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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

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The Public Relations Professionals of Long Island (PRPLI) awarded Public Relations Professor Morosoff with the 2015 Lifetime Achievement...
"You get to be this age, you think you know little more abt life" -Roy Haynes, 89, Long Island
Thank the lucky stars we haven't had another hurricane on Long Island since Sandy. Recovery needs to …
Today we mourn the passing of past-president Dr. Joel Ratner, coordinator of music for the Brentwood (Long Island) School Dist…
a mango margarita, a Long Island and a platinum beer sound so good right now. W/ endless hot wings of course.
East End municipal leaders seek funding for new septic systems: Leaders of Long Island's five eastern...
All setup for our booth this weekend at MABS 2015 in Long Island. Excited to see how everything came…
"why do you insist on walking across a bridge into a bad side of Long Island City?" The same reason u get tattoos its worth the experience
if Zouis are stuck on Hamilton island, Samantha jade is going to have to do an extra long set list tonight
Olive Garden's Long Island ice tea is deadly
Seaduck Hunting Long Island's Coast on the 28' With http:…
These long island iced teas are everything right now
WOW, what a great event with students at Stony Brook University out on Long Island this evening. Serious critical thinker…
Me & the stray pup from Pixley, CA. Our camera man is Jon is taking her to her new home in Long Island, NY!
Long Island ice teas are seriously heaven
Big thanks to cartonbrewing for coming to eat and drink on this cold day. We hope Long Island treated…
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Peter Laviolette starting Long Island natives Eric Nystrom & Anthony Bitetto tonight against the That's how it's…
HEY or don't let Long Island best us by getting the viciously vivacious and not us
Long Island, NY is shaped like a fish.
No but really someone come to long Island with me tomorrow. I will buy you food.
Dear team with most points in NHL, hope you enjoyed your trip to Long Island and we can do it all over again in June!
Thinking about one of my friends from Long Island NYC. Man I miss him.
two neighborhoods in Long Island. If you squint ur eyes you can see them.
What kind of man orders a Long Island at a bar!!!
Great story on NYI's Matt Carkner and the Long Island Blues  via
As they ply out final season at Coliseum lets remembr Islandrs put Long Island on hockey map
Long Island doctor mocked employee for having cancer, fired her when she complained: lawsuit. http:…
Best-designed bars&restaurants: Bar Palladio in Jaipur—a fusion of Venice & Jaipur with the best Long Island Iced Tea
I sure hope so I lived in Long Island up until 10 years ago, now I'm not used to the cold anymore lol
As they play out final season at Coliseum, let's remember Islanders put Long Island on hockey map
The only plus side of a Long Island Railroad train after a Rangers games is that its too packed for the conductor to check tickets
Shout out to long island ice tea for containing no tea.
I just wish everyone knew how to make a delicious Long Island. Where's Justin when you need him?!
ya rich people treating? And actually was madd good, some spot on Long Island for this lady on her way from work to me 😛
Fantastic story! Fantastic people! Fortunate and very proud to call Matt a friend - BIG heart of gold in this big...
That lil long island gon have me snoring like a man
The official recipe for a Long Island Iced Tea:. 1) Mix in everything in your liquor cabinet. 2) Try not to die.
what size shirt do you wear in the long sleeve American island? I'm pretty much the same build as you. Thanks!
Help get this long island kid land an internship on and the will…
Long island ice tea, henny and honey jack... nah I need a few blunts to balance out
Introducing Bud Light MIXXTAIL Long Island Iced Tea, Firewalker and Hurricane. How will you tonight?
Long Island country makes me want to get my tubes tied
I miss Long Island and hanging out with and and
Long work day in time to enjoy this long island
Pond hockey this morning in Long Island, New York
Long Island man charged with attempted murder in assault on Sikh man
All purpose parts banner
The day I meet you in Long Island was amazing..I MISS YOU!
Heroes of Piggy Island, listen up! The long awaited update is now LIVE! Let us know what you think.
I see you love drinking liquor, have you ever had a margarita on the rocks? How about a Long Island iced tea?
I'm getting spoiled in NJ this week: good meals,comfortable environment & Midsomer Murders every night. It's back to Long Island tomorrow 😕
Long Island tm ,oh how I missed New York !
Mahopac/Putnam county NY are the furthest thing from UPSTATE NY. I guess people from Long Island haven't seen a map of New York State before
BrickHouse Brewery: Patchogue, a harbor front village on the South Shore of Long Island, New York, is home to ...
Long Island's known as the Barefoot Contessa, is suing a California company over frozen dinners
If you live on Long Island count your blessings and get Mexican Grill off of 112 by the Bagel Patch everyday
Most boaters know the black/white stone pyramid off of Long Island. . via
Easton Corbin brings country music to Mulcahy's in Wantagh on Long Island: On Feb. 13, country musi...
Long Island is their midway stop and THERE ARE SO MANY
The price of a beer at MSG costs the same price as a 6 pack on Long Island
Long Island was my drink of choice tonight ❗️❗️
Long Island iced teas are so evil, they creep up on you like "how bout now"
One time on Long Island medium, a lady said her daughter or some one that passed away, always loved butterflies and there was
yea ..the same as you were here on Long Island 😴😩😂
Hey Long Island? I think last time I came you guys was some of the loudest crowd I've ever heard? IM COMING AGAIN
Have you ever spilled an entire Long Island iced tea on your lap? I have. It ***
Do you know how many alums are from Long Island? Hint: They’re pretty famous
Officials attribute the shortage in sales tax revenue to a bad winter and increased online sales
If you're from Long Island or NYC you should be proud to have a band like Regulate. is the best frontman in the gam…
Long Island Railroad debuts its own version of high-speed rail.
With my FAVORITE cousin thanks for driving out to Long Island to hang out with me and my CRAZY friends♡
Flowers on the Breakfast Table in Winter at Smithtown, Long Island
they're opening a chick fil a on Long Island and that's the only thing that matters to me!
Need to go Long Island tomorrow to see lil wayne.
Good article. I need a social life. Being a man in his late 40s on long island alone is no fun. lol
David Carr, New York Times media columnist, dead at 58: He was 58. Carr "was the finest media reporter of his…
I only really come home to Long Island when I feel my accent losing strength featured in NBC s Science of Love
A Long Island would be life right now 😍
Long Island woman to meet heart donor's family on Valentine's Day
Blue long island devil has claimed me again😩
Hudson Co. permitted as many new hsg units per capita as Charlotte in 2014. Long Island & Westchester matched Detroit htt…
the worst fans in Long Island are Kings fans? Or do you mean former Islanders (or still Islanders) fans
We out here LONG ISLAND. Finna TURN UP!. Show tomorrow at The Space in WESTBURY!! . 🎉🎉🎉
next show is Sunday night at Long Island City bar then Monday night at The Butter End
When did "Krusher" turn into a Jewish lady from Long Island?
Oyster Bay Resident Named Editor of Long Island Business News: “This is a great opportunit...
that's bc you live in Long Island. Devils fans are worse than the Isles fans in SI. I'm sure it's different in LI
Valentines Day and I'm at Applebee's drinking a "mucho-long-island".
I drank my fifth long Island in six seconds take that Lance Armstrong
Long Island iced teas be so dangerous yo lol go down like water
lol yes I do cranberry vodka and Long Island ice tea
Long Island ice tea. I swear there must be a drop or two of ice tea in it. Lol.
Man caught on surveillance camera stealing surveillance camera.
real nail bitter in nj as the Long Island jr royals win a close one 14-0
I recommend the fries smothered in a Long Island ice tea and for desert, Long Island ice tea.
Haa jk it's Long Island ice tea don't @ me
What is that? Looks like mix between Long Island ice tea and a Bloody Mary.
I will never turn down a free Long Island ice tea😍
Long Island ice tea strongest one they can make doing me right 👌
Just had an Long Island ice tea, and I'm set for this flight! Wooop
Plan on tap water end up with Long Island ice tea 🙇
Come out and pregame for excision or just let off a little steam tn at !! 5$ vodka redbull, 3$ Long Island ice tea
naa all about them Long Island ice tea
Gonna drink this Long Island ice tea and head to the crib.
So mum+dad just told us Hannah was an accident, mum never knew she was pregnant+ was drinking Long Island ice tea like there was no tomorrow
Whoever decided to blend all the components of a Long Island ice tea deserves something great
his angelic charms-. I would like a Tall, Long Island ice tea with a twist much like yourself, you delicious looking morsel+
😂😂 I drink everything. But I mean like every Long Island ice tea doesn't taste the same to me.. So I was just curious
Long Island ice tea, that's the worst thing I've ever drank 😷
that was the Long Island ice tea talking. Won't say it on a regular basis because I'm just too cool
Cindy: A touching and inspiring story about Matt Taylor- who has taken over his Grandfather's radio show on our...
Refreshing Vodka Collins after a long and tiring day. last night in 😥😥 huhu @ Coron Island,…
Acanthus Press rocks..and this is another great book from them..this book…
be inspired Historic New York Mansion Wedding: For this Long Island bride, capturing t...
For this Long Island bride, capturing the grandeur and glamour of old Long Island was at the top of the design...
I just want a little local sandwich shop here on Long Island. Need back up. Got a good following 🙏🙏💖💖
Editorial from Long Island's pine barrens under threat
Come to Long Island. You can find us smoking or creating there.. Or both
NYC man says his boyfriend squandered $1.2 million of his money, is suing to get it back
I guess they just think of you as part of NYC? Only a small part of Long Island is in the city.
Thank you for the fantastic interview Can't wait for the anniversary tour to hit Long Island )
If there was world breaking news that long island was gonna have a tsunami, Lawrence would find all the money they can to buy boats for us.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Good morning everyone. So my part of Long Island never got snow.. But north of me and places in Connecticut got it.. Okay then.
Automotive Distribution Network reaches pact with Any-Part Auto Stores on Long Island, New York to become a Parts Plus member.
Please Continue to Vote for HPS in the Best of Long Island Contest, Scroll to the Psychotherapist section, Thanks!
On and Off wintry mix - Weather Extra updated with forecast maps - More snow and Cold air on the way.
Teachers from Buffalo to Long Island at Greece's WeTeach2Lead conference
If you live on Long Island and have never watched any of the Amityville Horror movies, you need to move off of Long Island
A wintry mix this morning is causing a challenging commute and a number of school closings across LI
An LI town is turning the heat on this winter's snow and ice by unleashing a "snow melter"
Your favorite Long Island band is confirmed to play Revolution Bar Music Hall on November 7th! Details coming soon!!
Winter weather advisory in effect on Long Island as commute gets off to icy start: A wintry mix...
Long Island! We can't wait to see you guys tonight! So far leg 2 is going so well!…
I better check, but I didn't think Long Island got hit too bad (at least by me).
My biggest hindrance is being a 12th grader living on Long Island. All of my games will be TV. For a while at least.
Forget snow, perhaps largest threat to Long Island City is contamination due to excessive amounts of dog urine.
Gr8 to see that the Iceman in Long Creek is providing the ice blocks for
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I wasn't aware that ice age 5 was being filmed on long island
When life hands you lemons, cut them into wedges and garnish a glass. Add vodka, gin, tequila, rum, and coke. You now hav…
i remember when you started out watching u back in the day when you sang at uncle sams on Long Island
I'm a Florida Gator and proud of it. But I always wanted to go to North Carolina. Dean Smith's teams w/Long Island kids was the reason
The is headed to Roosevelt Field Mall today in Long Island! Meet Beth from 4-6 at Aeropostale!
“two Long Island iced teas at Tres Amigos and kissing his John Cleese book.” Python power
Connecticut firm has designs on Long Island animal shelter - Hartford Pets
Hey Im a Pampered Chef director from Long Island...Would you be interested in a Pampered Chef Fundraiser? Would love to help you!
feb14 west bury , Long Island the moment exist❤️
I talk about this feb14 west bury , Long Island
feb14 west bury , Long Island make my day 🙌plz
feb14 west bury , Long Island my very best
feb14 west bury , Long Island my life is there
feb14 west bury , Long Island my idols 🙏🙏
What part of New York are you girls from cause I live in Rochester which is in upstate about an ... — Long Island!
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
New Episode of My Haunted Diary is out. Famous location in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, New York.
They practically every town in long island.
Long Island Iced Teas get me in all kinds of trouble
Any good Jets bars in western Long Island?
Get ready, Long Island...the Patchogue Theatre is about to get hit with some serious girl power tomorrow night! http:/…
Survivors describe chaotic scene after Metro-North crash: After the jolt came the flames -- suddenly roaring t...
.sure knows how to put on an encore: 30 points vs. Christ the King the day after the video launched
anytime! Follow me on Instagram same username! I'm a MFA formalist photographer working on Long Island
. Unvaccinated people are fine, so long as they don't mind being held on a heavily guarded island.
New member/ return member from long island. Hey guys I haven't been here in 5 or so years, I had a 2001 mustang...
didn't see it . I tossed my TV into Long Island Sound
Took some pics of the beautiful art that was on display at the LIAACC's Long Island African American Chamber of...
I have been fighting temptation island for a long time!! It ain't easy
Long day, but national signing day was fun!
have you guys heard anything about kessel to Long Island?
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
A timber-clad Hamptons retreat beside the beach:
The skyline from the roof terrace in Long Island City, Queens...WOW!
spinning in Long Island NY on Thanks for the 💗
Thanks to Meridian JC students having their orientation camp in the island, I've to get lunch elsewhere. Queue at macs *** long!
On our way to Nationals in the morning with my favorite Long Island Champs!!
Light snow forecast for Thursday morning commute on Long Island - Newsday: Light snow for...
Snow is expected to arrive just in time for Thursday's a.m. commute, but it's expected to be light, forecasters say
I want to go to Long Island so badly
it's horrible man. I wanna get off this god *** island province but it's gonna take a long *** time to match up courses
Boogie Brozoski has super-sized performance in Long Island Lutheran's win over Christ the King
A long day in the manufacturing labs, now on to do some paperwork! @ Community College of Rhode Island
Cops: Two men sought in Elmont home invasion
Nassau judge flushes case against accused john
Roosevelt man charged with murdering friend was drugged by someone before killing, attorney says
Jst registered for Color Vibe 5K in Long Island, NY - July 11, 2015 Sign up before it sells out!
Went to the LIAACC's Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce Black History Month Exhibit and Opening...
Empowered by the SAFE ACT, New York Gestapo At It Again Registration leads to confiscation on Long Island
originated from valley stream Long Island...moved to brooklyn now back in the island lol
I feel 4 you out there.Long Island in FREEZING (Dangerous)BELOW 0 LAST NITE.Traped in the house.Waching BE SAFE.
Demolition of the Long Island (Victoria Hotel) Rickmansworth starts. Very anti climate change attitude from gov.
They've found Diana Rigg's long lost Desert Island Discs too...
Great Shot of The Fleet! on Long Island's Great South Bay. Sent into us by Pro-Staffer Rich Figlia
Eddy 's brought us back to the lined seahorse, and also to Long Island Aquarium with this phenomenal shot:...
your profile says you're on Long Island. Reach out to our sister station - maybe they can help!
These St John's players must get their hair cut in Long Island
Super Bowl comes to Long Island in 5 days, register today!
Remember long island weather is different than NYC. Nassau & Suffolk Counties will have icing issues and different snow a…
5:30 TONIGHT! My improv team GIRL HEAVY performs at the Creek and the Cave in Long Island City with some cool pals!
I'm from Long Island, NY and fish for local sea run trout Does my local DEC need any volunteer help? Want to help these fish
Brochure mailers for a Food Delivery Service in Suffolk and Nassau Long Island. Everything sounded so good while...
Plus side there's so many attractive guys compared to Long Island
.I remember McKillop when he had Bill Wennington at Long Island Lutheran.
is on Long Island and I can't see him :(
it is upstate but more than half of our student body comes from Long Island and I hate them all
Come check this sweetie on the blog!: First Birthday Photos | Long Island Photographer
Would this influence nyc ans Long Island ?
Shawn i love you when are you coming to Long Island
Let me get ready bc I was supposed to be in long island hours ago
Cozy up to delicious eats at Bistro 46 in Holiday Inn Long Island, Plainview after a trip to Long Island wineries
Mom when can I move to Long Island to be with ???
Last day of classic cocktails month.. I'll be posting a Long Island tea when I get internet back up
The joys of coming home happy high after a night so potent... How amazing were the Long Island Iced Teas at
Another expected to dump up to 8 inches on
So long island. . Ggxrd top 16 losers me and brad. Ggxrd top 16 winners marv. Marvel top 16 winner angel . Ultra sf4 top 16 winners me. We here
This view of the skyline from Long Island City, Queens makes me feel like an outsider, but in the best of ways.
Believe it or not...having my first Long Island.
BREAKING: Nassau OTB withdraws plans to build gaming parlor at vacant Fortunoff store via
All of Long Island in top 16 for Guilty Gear Xrd.
Being at school reminds me that I wish Long Island would sink back into the ocean
why am I on long island and not in vermont, colorado, utah, montana,.
In honor of Al Iaquinta's fight tonight, enjoy the greatest of all MMA-themed Long Island jewelry store commercials:
I can see mixing in southern NJ, Philly, Long Island and possibly NYC with this current track. Not seeing any on Cape Cod or CT coast.
If Disney ever decided to make a Jewish Princess her castle would be in the magical land of Long Island and Prince Charmin…
Package left Flushing last night @ 8:30 (after 12 hrs there). Another 12 hrs later, no new data. Destination is Long Island. Huh?
Every unassuming building in Long Island has a Weird News story inside it.
PLAN. I'll be there from 11 am Thur Apr 30 until noon Sun May 2nd. Twerking Long Weekend in Long Island.
A blizzard in the Northeast this week primarily impacted eastern Long Island in New York,...
Amazing that it was -6 this morning in Westhampton on Long Island and yet when tomorrow's clipper comes through...
people on Long Island should have hurricane Sandy fresh in their minds. Ad some even posted joke "we will rebuild" comments
Is anyone listening or reading this? HURRICANE SANDY devastated Long Island.many still homeless,bankrupt &need help! .
Website Builder 728x90
. Just because you in the city didn't get snow ...the weatherman was right about Long Island and Boston. Surprised with you
NYC isn't the only place in the Country.Long Island, East Connecticut,Nantucket, Cape Cod,Boston worst storm ever
Storm spares city, but towns in Long Island and Connecticut hit hard by blizzard
A teenager has died in New York as he crashed into a lamppost while snow-tubing amid a huge storm in the northeast US. Sean Urda, 17, was pronounced dead in hospital after the collision while riding an inner tube on Long Island on Monday night. He was the first reported victim of the storm which has dumped nearly three feet of snow (91cm) in parts of the region, where many schools and offices are closed. Winter Storm Juno failed to live up to dire predictions in New York City, but has caused major disruption in New England. Travel was snarled for millions, with more than 7,700 flights cancelled at US airports, according to A blizzard warning remained in effect for much of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, while Maine and New Hampshire declared a state of emergency. The heaviest snowfall was recorded outside Boston, with 32.5in (83 cm) in Auburn, Massachusetts. But authorities in New York City, which saw as little as 4in of snow, have denied overreacting to the storm. A day after shutting do ...
If you live in New York & Long Island. . Look west towards the sunset . 😍
hhm lower east side... That's Long Island. I heard there's a great place at my house
talking the talk versus walking the walk ,letters like this are the real pay day and measure of expertise as I see it ! To Whom It May Concern: Today is one month since my boyfriend, Dominic, and I closed on the purchase of our beautiful home in Massapequa, NY. We are so happy and grateful, in particular, to Barry Paley of Laffey Fine Homes who worked tirelessly to make our home-buying dream a reality. We were referred to Barry through a friend and even after our initial emails we knew he was the real estate agent who would help us find our home. Dominic and I were first time homebuyers, so there was so much we needed to learn. Barry, as the leading real estate professional on Long Island, had the experience we were looking for to take us through the process. We began searching for our home in the late fall of 2014. We met with Barry and expressed our interest in finding a home in a good school district, on the south shore, and hopefully on the water. Barry listened to our likes and dislikes, our co ...
Winter Storm Updates for Baldwin Residents: -Tuesday garbage pickup in Sanitary District 2 is canceled. -Baldwin Schools are closed on Tuesday. -Driving is banned on all Long Island roads starting at 11 pm Monday night until further notice. Only emergency vehicles are allowed on the roads. This will be enforced! Drivers can receive a $300 fine for driving after 11pm. -All MTA service will begin to shut down after 11pm. The last eastbound Babylon train until further notice will leave Penn Station at 11:08 p.m. and arrive in Baldwin at 11:53 p.m. -NICE bus service will be suspended as of 11 p.m. tonight (buses will not leave route’s point of origin after 11 p.m.; buses on the road will finish their routes, road conditions permitting). NICE anticipates that a.m. service Tuesday will not be provided. Service will be reinstated as quickly as snow removal efforts allow. Able-Ride paratransit customers with appointments Tuesday will be rescheduled for later in the week. -Please do not park your vehicles in t . ...
GOING NOWHERE!!! NORTHEAST TAKES A HIT: Region is on lockdown as monster blizzard bears down AIR TRAVEL DISRUPTED: Flights at Metro among the thousands that are canceled NEW YORK — Snow and powerful winds swept into the Northeast on Monday as a storm predicted to grow into a major blizzard prompted mass-transit shutdowns, highway closures, thousands of flight cancellations and a ban on driving on roads across a region that’s home to about 35 million people. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the closure of New York City’s subway and bus system as of 11 p.m. Monday, the first such closure since Superstorm Sandy hit the region in fall 2012. “This will most likely be one of the largest blizzards in the history of New York City,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio warned. He urged New Yorkers to go home and stay there, adding: “People have to make smart decisions from this point on.” Authorities banned travel on all streets and highways in New York City and on Long Island and warned that violators ...
How much snow does everyone have now? We are seeing reports ranging from 4 to 10 inches in New Jersey to 10-15 NYC to 14-30 inches on Long Island and in Connecticut. Many spots in Massachusetts & Rhode Island are over 20 inches and near 30 inches too. Let us know in the comments below.
this has been histrionic, not historic for NYC. It moved further east to slam Long Island and Cape Cod.
.suspends mail in Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island, southeastern and western Massachusetts
Some impressive snow totals to the north and east across Long Island & SW CT(~50 miles east of my original thinking)
While the blizzard warning in New York City has been lifted, it remains in effect for Suffolk County, Long Island.
Blizzard conditions continue for much of southern and eastern New England. Long Island too. http…
today's a good day for a big pot of bean soup some wild irish rose and some candy crush! unfortunetly I don't have the makings for bean soup. so I guess it's wild irish rose and candy crush! oh did I forget to mention the half gallon of long island ice tea that's in the fridge. candy crush look out you mother f---er here I come!
Thats right .. Next time you are here ... I'll tell a best turkey burger place in long island ..
Windy and snowing in Long Island. not as bad in some places worse in others. Not done yet.
Blizzard Warning cancelled for NYC. Remains in effect for Suffolk County, Long Island (where I'm positioned).
Heavy band of snow stretching from Downeast to Long Island. Snowfall rates 2"+ per hour.
Heavy snow bands developing off coastal Long Island and Connecticut will move onshore soon.
Not yet light out but here is the first look outside. @ Bridgehampton Long Island NY
Heading back out towards eastern Long Island. Snow heavier out there.
Atop the Long Island Expressway, already buried and all but invisible in the worsening blizzard. Latest conditions from Melville on WABC-TV Channel 7 Eyewitness News at 11.
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snow accumulation in Boston area: about 7 inches; NYC Central Park: about 8 inches; Islip, Long Island:...
Suffolk County officials are rolling out military equipment to rescue stranded drivers on the Long Island Expressway. Marc Santia reports.
A teenager has died after being injured in a sledding accident Monday night on Long Island, according to authorities.
walloped Long Island. Take a look at some scenic and not so sc…
New York on shutdown as crippling blizzard hits Northeast inShare 0 print © AFP | A man jogs in Brooklyn's Prospect Park on Sunday. Video by Catherine VIETTE Text by NEWS WIRES Latest update : 2015-01-27 A massive, wind-whipped blizzard slammed into the US Northeast on Monday, creating havoc for more than 60 million people and forcing New York City to shut down on a scale not seen since Superstorm Sandy devastated the region in 2012. The potentially historic storm which could affect 20 percent of the U.S. population, caused several states up and down the East Coast to declare emergencies, forced the cancellation of thousands of flights, closed major mass transit hubs and schools. Officials warned that the storm could dump as much as 3 feet (90 cm) of snow on the region. States of emergency were declared in at least six states – New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire – as people were urged to stay home with transit systems, including the New York City subway, ...
Update your maps at Navteq
BREAKING: Blizzard warning lifted for NYC, replaced by winter storm warning. Blizzard warning remains for eastern Long Island.
And it's still snowing in Long Island. Blah.
Hey Long Island how is the storm going? Send me some pictures .
JUST IN: Blizzard warning for NYC has been dropped, but remains in effect for Eastern Long Island -
My brothers and sisters are getting slammed up on Long Island. Quite frankly, I'm jealous as I enjoyed every snowstorm we ever long as I wasn't driving in it! Back in high school, I would march up and down the block shoveling driveways and making a pocketful of money. By late morning, the boys and I were throwing snow balls at cars as we hid behind the piles of snow drifts made by the plows. Once that was completed, we practiced late in the afternoon after trudging to school in the knee high snow. That goodness we lived up the block from the wrestling room and school. In today's times, when school is cancelled, you're not getting into the school. Times have changed and what was allowed back in the day is no longer feasible in "modern times". If you open the school for practice you are risking your job as you can be fired for this act of "treason". That is why it's important to have a home workout regimen that helps you stay fine tuned on those off days from school and practice. The reality is you ...
Have a beautiful save travel day. Blizzard took Long Island and New England. Blizzard watch just lifted. Storm just starting so it'll be with us all day. No travel band still in effect. Roads are still slick. Let's do this. God bless!!
8" of snow and still snowing in our corner of southwest Nassau County at 4:30 a.m. Some people are already saying that this isn't the worst blizzard/snow storm that they have ever seen...Automated substitute teacher service called this morning at 5:02 a.m. but they didn't have job for Kenny! :-( ...13 degrees and snowing lightly in our corner of southwest Vermont...We are probably going to get a greater accumulation of snow on Long Island than in Vermont...I guess that BOCES hasn't caught up with the "real world." I just got a substitute teacher assignment request as a "floater" at V.S. South High School...So it goes...:-)
Blizzard warning lifted for NYC and New Jersey. Still remains in effect for most of Long Island and much of CT.
MORNING PIXCAST: Dan Mannarino is live from Long Island and getting pelted by the brunt of the blizzard. Stay indoors while the travel ban is in effect and keep up-to-date with the snowstorm in your area: UPDATED forecast: LATEST warnings: radar and maps: STORM ALERTS on PIX11 News app:
The storm has moved further east and will be departing faster than our forecasts of the past two days. The result is much less snow than previously predicted for the western half of our region. The heaviest of the snow will be over Long Island and southern Connecticut with lighter snow elsewhere through the morning hours. The science of forecasting storms, while continually improving, still can be subject to error, especially if we're on the edge of the heavy precipitation shield. Efforts, including research, are already underway to more easily communicate that forecast uncertainty.
Steinway at 5:15. I am pretty much alone. A car or two, two youngsters going home from a bar. But Subway closed. Really??? I understand Long Island and Jersey, but here in The City, its a foot or less. I have seen much worse often. When did The City become so candy-assed? I guess I have to take a personal day, but I tried, kiddies.
Looks like we got lucky- from the OEM: "National Weather Service has updated the forecast snow map shortly after midnight. The high impact snowstorm affecting southern New England and much of Long Island will probably end up about 90 miles farther east than our forecast. This will spare far eastern PA and much of NJ, except closer to coast, of substantial snowfall. Totals have been adjusted down across our region. It should be noted that the forecast snow map includes snowfall that already fell yesterday. " We are seeing wind blown snow covering previously treated areas; the Twp Road Dept is dealing with these spots.
BLIZZARD UPDATE: Up to 3 feet of snow will fall on Long Island; snow drifts near 10 feet near Boston. Lengthy power outages, roof collapses are possible. READ MORE:
Tom Llamas is covering the on Long Island tonight: "The gusts are incredibly strong..."
Traffic is building on the Long Island Expressway, as the storm intensifies this afternoon. This video was shot just east of Exit 54 in Suffolk County.
Here's a video of weather conditions in Long Island, NY this morning. Thanks to Erik Schub for sending this to me as he braves the blizzard conditions at work!
Ask Long Islanders if they think this storm is a "bust" as the people in New Jersey of the drifting and wind in Riverhead. Video by: Mark Sudduth
Only a few people are allowed to drive on such snow-covered roads, as a traffic ban on ALL Long Island roads takes effect at 11 p.m. Watch how first responders clear the snow to make it safe for the rest of us:
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Right now on Sunrise hwy in Long Island, NY
Watch the live stream of traffic and weather updates from News 12 Long Island today!
Heaviest snow earlier near Central Park before focusing over central Long Island to east of Hartford through eastern MA. May have to blast east at daybreak
Blizzard now raging over New England with a very heavy band of snow falling from near Dover to Nashua, NH to Worcester, MA to eastern CT to eastern Long Island and about 20 miles wide. That area is getting snows of about 2-4 inches per hour at times. The rest of New England getting 1/2 to 1 inch per hour and 30-40 mph winds.
Beth Anderson Weick, did I just see Allen being interviewed on national news with his snow plow reporting from Long Island?!?!?
ok my family and friends on Long Island,3 am here,,,5 am by you,,im wide awake worried about you guys,xoxox
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BS 2 feet? Looks like 3 inches!! I believe the weatherman has stock in Super markets though I'm sure Long Island and the states up toward Maine got hit harder! All night they talked about bands? I know a band that hits the skins and string's harder called The Lost Souls so now the weathermen and women should get lost! LOL
As of 3:39 a.m. Tuesday, 14.7 inches of snow has fallen at Long Island MacArthur Airport , with more on the way, according to US National Weather Service New York NY
Very impressive snowfall band extending from Fairfield County down to Long Island and into the Atlantic:
Weather Channel had Long Island getting 30 inches at 10am this inch forecast...really?
Fun blizzard on North Shore of Long Island. Listened to Talking Heads '77 and read Martin Jay's new Henry Miller biography.
A Travel Ban will be in effect at 11:00 PM tonight. What a travel ban means is that roads are closed expect for Essential Emergency Vehicles only. All non-essential vehicles are to be off the road by 11:00 PM. A State of Emergency has also been declared for all of Long Island. For more info, please tune into The Weather Channel and CBS 2 News.
Non essential drivers are banned on the streets of New York City and Long Island after 11PM. Violation is $300 fine. 🚘…
Yo rumor has it you guys came to Long Island ahead of the storm? Feel free to come to Billies in Port Jeff tonight! LMK
Thanks to Kings County Macy's and Sears malls for not closing early. Meaning people unsafely on the roads home to Long Island! :(
nick is kings park in Suffolk County considered eastern Long Island? How much do you expect for us?
Stock up on supplies and fill your gas tank, especially Long Island.
Courts in Long Island and Ninth Judicial District will close at 3pm today. via NY Courts Notice and Charisma L. Troi…
Keep in mind, hurricane force wind gusts will be likely for areas from eastern Long Island to Martha's Vineyard/Nantuc…
NYC & Long Island shutting down soon. Why stock up on bread & milk - not beer & potato chips?
National Weather Service has issued a blizzard warning for Long Island. Stock up on food and water
Final update On "The Blizzard Of 2015" (though I think this tag may be replicated in a week or two). Follow radar progress by clicking on this link: storm is shifting to near Cape Hatteras NC and will track just to the left of the 40/70 Benchmark on Tuesday morning, from that point the circulation heads to the Bay of Fundy on Wednesday afternoon. 1) Thunderstorms show up on the UVV charts, even getting into the Quebec Eastern Townships tomorrow. It is quite possible some of the storms will be near or surpassing severe limits in an already extreme environment. 2) Long Island, Westchester County NY and most of CT, RI, and MA will take a dreadful beating from this storm. The attached accumulation chart should follow a 12:1 ratio, so amounts may be a bit higher than is indicated. 12 -24" accumulations will be common, but 3 foot stacks of snow could occur from the NYC metro and LI through the eastern half of New England. 3) Coastal flooding will be an issue along with 60 mph winds, separate from the thundersto ...
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