of tosh.0 is all gone and I was looking forward to watching season 2.
Happy New Year | Concept Group wish you all a happy and successful 2017! We are looking forward to working with you this…
I'm looking forward to seeing what this new year have in store for me, I know it's nothing but blessing so I'm staying hopeful and positive.
Looking forward to this. UAE author and diplomat appears on And I'm now…
I love you ❤️. Looking forward to 2017 with you.😘
Looking forward to a new year! | Photo by Michael Matti Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park
Looking very forward to trying mine out.
SEVENTEEN looking forward to work harder in 2017 & achieve greater things to make it a special year (17)
Happy New Year! Here's a look back at 2016. Looking forward to more cycling fun in 2017 🚴👍
Looking so much forward to Further Confusion! Whoohoo!
"I guess I'll be able to surprise you with how strong I make you!" Seika was looking forward to seeing how things turned out.
It's really superb Looking forward to see you at 8PM..
Very much looking forward to surviving today on one hours sleep 😫😫
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Which album are you most looking forward to this year?.
yessir! I'll be there around 2, and I'll definitely keep an eye out. I'm looking forward to it!
Looking forward to reading this. Reasons to Revolt: Iranian Oil Workers in the 1970s by
Looking forward to the day where I can live in a cabin in the middle of the woods w/ my dog and still have wifi for Netflix and be a hermit.
Terima kasih sebab suport ...looking forward for your next visit guy!🤗.
Looking forward to forever w. the same person by my side..❤
I have a ticket to the mental health seminar in Rockingham on the 9th Feb. Looking forward to hearing you speak!
Tonight's the big one I'm really looking forward to this
Aftab Khan Looking forward to this tonight!!
Looking forward to having you back soon my friend! all the best to you and in 2017!
Looking forward to have your positive n supportive response
170105 . solo debuting top news on Naver homepage. Comments with 3000+ likes. Everyone is looking for…
Looking forward to the cricket today in overcast
Looking forward to it. How'd it go yesterday?
Wow just wow. Over it. Done. Moving forward with my life. No looking back from here.
. Dude Love your game.Spectacular !. Looking forward for more great games by you
Looking forward to the playoffs!! Not looking forward to football ending tho.. 😩
Japan is amazing!! The best holiday of our lives so far! Will be looking forward to come back!
Happy 2017, everyone!! Can't wait for the New Year!! Top five DC events I am looking forward to in 2017... in no particular…
Looking forward to seeing on the big screen!
looking forward to whatever music comes this year from you. Never disappoints, thank you for singing the blues.
OK, code book says you are doing Barca's Copa del Rey .. and that other one. Looking forward. Happy New Year to you and yours.
Happily married!!! What an amazing experience. Looking forward to the rest of our lives
These two weeks off were amazing, not looking forward to going back to work 😩
. jingle ball tour starts tomorrow . Looking forward to seeing all these well wrapped up Canadians tomorrow…
Tweeps -- what are you most looking forward to in 2017?
I had a great 2016 with Looking forward to new adventures that await us in 2017. 😘
Looking forward to doing it all over once again!!! He…
What fun adventures are you looking forward to this year?😊 I love your pic & all the adventures you ha…
Looking forward to new experiences with old friends this coming year
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Are you looking for diverse books to add your 2017 TBR? Here are 60 diverse books releasing in 2017. ❤️😍📖
Tribe fans! Looking forward to an amazing 2017!
"Happy New Year" EVERYONE. I'm looking forward to the rest of 2017. Plz pray for & their families; &THE WORLD
Looking forward to CES 2017 this week! Catch me this Thursday on the CTA Main Stage talking hearing technologies and…
Walked into my room and saw these amazing 📚 . Thank you for the lovely gift. Looking forward to 📖 them all.…
Was looking forward into going out of town next month guess not
I'm not going say 2017 going be my year, but I am looking forward to growing as a person and having an overall productive yea…
Good news on the hemp side of business. Contracts for next project to be finalized by Jan 16. Looking forward to the various…
I'm honestly looking forward to this year. I think 2017 will bring a lot of new and great things. I'm getting an apartment w…
Looking forward to getting back on the grind this week 💦
Person: What are u looking forward to in 2017?. Me: What the *** happened after this scene!
I'm looking forward to running on northerly island one day
Thank you for your kind words ! Coming from you make our team so happy and work even more hard. Looking forward…
Looking forward to starting this tonight!🙏🏽
I'm really looking forward to this new year. I have no reason to mention my goals because they're my goals. Mind your bu…
Our Top 5 games 2016 - What are you looking forward to in 2017?: via
I have to wake up at 8am for driving and practicing maneuverability. Like cool. Not looking forward to it.
Hello, Dahyun. Welcome to the fraternity and believe me, I'm looking forward to it also. The name is Krystal, from f(x).
solid, thanks! What's one you're most looking forward to reading this year? Me, "Tools of Titans" Tim Ferris
Good night world. Looking forward to the new year.
Happy New Year + God's blessings to you all. Looking forward to incredible things in 2017! will Make America…
Happy New Year to all from Seattle. Looking forward to lots of new Windows 10 info and prerelease bits in…
.I'm looking forward to your next Russia Today appearances.
Looking forward to the next big holiday, Syllabus Week
I think I missed it by a few mins...but...Happy New Year to everyone!!! So looking forward to 2017!
is anyone else looking forward to Scream MTV season 3
What I'm looking forward to in 2017 is the season of oitnb 😓😓😓
Nye was lit.. looking forward to seeing what this year brings
Great! DM us your PayPal email address and the transaction ID. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
oh NO NO DONT SAY THAT NO i'm already not looking forward to season 6 and george dying i'm so
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Things Im looking forward to in 2017: The finale of PLL.
Congrats Commissioner Looking forward to being present at big event tomorrow & working w/you in makin…
Looking forward for more music and feels
Happy New Year 2 u 2 Brennan. Looking forward 2 👀what comes next for you. I kno…
Looking forward to getting the Jack out again for the girls all over the UK watching me strip 😆
's . picking up momentum slowly. . It's are going on till 1AM. . Looking forward to
Our $107,000 Christmas giveaway ends in 19 hours! Who is looking forward to seeing the winners! We certainly are.
Looking forward to reminding tonight "I'm not Bossy. I'm the Queen!" 💎💋 https:…
Not looking forward to the long drive tomorrow
"If you keep looking back, you're going to trip moving forward." –
Doyoung is srsly good at hashtagging. Im looking forward to johnny's😌
2nd teaser🎬 : Clearly targeted at the youth. Daring one from Director Looking forward
It's ALMOST 🎆🎊 What has been the highlight of 2016 & what are you looking forward to in 2017?…
What are you looking forward to in 2017? And should I pull another all-nighter?
Team are big fans of & we're hyped to hear she is looking forward to https…
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What Britons are most looking forward to in 2017:. 1 Sherlock. 2 Doctor Who. 3 Just, like, more tea. 4 Harry Styles' solo deb…
That was painful, but changes nothing for me. 1 win or 10 wins, I love my Buffs. Looking forward to next year
Had ups & downs in 2016, but it blessed me with new friendships, and I'm SO happy & healthy. Def looking forward to what 2…
looking forward for.our year THE TS OF ALDUB.DTBY ..kaya ignore all negas na lang.
The first Rampage was so well done, it made my ex tear up. Great movie magic! Looking forward to seeing President Down.
found a track while reading though - keep on chugging, hero. Looking forward to updates (;
I just be looking forward to calling Kamyra 😭
Definitely looking forward to and resident evil 7 the most so far for 2017
Looking forward to new IshDARR and 6LACK music 😌🔥
Forgot to put on facial sunblock... looking forward to more freckles yay 🙂
Looking forward to doing another workshop next week for the lead team.
Was really looking forward to eating cereal but there's no milk :(
Warmer days in Utah. Looking forward to a few roads trips in '17 🤘🏼 @ Delicate Arch
Looking forward to. cheek albino prejudiced. ripples the shallows. VIA:
We're looking forward to enjoying our final fix of 2016 at Black Angus Bar & Grill. Think fresh...
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No one has ever been blinded by looking at the bright side. Just like looking forward to MaiChard's marriage and kids. .
The only thing I'm looking forward to on New Years is the 12 grapes ya girl boutta wish on
looking forward to seeing what you do next. Best of luck.
The Aviation is decaying at a scary pace, with kidnappers looking forward to bounty harvest. 😢😢
Just keep looking forward to a bright and positive future! I wish I could do that
Bad news for people looking forward to 2017...
Looking forward to the NY Times yesterday.
Looking forward to that preseason top 10 ranking next season.
He's become on of my favorites to read! Looking forward to spending time with the Bonar brothers, Saphir, and Baron one day!
Looking forward to seeing my best friend, finally 😊
idk what I'm gonna do when New Years is over bc that's all I've been looking forward to for the past month
Dentist appointment tomorrow to get these braces tightened. Not looking forward to it. . What is chewing? 😩 Cuz I won't be able lol
Just keep looking forward and never look back @ The Future Begins Today
A new year coming.. New mercies. Present-future glasses only ever looking forward. All things new & beautiful in thei…
I pray you've had an awesome day. Remember: Looking backwards can never propel you forward. Trust and always walk by…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
And the long journey begins tomorrow. Can't tell if I am dreading it or looking forward to it..
Well looking forward to whoever thought of putting & together is an absolute genius!😂😂
1st day of the Door County getaway was a smashing success! Looking forward to Day 2!
One week from tomorrow I get my first pay of the new job. REALLY looking forward to that.
Looking forward to it. It is more entertaining & comical when Trump punks the media than "comedy" movies.
If you keep looking back you'll trip going forward ...
Liberals are coping with the election well 😕, looking forward to white genocide and now kids being killed.
Looking forward to finishing the year off skrong
Unfortunately the real Tim Tebow was not my Christmas present this year- looking forward to reading his book though…
What are you most looking forward to for season 2 of shadowhunters?
it is vacuum sealed, but thanks for the reply :) It'll get salt with the crust afterwards. Looking forward to it.
come to Oregon. Make a dynasty. Earn your spot. Looking forward to seeing you as a 🦆
am very much looking forward to Qxantharz: The Legend of VorpalMarkt
Looking forward to see you return, John!
I'm looking forward to bidding farewell to 2016 w/you & yours 🎉 @ Stone Brewing…
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Thanks Hillary! I'm rejoicing at the blessing of you losing the election while looking forward with renewed hope in a Trump…
Looking forward to New Years, it literally can only get better. Everything is in shambles but I've been blessed. I should be happy.
I'm just looking forward to living with the LOML ✨💝
Not saying I agree, but he's not evil. . And Microchip is NOT Baked Alaska. Looking forward to that video.
Finally, a president who cares about fixtures. Looking forward to the twelve-point plan on wainscoting.
greeting! a new addition of La Rêveuse named Arin is now here. so I'm looking forward to get closer with all of you🌼
I'm so looking forward to what 2017 brings me
Hope yours was great, looking forward to the new year and what I expect to be another great con!
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