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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

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I just gotta go to Atlantic Ave & then take the Long Island Rail Road to far rockaway
Majority of officers who police the 5 boroughs live in the suburbs of Long Island, Far Rockaway, Westchester. No connection to the ppl
One of the perks of living on Long Island... eating on the water ❤️
York Revs earn first series sweep at Long Island
On my way to Long Island to learn more about Swing Catalyst and the GEARS 3D system with Mike Jacobs at Rock Hill Country Club
Today in History - July 20 1801 - A 1,235 pound cheese ball was pressed at the farm of Elisha Brown, Jr. The ball of cheese was later loaded on a horse-driven wagon and presented to U.S. President Thomas Jefferson at the White House. 1810 - Colombia declared independence from Spain. 1859 - Brooklyn and New York played baseball at Fashion Park Race Course on Long Island, NY. The game marked the first time that admission had been charged for to see a ball game. It cost $.50 to get in and the players on the field did not receive a salary (until 1863). 1861 - The Congress of the Confederate States began holding sessions in Richmond, VA. 1868 - Legislation that ordered U.S. tax stamps to be placed on all cigarette packs was passed. 1871 - British Columbia joined Confederation as a Canadian province. 1881 - Sioux Indian leader Sitting Bull, a fugitive since the Battle of the Little Big Horn, surrendered to federal troops. (Montana) 1908 - In the United States, the Sullivan Ordinance bars women from smoking in p ...
Been in the car exactly 14 hours down to the minute😳 from outer banks all the way back to sweet Long Island
Such a great weekend poker long islands beer great friends
Spotlight | Long Island: ‘Galápagos’ to Have Premiere at the Parrish Art Museum
Back home from seeing the comedy show what a great show tonight. They had two comedians the second one has been on HBO, Showtime and Comedy Channel he was pretty good. Lots of racy, marijuana and teenager jokes tonight. I could relate with those comedians and I was stoned, drank Heineken and Long Island Ice-teas while playing slots. Tammy won playing money and they also gave us a steak n lobster dinner which we will have next weekend. It was a good day today we must be very lucky today at least it feels like it was lol. I had fun even up in Reno today we went to Raising Cane's and seen Mt. Rose along with getting a ton of money off school clothes very lucky I feel lol. So lucky I could go mountain howling right now scare some cougars. Anyhow going to go play South Park despite my son think it *** I like the show so the game seems alright. Good times feeling tipsy you have to love the wild west I think everyone who attended that show was lit lol. No sends tonight I was spiffy for a short time but its tim . ...
Get your tickets to the 2nd Annual Long Island Wing Festival right here at The Nutty Irishman, Bay Shore:...
Come see us tonight at at the in in Long Island
Finally on the road after a long day at kings island but it was worth it!
Free Long Island iced teas will be the death of us
man i really hope we have time to go to the beach. Florida is nice. Then Chicago, Milwaukee, and Grand Rapids- then Long …
Since when has Long Island Medium been on Netflix? 🙌😩👍
A 45-year-old man pleaded not guilty to murdering teen with machete after argument on LI
A wild-long tailed macaque monkey has adopted an abandoned kitten at Ubud's Monkey Forest in Bali
I think that my next vacation I want to head over to Atlanta and travel down to Florida and just kick it at the beach...sound good? I have been wanting to go back to Atlanta and Florida for awhile and now that Andrew is gonna be in College and working Mama is gonna live lavida Long Island Iced Teas and the water hitting your toes...oh *** yeah could definitely see this happening.
Gabrielle: "anyone want some tea?". Mom: " no that's okay I've got a Long Island tea so that counts" 😂😂😂😂
if she would just add a Long Island date my life would be a lot easier
she's going to Albany but I live on Long Island so there's no way I can go my dad said it's too far 😞
Air Force Vet Barry Loudermilk from the VietNow National Magazine At a high school in Oklahoma, school officials remove “God Bless America” signs from schools in fear that someone might be offended. At a Long Island, New York television station, management orders flags removed from the newsroom, and red, white, and blue ribbons removed from the lapels of reporters. Why? Management did not want to appear biased, and felt that our nation’s flag might give the appearance that “they lean one way or another.” Officials in a California city ban U.S. flags from being displayed on city fire trucks because they didn’t want to offend anyone in the community. In an “act of tolerance,” the head of the public library at a Florida university ordered all “Proud To Be an American” signs removed so as to not offend international students. Politically Correct Attacks Against America I, for one, am quite disturbed by these actions of so-called “American citizens”; and I am tired of this nation worryi ...
It has the word bucket list in it :D
Even though he is a college-educated fellow from a middle-class background in Long Island, New York, Algieri never thought in his wildest dreams that a whopping $1.5-million paycheck would land on his lap.
So fun to perform like this... State Lines- Cancer- Hicksville, Long Island.:
The best movie ever! Jordan Belfort: On a daily basis I consume enough drugs to sedate Manhattan, Long Island, and Queens for a month. I take Quaaludes 10-15 times a day for my "back pain", Adderall to stay focused, Xanax to take the edge off, pot to mellow me out, cocaine to wake me back up again, and morphine... Well, because it's awesome.
I'm just a regular dude from Long Island, NY trying to make it!
"I live here here in basking ridge" well were in westerly Rhode Island and she's from Long Island but like word?
Super typhoon Rammasun blew a 3 m long whale on beach of Hailing Island in Guangdong on Sat, residents sent it back.
apparently they don't have deer on Long Island 😁
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Help support LONG ISLAND REPUBLIC AIRPORT HISTORICAL SOCIETY on Razoo! Donate or click "Share" below to spread the word.
Let me see if I can make this memory amusing. In 1981 or so, when I was 21 (or so), I was driving to a friend's house a couple of towns over from where I was living. There was very heavy rain. About a quarter-mile from my friend's house, I noticed somebody trying to hitch-hike. I thought: "This guy's stuck in the rain. I'll give him a ride." I pulled over and he got in. He was about my age. He asked me to take him about a mile up the road. I said okay. I could hardly see as I drove along. I went very slowly, so the one mile took three or four minutes; an eternity in Long Island driving miles. As I pulled over to let him out, he said, "Five bucks if you take me to Asharoken." We were in Northport, so Asharoken wasn't far at all. But Asharoken is essentially a sand-bar and a long sand-bar at that. I pictured the van (borrowed from my mother) stuck in a puddle with no turnaround in the pouring rain. "Ten bucks," said the hitch-hiker. I thought of my friends chastising me the next day for giving the hitch-hik ...
Make sure to pass by Long Island Kick Exchange Sneaker event. All information is on the flier. Most of…
Took the Lipton peach ice tea song and turned it into . LONG ISLAND HARD ICE TEAAA!
My room is a complete mess and it's only going to get worse as I pack for my trip to Long Island.
Online chocolate store that delivers to Long Island and New York.
Im back in Blue Island. Im mixing 12-1, so hurry up and get here. (@ Harry's Long Bar)
“Kathryn Michelle Anderson must accept the duty of mailing me a supply of Long Island bagels every week while I am at school” no
Family time with amazing fireworks display out here on the north shore of Long Island. . 🇺🇸🎉🎇
Long Island NY Lens: EF100-400mm (focal length 210mm) 1/1600sec; f5/6; ISO 320 with Canon 7D Lucky I saw the male got the fish and gave fish to the female. As soon he gave away his fish, he got on op of the female one right away.
montauk end of Long Island. Such a chill place.
Finally in Long Island with my girl
Omigosh... wth! I am done with this DJ! Like son! We are in Long Island! To get people dancing you don't need to put the music up, you
i was gonna go amerikka's most wanted but that was recorded in Long Island by the Bomb Squad
seriously, come to Long Island though
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Love and miss Long Island summers... Also love the fact that I finally got 2 go 135 mph on an open road .
Why don't they have Sheetz on Long Island this place is so cool
Long island I think its one of those nights!! (Sighs) 😂😂😂
I don't wanna go back to Long Island. If only I could buy a house in the mountains I'd stay up here forever.
Long island got me feeling nice lol
the road on the way 2 Long Island with the bro DjNyse listen to the big bro on be4 we shut down club wall st
oh *** I thought Long Island was right there. I sometimes bad at geography. Imma crash at your house when I go to the track. Thx.
this kids in Long Island rn famm I'm coming to visit 😂👌
is on Long Island?! I'm on a mission to go say hey! (It helps that she's in my favorite place in this world)
it's been much too long since I watched shutter island.
Just getting home from Long Island - went to a fun concert and had a good time
U can measure the size of favor asked for by size of pause by the asker. :D. S2 E9 The Stranded (long island party)
I'll be doing a 10-day lecture tour in NY & NJ in early August (Buffalo, Toronto, Rochester, Ithaca, Albany, New Paltz, NYC, Long Island, and north & central NJ! for details.
YASS 👏 and it was a great day to see you at warped Long Island before your set happened
A Stud Chick just made me buy her a Long Island in the Club.. Y'all think I bought it? *** yeah. She looked like Yung Thug.
Everyone in this bagel store is drunk stoned or tripping. Stay classy Long Island
Just lettin you know Nicky Jam doesnt even know how to say Rhode Island, he said "Long Island" on his video about roxy tn lol
Ohhh im so Pittsburgh i got my first drink in the O bar Latrina Reuben used to sneak me in and get me long island iced teas after work. At kfc/tacobell/pizzahut..Ctfu
The Long Island Legend Honeybadger is coming...get hyped
Definitely just dumped a Long Island in my lap. I am mostly disappointed that my Long Island is gone...I will walk around like I peed myself, and I will own it. Just give me my Long Island, it's been a long day.
Either one lap or one turn too short tonight from bringing home the win. Had the most fun all year racing from 7th to 2nd. Can't do it with out my support, my dad. He may not be here but I know he's watching every lap as if he was standing on the turn 4 fence. And also have to thank Darien Chris Rogers Anthony Gary Gary Ronny and Peter Bruschi and Matt for getting tires mounted turning wrenches and everything else. Also my sponsors Michael A. Smith at Long Island Truck & Equipment Repair, Northeastern Office Equipment, Kings Park Contracting, All-Out Fire, and Big Sals Race Engines
Offering housing, i live more eastern long island, but i'll be going back for the second day as well as the first, so if you're not driving to the venue looking for housing, i gotchu. Message me for more details!
A good-looking New York call girl flagged down a taxi on Eighth Avenue, hopped in, and directed the driver to a Long Island address. As the cab crossed over the 59th Street Bridge, the girl exclaimed, "Oh, my God! I forgot my purse!" "Nuts!" said the driver. "How're you gonna pay me!" "With this!" she answered, raising her skirt above her waist. "you got anything smaller?" snapped the driver. (J)
Eric Patterson ties an Atlantic League record with two more triples, helping the Revs to a 5-4 comeback win at Long Island on Saturday night! Also a big night for Travis Garcia who homers and drives in the winning run on a ninth inning sac fly for the Revs who win their third in-a-row:
Just chillin' enjoying a few Long Islands🍹and listening to some tunes🎶! 😜
Here's a photo of myself in front of the famous Maidstone Country Club on Long Island, just a short hop from Grey Gardens. This was taken during the making of our new film. Hope you all want to see more!
Intel? From my real life friends who knew J.F.K., other presidents, rumors & real life "Back to the future" Impossible yet true things movies are made of. Hybrids of sorts? Real time travel? Yes. My real life friends, some are my mentors, being long time inventors of the federal government, and when they invited me ('Bryan" from this page Smith Avionics), to drive them to nearby Montauk Long Island, New York, with black giant helicopters flying next to us near the end, to let us know we were very close, and this is what movies are made of. Some things like that, "friendly forces" in a civilian area,you would probably not forget either. Not like on TV, seen as secrets of 'Plum Island', as seen in Governor Jesse Ventura's conspiracy series show, yet much more, from many animal hybrids, human clones, and human hybrids several levels below ground, same as nearby "Plum Island" has long been rumored to have many "living experiments escaped" over the years already, and other ongoing experiments like the real "Ti ...
Anyone remember Dirty Pete's? ~ across the street from 7-11 at the intersection of Long Island Ave and Carl's Path. Dirty wood plank floors, very smelly, but the best penny candy around.
Compound Status (read all, or at least the second part): I'm back!! Wow, what a phenomenal and full way to close out the scheduled portion of my summer. The Summer Leadership Program through USC's School of Accounting was so consistently enriching, and truly jam packed (positive connotation) with _ and industry experts just brimming with knowledge, fresh insights, and a genuine heart for all of the participants that never failed to affect to guide the program in an loving, holistic, and progressive direction. The tools that I've acquired through the lectures, workshops, and hands-on experience this week are nothing short of invaluable. Wow. Thank you so, so much for this opportunity. I've had a total blast. While that was a little clumsily worded, I would like to recommend EVERYONE who is eligible for the following programs: - Long Island University's Bound for Broadway Musical Theatre Intensive. Go. If that's not your thing, the university simultaneously hosted Gaming Development and Entrepreneurship-gea ...
Church was off the chains 2014 Long Island Convention was a BLAST my feet is tired all that dancing
Saw our Long Island friends friends Grace and Mike Whitmore, had so much fun talking and laughing I lost my voice. It's great to renew old friendships. Love ya'
Ok so how does a promotion like "Rocky Point Ice Tea" Happen? Does a committee sit around like Bar Rescue and think up fancy drinks. NOPE! First you have to have a " Crazy Ed" who sees parts of things before he sees what the end result will be. A while back I saw a recipe for a drink like a Long Island Ice Tea only better. I filed that away somewhere in the back of my brain until I could put it all together. Last week Maria and I were walking into Costco and they had 32 ounce mason jars on sale. I looked at them and grabbed two cases as I started to dredge up the recipe where I had hidden it in my Brain. Now you need a Rick Nichols who can make the ideas come alive. Sitting with Rick and our bar manager Alberto Sanchez Cortez we made one of these as a test. BOOM it tasted great and looked better. My first name choice was Peñasco Telado. Rick said *** won't recognize that lets call it Rocky Point Iced Tea or RP T. Each mason jar comes with a lid we usually throw away and when I looked at the lid and ...
Meet a cat and a dog who both have disabilities on News 12 Long Island!
OMG! Drinking those Long Island iced teas again. Met johnny the prozzie organiser. And mattera the 50th high school anniversary mumma! I' m all over New Orleans
Just finished installing my new Orion R10 Pro speedo. Special thanks to Don, the owner of my home track in Long Island. Island Raceway and Hobby.
After a huge meltdown, we are finally on our way to Long Island to see family. Pray that we have a safe trip, please.
My first 2 of the season! 1st one on the south shore of Long Island and later in the day the second on the north shore. Both a bit worn but beautiful all the same
Well, El DeBarge was a no show. We still getting our party on. Long Island Ice Tea don't care!! Lol. Feeling good!!!
Thank you Long Island, we love em tonight!
Cherry Grove (often referred to locally as The Grove) is a hamlet in the Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York, United States. It is located on Fire Island, a barrier island separated from the southern side of Long Island by the Great South Bay. The hamlet has approximately 300 houses on 41 a…
I have an all day mock trial in Long Island so sadly no
July 17, 1996: flying from JFK to Paris-Charles de Gaulle, blew up off Long Island, killing all 230 aboard:
Drew: I had the good fortune of seeing them at Malibu many, many times. If they had a Long Island home, Malibu...
On This Day in 1996: TWA Flight 800 crashed off Long Island, N.Y., shortly after leaving JFK Airport. All 230 people aboard were killed -AP
We are looking for a dog lover in Nassau County, Long Island to give our 10 year old Shih Ztu a loving home. Shih Ztu is white and beige, fluffy, and in perfect health according to his last yearly...
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
PLEASE COME TO NEW JERSEY OR New York (Staten Island and Long Island are good too!)
Dont you tell them what we do 😏 meet me at WALL ST TONIGHT Long Island im here 🙌
if it goes anything like when we saw Matt Cooke in Long Island everyone is in for a treat.
If the LIRR strike happens, it could cost the Long Island and New York City $50 million A DAY
Get on out and "Let Your Redneck Out" with as he makes his Long Island debut!
If you are a Fios subscriber, please tune into Fios 1 at 8pm tonight to see Junior League of Long Island featured... ht…
To all Who Hate Muslims Must Watch Mohammad Sohail, the proprietor of a deli on Long Island, didn't hesitate when he was accosted back in May by a man with a baseball bat who demanded his money. After having his hands up momentarily, the New York Post reports, Sohail pulled a 9 mm rifle from behind his counter and forced the would-be robber to drop his weapon. After the robber pleaded for his life, saying he had no choice but to rob to feed his family, Sohail gave him some bread, $40, and sent him on his way. The story would be astounding enough if it ended right there, but the robber surprised Sohail again just this last week, with a letter containing thanks and $50. The letter discussed how the writer's life had improved since the incident: "Now I have a new child and good job make good money staying out of trouble and taking care of my family. You gave me forty dollars thank you for sparing my life Because of that you change my life." Sohail joked that the robbery ended up bringing him good fortune. "W ...
ty awesome concert last night on Long Island! Got soaked but sang danced & enjoyed every second of it!
Sad bc Netflix has only 3 out of 5 seasons of Long Island Medium and I'm on the last episode of season 3 /:
Its official! We're knocking down my long island house at the end of the summer and building a new crib🙌 validd
Severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for Nassau until 9 p.m.; storms may bring winds up to 50 mph
Severe flood warning has been issued to Long Island with thunderstorms
The Long Island Rail Road may have to prepare for a strike as union negotiations break down
My mom goes "you can sleep at the island as long as Stevens there" so we can do dabs together??? He's gr8 supervision mom…
In Reading for beginning of birthday festivities. Well my mum took me for cake yesterday and I just had 2 Long Island Ice Teas... But, um.
Update your maps at Navteq
Watching Long Island Medium for the first time & I have chills
always laugh at the Long Island Medium episode with on it😂
I haven't even left long island and my mother is already trying to set up her travel plans to come visit me because she misses me.
Tuesday's wing nite, Long Island Ice Tea nite, and date nite. That's a good nite. Can't wait to get outta here come on 5 o'clock!
We did our first ever 2 in 1 show this past weekend in Long Island. What that means is TWO shows in one day…a three ring circus for sure. What a great opportunity for Shea's daughters to get some ring experience though, after turning 6 months of age earlier in the week. In the morning show, Doobie and Summit blew our socks off, taking WB and RWB respectively -- a 3 point major for the Doobster in her first ever show! In the afternoon show, Doobie took a major reserve. Couldn't be more proud of how beautifully these ladies showed and how well they did. Daddy Shea really showed them how it was done though, taking BOB at both the morning and afternoon shows, as well as Group 2 and Group 3 placements in the Working Group! Funny how the year Shea was the Swissy, he did not get a single group placement. And now, as a 6 year old dog coming out of retirement, he's racked up 5 group placements since November in very limited showing. If there was any doubt about how this special boy was aging, I think he's ...
I'm watching Long Island Medium and listening to Becca sing ... I love them both and they no eachother 😭😻
female inspector. An obsessed serial killer. A 26mile long island. Find out what happens in DEADLY BLOODLINES
Top 5 LI food trucks to check out this summer  
Due to the inclement weather forecast for this evening, Long Island Cares, has cancelled its participation in all outdoor events. We have high regard for the safety of our staff and volunteers and hope everyone gets home quickly tonight. Cancelled Events: The Nesconset Gazebo Concert by Almost Queen Oyster Bay Cruise Night The Downtown Rocky Point Concert by South Bound (rescheduled for August 12th)
Nobody walks on Long Island. Seriously not one person but me who gets looked at funny like I just committed a crime.
Nassau lawmakers revive water board to keep an eye on NYC wells...
Heavy jets holding over Long Island enroute to this afternoon. Expect some additional diversions for NY flights.
Just sitting here bawling while I watch re-runs of Long Island Medium. Thanks a lot
High school was all about montibello Long Island Ice Tea and henny
Report: Nassau sewer deal would save $158 million...
Going get me a Long Island when I get off
It has also been 8 years this month since took part in Love Island. Can't believe it was so long ago! http:…
Whatchu know bout dat Long Island pizza
Worst thunderstorm I have seen and heard in so many years! Very dangerous out there. Be careful my Long Island family and friends.
I love Long Island Medium.. I would pay her millions to allow my mom to connect to Grandma Aileen...
so high im crying over Long Island Medium rn
Not to long now till we'll be at kings island!! Yay!
long beach island Nj. Come down man you can stay in the guest room :P
What long island needs for all its beef
If you are in the NY metro area and would like to experience a 'home concert' with Gabby Gordon...please message me. Also looking for small venues for Gabby for late September in NY City, Long Island, Upstate NY and surrounding areas in other states. If you know of one that likes small acoustic acts, please let me know. Thanks for the input! Please see Gabby's new video also on Youtube.
Long Island commuters, what are your daily travel plans if there's a LIRR strike? Let us know!
there are also a lot of New Yorkers who want Long Island as its own state, people who want VT/NH to secede, etc.
trUelife: my name is chloe n i am addicted 2 Long Island Medium
Why in Gods name am I watching Long Island Medium?!
Cuomo is such a *** Time for Long Island to secede from New York State.
If workers strike Long Island Rail Rd as of Sunday, cost could reach $50 million/day sez NY comptroller.
I can never watch Long Island Medium without tearing up
The Long Island Social Media Club is meeting tonight at Ristegio's 641 Rte 112 in North Patchogue from 6-9 pm. Come join us. Free buffet, no cover. Tom DiNapoli is the guest speaker. It will be a great night of networking. Hope to see you then.
Lamborghini Long Island attempts to provide accurate information on the automobile listed above. The actual equipment may vary. Please confirm all vehicle options, accessories and prices with a sales associate to assure accuracy.
1945 Grumman Duck "The Dogs are throwing you a bone..." Like/Share/Enjoy! The Duck was the first in a long line of seaplanes built by Grumman Aircraft. It was based on an earlier amphibian, designed and built by Grover Loening. The first test flight of a Duck occurred in 1933, and it continued to be built through the last year of WWII. It was designed as a carrier-based utility transport and used for observation, coastal patrol, photography, and rescue. The pilot flies from the front cockpit while a passenger/gunner would sit in the rear. There is a “downstairs” for two additional passengers or downed pilots and a “hatch” in the bottom of the hull that can be opened in flight and used for taking aerial pictures. Ducks served with the U.S. Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard both before and during WW II. 632 of all types were built. Several have been stars, used in the movies like Murphy’s War and the TV series Baa Baa Black Sheep. Late in the war, Grumman became more focused on building its Hellcat f ...
International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers Long Island Rail Road General Chairperson Anthony Simon has issued the following statement on the deteriorating labor situation at the commuter railroad: “I regret to report that negotiations have collapsed with New York
So yesterday I officially started work for the Long Island union of carpenter and today my girlfriend Kyla Leigh got offered a job a Mather hospital as an RN were gunna call this a start to a very good week !!!
Hamptons features on real estate, art and culture, entertainment, celebrities, style, parties and events in the Hamptons, community news, vineyards and restaurant guides covering the Hamptons and north Fork of Long Island, New York.
From July 14 to September, Island Federal Credit Union( is offering a special “Dog Tag” Promotion at any of their Long Island branches to raise funds and awareness for the growing needs of service members and military families. All proceeds will benefit Hope For The Warriors®.
Wanted: PT Asst and PT to work in a Long Island Out Patient Clinic. Message me if you're interested.
I feel like Long Island is just a giant Thot magnet..
Crab fries and a long island iced tea... The sunglasses are on people.
Fans gathered at The Carltun in Long Island’s Eisenhower Park on July 14, 2014 to enjoy an evening of cigars and celebrities at CBS Radio’s All Star Cigar Extravaganza at. On hand were New York [...] New York's Greatest Hits
I really couldn't care less that a looming LIRR strike "could derail city businesses." What I do care about is that it's summer, and New York's beaches are in Long Island. It is gonna be virtually impossible to get back and forth to the Hamptons, Fire Island, Montauk, all of that. That's what I care about. To repeat: it's freakin' summer. We've waited through the whole stinkin' endless winter for ~now~, and now you're gonna strike? Ask me how much I like the unions. Go ahead, ask.
ATTENTION ALL SEVERS!!! Freeway construction hurting your wallet? Well tonight from 7pm to close we are gonna have a construction bail out!! Bring in something to show you are a server and we will buy you 1 domestic draft or well drink!! We know buisness is hurting because of this construction so we are giving out this bonus to the hard workers of the service industry to show our appreciation for the work that you do. Also don't forget we have $2 Zeigenbock pints and $3.75 Long Island's all day and night.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
I'm a local Avon vendor with a large variety of sale priced items. I'm looking to work at any events on Long Island 7/19-7/20. Please inbox me with any info. Ty.
Ok I got offered 2 tickets to go see the Long Island Medium in August up in Albany. Tickets are $80 and it's a Monday night so we would have to stay over night. Anyone want to go half with me?
Looking for a ride from the NYC/Long Island area for myself and Tom Kelly to game! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Who would have thought...cows on long island...well here's the proof
One and a half hours ago my dear friend Fred Druck picked my dear wife from JFK! They are en route to Long Island! Missing Esther Mponye even more! But loving it that she is in the best hands ever!
New York (PIX11) -- Flash flood watches are in effect for all of New York City and Long Island as torrential downpours are expected to soak the region. Multiple rounds of showers and thunderstorms ...
Question: my 3 year old turns 4 on July 28th. We have back to back appointments this day at The Chiari Institute getting ready for his surgery on the 30th. If anyone has had surgery done in long island do you have any recommendations on something fun to do with a 4 year old that's close to the hospital or bay side which is where our hotel is for the 28 and 29th. We have all day on the 29 that is free to do something.. Thanks!
The polo ponies have the day off today with all the rain we had here on Long Island last night! This looks like the right equipment for today!!
Ok we are heading home. After we sit and eat. Have one van heading to Long Island NY and one heading to VT this weekend so many more pics to come😍🚐🐶
Very excited 4 an 8 hour recording session w my bro super producer Michael DS Ashbÿ at his phenomenal recording facility in Long Island, NY. Amazing opportunity! ( This Saturday! A is coming!!!
Ok, same weather drill as yesterday. Nasty line of storms working into NYC & Long Island. Then heading northeast into Connecticut. Be careful!
One Long Island village is proposing fines for dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets – even on their own property – according to published reports. Lawmakers in North Hills proposed the...
A new report says nitrogen pollution discharged into Long Island Sound continues an overall decline.
What the? Docked off the Bronx in Long Island Sound, the Vernon C. Bain Correctional Center prison barge is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest operational prison ship in the world. Yet many New Yorkers might be surprised to find out it exists.
Hello Family and Friends, Jim & I are currently driving through New Haven, CT on our way to Long Island, NY. Unfortunately this is not a pleasure trip. My brother, who resides in Long Island, is having major surgery on Thursday. He is having his voice box removed, cancer. An 8 hour surgery, seeing as he is not in the best of health, risky. He and I are the remaining members of our family so by his side is where I belong. Please send positive thoughts and prayers! I'll keep you posted.
I drove up to long island yesterday just to see the Amityville house where all the muders happened it was not scary at all in fact the house has been renovated and it looks beautiful
Dear Members of the KMHS Class of 1989, As you may know, your 25th Reunion will be held at Kellenberg Memorial in the Millennium Room on Saturday, September 20, 2014 from 7:00 to 11:00. Your Reunion Committee (Christine O’Hal Allen, Anthony Giordano, Lisa Healey Hyland, James McBrien, Mike McEnerney, and John Noak) have been working hard to make this a great evening. Formal invitations were mailed out last week, but there are two items I would like to call to your attention: 1) Below is a list of the names of your classmates for whom we have no current contact information. If you have any contact information for any of these individuals, please email that information to me ASAP so that I can update our records and mail them an invitation. 2) Mike McEnerney has reserved a block of 10 rooms at the Long Island Marriott across from Nassau Coliseum for the evening of Saturday, September 20th. They are available for a reduced rate. If you wish to reserve one of these rooms, you must do so by August 23, 2 ...
Alert: Severe Thunderstorm Watch has been issued for NYC, western Long Island(Nassau), Westchester, southern CT, all of NJ, Delaware, Baltimore and Washington DC until 9pm tonight. Damaging winds, dangerous cloud to ground lightning, hail and isolated tornadoes are all likely as the afternoon and evening progresses and the storms intensify. Stay weather aware this afternoon and evening! Also note it is likely to be expanded to include most of CT and New England soon
Please pray each day for these congregations and ministries of the Metro New York Synod, that they will be strengthened as they make Christ known in the world. Today, July 15, we pray for the congregation at Trinity, Long Island City, and The Rev. Paul Milholland, their pastor.
The mother of singer-songwriter Billy Joel died Sunday on Long Island:
Billy Joel‘s mother, Rosalind Nyman Joel, has passed away. Billy had placed his mom in a Long Island hospice some years ago, she died there at age 92. The Piano Man hitmaker confirmed the sad...
Annual Unity Picnic at 1000 Islands is this Sat July 19. Vincy Day USA is Sat Aug 16 - Long Island, NY
I'm so stupid for giving my number do every ford dealership on Long Island, they don't stop calling 😩
"Harlot" Chicago, such a willing toy, Not as sweet as my Georgia boy. The Bronx is always wanting more, Not as fun as my Jersey shore. London's just a one night stand, Got Orlando eating out of my hand. Ohio likes to do it rough, But Puerto Rico just can't get enough. Houston is my dream come true, 'Bama, I'm too wild for you. Boston likes complete control, With L.A., life is never dull. I love my flawless Greek-God, Oh but Arizona has a long stiff rod. Vegas really turns me on, And Seattle never does me wrong. Detroit likes it all over town, New England never makes a sound. Pittsburgh is just a trophy prize, The Philly prince won't close his eyes. There's one in Madrid who is very sweet, But with Long Island, he just can't compete. One boy, two boy, three boy, four You leave this Harlot wanting more. This predator is on the prowl, Who will I swallow up right now? Always a string of willing fools This Heartbreaker toys with society's rules. Hearts are wrapped up in a satin bow, Wondering where next this G ...
on the set of THE NEST shooting in Long Island with Tina Fey + Amy Poehler.not really sure any Lost Wax...
we went to yesterday and all we got was a tan and sunburn ☀️ @ Jones Beach - Long Island
Yesterday we met with Gabrielle and the Make-A-Wish Foundation at Jones Beach on Long Island. Photo:…
“Ocean Beach, Long Island, NY... Who wouldn't want to wake up to this?
Nice change of scenery from what I usually photograph: Montauk beach, Long Island
Hundreds gather on Smith Point Beach on Long Island for vigil to honor 21-year-old Sarah Goode, killed last month
Maddy and Lexie at the Dog Park in Long Beach, Long Island
Beautiful day on Long Island! Perhaps a trip to the beach is in order?
Woke up near a a beach... Long Island. Good morning. Who is coming out today?
Seen flying over the south shore of Long Island today
Plane with swastika banner flies over Long Island's South Shore, angering residents
Where the Blue Dot trail is T-boned by the end of the Walt Whitman White. N 40.79958° W 073.44754° About 250 feet from street parking by the street sign that says “Mary Ln/Mary Ct.” Super Storm Sandy left a pile of immense fallen oak trees. A lot of sun is coming in. The sleeping trees block any breeze. It gets pretty hot up there on a sunny day. This is some of the high ground of Long Island, 318 feet. The blueberries, huckleberries and sassafras cover the ground. Some plants that I can't identify. The fruit is ripening early. Walt Whitman White beyond Mary/Mary is again impassable to West Hills Park because of so much poison ivy.
I've never ridden on any of them, but Spectacle, Thompson, Peddocks, and Long Island look big enough and have open spaces.
When life hands me lemons .. I squeeze Em into my blue Long Island .. Drama free zone.
Ready to super size your "Beach Mode" destination? The world’s longest beaches are in Brazil and Texas. Praia do Cassino stretches from the southern Brazilian city of Rio Grande to the border with Uruguay, some 1,581 miles (2,545km) or about as far as London to Moscow. Padre Island is the second largest island in the US (after Long Island) and is essentially a sandbar, 1 13 miles (182km) long, off the southern Texan coast in the Gulf of Mexico. Ninety Mile Beach in the North Island of New Zealand turns out to be only 55 miles (88km) long. See "Cast Away" on July 24 at 6:30 PM in Central's Auditorium (1301 Olive Street) at Central Library Cinema Presents: "Beach Mode".
A new Queens-based company is leading weekly food sampling and cultural walking tours of Long Island City, with... http…
Greenpoint Finest Deli fun day at work
back when I was trying to win Bieber tickets, they had call in contests & gave it to people from nj/long island/Rhode Island
| TRAINING SPECALIST: Ameriplan - Long Island, NY - TRAINING SPECALIST We are looking for p.. =...
Calypso found near Long Island @ 20lbs, lost limb due to cold water (like frostbite). Now 500lbs!
Excited to see tomorrow in long island.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Going to a wedding out on the East End of Long Island tonight. If they don't have free slurpees for everyone, my wife and I will be MAD.
The Greater Long Island Running Club (formerly the Plainview-Old Bethpage Running Club) is Long Island's largest and most active running club, with a membership that spans all of Nassau and Suffolk Counties and beyond.
Ok Long Islanders.I need help finding fun, cool not to expensive activities to do today
shawty I live in Long Island want to do something at night right?
Last day in Louisiana. Finishing up the car packing, taking the last bit of stuff to storage, oil change, sleep in the afternoon and heading to the hotel in Tennessee. Expecting to be in long island Sunday! Busy Busy Busy
Police are investigating a body part discovered in Hempstead, just a day after a severed arm was found in a front yard in the same Long Island town.
It's a great day to be in, on, or near the water. Long Island Sound is glistening by the Westport shoreline.
I love long OWS! 2.2ish miles around Snake Island!! I've always pictured Medusa like snakes attached.turns out it was fine. 😂😂😂
Did you know Hampton Jitney services both the North and South fork of Long Island, having over 20 stops to choose form!
Had some peach long island last night that was kinda awesome. Had two actually.
This is why I will not be doing any surgery. New York (WABC) -- An apparent botched surgery claimed the life of a mother from Long Island. Rachene Hutchinson, like many women, flew to the Dominican Republic to get cheaper plastic surgery. But the low cost had a high risk. Her family says she died on the operating table. Now they're caught in an international legal tug of war. "This is so devastating. We can't believe it. It's still like a nightmare. My daughter is now coming home in a box," said Diane Shields, Rachene's mother. Rachene Hutchinson green hoped to enhance her appearance and found a more affordable way to do it by traveling to the Dominican Republic. The Long Island woman died from complications after getting liposuction and a tummy tuck last week, her three young children and their dad were there. "There's no way to make up for her. I got to raise three kids here without a mother and they're so young and all the stuff she would do for them. It was so much. There's no way we can ever replace ...
AKA Jennifer Lawrence is going to do a "Long Island accent" again.
congrats on the launch of we're excited to be featured in this LIC food tour:
Got questions on the possible LIRR strike? We've got answers
Really tryna make it from long island to the park hill on time before the fight LMFAO
VIDEO: TCU/IAM members rally at the Massapequa, Long Island train station to avoid a strike.
there's a bunch of people from Long Island and they say it funny
I swear I'm losing everyone I care bout I hate my life son like why me gotta head to Long Island today to see my aunt in the hospital Imma lose it if I lose her :(
Filming today as one of the lead characters for the two-hour special episode of "The First 48". Exciting development after we wrapped last night. Sealed the deal last night to begin filming the pilot episode of another comedy series that I am cast as the main character. I was originally cast a year ago and the project was put on hold. The first table read for 'Napolis will be next week and we will film the pilot in September. It is a very funny comedy based in Indianapolis and features my character, a dude that grew up in Muncie, named, Cornbread," as the focus. 'Napolis will film on location in Indy. That now makes three TV comedy series that I am intimately involved. In addition to 'Napolis, I have a costarring role in the comedy series "Long Island Lights" where I play a character by the name of Rick Sellers. I am also one of the producers/actor/AD on "Roommates". Looks like it is going to be a busy and exciting ride on the comedy front.
Newsday: Violent robberies in Riverhead target Hispanic men
Packing the cooler 3 days of baseball out in the *** end of Long Island Yap Hank !! The complex is Baseball heaven first game 800 pm tonight hotel check in at 300! The boys are gonna have a blast ! The parents eeh not sure yet! Lol
Happy Friday, wine fans! Happening today here at the Cellar, Long Island's very own Palmer Vineyards will be here tasting you guys on some of their fantastic, locally produced wines. Come show some Long Island pride and taste some delicious wines from Palmer Vineyards. 4pm - 7pm
Just bought one of the Long Island Medium books ! Can't wait to read it 👏
Moureen woke up & the first thing she said was the only island I've been on is Coney Island, Staten Island, Liberty Island & Long Island
Hello my Friends! I excitedly quilted a portion of my client's KitchenAid cover with the free-motion style of machine quilting. I call it "cobblestone" as it reminds me of the cobblestone walkway into my G'ma's home on Long Island. Because of the theme I chose for the reverse side a thread which compliments the fabric and the neo-Country theme. As my client knows the quality of my work (design and construction) she told me - site unseen - that she already loves it. Keep following me so you - as well as my client - will appreciate the art of my covers. Ginger
Eva Casale’s fourth marathon pays tribute to Bay Shore’s Rich Arcuri: It looked like a finish line, but it...
how long you in town? Would love to have you speak to Rhode Island's best players
Next one looks like it wants to be Colonial Long Island, New York, where a bunch of my ancestors lived.
NY Casual Luxury is definitely at its Finest in our Beautiful 2Bedroom Feature Listing for today:
You re near a store on long island?? Get your shoes at 50% off, when you buy two pairs. Treat yourself, just as...
Board supports zone change for complex in East Northport.
Rhinoplasty results and eyelid surgery
LIBN is taking a look at the Long Island Expressway -- and we want to hear your stories of LI's main road. Email editorto share!
we need to include him in our Long Island Ice Tea party,... even if he just has water ;-)
Woke up wanting several Long Island iced teas.
All NEW! latest Stand up comedy at Jason's Vineyard here on Long Island! Have a taste ->
: Long Island Wine Country: Award-Winning Vineyards of the North Fork and the Hamptons. ...
En route to Long Island for the very first time. But really, I could just go for a bagel right about now.
Totally GROSS news: NBC is reporting , that body's with severed body parts, and or just the severed body parts of human's are being found again, on Long Island. First a female with severed lower legs, now a severed arm found , but not the rest of the body.
Police: Another body part found on Long Island: via
Honestly Long Island in the summer feels like vacation
Hispanic men have been targeted in nearly 2 dozen violent robberies in Riverhead
Anyone out there have an old iPhone for AT&T that they want to get rid of that I can buy? My daughter Makenzie dropped hers into Long Island Sound and it's gone. I'm not about to drop 4 or 5 hundred on one
Heading off to Long Island on a couple of hours. Going to spend the weekend with my sister :)
Cuomo is maneuvering to stop a Long Island Rail Road strike that could hurt his re-election campaign
today's my favorite day, only because it's free slurpie day. I am determined to go to every 7-11 on Long Island and get a…
Long Island mfs too mixy , always feenin for a friend .
Northport's restored John W. Engeman Theater had ups, downs before curtains ... - Newsday
Friends in the NY/Long Island area. Tonight at 9:40 "Bridge and Tunnel" is screening at the Long Island Int'l Film Expo. If you'd like to check it out you can purchase tickets at the door, and we're having an after party at the Leaky Lifeboat in Seaford.
Do you use your passport at non MiLB parks and how do you stamp it? I am headed to a non MiLB park next week but still plan to use my MiLB Passport book. In the past I have asked Guest Relations if they have an address stamp to validate my being at the park. See Long Island Ducks photo below. I also paste into the passport photos like this to visually prove I was there and I like seeing the pics.
A woman's torso and arm were found in two different counties on Long Island. Police are working to find if they belong to the same woman, and if so, if the body parts belong to this missing Brooklyn woman.
What's up with this finding arms all over long island. Has anyone reported one missing? Just saying. Smh.
I have lived all over the country, but only recently become a wildlife photographer. It's hard not to feel regret about not capturing images of the animals that were around me. Yellowed Billed Magpies and Burrowing Owls come to mind when we lived in the Sacramento and East Bay area of California. The migrating birds on Long Island, NY. The hummingbirds in Texas; I had no idea how many hummingbirds Texas is home to! Pelicans and storks in FL. So many places to go back to. :-)
Everyone knows the Long Island Medium, Lindsay Lohan and Billy Joel are from Long Island.
A new and thrilling adventure park has opened on Long Island, filled with fun for
This weekend is going to be gnarly!!! Tonight, Cassette Tape will be performing at the San Luis Resort from 7-9. Then tomorrow, we'll be playing at Beach Hut from 8-12 with our homies Sun Salutation, who came all the way from Corpus Christi to reggae your faces off! I feel a weekend-long island party in the works. Shake yo butt!!!
10 Years ago today I got in my car and left Massachusetts (and yes Mass will always be home for me) for a new "trial" adventure on Long Island. Finding a great apartment with my best friend made it a whole lot easier. Little did I know this "trial" move would lead me to my beautiful wife and the most amazing son ever. The past 10 years have had many ups and downs but I am a better person for it. Thanks to all the new friends for making the past 10 years great.
If you love to shoot hoops, then you won't want to miss this - we've got the scoop on all the places you can play a game of basketball or practice your jump shot on Long Island!
For those who are unable to access News12, these are the photos from their website of today's segment featuring 3 of the dogs from Last Chance Animal Rescue : TRAVIS, BONNIE and MUDFISH!! Thank you Mel and John for getting up at 4am to get to News 12 Long Island's studio to showcase these pups (and making me get up at 5am to get Travis ready for his close up!)
Only one more week on Long Island, had a blast again!
Here it goes.. I am looking for an apartment, or a store front/apartment. I have 2 small dogs. I like to live anywhere in the city under 23rd st, or Williamsburg, Greenpoint or Long Island City. Yes, Stefan Mlot and I broke up. Don't worry though we are still the best of friends. Yes, I am very sad, but if I find a dope apartment I will be less sad.
We are shuffling of to Buffalo for Adam Zimmermanto bowl in Junior Gold! Good luck to all our Long Islanders who will be bowling!
Has anyone seen any Germany World Cup soccer teach shirts anywhere in any stores on Long Island that I could get one by Sunday!
Police: Another body part found on Long Island
Book a New York Limo Service, mark your calendar and prepare for a hard-earned girls' night out on Long Island!
Congrats to the for rescuing an injured turtle off Long Island! Read about it in our live blog:
Good Morning My Book Nook Friends... I hope this Friday morning finds you all well and happy! It's a beautiful morning from lovely Long Island, NY! I am still visiting with my family here and enjoying being "home". This weekend, I am going with my brother and sister in law to Bethel Woods, NY, where the historic Woodstock setting was. Going to do some antiqueing, see some beautiful N.Y. upstate areas, breathe in some fresh air, and have a peaceful day, ending it with a concert from the Doobie Brothers and Peter Frampton. Can it be a more perfect day for me! Hope this Friday is a peaceful, easy day for you, too. ~Carol ~
Bridge and Tunnel trailer is AMAZING! If you live on Long Island, New York Tourism, this is a MUST SEE! parts actually filmed on the new boardwalk in City of Long Beach, New York (OFFICIAL)!
I can't believe it's finally here, time to say goodbye to long island and head upstate. I'm so excited to be focusing on myself and what I want in life. I'm going to miss my family like crazy but I know I'll have their love and support behind Me the whole way. Well here I go, wish Me luck!✌✌
Island Harvest distributed thousands of pounds of food and water to Long Islanders after Sandy. Watch Randi tell The Weather Channel how we are preparing for the next disaster.
The Great South Bay Music Festival 7/18-20 Shorefront Park, Patchogue, Long Island Many GREAT local area artists/band join a stellar lineup of international and national acts. Tune into Sunday Breakfast this weekend when you'll get a taste of one of the region's up and coming bands performing 7/19 when John Platt spins 'Thursday Girl' by Butchers Blind in the 9-10am hour.
NEFCU is telling Long Islanders, “It’s on us,” this summer as the credit union this week announced a “pay it forward” initiative. Starting today, the Westbury, NY credit union will send local branch employees into the Long Island community to surprise residents with free lunches, coffee, treats and gas, and perform other good deeds. NEFCU also will be helping three Long Islanders in need. Throughout the summer three local residents will receive up to $1,500 in assistance. NEFCU is asking for nominations of three people or families who would benefit most from the larger donations. “Every Friday this summer, we’ll be looking to bring a smile to hundreds of Long Islanders’ faces and show them the power of ‘paying it forward,’” said Edward Paternostro, NEFCU president/CEO. “This is an exciting and enjoyable program for everybody involved as we go deep into the community–and deep into our pockets–to bring a little happiness and assistance to our neighbors.” The program kicks off . ...
New York and Long Island are the same thing Michael
My Wife Grew Up on Long Island, Massapequa, Very close to Jones Beach, of course We Didn't see Steven Tyler.
not sure if that's the Cape, the outer banks or Long Island but three of the greatest spots
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Did You Know The Blue Point oyster was named for Blue Point, Long Island in New York?
Long Island native. RIP. “Tom Veryzer, the shortstop before Alan Trammell, has passed away.
Police: Partially dismembered body of female found in Bay Shore - News 12 Long Island via
talks a lot about Long Island & SF, but what are his thoughts on Boston
*** aren't hot they just have big hair. Used to live on Long Island
Male fell off the PTown III between Long Island and deer island. BPD Harbor unit and United States Coast Guard on scene
Long Island. I took a walk under the trees and a big hairy caterpillar fell on me. I've reacted better to filthy propo…
Long Island companies are out the latest listing here! --> |
Up and installed at Serena & Lily in East Hampton, Long Island / Serena & Lily beach Market. Tree of Life, Bathing Beauty and Wednesday’s at 4:30. Check them out and all the other gorgeous art if you are out East!
Partnering with the Evangel Church of God in Long Island for a full day of ministry today.…
Today we are serving with Evangel Church of God in Long Island!
I'm a Long Island Medium fan. I'm really sort of into spirits... Well good spirits.
This is what the thieves who stole a flag given to a fallen firefighter's family had to say in their apology note
Where are some good places to surf in Long Island? Find the answer here:
URGENT Personal helper wanted 4 woman going in for cancer surgery in 2 weeks. Family is no help. Location: mid Long Islan…
Order Miche Bag Online!
I'm on the LIRR. (Long Island Rail Road) I go to "drain the snake" "not lizard👍" and I leave my iPhone on my seat as I go 2 cars away... Note to self/all.. PUT YOUR PHONE IN YOUR POCKET!!... 🍹
Read the latest Long Island Home & Living news and view Long Island Home & Living pictures from our team of local insiders.
The CNN iReport Music Spotlight: Long Island, NY based Rap sensation Profit Dollars is quickly making a name for himself in the world of Hip Hop. The breakout emcee has rolled out one of the hottest i...
Austin Scro is coming to Long Island and that's the only thing making me happy rn 💘💘💘
All Long Island Sound pump-out services for recreational boaters are now free
The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection announced Thursday that all pumpout services for recreational boaters along Long Island Sound, Connecticut’s rivers and Candlewood Lake will now be offered free of charge.
Check out these Long Island renovations and contact me to plan yours:
Escaping to my cousin's house in long island is always so chill its awesome
wow I just realized how long I've known Daisy
If u r on ur way to the island this morning, get ur pillow cos u v a long way to go. Tollgate to Dolphin, una doo o cc
A man was arrested after he allegedly threw a woman onto hot coals and stabbed her with a barbecue utensil on Long Island Saturday.
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