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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

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Voting forThe Best of Long Island is open again this year please vote for us in the Fishing supply and Sporting goods catagories this year you can vote once a day every day
The cover of our paper two years ago today, just hours before hit Long Island:
Fire safety company gets tax breaks to stay on Long Island
The second beheading on American soil in as many months took place Tuesday night on Long Island, N.Y., according...
Fire safety company gets aid to stay on Long Island
Newest book to launch on Long Island, with author trying a new experiment here:
Mastic Beach residents still in limbo after Sandy: A somber anniversary today as Long Island marks two years s...
So happy there's a Joe's Crab Shack by queens center mall. Now I don't have to drive all the way to Long Island.
what about Long Island? It's like a 2-3 hour dive from the city in most parts.
T-minus one hour until the Antares rocket launch. Find out when/how to see it on Long Island:
Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium reminds me so much of Tyler's mom, Pam
Told my roommate from Long Island that we have beaches on lakes and he was flabbergasted
I worked for Mickey D's when there were 2 on Long Island and over 3,000,000 sold. Wish I had stock instead of $1.25/hr
From Princeton to Long Island back into Manhattan..I'm not very good at sitting still.
recruiting a District Sales Manager for Long Island through to Fairfield County. Expertise in developing a new territory hiring/launching
How far off the path? Actual Manhattan or Long Island as well?
LONG ISLAND: Democrat candidate, Kathleen Rice, exposed to speak at a mosque with known ties to radical Islamists
‘New Urbanism’ hits the suburbs of Long Island, N.Y. via
Be first to apply: Benefits Account Executive - Long Island in Jericho, NY
Hola Depok! I'm back... after long journey about 12 hours spent from Sebesi Island-Dermaga Canti-Bakauheni-Merak-Kp. Rambutan-and Home..
should be my life right now but sadly it's not “"This doesn't taste like iced tea". -"yeah It's from Long Island"”
Out to eat with the Long Island family
LONG ISLAND: Democrat candidate, Kathleen Rice, exposed her plan to speak mosque with known ties radical Islamists
Getting ready to head back to long island
Sophia is with us right now for our special board and train program. She is the sweetest girl and loves to snuggle!! Please contact Long Island Pit Stop Animal Rescue you are interested in her♡♡
Your little Mallynistas enjoyed their little chat with you yesterday. Salamat from Long Island!
Ps all long island clubs are awful.
“Im tell people im from RI and they're just like what?”they be like what Long Island ? Lol
Long Island. Tonight at 8, I’ll be at the Brokerage Comedy club. Come out and laugh.
Yo I just heard a dude tell a story about how Derek Jeter's cousin came on to a dude at Siberia which was an awful long island club
Kaci Hickox: Ebola quarantine violates my 'basic human rights'
Going out east on Long Island in the fall >>
What are some of your favorite Long Island vendors that you hired for your wedding?
A pregnant woman was pulled over after speeding in Hampton Bays and was found with crack cocaine, police said
Long Island Medium is my fave show ever !
We're making our return to Long Island on November 12 at Amityville Music Hall! Grab a ticket now and come hang...
"This song reminds me of my Long Island friends and now I'm sad)-: favorite song
Tryouts set for Long Island, Midwest boys for Brine tournament -
The more places I go off if Long Island the more I realize how unique and amazing it truly is
is it true that Ebola is on Long Island? And how does it get transferred
Tonight meet me at krush lounge for karaoke Sundays 6414 Rising sun ave 2 for 1 Long Island from 9 til…
If Bellatrix Lestrange and the Long Island Medium had a child, it would be my hair
WUZZUP LONG ISLAND! We are playing at the Amityville Music Hall tonight with our boys in transitma and…
People in Long Island are so nice compared to everyone in Staten Island lmfaoo
Bound to happen if you hang out at the Bowling Alley by Firefly Island long enough.
Yay 80d so afternoon treat driving miss Vickey aka Georgia Plexus Girl to various places in our area: Might be able to sneak a visit to the local Applebee's | DAWSONVILLE for a long island iced tea or 2, I know its a begger but some one has to do it ;-)
yes like come out to Long Island please 😫😫
3am is brutal to wake up, I've done it for nearly 30 years with my other business cleaning, painful
Long Island Medium RT"What was the highlight of your Sunday?"
The All Long Island Football Academy has definitely contributed to my success as a quarterback
Chance was trying to steal a drink of Julia's Long Island ice tea and then got embarrassed 😄😄😄
Calypso, a rescued turtle off Long Island! She was being hand fed by the divers.
I'm watching Long Island Medium where she visits the jail. is such a inspiration to go there and give lovely messages
Blanche opens today at 3pm with TRL Sundays with Chris. The music you wanna hear for free! Happy hour till 7pm. Discounted drinks, beer and wine. $3 special shots, $4 Long Island Ice Teas. Then at 7pm it's Sam to serve up the fun. $5.00 Honey Jack shots. Head on over for a drink or two. Try a Hurricane cocktail or Blue Point Oktoberfest or a Blue Point Pumpkin Ale. You'll never know how much fun you'll have unless you come down
Staten Island man accused of making bomb threats against Nassau County police facilities
bruh ur always in New York and i NEVER see u cuz u only go to the city. Try out long Island plzz? gets me lol
Questions on Kathleen Rice's early prosecution cases in via
they live in Guam and some lives in some private island in vietnam I think, but they came down to visit not too long ago and
Beautiful day out on Long Island canvassing w/ for & a strong Democratic State Senate
Multifamily housing plan considered for North Bellport: Multifamily housing plan considered for North Bellport
Community Ambulance Company in Sayville opens doors at $7.3M site - Newsday |
Doing an addition or dormer on Long Island? You should see our work!
"Do not enter woods. Deer hunting in progress" Only in Long Island lololol
Rapper Kurtis Blow getting the break with Long Island Music Hall of...
Happy GDay to my fam and boy from long..! Bless up
Getting ready for my ferry ride back to Long Island. It's been a very cool weekend... Thanks Allison Reed, Steve and Daniel
Yeah if ur buying. well I drink beer at home. if I go out I usually get Beam and coke or Angry Orchard.Long Island but my version it's like A Red Death. I have them take out Tripple Sec and Replace it with Jim Beam. then leave out Sour Mix and use Cranberry Juice and Grenodine
Both size 7.5 / great conditon take both for $250! Or trade. 2 for 1 on the yeezys. Come to me in long island
Going to see Theresa Caputo tonight, the Long Island Medium! Hopefully Big Daddy and Fausto can make their way through the crowd and give me some encouraging words and let me know they're looking after Salmita and I! We could use it!
"I went to the Embassy School of Acting. I was there for a couple of years, and received a scholarship to go to the school of the John Drew Memorial Theater in East Hampton on Long Island in America. "We did a whole lot of plays there, as well as a lot of hard work in our studies. I had a wonderful time; that is a wonderful part of the world." - Pat recalling his early training as an actor. Fantasy Empire Magazine, 1986.
East end of Long Island cruse... Top down while I can.
In East Bay l, Long Island honoring Ken Daniels who served his country as a Marine and FDNY Fire Lieutenant
11.29.14. Nike's for $50.00. Yea that good. Long Island lets have some fun.
Hey everyone the service for my mom is Tuesday morning at 10Am at guttermans in Woodbury Long Island we will be sitting at my house afterwards and on wends inbox me for my address if needed me or just call Thanks Howie
This was a waste of time ,money and hanging with my friends... BUT.. Need help finding out who this is.. Meet at Sammy T's last night.. Bought u a long island ice tea. Not a good pic but let's see if social media can help a guy out..
In Long Island City, NY babysitting this one til Monday 10/27. See you next Sun. at KV café room
If you live in Long Island Queens and the BX and are at MetLife you can go back to your car right now and start the drive home! The Cross BX Expressway is vicious on Sundays.
See photos from the fifth Long Island Music Hall of Fame induction gala, held Oct.
Had a quick visit from our favorite Long Island family. Got to see six of the Meier Klan ... Love that entire family! Thanks for the visit Deborah Cuocci Meier
10/25/14: Fun backyard party in Long Island last night. A bit late in the season to be outdoors, perhaps, but a good time nonetheless! Started out with the intention of playing mostly originals, then realized folks wanted to party and changed course. Here's what I played: Dark and Cold Wichita Colors in You Comes a Time Another Hour to Kill Crazy Love (Van) House of the Rising Sun Jealous Guy Friend of the Devil You've Got to Hide Your Love Away High and Dry You Ain't Goin' Nowhere Dark Hollow Norwegian Wood Lawyers, Guns, and Money Twist and Shout Good Lovin' Revolution
ANYONE WHO IS A MUSICIAN ON MY FRIENDS LIST. I MEAN ALL MUSICIANS. Let's capture the essence of long island in a single song. All different styles and loves of different genres, we can all bring something to the table and define this island how we see fit. Spread this is you'd like please. Let's collaborate with some great minds!
currently in Long Island aka almost Manhattan
Well, look at those cheating scandals in Long Island and in Manhattan. All the people involved were white or Asian. Can you
Man accused of bomb threat at police precinct - News 12 Long Island
Unbelievable stuff on Long Island. have scoring on all 4 lines, and taking a "Kevin Keegan" approach. You'll score 5, we'll score 7
Offensive material discriminating against poor people in Long Island maybe Staten too...
Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Meryl Davis to reunite for Long Island dance ...
I'm just gonna say it and then y'all can judge me. I NEED A TEA PARTY! It can be mad or even the Long Island type of tea party, but there should be biscuits and cucumber sandwiches. So glad to get that off my chest.
''Ralph'' (NYU Tisch School of the Arts) - Shoots Jan. 13-20, 2015 in Long Island and NYC.: ...
Most def just got home from the tour show in Long Island and gotta wake up in 2 hours to go to work…😌
Join the fight to end human trafficking on Long Island. Come to our next meeting or attend our next big event.
domain names
played last night on Long Island, no skate this morning outside Ottawa. Team is safe at downtown hotel not far from Parl…
Joey: Is Staten Island really an island? Ross: Hence the name: Staten Island. Joey: I thought it was like Long Island. Ross: Also an island!
Long Island maritime museum is on ink masters right now- Spike TV.
It's game day!!. The Leafs will travel to Long Island, to take on the red-hot New York Islanders. Tonight's...
Can you guys please come to Long Island, New York? I love you guys sooo much!! It would mean the world if you did 😋
Scheduling news: will be facing Rutgers, Chattanooga, Canisius, Iowa State, and Long Island in Clearwater March 13-15
In bed last night, the wife was watching "My 5 Wives" and "Long Island Medium." The gates of *** can't be much differen…
Here are the nominees for the Bethpage Best of Long Island program in the food categories.
Despite guidelines, Long Island districts are requiring documents that are often difficult for parents to obtain, forcing children to stay at home.
Back from Long Island. Had a wonderful time. We will post some pics of Oyster Bay tomorrow.
Only a few spots left at KAR Convention at Long Island, NY!! Visit our website to register:...
Long Island Medium has got me in tears tonight😂
I ran 3.15 mi with Check out my route in Long Island City, NY, United States!
For those that attended the Theresa Caputo ( Long Island Medium ) signing...
Admission 1: I watch Long Island Medium. Admission 2: it makes me cry.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I love the Long Island Bar! But as knows, I'm such a bad tipper!
We're almost done planning the NY/Long island show so I'll email you really soon
if I'm out to party its a Long Island. But mostly like a nice potato vodka on ice or Jamison. Her and I'm a beer snob :p
If you live near Long Island, go see "Rent" at opening 11/7. Why do I care? as Maureen!
See you guys in Long Island tonight! GO LEAFS!
You can swap out the Long Island in editorial on control with taxpayers, and upstate and the c…
yess is gonna be on long island this Thursday 😩
Photo: First stop the showroom in Long Island City
!! First stop the showroom in Long Island City
The teacher that I work with at the elementary school came back from Italy and I met her for the first time today. I'm so relieved that she's from Long Island too We have so much in common and I'm really off to a great start with her! I'm so excited! I could imagine why my teacher put me with her lol
I need a month long vacation on an island nation by the beach and do some serious soul searching
Finish this sentence:. I remember when Long Island had _!. I'll go first, I remember when Long Island had...
all the way from Long Island I got it, I got it
Long Island joined New Orleans and others in trying to keep immigrant children out of schools
"excited for my meet and greet tonight at 7pm !! LONG ISLAND, can’t wait ! !!
T-storms across the south shore of Long Island and Bergen County NJ; all pushing to the northeast.
Long Island's breweries make a beer for almost every drinker. These 12 will give you
Announcing added to our tour for NYC/Philly/Long Island ! Tickets on sale Thursday at …
“Would you travel to Long Island for some 📦 ? Side note: *** bare fat” lmfaoo
Interested in angel investing and live on Long Island? Pitch Night is 11/5 contact kerenf…
Vistit to Vote for the Best Vape Shop on Long Island
Dear good~When you hear Your man speaks more deeply than usual, do not wait for him to ask for it. Just know that men lower the pitch of their voice when they are turned on. In an attempt to sound sexy and romantic, he will change the tone of his voice and it will sound more deeper than usual... so, the moment you realise this, just apply summary and help him leave his destination that is long island. ~FRIENDS
Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature at a Botanical garden this Fall! Don't forget your camera!
ACS SAYS GOODBYE TO PAST TEACHER AND BOARD MEMEBER - JIM LANDERS Jim Landers, beloved teacher at Arlington Christian School, died Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014, after a brief illness. Born Jan. 28, 1936 in North Little Rock, Arkansas, Mr. Landers was the son of Mel and Edna Landers. He taught 23 years in Long Island, NY, and joined the Arlington faculty in 1987 where he taught for 14 years. During his tenure at Arlington, Mr. Landers taught business classes, computer, photography and Bible. He sponsored the FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), the Singing Club, and planned many patriotic events to recognize US troops and veterans. He had a lasting impact on his students and showed them how to love and serve the Lord. The March of Dimes was FBLA’s main project, and Arlington was always in the forefront of fundraising, thanks to Mr. Landers. He was a deacon and elder in the Church of Christ, worked in the prison ministry and took mission trips. He enjoyed leading singing throughout his life and broug ...
Youth teams on Long Island battle for supremacy.
NYI and Ottawa huh might be fun to come out of retirement for the next 2 nights. in Long Island
Mrs. Nash's Gr. 4 class connected with their buddy class in Long Island via Skype. Hello to FA
Would you like to take part in events in NY, Jan 2015, Long Island & online events?
Enjoy the beauty of natural fall colors at one of the many botanical gardens on Long Island! Many also include walking trails.
Nice: 6 secrets that help on a Greek island live v long & v well by
Check out our New York Mazda pre-owned inventory today! Conveniently located on Long Island, our NY car dealership always has nice used cars to choose from!
Glad to be out of Long Island NY. It feels so good to be home for a few days Time to decorate for Halloween
I need three models for an editorial style shoot tomorrow in Long Island. A male female and a child. Message me if you are interested or share this with someone you think would be interested in doing work for trade
Love this job but the running state to state is getting ridiculous already but the money I'd great...Gotta call the boss tonight because he may need me in long island hopefully I don't need to go...
District 2: David Michel David has volunteered with the Rye Marshlands Conservancy and was treasurer of the SUNY-Purchase Environmental Club. He also volunteered on a marine ecological survey of the pollution in Long Island Sound, coordinated between his marine biology studies and the Norwalk Maritime Center. He is an onshore volunteer for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, NY chapter, and a Cove Guardian, going to Japan to document dolphin slaughters in an effort to stop them. As a professional he leads a wholesale team in high-end eyewear. Candidate website Best of luck David Michel from all Protectors of Dolphins and Whales
On Saturday, October 25th, 2014 zombies will once again be marching onto Long Island in an effort to break world records while supporting charities across the country and the world.
Stony Brook University is hosting a political rally tomorrow for Tim Bishop with Bill Clinton. The use of publicly funded resources for political purposes may be a breach of federal and state law. **Moreover, an email was sent out to the entire undergraduate student population advertising and promoting the event** (see the attached flier from the email, paid for the NY Democratic Committee ) The universities own IT policy manual states: "4.A.iii.c. Use of IT Systems in a way that suggests University endorsement of any political candidate or ballot initiative is also prohibited. The use of IT Systems shall be in accordance with SUNY and University policy on the use of University facilities for political purposes." The issue was discussed today on Long Island Liberty with Bruce Alan Martin on WUSB with two members of the Stony Brook University College Republicans. Please share this, we can not let this type of behaviour stand unchecked!
Looks like I get to go see Long Island Medium tonight!! Just won tickets thanks to the awesome radio station here in Salina :)
GOOD MORNING MILFORD: These documents are from 2003-2004. We just thought you might be interested in seeing what most people didn't know about at the time, but existed none the less and could again in the future. We thank John for being so helpful during that time and over the years since, and now expounding, giving us an expert opinion (of which we are NOT). John Armbruster ~ Columbia University: Earthquakes in the eastern United States are different for earthquakes in California. The rocks in the east are much older and stronger so when an earthquake occurs the shaking is observed to greater distances with higher frequencies of shaking. Direct displacement on a fault is less likely to be seen in the east but strong high frequency shaking can cause ground to settle or slump leading to breaks in buried pipelines. Much of the damage seen in the magnitude 4.6 Cacoosing Valley, PA earthquake in 1994 was to buried pipelines including a major water line. With strong rock and high stresses near the surface i .. ...
Storms that have produced flooding and hail over Monmouth & Ocean Counties are moving offshore. A few weaker storms are tracking toward Long Island.
Amazingly Inspirational!!! Christine Scott grabbed the 3rd overall spot for figure in The Long Island Experience Bodybuilding show on September 27th. (She placed second in Masters and fitbody). After losing 135 lbs, this Body Source beauty, has competed in 2 shows so far, and is proving that hard work, a good diet and quality supplements can help you achieve greatness. We are beaming with congratulatory pride for Christine! Bravo!
Subscribe to Tipsy Bartender: Jello breasts made with all the booze needed for a super strong long island iced tea. It's our way of sho...
GDC Properties bought a warehouse in Long Island City that is ripe for development for $37 million, according to city records filed Monday.
Said Good-Bye to my Aunt at her Funeral on Long Island yesterday, Got a call from my agent today saying I booked a part on a HBO pilot. Coincidence? I Think Not.
ok- mystery apparently solved- i went to the poster's home fb page and looked at the other groups she is in and looked at the group botany group at LIU (i don't know but could be long island university or something)and found this at the top of the page "Hi guys, it seems likethe group plant id is upset bythe repostings of the exam photos so just do a reverse google image search for the plant photo and don't post anymore inthe group. " so i guess it was part of their claass asignment to do research this way too as u get personal copmments here and not just googled regurgitation of stuff already on the web- not a bad idea really- at least they are interested in plants and learning! :)
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I'm surprised the bagel man in front of Long Island bagel is still standing. I've watched him spin nonstop for 10 mins
Hey everyone, I'm trying to part with my 245, it's an 88' automatic. It has a new exhaust system from the manifold back, new timing belt/Associated seals, new radiator, sway bar links and bushings. At the moment it is not running, getting fuel and spark but no start. Unfortunately I just don't have the time to keep working on it as I'm making a move to Colorado in just about 2 months! The car is in Long Island New York, best offer will save it from the scrap yard :( Title is in the mail!
New York Secrets.."The Most Amazing Apartment in New York".. "The Campbell Apartment". By Paul Vetrano / Critic. With the help of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and others . Instead of tearing down Grand Central Terminal years ago... it was Saved and restored!! to its amazing splender and glory. During the renovation.. a secret door and room was descovered... it was an amazing find!!! a stunning apartment beyond belief. I was involved in it's transformation into a stunning Bar Lounge..i cant express the feelings that came over me when i first saw it.. the stories the people that stayed are a few pictures..with the cities first Loft Bedroom. The 3,500-square-foot (330 m2) space was first leased in 1923 by John Campbell from William Kissam Vanderbilt II, whose family had built Grand Central Terminal. The space was a single room 60 feet (18 m) long by 30 feet (9.1 m) wide with a 25-foot (7.6 m) ceiling and an enormous faux fireplace in which Campbell kept a steel safe. At that time, it was the largest g ...
Thanksgiving is just around the corner & there are a lot of places looking for your donations of funds and food. Would you, your church, family or business consider collecting food to help Lighthouse Mission share the gospel of Jesus & feed the poor right here on Long Island? Check out this video of pastor Craig (Lighthouse Missions Warehouse Director) speak more about this need.
Three performances tomorrow in Hempstead, Long Island of the Latin and Hispanic Heritage Celebratrion
So sad to leave my sweet Long Island but am totally missing my new home and daughter. Unto part 3 of my vacation, back to Atlantis AGAIN. May God carrying us safely through.
I have the BEST girlfriend in the world. She takes care of me when I'm sick in bed all the way from Long Island with a delivery of powerade so I feel better and I don't get dehydrated. I couldn't have found a more perfect girl.
Some daytime heating, coupled with cold temperatures aloft (in the mid levels) has aided in the development of thunderstorms in New Jersey as a low pressure system develops near the area. The threat for these storms will continue through the area today. Some of these storms will be capable of producing lightning and thunder, heavy rain, and even small hail. The threat for hail may develop as a result of the cold temperatures aloft. Some hail has, in fact, already been reported with storms along the NJ Shore. These storms will shift northeast toward Long Island, but additional storms may develop later today as well.
Why not start planning you Long Island wine tour, complete with car service, for this autumn?
Alexander Ghali. 4 mins · YouTube · . Here we have the cast discussing the story and this section of Long Island. I guess the actor/actress
Joanne Borgella, 'American Idol' contestant who grew up on Long Island, dies at 32:
What's the story with the murders? The DeFeos were a family of 7 who lived in the upscale Amityville Village of New York's Long Island. One evening, around 6:30pm, the eldest son, Ronnie, ran into a local bar shouting that someone had killed his parents. A goup of bar patrons (many of whom were friends of Ronnie's) jumped into a car and zoomed down the few blocks to Ronnie's house, where they found not only the parents, but every member of Ronnie's family shot dead in their beds. The father was shot in the back and in the neck. The mother was shot twice in the upper body. Ronnie's two younger sisters were each shot once in the head at close range. His two younger brothers were each shot once in the back at close range. Ronnie was taken to the police station for questioning and protection. While there, he quickly became the number one suspect, and confessed to police detectives that he did, in fact, commit the murders. Ronnie was tried the following year. Before the trial began, by the end of May, 1975, Ro ...
Isma Chaudhry will be the Islamic Center of Long Island's 13th president since 1982.
Now this is what we call progress! Islamic Center of Long Island names their 1st female pres
Once there was a lab were racism was practiced as a science. It was in Long Island
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Im currently working and I work at an amusement park on Long Island isn't that interesting
Quite a chill this morning here on Long Island as I take my little Westie Lucky into the backyard. The grass covered with leaves that have fallen from the trees. How about song titles/lyrics with the word(s), FALL, FALLEN, FELL, FALLING - Can't Help Falling In Love ~ Elvis Presley
THE REUNION. Cathy, Sue and Jane haven't seen each other since High School. They rediscover each other via a reunion website and arrange to meet for lunch in a wine bar. Cathy arrives first, wearing a beige Versace. She orders a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Sue arrives shortly afterward, in gray Chanel. After the required ritualized kisses she joins Cathy in a glass of wine. Then Jane walks in, wearing a faded old tee-shirt, blue jeans and boots. She too shares the wine. Cathy explains that after leaving high school and graduating from Princeton in Classics, she met and married Bill, with whom she has a beautiful daughter. Bill is a partner in one of New York's leading law firms. They live in a 4000 sq. ft. co-op on Fifth Avenue, where Susanna, the daughter, attends drama school. They have a second home in Phoenix. Sue relates that she graduated from Harvard Med School and became a surgeon. Her husband, Clint, is a leading Wall Street investment banker. They live in Southampton on Long Island and have a second ...
Looking for people interested in working part time with wildlife on the east end of Long Island. That includes learning to care for animals at the center who are being rehabilitated, rescuing and / or transporting bipeds and quadrupeds. Please email me if you would like to take part in one of the classes being offered at The Wildlife Center and in other venues in both Southampton and East Hampton towns Janegill716
Learn more about pest control for your Long Island business.
Happy 58th b'day to Ken Morrow who won Gold in Lake Placid & a Stanley Cup on Long Island within months during 1980. htt…
Fun times last weekend at the Hamptons International Film Festival on the east end of Long Island. A varied selection of movies, interesting panels and filmmakers, all taking place in one of my favorite locations. I've been attending for a number of years and would highly recommend for film fans. (Some pics I took included)
Schmitt's Haunted House comes out on top of News 12 poll: The results are in! Long Island's favorite haunted h...
A plea to President Obama: Fix the immigration system now - Newsday
Surgery in little over a week. By this time next week I will be in Long Island getting preoperative testing done before the big day (October 27th). I am nervous yes! I am afraid for being away from my family and friends for so long. But I know that my dad is keeping a watchful eye over me, my doctors and the kids and family.everything will be okay. I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped with the benefit and has helped me through this all...with out you guys I would be lost. Thank you sooo much! :) ♡
Long Beach Island's surf could reach between 8.33ft and 9.68ft high in the next 24hrs.
Robert Moses's surf may be at least 9.64ft high tomorrow. Get out to Long Island New York, pronto! via Surfline
I got complements in my Long Island ice teas and sex on the beach today 👏👏. Made my night.
Category 4 is roughly 20x the size of It's going to be a long day for that island.
Watched most terrifying places in America. They had a part about mount misery, haunted woods on Long Island. Spent many nights there. I love Halloween. Love haunted houses, dressing up.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
A long drive to island park tonight was just what I needed :)
By lr_admin By Dave Urbanski A scavenger hunt typically elicits good, clean fun as participants scour the landscape for harmless, hysterical items. But a group of high school seniors from Long Island, New York, allegedly had a different kind of scavenger hunt in mind over the weekend. The alleged list obtained by the Sachem Patch details tasks […] …read more Source: Lincoln Report
You know you need to get a life other than television when the girl you see with Teresa Caputo on Long Island Medium is the SAME girl you see on Dateline on ID being murdered by her husband! WTH!
Game 4 Recap: Sharks fall short in shootout in Long Island
A large, deceased finback whale was found washed up on an eastern Long Island beach Thursday morning.
Random New York dreams last night involved me dancing the night away whilst supplied me with Long Island Ice Teas 🙈 🇺🇸 🍸
I-495/Long Island Expwy E/B approaching Main Street has two lanes blocked at 3:32 PM due to an accident for up to 2…
MTA Long Island Rail Rd: due to Vehicle on the tracks at east of Kings Park Sta, east PT Jefferson Branch from Jamaica Sta (Que…
best way to drink strong alcohol hey, especially Long Island iced tea!
...and Linda WINER, from Newsday? She can suck it back to Long Island, where she belongs.
Come check this sweetie on the blog!: A Love Story • Bethpage Photographer • Gina Marie Photography
Me telling this girl to try Captain Morgan Long Island she's like you should be an advertiser you convinced me 😓
Thank you so much for the follow!!! Huge fan, come to Long Island sometime! :)
two for one cocktails so my second long Island is free
Not sure how i ended up eating halal guys at a bar on Long Island tonight, but my night has been truly memorable.
Crumbs bake shops reopening shops in major markets,...
watermelon Long Island I had bout 6 or 7 drinks nd dey was strong nd dey give u 2 free ones on Thursday
I didn't realise you'd lived there so long. Sounds like tough times on the island. Best wishes to all.
Holy bejeezus has it been a crazy time to be the lone publicist for All Jane No *** Comedy Festival. 2 nights down, 3 to go. Time to lay on the couch in my Homer Simpson jammies, share a sandwich with my dog, and binge-watch Long Island Medium like a civilized human being.
Cops: Manhattan Man, Alberto Lopez, 24 Charged for Robbery at Bank of America in Lawr...
I walked almost the equivalent of the north to south shore on Long Island lmao
Off long island and patron. Need to go home
Long island pro New York 2011 good waves :D big kelly slater :)
Also long island iced tea is my new fave thing
YOU need to laugh. Check my ALL NEW comedy-> :Come 2 my Long Island show>
I made it to Long Island and I'm alive. Time to sleep forever.
Goodbye long daylight hours! Played with off-camera flash on the overnighter in Gåsgrund island.
Hazing scandal in Sayreville, N.J., stirs dark memories for football-obsessed town on Long Island via
There is a special breed of trash that exists in Long Island. It gives me nightmares.
Just a ultimate long island ice tea 🍸🍹for me @ McFadden's Chicago
Chef fired from hotel for refusing to cut his long hair: suit: A Long Island cook is fighting for his right to…
DC blew my mind last night. Love seeing all our fans out here! It's like the gang's back together 😂 See you out here in Lon…
2$ Long Island iced teas is a bad idea
Hey Sabby, next Long Island show, your *** is going back home via Penn Station.
Police: 2 arrested in shooting that leaves man critical
I'm number 8 on the ReverbNation Hip Hop charts for Long Island, NY.
All square on Long Island. brings the even with the
Vote Lee Zeldin for Congress Nov. 4th -- NY's 1st Congressional District! The legacy of the American Paratrooper is one of honor, integrity, courage and impeccable character. It’s a lineage that is carried on today by young men and women who continue to train and prepare to jump behind enemy lines and engage the enemy. Such it is with Major Lee Zeldin, who currently serves in the U.S. Army Reserves and is a former 82nd Airborne Division paratrooper -- and a conservative State Senator in New York -- talk about being behind enemy lines! Lee is running for Congress in New York's District One -- Long Island. I had the pleasure of being with Lee at a local VFW Post -- a place where past, present, and future heroes gather. Let's load Lee Zeldin up for a new mission, and drop him in behind the lines of Capitol Hill to let him do as paratroopers have always done -- fight for America with honor and distinction for your future.
Long Island Medium new favourite show 😍
Long Island Medium always makes celine cry she cant even how cute❤
the Long Island Medium lady is in Kalamazoo the 27th 😱
If I ever ran into Theresa the Long Island Medium, I think I'd just cry off jump.
Is it possible to watch Long Island Medium without crying? No I don't think so.
I'm watching Long Island Medium & they're getting a cheesesteak from the same place 5sos got one lmfao
If you don't cry while watching Long Island Medium then you're wrong
Long Island Medium gives me chills every time.
Long Island Medium make me cry every time!! 😄😭
Long Island Medium is my favourite show ever
Cry every single time I watch Long Island Medium no matter what
Long Island Medium got me feeling some typa way
Michael needs to go somewhere I'm here watching Long Island Medium crying why he's just staring at me.
Balling my eyes out watching Long Island Medium, neverfails
Is there such thing as watching an episode of Long Island Medium and not crying?
Crying like a baby over Long Island Medium
Defendant in murder case sues judge, prosecutor: Travel deals CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. - (AP) -- A Long Island man ...
This fall's election is crucial for the future of Long Island. Maintaining Republican leadership of the State Senate is absolutely essential in order to avoid the same type of burdensome tax increases, such as the job-killing MTA Payroll Tax, and major decreases in school aid that were seen the last time the State Senate was controlled by Democrats. Please take a moment to watch this short video and LIKE & SHARE it to show your support!
Big rivalry. Hubs is from Long Island. Let's hope I get bragging rights for the evening. LOL!
The original broadway jack Kelly is coming to Long Island . it's a small world after all
Photo: ruinedchildhood: the economy hit the power rangers hard From Megazords to Long Island railroad real...
Passing the Long Island ferries. New London CT 10-5-14. Original at
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Lora Cusumano, Broker Owner of Long Island House Hunters in Melville and Palm Beach has been inducted to the 2014 Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council’s (REBAC) “Hall of Fame” presented by REBAC of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (NAR). Lora was the first person on Long Island to receive the ABRM…
Where is the most "adventurous" location you've had sex?" Long Island, while customers were In the store
I almost accidentally ended up on the Long Island railroad and that's all you need to know about public transportation in NYC
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration has moved to block an appeal of a court decision to dismiss a 2012 lawsuit filed against the New York Police Department (NYPD) for surveillance on Muslims in New Jersey. Six Muslim men and women, along with religious organizations and two Muslim-owned businesses, filed the initial lawsuit charging that the NYPD had violated the Constitution by spying on New Jersey’s Muslim community because of their religion. The lawsuit cited the actions of the NYPD’s Demographics Unit, which collected information on Muslims in New York City, New Jersey, and Long Island by sending plainclothes policemen to record conversations and habits of Muslims at mosques, cultural centers, and Muslim-frequented businesses.
Apparently the Long Island railroad does not know the definition of on time...
PRESS STATEMENT Loretta Butler Turner MP for Long Island 13 October 2014 National Heroes Day Announcement of Bid to Seek the Leadership of the Free National Movement Loretta Butler Turner, Deputy Leader of the FNM and MP for Long Island, announced today, National Heroes Day, her decision to run for Leader of the Free National Movement at the party’s convention on November 21st. In attendance were her husband, attorney Ed Turner, her son, her sister Clarice Butler and her brother, Craig Butler. Before making the announcement from her home, she was introduced by her husband, who noted in his introduction: “As a father and as I citizen I want the very best for our country. I have seen the kind of leadership that Loretta offers. I know her values and her convictions. I know where her heart is. Her heart is with the Bahamian people. She has a passion for public service.” He also stated: “I introduce not only my wife. I introduce to you today someone who I believe has the capacity, and the tremen ...
GOVERNOR CUOMO ANNOUNCES TASTE NY DISPLAYS ROLLING OUT AT LIQUOR STORES ACROSS THE STATE Branding Program Aims to Increase Exposure and Sales of Taste NY Products Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced a Taste NY pilot marketing and branding program to maximize exposure for New York State wines, spirits and ciders at liquor stores across the state. Taste NY promotional materials identifying products as “Made in New York” are already on display in six liquor stores, and will soon be rolled out in dozens more from Long Island to Western New York. "These new Taste NY displays will make it easier than ever for customers to spot some of the best wine, spirits and ciders in the world – all made right here in the Empire State," Governor Cuomo said. "New York’s craft beverage producers have experienced tremendous growth during the past four years, and this program is the latest in this administration's many efforts to keep the momentum going and foster additional growth and job creation in this industry ...
NY Kennedy Airport international we need center for EBOLA cases,maybe one on Long Island too . Thanks!!
you're so close to where I live 😭😍 go to the north fork tomorrow if you're still on Long Island!! I would love to meet you!
Long Island, Sable Island and Cape Cod all part of the terminal moraine of last ice sheet.
Catholic Health Services of Long Island to Optimize its Financial Workflows with Connance ...: Conn...
*** preppy cornball kids in the north fork of Long Island 😂😂😂
I completely took for granted all the farms around my high school. Nothing felt like fall more than being on the east end of Long Island.
Picnic and wine tasting on a sunny Sunday on Long Island — at Roanoke Vineyards
Long Island--where girls named Emily play on fields off streets named Pulaski.
Just arrived at my next show at the Cold Spring Harbor Country Club, Long Island. Time to do it all again and make some great connections
Queens teen shot to death in Long Island park
Whale washes up at Smith Point County Park - News 12 Long Island via
Game Day, business trip down in Long Island, ready to come home with a sealed deal!
A whale washed ashore on Long Island on Thursday with bite marks "bigger than a Chihuahua," Kim Durham of...
Pretty sure every road needed to get back to Long Island from Oswego has road work going on.
gone cop me a big *** personal bottle of that Long Island 😝
a modern day initiative for the future like Roosevelt did, like Robert Moses in Long Island, and the benefactor of Central Park.
is thr a boat dock on Long Island that could be usd for things like this or even, if big enough, for the shelter & other things
I hated mine too I switched all my doctors to Long Island , in valley stream right by green acres !
Buy a candy apple in the sac today from CWC! Profits go to getting toiletries for a women's shelter on Long Island.
24/7 Pacquiao/Algieri Premieres Saturday, Nov. 8 on HBO As a prelude to the upcoming HBO Pay-Per-View® showdown on Nov. 22 between world welterweight champ Manny Pacquiao and fast-rising challenger Chris Algieri, HBO Sports will air "24/7 Pacquiao/Algieri," an action-packed one episode, 30-minute special examining the 147-pound title showdown.The "24/7 Pacquiao/Algieri" special will premiere Saturday, Nov. 8 at 1:00 a.m. (ET/PT) on HBO immediately following the live World Championship Boxing event from Atlantic City. The all-new documentary-styled presentation will explore the intriguing storylines connected to the Nov. 22 fight: one of the world's most popular and famous athletes defending his crown versus a remarkably confident, poised and undefeated prizefighter from Long Island, whose journey to the highest-profile stage in the sport is unparalleled and reads like a Hollywood script.
“Am I going to sleep in the streets," asks homeless man displaced from Long Island shelter.
Can We Be The Best of Long Island 6 Years in a Row? We need your help. Vote for Little Shelter. ht…
Is the best Animal Shelter on Long Island? Vote now and daily here >
follow us first no kill shelter in Long Island we just celebrated 87years of saving life's!!!😃
- Tomorrow I'm performing in Long Island City at Laughing Devil, Friday October 10th, on the 8pm and 10pm shows. I'm super excited to be a part of the great lineup of comics that will be performing. If you're in the area, come have fun with me :D
Why am I just feeling that Long Island
It's going to be a long night.. not even half way done with study island. 😣
Is it bad I'm never happy for ppl when I find out they're pregnant? I'm like great as if Long Island wasn't overpopulated to begin with.. 😒
I could go for a strawberry Long Island or a mango margarita ☺️
Long Island Iced Tea for the ride down south to warm my bones
It's really sad that people from Long Island don't know what Wegmans is. I feel bad for u
BREAKING NEWS Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium has contacted Mike Brown he said it was all his bad u can all go home now
New Auction Started by BusyBee fellow local Long Islander! Beautiful Poster Bed-Full Size - $65.00 Visit the link to check out the item!
You know you're from long island when... You assume everyone knows where Long Island is.
Here's the latest on the police investigation into threatening letters sent to two Long Island GLBT community centers.
"He called the Long Island expressway a concrete miracle.."
Me when I was at soul night and they told me a Long Island was 20 bucks.
Washed up whale puzzles Long Island beachgoers
All purpose parts banner
This is the entrance to the Ratskillar, or "the Rat" as we Tulane Students refered to it as, where we could get a burger, and wash it down with 2 or 3 pitchers of Dixie beer.This is where I met my Jewish girlfriend, Sue Finklestien,what wonderful person she was, and super-freak, too, she loved sex, she would do anything, anal, oral, doggie, cowgirl, you name it, she would do it gladly, she was from The Hamptons, Remsenbuger, NY, yes, she was from a very wealthy Long Island Jewish Family, but she and her family were highly ethical, and wonderful human beings, her father was a very honest and successful attorney, next picture is Tulane's basketball stadium.The next is AB Freeman School of Business. The next is Monroe Hall, or Dorm, That is still a hideous structure almost 40 years later.
...I Ieave tomorrow for a long weekend on the island and I still haven't packed.
11:11 tyler Oakley tour in Long Island or ny
Wit my last two google searches being biological weapons & long Island rail road train schedule.. I'm looking type suspect on the web
“😊 in 12 hours i'll be on Long Island 😊” YO
Biggest Long Island football game ever recorded black rain vs chaminade we came out on top doe…
Police: Threatening letters mailed to Long Island *** and *** Youth centers in Bay Shore, Woodbury
go to the PTV/SWS show in long island on Nov 25th if you can bc you'll be in NJ for playlist
Finally here, the wait is over Long Island bound very soon!!!
My dispatch from tonight's meeting on remediation plan for Brentwood's Roberto Clemente Park
Deadass I had all my Brooklyn friends like I ain't know Long Island Give It Up Like That . Lol
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