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Long Street

Long Street is a hamlet in the parish of Hanslope, in the Borough of Milton Keynes, ceremonial Buckinghamshire, England.

Cape Town Sean Penn

Kempton Park will have a water shutdown tonight from 9pm, due to pipe repairs in the CBD in Long Street.
News from the Marlborough OPEN STUDIOS first weekend, Including Jane Brunning at Studio 3 in Long Street
Love tea? You can get your fix at the new Tea Bar on Long Street:
Tonight @ Beerhouse, Long Street. Martin Davis and many more. Don't miss it.
It's a whole fight on trade street lmao like a bloc and a half long 😂😂😂
Why not enjoy a long stroll around Isleworth this week? Take your Beat the Street card with you and start earning points
"Wicked is good." I already know that Michael Douglas told me that in Wall Street a long time ago.
.Not very different from the (former?) junkie street in Vancouver. Walked through it a long time ago... Got offered..
last night 1 end of Main Street had 45mm top end 3.5mm it's four block long 😜👍
Shooting at 102 e 1st street long beach. In front of super mex
Wall Street backs to block from the WH. They don't care who wins as long as it's not Bernie.
Wolf of Wall Street is funny but way too long
Hey - The Wolf Wall Street is long enough already with it freezing every 30 seconds.
The hurse leaves with Franziska Blöchliger's body from the Lutheran Church on Long Street. TH
Man works been CRAZY!! A solid 8 hours of just long lines of people that go out to the street
No evidence?. Career long: Now: Wall Street, corps and banks own her
I'll go anywhere with you even to the McDonald's across the street, as long as I'm with you.
Too bad you can't stay long. is playing down the street that night.
I have the urge to run down the street to Nicolette's house & hug her 💗haven't done that in too long 😔
That was a pretty long, dark scary walk to the interactive opening party if you're taking 4th Street.
hash house across the street is hiring too. But I'd recommend Austin avenue they're about to reopen after a long time
my street cred left a long time ago lol! North Linn, let's make that happen!!
I'm across the street now. How long does that go?
Ok, someone asked me, I forget who, to suggest a Slovak movie for them. Took me this long, but check out The Shop on Main Street, it's older
lol *** . they need come on with a new Street game already! it's been way too long
Suggestions over against deplane on easy street as long as fake cars: UnstupUQ
So I get a phone call from a 720 number. It's him, standing on a street corner; vaping and enjoying his free will after so long. I'm worried
Street:US's unelected&interrelated “deepstate” dictatorships of money&empire go back long B4 came on scene as serious prez candidate.
oh, riots in the street. Putsches. Nights of the Long Knives. The pity is we know how this plays out.
They love for any excuse to throw themselves out inthe street.They live for it,hire long will it take before they go and loot
jeez- 70 minutes seems long for ANY takeout, much less a place down the street. Hope it arrives soon!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
I'm sure the police fear for their lives also. 2 way street. No win as long as the violence continues.
Do you have any idea how long I thought it was pronounced "Street Vincent."
BIG BOY 20 oz drafts $4 all day long at 1501 Sarah street Pre Parade Party!
Haven't walked along upper Cuba street for such a long time, used to do it every day.
This is so me when I saw a friend after a long time and I was like---in the middle of the street. photo: cto
Havana bout to hit sapitos cross the street
Im thinking more like EBT carrying,Illegal gun carrying,street punks who should have been stopped long ago
true, but blocked streets don't stay blocked for long. Police break them up pretty quickly. Point made and street cleared
This is the best thing thing I've seen in a long time! Bone Thugs-n-Harmony/ Sesame Street Version
I knew it wouldn't be long until someone on my street called the police because of this party😂😂
DOJ has empowered street gangs, illegals, rioters etc. for too long..Time to put the hammer down.
Thursday concerts, $.25 drafts and late night street meat before the long walk back to university and fess. The good ol days
They just disturbed what would of been a peaceful protest and now have started rioting in the street. Not long before the looting begins
There's Nothing wrong with High street, Charity shops or designers. As long as his Company pays tax in the UK
I'm surprised is taken this long. Get out in the street and fight for freedom and against fascism.   10% Off
Having driven all week long, that car ride down the street made me so car sick
I believe in long distance relationships. There's 7 billion people in the world, do you really think your soulmate live…
The grand launch of QC Residences in is on today and tomorrow at 472 Bourke Street! More information here https:…
Hooray! - it's a LONG weekend. Spend it in Rundle Mall watching the Street Theatre Festival. Did I mention it's FREE?
The Pacific Northwest city, long a magnet for street people, is experimenting with unusual reforms
Huge school, yeah. Had to cross the street to get to class sometimes. 10 minute passing periods weren't long enough sometimes!
Evening in St Hubert street , it's been a long time since I have ah a Vincent Sub — eating dinner at Restaurant...
Advocates predict street medicine will become more mainstream as hospitals, health care systems seek to cut costs
The one at the top of Anne Street. Think Bogart's been there a long time.
a long time. And my definition of someone who is part of the establishment is one under the influence of wall street & big $$
Waiting on my steak from subway.. my mama taking so long and we live across the street lol
I think they're long overdue for a nfl street personally but this def fake
will someone take me to the UK? its been my life long dream to see the castles and drive on the opposite side of the street 💘
{I feign to not notice at first, letting the leaves twist around the street lamp above me. I wait just long enough, just -
As long as you're not injuring yourself, I wouldn't worry about overuse. Just do an amount you can consistently do almost everyday
Hamilton Collection
No work tonight, so it's all about pizza, beer, and Street Fighter V all night long!
Really?! That's crazy, I didn't know that. I guess street fights don't normally last that long.
yup! Usually that’s the reason they take so long to respond. I’ve had a few admit it. I mean it does up the street cred.
How did they choose the time for how long it takes pedestrians to walk across the street??? Did they sample a bunch of people???
I really sit here an think like I came a long way, I grew up going outside chilling with street niggaz some days it got real n some it Didnt
Court street already looking like a scene from The Walking Dead. Gonna be a long night
hence the reason he's getting support, people long a revolution. The govt. & Wall Street has hustled the rest of society
If you watch with your eyes closed its really just a long episode of Coronation Street
7 fashion It girls share the secrets for healthy, waist-grazing hair:
my wife was in the street looking for me when I got back! "I thought you got hit by a car. You can't run for that long!" Ta
but it's gonna help in the long term, it's not as debilitating as you think. He's gonna get $300 billion alone from Wall Street
"Where you guys from?" : "Long Island born and raised" - Lou giving us some hard street Cred
i told myself a long time ago to put on a LBD, go down to water street during a power lunch and order a steak while reading the economist
Perfect long range commuter inner city home. Conquer Washington, DC Sign up online at
Like my women book and street smart. Long as they got a lil class like half days.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Extremely long loading screen is ruining street fighter for me.
as long as it's approved, where the old bk is on n. Main Street.
it's taking me a long time to watch this nightmare on elm street movie, ironically because i keep falling asleep and having to go back LOL
The price to park on Wall Street in Huntington village may soon double - and here's why:
Haven't street viewed random countries whilst listening to summer songs in a long time, used to be my favourite time-pass activity
You only feel fully alive in the heat of battle or when you catch the eye of someone you sort of know coming towards you d…
The nice thing about tripping and falling in the street while carrying groceries is that if you lay there long enough a…
I like my woman book and street smart, as long as she's got a little class like half days and the confidence to overlook my past ways. Drake
How long till the next Wall Street crash do you think?
lol ☺️ there's a small rich party on Wall Street tonight ---won't last long, super Tuesday's next! 💪🏼
Albert Woodfox has a long road ahead. What its like to go straight from years in solitary to the free world:
Idk why I decided to be motivated and run by myself in between seasons because running up the hill on my street during my long runs KILLS me
BATAVIA. Hockey fans create long line. A long line at Falleti Ice Rink on Evans street in anticipation of the...
Enough BS time for DA & Judges to give real jail many bad guys with long records on street when they should be in jail. No More BS
Calling Charles Manson a Nerd will go a long way in helping nerd street cred.
After 7 nights of sleeping with the noise on Long Street. I am very pleased to be sleeping in silence. 😁
The lines were ridiculously long in both drive thru & no parking... then tried to go across the street to . Parking was...
Suspects crash stolen van in Meridan, now face a long list of charges:
was "The Wolf of Wall Street". Overall did not enjoy it. Far too long.
Back in Brooklyn. Wasn't away very long, but it still feels really really nice. @ Court Street Bk
4. The Sun slowly loosing it's presence and I realised in a long time that Maghreb prayer was about to come in, I walked into a side street
Funny funny funny 1 of the funniest shows I've been at in a long time, my side is hurting
An hour long wait at 3 Floyds, found Robert the Bruce at a dive bar right down the street, go figure. Plus they have blue label.
"It was a really really really long time ago, like 2001. Not many people were alive then & I don't think street lamps were invented yet."
Watch the weekend-long demolition of the historic Sixth Street Bridge in time-lapse:
fitted V necks available in store. Pick one up to today 404B E 3rd Street Long Beach Ca 90802.
Construction workers in my street all day everyday this week. No long lies on my week off! 👎🏻
Which is sad cos you can't find a good mojito on Long Street. 😢
Most people in Long street seem unfazed by the SA flag replacing the right now. NM
Did you witness a vehicle being broken in to, on the High Street Long Eaton 12/01/16 15:50hrs if so please call us on10…
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Some woman's child doesn't have a father in their life because daddy "returned home" to sip on mojitos on Long Street guise :(
Long morning for WPB Fire/Rescue as house fire on Division Ave/4th Street spread to 4 other homes no injuries
On the bus and the voice says "Bevenden Street" 😄 Not long now till move to their sexy new office there
“We knew Elliott would have a long wait because he’s so small"
Did he buy ya'll groceries on Long Street or what?
poster hangs from a building at the top of Long Street in Cape Town. TH
Lol yall shoulda told him ko long street we hope your papers are right
Guys NO! Now Mos Def won't come back, and we won't randomly bump into him ko long street :(
*kicks my roommates *** in street fighter*. "No I'm not done yet.". Bro you were done a long time ago😂
Women have known this for a long time
LOL, it was a party when he was partying on Long Street and eating those Greenpoint Spar salads. Party iphelile!
And long may it remain, let the people be the one thing that keeps the high street alive, both sellers & buyers!
Be ready to embark on a journey through Vrindavan along with Little Krishna & his friends. Book Tickets Now
Cape Town's heat wave continues! Wear sunscreen (and a hat)! Or pop in to our cool offices at 81 Long Street.
Just a place to be street cafe by gibbs
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Anyone at know how long the lane closure on Wollaton Street is scheduled for? Daily rush hour delays due to demolition.
A little bit of shearling goes a long way:
Actual sign that I drove by not too long ago. Cardoni street in Detroit.
Wealthfront is courting next gen investors for their long-term loyalty via
why doesn't she do her heavy Long Island accent like she did in wolf of Wall Street? That would've been perfect.
On March 19, second Ciclovía will transform the Broadway corridor into an open-street event
If you are in Cape Town, remember our official store is now Retrospective Cape Town, located at 215 Long Street...
How long away is that James? I applaud your sentiment.  We rescued a street puppy just afore Xmas. Another night...
Hopping on the Check out the Travel Depot on Long Street and make your trip even more special!
Going to Long Street last night unleashed the bhawa ranger in me 😩😩😩
Rcaffé on Long Street in Cape Town: Feed your soul at this eclectic Mother City coffee shop and restaurant .ctm
Long Street branch useless. I come with a printed out statement, no you have to stand in this long *** queue and print it out again
Apply now to work for Chico'sFAS as WHBM 3140 2nd Street Long Beach CA3140 in
Have you seen Leon, a long haired tan Chihuahua, got lost on September 12 in Cibolo on Willow Crest Street ( the...
"Occupy was just another episode in that long story line of uprisings. There will be another one." — Micah White
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Why Dominos two blocks down the street but I still ordered delivery. He left 10 minutes ago... It does not take that long...
Long line for Broad Street subway at broad and Sansom streets
In Canada, the tensions between class-privileged *** men and street-based trans sex workers has a long history of violent …
It was a long, windy, and pleasant walk back. @ 30th Street Station
like i get we live right next to a mile long street with ONLY food but LIKE. that's not on campus... so we cant use this money??
She lives on love street, lingers long on love street 27-09-2015
Andy Johnson or Chris Barton at long street, both will run about $120 an hour
Lines for broad street line are blocks long along every street near walnut broad
Omg. Line to get on Broad Street line is three blocks long
We hope you are enjoying your long weekend! We are closed today for the public holiday but The Beaufort Street...
It's a long list for street rehabilitation from tomorrow Sept.28 to Friday, Oct.2. View the list at
quite a long walk from bourbon street. I'm in the French Quarter right now. Everybody bumps him here. It's beautiful
by fayehoneybadger Ripper street, not long till goth weekend
Dosent take that long to walk from Connolly to Tara Street😂😂
Unomborashikawo. Pamwe it's the after effects of Long Street!
how long are the resources available for? And how many for Street Nzonzi? I think I still have a few coins left
Throwback to Wednesday when Tanesha and I went to see how long we could lay in the street at 11pm until a car came.
"Humour is not jokes. It is the attitude toward being alive without which you would long ago have jumped off the Fifty-ninth street bridge"
As long as you don't get any questions on Adrian Street you should be OK That's where I came unstuck.
Thanks to and Google, we can look at elephants all day long!
Do you think the NYPD knows arresting a good deal of Wall Street would probably go a long way toward rehabbing their image?
So vele vele chipos going to work on long street?
Why in goodness gracious is this bus taking so long to get down the Street and I hope they don't plan on switching bus drivers at Buchanan
Just found this in Kilburn High Street.The back is engraved. It's a long shot but, do you know them? h…
Car boot sale for the 4th weekend at Bdr Seri Putra, Bangi. What a long street for car boot sales !…
Street Vision over a game Mor Spirit in SA R4. Latter won't a maiden for long.
Excellent long piece on Denmark Street's music history and impending redevelopment.
If they obey & serve him, they’ll have a good, long life on easy street -- Isaiah 36:11.
thought it came from off your street TBH!! Was quite loud but wasn't a firework BC didn't last long enough 😰
papelbon was in Boston too long. He'd go street fighter and put the rosin bag in his eyes.
I live on the 4th floor in a block of a quiet street near the city center and I hear a grasshoppers all night long! WTH?! There's no grass😂
To the people who don't believe in long distance relationships, do you really think your soul mate lives just down the street?
Butler I can understand not here long but street no excuse
Bus ruined my long stretch of rollerblade down this street :(
Remortgage home sweet home wall street loan yours in front residency long-term loan twist 24: vElqVHuST
The Long Road to Bermondsey: On 2nd September the Diocese Office in Borough High Street posted a letter to us ...
Attach a long rope to it, lower the barometer from the roof to the street. Rope length = building height.
Was clubbing with . Black Coffee's track we dance again last night at Long Street Cape Town it's a hit :)
Long wheelbase, short overhangs, and a solid stance as it crouches on the street.
State builds strong case in Long Street murder - Eyewitness News
I had a dream that my mom had long red hair and leopard print tights , came into my room, woke me up and said "were moving to Jane street"
I'm so happy after such a long struggle to be living my true self. Welcome to the world Caitlyn. Can't wait for you to …
"Life is a long headache in a noisy street.". ― John Masefield (born this day, June 1, 1878)
Al Moez Street in Islamic Cairo, Egypt is one of the oldest streets in Cairo, approximately one kilometer long. A...
I walk a long way. I witness Withdrawal's from the Bread Trucks, Run Dat street & don't be M.I.A. Thirst for Aquafina. Out Now
Streets are long, you can't just give a street when someone asks for a location.
St. Louis Rams players spend a night on the street to raise awareness for homelessness - I’m a long time...
The new PID at Moseley Street is useful. As long as you only want to go to Alty.
Long Train Runnin': A closer look at Atlanta’s streetcar plans: Imagine being able to hop on a street...
as long as no one picks up Bernasia's car & put it in the middle of the street like last time.
From As long as there is breath, there is hope! . .
Albertville Long Road TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working at 8th Street - Both Ways
Main Street's stoplights last way to long
Coming up on longer days shorter nights,. Long night party life. So much energy in Street. I smell a at the feet . Of a Pieces Being
Times have changed. The streetcars are long gone but now there's a subway under that street... in L.A., who'd a thunk?
80 west had roadwork and it was bumper to bumper but I got off at broad street so idk how long it went for & 611 was bad too
We need to come up with a tag long for this. The "seen but not heard" campaign? Or the "one way street"
The Wolf of Wall Street, still awesome, long as it is...
need to note a cross street not just 'L Street'...that's a long street.
ugh u took to long I was on 40th street
Rams' William Hayes and Chris Long pose as homeless men, spend night on the street. –
Liked your photos from the street on Saturday.Paul. You had quite a long day by the sound of things. But memorable,I'm sure.
well my friend did hers in the city like 59th street the doc I'm looking at is here near my job Long Island city
A huge tease! Rumour has it that this was test car on long closed King Street tracks through King/River in Corktown this AM!
Aye, moved to Welbeck Street off Barnsley Rd. Bloody knackered after a long weekend of moving!
GA Tech Summer Opp! Wall Street week-long summer camps in July. Visit for more info,
Have you visited Pop-Up Shop yet? Situated at 150 Long Street it's open til 28 Feb 2015
Plan your mini breaks for next year! 2015 has 11 long weekends:
I want some chicken. But the chicken spot is a long walk right now. And it's right across the street
It is like a 500lb guy running down the street… its gonna take him a long time to stop
it was worth it! The tone would be there just wouldn't cut through the mix as much. As long as you keep up w the battery 👌
And I miss you, like the deserts miss the rain. I'm walking down your street again and past your door. but You're long gone
The Wall Street Journal: GM ordered new switches long before recall
today i saw a cat on the street and I mistook it for my own. I picked it up and long story short I now own another black cat
At long last, the Fulton Street subway interchange in Lower Manhattan opens for business.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
We're following all this month bringing you sweet pics from their month long Street Art Festival in Mumbai!
Is an interest-only florida hypothec wall street loan la daedalian long-range plan in that alter ego?: nIgYehDGU
"WOWW WHAT YOU MET SAVAGE" well not really. he was watching my brother play street fighter and he was looking so long it got a little creepy
not sure how long my character will stick around Ramsay Street yet but long enough to get up to m…
At first she's gonna come on strong, like she'll love you all night long. One day you'll pass her on the street with that …
Gostei de um vídeo cover of As long as you love me by Back Street Boys
fr bout to go across the street to Jenny's she is taking too long to reply with all these cliff hanger messages wth
Palm & Bullis .. but the cross street is Long beach blvd & Compton blvd.
You should stop long enough at a stop sign to read the street name but your bike light should be bright enough as well.
As long as this is the only place you can smoke outside. Smoking on the street is not permitted in…
That has to be the best Grand Finals I have seen in a real long time. Give it up for Ultra Street Fighter. The game we play.
That was the most interesting set of Street Fighter I've seen in a long time
Too many cooks. More like too many of you haven’t been off line and walked down a street or talked to a person in real life in a long time
As long as you are the defenestrator, and not the schmuck on the street below. :)
It took me a long time & a lot of courage to get my follow & he's "known" me a long time. I was his Street Team Captain Milw 05
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
mentally counted how long I had until my street shift for Rehv before casting my gaze back down on his smug smirk] Yeah? [In a lazy-
Man Spends Two Years Building Street-Legal 1989 Batmobile: Batmobiles have long been the preservation of the f...
I anticipate these winter months will be long, because I will be on the street.
When I was 9 I took my bike apart and put it back together. Long story short, I was the only kid on my street with a unic…
You know it's been a long weekend at work when you mistake the Chicken Express sign down the street for the moon..
Us Liberals have been loosing 4 a long time & that's why we hv low wages while Wall Street banks
I wonder what strangers say about me when they see me on the street, OR what people I haven't seen in a long time say about me..
Long live our new Queen! (All you need to know) "ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE SWARM OF BEES ON DIXON STREET?"
Why'd i wait this long to watch 22 jump street? 😅
The Wall Street Journal: 3 crucial things to know about long-term-care insurance
What about asking council to schedule a street sweeping truck. Somerville Rd doesn't look to have been swept in a long time.
ah MLK blvd. so many memories on that long *** tiny busy traffic filled street. Lots of edibles eaten/joints smokes there. 👍
Clever legal tender close by for recognition long-term lombard street: rRI
its a long street man. Maybe when I get my license
made a quote for you from Cape Town international to Long Street :
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Although it's winter season here which is a little cold and overcast, we are loving Cape Town! Yesterday we took a double decker bus through Downton and then up around Table Mountain and Lion's Head where we got to see Cape Town from above, and it was breathtaking. Then we made our way down the coast through Camps Bay which reminded me of a mix of California and a very chill South Beach. Beautiful beaches, cool cafes on the water, local artists and street vendors, and some amazing houses hanging on the cliffs. Needless to say I could definitely stay here for awhile. Last night we made our way downtown along the famous Long Street filled with dozens of bars, nightclubs, local pubs, and eateries. The streets overflowed with people of all nationalities, backgrounds, beliefs, and crazy what are you doing and how did you get here stories. We ended up at place called Sgrt. Peppers which was packed and playing everything from Elvis to Rage Against the Machine, with some Grease hits and Hip Hop inbetween. ...
service @ your Long Street branch is terribly slow.
"Oh ya... Someone told me they walked from Long Street to UCT. 😒"
Sean Penn was spotted in Long Street today possibly location scouting for a film called The Last Face
"Sean Penn doubles as a car guard on Long Street..
To those who care. Here are weird pictures Sean Penn on Long Street...
EXCLUSIVE: Sean Penn does location scouting in Long Street:
This happens all the time in CT. No big deal. “Sean Penn spotted in Long Street! See the pics here!
Getting chilly up in here! Our shoes are now available at Hello Again in Long Street and Gardens Centre. Yesss!!!
Last nights in Cape Town. Total take over of Long Street. Kudo's to the organisers and thanks to the traffic department for keeping the cars out of our way briefly. See you at the next full moon!
helping out at Powerman. Dame Kelly Holmes on Long Street.
S. Ellsworth Street from E. Long Street to E. Cumberland Street will be closed today, 4/22/14 from 7 AM to 5 PM...
Quick Survey - I'd like to know where you would shop more often for clothing obviously - Long Street - Green point - Sea Point Or claremont?
Stephen Olckers gave me the number 22 for this game. When I was 22 I was working as a shoe salesman at Manne Bros part time to help pay for BA studies in English and Philosophy at u.c.t. It was a time of great political unrest, winds of change, cracks in the colonial world ,Jack Kennnedy ,Cold war, nuclear disarmament , beatniks and great jazz in capetown. Music gatherings occurred amongst all races at a time when apartheid was gathering momentum and I was lucky enough to be able to listen to Dollar Brand, (Abdullah Ebrahim) ,Chris Mcgregor, Kippie Moketsie and others at venues like Ambassador in Woodstock and the Vortex in Long Street . Friends could be made across the colour line and the threat of communism as preached by the government seemed to me less of a threat as a 22 year old than an opportunity for social justice for all. Thanks to a love affair with a young woman from a leftist family ( she broke my heart with the force of a Russian tank) , I was able to connect and form friendships with peo .. ...
Last but one Neighbourhood Inspection in Somerset! The team are in Williton on Thursday 20 March. Meeting at Danesborough View community room at 9.00am, then at 9.35 we go to Townsend, Foresters Close and Long Street. At 10.35 we'll be at Dovetons Drive, Longlakes, Orchard Way, Larviscombe Close & Larviscombe Road. At 11.50 it's Croftways, Whitecroft and Northcroft, finishing around 12.30pm. If you see us in our yellow jackets come and say hi and ask us any questions.
In other other news It is Matthew Booth's bday today. In early Feb this year he put his life on the line to defend a woman who was being attacked..(For that I salute him) Matthew Booth (born 14 March 1977) is a South African football defender who plays for Bidvest Wits in the Premier Soccer League and South Africa. Ex-Bafana star rescues woman from beating Former Ajax Cape Town and Bafana Bafana defender Matthew Booth played the hero by defending a woman being beaten up in Long Street - and ended up with an injured thigh and hand for his trouble. Booth, who with his model and businesswoman wife Sonia are hailed as South Africa’s power couple, got embroiled in the scuffle with the woman’s attacker after he joined friends for drinks on the city’s nightclub strip. He had come fresh from playing for Bidvest Wits in the first Absa Premiership game, hosted at Cape Town Stadium on Friday night. The couple has two sons, Nathan and Noah, and are routinely described as unassuming, warm and sincere – and a f ...
A young lady just got robbed of her wallet here at Kloof Street & all she can say to the police to describe the robbers is that it was 2 nicely dressed good looking young man,one wearing a Polo shirt smelling very nice carrying an Ipad.She goes on saying because they looked good & clean I did not think that the other one was pick pocketing me while asking for directions.They did not look like criminals.All I can say talking to myself was are you for real lady.I am sorry for her lost but people need not to be deceaved by looks.Gone are the days where criminals have scars on their face & dirty.These guys have upgraded especially in Cape Town-CBD Long Street & Waterfront.
DIRECTIONS: Go up Long Street, Turn left at the Dubliner into Green Street (This is a one way so you would need to be on foot, otherwise take Bloem Street and Park on your right hand side, parking at the Cape Town Gardens is also an option) The Venue is the face brick building on your left.
Long Street,Cape Town tomorrow i smell one *** of a day!!!
Lol! This fight at Long Street, trust Cape Town girls to do best hey... Valentine's will show you who's the main shem
So...I went to the Chase Bank on Long Street (not my regular bank, but close by) for Sue last week. Was the only person in there because the weather was rough. Was talking to the teller and mention I lived at Park Tower. The branch manager, Chris, came over and said "You live in Park Tower?" You know anything about the Red Beans and Rice that they do there?" Random stranger asking about RB&R! Turns out he is from the South and misses his authentic Red Beans and Rice. Invited him for the 17th. Hope he makes it!
It doesn't matter what you do in the bedroom as long as you don't do it in the street and frighten the horses.
Wolf of Wall Street is the longest film I've ever seen 3 hours long
Book Review: 'As Long as It's Fun' by Herb McCormick - Wall Street Journal -
Must say I really enjoyed The Wolf Of Wall Street. Long film but engaging and well acted.
Just watched "The wolf of Wall Street". Congrats to the actors but, *** it's way too long! Too many useless and repetitive scenes!
The Wolf Of Wall Street. . 7/10. Over rated I think, over long, some scenes boring. A good not great film. Enjoyable and Di Caprio excellent.
Just saw The Wolf of Wall Street. Not the best film I've seen and it wasn't the worst! It is unnecessarily long though!
Let's see if I can stay awake long enough to watch all of The Wolf on Wall Street.. Heard good things!!
Three hours long The Wolf of Wall Street is pretty awesome just like another 's The Great Gatsby
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Ive lived here so long, evey cut street is my playground. I feel alive walkin around here
Yes, 56 Leonard Street is rising, but has long way to go
Long Day 😎 🌝 with the crew !!! ✌ 🏊 🍹 luvformia3 @ Hollywood Beach at Buchanan Street
We going IN Lehlogonolo Mashola I see you with microscope ballin in Poloks — at Long Street
Catch the kmfm Street Team 10-4pm. Guess how long til the ice melts & win Pandora/Beaverbrooks jewellery
Taking my wife out to see The Wolves of Wall Street tonight. Don't wait up... It's a really long movie I'm told.
She lives on love street. Lingers Long..on love street..
The Wolf of Wall Street is on for so long.. but *** that film is awesome!!👌
Wan't to go see Wolf of Wall Street but it's 3 hours long
Long islands with momma at bakers street🍺
Full off Burger Street...I'm not eating it for a long long time...but that sweet tea was the truth
Last scene of street car now time to take long break 💤before I go back 📖
The wolf of wall street was a wicked movie! 3 hrs long but good all the way through
Want to see Wolf Of Wall Street but 3 hours long.
Just saw the Wolf of Wall Street. Jonah Hill really needs to be recognised as a gifted actor. Best film I've seen in a very long time.
I went into the wrong street and it was those long residential ones and I'm mad I made that mistake lol
I don't mind seeing my ex in the street. Just as long as she's that I'm happy... And the cheating slag cries
Watching the Wolf of Wall Street. It's good but sooo long!
Wolf of wall street goes on for way to long
The wolf of wall street is such a long film 🎥
Wolf of Wall Street is so *** long, I don't have the attention span to watch this 😁
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