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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

Long Island Iced Tea Long Island Medium New York Amityville Music Hall Robert De Niro Long Island City

North Fork of Long Island. Lots of good wine country. Small little towns and villages. Really good food.
wittier: "Local politician seeking apology from Robert De Niro for Long Island joke" cindycapo
Or, alternately, "Long Island town learns about the existence of screenwriters."
Residents of Long Island's Hicksville demand an apology from Robert De Niro for mocking them in "The Comedian"
My new favorite feud is between Robert DeNiro and the one guy from Long Island who saw "The Comedian"…
Long Island is just cruel. Towns of Wantagh, Massapequa, Hauppauge, Montauk...just a list of peoples Long Islanders…
Let me get a Long Island ice tea bartender
Get your *** to the east coast specifically Long Island soon 😜😜
"Sweet Potatoes, Genes, and Long Life" A world-class new crop and genetic research.
Late night thoughts: not spending my days on Long Island the last two weeks made me realize how rude and vain dudes here can be
NEW EPISODE! This week I chat with my good friend about hockey, the death of "midlife crisis" and more! h…
First try out with new camera at Bank Island, - long way to go yet!
Omg of course he was from Long Island 😷😤
Shinedown add Long Island show to touring schedule (+ more)
A perfect ending to a long day to rest in this luxury Centara Grand Island. ✈️
There's no way District Manager Shorty's Long Island West team is gonna beat us the Nassau Long Island team, they lack creativity, creation.
In Guantánamo, LI family seeks justice for mother killed on 9/11: Patricia Smith, 17, of East Hampton was in…
A mother in Long Island showed depths of her love on by giving up her life to save her daughter’s.
Who needs tickets live on Long Island hmu for…
Couldn't get my mom that island 🌴 she deserved this year but I got her an IPad and it was long overdue! I can hear her singing from my room.
Officer-involved shooting investigated in Hempstead, police say
Hear from Mel Bok about environmental monitoring at Long Island Point now in Room M3
Getting to Bohol Island after a long and late flight from Manila, hiring a local tricycle…
I saw the Long Island West sales team for a little this morning when we finished our meeting. They're very depressing. They look sad. No fun
When you need a Roof Leak Repair In Long Island, make the smart choice and let LI Roof Repair handle the job.
The Room in Levittown, Long Island Beauty. Anna Sobolev. White gouache on board
Smarks for you. When I went to Raw in Long Island, you had a few guys boo as well. That could probably be fixed if…
I'm leaving Long Island to go Knoxville this week 😊I hope to hear all about you down there in hometown !!
Ok lets get some RT's and help get what she has earned! The belongs on Long Island!…
If he's in New York, CREEDMOOR on Long Island; if he's in California, it's PATTON STA…
A long-term retrospective study on rehabilitation of seabirds in Gran Canaria Island (2003-2013).
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Nice, what about the people in Long Island being terrorized by illegal aliens, Surely that is important. Well?
Start new hours tomorrow and I can't sleep bc Long Island Medium 😭😭😭
for my birthday i asked CJ to rent a car so we can go out to the places on long island i grew up going to, and take down all the valor gyms
7 things to do on - the beautiful island that plays host to sailing's America's -
henny, fire ball, everclear, or Long Island
From long Island to the World, We present to Brand New GA-100ST In Cooperation
Heads up Long Island. Sweet hearted Pibble looking for a forever home for 2 years, has only one caveat: needs to be the…
Which do you think Long Island voters care more about, WAPO 'story' about Russia, or Trump destroying MS-13 in USA?.
Why not have a Long Island Iced Tea? @ 1616 Gervais
Oh he'll a new island problem. Didn't any of them watch GILLIGAN'S ISLAND? Look how long they lived lol
This Friday, a lot of hardworking men & women come together in Long Island to put on a great show for all you awesome fan…
When your step mom buys you tickets to see Long Island Medium in august 😍😍😍😍
when will Long Island Medium be back in the UK? We had a few episodes last month, then nothing
If you know that Long Islanders say "on Long Island" and not "in Long Island," you should also know that it's
"I don't pronounce my R's, I sound like a Long Island hillbilly" -
The lil couple, my giant life,19 kids and counting, my 600lb life, Long Island Medium. TLC is just a "freak show" disguise…
Apparently Jessey Lacey was just chilling at the Kevin Devine show tonight because Long Island
Literally every time we go somewhere someone asks my mom "Oh my god are you the Long Island Medium?!!!"
if I go on my phone when my dad wants me to watch something on tv he's like "get into the real world and watch"😩 it's Long Island Medium dad
That's's kinda dope to live in a big city thou. My Fam from Long Island so living big ain't that foreign to me
I can't afford the m&g tickets is there any other possible way to meet you, I'm in Long Island a trip to the city is easy peasy
: "we met the Long Island Medium and now we're going to shilelagh law...that's a very New Yorker kind of day"
So I met the Long Island Medium Theresa caputo today... super rude and nothing special all that's on her mind is $
I met the Long Island Medium! is every bit as Long Island as I'd hoped she would…
I would love a Long Island Medium on this sunny Friday!!!
when will Long Island Medium return to TLC in the UK? We only had 6 episodes.
Interiors by Woody Allen is still a drab, drawn out visit to the loony bin off the cerebeal, bland rich coast of Yenta country, Long Island.
First and last time I drank a Long Island was at a bar lmfao
Yes we are , thanks for the info! See ya at the Dream?!!! Hopefully the Long Island bar will be open! Lol
Education commissioner on Long Island launches hearings on draft state plan: A regional public hearing on Long…
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Bahamas: Mayaguana fire on the beach under Milky Way, Conch shell. Entering Dean's blue hole on Long Island. Sunset at H…
Long Island ice tea with patron shots and fireball whiskey shots yep they are tryna get me drunk 😵😵😵
Women who served in WWII honored in Nassau via
You would have loved the Long Island I had tonight
I live in long island i cant meet u :(
End of Senior Year thoughts: "This Long Island I'm drinking is going to make me feel so bad tomorrow."
Thousands of dead fish clogging a Long Island canal
How hard is it to make a proper long island.
It must be that hearty Long Island tap water. High in minerals and essential nutrients.
ik bruh I need to be back on Long Island
I just had the worst Long Island of my life...but now I'm buzzed off of one drink...
That looks like everything you pretty much need for a fancy expensive Long Island Iced Tea
"island I see you in the moonlight, silhouettes of ships in the night.just makes me long that much more"
I just found out I don't live in Long Island. I live ON Long Island 🤔 is this something only native Long islanders say???
back to Long Island for the summer tomorrow.
Whiskey isn't my thing I just don't like Long Island tea lmfao im more for sweet but slightly sour cocktails
*NEW* cocktail recipe! Have some fun & mix it up with this Long Island Iced Tea.❤🍸❤️. ht…
When reunite we better get the best love scenes ever,a trip to the island,vow renewal I want it all for waiting this *** long😴😤
On the road again. Tomorrow night: Bay Shore, Long Island NY. Past, Present and Future Tour
hello my son is a 2007 player for Long Island jr islanders elite how do i get my son looked at for the future combine ?
Excited to announce OMEGA: A 2-day Melee Regional on Long Island! $1K Pot Bonus plus lots of talent including Syrox! https…
But it is a mystery to me why North Jersey is so much more pro-development than Westch…
I'm not driving tonight... But I have my Suffolk County card! . Why is it that Long Island Married women act like...
Was the Roosevelt Field Mall location on Long Island, New York closed?
.get on ship captained by the Rat don't need the Long Island Medium how you end up.
22 [M4F] and Long Island Just a guy who loves to go down - potentially somewhere risky, if you're into that
Take on a bum on Long Island NY & get your feet back under you. Kelvin is a killer.
Are the Salt Life bumper stickers just a Long Island thing ?
Season ticket deposit letter for the future New York Islanders found in the 1971-72 New York Nets ABA yearbook. Dig th…
Soo Viya is cashing out, None of the owners live on this island and it only dominates in the Virgin i…
Congrats to on commitment to Long Island University Brooklyn
Suffolk: Avoid Agawam Lake in Hamptons because of algae bloom - Newsday
1st to announce, per source, has committed to Long Island University- Brooklyn. The players going…
Today is National Twilight Zone Day. Law students celebrate by reenacting the facts of Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad.…
If you had to pick one person to vote off an island, wh… — i thought abt this long n hard n couldnt think of anyone
I tried watching Long Island Medium while eating and starting crying lmfao next
Long Island Medium makes me ball my eyes out every time but it's just so so good😫
When Jeff Sessions came to Long Island last week he wasn't here to help. Read more from Pat Young on Sessions visit…
Come and join us at the four Pride Events across Long Island and Queens!. Show your pride for being apart of such...
All my Long Island people please check out Luna Cabana, a family owned Colombian restaurant in East Meadow.
Ok why do I keep ordering Long Island Iced Teas every time I go to the bar. 😖
Anna (Denzel) Duncan dancing. One of the "Isadorables," as Isadora Duncan by ©Arnold Genthe Long Beach, Long Island, New York
I still laugh at the fact that Long Island Iced Teas contain zero tea
I'm beginning to think that Long Island doesn't know what iced tea actually is.
Give me a Long Island Iced Tea any day bih! I want all the good alcohol at once
Update your maps at Navteq
A guy just ordered a Long Island Iced Tea for happy hour... good luck my dude
I want a Long Island Iced Tea. Large
I call and then raise: another Long Island Iced Tea and a speech about Merle Dixon
Corona, Long Island Iced Tea, or shot of V
Me: I'll have a Long Island Iced Tea. Cashier: Sir this is Mcdonalds . Me: Sorry, I'll have a McIsland iced tea. Cashier:…
Long Island ice tea reminds me of my days back at ocean basket 😢
Been waiting in spoons an ungodly amount of time for Zach to bring me my pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea
So why don't Long Island ice teas actually have iced tea?
Like you're doing a drink review on a Long Island Iced Tea. Ummm ok
At 9:00 order a Long Island Iced Tea and we can be friends again
Long Island Iced Tea back in South Africa. Stick to your roots kids.…
If I gotta make a Long Island Iced Tea I'm a make it look sexy.
Wishin this iced tea was a from Long Island
I just want to go out for dinner and order a Long Island Iced Tea.
No wonder the Long Island Iced Tea always hit the spot 😂
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Frankie Perez, Chris Wade to Clash at UFC on Fox 25 in Long Island
TIL of the Long Island "Gilgo Beach killer", who is known to have murdered 10-16 Craigslist prostitutes over the course of 20 years (most r…
Come party with these 3 gremlins for Easter Sunday in Long Island at Amityville Music Hall. Last night of this tour with
Long Island, show is MATINEE today, starts at 2pm at Amityville Music Hall!.
Rare yellowlegs attributed to John Dilley of Quogue, Long Island, New York, $40,250
Jeff Sessions came to Long Island and vowed to eradicate the MS-13 gang by cracking down on illegal immigration
LMAO...Gang violence.on f*g Long Island? The Sag Harbor Bloods and Shelter Island Crips must be at it again.
Who do you think is responsible for the remains found on gilgo beach Long Island
Long Island friends collect $8.3M in lottery winnings. Find out to increase your odds of winning here.
So, the ultimate racist and bigot is in one of the most racist places in New York. today I bet Long Island is really happy about this, too.
Long Island went heavy for Trump. You all bought the hats, and cheered at the rallies...and you also bought the...
National Grid to connect 40MWh battery to wind farm in Long Island, New York
.invites young people of Long Island to "Quo Vadis" -- a Catholic youth leadership camp:…
Harvest Northeast is this Saturday, from 10am -2pm @ Tiverton (Stirnemann) w/ Steve Hanson; & Long Island (Davis) w…
Jury deadlocked on verdict for Long Island foster dad accused of sexually assaulting eight boys ht…
i thought was born in Long Island, New York. i'm tripping out man.
Go to Long Island, New York and ask them.
Thank you so much. I am a teacher for United Cerebral Palsy of Nassau County on Long Island, New Yo…
New York launches task force to combat MS-13 gang on Long Island after recent murders via
bring you Yuengling Light and Long Island specials until close! Come get your drink on at Water Street Tavern.
Halfway mark. Amityville Music Hall in Long Island this 👐ednesday.
The beautiful 18th hole at The Piping Rock Golf Club in Locust Valley on Long Island
Hey, Long Island! Lots of marches near you on Saturday: Hempstead, Long Beach, Sag Harbor, Port Jefferson St & more!
Please lmk so I don't come all the way from Long Island if it's going to be like a herald square type li…
Use Lyft code for free rides home ZOOT -- Ever had a Long Island Iced Tea!
Long Island organizers are planning a rally/press conference in protest of Sessions’ appearance here on Friday https:/…
BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Cuomo to deploy State Troopers to fight gang violence on Long Island
Support Long Island families and boycott Bud and Bud Light. Delivery drivers on strike against 30% wage cuts
Long Island winters are ugly and long but the summer and everything that comes with it makes it well worth it
Mercer Island capitalizes with s long distance rip as the penalty is expiring. 2-2
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Thur. cover: Trump's New Tax Plan, by Impact on by
Did you know 7.8 million people live in Long Island?
After announcing MS-13 crackdown, Sessions to visit NY by via Home -
I need to seriously work out the sins of this week! What with all the Long Island Iced Teas to Poori bhajis to mango kulfis.
There are more than 200 members of the violent, El Salvadorian MS-13 gang in the Long Island, New York area,...
you should have a show on Long Island very soon because you're amazing and I would love to meet you!!
— When we moved to Long Island, my mother planted a young maple tree, it's beautiful and over the last decade it's grown tremendously
you should have a show on Long Island like very soon:))
It will when they realize that a whole bunch of Republican Congresspeople come from Long Island/Upstate NY/Ora…
I liked a video Stephanie & Julian: Wedding Film at The Foundry in Long Island City, NY
How people from Long Island park when they come to Queens
What about that tax plan though.Long Island is gonna get raped
Good night.Hit me up for tickets may 7at the revolution in Long Island . May 7 to hear me perform...
May your days be long "Anybody that supports what the Oba of Lagos island did is an *** End of"
Truck driver in fatal limo crash to pay $880 via featured in NBC s Science of Love
Delighted to host this show tomorrow with Lovely write up here Tix at
It looks like she didn't let it sit long enough! Def go back for toner at the very least.
plans on sending 25 State Police troopers to help ‘eliminate’ MS-13 gang on Long Island. .
and I present First Due! at in the big room 10:30, in Long Island NY, our FDNY family will honor FF Tolley L135.
Connect with Long Island's very own Coach Rich Reichert as he gets Mic'd Up working with our Safety's and Def…
200 hardcore members on Long Island; “people unafraid to kill for no reason”. Get cops all the $ they need to fight this,…
Places I will likely visit in the future:. Long Island. Richmond. DC. Chicago. Milwaukee. Minneapolis
thank you for coming to Long Island on Friday to address the MS13 gang problem. You are the best AG. I live on Long Island.
What's in that!? Just poorly mixed, had a long Island and it was see through due to the lack of cola…
Footwear company in Long Island seeking a Bookkeeper with Excel and Quickbooks experience!
I think I feel bad for people who don't live on Long Island
How long with Cox Service be down in Rhode Island? It has been about five days now.
No jail time for truck driver in deadly Long Island limo crash after guilty plea
"Bandits on the Beach" . (What island raccoons tell us about fear. ) . Now also as an audio edition:…
Spotlight Segment on Long Island: Congressman Peter King interview on LI in the AM with Jay Oliver ft. Joe...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Looking for a safe fun on Join horn free hour. It's -->
That is ALSO the night that I horribly sprained my ankle on the Long Island Rail Road when I fell over…
"MS 13 are thugs who pray on young people, often unaccompanied children from Central America"--.
girl, what is that bowling alley you went to in Long Island? Looked super lit. I forgot the name.
Tings gwanin' tonight at Amityville Music Hall in Long Island. Performing new tings at 8pm
Doing a set at Amityville Music Hall tonight. See y'all in Long Island
Day 1 of break you best believe that I will be on patio eating fried chicken, mac & cheese, and greens w/ a Long Island.
*Articuno was flying around Ice Island to get a bit of exercise since she has been asleep for such a long time much like her siblings.*
Everything in Long Island looks like it's spelt wrong
If your is not working properly, you can consult our experts.
I might have to make my way to Huntington by myself for the show. Who can help me not get lost in Long Island
This long Island tea got me dancing off beat 😂 😂 😂
Should have. Also had some guy complain I used montezuma triple sec in his Long Island...which I also used…
I added a video to a playlist Inside Long Island's war with MS-13
My 7yr old tells me he's researching Roosevelt ever since we visited his home in Long Island. It's a blessing to see his passion.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
When you consider all the illegals that live there, instead of deporting MS13 gang members they sent them…
Full statement on four bodies found on Long Island. Anyone with information about what happened can contact FBI at (631)501…
Girls who lookin' for a place to stay. 'Cause they came away from Long Island
Medical marijuana home deliveries expand to NYC, Long Island
A rare picture of photographed with Patricia Rosten (?) at Long Island ~ 1957 💜
I dont drink n this Long Island is killing me
Long Island - did you know that was added to the on 7.13? TIX on sale now!
Scientists uncover details on the rise of a tick-borne disease on Long Island
Wow a Long Island from the corner will hit you like a brick wall
TONIGHT April 22nd. Suffolk Theater Riverhead, Long Island the legendary of live! See you there 🎸
In Island Trip Mons texted me all day long she couldn't find him here is prove
Bebe is closing down :( What will 99.9% of all Long Island moms wear over their bathing suit to their new boyfriends be…
Kong Skull Island had me the most hype I've been in a long time. Best CG I think I've seen.
Long Island lol we only had one big storm and that false alarm
Phillip Island is truly a beauty. Long race, lots of cars to pass!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I need to be relaxing by a beach sipping on my passion fruit long island tyvm
Happy long weekend waiting for fast boat 🚤🛥let's go to Nusa Penida Island 🌴
4 males found dead in Long Island park ID'd; 'all indications' point to MS-13 gang: police via
Who needs a man?! I'll take a Long Island any day instead 💁🏼🍹
I liked a video Inside Long Island's war with MS-13
I come from a proud Long Island Italian family. And if I see you eating or even LOOKING AT braciole, I'm COMING…
2 men, armed with knives, rob store in Farmingville, police say: Two men, armed with knives…
coming home on Long Island at 1:30am vs coming home in Florida at 1:30am
Connor wants to come to long island and go to "that barn thing"
Not long until we see Car 12 & Car 17 share front row for Race 5 at Phillip Island. Good luck…
The second part of the night is at Studio Square NYC. 35-33 36th St, Long Island City, NY 11101. (718) 383-1001.
Long Island summers are the best. Why? Wanna visit the city? 1hr away. Hb a farm? down the block. Maybe beach? right the fuc…
Come see me 4/21 perform w/ my. dancers in Calverton NY.We hit. At 3:30 . This is a free event for the whole family ! http…
Overly sensitive Hawaiians. They've been on the island too long.
.says the Obama admin is to blame for the rise of MS-13. tells that's not the case
*** yea, u know when the Long Island Legend is pumped for new album it's goi…
I haven't! But that's perfect because I come in to Penn from Long Island all the time 🤗👌🏽 gotta visit tomorrow!
>The sound of someones voice made her jump. >She's been on the island for a long time... she hanst hear…
Btch I just downed this Long Island I'm preparing myself😂
Islamophobia isn't about only hurtful words. It leads to hate crimes.
On this day the clouds almost perfectly aligned with the contours of the Long Island, in the Bahamas archipelago
Finally saw "Kong: Skull Island" with some friends today. Was long overdue, very good movie and cant wait for Kong vs Godzilla.
Another store robbed at knifepoint on Long Island
Rock Island's Casey Comodore wins the long jump event with a jump of 22.9.
Lee Zeldin of eastern Long Island, Trump clone, why no Town Halls since January? Afra…
Gilgo State Park open for surfing/fishing, not 4-wheelers for 2nd summer due winter erosion at Long Island park
Carlson is from California and went to prep school in Rhode Island, so not outer boroughs (or Long Island) at all.
Long Island taxpayers shell out $150,000 for school's senior trip to Disney World
I think should come and speak at our graduation! Come back to Long Island, for sachem norths high school grad…
A Long Island man died in Jamaica Estates after driving his car into a tree on Grand Central Parkway…
High School & College students across the 5 boroughs & Long Island, stand up for faith at...
I can't wait for high school to be over and I can't wait to not be on Long Island anymore
Talented young journalists from Long Island take home Best of High School Journalism awards…
MS-13 gang members busted for high school girls’ murders on Long Island
Have you ever been to the Nautical Mile in Long Island?! It's amazing.
People 100% think I'm graduating high school and not college when I wear my Class of 2017 shirt on Long Island when schools are on break 🙄
Police identify all 4 bodies in Long Island park slaying. 11 homicides since Sept 2016 in area. v…
WATCH LIVE: Police update on 4 young men found brutally killed in Long Island park
Four teens are found brutally beaten to death and murdered by notorious El Salvadorian gang in Long Island
vs . 22 july UFC on fox 25 Long Island. New York! Who want see this!. Come on let's do this
WATCH LIVE: Press conference held after bodies of four males were discovered in a Long Island park
Four brutally-beaten bodies found in Long Island park
How many more people on Long Island have to die at the hands of MS-13 before this becomes a national story. cc:…
Gantry Park sports field to open an hour earlier after parents' pleas.
Police on MS-13: “This is a long-term war. And make no mistake about it, this is a war”
fans! Don't miss 50% off all long sleeve apparel and knit hats at the Islanders Pro Shop locations on Long Island!…
The third image is of a Long Island manor that, I kid you not, literally belonged to 19th c. aristocrats including a Stand…
Its big so you can make it a long island Ice tea without being judged.
4 bodies found in Long Island park bear hallmarks of Salvadoran gang killing.
Gorgeous starry skies before sunrise this morning at the coast of Long Island in New York. . 📷:
Some patients press docs for antibiotics a key factor in unnecessary antibiotic use. By Delthia Ricks
Killing of 4 males found at Long Island park is consistent with MS-13 gang, police say…
I saw one of these things on a beach on Long Island last year and thought it must be kind of rare because it's so strange, but no, common.
.In 2014, GOP legislature rep. said "for uniformity's sake, this is best coming from the state."
Living on Long Island means always struggling to make left turns, and heroine addiction (for some)
Check out Long Island today. The same gangbangers are also flooding into the US
Chihuahua for sale on Long Island. Come to Puppy Love in Franklin Square for all your puppy needs!…
Help spread the word about this historic, Long Island event, February 7th-10th 2018.
It's iced tea. Why do they even sell them this big?. This is why everyone on Long Island has diabetes.
WATCH: Police discuss investigation into discovery of four bodies found at Long Island park overnight
People from Long Island are the most aggressive, obnoxious and impatient people in the world and now I understand I am the w…
Four bodies with "significant trauma" found in Long Island woods possibly connected to ongoing gang warfare
As interest rates creep higher and housing markets across the country report lower inventory, the spring...
Four bodies found on Long Island in apparent homicide, police say via the
I used to work for Jones Beach State Park on Long Island and used portable radios all the time, when…
Congrats to the Prime Time 2022 team on qualifying 4 the today! Great weekend out on Long Island compet…
At the easternmost point of Long Island
From Oyster Bay to Hempstead and Nassau recaps a wild week in politics
"I'm very excited to meet all of you in Long Island this week!", Get your tickets >>…
There's a girl at this party named "island" and she just called island in long...
I can't wait until the semester's over and I'm Long Island bound for 3 months😍😍
I love long island so much, nothing can take me away from it
Overheard at 20th and Capitol: "Let's give Hector a Long Island and see what happens.". Good luck, Hector.
LI schools get an extra $129M in state aid under budget deal
Reasons why long island is lit af. - so many interesting people. - sunsets are always perfect. - nyc is RIGHT THERE. - beaches everywhere
Don't miss this 2012 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 4dr Sdn E350 Luxury 4MATIC with only 83,996 miles.
I added a video to a playlist UFO Crash on Long Island NY from 1992 prt 1
That's right! is your new Universal Champ! Me having fun today at the new open house -…
My dad told me to not drink more then 2 Long Island teas. he was right holy man I'm feeling great 😂😂😂
Meryk brought me home a Long Island 😩💦
At the easternmost point of Long Island. 💡🏠 _
Was expecting to get a lil nap on this train, but it's running express so I'm up like 😳 making sure I don't end up in Long Island.
I'm gonna stop by Long Island on the way home and eat some ***
Someone please get a Long Island with me 😩🙏🏼
Plus I had a coworker who used to comute daily from Nutley to Hemp on Long Island
Long Island ice tea tastes just like Arizona tea
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