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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Price:- $40 million estate in Long Island, New York
Politics|Donald Trump's Potential Guest at Debate: Gennifer Flowers: Hofstra University on Long Island will h...
provost Robert Mangione throws out the first pitch today on Long Island for SJU service da…
You think any of them own a Downeaster Alexa? Or is that just a Long Island thing?
Hall-of-famer Larry Brown reportedly considers coaching job at East Hampton High in Long Island
do a video on lake Ronkonkoma being haunted on Long Island
Northrop Grumman sued for $500M for allegedly poisoning Long Island park soil
brooklyn and queens are geographically Long Island so... you kind of live on Long Island babeh
No. SNL didn't ruin their lives. Catching up with parodied Hofstra debate questioners of 2012, by .
Already going to the Long Island date but wouldnt mind taking a trip to NJ too :)
Everyone at this school is from Long Island
And long Island ice tea on the side 😋
when Long Island is like a week away I'll be stressing an out because it's going to be cold and odheke
Hey yo hey yo! Happy Sunday fun people! Barley Island has $3.50 pints today and carryout all day long!!...
Perfect time 4 wine fresh off the vine (Sheer poetry) Vineyards
In 1971, pizza would cost 25 cents a slice at this eatery on LI 🍕
Suffolk cops: Man shot in hand, leg after scuffle in Amityville
Foster kids sent too far to oversee; Wash. state paid $145k to NY man now jailed on sex charges:
lol!! You should be riding my friend!! Loved the show on Long Island Fri you sounded Great Charlie! Lookin forward to Nov👍👏🎻
Disastrous long run on the island, but had a spectacular view and great ferry ride. I'm showered and dressed, but feel wiped out. Home it is
If you're in the NYC area, head out to Deer Park, Long Island and support this amazing show, full of great...
New York is an island and New York is a big state. It isn't only about the Long Island, Gerry! Lmao.
I need to go back to Long Island and kick it with my people back home for a bit. 🔑
9th girls finish bracket champs going 5-0 at coaches choice showcase in Long Island!
EPMD: Still In Business || 30 Years Later, Long Island natives still rock the mic with ease http…
Amityville Village to proceed against two derelict buildings
This might be a great fit for you: Personal Injury Protection -PIP- Litigation Claims Examiner -... -
At long last this fella is on the wall. Pic by put a few add on's. Like proper race card and badge. https…
What's going on? Long Island Fall Festivals and Fairs 2016 - Long Island Press
URI: Where are you from? . Me: Western New York. URI: Oh so like the left part of Long Island. . ???!?!?!?!
The New York Nazi's of trump's daddy was there.
Congrats to senior Kevin Martinez named a top 50 LI boys soccer player to watch!
Drew. 12. Long Island thinks Giroud is better than Harry Kane
A Long Island, brisket and meaningful conversation with your bestie is for winners 😍
Hey if you're on Long Island and not stuck in the mountains without a car you should go to this today.
Really wish I was seeing all my friends in Long Island today. Make sure you don't miss Ends Meet, Maniac and Mind Force if you're going
Inside a Long Island City brewery, in the back, among friends
Lovers of Long Island Iced Tea! Lyft for free anywhere with Lyft Promo Code BEG
Apartments for Rent in Long Island City, Top 444 Apts and Homes in Long Island City, NY
I liked a video from Tulsa Talonflames vs Long Island Regirockies [UCL S2W10] -
:: 2 men arrested, charged in weekend robbery spree in Suffolk
Well good thing I didnt go to the House Of Hardcore show in Long Island tonight. Ryback was there
long story short, he might die. Those are all aggressive island words 😅
Challenger for 2nd District calls on King to drop support for Trump | News 12 Long Island
Affordable - housing lottery opens up in Long Island City
At school I'm a Long Island princess but at home I'm a Long Island hobo
I am watching a third set super tie breaker between Long Island and Southern. team tennis. 9.0 men's Good match!
Oheka is a great venue for any Long Island shoot!
2 attackers beat man at Freeport bus stop, Nassau police say: A 62-year-old man was attacked and robbed Sunday…
Haven't been to Long Island in 6 years also I LOVE TRAFFIC
Home getting some rest before I start my work week (@ 4003 10th St Long Island City in Long Island City, NY)
I don't care what he looks, acts, says or does it so long as he can beat Hillary. Time to crash and kill the Democratic Party.
Please consider making a donation to support the work of the Catholic Church on Long Island.
I'll be talking about in NYC, Long Island & DC next week. Learn more about the events at
So much fun doing the live FB with last week! Interview and video 👀💕
HEY LONG ISLAND, NY! This Thursday 9/15/16 Roger Earl​ will be performing along with our good friend and...
Spilled a Long Island on my phone yesterday. Living in its last days.
Dude I really met the love of my life, this dude is really perfect. & I met him at last call at a bar in HB.. S/o to that long Island lmaooo
. "Ur from Long Island?? DO U KNOW MY COUSIN JOE IN MINEOLA?. "OMG YEAH! Hes the best hunter gatherer in our…
ISWEARTUHGOD people outside of NY steady thinking Long Island is like the one tom hanks got stuck on in cast away or so…
CurlGod got me wanting to move out to bk or the city 😩😩.. Too LITT out there, Long Island is full of leeches 🙄💯
Man in Oakdale crash killed after medical event, cops say
its being long since I have being there. Spiadan Island, Malaysia is on To do List now
Sunset for 13-Sep overlooking the lovely and historic Long Island Sound:
"You know you have a drinking problem when you see 'lit' and automatically think "Long Island Iced Tea"😂😂😂
Long Island's own, holding up one of my books…
Nassau Legis. Judith Jacobs died after a fall, friends and political associates said
First-ever Queens beer festival coming to Long Island City – Queens’ first-e...
She was thrown, alive, from a moving car, only to be run over by passing cars, cops said https:/...
yo come be on our youtube show!! Its like howard stern we do it on long island 10mins from gossip!!!
Long Island abuse case reveals risk of out-of-state foster care: New York, Sept 14 — The…
Coliseum looking for Long Island food vendors. (well, formerly)
Please don't insult us Jersey boys. We would kick his *** all the way to Long Island so he can get his LI Iced teas. :)
Make a difference today by donating on my behalf to support Long Island Walk!
A surprising sign of progress in Long Island Sound!
I send you a genuine NY/LI water gun...with Long Island Water...if you sign a sign for me.
Website Builder 728x90
54th Senate primary proves maybe Long Island GOP is right. Maybe upstate is too stupid for a place at the table.
Bravo, ! Can't thank you enough for making this change for all those kids. (cc:
Web Development. Our Long Island Web Design Company has an excellent team of website development
myself & team will be Hitting Long Island this weekend!!
{I sit on the sand, my view on the horizon. Thinking about how long we've all been stranded in this island}
Legis. Judith Jacobs dies after fall, associates say via
Administration bars the faculty from Long Island University’s campus in Brooklyn after contract expires - no class!
Its a month late but hey check out me and and our trip to the long island retro gaming expo!
I don't go out to eat and NOT get a Long Island.
Putting in towards the bill because I want a Long Island as well and I'm sure he wants a drink😕
Long Island isn't one of the 5 boroughs last time I checked...
These were your delivery drivers on Long Island.
I need a long island now! I don't care if its 10 in the morning!
Literally sat down for 3 minutes yesterday to take a picture and every mosquito on Long Island bit me at once.
not for nothing but growing up on Long Island is definitely a blessing of its own
In 1 week we will be on Long Island for . New Fall items will be available. . Be You.…
Long Island is ending the summer right with one of the livest sneaker & lifestyle shows around!…
What I'd do for a Long Island bec right now
Long Island Tea's might be the best thing since sliced bread.
Eramo beat Toback with 71 percent of the vote via
Officer hit in head in likely domestic dispute, police say
Wow! So shocked and saddened by this news. I worked with her for almost 9 years - RIP...
Um we Chanel just asked da waitress how long is da Long Island. 🤔🤔 yeeea she had enough
. Wonderful news... 19 autistic Long Island guy wins gold at Paralympics.
5 days to go until we walk in Long Island to promote brain tumor research and awareness! Be with us!
I was at Gold Star in Songtan, South Korea. J/M were on Long Island and was supposed to go into the city that day.
Long Island University faculty have been barred from classes over demands for decent pay. It’s symptomatic of a...
I'll dig up references for you, mobilizing to NYC today & tomorrow to run a job on Long Island for next 3 weeks.
Fall for Kids Yoga starting next Thursday 9/15 at 4:15 p.m. at the Long Island Center for Yoga. Yoga poses is...
Tiny island of Dominica is the Caribbean's best kept holiday secret
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
John played high school soccer in Long Island. Says that background gave him a footwork advantage over his opponents
Fast-forward ten years. "Long Island's left fork: is it so far out, really? These former Brooklynites say no."
Good morning from Long Island with my little fluff 😍 @ Syosset
They worked on my balance today at physical therapy. The last time I was this unsteady i had a few too many Long Island Iced Teas at the pub
It’s Tough Being Over 40 in Silicon Valley. Older workers are trying lawsuits, classes, makeovers to keep working
purchased at the Westbury Store in Long Island NY. Customer service forwarded me to the store, but no one answered.
NYC is five boroughs, if we are going to the metropolitan area at large u have jersey Westchester and Long Island
Having Irish Stout and Long Island Iced Tea at an Irish bar after a…
One Long Island Iced Tea in and he's fumbling again. L I G H T W E I G H T
Students at Long Island University returned to a campus from which 400 faculty-union members had been barred.
Long Island Lawmakers OK 5-Cent Shopping Bag Fee: Lawmakers on eastern Long Island have approved a measure to...
Exclusive: Nassau jail medical vendor pulling out in 30 days or less unless it gets $2M payment by Friday.
please come to Long Island for book promo I need to meet you😭😭
When it comes to lung cancer, early detection matters: Long Island Jewish Forest Hills cares about preventing…
He told police he had consumed “several Long Island Ice Teas” in the hours before he attempted to enter the inlet. :))
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Starting tomorrow, apply to live in this creative Long Island City rental for $850/month
Looking for more fun ways to exercise? Check out 5 ways to stay in shape in
Boater admits to drinking Long Island Ice Teas before stranding 72-foot yacht on Palm Beach
I'd like to visit this Long Island place. If only it were real.
Nassau jail medical provider says it will leave if not paid by Friday: The Nassau jail's inmate medical provi...
A perfect ending to a long day to rest in this luxury Centara Grand Island……
What do you get when a Long Island hopeful needs the help of and A lot of bagels and pizza! https:…
It is unethical & fraudulent to charge students their full tuition (or ANY tuition) at Long Island University right now. .
In Long Island getting a yearly physical at ProHealth. Doctors here are really great!
Diary: At weekends in our summerhouse at Quogue on Long Island, we go out to buy the newspapers and paper-cup...
.tests out her Long Island accent on for her hilarious Theresa Caputo 🗽 h…
Huntington Station garden in Long Island brings vets and veggies together
It's This university features an 1100 acre site on the North Shore of Long Island. Its name?
Denver sicko, 36, nabbed after flying to New York to molest 16-year-old Long Island girl he met online
Stitch dressed as Jack Skellington by Jaclyn at Da Vinci Tattoo in Long Island, New York
Bodies found on Long Island where two missing anglers were lost
Brand New is a rock band from Long Island, New York. Formed in 2000, the band consists of Jesse Lacey (vocals, guita
There is a risk for Tropical Storm force winds up and down the east coast, especially on NJ Shore and Long Island. https:/…
BTW, how's it in Tokyo, Japan? Hope all is well! I am here on the East Coast and preparing for the storm on Long Island! TTYL!
I usually buy mines for a $10 chicken plate and a Long Island so that's pricey for me
Cheap Beer, Snapchats, and Stickers: Does the Hampton Bays' Boardy Barn Still Live Up to the Hype? - Thrillist
you can visit suburban Long Island and we can terrorize the suburbs with memes and loud music
I got a Long Island so all is well. I guess.
thank you Just saw a change and actually looks like it may hang until Long Island-looks offshore-good storm to make us think!
This Long Island got me thinking 😬. If the FLEX is good, the SEX is good 😛
Maria Marrero is found in Long Island hospital after going missing in Queens
I liked a video from UCLS2 Week 8 | Long Island RegiRockies v Durham Druddigons
(NY Daily News) mom missing since found at Long Island hospital : Maria..
Never thought I'd be so into Long Island medium
Hi Jordan, are you visiting Long Island? I'm at I've been receiving your e-mails, but it seems like an auto msg.
no. Long Island ice tea. The drink lol
No qualms, A certain Scotsman is getting me to attempt a Long Island.. I'm worried to say the least.
Miss Long Island more and more everyday.
Great it looks like a hurricane is going to hit long island
The red lines are in knots and significant a developing jet streak. Note the direction off Long Island heading inland.
so if I go to a realtor on Long Island can I buy myself a long island on Long Island?
We didn't sit for long.this afternoon was another gorgeous day on the Big Island and we made…
so much libertarian on long island its like I have to start every convo introducing the idea of compassion and not being an *** it's wow
Hempstead duo arrested after weapons, drugs found, cops say - Newsday
*long island. Don't disrespect the rest of us
A Tropical Storm Warning is now in effect for Southern Westchester, NYC and Long Island.
Funnier still, Cohen a jew from Long Island talking about the "LORD".
accidentally orders half of Long Island evacuated. What?
Significant beach erosion is already occurring at Long Beach Island, New Jersey. (📸
Mercedes of Long Island City print ad circa 1905
Long Island's weather right now is amazing
Astoria home of Mary Totten Dulcken, principal of Long Island City high school, circa 1904.…
Bodine Castle was located at 4316 Vernon Boulevard in Long Island City, New York. Originally…
What I wouldn't give to buy some land in Long Island City back then!
Went from garden city, to Glendale, to Long Island City and then to Howard beach tonight.
Queens mom missing since Thursday found at Long Island hospital: Maria Marrero, 28, called for an ambulance h...
If you own a biz on Long Island, pls connect with the Long Island Business Exchange on!
Faculty at Long Island University face lockout on Unprecedented & unbelievable. .
I'll be back in NYC week of Thanksgiving, gotta meet up, planning to go to Long Island too.
--hall she was approached. It was clear this person was new, she had been on the island long enough to know what everyone--
A 29-year-old man and a woman a year younger were shot dead as they walked together on a Long Island
I'm here on Long Island. Can I come by and pick it up?
Update on Tropical Storm We directed further pre-deployment of essential assets to NYC an…
When you're aunt asks for gas money but she's the one that drove to Long Island and westchester
Storm preps on Long Island. View from Nautical Mile in Freeport. Story at 6pm.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
We wrapped up our Power of Play training at Westbury Friends School in Long Island. Great group, great energy!
*** Long Island has a lot of old people
teacher and mom of 2 from Long Island, NY
The Perfect Place for a Shark to Grow Up: Off of Long Island via
I can't wait to get drinks with babe. Fridays $4 Long Island ice teas are 😜
A brief history of the Long Island Rail Road, "Route Of The Dashing Commuter."
Check out Security Client Manager needed in Syosett, Long Island in (NY)
East Meadow couple describes harrowing home invasion: One minute, Rita Barnett was sipping Sangria with her h...
McTurk, a Long Island native and product, will wear Help us welcome him!
A doctor pleaded not guilty to illegally giving oxycodone to 29 patients, 2 of whom officials said fatally overdosed
Proper highball before starting the show. Nina time! — drinking Long Island Iced Tea at Mayfair
Nothing says "I will fight you" like a long Island lightning basketball jersey and mesh shorts at game
ah my first ep was dogstorms intro. Now I look forward to it every week! Love you guys, Keep it up! Im also from Long Island !
Heading to We suggest for an authentic experience and often included bike
here now on Long Island for the film!
The Flyers will be playing on Long Island in 3 weeks, which means if you leave now, you MAY be able to beat traffic:
Suffolk: 6 beaches closed over high bacteria levels
Effort calling for vote on future of Mastic Beach moves ahead
Popstar. 7.5/10. A solid second feature from lonely island, consistent laughs throughout but drags on little too long.
I'm hiring for this job: Glazier in Long Island City, NY
A man charged in his mom's death not only drowned her, but also strangled her, ADA said
Some more accurate coverage of the White Shark nursery area off New York (by ) :
STAN WIEST MUSIC is now associated with ESTELLE'S DRESSY DRESSES in Farmingdale Long Island
Naples Island homes for sale in Long Beach with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom.…
I figured it was Long Island but it's so funny😂😂
Scientists found the first ever Great White Shark nursery ever discovered, just off the tip of Long Island!
Best bbq tacos I have had in a long time! If your on the big island HI it's a must! (@ Holy Smokes BBQ) on
Will never forget when me & made this in Long Island, where our families live!
I'm driving to Rhode Island after work wish me luck cause it's gonna be a long late night drive
If she a different color when she show up on the date &she order patron get her Long Island ice tea you didn't get what you o…
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Long Island Loyalty & Spotless Services for all your handyman needs. Licensed & insured
A group of marine biologists think they have finally found a shark nursery off the coast of Long Island:
Researchers think they've found a great white shark nursery off the coast of Long Island https…
A police department is mourning the loss of a K-9 after suffering an infection, police say
Great white shark nursery, possible birthing site, discovered off Long Island - Fox News
grew up on Long Island. Gotta love Billy Joel! Saw him in concert 4 times. Once in Clemson with Elton good!
So, no Nazis showed up at the Sunday Black Lives Matter event on Long Island. Typical for the LI Klan.
Colorful like the rest of this island has a long history. Illyrian trib… htt…
Former Cuomo aide killed in crash on Long Island Expressway
Snaggle toothed studio rat from Long Island all up on the TV screen. 😂
"White Friends" is ep. 4 of "Live Free" series. Once you go "White Friends" your new best friend is long island
I lived on Long Island for twenty-six years and never went to Montauk once. I have betrayed Jesse Lacey.
they have a branch in Brooklyn which is where I'm going and another one in Long Island
Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill on Long Island Iced Tea.. Very tasty
our Long Island girl made it big in the city of angels...
Long Island SEO Company - Target Points: In fact, 80% of your potential clients are using Google to find the ...
I thought the same thing they were on cassadine Island too long and you can't do a funereal with family & friends.
Yo. Someone jumped in front of an train in Long Island this morning (they died)
A girl from Hollis, Queens who was raised in Long Island, NY had big dreams. She believed in…
Uhh, so this is going on by me.. KKK to disrupt black lives matter on long island..
Teachers getting ready for school can pick up free supplies at this Long Island City warehouse
All white moms look like Sarah Palin or long island medium
In the land of the Long Island Mom.
Really for some Long Island folks... --
Long Island son charged with murder after mother drowns in backyard pool - Daily Mail
Bring Temptation Island back but with long time married couples and have roasting sessions. It'll be way better than The Bachelor.
Name a shark that and the will tag and track for research
Who wants to name a shark tags on Now's your chance! via https:…
Enjoy gorgeous waterfront views with one month of free rent at LIC's 4720 Center Boulevard
A black and white long exposure from Salt Spring Island.
Can't wait till I leave to Long Island
Organizations backed by a wealthy Long Island family have become a force in Trump's bid.
2016 Community Development Conference on for more info
Me and AJ living our coachella truth on the east coast 🌸💫 @ Long Island
Listen to Phil Vassar's interview with Tom Needham of Sounds of Film on WUSB Long Island! Catch Phil in Chasing... https:…
Long Island accent I am screaming 😂😂😂 Lowkey glad I don't sound like that 😂😩
Maybe you’re planning a trip out to the beaches of Long Island? Here's where to stop:
6 eateries planned for Long Island hotel via
23-yr-old Long Island man drowned his mother by putting her in a headlock & walking her to the deep end of her pool
The KKK making a comeback in Long Island is just as scary as the Gilgo killer never being found
Police ID man critically injured after crash into tree on Long Island this morning,
Chicago, Washington, West Palm Beach, & Long Island, we are bringing our educational conferences to you this fall!
Practice picks back up for Long Island tomorrow 730pm at John J Burns Park Massapequa. New ruggers welcome!
Hey guys! So excited for the Long Island film festival in which my sister will be…
Who's coming to the Long Island film festival tonight?? I'll be there:) stop by and say hello!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
! Long Island has always been a White Shark hotspot!
The residents and elected officials of Long Island have fought vigorously for many years and spe
Caught a lovely production of "West Side Story" while randomly on Long Island tonight. Great job to all
Officer Stabbed, Knife-Wielder Shot on Long Island: Police: A police officer shot a knife-wielding man who st...
Curtis Granderson has a spot in Long Island waiting for him whenever the Mets are ready to buy his worthless *** out.
Man Charged in Theft of $5,000 in DJ Equipment: A Long Island man faces burglary charges accusing him of stea...
Think there's no sharks off Long Island? Think again.
Need to know where I can get this on Long Island
I still think everyone in every bar on Long Island wants to kick my ***
This train ride home belongs on some MTV show. Kids headed to Long Island love to fight lmao
hey Xavier! I help run a retro game store on Long Island! We'd love for you to come by while you're in NY for SS!
I'm the best daddy scoper hire me to point you out a nice daddy while I sip my Long Island and observe the consequences
Like everyone here is dressed up and I'm in a Long Island Tshirt I hate myself
the girls here are so much prettier than the girls in Long Island
lol I don't I'm just sippin my long island chopping it up with the folks
Adult stores long island Adult video stores in dublin ohio CLICK TO WATCH ➡
Im drinking a Long Island at and by God I've never been more reminded of in 🍺🍺🍺
You should really go to Long Island, so I could meet you :) 💕
Pangkor Island's version of Henry Ford : you can have anything you want to eat, as long as it's dried anchovies
. Really? That's not good. Had optimum on Long Island, NY. Very reliable. Sat. Internet ok, but data caps are draconian.
Adding to this - cause of death still under investigation
First time having a Long Island that actually taste like tea 😋
3 sought in Mastic Beach assault with pot of hot coffee, cops say
LONG ISLAND. Sat, Oct 15th. Hyatt Regency Long Island. Tickets will go on sale soon!. GET READY…
Looks like I'm headed to Long Island to be with my roomie
About to uber and drink beers in my pocket from Long Island to Brooklyn
That long island tea was needed. No apologies here.
Busy night Stateside at Arlington Park. Long Island Sound a good bet in the Secretariat.
Sailing into the setting sun in Long Island, N.Y. (
On all things swaggerific and true and based on a true story my shoulders was registered in Long Island but they shake like I'm from Harlem
All purpose parts banner
Went bought a big thing of ChiChi Long Island
what's taking you so long to get there? It says there's one on the "island" ?
place busy tonight in the building ain't no spot on Long Island doing better that us
lex gonna pop up at icebreaker while "work" is playing with a Long Island in her hand shaking so much booty
Those Long Island audiences must be colorful. Have a great gig!
Just saw my fourth pretty big shooting star of tonight's Perseids. Wish I could do this all night. And not be on light-polluted Long Island.
posted in Long Island rn Trynna sleep
Waterside Dining on Long Island: The Cove and the LakeHouse: The Cove, at Brewer’s Marina ...
Long Island man guilty of manslaughter for killing brother - Newsday
Which singer will be hosting a fundraiser for Clinton at his Long Island home?
Long Island I am coming to DJ this weekend. Come see me!!
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Long Island Reiki Master Teacher Patty Alessi
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