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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

Long Island City New York Theresa Caputo Long Island Medium

they have a branch in Brooklyn which is where I'm going and another one in Long Island
Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill on Long Island iced tea.. Very tasty
our Long Island girl made it big in the city of angels...
Long Island SEO Company - Target Points: In fact, 80% of your potential clients are using Google to find the ...
I thought the same thing they were on cassadine Island too long and you can't do a funereal with family & friends.
Yo. Someone jumped in front of an train in Long Island this morning (they died)
A girl from Hollis, Queens who was raised in Long Island, NY had big dreams. She believed in…
Uhh, so this is going on by me.. KKK to disrupt black lives matter on long island..
Teachers getting ready for school can pick up free supplies at this Long Island City warehouse
All white moms look like Sarah Palin or Long Island Medium
In the land of the Long Island Mom.
Really for some Long Island folks... --
Long Island son charged with murder after mother drowns in backyard pool - Daily Mail
Bring Temptation Island back but with long time married couples and have roasting sessions. It'll be way better than The Bachelor.
Name a shark that and the will tag and track for research
Who wants to name a shark tags on Now's your chance! via https:…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Enjoy gorgeous waterfront views with one month of free rent at LIC's 4720 Center Boulevard
A black and white long exposure from Salt Spring Island.
Can't wait till I leave to Long Island
Organizations backed by a wealthy Long Island family have become a force in Trump's bid.
2016 Community Development Conference on for more info
Me and AJ living our coachella truth on the east coast 🌸💫 @ Long Island
Listen to Phil Vassar's interview with Tom Needham of Sounds of Film on WUSB Long Island! Catch Phil in Chasing... https:…
Long Island accent I am screaming 😂😂😂 Lowkey glad I don't sound like that 😂😩
Maybe you’re planning a trip out to the beaches of Long Island? Here's where to stop:
6 eateries planned for Long Island hotel via
23-yr-old Long Island man drowned his mother by putting her in a headlock & walking her to the deep end of her pool
The KKK making a comeback in Long Island is just as scary as the Gilgo killer never being found
Police ID man critically injured after crash into tree on Long Island this morning,
Chicago, Washington, West Palm Beach, & Long Island, we are bringing our educational conferences to you this fall!
Practice picks back up for Long Island tomorrow 730pm at John J Burns Park Massapequa. New ruggers welcome!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Hey guys! So excited for the Long Island film festival in which my sister will be…
Who's coming to the Long Island film festival tonight?? I'll be there:) stop by and say hello!
! Long Island has always been a White Shark hotspot!
The residents and elected officials of Long Island have fought vigorously for many years and spe
Caught a lovely production of "West Side Story" while randomly on Long Island tonight. Great job to all
Officer Stabbed, Knife-Wielder Shot on Long Island: Police: A police officer shot a knife-wielding man who st...
Curtis Granderson has a spot in Long Island waiting for him whenever the Mets are ready to buy his worthless *** out.
Man Charged in Theft of $5,000 in DJ Equipment: A Long Island man faces burglary charges accusing him of stea...
Think there's no sharks off Long Island? Think again.
Need to know where I can get this on Long Island
I still think everyone in every bar on Long Island wants to kick my ***
This train ride home belongs on some MTV show. Kids headed to Long Island love to fight lmao
hey Xavier! I help run a retro game store on Long Island! We'd love for you to come by while you're in NY for SS!
I'm the best daddy scoper hire me to point you out a nice daddy while I sip my Long Island and observe the consequences
Like everyone here is dressed up and I'm in a Long Island Tshirt I hate myself
the girls here are so much prettier than the girls in Long Island
lol I don't I'm just sippin my long island chopping it up with the folks
Adult stores long island Adult video stores in dublin ohio CLICK TO WATCH ➡
Im drinking a Long Island at and by God I've never been more reminded of in 🍺🍺🍺
You should really go to Long Island, so I could meet you :) 💕
Pangkor Island's version of Henry Ford : you can have anything you want to eat, as long as it's dried anchovies
. Really? That's not good. Had optimum on Long Island, NY. Very reliable. Sat. Internet ok, but data caps are draconian.
Adding to this - cause of death still under investigation
First time having a Long Island that actually taste like tea 😋
3 sought in Mastic Beach assault with pot of hot coffee, cops say
LONG ISLAND. Sat, Oct 15th. Hyatt Regency Long Island. Tickets will go on sale soon!. GET READY…
Looks like I'm headed to Long Island to be with my roomie
About to uber and drink beers in my pocket from Long Island to Brooklyn
That long island tea was needed. No apologies here.
Busy night Stateside at Arlington Park. Long Island Sound a good bet in the Secretariat.
Sailing into the setting sun in Long Island, N.Y. (
On all things swaggerific and true and based on a true story my shoulders was registered in Long Island but they shake like I'm from Harlem
Went bought a big thing of ChiChi Long Island
what's taking you so long to get there? It says there's one on the "island" ?
place busy tonight in the building ain't no spot on Long Island doing better that us
lex gonna pop up at icebreaker while "work" is playing with a Long Island in her hand shaking so much booty
Those Long Island audiences must be colorful. Have a great gig!
Just saw my fourth pretty big shooting star of tonight's Perseids. Wish I could do this all night. And not be on light-polluted Long Island.
posted in Long Island rn Trynna sleep
Waterside Dining on Long Island: The Cove and the LakeHouse: The Cove, at Brewer’s Marina ...
Long Island man guilty of manslaughter for killing brother - Newsday
Which singer will be hosting a fundraiser for Clinton at his Long Island home?
Long Island I am coming to DJ this weekend. Come see me!!
did you say iced tea because your the DD tonight?? Ok here's a Long Island !
She was trying to explain the Armenian genocide to her friend in a Long Island accent earlier.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Omo this no be regular Long Island chai
Man, girl rescued after sinking in Hempstead Harbor, cops say: A 10-year-old girl and a 55-year-old man were...
5th Long Island and nip still ain't up 🙄
Walk on the 1-km long wooden bridge for a perfect view of coral reefs in Borneo
Shot is long as the 16u Staten Island Stingrays hold off the NJ Roadrunners 60-58
I like New Jersey over Long Island. And that's saying a lot as a New Yorker lol.
I think I only like two people from long island LOL! Jesse McCartney is one of them xD
LIPA’s proposed wind farm would produce less power than touted Long Island Power Authority’s plan for ...
There's the launch takes the long way around the island ... Five or six times. I am not going to ask what took so long >
Researchers plan shark study in waters off Long Island - SFGate.. Related Articles:
Scientists on shark expedition off Long Island via
I checked in at UFC GYM Long Island on
The UFC union will fail. The caller from Long Island is right though. It is all about the money.
.has worked with many talented QBs on Long Island. caught up with James Brady. .
Great news out of Long Island: Village broadens its zoning definition of family
One of my fave stops, with all the ferries to Long Island (@ New London Union Station)
Union CE I, Long Island, NY NCR is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, with approximately 29,000 employees a…
usually Union Square. But this one was Westbury, Long Island.
Long Island Ice Teas you'll be th death of me
its a thing that a lot of beach houses have and lots of people on Long Island have it BC were so close to the water
Me trying to give you that 6th Long Island
my birthday was july 27th. We are same age! 1965- you are the best- jimmy J- NY long island
when jeej bring his *** *** to Long Island im gonna eat his boogers n braid his hair
It's a beautiful midsummer evening here on Long Island, New York, perfect weather for all you night riders. 🏍😎👍🏻
Long Island fraudster likely to admit stealing $1.25M from couple
Best thing about Long Island is its near the city
Got so high I tried to charge my bagel when it was running out - Long Island
I'll do something simple like give you Long Island tea all night long you'll be okay. 😅
" Are the short trains for mentally challenged ppl? " - My cousin during our trip in Long Island. Smh lol
nah, in a beautiful home in Long Island... Thanks for playing feygelah
I can go for sum dark liquor about now or long island😩
Here are a few benefits of getting them cleaned by a professional duct cleaning company in Long Island
This Thursday night ☀️👗. 10-11$1 Long Island, Sex on the beach, Sweet tart and corona. . 4 DJs in on…
Long Island was one of the best gigs we've ever played. Thanks for putting us on this one
I played the Sandy Caps mini game in Paradise Island 2, and my score was: 401
I'm a little biased because I grew I on Long Island and while the cities were in fact segregated my school was super diverse.
I'm pretty new to hardcore and the past 5 shows were my first off Long Island and let me tell you they have been WILD I can't get enough
Long Island this weekend y'all's! Hang with us at The Paramount in Huntington Sat & Sun -- Tix still available here: https:/…
Taking the Ferry from Long Island to Connecticut, they served Taco Bell. Now I know what the Long Island sound is... & smell.
Y'all from the boroughs don't even calm Long Island lol
I'll come to Long Island just to go to the movies 😇
EXCLUSIVE: Bank information compromised for nearly 100 people on Long Island - WABC-TV
View from top of Angel Island today. Nice, long walk.
thanks bro and let me know what you can do for Long Island ❤️
I think if me and my bf were trapped on an island alone for a long period of time we would have so much fun, being tg never gets tiring
Though also, in Trump's case, he does clearly have a personal affinity for the man. It's a Queens-Long Island bromance.
Long Island City offering larger units with more bedrooms, report says
So goes the adage that Long Island is full of trash, but it's also pretty beautiful.
Long Island Medium hits me in the feels every time
The garden Miranda Brooks created for Anna Wintour on eastern Long Island is just beautiful http…
.Touts Manufacturing Bill at in Long Island City. My story on
today newsday editorial lipa considering eind off of Long Island thanks to Gov Cuomos iniative..thank you Andrew Cuomo
Like oh man this girl was seriously like "girl its been a while for me but *** it ain't been THAT long" lmaoo thanks😑😂
theres plenty of fishies out there but this is my fishie😊🐠 @ Cupsogue Beach Long Island, NY
“They kept biting, biting,” an LIer says of three pit bulls that attacked her and her dog
I'm finally getting over to the island after 4 months of planning. Sometimes it really is a long ways away
I hate Long Island so much you don't understand
I had a Long Island the other day that made me sleepy
First a Long Island now a 2shots of henny here we go
hey have another show on Long Island with sam! thanks :P
Heart says Long Island but ID days Shirley temple
Long Island hires and promotions: Robert Abiuso, St. John's Residence for Boys: Robert Abiuso, counsel with S...
The death of convicted murderer John MacKenzie, who took the life of Long Island police officer more
Part 2 of a series on Long Island's heroin epidemic. Please, spread the word. .
Whale watching yesterday with off Long Island. Saw about 6 humpbacks, plus dolphins and porpoises. https:/…
he was not acting. Improvised the whole thing. Scripted as a dentist from Long Island
sheridvn: Adriana at her first VS job -"We were outside, shooting in this Long Island mansion.. ...
that's sick man, I play out of Long Island but never had a consistent partner to get it going, best of luck to you and your
HEY NYC. Hold Sat, Oct 15th for us. It may be NYC, Long Island or White Plains... But, hold it for us!
If there are hotels in JFK airport, why does book rooms for delayed passengers in Long Island?
So happy I grew up on Long Island but sad BC how will I be able to afford to live on Long Island
This is disrespectful to the state of Long Island.
We're headed to Long Island for 4 baseball sessions starting August 4. See you there!
you better come back to Long Island
I see maybe one star in the sky in Long Island.. And it might Actually be a plane
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I worked really *** this article and it means a lot to me, please check it out!! :)
-- He'll probably revert back to how it was on the island. Those men have the ability to stay still for very long -- (
Long Island park's swan shot by darts may need new home
Long day of snorkelling and shell hunting on shell island in Florida 😍😍 this is the life!
pretty pretty please add a show in Manhattan or brooklyn or even at the paramount on long Island when youre around, please
LOL haven't had either of that in the last few days I've been in the city. Do you live on Long Island by chance?
Happy birthday to one of the greatest to ever do it, Long Island's finest,
I did lol Long Island but I'm going to the city
Big news off of Long Island to start August off right! Excited to add a great hard nosed player to the https:…
Nassau jail alarms inactive on some parts of fence: Alarms aren't working on part of the fencing around Nass...
Long weekends are made for family & fireside chats. Northwest Bay, Vancouver Island.
Like Ruggiano not only in the lineup today he's batting 2nd it's like Terry is getting his lineup from the Long Island Medium
Lmk when you can find a place that tops Long Island
Trump and Clinton likely to get company on the Debate Stage with Gary Johnson.
should not have read about the Long Island serial killer just before bed. cripes.
Spotted drinking a on instagram and it made me happy. hope you're loving Long Island!
Our waiter gave us a free Long Island
Long island's only smiling cause my soul is flying
24 Hours back on Long Island: Give me all the kaiser rolls.
things that happen in Long Island parking lots. 📹
"Man, that was a long day. Orange Theory, beach, pool, island cobbler. I need a nap." (-my husband)
Long Island! I can't wait to play on August 20th!!
Did you know there are 46 churches on Gozo, an island only 8 miles long and 4 miles wide. http…
I'm from Long Island originally and I totally miss NY food. 🍕
ICYMI: Watch try to GET GOOD at with
Many of you know we are headed to NY (Long Island) after my husband found a job. (Plus we're gonna stalk our son...
Long Island tap water is still better than Aquafina lmao
we're trying to find her location but idk how TF she went from queens to Long Island and she's trying to get to NJ
My mom is lost somewhere in Long Island I think
agreed. long island has some of the best tap water though compared to like PA or upstate i usually drink that over bottled water
Breast Cancer Awareness
Video: DJ Wavy – Elevators - DJ Wavy, who hails from Brooklyn by way of Long Island, continues to build a name ...
When voters head to the polls to elect a judge, the choice may already be made for them
Inventors: LifeSavers: The vessel reported one stormy winter's night struck on the shoal that runs parallel to the outer Long Island ...
I can not wait to get off Long Island.
Growing up in Long Island was always bigger than a local star. He was our hero. A General in the people's army…
6. I have too many best friends. kaitlyn, kay, the Long Island squad, laura
Our fierce New York sales team had a blast at the Long Island last week!
agreed. most states have higher taxes/prices than some IG: cost of living in texas way cheaper than long island
yeah Aviation HS in queens. Long Island City
Enjoy 48 hours on Long Island's with wine, fine dining, beaches & more
Meet 62 Long Island dogs you can adopt right now
Meanwhile, intense heavy rainfall is pushing north into SE Long Island and will continue to inch northward.
EAST END! HAMPTONS! Located in the heart of Long Island! Its not that far i promise 😜. ❤️Clients…
I'm on eastern Long Island sippin on cabernet and I am your host! Tonight we've got special guest Mike Beck from !
Thrilled to be a vendor in the craft fair this Saturday on Long Island! Come out or…
Out of long island New York the kid killin it foreal 🔥🔥
Sick pro practice today some of the east coast best talent under one roof .…
Vinny's mom is actually just Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, channeling the spirit of Big Ang.
I don't live on Long Island. And yes. I meant deluded, sorry for the misspelling master. You win. Happy?
New Britain Bees drop both ends of doubleheader to Long Island Ducks
Schedule your Long Island Beer Tours & Wine Tours with the BEST Limousine Service Provider on The South Shore of...
Tuesday August 2nd rocking in Long Island somebody tell to pull up
Nothing goes better with Hot, Sticky, Rainy Weather than a $4.00 Long Island Tea! Come and get one TODAY! All Day!
Check out photos from this weeks hilarious YKWD 'Long Island BBQ'!
Garbage truck fire closes LIE lanes in Syosset: Several lanes of the westbound Long Island Expressway are closed at…
Tonight in to Screen Classic 'Seinfeld' Episodes on the
Long Island Shorts - THE BREACH will be presented as part of the Hampton’s Take 2 Documentary Film...
Skelos formally disbarred after corruption conviction via
Long Island...come to Deer Park TONIGHT for I take on and continue my momentum from last night…
D*mn, if I know earlier that FT Island songs are this loud, I'll be their fans since a long time ago.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Exclusive: LI woman claims cops couldn't believe she owned BMW -- so they threw her in psych ward via
I'm on that long Island ice tea life today.
will work just as well for Long Island iced tea, margueritas, White Russians and all rum based cocktails. I've tested it out xx
Dean Skelos formally disbarred after corruption conviction: A state appeals court in Brooklyn has formally di...
Read about a from Long Island collaborates with manufacturing
Avoid HOV Lane West Long Island You'll be stuck 32m longer than usual
NOAA warns boaters of humpback whales in Long Island Sound
Performing in Long Island City, NY at 7:30 PM today at The Secret Theatre
The Book Revue is one of my favorite book stores on Long Island! I'm so upset I'll be away at school and won't be able to go!
Cuomo set to address DNC tonight,says he'll respond to Trump with a different call -‘Make America greater than ever’ ht…
is on Long Island and all I wanna do is meet here but i can't 😭💔
A long island at this hotel is a glass full of booze and a bottle of coke...
Thank you for sponsoring Long Island Spirits and speciality drinks at golf outing
I live in Long Island what would I need to do to get an interview? DM the info please.
Nassau's investigations chief: How independent can she be?
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Him: Where you from?. Me: NY. Him: Which Part. Me: Long Island. Him: Where is that??
long island. But yo, if you're a real person hired to run the account and not spam, I got questions fam.
.win an awesome weekend in the North Fork of Long Island, NY courtesy
So happy to reunite with family, friends and the beauty of summer on Long Island during this…
3 lanes of LIE closed in Plainview by truck fire, cops say: A garbage truck fire closed three lanes of the…
after meeting u in Long Island couple years ago show very proud of u Danny keep up and stay strong brother
I get the same exact message and I'm eastern Long Island (New York, US)
As the Fire Island Pines resort off New York's Long Island recovers from its...
Among the 1st few Hall of Farmers introduced by Gary Thorne, Long Island great Craig Biggio; Mets fan favorite Rickey Henderson
Labor Day going to Long Island to an American Indian Pow Wow, Nati e American from across this country celebrate.
Talented cast but, You do know that Egypt is in Africa, right? Not one WHITE person in that story. https:/…
Them long island iced teas will sneak up on you heavy
S06995 [Passed] Authorizes Jain Samaj of Long Island, Inc. to apply to the assessor of the county of Nassau for a...
Marilyn Monroe. at Tobay Beach. Long Island. 1949. Photography by ©André De Dienes. ☀️Enjoy ur summer day wherever u are!
One day closer to Saturday! Come grab a jug of Long Island Iced Tea on this weekend at Hard Rock Cafe Penang. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Long Island woman walking dog is followed home, robbed:
just like the long island i had last night . I guess i have to phuket all out
same! I live on Long Island and I wanna go to the city just for Pokémon 😭😂
I had a Long Island iced tea that was pretty much sweet and sour tequila
that Long Island just made me sleepy
LIE westbound shut down at Exit 43 in Syosset, police say: An auto crash has shut down most of westbound Long…
Long Island iced tea is my favourite thing in the world😋😍
“Trump, Clinton may get company on presidential debate stage” via
I liked a video from Fbl Season 2 Draft Analysis [LONG ISLAND PALPITOADS]
Long Island is boring I need to gtfo
Love laughs puppies and my best friend @ Long Island City, New York
My section was a mix of people freaking out and Long Island blank faces
took three bars for Aggy to find a "alright" Long Island lol
Just exchanged hellos with Theresa Caputo (Long Island Medium lady) and I wanted her to pick up on my energy and talk to my grandma 😢
Order Miche Bag Online!
This Saturday, Long Island! We're at Amityville Music Hall with and more. 🎟: https…
Something very unsettling about people saying "I'm in Long Island"
"No disrespect bro, that's just my little sister bro. You know bro, like, my sister bro." ~Drunk Guest *Super Heavy Long Island accent*
Truly blessed to receive an offer from Long Island (in Brooklyn) 🙏🏾
The view from Long Island City courtesy of -- thanks for sharing with
I wonder what the long Island cats are doing ?. Probably sleeping on my bed
I've underestimated the power of Long Island Ice Teas...
Mama was always visitin Auntie De'Pressants, begged him to stay, please, but Daddy was in Long Island, said he liked their iced teas
Metamorphosis Landscape Design of Long Island - an award winning landscape and design company. 631.673.META (6382) https…
TOP 4: hits a solo home run, it's the Ducks' 4th home run of the game! Long Island leads Southern Maryland 8-0!
I really hope the islanders move back to Long Island!
I really love obnoxiously drunk Long Island girls who curse in every sentence and speak at such a high volume that I wish I wa…
Earlier this year I preached at Jesus is Lord church in Long Island New York this amazing man…
They are pleased to present... well good for you! meanwhile, they need to study a history and geology book or two...
Sugar! will be premiering on tonight, July 20th at 7:45pm at the Bellmore Movie theatre at the Long Island...
Picture of a snowy owl in the dunes on Long Island
Hofstra University on Long Island will host the first of the three presidential debates this fall:
A long-abandoned wine storehouse on a remote island is now a hot spot for travelers:
I'll buy you a smooth Long Island iced tea
Lucas Dell'Abate from Long Island on the Independent like.
just because yore a few days older uh just Long Island but I'm back now. Wbu 🤘🏼
I can't believe I'm gonna be on Long Island at 9a
Any nothing like that african/island music I could listen to both all day long and not get bored lls
thx for the info. Spotted this on my zukes on Long Island, (NY) :~(. How can I prevent this next year?
Closer I get to going back to Orlando the more I want to stay on Long Island
Living in the car LOL road trip to Long Island !! 6 hours away. Shooting lots of stuffs. :)
maybe that's what it was? I'm from Long Island. NYC schooling is a strange machine.
I was featured in story! I also performed my new single http…
Idk how people commute to the city from Long Island every day for work..I did it today and I'm already exhausted
um, I stutter, I'm allowed & there's almost nothing worse than my long island accent so I'm entitled.
Update your maps at Navteq
Most days, he's known as Long Island Joe. But not today. Today, he's American Joe.
Luxury home sales plunge in Long Island's tony Hamptons - Overall sales plunged by about half and home prices fell…
Only on Long Island would there be standstill traffic at 11:40 pm
Rudy Giuliani makes the case for Donald Trump: CLEVELAND -- Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani drew cheers…
Plumbers Union apprenticeship program draws hundreds to Long Island City in New…
It's a long island but instead of a splash of coke it's blue curaçao.
They need an emoticon of Kermit the Frog sipping Long Island Iced tea, for us alcohol connoisseurs. 🍹🐸
"hi I'm josh your waiter, you're the only two people here if you wanna get trashed I'll get you a Long Island ice tea" -AMC…
Randy hasnt drank in so long, that he had Long Island iced teas, Bahama mamas & is now drunk 😂
yea but you know, it's the state fair. Its just weird how long I've lived in Sac and haven't gone to it.
This is the moment I'm talking about! It's just amazing! I'm so happy for him! Go Long Island Joe!!!
Not really. Maybe parts of Staten Island and Brooklyn. People in NJ and on Long Island like him.
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Long Island Reiki Master Teacher Patty Alessi
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