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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

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Dining | Long Island: Review: Prime 23 in Freeport Revels in an ’80s Menu: The steakhouse opened along Nautical…
Long Island native closes in on dream of playing in NHL - New York Post
you need to come to Governors Comedy Club here on Long Island. My wife said she will get you 2 cakes if you do!
Friends of mine that own a well booked Long Island based band are looking for a Male Pro singer. DM me for details.
very saddened .He ws a gr8 singer heard him in Long Island n with Sonu Nigam. Terror can n should not b tolera…
Long Island goes up 14-6 with 8:32 left 2Q on a 1-yard TD run by Brian Haeffner. 33-yard pass from Klemm to Greene leaping catch sets up TD
Lady got mad at her friends for shaking hands with their "foreign" server. He's from Long Island. Some people make Americans look pathetic
At this time a year ago I was driving down to Long Island to go see Sam Woolf in concert, I'm not emotionally stable
New Jersey thanks for making us feel the ❤. Tonight: Long Island at - can't wait! 📷:
brass monkey in meat packing does the brekkie. Am out on Long Island this weekend tho lads. Éire abú.
cedar beach north shore of Long Island? Mt Sinai?
I'm from Long Island which is Very Bad and no one cares about it and everyone just assumes the city so I play along
EBI Driving to Long Island over the Throgs Neck bridge. A beautiful sky, a vibrant city.
DUDE a lot of NYPD & Wall Street live on Long Island... just sayin'...
As if I needed another reason to hate Long Island.
In Man in the High Castle, all the big Nazis live on Long Island.
Little Giant Ladders
Do you have what it takes to be Strawberry Queen?
Then we head to Long Island on Saturday to take on tag champs, Flawless and…
YAPHANK, N.Y. — A Long Island man was arrested on weapons charges on Thursday after police officers found assault...
Man in long island arrested after pd found in his house weapons guns and anti-semitic books not clear now if he planned attacks against jews
Her friend took bullets at that she says were meant for her
Get outta here with that, we don't need people like this on the Island. Or anywhere else for that matter. .
FYI: Most of NYPD officers live in Long Island.
the emergency services on Long Island suck
this is exactly why I never go to long island.
Congrats to incoming FR JoeTierney for being named to prestigious All Long Island 1st Team! ht…
No mention of conspiracy to commit terrorism or anything. Weapons Cache & Bomb-Making Instructions Found at NY Home
Had the privilege of repping UAs on ITV Gold on Time Warner Cable in Long Island City. No,I'm not under-dressed,...
“And we want to stop hate in this country,” he said. “There’s enough.”
New Britain Bees fall to Long Island Ducks to end their road trip with six straight losses
Ribbiz really is last on my list of places to go if I'm doing road. Which is sad cuz dem long island is fiya
Thanks for adventuring with me this week, love you long time Mar! ❤️ @ Edisto Island Beach
TFW you're not at all surprised to see Long Island Nazis
Long Island brothers ge busted with stash of weapons, drugs, bomb instructions, Nazi gear
Police discovered assault rifles, $40,000 in cash, and Nazi paraphernalia in Long Island
Brad Baker completed the 2016 season tops on Long Island in assists among private and…
the last two live shots you've called it Hempstead Pike , it's Hempstead Turnpike and welcome to Long Island glad to have you!!
I'm a coastal person. I grew up in Long Island and lived in San Diego.
The 2017 is now available at our Long Island dealership. Read details about the model here:
Danced all night with Bob Wilson to a wonderful band. Met a wild gal from Long Island. Had a blast!
Blue Crabs fall 14-4 today at home to Long Island; Long Island scored 13 of those runs in 1st 5 innings
Only runs of game scored in 6th; after Long Island scored in top half, Jamar Walton 2-out, 2-run HR put Blue Crabs ahead to stay
Cares more about Israel than she does about Long Island. Where is the education plan Anna?
Looking forward to tomorrow's CureDuchenne Cares caregiver session in Long Island.
select Long Island natives Justin Dunn and Anthony Kay with top two picks. Full details:
Both Mets draft picks are from Long Island. It's official, the Mets can't afford to send scouts off the very island they call home.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Mets going heavy on the Long Island arms, Take UConn LHP Anthony Kay. Same high school as Steven Matz.
Can we go 2 for 2 on Long Island picks and take Anthony Kay pleassse
I always said serial killers are born and bred in Long Island basements.
Mystery Hangout time! Ms. Lee's class is from Long Island, New York. Love the global connections Ss are making.
July 3rd I will be competing in Long Island
9 ducklings rescued from storm drain on Long Island
Captain Kidd Scottish-born pirate William Kidd buried his treasures on Long Island, captured & hanged in 1701.
Long Island man pleads innocent to vandalizing traffic cameras
Making blackberry fruit leather in the @ Deer Park, Long Island, New York. USA
God I wish I was rich, so I could live in North Fork, Long Island in New York💖😍
*** ain't Deer Park in Long Island? one of the whitest parts of New York? lol
S06995 [Engross] Authorizes Jain Samaj of Long Island, Inc. to apply to the assessor of the county of Nassau for ...
The Welcome Center is a "no-brainer" and long overdue. It will promote the Long Island market.
How you gon be a redneck on Long Island
Spinach basil pesto in our new food processor @ Deer Park, Long Island, New York.…
Long Island iced teas at Red Robin are so good
Would love it if we could read more about him in Newsday. He's from Long Island, yanno 😏
When the court I have to go to tomorrow is farther than my drive to Jersey, yet it's still Long Island. 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Currently craving a $3 Long Island from Harvest. I need to get back to Philly soon. And on a Thursday.
Looks like my local Long Island supermkt after Hurricane Sandy hit abetted by poor crisis management from my Dem Gov
"Every moment of light and dark is a miracle." -Walt Whitman, born 5/31/1819. Long Island photo by Andrew Wakefield https…
Suffolk County, Long Island is my least favorite place that I've lived
Pleasant conditions across the area as of 5pm, with some clouds across coastal SE Suffolk County on Long Island.
We salute one Walter Whitman of Long Island, NY on his
Breaking News: Long Islanders urged to prepare for hurricanes: Long Island's county execu...
Long Island is so overpopulated that they ran out of 631 phone numbers so they're adding a new area code to Suffolk County
Angel from HDE Atlanta visits Long Island. She will be bringing back some Homers for the team! Thank You Team!
yo yo yo happy birthday! 20's are a big deal and us and Long Island will celebrate big time.
Hey come see my band play in West Babylon on June 22, first Long Island headliner show, and kicks off our run of shows across the north east
Ahhh spring on eastern Long Island aka All my possessions are damp season. island
Long Island, Bahamas bounces back from Hurricane Joaquin with a new new Police Station. via
We weren't poor growing up on Long Island, but it wasn't lavish - just...
ALL HAWKS FINAL AT BASEBALL HEAVEN! 14U-Black vs Blue in the Championship Game in Long Island!
Back on Long Island. I hate the sound of freeways.
4:44a: Flood advisory for western Long Island and portions of Southern CT until 7:30a for minor flooding.
Love the beach but i'm also terrified by the relentless power of the Long Island sound 🙏🏻!!
If anyone needs to text me dm me instead l because I just dropped my phone in Long Island sound:-)
Beautiful day for a boat ride on the Long Island sound with our college bound kids
I'm in the middle of the Long Island sound and I'm HYPE
A vintage World War II plane from a Long Island museum crashed into the Hudson, an official said
Are you aware that approximately 316,000 people are at risk for hunger on Long Island? Island Harvest has been...
Happy 21st to the day one and one of the first friends I made when I moved to Long Island . Turnin up all day 🎉…
Artie - you got to check out my toast June 11th, it's on Long Island with all your boys, KC, Jackie, Bob Levy, Stuttering John
...$10 billion they're spending on it and build 4 to 6 north-south lines across Long Island. Would serve a whole lot more pax.
Next week I'll be chillin in South Carolina, sipping on Long Island after Long Island and getting into all sorts of trouble
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I always loved the voice but knowing the Long Island medium loves I know like it even more! 😍💁🎶🔮
Let's elect the ghost of FDR as channeled through the Long Island medium. Her poofy hair is fulla ghost smarts.
Machete attacker who hurt 3 people in Long Island park is believed to be a 7-year-old MS-13 gangster
I really feel like u are a Long Island medium
I'll just chill in the corner and watch Long Island medium honestly
Why am I watching Long Island medium? This makes me sad this girls husband died the day of their wedding omg how sad :(
I just don't understand mediums AT ALL and the Long Island medium is on tv I'm riveted
It's so nice to run on the flat, paved roads of Long Island as compared to the hills and potholes of South Oakland
me tomorrow: "sorry I'm late to class I was up late watching Long Island medium"
this episode of catfish is like a Long Island medium episode lmao ***
It's like a super intense episode of Long Island medium
my moms schizo episodes are coming back and earlier she deadass thought she was talking to Long Island medium
Taylor swift x2, Long Island medium (if that counts)
Great day in Bethpage, Long Island--- great interview Mr. Trump, clearly the press is this morning
Like if ur not from Long Island and walked into la piazza you'd prob hang urself on the spot
Breast Cancer Awareness
Average SAT scores, by Long Island school districts.
Omg I ended up making a wrong turn somewhere & I ended up in a trailer park,I didn't know we have those on Long Island wow!
made from the Roosevelt Field in Garden City on New York's Long Island to Le Bourget Field in Paris, France.
says the other Long Island kid who brought craft beer to a college party
TONIGHT the only party in Long Island rocking . (I get on…
My latest: to open electronics kiosk at Long Island mall-- via
NYSERDA and NYS Homes & Community Renewal Announce Expansion of Energy Efficiency at ...: (Long Island, NY) T...
This travel agent event was on Tuesday in Garden City, Long Island.
Tink is lying, we went shot for shot on new years with peach e&j, Long Island ice tea, whipped pinnacle and I think grey goose 😭
Mariah Carey is my favorite girl from Long Island.
Favorite guys on senior day:)❤️ @ Charles Wang Athletic Complex, Long Island, Ny
Congrats to Long Island native Kenny Atkinson. He is going to do a great job on Flatbush and Atlantic.
finally had a fat tire ale head in huntington. Please tell me this means I can start finding you on Long Island.
Since you're in NY you have to try the Bethpage Black Course on Long Island. You'll thank me later. It's amazing!
but I guess that's what happens when you have 2 Hawaiian Mai Tais, a Long Island, a spiked strawberry, and some beers
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
from Diane Ravitch... Dr. Michael Hynes, superintendent of the Patchogue-Medford school district in Long Island,...
Butch they are playing on Long Island at Tanner Park in Copiague, July 20th at 730 pm. Free concert.
March for with award recipient from Long Island to Albany on Sunday! h…
PLEASE put a Jimmy Johns on Long Island! 8 million people are waiting!!!
Rep. Pete King of Long Island: I support Trump, but have concerns >> via
Column: Seven years on Long Island … just like that - Suffolk Times
Garden City, on Long Island: grand Tudors and colonials:
Join us today at Independence celebrations in Los Angeles and San Diego, California, and on Long Island, New York!
Left my tassel at lunch, was in the wrong convention center part for 15 minutes, that Long Island ice tea at lunch may have been a mistake
Reenactment of the 240th Battle of Long Island in Queens. @ Maple Grove Cemetery
3 dead in small plane crash in Long Island neighbourhood - Sarnia Observer
Do You know Comacina Island is only 600 mt long and 200 mt wide? Situated in https:/…
If you say, Long Island Iced Tea three times in a row in front of a mirror you probably drank too many Long Island Iced Teas
She drunk one Long Island ice tea and one hypnotic shot and she pissy drunk 😂
The Long Island Collection: a celebration of the Art Deco movement
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
in 1905 Belmont Park opened in Long Island. It was the largest race track in the world. ht…
Joel Escobar jailed for 12 years for raping and robbing girl on Long Island golf course
Thought I would share this market news. Hamptons Real Estate Market Reports | Douglas Elliman
I love Long Island. Yes we are all *** but we are better than you
Piña colada . Liquid cocaine . Tequila shots . Long Island . 2 big stout . Blue Label . Permit me to quit drinking for some months.
🎶Hundred Island. Make it simple to last your whole life. long🎶.😂😂😂 na miss ko toh! .
best buy POLYWOOD? Long Island Adirondack 9-piece Outdoor Table Set Order Now at
I put 20 gurners on an island to see just how long they could survive pinging in the wild. this, is bear pylls
Missing is the "Youse Guys" pocket from central Jersey to Long Island.
No evidence of explosion in Syosset plane crash - Newsday
if I never make another Long Island or Liquid Marijuana it'll be too soon 😩
The best restaurants to try in Long Island this summer via
As long as stubborn old goats exist so will beards.
One of the greatest singer/songwriters, Long Island's - a lifetime ago we played clubs with other bands ht…
Nick tried to order another long island and the bartender said "let's not" 😂😂
History fans will love this Long Island property that played a part in the Revolutionary War https:…
Being able to enjoy Long Island and not working when you're here has to be the best feeling
A Long Island teen who received acceptance letters from all eight Ivy League schools has decided where she'll attend colle…
Whoever invented Long Island ice tea right now I absolutely hate you 🙄😱🔫
Read an article on a guy from Long Island who hit the lottery twice for a million bucks per, AND his wife died. Some guy…
Two killed in small plane crash in Syosset, cops say - Newsday
am going to your bar I want strong long island ice tea ***
The Independent:'Why a week on the island is not nearly long enough'.
hey Booms! Come to the Rod Gilbert Golf Classic on Long Island! 25th anniversary this year.
Michael Dobie on the sad legacy of Long Island: seemingly endless public corruption and scandal.
There's nothing like Long Island in the summer time
A Long Island construction worker just won a $1 million lottery jackpot — for a second time
Nassau BOCES honors Charles Osgood for supporting public education on Long Island
Things to Do on Long Island, May 7 Through May 15: The American Chamber Ensemble, the Eglevsky Ballet and Hof...
I'm running around Long Island with Sean Chen and John Rosas for FCBD tomorrow -- come see, come see!
Electronic Device Insurance
Great summer pd coming to Long Island and
If you're roundabout Long Island tonight, you can see Adam Haslett at Turn of the Corkscrew!
Scab attacked couple of union guys in Long Island. This is the type f people they are hiring to do my job? Nice...
15y/o Emily Rojas of North Bellmore, NY (Long Island area) was last seen leaving her residence May 4
Farrah and Mr Darcy are looking for homes! Come meet them Saturday at Emma S. Clark library on Long Island, NY...
Long Island's Chris Wade is on a 6 fight win streak and taking his UFC division by storm! Wil we witness number...
"And if the band you're in starts playing a different tune...". Long Island, New York - August…
Yaphank Fd..Suffolk Co LI,NY..(13/35) 43 Long Island ave..1 person shot at location and house is on fire..
the first to play new on the twin forks of Long Island!
Senator Kaminsky, sworn into office, now serving the 9th Senate District in Nassau County, on Long Island
that Long Island and pitcher of sangria, angry orchard and shot! Got to me! Lmfao
Suffolk to have most diverse police academy class - News 12 Long Island
For the first time in six years, Long Island has a Democratic state senator
Growing Healthcare company is looking for an Outside Sales rep for Long Island.
Jaffe wats good Larry Ford frm Long Island said wats up
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
DIVING the Wrecks and Shores of Long Island, NY SCUBA Diving Is Thriving in the New York Area. the Diving Up
.winner of a pivotal New York Senate race on Long Island following the counting of absentee ballots
Hello Marco, Miss you on the campaign trail even though I'm a Trump supporter - you're terrific ! I live in New York on Long Island
Can you recommend anyone for this Associate Luxury Manager - Long Island - New York
Art on a closed asylum for veterans on Long Island
FINAL: Kevin Vance strikes out the side to close it out! 15 K's for Ducks pitching! Long Island wins this one 10-2!
Long Island is more than bagels, pizza, beach&the Long Island's the best bagels, beach&pizza and a lady none of us actually know
AP: wins state Senate race on Long Island following counting of absentee ballots
Long Island! We are finally back next weekend at Amityville Music Hall. Don't miss this stacked line-up!
Boat Builders and Boatyards of Long Island, the Oyster Bay Historical Society's spring/summer exhibition, opens...
Long Island's Oyster Bay Cut to Junk by S&P on Budget Deficits
Happy 1 year and 7 months to this Long Island bomb shell! . Photo…
Lee Zeldin fighting increase of & prescription abuse on Long Island.
Days before the April 19 special election on Long Island to replace ex-Senate Republican Majority Leader Dean...
I'm an Islanders fan, as I live on Long Island.
Tazz is now rooting for the Islanders. He was confirmed an Islanders fan when they were in Long Island.
cheered for the Islanders growing up on Long Island! Love Hockey!
2016 Ambassador Awards in Long Island hosted by the Italian American Museum
Yesterday when I was on Long Island there were three Chipotle's within a four mile radius. Taco 'bout heaven. 🌮
Reason to leave Long Island (again) Waking up to read that there were two shootings two hours apart less than 1 mile away.
~ Located in Long Island, NY at Oyster Bay Animal Shelter ~ . I tried to follow my FAMILY out the DOOR ... but my...
A pastor in Patchogue, Long Island has asked the Suffolk County Republican Party to move a Donald Trump fundraiser scheduled for tomorrow.
I feel like the move from Long Island to Brooklyn should've prompted a change in coiffure for Capuano. Not down with the undercut, Jack?
De La Rosa on for Long Island in the 7th.
Fatal Long Island Ambulance Crash -   WEST HEMPSTEAD, Long Island (WABC) - The driver of an ambulance and a pat...
I really think I could get to Long Island from Brooklyn faster riding my bike with the amount of time I sit in traffic on the belt parkway
.takes the to Long Island.
Options for the land lover as well. Take our seared Long Island duck breast with arugula, goat cheese, fig, pine...
Nets must practice what they preach: Long Island native Kenny Atkinson will be the...
That's the Beltway. I was making a joke, b/c the Belt Parkway runs along the south coast of Long Island. Basically, all of
Chris Feder, formerly from Valley Stream North HS on Long Island coached by the late Hall of Fame coach Ralph...
Come see Brimes Energy "pitch" its Long Island-based Wave Energy startup at Pitch Night
"I went to Long Island to collect my laptop which I had forgotten in the car of a loving Kashmiri uncle...
You aint see me this weekend 2 cups straight and 3 Long Island iced teas extra strong not including the shots& I was still chillin😝😅
Long Island cancer patient gets to see son wed in hospital ceremony
Tonight I feel so thankful for my wonderful friends, for dive bars in the mountains and for Long Island iced teas. ❄️🍹🏔
Time flies when Long Island iced teas are free
Talking NY GOP primary earlier today on ; some interesting voices from Long Island
Coke to Long Island for the beach and I'll join u
Would do some ridiculous things to be on Long Island on the beach right now
I last visited NY in 2008, Long Island (Peter King territory). I was working for a university software publisher, conducting training.
will know when your vlog uploads if those iced teas were from Long Island.
Ended my day at the beach. My only reason to like living on Long Island.
he's an alumnus of Long Island university. The campus is near our house and his name is on a plaque. So exciting!!
she got back to me, she told me she was drinking & had some Long Island iced teas after a long day of work.
Been drinking henny all day . Followed up by 2 Long Island iced teas. 🤔🌊🤔
only consistent things in my life are Long Island iced teas
Ex-Long Island police sergeant in jail for stealing from Higets more charges
no, I'm at jones beach now on Long Island
if you haven't got work tomorrow..drink Long Island iced teas or dark rum&coke..they're great for drowning Arsenal sorrows👌
I also loved Sorolla's portrait of Louis Comfort Tiffany in his Long Island garden (wonderful loan from Hispanic Society of America).
Beautiful Day on Long Island at west meadow beach , enjoy the Beautiful Day everyone.
The things I'd do to be on a Long Island beach right now...
Congratulations to the LBHS winners at Long Island's Best Young Artists at the Heckscher Museum!
All I have consumed this weekend is Long Island iced teas and pizza
Long Island iced teas before vodka-soaked gummi bears, throw up on the stairs
A Long Island and a room to myself by the beach would do me so good..
when the Long Island iced teas hit you
They have Long Island iced teas on special
Warm weather has finally rolled in to Long Island!: My friends and I decided to take my Jeep out to the beach ...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I think I just saw a girl who looked like Rihanna but I think I've had one too many Long Island iced teas
lol rnt we supposed to be droppin a quater thou on Long Island iced teas at the Cheesecake Factory rn?🤔
Havent drank Long Island iced teas since I was in college and only had $10 for the whole night.
Sometimes you study for an exam, sometimes you drink Long Island iced teas, and go back and fourth from Grey's Anatomy to reading comics.
my parents live on Long Island and wanted to strategically vote - is it a lost cause in Suffolk County?
Thank you Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, a & the 1st from Long Island.
Not unless you go to indigo and drink 5 Long Island iced teas
Long Island iced teas got the best of my last night.
Origins in Mt. Sinai is where I'm at this Saturday! The variety store in Long Island for your…
Rock Calendar 4-15-82: Billy Joel seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident on Long Island. He will spend over a month in the hospital.
Sometimes I miss certain people from Long Island but seriously, have you had the pizza here?
Had a great evening supporting Winthrop university hospital"s Cancer Center for Kids at the magnificent Oheka Castle on Long Island, NY
Trump visit roils Long Island town still healing from hate crime - Medina County Gazette
The strongest Long Island iced teas you've ever drank are ordered.
The French Riviera is beautiful and they have Long Island iced teas...I don't think it gets much better than that
Big thank you to Project speaker Barry Gibbs for taking time today to talk with SJC Long Island students.
Meet Madiran in Long Island's newest wine bar:
Nobody told me three Long Island iced teas would do that to me.
If you are ever in the Garden City area of Long Island with children, I highly recommend spending a few hours at...
Pat Friedman spent years fighting Donald Trump's projects on Long Island. She now supports him for president.
Sensible cocktails last night turned into Long Island iced teas and shots, I now have a 14 hour shift 💔
Can't get enough of Long Island iced teas.
My first library card was from my sanctuary, Williston Park Public Library, Long Island, NY
Brando has had five Long Island iced teas, and did a tiger bomb. he is so strong❗️
Steve Israel defends Long Island wine after drinking...
see you in Long Island for the roast
My (pls follow pick of the week: Maria and TJ's dreamy Long Island wedding. Watch t…
I swear Houlihans has the best Long Island iced teas.
Long Island iced teas are where it's at y'all
Studies prove that Space Rockets run on Long Island iced teas
Just realized Long Island iced teas actually don't have iced tea and them and I'm honestly a lil sad about it
let's have some Long Island iced teas then
// When you have a selfie taking problem after two too many Long Island iced teas. me is feisty.
Overheard in the line for the Long Island rally via
I want seafood and Long Island iced teas 😋
Real Haunts on - Your Guide to Real Haunted Houses and Locations on Long Island via
Records of the Towns of North and South Hempstead, Long Island, New York...
Okay so Long Island iced teas are pretty strong
Long Island, gets to meet with Heidi Cruz on Monday! NY you rock!
my aunt is a wounded warrior served as SGT in the gulf war. She would love to meet you. She lives on Long Island.
A not-so-good morn to my stoner fam. Pounding head. Walking to to get my car now. PSA: Long Island iced teas are the devil's drink
Long Island iced teas don't hit you until you're ready for bed
Two old businessmen are drinking Long Island iced teas next to me. Must be Friday in downtown…
Somebody tell me who got the best Long Island iced teas in CC
wifi or not I can't wait for 1/2 priced apps and Long Island iced teas 😍🍹
I need like 10 cups of Long Island iced teas
the Long Island iced teas are calling my name🍸👭👅
I need a 30 mins nap, 5 Long Island iced teas, a spa day and 4 days vacation Please and thank you.
I feel like I need 14 Long Island iced teas and 9 gin & tonics oh and a bottle of rosé
I long really care for Long Island iced teas... 🙃
You know what they say. Long Island iced teas are much stronger in Canada
Long Island iced teas: they may cost $11, but at least they get you drunk
New York City may be liberal, but NOT in Suffolk County on Long Island. Conservative, family,
all my native Long Island friends say "the city."
I could do with about 18 Long Island iced teas
Long Island loves you! Great job by Nassau county police dept last night, no nonsense! Just like you!
Trump's Long Island rally is forcing a domestic violence shelter to close for a day: Awful.
Donald Trump returns to NY for wild Long Island rally that brings out thousands of supporters - New York Daily News
Unbelievable evening. Just made a speech in front 17,000 amazing New Yorkers in Bethpage, Long Island--- great to be h…
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