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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

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Two sold out O'Reilly-Miller shows on Long Island this weekend. Highlights on Monday. Happy Fath…
A day late on this, but here's FAN FRIDAY this week. Matt Cohen from Long Island and his Rico Brogna.…
Fantastic! "The newest hot spots...the eastern tip of Long Island..."
Federal officials have rounded up close to 40 accused members of MS-13 in New York City and Long Island.
Parkway exit sign on Long Island altered to read "Crooked Hillary"
Long Island highway sign defaced to 'Crooked Hillary'
Preparing the next generation to help feed the Island’s hungry | Verizon FiOS1 News - Long Island
Excited to be on Long Island for the first time. Headed to the WMAP studio.
LI Cares helps to feed hungry veterans and seniors
Trump denies sea level rise in Chesapeake Bay after scrapping Long Island beach project b/c of it. Hypocrisy 101.
Celebrate the sounds and stories of Turtle Island with a FREE weekend long festival of Indigenous arts & music. https:/…
Only worry for BHs after the deal, is that all of PR doesn't go "island," and some legal long-shots down the line.
I would like to openly remind everyone that nova is from long island.
Litefeet from France, Argentina, Japan, London, Colombia, Long Island... what more could we ask for! 🔥💯 Litefeet Up! ht…
"Sweet Potatoes, Genes, and Long Life" Life, health, and medical research.
Forget 50 shades of grey! The human eye can see up to 500 shades of grey
Mix of materials in this bright blue and white kitchen in a beach house in Montauk, Long Island [OS](1000x1250)
Valley Stream high school district gives OK to sue for $2M
OMG!! I'm on Long Island too. Concert tonight? What time and where? 😊💗🎵
Thanks for the kind words Tom -- I'm mid-workout here on Long Island, but hope is going great, will catch up…
When river island in Workington have a pair of jeans in long, in your size, in the sale and are actually nice 🤗 oh and your mam pays 😉
Fighting at Nassau coliseum are 6 Long Island boyss .
This is fantastic news for a Long Island devastated by MS-13 murders and other violence
Hey, I'm from Long Island and work in the city, and I am here to tell you that New Yorker…
Agiasmos Service at the new site and building for St. Michael’s Home at Uniondale (Long Island), NY. For more:
Alcock learned long distance flying in during doing long range bombing raids on Constantiople from the…
So thrilled to meet my long time favorite author, at today! His new book is called Camino Isla…
Download CLIRadio mobile app from Google Play, the App store or BlackBerry World. Classic Long Island Radio or visit
516 stand up!. and his crew of fighters show the world how they get dapper and debonair in Long Is…
School board member goes before judge on drug charge
2 more days til in Long Island! cyrens, you can watch my performance LIVE on 106.1BLI’s FB at 745pm >> https:/…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Interesting article on 400-mile spiritual journey on CT River, from New Hampshire/Quebec border to Long Island Sound.
E tu, Long Island? Joe Dowd weighs in on the controversy about the Trumpian 'Julius Caesar' in Central Park
One thing for long, but CDs are that sweet spot of letting me jump between songs I don't like while being enough of a pain in the *** to
Devin Leonardi (1981-2014) - Two friends on the shore of Long Island (2009)
Happily! As long as we can watch Love Island 💕
Reminder that Suffolk County continues to be broke. Bond rating downgraded via
Cleared: Incident on WB from Exit 35 - I-495 Long Island Expressway to Queens-Kings County Line; Koskuisko Bridge
BTW I was born on Long Island, NY raised in Manhattan. Live in Bridgeport, CT. Lived near Nathan Hale…
A gym chain that former first lady Michelle Obama was reportedly a fan of will open a Long Island location
Thanks to the printing industry’s ability to adapt and advance, a Minuteman Press franchisee in Long Island is able…
First order of business (since moving back to Long Island): dressing up as Daisy Buchanan for a Great Gatsby party. 🎉🍾💯
Long Island, Sprite w. Jameson, 2 shots of Fireball and 2 bud lights at 7am.
It will be a Boston Tea of another kind. It may even go to Long Island.
Pizza confessions: My first job at 14 was for the Pizza King of Chicago but I grew up on Long Island eating real pizza.
Lucky, I still have next week because I go to Private school. oh btw we both from Long Island
the picture with the surfboards is of Ditch Plains Beach, out in Montauk, NY! Long Island, woo!
These thirsty Thursdays are getting out of hand all I can taste is Long Island Iced Tea ❌🙃😑
got a car so I can drive to state parks in Long Island and it's becoming a problem
Hillary Clinton runs for House of Representative seat from Long Island in 2018 and wins. (2 of 9)
Excited to see this! Blissville is my favorite obscure Queens neighborhood.
Hempstead appoints former Legis. Dennis Dunne to town board
I work in the Long Island West and Nassau office. The long island East office is another 30 minutes out of the way east. Hate it.
Thank you for standing up for gun safety on Long Island! Happy to work with you!! You can count on
Well, I'm officially one of the Long island girls. I got my uniform today, played my first doubled…
GO welcomes Cross Point church back to the island! The team will be serving with their long-time ministry...
If you're 21+, live on Long Island, and you've never been to Boardy Barn.what are you doing with your life
Taking a bus or train in Long Island will make you miss a stop
Ok the script was going so well. Stuck on an island this long & now jungle madness.
Well you see, it's on Long Island. Not in Long Island
Literally depressed cuz I wanna go back to Long Island.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Can't believe how cheap an annual pass to Padre Island was. Day fee is $10, annual is $20. I hope I'm not here long…
Dine,,drink, shop and be entertained at big Pride discounts this Long Island Pride weekend June 9th-11th in Long...
NY students can apply for Excelsior Scholarship starting Wednesday - Newsday
Norm is tremendous. Great interview. Going to see him on Long Island soon and can't wait.
Not crazy about driving all the way out to long island East office tomorrow for a meeting
By the end of next year I want my own apartment 🙏🏽 just don't know if I wanna leave Long Island 😩
LONG ISLAND if u wanna come meet me and tomorrow then pull uppp ! i heard its only like $10 👀
.I..WHAT? Which church does he want to merge with the state? Shou…
Uber, Lyft coming to Long Island, upstate NY this month -- but not everyone's happy
White woman running for office on Long Island calls black neighbors the N-word
Police: Long Island teen dangled over pit bull's pen, mauled
Anyone in the Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York/Long Island and Connecticut areas who…
It just hit me now that I performed with the Long Island Voices for the last time tonight, and now I can't stop getting teary eyed.
North Hempstead board votes to add Islamic leader to ethics panel
Long Island Iced Teas can really make or break your night
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
I love NY. Used to visit family in Long Island all the time. Now my cousin produces the new Kevin…
Thanks for the good times today, Long Island! Boston, see you tomorrow at our signing / performance at
Students can start applying for the Excelsior Scholarship and start their pathway to free college via
17. I'm from Sayville, Long Island, New York. If I'm at college, I go to the Rochester Institute of Technology, or RIT, in Rochester, NY.
One of New York City's most respected chefs discusses his decision to expand to Long Island's North Fork
The average annual salary for a teacher in the Central Islip school district on Long Island tops $160,000 per...
Overslept. Will take my food handlers tomorrow. Bout to head to Long Island city/Organic incubator
I'd rather eat a PBJ with no Peanut Butter or Jelly than to see Erik on Long Island
Nearly two dozen people suffer opioid overdoses on Long Island over two-day span
I'm Megan from Long Island (NY) and I stand with Manchester. Write your name and city you are from and pass it on!…
Anyone who's lived in Long Island, knows this pain. Summer Hamptons traffic on Sunrise hwy
Moms! Add clove oil to your Friday sink scrub if you want to suddenly crave clove cigarettes & a $24 bucket of Long Island Iced Tea.
I began my coffee journey a year ago in Long Island and I honestly I have no regrets
No talking g about news12 long island. Doubt you or "research" know about long island ha.
Federal judge rules in favor in one of the Singh loan guarantee lawsuits brought against the town.
. Auto Voter Registration passes the Rhode Island House. There is some momentum. A long way to go but a good s…
Finally saw The 75. Did you see this?
I was there, back row. My hubs is waving in this pic! I wonder if you know how much…
The annual Long Island Regatta is on! Fun, games, races and excitement until June 3rd
Candidates picked for 2 open seats on Islip Town Board
If you are from Long Island/NY and choose to get bagels from Dunkin Donuts, we can't be friends
Hey New York!!. -. Friends in NYC and Long Island,. I have a few fun shows this week near you and I'd love to see you! htt…
It's fantastic. Perfect evening light. Even at long range the Roseates stand out as birds of exquisite beauty.
It's like reading about a meeting of Mob families on Long Island back in the 80's.
What a way to kick off my NYC visit with a private tour of the new Kodak film lab in Long Island. Film is alive.
Stolen Bike: A Red and white with some black Mountain Bike - Jeep has been reported as stolen from Long island city, 11101
.boys lacrosse made history last night with the program’s first Suffolk County title. .
It's hard to believe your Long Island concert was a week from today! This was Barry concert for me…
Pizza Night Specials for June 1st: $3 Long Island Iced Tea and Pina Coladas, and for dessert you may choose...
Trump is going to remove restrictions Obama placed on Russians for those Long Island…
Splish Splash in Long Island is 96-acres of family friendly fun. Including 20 water slides, attractions and more;...
"Equality for Women and Girls in the World: The Highs & the Lows. Anju Malhotra. Long Island NY Society PLATFORM Sun 6/4, 11am
Good food, stunning views and wine make this LI restaurant a must
We do stuff, on a island, in the sky and take very long to do stuff so we are forced to make two videos
Long Island Iced Tea is the greatest drink of all time
In the Hartford Treaty of 1650, Petrus Stuyvesant gave New Englanders parts of CT and half of Long Island to keep the Yankees at bay
My next guest is Long Island star coming home to Nass…
Long Beach city, to hold nightclub memorial as part of Pride events, reports
Climate change due to CH3 fuel emissions of CO2 (plant food)is a political myth & has not been empirically proven .
An island doomed by rising seas just helped the US prove it can thwart long-range Korean missiles.
I liked a video 'Long Island Medium' with 'Anderson Live' Audience
Tickets available for UFC Long Island, featuring 3 of Team Tiger Schulmann's best, ,
Note to the LGBT community: This guy is from Willowbrook (Long Island), not some ME country. Wake up. He wants to kill you.
Our politicians are corrupt they dont want to loose their power so they sell the fantasy…
This might be a great fit for you: Travel Acute Care RN Long Island NY - NY
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Long Island traffic is going to give me an ulcer sometime in the near future
and alexanthony21 getting in one last session this morning on Long Island before…
remember that time I overnighted myself from Long Island ?
.LacrosseWM rallied in the 2nd half to defeat LaxEast for the Suffolk A championship.
Parties pick their candidates for two open seats on Islip town board
.officials say Long Beach marks the first government building on Long Island to raise the rainbow fl…
My thoughts? You haven't lived till you've used the toilet on the Long Island rail road
You can see signs for indicted Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano all over this part of Long Island. Even on buses!
Gordon Ramsay's 'The F Word' to feature Long Island team: A Long Island team of home chefs will star Wednesday in…
especially the scouts who spent the day at Calverton National Cemetery on Long Island decorating the graves of service men & women there
Long Island was once home to as many as 120 airfields
Catholic Charities of Rockville Centre assists people across Long Island with housing and supportive services to homeless Veterans.
The one in Long Island. She won a seat in the NY State Assembly that's already majority Democrat. She got a boost from establishment Dems.
Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach 2017 photos: Planes of all varieties are soaring across Long Island skies through…
Can you guys add Riverhead Raceway on Long Island? It's the last race track on Long Island!
A8 - We love NYC in the summer, but the North Fork, Long Island is perfect for a quick weekend escape. h…
Lone Star ticks once endemic to southeast have now arrived to Long Island, NY... meat allergy will become more common in t…
This French Normandy home sits on the hilltop of a peninsula open to both Greenwich Cove and the Long Island...
I don't know if liking Billy Joel is the most Long Island thing about me or the most white
.Bold populism that puts working families’ issues front and center. This is how we win in Trump country. http…
is coming to Long Island! Let's have the conversations that really matter as we grow our capacity for leadersh…
Bernie Sanders delegate stuns with upset in NY 9th Assembly District that went Trump 60%
A cesspool has collapsed on Long Island while it was being built, leaving a man trapped inside.
Proud to have met Christine on Long Island & proud to have her on the Democratic team to fight for issues that matter to work…
Im tryna be out the pool parties with the shirt open and gut out with a $37 Long Island in my hand
Everett, - MCG Contracting - Plumbers needed for shipyard work on Whidbey Island LONG TERM - We ...
heartbreak: Vacc'g soil 2find man N cesspool as more dirt falls
You're invited: Long Island Greek Festival at the Cathedral of St. Paul
This seems like a very big deal for the Dem Party's Bernie/progressive wing & its electability in Trump country
Aaand, MORE happy news:. Christine Pellegrino wins in Long Island, a 20 pt. trump stronghold!. Believe, and
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Get ready to laugh a lot with comedian at on May 27
New York: 'Homegrown' al Qaeda terrorist to walk free after helping Feds
A bold, progressive Dem just won an election in a very red NY district where Trump carried 60% of the vote in 2016.
can't wait to see you on June 3rd on long island ! 😍😍😍😍
MS-13 is turning Long Island into a homicide hotbed via
Gigantic sinkhole swallows man alive after cesspool collapse in Long Island via
Dems just won a NYS assembly seat in Long Island; district was R-held and went for Trump by 20 points.
A Bernie Dem just accomplished a 39-point swing from the 2016 election results in heavily Rep. Long Island. This is the…
Can you recommend anyone for this Universal Banker- Union Turnpike- Queens/ Long Island, NY -
I know Sara Netanyahu is not from Long Island but man, when I look at her I can hear her as clear as a bell without hearing her :)
RIP Eddie Blatz of Garden City [Georgetown] -- one of Long Island's greatest high school athletes. A 2X state champ in lax…
Always good to see Long Island referee Arthur Mercante Jr. working an event. Handling Brooklyn's Teofimo Lopez vs. Ronald Rivas.
Check out our filter for the Grand Opening of CC Lounge in Long Island, NY tonight!
lists HS Sr. Tyler Moran as one to watch due to and other accomplishments! https…
It's a Tea Party Saturday. We're running specials on Long Island & Boro Blackout Pitchers all night!
Long Island will be home to some entertainment throughout the & months!
You don't live in Long Island you live on Long Island🙄
Jack I appreciate this though you spent way too much time and thought. Argument that Lon…
I'm looking for a uniquely flavored cake for my wedding, something exotic like green tea. Found nada on Long island, any advice?
builds power of Long Island latinx community. Invest in these communities!
Hundreds gather to mourn mom killed in Mother’s Day crash
It's almost time to show off your pride
Probably when John Cena threw Edge into the Long Island Sound
I hate Marissa after her VIP section work. But I love her cause she is from Long Island. So, there is balance.
June 14th in Long Island blood it's cheaper I think
one Long Island thing that almost always comes out when I'm frustrated is describing something as "this that and the otha thing"
What I wouldn't give for a Long Island Iced Tea right now!! 🍹
at in Farmingville. Come by and take some swings if you are on Long Island!
Christine is a Long Island mother, teacher, union member & longtime progressive activist - her special election for NY A…
Fri Jun 2nd, we're LIVE @ thecrookedrail in East Northport, NY (Long Island). *…
Top-rated real estate investor network expanding to Long Island. Session this Wed (5/24)! Click for more info
Check out highlights shared from the Long Island Regional Conference
Thank you LONG ISLAND for another great show!! If you missed tonight's show, you can watch the replay on
Long, thoughtful, piece on compassion deficit from one's of the island's best observers.
Our Bishop is not only talking about "dramatic missionary growth" for the Church on Long Island. He's meeting...
Not long to go now m8 to see what happened in the Island of Fernandos
"S'cuse may..." -a girl from Long Island saying excuse me
JT Blubaugh with a whole lot of Long Island real estate on this score
I just earned the 'Long Island Craft Beer Week (2017)' badge on
Customer rearranges Ivanka Trump book display to include guide to getting over narcissistic and toxic parenting
Cheska got a puppy and now I have a reason to go al the way to Long Island :P
Do I really have to see 30 seconds to mars on Long Island to see pvris.
Peanuts compared to at least $53mm of Govt StartUpNY funds used for "feel good" ads in his 2014 reelection campaign. htt…
Long Island sessions today. Dm for more Info.
Congratulations to Long Island Champion, All-State Jeremy Leggiero '09 for being inducted into the Wall of Fame!
Please bring some Defense and Military work back to Long Island. Thank You 😊 and have a GREAT trip…
I will be attending the last show of Ringling Bros tomorrow in Long Island. They will need $$$ to support the anim…
How to Take a Day Trip to Long Island’s Wine Country (
North Fork of Long Island. Lots of good wine country. Small little towns and villages. Really good food.
wittier: "Local politician seeking apology from Robert De Niro for Long Island joke" cindycapo
Or, alternately, "Long Island town learns about the existence of screenwriters."
Residents of Long Island's Hicksville demand an apology from Robert De Niro for mocking them in "The Comedian"
My new favorite feud is between Robert DeNiro and the one guy from Long Island who saw "The Comedian"…
Long Island's steps back into the boxing ring this summer on
Long Island is just cruel. Towns of Wantagh, Massapequa, Hauppauge, Montauk...just a list of peoples Long Islanders…
Let me get a Long Island ice tea bartender
Get your *** to the east coast specifically Long Island soon 😜😜
"Sweet Potatoes, Genes, and Long Life" A world-class new crop and genetic research.
Late night thoughts: not spending my days on Long Island the last two weeks made me realize how rude and vain dudes here can be
NEW EPISODE! This week I chat with my good friend about hockey, the death of "midlife crisis" and more! h…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
First try out with new camera at Bank Island, - long way to go yet!
Omg of course he was from Long Island 😷😤
Shinedown add Long Island show to touring schedule (+ more)
A perfect ending to a long day to rest in this luxury Centara Grand Island. ✈️
There's no way District Manager Shorty's Long Island West team is gonna beat us the Nassau Long Island team, they lack creativity, creation.
In Guantánamo, LI family seeks justice for mother killed on 9/11: Patricia Smith, 17, of East Hampton was in…
A mother in Long Island showed depths of her love on by giving up her life to save her daughter’s.
Who needs tickets live on Long Island hmu for…
Couldn't get my mom that island 🌴 she deserved this year but I got her an IPad and it was long overdue! I can hear her singing from my room.
Officer-involved shooting investigated in Hempstead, police say
Hear from Mel Bok about environmental monitoring at Long Island Point now in Room M3
Getting to Bohol Island after a long and late flight from Manila, hiring a local tricycle…
I saw the Long Island West sales team for a little this morning when we finished our meeting. They're very depressing. They look sad. No fun
When you need a Roof Leak Repair In Long Island, make the smart choice and let LI Roof Repair handle the job.
The Room in Levittown, Long Island Beauty. Anna Sobolev. White gouache on board
Smarks for you. When I went to Raw in Long Island, you had a few guys boo as well. That could probably be fixed if…
I'm leaving Long Island to go Knoxville this week 😊I hope to hear all about you down there in hometown !!
Ok lets get some RT's and help get what she has earned! The belongs on Long Island!…
If he's in New York, CREEDMOOR on Long Island; if he's in California, it's PATTON STA…
A long-term retrospective study on rehabilitation of seabirds in Gran Canaria Island (2003-2013).
Nice, what about the people in Long Island being terrorized by illegal aliens, Surely that is important. Well?
Start new hours tomorrow and I can't sleep bc Long Island Medium 😭😭😭
for my birthday i asked CJ to rent a car so we can go out to the places on long island i grew up going to, and take down all the valor gyms
7 things to do on - the beautiful island that plays host to sailing's America's -
henny, fire ball, everclear, or Long Island
From long Island to the World, We present to Brand New GA-100ST In Cooperation
Heads up Long Island. Sweet hearted Pibble looking for a forever home for 2 years, has only one caveat: needs to be the…
Which do you think Long Island voters care more about, WAPO 'story' about Russia, or Trump destroying MS-13 in USA?.
Why not have a Long Island Iced Tea? @ 1616 Gervais
Oh he'll a new island problem. Didn't any of them watch GILLIGAN'S ISLAND? Look how long they lived lol
This Friday, a lot of hardworking men & women come together in Long Island to put on a great show for all you awesome fan…
When your step mom buys you tickets to see Long Island Medium in august 😍😍😍😍
when will Long Island Medium be back in the UK? We had a few episodes last month, then nothing
If you know that Long Islanders say "on Long Island" and not "in Long Island," you should also know that it's
"I don't pronounce my R's, I sound like a Long Island hillbilly" -
The lil couple, my giant life,19 kids and counting, my 600lb life, Long Island Medium. TLC is just a "freak show" disguise…
Apparently Jessey Lacey was just chilling at the Kevin Devine show tonight because Long Island
Literally every time we go somewhere someone asks my mom "Oh my god are you the Long Island Medium?!!!"
if I go on my phone when my dad wants me to watch something on tv he's like "get into the real world and watch"😩 it's Long Island Medium dad
That's's kinda dope to live in a big city thou. My Fam from Long Island so living big ain't that foreign to me
I can't afford the m&g tickets is there any other possible way to meet you, I'm in Long Island a trip to the city is easy peasy
: "we met the Long Island Medium and now we're going to shilelagh law...that's a very New Yorker kind of day"
So I met the Long Island Medium Theresa caputo today... super rude and nothing special all that's on her mind is $
I met the Long Island Medium! is every bit as Long Island as I'd hoped she would…
I would love a Long Island Medium on this sunny Friday!!!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
when will Long Island Medium return to TLC in the UK? We only had 6 episodes.
Interiors by Woody Allen is still a drab, drawn out visit to the loony bin off the cerebeal, bland rich coast of Yenta country, Long Island.
First and last time I drank a Long Island was at a bar lmfao
Yes we are , thanks for the info! See ya at the Dream?!!! Hopefully the Long Island bar will be open! Lol
Education commissioner on Long Island launches hearings on draft state plan: A regional public hearing on Long…
Bahamas: Mayaguana fire on the beach under Milky Way, Conch shell. Entering Dean's blue hole on Long Island. Sunset at H…
Long Island ice tea with patron shots and fireball whiskey shots yep they are tryna get me drunk 😵😵😵
Women who served in WWII honored in Nassau via
You would have loved the Long Island I had tonight
I live in long island i cant meet u :(
End of Senior Year thoughts: "This Long Island I'm drinking is going to make me feel so bad tomorrow."
Thousands of dead fish clogging a Long Island canal
How hard is it to make a proper long island.
It must be that hearty Long Island tap water. High in minerals and essential nutrients.
ik bruh I need to be back on Long Island
Update your maps at Navteq
I just had the worst Long Island of my life...but now I'm buzzed off of one drink...
That looks like everything you pretty much need for a fancy expensive Long Island Iced Tea
"island I see you in the moonlight, silhouettes of ships in the night.just makes me long that much more"
I just found out I don't live in Long Island. I live ON Long Island 🤔 is this something only native Long islanders say???
back to Long Island for the summer tomorrow.
Whiskey isn't my thing I just don't like Long Island tea lmfao im more for sweet but slightly sour cocktails
*NEW* cocktail recipe! Have some fun & mix it up with this Long Island Iced Tea.❤🍸❤️. ht…
When reunite we better get the best love scenes ever,a trip to the island,vow renewal I want it all for waiting this *** long😴😤
On the road again. Tomorrow night: Bay Shore, Long Island NY. Past, Present and Future Tour
hello my son is a 2007 player for Long Island jr islanders elite how do i get my son looked at for the future combine ?
Excited to announce OMEGA: A 2-day Melee Regional on Long Island! $1K Pot Bonus plus lots of talent including Syrox! https…
But it is a mystery to me why North Jersey is so much more pro-development than Westch…
I'm not driving tonight... But I have my Suffolk County card! . Why is it that Long Island Married women act like...
Was the Roosevelt Field Mall location on Long Island, New York closed?
.get on ship captained by the Rat don't need the Long Island Medium how you end up.
22 [M4F] and Long Island Just a guy who loves to go down - potentially somewhere risky, if you're into that
Take on a bum on Long Island NY & get your feet back under you. Kelvin is a killer.
Are the Salt Life bumper stickers just a Long Island thing ?
Season ticket deposit letter for the future New York Islanders found in the 1971-72 New York Nets ABA yearbook. Dig th…
Soo Viya is cashing out, None of the owners live on this island and it only dominates in the Virgin i…
Congrats to on commitment to Long Island University Brooklyn
Suffolk: Avoid Agawam Lake in Hamptons because of algae bloom - Newsday
1st to announce, per source, has committed to Long Island University- Brooklyn. The players going…
Today is National Twilight Zone Day. Law students celebrate by reenacting the facts of Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad.…
If you had to pick one person to vote off an island, wh… — i thought abt this long n hard n couldnt think of anyone
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