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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

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Going to Long Island beach with its my bestie
Sunday over the Great South Bay in Long Beach on Long Island, NY.
Hi friends - Carol from Long Island, NY hoping to go to the beach tomorrow for sunkissed moments.
Viv, I just added my fav go to place-Long Beach, Long Island, Atlantic Ocean
Thank you Long Island for an incredible night on the ocean. Today we're headlining in Dewey Beach, DE at Bottle & Cork…
Long Island's most endangered historical places of 2017.
In S2, I think used a Long Island beach as a stand-in for SoCal. Wonder if they're doing that again…
Jones beach theatre isn't NYC, it's Long Island but it's ok
Absolutely. Upstate NY, rural CT, as well and even parts of Long Island, NY and Staten Island.
The beaches of Chicago offer the same amenities as Orange County or Long Island, along with a culture all its own.
Rudy Giuliani has been taken to a hospital on Long Island -
Because sometimes you just need to read about an orchestra whose instruments are vegetables: Cue the Carrots!
Long Island had a nuclear power plant. And it was shut down cuz faulty wells . Can we r still paying…
A Long Island nurse was sentenced in a case involving filing false records
And lest we forget why Suffolk County NY is so segregated:
Another great win for SBA helping our clients secure both SCF and INAC funding to help remove the long standing...
The beautiful views will make you forget you're even exercising
Looking for an Airbnb in the city so I don't have to travel back and forth from Long Island and
This exhibit in allows people to listen to strangers’ deepest confessions
I grew up on an island that was 9x5…
I found out that I will not see Reina until Christmas, and now I have little to no reason to come back to Long Island for Thanksgiving.
"The Mooch from Long Island would say..." thank gawd.
Randy Jackson in Long Island at 'Good Ground Park' in Hampton Bays on Thurs at 6pm AND at 'Lynn's Hula Hut' in...
managing invasive privet in forests (and why it is still being grown on Long Island and planted in the northeast/midatl…
10/5: 7:30pm - Recovery in the Lifestyle Long Island Chapter
I live in NYC all the life fitness gyms are in Long Island. Too far but everyone I know loves your gyms.
Bring every Long Island link mek we run it ova.
The Stars are the Secret Ingredient in This Coconut Peach Crisp | Edible Long Island via
Canada Works with 1st Nation to end three long-term Drinking Water Advisories at Mississaugas of Scugog Island
I guess they will go after his home Sagamore Hill on Long Island next. (A National Park site.)
Join & for Accessible Housing: Rights and Responsibilities workshop 1 month from today! Register here: ht…
.and Long Island medical volunteers on their first day of clinics in Pucyura, Cusco, 🇵🇪️
New charges in crackdown on violent Long Island gangs
11 celeb couples who got married on Long Island via
We commissioned a long island private investigator to verify reports of my son-in-laws infidelity.
i dont care how long it takes you to put out DEAD ISLAND 2, just dont forget COUCH COOP!
Summer may be winding down, but our efforts on beaches & coastlines continue on. Read more on our work here:…
In exactly 3 hours I will be knee deep in Long Island Tea for 5 days! Wo! Bring on this Bristol week!
White shark pups and are pinging off Long Island!
He held an entire event in Long Island about MS-13.
Hanging with at in Long Island. Love me some kickboxing!
I consider myself a connoisseur of bottled water and Nestlé bottled water tastes worse than Long Island tap water. Stay thirsty my friends.
Big turnout at against racism on Long Island. Lots of supportive honks from cars. ✊🏽💜
A Long Island block is like a city mile so that's understandable.
Long Island teen 'killed by log' at football summer camp -
"Deep In The Heart Of Long Island Lies Americana'a Best Live Music" Join us this Sun. for an intimate performance with
Long weekends in are the perfect mini break. Get away this and discover what this…
After I'm done filming next week lets catch up! Unless you want to come out to Long Island for the shoot?!
Wrong. He's been back twice. Intrepid with Aussie PM where he commended single payer HC, &…
An LI student who died at football practice was identified. A log "fell and struck" him in the head, police say…
Sean. Tom from long Island living in Germany. keep up the good work. I watch your show every morning. Love ur guests TI
High school football player on Long Island suffers fatal injury at practice.
This the weakest Long Island I ever had in my life
When Long Island wisely dropped it's "sanctuary" nonsense, look what was lurking. Looks like to…
ICE officers arrest 32 sex offenders on Long Island // Send them to the Mayor's mansion in Chicago. http…
Yep. Except I'm not a lemonade fan, so maybe we can make Long Island Iced Tea?
I'm pleased that Long Islanders are following in the footsteps of Atlantic Beach. I've started an accessibility... https…
Whales! Humpbacks to be specific! Just off Long Island . About to take a biopsy with 's Howard Rosenbaum
Everyone in Long Island talks like Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
"Tropical the island breeze. All of nature wild and free. This is where I long to be. La isla bonita". Good night people.
7 chill Long Island worth checking out
Long Island teen dies after being injured during high school football practice, school says.
Is it possible only 2 were carrying log? Or, that 2 fell? Log looks heavy.
Long Island high school football player dies after "horrific accident" in practice.
“That is an outrage…Why is a for-profit developer developing that land?” Jenny Dubnau, a local artist, asked.
Have you been to Long Island in Take a video of this lovely place.:
11th-grader dies after an injury at an offseason football practice at Sachem East, officials say https…
Long Island teen 'killed by log' during off-season football practice via
Go to long island, genes been mixing on that side from the dawn of time
Nutcrackers Still On Deck for All Summer 17, and Year Round. Inbox me for Deliveries Long Island…
to my home studio in Long Island circa 1991. 💿📀
They gotta be used my next month n out east long island
Long Island. tonight will be mental. jump. sing. yell. scream. rock.
Cops: 11th-grader dies after injury at football practice via
A Long Island teen has died after suffering a serious injury during football practice, police say - WNBC
Come join us Sat! Start time is 10am! COME SEE SOME GREAT LIFTING and Help support a great cause! Long Island...
Need help with a decent beer selection on Long Island (riverhead area)
Officials identify player who died in freak accident at high school football camp on Long Island.
Queens man stole $144,000 from Woodbury employer, DA says - A Queens man stole more than $144,000 from the Wood...
Oyster Bay to save $2M with recycling change, officials say
Help bring the love of God to Long Island. Help us help those who are hurting the most...
Sad news today regarding fatality of high school football player
A Long Island beer company is hoping the "Delayed Pilsner" helps deal with the "Summer of *** at
NY to allow medical marijuana lozenges, tablets -- and advertising: ALBANY -- The Cuomo…
Dead seabirds washing ashore on Long Island and New England beaches:
Two of the players fell, causing the log, which looks like a telephone pole, to strike one of them.
express: 'Tourist discovers eerily preserved long-lost plane that crashed in WWII on remote island'
15-year-old Long Island teenager has died after practicing with his high school football team this morning.
Long Island teen 'killed by log' during football practice
Foster and to the most profound impact in Long Island project, archi- tect Greg Lynn attributes to ignore..
Staying on Long Island for our Tuesday ft. an Attackman out of Lake Ronkonkoma, NY (Sachem North),…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
"PGA Championship moving to May for return to Long Island"
Long Island people love taking pride in their non existent accents and their mediocre pizza
55 and over community, sitting on over 40 acres on the north shore of Long Island.…
the Long Island always was my go to.
President Trump’s comments to police are disgraceful & anathema to responsible policing & the Rule of Law.
MS-13 members: Trump makes the gang stronger This also has map of long Island with more detail. The case for
omg guys my mom just texted me josh is at the social distortion gig in Long Island ansjdjsja
President is wheels down at Long Island MacArthur Airport in New York.
."it is the policy of this administration to dismantle, decimate, and eradicate MS-13"
a year ago I played a show on Long Island and met one of my best friends and now it's her birthday have a good one…
I'm really happy to be from Long Island
I've got a stiff IPA and an adventur…
I said District Manager Tony's got a lot of appointments booked weeks and months in advance for the whole western half of Long Island.
Do people living in 1-bedrooms in Bed-stuy realize that they could be living in a HOUSE in Long Island, with the same commute time?
After tagging 9 juvenile white sharks in 2016, OCEARCH returns to Long Island, NY. 🦈
Sounds nice. Pretty area. Staying on the Island of Long?
I said i don't know when District Manager Tony will get here. They said why. I said he's in charge of the western half of Long Island.
I’ll be in Long Island, NY on 8/15 for my HAIL TO THE CHIN 2017 Book Tour.
Map of victims of murders possibly by ms13 gang on long Island
The average rate for a 15 year-fixed refinance in Long Island City, New York is 3.06%, up from 3.05% last week
I'm a Regular at MTA - Court Square Subway Station on Heading back to Manhattan.
bro you're on a Carnival ship, right? If so, go to Red Frog and get the blue long island or whateve…
When you get invited to 2 parties in the city on the same night but you're on Long Island working from home
I got a long island last night tasted like pure alcohol I swear she always hooks up my drinks
So my parents took me out to eat and I've drank a Long Island ice tea an three shots and I want more but I'm not trying to be smacked
I bet! I remember going to her concert on Long Island and she bought a little girl up who didn't wanna sing let it go.
One humbled and silenced piano man out on Long Island.
Many nights in bars on Long Island drunk off Irish Car Bombs. Good times.
Robert Moses wanted to do this ages ago.
the TEA is that is on long island and a sister can't meet her
Trev and I are currently stranded in Long Island & Lyft is trying to charge us $200+ for a 20 minute ride
When four of your best friends are together on Long Island and you're just chilling in Virginia.
you guys go to the amityville horror house while ur on Long Island dm me I'll tell u how to get there!
moving off Long Island for the first time has me doing things like searching "Billy Joel lyrics decor" on Etsy
My ancestors came in 1649 , landed in Long Island area, were English, it all started wit…
Love those. They don't have them around here anymore, but I grew up with them on Long Island. Have fun!
Why I did not go to the Cole concert in Long Island tonight is beyond me🤦‍♂️
Came home without my Long Island accent. Leaving in three weeks with it at it's fullest
Long Island please don't get scammed by this phone number. If they call don't answer. Share this for others to see and be a…
wait hold up i thought this was just a long island/upstate NY thing? there are others?
Moments ago in Long Island... Welcome to IMPACT &
Come to Long Island.Every vlogger goes to New York but always to The city come to Long island.I feel lik…
Reason to shop at Sun Vet: We are the mall with the loudest echo on Long Island!
When you're like oh whats a Long Island ice tea and have a couple and blackout and wake up on your bedroom floor with your…
I did, Long Island kid. I'm sure he was happy. Nice thing.
Much-derided cocktails (like the Long Island iced tea) are getting a makeover in upscale bars…
As a right winger living on Long Island, the Escape from New York theme has an added relevance. Still love the beaches here.
Island vibes all weekend long 🌴 🎶 ☀️ What tunes are on your weekend beach party playlist?
you are not actually from li. You always say "in Long Island" not "on Long Island"
American Indian culture saluted at LI pow wow via
10 years ago today we played our first show. Next weekend we celebrate @ Revolution on Long Island. Less than 100 tickets…
I dont, we'll be owning our own arena and i think it'll put barclays out of busine…
I live in Long Island. I'm assuming if you have a ticket for terminal 5 ,youre somewhere in LI or N…
A live look at the Eastbound Grand Central Parkway heading from Queens to Long Island.
Spotlight Segment on Long Island: Babylon Town Supervisor, Richard Schaefer Interview on LI in the AM with Jay...
And Erinn Hayes is a very funny actress and did nothing to get canned so indiscriminately I am sure. She moved to Long Island to do this too
Just an FYI -- Long Island is not a county. There are two counties on Long Island -- Nassau and Su…
Woman found on ground on Long Island can’t remember name, address; recalls getting on train at Grand Central: cops
Glaucous Gull y'day at Bayhead N Uist is different bird to long staying individual at Loch Sandray. 2 on the island!
6 arrested in Long Island bars on gambling, alcohol charges - Lake Placid News :
The long-lost island in the Humber which influenced Grimsby history
Did Donald Trump know the police chief was one of Long Island's nastiest criminals?
Body of missing swimmer found off Long Island
To truly squash the beef you need to do an walk around long island interview with
Last Friday, President Trump addressed a group of law enforcement officials on Long Island to express gratitude... http…
Oyster Bay awards contract for switch to single-stream recycling - Newsday
Just watched Britney Spears on the record documentary of her in the 2006-2008 and now I'm watching Long Island Medium so I'm crying yeah
."It's sad, it's sad. You look at what's happening, it's sad. Hopefully... those days are over."
I agree on the Beer stuff, hate all the stuff I've tried... But. Long Island Ice tea and M…
Blake Lively's figure-flattering jeans are surprisingly affordable.
So I just got a job in Long Island City and have nowhere to live how will that pan out???
Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium is coming to OTTAWA!
He also tried a mouthful of long island iced tea and didn't like it, and had a sip of a stout that he liked bc of its aftertaste
Are you getting a degree in Long Island studies
Clowning with the other RC, Ryan Cabrera in Long Island.
The President of the United States openly encouraged police officers to abuse people they arrest & take into custody htt…
Long Island get ready. Great show at the Brokerage Comedy Club this weekend. Aug 4&5. Steve White and Shuli. 1/2 off if…
Leo closed in on the Island, slowly the boat to a stop before getting too close. He wanted some long dust…
Utah man attacks Long Island commuter in Times Square
Vincent DeMarco on MS-13 crackdown: “We get a lot of cooperation from the immigrant community.”
WH statement on firing: "The White House can only tolerate one crass, irresponsible misogynist loud-mouth from…
You are missing the real FACTS!! MS 13 gang has killed 12 people just on Long Island. They are a far…
Our film, The Eternal Footman, will screen on August 4 at the Breaking Waves Film Festival in Freeport, Long Island…
On a visit to Long Island, N.Y., last week, Trump implored police officers, "Please don't be too nice."
So theres these crazy murderous clowns creeping around Long Island..lucky for me I got my boy Blaziken ready to push em. I a…
Long Island finance sleazebag:. Lands dream job. Has baby. Loses wife. Career goes up in flames. Mooch did Wolf of Wall Street's…
Somebody needs to tell Rappaport that Long Island is not a county. Suffolk & Nassau are counties on L.I.
There is a horrible duopoly in Long Island, NY (Nassau and Suffolk Counties). Please allow other ISPs to compete to lower prices.
Pres. Trump has departed Joint Base Andrews aboard Air Force One en route to Long Island for an immigration-related eve…
Glad to share, starting with (even if he's seen it already. Based on what he said in Long Island,…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Um, yeah. Long Island means Nassau and Suffolk counties to literally everyone. Except you apparently.…
Geographically they are on Long Island. But when people say "Long Island", they are usually talking…
Long Island police dept fires back at Trump: We don't tolerate roughing up suspects
Geographically, it's correct."Long Island" is usually used to mean Nassau and Suffolk counties.
On a map, you are correct but every New Yorker knows Long Island is Nassau and Suffolk counties. Y
Donald Trump is coming to Long Island today and we're not happy about it.
Long Island is a social construct outside NYC, consisting of Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Screw your "geography."
Correct. Most people who say they are from Long Island are from Nassau or Suffolk counties. People from…
We're part of the five boroughs. Long Island is an entity of its own (with Suffolk, Nassau and them other counties not worth naming).
The line starts to blur in places. Howard Beach and Bay Ridge feel more like Long Island than NYC.
The Great Gatsby was set in Long Island. East and West Egg were Nassau and Suffolk Counties
True. When someone says they grew up on Long Island they are referring to Nassau or Suffolk counties.
While technically correct. If you ask anyone from Long Island; who is a Long I…
Long Island is a cultural unit conveniently defined as coterminous with Nassau and Suffolk counties. Any objection to this is ludicrous.
I thought geographically it's still called Long Island i.e the island which has the counties of Kings,…
Physically, they are on the island but they are boroughs of NYC. Long Island is really just Nassau and Suffolk counties.
Long Island comprises four counties: Kings, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk. That's just the way it is.
FYI, Queens is on Long Island, along with Nassau and Suffolk counties.
When ppl refer 2 Long Island, they mean Nassau & Suffolk counties. That's the reality--best just to accept it
Long Island is made up of 4 counties; Nassau, Suffolk, Kings and Queens.
Brooklyn and Queens are boroughs of New York City, Long Island consists of Nassau and Suffolk counties.
Generally New Yorkers think of Long Island as Nassau and Suffolk counties, for pretty reasonable distinctions.
Members of the media, Long Island encompasses the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, and counties of Nassau and Suffolk.
Read a map. Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau & Suffolk Counties are on Long Island
The four counties of Long Island: . Kings, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk.
Thank you! We need something done here on Long Island. We are overrun with illegals and it seems like nobody cares.
Departing for Long Island now. An area under siege from gang members. We will not rest until is eradicated…
My friend Serial entrepreneur immeresed in on Long Island's east end. East Quogue,
I want to thank MY President for visiting Long Island and leading the fight to rid it of gang violence. Finally, A President that cares.
I was just up there last month. From Howard Beach, grew up Long Island. What part r u from?
All purpose parts banner
Trump heads to Long Island with Priebus AND the Mooch in tow TELEPHONE BOOK UM,&CUFF BEHIND BACK DOWN S…
Long Island has turned into Cambodia during Pol Pot?
I am listening to *** Trump speak on Long Island, were I live. Do people truely believe him, trust him, think he cares *** they r nut
WATCH LIVE: President Trump talks about MS-13 gang crackdown from Long Island, NY.
The President heads to Long Island, the epicenter of the MS-13 gang, to highlight his immigration agenda
>>> Waiting for President Trump to speak live from Brentwood, NY (Long Island). Live coverage on Fox News.
Wait...What!!! The LOTUS (Liar of The United States) is traveling to Long Island to discuss GANGS??? What about the…
President Trump travels to Long Island to talk about MS-13 and immigration
It's incredible to see a President who actually cares enough to come to Long Island my home after…
PolticsNewz: heads to towns hit hard by gang violence
Friday Donald trump will be on Long Island at the Suffolk Brentwood campus. There is a protest and if you can attend you s…
He's in Long Island talking about immigration and needing 10k more border agents tomorrow.
Video shows dog rescuing baby deer floating in waters off Long Island
Newsday HOME section, Renovated LI starter homes for first-time buyers via
Long Island worst than the city at this point sht getting wild
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Love to dock and dine from your boat? See the Long Island restaurants our reviewers recommend:
Lmao I don't live in Long Island 🙄 I live in Staten Island . Awww you mis me
A Gale Watch will be in effect from Saturday morning through late Saturday night for Long Island Sound:
Never challenge an Italian from Long Island to a push-up contest
Man dies after his car hits tree in Yaphank, police say - An unidentified man was killed in a crash Thursday ni...
Mitch McConnell has ruined the Senate. This process has been a disgrace, one that will long be remembered as a low poi…
Trump to Revive Push on Immigration Crackdown on Long Island Trip - New York Times
Principal Deputy AG: Trump is traveling to Long Island to address our fight to eradicate the violent threat of MS-13 https…
77-pound tortoise found wandering around Long Island
Big crowd there LOL... Based on the signs, I bet they’re all union workers. And for the record, won Long Isla…
I also had "there is no known cocktail called a…
We are staging a mass protest outside Trump's speech on Long Island. In solidarity with our immigrant communities. https:…
Im in long island wanted to go to the mall
3yearold twins drown in backyard pool on Long Island.
I'm a Long Island native. We will strongly resist Trump administration's criminalization and attacks on our black and brown communities.
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I been rockin with y'all for a few years man. Harlem and queens. Need to move out to Long Island!
Long Island police officer charged with forcing woman to perform oral sex after arrest
Ahead of visit to Long Island, Trump administration rounds up immigrant teenagers
When non-POC try to argue that long Island isn't racist. We have different experiences so stfu
Glad that Scaramucci is here to provide what rural Trump voters really need: a Long Island bar fight where no one actua…
They say if you go to a Long Island Beach on a July full moon & put a shell to your ear, you can hear the sound of Billy Joe…
*** ! I don't know why...but there must be something in this Long Island water 🤔💭💭💭. I'll explain !
Stop mocking Anthony Scaramucci for being Italian. The real problem is that he's from Long Island
What MS-13 has done to small American communities in Long Island, New York is heartbreaking & ignored by media/pols. https:…
Appellate court reinstates Hempstead cop's misconduct charge
Long Island cop forced woman to perform sex act at precinct
Trump to call for 10,000 more ICE officers in Friday speech on immigration
"Trump Heads to New York Towns Hit Hard by Gang Violence" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
Tomorrow must be Friday: Trump's flying to Long Island to talk about MS13. I didn't realize how MS13 has effected life in Oyster Bay? DUH!
Long Island cop charged w/ civil rights violation for forcing female arrestee to engage in sex acts in the precinct…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Long Island's Frank Dumicich Sr will have the Ford F150 ProTruck for the Armed Forces 100 Sunday…
Still time to enter !! If you play the blues on Long Island and think you got what it takes to make it to Memphis,…
You mean pretty boy?? The "thinks he's" Smooth Operator *** from Long Island wannabe hooks up with the…
Trying to think who could be president next to top Trump and coming up short. Guy Fieri? The Long Island Medium? Shaq?
urgent message to all dear friends:. it looks like it will soon rain in Long Island, New York, so head here to experience the comfort
6,272 guests in Lancaster last night to watch the Barnstormers host the Long Island Ducks. Nice going, 'Stormers!
That's so very sad. As a mother I hope he can find a way to get over it. Try Long Island Medium, Th…
Low key starting to get everyone on the Long Island wave and I love it
I have a morbid fear of Long Island. Haven't been there in 2-decades. Used to summer rental in Sag Horbor.…
My boss has me riding out to locations on Long Island I didn't even know existed...
LONG ISLAND! We are having our next meeting on July 23rd at 2pm!
. 1). has been waiting in the wings aft selling his hedge fund, and the Long Island mooch has found his slot now
Finally a Long Island/NY take no garbage guy who's not a politician. Go Anthony! Also the most popular name in my w…
won! Another upset! Come from behind win on Long Island. Good for him--desperately needed a W. Beat a very tough challenger.
One of life's little mysteries I will never understand is how a Long Island be 87% hard alcohol tastin like an Arizona iced…
Getting to that point on a Sunday where you consider drinking a nice refreshing Long Island iced bleach.
Last night at UFC on Long Island...was amazing..such an experience being there live...
UFC on Fox 25: Weidman vs Gastelum - Winners and Losers
Every time I see Mooch I think of the . Long. Island. Expressway . Better known as the L. I. E.
- no Ninja gyms on Long Island. Our 3 yr old wants to be you and - little help please?
LI teen works to make schoolhouse a landmark via
Last night I had a long island, whiskey ginger and 2 beers. Then got mad at me for ordering a water at the end.
Shane McMahon, son of WWE's Vince McMahon, has survived a helicopter crash landing off of Long Island
Correction* Long Island is very cool. NYC is disgusting
Sunset Sayville Long Island the east and west
Vote for The Janes Life in search for LI's best.
And he won the fight 😳. Patrick Cummins shows off after victory
I want to do a Long Island wine date this summer
I discovered a new Long Island Chardonnay last night, and I liked it! Hound's Tree makes a…
As construction booms, Long Island City residents want to see more restaurants on the menu
Website Builder 728x90
Simon and John well turned out at Travis and Veronica's wedding last night in Long Island
Never forget that on Sunday July 23rd 2017, tries to catch a fish after a night at the bar. Swimming in the Long Island Sound.
Flowers on Outer Island wildlife refuge in the Thimble Islands in Long Island Sound.
Roger Waters says an effort to ban his upcoming show on Long Island would violate First Amendment
👳 UFC Long Island: Chris Wade of Islip wins first fight of night ♥♥
Also, not surprisingly, non-Long Islander Kelvin Gastelum is not hearing cheers from the Long Island crowd.
Weidman making his way to the octagon and, to surprise of no one, the Long Islander is hearing cheers from the Long Island crowd.
. Oh god. Todd Anderson is reffing in Long Island. . Ready for more stupid stoppages?. Why is this goon still reffing?
got hired to play tuba at a Long Island mansion for a 90-year-old's birthday party and everyone here is maximally L…
VIDEO: we traveled to Point Lookout Beach on Long Island today to have a chat w/ Here she is. Enjoy! https:/…
Jackson *** in his Long Island studio Springs. East Hampton. New York. January 3 1949. by Arnold Newman
New White House communications director is a big Long Island lacrosse guy:
Thought it was OJ, JonBenet or Clinton but then I dug deep into the depth of my '90s kid from Long Island-heart & r…
that was Long Island's own Steven Matz out there with deGrom. Again, Matz is from Long Island.
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Long Island Reiki Master Teacher Patty Alessi
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