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Long Life

Long Life is a reggae album by Prince Far I, released in 1978.

May Allah Lyle Mays

Kenneth! What are you doing?!. You know, I don't even like honey!. I don't eat it!. We need to talk!. He's…
I can’t believe eli has been in my life this long it may be short to some people but when you’ve been in constant s…
Labour has not represented the working people for a long time. It is run by ex union delegates, left wing Lawyers,…
a 30 years old fan talked about how BTS & Spring Day helped her through her depression and how she became a fan 💜. translated…
It’s crazier how much happier i am now that i have the toxic people out of my life that were kept around way too long.
Sometimes I hate this time of the year, because ppl in my life make it known Im an inconvenience to them. I put everyo…
As long as you continue to want to take the life of a child in her or his mothers womb,…
So today at my internship I was setting up for there office Christmas party, and so I was bringing in tables when I…
He can only write raps about his poor white trash life for so long, what's he gonna rap about…
Isn’t it amazing how a single song can take you back in time and make you remember a moment or a part of your life that se…
Dear Life... The only way I'll ever stop fighting for my dreams is if my heart stops beating. . As long as I got breath…
He have given everything up. His sight for my life. He don't give a *** about the world as long I am beside him. He is not…
Today I signed a contract guaranteeing me my dream job until 2020 (so long as I want to stay) w/ a raise every 6 months…
So long as what we want keeps on curving us, we'll keep on curving what wants us. Kaili life isn't fair.
'Checking in' on a friend, loved one or acquaintance can go a long way in making a difference in their life, it can help save…
Curt, that is my son. Words can’t describe how much your thoughts mean to us during this tough time. As I…
Gabby, be proud to be in control of your own life. You’ve come a long way sister. Stay strong.
I met papa lee (not in real life )like not long ago .. he seemed really nice and real . I hope he's ok you papa lee
Darla has KILLED ME “he might not be yours?” Goddam Ralphangel has lived a VERY long life for a 20 year old.
He needs long-term rehabilitation, some therapy. He don't need a life sentence or the death penalty. He can be reforme…
Life is short. Art is long. Love is forever...
Got a new primary care doctor and his three rules for a long and healthy life are "don't smoke, drink in moderation, and never get married"
Friend: I live an empty life and will die alone. Me: *** you ok? I'm sure that's not true..I'm always here if you…
How y’all out here wanting life long relationships and don’t know how to forgive? 🤔
Birthday greetings to Amitbhai, who is providing exemplary leadership to the BJP. I pray for his long and healthy life.
My only wish is for EXO to be together for a very long time. They are free to do their own activities outside the group, I w…
Unpopular parenting take: in the long run, musical skill, Bible knowledge, and a heart for service will be far more valuable…
Beautiful People. It's the greatest pride of my life to be able to give you a bit of hope & inspiration at the end of this l…
yaaa but you can't expect everything in life to go fine and dandy without change or risk LOL. like akami…
No matter what’s happening in your life right now, no matter how bleak things look, anything is possible as long as you seek…
Let it burn to the ground, I don't care. I'm done worrying about this, it took me way too long, like with every emo…
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Anywhooo this woman has lived A LIFE and I am shook. Her and her ex were so rich they could literally buy Long Isla…
if you have long hair, do not cut it. not even an inch BECAUSE YOU WILL MISS IT AND YOU WILL CRY AT 2AM BC A COUPLE INCHE…
HBD Bro long life n prosperity, and may u live long IJN
If they were really caring about real life instead of…
Whenever you make a mistake or get knocked down by life, don't look back at it too long. Mistakes are life's way...
Being so bitter & twisted is not a good indicator for a long life.
Let’s just cut to the chase... The BEST decision you can make to get to these bags LONG TERM, for the rest of your lif…
It has been my life long experience that people who want to 'downplay' a crime do so because they have eit…
How long are we going to dismiss this epidemic of white supremacist terrorism as "lone wolf" behavior?New Mexico School S…
Tiks I love you beyond words!! I’m so grateful we became friends. I love that when we squabble and argue it’s always light…
A little bit of Monica in my life. A little bit of Erica by my side. A little bit of Rita is all I need. A little bit of T…
Yes our Kaptaan is Sadiq & Amin...😍. Love you so much Sir Imran Khan. Ap ki shaan hy, & our last hope... M…
Governor Rochas thinking of who to appoint as Commissioner of Long Life & Prosperity.
The Secret to Long Life? It May Lurk in the DNA of the Oldest Among Us -
Two can love in so many different ways, or you can love just one your whole life long.
Happy birthday to my life long friend hope it’s a good one
Duterte serenaded Trump with Ikaw: "My heart was despaired for so long but now it is finally here. You are the love that w…
Give your the gift of good health and long life! See what we’ve prepared for your human & canine friends this…
It’s official, think 5 months is how long you have to wait till it’s appropriate to politicise tragic loss of…
What is happening on Tisoy&Meng’s everyday showbiz life are REAL and not some fiction series. Anything can happen.…
''In my long, difficult and mature life, I have come to learn that the less I know about acting and the more I know about every…
My cousin so happy with her life right now. I’m happy for her❤️ it’s been a long time coming🤞🏽
Travel. As much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Life's not meant to be lived in one place.
At announcement by that his Department is working on a social work anti-poverty strategy to address…
Da da bro, it’s not right for her to say that tho but wtv it is you should know your worth my bro s…
Joonie has made it official via fancafe - Rap Monster is dead, long live RM 👑. People change and grow, that's life. Tot…
Sorry I was gone for so long, I was busy making some Progress in my life 🙏🏾💚🖤
I've been thinking about it kind of a lot lately so I think I can finally say that I'm pretty happy with where my l…
Looking for a Taylor loving Bestie! Doesn't pay but we can be life long Swifties! Totally worth it!
Just a friendly reminder, if you really want a long and lasting relationship for the rest of your life then try to…
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Anxiety & depression is horrrible somedays You’re drowning, no air, and coming round from that feeling takes so lon…
And yes in a life of 70,80 years. A child being a child is not a long time in the grand scheme of thin…
*Excellent News* You can now give monthly to support our life saving work! Set up your £3 monthly gift now and help…
As long as your life is amazing, that’s all that matters to me 😁
For a long time, I would suggest for good. Those he affected have life sentences from their injuries..
One thing I find really frustrating (as mother of a dress-wearing long-haired boy) is the idea that either it's a phase or…
Happy - do something today that is kind but also helps protect our outdoors or gets someone in your lif…
I’ve secluded myself from people so much these past few months it’s crazy. People let me down so I gave up. But as long…
I genuinely had a good time lastnight, that hasn’t happened in so long. Forgot what living life was like.
Life and cold, less import, health, life long life. ringht or wrongwhy i will tell you
The law thing, the money. They don't mean nothing without you . A fast car, a big house. They are all all just second to. This lif…
Minimum 15 years ! Becoming to convenient for criminals to use acid . Has to be stampe…
Can a positive attitude save your life? . “A lot of the long-term research says if you’re an optimist, you’re more likely to h…
Living the good life at No better way to recover from a long day of teaching &…
Long story short my hair has been cut another 3 inches and I look like a boy again. I love my life. 🙂
It is a long road but keep striving, and work hard.
Good job, good walking. Above things, you insist. Strong physique, long life. ringht or wrongso not happy
This do you know how long it takes minor conditions to clear?
Our deliver reliable performance and long life - See for yourself:
A person's life, the long road ahead, over a hundred years old, is the goal. ringht or wronggo go yiyi
I pray my parents live a long life, see me get married & my kids grow up. I really need them to live for a long time.
Me I want to know what Puleng did to deserve all this bad vibes people in her baby hasn't smiled in a long…
Listening to Long Life by Lyle Mays, on my Echo!
"Sweet Potatoes, Genes, and Long Life" Life, health, and medical research.
"Sweet Potatoes, Genes, and Long Life" A world-class new crop and genetic research.
May Allah The Almighty Bless him & his family Long Life, bright future and he Follow the Path of Truth.
Happy Birthday to your Daughter May Allah give her Long Life with Lots of Happiness and Success (Ameen)
Here's to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. To happy people and honest ones. A cold pint and another one 🍻
As a life long 49er fan, I have to admit Joe Montana is now the second best QB ever 😪
As long as there is life, there is hope. [No impossibility; the best is yet to come]
Meet Black Singles 300x250
This stuff changed my life via /r/CBD. For as long as I can remember I've been struggling with (social & general) anxiety and depression. I…
My life for the next 6 weeks is watching kids take tests all day long. My apologies in advance to those adversely affected by my boredom.
I can't believe what happened tonight. Life long Pats fan and to witness this game was something special. Greatness, UNRE…
Come on now, the 'woman' in your life, may be mad at first if she caught you...but I will have her serving me too before…
Take a long look in the mirror, stop avoiding yourself and change your ways and watch how quickly life will open up for you.…
I predict a long life and many uses for this gif.
"I declare before you all that my whole life , whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service". .
There is nothing to fear. The sooner you know the faster you are to being healthy and living a long life.
Not how long, how you live your life.
I've honestly waited so long to graduate highschool so I can move on with my life and get my degree. Now it happened. Alhumdulilah ❤
Great reminder from Chris Long after winning his first Super Bowl on what might happen if you keep getting back up…
My whole life is just one long Miranda episode
We should stop assuming we'd live long. Live what you have of your life. It may be taken away tomorrow or in a decade. Live. Dearies, live!
Diabetes Lifestyle Book: Facing Your Fears and Making Changes for a Long and Healthy Life -
Life, if well lived, is long enough. 👌😊
Proverbs 13:3(NLT) -Those who control their tongue will have a long life; opening your mouth can ruin everything.
“We need buildings that learn.Long life loose fit” in ES Our MyHouse fits well w/this ide…
Yes, I love I will be a life long customer as long as they keep being so amazing.
all should closed. Many teacher putting their life at risk travelling long distances to get to their schools.
For as long as I live , imma have sex with a girl , imma marry a girl , & imma have my baby with a GIRL . Just gonna liv…
Jesus Christ will give you and your family a happy and good health long life. He will fill your house with His glory.
as a life long Boston sports fan & proud American, the Trump-love & crony capitalism has been slowly killing me
“If you are not too long I will wait here for you all my life - J Kerouac - New episodes of "Dinner with Mariah"…
I'm no where near where I've planned myself to be at this point in my life but as long as I ain't stoppin' I know it's about to happen soon
I can't sleep too long I might miss sumn how life is😇
Queen becomes first monarch to celebrate Sapphire Jubilee/ Congrats to our Queen-long life cx…
dude is objectively the worst Galactico signing I've seen in my life lmao. amazing he even lasted this long tbh
Imagine your big achievement in life being sitting on a fancy chair for a really really long time.
Believe in life-long Learn from your mistakes & become a better person because of it.
The secret of happy life is a long bucket list. — Dr. Kysela
Trayvon Martin would've been 22 today. His life mattered and his memory will never fade as long as we remember him.
They will be happy for as long as your staying in the same position as them, move up a level in life and they start to h…
Our LIFE Arts teams are holding worship team auditions all month long. Send an email to jlanier
may God grant u long life and prosperity with good health and all your enimies shall put to shame when u will ret…
My bestfriend has 102869 friends and just do so many things in her life & i'm here being a potato all year long ?? How does she even like me
I'll adopt you Chris. I would happily be at your wedding and proud. Best wishes to you both luv. And a long and beautiful life to you both.
. You saved my life several times ... I will be indebted to life. Health and long life for you
Haven't listened to Mind of Mine in so long! Seriously, what have I been doing with my life?? This album is…
The best reaction is NO reaction. No shouting, no long paragraphs, no indirects or blocking just no reaction and continue w…
Such an amazing lady. That record may never be broken. (But I do wish monarchs a long life.)
nice kan. Long time no hear beb. How's life
Sorry, but as a life-long New Englander, I just don't see it that way
We are walking in the Right Direction of our life as long as we can hear the Eco of our POSITIVE VOICES.
Happy Birthday to . May Almighty bless u with Long Life, Grt health & Success in all ur Endeavours. From Vile Parle, Mumbai.
Happy Birthday Football Hero SAM SODJE Long Life and Prosperity Thanks for the great memories God Bless You
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Lahore: Welcome to you Mr. Ali Hyder Gyalani, God Bless you, Praying for your Long Life and best of HEATH.
Forty Ways to Look at Winston Churchill: A Brief Account of a Long Life, Rubin,
Cancer: Take it as a life lesson. It was to show you that you can’t be obsessed w someone. Because they will just break…
As Queen approaches 90: what can we learn about long life? Our study
After 2 years of placement with Wakefield Wildcats are now life long fans 🤓
Glad to reunite with my father ❤️ . Moments of gratitude . . May Allah bless him with long life & good health. Ameen.…
Get that diploma/degree no matter how long it takes.This isn't a race-its your life.
Baboons that grow up under tough conditions don’t live as long as those that have it easy. http…
The queen in fiction: How Elizabeth II is portrayed in literature: The long life of Britain's Queen Elizabeth,...
'Life should be great rather than long' Remembering our Constitution's architect and visionary Dr B.R. Ambedkar on his 125th j…
Birthday greetings Chandrababu Naidu ji. We pray for your long life and good health
Sir i always loved you so much and i wish i can meet you one day Allah give you health and long life inshallah from algeria😊
happy birthday to you. May Allah bless you long life with joy and happiness. Allah keep u safe. Aameen
happy birthday dear sir.. we wish you long life and continue as our state CM with visionary development and rise our state to no.1
No matter what, you need to be ok. Nothing else matters. You've suffered for so long. Just smile and live your life. http…
People think it's hard to function with long nails but in real life my hands feel crippled without them 😭
Birthday wishes to Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Shri I pray to God for your long life and good health.
Consistency and perseverance is key. You can achieve anything in life as long as you work *** it every single day. Neve…
.Happy birthday man. May the Lord shower you with good health and long life. Enjoy your day.
cos 4/20 knows no age limit. Rastafari nation lives long. Herb is life.🍁
📕 Reading all day long, studying, exams - my whole life for last month in 6 words 😒
Steps out of the door and make another long leave which i dont even know when he will ever come back. Life has to move on right even your...
I hate long *** meeting... am only here cause the food is catered.
Haven't been this happy with my life in a really long time
Birthday wishes to the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Shri ji. May God bless you with health, happiness and a lo…
Life’s too short to waste it, I say bring on anything, I ain’t here for a long time, I’m here for a good time. -George…
What are some other key strategies to a long, healthy & happy life?
The secret to a long life? Eat purple fruit and veg. Find out more: 🍇
Life limping back to normal after about week-long curfew-strike in Kupwara
our gorgeous long life bouquet! Thank you for the chance to win this gorgeous prize
Wot? No mention of Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday 2016: What can we learn about long life?:
What's the Queen's secret to a long and healthy life?
Warm birthday greetings to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister & my good friend Shri N. Chandrababu Naidu. Wishing him a long…
Happy birthday 🎂 to you boss may the good lord bless you and grant u long life 🙌
Wishing the CM of Meghalaya Dr. Mukul Sangma on his birthday. May Almighty bless him with a long life that is full of joy…
Birthday wishes to my good friend Garu, a leader who is very passionate about Andhra Pradesh's progress. Praying fo…
& follow to our gorgeous long life bouquet! Ends midnight 20/4/16! GOOD LUCK! ht…
International premier of Seven Songs for a Long Life by One World Film Fest htt…
We shall continue fighting for our bros on every forum of the world. May Allah bless u with good health & Long Life.
I dint see "talking for 10 months " as an issue tbh life's a bit mad sometimes. 10 months isn't even long in general
I don't need a relationship to keep me happy. As long as I have family, friends and God here for me, then that's all I need in life.
“As long as there is life, there is happiness.” Thanks for joining us for
I'd rather live a short life doing what I love than a long life doing what I dont.
Message to Your Son - "You must ALWAYS strive to be a life long learner!".
I don't have any wishes in life.As long as I have friends like you I've got it all!
Its crazy how close I got to my aunt. She lived a long and amazing life 79 years on this earth and she did so much. I'm gonna miss her!
to live a long and exciting life😊 that's why I choose to live a healthy life 🤗
Having mated for life, a work boot rarely survives long on it's own after it's partner has been tragically lost along the …
plus books ... I didn't have a long life
"It's my life long goal to be Betty Crocker when I grow up."
Getting married is NOT the main aim. STAYING married and living a healthy long life with each other is what we should b…
your 30 for 30 on the '85 Bears moved me. I'm a life long Bears fan. Thank you for dedicating your time and talent to the film.
Trust me, if we don't speak that's on you. I'll talk as long as you want. But I won't look for anyone to stay or be in my life.
It took me a long time to realize that my life is much better without you
Happy bday to my life long bff and my model ilysm and am so happy to have had u in my life so long💕👯
It's a hard life picking stones and pulling *** but as long as gods got sandals it bets fighting guys with treasure trails
So far tonight, I've got drunk with my mate and spent far too long planning presentation for a chocolate souffle. My life.
life long Saints fan sad to see you go.
"Life is worth living for" I THINK I FIGURED OUT THE STORY, its been on my mind 4 so long
My life is complete... convinced to get the and now I don't feel alone 😂😂😂
swimming with baby pigs in tropical waters is my life long dream and I didn't even realize it before tonight
Modern day social media technology enables millions to pray for him. God give him a long and happy life.
This anime made me reflect on life.That I should have long lasting memories with friends & family bcuz one of us is leaving this Earth soon.
If you don't like Loiter Squad, you need to take a long, hard look at your terrible life.
To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.
My hair is real , long & growing . Nails always cute. Booty looking nice. Grades good. I'm Chillin in life rn.
Whoever said long distance relationships don't work lied, you work for what you want in life.
Happy birthday 🎂🎊🎉🍰 Han Gege realhangeng ,,wish you all the best,long life,stay health,always…
Mom: "I don't care what you do with your life". Me:"Okay". Mom:"As long as you go to college and become a doctor"
I am life long republican and I'm tired about party labels. I want problem solvers! Attack the issues !
Happy 25th anniversary, You've been a huge part of my life for as long as I remember and I am sure it wil…
Add me if you want an exclusive view to my life! Prepare for long stories. 😂 colbybrockk
"Feeling depressed or angry for long periods of time can take years off your life". *throws away all Game of Thrones books*
Some in the Rubio camp have long suspected that helped advance rumors about the candidate's sex life in 2010 http…
Ready to live, and not just exist, I've been standing at the cliff of life for far too long; it's time that I jump. https:…
Love when Susan comes visits me she's like my second mommy💗 her spirit just makes me so happy🙏 Her& my mom have been life long friends.
❄️🌟Known you my whole life haven't talked to you in a long time need to catch up
Because I wanted to come home from work and get an hour long lecture about my life lol
We need more coaches who think like him. This coming from a life-long Ginebra supporter. :D
In my opinion, as long as you're not hurting anyone, your life decisions are no one else's business.
A7 Life gets crazy, often at our own expense. Attitude, gratitude, & manners-cost nothing BUT go a long way, in any setting
Had to go home today thank god I work at Kroger because these 1000 fuel points all month long gone be life
Dear $250,000 could go a long way toward me buying a life-size bronze statue of Ric Flair. Think about it.
Hey you might fall down in life but remember as long you keep getting up things will be okay!
If you want to live a long life, eat your own tongue 🔥
a streak that long is making me realize I have no life
I hope death will come to me soon. This year my life will end after a so long wait.
bro real life if I pull up with 3 long islands we all dying
Use New Years to initiate positive change in your life but don't rely on it, improvement only happens as long as you feed it
Must see event on my life long bucket list. Chicago's sears tower (now willis ... -
It is my life long dream to become a Jedi
Your whole life is like one long Ali G interview, though.
Technically, your capacity for long term memory is unlimited. It’s possible to remember everything that ever happened …
Reminder: take care of urself! make urself happy! buy the shoes u been wanting for so long! love urself! remove negativity fr…
Life goes on, long after the feeling of life goes on.
My g you'll live a long life like me
I hope those of you that bought or received a pet for Xmas realize you made a life-long contract to care for that animal. They're not toys.
One can live a long healthy life under colonialism. That's not a benefit wrestled from the colonizer - it's the goal of the colonizer.
I learned a long time ago that we get out of life exactly what we put into it - no more and no less. - Travels With My Aunt (1972)
Would you rather have free gas for life or for your pet to live as long as you?
Resigned and went to work for the *** for 5y then 11y with ATO. Folded my bedroll in Darwin. Best day of my life in a long time.
So y'all telling me y'all think it's cool because it happened so long ago? Y'all know what he's done since then? Made. Money. Lived his life
As long as I can still hit the butterfly I know life is great.
My cousin after recovering from injury,Now his back to the front line fighting✌️. Long life
Life is like a box of chocolates. It doesn't last very long for fat people.
Life is great . Can't complain and never will complain as long as I wake up everyday 💯💯✔️
I look ratchet asf but this long purple hair is life rn
Unoriginal, but don't worry you're getting new clothes so your life won't be that sad for long
Who should you see again no later than 2016?
Iseng2, Drum cover FALILV - Short but Seems Long, Time of Our Life Part1
I need some McDonald's in my life. It's been too long
Happiest 89th birthday, everdearest Mama Nita!😘 God has granted you with a long life and I know…
Phone really needs to speed up a little bit 🙄 sorry for taking so long guys 😕💜
I'll write long sad tales about people in the legend of my life.
As long as your my friend in life, I PROMISE YOU EVERYTHING WILL EVENTUALLY BE OK ❤️
Best of 2015: 109-year-old woman said secret to long life is avoiding men
The minivan: the family-oriented documentary drama on this long life: DCsMu
As long as God holds your life, He will find a way to make your imperfections into a blessing.
lol living the good life huh? As long as your on top of the work and can get planning done you can take it easy.
My life is just one long Tina groan
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I just figured out my life expectancy. Find out yours at
If u were a QUITTER u would hav given up on life a long time ago.The fact that u're still here proves that you're a FIGHTE…
Fastest 7 hours of my life spent writing, recording, editing, and mixing. Still a long ways to go.
May departing Ed Secretary move on to a long and happy life, far from anything having to do with public education.
Asaram Bapu Ji has enlightened our lives with true meaning of happiness, May he live a long life. !. !!
LeBron is not responsible for centuries-long American assault on Black life and his actions won't stop it.
As a life long Star Wars fan girl I hope to look as beautiful as you when I'm 59! Always loved your🖕attitude.
May Allah give you patience and Long Life for making it possible to have a wonderful pilgrimage of Umrah! Slms Saudi Arabia
"Long Life" ~ Lyle Mays: One of my favorite pieces of all time.
I don't care if I'm alone for the rest of my life, as long as I have medicine and "Dr." in front of my name, I'm good
True story. Decades ago I knew someone who gave their cat LSD. After that the cat lived a long and mellow life.
. If you knew how lonely my life has bee. And how long I've been so… ♫ Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk —
As long as the people in my life are happy, I'm happy 😌
So happy I got to see last night! She's been the love of my life for so long and I never see her!!!😢💖
Life long reminder... and I'm good again.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
(1) chief suggestion is more beverages - curating a robust selection is SP's ballgame. Bevs have long shelf life & most no frig
I literally don't even care what grade I get in math as long as I pass I have never hated a class more in my life it's so ugly
And several other problems RTOver long term, diet and exercise are best to prevent diabetes
"The book/movie about Tom Brady's life is going to be called The Bible II. I mean have you ever seen Tom Brady with long hair and a beard?"
I'd do a long distance relationship at this point in my life.
PPVs have ended early my whole life, they're not allowed to go long o traditional outlets
All that I'm after is a life full of laughter. As long as I'm laughing with you🎶🎶🎶
Focus in life is so crucial. Listen to this podcast on your next walk or drive
"If you haven't caught the hints I've been throwing this long, don't even worry about it. I won't spend the rest of my life faking."
I need some sex in my life it been a long time 😭😫😏
Chickity-rest yo self before you stress yo self. Cuz life-long woes is bad fo yo health.
idk man i dont have to be an engineer to be happy in life. as long as i make enough money to build an RX-7 track *** i'd be p happy
Vocational store of knowledge inside of australia because long to sidereal year walk of life: aOJWgId
I'd gladly get curved by him. Wouldn't mind a bit. I don't need him ruining my life anyway. As long as I get to shoot my shot..
great match. As a life long Taker fan, don't like the ending.
Just wanna live my life without stressing about anything but it will be a long time before I get there ig
Life is a highway. I wanna ride it all night long. If you're going my way. Well, I wanna drive it all night long ♪
It's been too long. Ive forgotten how much life f(x) gives me
Life is rather like a painfully long version of a flight where you're sitting in the middle seat.
I enjoy taking long, hot showers to escape life for a little.
🤓🙄 long time no talk! You're brother has changed my life
Coz this life's too long, and this love's too strong so baby know for sure, I'll never let u go. https…
that's a life long bond between the THREE of us. Think this through ***
Don't ever be sorry for being inactive. As long as you're out there living life I couldn't be any more proud of you.
my goal in life is for my hair to be as long as Ariana Grande's
Signs of life! Took y'all long enough. Now keep it going
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