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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

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That's exactly right, I grew up on Long Island and my dad was Jewish. We…
There's a new leader and his name is Long Island staff football picks: Week 6 - News 12 Varsity v…
Bowlmor Lanes. There's one in Times Square, Chelsea Piers, White Plains and Melville (out in Long Island).
Foghorns, 1929, Arthur Dove. ‘Foghorns represents the moaning of warning sirens in the Long Island mist as concentr…
Long Island estate planning lawyers can assist you in making sure your estate plan is as comprehensive as it...
Whats New Long Island woman busted for plucking exotic lizards from pet store with her kids - New Yo...
LI adds more relief efforts for Puerto Rico
'Waves' Waves breaking over the stone barrier at Shinnecock Inlet, Long Island in the aftermath of Hurricane Jose. https:/…
Long Island Iced Teas sneak up on ya quick 🙃
I had henn, moet, long island, and moscato. But I’m good tho
Take Green Tea shots with your friends. On special all month with 32oz Long Island Tea Pitchers, Coors Light Bottles a…
Who amongst us hasn’t cornered a Long Island news anchor to *** in front of her and then retired to their…
I liked a video Kayak & Outrigger paddle to Anacapa Island (long version)
I'm just waiting for Isles to return to Long Island so we can use ISLE BE BACK on back page.
Long Island's make for a lonnng night
Long day, long night, long week. Who ever said nothing happens on a little island in Alaska...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
to when Long Island was home. We'll be back there on Wednesday night. Get your tickets » htt…
I guess 3 drinks is my limit when it comes to Blue Long Island .
Please Join us for the 6th Annual Long Island Trusts & Estates Conference
I thought this was understood right off the bat? Wang tried this first back in Long Island, to leverag…
BTW, im on my 8th Long Island Iced Tea. Lol
But also, don’t... vodka isn’t worth it. I only buy vodka to mix into a Long Island
Spilt Long Island on my New Balance but started the night in Manhattan.
Mets are meaningless in the big city! Mets only mean anything in Queens/Long Island!
Mya just sent herself to Long Island
My parents won 1st place for best saimin on the island 😭😭👏🏼 they deserve this after long hours & dedication they pu…
first of all Am Arishia from Long Island
Tonight at RVC... Me: I’ve never seen so many caucasian males in my life. White male: that’s Long Island baby, you…
The problem is Yankee nation has a Big # of *** *** very Jersey Shore esc type fans from Que…
SUNY to offer in-state tuition for P.R. students via
At the Rhythm and Rye enjoying a neo-funk band & this long island. My anxiety is slowly being given perspective.
Have a long weekend in the City? How about an easy getaway to We'll be running our ferries from Manhattan AND…
To me, Grumman is always/only the little Long Island co. that built LMs for Apollo. I was genuinely puzzled by the…
i feel like i would immediately start ordering LONG island ice teas, sex on acid, pickle backs, *** juice...
Beans, chicken and shrimp: Cook-and-run burglar breaks into a Long Island taqueria, then does the dishes.
Grumman got a bunch of carcinogens into long island aquifers they own
is an island in the Cat Ba Archipelago of Ha Long Bay.
While signal is coming around in PR, I don’t know how long the island would be without electricity. T…
Thank You Long Island and thank you Julio for this special delivery. Goodnight y'all.
I only had one Long Island and I'm drunk
Awesome show bruno. Thanks for coming to Long Island. ❤️
. was in good form at Monday's press conf-can he cause an upset Nov 11 in Long Island?Tix on sale now https:…
Meet Vince Victa, he's from Long Island New York and coming from the Hamptons, he is definitely the most boujee new member. ht…
It's never too late to persue my life-long dream of being a lighthouse keeper in some remote island, just need my Nintendo Switch & Wi-Fi.
Places to Stay on Phu Quoc Island for a long holiday: The best time to visit Phu Quoc…
Def! I'm a member on long island but have been to some events in NYC. I'd be happ…
Long Island rescue group saves dogs from Puerto Rico .
It took the 3 years to get from NYC to this private beach on Long Island.
Get a Long Island 🌴 ice tea but get or just get a sweet tea and go to a Georgia island 🌴 chill on the beach
When you go to Brooklyn, hit up Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island. Please. I'd cry.
I don't drink a lot but I have a few. 1. Long Island ice tea. 2. Sex on the beach. 3. Mike's black che…
some Jersey shore towns get train tourists from NYC, and Long Beach on Long Island. Dunno about Boston
Actually I own a beach front house in Long Island so I know. Participation i…
Looking west past sunset at the beach and shoreline along the North Fork of Long Island from Clif…
Sometimes I be wanting to follow y'all back but then I read your bio and the location either says "Staten Island" or "Long Island" so nvm.
We had a blast at the this weekend on Jones Beach, Long Island!
GLEN COVE, NY 🇺🇸 North Shore of Long Island, development is again booming
One time he made me drink a Long Island and learn more about wrestling it was great 💯💯💯
Long Island Medium never fails to send chills & goosebumps all throughout my body 😵
Project progress photos: $55 million reconstruction of 3 bridges at the Long Island Exp/Grand Central Pkwy Interchange http…
Cops: Teacher’s assistant charged with rape of 15-year-old girl via
It took him this long to realize PR is an island. Islands DT, are surrounded by water. Its why we have a Navy & AF.
Going to be on Long Island tonight at Amityville Music Hall! 📷:…
Citi Bike is pedaling its way through Astoria and Long Island City, as two new docking stations have been installed.
Breweries in Long Island City are on the rise via
Draft-Dodging Trump waited too long and hurt the American Citizens on this island. That's 3.5 million Americans.
Cops: Central Islip student evaluated after Snapchat post of gun
The Catholic Church probably should refrain from commenting on young boys Just saying!!!. .
I always felt he was telling the world about NYC and Long Island in his songs. Years later, I figured o…
I wanna know how long it took 🍊 to figure out Puerto Rico is an island.
ALSO TONIGHT! we're bringing back Emo Night to Long Island at AMH! Doors at 11PM! tix are running VERY LOW:
Billy, my Long Island homeboy.😀*. *Never met him. *He's from Hicksville. I'm from Kings Park
Congrats to & Massapequa High Schools for the outstanding achievements.
Hope no one tells him Manhattan or Long Island (Queens, where he grew up) are also islands. That will really blow h…
We need all the help we can get. No power. No water. Long lines for f…
The gacha cards will be 5* Kamikaze and Manhattan, 4* Gimlet, and 3* Dirty Mother and Long Island Iced Tea!
Long Island Medium has Made me Believe in the Afterlife
This may seem crass while puertorriqueños hunt for water, but island's long-term security depends on it. Biggest cr…
That coconut Long Island at Andreas was gonna have me flat on my *** if I ain’t leave
But he can drive to Staten Island, Long Island and Rhode Island.
I just asked my friend from Long Island for a wegmans bag and she didn't know what I was talking about 😂😂
it’s not the game I played long ago. there are superior roms out there for Yoshis Island and Super Mario World for example
7 Long Island bars that actually have really good food
Long Island Medium makes me cry. Like I’m watching for 5 minutes I have goosebumps and my eyes watery
How long did it take for him to realize that the island was surrounded by water?
A special prosecutor found Ray Perini illegal wiretaps happened on his watch
''Finishing Touches'' (VaynerMedia) - Rehearses Oct. 16 in a studio in Long Island City; live production on Oct. 1…
My favorite place, called home, Long Island.
Women Leaders & Women Entrepreneurs in NYC, Westchester, CT, NJ, Long Island. is for YOU! Register @
The North Shore of Long Island has numerous stories. Theirs is one that needs to be heard.
I want you and Justin Tuck to drive around Long Island aimlessly until you need to stop at a gas sta…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
All brick home in Roslyn Heights New York - Long Island
Paul McCartney sizzles in Long Island with hand from Billy Joel 52 years after nearby Sh...…
McCartney and Joel came together to sing "Get Back" and "Birthday" at a Long Island show!
83f today on Long Island. That calls for scotch on the rocks & and a box pressed Maduro cigar. Life is good.
And the Suffolk County PD laughed and cheered at Trump's police brutality 'jokes'. Long Island is trash.
What now a sub sea cable to Long Island etc. Stats Cda says 95% of NL pop moving to TCH lets move them now..
Getting the man cave ready. Come hang when your on long island.
That Long Island fckd my stomach up son
The Hits and nothing but the hits from 1970-1976 - Classic Long Island Radio
The Humvee was parked at an incline when it slipped out of gear and rolled about 30 feet, police say
Per source, first Daniel Jacobs under new HBO deal with Matchroom pegged for Nov. 11 at the Coliseum on Long Island vs.…
A few shows have sold out. Next ones to go are Brooklyn, Boston, Long Island, Fresno. Get a ticket and listen to Big Star…
Nassau GOP Chair Joe Mondello now the longest serving party leader in LI history via
Some very exciting comedy shows coming up on Long Island, check my schedule
Jensen Jones accounts for 4 TDs as cruises past Marco Island Academy:
Hamilton Collection
The Tankleff case: Deep dive preview into one of Suffolk's most notorious overturned convictions by
New: spurns offer of budget briefing while accepts the offer
What a beautiful morning here on Long Island!
If anyone knows of any places in the long island area where we can donate clothes to or relief lmk pls!!! 🇵🇷🇮🇹
Pencils down, please pass your lineups to the left. A mod will walk down the aisle to pick all of them up shortly. https:…
Only one week left until we get to visit in Long Island! Join us from 11am-3pm at booth See you there!
We love this Cambridge driveway on Long Island installed by Designs by Longo…
Check out this stunning Roslyn Heights, Long Island patio on
A favorite pizza place on Long Island has new owners
Me n colleague ordered a Long Island Iced Tea. He got a lemon slice and I didn't and I was like "Kya yehi insaaniyant hai" :P
I live in the Bronx. My boyfriend lives on Staten Island. ITS A LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP.
Can you handle Championship Sunday in Long Island? . Today, we crown a champ. Daysheet >>
half of my heart is in long island land land land . christina went to New York city ty ty ty. All of my heart is in long is…
what are you talking about I am going to win atleast 1 million $
Yea, I don't make the trek to Long Island that often. We should do lunch one of these days.
I do not want to go back to Long Island -.-
Please tell me this isn't a show about long island omg
My daughter will be performing in the Nutcracker out in Long Island this Holiday season. This…
shook. Just started watching the Aluna Island lp, my 2 ex boyfriends are Cody/Austin. Cody has long blonde hair, austin short red
I can give you Richards private address if you want to complain. Oooops sorry he is at present tidying up…
I'm enjoying this very summery fall weather on Long Island!
WOW! Incredible story! Dog who went missing in FL in 2016 is found in Long Island, NY, will be reunited w/ family:
An LI man was charged with placing an iPhone under a woman's dress and taking a picture, police said
Drew Scott, a fine anchor and Long Island TV legend, is retiring from after 20 years there, and 47 years in New York TV.
You guys I'm watching the 1983 concert video Billy Joel: Live From Long Island and I'm just gonna say it, it friggin'…
Island Trees football champions reunite at homecoming, 25 years later: They won in overtime in 1992.
Not the only Jags fan in NY. Big Jags fan living on Long Island. Go Jags.
Hey Long Island check this out! Wouldn't it be cool if Bruce came to Long Island when Stevie Van Zandt performs...
my google maps always called my long island house my "home" but now it's referring to Lynchburg College as "home" 😭😭❤️
well it tastes like cough syrup for me, so yeah I'd rather drink soju than Long Island tho lol
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
*** bro that's a foul mixture. you might as well have combined a Long Island with a pink panty dropper.
Former Long Island Nets swingman JJ Moore (had 29 points in his debut in Argentina as Comunicaciones beat…
I wish you guys can come to Long Island
What I would do for a Long Island BEC right now
Get your hands on fresh apples from farms before they're all gone! Pick a place to pick your own with our guide:
I wish I was home on Long Island on the *** beach 😭😩
Long Island residents are pounding the pavement to honor a fallen hero.
Beating the heat with a early morning day trip to our favorite Long Island beach!
Woman struck by Humvee at Farmingville festival in critical condition
Wag app deploys drones in search for lost Long Island dog Buddy - :
One of these men is a thoughtful role model, one is Long Island trash and one is Charles Barkley.
Tanger Outlets may just be the worst place on Long Island
Kemba Walker, we gotta start there lol Lance, Danny Green tho he's from Long Island, Maurice Harkless…
I wanted a pic with the Long Island crew. This guy wanted to…
By the way, what was the transition from Gunnison to Long Island like? Totally two different worlds.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Tomorrow will be a long day. will be hitting the whole island of Puerto Rico. Strongest winds where I am will hit @ 1pm
Join us for Happy Hour at 3-7pm daily!🍸 Buy 1 Get 1 on the ff drinks: Mojito, Long Island Iced…
Lay me down In Brooklyn if I lose my life Push me down the Hudson and turn on the radio Long Island is always smiling cause my soul is free
Great news for the citizens of Rhode Island. We'll miss you at the Dept of State Melissa Long!
I can't lie for me it go Long Island=Henn it's about even
Long road to reunion on PEI almost complete for refugee family of 13 - -
Our GREAT VETERANS can thank Reince Priebus for Long Island now. An area under siege from gang members in Senate. Mitch
What island is missing in this graphic? It's going to be a very long 24 hours for my people.…
"So, there is this little movie coming out in Nov called Justice League" Meet Henry @ ACE Comic-Con in Long Island! ht…
Gal Gadot and her Justice League cast members will be at the ACE Comic Con in Long Island this December ! 😀
What are the chances an eye that small can hit an island that's only about 30 miles long?!
Problems mount at Nassau County jail - Newsday
Watching Hurricane Jose rolling into quickly & we won't even get hit hard by it. Be safe Long Island!
Thanks Long Island Activists for sharing my event: Elaine DiMasi at Toast. See you weds 6pm in Patchogue!
some models indicate could loop back around, lingering offshore between LI & NJ, through the workweek.
It's a long shot, but I wanna know. Own a BullPei born in New York area (Long Island) Summer of 2015? Hit me up.
it's not IN long island it's ON long island! one of the most annoying corrections i've been making for the past 4 weeks
The Long Island Splat LAN might be the 2nd biggest Splatoon LAN in West. Glad I helped organize it, pretty happy with how its looking.
Tropical Storm Watch for Parts of Long Island, Coastal Flood Warning in NYC as Jose Nears
I should've brought that Long Island Iced Tea to work
What Graham-Cassidy will do to people with pre-existing conditions, an issue long thought untouchable, is simply reprehensible.
Long Island..I'm coming for you. Bringing some homies too & special Guest. Cop Early bird $10 LIMITED tickets here...https:/…
Watching Jesus Camp and wow Long Island Medium totally ripped off this little girl.
A special prosecutor found RayPerini illegal wiretaps happened on his watch
Raggedy disturbed, bum,twisted,School, left,all got,Lucifer not allowed back to Long island, Philadelphia, and Jersey
Why would you say nobody cares ? I sure as heck do,most of my family is up on Long Isl…
Hey I think Richard Gere should play you in Hillary: The Movie. More believable!…
Jose has weakened to a tropical storm
Long island is just much hood than,North Philadelphia, any claims,better than ,lied to people! Never been?
Tropical Storm Watch in effect for coast of Long Island from Fire Island Inlet to Port Jefferson. Prepare for strong winds/coastal flooding
Order Miche Bag Online!
Lucifer glorified *** as perfect glamour?. Joke?Anyone ever been to long island, Wydannch?. Looks like Chester.
These photos just sent to me by a homeowner..High tide creeping towards homes in Lindenhurst, Long Island tonight.
Listen to interview with Can't wait for him to come to LI!
Ypu mean I can get a photo with Ciaran Hinds for ONLY $70?! Long Island won't cope with the queues.…
Man someone tell Robert Caro is calling for a bridge to be built between Long Island and Connecticut
Downtown Port Jefferson is so nice I can't believe I've lived on Long Island for 22 years and have never been here before
Great insights into the qualities of Yaz forged in the fields of Long Island's East End.
Take a look at the latest housing numbers for Long Island, courtesy of the Multiple Listing Service of LI. Prices a…
There's a change in Long Island real estate and millennials need to pay attention
spreading higher surf & rip currents along the East Coast with direct impacts likely from Long Island to SE Mass: thi…
Incredible footage shows bare sea bed after the ocean retreated from Long Island in the Bahamas: htt…
Long Island should become its own country and our citizenship test will be you have to sing Billy Joel's Piano man perfect…
Whenever I read "IN" Long Island instead of "ON" Long Island the English major in me wretches uncontrollably.
His account was suspended. For the record he is Matthew E. Jacob of Manhasset, Long Island. Further info I can give to…
80-year-old woman crossing street killed in Long Island hit and run
I just wanna know how long you can fly for cause I'd like to fly every island in Hawai'i with this. Hawaiian Airlin…
Catch my guy 🎤Live w at tonight for Release party…
You loved seeing my *** Long island ices unleashes my happy side
Look around at the cars on Long Island...the vast majority of the illegals have Illinois or Oklaho…
but... but... Cuomo blasted Trump for even claiming that gangs were causing carnage in Long Island
Long Beach Island's surf could reach between 1.65ft and 2.65ft high in the next 24hrs.
Should Long Island have been its own state? What about New York City?
Long Island folks, the rally at the Suffolk county DA's office for Keenan and Anthony is tomorrow morning at 9am. http…
don't sleep on them Long Island boys.
. tied to Suffolk law enforcement's turbulent past
PL409 class today with students from New York's Long Island University
One advantage of a long hot dry summer...great tomatoes! @ Bowen Island, British Columbia
I'm in the mood to celebrate. Why not dive into this!
When are you coming to N.Y.C. or long island?
Muslim leaders issue a fatwa barring Muslims from living on Long Island.
Camila Cabello confirmed today that the long-awaited "Havana" music video is coming soon & will be "unexpected' & 'speci…
Anyone up for a sing-a-long? 🎶 Magnetic Island's beach piano is back!. 📸:
- Looks like the island long-awaited tunnel through Patong Hill might actually becoming... https…
Thursday's cover: Cuomo: Troopers going to 10 LI schools to fight gangs
Water sucked from beach. RT. I am in disbelief ... This is Long Island, Bahamas ... ocean water is missing!
We in there October 6th 💃🏾. Love that your from Long Island like me and superrr talented. Been following you since the beginning. Love you!
One company (North Shore / Long Island Jewish) owns basically all the hospitals on Long Island -- of course care isn't af…
No. Kids have already been detained by immigration authorities on mere suspicion. This will make it worse.
college is really just people from Long Island telling you that their bagels are better than yours
Come and test drive this 2009 BMW 3 Series 2dr Cpe 335i xDrive AWD. It has 72,692 miles.
Well that's a Long Island Iced Tea. I'm not sure if they do an alcoholic…
*takes one sip of a Long Island Iced Tea without having eaten anything all day*. Prepare my funeral
Fml I just want a Long Island Iced Tea nd a cuddle
Tonight is the first and only night I will drink Long Island Iced Tea.
If you're going to sip some tea you might as well make it a Long Island via
double shot of Hennessy, and a Long Island to watch It 😭
A beach in Long Island, Bahamas was wiped completely dry by
10 years later Ishmael moved to Long Island and he never called him anymore
So this is Long Island in the Bahamas. The hurricanes going through through that area has suck up all the water...
Wow amazing no ocean in sight, in Long Island all do…
I am in disbelief right now... This is Long Island, Bahamas and the ocean water is missing!!! That's as far as they see
Long Island beach in the Bahamas is completely dried up... blame Irma
yeah I'm in Long Island right now hit you when I get in the city
News you might have missed today: DACA advocates hit NYC streets, 9/11 memorial coming to Long Island, and more
Cool show coming up soon in Long Island w/ & 🐴
what was the island Alex smith lived on? 3rd & Long Island? Cause he is still ruining Football
It's not really of concern atm but I do live on Long Island in NY lol. I was just thinking the other day…
I'm at Country Inn & Suites New York City at Queens in Long Island City, NY
Hampton Bays Fire District property may be added to Superfund list via
The average rate for a 30 year-fixed refinance in Long Island City, New York is 3.83%, up from 3.75% last week
You know what's hard to do? Not laugh while a boy with a thick Long Island accent tries to comfort you at a party
Come on in to for some yummy sliders and a long island (: you know you want to...
So long ago would be difficult to prove. I saw an article from1927 Long Island Press statin…
News12Varsity : .PatMedHS football is looking good so far at 1-0. .
Now, Newark is a college town, and UDel has a highly disproportionate number of North Jersey and Long Island...
That and when I learned about how the Europeans bought Long Island for a few coins from the Native Americans bc they had no concept of $$
It’s not too late to register for One Love Long Island - 2017 Yoga Festival happening this Saturday! This is an...
Well.guess I'm never going to Long Island
This triggered the PTSD I developed after attending an all white high school in an all white town on Long Island for 4 ye…
Suffolk: Mosquito spraying set for Fire Island - Newsday
My heart is in St. Martin/ Sint Maarten. It's been a long time since I have visited, but it's hard to see the island's beauty decemated. 💔
Your September Home Checklist: Here on Long Island Summer is coming to a close, prep now for the chilly days ahead.
to spread the word!. LONG ISLAND MILE TONIGHT!. St Anthony's HS . Huntington, NY. Pros go at 845
crews to install 11 radio-activated sound signals throughout CT and Long Island:
Cannot imagine how scared people on St. Thomas feel right now. Island is only 13 mi long and 3 mi wide...nowhere to go.
Race day. Join the party on Long Island, or follow here:
It's Burger Night at the Any burger with fries for just $7.49! 🍔. And it's Long Island Night too! 🥃
Well that's true I guess, its only in Long Island.
The Long Island Mile goes tonight RAIN or SHINE! . Thinking of this memorable cool down at the HOKA Mid D Classic w/ David…
Transferring a service from private to public hands doubles the cost. Jackson Jamaica Knoxville Long Beach Island DC
I think should be proactive and look out for himself and maybe go to The Varsity. I can see Boomer and Hahn. 2…
We are looking forward to hosting Long Island Beer & Malt Enthusiasts tonight at 7:30. The meeting is open to all... http…
"Gabagool? Over here!" - Silvio Dante The best bistros on Long Island: Eat here now .
A popular Long Island farm stand will drive its Oprah-approved pies into NYC
Massapequa sixth-graders' first day at Berner Middle School - Sixth-graders in the Massapequa school district w...
The annual membership fee for concierge physician care is typically between $1,100 and $3,600 per year.…
.is ready for the fall sports season. Check them out in our Social Media Corner!.
Bands of rain & winds picking up in The island braces itself for Video from one of my long-time friends w…
4. May utilize long island ice tea concoction to assist in decision to bother with 1-3. 🤘
People in Long Island don't ever get cold? Why do y'all always need the a.c. on?
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Ok then live on Long island, or in Rockland Westchester counties Mr. Know it all
Cuomo on Long Island says the federal government has failed to prioritize the environment. "We're just trying to restore the planet"
Rob Rogers is the Delivery Man of Month for August! The Long Island native compiled a 2-1 record with a 2.35 ERA in 14 a…
Watch the David mile tonight for free.
You can watch LIVE for FREE (but if you live within an hour of Long Island then your computer will explode)
Love the "steering wheel"- like a pirate ship. Where do you usually sail - Long Island, Cape Cod, Ca…
Emma Stone – On the set of Maniac in Long Island – (August-31-2017)
Hey, can you get me a foot Long Island Iced Tea from subway?
Plated Plants brings pop-up dinners to Long Island restaurants - Newsday
Cherai Beach, onw of the most clean and beautiful beaches in india, 10km long (including island)…
A big thanks to Conservation Corps of Long Beach for creating 27 miles of trails in Catalina Island while training & emp…
Hey you have love and prayers and donations flowing heavy from Long Island, NY. All my love. Stay strong. We are wit…
What Sandy taught us on Long Island:. - mold destroys flooded homes, many will b bulldozed. - govt buys wor…
Business in the Hamptons: the most exclusive beach community under the sun
. You hiring in the NYC/NE/Long island/NJ region? I would be able to make a tremendous contribution to your firm! Kindly advise?
Learn about a Long Island family that has a common passion for waterfowl decoy &
The Ran Out of Memory: top long island ice tea with flaming 151 and chug
Oceanside man stole from recycling center, cops say
brought to you by Long Beach Island, NJ
One of our favorites, has a NEW album out!! Go get you a copy!
Ugh😩 wish I was back on Long Island wit the ppl I miss
in my 4th year at college and I'm still explaining that I don't live in Long Island, Staten Island, or NYC but am still…
Tam is back on island but that doesn't stop our long phone conversations 🤗
Long Island Iced Tea in a can. Yup. That is the stuff.
Now at this bar, they got me two glasses of Long Island. I was tryna give the other one away but nope for me. Yup I…
they begin making out in the booth, or it could be the Long Island Iced Teas.
This Black Love Documentary on OWN is the most authentic, uplifting breath of fresh air that I've seen in a long time.…
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