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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

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yes twice: Long Island and Mohegan sun! He was awesome! He puts on a great show w dancers
Just launched another responsive website for an awesome new Ice Skating & Hockey facility in Long Island.
Last week of summer camps this week, with happy campers in Long Island and Queens and DNA barcoding teacher training in Harlem!
Long beach iced tea over Long Island Iced Tea any day.
Filmed at the beach. Had some fun and a great time shooting🎬 @ Long Beach, Long Island
Just jamming with the sunset on Long Island beach!!
Nothing better than a Long Island beach after practice
For - Truman Capote standing in his small Long Island house, circa 1963, nice trooosers... ;)
August 26, 1839: The ship Amistad is captured off Long Island. On July 2, Sengbe Pieh (known later in the U.S. as Joseph Cinque - image), led the slaves held on the ship in a revolt and captured the vessel. The captain and other crew were killed, though they kept the navigator - Don Pedro Montez - alive to return them to their homeland. However, he altered the course to the New England coastline, knowing they were not familiar with navigation at sea. The ship was seized at Long Island and a trial began. The case, United States v. The Amistad, made it to the Supreme Court in 1841. The Court ruled that the men had been illegally captured for slave trade and ordered them released. The United Missionary Society raised funds to return the survivors to Africa.
Inexpensive Chicago Trailer Park on Atlantic Appeals to the Rich: Tiny plots on the East End of Long Island, s...
2 dead after car and landscaping truck collide in North Bellmore | Verizon FiOS1 News - Long Island
Over 100 Long Island Musicians volunteer to perform Brahms' Ein deutsches Requiem Performance will benefit Veterans in Need August 21, 2014 - Sound Beach, NY. On Saturday evening, September 13, 2014, Long Island Voices will team with Sound Symphony for a benefit performance of Johannes Brahms' Ein deutsches Requiem at St. James R.C. Church in Setauket. All proceeds will benefit 911 Veterans, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to providing emergency assistance to veterans returning home to Long Island. Also featured at this concert will be the premiere of Bussewitz-Quarm's choral adaptation of Rosanne Pellicane's poem, If They Could Speak. The poem was chosen as the keynote for the permanent 9/11 exhibit at the New York City Fire Museum to honor the 343 firefighters who were lost at the World Trade Center. The group, Long Island Voices, is no stranger to helping our veterans. In 2010, 50 volunteer singers organized to premiere Bussewitz-Quarm's choral work, "Dies Magna Requiem", written in honor of ...
In 1883, a creative engineer named John Roebling was inspired by an idea to build a spectacular bridge connecting New York with the Long Island. However bridge building experts throughout the world thought that this was an impossible feat and told Roebling to forget the idea. It just could not be done. It was not practical. It had never been done before. Roebling could not ignore the vision he had in his mind of this bridge. He thought about it all the time and he knew deep in his heart that it could be done. He just had to share the dream with someone else. After much discussion and persuasion he managed to convince his son Washington, an up and coming engineer, that the bridge in fact could be built. Working together for the first time, the father and son developed concepts of how it could be accomplished and how the obstacles could be overcome. With great excitement and inspiration, and the headiness of a wild challenge before them, they hired their crew and began to build their dream bridge. The proje ...
Brooklyn family of 5 killed in Long Island car crash on Southern State Parkway - News 12 Brooklyn via
I'm Tryna get 2 of them $8 Long Island ice tea pitchers at thirsty parrots Saturday night word lol
I'll have a red Snapper, kamikaze, Long Island ice tea, Black Russian, fuzzy navel, and a sex on the beach.
I just had a Long Island ice tea with some lobster... Can't go wrong...
A KKK "grand dragon" told me tonight that one of his 3 New York State chapters is on Long Island... In the Hamptons. ht…
I need a Long Island ice tea right now!!!
Long Island ice tea on the house.I'll take it 😁
Long Island ice tea was good though
Word of Advice never ever drink a Long Island ice tea 😪😷
Lol, now that's a cocktail. Puts my Long Island ice tea''a to shame. :-)
I'm at a cocktail bar in France and they've never heard of a mudslide 😡 Long Island ice tea it is then!
Long Island ice tea is calling my name right now
na I'm nt the long distance type bet u cnt guess what field event I did tho
can you DM me the stuff for NYC or long. Island. I'll go to either one and my mom is thinking about it
The weather is beautiful. Where are the bbqs today Long Island/Queens?
Neighbors: 5 killed in crash were at birthday party - Newsday:
It took an hour and a half to get out here and that is why I hate Long Island
Most of the people in SoCal remind me of Long Island
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Wow im going to miss Long Island bagels when i go to school
So the 'Great Gatsby' is about this guy who lied his way to a great house on Long Island? Isn't that the gist of online datin…
I checked in at Long Island Maritime Museum's Seafood Festival on
Shout out to the Cade Foundation (We turned Long Island, NY out last night. Another successful FUNdraiser w DJQ
I love these girls from Long Island! 😻
I'm soo bored waiting for the 100th episode of Long Island Medium!!! What to do aye?
Long Island is kilinnn me today with this traffic 😩
Long Island with julz for a few days ❤️
The Lindenhurst Fire Department hired a new paramedic after they said a previously hired man never showed up to work
Things I miss about Long Island: pizza, aji, beach and friends :(
asked me in complete seriousness if she could swim to Long Island from the beach in CT 🏊
When I bump into Mr. Chiang in a mall, in Long Island. 😹😭
Climate risk to Long Island Sound - CO2 makes ocean more acidic, scientists say via
I want to watch Long Island Medium but I also want to watch the VMAs.
Not many things better than a Long Island bagel
New plan for Jericho site riles community: A revised proposal to develop senior housing near a high school was...
Can I just saw the ride to Long Island took 653578 hours...on the way back I swear it took ten seconds. But I was also sleeping.
"If there is Heaven on Earth, it's here"... applies to none other than the SWAN CLUB in Roslyn Long Island, NY . This year's Grand DulhanExpo on Dec.7 at the Garden State Exhibit Center, NJ is brought to you by this New York's Most Exotic Banquet Hall fit for a 'Destination Wedding' without even having to Charter a Plane!! . Congratulations Bobby & Jasmine Sidana on your New Venture... and Thanks for Helping us take the Grand DulhanExpo to the Next Level by Sponsoring it! Welcome Aboard!! .
In Long Island , NY at Steinway factory seminar/apparently in Irish section of town.who knew?...
Hanging with the family today 30years of friendship part one. @ Long Island,NY
Had a blast jumping up and down at the wedding and I drank a Long Island at Mulligan's and didn't go to jail. Successful night.
Hi, My name is Rusty and I excepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Rod Schwindt and I would like to challenge Mike and Mary Schultz from Long Island NY
I love NyC so much better than long island 😔
I'm being forced to watch this Long Island Medium show and I can't resist giving it the MST3K treatment.
The most awful sound you can hear when traveling in Europe is a Long Island accent.
Watching high school football on tv goes to show what long island is missing
No, we are staying on Long Island. For now.
The things we identify with ; 14 years old and happy on Long Island
Journalist Karl Grossman always identifies the real issues. Here he writes re EH airport which he has called " the biggest noisemaker on Long island", hard to disagree with that since traffic increase this year over last is at least 50%, likely higher.
The long journey to Anglo-Scottish union - and the rich harvest we have all reaped:
are u going to be in concert on Long Island ny
Impact of carbon: Long Island Sound becoming more acidic, scientists say via
trust me I know Saturdays better I have a big party in long island that day :/
must smell like a Long Island housewife with all this vino spilled everywhere.
Long Island car crash kills mother, children and her mother
"you really liked those Long Island sweet teas tho. LMAO! Yes Sir! They were hitting the spot
Also, last nights show was so sick. I love playing Long Island and getting to see friends from far away
TIL: if you sing Downeaster Alexa at Karaoke, the room either evaporates or suddenly decides they are 4th generation Long Island fisherman.
We are at the Long Island Ducks - Celebrating Baseball, Scouting, and Bridgehampton National Bank. Be sure to...
Bryan at the Long Island 22nd annual Seafood Festival , west sayville
Come hang with the Further Bus with us and see some amazing glass blowers and jam out to Soundswell. 194 Morris Ave. Holtsville building 2 and it's Long Island Glass
Not feeling Denny's this morn going back to bed I should've took the bus instead of the Long Island Express
Surprised my friend Julie Probst with Long Island Medium tickets!! Too funny!!
Im so confused and hung over i drank for my daughter Tiawna Morris bday usually i drink 1mangorita but last bight in tribute to my lovely daughter who doesnt drink i had 2 mangoritas and then we went to see Krista Gardner and had one long island and topped it off wit a shot tequila and 2 lemons. Becky Westervelt and tim her husband we have so much fun going to visit tims bro dan. So tiawna mama turnt it up for u love ya all
Pool all to myself todayy. 5 more days til I finally get my hubby back and less than a week until LDW back on long island and my cutie nephews 2nd bdayy
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
So excited to be seeing Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, with the girls! Hoping to reconnect with my mommy!!
Fireball, champagne, bud lights, Long Island ice tea.. Why did I think that was ok?
Calvin wanted to say Happy Sunday Long Island!! Please don't forget about me!!
given Soul - Schery Markee Sullivan Long Island Picture Frame & Art Gallery of Oyster Bay Artist reception Saturday September 6, 2014 12 noon - 8 pm 4 Audrey Avenue Oyster Bay, NY 11771 Call for more information (516) 558-7511 or (516) 798-8400 The show will be on exhibit from August 23 - September 13, 2014 A retrospective of the life's work of Schery Markee Sullivan. Featuring the art from the Downtown Series, Instincts, Mother & Child, Brooklyn Series, Worry Dolls, Moody Fish just to name a few. Enjoy the evening with the artist, wine, cheese & Hors d'oeuvre reception on Saturday September 6, 2014 12 noon - 8 pm
About to leave Long Island. And what do I see??
Getting ready, going to go see Long Island Medium today!!! So excited! Gail Slack-Obert Bridget Madak Trisha Garrett Clark Christina Beattie
NHC has just upgraded Tropical Depression Four to Tropical Storm Cristobal, the third named storm of the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season. It's centered about 120 miles east-southeast of Long Island in the Bahamas, moving toward the northwest. Maximum sustained winds are 45 mph, and some further strengthening during the next 48 hours is expected. A Tropical Storm Warning issued by the Government of the Bahamas continues for the Southeastern Bahamas, including the Turks and Caicos Islands, and the Central Bahamas. Interests in the Northwest Bahamas should monitor the progress of this system as a Tropical Storm Watch will likely be required for that area on later today. Rainfall amounts of 4 to 8 inches, with isolated amounts around 12 inches, are possible in the warning area. Storm total amounts up to 12 inches are possible over portions of Hispaniola. Get the latest on this tropical cyclone by visiting the NHC website at
On our way to see the Long Island Medium. I would love to hear from my dad but I would rather jaime hear from Myron. Lets hope
yeah. We hadn't eaten dinner at this stage either. Yesterday's Long Island ice tea hardly had any coke in it!
New York! The 1st thing you should do when you wake up today is get tix for our show on Monday in Long Island. It's gonna s…
This Tuesday we open 4 the legendary at in Long Island, NY! Get your tix:
I want Olive Garden and a Gatorade and a nap and a Long Island ice tea or Bahama Mama or both.
Buy one get one free on jugs of Long Island ice tea I'm never making it home tonight 😂
This train ride from Long Island to New York City is awesome
S/o the dude who bought me a shot and the guys who bought me a Long Island ice tea 😂👌 y'all the real Mvps
A Long Island ice tea would be nice right now
Had my first Long Island ice tea. Knock me on my *** strong 😂😂
With the last 1% of Hanukah juice left on my phone: I'm sitting in a Long Island bar listening to white ppl signing Elton John, Tony Danza.
Jhi feeling this Long Island ice tea
Job hunting? *** s Sporting Goods is hiring for 50 positions at its new Long Island store. Details:
.wraps up day of promoting NYS tourism on Long Island's North Fork East End Harvest Fest:
Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo is a wel-known and respected Psychic Medium who was born and raised on Long Island
Aug 22, 1776: Redcoats land at Long Island Minuteman Militia On this day in 1776, the British arrive at Long Island, between Gravesend and New Utrecht, with "near twenty four thousand men ready to land in a moment," according to one observer. General William Howe's large army came to Long Island hoping to capture New York City and gain control of the Hudson River, a victory that would divide the rebellious colonies in half. Five days later, on August 27, the Redcoats marched against the Patriot position at Brooklyn Heights, overcoming the Americans at Gowanus Pass and then outflanking the entire Continental Army. The Americans suffered 1,000 casualties to the British loss of only 400 men during the fighting. Howe chose not to follow the advice of his subordinates, however, and did not storm the Patriot redoubts at Brooklyn Heights, where he could have taken the Patriots' military leadership prisoner and ended the rebellion. General Washington ordered a retreat to Manhattan by boat. The British could easil ...
This weekend marks the anniversary of the Battle of Brooklyn. In June 1776, General George Washington moved his troops to New York Harbor, in anticipation of a British attack. Finally, after months of anticipation, British forces landed on Long Island on August 22nd. Five days later, the British attacked American positions at Brooklyn Heights and the Heights of Guan (roughly today’s Prospect Heights). Although vastly outnumbered, the Americans managed to hold of the British, and the remainder of the army retreated to Brooklyn Heights. The August 27th Battle of Brooklyn was the first major battle of the American Revolution fought after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. On the night of August 29-30th, Washington executed a brilliant evacuation plan, moving his entire army to Manhattan without the loss of a single life. The Americans were eventually driven out of New York, and the British maintained control of the harbor throughout the war. Interested in learning more about Brooklyn's ...
1777 The Battle of Setauket was a failed attack during the American Revolutionary War on a fortified Loyalist outpost in Setauket, Long Island, New York, by a force of Continental Army troops from Connecticut under the command of Brigadier General Samuel Holden Parsons. In an attempt to repeat the success of the earlier Meigs Raid against Sag Harbor, Parsons' force crossed Long Island Sound to attack the Loyalist position. Alerted by spies to the planned assault, Lieutenant Colonel Richard Hewlett strongly fortified the local Presbyterian Church, surrounding it with a stockade and earthworks. After Hewlett rejected Parsons' demand to surrender, a brief firefight ensued that did no significant damage. Parsons then withdrew and returned to Connecticut. The American Revolutionary War was a qualified success for the British in 1776. After being forced to abandon Boston, they captured New York City, but were unable to hold New Jersey when General George Washington surprised them at Trenton and Princeton. The B ...
We're back on Long Island for Jets Family Night at Hofstra!
OTD1776: Brit adjutant general "Embarkation of the whole troops completed" - Battle of Brooklyn/Long Island
Sunset drinks & appertizers- chicken & shrimp spring rolls are to die for. Nothing needs to be said about the Long Island Iced Teas.!! Wonder what the plebs are doing.
What showmen; and brought down the house on the great South Bay under Long Island's night sky
INFURIATING!! PLEASE FLAG FLAG FLAG THIS *** AD READS VERBATIM: "Good Homes Needed for the Pit Litter I'm Selling (Medford) © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) (yahoo map) I am gathering the names of good homes for my upcoming litter of Registered Pit Bull puppies. I don't plan to spay or neuter because my pups are AWESOME. Long Island needs my dogs. I am located in Medford and you can see my ad here on CL. Yeah, I know I am not supposed to sell my dogs on CL but I want the most EXPOSURE for my sale. Please do not flag my ad because I have as much right to break the rules as anyone does. But am I really breaking the rules when I call my sale an adoption?"
Matthew Broderick, rehearsing for new show with Nathan Lane, isn’t getting much help from vacationing family Ferdaus Shamim/WireImage Matthew Broderick, above with Sarah Jessica Parker and their son James Wilkie, is getting ready for another Broadway run with Nathan Lane. “The Producers” co-stars and buddies and are deep into rehearsals for “It’s Only a Play," a showbiz comedy by . Broderick, who plays an anxious writer and has struggled in the past with memorizing lines, says his wife, , and their three kids have offered limited help in that department. Instead, they’re frolicking on the beach. “They’re in Long Island, so they’re useless,” he joked to Daily News theater critic . “Except on the weekend. When I’ve gone out, she’s helped me. But other than that, it’s been strangers, people on the subway. I say, ‘Will you run this with me?’ ” The new production co-stars and and is to begin previews on Broadway on Aug. 28. Channing, who acts up as an out-of-control leading la ...
I was gonna go home to drink, but i don't have long island ice teas at my house.
But I want a Blue Long Island with Sprite and lime juice.
I'm starting to wish I was back in LONG ISLAND. My grandma is really annoying. Little does she know I will put Milk of Magnesia in her drink
Beef and pork with to go with my Long Island Iced Tea 😳
I don't wanna go back to Long Island
Long Island isn't known just for its well-manicured lawns, relaxing beaches and shopping malls. Amusement
These two little nuggets arrive this week and need a foster!!! Mork and Mindy are two adorable mixed pups. If you live on Long Island (NY) and can foster these two cuties please complete the application on our website! thank you!
Apparently the thing to do on Long Island is go to pilgrim state in the middle of the night. No thank you I want no parts. 🙅🙅🙅
Being from Long Island is the worst.
Residents on LI church housing immigrants: "We don't want them, and we're not going to tolerate them"
When I wake up tomorrow morning, that's it. My life as I know it will change. Bye Long Island, Hello Syracuse!
How excited are you for Long Island — I'm so excited! I miss my tour family! :)
i wish someone long ago had grabbed me and said "there's an ocean of humanity out there! WHY ARE YOU SITTING ON YOUR TINY LITTLE ISLAND"
Im not you, if I stay on long island ill die
Awfully quiet at home after spending the last several days in Long Island with all our children, grandchildren, other family members and good friends plus our new extended family. Happy to have heard from Lisa and Shawn!
I would like to live my life weekdays in newton with my clients & weekends on Long Island with ‼️
Seriously love Drew. He's the only one that makes my Long Island teas right. 💕👏
Lou's Long Island Iced Tea just got the best of
Nystrom also says he's holding out hope Brooklyn doesn't work and new owners will bring team back to Long Island.
The best thing only bout not going back to long island , is the packing lol . But I will be seeing my babies all the time
Anybody really good at tennis on Long Island??
vodka and red bull or a Long Island 🍸
Why am I deadass watching love and Long Island right now tho 😭
I like to think of myself as a typical Long Island mom. but i have a very special gift: my awesome friends !
Late dinner + Long Island Medium = Study Break! Thanks, for always making me smile :)
I've accepted that I won't find a guy from Long Island that drinks tea and wears raspberry. So... I'll just keep drinking raspberry long islands ;-)
“Mad unwanted im just gonna go drown myself in lunchables ig” you're the best person on Long Island
too bad everyone in the world sees the same sunset not just Long Island..
On any given day I induce more drugs than Manhattan , Long Island and Queens .i take viconden for my back pain , adderall to stay focused ,Xanax to take the edge off , Weed to mellow me out , Cocaine to get me back up running again and Morphine ,cause it's just plain awesome
You know you're from long island when... . You thought driving an hour to see a light house is normal.
Precision barber shop Long Island hit my peoples up if u need a cut 💈✂
yeah but I'm prob never gonna see you in public cause your never on Long Island
Mikey Marmann tagged me for Long Island Casting Couch. If you "like" this post, you get your own show to cast! *LONG ISLAND CASTING COUCH* You are directing either a musical or play that has yet to be chosen. In this game, you get to cast the chosen show using performers from around that you'd think would ideally fit each role. To keep things fair and balanced, there are a few guidelines to play: 1) Obviously, no casting yourself in a role 2) Try not to cast someone of significant connection to you [current gf/bf, spouse, sibling, etc.] 3) You may choose more than one performer you'd cast for each role if you cant decide on one choice [Minimum: 1/Maximum: 3] 4) Don't let your personal feelings about a performer effect choices [Whether they're your best friend or worst enemy, if you'd like to see them play a role, put them down] Outside of those guidelines, go ahead and cast anyone you've worked with or seen perform on the island. I got Dogfight Rose Fenny- Jackie Bakewell Eddie Birdlace-Jack Saleeby Bolan ...
Started in 1991, the Long Island Maritime Museum's Seafood Festival is held annually, the last weekend of August, and attracts thousands of visitors from throughout the tri-state area who come to enjoy the sights, sounds, tastes and history of Long Island's great south shore. Suitable for the entir…
Long Island woman arraigned for stealing $60,000 worth of Lego sets. Authorities plan to use the stolen Legos to build h…
And... Heard from sweet Lorraine at Suffolk Theater in Riverhead, LI, NY tonight, and... Tickets are on sale for Melanie's November 8 performance there. Looks like a lovely venue. I ordered my tickets tonight! :-). Long Island is lovely in the autumn!
Well since Jeff Bubel decided he wanted to challenge people I'm challenging him to Ahoa (alcoholics helping other alcoholics). You have 24 hours to complete the challenge and prove your an alcoholic or donate $100 to a real alcoholic to help them support their bar tab. Shots in order in a row are car bomb, jaeger bomb, fireball, Vegas bomb and finish with a Long Island. Good Luck.
A rooster has taken coop underneath the platform at the Long Island Rail Road station
Photoset: Rich Murdocco joins Karin Caro in a discussion about the Long Island region. What’s in the future...
Still long $BPOP "Paulson & Co is unusual because it's focusing on RE in PR; others are focusing on island's debt."
do you remember us from Long Island, New York!!???
I'll be at show palace tonight from 11pm-2am in Long Island city!
Please somebody help me i need to get my birth certificate from long island New York asap how do i do this!
“I was just expressing how I felt at the moment.” Nd now we wanna know is she from Long Island
All the thots of Long Island know each other and are friends
"Fact number 8: the oldest cattle ranch in the country was started on Long Island"
Record Rain Shuts Down Long Island Clinic: It's not clear when the Brentwood Health Center will reopen. Marc S...
Recital DVDs are in and are ready to be picked up. Not too late to place an order! — at Long Island Danceworks
This is pretty much my last night on long island until November...
Long Island Medium:. old lady: I dont believe in mediums. Teresa: i see oxygen did your mom inhale oxygen before she died?. Old …
By "THIS WEEKS FEATURE IS this amazing entrepreneur took something we all love and turned it into a business... she started with a sip and shop in Long Island it was such a success she decided to incorporate the name, trademark all of the and ideas and now she has a full fledged business. HER JELLO SHOTS ARE DEFINITELY A MUST HAVE. SHE DOES CUSTOM SHOTS FOR ANY THEME OR EVENT. you are definitely
Long Island guarantees at least a share of the Ferry Cup title
Long Island you will be missed...sophomore year of college here I come!🙌
If you need to get around Long Island, lie.
My stomach just made a sound like a Long Island woman seeing her friend's baby for the first time.
Thanks Jessica Marie and Julie Ann for the nomination to do the I would like to nominate Adam Pecora, George Javian, and man gaga himself(Daniel Potente). The stonebridge Long Island crew nominates stonebridge of westchester. You all have 24 hours
I was going to wait until I was finished with all of the pictures to post an album from another family I did in Long Island, but I just have to share these. Kids have a difficult time sitting and posing for a picture. I think the best pictures are the candid pictures...following them around and capturing their curiosity, spontaneity and excitement. I loved capturing all of these with Addison.
Those Long Island Iced Teas are going straight through me! ! Liquor problems! !
This handsome guy is Max. He is a 5 year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Max's family developed an allergy to him and they have to give him up. This little guy needs a foste/adopter. Max is on daily phenol barbital for mild seizures. He has been having them since he was a year and a half old. He takes his pill daily and it successful at keeping his seizures away so long as he gets his meds daily and on time. The medicine is inexpensive and he has been well cared for by his family. If you can open your heart and your home and you live on Long Island, please complete the foster application on our website: Rockville Centre, NY Thank you so much!
Goodbye to my honda accord it's time for you to retire 20 years of driving with 225000k miles it's time. We drove together the grand central parkway, the Long Island expressway, cross island parkway, we even went to Atlantic city, we made it through my firs time to drive in the snowstorm. For 5 years i am glad you were my car and yes we did drove everywhere from 50 mph to 100 mph we did it
I've accepted the ALS ice bucket water challenge from Penny Mavrommati Tsavaris. We will be donating to Elieen's Angels (Patricia Gallagher) Long Island Walk to Defeat ALS. I now nominate Patricia Gonzalez Castillo, Romina Concha, Silvana Zambudio. You have 24 hours to accept the challenge or donate $100 to ALS
Once again a day in long island trampoline park with my rugrats
Please help, I'm praying my lost cockatiel made it to Long Island..
How many of you would like to help me help my friend Danny out? You all know in March KLANK played a sold out show on our old turf on Long Island NY at his place called Even Flow Bar and Grill. You all know how many times I've raved about the wings there and said they have the absolute BEST wings on Long Island and best that I've ever had. All I'm asking is that you vote for his place in the Online Poll for the Long Island Wing Fest. It literally takes 10 seconds tops. Click the link to open Click on Even Flow bar and Grill to select (They are in the list and rightfully so) Click VOTE tab and your done! If you really wanna be cool and earn brownie points with me, you can do like me and vote once a day till Sunday when the actual competition in NY takes place. Thanx in advance to all who participate. Your help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you again Helal Bhuiyan for throughing the Rap up patry in NY . After 4 day great film shoot in Long Island . NY
Thursday 8/21 we have a rooftop party at lic,the wonderful skyline of city apt 50 ave ,Long ISLAND City need RSVP BYOB or food It was Friday,but we change to thursday,so pls RSVP we can know how many people Confirmed it is birthday party too :)
This week at a glance: Thursday, its our $1 Bud Light, $3 DOUBLE Long Island Ice Teas w/Karaoke and Corn Hole. It your night to party on the cheap at Saddle Up. Music and an even mix of party dance, old rock, and country this night. Friday, Live Music, NO COVER $2 Beer and Well Drinks till 10, cause that's how we do it. Saturday, BEER FEST! $25 gets you 39 clubs, over 100 beers to sample from 6-9pm. Then its on. Start at Saddle and enjoy the live music of Mario Mena!
From tile to cabinets to the quartz tops we installed today, we have it all. Beautiful 9ft long island/ table combo. Just needs a tile backsplash. Thus said, more pics to follow.
Avner Levy with great Long Island musicians at KJ Farrell's.
Fans can criticize Charles Wang all they want, but this team is probably gone from Long Island without him.
Long Island man charged with hate crime for hitting Sikh man with pickup truck, police say:
Sachem North looks to repeat in 2014: Sachem North won its first Long Island cha...
Long Island this weekend: Steve Martin, Isaac Mizrahi and celeb authors - Newsday
With the classiness of Jacqueline Smith and campiness of Joanne Whirley.. That's Long Island's own
expansion plans. all the way to Long Island, queens, No Manhattan, Park Slope
Long Island rough riders want me to tryout 👀 hmm
Long Island this weekend: Molly Sims, Martha Stewart and a polo challenge - Newsday: Long Island this weekend:...
I would like to think that if Walt Whitman was alive, the mall on Long Island would be his favorite accomplishment.
Are you really a cheerleader if you don't stunt on the beach??👙🎀 @ Jones Beach - Long Island
Missing Kayaker Identified as man from Sound Beach | Verizon FiOS1 News - Long Island
If you've never been to a Long Island beach I really feel bad for you
swing thru when ur done with beach since ull already be out in Long Island and that's where the function is
Our sister company, Miller Portable Services, is your premier Long Island company that offers the widest variety... htt…
I hope you're excited to see the sign I'm making for your Long Island show bc it cost me a layer of skin thanks to gorilla glue!
Harry's Long Island accent impersonation is the reason I wake up in the morning
Just noticed your a Long Island native. I went to Stony Brook.
West Highland White Terrier puppies for sale on Long Island.. on eBay Classifieds New York City
NORTH BABYLON, N.Y. - Communities across the U.S. are drying out after unusually heavy rains swamped highways, flooded basements and were blamed for at least four deaths. Long Island residents were urged to remain off the road Wednesday as a round-the-clock recovery continued after a record 13.26 inches of rain fell between midnight and 9:30 a.m. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder issued a disaster declaration for the Detroit area after rain sent mud cascading down embankments, closing stretches of freeways all of Tuesday and part of Wednesday. Officials at a Nebraska hospital said Wednesday its public cafeteria could stay shuttered for months after it was inundated by floodwater over the weekend. The latest iteration of wild weather hit the northeast Tuesday night and lingered through Wednesday. A slow-moving system, powered by tropical moisture and clouds soaring far higher than in usual summer storms, lashed communities from Maryland to New England. The hardest hit areas, Long Island's Suffolk County and the t ...
Yes, SHE is a Medium from Long Island. Like Sylvia Browne and those types. SEES DEAD PEOPLE
--- What an Amazing scene on Long Island today!!! This is Sunrise Highway in Islip.
LIers prove a sense of humor can help you get through the toughest times (Credit: Craig Kempf)
View the Long Island, New York inundated with flash floods photo gallery on Yahoo News. Find more news related pictures in our photo galleries.
The only island I saw growing up was Long Island. Now I'm riding around the island of Capri in…
Multiple local government agencies on Long Island declared states of emergency Wednesday after a storm dumped nearly an entire summer’s worth of rain, causing major flooding in some spots that stra...
August 2014 – New York - A historic storm system flooded cars, turned parking lots into lakes and smashed records on New York's Long Island, where one town got more than a foot of rain in just six ...
20,707 Jobs available in Long Island, NY on one search. all jobs.
We are lucky here, with all that rain Long Island got nailed . wow 13 inches amazing.
Communities across US recover after floodsChron.comVehicles attempt to maneuver down a flooded Montauk Highway in Babylon, N.Y., Wednesday Aug. 13, 2014. The National Weather Service says parts of Long Island experienced record-setting rainfall in the past 24 hours. In one community, more than 13 ...
good morning watching u know big fan of yours from Roslyn heights Long Island how are today
I ran 4.00 mi with Check out my route in Long Island City, NY, United States!
It is an absolutely beautiful day here on Long Island today, cool ,dry day, hoping all touch by yesterday's deluge of rain are ok today.
Park planned in Melville land swap is put off.
Smithtown has plan B if offer for property refused - Newsday
Hoping waters recede soon,how much can Long Island take
Savour our modern variation of the classic Long Island Iced Tea!
Recovery after floods, from Detroit to Long Island; 4 killed, dozens rescued in heavy storms
time for the big drive to new home: Long Island
Long-term care insurance system was launched in April 2000. Japan is an island closest to heaven in 2030.
All I'll say is I'll be on an island (and I ain't talking Long or Staten) 🌴🌴🌴🌴
Flash floods falls in 2 hrs on Long Island, NY:
A reception center was setup at the Bay Shore Fire House for 4 families displaced by the floods. Full update here:
Long Island's 13.27 inches of rain is 1-day New York record - ...
'The Maid's Room,' filmed on Long Island, explores dark side of...
So tired today :( even though is a day off...but glad :p to spend time with my bro for a few drinks :p *A sex on a beach and Long Island Iced Tea ! Thus, fresh haircut awesome!
hey Tony: Bohemia is a small town on Long Island, near Islip airport. Might still be under water today.
Lacrosse is victorious over Long Island, 10-9 in overtime! Way to fight hard boys!
Rain on Long Island Breaks a Record, Floods Highways and Sets Cars Afloat, via
Long Island is beginning to wring out the water after a record-setting deluge
I like beer but sometimes I just really want to mainline 3 Long Island Ice Teas. . So yeah, this beer will do.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Flooding from Detroit to Long Island leaves 4 dead via
Fellow Long Island Educators: is approaching. Great FREE PD for teachers by teachers! Register now!
Tick spreading red-meat allergy through bites on Long Island - This tick’s bite could become the Hamptons’...
Flooding remains in parts of Long Island
thoughts, prayers for those of you dealing with floodwaters, esp on Long Island, NY...difficult fun!
Fidel,allgood as long as I donot,as they say.This is not2000years,say hello Honecker,I buy an island,do not want to pay thecapitalists
Cops: New Cassel woman left 3 children home alone: A 23-year-old New Cassel woman was arrested as she walked h...
--- People trapped in their cars everywhere you look here on Long Island... This is the ramp to the LIE at exit 62
Yesterday was a giant rain day for Long Island. But b afterynoon, the sun was peeping through and it looked...
Heading to Long Island! Excited to be a part of I-matter Surf Camp this Saturday. The Lombardo family is in route, we love ya Krissi.
A whole new world today after yesterday's commute. Some hot spots remain on Long Island
At least on Long Island I didn't see any signs of a MAUL and convection wasn't intense enough for any lightning at all.
Weather experts say that today's rainfall was a 200-year weather event
Video: Record-breaking rain flooded parts of Long Island and the NYC area.
Record rainfall on Long Island. Many are still dealing with a mess
Don't understand why people steal cars here. It's an island, how long can you hide a car on a freakin island.
Long Island dries out, cleans up after record rainfall
Watch: Long Islanders search for missing dog swept away by flooding river
2004 swimming in our pool on Long Island
Letters: Power plant delay, green energy - Published: August 11, 2014 4:48 PM PSEG Long Island has found that the...
it was beautiful night on Long Island also and woke up to a gorgeous day low humidity clean air just wonderful enjoy your day
They should put a warning sign near the bridge entering Long Island saying "Warning:You are now entering an area where ter…
A mother was arrested after leaving 3 kids home alone, police say
This morning I am thinking of my two older daughters (and families) hoping for a great flight to Long Island. . I hope none of them have w...
How to Minimize Flooding and Water Damage in Heavy Rain: Long Island was battered with record rainfall last we...
Today I am thankful for the sunshine, which hopefully helped the waters dry up on the long island roads.
Back on the road again. Going to New London Ct. and take the ferry to Long Island. Clear sky's today just a little cool 50.
Please say a prayer for those of us on Long Island who have been hit by this unexpected storm. Our house is intact, but all our cars (two cars and one truck) will be totaled because they were underwater My backyard looks like a beach with at least 2 feet of sand covering the yard. My neighbor behind me had a very nice stockade fence which broke loose and his yard ended up in mine. His boat floated out of his yard through mine down my driveway and across the street. With all this mess, we still have our home and our lives. I look at my neighbor and my heart bleeds for them - their house was condemned because the foundation caved in. We are all grateful that we have our lives because the other is material things and can be replaced with a little aggravation dealing with the insurance companies.
Shark week yesterday on long island
On the early hours of August 13th, 2014 Long Island got 13+ inches of rain in 2-3 hours. & already responded to some calls, while en route or at a call were needed to get to more serious calls... Then themselves needed help. Working together with Emergency responders thankfully everyone was ok. Sadly there was one individual (name unknown) who died. Not known who or where he was headed around 3-4am on the around ext 49. if anyone has any pictures of during this please share them here. Thank you.
Umina and Bateau Bay PCYC boys out today on the Hawkesbury River. 800 metres of Long Island in Sandbrook Channel was cleaned, mostly small items removed. Then over to Kangaroo Point, South to the boat ramp, where plenty of litter presented. Recent bushcare work revealed stacks of beer bottles and rubbish. Boating products were collected, two large truck and car tyres were also hauled aboard Rob Moxhams barge. 20 full bags, plus bulk, totalled 1.4 tonne. First time out for these boys, initially a culture shock, but they did warm to the task, and appreciated the adventure.
saw you in NYC best night of my life!! Don't forget Long Island for your next tour.Your the most talented singer alive!
Then rain may have ended but the memory lingers on the Sunrise Highway on Long Island.
Macari, on Long Island, wins winery of year award in the New York Wine and Food Classic, the annual state contest:
Body found after Long Island explosion identified - New Jersey Herald
The largest amount of rain to ever fall in New York State in a 24-hour period caused flash flooding on Long Island. More than 13 inches fell over parts of the island in a matter of hours. Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone says the size of the storm came as a surprise. As a result, hundreds of motorists were caught on flooded roadways and had to be rescued from their stranded vehicles. Bellone says homeowners now have to deal with flooded basements, reminiscent of super storm Sandy.
What a morning! Had to be up west for a meeting @ 8:30 AM - - left home @ 7:00 AM and turned back @ 10:00 AM because the LIE was closed in several places. Never made it to the meeting! News reports say that we had more rain in western Suffolk County than Hurricanes Irene and Sandy combined! McArthur Airport had over 13” of rain in six hours. What a mess. It’s over now and beautiful weather predicted for Long Island over the next few days.
New York town gets entire summer's worth of rain Originally published: August 13, 2014 6:44 AM Updated: August 13, 2014 1:01 PM By The Associated Press FRANK ELTMAN (Associated Press) NORTH BABYLON, N.Y. - (AP) -- A storm dumped an entire summer's worth of rain on parts of Long Island, leading to a fatal crash Wednesday and stranding drivers on roads flooded with door-handle-high water. A person died when an SUV was hit by a tractor-trailer at 4:40 a.m. on the Long Island Expressway near Dix Hills, during the height of the storm, according to Suffolk County Police Chief James Burke. He said it appeared the SUV was driving slowly when it was hit by the larger vehicle. The person who died was in the SUV; the body was burned beyond recognition, said Burke. The staggering rain total, over 13 inches, was recorded from Tuesday evening until Wednesday morning at an airport in the hamlet of Ronkonkoma in Islip. That was more than the area's normal total for June, July and August of 11.75 inches, said Joe Pollina ...
Wow...the god *** flooding here on Long Island has really crippled the South Shore of Suffolk County.
Suffolk County Courthouse parking lot on Long Island is now a swimming pool.
This is the flooded parking lot at Islip station this morning. Mother Nature not playing nice on Long Island.
Had the proud privilege of being the GRAND MARSHAL day parade at Long Island,New with Senator ht…
Just casually watching Long Island Medium when my tv decided it wanted to shut off. there are ghosts in my room Theresa Caputo help me
Eeep! Mitchell's mom made my day, possibly going to see Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium 😄😄😄
Announcing! Long Island, tickets are sellling for my next Wine & Comedy show! Aug 15th ->
Madonna performing with her band Emmy at Uncle Sam's Blues Club in Long Island photographed by George DuBose 1981
It's awful to actually see the damage of hurricane sandy in Long Island still in effect a year later
In 24 hours I will be in Long Island with my best friend .. It's basically Christmas Eve.
Today is Monday, August 11, the 223rd day of 2014. There are 142 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On August 11, 1954, a formal peace took hold in Indochina, ending more than seven years of fighting between the French and Communist Viet Minh. On this date: In 1786, Capt. Francis Light arrived in Penang to claim the Malaysian island for Britain. In 1860, the nation's first successful silver mill began operation near Virginia City, Nevada. In 1909, the steamship SS Arapahoe became the first ship in North America to issue an S.O.S. distress signal, off North Carolina's Cape Hatteras. In 1934, the first federal prisoners arrived at Alcatraz Island (a former military prison) in San Francisco Bay. In 1942, during World War II, Pierre Laval, prime minister of Vichy France, publicly declared that "the hour of liberation for France is the hour when Germany wins the war." In 1956, abstract painter Jackson *** 44, died in an automobile accident on Long Island, New York. In 1964, the Beatles m ...
I dont know. I grew up a Redneck on Long Island in a town of 3000 that was far right wing, even borderline white supremacist
They say he's a king on his throne.. @ Jones Beach, Long Island, NY
All the waiting around.. Backstage at Jones Beach Theater, Long Island, NY.
Poetry Q) Born on May 31, 189 in Huntington, Long Island, what American poet wrote “I Sing the Body Electric”?
Long Island was pretty expensive $8 each you guys need to lower the price to $5
Left district with a Long Island ... Came home with a Long Island 😘
'Why did it take so long to finish Little Eaton island work?'
If you are over the age of 21 you should not be ordering a Long Island Ice Tea. Grow up Peter Pan, Count Chocula!
Long Island Iced Tea mmm i will never forget how good you taste ever again.
never take the 2:53 AM LIRR train to ronkonkoma unless you want to see all the long island stereotypes come alive
Skokholm through the eyes of our fantastic long-term volunteer Billy:
what is a Long Island it's tea even
We have a tiny pup thing going on over here! This is Polo! Also 5 pounds of cute! He is Mr. Personality, so funny and adorable. Loves to be held and definitely wants all your attention! He loves cats and small dogs :) For adoption from Ruff House Rescue Long Island, NY Questions? Email us: ruffhouserescue
LONG ISLAND # 3, Had to go way up for that one,LMFAO! CANT STOP LAUGHING!
Just drank the darwin casino pool bar out of sangria! Onto the Long Island ya tarts!!!
You know its a good long island when half way down you complain there is no alcohol in
He was a local Long Island, NY fisherman shark hunter who had the experience to land the largest sharks ever found off Long Island & his true life character was the basis for the Capitan in the original JAWS !!!
Tonight at Riverhead Raceway we qualified 6th and redrew 4th. The car was hooked up and took the lead around lap 8 and never looked back!!! This win was a National Qualifier for the nationals in Vegas. This will most likely guarantee us a start in the feature if for some reason we fail to qualify by basic means. I need to thank my sponsors Pro-System Brakes, Long Island Performance, A&S Bagels, Draco Springs, and The Joie of Seating!!!
So i come home to find my moms on the floor throwin up after a long island n my cuzin i went out went throwin up on me on the way to the house wat a cebration of the night smh lmao
I'm super turnt up!! 2 long island !!compliments from my job the big Apple bees best bar tender Christin Parish !! Even on my day off !! Came helped my baby out!!! Then we parking lot pimp at caf'e brio !! Turnt up some more!!! I love my squad @ the bee's
The Bridgeport Bluefish TEAM has accepted the "Ice Bucket Challenge" to strike out ALS. We have challenged the Long Island Ducks TEAM, you have 24 hours to complete this challenge. Atlantic League of Professional Baseball
One long island and I'm done for the night.
.. watching Long Island Medium with my hubby .. ooohh tearsz teasrsz tearsz !! 😩😩 ..
I had a fun night out with Bobby Hoad and RJ tonight!! Lots and lots of fun. Oh and Long Island Ice Teas are AWSOME.especially 6 or 7. ;)
I don't like to sound like a teen angst blogger but I hate Long Island so much everyone is so *** passive aggressive it's pathetic
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