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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

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Joanne Borgella, 'American Idol' contestant who grew up on Long Island, dies at 32:
What's the story with the murders? The DeFeos were a family of 7 who lived in the upscale Amityville Village of New York's Long Island. One evening, around 6:30pm, the eldest son, Ronnie, ran into a local bar shouting that someone had killed his parents. A goup of bar patrons (many of whom were friends of Ronnie's) jumped into a car and zoomed down the few blocks to Ronnie's house, where they found not only the parents, but every member of Ronnie's family shot dead in their beds. The father was shot in the back and in the neck. The mother was shot twice in the upper body. Ronnie's two younger sisters were each shot once in the head at close range. His two younger brothers were each shot once in the back at close range. Ronnie was taken to the police station for questioning and protection. While there, he quickly became the number one suspect, and confessed to police detectives that he did, in fact, commit the murders. Ronnie was tried the following year. Before the trial began, by the end of May, 1975, Ro ...
Isma Chaudhry will be the Islamic Center of Long Island's 13th president since 1982.
Now this is what we call progress! Islamic Center of Long Island names their 1st female pres
Once there was a lab were racism was practiced as a science. It was in Long Island
Im currently working and I work at an amusement park on Long Island isn't that interesting
Quite a chill this morning here on Long Island as I take my little Westie Lucky into the backyard. The grass covered with leaves that have fallen from the trees. How about song titles/lyrics with the word(s), FALL, FALLEN, FELL, FALLING - Can't Help Falling In Love ~ Elvis Presley
THE REUNION. Cathy, Sue and Jane haven't seen each other since High School. They rediscover each other via a reunion website and arrange to meet for lunch in a wine bar. Cathy arrives first, wearing a beige Versace. She orders a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Sue arrives shortly afterward, in gray Chanel. After the required ritualized kisses she joins Cathy in a glass of wine. Then Jane walks in, wearing a faded old tee-shirt, blue jeans and boots. She too shares the wine. Cathy explains that after leaving high school and graduating from Princeton in Classics, she met and married Bill, with whom she has a beautiful daughter. Bill is a partner in one of New York's leading law firms. They live in a 4000 sq. ft. co-op on Fifth Avenue, where Susanna, the daughter, attends drama school. They have a second home in Phoenix. Sue relates that she graduated from Harvard Med School and became a surgeon. Her husband, Clint, is a leading Wall Street investment banker. They live in Southampton on Long Island and have a second ...
Looking for people interested in working part time with wildlife on the east end of Long Island. That includes learning to care for animals at the center who are being rehabilitated, rescuing and / or transporting bipeds and quadrupeds. Please email me if you would like to take part in one of the classes being offered at The Wildlife Center and in other venues in both Southampton and East Hampton towns Janegill716
Learn more about pest control for your Long Island business.
Happy 58th b'day to Ken Morrow who won Gold in Lake Placid & a Stanley Cup on Long Island within months during 1980. htt…
Fun times last weekend at the Hamptons International Film Festival on the east end of Long Island. A varied selection of movies, interesting panels and filmmakers, all taking place in one of my favorite locations. I've been attending for a number of years and would highly recommend for film fans. (Some pics I took included)
Schmitt's Haunted House comes out on top of News 12 poll: The results are in! Long Island's favorite haunted h...
A plea to President Obama: Fix the immigration system now - Newsday
Surgery in little over a week. By this time next week I will be in Long Island getting preoperative testing done before the big day (October 27th). I am nervous yes! I am afraid for being away from my family and friends for so long. But I know that my dad is keeping a watchful eye over me, my doctors and the kids and family.everything will be okay. I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped with the benefit and has helped me through this all...with out you guys I would be lost. Thank you sooo much! :) ♡
Long Beach Island's surf could reach between 8.33ft and 9.68ft high in the next 24hrs.
Robert Moses's surf may be at least 9.64ft high tomorrow. Get out to Long Island New York, pronto! via Surfline
I got complements in my Long Island ice teas and sex on the beach today 👏👏. Made my night.
Category 4 is roughly 20x the size of It's going to be a long day for that island.
Watched most terrifying places in America. They had a part about mount misery, haunted woods on Long Island. Spent many nights there. I love Halloween. Love haunted houses, dressing up.
A long drive to island park tonight was just what I needed :)
By lr_admin By Dave Urbanski A scavenger hunt typically elicits good, clean fun as participants scour the landscape for harmless, hysterical items. But a group of high school seniors from Long Island, New York, allegedly had a different kind of scavenger hunt in mind over the weekend. The alleged list obtained by the Sachem Patch details tasks […] …read more Source: Lincoln Report
You know you need to get a life other than television when the girl you see with Teresa Caputo on Long Island Medium is the SAME girl you see on Dateline on ID being murdered by her husband! WTH!
Game 4 Recap: Sharks fall short in shootout in Long Island
A large, deceased finback whale was found washed up on an eastern Long Island beach Thursday morning.
Random New York dreams last night involved me dancing the night away whilst supplied me with Long Island Ice Teas 🙈 🇺🇸 🍸
I-495/Long Island Expwy E/B approaching Main Street has two lanes blocked at 3:32 PM due to an accident for up to 2…
MTA Long Island Rail Rd: due to Vehicle on the tracks at east of Kings Park Sta, east PT Jefferson Branch from Jamaica Sta (Que…
best way to drink strong alcohol hey, especially Long Island iced tea!
...and Linda WINER, from Newsday? She can suck it back to Long Island, where she belongs.
Come check this sweetie on the blog!: A Love Story • Bethpage Photographer • Gina Marie Photography
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Me telling this girl to try Captain Morgan Long Island she's like you should be an advertiser you convinced me 😓
Thank you so much for the follow!!! Huge fan, come to Long Island sometime! :)
two for one cocktails so my second long Island is free
Not sure how i ended up eating halal guys at a bar on Long Island tonight, but my night has been truly memorable.
Crumbs bake shops reopening shops in major markets,...
watermelon Long Island I had bout 6 or 7 drinks nd dey was strong nd dey give u 2 free ones on Thursday
I didn't realise you'd lived there so long. Sounds like tough times on the island. Best wishes to all.
Holy bejeezus has it been a crazy time to be the lone publicist for All Jane No *** Comedy Festival. 2 nights down, 3 to go. Time to lay on the couch in my Homer Simpson jammies, share a sandwich with my dog, and binge-watch Long Island Medium like a civilized human being.
Cops: Manhattan Man, Alberto Lopez, 24 Charged for Robbery at Bank of America in Lawr...
I walked almost the equivalent of the north to south shore on Long Island lmao
Off long island and patron. Need to go home
Long island pro New York 2011 good waves :D big kelly slater :)
Also long island iced tea is my new fave thing
YOU need to laugh. Check my ALL NEW comedy-> :Come 2 my Long Island show>
I made it to Long Island and I'm alive. Time to sleep forever.
Goodbye long daylight hours! Played with off-camera flash on the overnighter in Gåsgrund island.
Hazing scandal in Sayreville, N.J., stirs dark memories for football-obsessed town on Long Island via
There is a special breed of trash that exists in Long Island. It gives me nightmares.
Just a ultimate long island ice tea 🍸🍹for me @ McFadden's Chicago
Chef fired from hotel for refusing to cut his long hair: suit: A Long Island cook is fighting for his right to…
DC blew my mind last night. Love seeing all our fans out here! It's like the gang's back together 😂 See you out here in Lon…
2$ Long Island iced teas is a bad idea
Hey Sabby, next Long Island show, your *** is going back home via Penn Station.
Police: 2 arrested in shooting that leaves man critical
I'm number 8 on the ReverbNation Hip Hop charts for Long Island, NY.
All square on Long Island. brings the even with the
Vote Lee Zeldin for Congress Nov. 4th -- NY's 1st Congressional District! The legacy of the American Paratrooper is one of honor, integrity, courage and impeccable character. It’s a lineage that is carried on today by young men and women who continue to train and prepare to jump behind enemy lines and engage the enemy. Such it is with Major Lee Zeldin, who currently serves in the U.S. Army Reserves and is a former 82nd Airborne Division paratrooper -- and a conservative State Senator in New York -- talk about being behind enemy lines! Lee is running for Congress in New York's District One -- Long Island. I had the pleasure of being with Lee at a local VFW Post -- a place where past, present, and future heroes gather. Let's load Lee Zeldin up for a new mission, and drop him in behind the lines of Capitol Hill to let him do as paratroopers have always done -- fight for America with honor and distinction for your future.
Long Island Medium new favourite show 😍
Long Island Medium always makes celine cry she cant even how cute❤
the Long Island Medium lady is in Kalamazoo the 27th 😱
If I ever ran into Theresa the Long Island Medium, I think I'd just cry off jump.
Is it possible to watch Long Island Medium without crying? No I don't think so.
I'm watching Long Island Medium & they're getting a cheesesteak from the same place 5sos got one lmfao
If you don't cry while watching Long Island Medium then you're wrong
Long Island Medium gives me chills every time.
Long Island Medium make me cry every time!! 😄😭
Long Island Medium is my favourite show ever
Cry every single time I watch Long Island Medium no matter what
Long Island Medium got me feeling some typa way
Michael needs to go somewhere I'm here watching Long Island Medium crying why he's just staring at me.
Balling my eyes out watching Long Island Medium, neverfails
Is there such thing as watching an episode of Long Island Medium and not crying?
Crying like a baby over Long Island Medium
Here are the nominees for the Bethpage Best of Long Island program in the health and wellness categories.
Defendant in murder case sues judge, prosecutor: Travel deals CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. - (AP) -- A Long Island man ...
This fall's election is crucial for the future of Long Island. Maintaining Republican leadership of the State Senate is absolutely essential in order to avoid the same type of burdensome tax increases, such as the job-killing MTA Payroll Tax, and major decreases in school aid that were seen the last time the State Senate was controlled by Democrats. Please take a moment to watch this short video and LIKE & SHARE it to show your support!
Big rivalry. Hubs is from Long Island. Let's hope I get bragging rights for the evening. LOL!
The original broadway jack Kelly is coming to Long Island . it's a small world after all
Photo: ruinedchildhood: the economy hit the power rangers hard From Megazords to Long Island railroad real...
Passing the Long Island ferries. New London CT 10-5-14. Original at
Lora Cusumano, Broker Owner of Long Island House Hunters in Melville and Palm Beach has been inducted to the 2014 Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council’s (REBAC) “Hall of Fame” presented by REBAC of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (NAR). Lora was the first person on Long Island to receive the ABRM…
Where is the most "adventurous" location you've had sex?" Long Island, while customers were In the store
I almost accidentally ended up on the Long Island railroad and that's all you need to know about public transportation in NYC
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration has moved to block an appeal of a court decision to dismiss a 2012 lawsuit filed against the New York Police Department (NYPD) for surveillance on Muslims in New Jersey. Six Muslim men and women, along with religious organizations and two Muslim-owned businesses, filed the initial lawsuit charging that the NYPD had violated the Constitution by spying on New Jersey’s Muslim community because of their religion. The lawsuit cited the actions of the NYPD’s Demographics Unit, which collected information on Muslims in New York City, New Jersey, and Long Island by sending plainclothes policemen to record conversations and habits of Muslims at mosques, cultural centers, and Muslim-frequented businesses.
Apparently the Long Island railroad does not know the definition of on time...
PRESS STATEMENT Loretta Butler Turner MP for Long Island 13 October 2014 National Heroes Day Announcement of Bid to Seek the Leadership of the Free National Movement Loretta Butler Turner, Deputy Leader of the FNM and MP for Long Island, announced today, National Heroes Day, her decision to run for Leader of the Free National Movement at the party’s convention on November 21st. In attendance were her husband, attorney Ed Turner, her son, her sister Clarice Butler and her brother, Craig Butler. Before making the announcement from her home, she was introduced by her husband, who noted in his introduction: “As a father and as I citizen I want the very best for our country. I have seen the kind of leadership that Loretta offers. I know her values and her convictions. I know where her heart is. Her heart is with the Bahamian people. She has a passion for public service.” He also stated: “I introduce not only my wife. I introduce to you today someone who I believe has the capacity, and the tremen ...
GOVERNOR CUOMO ANNOUNCES TASTE NY DISPLAYS ROLLING OUT AT LIQUOR STORES ACROSS THE STATE Branding Program Aims to Increase Exposure and Sales of Taste NY Products Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced a Taste NY pilot marketing and branding program to maximize exposure for New York State wines, spirits and ciders at liquor stores across the state. Taste NY promotional materials identifying products as “Made in New York” are already on display in six liquor stores, and will soon be rolled out in dozens more from Long Island to Western New York. "These new Taste NY displays will make it easier than ever for customers to spot some of the best wine, spirits and ciders in the world – all made right here in the Empire State," Governor Cuomo said. "New York’s craft beverage producers have experienced tremendous growth during the past four years, and this program is the latest in this administration's many efforts to keep the momentum going and foster additional growth and job creation in this industry ...
NY Kennedy Airport international we need center for EBOLA cases,maybe one on Long Island too . Thanks!!
you're so close to where I live 😭😍 go to the north fork tomorrow if you're still on Long Island!! I would love to meet you!
Long Island, Sable Island and Cape Cod all part of the terminal moraine of last ice sheet.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Catholic Health Services of Long Island to Optimize its Financial Workflows with Connance ...: Conn...
*** preppy cornball kids in the north fork of Long Island 😂😂😂
I completely took for granted all the farms around my high school. Nothing felt like fall more than being on the east end of Long Island.
Picnic and wine tasting on a sunny Sunday on Long Island — at Roanoke Vineyards
Long Island--where girls named Emily play on fields off streets named Pulaski.
Just arrived at my next show at the Cold Spring Harbor Country Club, Long Island. Time to do it all again and make some great connections
Queens teen shot to death in Long Island park
Whale washes up at Smith Point County Park - News 12 Long Island via
Game Day, business trip down in Long Island, ready to come home with a sealed deal!
A whale washed ashore on Long Island on Thursday with bite marks "bigger than a Chihuahua," Kim Durham of...
Pretty sure every road needed to get back to Long Island from Oswego has road work going on.
gone cop me a big *** personal bottle of that Long Island 😝
a modern day initiative for the future like Roosevelt did, like Robert Moses in Long Island, and the benefactor of Central Park.
is thr a boat dock on Long Island that could be usd for things like this or even, if big enough, for the shelter & other things
I hated mine too I switched all my doctors to Long Island , in valley stream right by green acres !
Buy a candy apple in the sac today from CWC! Profits go to getting toiletries for a women's shelter on Long Island.
24/7 Pacquiao/Algieri Premieres Saturday, Nov. 8 on HBO As a prelude to the upcoming HBO Pay-Per-View® showdown on Nov. 22 between world welterweight champ Manny Pacquiao and fast-rising challenger Chris Algieri, HBO Sports will air "24/7 Pacquiao/Algieri," an action-packed one episode, 30-minute special examining the 147-pound title showdown.The "24/7 Pacquiao/Algieri" special will premiere Saturday, Nov. 8 at 1:00 a.m. (ET/PT) on HBO immediately following the live World Championship Boxing event from Atlantic City. The all-new documentary-styled presentation will explore the intriguing storylines connected to the Nov. 22 fight: one of the world's most popular and famous athletes defending his crown versus a remarkably confident, poised and undefeated prizefighter from Long Island, whose journey to the highest-profile stage in the sport is unparalleled and reads like a Hollywood script.
“Am I going to sleep in the streets," asks homeless man displaced from Long Island shelter.
Can We Be The Best of Long Island 6 Years in a Row? We need your help. Vote for Little Shelter. ht…
Is the best Animal Shelter on Long Island? Vote now and daily here >
follow us first no kill shelter in Long Island we just celebrated 87years of saving life's!!!😃
- Tomorrow I'm performing in Long Island City at Laughing Devil, Friday October 10th, on the 8pm and 10pm shows. I'm super excited to be a part of the great lineup of comics that will be performing. If you're in the area, come have fun with me :D
Why am I just feeling that Long Island
It's going to be a long night.. not even half way done with study island. 😣
Is it bad I'm never happy for ppl when I find out they're pregnant? I'm like great as if Long Island wasn't overpopulated to begin with.. 😒
I could go for a strawberry Long Island or a mango margarita ☺️
Long Island Iced Tea for the ride down south to warm my bones
It's really sad that people from Long Island don't know what Wegmans is. I feel bad for u
BREAKING NEWS Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium has contacted Mike Brown he said it was all his bad u can all go home now
New Auction Started by BusyBee fellow local Long Islander! Beautiful Poster Bed-Full Size - $65.00 Visit the link to check out the item!
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
You know you're from long island when... You assume everyone knows where Long Island is.
Here's the latest on the police investigation into threatening letters sent to two Long Island GLBT community centers.
"He called the Long Island expressway a concrete miracle.."
Me when I was at soul night and they told me a Long Island was 20 bucks.
Washed up whale puzzles Long Island beachgoers
This is the entrance to the Ratskillar, or "the Rat" as we Tulane Students refered to it as, where we could get a burger, and wash it down with 2 or 3 pitchers of Dixie beer.This is where I met my Jewish girlfriend, Sue Finklestien,what wonderful person she was, and super-freak, too, she loved sex, she would do anything, anal, oral, doggie, cowgirl, you name it, she would do it gladly, she was from The Hamptons, Remsenbuger, NY, yes, she was from a very wealthy Long Island Jewish Family, but she and her family were highly ethical, and wonderful human beings, her father was a very honest and successful attorney, next picture is Tulane's basketball stadium.The next is AB Freeman School of Business. The next is Monroe Hall, or Dorm, That is still a hideous structure almost 40 years later.
...I Ieave tomorrow for a long weekend on the island and I still haven't packed.
11:11 tyler Oakley tour in Long Island or ny
Wit my last two google searches being biological weapons & long Island rail road train schedule.. I'm looking type suspect on the web
“😊 in 12 hours i'll be on Long Island 😊” YO
Biggest Long Island football game ever recorded black rain vs chaminade we came out on top doe…
Police: Threatening letters mailed to Long Island *** and *** Youth centers in Bay Shore, Woodbury
go to the PTV/SWS show in long island on Nov 25th if you can bc you'll be in NJ for playlist
Finally here, the wait is over Long Island bound very soon!!!
My dispatch from tonight's meeting on remediation plan for Brentwood's Roberto Clemente Park
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Cyclone Hudhud to hit Vishakapatnam by 12 Oct: Here's all you need to know A severe cyclonic storm, named Hudhud is heading towards Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. According to the MET department it will hit the two states by 12 October. India is gearing up to face the situation. The range of the cyclone has now been narrowed down Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Wednesday said that the state government is fully prepared for the possible eventuality. Here is all you need to know about the cyclone: - According to The Hindustan Times,"Hudhud will cross the North Andhra Pradesh coast around Vishakapatnam by 12 October forenoon, according to the India Meterological Department." - The cyclone crossed the area between Port Blair and Long Island of the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago on Wednesday, with winds gusting at 67 kmph. - The wind speed range is expected to be 130-140 kmph and may gust up to 155 kmph. - IMD's Cyclonic Warning Division said that the landfall will be in the range of 200 km (between Visak ...
Deadass I had all my Brooklyn friends like I ain't know Long Island Give It Up Like That . Lol
homecoming parade Saturday on Long Island at 1PM. Set up all morning. What time should the rain let up?
"Washed up whale puzzles Long Island beachgoers Someone placed it there overnight.
Is there long-term success in using MA crossovers? Your two cents are welcome on this thread!
😊 in 12 hours i'll be on Long Island 😊
Bridge closure forces evacuation of hundreds - Boston Globe
So so so sad. This just wasn't supposed to happen. me and my humans are limited with words. Remember you have love coming from all over this globe! May it comfort you. Just open your'll feel it. And Please hold close to your heart that Your little girl in such a very short time.touched many lives. What a gift. Thank you for sharing her with us. Sincerely, Abby, Alicia and Beth from long Island Ny.
Sorry for everyone who took a photo with me today in Long Island. I'm still not feeling well and I'm afraid it may show in…
Boy these long island gals is get outta hand
LONG ISLAND! Thank you. You rule. Show tomorrow at Webster Hall in NYC is less than 40 tickets away from selling out. http:…
Honestly so stoked to play for you Boston/Long Island. You guys are my real get away from everything. Thank you so much for being there
EXCLUSIVE AT 11: Police tonight are investigating a potential bias attack at the Barclays Center. Was a Long Island father punched merely because he's a Jew? Hear from the victim, only on WABC-TV Channel 7 Eyewitness News at 11.
enjoys clams in Long Island during residency...
just went for a Long Island and went back to the edge 😞we will have to meet up next time!
Plan to clean up Roberto Clemente Park draws concerns from residents, officials
One of my highlights of the October 4th Hip hop Legends Show was The Get Fresh Crew performing together. Dougie Fresh, Slick Rick, Chill Will, Barry Bee and Lil Viscous. To me they have the best show in Hip hop. Dougie is crazy on the beat box and his style of performing is secound to none. With Slick Rick added that means their doing the show and LADI DADI together. If they had more time to do more songs the show would of been even more off the hook. What yall saw Saturday was the first time together ever on long Island. Ain't nothing like Hip hop music.
GUARDIANS SUPPORTERS: Want to save the lives of homeless animals on and from Long Island? Want to meet like minded people? Want to hear some great live music and enjoy some fine wine and raw seafood bar? It doesn't get any easier to save a life! Come join GUARDIANS OF RESCUE at Mutts & Merlot! October 17! The animals lives depend on all of us!
Voting time again! Guardians of Rescue is nominated as best rescue on Long Island and our shelter partner...
What time is everyone going? I may or may not be going to Long Island so I just wanted to know
Full video: you haven't caught the new Cult video featuring Russ Barone and Trey Jones in Long Island, you're blowing it!
-What event occurred in this mansion that had an impact on the ground-breaking ceremony for the Long Island Motor Parkway?
Nassau Coliseum on Long Island is CRAZY loud when it's full, I've been to many NHL arenas and IMO that's the second after BC!
After two months of banging my head against the wall, I have finally figured out the first chapter of my book: it links a tattoo convention in Detroit to a Dartmouth/Princeton football game from 1951, a famous telephone/ flirtation study from the ‘70s, and a "speed dating for mice” experiment currently being conducted at a lab in Long Island, all explained through the lens of the ventral striatum, orbitofrontal cortex, and the fundamental, biological need for energy preservation and self-protection.
LONG ISLAND, N.Y. (PIX11) -- A dead whale washed ashore on Long Island, an animal rescue group said. The cetacean was spotted Thursday on the sand at Smith Point Beach in Suffolk County, according ...
One letter threatened to turn the Long Island Pride Parade into a scene like the Boston Marathon bombing, according to an official
Leaving in the morning (Friday) for first Long Island, then on Sunday for Tennessee. Spending the winter with my daughter, Joy and her husband, Brian, awaiting the birth of their first baby, Walker Mason.
A lil jetlagged but we managed to get our room & went for a kontiki uptown. first eatery Islands...buffalo wings...Long Island Ice Tea...:) The view around our hotel...:)
Long island ice tea, chicken strips, battle ship plank fries and pool by myself at sidekicks bar..Please join me, i need friends tonite.
Can anyone identify this little guy. I took it today at Connetquot State Park on Long Island.
You really can't top fall on Long Island. Aside from taking in the scenery, here are 16 other activities you have to do this fall on the Island: "Flo of Pictures!")
Two weeks ago a high school football player on Long Island died of a concussion. There's been so much bad news connected to that sport lately you understand why CBS is doing its best to "humanize" the game. Huge ad revenues for broadcasts, you know. It's about the money, stupid.
Take a look at how a new list shows the highest paid school official in the state is located on Long Island.
Six years ago, Jameson began his life. In a shelter. It's hard to think of a life of cages and hard floors. But his rescuers never gave up on him, no matter how many times this little brown dog was overlooked. They sent him to training to make sure that, should someone finally look his way, Jameson does all the right things. Jameson is in New Jersey, at True Companion Dog Training, where his rescuers are paying for him to learn some basic leash manners. Jameson will return to the care of Forgotten Friends of Long Island, after five weeks of training. It would be a real shame if he had to go back to a kennel. Could you please spare the room on your timeline for this often overlook, incredibly loved dog? Jameson the Happy Pittie
Don't forget to come vote for Youth Be Told as they go for a win at the Long Island Fall Festival's Battle Of The Bands! On the Chapin Stage.The fans get to choose the winner. So we need you to come out and support the band! It's going to be a great night! They hit the stage at 8:30pm!! "Join" the event and we'll see you there!
LI TECH JOB FAIR is a one-day Tech-Focused Job Fair created specifically to connect talented tech job seekers with Long Island companies’ seeking to fill technology-related positions.
It's Karaoke Night at the Mayfield Applebee's! Come in to get half priced appetizers and listen to me sing Badly! We have $3 Long Island Teas and Margaritas! Every Thursday Night from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m. !
I've crossed the bridge to Long Island shelter a few times. The problems there were always clear and now it's closed.
Boston officials scramble to find shelter for hundreds of homeless after closure of Long Island bridge
WATCH: Homeless people in Boston react to the closing the bridge to the Long Island shelter
is the city of Long Island, NY and is only 14 years old.She, like many other singers, started doing covers of great success
City vows to replace bridge to Long Island, but work could take five years
If you were decently good and played ball in the city or Long Island you recognize this gym
Our good friend Janice came down from Long Island to pick up food and had to say hi to Arnold and Wilma. Seems...
I am in New York City. Well... Long Island. Idk it's cold and windy
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I'm guilty of this but I live on Long Island so it's like a two hour ride cuz they always go to the city
Mayor Walsh says replacing Long Island bridge could cost the city $80+ million. New details at 6 pm
Mayor Walsh commented on the Long Island bridge closure: has more:
need friends who live in the city so we can stalk celebs there bc i live in Long Island and i want someone to be with me ya feel hmu
spend the off day in Long Island and work on video editing? or go into the city and hit the studio?
Why we need the gas tax to fix bridges! The man staying at the Long Island shelter now sleeping in the street.
This man had been staying at the Long Island shelter. He told me "right now, I'm sleeping in the street."
YIKES! Massive dead whale washes up on Long Island | Oklahoma City - OKC - via
Great job by the West Point Athletic Dept. honoring high school football player from Long Island who died last week.
A dead whale washed ashore on Smith's point near Mastic Beach this morning on Long Island:
Have your name engraved on a brick that will be installed at the new Tesla Museum on Long Island
News12 Long Island visited the Waldorf School of Garden City yesterday to interview Dr. Dale Stuckenbruck and...
6 of the nation's 10 most expensive ZIP codes are in New York City. And 2 others are in New Jersey and Long Island:
NYC North Jersey and Long Island (CT) are due for more snow days this winter. Check out the predicted number of...
to the havoc that Super Storm Sandy (2012) caused in Long Island, NY.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Pure Bhakti philosophy hanging on the wall at Yoga for Life in Setauket, Long Island. We swear that every time we...
Rise Up Singing is all over the radio on Long Island. Heard it 5 times today. Congratulations to all
GAMEDAY! The Wildcats are in Long Island to face Stony Brook University! Kickoff at 7pm. Villanova looking to remain unbeaten in October
Maybe not on Long Island but the favorite in General Santos City. I didn't watch Floyd, but I will watch you.
On route to Long Island!! Game against and Stony Brook University tomorrow! ⚽️
One of my passions, total freedom. on field 6 Long Island. I will return for…
How else do you think they're paid for. Cablevision exec uses a chopper to get from Glen Cove to Woodbury, Long Island.
Alligator abandoned on Mastic Beach, Long Island door step:
The fact that the girl who won "I Wanna Marry Harry" is from Long Island gives me life.
Suffolk County rescues an alligator from a home in Mastic Beach | Verizon FiOS1 News - Long Island
Cuba Libre, cause Long Island is just awful
Should i go for Cuba Libre or Long Island next?
We're in Long Island today at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum for Come see us before 3pm!
On our way back to Long Island!! It was a good gig at Notre Dame. Irish won, we got paid, and the van is GREAT! To all our supporters, we love you, to all the haters- you get NOTHING.
Good line of downpours & thunderstorms just south of Hartford CT extending to Long Island.
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lmaoo. Adios, Long Island, Tokyo tea, and Hennessy&Redbull for me
Are you a non-union actor located in the NYC or Glen Cove, Long Island area interested in doing background work...
Driving on the Belt Parkway made me remember why I hate driving in Long Island...
ONE MORE CHANCE TO SHARE & WIN! Share this sneak peek, tell us you shared it and you will be automatically entered to WIN a TANKED cast autographed t-shirt.we will select our winners today!!!.it's that easy!!! . Tune into Animal Planet tonight, Friday, October 3rd at 10pm and check out Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, get Tanked! SHARING IS CARING.THANK YOU AGAIN!!, WE APPRECIATE ALL YOUR SUPPORT!
Long Island come see us live in concert November 10th at The Amityville Music Hall. Bring friends. http:/…
Heck, they're practically Vermont's college team. Got some work to do on Long Island though.
10/10 is our first Sunday open! In celebration of that, the Long Island Sound Barbershop Chorus is performing!
Follow us on You Tube everyone. Here is GB's rescue from the abandoned house on Long Island.
Canine Companions for Independence - Long Island Chapter stopped by the studio with the Arnold family and Arrow the canine companion. What a great organization.
You know you're from long island when... You know what j-walking is.
We have officially signed up for Long Island Restaurant Week November 2nd to November 9th, 3 course dinner for...
On today's Steve Harvey TV, Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo is back sharing some shocking news for a few of...
More than three dozen Long Island haunted house event listings from kid friendly to seriously scary.
The Long Island Medium visits Steve Harvey today at 3 followed by Judge Judy at 4 on LOCAL 15
A couple of things you can always rely on while on Long Island: BLI playing the same songs and 347 still doing construction work 😂
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Three teenage boys have died playing football in the past week. High school football needs to be banned. Now!
Great Neck isn't just a place in Long Island. It's also what my ex boyfriend called me.
Long Island High Teen is Third High School Football Player to Die in a Week: … collision in a high sch...
Does any one want to come to Long Island and see Annabelle w me ??
Database of college football coaches' pay, incentives & perks: Story re rise in compensation:
I cry every time I watch Long Island Medium 😭😭😭 its so good
I don't even feel like I'm on Long Island anymore it's weird over here
Who wants a database where they can see the incentives and perks of 108 coaches in the
Quick stop to see my friend Dennis Ricci at Long Island Drum Center.
New post: "H.S. linebacker's death becomes third in one week"
People around the world has to see the video of local bands that are from Long,Island,NY on Most definitely!
My mum literally sprinted to the bar when I said I wanted a long island ice tea
Men Posing as Construction Workers Sought in Brazen Mid-Morning Home Robbery on Long Island | NBC NY via
I miss the middle class suburbs of Long Island.
Troma internship? isn't that whole place an Internship? Do I really want to go to Long Island City? Do I really want to edit for free?...Did my stomach just growl? am I hungry?...Pizza?.YES!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Facts on the yak. Also mention how pizza is the best in Long Island & the city 👌
Long Island Catholic Elementary Schools represent the 43 Nassau and Suffolk Catholic elementary schools run by the Diocese of Rockville Centre. Additionally, there are four private Catholic elementary schools on LI. Together; over 17,000 students are currently enrolled. Student’s ages range from Nur…
Jessica Gallone will be stepping into the ring. Find out Monday who her opponent will be!...
College football fans by zipcode. Interestingly, Huskies favorites in Springfield Mass and Twin Forks of Long Island.
There is a place on Long Island called "golden chicken and burgers" and they do not sell golden chicken or burgers
at the Long Island location. not sure if they have Shacktober at the city ones
In your neck of the woods Ocho !! Bulldogs heading out to play Nassau on Long Island!!
3 ex-Nassau officials convicted in New Cassel corruption case out on bail: Instead of surrendering for incarce...
Long Beach'll cure what ails ya. Looking forward to deep breaths of ocean air, sandy…
will do. Had a great time in anna maria island. My Pal Davy from New Jersey came down for a long weekend
"Tell mom I love her" were the last words a Long Island football player said to his father
You know you're from long island when... You think you invented or discovered everything that's currently popular.
Puddle, Pothole, Portal at SculptureCenter: An engaging group exhibition ushering in the Long Island City instit...
“Bus ticket bought for Long Island.. Elmont here we come 😄🎉
.owes $1,250,000 if he leaves to go to The rest of his contract details:
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A Long Island taxi driver came to the rescue of a kitten stuck in traffic on a Queens highway.
Community mourns L.I. football player who died after collision
Eastern Long Island is pretty chill, and stuff.
RIP Long Island high school football player Tom Cutinella who died from a collision playing the sport he loved
Want to reach the largest, most diverse audiences in Long Island, moms? Advertise w/us! Email: randi
Been driving around Long Island all day.. Can't wait to go home and chill.
Long Island, prepare your mortal souls, AXIS is coming.
TGIF!! HappyHour starts at 4pm-7pm with 2$ domestic pints, 2.50 premium pints, 5$ Long Island iced teas, 4$ margaritas and 1$ off all wine! Our all day drink special is1$ off ALL Big Beers, 5$ ALL Bombs and 2.50$ land shark bottles! Come into Jerseys after a long week of work and warm up with our awesome specials!!
do i have another long island ice tea or not I am pretty smashed?
Welcome to the 10th Anniversary Edition of the Best of LI program brought to you by Bethpage Federal Credit Union and the Long Island Press.
Introducing The All-New JTR Motion Decoy System by JTR Motion Decoys Custom Made in the USA. Watch them on the hunt this season with our partners at Elite Long Island Outfitter For More Information Visit:
Having a few Long Island Ice TEa with Cathy Hooton Robert Good and Marie
Tonight at 7:30 I will show my short film The Projectionist live on the web. Go to tune into Long Island Filmmakers Show.
Considering we've just released our Home Design issue, some of us in the office have our eye on the Flower & Home Expo at the Cradle of Aviation Museum this weekend. What did you have planned, Long Island? Share your events in the comments below!
I'm missing "home" right now. NYC for fall is awesome on long island n upstate.. I loved going to the Adirondacks to see the foliage. This was my moms n sister Lillie's favorite time of year. Only they drank hot chocolate lol not coffee. Elsie me just n mami LA mama de mami aka grandma drank coffee. Oh n the can *** to dunk in the hot drink. Omg I miss those green can *** so much. Remember u store rice in the can when the *** r gone lmao. Every Hispanic home had a few sets of those cans. Storing rice sugar n flour.member u member lol
I think in 5 years I want to move to New York (Long Island) or Florida (Tampa Bay). Our December trip will determine if I move or not in the next 5 years.
Police are searching for three armed men following a home invasion in Bellmore, Long Island.
1700 obo need it gone today located in Long Island
Guys you can now buy "Boats" on Amazon Kindle! It's a not-for-kids, kids book about Bruce a playful Great White Shark trying to make friends off the coast of a small beach town off Long Island, on Fourth of July weekend. Just when you thought it was safe to be a shark; Boats!
Beautiful pic from a wonderful rescue on Long island, NY
Coastal Hauppauge is proud to offer the best Co-Ed Goal Keepers Clinic on Long Island. Clinic participants will improve their skills an
I didn't know bar rescue has 4 bars they are doing on Long Island this season!
This is the first release from Long Island's premier Battle Event "Battle for the 6th Borough". Magic (Toe Tag Mag) vs. Melszy Lime was 1 of the 3 inaugural ...
Pro Baseball Playoff Have Begun...With four great games today we are featuring all playoff games with live audio in the bar. Come watch the Blue Crew in action at 330pm and take advantage of our awesome happy hour that consists of 22oz Margaritas, Adios, and Long Island for only $3.75, $3.50 well drinks, and half priced appetizers.
Four great deals every Friday! Dinner and a Movie! Ribrageous Friday! Long Island Ice Teas! Appetizers on sale between 3 & 5pm and again after 9pm! See you tonight here at Boston Pizza Mission!
Celebrated 14 years here on Long Island with dinner at Waterzooi. Duck confit and arugula salad w/goat cheese, mussels in lobster bisque, creme brulee for dessert. And one of their 200 kinds of Belgium beer. We keep saying 'Maybe we should order something else." But we can't think of a good enough reason why.
Shooting my next music video this coming Wednesday in long island NY ...hmu for further info..
I need to get a death certificate for my who mother-in-law passed away in 2001 at St. Francis Hospital on Long Island. Ideas? I have been sitting on this certain situation since monday I think. But me and my hubby was watching dr oz and the Long Island Medium was on there. We were talking and all the sudden she gets up and they have her up close to the tv like she was looking in my face. So she says a spirit has came to her right then and it was a father whos daughter told him it was ok to pass on and she looked him in the eye after he died. And he wants this medium to tell his daughter that he is I am completely frozen at this point. And I look at my hubby and hes got tears I have tears and goosebumps and he said did that just feel like she was talking to you directly? Yes It did..I believe my dad is ok I always have but that was too weird..good weird. Anyway I just thought I'd share... Any thoughts on this?? And be nice.
My heart is heavy as yet another high school football player collapsed on the field and died of head trauma this week in Long Island, New York. If you have symptoms of concussion which includes dizziness, headache, confusion, imbalance, forgetfulness , blurred vision, sensitivity to light, feeling slower than normal in reactions stop activity immediately and get evaluated by a sports medicine specialty physician or pediatrician. Make sure all symptoms have completely resolved for over a week , neurological and balance testing is normal both at rest and post exercise and cognitive testing is back to baseline prior to returning to play. Make sure equipment is fitting properly and stretch and strengthen the neck muscles. Praying for safe and successful games for all tonight.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
headed out to Long Island to see the family. Seems like forever since I've been out!! HMU
The East Islip Athletic Booster Club joins all of Long Island in sending the Cutinella Family & all of the Shoreham-Wading River Community, our most sincere sympathy.
Newsday's articles and editorials about school district matters on Long Island are almost always excellent.
Go see the Long Island Medium or a fashion show
Belle Terre, Long Island; its whereabouts--its purpose, its plans and its attraction..
One of my all time top 5 THIS AMERICAN LIFE stories…about car sales team on Long Island. Hysterical well worth .99 …
"...being a Jewish girl from Long Island with a little bit of a trucker mouth... I wore a gown and some high heels." -
Come celebrate with me and my father who is having his first grand opening at new bought Subway. There will be promotions and discounts. Lots of new changes for the better. I'm back in action so come join us Saturday October 4th at 182 New Hyde Park Road, Long Island, New York. Hope to see some family and friends that I have not see in a while. Satisfaction guaranteed if product is made by me.
So thrilled Fortunoff Fine Jewelry Store opened!! The best time of my life is when I worked in Fortunoff's Advertising Department! Seeing all the ads I created in all those newspapers for the store, Christmas Store, and The Backyard Store, was definitely one of my career highlights!! I loved working there so much, I convinced my parents to move to Long Island so I could be close to my job!! Another highlight . . . When I owned Here Comes The BRIDE and GROOM Magazine, and, because I worked for them, they gave me permission to distribute my magazines in Fortunoff's Bridal Registry!!
Szabo (born 1944 in Toledo, Ohio) is an American photographer. Szabo studied photography at the Pratt Institute where he received his MFA. He taught photography at Malverne High School in Long Island, New York from 1972 to 1999 and he continues to teach at the International Centre of Photography. Joseph Szabo is the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship and his work resides in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art , Yale University, The International Centre of Photography and the Bibliothèque National in Paris, amongst others. He is most notable for his photographs of American youth taken during the 1970s and collected in the books Almost Grown and Teenage. His photograph "Priscilla" adorns the cover of alternative rock band Dinosaur Jr's 1991 album Green Mind. He currently lives in Amityville, New York with his wife Nancy and Siberian Husky, Gala. Books Almost Grown. 1978. New York: Harmony Books. ISBN 0-517-53327-8. (photographs by Joseph Szabo & poetry collect ...
District Attorney Kathleen M. Rice's Biography Kathleen Rice, District AttorneyKathleen Rice brings passion, innovation, and creativity to the office of the Nassau County District Attorney. Elected in 2005 and re-elected in 2009 and 2013, Kathleen is the first woman to serve as Nassau’s chief law enforcement officer. As district attorney, Kathleen has been a champion for progressive criminal justice policies, which have achieved impressive results and commanded national attention. Immediately after taking office in 2006, Kathleen took on the epidemic of drunk driving on Long Island. She’s helped to author and champion passage of legislation to enact tougher penalties on those who drink and drive with kids in the car and on those drunk drivers who injure other motorists on the road. She’s successfully prosecuted those who kill innocent victims on our roads with murder, and she’s dramatically reduced plea-bargaining for recidivist offenders. Kathleen’s efforts to combat drunk driving have been pra ...
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Long Island Reiki Master Teacher Patty Alessi
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