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Long John Baldry

John William Long John Baldry (12 January 1941 – 21 July 2005) was an English and Canadian blues singer and a voice actor.

Rod Stewart Elton John British Blues Jeff Beck Brian Auger Alexis Korner Julie Driscoll Blues Incorporated Chubby Checker Ray Price Ginger Baker Marquee Club Dave Edmunds Pete Sears John Cipollina Charlie Watts Bad Company

Cyril Davies All Stars & Long John Baldry - : . Sadly, both no longer with us.
theres no doubt in my mind that if Long John Baldry was still alive he would be voicing Lord Boxman
If you liked last video clip (featuring the great Long John Baldry) here he is again (you WILL smile) via
"Let the Heartache Begin" by Long John Baldry off the album of the same name.
Long John Baldry, probably better known to the internet for being Doctor Robotnik in the early 90s Sonic cartoon!
It's taken me nearly 21 years to realise that Long John Baldry, iconic blues singer, was the VA for AoSTH Robotnik, and now I'm floored! O.O
Yeah even as a kid, not buying into this. Maybe if it was Jim Cummings she was hot for but not Long John Baldry.
Long John Baldry - You've Lost That Lovin'feelin' on AIR FM the home of great 80's music
CORAL FM is now on the air with a Sun Set featuring . Dr Music. Long John Baldry, and Fleetwood Mac for Lita...
I picked Robotnik just because the Milton Knight/Long John Baldry version of the character from AoStH is on…
To me, Long John Baldry will always be the voice of Dr. Robotnik, Eggman, whatever.
Sonic Mania starring Jaleel White as Sonic, Long John Baldry as Dr. Robotnik, Dan Green as Knuckles, and Chris Welch as Tails.
Long John Baldry Band 'One step ahead of you'
Looking back, I was always a bit suspicious about Long John Baldry.
A piece of trivia you may know. Btw, just read the Long John Baldry piece in Mojo.🐭👍🏼. (I'm so far behind).
“Don't try to lay no Boogie Woogie...” Long John Baldry knew how to tell the tale...
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Next on Esoterica -. Long John Baldry - Don't Try to Lay No Boogie Woogie on the King of Rock & Roll.
Long John Baldry Intro and song with DC Intro by
Hey, Michele! How about Long John Baldry for the lunch today? Some of that old "Boojie Woojie."(?) Oh yeah, Good Morning!
The Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog's Dr. Robotnik was played by the late Long John Baldry who was a phenomenal singer.
Long John Baldry - Walk me out in the morning dew via
I'm listening to Let the heartache begin by Long John Baldry.
Beautiful looking model, a very Jim Cummings or Long John Baldry like voice would also do the trick.
He was certainly under the weather. Long John Baldry and the Moody Blues were his supporting acts.
Happy Birthday to the late great Ray Price, Ruth Brown, Tim Horton, Alan Sharp, Ronald Shannon Jackson, Long John Baldry and Joe Frazier.
Long John Baldry lived here for awhile too. When his mates played Toronto they would come visit him. Aw the good ol' days.
Long John Baldry - Don't You Lay No Boogie Woogie on the Kind of Rock and Roll
We've just added Long John Baldry Let The Heartache Begin to our site - -
saw and with lots of blues. clubs 60s Long John Baldry etc. Amazing
DJ Abbott @ WKDfm is playing Long John Baldry - You're the One
many many years ago played with Chuck Berry at the Cavern,happy days.Long John Baldry kicked me too
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DJ Abbott @ WKDfm is playing Long John Baldry - Midnight in Berlin
* Long John Baldry - Let The Heartaches Begin * was top of the UK charts this week 49 years ago (1967)
Let's burn down the cornfield. Long John Baldry. and that's a wrap for tonight.
And the deaths 1796 Robert Burns; 2005 Long John Baldry; and today in 1897 Tate Britain opened on Millbank.
1..7/18/39..organist, Brian Auger, b-day. Formed Steampacket in 1965, with Long John Baldry, Julie Driscoll, Vic Briggs and
Long John Baldry fans? This features a duet with a very young Rod Stewart and a just as young "Reg Dwight" on piano.
Each time I'm reminded that Long John Baldry was the voice actor of Dr. Robotnik in the weird Sonic cartoon, it gets more unsettling to me.
and I mean the Long John Baldry one, indisputably the best one.
My boyfriend believes that AoStH is the best adaptation and thus Long John Baldry was the best Robotnik. I get it.
My top 3 are definitely Deem Bristow, Mike *** and Long John Baldry.
is it the one your mam did dancing to Long John Baldry on TOTP?
Also I would have Undyne as Tara Strong and Alphys as Long John Baldry
Bugs and legendary rock critic Juan Rodriguez yakking about Nick and Long John Baldry
Rod Stewart and Long John Baldry. Both had Holloway Road connections, find out what, Sunday
Long John Baldry talked Elton John out if getting married in 1968 when he lived in Liverpool Road. Hear the...
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Long John Baldry talked Elton John out of marriage in Liverpool Road, 1968 story Sunday noon
. I saw many big concerts, but front row center first balcony at the Jubilee Auditorium for Long John Baldry stands out. LSD, too
Haven't done this for a while - how about Long John Baldry, Bert Jansch, Os Mutantes, Napoleon XIV and Lulu
1965: Steam Packet with Long John Baldry, Rod Stewart, Julie Discoll and The Brian Auger Trinity appeared at the Marquee Club, London.
Rod Stewart with Long John Baldry, Julie Driscoll and Brian Auger in the mid-sixties group Steampacket
lets go...Dave Davies, Long John Baldry, Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies, The Troggs, John Fahey
I had this album It Aint Easy by Long John Baldry and my son copied it off that album and put it onto a CD for me and it
Long John Baldry.couldn't think of a reason not too
We're going through Star Wars Droids at the moment. Anthony Daniels is brilliant and Long John Baldry turns up later.
It Ain't Easy: Long John Baldry and the Birth of the British Blues - Paul Myers
Eric Burden, Steve Winwood, Long John Baldry, Julie Driscoll and Rod Stewart performing 'I Feel Alright' at the...
Comparing The Voices - Dr.Robtnik/Eggman via long john baldry will always be my favorite :)
Rod Stewart - Long John Baldry - A night on the town tv special 1976 via
Cheryl Lescom performing with Long John Baldry at The Coronet - 1981!
Long John Baldry - Let the Heartaches Begin from the age of dinosaurs
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I had to work with Jam & Lewis. Did. I had to work with Long John Baldry & Buddy Miles. Did. I have to work w John Mayer ...
Long John Baldry Live in Germany 1993 I'd Rather Go Blind Kathi McDonald..great voice...she is missed...RIP Kathi
January 7, was an eclectic day in music history. Consider these examples. Today's: Misc. history - Famous birthdays 1876 - Composer William Yeates Hurlstone was born. 1899 - Composer Francis Poulenc was born. 1924 - George Gershwin completed "Rhapsody in Blue" at the age of 26. 1941 - "Good-for-Nothin’-Joe" was recorded by the sultry Lena Horne with Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra on Bluebird Records. 1955 - Marian Anderson became the first African-American to sing at New York's Metropolitan Opera. 1963 - Gary "U.S." Bonds filed a $100,000 suit against Chubby Checker. The charge was that Checker "stole" "Quarter to Three" and turned it into the song "Dancin' Party." The case was settled out of court. 1964 - Long John Baldry formed Hoochie *** Men. 1970 - Max Yasgur was sued for $35,000 in property damages by neighboring farmers. It was Yasgur's on which the August 1969 Woodstock Festival was held. 1980 - Larry Williams committed suicide. 1997 - Prince appeared on the Rosie O'Donnell show. 2013 - T ...
Listening to Long John Baldry's live album Evening Conversation. Sheesh, you were on FIRE that night!
just imagine him saying I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG like in the old cartoon with long john baldry in
'Sugar Bear' aka Long John Baldry saved him from suicide
Long John Baldry - Let the heartaches begin 1968 go on Long John give it everything, don't hold back now
Check out Lonnie G on ReverbNation - Blues in Victoria - reminiscent of Long John Baldry - very o
. Long John Baldry and Kath McDonald best version ever
“~Lionel Bart and Long John Baldry in 1974. Probably on the way to a great party somewhere~.
Long John Baldry - Let The Heartaches Begin (Maculay-McLeod) (1967) I can hear the guitars start to play and very soon they say I was a fool to turn my love ...
No 1 on this day in 1967: Long John Baldry - Let The Heartaches Begin.
22Nov/1967: Long John Baldry's "Let the Heartaches Begin" tops the UK singles chart. It will be his only in the UK
On this day in 1967, Long John Baldry had his only No.1 in the UK chart with 'Let The Heartaches Begin'.
Now on KNOM: Warren Zevon "Things to Doin Denver When You're Dead"; Band "Blowin in the Wind"; Long John Baldry "It Aint Easy"
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There are almost as many alcoves on Tallinn as in In Bruges. And Long John Baldry on the cafe soundtrack.
MUSIC HISTORY 101 OCTOBER 2, 2012 - British session guitarist BIG JIM SULLIVAN (b. as James George Tomkins in Middlesex, England) died at the age of 71 due to complications from heart disease and diabetes. Best known as a session guitarist in the 1960s and 1970s Sullivan was one of the most in-demand studio musicians in the UK. Sullivan started his career in 1959 as a member of Marty Wilde’s band and when Wilde bought Sullivan a Gibson Les Paul guitar, it was allegedly the first one in Britain. Sullivan taught his neighbor (and future Deep Purple guitarist) Ritchie Blackmore to play guitar, as well as helping Yes and Asia guitarist Steve Howe on his road to success. His playing is featured on 55 hits and around 800 charting singles over the course of his career. He worked with George Harrison, Frank Zappa, Thunderclap Newman, Love Affair, Long John Baldry, Marmalade and The Tremeloes. During Jimmy Page’s session career, he was known as ‘Little Jim’, to differentiate him from Big Jim. Sullivan's m ...
THIS DAY IN MUSIC HISTORY (September 23rd): 1930: Ray Charles Robinson was born -- he died in 2004 1939: Roy Buchanan was born -- in 1988, he hung himself, with his own shirt, in the Fairfax (Virginia) County Adult Detention Center, after being arrested for drunkenness 1943: Steve Boone, (The Lovin' Spoonful, bass) was born 1947: Jerry Corbetta (Sugarloaf, keyboards, vocals) was born 1949: Bruce Springsteen was born 1957: Elvis Presley releases "Jailhouse Rock" b/w "Treat Me Nice" 1957: "That'll Be The Day" went to on the US singles charts for The Crickets 1966: The Rolling Stones kicked off a 12-date tour in the UK at Royal Albert Hall London -- Long John Baldry, Ike & Tina Turner and The Yardbirds (with Jimmy Page on bass and Jeff Beck on guitar) were in support 1967: The Doors release "People Are Strange" 1967: Lulu's "To Sir With Love" enters the charts 1967: "The Letter" started a four-week run at on the US singles charts for The Box Tops 1968: Working on new songs for their forthcoming album, The Be ...
Happy Birthday Spencer Davis. Spencer David Nelson Davis (born 17 July 1939) is a British musician and multi-instrumentalist, and the founder of the 1960s rock band The Spencer Davis Group. Davis dropped the E in Davies and became Davis because in England and in the US his last name was pronounced "Daveys" and not Davis as in the Welsh pronunciation. Davis was born in Swansea, in south Wales. His father served as a paratrooper. Influenced by his Uncle Herman's mandolin playing, Spencer Davis began learning to play harmonica and accordion at the age of six. He then attended Dynevor School, where he passed seven GCE O-level examinations. He moved to London when he was sixteen, and began working in the Civil Service as a clerical officer at the Post Office Savings Bank in Hammersmith and for HM Customs and Excise; but went back to his old school to study for A-levels in languages, becoming Head Boy in 1959. In 1960 he moved to Birmingham, to read German at the University of Birmingham. In music circles, Davi ...
Still streaming ReBoot! Long John Baldry is about to be a reoccuring character.
Long John Baldry - Mexico | £3.99 | just arrived in stock on the vinyl tap web site
nice. Are they the ones where Long John Baldry is Robotnik?
Please follow me because I now know that Long John Baldry was not an Old Carthusian!
On in 1962 The Rolling Stones debuted at the Marquee Club in London subbing for Long John Baldry's Blues Incorporated
Long John Baldry - Midnight Special now playing on LG73!
Now for some oldies!. It Still Ain't East by Long John Baldry- A simple but catchy country/blues mashup, well sung and competently produced.
Q. Today in 1962, Long John Baldry played at The Marquee Club, London, UK. Who was his support band? A.
I never attended a Ronnie Hawkins show but I interviewed him for my book about Long John Baldry.
Dylan Wickens & the Grand Naturals Friday & Saturday! & just who are these fine fellows? Dylan Wickens has worked with and/or opened shows for many of the best that Canada and abroad have to offer including Pat Travers, Sonny Landreth, Jon Knight, The Johnny Max Band, the late Jeff Healey, Downchild, Serena Ryder, Robin Bank$, Kevin Breit & Shakura S'Aida among them. Bassist Dennis Pinhorn has played with a range of acts including Spencer Davis, James Cotton, Down Child Blues Band, and Brutus. Drummer Al Webster has toured throughout the world and performed with such artists as Amanda Marshall, Colin James, Big Sugar, Zachary Richard, Long John Baldry, the legendary Jaco Pastorius, Robben Ford, Edgar Winter, Mavis Staples, Jim Belushi, Jeff Healey, Michelle Shocked and many more. Also on tours with Whitney Houston, Ja Rule, P. Diddy, Simply Red, Los Lobos, Lyle Lovett, B.B. King, etc. TV appearances include, Rosie O'Donnell, Much Music, Juno Awards, Mike Bullard, and many European concert specials includi ...
If Jaleel White doesn't voice Sonic in this new movie then all is lost. RIP Long John Baldry
1971, when I moved into John Cipollina's house on King St in Mill Valley, California. Crazy times :-) These shots were taken in John's antique gun room upstairs. John was in the room, but the photos were taken by Mike Moore. We were just larking around as usual :-) This was the beginning of Copperhead...before John came up with the band name. I'd just finished playing "Long John Baldry' Blues Bands" first tour of the USA. If I tried to roll my eyes up in my sockets like that today they'd probably get stuck there.
Let The Heartaches Begin by Long John Baldry is in Robinsons, Belfast. Download it now at
Great day to spin Long John Baldry's "It Aint Easy". Great album, and dont try to lay no Boogie Woogie on the king of rock n roll.
the POLTERGEIST KING in that episode is also voiced by Long John Baldry
'Mexico' by Long John Baldry: I've never been to Mexico, but I imagine this pretty much sums it up.
Excited to announce: The Kyler Schogen Band Live at The Free Press April 11th at 7 Kyler Schogen's stylistic sound, made up of Bluesy Pop/Rock with melodic hooks and jazzy overtones, is all about flowing grooves and soulful deliveries. Starting the Kyler Schogen Band in 1996 and covering ground from Whitehorse to the Mexican border, playing over 1350 shows in the past ten years, he released his fourth CD, “Like Gypsies", in March 2013. He’s opened for Gordie Johnson, Long John Baldry, Northern Pikes, Doug & the Slugs, Warrant, Teenage Head, etc. and has worked with Rami Jaffee from the Wallflowers, Tim Bogert from Vanilla Fudge, Bob Margouleff - producer/engineer for Wilson Pickett, Stevie Wonder & Jeff Beck, etc. Rare opportunity to see a band that can rock a big stage in a small venue with food and drink service at your table. No cover. No Ticketmaster fees. $5 donation to the band is encouraged.
Madman Across the Water- Elton John 1971 Alright, I know, but this isn't Elton working with Kiki Dee and Walt Disney. This is early Elton, coming from working with Long John Baldry and Bluesology. Elton was always top 40 ready, but those first 3 or 4 records had the songs to back it up. I remain a fan of any album with Levon or Tiny Dancer on it and deep down so do many of you. Saw him twice, in Baltimore with Leon 1970 and Richmond 1972, no elaborate costumes just playing and he was good. Later, someone convinced him to go all showtimey. Oh well. Only thing I regret about this album is that Paul Buckmaster? did the strings. Would love to hear it without. I'll give props to the Madman Across the Water. It's Thursday, which means I have 24 hours until Judy's birthday. Maybe I should go shopping today? Relax, spring is coming.
Saturday January 25 9PM Mocking Shadows Mocking Shadows have been considered one of Western Canada’s leading high energy show bands for almost 14 years. The band delivers old school R&B hits and Motown favorites guaranteed to excite any dance floor. The line-up includes a three piece horn section, bass, drums, organ, guitar, and several vocalists. They have toured with the legendary B.B. King on 2 separate occasions and performed or shared stages with world renowned entertainers and bands including: The Tragically Hip, ZZ Top, Long John Baldry, Reba Macintire, Leanne Rimes, Jann Arden, 54/40, Wide Mouth Mason, Randy Bachman, Lighthouse, The Powder Blues Band, Doug & The Slugs, Trooper, Downchild Blues Band and The Stampeders among others. As of late, the band has also been performing as the “Blues Brothers Band” for “The Blues Brothers Revival”, the only Blues Brothers tribute sanctioned by Dan Aykroyd and the estate of John Belushi.
Happy 80th birthday to Lew Williams. Ruth Brown would have been 86 (died 17/11/2006). Ray Price would have been 86 (died 16/12/2013). Mississippi Fred McDowell would have been 110 (died 3/7/1972). Jay McShann would have been 98 (died 7/12/2006.) Long John Baldry would have been 73 (died 21/7/2005). Maurice Gibb died this day 2003 age 53.
Even though Rod's birthday was yesterday I have something id like to say. I am blessed that we have each other to celebrate his birthday with but I was thinking about Rod fans that are no longer with us but are with us in spirit. They are: Rita Belcher,Colin Jones,Jan Thurnell,and Diane Macnei and in 2005 there was a girl named Maggie who was 5 or 6 who had cancer and as part of the make a wish foundation she and her family got to visit Rod at his home in LA. She passed away in October of 2005. I like to think they were all celebrating Rod's birthday in heaven with his parents,sister Peggy,Long John Baldry,Ronnie Lane,Micky Waller and Dee Harvey. Rod has bought us together with his music but its his kindness that he has for his fans that I truly love and thats what makes him special. =)
Years: 1st January 1984: Alexis Korner died of lung cancer aged 55. Know as "the Founding Father of British Blues", he was a major force behind the UK early 60's R&B scene. Formed Blues Incorporated; members at various times included Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Long John Baldry, Graham Bond and Charlie Watts. Had hits with CCS, including a version of Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love' which was used as the theme for BBC's Top Of The Pops for several years. Became a radio presenter in the 70's.
AN ALTERNATIVE - ROCKING BLUES END TO THE YEAR 30 DEC 2013 STEVIE SMITH BLUES EXPERIENCE @ Bulls Head, Barnes SW13 Collaboration of two old musical mates: Stevie Smith from Ruthless Blues and Steve Smith. Back together after 2 decades. Older but definitely none the wiser. If you want a boy band don’t bother coming, if you want a great night out with a no nonsense R&B band we’ll see you soon. The band comprises: STEVIE SMITH: South London music legend and UK blues veteran who has played with more names than a Scrabble champion! A runner up in the national Harmonica Championships, he;s spent over 25 nyears fronting Ruthlesss Blues and touring with Joanne Kelly, Long John Baldry, S.A.L.T, The Purple Gang, Bad Manners,Terminal Snack and Ramrod. STEVE SMITH: Electric, acoustic, slide, dobro guitars and vocals. Former lead guitarist with Dumpys Rusty Nuts, Hot Club, Ruthless Blues & The Sharpees, Steve is a fine solo performer and session player in his own right. Steve was also the driving guitar force of t ...
myRockworld features Long John Baldry - R.I.P. John William "Long John" Baldry (12 January 1941 – 21 July 2005) was an English and Canadian blues singer. Long John Baldry's amazing musical legacy which if properly notated would fill a few pages in any rock encyclopedia. Long John's forty-five year career is a rich tapestry of recording, performing, great bands, discoverer of talent and actor. Long John is particularly known for his associations with former band members Rod Stewart and Elton John. Looking closely at LJB's musical tree you will discover that virtually every musician who came up in England during the 60's have some connection to LJB. Names like Ginger Baker, Jeff Beck, Brian Jones, Beatles, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart and The Rolling Stones are cemented in LJB's musical history. In fact, Eric Clapton has stated many times that he was inspired to pick up a guitar after seeing Long John Baldry perform in the early 1960s. Undeniably, Long John was one of the founding 'Fathers of British Blues . ...
good night myRockworld, Long John Baldry was the mentor for Rod Stewart and Elton John, both produced and played...
Miraculously, Amazon still seems to stock my 2nd book: It Ain't Easy: Long John Baldry & the Birth of British Blues
well I really want to score a film. I forgot to tell you that I wrote an award nominated documentary on Long John Baldry.
in 1967 - Number one hit on UK music charts - Long John Baldry - Let The Heartaches Begin.
NA version of long john baldry,little commercial success but man did they springboard some talent on us.nice article.
♫Macarther Park by Long John Baldry. Brought to you by The Heartbeat of Hout Bay - Republic Radio -
ON THIS DAY in 1964 Ringo & John watched the Animals, Stones & Long John Baldry perform at the Glad Rag Ball, Wembley
I sent her a Long John Baldry vid..
... long John Baldry wants his long johns back ... told me so
This is defo looking to busy night down here on the south coast... Got a few surprises in the play box just for the Long John Baldry... Two Weeks This Saturday... Bring It On...
Traffic, Fleetwood Mac, John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers and Long John Baldry in London, Sept 1967
Birth Name Reginald Kenneth Dwight Nickname Sharon (given to him by Rod Stewart) Height 5' 7¾" (1.72 m) Mini Biography Sir Elton John is one of pop music's great survivors. Born 25 March, 1947, as Reginald Kenneth Dwight, he started to play the piano at the early age of four. At the age of 11, he won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music. His first band was called Bluesology. He later auditioned (unsuccessfully) as lead singer for the progressive rock bands King Crimson and Gentle Giant. Dwight teamed up with lyricist Bernie Taupin and changed his name to Elton John (merging the names of saxophonist Elton Dean and Long John Baldry). The duo wrote songs for Lulu and Roger Cook. In the early 1970s, he recorded the concept album "Tumbleweed Connection." He became the most successful pop artist of the 1970s, and he has survived many different pop fads including punk, the New Romantics and Britpop to remain one of Britain's most internationally acclaimed musicians. Elton John announced he was a bisexual ...
Dad had lots that didn't get played much - Alexis Korner, Big Bill Broonzy, Long John Baldry...
Some absolutely brilliant Steampacket/Jeff Beck Band footage on this Rod doc. My old mates Brian Auger and Long John Baldry on it, too.
Covers:- There have been numerous recordings of this song, including: • Francis McPeake - for the BBC series As I Roved Out (1957) • Sandy Paton - on Many Sides of Sandy Paton (1959) • The McPeake Family - on McPeake Family of Belfast (1961) • Judy Collins - on A Maid of Constant Sorrow (1961) • The Clancy Brothers - (as "Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?") on The Boys Won't Leave the Girls Alone (1962) • Paul Clayton - on Folk Singer (1965) • Joan Baez - on Farewell Angelina (1965) • The New Christy Minstrels - (as "Go, Lassie, Go") on Wandering Minstrels (1965) • The Byrds - on Fifth Dimension (1966)[6] • Marianne Faithfull - on North Country Maid (1966) • Long John Baldry - on Everything Stops for Tea (1972) • Van Morrison - as "Purple Heather" on Hard Nose the Highway (1973) • Nigel & the Crosses - on Time Between - A Tribute to The Byrds (1989) • Meg Davis - on Meg Davis Live at Dennos (1992) • Strawbs - (as "Will You Go") on the B-side to the single "Part of the Union" and on the ...
Cover version of the day. Three Dog Night part 3. Here is a song that I used exactly two months ago. In that post I used Bettye LaVette's version. However, this qualifies as part of this Three Dog Night study. They did not have a hit with it but they thought enough of it to name their album after it. This is from the April post in case you missed it: You are no doubt familiar with this song, probably David Bowie's version on Ziggy Stardust. However, several versions predate his including Dave Edmunds, and Mitch Ryder. If you just glance at the songwriting credits you might think it was written by Ray Davies but it was actually Ron Davies, an American songwriter who was eventually based in Nashville. I found 13 versions including the most recent one, just this month by Shelby Lynne. What is remarkable about this song is that three of these artists chose to also use the song title for the name of the album as well. Three Dog Night, Long John Baldry, and Chris Smither. I cannot think of another case of that ...
June 7, 1969 was the first public performance of Blind Faith. The show was part of a free concert weekend at Hyde Park, in central London. The bill included Donovan, Richie Havens, Lulu, and Long John Baldry. Blind Faith had come together from remnants of Cream (Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker), Spencer Davis Group and Traffic (Steve Winwood), and Family (bassist Rick Grech.) In the Spring of 67, two months after Cream broke up, Clapton and Winwood began jamming together at Clapton's house in Surrey. They liked the sound and decided to form a new band. Ginger Baker came over and joined in. Winwood convinced Clapton to bring Baker into the band. Rick Grech joined in May. It was less than a month later that the Hyde Park show occurred. It didn't matter. There was so much buzz about the group, that by the time Blind Faith made their appearance, the crowd had grown to an estimated 100,000. Not ideal circumstances for a debut performance by a band together only a few weeks. The Hyde Park set li ...
Friday 14th June we will be playing at Bridge House II, Caning Town London. Here is a few others who have played there (no pressure then). U2 played there on their first visit to London from Ireland. Depeche Mode played there for a year, we helped them get a deal with Mute records. Cafe Racers played, they later changed their name to Dire Straits. Paul Young and his band Q-Tips had a residency there for 9 months. Chas and Dave were regulars, recording a double live album there. Iron Maiden played over 35 times with three different singers. Tom Robinson fine tuned 2468 while playing there. A Flock of Seagulls got signed there. Billy Bragg, Steve Marriot, Charlie Watts, *** Jagger and Keith Richards. Huey Lewis, Paul Jones, Rory Gallagher was always sensational when he used to jam with all the guys. Alex Harvey, Ginger Baker, Brian Knight, Jeff Beck, Long John Baldry, Manfred Mann, Lindisfarne, Crawler, Paul Kossoff Band, Jo Ann Kelly and her Band, Tony Mcphee & Groundhogs, Zoot Money, Alexis Korner, Geno . ...
May 27 65 years old, born 1948 Bassist and Keyboardist. In a career spanning more than four decades he has been a member of many bands and has moved through a variety of musical genres, from early R&B, psychedelic improvisational rock of the 1960s, folk, country music, arena rock in the 1970s, and blues. Sears was a founding member of the original Jefferson Starship (1974-1987). Associated acts also include: Sons of Fred, Fleur De Lys, Trader Horne, Silver Metre, Long John Baldry, Copperhead, Hot Tuna, Rod Stewart, Steve Kimock, David Nelson Band, John Lee Hooker, and Moonalice. Sears played on the classic Rod Stewart albums Gasoline Alley, Every Picture Tells A Story which was listed high in Rolling Stone Magazine's top 500 best albums of all time, Never a Dull Moment, and Smiler. He also played on the hit singles Maggie May, and Reason To Believe. During this period, Sears toured the US with Long John Baldry blues band, and played with John Cipollina in Copperhead. During the 1970s and early 1980s ...
wow I saw Georgie Fame at Cheltenham Odeon in mid 60's in concert with Long John Baldry and Chris Farlow!!
It's so nice to come back from my run and see all these messages from everyone. I guess you didn't mind my posting all this stuff about my lovely friend, Long John Baldry. I'm not going to post any more tracks from that album right now, but I thought you might like a little background on that album ... and it might make you smile as well. Wello, around the time I recorded that album, LJB(known to his friends as Aida B. (Rod Stewart was known as Phyllis and Elton was called Sharon), but I digress. Anyway, at that time he was living in Muswell Hill in North London, and Lesley Duncan and I were living just round the corner on Cranley Gardens. And John had somehow acquired this pet goat called Maylie and which is featured on the album cover. And John became well known in the area for his pet goat, because he used to take it out on walks on a leash with him when he would go up to the local shops (convenience stores) to pick up his milk, tea and cigarettes. And of course, it caused no end of funny stories. One ...
I was just writing about an album I produced all the way back in the 1070s with Long John Baldry. It was early in my producing career, but I still think it was one of my best. But it saddens me to know that a lot of the main characters involved in it are no longer with us. Long John Baldry died 2 years ago, Lesley Duncan died last year, the engineer, Mike Claydon is dead, many of the other musicians have also passed. Even the studio, IBC, where I made so many records when I lived in London is no longer there. Growing old is certainly a strange and emotionally challenging process. One has to get used to an awful lot of letting go.
Well, I finally got my turntable hooked up. I've been enjoying some old LPs all weekend. Long John Baldry, The Stones, The Who, Annie Lennox, Stanley Clark.I'm lovin' it!!
Good Vibrations tonight (Feb 20) 8pm to 10pm. Special guest is Scott Zampatti with a 10 to 1 countdown of his favourite all time Australian songs. (Should be some very interesting selections) Other music from Tracy Chapman, Long John Baldry, Laurie Anderson, Barry Ryan and a host of other artists. 99.1 or listen online at Ian Fettling
Long John Baldry presented the BRIT Award for Outstanding Contribution at The BRIT Awards 1993 to Rod Stewart
1 of my fave by EJ also love Someone saved my life tonight, written about Long John Baldry
Radio Meltdown is Long John Baldry - Let the heartaches begin
Long John Baldry (front) with Bluesology - One of the great unsung heroes of British Blues.
The legendary Long John Baldry in concert tonight.
Apparently, Long John Baldry appeared in an episode of MacGyver, which is on Netflix. And here I was about to go to sleep...
You know I wonder, if Long John Baldry hadn't kicked the bucket... if SEGA would have used him for Classic Eggman in Generations.
Rod Stewart’s 1st released recording was of Stewart singing back up vocals for Long John Baldry on his 1964 single “Up Above My Head”.
I just used to tag MacArthur Park by Long John Baldry.
I don't know how many people got this release by Paul Clipper but tonight I will be on his internet radio program talking about the Blues and the early English bands from the 1950s and 60s. It gives me a chance to look back on my music years and many of the bands I worked with. Bands like Brian Auger, The Yardbirds, Spencer Davis, Georgie Fame and great blues singers like Long John Baldry. Should be a lot of fun Be there or be square! 7:30 PM Pacific time. I promise some music you have probably never heard before.
Born on January 12: - Ray Price ("For the Good Times") - Glenn Yarbrough ("Baby the Rain Must Fall") - William Lee Golden - vocalist for the Oak Ridge Boys ("Elvira") - Long John Baldry - ("Let the Heartaches Begin") - Abe Tilmon - vocalist for The Detroit Emeralds ("Baby Let Me Take You in My Arms") - Cynthia Robinson - trumpeter for Sly and the Family Stone ("Dance to the Music") - Jim Gold - lead vocals and guitar for Gallery ("Nice to Be with You") - Felipe Rose - the American Indian in Village People ("YMCA")
Ken Dodd approached me in a club and asked me where Long John Baldry was
.Tony Blackburn will soon play the music from the charts of 1967 and 1985 with Georgie Fame, Long John Baldry, Dee C Lee and Wham
Doug Cox and Sam Hurrie are reuniting for one special night at the Cumberland Hotel on Dec 15th. Together, they have been called "Zen masters of Canadian Roots music." They performed together with their band and as a duo for 8 years. They were signed to the Northern Blues label, recorded two award winning CDs together and toured throughout Canada and parts of Europe. Doug & Sam also hosted the blues jam at the dearly departed Edge Pub in Comox for 7 years every Weds night with their musical compadre, Todd Butler. Separately, their musical resumes cover the musical gamut, from Hurrie's early performances with the likes of Jimi Hendrix and later, Honeyboy Edwards, to Cox's musical adventures with musicians like Long John Baldry, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and even Led Zepp's John Paul Jones! These two West Coast musicians have always had a very copacetic musical relationship and are thrilled to be visiting each others musical chops again after all these years. Don't miss a great reunion of blues and rock and roll w ...
Long John Baldry's music is surprisingly good. I always knew him from being Robotnik in The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
things changed when record company took over He became more commercial. Happened to Long John Baldry too.
I do not own any of the song's rights, this is made for entertainment purposes only.
Long John Baldry - Let the heartaches begin 1968: via
Elton John named himself for Long John Baldry and Elton Dean.
Makes me wanna listen to some Long John Baldry, or maybe Marianne Faithfull.
RIP Kathi MCDonald died unexpectedly last month age 64 same as Long John Baldry in 2007
The Beatles are certainly known for their ability to put on a show, but their performances were usually not of the bookish variety. The band made an exception, however, for William Shakespeare's 400th birthday in 1964.
Long John Baldry's importance when framing British Blues cannot be overstated. He discovered and/or nurtured most...
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A voice never to forget he had, Long John Baldry and a founder of the earliest period of popmusic in GB he was with a huge list of, later on very succesfull,...
"I got off with a caution - a year's conditional discharge, but I'll always remember that policeman and his Booogie Wooogie. So don't try to lay no booogie wooogie on the king of rock n' roll." Long John Baldry
I wish my name was Long John Baldry
Long John Baldry singing "A Thrill's a Thrill" at the Bottom Line club in New York city in 1979 with Karl Rucker(bass) *** Clarke, (acoustic guitar), Roy Yo...
Kathi McDonald who had a huge hit in Australia with Long John Baldry in 1980 has died at the age of 64
An incredible voice which you'll always should remember, also very nice sung by Kathi Mcdonald. There is another upload from this Band those days in Germany ...
I think this is the best version of this song. Decide for yourself :) The pictures have nothing to do with the song either. Not sure if i can put this on her...
Long John Baldry with this almost spiritual and touching song. He's the inventor of the (blues-based) start of popmusic in Great Brittain and influenced, wor...
Kathi McDonald passed away yesterday. Another great voice silenced. I can imagine her now in Heaven, belting it out with Long John Baldry again. A fine woman. R.I.P. Kathi McDonald.
For those of you that never met her i'm sure you have heard her voice, this is my aunt Kathi and she joined the happily ever after today with all the greats, much luv happy journey Kathi McDonald When such rock luminaries as The Rolling Stones, Leon Russell, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Long John Baldry, Nils Lofgren and Ike and Tina Turner specifically request her services to record vocals on their albums, then it proves the value and respect they attribute to the passion and prowess of Kathi's voice. Kathi McDonald, a veteran performer, has sung on dozens of gold LPs. Her soulful, passionate vocals combined with her legendary phrasing, impeccable timing and intonation are some of the reasons her vocals are an integral part of so many big hits. Her first solo album, Insane Asylum, was recorded with Neil Schon, John Cippolina, Ronnie Montrose, Aynsley Dunbar, Pete Sears, The Pointer Sisters and the Tower of Power horn section and is now a treasured collectors item. Still today, she is one of the m ...
Just as I'm packing my gear for a "memorial campfire" for Daisy DeBolt, I hear about the passing of another phenomenal vocalist that I had the pleasure of working with. Kathi MacDonald was one of the all-time great female vocalists in rock,blues and R&B. She passed away yesterday, apparently slipped into a coma and never came out. She had an incredible resume, an Ikette at 19, part of Mad Dogs & Englishmen with Joe Cocker, Big Brother (post-Janis), recording with Delaney & Bonnie, Rita Coolidge, Nils Lofgren, Dave Mason, Freddy King, The Rolling Stones and a twenty-year collaboration with Long John Baldry. She spent a little time in Toronto and had a strong Canadian connection via Baldry who toured the world with her. Baldry's band always had a few Canadians, Papa John King, Butch Coulter, Al Webster and others including yours truly when I subbed for Papa John in Brampton (or was it Brantford). Kathi & John made some classic recordings and the bands gave some unforgettable shows. I toured Germany with Ka ...
via John Shirley "fFom Dale Ockerman: We have lost another great vocalist oct 3rd, Kathi McDonald, RIP. She was one of the only white "Ike-ettes" with Ike and Tina Turner, sang on the Stones' "Exile On Main street", with Freddie King, Big Brother, Quicksilver, Leon Russell, a range of artists so vast it boggles the mind, and she always made them sound better for her contributions!". This is very sad.
My friend just died...a rough and colorful life...we had lunch last month, and she called this week to say she was having gallbladder surgery.hard to believe...
R.I.P Kathi McDonald. She sang with a band around here when I was growing up called the Unusuals. After that she had a great singing career with many performers including the Stones and Long John Baldry.
I went out to the insane asylum And I found my baby out there I said please come back to me darlin' What in the world are you doin' here? Then the little gir...
Baldry and band on their best with this trainrunning tune, straight, honoust and entertaining.
Very Sad to hear our Good Friend Kathi Mcdonald passed away, today in Seattle of unknown causes. I can hear Kathi singing Duets with Long John Baldry right now in Music Heaven. I know Long John will be there, waiting at the gates for You!!! RIP Kathi, Much Love to You!!! xo :(
Today is a sad day in my world. My friend , singer Kathi McDonald passed away. Although she sang as an Ikette, for Long John Baldry and Leon Russell and even on the Exile on Main Street Rolling Stones record I'll never forget the night we all sang with her in my backyard at an intimate dinner party. She used to stay with me and help me in the garden. She would walk my dog and love my kids like she was their aunt. She would even make us all the best homemade pesto you ever ate. We spent more time laughing it up with her as her wit was just legendary. Her voice always gave me goosebumps. She was a character for sure and I loved her for that.There will never be another like her. If there is a positive spin on this day it would be that my Bill finally got the singer of his choice. He loved her too. Make some beautiful music up there.
Another Long John Baldry track, well, this one is a cover of the classic Doors song "Love Me Two Times." Good cover, and it shows John's abilities to manipul...
Long John Baldry, on a Beatles TV Special called "Around the Bealtes" with Backing vocals by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.
Flying, Long John Baldry off the 1971 album It Ain't Easy. Underrated song
Brilliant recording of the Elton John band with Long John Baldry from Baldry's 1972 album "Everything Stops for Tea," which was produced by Elton John. Ray C...
Knew Tommy Chong years ago. Met his daughter RAE DAWN who sat on my lap at a Long John Baldry concert. Great gal - need to connect with her
Well it's *** pride parade day again, so I'll have to put up with an hour or so of crappy disco and techno music until they move on. How about some Tom Robinson Band, SNFU, Long John Baldry, Queen, Little Richard or even Judas Priest for a change!
In 1964 this group made its debut by opening for the Stones. It was called the first super-blues group and launched the careers of Brian Auger, Rod Stewart, Julie Driscoll, Vic Briggs and Long John Baldry. Their albums include "Back at the Chicken Shack," "The "In" Crowd" and "Holy Smoke." Who were they?
I'm having so much fun with Pandora Radio, making up my own "stations!" My mix right now includes Nanci Griffith, Queen, Harry Chapin, Karine Polwart (Scottish -- give her a serious listen!), 10cc, Steve Goodman, Sandy Denny, Bad Company, Danny O'Keefe, Long John Baldry, Leo Kotke, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Josh Ritter (and then any artist falling into the same category as those above). I only don't like it when Cat Stevens (whoever he is now) comes on!
written by Eddie Boyd in 1952 - recorded by the Yardbirds, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Clapton, Ike & Tina & Long John Baldry
Former longtime lead singer with the Long John Baldry band performs at German music show Ohne Filter - Musik Pur in 1993.
Long John Baldry and Bobby Cameron produced by Andrew Myers, playing his last live show in the USA. It was July, 19, 2004. Don't try to lay no Boogie Woogie ...
Song "Cut Time Boogie" by Mark Unobsky (the tracks rough...but real :-) John Cipollina: Lead guitar Jim McPherson: Piano, Bass & vocals (piano on this track) Pete Sears: Piano, & Bass (bass on this track) David Weber: Drums Gary Philippet: Vocals & Guitar. (I think Jim Murray came up on harp...might have been Gary on harp...I don't remember. We didn't usually have harp so I'm pretty sure it was Jim) I came up to live with John Cipollina after I finished playing the "Long John Baldry" USA tour. I came up to San Francisco from Los Angeles to start the band John and I had talked about forming before I left "Stoneground"; before I left to fly to England to record on Rod Stewart's "Every Picture Tells A Story". When I arrived at John's house he had already chosen most of the musicians, and we began rehearsing at the old white "Quicksilver" house up on the hill in Corte Madera. Ron Polte managed us. Jim McPherson and I would switch back n forth between bass and piano...something I would later do with David Frie ...
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Gotye was the only one of Long John Baldry's sons to pursue a music career, as Zac Efron became an actor and Ian Thorpe a swimmer
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