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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

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Dan Lyons I have a big daerm that I wish I could play for the Long Island ducks how can get better at batting and pitching?
Like the relationship between Jersey and Bruce, between Long Island and Billy Joel, is there a similar singer for Westchester and/or Conn?
Hamptons Country Capitalist Magazine: Behind the Hedges on the East End of Long Island; Issue 55
Calling any road between Long Island and NYC an "expressway" is just hilarious.
At the beach listening to a man with a strong Long Island accent describe when he first knew Raven Simone was a stahwr
Woman rescued from house fire in Brentwood in Long Island: She was 15 feet from the front door, and they pulle...
Brides' Magazine shoot years back out on Long Island when we gave zezeflowers a tux & put him in…
Why do the Long Island ducks feel the need to email me at 2:30am? Like seriously...?!?!?!
Everything good on Long Island starts with a B: Beaches, bagels, breweries, Billy Joel, Billy Crystal, Big Duck...
Don't forget to tune in today on La Fiesta 98.5 FM out in Long Island from 11AM-NOON! If you aren't…
Definitely got to try to get the weekend off to see my sister and brother in Long Island
most recent Greenport, Long Island most exciting hard to pick just one but Greece, Italy, St Bart's, Hawaii at top
LIVE on NYC spokesmodel Janel returns frim work on Long Island rail road
All of the Peking ducks in the United States are descendents from three ducks and one drake imported to Long Island, New York in 1873
My hair has declared me gypsy queen of eastern Long Island for a day or…
Sports History for July 20, 1859 - Brooklyn and New York played baseball at Fashion Park Race Course on Long Island. It cost $.50 to get in.
Issues of race continue to fester in the world, particularly in our country. In his latest column for Long Island...
Back on my grind after a hot sweaty visit to the greater New York City area. Long Island, CT, Westchester County, we miss you!!
Sailing Surveyor in Long Island, NY area: If anyone can recommend a surveyor they would use for a boat in the ...
MM4 Julie from Long Island spends her summers kayaking with her husband-- a favorite activity at Green Lakes
when you come to Long Island go to Roosevelt field mall! I couldn't buy tickets to see you so 😂😭
BOT 9: One more shot for Long Island! Puckett, Ruiz, McQuail due up for the Ducks, trailing 2-1.
Beautiful hike and some frisbee time with ross_bogard today in Sag Harbor! @ Sag Harbor, Long Island,…
Sitting @ my gate about to leave for Vancouver. Bellerose, Astoria, Queens, Hillside, Long Island etc. I love you forever. NY I will be back
Sunny or not, we could still go for a lobster roll
What are some good restaurants on Long Island
how did "teetotaler" become a name for a non-drinker? have they never heard of a Long Island? there are dozens of ways to get f'ed up on tea
My girl mixed like Long Island tea, she don't hide her figure she don't hide her feet 😂😎
Today we announced $24.2 million in safety enhancements at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, Long Island:
I would like to be off of long island already
While the Cigar Industry sleeps at night in New Orleans... The lions are roaring on Long Island NY…
When will nash have a meetup in Long Island?
Long island roof repairs for commercial and residential roofs.
This Long Island iced tea has me feelin some typa way
Dad just tried a long Island for the first time. His face was priceless
Chicken blast card balls and Long Island
I had Long Island iced tea , grey goose , coffee , red wine & Hennessy today so why am I so calm 😂 is this even legal
also you're at a party ON long island, not in
Listen in to learn how many Long Island Business are thriving!
Teen unharmed after lightning strike in Syosset | News 12 Long Island
Saw last night. It was hilarious! The Long Island mediums are my favorite sports team as well
Girl Struck by Lightning on Long Island, Check out this story: .
On our way to Long Island(NY) for 16u wood bat tourney. Of course with a stop at
LONG ISLAND, NY: How can it be that NO ONE wants a gorgeous German Shepherd? Pretty is as pretty does. And this...
Holtsville & Patchogue don't even feel like Long Island.
Cops: 109 guns turned in at buyback event in Huntington Manor - Newsday
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
The ATL team are getting spiritual with special guest Long Island Medium New starts now
Hey Long Island is George just let you guys know that the show will be rescheduled date to come.
. Mako love this island and this pool , I hope not stay too long without seeing her again when the series end !!
just a couple of Asians enjoying a ducks game for the second night in a row @ Long Island Ducks Game
My niece is still missing. Last seen 7/2/15 in Bayshore Ny on Long Island. Please if seen contact me
is too much Long Island kombucha even a thing?
"Long Island: where everyone hates the class of 2019"
A special Long Island nuptials edition of .
Long Island iced teas.. Never a good idea.
asked both of u when we got our checks yesterday & u both said "I have work!" & then Kristen mentioned Long Island
Donation Lets New Immigrant Children Go to Camp: Long Island Wins is fortunate to partner and work with many of the…
we are going to Long Island tonight! Marc is coming I believe, Yoli and Ross.. The usual
but since I am a French little ray of sunshine it didn't rain at the Long Island date :) x
This might be a great fit for you: Senior Account Manager (SLED) - Long Island, NY - NY
Seven game road trip begins tonight. Somerset is in Long Island for the first of a three game set. Notes/Preview
And on the eighth day, God made Long Island drivers to test us all…
On my way to Long Island to run sound for Naomi Pandolfi's film, Beyond the Horizon.
Fun fact : Long Island iced teas in fact don't have any iced tea in it & coke is what gives it color
When you could throw back Long Island iced teas and have deep one on one vent sessions with your boss because she gives the best advice 😩💕👯
In my defence they were both Long Island iced teas with a shot each of tequila, rum, vodka, Cointreau and kirsch so
I just remembered how delicious Long Island iced teas were at the "beaud" in Ames. And then a shudder ran through my body.
I really need to invest in a cocktail shaker set so I can make myself Long Island iced teas.
It's only tolerable in Long Island iced teas
Hofstra University on Long Island, would you like proof? Perhaps my Bachelors degree? What are you trying to get at
Long Island iced teas get me from point a to point b
I'm more about sadguys dance dance revolution and Long Island iced teas in mason jars. But I'll still peep this.
Very drunk on some mango Long Island iced teas.from def col social.
After last night I have come to the conclusion that Long Island iced teas are the best beverage on the planet. NAY! The universe!
Long Island iced teas are never a good life decision.
I'm Theresa Caputo. I like to think of myself as a typical Long Island mom. but, I have a very special gift.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Movin on to Long Island iced teas now vodka hurts
CIA just loves this kind of Jim-Jones-of-Peoples-Temple cult leaders. (Falun Gong’s Li now lives in Long Island, New York,
in NYC has been great so far. Served in a Long Island church Sunday & did street evangelism yesterday. Today: Serving meals.
my Long Island iced teas are a perfect cure for that
Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service on Long Island, New York. Cut this root mass clean with 6" cutters. Garden City, NY
I actually live on Long Island, but since I go to school in Manhattan, I'm always in the city exploring old and new places~
Monday night on with no bug spray. None of my friends know how a boat bar works even though we are all from Long Island.
and the Long Island iced teas is 2 for one. So I ordered one and got two and then ordered another one and forgot.
Honored to have the endorsement of my own Congressman, a champion for Long Island families
When nordstorm in Roosevelt Field mall wants to interview you but you don't have the time to be traveling to Long Island to work lmao
Beautiful day in Long Island 🌸... Think I'll partake in some shopping at Roosevelt Field Mall.
educator from wins top Long Island nursing award:
What I learned today: There is a big difference from Long Island and Long Island City.
winning $300 in blackjack and then getting plastered off of Long Island iced teas and wine legally is gr8. I'm moving to Puerto Rico
nah, I mean some in the city are but on Long Island they stop delivering at like 10-11 latest
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Debbie Gibson at Jones Beach Theatre on Long Island! (Yep, I'm that old...)
How did I stumble upon a dead snake during my run today since when does Long Island have snakes
Angry as I drew from her nurse's hand and then, but they were slipping precipitately from East Egg, Long Island.
what was it like to face John Cena on the final Raw at Nassau coliseum in your hometown of Long Island?
Me: "There's more than one county on Long Island". Random Ohio Resident: "Oh yeah, two, East Egg and West Egg right?". Me: 😶
Lived on Long Island for 20 years and still no sign of Theresa Caputo
what do you mean? They're Long Island ice teas, it's iced tea and vodka and they're 7% alcohol and pretty big single bottles
Bout to get on these Long Island iced teas
you're making short work of those Long Island iced teas
My parents are drunk off of Long Island iced teas from Outback and now we are sitting under a tent in Sports Basement
My dad and rob are drunk off of Long Island iced teas, passing around my glasses to try on, and making fun of my lazy eye. So there's that
Incredible day today Long Island. Thanks for the vibes New York!
Dude! Have you never had Long Island and Coke? It's great!
These "long island" things are gross. I mean, I'm going to drink them all, but they're gross.
Long Island and Coke? Never become a bartender ever, plz
Feels good to be back on Long Island
Happy communion Izzy and Abby! I always love my Long Island visits.
I could really use a Long Island or two...or 10 right about now.
Long island will have you off your *** if you drink enough 😂
Approached by distressed couple while detecting Long Island; smiles as Excal II found ring & wedding band!
taste like a Long Island or Long Island with a hint of beer
Perfect night to listen to the Long Island Philharmonic!
Restaurant Manager (long island city): Looking for a dynamic leader to manage our team. . L'iniz...
They should raise a toast with Scotch, or Long Island and Coke
when in Long Island it's only right to be blasting
WOW! First Long Island Ice Tea of the night and *** I did a great job!
His office is on Long Island in a shopping mall that Jean uses to discard former players after 1 season they work in a café w/ no
FUN ISLAND FACT: Island Magazine editor, Matthew Lamb's story 'Long Grass Over Home' was published in the...
This bartender at the wedding *** ! This long island ice tea is strong af ! Where they do that at ?
Sagamore Hill to reopen this weekend | News 12 Long Island via
Nothing hits the spot quite like a perfectly made Long Island ice tea 😍
Walter Skiba did you take this video?? Lol
Eastern LI Hospital board of directors OKs affiliation with Stony Brook University Hospital | Newsday
LIers are ensuring Brian Moore's life is remembered beyond the roster of the NYPD's fallen
My new favorite pitcher, former Long Island Duck and throws a knuckleball
I should of stayed in Long Island this summer 😩 Colombia is just to boring for me
Long Island was amazing today! So much love and sweat. Best set so far. WE RIDE NORTH!
Scumiest lacrosse kids come from Long Island
Let me get two shots of patron a Long Island and a sex on the beach
Nassau needs to fix contracting system 'ripe for corruption'
Rick Montano hopes for comeback in Islip Democratic primary
Got stung by 3 bees today.way to go Long Island
Long Island pet rescue closed after selling sick dogs.
People that get washed after two long island though 😕
Long Island iced teas get me going 🍻
Oooops service barely working here in the fields of Long Island's Great South Bay sorry
Forget Vegas or Seattle.bring a NBA team to Long Island...Nassau im dreaming i know...
Howie Rose is great. The Islanders are a hint in his history quiz. Howie: "A team that used to play on Long Island." THE BEST.
It was a pleasure! Long Island iced teas went down a treat too.
A town known as Oyster Bay, Long Island really hitting the big time with the feature.
Keith Borum and Nina Scott were married at Good Samaritan Hospital on New York's Long Island ...
This cruise is beyond amazing. All the way around Long Island. Man, I love this City.
Willem de Kooning working on , 1984, in his studio, East Hampton, Long Island, February 2nd, 1984 Ph
But will it make up for the Islanders? Theodore Roosevelt’s Long Island home finally reopens to the public
some bar in Garden City Long Island
Dead whale found on Long Island beach
Upcoming American Bridal Show Reservations as of today. NY Long Island - Stony Brook 359. NJ Garden State Exhibit...
Also, I recommend the book "Gangs in Garden City" which talks about suburban violence in my area of Long Island.
How much does a typical 2,500 SF home in Garden City, Long Island cost? Homequant configures.
"He shuttles by private Hawker Siddeley jet with family b/w homes on Fifth Avenue, Montego Bay in Jamaica, a house on the tip of Long Island
Long Island. Tokyo Tea. Bahama Mama. Top Flite has made me an international drunk
yeah on Long Island. my Instagram has more pictures of the buildings and stuff. it's literally all I do.. & go to car shows
*I* can call myself a redneck. Fellow rednecks can call me a redneck. A person that has never left Long Island in their life cannot.
Days like today remind me why I had an air conditioner on Long Island. Holy *** is it humid.
Teachers love track-out too! This was my view this weekend in Long Island with Ms. Lehman :) Happy vacation, huskies!
Police, Good Samaritans rescue two girls and mother from drowning on Long Island via
Police, Good Samaritans rescue 2 girls, mother from drowning on Long Island
Broad Channel Bridge, Cross Bay Bridge, Marine Parkway Bridge in Long Island have been shut down.
Theater Review | Long Island: Review of ‘Five Presidents’ at the Bay Street Theater: An imagined meeting of the…
Coach Kenney's order - carb loading at the best pizza pie joint on Long Island then 4th of July in Port Jefferson.…
Not one for celeb buzz, but as Long Island's Prodigal Son getting married is major breaking news(
"You get $350 for a weekend. But you have to go to Long Island. And it's a pumpkin farm."
Yes! The New Community Cinema (now Cinema Arts Center), was very important to me when I lived on Long Island...
Long Island is right up there with the top white trash redneck hillbilly spots in the U.S.
Hate crime eyed after Hispanic man beaten on Long Island - San Francisco Chronicle (subscription): H...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
A page to learn about events in Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY.
But cops, especially NYPD and Nassau Co. (Long Island) make killings on OT. Even meter maids, FFS!
I took my college & career class to Long Island to rebuild after Sandy & tomorrow we are helping local pregnancy center
.captures irresistible attraction of Long Island beach getaway...
PSA: Albany has some of the cleanest tap water in NY state and Long Island water is bad. 👎🏻👎🏻
Despite the fact she's all the way in Long Island, still talks me down off every cliff I end up on 💕
More delays expected for East Side Access project: More delays could hold up a project to link the Long Island...
Acting class on Long Island this summer with Jen Danby. July 2-Aug 1.
so my roommates are from Long Island and Massachusetts and everyone wants to go to college in California
Long Island a possible home for endangered northern cricket frog, state officials say | Newsday...
Exec on building veterans' and section 8 housing on Long Island
I'm in Gordon Heights... I didn't even know that's a town on Long Island
Long Island, South to the sea,in the shipyard,where ships are made of wood and men are made of iron. http:…
"Farmingdale and Glen cove have the best snapchat filter. -rest of Long Island "
Dylan preppin for our fancy schmancy art auction show at @ Sag Harbor, Long Island, New York
All purpose parts banner
you can never forget when you first saw it. I saw it Mastic Beach on Long Island in 1957... It's the pink...
Dear or reception is terrible recent just outside of New York City in Jersey and Long Island. Enable iOS Wifi Calling.
Steven Matz is the first Long Island high school product to debut in the majors with the since Ray Searage (Deer Park) in 1981.
Are there any ferries or anything from eastern Connecticut to Long Island?
Security training for religious clergy and congregants in Suffolk County, Long Island via
I will be going to Bracco's bar on the nautical mile this week to celebrate the state of Long Island hockey
- Captured this Lightning Strike just as the sun was setting here in Kings Park on Long Island... h…
Arizona Arnold Palmer and vodka: the poor man's Long Island.
.beach And Oheka Castle... So many beautiful places on Long Island! Great weekend to you, too. ; )
Long Island you still have time:. 6/28 . Arumdaun Presbyterian Church. Bethpage NY - Long Island...
Norfolk!! That was taken on Long Beach, Long Island, NY x
Go AWAY…2 school. Check out the Residence Halls at Five Towns College! Minutes 2 NYC and Beaches – Long Island is THE PLACE 2 GO 2 SCHOOL!
During his post-match interview, Grella was asked how he feels about playing a game at Yankee stadium on Sunday being from Long Island & all
Here's two cygnets resting on rocks near the stairs on Shore Road last week. Setauket Harbor, Long Island.
yeah it's on Long Island. Oheka castle
HC Caroline McCombs Stony Brook picks up transfer Lauren Williams 5-7 G from Florida Atlantic. Originally from Long Island & AAU for Exodus.
Rep. Peter King from Long Island is currently on Fox 5 in NY pretending he gives a *** about the American people
Man Steals Patient's Debit Card, Uses It at Hospital ATM: Police: Police on Long Island are looking for a man ...
This Friday I'll be in Long Island on Sucker Free Friday's which airs on channel 20 if u have Optimum…
👍OR👎?! (tag 2 friends). Get your Jordan's at when we come to:. Long Island - June 28th…
What channel they be showing lock up Long Island on
Man Slashed Girlfriend's Throat After Argument: Police: A Long Island man is in custody after police say he sl...
Thanks, Alex. And I too am a proud product of Long Island (dix hills)
I can channel ghosts. They say that Long Island psychic lady is so irritating that no self-respecting spirits would ever speak with her.
15 lacrosse bows for 15 beautiful girls on Long Island, NY htt…
Took me a day to gather my train of thought apparently: Christmas. Side note Long Island is not the same temperature as Tampa.
3 people found shot to death inside a car on Long Island 4th person injured - Fox News
it would probably be easier since we are in Long Island more than we r in belle harbor
...of a certain part of Long Island society at private clubs and other gatherings. Fred Wilpon may live in Locust Valley (more)
Why is South Bay cinema the worst place in Long Island
“Nelson Doubleday was big booster of Long Island golf Fred Wilpon lives near The Creek, not of it.
we are planning something soon to all get together in Long Island lizard
4-year-old Long Island boy playing in apartment is grazed in ear by "errant bullet," police say
Gunshots ring out in Long Island apartment complex, bullet grazes 4-year-old boy playing in apartment: police
Long Island expressway is the worst road in America
parts in Nassau, Long Island, Atlantis, and where my moms side is from, Andros/Bimini
Trying to explain the difference between Long Island and New York City to southerners is a struggle
Long Island is legit another world compared to living in NYC..glad to be home for a few days 💜 back to the city grind on Monday🌇
On search for a brooklyn or Long Island *** who can pay for her college tuition
Everytime I talk to a girl from the city they swear Long Island is full of white people who wear holister lmao like no 😐
I rode one from Long Island to the city :/
Finally bought my own place in the city !! Peace out Long Island it's been real...
Garden City, the GameTruck hotbed: One Garden City-based business covers ground all over Queens, Long Island .
Long Island fast food workers call on Gov. Cuomo to raise minimum wage
Disappointed decided to play out on Long Island and not in city. No way I'm making out there but would've dug the show.…
The Tau Beta Pi Bent at the NY Omicron chapter, Stony Brook University on Long Island
May 3, 1923: The Sikorsky Aero Engineering Corporation is formed by Igor Sikorsky at a Long Island c
Great take from "We can make Long Island desirable again " by on
Long Island cupcakes: 6 sweet treats you need to try - Newsday
Teddy Roosevelt's Long Island home reopening after renovation. |
Two dollar Long Island ice teas. Say that 5x
When I find a chopper in Long Island for my trip coming up!! Yay me !!
Went from crushing Plo to playing a sit it n go ripped on 3 Long Island ice teas. Can't wait to hit my bed 🚿
Shout out to The North Shore Animal League, in Long Island, New York the largest NO KILL. animal shelter in the world, God Bless
This secluded Long Island beach home is an idyllic summer retreat:
My dearest Long Island, I do not love your Expressway.
So now everything from St. Augustine, Florida to Long Island is biking distance, no?
well Toronto lit in the summer and we'll have Long Island ice teas and do private room karaoke *inserts approving gif*
Long Island parks, NYC parks commissioner, Triborough Bridge. Any of these on their own would be an enormous task.
cool. I'm on Long Island about 30 miles from Gilgo Beach where remains of possible serial killer victims were found
"I don't really like long walks on the beach, but I do enjoy Long Island ice teas." 😂
So excited to see and at the Landmark Theatre on Long Island.
As a Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton was passionate about economic development in Binghampton & the Long Island wine industry.
Ah yes...Long Island iced tea night at Bigg's Lounge in Kokomo
is playing a festival in Long Island?! Hosted by w/ performances by & more?! 😱
First show of the day in Long Island done. On the plane with the crew on our way to
such a good night, those Long Island ice teas went down too well.
Less than 30 minutes to Kickoff at James M. Shuart Stadium in Long Island. 0' 0-0
Undercover Taxi used by the Nassau County Police Department near the Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island.
Long Island, can't get to but I was told about campaign and I love u guys to…
"A Nobel Prize medal sold at auction is heading home to Long Island next week... Dr. James...
If I represent Queens you were raised out in... A) Harlem. B) Brooklyn. C) Long Island. D) Times Square.
Long Island ice teas are not ice tea. But might be from Long Island
Long Island ice teas go down far too easily
I have greater Culture Shock going from South shore to North shore Long Island for work than I do going from New York to Mississippi.
Long Island ice teas are the work of the devil
Long Island ice teas and more sunset vibes than I know what I do with
Eastern part of Long Island will be Hampton Time
Long Island accents are at an all time high
Keep your for promise Don't betray Long Island w/ more lost jobs & lower wages!
At the birthplace of the third reich, four Long Island ice teas in like "woah"
We love our Long Island schools... The students of Edna Louise Spear Elementary School in Port Jefferson are...
one of my favourite nights 'I think all the Long Island ice teas will be left' "nah I gave ours to Beth it'll be gone in 2"
Don't worry, Long Island. I’ll be LIVE at this Saturday. I'll see you there!
Long Island ice teas will have you.
Long Island ice teas are calling you name u better be ready.
*** everyone's leaving Long Island after high school I'm still stuck here for the next 11 years 😥
State track and field qualifiers from Long Island
On the North Shore of Long Island... everyone knows everyone!. Re-watch this hilarious scene: h…
Next 4 day forecast; lotta tannin and a lotta Long Island ice teas 👌
There's a place in Ann Arbor called "Insomnia Cookies." They're open until 3am, and they deliver... Will they deliver to Long Island?
Located on the North and South Fork of Long Island the area known as the Hamptons is one of the most popular...
The prettiest little death trap in Long Island mcdonalds
running into someone you hooked up with is always awkward but do u know what helps ... angry orchards & Long Island ice teas I'm buZZED BYE
I was raised on Long Island, don't talk to me like I'm from north philly 😷👋🏼
But this is a bit of a blow for Long Island this year - first the Islanders, now the Riveters.
Lol an "old buddy" put me onto that henny and simply lemonade mix ... The homemade Long Island 😄
Woo-hoo! I can buy an Islanders hat now. Even though they're no longer on Long Island. Oh well.
You're not freaking wrong Ya know what they say about "Long Island ice teas"?
Since you like Hockey maybe you can come to Long Island and fix the ISLANDERS...and keep them on Long Island, Please!!
Long Island you were incredible last night xx 😍
Off of last season: How many more season tickets would the sold on Long Island. Probably double if I had to guess.
Come enjoy w and the rest of your friends. gm 4 tonight. Plus $3 Long Island and ice pick teas.
On 's tour bus gettin ready for our sold out show tonight in Long Island 😝 Shawn makes…
2 Long Island ice teas and a lemon drop. I want to sleep rn
Long Island ice teas open up all sorts of possibilities (good and bad).
After 3 Long Island ice teas I'm like "alcohol has no affect on me guys"
How Dan Boyle’s decision not to sign on Long Island helped the Islanders -
yeah will deffs have turned to tan... Can't wait, they do a really good Long Island iced tea 😍😍
When you've had one too many Long Island ice teas 😂
Tonight at the Paramount theater in Long Island with 😊
Yo I gotta try that Long Island mix tail
Blue Nile opens 'webroom' in Long Island mall
Blue Nile opens 'webroom' in Long Island mall: Blue Nile learned a number of things from its test of jewelry c...
Blue Crabs drop game two to Long Island -
Police: Woman fired from Long Island vet's office keeps key, breaks into office and steals money from safe,
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Long Island Reiki Master Teacher Patty Alessi
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