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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

Long Island City Long Islanders New York City Long Beach

HBO producer pleads guilty to moving dead body of Long Island mom-of-three who overdosed during cocaine binge
83-year-old Long Island man unhappy with care at hospital checks out, steals ambulance, drives to 7-Eleven: police…
I've had 4 Long Island iced teas and I feel great
Available wherever Long Island iced teas are sold
I was very cultural last night. I had Louisiana alligator and Long Island iced teas for dinner. Now I'm enjoying heartburn and a headache.
I was hitting those Long Island iced teas back to back last night lol
Man Accused of Kidnapping, Sexually Assaulting Women at Gunpoint on Long Island via…
Live music and Long Island iced teas to cool the heat. ... sweaty for sure. With
Daydreamed about the beach in the tanning bed. What's missing? An endless supply of Long Island iced teas
I want my funeral to be "2008 Long Island high school party" themed complete w 4loko and Mac Miller pls
I'd always thought that Long Island iced teas were my drink until I went to last night and had a Beverly Hills iced tea 😏
we live on Long Island , but we've travelled to upstate New York and visited Bolt Castle :-)
I drink like 2 Long Island iced teas and I'm ots
My liver is so saturated in Long Island iced teas how am I alive
What Pat Foley's "Long Island" is the the Islanders, Denver is to the Avalanche.
Hey I'm at Applebee's gettin smashed off Long Island iced teas y'all want somethin
I might've had to many Long Island iced teas
And I'm just trying to decide on whether I want a couple of purple mfs or a couple of Long Island iced teas, either way.Ima be slapped.
And then she order us two Long Island iced teas. She's my new favorite.
Why do people think everyone on Long Island know eachother🤔
This brittle star has very very long arms, Howland Island in the Pacific Ocean, depth ~2 km
"Finally we have a striker" they said as they continued to pump long balls over the top from own half to a diminutive forward…
Long Island man charge with hate-filled beating of two transgender women outside Queens McDonald's - New York Dail…
(Burlington,ON) had 18 pts,2 rebs,9 asts,2 stls in 32 mins in 120-105 win over Long Island.
Take us in the car, listen on the train, share us with your friends - Classic Long Island radio
Oh Long Island iced tea...why are you so delicious yet so deadly🙃
NY Senator's office has always been the Peekskill, NY location. Community even asked it to be moved to Long Island from this.
... have you tried a Long Island bagel?! 100x better
It didn't take Emma and Olivia long to get acclimated to the island lifestyle.
A man stopped and I as we were leaving the bar and told us to have a safe trip to Long Island and he'd see us outside SNL.
I've not seen either a dragonfly or a praying mantis in many years. I would see them every summer on long island. wond…
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While visiting the Nassau Art museum on Long Island I proceded to take a few photos of some of the sculptures on...
I watched Harambe: Skull Island. That spider scene you were so worried about is like 2 mins long max. Very underwhelming
Long Island Tea with my cousins are so hawt!
I added a video to a playlist NFL Flag Football on Long Island North Shore
Don't believe some have psychic abilities? That's okay, but read this. .
Health care central topic at Rep. Tom Suozzi town hall in via
lol All I need is a sup of Long Island and I'll sleep thru anything.
It's a long way up might as well embrace everything that come with it
I need a long *** nap on an island away from dumb people.
Thrilled that A Long Pitch Home has been chosen for 2018 Rhode Island Children's Book Award list!
I'm in a Long Island bar bathroom right now and the songs they play are nothing compared to SI's playlist
Send to Hawaii the smallest island they have no government benefits of any kind let's see how long they want them then
I hope is alive. Long Island Blake is a legend.
Putting this extra food to good use! After a long day driving the whole island and a 2 hour quad bike tour,...
The Long Island Nets went to Ontario to face the D-League's top team, the Raptors 905 and the outcome came as no...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Long Island Nets loses to Raptors 905 as D-League nears end
good. He and ray rice can hang out in back of caddie yard waiting for loop out on Long Island
just gave me the strongest Long Island in the world 😨
looking more Californian than Long Island since being in L.A. CA looks good on her.
“Strong Island,” a documentary about a 1992 killing on Long Island, has been acquired by Netflix https…
When you have major FOMO that you didn't go to Long Island this weekend. I miss my friends!!
Made a lot of, ugh, *car bombs* for middle aged Long Island folks today and one of them dropped a like, $80 bag of coke in the toilet.
single parents dating and long island in San Jose
Get a 360 view of a historic Long Island house that is being transformed into a colorful showcase of street art...
Best $12 dollars I've spent on a Long Island . This is heaven 😍
Man I hate the landing pattern for jfk at night bc it's usually over the ocean south of Long Island and it's just pitch black
When we all order a budlight and they say they're warm so we switch to Long Island iced teas because it's basically the same thing
I've had two Long Island iced teas tonight and I'm already feeling it.
Went for his epiphany and force of nature for now; Long Island iced teas down. Rapture and royals next
No one ever let me drink Long Island iced teas ever again
I really gotta stop ordering Long Island iced teas *** 🙏🏻thankful to have made it home🙏🏻
Was feeling those Long Island iced teas when I got up this morning🙃
Long Island iced teas are no joke lol
I still feel like I'm moving, my liver hurts, and my mouth tastes like Long Island iced teas
Ok, Barry, seeing all ur hiking photos, where should we go next week for a hike? An easier one! No hills in Long Island
tabs, but we only go to places I pick. Before I did that we ended up a place that served "Long Island iced teas" that were
it's ok I'll be there too we can share Long Island iced teas and gossip about all the demons.
Diet Update: This whole cutting back on margaritas and Long Island iced teas is not working out so great. School + work got me fiending. 💀
go drink your Long Island iced teas
Not sure what you are supposed to do in Chinatown. I had great food and a couple of AWESOME Long Island iced teas!!…
no snow here in Southern Maryland. This is why I left Long Island. 😉don't worry it all melts by weeks end.
The Nor'easter is right over the Hampton's on Long Island with the lowest pressure around 28.87". Snow totals as...
Here's the coming weekend's trips schedule, from Black Dirt upstate to Hempstead Lake on Long Island -
Blizzard Warnings for parts of Long Island have been converted to Winter Storm Warnings as more in the way of a wintry mi…
Will the Islanders stay in Brooklyn ? Move back to Long Island ?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
My stomach just made the sound of a 68-year-old Long Island woman seeing her granddaughter for the first time.
When the Long Island iced teas catch up to you
Doing some migraine yoga on my patio thinking about how my head should only hurt this bad after a night of 2-4-1 Long Island iced teas...
Gator Dockside for wings and Long Island iced Teas? My treat of course. 😬
They did the best Long Island iced teas there! But I haven't been for years now.
Freedom of Information Act Request responses in Long Island municipalities/counties graded .
Cuts to the Coast Guard and the Transportation Security Administration are "bad for Long Island"
Do people still drink Long Island iced teas? Asking for a friend
how much snow for Nassau County , Long Island?
My entire family is chugging Long Island iced teas at an open bar and I've never felt more united
I was downing 500 Long Island iced teas and don't remember this and it was only 8pm.. Jesus
Long Island iced teas are my poison.
the only thing I know about Long Island is your fantastic iced teas
City of Angels is looking a lot like Long Island tonight.
People who think the city is the real danger have never been to the wilds of Long Island.
Glen cove like right next to the city in Long Island
Long Island kids take on the city part 1
Winter weather alerts are in effect for New York City, the lower Hudson Valley and Long Island.
Expect particularly challenging travel conditions over the weekend on eastern Long Island and parts of Tennessee,...
Sunday 19th March we are out in Long Island at the The Noel S. Ruiz Theatre at CM Performing Arts Center...
Last night I had a dream that my mom legitimately thought she was the Long Island medium (the lady from the TLC show)
Just saw a commercial for Long Island medium where she's waiting on test results. If that doesn't prove the point...
Bdon thought LIM stood for Long Island medium lmfaoOo0
He is fostering in Valley Stream, Long Island, NY .. he is amazing.
I wanted to ask you if you can do an episode of Long Island medium reading Celebrities. I think it would be interesting.
Long Island medium and a box of tissues
Do y'all believe the Long Island medium is actually talking to spirits?
Long Island medium never fails to make me cry like a baby 😭
Long Island medium makes me sob every time I watch it and I don't know why I keep doing this to myself
is brought to life by the singer Long Islanders voted "Best of Long Island" 2016, Amber Ferrari
Oh😩they talked about Sara's best friend Al on Long Island medium 😭
"Where you from?" . "New York". "NYC!!". "No, Long Island" . "Omg so you must know the Long Island medium! You live in…
USA - HVAC Piping Foreman - ...nbspHVAC piping installations in Long Island and New York Cit...
I liked a video from Cedar Beach, Long Island | Carlos Diaz
AWESOME! (And I think I know where it's all heading, as I've seen one date pop up already...with a BIG Long Island singer!)
"Where are you from?". "New York". "It must be so great living in New York City!!!". "I'm from Long Island". "How far is th…
The state of New York has three real counties, the city, Long Island and upstate
Good morning from the beautiful Jamaica LIRR train station. Off to Long Island for the day.
Long Island iced tea, jump right back in! @ Planet Hollywood Resort…
I live on Long Island inNY. Out in Suffolk County PC James Burke is a name you shld look in2. Supposedly he instructed FBI
BREAKING : Obama Immigration lead to Grizzly Grizzly death of 2young Long Island teen girls by 10 MS-13 Illegals
"island I see you in the moonlight, silhouettes of ships in the night...just makes me long that much more"
Members of Notorious MS-13 Gang Indicted in Killings of Teenage Best Friends, 5 Others via
Most Long Island thing of the week: my cousin moves into her new house in Massapequa, finds many bins of seashells left f…
The flight to the big island from JFK is so long that I've seen sunrise and about to see sunset and I'm not there yet.
Love, deception, jealousy, revenge, genital herpes and murder.
Gangs are recruiting newly arrived migrants.
When ur in Long Island and remember you have an essay due in the morning
Frankie should bring in Mike Keenan as the coach and GM. He'd have the twins on the next plane to Long Island
More than a dozen members of the MS-13 gang were indicted on 41 counts, including seven Long Island killings
I live in Long Island, it's lowkey *** out here.
You know Jonathan Hemlock has the portrait in his basement on Long Island right?
Thirteen illegal immigrants beat and hacked three teens to death with a machete in Long Island. This is what...
gang members and illegal immigrants in Long Island, killing black and Hispanic teens…
Community leaders: Arrests in Brentwood gang killings bring relief, mark start of healing via
Illegals indicted for the murder of seven, including two teenaged girls, in the sanctuary city of New York
MS-13 gang is recruiting newly arrived migrant kids in New York, police say /// Thank you, https:/…
Have fun at senior night. Do yourself a favor and run up a tab at red shed before hand. Long Island gut rot >…
Want to visit but don't have a long time? See the best of the Emerald Island via >>
Must be a mistake, the NYT is reporting actual news! MS-13 Gang Members Arrested in 2 Girls’ Killings on Long Island https:…
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Suspected MS-13 gang members arrested in connection with Long Island teen murders [Video]... Read More:…
990K people, from Jersey City to New Haven, Conn. to Hempstead, Long Island, are at risk of future displacement
Henny & Red Bull, Jack & Ginger Ale was prolly the first drinks I ever ordered at a bar.. after a Long Island of course.
ICYMI: NYPA's empowered 120+ Long Island women at meetup last week.
Long Island is such a different place to the rest of the city. I went from being in the boogie down Bronx to the OMG STARBUCKS! Long Island🙄
More important: is he a Yankees fan or a Red Sox fan? Less important: was in born in Rhode Island or on Long Island?
Long Islanders rally for Obamacare in Huntington Station | Verizon FiOS1 News - Long Island
Let's Go ISLANDERS!!! We are all watching !! Fan's galore from Long Island and far away shores isle fan's excited and sure 👍💪💪!
Nickerson Beach, LI. Long Island's South Shore really does have some spectacular beaches, never…
.owner Dolan backs a new home for the on Long Island
Huskies 24/7 episode 6: The Huskies travelled to Long Island for All Star Weekend and the final…
1200 am east coast time in USA,..nesconset is long island NY
Thursday's cover: urges congressional Dems to fight on repealing
Long Island Link Sisters in Hempstead, NY for the unveiling of the Dr. Dorothy I. Height Stamp!
win, loss. Mr Long Island and then some Metallica. One helluva fine day.
come to Long Island we like to drink
I'll keep Angel Island safe for as long as I can
Uber for free anywhere with Uber Promo Code NICKD132 -- Lovers of Long Island Iced Tea!
Asked Brooke the stranded on an island question, she said she would bring her iPad to FaceTime people and her blanket. She ain't living long
no I haven't unfortunately. Are you in Long Island? 😊
there's still a long way to go for Staten Island. Things are looking up for sure but I'll look for more concrete progressions.
People hating on Long Island Iced Teas. Buddy, I know what I'm doing. Sue me for wanting to get wrecked on the cheap
"Why does a Long Island Iced Tea not have tea in it"
Neraki named Best Greek Restaurant by Best of Long Island in 2017
Cops: Man stopped in Suffolk with 56 pounds of marijuana via
What are you doing up at this hour. It's about 11:30 here on Long Island.
You can live on Long Island then it's mad diff from NYC
Struggles of world's refugees spotlighted at Stony Brook forum - Newsday
Big thanks to the Long Island, NY radio station 1290 GLI for playing my "Funky T-Shirt" song this week!
I noticed you're on Long Island. lol
Contemporary private residence located in Long Island, New York, designed in 2015 by Stelle Lomont Rouhani.
Yo cash me ousside's cousin from long island is basically on this train please send help
The hammered Long island: put 1/3 of Rum. Add 1/8 of Cointreau, and 1/3 of lime juice. Stir. . Drink it like . Leh'aim !
Anyone going to the Long Island event this weekend?
By his logic, rich *** Richard Branson with his own *** island doesnt have long money because he's not as rich as Bill Gates.
I think the jersey/long island/bronx accent is my fav American accent
I want someone to love me the way Meaty loves Long Island
The docks were closed and the water barely visible during Long Island's latest blizzard a few weeks back.
Ex-DOT Sec Anthony Foxx calls findings at USMMA "disturbing" in report issued during last week in office.
I really do remember the first time I saw you I was in Long Island
Hello-I am a builder on Long Island. I have the properties available and could do a lot more if I had the $$-paying 12% now
living on Long Island I go to NYC a lot and today I saw many homeless people. Colleen taught me to appreciate everything. ILY
So there was a Billy Joel concert, no wonder it smells like long island and beer and it's not Cortland
Driving from Brooklyn to Long Island at night is the best during the day ... never
Yup, it's official. selected as the Best Ice Cream on Long Island .
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Food & Wine wrote about Long Island wine. .
Back in to the south to work another season - and all to go back to Long Island. What a long day. Now I'm Gingerless. 😭
Long Island iced tea is ya girls bestfrand tonighttt😋
Can a brother get a long island to go
I don't know how I feel about being back on Long Island tomorrow
Anybody up for some 20 ounce Long Island schooners tonight? 5.00 each! We've got tea times for everybody!
Prof. Shailendra C. Jain Palvia of Long Island University New York speaking at on 'What is Imp…
Not gonna come cheap. Long Island gets Leslie and Alex, we get Jon, *** Foley, and Pat LaFontaine
Alec just remembered he's from Long Island. He's calling Mario "marrio"
In New York City and Long Island, undocumented immigrants are living in "genuine terror," unsure of whether to go...
I wish you'd could come to long island miss seems like this place has been forgotten but hope someday I hope to meet you (*^▽^*)💝
One of two waterspouts off Rhodes Island (Greece) yesterday, photographed by our long time friend Stavros Kesedakis of…
I met on a train to Long Island half a decade ago. To say I'm thrilled with the person she's become is an understatement.
Thanks for the follow man! Lookin forward to kickin it with ya soon over a Long Island pitcher! 🍹
Long Island police grapple with how to enforce Trump policies as they fight a brutal Salvadoran-rooted gang.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Cause she made me a cup of coffee for my long drive home back to Brooklyn from East Long Island. She's a kind sweet human being.
I liked a video A Trip to the Railroad Museum of Long Island, Featuring Museum President Don Fisher!
They'll be at TM Long Island in July, most of the other Spartan Races, and Mud Hero, of course.
. You're telling us we live on Long Island worse than traffic our terribly run railroad
. it is now! Perry I'm waiting for you on Long Island! I'll come to Cali for you even tho I am…
Josh always parks so far away from the Long Island railroad. I swear I throw a fit every time
catch me singing broadway songs to myself on the Long Island railroad👍🏻
one time I partied w bababboey at a house in Long Island.
If you want a $2 million Long Island summer rental, Europe's biggest hotel operator can help
My theory on Russian ships off the coast of CT and Long Island: They're going after George Soros.
Always fun to come home and there's a RUSSIAN SPY SHIP off the coast of Long Island. 😱😡
Costco, Long Island City, NY 2007: the rotisserie chicken man dropped all the chickens on the floor
I Voted for you and fully support you!!! Why am I seeing a Russian Spy Ship off my coast on Long Island.…
New research suggests some sailors missing from U.S.S. Turner were buried on Long Island.
im not coming back to Long Island until they get a Steak & Shake tbh
I had parm-garlic fries and Long Island iced teas by myself for dinner tonight... so yeah school is going great!
well if it makes a move at the base which is other side of Long Island/ Fishers island it be sunk!
Long Island! wants to see YOU at on 4/7! It's 2 days after the venue opens, be there! https…
"I hadn't had normal in a very long time." . Is Dinah still on her personal island?
Leaving Long Island on bad terms wasn't what I had planned 🙄😒
When you thought you got away with your Long Island accent slip but calls you out... 🙈
Why is this show of threat being taken lightly? The ship moved close to naval submarine base off the coast of Long Island
Seems sensible when there is a Russian spy ship loitering off Long Island, they buzz our planes and or we had a tra…
These long islands putting me on a island .
I am trying to go to New York City again so I can meet you which is funny cause I live in Long Island which isn't that far
Long Beach regains the Nassau Michelino crown. Check out how:
welcome to Orange County. Long Island born loving the music!
Maybe you should take a look at the view outside LONG ISLAND where a Russian spy ship is patrolling. GROW UP! FAST!
An update on the Russian spy ship off the coast of... LONG ISLAND.
Long Island teas are what my parents should have warned me about
- Hey numbnuts!! Putin's creeping up your *** off Long Island. What are you going to do about it tough guy?
The fact that I know so much about Long Island bc half my friends r from there is so ugly.
The Russians aren't coming...they are already here!
Russian spy ship spotted off Long Island. Here to pick up "Trump",Flynn, Bannon, etc.?
Now running next to an ad from a Long Island university that has declared itself a sanctuary…
@ everyone on Long Island when the beaches get shorter and shorter
Have you guys ever considered checking out the Kings Park psychiatric center on long island?
I can see Russia from my house. . I am now a bit spooked.
Bruny Island Long Weekend food, wine and walking. The newest Great Walk of Tasmania -
Putin apparently wanted to drop in and say "Hi!"
Shocked 2 find out Russia has a sub 30 miles off the coast of long Island near our sub base.. *** Trumpies just letting them visit?
Thats right folks. Long Island is Americas first line of defense. I actually had a plan for this mapped out in my t…
Surveilance off Long Island. What is Mr T doing about this?
In need of a long vacation on a tropical island
The real scandal here is the Russians are 30 miles off long island shore and not a mention from DT. This is Not right.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Roses are red,. the NSA's humming. There's a ship off Long Island. THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!
then fire on the Ruskie ship off long island. Time to put them back in the 80's where they belong.
Wait, the Russians have a ship in Long Island Sound? . Maybe we should tell them to leave.
spy ship was spotted off the coast of Long Island
Shoutout to Long Island Rap Blog for featuring my song "To the Bank" on their site, check it out!!.
Precipitation is moving through the region. Mainly snow inland, mainly rain on Long Island, rain/snow mix in between. Bri…
Betsy does walls better! Being projected in Long Island City, NY w/ Manhattan in the background.
and it's 30 miles off of Long Island in international waters has every right to be there
&I as I emptied the Splenda into my Long Island; I realized I'm Michael Scott
I'm raising money for My Trip To the Big Apple. Click to Donate: via
Come to Long Island, and I'll buy a ticket
After 4 long years of waiting, rocked the stage at concert in Singapore !
Hanging on the Long Island railroad today
The 'Amityville Horror' house on Long Island is once again off the market, but it sold for far less than expected:
Try a Gummy Bear shot with the rest of the den! $3 all month with $4 14oz Hurricanes, $7 32oz Long Island pitchers & $3…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
yes very scary but could be a lot worse if the storm. Iced south of Long Island
Go to West Palm Beach and arrest the Long Island killer you lame FUKS
looking for an Finance Support Lead for a long-term project in Long Island, NY. Please contact me or share!
No one can help me. I've been alone on this island for too long.
When a Ban on the Chinese Was Proposed and Frederick Douglass Spoke Out via Island Wins
An African American and white girl study a sign in the integrated Long Island community of Lakeview, New York, 1962 htt…
Drove from Long Island back into Albany tonight. Caught the first half of the Knick game on the radio.
unfortunately most of Long Island and Staten Island voted for Twitler!
looks very impressive on radar... Bulls eye possibly could be Long Island and CT.
Blizzard warnings issued for tomorrow morning in Suffolk County in Long Island and southeast Massachusetts…
As I said earlier, the Jackpot Zone is from Long Island to Boston. Up to 2 Feet is possible.
I feel like the Milo of Long Island lmao it's honestly dope. I can already say an entire community and social group HATE me. It's so humble.
long island will be mad ugly and not as sassy without you I'll miss you friend
'''Tis a Right of Way ... n the Long Way, that Will make it Worth the Wait ... just Do It the Right Way
I drove to work in Long Island from Brooklyn. Then from Long Island back to Brooklyn. Then Brooklyn to south Jersey. Slepyyy
Anybody in New York City seek an appointment tonight? I am so close by and in such a naughty mood. Don't want to go bac…
A Long Island college basketball player from San Jose has been arrested for the alleged rape of a minor.
Missing summer on Long Island more than anything 😭
Long Island Rep is a coward. He had no issue w his supporters shouting down an opponent, but Lee's too scared to hol…
1/2off drinks and $5 Long Island pitchers after a win 👏👏👏
Long Island college basketball player accused of rape
Bartender, I'd like a margarita, a long island, two beers, and a double shot of insulin! Diabetes
[FoxSport] Long Island college basketball player accused of rape
Blizzard warnings out for Long Island and Cape Cod for tonight into tomorrow. Major winter storm going to cause a travel nig…
Looking for models in NYC and Long Island
Eve. guidance has trended a little warmer and a little faster. This pivots the bullseye from NYC on northeastward (esp. Lon…
STORM UPDATE: Central/Eastern Long Island to Providence to Boston Corridor watch for 1-2 Feet of Elsewhere 8-12 wit…
We here in the Long Island Metro New Uork area are waiting for the great blizzard to hit us tonight. People r running around for supplies.
😂 not a fan of Long Island ice teas ... and they also leave gaping holes in my memory
A preppy jerk illegally killed a hungry fox at a Long Island park — and now cops are on the hunt for him. featured in NBC s Science of Love
This is our 2nd year. Next year we hope to offer this same program to many Long Island schools…
Two top-shelf author events on Long Island this week: in Lake Grove + in Southampton:
Join Bathtub Gin for Long Island's longest running Phish night at Beau's Bar in Greenlawn NY.…
oh I didn't see Long Island. I never go to jones beach. 🙊
yeah it's called a Long Beach instead of a Long Island. I wonder how oolong tea would taste in this drink. Will have to experiment
I need to visit a bar this weekend. I've been wanting a Long Island and a Sex on the Beach.
Long Island and Long Beach are the same place. Don't @ me.
You don't even need to go that far...the City of Long Beach and my town on Long Island have working plastic bag bans already.
Though you may not have guessed it, one of the best times to visit Long Island beaches is during the winter.
come to Long Island its nice and quite out here lol
NYPD Deputy Chief James Molloy of West Islip laid to rest
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