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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

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I liked a video A Trip to the Railroad Museum of Long Island, Featuring Museum President Don Fisher!
. You're telling us we live on Long Island worse than traffic our terribly run railroad
. it is now! Perry I'm waiting for you on Long Island! I'll come to Cali for you even tho I am…
Josh always parks so far away from the Long Island railroad. I swear I throw a fit every time
catch me singing broadway songs to myself on the Long Island railroad👍🏻
one time I partied w bababboey at a house in Long Island.
If you want a $2 million Long Island summer rental, Europe's biggest hotel operator can help
My theory on Russian ships off the coast of CT and Long Island: They're going after George Soros.
Always fun to come home and there's a RUSSIAN SPY SHIP off the coast of Long Island. 😱😡
Costco, Long Island City, NY 2007: the rotisserie chicken man dropped all the chickens on the floor
I Voted for you and fully support you!!! Why am I seeing a Russian Spy Ship off my coast on Long Island.…
New research suggests some sailors missing from U.S.S. Turner were buried on Long Island.
im not coming back to Long Island until they get a Steak & Shake tbh
I had parm-garlic fries and Long Island iced teas by myself for dinner tonight... so yeah school is going great!
well if it makes a move at the base which is other side of Long Island/ Fishers island it be sunk!
Long Island! wants to see YOU at on 4/7! It's 2 days after the venue opens, be there! https…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
"I hadn't had normal in a very long time." . Is Dinah still on her personal island?
Leaving Long Island on bad terms wasn't what I had planned 🙄😒
When you thought you got away with your Long Island accent slip but calls you out... 🙈
Why is this show of threat being taken lightly? The ship moved close to naval submarine base off the coast of Long Island
Seems sensible when there is a Russian spy ship loitering off Long Island, they buzz our planes and or we had a tra…
These long islands putting me on a island .
I am trying to go to New York City again so I can meet you which is funny cause I live in Long Island which isn't that far
Long Beach regains the Nassau Michelino crown. Check out how:
welcome to Orange County. Long Island born loving the music!
Maybe you should take a look at the view outside LONG ISLAND where a Russian spy ship is patrolling. GROW UP! FAST!
An update on the Russian spy ship off the coast of... LONG ISLAND.
Long Island teas are what my parents should have warned me about
- Hey numbnuts!! Putin's creeping up your *** off Long Island. What are you going to do about it tough guy?
The fact that I know so much about Long Island bc half my friends r from there is so ugly.
The Russians aren't coming...they are already here!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Russian spy ship spotted off Long Island. Here to pick up "Trump",Flynn, Bannon, etc.?
Now running next to an ad from a Long Island university that has declared itself a sanctuary…
@ everyone on Long Island when the beaches get shorter and shorter
Have you guys ever considered checking out the Kings Park psychiatric center on long island?
I can see Russia from my house. . I am now a bit spooked.
Bruny Island Long Weekend food, wine and walking. The newest Great Walk of Tasmania -
Putin apparently wanted to drop in and say "Hi!"
Shocked 2 find out Russia has a sub 30 miles off the coast of long Island near our sub base.. *** Trumpies just letting them visit?
Thats right folks. Long Island is Americas first line of defense. I actually had a plan for this mapped out in my t…
Surveilance off Long Island. What is Mr T doing about this?
In need of a long vacation on a tropical island
The real scandal here is the Russians are 30 miles off long island shore and not a mention from DT. This is Not right.
Roses are red,. the NSA's humming. There's a ship off Long Island. THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!
then fire on the Ruskie ship off long island. Time to put them back in the 80's where they belong.
Wait, the Russians have a ship in Long Island Sound? . Maybe we should tell them to leave.
spy ship was spotted off the coast of Long Island
Shoutout to Long Island Rap Blog for featuring my song "To the Bank" on their site, check it out!!.
Precipitation is moving through the region. Mainly snow inland, mainly rain on Long Island, rain/snow mix in between. Bri…
Betsy does walls better! Being projected in Long Island City, NY w/ Manhattan in the background.
and it's 30 miles off of Long Island in international waters has every right to be there
&I as I emptied the Splenda into my Long Island; I realized I'm Michael Scott
I'm raising money for My Trip To the Big Apple. Click to Donate: via
Come to Long Island, and I'll buy a ticket
After 4 long years of waiting, rocked the stage at concert in Singapore !
Hanging on the Long Island railroad today
The 'Amityville Horror' house on Long Island is once again off the market, but it sold for far less than expected:
Try a Gummy Bear shot with the rest of the den! $3 all month with $4 14oz Hurricanes, $7 32oz Long Island pitchers & $3…
yes very scary but could be a lot worse if the storm. Iced south of Long Island
Go to West Palm Beach and arrest the Long Island killer you lame FUKS
looking for an Finance Support Lead for a long-term project in Long Island, NY. Please contact me or share!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
No one can help me. I've been alone on this island for too long.
When a Ban on the Chinese Was Proposed and Frederick Douglass Spoke Out via Island Wins
An African American and white girl study a sign in the integrated Long Island community of Lakeview, New York, 1962 htt…
Drove from Long Island back into Albany tonight. Caught the first half of the Knick game on the radio.
unfortunately most of Long Island and Staten Island voted for Twitler!
looks very impressive on radar... Bulls eye possibly could be Long Island and CT.
Blizzard warnings issued for tomorrow morning in Suffolk County in Long Island and southeast Massachusetts…
As I said earlier, the Jackpot Zone is from Long Island to Boston. Up to 2 Feet is possible.
I feel like the Milo of Long Island lmao it's honestly dope. I can already say an entire community and social group HATE me. It's so humble.
long island will be mad ugly and not as sassy without you I'll miss you friend
'''Tis a Right of Way ... n the Long Way, that Will make it Worth the Wait ... just Do It the Right Way
I drove to work in Long Island from Brooklyn. Then from Long Island back to Brooklyn. Then Brooklyn to south Jersey. Slepyyy
Anybody in New York City seek an appointment tonight? I am so close by and in such a naughty mood. Don't want to go bac…
A Long Island college basketball player from San Jose has been arrested for the alleged rape of a minor.
Missing summer on Long Island more than anything 😭
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Long Island Rep is a coward. He had no issue w his supporters shouting down an opponent, but Lee's too scared to hol…
1/2off drinks and $5 Long Island pitchers after a win 👏👏👏
Long Island college basketball player accused of rape
Bartender, I'd like a margarita, a long island, two beers, and a double shot of insulin! Diabetes
[FoxSport] Long Island college basketball player accused of rape
Blizzard warnings out for Long Island and Cape Cod for tonight into tomorrow. Major winter storm going to cause a travel nig…
Looking for models in NYC and Long Island
Eve. guidance has trended a little warmer and a little faster. This pivots the bullseye from NYC on northeastward (esp. Lon…
STORM UPDATE: Central/Eastern Long Island to Providence to Boston Corridor watch for 1-2 Feet of Elsewhere 8-12 wit…
We here in the Long Island Metro New Uork area are waiting for the great blizzard to hit us tonight. People r running around for supplies.
😂 not a fan of Long Island ice teas ... and they also leave gaping holes in my memory
A preppy jerk illegally killed a hungry fox at a Long Island park — and now cops are on the hunt for him.
This is our 2nd year. Next year we hope to offer this same program to many Long Island schools…
Two top-shelf author events on Long Island this week: in Lake Grove + in Southampton:
Join Bathtub Gin for Long Island's longest running Phish night at Beau's Bar in Greenlawn NY.…   10% Off
oh I didn't see Long Island. I never go to jones beach. 🙊
yeah it's called a Long Beach instead of a Long Island. I wonder how oolong tea would taste in this drink. Will have to experiment
I need to visit a bar this weekend. I've been wanting a Long Island and a Sex on the Beach.
Long Island and Long Beach are the same place. Don't @ me.
You don't even need to go that far...the City of Long Beach and my town on Long Island have working plastic bag bans already.
Though you may not have guessed it, one of the best times to visit Long Island beaches is during the winter.
come to Long Island its nice and quite out here lol
NYPD Deputy Chief James Molloy of West Islip laid to rest
Lagos Island ladies can do Lekki - Dubai long distance relationship but can't do Lekki- Ikorodu long traffic relations…
I'm from Suffolk so I never heard of McHebes but Nassau people seem to be obsessed. Great find by
See which Long Island food company is expanding its offerings at MSG -->
No matter how many times I watch an episode of Long Island Medium always makes me cry 😥
Looking forward to a great rally tonight in Bethpage, Long Island--- great to be home!
this doc looks great for anyone interested in Long Island culture.…
This organization been helping our Staten Island for a very long time. If you can make it to their event. You...
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
When Long Island Medium comes on and you already know to grab tissues cuz it's about to be a tear fest
Coquet A-Z *H* Henry the Hermit - his long hermitage on the island and the residential volunteers who keep the isla…
Much needed time alone on the shores of Long Island. Taking deep breaths and allowing my mind to…
"The hotels will be near to Kaufman Cinemas & & ppl who can no longer afford the 'hood.
The Heartland Town Square Project is closer to becoming a reality after the Suffolk County Planning Commission...
news 12 long island covered that story yesterday I saw it
Want go Long Island or Exuma dead bad wow
Great hour-long early outing on SUP with Darin... All around the bay, over to & inside Shelter island.. then got wet- fell in as I landed!
Don't miss the doc "Street Racer: The culture of speed on Long Island" tonight on
we will literally call an Uber to the Queens (Long Island City) office to transport it, we just need to get in contact w/ them
An impression of someone from Long Island 😍
The squad on the way to Long Island!!
Matt Clark's investigation into Nassau County's tax assessment system shows what is possible with data journalism https:/…
Sweet! Less than 24 hours later and Debbie Gibson says Im in :) top 19 on Long Island get to go -woop wooop
Wonderful distinction to have and we are honored to represent the Sharp brand here on Long Island! Way to go...
Thu Feb 9 2017, 7:00 pm, celebrate "Alligator in the Sewer Day" with Long Island City, New York,
Proud to join Brookhaven Town Supervisor Edward P. Romaine and Councilman Neil Foley in calling on all municipal...
NYPD flyover in honor of Deputy Chief James Molloy of West Islip News 12 Long Island
Wantagh Mazda won the DealerRater Dealer of the Year for 2017! Thank you Long Island! 😍.
Nope, you're not seeing double -- both AMF and Long Island pitchers are just $5 tonight at Ben's! NO COVER!!!…
So if it's SuperBowl LI, who's serving Long Island Bowls Sunday?.
Picking up a new brand of prescription kibble for Lady Smooch. (@ City Vet in Long Island City, NY)
This welcoming home in Amityville, Long Island, is looking for a buyer.
Long Island City rezoning proposal is imminent, dividing community
[FRESH CONTENT]:. “Islanders Fans Are Petitioning to Get the Franchise Back on Long Island” by .
February is Reggae Month! Celebrate the birth of the legendary Jamaican reggae icon Bob Marley at star studded across…
trouble is Trudeau has lied on so many issues, GHG targets, UNDRIP, conflict of interest, is one…
Did you know that we've been helping to keep Long Island roads clean since 2009?
A great read, featuring comments from our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Kishore Kuncham.
"When you've had two Long island drinks but Top flite ain't got no signal"
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
TONIGHT: Marshall Brown of tells us about the catastrophe looming on Long Island.
Send off for a sub-wench @ Rude Boy. They do a very good Long Island.
I did this like 2 or three years ago. It's truly the quintessential Long Island experience regardless of the period.
Cashing Out vía Cashin' Out used to be some sort of Long Island slang for "I smoked to much pot on Clearwater Beach"
These louvers had to pass digital modeling and the "truck test" before ending up at this Long Island beach home…
My new girl gets her first taste of the Atlantic Ocean. Smith's Point beach, Long Island
The president has appointed the Long Island Medium to interview every single dead person who voted.
they don't have any in Texas! They did on Long Island when I lived there
back in college it was vodka. Now a days it's rum, whiskey, or some kind of cognac. Long Island's are my go to drink
South tower tops out at Tishman Speyer’s Long Island City project -
What part of NY ah ye from? — I'm from Bermuda. I live on Long Island tho.
Long story short dont take your love for granted Surprise them Do things without them asking Make plans Do stuff that makes them happy
How does have less than 800,000 followers right now? The friggin' Long Island Medium has 800,000 followers. T…
I never realized how much I love Long Island until I left Long Island
yeah but I live on a small 1 mile wide 7 miles Long Island
Who came out to see us at our in-stores in New Jersey and Long Island? Share your photos with us! (📷:
Long Island egg sandwiches are soul healers
Some snow along the NJ Shore early tomorrow may try to sneak onto the south shore of Long Island. Just a stray flu…
Like I just found some girl w 500 followers whose followed by my friends from Texas, Long Island, and Connecticut l…
Pure North Fork Craft Bar & Bistro on Much of Long Island is plagued by restaurant monotony. There are a sle…
Long Island has had an impact on the Super Bowl
I'm having a Long Island iced tea for the first time in my life.
I liked a video from Canada Omastars vs Long Island Lopunnies [QUCL S1R12] -
ashley said im the Long Island Medium
I recommend "Love and Death on Long Island", one of his finest performances. Heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time.
Robben Island where Mandela was incarcerated for so long. Ex political prisoner gave the tour & we lea…
A literal representation of me after a sip of a Long Island iced tea
"Off Long Island, wind power tests the waters." .
Do you think that you could come back to Long Island & bring with you? 🙏
The alcoholic in me wants to make a pitcher of Long Island
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
This girl in my class is soo Long Island it's great. Makes me feel like I'm home
Toxic sludge who wraps himself in an American flag and votes against Long Island time and time again.
Game 2 Rumson 29-17 up with 6:37 in 2nd period vs Long Island Lutheran
Long Island Hillary supporter who just can't let go.
capping the night off with a Long Island
Bro this movie shutter island long dena bizitch
RIP John Hurt. So many memorable performances. He was wonderful in LOVE AND DEATH ON LONG ISLAND. Worth watching if you hav…
Moving to Long Island was the riskiest choice I've made yet, but also my favorite choice.
Can't wait for to come to north jersey or Long Island. Bring the old hostage calm vibes back bois
Police in Suffolk County arrested a Long Island man who's had his driver's license suspended nearly 100 times on…
Suffolk County Police officer hurt in minor wreck on Long Island - WABC-TV
Hmmm... a TEDx here on Long Island. Tempting to go. Hey Don, Charlie, Trevor, et al. any interest?
I just wrote the first review for St Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Church of Long Island on The church is wonder…
After the mud blonde contenders on BBC Windows watched them dubbed appreciated, the actor has blocked by Youth Theatre in Long Island.
In NY for a funeral. Stopped by Teddy Roosevelt's summer home on Long Island and President Trump's boyhood home in…
The Brooklyn have recalled Chris McCullough from Long Island in advance of tonight's game vs. San Antonio at Barclays Center.
Finding a Super Bowl Party on Long Island for the Big Game. Read Blog:
ya ever had a kiwi strawberry brewtus Long Island
When life hands you lemons make long island iced tea
Get there by taking the Long Island Railroad to Babylon, uber driver Santa Monica
needs to stop with this Long Island tea. I refuse to be a part of this any longer. 😭
With 3:14 to go in the 4th, Long Island trails 111-101
Sunday's cover: Millions gather in D.C., NY and worldwide for
I'm sitting at Friday's bar, with a Long Island ice tea in front of me; thinking how black people shouldn't drink.
They're slowly coming though. Some made a big deal of Chick-fil-A opening on Long Island.
I will be in Long Island Monday evening & Tues then to Manhattan on Weds & Thurs. Let me know if you would like to set…
We had our tonight. We piped in the on Long Island.
Franni: "wait Long Island is part of New York??" . Me: yes Fran where have you been. Franni: but it's not a borough so where is it?
On the Market: Homes for Sale in Nassau and Westchester
Long exposure photo of the Hauraki Gulf, converted to Rangitoto Island on horizon.
Update your maps at Navteq
I'm also turnt off one Long Island. . 😂✌🏾
we get it. You are tired of renting that small apt in Long Island. Now use that blood money and go buy you a house
when in long island must get an LIT
With 7:44 to go in the 4th, Long Island trails 97-91
Jack just asked me if he could get a Long Island in a to go cup.
Then we realized what was going on and she bought me a strong Long Island.
I had so much fun today. I went to Long Island, Manhattan, Queens and New Jersey and finally back home in
This Watermelon Long Island got me feeling too good 🙃
"Everything you do along your journey contributes to where you’re going." @ Long Island City
Jon Cooper does have Long Island ties if Tampa let's him go.
Until I was 22 I didn't know that a Long Island iced tea didn't have tea in it...
.23: Have lived my whole life on Long Island.
Shy but loving, Ginger is looking for her forever home
Harvey recently threw off a mound on Long Island
With 8:50 to go in the 3rd, Long Island leads 68-58
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Wind energy is big business I hope D.C. supports
“We won’t go away. Welcome to your first day". Hundreds of thousands march in Washington, D.C.
from someone from the NYC/ Long Island area, I'm so sorry that you think that looks like good pizza
Sorry for the foggy day Long Island I just smoked a lil too much kush today. 😎
This store on Long Island has quite the sense of humor.
If u r looking to get DRUNK QUICKLY spend ur day yelling and protesting at a and then have approx one long island
The pink hats in Penn Station have been replaced by drunk slutty girls from Long Island..
After 15 chicken wings, 2 shots of Vodka and 2 Long Island Iced tea's I'm ready to get the night started 😏
don't laugh 😂 but just brews and on my fourth Long Island
Never underestimate the Long Island ice tea
Anthropology shows Rio scores are also having to activate the canopies of Long Island depots next door for nine others.
this is the pic that was in the Long Island Newsday after the Trump the inauguration.
I use to never wanna leave Long Island I got out of there and don't even wanna look back 💪🏾
How about some Long Island fun Lloyd lol boss
Election 'peace party' held at Patchogue church - Newsday
El Chapo arrives in Long Island. Needless to say...ALOT of eyes on his every move.
BREAKING PHOTO: Plane carrying Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo has landed in Long Island. He will be transferred to Brooklyn…
Just curious why El Chapo is on Long Island now?
BREAKING: Plane carrying El Chapo arrives at MacArthur airport on Long Island
if you see yo city. Chicago . Los Angeles. Houston. Atlanta. Dallas. Baltimore. Toronto. Tampa. Long Island. Denver. Baton Rouge. Cleve…
Asian Fusion Restaurant in Long Island is looking for experienced BARTENDERS. Email your to careers
Experienced CASHIER to work in an Asian Fusion Restaurant in Long Island, full-time. Email your to…
Someone on Long Island come see Aaron carter with me on feb 13th plz and ty
A quick search reveals no fatal bear attacks near schools since 1933 (and that bear was a captive black bear on Long Island).
lol why is your location in Port Jeff, Long Island so bad?? Any idea
NYPD sergeant suspended after Long Island drunken driving arrest
I enjoyed performing with SambaSalsa at The Cuban in Garden City, Long Island tonight! Thank you…
how someone from Long Island sees NY: Long Island, the city, upstate
Will it ever come to New York City or Long Island?
We are on set in Long Island but people who have opened their homes for us to shoot in the city have a message for
Breast Cancer Awareness
21yo Nanny Burned 2yo Boy With Curling Iron on Long Island for not listening. Caught on videocam. via
How did you get my vocal tracs from the Long Island music studio.
Looking to out a great Long Island hospital? We accept donations for Mercy Medical Center year round! 5167052…
Earlier this week, Gov Cuomo announced 90 MW offshore wind farm off Long Island; LIPA is the offtaker /4
Long Island dj makin noise like I'm from queens or bk
Hiding Giraffe. We went on a long game drive to the south of the island with the Tanapa rangers.…
My dad only knows JT from the lonely island shorts so long story short he's singing d**k in a box while I'm talking about trolls :/
Climate change alarmists need to go to flat earth Island for a long long holiday.
Cops: Man in Hempstead Village mugging suspected in other robberies
Kick Lindsay Lohan out. She's posting poems about ISIS on her instagram! Send her home to Long Island, NY. 😂😂
He's All About Ball and now, a nonprofit - Long Island Advance (subscription) gn
We will miss you & your brave heart & spirit! Mourners pack Long Island village for Steven McDonald’s wake
Begin New Year with a bang, I am available in Long Island, NY 1/12-15, contact sexyvanessa1v
- Aside from researching different dog training techniques, Alex was also put through.…
in summation, Long Island is terrible & too expensive and if you can live somewhere else you should cus it's stupid boring here
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Come see rock tomorrow on Long Island c:
I had the worst taste in boys at 15 being on Long Island gives you the worst taste in boys like honestly so pathetic & ugly lmao
Long Island beer distributors are fully stocked and ready url:
Take a tour of this modern East End home in Long Island:
Long Island Is the Bomb.idc what anyone says! 😜
so I ordered something from this lady who lives in Long Island and somehow it ended up in Missouri???
Course is thriving in this beautiful weather. Long Island 17th.
i might come over from brighton. A long time since ive been on the island.
I'm only wearing tightie whities rn, sipping a long island iced tea and listening to 1980s synth pop.
I'm stuck on Long Island tonight and I just miss my kitty 😢
it is a two hour drive Charger fans can make the drive if they want to Jets fans on Long Island drive 2 hours to get to metlife
I'm in love with their Long Island teas 😘
"He once made a pejorative comment about Long Island and I blasted it and he got mad at that.” - Chuck Schumer on John McCain
Anyone I know who's close to Long Island and interested check out this chapter. Union Chapter event in...
your New Years resolution should be to open a jimmy johns on Long Island finally
An English Tudor on Long Island is reviewed in our "On the Market" column.
go to the Timberland Outlet in Long Island or Woodbury Commons Outlet off Exit 15 on NYS Thruway
Anyone from Long Island want to drive me to my show in Brooklyn tomorrow? (Sunday 1/8) Need to leave by 7:30 - will hook ya up somehow lmk
A foot of snow and I'm still not sure how I'm gonna get to the train station because literally no one has plowed any of Long Island
Take a tour of this gorgeous Long Island landmark:
State-by-state breakdown of the higher snowfall totals we've found so far. Long Island, as expected, is leading th…
Big Black Ronda sitting pretty in her natural habitat 🤘 @ Long Island
netsdaily​.com >> Long Island Nets win sixth of last 10
Long Island is a nice us dearly
How long have we had a perm muslim population on Christmas Island? More muslims t…
95% of my Long Island was vodka pretty sure
Worst part about living on Long Island, the winters are long & freezing. The summers are short & go by too fast.
When I was nominated best song of the year for the underground music awards I left n went back to long island to sell $300 worth of crack
Second at bat at the Long Island Combine...thats how you get it done CJ
Driving in a blizzard to Long Island just to drift some go-carts was so worth it 🏎💨
Parts of five boroughs, Long Island blanketed by snow; more than a foot possible for Montauk - New York's PIX11 /……
Here's when snow should be ending in your neighborhood! As you can see, eastern Long Island still has several hours lef…
Jamie Chung Cool Street Look - Arriving for a Photoshoot in Long Island, Oct. 2015
What is your fave drink? — Alcoholic: Long island . Regular: Coke/pepsi
Long Island Nets win sixth of last 10
Just checked my email. Guess what???. VCH locked up 2017 as Best Cigar Shop on Long Island.…
Lyft for free anywhere with Lyft Promo Code ZOOT -- Lovers of Long Island Iced Tea!
When will the snow end? is in the Weather Center with your latest totals and forecast info:
🌎 . Wake up world!. A chunk of ice larger than Long Island is about to break off Antarctica .
SNOW UPDATE: 10 inches in parts of Long Island; 7.5 inches at JFK; 5 inches at Central Park https:/…
If I could yell this from a mountain top I would...but, long Island ;)
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