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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

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A woman from Long Island has beaten the government and been awarded a settlement of $1.12 million by a federal jury after she was called a "tea party ...
First National Bank of Long Island. Where everyone knows your name? Really? So it's like Cheers? They…
$3 Long Island low key sound like the move
Please help the SMA COMMUNITY: Dear Natalie, I’m a researcher at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in Long Island, and finding a cure for SMA has been a major focus of my work in the lab for the past 15 years. Every year, we’ve gotten a little closer, and this past year has probably been the most exciting. The drug we helped develop, ISIS-SMNRx, has now advanced to late-stage clinical trials—the first ever Phase III trial in the US for a new drug developed specifically to treat the underlying cause of SMA. We are getting closer and closer to finding a cure—and your gift to Cure SMA will help us see even bigger breakthroughs in 2015. AC15 Appeal C The support that Cure SMA provides to researchers like me is nothing short of extraordinary. I see it firsthand, both as a scientist and as a member of Cure SMA’s Scientific Advisory Board, which evaluates basic research proposals and selects the most promising ones for funding. I first got into this field after I read a landmark paper in 1999 by a Cure SMA ...
My lil travel companion did amazing yesterday despite delays heading to NY. We are safe & sound on Long Island &...
Sound Beach parents pay it forward after the loss of their toddler | Verizon FiOS1 News - Long Island
I saw you at sound castle in Long Island..I'm rockin w stay strong OG
Just rented a house in extravagant West Egg, Long Island. Lets see how this goes.
"I didn't know Long Island would be on Long Island sound"
photo of Jacob Josefson as he tries to dodge an air-bound stick last night on Long Island!
petition to break Williamsburg east of Union Ave off from Long Island and just connect it to the East Village
You know you're from long island when... You order a Domino's pizza during a blizzard just so they have to deliver to your house.
“VIDEO: Hear from Long Island native Keith Kinkaid on starting tonight at Nassau Coliseum!
I can't believe what long island iced tea tastes like!
Lionfish draft national management plan from ANS Task Force. There have been sightings in Long Island waters.
Long Island tonight for the first place islanders
Order Miche Bag Online!
who is going to be at the Long Island jam tour???!!
Officers who have shown outstanding dedication to community honored in Mineola | Verizon FiOS1 News - Long Island
Family of driver who hit, killed pre-teen in Valley Stream offers to pay funeral costs|Verizon FiOS1 News-Long Island
Grandma gave me a two bottles of wine from lieb cellars... north fork of long island. .. finishing the chardonnay and boy is it yummy... one more glass in the bottle... might have to tap the savignon blanc
Looking to buy 400 sbc 2 bolt block. I would like a 817 casting std bore. Local to long island
The Movielife Reunite for a Handful of Upcoming Shows: Great news for fans of Long Island's melodic punk band ...
Company wants to donating property in exchange for increasing the size of its 54-acre shopping center site
Please join us on Monday 22nd December 12.00 noon for a sausage sizzle and the draw to see who has won the weekend away at Breakfree Resort Long Island.
Major World Chevrolet LLC on Great place to get a vehicle. Staff is awesome and great prices. I BOUGHT A 201…
Hello friends! We have been nominated for BEST Animal Rescue on Long Island! → Please VOTE NOW to help us win the...
Shotgun Wedding has a show on 12/17/2014 at 08:00 PM @ LIC Bar in Long Island City, NY...
Nassau lawmakers vote for immediate repeal of school speed cameras - Newsday
Hi everyone! My name is Cami and I'm from Long Island, NY. Ever since I found out about High Point two years ago, I fell in love. It is my dream to attend High Point, and I plan on majoring in Biology in order to eventually continue onto Med school. My life's goal is to become a Medical Examiner. I enjoy reading, writing, and drawing, but spend most of my free time playing my flute or at cheer practice. I plan on rushing next year too :) I am so excited to start this chapter in my life. Feel free to message/friend me or follow me on Instagram 😊
Long Island is quiet, unique and absolutely BEAUTIFUL! .
I visited my old laundromat tonight. Strange as it may seem, it is a favorite place of mine. It is right down by the Long Island Sound in Northport Village and I have been going there nearly 25 years. It has always been a place that somehow I feel at home in and over the years, I have done a lot of writing there. These days, it is rare that along with a bag of clean clothes I don't also leave with a poem or a song lyric. Today, while my laundry spun in two dryers, I was gifted with three short poems. A very good visit, all in all!
So Happy for you, please come up to Long Island NY, next year!! We love you here on the Island!! Awesome!!
"I'll have a Long Island iced tea. Hold the Long Island"
SAVED! ANOTHER PREGNANT MOMMA ON A CHAIN: Yes, you read it right. In this area of Long Island, it seems life on a chain is acceptable, even though it is illegal to leave dogs out for more than two hours, and certainly illegal to use a chain such as this!!! But until Guardians of Rescue got there, no agency issued any summons or offered to help Ivy. Ivy is about to have her puppies and we DESPERATELY need an experienced foster home. She is sweet as pie as you can see and as much as we all want to comment on how the owners should be tarred and feathered etc, let's please just make this thread about Ivy finding a foster/forever home. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE EMAIL US! . EMAIL US at: info Together we save them!
The city in the next few weeks will begin building a new shelter in an industrial area of South Boston for the hundreds of homeless displaced from Long Island, Mayor Martin J. Walsh told reporters on Monday
exactly, they come out from their shacks in a strange place called Long Island
\'Jeffbot\' stands in for Long Island student while he recovers from appendicitis - Newsday
“Me: She lives on Long Island. Dylan: oh so California??? t'was me
Hey Gang! The will be in our own hometown for the in Hauppauge, Long Island…
Boy struck Sunday in Deer Park by Suffolk police car in critical condition, hospital officials say
"I'm from Long Island you dirty old biatch"
Made a status to Westchester moms saying I'm free to babysit for 9 weeks..moms from Jersey, Long Island and NYC want me too
What better way to enjoy the holiday season than driving around to check out some of the most over-the-top home light displays on Long Island? From flying reindeer to inflatable Santas, holiday
LONG ISLAND, NY - An evening of stars, glamor, great cuisine, cocktails, music, a silent auction and fun for an important cause - to help save children's lives
Winter Fete to Benefit Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center at the Church Street Tavern in New York City
I need a double shot of patron and a glass of Long Island, aye we out!
Come take a look at our exciting January event.
Shout out to for getting us back to Long Island in record time🚘🚦
Indeed they are. by the way, if you ever decide to get off the island, we have a really long couch waiting for you.
Mr. doing his thing in such great ways! @ Long Island Bar
Three cheers for Democracy and a small victory over the surveillance state:
Dorothy with her beautiful children and Senator Boyle and also with Danielle Asher, PLI Long Island director,
Zeppole is wondereing why no one can send in a quater ?? Its Christmas, Come on Send in something,, Send in something... Zeppole sent his in , get yours in He's the joy that fills my life everyday. Long Island Bulldog rescue needs our support if everyone sent in just 25 cents it will add up to something. It doesn't take much to make a difference. Donate on line (Long Island Bulldog Rescue website ) or send in to LIBR POB 239 Stonybrook NY 11790-0239 It is needed ! to keep things d going Let October bring it in.. Donate somethinng Zeppole sent in his today Just 25 cents !!! send it in. If everyone sends it will add up Really any amonut will do it will all add up Get a donation in Zeppole is wondering if everyone will send in ???
Several toys on the shelves of Long Island stores contain toxic heavy metals that could
I'm still on my first long island, so strong
A large pig was hoofing the streets of LI, getting the right of way before cops corralled it
Yes Congrats Kenny, You are Awesome!!! From your older fan here on Long Island NY.
I'm really from Long Island bc I love bagels
Hi Everyone. Holiday cheer comes your way. Carol from Long Island here. (ELA Consultant / co-mod for
This is a to the best bonefish guide in all of Long Island if not the Bahamas! Locksley…
No to cameras should not mean yes to speeding
help I'm trying to convince my mom to let me go to the Long Island show so I can meet you again
Decent-Cember Installment - Random Friend see my post from November 30th for the reasoning and idea behind Decent-Cember. EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, I realize I did not have an opportunity to write Installment yet. Each person, however, deserves to have their status up for a whole day, rather than just jamming two or 3 people into a few hours.. We'll have to carry this into the New Year! I can remember first meeting this young lady back in 2011. My wife and I had been through a grueling rehearsal period for Phantom at CMPAC. She was in the Ensemble. I was playing Eric (the Phantom in the Kopit/Yeston version). I didn't meet this young lady until close to the opening of our run. She was a younger teenager at the time, but was volunteering to work on the Stage Crew for the show. She seemed very nice, and we were all rather appreciative of the effort she was putting into our show. One night, one of the "ballerinas" couldn't make it to the show due to an emergency. The Stage Manager asked this young lady if she wou ...
Congrats to fans! They chose this Long Island pop/hip-hop songwriter as our latest winner: http:…
."They were in the course of making a lawful arrest. ... They were beaten." via
Man killed by own car in carjacking at 7-Eleven was picking up food for soup kitchen
Was hoping he would come up here to Long Island.. MyCountry 96.1 We love him and Country music!! Point at me..
You rock! We have a show on January 3rd on Long Island. Come if you can!
Some time back -- presumably this year -- someone mentioned to me that they had a copy of the Jefferson Starship unplugged from 1992 or 1993 featuring Signe Anderson at the IMAC theatre in Huntington, Long Island. The show was just wonderful, truly. That friendly fan mentioned they would make me a copy of the show. Life got busy as it is so wont to do and I didn't follow up. Dear Stranger/Friend, are you still out there cause I'd sure appreciate a copy of that show?
Come see bring it on the musical this weekend❤️ five towns college❤️ come support some Long Island theatre geeks❤️
Wonderful students today for the Afro-Caribbean class in Long Island NYC. Life is now!
Pederson-Krag and Peninsula Counseling, two of the largest Mental Health Facilities on Long Island, will soon be closing their doors, barring a miracle, leaving thousands of mental health patients with no place to go for badly needed treatment. Governor Cuomo, are paying attention to this agregious situation, or should we just wait for more horrendous shootings?
Still on such a high over such a Great Big Tom Toy Drive this Year! I could not do it with out the Help from all the Long Island MCs . Thank You for Helping to keep my Best Friends Legacy Alive. Every Year so many more of you come forward to help out! Thank You All !
Looking forward to presenting at EPIC/Epilepsy Foundation of Long Island on February 14, 2015. Details to follow!
This is updated. And pardon my French, F U ATS, and F U Allison,. who claimed that people were being killed all the time or some such: The Nassau County Legislature last night repealed the county's controversial speed camera program, as it resisted a late push by the camera vendor to merely suspend it. County Executive Edward Mangano said last night he will sign the repeal bill and cameras will be off effective Tuesday. Tickets already issued must be paid. Lawmakers voted unanimously to end the program after nearly four hours of public comment. They first had authorized the cameras by the same 19-0 margin in early June. See alsoSee a video report The about-face on a program heralded as a safety measure -- but counted on to raise about $30 million annually to help balance the county's budget -- came after lawmakers were besieged by constituent complaints almost everywhere they went, from parades to churches to delis. The repeal leaves a sizable budget hole next year. "At no point in my career have I seen o ...
now you've got me wondering what a Jamaican-Long Island hybrid accent would sound's not flattering
Get 6 Free VitaTops
I sound like a 80 year old woman from Long Island with a smokers cough
Rant of the day (this one will make me sound old)...Observing the actions of today's youth, I am starting to lose hope for this country's future. Cameron tells me almost every day about different kids in his class and on his bus cursing, saying things like "f--- off" etc. Racist remarks are thrown around like it's nothing (in direction of every race), and one kid told Cameron he can't wait to grow up and have sex with a girl (Cameron told me this and said, "Mom, that's a bad word, right). Have I mentioned that these kids are in fifth grade! Right now I'm waiting outside the high school for Kenny. As a member if the yearbook club, he was assigned to take pictures of tonight's basketball game. There are 2 police cars parked here also, I'm guessing for the game control. It's not like I live in the inner city either. This is eastern Long Island. Not exactly a troubled place. I guess all we can do is try to steer our own kids in the right direction and hope for the best.
Turnips and more! Here are Long Island's 3 indoor winter
More than 300 Long Island high school students participated in a day of panels and workshops and explored media-related careers with journalists and Hofstra faculty from the Lawrence Herbert School of Communciation at this year’s annual High School Press Day.Marc Oppenheim, associate dean for studen…
he doesn't sound like he's from Long Island
When you hear someone whose voice sound exactly like Harry's Long Island impression.
I'm at Terminal 5 for Fiona Apple on Long Island on October 13 cc
A Long Island federal jury rewarded Nancy Genovese, 58, a mother of three, $1.12 million in compensatory damages after being arrested in 2009 for attempting to photograph a helicopter at a Air National Guard base in the Hamptons. Genovese intended to use the photo on a “Support the Troops” website;…
Why do all the reindeers sound like they're from Long Island?
Ready for Most Fascinating People. The Long Island bureau thinks it's Kent Brantly ...But we'll stay tuned the full 2 hours
I will really body you and live you in the Long Island sound.
Check out these great upcoming events on Long Island! Featuring
Nothing like a day of swimming in the Long Island sound to make sure your immune system is paying attention
Jonathan Toews will be traveling with the team to Long Island today. Injury Report:
is makin' their way back to Long Island!. Here's a little message from the boys:
The first Autism Fitness seminar of 2015 will be held on Long Island, NY mid-January, More info soon!
Can I just borrow some Victoria's Secret wings and fly around the city and Long Island? Maybe lower New England? Anything but this class
Disappointed that the City of will not pursue Roxbury site for displaced Long Island programs.
Continued thanks to for keeping the Long Island evacuation in the public eye.
Devastated to hear that will not pursue the old Radius site for displaced Long Island programs.
City won't move Long Island programs to closed Radius Hospital in Roxbury
City rejects move of Long Island programs to Roxbury via
Water receded here in Nautical mile Freeport after huge rains Tuesday on Long Island
omg this killed me. my friend always says it and i love it "my names Theresa Caputo and i'm the Long Island Medium"
Two really cool artists coming for an Eppy MFP concert in Glen Cove on Boxing Day which is the day after Xmas if you are not British oriented. Kasim is one of the nicest people you could meet and a most talented of famous NY bass players in Rock history, known for his work with Todd Rundgren, Utopia, Meatloaf and countless other greats. Elliot was the original major label-signed Long Island singer-songwriter from back in the day, eventually locating to France where he is viewed at the highest artistic level akin to Bob Dylan. His music was a big part of WLIR's progressive music evolution in the 1970's. Billy Joel was always a big fan and supporter of Elliot's. So, please help Eppy keep his music series of historic intimate shows with great food going and buy yourself or someone you know concert ticket gifts for this show the day after Dec 25th. Thanks for supporting the music always!
Who's coming to the Long Island show? 😏
Only launching a site is not enough. You need to advertise your site through the help of Long Island Advertising Agency, who knows how to make your site popular at Long Island ...
The Nassau County Web design is something that need not be introduced. Whatever be the mode of operation, Long Island web development will need to be understood in its clarity. Long Island website design is not the main idea but is merely the answer to a much larger and fundamental question. Long Is…
More than 400 protesters shut down Sunrise Highway on Long Island in memory of
Die-in of over 400 people shut down Sunrise Highway on Long Island today in memory of | Crowd of 200 has stepped off South down State Street in Chicago now. Crowd is now beginning to gather at Union Square in NYC for tonight's protest.
A sanctuary for elderly horses on Long Island is at risk of going out of business, and advocates have launched a campaign to raise funds to keep it going.
Foreclosure Effects on Long Island – What sellers need to know: Foreclosure is a nightmare to any family going...
I miss Florida before it turned into New Long Island
will not leave Taiwan problem "uthenresolved for a long time" after island's Beijing-friendly ruling party suffered election defeat
Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan welcomed "Long Island Medium" Theresa Caputo to "LIVE! with Kelly and Michael" on Friday, September 14, 2012. She stayed ...
Dyes anyone know where a big and tall store is on long island
kinda sorta our hairs different tho I'm just gonna look like the usual island boy with long hair, idk he's got hella curls lol
Long Island Medium got me feelin' so many ways
lol nah I go to nassau on Long Island n It's okay
People with part-time Long Island jobs struggle to find work: Part-time workers with Long Island jobs may be s...
JESUS Christ Girl— it hasn't been long so it seems– since I was picking out an island and a tomb for you- at the Hollywood Cemetery
all the way to a RWY long enough to land in Christmas island. Uncertainty was believed in Fuel onboard wh…
Long Island Medium always makes me cry 😔😂
But that Long Island vs everybody was nasty especially that *** that shouted out all of suffolk county Ci & Bwood
Next week on . Long Island Medium. LIVE reading of. George Costanza. Latex Salesperson. VANDELAY INDUSTRIES. NYC. or some such
Off to Long Island for the day to teach a cabaret masterclass. Excited to meet these kids.
Long Island Medium gets me every single time cuz I lost some1 the day I called just to thank him. but I got caught up in another convo..m
Back to long island tmw. Might need somebody to pick me up from valley stream trainstation. Keep ya posted. Iphones on. LLL
The march down to Staten Island ferry terminal last Thursday had an entire MARCHING BAND; livened things up for the long haul.
All I want to know from the Long Island Medium is how she manages the hair and nails...serious question :)
I need a large long island , 2 good blunts and beach like rite nahh !
You know you're from long island when... Youve always wanted to go see a Broadway show but never knew which one to see.
This train is the best though from Long Island to Manhattan.
Long Beach Island's surf could reach between 8.83ft and 10.56ft high in the next 24hrs.
Robert Moses's surf may be at least 9.14ft high tomorrow. Get out to Long Island New York, pronto! via Surfline
I miss parties in the summer time 2013 in Long Island..
Hundreds are taking to the streets in Long Island!
Dorothy just went to get changed just incase Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium knocks on our door tonight for knock and shock live :)
Really...a Long Island, a shot and two beers and I wake up with a headache?! *** 😒
It's our turn boobooo! Nothing like the Great South Bay of Long Island, New York! JDN on the map baby!…
Brodeur has relief stint in Long Island return - Fort Worth Star Telegram: Brodeur has relief stint in Lo...
Im going to miss my sucky Long Island hockey team that I grew up with.
Looking forward to the L2 Long Island event today with John C. Maxwell, Linda Kaplan Thaler and Tim Sanders. .
The best yogurt in stony brook Long Island
Janine Stange, originally from Long Island and Italian through-and-through, is known as “The National Anthem Girl” for singing the song in all 50 states.
The Long Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Invites You to it's 26th Annual Awards Gala Ticket Info 51633305
my hairs getting so long I'm looking like oliver queen on the island. i wanna look more like oliver queen present day lol
*** why would you leave your children unattended. Then if something happens to them you wanna blame someone...
my bf got me into ur show come to Long Island in Roslyn gotta be on the show ...will act surprised lol
Ahhh I was on tonight!! Thank you for my tv debut! New tv pitch: not princesses that are from Long Island
Long Island is deadass like a 3rd world country 😐
Last Wednesday I was with my brother at the Casino drinking a Long Island.
Too many Long Island females have no common sense or morals ..
ohh ok! I'm sure you're going to be having a great time. I'm staying in Long Island
Checking out 's talent file on the special features. Long Island University, eh Dina? I had no idea!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I know this white boy from Long Island that told me the cops let him leave with the weed he had in his car. Forgot how much he said.
To those unfamiliar with NYC, Staten Island has long been a cesspool of white hate.
Been talking about the long island I had since I woke up smh.
I might need to help me with this Long Island fishbowl.
Heads up Long Island. Pass this around til their family's found
you think you could sign one of these for the frisbee friday boys back on Long Island ?!
Eric Garner's case brought up strong memories of the date I decided to stop practicing criminal Law. In 1984, I represented two defendants. Both were 18, arrested for the first time, and charged with similar crimes. Both were looking at serious jail time if convicted. One was African-American and lived in the Bronx. The other, white, lived on Long Island. I was able to secure probation for the white "kid", downgrading his felony charge to a misdemeanor. In the Bronx, the prosecutor offered a year in jail (a so-called "bullet") or, as he said, the kid could take his chances with a 5-7 year sentence at trial. I remember walking into the "pens", the holding cells at the core of the courthouse, behind the courtrooms to see my client. Each cell was crammed with men, and it seemed every one of them was black. It smelled. It was so loud you couldn't hear yourself talk. The ASPCA shelter where I had adopted a cat seemed more humane. I looked at myself and the other attorneys, nearly all of whom were white ...
can you come perform in long island New York I would love it.
I would've gone to see code orange and incendiary in long island if I had the $$$
CLICK ON LINK BELOW FOR MORE COURT DETAILS: Accessible By Train Take the Long Island Railroad to the Deer Park train station. Then take the FREE Tanger Outlet shuttle bus for a 5 minute ride to the Tanger Outlets. You will come up Grand Blvd. in the bus. Once the bus drops you off at the outlets, look for the Nike store which is on the Grand Blvd. side of the outlet center. Look down the street for Joe's Crab Shack. West Jefryn Blvd, which is where the A-1 Courts are located, is diagonally across from Joe's It's about an 8-10 minute walk to the courts. There is a sign at the entrance at the driveway to the courts which will be on your right. The shuttle bus run from the outlets back to the train until 10:30 PM.
Someone help me finish this too shelf Long Island. 😫😫😫
word to muva I just want a Long Island and to French kiss cheda thighs
Shots and long Island ice tea my kinda night
It’s amazing where you can find inspiration sometimes. Tonight, it was from an 88 year old hussy named Mable from Long Beach Island 💖💖💖
At work like *** naw I can't do this!!! The Long Island I had earlier won't go away smh
HAPPY FRIGGEN BIRTHDAY TO THIS LONG ISLAND BABE. these pictures say it all. btw you're old af. can't…
for Compliance and Control Analyst - Senior (14-01965) - Long Island City- NY ...
Police are looking for the parents of two toddlers who were left alone in a Long Island mall
I'm unfollowing you bc im from Long Island
Police looking for parents of 2 toddlers left alone in a Long Island mall
. love letter to Long Island Bar, one of my Great Good Places
or - their crest is Long Island, and the "I" actually doubles as an arrow that points to Nassau Coliseum location.
'Peter Pan Live!' to broadcast from Long Island on starring...
In observance of Homelessness Awareness Month, The Rotary Club of Boston has partnered with Fisher College Student Government Association (SGA) and Common Good Club to sponsor an event to raise awareness of Boston’s homeless and to discuss the issue the city is now facing with the Long Island bridge closure and the future of the Long Island Homeless Shelter. The SGA and the Common Good Clubs will be collecting donations of new and gently worn winter clothing that will be donated to the various participating organizations. Donations will be collected at the door on the day of the event. What: Refugees from Long Island – A panel discussion of the impact of closing the Long Island emergency shelter along with two recovery programs with a total of 100 beds. Hear from service providers struggling to locate and care for the hundreds left homeless and without a safety net. Who: Moderator: Elizabeth Keeley, Executive Director, The Women’s Lunch Place Panelists: Davida Ginsberg, Self-Advocacy Organizer, Rosi ...
Congrats to my bro Isaiah White on winning the Hansen award for best football player on Long Island!! 🏆🏆🏆
Heads up! - From NEWS 12 report New terror warning issued for LI service members. There is a new major terror warning for Long Island service members past and present. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued the new bulletin overnight. The bulletin warns all service members and veterans about a potential ISIS attack at home. Troops are urged to check their social media accounts and remove anything that could identify them. The warning comes as ISIS militants have attacked a checkpoint on the Syrian border, killing 15 Iraqi police officers and wounding at least five. Iraqi officials say the incident took place in the town of al-Walid on the Iraq side of the border. Meanwhile, an ISIS-linked militant group is claiming to have killed an American oil worker in Egypt. The group posted a picture of documents belonging to William Henderson, of Texas. The company Henderson worked for has said he died in a carjacking incident in August.
3Novices:Long Island man gets 17 years to life for strangling his sleeping elderly mother with necktie A New Yor...
The only real winners in New York now play on Long Island. Just as they're leaving. Larry Brooks on
Here are the answers to last Monday's Quiz at the Cumberland, including the Picture Round:- GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 1. In French cuisine, lardons are what? Small pieces of bacon 2. At the beginning of Treasure Island, Blind Pew seeks out the old pirate Billy Bones to give him what? The black spot 3. In which country is the town of Spa, whose name became generally known to describe health resorts? Belgium 4. What is the name for a staircase between two decks of a ship? Companionway 5. To which district of New York does the abbreviation SoHo refer? South of Hudson Street 6. Tiger Woods wears a shirt of which colour for the final round of a championship? Red 7. In which European capital is Nikola Tesla Airport? Belgrade, Serbia 8. What sort of creature is an alewife? A fish 9. Which New York borough is on Long Island? Brooklyn 10. In the Sherlock Holmes stories who spends a lot of time in the Diogenes Club? Mycroft Holmes ENTERTAINMENT 1. Which Rogers and Hammerstein musical is set in San Francisco's Chinatown? Fl ...
Elmsford Raceway in New York has been one of the longest running slot car raceways in the USA, but raceway owner Lou del Rosario has also been devoted to his work with the Gift of Life International organization, which provides life-saving heart surgeries to children in the Philippines. FiOS 1 Long Island News did a very nice report about Lou and the Gift of Life International's mission and the work they are doing: Healing Hearts: Giving the Gift of Life Children in the Philippines receive life-saving heart surgery thanks to American doctors and nurses
U17 Landsdaekkende. Hjemly - SISU Hjemlyhallen was the venue for this afternoon's matchup between Hjemly and SISU. On paper this was going to be a tough matchup for Hjemly. However as the game isn't played on paper sometimes things don't always go according to plan, and this afternoon wasn't any difference. From the start Hjemly was focused and ready. They were able to match SISU step for step and even be the tone setters. The first half saw Hjemly play some very good inspired basketball. They moved the ball well, screened well, attacked the basket when the time was right, and took advantage of scoring opportunities when open. Halftime score: 29-29. However the game isn't only 20 minutes, it's 40 minutes and if you aren't sharp the entire 40 minutes against a team like SISU bad things usually happen and this afternoon wasn't any different. :-(. During the first 5 minutes of the 3rd qtr Hjemly was suddenly not able to put the ball in the basket. A five minute stretch the turned out to be costly ...
68 ply cuda . Has new 1/4 panels , glass fenders , new floors , and more . 318 w/ 727 and 8 3/4 rear . Also available with 383 and bb crossmember for it and a 4 speed plus more parts. . 5 grand takes all . Car is on Long Island . Posting for a friend . If interested inbox me and I will hook you up .
Hate that my cats vet is all the way in Long Island
I hear so much talk about not feeling a lot of new music and people wanting "Real Hip Hop" and "Lyrics" well... I got Joell Ortiz coming to Long Island Sat Dec 20th. Advance tix will be $20.
Just a casual afternoon on Long Island
Good question, I will answer it for you..You asked this, I have a staff and a magic wand, I do the same thing Moses did with his staff, I practice magic.. here is my answer.. Really? I will quote Jesus, you neither know the power of God or the Scriptures.. One God gave Moses the staff It had the POWER OF GOD IN God's command it became a serpent, and Moses picked it up by the tail and it became a staff, at God's command.. when Moses appeared before Pharaoh, Moses used The Power of God, not magic arts, the magicians in Pharaoh's kingdom could not compare to God's power.. God laughed at Pharaoh's magicians, Also, the staff by the word and power of God parted the red sea, so the Iserealites could walk through on dry ground. Magic arts and the Power of God are 2 different things.. one is a farse one is Real..I choose The Rock that which is Christ.. for he can make water come out of a Rock, and he can, raise the dead.. by his power...Long Island Medium says the spirit told me or the spirit says.. what sp ...
I am determined to create and then be a part of the cast of The Real Housewives of Long Island one day
Letter: Eastern Island needs more rails - The future of eastern Long Island depends on...
Nothing beats a Long Island Bacon Egg sandwich and ice tea in the morning
See more: The iconic Long Island City Clock Tower, which has towered over Queens Plaza since 1927, is one of the most significant architectural landmarks in Queens. Known historically as the Bank of Manhattan Building (29‑27 Queens Plaza North), the Clock Tower was designed by arch…
Ok I just want to say that in the past year we have lost very special people from our class that have been taken way too soon!!! I know Diane Meigel Pittman, Kristen Leyboldt-Ferris, and myself are going to start planning our 30th reunion. We are going to start planning it early in the hopes that a lot of us will be there. I was wondering if those of us who live on Long Island, of course everyone else is welcome, to try to do a little gathering just to keep in touch without FB at a bar/restaurant to have a little bit of fun in between the reunions. Just a thought let me know what you all think. Thank you :-)
Couldn't put down "The Triangle" by Gripping acct of the war between Bloods and Crips on Long Island.
Business professionals mix it up at Long Island Fight for Charity - Twenty Long Island business...
Man, Happy Birthday to my brotha from anotha, Long Island's very own, Number 1 Draft Pick, my broskie . Much l…
I'm calling on Mayor Marty Walsh to join me in taking the Long Island Refugees Challenge. If Marty Walsh thinks the options available to those displaced and dispersed from Long Island are adequate,then I'll meet him ANY night at Woods-Mullen. We can ride the bus to the South End Fitness Center. We can sleep on mats on the floor and share two toilets with over 200 other men. I hope he'll take the challenge and that others will call on him to do so as well
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At -- Repping the 12th man at work all the way in Long Island, New York.
No matter where you live, please sign this petition to save a icon from demolition:
Albert Einstein, Summer 1939 Nassau Point, Long Island, Ny Einstein had a big fan in Southold. David Rothman, who had opened Rothman’s Department Store in 1919, hadn’t graduated high school but he had maintained an avid interest in science. He recognized Einstein’s stepdaughter Margot when she entered his store looking for a chisel sharpener (she was a sculptor). The next day, Einstein came into the store himself looking for “sundials.” Or so Rothman thought and he dutifully showed him the one he had in the backyard. Einstein pointed to his feet. He really needed sandals, so Rothman sold him the largest pair he had left: women’s size 11. Einstein, who’d described himself in a letter to a friend as “a kind of ancient figure known primarily for his non-use of socks and wheeled out on special occasions as a curiosity,” gladly wore them all summer, along with a pair of shorts tied around his waist with a piece of rope, and a white sports shirt.
Lillian Lennon !00% agree Diane.this is exactly what we should be aspiring to do.This should be our collective goal as animal lovers and advocates.You always speak the truth.I have so much respect for the platform you support.Let's continue to move in this direction one shelter at a time. ( or maybe two or three as we are trying to do here on Long Island)...a daunting task for sure, but absolutely achievable when the right people are at the helm.
tug EVENING MIST New Haven bound, near Lloyd Neck with in the back Long Island Sound
Bomb show Long Island! I feel like I knew half the crowd tonight!
I've been working with law-enforcement for the better part of over two decades. It's really sad to see how much violent crime really occurs on Long Island. What you see on the news is one third of what really occurs here. Protect your home. Have the entire family learn martial arts.please consider getting yourself and your family members firearms to protect your home. I'm not a gun nut. I'm not a violent man. I'm just telling you now during this holiday season to protect yourself and the ones you love.
MTA Long Island Rail Rd: due to Operational activity, west Montauk Branch from Montauk Sta (Suffolk Cnty) to Jamaica Sta (Queens) the ...
do a meet and greet in Long Island 😩
So sorry I was inactive yesterday.. I had to go to the cemetery and then we spent a lot of time in Long Island/nyc
Running around in long island like this my hood
A glass of Long Island for tonite, where are y'all guys ???
Maryland, Long Island will meet for HS boys' title at Brogden Cup on Jan. 2 -
In Long Island, they chocked that poor man to death. In Missouri, Mike Brown caught one in the head.
Listening to and on the way to Long Island for Thanksgiving dinner # 2!
😍😍😍 Another amaaazing edit from my freezing cold shoot in Long Island last week 😄😄😄 Hope…
A silent promotional film about a new shopping center in Long Island, New York in the late 1950s. To purchase a clean DVD of this film for personal home use ...
Honestly I love Long Island accents everyone here sounds so annoyed all the time it's so funny
Today in 1945- A U.S. Army Sikorsky R-5 helicopter off the coast of Long Island, New York, makes the first air-sea resc…
I love NY but idk if I want to move back to Long Island at least
Preview: S-WR set to face Roosevelt at tomorrow @ 4:30. We'll be live-blogging if you can't make it:
We love our Long Island small businesses! Which ones are you visiting for Saturday?
Yes Long Island! Thanks for closing out the year of touring with epicness!!!
Dear Out of state drivers on long island doing 60 in the left lane. We don't actually obey the speed limit like that here.…
hi Mark 😃 Has Rich Peverley been traveling with the team this season? My friends in Long Island saw him last month
Wish I could go see Capital in Long Island today.
New York man killed by car thief while collecting food for needy A Long Island, New York, man collecting food fo...
Modern Spaces is a real estate firm located in New York City with 5 locations in Manhattan, Long Island City, Williamsburg and Astoria. We work...
11/29/14 - If visiting today, please note that The Big Duck is closed. However, the Long Island Duck Farming Exhibit & Museum is open until 4PM. Thank You! ;-)
Hi, have a wonderful saturday, here in long island is sunny now. I will post some articles of my book THANK YOU GOD. (How you can to drive your mind in your own benefit) my last summer pic. "With all my regards Milly Palmeri" (Thanks for your variety post Adam Idris Bezaz)
So proud of all of my ella marie dancers and staff!! Amazing performance at the long island festival of trees!!! One warm show diwn, one very cold one to go!!!
Check us out in Long islands Magazine Long Island Pulse Magazine the "Winter Issue" for some of our hand picked best gifts to give this Holiday season!
I'm a huge advocate that Long Island pizza is number one worldwide but next time you're in Manhattan you need to try Artichoke pizza.. It is on a level of its own
I should chop Jon Lopez in the throat ... never again will I drink a blue long island -_-
Traci & Matthew tie the knot at East Wind Long Island -
Tomorrow is the day my aunt gets married. I wish her nothing but love and happiness. But tonight we out to long island. Let the craziness begin LOL
Lady was found dead, tied up, and with lacerations in a house in Long Island What is the Murder Count?
3rd Long Island hat I had stolen. Lol, buy another one this wknd.
Knowing all of Long Island, New Jersey, and West Chester bc of camp
Just made myself the strongest Long Island iced tea ever. Henny, rum and arbor mist with some raspberry tangerine iced tea. I'm drawlin
Tonight Superstar DJ is on Long Island for his debut. Say TRUST US @ door. Tickets:
Tonight Long Island get ready for Superstar DJ Erick Morillo to make his return to Long Island for his highly...
So upset I'm not gonna see and at Mike Stud in December.. Forget jersey just come to Long Island instead 😍😍😍😍
We're taking a road trip to New England (via the Outer Banks, Long Island, etc) next week, and I'm looking for suggestions on good audiobooks that we could listen to. They don't have to be place-based, but we do also enjoy that kind of thing. Let me know!
Dec. 2-5 Ages 3+. Happy as Clams, The Musical. An Adventure set in the Great South Bay of Long Island. $8 w/ admission
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Small Business Saturday on LI promoted with special events - Long Island independently owned business owners and...
I just had a Long Island iced tea made for me in about 15seconds and it tastes awesome. Usually- 5 minutes and tastes crap- uk
Long Island iced tea got me sauced.
can I get a Long Island iced tea and some nachos
Nolan's driving and he asked me to turn his iced tea into a Long Island one
Long Island iced tea is calling my name I think I'll go whipitup
There is a guy at the bar who just ordered a Long Island iced tea and ma and cheese. I mean...
You know it's a going to be a great day when you're going home and you have a Long Island iced tea at the airport.
Worth a read, RE: Long Island iced teas and making bad things good.
My mom is in full on clean all the things mode and stressing me out. Good thing she doesn't know this iced tea is of the Long Island variety
Dear you're formally invited to head to Long Island and join us for Thanksgiving Dinner. But we're only having Manischewitz.
Beckham's catch big hit at autograph signing - After the New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.'s amazing catch on Sunday night in a loss to the Dallas Cowboys, fans rearranged their Monday night schedules to see Beckham in person at an autograph signing on Long Island.
Ugh can't we all just sip Long Island iced tea on the patio & talk about the weather?
1 black construction worker vs 1 white Dix Hills soccer dad for the future of race relations on Long Island set to Andrea Bocelli
Meeting with Naval Academy students from Long Island to discuss national and world affairs.
Right now, Wind Advisories up for Long Island and Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
Ray Davies of the Kinks doesn't just write songs, he writes anthems. Take 'Skin and Bones' which he does on stage with a deliciously chubby teenaged boy touching his toes beside him. It's about a 224-pound lady who diets her way to fashionable slenderness, and it's exactly the kind of catchy 'message' song I can hear the 20,000 fatties attending the upcoming Weight Watchers Convention at the Garden singing in joyous unison. "Don't eat no mashed potatoes! Don't eat no buttered scones." I mean, doesn't it sound like Jean Nidetch's set to music? Similarly, if you are inclined to tipple and regret, you can get your message from Ray in a sort of tango rhythm from a song called 'Alcohol'. When he performed this at Long Island's Nassau Coliseum, he threw great fountains of beer into the audience much the same God-like way *** Jagger threw rose petals. "Oh! Demon alcohol," he sang, sounding like Lotte Lenya did in the original "Threepenny Opera." It's very inspirational. If you're not familiar with these songs a ...
The best red snapper tacos on Long Island. @ El Ranchito Mexican Grill
A very sexy Thanksgiving menu, but you have to go Long Island to Rowdy Boys Bar & Grill at Winter Haven to get it.
Long Island Ice Tea and I are gonna be reunited next week!!! :D
* ALERT * EAST COAST WINTER STORM THREAT INCREASING FOR WED NIGHT / THURSDAY MORNING*** SIGNIFICANT IMPACT ON TRAVEL PLANS ON THE EAST COAST rain on the coast is likely for eastern NC se VA delmarva NJ - EVEN in NYC& Long island .. hvy snow well inland ... Mix over I-95 / piedmont that ends as snow This should of been out hours earlier but I was just way too tired to and could NOT keep my eys open for the European. Sure enough of course the one night I decide not to when all *** breaks loose. The European model once again is taken the lead in developing an forecasting a significant East Coast winter storm. This is now the fourth run in a row the model has shown this system -- see image -- while the high resolution 13km GFS ( GFS PARA) has done and no other major flip flop. IMAGE shows the Middle Atlantic region Wednesday and Thursday nights. Now this is a little faster than what the data showed yesterday... So again the issue remains how fast as the cold air coming Wed ...
I never recommend a Long Island ice tea. Ever.
Wow. Nebrasketball has come a long ways. Rhode Island just charged the court after beating the Huskers.
Note to self: never drink 4 long island teas in a row. Especially someone as tiny as me ph gosh ughhghg
Long island iced tea at fuzzy naval getting drunk.
Bon Bon's Chocolatier is located in Huntington Long Island. Bon Bon's Chocolatier creates over 50 varieties of hand crafted chocolates. Everything is made fresh in small batches, and still fork-d...
Awesome to be interviewed on Long Island news while the were singing the 'Stars & Stripes' on stage! http…
Rising rents and the loss of most of its bookstores have put a community on Long Island at a crossroads.
you have money for 5 shots, a margarita, and a Long Island, but not enough money to tip 10% ? oh.
nsolved World's Mysteries 20 Facts about the Black Knight Satellite. This “Artificial Satellite” has caused mayor media interest since the late 50′s, and it has become one of the most talked about objects in space. First thought to be an Russian spy satellite,the Black Knight satellitehas gripped the interest of millions worldwide. 1.According to monitoring agencies around the world,The Black knight satellite has been transmitting radio signals for over 50 years now 2.The USA and Soviet Union have shown particular interest in this “unidentified space object” 3.Rumors are that it wasNikola Teslathe first man to “intercept” a signal fromthe black knight satellitein 1899 after building a high-voltage radio device in Colorado Springs. 4.Since the 1930′s Astronomers worldwide have been reporting strange radio signals which allegedly come fromthe “Black Knight”. 5.In 1957, Dr. Luis Corralos of the Communications Ministry in Venezuela photographed it while taking pictures of Sputnik II as it ...
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On my way to dix hills long island for my man's hockey game.
Long Island Babes is some weird beta kid sitting on his phone with his little vape pen posting half naked pictures of girls and then white
Be a part of something very special as BLI and the John Theissen Children’s Foundation join together to brighten the holiday season for sick and underprivileged Long Island Children.
On skype to mama and papa sipping on my Long Island Iced Tea when papa K starts trying to lecture me on drinking too fast.. If only I could post the photo mama sent me last night after your afternoon in the pub John Kneale !! 😂 Barbara Kneale
DEADBONES REVIVAL UPDATE!!! Well its been a while for a Deadbones Revival update. After Summer gathering events at "The Land" Greg and the band took a break for the winter. Greg's writing music with his songwriter Bob Wilson of and other publications, from Long Island and has been traveling around the U.S. as a modern Jack Kerouac! A new season and new level of Jah Love in preparation for the Highways. Winter is a foot and Greg is finishing three albums and his Biographical instruction book looking to release 2015. Several key and new relationships have been struck with anticipation of the fun 2015 will offer for jamming the eternal sounds! The bands most recent excitement comes from their new web presence at Their are still adding bio, band info and music, but the vibe is rocking the level of impact they reach and other say is "Happening!" Danny, the bands heart-filled skillful sax and flute player is always keeping the right definition of this. Happen ...
Exhibit: Without Borders Photography: An art exhibit by Blaga Dimitrova of classical jazz musicia...
Used 2010 Honda Accord EX Sedan AT in West Babylon Long Island , NY 11704 for sale at Frontline...
You don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun on Long Island. Here are some free things to do on Long Island, NY.
Where to go and what to do on Long Island in November 2014.
Read all about Thanksgiving events, dinners and take-out on Long Island, NY.
Got kicked out of a party for throwing up. Needed to get home so I paid a tree 50$ to walk me home-Long Island
fishbat, a Leading Internet Marketing Company on Long Island, Has Been Nominated for the 2015 ...
3:50 and Long Island is still the worst part of New York
Is anyone planning Long Island University, brooklyn for spring 2015.I had applied and my I-20 is in e-shipment.Im confused with cost of living overthere. if u have any info plz let me know...Thanks in advance...
Long Island is full of way too many guys who have intentionally destroyed their mufflers
If your getting a long island rite now you wildin...
J.B. Luzim and Company Daily News is out! News from the Tax Guy of Long Island.
if you didn't get a Long Island there you failed
Long Island student fights for school club, religious expression
The way shorty curved me she had to be from Long Island
Yep the last time I was up there in July you were busy. I stay on Long Island (cont)
This gum tastes like a long island iced tea.
I'd like to thank Long Island iced tea for containing absolutely no iced tea.
Moving to Long Island for work. Need suggestions for housing.
Philae. The island of Philae was originally a nearly-permanent island within the Nile River in Egypt. In long,...
That Long Island got me feeling any type of way 😩
I moved to Long Island on the LIRR - I came to Long Island in a laundry basket. I was 3 months old when my family...
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Long Island Reiki Master Teacher Patty Alessi
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