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Long Street

Long Street is a hamlet in the parish of Hanslope, in the Borough of Milton Keynes, ceremonial Buckinghamshire, England.

Cape Town South Africa Robben Island Table Mountain

Catch me playing some warm up sounds at the opening of The Imperial Bar & Cafe Long Street (Old Purple Turtle) tonight from 10pm till midnight.
Its like long street in fawley court lol ppl all ova
I need to catch up on sleep.had a busy week.supported 2 cricket games.had a great supper on Thursday @ The Mexican Long street.and a nice day today @ Melkbos.tomorrow another early adventure.35 feeling like 25
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You've thought about join us in one hour (11AM - 1PM) at 740 East Long Street for the monthly fellowship & review!
Ai temptations ke tse dintshi yohh we passed the long street wher gonale street bash sa di guarana nd savannah u get 6 for free m greatful I ddnt get tempted my frnds took some 4 them bt I ddnt nd m proud of maself
Peeps cct src city present a Mr & Miss Fresher and after party bash this friday citycampus 12:30pm and after party 18:00pm @ cumba lounge in long street,Cape Town R20...
I miss Long Street...I miss Cape Town or maybe going away nje
Wits defender Matthew Booth was slightly injured in a late-night altercation in Cape Town's Long Street.
House: 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom for sale. Contact: Daniel Robinson, Ash Marton Realty Frankston re: House for sale at 17 Long Street, Langwarrin 3910.
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Party tonight @ carnival court - 255 long street, Cape Town. Enjoy free tequila, while I fill your soul with a live set of minimal techno. Alex de saint
Club hopping on long street last night or should I say this morning was to GREAT :) now it's time to stop being an apolitical citizen and take my *** to the registration station
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Long Street Cafe wishes you a wonderful weekend !!! Hope to see you all here having a great time !!!
Tonight at Arriba! the Adamu Trio will be playing from 8:30pm. Come and join us for some Afro Latin vibes. No cover charge and select cocktails from R25. Arriba! Afro Latin Cafe 230 Long Street.
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“'s like this. Sometimes, when you've a very long street ahead of you, you think how terribly long it is and feel sure you'll never get it swept. And then you start to hurry. You work faster and faster and every time you look up there seems to be just as much left to sweep as before, and you try even harder, and you panic, and in the end you're out of breath and have to stop--and still the street stretches away in front of you. That's not the way to do it. You must never think of the whole street at once, understand? You must only concentrate on the next step, the next breath, the next stroke of the broom, and the next, and the next. Nothing else. That way you enjoy your work, which is important, because then you make a good job of it. And that's how it ought to be. And all at once, before you know it, you find you've swept the whole street clean, bit by bit. what's more, you aren't out of breath. That's important, too... (28-29)” ― Michael Ende, Momo
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Innovation Trade Fair is an exceptional industrial event that is going to be held in Cape Town, South Africa. It will be continuing for the duration of three days. It is a vital event that has high commercial as well as moral importance in this contemporary social scenario where the female counterpart still considered as the second class citizen. Womens Innovation Trade Fair will help the modern world of sophistication will understand the most influential role played by the women section of this society. This business event will offer a wide exhibition that will bring forth all the best quality products and services from the women lifestyle industry. Various useful financial services and projects will be promoted for making every woman lead an independent life. (06 - 08 March 2014 (CTICC)) Convention Square, 1 Lower Long Street Cape Town, South Africa
ATTENTION! The field location has been changed to 400 North long Street. If you or anyone you know is planing to attend please let them know of this change!
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Long street is where it's at tonight!!! Let's party!!!
Who wrapped there car round the power pole last night night in moora near long street an the hospital Didn't look like a very good site last night when I seen it
Time to turn up with my crew tonight wassup turn up long street
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What a 9t at Long street with my lovely sisterz sme Thelma and papesi.
What an interesting birthday! Cape Town is awesome and it was amazing having dinner with so many friends! Thank you for all the birthday wishes!! Also on the way down long street Steve got pick pocketed but immediately knew and asked for his phone back! Shewee! And approaching our hotel there was a prostitute with three men standing by the entrance! How gross, i reported them to the hotel and they went to go chase them away. (Disgusting men hope your wives leave you.) Cape Town I am glad to have brought my peperspray with, hehe!
Done working,.now to wait for the first train but Long street will be our waiting area.
saturday or let say tomrw:)party and where we going pplz...LONG STREET!
The angel on my right is saying Bongani stay home tonight, just play video games, watch some cartoons family guy and boondocks. But the Demon on my left is saying long street or Italian house I should go drink. Time is ticking, I wonder whose gonna win.
Any group going to Long street...wanna tag along
Long street here we come.ndobuya ngomso!!!
Long street in Cape Town ziyawa strong akulalwa!!!
"she is so full of energy and she just loves people" well, I heard them singing from a mile away, walking on a long street, and first noticed that Karlijn (the mother) was wearing the same colour sneakers as her continiously singing daughter's hat. Karlijn works in the fashion industry but the colour combination was a coincidence she said. Yuna, her lovely daughter, is 2,5 years old and is indeed bursting with joy and energy. Karlijn: "it is impossible not to be joyful when you are with Yuna!"
Beer and biltong at stones long street with my fine china Brad
Thank you to everyone! Dante' was found 10 min ago. Thank you to the CCID for holding him till i tracked him down all the way in Long Street!
Sitting in Long Street at BOBs,Spiderman is showing me hw he's climbing the walls
Unhalal SMS a hoax: A number of popular local restaurant outlets, owned by Pakistani nationals, have fallen victim to a hoax text message circulating information regarding their halal status. VOC News was asked to investigate claims of an "unhalal meat" supply from Zimbabwe to these eateries. The sms reads: "Assalam. Pakistani guys bringing in haraam boxed beef from Zimbabwe and main buyer is Food Inn, Mumbai Cafe and Eastern Bazaar, who all have halal certificates. A chef has exposed Mr Hashiem Tiseker of Foodinn Long Street. As Muslims we must expose and boycott such places. Please pass on this message to as many Muslims." According to the owner of Food Inn India, Hashiem Tiseker, the rumours were a business tactic used by his competitors as a way to negatively influence the success of his business. Tiseker owns the Long Street and Riverside Mall branches. All the mentioned restaurants have become popular hot spots within the local Muslim community and can be seen buzzing with long queues of customers, ...
First week of Varsity down looking forward to my three years ahead (:. Was at the indoor baths in Long Street today swimming helps keep you fit...(:
Playing a show in Devizes at 8:00 PM today at Long Street Blues Club
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tomorow otw with AKERO, long street !!!
Hey Cape Town peeps, quick invite to join me at Beer House on long street at 5 for a drink and catch up.. Pull thru, let's celebrate me
Ladies please be alert in clubs etc, especially long street! Last night myself and a mate where chilling at beer house and noticed a blond chic stumbling outside of Baghdad Cafe. She was either really wasted or drugged, sitting with her head between her arms on the pavement. While watching her we noticed guys trying to catch on kak with her, tapping her and making jokes. But then one guy decided to take it further. He looked like some mid-African dude, and walked up to her (she couldn't even open her eyes properly or speak) put her arm over him and started walking away. He looked confident in doing it as well, didn't look around first or anything, as if he was waiting for her to be totally out before he went for her. This dude definitely did not know her! Nobody did anything thinking they don't know the story and maybe it's not their place and everybody just looked at him drag her down the street. But being as awAre of human trafficking as I am my mate and I ran down the road and got them. We took the gir ...
Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def casually walking his daughter home from school via Long street. Anyone know if he's here to stay or what?
it's A Friday I feel like if you in Long Street lets catch up.
It's HAPPENING! Tonight I will be opening for The Strawbs at Devizes Long Street Blues Club! This is going to be crazy! Hope you can make it! :) xx
Attention all EDM (electronic dance music) lovers: Mad Decent Block Party is on Sunday and I promise you all that it will be a great day with a lot of good music and dancing. 275 rand for the ticket. This also will allow you to get into the after party at fiction. Fiction is a small club on long street. Diplo is playing at the after party and you will not want to miss out on this! Diplo, a dj who plays at huge festivals in front of thousands of people around the world will be playing at a small club at fiction! It will be a whole new experience seeing such an awesome and well known dj performing in a small venue up close and personal!!! is where you can get the ticket! Message me if you are interested in the block party/after party!
Cape Town again on friday, long street 2nyt,
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Second photo session with Un-Limited Creations at The Mexican. . Long Street. . I could do this forever. :D
Tonight catch me out at Cee-Jay's Bar & Restaurant with Jamie Haupt,Neil Karsten , Ashton Abels & Martin Sturkss, After that I'll be off to Capello's in Long Street with DjLu & Dechinaman.
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girl ye ma soh OYINBO, let ur . Drop for me in the gap and earn a trip to Long street tonight
Fire just off Long Street in Cape Town, hope everyone is safe.
Safeway grocery stores: the one on West Main Street and the one on Long Street where Merchant Tire is now, that later moved to where Tractor Supply is now located
So like I'm in the Cape of Town getting my dranky drank on on Long Street. Shot of absinthe got me buzzing
Short Video: Enjoy Cape Town's Long Street both day and night
Taking a walk down Long Street, Cape Town. Beautiful summer's evening in this jewel of a city!
Helen Zille intends to change Long Street to Chris Hani street.I make a jokie joke, never happen.
A very sad but awesome weekend, being in South Africa when its announced Madiba Mandela has passed on, was quite an experience. It doesnt matter where you look, his face is everywhere. Had two nights out on Long Street too, with 2 lock-ins at Beerhouse, how I am going to miss that place and all the staff that I have got to know. :( however, it was a very good last weekend in Cape Town. Now back in Mitchells Plain and the sun is shining, and we are all complaining about the heat. 4 days until I am in the cold of the UK. But I am really looking forward to it. Defo going to miss South Africa but I know that with the people I have met and the lives of others that I have experienced, I am always welcome back. :) x
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Hello lovely people! We have some early December gigs lined up so just wanted to let you know and perhaps See You There! Pakalolo Cafe & Beach Bar - Hout Bay - Sunday Dec 1 - 18h00 Kommetjie Festival (all day/night) - Saturday Dec 7 - 13h00 Zula Sound Bar - 98 Long Street - Tuesday Dec 10 - 19h00
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TONIGHT: All the sexy people in need to report to Long Street for my homegirl video shoot for her single Girl Crush
Saturday, November 23rd, 6pm the only place to be is REBIRTH Cafe. 300 E.Long Street, Columbus,…
I've had the best night/day Last night we drove to Table Mountain and lay on the ground watching the stars. I even rolled down the road - I can now say i've rolled down Table Mountain. The funniest thing ever happened next when my crazy partner Rachael decided to roll down her window and ask a staff member "where can I find the mountain?" The worst part is, he took her seriously and they had the most cringy conversation. Today I went to Cape Town, we spent time on Long Street, visited the Planetarium and the Museum of South Africa. We didn't feel like driving home so Sandhya and I decided to take public transport. We travelled by train (leather torn, foaming seats, graffiti) and by the typical South African Mini-Taxi (surrounded by Xhosa clicks) The journey was so much fun, I'm definitely using public transport more often! even if I did get followed by a man pleading "white girl, white girl.
so long street car, and now Mayor Mallory can give speeches across the country on where in the world you should visit on your vacation.
I'm trying to watch this Long Street movie with Busi Mhlongo in it but it won't play :-(
thanks. I got a 64 which isn't too bad, but I did better on the practice one lol. But I'll still take it
if you want to get into long street for free friday shoot me a DM! +18!
@ long street cafe with brain, Ivor, Sam and me. After the Kaiser chiefs and Ajax game
Barcelos on Long Street keeping me sane with excellent customer service and tasty food.
if only I had a swimming pool! You think the Long Street Pool will be open this time of night?
Yellow Zebras just think of Long street whenever they are in Capetown
On the long street in front joe crib . Wya ?
It turns out up until today I had never been Clay oven on Long street, Such a cool spot to hangout and enjoy pizza with a few beers
yeah it wasn't for me. Arena district, short north, brewery district, long street (sometimes sketchy), grandview
Took an amble up Long Street and was offered weed within 30 meters. Nice, Cape Town.
Instead of having a cool, long street like Hastings we have a dumb one that is half 'Bloor' and half 'The Danforth'
CRIMSON jamming at the Dubliner in Long Street tonight from 10pm... Free entrance
Anywhere around Long Street I can get a chiskop?
Play thursdays at long street!!! Hit me up for guestlist and get in for free before 11!!! Lemme know…
1 more night market fix b4 I leave Taiwan. This market has long street lineup of eats to choose from!
Long street in Cape Town central its kool during the day BUT ratchet at night in weekends ._.)
the danforth is a long street in Toronto ..with many restaurants and bars fyi
I wish :( long street is calling our name. Miss you too my mana banana
alright :) funni how we bump into eachother in long street :D
3 friendly gentlemen in Long street borrowed my phone forever on Friday night. You meet the nicest people.
So nervous for my hearing test today
Drunken Master.Had a great time in Long Street (Cape Town)...
Our Pop up Shop opens today at Wiltshire Heritage Museum, 41 Long Street, Wiltshire, Come along and view our great range of Stocking fillers
Spent some procrastination time walking in long street with my sister when all we wanted was a smoothie from Orchard. 3hrs gone.
31st december Cape Town long street is where I will be is..
My *** upgraded from being a Tweleb to Celebrity now, Neighbor close Long Street we wanna celebrate
I told you guys WP shud have signed O'Connor to link up with Kolbe ;) they wud hit Long Street hard
There's like a 2 mile long street in Baja Mexico where it's nothing but BARS, STRIPS CLUBS & *** HOUSES
See me perform this Wednesday at Long Street's. @
Long street should be like this every night on our night
neh?? It really is. Nothing Long street can't fix. :D
bad news on a monday night. Makes me wanna OWN long street. ;)
I definitely will! The one in Long Street even plays gospel music in the background, like Ncandweni vibes :(
there are so many restaurants open late long street is full of choices ..or Ask Cape Town tourism :-)
Wanna celebrate new years eve , enter new year at long street CT one day.
Best drink EVER! “My gin master :') ♥RT MissMabona: Long Street Cafe it is with my :')♥”
Class was ten minutes long... Street as ***
Plan for the week- Beach , Table Mountain , long street , Robben Island, Chapmans Peak and other nice things in Cape Town.
We have a broad selection of popular colognes and fragrance brands. Visit us today on Lower Long Street or at V.C...
There's still plenty of tickets, Long Street in vineyard street Claremont :)
Long Street where you at??? The craziest back room in all of Columbus Thursday night!!! Hit me up for…
LUCA luv' Cape Town now available in Long Street! So excited! Check it out :)
SALUTE streetwear's setup at at 55 Long Street, 2nd Floor, CPT!
I'm a firm believer in walks. But after walking in CPT from the My Citi stop all the way to & up Long Street i remain silent on the matter.
Our offices in Stoney Stanton on Long Street are headed up by Paul Lawrence read about him here
He, I just saw Trevor Noah on Long Street and I told him I'm actually that fan that actually hired a wheelchair last year just to insure I saw the show... Can u believe that he did even say anything let alone come to my car... Guess what Trevor, you just lost your Biggest Fan... Mnxim!
South Africa Update-Day 8: Today started out awesome as Danielle shared a powerful testimony with the team!! After that we headed to the Apartheid Museum (a very humbling experience). Soon after our driver dropped off the team at Mandela Square and Cole, Damon and I headed to the airport for a flight to CapeTown. Our place in CapeTown is great and we look forward to seeing more of the city tomorrow after going to Long Street for dinner. As the majority of my team is in the air right now I pray for safe travels as they return home! I miss my team already!!!
Walkabout with the niggaz bout to hit Long Street..
Lmfao when thinks I want her to be on coke molly and X, no sir, long street is not a psy trance festival.
There is more to Cape Town than just long street lol, tourists get carried away
We can make Long Street better but what about Phillippi, Mfuleni, Athlone & other communities which could have better streets?
My grandparent lived here in the first long street of houses,Castle street.Somwehere in the middle,i dont remeber...
The Stripper pole at long street alway brings out the freak
where abouts though? Like is it not that massive long street that the festival was on?
at Feast restaurant tonight, Long Street, starting off with the
Cape Town/Long Street was Awesome and I Realised my Dreams
I wish I knew how to make good *** food. But instead I just eat cereal every morning.
Waiting till the last minute to read your summer book
East Spencer says existing Long Street building for Rowan-Salisbury School System could be restored and an office tower built behind it.
Hustling and Grinding shouldn't be you say you say when you procrastinating from greatness at a cafe in long street
Brand new SquaredCast out today featuring video from Broadcast at Long Street District. If you haven't already,...
Don't forget to check out 's newest venue 's on 33 Long Street this Sat!
How?!?! It's literally one long street with loads of hairdressers and chippies and houses
Street styling in Long street was insane!!
William Nicol traffic is so long street vendors selling chargers on the freeway
be rippin' up Long street on the regular!
"Beerhouse in Long Street - 99 different beers. smaak an explosion...
Good seeing this bum bum earlier in Long Street! :)
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Yeah! Just one long street full of bars and clubs. That was 2002...
Just gat bck hme "I'm chilling at long street with my cousin n u? "Wadup
my grandparents have an apartment in front of the beach. And there is a long street with bars, shops and small stands :3
Pop in at 's (33 Long Street) Sat 7 Sep at 5PM to meet 2 finalists...
If I see mfutshane on Long Street I will punch him to the ground and *** on him.
I know this is spur of the moment but do you wanna come and have coffee with me in Long Street?
What to do for my bday?? To dominate Long street after Robben Island? Or Mzoli???
Iphone5 pickpocketed...never go to Long Street ever!grrr
What a beautiful day to visit Rcaffe. 138 Long Street, Cape Town 021-4241124 for deliveries in immediate area
I wanna make some home made pumpkin ice cream
then run! Gotta stop with Basketball and run around the park and then all that long street.
Gyatdamn at that Canterbury Creme Egg growing out ya forehead, but SMH @ the "You must defeat Shen Long" Street Fighter II pose
I want to pinpoint the network in your area. Please sned your nect cross street. Green Mount is a long street. *DXC
I can't wait pumpkin ice cream is too goood
[He gave a short nod following 's directions perfectly, pulling into a long street he slowed some waiting for -
I wish we could erase certain things in our lives, that be bangin
Thank you for being here means alot
Finally got everything out of my head and was told the truth thank you guys and
Join us TONIGHT at Long Street for BROADCAST with Justin Martin! Details:
And another opening!!! Monsoon is launching on Long Street this weekend, catch me together with Cape Town's finest... …
Just saw in Cape Town long street I think with maggz and dj dimples, hands were 2 dirty with food at the burger shop to snap a photo
lol yeah! Long street is where I wll be tonight kwaaaks
How is a long street soul destroying?
Walking on long street.. Towards the ocean... Dropping all the belongings step by step. Run to the ocean and scream and cry...
I'm going harddd!! All day long street lights on I still ain't came home
Thinking bout stoping at Long Street Cafe to prepare my throat for when i get home
Long street last night with my biatch
The time I got lost in long street... I don't want to remember!!! Smh
The Church street in PRETORIA similar to Long street in Cape Town
Things I Like About Being Able to Run Sprinting up a long street to catch a bus that's almost leaving is super easy.
In mission glen walking down that long street isn't a good idea.
we will have thee greatest time in our life. I just know that, that we shall be dying in long street. Dupstep for life!!!
A huge thank you to for helping me stop the guy who tried to steal my phone on lower Long Street yesterday!
Jamaica queens... They lived on that big long street in queens where all the Jamaicans lived. Mad ting lol
Sorry guys, I'm too broke for a Long Street mission. :"(
and check out their branches in PTA (Menlyn Park), CPT (223 Long street) & JHB (Cresta Mall)
Best coffee on the go. Your's truly. Long Street Cape Town. Gosh I Love this place.
Just found another gem in Long street thanks for a superb breakfast!
O its a promotion flow😩😂RT August 8th Long Street be there. 😜
I am jogging up and down this long street for no reason,but it is so worth...I weigh more than most skinny women.So unnormal.
Dj spinning @ Space Bar night Club in Long Street like right NOW
A six block long street festival with 250 different vendors, 40 different bands, and 4 different stages this weekend!
Long street now, so he's basically visiting everywhere I went
Sam has always been a radical. One of the reasons we named a street after him here. A really long street
We aim to please, visit us on Lower Long Street or at The V.C Bird International Airport today!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
lol I assumed that long street with those corner stores had a chicken shack lmao
Ah Following and not me... Not cool man!!! We going to Long Street now and he WILL streak.
U haven't had a really good burger till you've had one from The Burger Shop on Long street! Arghhh its too good
swak!! After the last awesome long street mission.
turn left when you get in and then your see a long street go down it I'll be outside
and get in free! Get Right Going Away Party Aug 2nd! Long Street. 18+
A$ap Ferg's Shabba Ranks might get played on repeat at Aug 2nd at Long Street.
I wish I had a fashion sense, so I'd look as cool as these cats walking down Long Street
A long street mesh is needed just saying!!! And congratzzz on ur baby
3 weeks ago in a music store in Long Street, Cape Town, I fell inlove with one of SA's most profound bands! is …
What are your Friday night plans? How about a mile long street party?! Mix it 'till midnight is at the Pier!
What are you doing in Long street? Go home. Don't forget to buy your Mom bread and onions.
Waking up 2 a view of the Table Mountain. Dat breath taking view in front of da V&A Waterfront Mall of the Green Point stadium... Robben Island nd da Harbour Oh! Dd i mention da Long Street our SAs New York a place dat only *** alive at nyt.dats Cape Town by da way. Although got hit by a hockey stick on ma face my weeks expirience of Cape Town will nt be shadowed by dat. I Love Cape Town im definetly gonna *** back hoping permanantly wat more cn 1 ask 4 after seeing such beaty:)
Thanks so much for coming out last night! We had a great time jamming with 3RD WORLD SPECTATOR and Reburn in Mercury! Tonight we will be playing in Carnival Court in Long Street and willl be supported by De Wallen ( Band ) and THE FEMURS! Pull in!
Back from Robben Island,Super then we hit Long Street!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Are you driving around Cape Town City or the V&A waterfront today? Keep you eyes open for the two white GK TEEN cars. They will be in here all day! If you spot the car, email a picture of it to Breakfastand stand a chance to win this Father's day The prize: 6 Tickets to see John Cleese live for friends or family Dinner for 6 at the Westin Hotel Audi Shuttle service We parked one GK TEEN CAR near Mugg and Bean in the V&A waterfront. We parked the other GK TEEN CAR in Stand Street / Long Street. Both vehicles will be here all day. Spoil your father this father’s day! 94.5 Kfm Breakfast, The Westin Cape Town, John Cleese
car found in Long Street. Night has just began lads
Find out just why Long Street's Backpackers is the perfect pozzy for party animals.
Impressions of South Africa: Feed: The Yale GlobalistThe Yale Globalist | The Yale Globalist Posted on: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 5:38 PM Author: Emma Goldberg Subject: First Impressions: Cape Town BY EMILY ULLMAN AND MARGARET ZHANG This is the third Globalist trip for the two of us and it’s going very smoothly so far! We’ve gone on two interviews at vineyards (we might be writing about South African wine!), hiked to the top of Table Mountain, explored Stellenbosch and the University of Capetown campus, and met members of the Capetown Globalist. While we’ve enjoyed our wine (the Pinotage at Bergkelder and the Shiraz at Soms Delta, in particular) and the “chilled out” atmosphere of hip-to-the-bone Long Street, we can’t help but to notice the giant gap between the beauty and coolness of what Cape Town wants us to see, and the 40% unemployment rate/straight inequality that we know pervades the conversation about South Africa. For example, today, we took an hour long train ride to Stellenbosch, a be ...
The three abandoned homes off Long Street lack plumbing, electricity, heating and air conditioning. Their walls and ceilings are pocked with holes. The windows are gone, replaced with plywood.In other words, the houses are perfect for Melissa Vogley Woods. Woods founded “Rooms To Let,” which seeks d...
most of them are in Paarl, Stellenbosch & try Kloof Street in town . Long Street has some stores too
Hey friends! It is a busy weekend in Columbus. If you are doing the Gallery Hop tonight be sure to stop by Ray's Living Room for another look at the "in visible" show. I'll be there for a bit myself and hope to see some of you out there. While you are hopping about be sure to visit an awesome show that my dear friend Larry Doyle has put together at Image Optical. As well, stop at Sean Christopher Gallery for new paintings from Matt Wolcott. If you aren't in the Short North, definitely swing over to the Homeport Gallery on Long Street to see the always awesome Lisa M. McLymont as she she closes her show there. hope to see you.
“Where's Mary Sue at? Ohhh she must be on Long Street no Mary Sues just happy Stephs happy wife happy life
I see my main man Bheki Nzunga and physio John Williams are having a lovely time on Long Street,like tourists cc
But the whole of the eastern cape matriculatant classes were on Long Street, they all rolled up in their kombi's
George Smith just strolling along Long Street on his own!
The macdaddy of Long Street shares his food vision at the opening of
I can't went to get into my pointed Italian two-tones and off down Long Street. Makes you feel like a king. Clean Dickie dirt, new peckham, pair of luminous almond rocks, new whistle, nice crease in my strides, barnet well greased up, and flashing my hampsteads at all the bonnie palones.
ey bra, they must move there and stay in belville. Can you imagine Ajax Cape Town players all staying in Long Street? Lol
Cape Town and South Africa so far is amazing! Just eaten at a tapas restaurant called Fork on Long Street after a very hectic day covering Camps Bay, Simons Town and finally the ultimate - Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope!
18 February 2013 Media Release: Artists join campaign against women abuse A range of artists will line up for the Cape Cultural Collective’s February programme, Love Rising, that connects with international efforts through the One Billion Rising campaign to end violence against women. Among the performers is Auriol Hays, who is scheduled to appear at this year’s CT International Jazz Festival. The programme, which starts at 7pm on Friday, 22 February at the Slave Church Museum at 40 Long Street, Cape Town, this is a collaboration with One Billion Rising campaign and is dedicated to Anene Booysen and all victims of violence. Others artists performing include Beystars Cultural Group from Lentegeur that sings Malay/Dutch songs, poets Khadija Tracy Heeger, Primrose Mrwebi, musician Ncebakazi Mnukwana and singer/poet Noni Poni. The audience will be led in a dance that is being taught in thousands of places all over the world. “Cultural artists have often been in the forefront of struggles for social just ...
COLUMBUS HERE I COME! Already mapping out the entertainment circuit! Columbus Area Performing & Theatre Arts, the Phoenix Theatre for Children, and Opera Columbus Entertainment Lineup--My outings will be for the children FREQUENTLY (includes my SC Grandbabies, Bryson and NOODIE), and Perhaps Stephanie, Barri and Matt can go...I'll just have to see. Lincoln Theater, 769 E. Long Street-- Columbus, Ohio 03/01 Alvin Ailey II 03/09 Al Jarreau 03/22-24 The Columbus Symphony and BalletMet 03/29 The Monterey Jazz Festival 04/05 School House Rock Live! Conjunction, Conjunction What's Your Function? The Emmy Award-winning 1970s Saturday morning cartoon series that taught history, grammar, math, science and politics through clever songs is making a comeback! 04/12 CHRIS BOTTI 04/20 Brahms' Requiem 04/24 Diana Krall 04/24-27 War Horse--uses puppetry to tell the story of young Albert and his beloved horse, Joey. At the outbreak of World War I, Joey is sold to the cavalry and shipped to France, where he's soon caught . ...
Listen guys, Prophet is due to DJ at a local club in Long Street on 28 Feb 2013. Would be great if we could get some believers there!!! It's our mission field remember...!!! Call on your posse to meet at Purple Turtle. Entry before 9pm is free!! Michelle, God has orchestrated that party we were talking about. So book your babysitters/ au pairs/ parents to look after your children if you have any. Get ready to dress up and make yourselves look pretty. Remember we are ambassadors! It would be great to have some fun in the Spirit of the Son. Praise Him in the Dance. When last did you get to dance and praise the Lord corporately? I'm not talking junping up and down or swaying side to side, I'm talking getting down deep into the groove...worship in spirit and in truth. Let me know if you can make it. Shalom - Melanie. Fighting for my right to party in Christ. He came to set me FREE. He came so that I may have life and life in abundance! Amen.
Original story written many years ago from my Western Pacific railroading days recollections: We were working our way east on the industrial lead known as the "Long Street". It was almost 4 am and all four crewmembers was in the cab of the WP564 which we were running long hood trailing with our old wood caboose next to the engine then maybe ten or twelve cars behind it. We had just completed our switching moves around 54th Avenue which included Dole warehouse, General Electric, Stokely Van Camp, Safeway warehouse and Fruitvale Cannery and were on our slow quite ride to Longview Fiber when all *** broke loose... It was the summer of 1968 and the midnight Long Street job, as well as all the Oakland switch crews at the time, started work near the old roundhouse at the switch shanty which also was used by the mudhop clerks*. In those days switch crews consisted of three switchmen, one being the foreman, and one engineer. Locomotive Firemen were slowly being fazed out from 1964 and later after the railroads c ...
TRC local road closure report - Central region Information as at 8:45 am Key message: please do not travel unless necessary as road conditions are still poor in many places. Roads closed include: - Jondaryan Evanslea Road just south of the Woolshed - Jondaryan Mt Tyson Road approx 3km south of Warrego Highway - Brimblecombe Road - Westbrook Wellcamp Road - Cockburn Road - McDougall Street is closed between South & Glenvale - Toowoomba Karara Road closed just south of the Gore Highway - Lorrimer Street is closed at Oakey creek - Kingstorpe Haden road is closed for emergency repairs to road and bridge at Gowrie Creek Water is still over the roads at the following locations: - Greenwattle Street between South & Glenvale - Long Street at East Creek - South Street at East Creek - Boundary Street just south of Bridge Street - Mackenzie Street at East Creek Press release to follow soon. Contact (phone 131-940) for highway travel.
Any body know of accomadation in Loop Street or Long Street in Cape Town, a flat with a kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom, welling to pay R2000-R3000. ITS 4 siya sani
BALLAD OF A FAT SLAG part three (or a Southern African Dream) Awakened by the sound of homeless voices coloured by the rainbowed economic failure in armed response to the first worlds forced injections of it's hypocritical moralities imposed on all but the themselves. Is it me, or have I just came from a place that's paved with gold? Well, it's a Long Street which leads to the Mashed inebriated flounders of moneyed democracy. The short legged travellers tattoos picked and attempted robber Unremoved by inquisitive hands never before seen such as those And a packet of Afrikaans dried rusks is a repatriation for the sympathetic one Guiltless of crimes undone in the name of "fair play old chap" Fired from a musket ball A son of the belted plaid traveling beyond the Pillars of Hercules To return with a golden ring and a promise And on the train was the question lipped in anger "Wot makes ye think Aah got money, coz Aah'm White"? The cupped and bloodied hands look back in mute response Whispered in gnashed reve ...
The Eastern Palace opened on the 1st of December 2011 inside The 4 Star Urban Chic Boutique Hotel. Distinguished by impeccable service and stylish, contemporary decor, Eastern Palace serves a variety of mouth-watering Thai food, sushi and seafood and some of the Cape's finest wines. The restaurant boasts large glass-fronted views of Table Mountain and the bustling Long Street. The cuisine is fresh and light with each individual ingredient upholding its own identity yet blending superbly into the overall flavour. Combining elements of several Southeast Asian traditions, Thai cooking places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong fragrant components. Balance, detail and variety are of great importance to Eastern Palace’s Thai chefs. The spiciness of Thai cuisine is notorious, and it is also known for its enthusiastic use of fresh herbs and is considered by many to be among the best in the world. Sushi is fast becoming the cuisine of choice in Cape Town due to its fresh and healthy concept in a so ...
No plans for New Years Eve?? No Problem!!! Make sure you stop by Sylvan Street Grille for dinner and drinks. No cover charge all night long!!
FREEMASONRY AND THE NEW AGE WORLD RELIGIONby *** Smith MACHU PICCHU IN THE ANDESAs she watched the flickering candle, she felt herself becoming one with the flame. Suddenly, across the spring
Guess the song these lyrics are from wanna see your brown skin shimmer in the sun for the first time I try to be the one who knows just what to do to you to get me that smile One chance of meeting, you were walking by me on the street and I said hi And that was the beginning of my heart spinnin' like these wheels in my head tonight" ~Caitlin.
Winding down after a long day of being New Yorkers. But it's not over yet. ka @ Onieals Grand Street Bar
News Headlines for Thurs. Dec. 27th Updated information on the “Kill List” Incident at the Middle School From the City of Salida Police Department: The Salida Police Department has concluded the investigation on the "Kill List" generated out of the Salida Middle School. On Dec. 20th, The Police Department was notified of this incident by the Middle School Administration after the student had been suspended and sent home with the parent. The student responsible for generating the letter was identified. The student and parent were interviewed and both cooperated with the investigation. The student said he/she never intended any harm and would never carried out any of the threats. The student stated he/she was very sorry and realized the letter was wrong. For clarification the typed letter was not titled a "Kill List" but was titled a "Sh**" list written to God, asking to please kill these people. After identifying the persons named on the list, officers contacted the parents of the students. There was s ...
that's what's up tho. Dunno how I laid in bed this long. So I'm thinkin my dutches left over fell in the street last night 😂
Durant, did you see how long his arms are? He could hit me from across the street!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
ooo exciting! For how long. I'm in Oxford street working hopefully we can go for lunch?x
Street team members Only 3 days left to submit ideas for our contest. Info at
An hour long !! Quality Street and vino at the ready.can't bloody wait!!
It's been so long...finally got to have an Alpine White Mocha again! @ Mud Street Cafe
Jan Paolo Ocampo: Anyone have Recommendations for some Great Coffee/Lattes from Local Coffee Shops in Long Beach? (Business Names, Address/Cross-Streets, and Recommended Drinks.)
If stays up the street from me, ima smoke him out as soon as i get back!!! Lol
Re: the previous post, we're looking for independent MOVIE theaters in your area that we can screen the film and possibly do a stipped down or full set! Sorry for not being clear. So let us know of movie-capable theaters in your area!
Need something to wear for New Years Eve? Men - Short & Long Sleeve Shirts from $30 Ladies - Dresses from $30 Remember - All Stock is current summer stock! Open today from 10am... come visit us and check out the great stock in store - Opp The Cottage Pakington Street, Newtown
Want to earn 5 house points? *Part 1* The Great Escape -Harvey- Saturday 18th November 2000 5:36 am I don’t fear death. It doesn’t frighten me, when I was a boy the thought of leaving my life and becoming simply an object, something once so loved, to something forgotten for eternity terrified me. Now though the thought seems welcoming. Warm. Fourteen years I’ve been here in this room. Apparently I can’t go back; they murmur things about me and look at me as though I am going to do something to them. I see people walk past the window and look at me and they take one look at me and look as if they wish they hadn’t. I don’t know why they do this, I don’t mean to upset or frighten anyone, and I feel sorry for them if I do cause them sadness but I wish I knew why. I remember living with my parents, I smile as I remember those days and reflect on what had been, blinking quickly to hold back tears. Those days are gone, more than a decade has passed and I am still here. Alone. I open my eyes, gratef ...
Veterans group seeking new members By WILSON RING THE Associated Press | December 27,2012 MONTPELIER — The American Legion post in Vermont’s capital city has a simple method to help attract new members: A sign in the Main Street doorway says “Veterans wanted.” Like many legions, Montpelier Post 3 has a bar, a pool table and televisions where members are bound together by military service, an experience few who haven’t participated in it can understand. But post leaders say being in the American Legion is much more than a veterans’ club. It also helps veterans find the programs they are entitled to, through the Department of Veterans Affairs. But the Legion also works in the community, sponsoring a youth baseball team and sending children to camp with money they raise through fundraising raffles, bingo games and other funds. The $35 yearly membership dues pay only a small portion of their programs. They still get new members, sometimes veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Few of them are young; mo ...
intelligent too ooh you're my sweetheart, I've always liked my women book and street smart long as they got a little class like half days
Long street vibes with lol the way we bumping into jhb ppl thou
how long does it take to get down market street? Officially on the worlds slowest bus ever.
What do you do when you see a dog running free along the side of a street?
Russia's president is looking to ban Americans from adopting Russian children. FOX 11 is looking for area families who have adopted or are looking to adopt children from Russia. Please contact Beth Jones at (920) 619-5457 if you have any information for the story.
As long as I've lived here, the house across the street has always been occupied by weirdos.
Our differences are what make us great. I gave up trying to be like everyone else a LONG time ago. I'm certain that a few of my personal views haven't always clicked with others - but they are as much a part of me as my graying head of hair. If we are honest about who we are, and make the effort to respect the personal views of others, I don't see the harm in being "unique". The key of course is RESPECT and willingness to compromise when the ideas of loved ones clash. Sesame Street taught us all a great solution to that - It's called COOPERATION...So let yourself out of that paper bag and put your glow on - Be the inspiration that encourages others to do the same!
Let's push the council to at least try a pedestrian mall in Market St and see what the public think.
There are a handful of apartment complexes and night clubs that have been thought to be public nuisances or a threat to community safety by local politicians and law enforcement officials.
eMdantsane you can witness a pocket theft syndicate operating live in midday. Long street chancers have nothing on these cats.
If you continue to experience problems or believe that you should not be getting this message, please contact us at the e-mail address below and provide the web address you are trying to access along with a description of the problem.
FQ: What do you think when you see a parent with their kid on a "leash" or harness? My daughter is 19 months old and its gotten to the point where I can barely take her anywhere. At the grocery store this morning she refused to sit in the cart, started thrashing, screaming and biting. I tried to let her walk and hold her hand and she ran off, then when I went over to her she threw herself on the floor. This is pretty much how every public outing goes. I never ever thought I'd put my kid in a harness or leash but I'm starting to feel like it might be a good idea. Do you all have any comments or suggestions or opinions? Thanks! colleen x
we in Cape Town on new years eve man come rock long street with us
Not gaming related but what's your guys favorite horror movie? -Faith
GLENS FALLS -- Glens Falls Mayor John “Jack” Diamond will push to move up the required bar closing time from 4 a.m. to 2 a.m in Glens Falls, as part of a multi-faceted response to an attack on a young man in a South Street parking lot last weekend.
Now I am a very religious person, and I ain't trying to preach or anything. So if I offend some one with my post I do apologize in advance. But here is a food for thought. How do you all feel about religion when it come to your children. A comment was once made on one or my posts saying that god and parenting go hand-in-hand. I believe that has I suspect many of our fans will agree. Many of turn to god when we are stuck in a very hard spot. A child or love one in the hospital, a tragedy within the county, or with in our families. how do you feel about having your LO's baptized or dedicated. I plan on having my daughter dedicated and later on in life baptized. Would any of you do the same? seth
It's been a long time since I walked along sauchiehall street with a carry out. It must be xmas.
The City of Buffalo's Department of Public Works says all main and secondary roads are open and 75% of the residential streets have been plowed. Crews are still finishing up side streets.
Knightsbridge ..govern garden ,wistfealds long and perfect day @ Union, 88-90 George Street
Now it dnt take that long u love right up the street
BANGOR, Maine — A new law geared to save taxpayers millions of dollars by placing a 24-month lifetime cap on state funding for MaineCare patients using methadone to treat their opiate addiction goes into effect Jan. 1. The proposed policy rules to implement the law are currently under review by ...
VTechers, a lot of you have been asking you can delete a profile in your Learning Lodge Navigator account. You cannot, but you CAN register up to 5 devices on one email. When you buy an app in the Learning Lodge Navigator, you can put that app on all the LIKE devices associated with your account. For example, if you have 3 InnoTabs associated with an account, you can purchase an InnoTab app once and transfer it to all three. You would have to buy another for a MobiGo as it's a different device. -VTech Mom
When I turn on the radio in the car now, it is not the same. I miss the Christmas music on the radio. I am having the after Christmas blues.
Too many people on my street... I might take the long way around lol
latest research from ma royal bed ! apparently : If she breaks up with you in the first week. he has a small D true or false
So. What did GREAT Grandpa find when he came to America? Some found that the streets flowed with milk and honey but some just got stuck. The land developers in America knew how to make money in the 1850's. They got great blocks of land cheap, cut them up into building sites and sold them to would be immegrants in Germany! They made shiny brochures and printed thousands. They sent their agents to the German cities and spread the brochures around. They answered questions in perfect German and used wonderful ajectives to describe the great opportunities available to those brave enough to make the voyage to America, then off to the recently civilized "Indian Territories" which had been Ohio's most recent moniker. To help make the sale, the agents had drawings of the lots for sale and they were going fast! Only a few lots were still available and these were on the edge of the growing town of Cincinnati Ohio. And edge they were! This was the days before topo maps. The streets were drawn nice and streight even . ...
See where to find Little Brazil in NYC! Love Brazilian food? Want to practice your Brazilian Portuguese? Use our guide to Brazilians in NYC!
Oh long street. You seem to be shrinking day by day
Meek Vs Cassidy who u got money on ???
The taco shop is like across the street but it's a long *** walk out of my apartments -.- lol.
Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012 12:37 pm Galveston enacts Stage Two Drought Contingency plan GALVESTON – As a result of a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality mandate, the City of Galveston will enact Stage Two of its Drought Contingency Plan this Friday, December 28th. Stage Two restrictions allow property owners to use automatic sprinkler systems on landscaped areas on designated days and times. Hand-watering is now permissible at any time of day on the designated watering days as long as a handheld hose, faucet-filled bucket, water can, or drip irrigation system is used. These restrictions will continue until further notice. Violating water use restrictions could result in fines and penalties. The City of Galveston has instituted the following Stage Two water restrictions: Irrigation of landscaped areas with hose-end sprinklers or automatic sprinklers is limited to Tuesdays and Thursdays for water customers east of 103rd Street, and Wednesdays and Fridays for water customers west of 103rd St ...
Yep, it's that time of the week already... The last few days of 2102! So... WHATCHA DOIN' THIS WEEKEND, ANGELENOS!!? :D
We know you've heard us say that your own nails are your best business card for your salon. So we want to know: What designs do you most get stopped on the street for (length, product, colors, etc.) and where (the grocery store, the bank, etc.) do your nails most frequently get noticed?
Baker street this weekend. Been waiting for this for a very long time!
“You hit the biggest pothole in the street and you wanna cuss out the world.” I know where all the potholes are in Long Beach
Update your maps at Navteq
We I'm that neighbourhood “Somewhere on Long street with Theorem”
By Ashley Brumeh I’m a dark-skinned woman who is well aware of colorism. Before you deduce this post to the typical “Here we go again with the light, bright, and everything right mentality” I’m ready to throw a curve ball. I’m on the opposite side of the colorism debate. While I’m all for my lighter-skinned sisters, I actually think dark-skin is beautiful! I love my complexion. My husband loves it too. Even the suitors I dated before him thought my smooth, dark skin was gorgeous. Yet I find that people like to tell women of a darker complexion what colors they shouldn’t be wearing, what things don’t work for us, and try to make us feel that we aren’t accepted or swexy. (“You’re cute for a dark-skinned girl.”) I have a healthy self-esteem and a pretty blessed life, yet somehow I feel like society thinks I’m supposed to wallow in self-pity because I wasn’t born with light skin. The majority of the online black community has seemingly become inundated with the theory that every .. ...
This is a letter from the wife of the man who emailed me twice, the first time to talk about what his mother did on Thanksgiving and the second time, which I posted last night, about his wife cheating on him over and over with the same man. Before anyone starts being a private investigator, no, it did not come from the same email address and no, it was not written by the same person. As a writer and a publisher, I am very good at picking up on writing styles and the wife has a much better command on the English language than the husband. And this is far from the first time that a mate has seen a post and sent me an email. In fact, I got another such email this week from the wife of another man who wrote me several times but she asked me not to post it. Zane, my husband is the man that wrote you the letter last night. Zane, I am not a *** I am writing you to defend myself and save my marriage. I need my husband. I know I am wrong and that I have been a flat out fool. The man that I had the affair with i .. ...
Please note the following changes to Overnight Parking: OVERNIGHT PARKING RESTRICTIONS Revised for January 1, 2013 Overnight parking is prohibited on all Borough streets and Borough owned parking lots between the hours of 2AM and 5AM. SHORT TERM OVERNIGHT PARKING: The Glen Rock Police Department is empowered to grant temporary emergency overnight parking permission due to an occasional guest, disabled vehicle, driveway repair, home construction or a dumpster being place in a resident’s driveway. Permission is granted one night at a time by telephone via the GRPD non-emergency number (201) 652-3800 (ANSWERED BY THE NORTHWEST BERGEN CENTRAL DISPATCH). Overnight parking requests are not accepted prior to 7PM. Operators at the Dispatch Center are prohibited from giving permission for more then five (5) consecutive nights and may not give permission for multiple nights at a time. In other words you must call each night for a maximum of five nights. For short term overnight parking you must provide the ...
Quality Street! Although the tin of roses didn't last very long at home. Much prefer Quality Street. Toffee penny is yummy.
long story short, I was dragged on the street lol..
do we know how long the delays are? On the website it is only showing delays from international to new street?
Things I NEVER want to see ever again for as long as I live - turkey, ham, Quality Street, mince pies
The nor'easter is having a major impact on the Jersey shore where coastal flooding has forced the evacuation of some homes already damaged by Sandy. New Jersey reporter Brian Thompson has the latest from Seaside Park.
That street he was fated not to forget long.
With PRAGMATIC results ( right or wrong as long as it works!) Occupies objectives are met, :-)looks good but is'nt
My five minutes of ratchetness: Have ya'll seen this??? NASTY, NASTY, NASTY!! I can't believe anyone would watch this stereotypical, uncontrollable breeding, litter making fool and his willing sperm reciprocals. Will everyone wear hazmat suits while dealing with their nasty selves? I rebuke them all in the name of Jesus!!! ((Throws holy water at the computer screen!)) What's next? The Slave Follies! Let's pray for the children. "Rappy Shawty Lo And His TEN BABIES MAMAS and 11 Children will star in an one-hour show called "ALL MY BABIES MAMAS" on the OXYGEN channel. Each baby mama has an eye-catching title such as the ‘First Lady E’Creia,’ who handles Lo’s finances and who was actually engaged to him at one point after he already had three children. Then there’s Angela, the “Fighter Baby Mama,” Amanda, the “Jealous Baby Mama,” Sujuan, the “Wanna-be Bougie Baby Mama” and Tamara, the “No-Drama Baby Mama.” (We know, it's ratchet moniker to he highest level) If the show is a success, ...
I don't know why I waited so long to see 21 Jump Street
Waiting for you is like watching a turtle cross the street, it takes to long
It's Ladies Night at Saddle Up Saloon. Always 2 for 1 drinks till 9 for everybody and ladies get $3 Vodka and Red Bull all night long. Dancing, bull riding, late night karaoke. «Hint» Come a little early and check out the wings at Hayley's Bar. Best wings downtown.   10% Off
We need Speaker Boehner to bring us back, to really work this out. Let's make something happen here - That is what the American people are asking us for.
Go into the Umbro shop on Westmoreland Street to get a Pat's Jersey. 1 left, WOOO! Long-sleeved XXXL. Awh Jeez :(
OPENINGS, CLOSINGS AND CHANGES: MANHATTAN Pitopia turns meat Starting January 1st, this one time falafel-only vegetarian restaurant will now "go" meat and offer schnitzel, shawarma, hot dogs, sushi, soups, salads together with their award-winning falafel. Special coupon - $4.95 for a Shawarma in a pita for the month of January. BROOKLYN Olympic Pita opens in Williamsburg In been a couple of months, but for those who don't know, the Middle Eastern restaurant, with a location on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn and one in New York City, recently opened in Williamsburg at 264 Lee Avenue BIG NEWS: SHANG CHAI CLOSING! After 40 years and being a staple for birthdays, anniversaries and sheva brachos to thousands of people, this long established Chinese restaurant will be closing its doors for the last time on January 1st. The rumor is a bank will be replacing it. Sushi Tokyo opens new and bigger store The popular sushi restaurant on Coney Island Avenue and Avenue J is slowly growing with more locations. Their 2n ...
What's your favorite Atlanta restaurant and why?
A report by the Courier-Mail claims baby monitors and CCTV are being used in some nursing homes. Should nursing homes be allowed to use CCTV?
Before You Yell at the Bicyclists on Second Street -- Be Concerned About Their Health: English: Long Beach Trans...
I am offering 2 free VINYASA yoga classes this weekend at Nirvana (207 King Street)! Saturday, December 29th at 1pm Sunday, December 30th at 1pm Bring a mat if you have one (we have extras if not), and a water bottle, and prepare to sweat! Vinyasa means flow, so expect to stand/plank/lunge/stand on one foot/stand on your hands or head/stretch...all the good stuff! Holiday redemption!
Sue and Steve are reckoning that this is just the third time in the 14 years since they created ASPIRE that the program has been closed due to bad weather. We could not be guaranteed that all schools would be plowed by the 8:00 opening time and, with the storm going all day long, we were concerned about safety in the morning and afternoon. We'll be back at it tomorrow at 8AM!
I still get butterflies every time we turn onto my grandparent's street after the long drive
The working girls are back on the street after the holiday. They had Christmas off. They wear louboutins on the streets in long beach
Have plowed around in snow boots both sides of the sighter's street, back yard, and the street behind and am now warming up back in car and will then leave flyers at nearby houses. The lady who called was recently in the newspaper with her long lost sister. They found each other after fifty-sixty years, and her sister is now visiting from Florida.
Long day shopping up and down Grafton Street and round Dundrum.
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