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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

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The first three patients on Long Island treated with a new therapy for varicose veins happened this week at the Stony Brook Vein Center. Varithena was recently approved and is a minimally invasive procedure for varicose veins requiring no anesthesia. No pain, no bruising, no recovery. Call today 631-444-VEIN (-8346) to find out if you are a candidate for Varithena.
Ahhh yeeeah we're excited to kickoff the next installment of our Long Island Music Connection Stay Local Series in partnership with Declan Quinn's!! This week features singer songwriter Ryan Dobby!! Every Thursday night, we will be bringing you the best local talent on Long Island paired with some great bar specials courtesy of the folks at Declan Quinn's!! As always Moccia & Spyder behind the sticks and some of the best food coming out this side of the Mason Dixon Line compliments of Chef Jimmy Klapak Jr. & staff!! Starting at 10pm enjoy $3 Blue Moon Bottles, $3 PBR, $4 Bud Lights & $5 punch! And as always there is NO COVER!!! So please come down and join us tonight and enjoy a great night of live music, awesome food, great drink specials, and
More good news to share! Feed the Children and Golden Corral Unite with Tommy Baldwin Racing for New Hampshire NASCAR Race MOORESVILLE, N.C. (September 18, 2014) - Feed the Children, one of the world's leading anti-hunger organizations, has joined forces with Golden Corral and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race team Tommy Baldwin Racing (TBR) for the upcoming race this Sunday, Sept. 21 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. "The Feed the Children program is near and dear to my heart," said Tommy Baldwin, owner of TBR. "They've come to my hometown of Long Island, and they've done great things for individuals all over the world. We're proud to go to New Hampshire Motor Speedway and raise awareness for such a worthy cause." Feed the Children and Golden Corral will both adorn the No. 7 Chevrolet SS driven by Rookie of the Year candidate Michael Annett. "Hunger affects children all over the world and even in our own communities," said Kevin Hagan, President and CEO of Feed the Children. "Feed the Children is proud to hav ...
SEVEN ISIS FACTS EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD KNOW: ★1. ISIS Began in the 1990s While the Islamic State may be new to some Americans, as The Atlantic notes, “The group that recently renamed itself simply ‘Islamic State’ has existed under various names and in various shapes since the early 1990s.” The Washington Institute for Near East Policy notes that in its 1999 incarnation, ISIS was known as Jamaat al-Tawhid wa-l-Jihad (JTWJ). ★2. ISIS is Led by a Man Released from a U.S. Detention Camp in 2009 The leader of ISIS is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Baghdadi was released from the U.S. detention camp named Camp Bucca near the Kuwaiti border in 2009. When he was freed, Baghdadi reportedly told U.S. Army reservists from Long Island, New York, “I’ll see you guys in New York.” ★3. ISIS is the Richest Terror Organization in the World Through its seizure of oilfields, banks, weapons, and other resources, ISIS has amassed a war chest estimated to total $2 billion, according to NBC News. Sen. Dianne Feinstei . ...
Enterovirus D68 cases reported in Long Island, New York City, NJ and Conn. via
My mom went to the dr oz show today and the Long Island Medium came and read someone in the audience
Life Tip: If you ever get lost on Long Island, drive north/south and there's like 5 main highways that go east/west.
Long Island, CT, MA and more. Our orbit is swinging west so that soon we will get some great US day passes again
Why is there a show on TLC trying to compete with Long Island Medium?! No one can compete with Theresa Caputo
My name's Theresa Caputo I'd like to think of myself as a typical Long Island mom
My life goal is to meet Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, in person.
Going to see the Long Island Medium the flesh people, that's right I am going to see Theresa Caputo and part of me has never felt more alive
you better be going to Long Island before I jump off a cliff
Enjoyed some great wines today in Long Island wine country...especially the chocolate and bubbly tasting at Sparkling Pointe :)
We go out to eat, I order a goose and sprite and my dad orders a Long Island.. Rough week at the office dad?
Long Island wants to be an independent state.
Update your maps at Navteq
I just want a Long Island, subway and a caramel apple.
if Texas really secedes from the USA, we can immediately replace it with Long Island -. (Sorry Puerto Rico...)
If Long Island became it's own state they wouldn't be able to go to SUNY's
Long Island law warns of toxic chemical found on power poles. Do you think the warning signs are sufficient, or...
Long Island ice tea is the best thing happened to mankind after Sex.
Watching Long Island Medium helps me not be so scared of dying, because it's my biggest fear
Rain or shine, Long Island goes country tonight! See you soon.
But that's none of our business... *sips Long Island ice tea*
Day before fatal stabbing, police were called to victim's home over dispute with suspect
I will still be doing the show in Long Island
or you could come out to Long Island tonight. It's my 21st birthday, I'll pay for your drinks!
Check out some of our recent community service activities and events on Rosicki Gives:
This mam in long island just bought me and Adriana a whole pizza yo !
TY! My Long Island Wine & Comedy show tonight is at Jason's Vineyard. It's going to be a lot of fun
Remember that time we had to travel to Long Island and there was no traffic? Me either.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Find watching Long Island Medium is too emotionally exhausting for me. I am far too fragile.
Aurora Borealis will be visible tonight on Long Island 9/13. 🎆.
I could go for a long island right about now
I've had more people honk at me in two days on Long Island than in a year in OKC. Cause is unnecessary, just what people do here, apparantly
NEW JERSEY/LONG ISLAND! Who's headed out to meet the lil sis on Sat @ 12pm & 4pm stores http:/…
On the plane to head to Dallas then off to Long Island! If y'all r w/ Aaron @ Digi-take some pics of my little boy and s…
Check out all of the in-game highlights from and football here
There isn't a place in this world that's worse than Long Island
“Overall it has been tremendous for growing,” said Joe Gergela, executive director of the Long Island Farm Burea...
Mental evaluation ordered for Babylon man accused of fatally stabbing mother: A Babylon man accused of fatally...
Watching Long Island Medium sipping red ice. I just hope this is the only Saturday I spend indoors
Neva ate trash pizza or sandwiches living in brooklyn/queens/Long Island but i prolly had some trash soul food if itscompared to the south
Child-passenger safety events set for Sept. 14-20 on Long Island - Newsday
Cheap Books: Sol: Legacy - Vanessa lives out on Long Island with her evil cats; Lama and Sombrero, and her more ev...
Stuffing my face with perfectly ripe long island figs and cider donuts. BEST.
NEW JERSEY and LONG ISLAND who's coming to meet me today ?!
Long Island Dental in office teeth whitening special $399.00 – regularly $460.00 – before and after photos:
At Westerly, RI. Across Long Island next. I'll be at People's Climate March, NYC on 9/21. Blog for Week 19 and 20:
Come see me in Long Island with on September 19th!! 😉 photography
BBQ in a tight dress. No no no no. (@ John Brown Smokehouse - in Long Island City, NY)
Me and will be in Long Island on September 21st for Get your tickets at
same but I think everyone lives in the city or Long Island
ty! Sux being sick. I was suppose to go to a con in Long Island and cover it for my site.
I would greatly appreciate a long island right now!
Take me to KEYS in Florida ROAD please! ! And I want a Long Island cocktail lokl!!!.Thandi
Defending Long Island Class II champion Carey heads to Mepham in the opening game of the Nassau Conference II season Saturday at 2 p.m. on
Finally made it here; first time in Long Island! Gonna go see some ratchet hxc music now... This town is so small lmao
BUYING ALL GIFT CARDS, STORE CREDITS, PREPAID DEBT CARDS Values can vary from minimum of $15 to $5,000 Paying in ALL cash or Paypal Meets in NYC, Long Island and some parts of New Jersey All funds must be legally obtained and active Pricing list for your connivence 90% of face value - Vanilla Visa 85% of face value - Apple Store Gift 85% of face value - Walmart Gift 85% of face value - Target Gift 83% of face value - Best Buy Gift 74% of face value - Home Depot Gift 57% of face value - iTunes Gift
Sights from today's back to school fair in Long Island
Nothing says "Pork-A-Palooza" like baked beans, fixings for chocolate fountain and long island ice teas.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Home from San Juan and got some sad family news.our Uncle Joe died...papas be buried this week on Long Island.
My office for the weekend! Playing a wedding for a great couple in Long Island, NY. Just found out the father's bride owns the Knicks team and Cable Vision. How cool? He's also a blues-rock guitarist that owns Madison Square Gardens and he's been opening up a ton for the Eagles. With Thomas Kaper, Todd Remmy, Kurt Hall and Zack Dosia (lead singer for William "Bootsy" Collins. Should be a great time! We're all at the hotel getting suited up and about to head back to the farm and venue for a sound check and then entertain. Wish Kelly Walker wasn't in the hospital and please continue to say your prayers for her. She is the one that got this gig and our hearts go out to her that she is stuck in a hospital and not with us. Love you Kelly! Attn Laura McCargar Land, Shirl Collins, Kimberly Mueller, Seth Land, Jerry Land and others.
Okay Long Island - what are some things nearby I should definitely make sure I do/see/experience? Go!
Ok as a Veteran myself I can say this, we as a group often complain that no one cares about us or we are forgotten. Well here is two events happening here on Long Island by two separate and different venues. Both very affordable and 100% goes to a Veteran here on Long Island. I hope our Veteran Community shows up tonight in force to let these two groups know we are thankful for them for helping our brother and sister service members. Please SUPPORT those who SUPPORT US
Football today. I scored 1 goal for every Long Island Ice Tea I put away last night. That's right! 5 goals!
Miss Nancy's main goal is to establish the Nancy Hallbot Foundation to help the abused children in the Long Island area. …
Now I realize why I hate drinking. All the money I wasted last night! Ah, but it was fun to buy the birthday boy his AMF, and Sondra Malz Patee 's long island ice tea. Oh, and that vanilla absolute vodka with cranberry was delish. But *** my throat feels like gravel now!!
BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR*We are happy to announce our Annual Black Diamond Special (honoring black friday) will be available starting Monday September 15th at the Long Island Wedding Extravaganza at Huntington Hilton followed by our Bridal Showcase at the Jericho Terrace Tuesday September 16th.
Hey Long Island... Do You Remember.? welcomes our 18,477th group member today! Lets see if we can do a membership drive- share and invite your friends to share their LI memories! Let's see if we can get to 20,000 people by the end of the weekend!!
Catching up on my Long Island Medium while the kids play in the playroom!!! Sleep would be nice, but I gotta catch up on my show when I get the chance!! :)
From a few of my past postings you probably figured out I have a passion for things that leave terra firma. :-) Took these a few weeks ago over the south shore of Long Island even circling a friends house a few times then out east to the Fire Island Lighthouse. ( Waco biplane AAM Republic Airport) 7 total photos - must click on to one to view all . In my last post taken in Astoria Park 1964 I mentioned planes and trains. My brother Joe worked on the F-15 for 35 years and I'm a motormen currently on the "7" line . :-)
According to the person recording the incident, trucks are not supposed to drive on the parkways in Long Island NY, due to low overpasses. So when a driver takes his chances, the inevitable happens, watch to the end to see the mangled truck..
Messages like this just leave me speechless and even signless. And there are people out there whose lives YOU have touched and YOU may never know it. I figure for every 1 that we know about, there may be 9 other people out there about whom we'll never hear ... but that doesn't matter. We send out "ripples" with every breath, with every word spoken. "Abra K'dabra" is actually Aramaic and means "I speak and it is created". Each word, face, energy we share, will cause "ripples" of that energy out in the world ... and those ripples will cause even more ripples ... So, every good deed that we do, every smile or laughter we cause ... will send out ripples unto eternity. The opposite is also true, but the focus here is on our choice to create our ripples of Love, Fun, Healing, Inspiration ... Hi Barry.. Guess you didn't know but we moved back to Long Island 1 1/2 years ago. Otherwise Sophia would LOVE to take your class... Lucas...never really his interest. I have been wanted to reach out to you and let you kn . ...
Todnight I will be bartending tonight at the Industry Lounge and celebrating Rica Maray birthday. Come down have a drink and get your grove on with my beautiful baby girl! Me and Will Friday Stowers will be holding it down. Drink specials tonight $7 Long island Ice teas $8 Mia Tias all night long! Happy Hour from 7 to 9pm $3 well $5 Fruit Bombs $5 Fireball Shots $5 Firecookies $6 AMF $2 PBRs and more beer specials. Come hang out with your girl it's been a while! Ps the birthday girl is drinking Grey goose and red bull tonight.
Long Island Electric is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business, owned and operated by Chris Nolte an Iraq war veteran. Chris served in Iraq and Kuwait from 2002-2003 and retired in 2005.
Tonight the party moves to Z Hotel Rooftop, the 5,000 square foot rooftop lounge located in Long Island City, one of New York's most interesting and up-and-coming neighborhoods. Enjoy uninterrupted views of the most famous skyline in the world and rock out to music by DJ Serg along with Fas and Nyce. Say LINX GUEST LIST @ the door for the hook-up. VIP Tables / Anything You Need text / call (516) 236-7250. Z Hotel is located @ 11-01 43rd Ave, Long Island City, New York 11101. Event Link:
I need a the worlds strongest LONG ISLAND ICE TEA right now !!
Miss Latina had a spectacular event on September 6 2014. Renew esthetics is proud to be a VIP Sponsor and Judge thru out the process of finding out who the winner for Miss Latina Long Island will be. The night was filled with beauty and glamour.
The energy at today's campaign kickoff was electric. I'm proud to have so many supporters who believe that growing the middle class is the key to strengthening Long Island's economy! Huge thanks to the Long Island Federation of Labor, afl-cio, Suffolk County Executive Steven Bellone, Jim Gaughran, and everyone who came out today.
Had an amazing first day on Long Island. Great arena, nice people, & some really fun and beautiful towns to explore!
I wanna meet Long Island Medium so bad lol
I can't watch an episode of Long Island Medium without getting teary eyed at least 3 times
Why are the duggars always on TLC gimme Long Island Medium 🙌
We live on Long Island, so we usually go to Eisenhower. But the one time I took him to Central Park, he absolutely loved it ;)
Just finished watching Long Island Medium the things I would do to meet you Ahhh 😊☺💙💜
Long Island Medium lady should be called in!! Theresaa Caputo! She will clear this mess up real quick
Long Island Medium Is my show I cry when I watch every episode 😭😭❤️
are u seeing Theresa as in Long Island Medium omg
Watching the Long Island Medium gets me everytime
Sobbing watching Long Island Medium lmao. I couldn't handle if Sean died, I would go insane 😭😭
he was hating on Long Island Medium so I agree with you on that. What's he making you watch
Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium is coming to rapid city. I have no idea what she's going to do. But I want to see her.
firefighters George Johnson of Rockaway Beach, Dan McWilliams of Long Island , and Billy Eisengrein of Staten Island
The odd intersection of the Arthur Ashe documentary, a summer home on Long Island and Howard Cosell.
New York's First Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Parlor Opens Two Stores on Long Island, where have u been my friend?
John F. Kennedy was a teenager when he stepped out of his powerful father’s shadow and into the pages of The Times, for a sailboat race off Long Island.
Puerto Rico Luring Buyers With Tax Breaks By JULIE SATOW SEPT. 5, 2014 Alex Lemond is among a new wave of New Yorkers trading in their Manhattan condominiums for beachside villas in Puerto Rico. The former hedge fund honcho moved to San Juan from New York last year, and his company, the Encanto Group, is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in developing luxury real estate on the Caribbean island. Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the United States, passed legislation in 2012 that shields new residents from paying most federal income taxes. After a slow start, Puerto Rico’s status as a tax haven is beginning to catch on, and some are betting big bucks that the trickle of buyers moving there will soon become a stream. Local officials hope that new investment will help turn around an economy battered by several years of recession. “I take at least five calls a day from new people considering moving here,” said Gabriel Hernandez, a tax partner with the San Juan office of BDO Puerto Rico. When the law ...
Nudist Island ~ How Long... now with Mr. Pingguin rock with
Mike was in a motorcycle accident this July and has been in the hospital since. He is flying from Seattle, Wa where he lives and works to Long island, Ny where is is from to be with his family. We are raising money to help with the hospital bills, apartment in Seattle for his mom, his flight back...
Long island, New jersey, philly, upstate New York, Boston tickets all available now let's get w…
I want to talk to the Long Island Median so bad 😩
I miss you too! I'm probably going to Long Island idk what else
I absolutely love long island ice tea
Anyone have a copy of the book by Nelson De Mille entitled "The Gold Coast" that they no longer want? I will gladly take it off your hands! (it's not about the Gold Coast in Australia, it's a fiction/ suspense set on the Gold Cost of Long Island, New York. Anyone?
Search real estate in Long Island. Access listings including photos, maps, and property descriptions. This property search is being presented by Angela Carosi.
domain names
Why my sister just told me I look like I got off the E train to jump on the J train. Lmao she deff remembers her way back to Long Island 😂😂
State GOP chairman defends GPS tracking of Long Island Democrat Sorry I totally disagree it was disgrace
2003 Thoroughbred Gelding with Permanent Card. Tons of Success in Hunters & Eq. Located on Long Island, NY
Hopefuly my flight with next week to our long island event will be a good experience. i will be sending back thoughts
NY has no coyotes, do pet cats stray further? Track your cat & help us find out . http:/…
Yesterday was Dee Snider's Ride To Fight Hunger benefiting Long Island Cares. It was a great day and more than $36,000 was raised. Plus Dee performed with my band. Get all the videos at the link at the end, or right here: - Joe Rock
Who is goin to the diabolic show on the 20th on Long Island??? I'll be there
Cutbacks in programs to protect drinking water in Suffolk. Is it smart government or a danger to public health? News 12 Long Island and Newsday take a closer look in their investigative follow-up: What’s in the Water – Tomorrow starting at 5 p.m. on News 12 Long Island. More What’s in the Water coverage:
Happy birthday to my beautiful Kevee I hope your day is as *** as every guy on long island😘
some of the folks I met at aupair training school on Long Island 😊✌
Umm is playing for free in Long Island tomorrow and if u buy their new album u get a meet n greet pass and wow unfair :(
the fact he left Isis so long tells a lot
Summer Splash tonight! Headin to NYC tomorrow for our show in Long Island on Monday at the Paramount! Tix at
Location at its best! Take a glance at Nitesh Long Island and you would know why we say so.
Take the ‘Six Second Clip Challenge’ to Grow Awareness on Water Pollution via
These Long Island bars know what's good 💯
Toro 4s size 8.5 and Playoffs 12s size 9 og for sale and joker 1s size 9 pm me no flakers ill take pictures no joke and no gimmicks legit both in good condition im in Long island
Purported KKK recruitment fliers found on Long Island
I always have a nice honest cry when I watch Long Island Medium. 💕😊. Nothing wrong with that.
When I watch Long Island Medium I feel like she's part of my family with the way she talks
Ray Glattman's Latest Long Island Updates: Apple to reveal its next big thing
Taxpayers Cover Coast Guard Private-Party Patrols: At private parties on the waters of Long Island Sound, host...
Seasons Monday to Thursday this week. Wednesday will be my last at Seasons Long Island... It's been a great 2 years there! Then heading to London to see family. Have a great week all!
NJ and LONG ISLAND!! Come down to meet me this Sat 13th Sept @ 12pm & 4pm stores
I really want me like 2 long island ice teas from the corner store lol,...or maybe 3.or 4 lol.
San Francisco, you beautiful city, I'm going to miss you. I'll be back in NYC for the foreseeable future. Thanks for the great times, wonderful people and the tremendous inspiration. Thankful especially to Sam Urueta for all his support and delicious meals. Now it's on to the next chapter in Long Island City in the borough of Queens with Pamela Rosado
did I see u on Long Island Medium last night?
I'll be starting later this morning after work, anyone want to Ally up? Long Island NY here
the God particle has the potential to do anything it wants, as long as it applies itself
Me and my two heart beats Laila and Kari on the Port Jefferson Ferry. Long Island NY fun times with family :-)
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Long Island Junior Soccer League 1971 select team plays reunion match
at is a thing I never knew this many people on Long Island played video games
Great resources for other professionals specializing in ADHD on Long Island!
Moscato and Long Island I'm feeling so nice driving home I just want to lay up 😔😔
Long Island Medium will always be my fave.
Teaching after school with managing students (long island) ...
hey how about adding Christian Leonard (to your Long Island show!! He lives in Rhode Island, not that far!!
Jersey, join me Friday at Big Shots in Woodbridge... Long Island, join me & as we take over…
wonders where the rest of the meet and greet pictures for Long Island are okay
A short video of the arcade and some miniature golf from Spaceplex that used to be in St. James on Long Island back in 1992. I can't find any pictures or vid...
WORKSHOP UPDATE! For our October 13 Workshop on Long Island, we have some amazing sponsors. Aperture Priority Rentals is going to hook us up with a great space and will make sure the night time shoot is rocking. We will also be giving away one of THINK TANK PHOTO's awesome bags, and we will have some additional giveaways from Miller's Professional Imaging. We can't wait to see you all there to teach you how to shoot out of the box images and how to build a wedding photo business from the ground up. Make sure you sign up here, and remember, it's all for a great cause!
Randi Hoffman has challenged me to list 10 books that have stayed with me in some way and tag 10 cool people to do the same. Rules: don't take more than a few minutes and don't think too hard. They don't have to be the "right" books or great works of literature, just ones that have affected you in some way. Then tag 10 friends including me. Consider yourselves tagged: Chad Morrison, Marion Roach Smith, Gina Covarrubias, John Oravec, Ola Mork, Tanya Stimson Rhodes, Jennifer Lipscomb, Jasmine C Ceniceros, Alisa Horwitz, Karen Ouse, Jenny Zenner. 1. The Last Unicorn, by Peter S. Beagle. Totally pre-teen fantasy fodder, this carried me through many a miserable moment in my awful reality. Wonderful dream material here, including Mommy Fortuna and her menagerie, a talking skull that lives on top of a grandfather clock, plus pure white unicorns leaping out of the seafoam. Please do not watch the animated movie version. 2. The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien. My grandmother loaned me her beautiful hardbound copy; I rem ...
Okay. This is really old...I am really old too, but does anyone remember watching Romper Room? The Magic Mirror Clip. She was the Long Island Medium long before there was a Long Isand Medium!
I'm tryin to watch Long Island Medium here!
A woman walking along a Long Island beach finds a special bracelet in the surf that was lost 10 years earlier
Electronic Device Insurance
MSG Varsity's high school experts Mike Quick and Jimmy Cavallo look back at the best of the best from the week in Long Island high school football, with highlights to get you caught up and analysis to get the debates going.
C.O.B.R.A. Planetary Situation Update - 8th September 2014. (English & Portuguese). (Posted 2012, compiled by Rique Seraphico). Clearing of the Chimera group is proceeding according to the plan. The focus is slowly shifting from the removal of strangelet bombs towards dealing with top quark/antiquark condensate anomaly. Negative scenarios of the strangelet explosion predicted in the following link have mostly been removed: Most of Chimera entry/exit locations have been cleared, with two remaining Chimera strongholds being Long Island and a classified central European location. Long Island is the location of past Montauk space/time anomaly experiments, of Cold Spring Harbor cloning lab and of Brookhaven National Laboratory. Brookhaven was a major entry point into a system of underground tunnels and caverns that spread below the majority of Long Island going towards New York. That subterranean area was a prime underground real estate sought after by various extraterrestrial races and various factions, both ...
Quick way to *** off the wife.Call the TV show by the NY Psychic the "Long Island Madame"
in Guitarist, Rinzing La's Long Island basement. This was summer of 2012 in preparation for our East Coast Tour. This is really what "behind the scenes" looks like =). Glamourous, huh? We have 6 days left! Thanks for your support. Click on the link above or below or SHARE!
Chris Silva performing at Schafer's on Wed. Aug. 27th, 2014 in Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY.
Long Island ice teas with the hubby out & wasted... Why did I do it? Have to be up at 530am!! He ain't sleeping in tomorrow!! Lol
Victoria Caputo's (Long Island Medium) roommate just followed me back on Instagram. Nbd 😏💁
I want a reading from Teresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium
Victoria Wilson appearing Wednesday, September 10th at the Cinema Arts Centre (Huntington, Long Island)
Disappeared by Eric Colbourne, a writer from my small community on Long Island, Green Bay NL.
Great fellowship and wonderful food today at the United Methodist Church in Long Island. Thank you to all of you who helped put on the day for the teachers and staff. We are blessed to live in and be supported by such a wonderful community!
It's a beautiful morning -- a cool 68 degrees in Eisenhower Park in East Meadow-- for Long Island's…
Funerals held for family of 5 killed in SSP crash - News 12 Long Island
Long Island man wins big with forgotten ticket | Verizon FiOS1 News - Long Island
Stopped on our way home from Lake George today. Open a store on Long Island!!! please.
Photo shoot at Mystique hookah lounge in Long Island!
omg take the train to splish splash on Long Island so worth it
FINALLY...the TRUTH comes out about the tragic explosion of TWA 747 Flight 800 off the coast of Long Island on July 17, 1996. Despite over a hundred eye- witnesses swearing to having seen something streaking up toward the plane, followed seconds later by a massive explosion and flaming debris falling into the sea, the official, carefully contrived explanation was an explosion of the center fuel tank. Not a single TWA pilot or employee bought the story, and shortly after the incident, an investigative reporter wrote a shocking book (which I bought and which disappeared off the shelves soon after) in which he concluded that the plane was hit and penetrated on the right side by a missile close to the R-2 aircraft door. Somehow he came into possession of a piece of fabric from a seatback near the front of C-Section, (in the immediate vicinity of the R-2 door). Furthermore, he also discovered that there had been U.S. military maneuvers in the exact area that night. This article confirms and validates what t .. ...
Everyone on Long Island should read this:
A close-up of the shoreline of Glen Cove, Long Island.
The Vanderbilt estate at Jericho, Long Island, New York. Designed by architect, John Russell Pope. Notice the elaborate parterre garden and how long it stretches out.
is there a college on Long Island that offers a masters degree in forensic nursing.?
He pitched for Long Island in the indy Atlantic League as recently as 2012. 8G, 0-1, 2.70, 4 saves.
Hi everyone, My name is Kenny St. John, and I am the Campaign Manager for Patricia Maher, who is running for Congress against Peter King. Now before you dismiss me for being a Democrat, please hear me out, because King would never give any of us that courtesy. We share a common enemy in King, and there is common ground on which we can agree on. We recently sent in a questionnaire from Ron Paul's organization Campaign for Liberty, and we agreed with them on 10 out of the 19 issues asked, including stopping the unconstitutional NSA wiretapping, 10th Amendment rights, and voting against pre-emptive wars and nation-building overseas. That's far better than what King would say; in fact Patricia is the most pro-liberty candidate in this race. Patricia also supports protecting and expanding Social Security and Medicare, and wants to improve the quality of life right here on Long Island, such as federal grants to spark downtown revitalization and promote small business growth, and to cut the red tape on Hurricane ...
Diabolique News: The Ultimate Convention Experience is coming September 12-14, 2014 in Long Island, NY. Get ready to experience something extraordinary with an incredible "After Party" that will leave you begging for more! Over 80 Horror Scream Queens (Debbie Rochon, Suzie Lorraine, Elisa Dowling, Genoveva Rossi), Playboy Playmates, TV actors (Ice T & Coco), International Glamour, Fetish & Goth Models & WWE Wrestlers will appear over the course of three days.
Are long islands better in Long Island?
This Weekend on Long Island: Did you know the restoration of the Fire Island National Seashore’s wilderness...
HERE'S HOW JOE LOUIS HELPED THE WAR EFFORT. . . Did you know that Joe Louis held the World Heavyweight Boxing title longer than any other fighter in history, 12 years from 1937 to 1949? Louis' cultural impact was felt well outside the ring. He is widely regarded as the first African American to achieve the status of a nationwide hero within the United States, and was also a focal point of anti-Nazi sentiment leading up to and during World War II. Louis fought a charity bout for the Navy Relief Society against his former opponent Buddy Baer on January 9, 1942, which generated $47,000 for the fund. The next day, he volunteered to enlist as a private in the United States Army at Camp Upton, Long Island. Newsreel cameras recorded his induction, including a staged scene in which a soldier-clerk asked, "What's your occupation?" and Louis replied in a nervous rush, "Fighting and let us at them *** " Another military charity bout on March 27, 1942, (against another former opponent, Abe Simon) netted $36,1 ...
So far this clinical we traveled all over Long Island so that's pretty chill
Potent People Party tonight! ALL girls get in free before 11pm. $2 Fireball $3 Long Island. Beats by http…
Nurse faces trial in case of nursing home patient given morphine instead of muscle relaxant
The Long Island Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk is on Oct. 12 at Jones Beach. Learn more: http:/…
there is no place where I feel more at home than I do in Long Island
Hoping can help combat legislative order in Brookhaven, Long Island to euthanize 100 beautiful dogs.
Newsday: Bridgehampton food artist can turn edibles into masterpieces
Ray Glattman's Latest Long Island Updates: Waylon Jennings' collection going up for auction
Ray Glattman's Latest Long Island Updates: Eclectic use of materials highlight new home decor styles
Its always an adventure when me & are together went all around Long Island to get home😂 oh & you cant forget crystal hollow😂😂
Throwback Thursday MILLER LITE CAN $2! Dinner Special Smoked pork chop, vegetables and roasted potatoes. $8.50 Trivia starts at 7:00 upstairs Try one of these popular cocktails from back in the day $6.00 1940's Manhattan 1950's Mai Tai 1960''s Moscow Mule 1970's Whiskey Sour 1980's Long Island 1990's Sex on the Beach Shot Special Sex on the Beach $2.00
LMSWS is creating this campaign to raise funds to provide 100 free in-home counseling services to low-income seniors and families facing a crisis or difficult times. Individuals and families assisted will reside within Queens and Long Island, New York. Our goal and purpose of these sessions will be…
Right on. More smart grid planning.
we had to live up to the penguin way of hockey after the long Island fiasco. We were above physical play.
Proud of junior Andres Martinez for being in inaugural class of regional STEM HS. Good luck-make HB proud!
If bmth comes to Long Island I'm seeing them bc I've never seen them live and I've been a fan of them since middle school
Hey fellas when is the Their Rules music video that was being filmed at the Long Island show of Life and Death coming out!?
This is "Long Island Women's Council of Realtors Fall Event" by Ray Eickhoff on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
I really feel my Long Island family has perfected the art of bickering but they'd probably disagree with me.
Gratitude list for 7 days. Nominated by my gorgeous spirit junkie friend Erika. 1. Grateful for kundalini which has changed my life. I want to take teacher training as soon as the universe will have it and then bring it to Long Island. 2. Grateful for my hubby Philip Reyes who is one of my greatest teachers and I can talk to about love and compassion and how to change the world with it. 3. Grateful for the training I will be taking next week in NYC given by Gabby Bernstein. The people in the group are absolutely amazing people who are changing the world for the better. 4. Grateful for my fam, some of who i will get to see in October, Cali here I come. I nominate Philip Reyes, Monica Flannery, Jennifer Becker and Jennifer O'Neill
Am I the only girl in all of long island who doesn't like pumpkin spice everything?
A great shout out to the long-term work of Mennonite Disaster Service in Staten Island.
I'm thankful for long island white girls at my school.
Job Opportunity: Business Objects Reporting. Are you a fit? in Long Island City, NY
same here - no voice/Internet for the last 30 mins also Long Island.
Prince Edward Island, Canada’s smallest province is only 225 kilometers long and 56 kilometers wide.
Jamie "Superfly" Stuart and Havana Central Restaurant Invites You to A Great Evening of Networking and Fund Raising for the Long Island Fight for Charity at Adventure Park Jamie joined the LI Fight for Charity so come on out and support him. When: Monday, September 15, 2014 - 6:00 - 9:00 P.M. Wh…
next time yur on/near Long Island would u meet up again with me meg and syd?😁❤️
are u coming to Long Island soon? I wanna know so I can know if I have to beg my mom to let me go to ct
THE WORLDS FASTEST PRO MODS AND PRO STOCKS AT THE ROCK FOR DRAGSTOCK XI Over 200 of the quickest and fastest “door” cars in all of drag racing invade the record setting Rockingham Dragway today through Sunday for the PDRA Dragstock XI. All of the top pro records for the PDRA were set at The Rock back in April at PDRA’s inaugural event and are expected to fall this week as qualifying begins on Friday at 6pm. Bubba Stanton of Potts Camp, Miss., set the Pro Extreme Pro Mod record in April with an elapsed time of 3.514 seconds. Frankie Taylor of Dickinson, Texas ripped the quickest time ever recorded in the 1/8th mile for the full-bodied machines with an incredible 3.485 time, but was unable to back it up with the required 1% in subsequent runs. The Rock also holds the fastest speed for the monstrous super-charged Pro Extreme vehicles at 221.05, set by Eric Dillard of Ball Ground, Georgia. The Extreme Pro Stock record is expected to fall during any of the four qualifying runs, three on Saturday beginnin ...
Launching today: Cat tracker Help us find out where NY cats go
I love this family and everything they have done for sustainable, organic farming on the East End of Long Island,...
Update your maps at Navteq
Will the person in Miami stop using my ID I am in long Island NY
Northeast, and no, we're not the Long Island in NY either. :)
Lmao! I seen a GORGE pastely lilac long duster coat on River Island website, but £90 & I just cant afford that :( lol x
Off to Long Island to evangelize , excited to see what god has in store for me today 👏🙏😁…
My eyes are staying closed this whole car ride to long island with brian
I just heard long island carnival is cancelled...everyone scan dat ,and let me know if that's true...
Wait is Kenny going to Long Island or am I reading something wrong ? 😂
Long Island!! Saturday 9/20/14 albuk release party at the Zebra club in Copaigue
Next Tuesday is gonna be awesome Kj Farrells presents Long Island Rock: Unplugged with Jahsh 3:16, Streetlight Circus, Craving Strange, REVEL 9, and Born of Scars!!! Awesome local ORIGINAL music stripped down and bare! Come check it out
Wish me luck, just entered three of my photos in the Explore Long Island Contest. Entered my beautiful butterfly and tropical fish photos from Atlantis and my photo of Blaze in the park.
Special extra episode today - John Lemanski of Cerini and Associates sits with host Patrick McCormick. Here's...
Good burgers, good value, good greens @ .
Lyft hitches ride to Long Island City: Lyft, the ride-sharing app, is moving its New York City op...
R&A is hiring: Python Lead Developer Job opportunity at Long Island, NY .
Anyone in the Long Island area have a MarcPro or COMPEX machine they'd be willing to rent out to me for World's? I will be getting my own eventually, but it won't be possible between now and the trip. Recovery is tough during this comp anybody who can help would be a hero! I could maybe even throw in a Team USA T-shirt for ya ;-)
Long Island news, weather, traffic and LIRR updates for Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014 /
Out of tragedy (collapse after Sandy) PSEG's Long Island utility plans to become Utility 2.0 via
1st day of school shoot @ Long Island University C W Post Campus
Calling all motorcycle enthusiasts: Join in his annual charity bike ride on LI
The Arts in Suffolk County Daily is out! Stories via
Well I leave parris island tomorrow it's been a long 3 months but now I'm a Marine!
Rachelle - Long Island City (bp-12-113). Leggings by Black Milk Clothing. For information on how to purchase this...
What if God is a bartender & mixing the cocktails of our lives. Mine is Long Island Iced Tea. What's yours? Bloody Mar…
First Day of school: Copiague, Long Island with Nathaniel Jackson This is my "legendary" blue outfit...
Live in Long Island and looking for a strongman contest? Check out Long Island's Strongest Man 10/18/14
30 years ago today, a very young man walked into a tiny building on Long Island called the Beach YM-YWHA and began a job that became a career and then became a life. From the Beach Y to the South Shore Y to the Friedberg JCC and now the Sunrise Association, here's to loving your job for 30 years. Can't wait to see what the next 30 bring!
Job opportunitiy on Long Island: Administrative Assistant - The United Methodist Church of Patchogue Part -Time 20 hours per week. Must be able to multi-task, with attention to detail. Keep records, prepare weekly bulletins and periodic reports, answer phone, respond to congregational and community inquiries. Be patient and welcoming. Work closely with the pastor. 2-3 years administrative/clerical experience. Working knowledge of Word, Excel, Publisher. E-mail resume to bjbeck1
Tune in tomorrow for an all new episode of Long Island Legal with host joe Campolo and special guest Alex Badalmenti of Baldasso Architecture LLP - LIVE at 1030 am.
The Long Island Brain Tumor Center has partnered with National Brain Tumor Society to host the first Long Island Brain Tumor Walk on Saturday, September 20th, 2014 at Jones Beach.
Everybody getting ready for long island carnival and I just see it cancel smh
Hey, so you guys are getting one of my best friends in the world, Reno. You may not know me, or maybe you do (I'm Soup from Long Island). I've been friends with Reno for almost a decade and I've really appreciated every moment of it. Our college stories are too good. My largest regret is not being able to afford being his roommate in college in time (I got the money later but I wasn't his roommate. Who he got instead ended up being the worst roommate ever and the stories are priceless). I miss him incredibly already and I love him very much. Please, take care of him and BEAT HIS *** PROFUSELY. He wants to be the best so show him how hard it is to get there. You guys are definitely an amazing region so I know he'll grow as a player. And as a community you guys are amazing, too, so please help him have a lot of fun; I can promise you guys if you have adventures with him they'll all probably involve really delicious food. And you guys are individually the homies, so please help him grow as a person (he's pre ...
A five-finger discount happening lately at farm stands across Long Island Sound has found its way to East Hampton: the theft of corn.
Yesterday, Trivirtus team members taught CPR, AED and First Aid to 10 teachers in Brooklyn, NY. We applaud anyone who takes time out of their busy schedules to become certified in these life saving skills! If you're interested in becoming certified or setting up your own private class, send us a private message! We offer some of the lowest prices and biggest discounts in all of New York City and Long Island!
The taking a poisonous turn. Thanks Sambitda, Suyashda & Sohamda for tagging me... So here goes a list of my favourite hard beverages with a top. I'll also name my top 5 watering holes... Top drinks: 1. B52 - the best cocktail I ever had. Period.It burns yeah.. The Americans named the plane after the drink I swear... 2. Johnny Walker Gold reserve. There's whiskey & there's this. To listen to Pink Floyd while having this... Surely that's bliss on earth. It burns a hole in the pocket though!! 3. Absinthe. The green faerie. Aptly named. If I ever wanna get knocked out I know which drink to go for. 4. Vat 69. Not really the best Scotch I have had by far. But tis my staple drink. Love the taste. Even Mahanayak had it.. & the name!! :D 5. Old Monk. Or as I lovingly call it " Buro Sadhu". I have grown wiser definitely under his guidance. However much I go for the hi fi drinks I keep coming back now & again!! :D Honourable mentions: Long Island Ice Tea, Tequila Camino Gold, Glenfidditch. My favourite haunts for m ...
$4 Long Island PINTS all day! Many flavors available. $2.50 Pints of Mother's Brewing Company Sum R Wit and Wheat. Plus a heads up about this weekends Local Live Music! Friday night: Brian Jones Acoustic set and going away party. Saturday night: Lyal Strickland and the Moonlight Farmers!
In devon with my baby, having a fabby time, hotel beautiful, been for a stunning tea, and a lovely long island ice tea lol xxx
Long Island Families Together would like to thank Gold Coast Cabinet Company and Bedford and Mane Salon for sponsoring the L.E.A.P Education Advocacy group. Their donations ensured that each youth participant received a brand new netbook as a gift for completing our training. Please take a moment and kindly visit them: Gold Coast Cabinet Company: and Mane Salon:
We're bringing Oktoberfest to Long Island! That's right and with a tasty twist! Join us October 25-26th at Broadway Mall in our pop-up Beer Garten for a 2-day Fall celebration featuring NY's and NJ's Best Gourmet Food Trucks, Craft Beer and Wine Garten, Music, Activities for the entire family and Culinary Workshops, plus a specially-created outdoor Vendor Village. Football fans will be delighted by “Game On”, the outdoor, large screen televised games on Sunday at the Beer Garten!
Thirsty Thursday is back! Make sure you stop in tonight for $3 Smithwick's drafts or $4 Long Island Ice tea. Also don't forget its 1/2 price specialty pizza night tonight, dine in only from 4-9pm!
Animation work for Long Island Pickle Company. Press Play and then go over to Nettie's Farm and Market to try some pickles.
"Long Island's Craig Biggio?" That's his identifier? But sure, it's folks in the Midwest who are provincial.
Sugar Land lost 5-3 to Long Island. So if the Barnstormers win the second game of the DH, they will be tied for first with the Skeeters.
you in NY come thru to Long Island north Babylon high school 🙌👌
Set de fotos: Audrey Hepburn photographed by Dennis Stock at the location of Sabrina, in Long Island, 1954
Missing son of local news radio reporter, Joseph D'Auria, 16, found safe: D'Auria took off from a Long Island ...
are the 2 special guests coming to Long Island or no?
The signing was supposed to have Ariana, Victoria, Matt Bennett & Leon Thomas. I wanted Liz Gillies but Matt is from Long Island
Todd English, celebrity chef, arrested for DWI in Long Island
Suffolk County police say a pregnant woman was found shot outside her Bay Shore, Long Island home and she was later pronounced dead at a hospital.
Pregnant woman shot and killed on Long Island
Pregnant woman shot, killed on Long Island, police say
has everyone on Long Island met James Franco besides me
Pregnant woman shot to death in Bay Shore, Long Island
Pregnant woman shot to death in car in Bay Shore, Long Island via
It's nice to be back on Long Island. 💜 @ Old Westbury…
Pebbles on the beach at Orient Beach State Park at the eastern end of the North Fork of Long Island.
culture celebrated by at Long Island, NY
The Klu Klux Klan stuck racist flyers in a sandwich bag along with a couple JOLLY RANCHERS and left them on door steps on Long Island. Sigh.
I'll still be on Long Island at least!! Mi casa es su casa 😘
Long Island to Develop Renewable Energy Sources - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has announced the launch of PowerUp...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I work too hard not to enjoy the luxury of the Long Island railroad lol
Oyster Bay New York, right on the Long Island Sound. Visiting my grandma ☺
Hangin' with the fellas out in Long Island. @ Cold Spring Harbor State Park
We have an "active exalted Cyclops" of the Klu Klux Klan on Long Island
in 1776 General G. Washington took advantage of dense fog & evacuated Long Island after defeat.
Every time I'm on the train I have to refrain myself from punching a typical Long Island tool bag that doesn't know when to shut up
Today in Weather History!. 1776 - General Washington took advantage of a heavy fog to evacuate Long Island after...
in 1776, despite his retreat from Long Island, Washington refuses surrender terms offered by British General Howe.
Little Daniella Okoye was in cardiac arrest when paramedics rushed her from her home on 228th St. near 146th Ave. in Springfield Gardens to Franklin General Hospital in Long Island.
Off for the long weekend to Victoria, Vancouver Island!!!
Cops: 3 suspects sought in East Meadow machete robbery: Police are searching for three men, one of them wielding...
So possibly we may add to Long Island and the rest of the tour dates..who thinks this is a great idea?
Super excited today. Heading down to Long Island to collaborate a shoot with my cousin who is an established hair...
Hey Long Island fans: Any bars you know of that are showing webcast (or might be willing to)?
Trying to explain Long Island to people who don't live here is extremely difficult.
play Long Island this Monday for our Labor Day Extravaganza! Stellar Young is an Indie…
This could be you. Whitby Castle, located in Rye, NY, overlooks the Milton Harbor and Long Island Sound. The...
Let's go to Fire Island this wknd “waaay too long, but yes, lets do it please, need some Flint in my life”
Newsday: Man who fled parole on Long Island sentenced to 30 years for killing former nun
my fam only goes to my grandpa who moved from NY. my father says all my gpa's fam is in Manhattan, Long Island, and upstate NY
If we exiled every woman to an island as long as there was a chipotle Starbucks and a bunch of cheese there they would be ok with it
Check out our ad in Explore Long Island today!
come to Long Island! It's only like 20 minutes away from the city!
“What drink do you ask for when you hit the club ?” Coconut Ciroc & pineapple juice or Long Island
I'm gonna be at in Long Island on sep 20/21 😃 tickets at : )
I feel like the Long Island Medium is gonna do something really intense 😣
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