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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

New York Garden City Roosevelt Field Mall Stony Brook University Suffolk County Community College Dix Hills Long Island Iced Tea Oheka Castle

This Native American tribe on Long Island is trying to raise its language from the dead
Wasn't there a big Long Island music documentary supposed to come out? I remember the trailer had fugazi in it
Bitter cold air moving in - and a guy on Long Island is pulled over by cops... who's had his license suspended 88 times... …
The Rob Wilson Fan Event will be located just east of Manhattan, on Long Island in Garden City :)
I've been to Long Island. Air still a little smoggy 😂😂 nah I'm lying
55 here on Long Island! Cold air mass headed this way tonight
I guarantee you, that Garden City, Long Island would be one of them , too.
Jackie Kennedy Onassis, that fashion doll of the 20th century, had two eccentric cousins who lived in cat-filled squalor on Long Island.
goals by RNH and Schultz. I'm so torn inside right now. although this may make it easier to extract Travis Hamonic out of Long Island
The week prior at Maryville University I had been looking at Ms. O'Brien's find in her attic on Long Island, about Judge Crader's murder.
Ahoy, Mateys! This Sunday, bring the kids to see the Pirate Show with Captain Billy Bones at the Long Island...
The official hotel is the Garden City Hotel. This is peak Long Island and I love it.
lol no I go to Stony Brook University in Long Island, New York
Throwback to when my skin color did not resemble the arctic tundra @ Stony Brook, Long Island,…
I knew a Jewish guy from Long Island while at the University of South Carolina who was/is the biggest country fan ever.
Kevin Brown, of Far Rockaway, found dead in Nassau County Jail cell | News 12 Long Island via
COVANTA recycling plant here on Long Island in Garden City Nassau County!
Aweseome idea! Tunnel from Westchester to Long Island? Study Needed: Cuomo | Patch -
Jimmy in Long Island called to talk about NYC homeless.. on the show
New York on Long Island. But everyone I know are just casual fansfans.
'Influence of recharge basins on the hydrology of Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Long Island, New York. via
This session, I will propose $5M to study the feasibility of a tunnel connecting Long Island to Westchester, CT or the Bron…
Cold, cold morning looking over stony brook campus to the Long Island sound.
There is not, but there is one in Garden City, Long Island. ^EE
Got back from Lake George a few days ago, I think I brought the cold weather back to Long Island
So glad to be back at it Saturday night with vs Stony Brook on Long Island!
There has been a lot of boys basketball action on Long Island so you know Mike Quick and Pav will be talking about!. https:…
War Record of the Town of Islip, Long Island, New York : World War, 1917-1918...
African boy mauled by chimps to undergo facial surgery on Long Island, New York.
Michael Hynes is Superintendent of the Patochogue-Medford public schools on Long Island in New York state. As...
Michael Hynes, superintendent of schools in Patchogue, Long Island, in New York, has a new idea: Let’s forget...
ATTENTION New York! This girl is on Long Island and needs a home.
the paramount on Long Island in New York💜💜
if you come to Long Island, New York then yeah
I'm coming home Long Island to star in Jan14th TIX
OWASP Long Island meeting on January 13th in Huntington with simulcast to Adelphi University in Garden City.
Long Island come rock out with me & The Gourmet Band tomorrow at Amityville Music Hall as we…
With tony Richardson yesterday in Long Island city seeing my Chiefs win
Another Roof being installed by Home Depot in Stony Brook, Long Island. @
Sometimes I fear that I have a heavy Long Island accent like the Long Island Medium
what's going on with Matt Moulson up there in Buffalo? Healthy scratch last week. Tavares misses him here on Long Island.
5 Long Island farmers markets open all winter long
Long Island the show girls would be hi cost lol happy new year Join us at the County House in Stony Brook Lee
Visiting some friends at the Stony Brook University in Long Island today. Here's a gorgeous Umbilic Torus statue in… https:…
Long Island in discrimination case ... - -
Looking out to Orient Harbor. The Hamlet of Orient on Long Island's North Fork is quaint and…
I think the east end of Long Island should be a boro too!
Pft you've never been to a hood like Garden City, man. Long Island is NO JOKE
Long island ice teas might have been a mistake...
Not even the joys of parenthood can stop married sleuths Nick and Nora Charles from investigating a murder on a Long Island estate.
Happy New Year Long Island and beyond! Go have some fun 🎆🎉
Two of these girls wee from Long Island and one (the most likable) from outside Philly.
Louis Bonacasa of Coram, fallen Air National Guard staff sergeant, comes home to Long Island
Hempstead, Nassau reach agreement on tax roll changes
New Suffolk County laws ax treasurer's post, target toxic toys: New Suffolk County laws that go into effect on...
Long island ice tea's.All night. Why not
finally got to donate to my faves❤️aye you should come to southwestern Long Island/NYC😉
Find out which stores and restaurants are open on New Year's Day
When you send bae on a mission to go get you a Long Island ice tea to go
Saw Joy, the movie about the lady who reinvented the mop and comes from my very own Island of Long. It was ... ok I guess.
I'm either old or this long island is low key LIT.
you need a Long Island Iced Tea up there in Canada
According to the franchise in chapter 41, the ancestors of Capypa lived far away on a little island long ago
Ok, margaritas, kir royal, White Russian, caipirinha, old fashioned, Long Island Iced Tea, and I just finished my last whiskey sour...
when you can't go to the party cause your in Long Island😩😩
Part of me wants to just take off to the island...that long drive & the sound of the waves is what I need.
The first Long Island was weak, beer wasn't better.shot time love my crown!
All I need is three Long Island Iced Teas and a dance partner tonight
I'm getting old... I had to let my long island water down before I could drink it
Eesh. My "never again" drink is Long Island Iced Tea. I earned the nickname "the faucet" that night.
I found my long lost twin on this island OMG
All of us here from sjb want to wish u a happy new year from our couches across Long Island
2016 non-fitness goals include:. -save all da hedgehogs. -buy a puppy for my birthday. -make an acorn stash 4 all da squirrels on Long Island
I actually don't wanna use tinder on Long Island for fear of matching with a long lost cousin.
Photo from 12 LI kids who found fame in 2015
"Things to Do on Long Island, Jan. 2 Through 10" by Unknown Author via NYT
LMAO dead sprinted down to the feild straight from long island
Actually, I grew up on Long Island (NY), attended Stony Brook U, but across from the tracks there was a Prep School.
A long time ago on an island far far away... 'Star Wars: Archaeology of the Jedi'
Nova Scotia said goodbye to one of its most famous landmarks in 2015 ht…
the cap is on Long Island delivering ProV1x to the less fortunate kids playing srixons.
Long Island Iced Teas will have me drunk texting foshooi
Live, Laugh, Love! Awesome advice from who most days can be found in NYC or Long Island escaping reality & traveli…
A Revolutionary War hero monument is lit after decades in the dark
Long Island Ice teas and some thoughts
"Make me another Long Island, I'm trying to die tonight, I'm not gonna make it into 2016"
Human snowbirds flee, but these ducks and geese love a Long Island winter!
Here Wondering why White Plains Road lock up, then I checked the time. I REALLY couldn't wait to leave Long Island.
I only like New York when it's 90 degrees and I'm at the beach in Long Island 🙄
Garden City, N.Y. (AP) — Pandemonium erupted Tuesday at a Long Island mall filled with holiday shoppers when an attempted robbery led to
Mark Line and Mosaic Capital to bring new student housing to SJC Long Island:
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
CULTCREW – Anthony Panza - Anthony Panza has been making moves from Long Island to NYC with Nick Jones behind t...
Some of New York state's ugliest residents go to Long Island's universities and colleges. I don't think it's fair to be thrown in that group
Oheka Castle in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island was built by financier and philanthropist Otto Herma
Long Island! Thank u for a great first show of tour. We are Home tomorrow Doors 6. 📷 htt…
Also how tf am I supposed to get to Long Island. By boat? Plane? Hot air balloon?? A blimp???
LIRR: Car on tracks causes delays on Ronkonkoma branch | News 12 Long Island via
Taking a trip to Long Island, and inadvertently booked a hotel with a view of my old grad school department at Stony Brook.
James Vasquez owns two Minuteman Press franchises in Bohemia and Patchogue, Long Island. More importantly, he is...
Oheka Castle on the Gold Coast of Long Island. (Photo: © 2015 Joseph Kellard/…
Thanks, Professor! Happy New Year to you and hope to see you on Long Island in March!
Two shots of Don Julio, Stone Enjoy By, and a Long Island. Post…
A year ago we found out that there wasn't ice tea in a Long Island ice tea 😂 @ Miamisburg Ohio
any sign of possibly adding Islip-Mac Arthur Airport in Long Island, NY Route?? That would be super! :D
they sell Long Island ice tea by the pitcher. It's my liver that's gonna weep!
My mom told me to mix all the alcohol in the house to make a Long Island ice tea... She tempted me 😭😭😭
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
First drink of the night, a Long Island ice tea.
Christmas in Long Island continues tonight as we visit the Simon house in West Islip @ West…
Bud light has come out with a new Long Island ice tea pounder that has my name all over it.
Long Island ice tea , in my red cup .
It's half 10 the room is spinning, I'm sipping on what you could only call a Long Island ice tea with the amount of alcohol in it. BLESSED
So complaining about drinking but he's on his 5th Long Island ice tea with me
Apparently has the best Bullfrog and Long Island ice tea in Abu Dhabi (:
Good. Hamonic is better. Keep Travis. Move his entire family to Long Island and get them the help they need
Aye go on I'll have a Long Island ice tea while I'm waiting
Long Island ice tea is my first legal drink 😬😬😬😬
Long Island ice tea be bomb with lemonade 😋
Grandmother coming in clutch with a half gal of Long Island ice tea and a beer bong
I may have traded my beer in for Long Island ice tea
no I don't. Very rarely will I have a drink. When I do it's usually a Long Island ice tea.
Cullen, will update when I can. (@ Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island in West Islip, NY)
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Lowkey, Long Island ice tea has me slight.🙃😂
Andryns 14 yo bro: yeah first it was just margarita mix and I didn't feel anything. Then I added Long Island ice tea mix and I still didn't.
I'm so gassed shop rite has one of my fav brands of Long Island ice tea now!
RTPost about my visit as a guest to North Fork of Long Island is here- Enjoy!
This bartender made me the strongest blue Long Island ice tea of all time. Bruh my eye twitch when I take a sip
were you drinking Long Island ice tea?
time!! . Long Island ice tea, now on the gin. Love the directors lounge at the flicks. Early Christmas present for me!!
she looks like she could punish some hot wings. Extra crispy and a Long Island ice tea.
Mm. A mushroom burger and a Long Island ice tea. What could be better?
kind of like a Long Island ice tea.
I can't find the Mystic Seaport pic but I found this. Sag Harbor, Long Island during the Bicentennial.⚓️
This is so scary!. Earlier Tuesday afternoon in Garden City, Long Island police r...
Police: 1 shot at Roosevelt Field, suspect in custody | News 12 Long Island via
UPDATE: Suspect taken into custody after shots fired inside Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island; mall is reopened:
WATCH LIVE: Police give update on shooting at Long Island mall
One person was shot during an apparent robbery at Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, Long Island
BREAKING: Police investigate reports of a robbery and shooting at a mall in Long Island, NY:
BREAKING: Police are investigating reports of a robbery, shooting at Long Island mall
JUST IN: Police investigating shooting and robbery at Long Island, NY mall-->
Shooting at Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island:. -At Least 1 Person Shot. -Gunman in Custody. UPDATE >>
UPDATE: 1 shot at Long Island mall during possible robbery, 1 in custody: police
Reports of shooting, robbery at Long Island mall:
watching Long Island medium and balling 😭😭
Rick's having some serious issues with Lori's death. Anyone know if Long Island medium is still kickin' around?
I really just want to have Long Island medium powers
You guys, Jim parsons and Susan lucci and Katie Lowes are gonna be on Long Island medium.
Woah... Long Island medium commercial got me teary
Lamborghini Driver Killed in Long Island Crash: A Long Island man was killed Sunday when the Lamborghini he wa...
Transferring thru the park to get to the Long Island expressway. (@ Flushing Meadows Corona Park) on
Nothing says Xmas like a gig on the Nautical Mile in Long Island! On my way to Hudson's on The Mile to rock with my Wonderous Stories bros.
Even though I live in Arizona now, I'm a Long Island girl & I grew up actually cruising the Miracle Mile!
5th grade me was all about DARE and pledging to never drink or do drugs . Me now: UHHH lemme get a round of shots and a blue Long Island
I hate when outsiders talk trash about Long Island like nah only I can talk about MY Long Island 🙃😁🖐🏽
The guy from the Long Island teen challenge is hilarious
Stranger: Are you from NY?. Me: No. Rhode Island. S: That's in NY. Me: ... That's Long Island, not Rhode Island.
Last chance to vote for for best moving company in Long Island!
Glass broken, statues damaged in Long Island church vandalism
Glass Broken, Statues Damaged in Church Vandalism: Police on Long Island say they’re looking for the vandal or...
Good morning Long Island. . This photo was shared and was taken by Great South Bay Images/Mike Busch. They take...
We are a pregnancy care center in Long Island, NY. Join us! Volunteer opportunities abound!
Where Tina Fey, Amy Poehler's 'Sisters' filmed on Long Island: Dix Hills was alive with the sound of "Sisters." So…
How are and 's Long Island accents so good? They sound like my mom's relatives.
Do you know a Long Island area company seeking interns? Have them connect with Suffolk County Community College...
Gloria Gaynor makes surprise appearance at Long Island school for ...
The FBI is joining an investigation in one of the most vexing murder mysteries in Long Island history
Like our videos? Then follow who helps us out with them. Alexis & Levin are good people… even though they’re from Long Island.
Swam across the Long Island sound in a hurricane. I still needed to pay for parking once I got to Long Island though.
Meg Whitman was born in 1956 on Long Island.
On Dec. 11, 2010, Shannan Gilbert, the first of ten victims found on Long Island beach. . 5 years later, FBI...
Five years after discovery of first victim, FBI to investigate suspected Long Island serial killer:
Good morning Long Island. Our diligent public servants are on Wantagh Ave as you go north off Sunrise Hwy...
Woman dies in house fire on Long Island this afternoon,
You know your Sunday is gonna suck when you have 2 Miller Lite pitchers and 2 peach Long Island pitchers gone by 5pm Saturday.
no. It's an inlet from Long Island sound
Lee Zeldin, Long Island's other Republican Congressman, is at polar opposites of Rep. Peter King…
"Suffolk County Community College on Long Island — a commuter school with no dormitories... announced mandatory commute…
Long Island > New Jersey (New Jersey is the worst state sorry Alex)
Former Suffolk County, Long Island, police chief arrested on charges he beat suspect
come to Long Island + see play benefit. played it in 2014
My puck drop is at 1010. In Dix Hills way the *** out on Long Island. I might fall asleep on the bench.
The work that we do for our community needs you. You can create a Long Island that works for everyone
If Long Island succeeded in becoming it's own state, would we be Newest York
FBI arrests former Long Island police chief over malicious beating of suspected car burglar
can you pls announce? Long Island benefit show tomorrow 12/10
Journey home update 5:john and maverick are gone. Long Island more like cold island. Need sleep. Fish tank cracked. 15 mi…
Like I had 2 shots of patron and a Long Island and it literally did nothing for me
Nice to be back out with my boy after a long weekend @ Green Island
The LI Assemblyman called in to update Francesa on daily fantasy sports. Then came the yelling.
Kerri is talking about moving to Florida. I gave her comfort in the fact that Long Island is turning into Florida
I'm leaving at 2 ... "Almost on Long Island" at quarter to 8 .. 11:35 still not here
"Boss, leave it alone. Leave it alone": LI cops to their chief, as he beat suspect who stole from him. via
it's all fun and games until you drop your iPhone in a garbage can full of Long Island Iced Teas
Shop w/your heart & visit the newly set up Fair Trade shop in the SJC Long Island Cafe. Buy beautifully handcrafted products today 12-6:30pm
Ex-police chief from Long Island arrested in beating: reports
Gift Idea Give Long Island Wine Country! Pick a favorite at the link below and give a local wine gift box or...
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Both are Long Island champions are have a place in our top 25 football poll. .
Update: Delays on WB from Exit 35 - I-495 Long Island Expressway to Morgan Avenue
I will be signing A Perfect Wave at . Long Island Writers House. 46 Green St. Huntington, NY 11743. Sun Dec 13, 12 to 4pm
"Smack high is literally gossip girl of long island" -
Skelos trial coming 2 an end the question is when will Dean stop being Sen? & will we fix the system?
"There was no crime," Dean Skelos' attorney says in closings: Sen. Dean Skelos changed no legislative positions to…
Car run from Long Island to Greenwich Saturday ? It's lit...
Hey NYC I am in Long Island at the ! First show at 12
$15 for $30 Worth of Grill for Two or More at The Long Beach Bar-Grill $15.00
situations becz PALAU is not an island and neither is area called LONG ISLAND since it was divided incorrectly from start as one stretch of
Who could go for a long island after work today? I have a feeling some employees from might!
Long Island NASCAR Whelen Modified Touring Series competitor Justin Bonsignore is the latest driver to enter the...
5 pm and you're already sipping long drink? Long Island Iced Tea? :D
Youre never going to stop paying taxes as long as youre part of a nation. Get an island.
We are experiencing outage in Long Island, NY. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Someone is making a visit to Long Island. 5 days of record highs possible -
Voters select fire district leaders; new truck approved in via
I'm on Would love to receive a review from you if you have worked with me! Thank you!
We are partnering with The Family Service League to start a toy drive for underprivileged children on Long Island...
Hosting Comedy once again on Long Island. Join me this Friday night.
Newsday: New offshore wind project would deliver power to the South Fork of Long Island, along with two large...
Long Island don't have crown fried or golden Krust 😢
Update! Listen to interview with Long Island's 106.1 BLI courtesy of where she says she...
Emily: Wood is gross when it's wet. Me: So am I. Alyssa: . Aja get out! Go back to Long Island!!
Ethan's loving his new Karaoke machine. @ Dix Hills, Long Island
I have directions for you:. •go to penn station. •get a ticket for the Long Island railroad . •stay on for 45 min . visit me!
Finished my high school career with the Long Island all-star team and we took that W against the city team. Now for college football.
Almost abandoned bay ridge branch of he Long Island rail road @ Kent Triplex
Locally owned and operated, Five Star Cleaning has been providing Maid Services on Long Island for over 5 years. ->>
Looks like you guys had a great time at SHRM Long Island event!. (Santa's Favorite), Exec Director,…   10% Off
The Long Island NY traffic just turned me into an angry elf! 🎄😡
We're advancing! Help us by sharing your Long Island experiences! Take the survey at:
Fake Marshal Had Loaded Assault Rifle, Tactical Gear in Car: Cops: A Long Island man who allegedly pretended t...
BACK IN THE LI GROOVE: the Long Island legends dismantle the Minutemen as they drop 179 and move up to 5th place
An 84-year-old was killed in a crash while trying to turn onto Old Country Road, cops say
Pretty much the best feeling ever -- how long will you be on the island?
Like my new wheels?! I've been burning around the Island all day long.
of 2015 - Djdealeyo is one of Long Island greatest Dj's. via
Kudos to Senator Schumer and the Long Island Congressional delegation for accomplishing what hasn't been achieved...
God does play rock paper scissors Exposing astronauts to call Long Island City Queenpoint.
Cops: Man had loaded rifle, home full of ammo
Families who love boating will enjoy visiting these Long Island nautical museums:
Heading to Long Island with my trappy cuzzo lol
The Long Island Ska radio scene is doing just fine without One Step Beyond
WELCOME to Long Island! "It Can't Happen Here"? Check out the arsenal this guy had. Take a look at who he...
Looking forward to connecting with everyone tomorrow here in Long Island!
Long Island ice tea will fix all your worries
Ok, better answer is yes, on Long Island w/ one of the first 2 US Gracie BJJ black belts. Gr8 guy, doesn't want problems.
Excessive use of electronic and digital devices might hurt your eyes
Posted a new blog entry "We are psyched to play this show in Long Island with our friends "Bloodwor..."...
my cousin haze-lyin is in a 9-month long distance relationship w this chick from another island. I can't even keep a man that lives on Oahu
Our *** *** *** Tox" specials on Botox & fillers are waiting for you in Long Island & NYC
Long Island police department buys arsenal of assault rifles because of terrorists
WIN, just won a pair of tickets to my 12/12 show on Long Island. ALL PARTY DATES:
Newsday called us a “satisfying spot for Southern cuisine”. Read the news review of LL Dent here:
Our new article explores the living costs associated with the most expensive county in America.
This might be a great fit for you: Business Consultant- Long Island, NY-Nassau County -
Why isn't there a geotag for just regular Long Island?
Fran Becker to propose pay raise for Nassau legislators
Al D'Amato testifies that Adam Skelos tried to get job at his lobbying firm
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Okay I'm gonna need y'all to come to Long Island. Or at least send my stickers in the mail so I can be pup punk AF.
Come on down to Nemzek Fieldhouse at 4PM today to watch your take on the Long Island Post Pioneers. https:/…
Fake Air Marshal found with loaded assault rifle, ballistic body armor in car on Long Island, police say
TOMORROW on Long Island!!! We'll be slinging stuff at this Show/Toy Drive/Record Fair in Holbrook! .
It doesn't matter how long I've been gone
What is even in a water Long Island...
FBI: California shooting investigated as act of terrorism | News 12 Long Island via
Best bands on Long Island right now:
Have you cast your vote for the Best of Long Island yet? Voting ends December 15th!
LI News: Environment New York: Auction Results Shows Strength of Carbon Trading Program: “We do not ha...
This was me on Long Island some summers loll
I've never felt so drained in my life. I just need a week long vacation on a private, tropical island so I can tan and sleep for days.
Nicki Minaj's brother charged with rape on Long Island: report
Syosset man accused of having seven weapons, magazines when pulled over on Long Island: A Syosset man is accus...
Students to watch on Long Island: December: They're young, gifted and full of good character. Meet 1...
Hey bro! U gotta bring bonzo bash back to Long Island!!! Oh yeah, and have u ever played in a thrash band? U kick *** !
Girl from Long Island screaming about how much she hates upstaters? Do u realize how far upstate u r? Gtfo then
Wow. I used to carpool with this girl to work when I was on Long Island...
it sounds like LIRR to me aka Long Island railroad
Looking for a fun restaurant for a Girl's Night Out. Been to any good ones lately? Long Island, Queens or the City. Thanks!
BOY... You are on the Long Island railroad that's not no *** subway
5 mins in Long Island and there's two dudes fighting with knives in the hotel lobby and there's no security. so I'm actually gonna die
0/10 recommend using the bathroom in the metro north or Long Island railroad trains while it's moving
Former FBI 10 Most Wanted MS-13 gang member sentenced to life for 2010 murder of toddler and mother on Long Island
NY & Long Island viewers! Celebrate a lifetime of good food 80th Birthday Celebration TODAY at …
Scott Weiland does right by his fans and gives Long Island a great show
Long Island town demolishes veteran's house while he recuperated in Fort Lauderdale
Kyle Flood said yesterday during his post-game press conference yesterday that he would be out recruiting in Long Island.
Press release for new in Long Island!
2 ubers, the Long Island rail road and the e train so far this morning
WEST HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. - When a Navy veteran traveled from Long Island to Florida for a knee replacement, his house
Town demolishes veteran's house while he has surgery: WEST HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (AP) -- A Long Island man who went ...
Two dead in Long Island crash involving car, ... - -
I couldn't live in the city lol I'll stick to Long Island...
Deep fried ice cream 😍 the Long Island's here are bomb too @ Holy Basil - Shark Hotel
Volkswagen camper van traveling along the tracks of the Long Island railroad.
why should I have to sit through that Hyundai of Long Island city commercial
smelly pirate hooker. . I'm more of a Long Island girl as opposed to Rum Runners anyways 💁🏻
- New York City/Long Island needed in at AIG. Apply now!
mine and my gf's dad bonding about their Long Island youth circle jerks
How to do Thanksgiving the Long Island way: saying grace with playing over the radio & giving thanks for the North Fork
Blimp Goes Down Behind Long Island School: A blimp that was supposed to fly over the Macy's Thanksgiving Day P...
did you have to make me think about Long Island? Now I have no appetite for thanksgiving.
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