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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

New York Suffolk County Donald Trump Times Square

"He once made a pejorative comment about Long Island and I blasted it and he got mad at that.” - Chuck Schumer on John McCain
Anyone I know who's close to Long Island and interested check out this chapter. Union Chapter event in...
go to the Timberland Outlet in Long Island or Woodbury Commons Outlet off Exit 15 on NYS Thruway
Anyone from Long Island want to drive me to my show in Brooklyn tomorrow? (Sunday 1/8) Need to leave by 7:30 - will hook ya up somehow lmk
A foot of snow and I'm still not sure how I'm gonna get to the train station because literally no one has plowed any of Long Island
Take a tour of this gorgeous Long Island landmark:
State-by-state breakdown of the higher snowfall totals we've found so far. Long Island, as expected, is leading th…
Big Black Ronda sitting pretty in her natural habitat 🤘 @ Long Island
netsdaily​.com >> Long Island Nets win sixth of last 10
Long Island is a nice us dearly
How long have we had a perm muslim population on Christmas Island? More muslims t…
95% of my Long Island was vodka pretty sure
Worst part about living on Long Island, the winters are long & freezing. The summers are short & go by too fast.
When I was nominated best song of the year for the underground music awards I left n went back to long island to sell $300 worth of crack
Second at bat at the Long Island Combine...thats how you get it done CJ
Driving in a blizzard to Long Island just to drift some go-carts was so worth it 🏎💨
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Parts of five boroughs, Long Island blanketed by snow; more than a foot possible for Montauk - New York's PIX11 /……
Here's when snow should be ending in your neighborhood! As you can see, eastern Long Island still has several hours lef…
Jamie Chung Cool Street Look - Arriving for a Photoshoot in Long Island, Oct. 2015
What is your fave drink? — Alcoholic: Long island . Regular: Coke/pepsi
Long Island Nets win sixth of last 10
Just checked my email. Guess what???. VCH locked up 2017 as Best Cigar Shop on Long Island.…
Lyft for free anywhere with Lyft Promo Code ZOOT -- Lovers of Long Island Iced Tea!
When will the snow end? is in the Weather Center with your latest totals and forecast info:
🌎 . Wake up world!. A chunk of ice larger than Long Island is about to break off Antarctica .
SNOW UPDATE: 10 inches in parts of Long Island; 7.5 inches at JFK; 5 inches at Central Park https:/…
If I could yell this from a mountain top I would...but, long Island ;)
Hey I guess we were doing something rite because WE DID IT! Us can call ourselves best on Long Island! https:…
Check snow totals in your neighborhood via
Snow winding down, but still some over eastern Long Island. I'll round up the latest totals on at 11. See you…
JUST UPDATED: Snow totals for New York, New Jersey, Connecticut (hint: Long Island got the most!) https…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Paralyzed NYPD detective Steven McDonald suffers heart attack | Newsday
Long Island is just an island of people yelling at each other in Seven Eleven parking lots
Long Island Top Prospect:. 2018 RHP/3B Nick Comunale (Sachem East) will be back with us on Jan. 16th.
Long Island is NEVER prepared for a snow storm
Well, so long Anuenue, you're a beautiful island and I hope we get to come back later
Homeopathy for Colds and Influenza - Wave of Long Island (subscription)
This is so sick! From the newspaper in Long Island 🎉😭
Winter Storm Warning in effect for most of Kings and Queens County and Long Island. Travel advisory in effect. 4"...
Awesome idea Chris - have a great 2017!! . PS: See you are from Long Island - I lived in Suffolk County for 3 years!
Sunset at Jones Beach in Long Island. That's the Jones beach light house. I though it interesting.
Salt trucks deployed to treat LI roads: Suffolk County is expected to see the highest snow totals on Long Island.
While it's a close call for most of us, eastern Long Island and coastal areas in central and…
Joe from Long Island. Friend of Big Larry Jackson. Old sparring partner.
Driver kills Queens pedestrian in New Years hit-and-run; car torched 12 hrs later on Long Island. Remains at large.…
Long Beach's Charlie McAvoy got the US on the board. Long Island players and picks having major impact tonight.
See our latest NY and click to apply: Nursing Instructor - Long Island, NY -
Veterans may be eligible for FREE therapy at Hofstra University on Long Island! Check out our page for more info.
It's Teen Summit weekend at with over 200 Long Island high school teens. Speakers just posted online!
2 More Swastikas Found in Massapequa Park: Two more swastikas were found spray painted on Long Island, this time at…
Shoutout to may you represent the people of Long Island well in the 115th congress
Great to see you in the House. Please do well for Long Island. Help to sink Trump.
Another hate crime on Long Island. Story by
Crumbling shoreline in Long Island village will be restored with $365,083 state grant
I was a young kid from Long Island who wanted to do something large w...
I'll be Live Streaming from Times Square later tonight. But not really. I'll be home on Long Island. Might fall asleep early.
Students may need to retake ACT after answer sheets go missing for Long Island school
Sorry South, the only iced tea you'll see me drink is from Long Island 💁🍹
Abdul Salaam going to be at Roosevelt Field on Long Island with rest of on January 7th so you can get Abdul!
Me: I would like an iced tea. Sweetened or unsweetened?. Me: Long Island duh. Sir this is a McDonald's, you want O'shays acros…
【Around Hong Kong 遊香港】. In celebration of the opening of the long-awaited South Island Line have a read into the...
THAT'S A LOT.. I get every month 😩 that's 4 long island iceteas at Shakers
Located on the hill top of Long Bay’s island, the perfect place for a luxury breakfast!. For Sale on
Deadly to the nation. 😨 Next time, presidentiables must disclose their health conditions & the meds their taking. .
People say they from New York but they live in long island
Couldn't even finish a Long Island or a beer. Blah so grossed out. Maybe becuz I'm still sick 😷
My brother drunk off this Long Island ice tea mixer which I didn't think was possible and it's pissing me off
Long Island Ospreys aim to be the next New York club in USARL 2017. Tone Roderiguez, New York native and Rugby...
Use Lyft promo code for free rides to bar ZOOT -- Love Long Island Iced Tea!
Making homemade Long Island iced teas in silverlake. Come over and party. Fireplace on all screens.
most of towson is Jersey/long island because it's the cheapest school option out of state for them and cheaper than in state
omg there's two people from Long Island on project runway junior how cute!!
In Giant Eagle parking lot after 3 long island
I forgot how crazy Long Island's are
Contemporary private residence located in Long Island, New York
No way Long Island university is one of the college... — I ain't going to LIU, I'm going to Hofstra
Collie: Butler-Turner can do what she wants FREE National Movement (FNM) Chairman Sidney Collie said Long Island...
MJM Ultimate Home Inspection - Experienced and affordable Long Island home inspection company that protects both ***
Birthday princess. Onto the Long Island ice tea and she isn't a happy bunny 💕🍹🖤
If you think Long Island is perfect take one step in the smith haven mall and you will immediately change your mind
April 29, 2017... The date CEO Brett Yormark just said being held for 1st card at New Coliseum in Long Island.
Busy week of recruiting for St John's starts today with Them seeing top Long Island forward Aidan Igeihon.
Adrian Gibson has been ratified by the FNM for Long Island. GIBSON is shown here in this file photo with Eileen Car…
Kinda sad to think white Christmas's may be becoming a thing of the past for Long Island ☃❄
If you like getting drunk after one drink and diarrhea the next morning, drink Long Island Iced Tea
Man arrested for graffiti at college - Dec 20 @ 11:54 PM ET
The looked stunning against the sunset in NYC tonight. Here's tomorrow's forecast for you
Long Island. It's Long Island, where both he and Hannity were born. Those people make Alabama look sensible and moderate.
Wednesday's cover: Grand jury report lists factors in the deadly North Fork limo crash that killed 4 women…
Henny and Long Island too wicked for a week day
I hated every concert. Where in Long Island?
best Christmas song ever written in a basement on Long Island
In case you were wondering, upstate New York's delis do not have macaroni salad comparable to Long Island's
"Bill O'Reilly and people from Long Island he's sympatico with."
Cops: NCC student drew swastikas on buildings via
FLORIDA PEOPLE!! PLEASE SHARE!! the.long.island.vegan with instarepost_app -- I just…
This seems destined to fail because it's Long Island
Long Island hires and promotions: Read more:
I hope that trains is coming to Long Island
Everyone on Long Island drives like a ***
When you subject your poor unsuspecting Dutch pal to Long Island and Cheesecake Factory in the same night 😂😂…
Every time I meet a dude in Long Island and he tells me his name is Mike, I always respond with, "UGH should have guessed!"
People from Long Island be saying they from NYC like you about it.
Stone Creations of Long Island is a Certified Cambridge Paver Installer. via
On December 18th, 150 community members came together at The Islamic Association of Long Island in Selden to...
Shout out to the god *** eastern Long Island ice coffee team
Congratulations to Bates Masi + Architects, one of the lights of eastern Long Island
Long Island is a hotbed for producing hockey prospects & stars yearly but apparently not for the Isles.
Vehicle fire on the Sunrise Hwy WB at x45/ Commack Rd causing heavy delays in Islip, Long Island.
What all I need is Long Island ice tee that Oreo shots and wings I'll be good
ok but won't be until about 4pm eastern cause my sisters house is in Long Island lol :(
had a spectacular game against Long Island last night.
Former Indiana guard helps Long Island to upset of Mad Ants.
When your shorty looks up what "W2" on Google bc she's from Long Island and isn't up to date with city slang 😂😂😍
A long house takes shape for Long Island...
If you're from Long Island, you probably had your picture taken here
Same here on eastern Long Island, 19°. Wind gusts to 50mph, so wind chills are well below zero. Brutal out.
Donald Trump's ambassador to Israel is a Long Island bankruptcy lawyer who thinks Israel should annex the West Bank. h…
Bonkers story: Lawyer says imprisoned Long Island policy chief may have been serial killer. Via the NY Daily News.
Currently 19° on eastern Long Island. Going up to 22° Fri. To make it worse windy w/ gusts to 50mph. Wind chills below zero.
Lawyer for Gilgo Beach victim eyes ex-Long Island police boss as possible suspect in serial killings
I played the Sandy Caps mini game in Paradise Island 2, and my score was: 473
I tell you what long island is more New York than staten island and that's a fact
She looks like the Long Island Medium, but without the insight.
I love how people from VA always tryna tell me Long Island irrelevant but ain't never even been to NY 😭
Going to the island today. it's about to be a long *** day 😭😭
Reunion Island is perfect for paragliding thanks to year-long optimal winds.|📷: Anakaopress
People on Long Island are always pressed when they're not included but don't understand how the subways work... idk man... idk.
WATCH: Santa Surprise! Police in Long Island, NY pull over drivers to spread holiday cheer with gift cards and candy canes. https:…
Yasmin Seweid was found alive and well. Thank goodness for some good news, anyway.
Lived on Long Island all my life and still don't know what to say
A perfect ending to a long day to rest in this luxury Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives.
I mean, in retrospect it seems obvious but you can't simply make a long-island ice tea by throwing vodka in your iced green jasmine.
DNA discovery reignites long-dormant serial killer case on New York's Long Island
On Long Island in 1984, Ricky Kasso murdered Gary Lauwers, credited Satan with the killing, and then led guided tours to the…
A man hiking through the woods in Long Island came across what looked like a scene out of a horror film.Via NY Post https…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Hi would you consider coming to Long Island or NYC on yr 2017 tour? I see Buffalo May :). Asking on Eastern NY. Thanks + Peace
Prospects like Lawrence Woodmere's Aidan Igiehon (do not frequently play HS bball on Long Island:
Now on highway speeding towards eastern side of Long Island..makes me think...u know...of Great Gatsby :):)
With an increasing number of NHL talents, Long Island is becoming a hockey hotbed in the U.S. My latest for http…
Long Island becoming an NHL talent producer | This makes me happy😁 hope my lil bro is next
Thanks very appreciated beautiful, Where r u from?? I'm on Long Island
Long Island's latest wave of NHL prospects is ready to make its mark (by
could there be some snow in eastern Long Island from this snow band Thursday night or Friday morning?
Long Island is quickly becoming a big-time NHL talent producer (by
Has anyone at all had a confirmed McRib sighting on Long Island yet??
Doesn't matter where your from on the island. As long as you from Hawaii we gone be cheerin you on. Let's go Max! 🤘🏼
just for you! Sending you love and hugs from Long Island!
Great show tonight. We made it through this long day, tech diff, and cold weather. Thanks to John for letting us be part of the celebration.
Christmas is coming early Saturday for hundreds of underprivileged kids around Long Island.
Huh, this long island takes p good *Sips more then goes to stand up. Is abruptly hit by the ground.* Oowww, who just shrank me?!
Check out my composer island! Give it a like pls it took a long time my FC is 19396968EM also tell me what to add :…
Tattoo by Lark Tattoo artist/owner Bruce Kaplan. . See more of Bruce's work here:
Long Island Railroad Safety TriFold Nylon Wallet | Zazzle 20% off with code ZSEASONSENDS https…
Long Island is a burgeoning hotbed of hockey prospects (by
Another case of hate, this time in Long Island.
Catholic high schools add to science programs via From geocentrism to the forefront
This is where a Tony-winning producer chooses to unwind:
I just don't like Long Island Bros and puke. Santacon is cool. Douchey boat shoes wearing shmucks aren't
Hillary Clinton sent a thank-you note to a 103-year-old Long Island woman who voted for her ht…
How ironic, I'm going to Long Island this weekend. maybe I'll come back with a fluffer and my husband will...
The Arena. Card shop out in West Babylon on Long Island.
Check out the Long Island champs, and Shoreham-Wading River in the Small School 15 poll. .
I've said it before and I'll say it again, there is NO place on earth that has better bagels and pizza than Long Island. Fact…
In a Long Island kitchen, refugees offer the flavors of their native lands. |
Looking forward to being back on Long Island Thursday morning ☺️
"You look like a true Brooklyn boy~. Pa was originally from Long Island. Brought Ma here after the war."
HEre's your populist! Trump at extravagant Long Island costume party with hedge funders
Trump heads to Long Island for costume party thrown by big donors: President-elect Donald Trump, still mulling key……
Long Island's Marcus Stroman (will play for in World Baseball Classic https:…
Trump heads to Long Island mansion for lavish 'Villains and Heroes' costume party
Not one store on Long Island or queens have the blue shirt ash from AVED. Is there another batch coming?
yeah. Bo! We're a pacific island we shouldn't have to wait so long. Most of the voice actors are kiwi or kiwi-linked
shout out to all the privileged white Long Island residents making fun of Jamaica queens. F**k off.
Omg I can't go out in Long Island without running into my older brother's friends 😭
Drank a Long Island iced tea with Ryan "Can this snow just not?"…
Donald Trump attended the costume party dressed as a bigoted racist misogynistic ***
Long Island iced teas are where it's at tho
S/O to my homie bartender giving me 4 dollar Long Island pitchers
Lemme know how I had 2 jager bombs, 2 Long Island iced teas and a pineapple vodka and I'm like alright rn
Long Island’s Simonetti turns Simo’nut’tie falsifying documents and lying to Supreme Court…
LORD why did I just have 3 Long Island 😭😭
here's more gems from the Long Island room
Honoring the ultimate hero at the Mercer "Heroes and Villians" party on Long Island. Crowd thrilled w/ surprise! https:…
omg & I got the pleasure to view it at the Stony Brook film festival in Long Island and were 😮😭😍👏 the whole time
Amazing sunset over the Great South Bay in Long Island this evening. (
Genius stuff, Recreation *** on 3rd and Long Island. Mini "putt putt" golf only. Long driving is strictly forbidden.
Long Island, NY came with that east coast 🔥🤘🏽 love y'all! @ John F. Kennedy…
What would really be amazing if Justin comes on Long Island and goes to Nassau Coliseum stadium
Rock Calendar 12-1-92: Amy Fisher, 17, of Long Island, sent to prison for shooting and seriously wounding wife of her lover, Joey Buttafuoco
Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of tasting a case or so of 2001 Long Island reds wit…
On Dec. 13 I will be giving a lecture about the Gilded Age mansions on Fifth Avenue and Long Island's Gold Coast https:…
goal is to bring sustainability back to our local communities on Long Island
You know how everyone on Long Island has a Billy Joel story? Well same thing here, except everyone has a Niall Horan story
Violence existed before nukes. Racism existed before Robert Moses's Long Island bridges. Influence existed before Citizens Unit…
I got destroyed at Union off one Long Island and a shot of whiskey
"Islanders Moved to Brooklyn, but the Players and Their Dogs Stay on Long Island"
Drunk in Long Island, happily thinking on my sins.
People ask why I came home to film my new show on Long Island, part of it was to be near family, the other part was for the…
Long Island is surrounded on all sides by water, but legally, it's considered a peninsula so New York can exercise jurisdiction over it.
Lord knows it hasn't been easy... in 2003, when I left Long Island, it wasn't under the best…
Tired of hearing your drunk uncle talk about "Trump's America?" Come have a long Island, you deserve it.
Whale stuck in shallow waters off Long Island euthanized
▶ Hours-old baby dropped off at Long Island fire station on Thanksgiving Day
Surprising since drunk driving is very well tolerated on Long Island
Long Island makes me wanna sit by the ocean even if it's freezing
brrr...morning to you PJ... just home from long island
A long-abandoned storehouse for wine on the coast of Pico Island made for an unlikely hot spot for travelers:…
Sippin on a Watermelon Long Island while I plot to whup her azz next . . . @ Augusta, Georgia
it was equally absurd for Manhattan&Long Island to be. traded for goods. But don't see anyone suing Dutch
tomorrow the two halves of Long Island superfruit AND the turnt trio will be reunited. watch out.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Ur so cute i love u so much and what u do. u r such a kind person. please come to long island New York. i love u
Do I say hello when I see him? Do I drown 27 long island iced teas?!
Long Island college students coming home this week like
Do people in Long Island not know how to say excuse me? Oh oh
People here are tryna act so hard and I'm like "bruh wyd you're from Long Island"?
Thankful 4 my Long Island queen and my Florida freak
deli meats? yup, that's a Long Island Thanksgiving.
A D-League Thanksgiving with the coach Does it get much better than this? The Long Island Nets…
Long Island City for lunch, Bed Stuy for dinner. Call me D.O.R.E.
YEP. I gotta drive from Long Island all the way home and I have work in the morning 😞
At a dance club watching Mrs. Doubtfire while drinking a long island on Thanksgiving.
My wardrobe on Long Island could easily clothe all the native Americans at standing rock.. God *** shame.
In need of a long vacation on a secluded island with a steaming jacuzzi overlooking the ocean and unlimited burgers deliv…
Long Island residents outraged a stranded humpback could not be rescued because the gov't waited too long!
Spectators burst into tears, vent anger as humpback whale stranded for days in Long Island bay is euthanized…
Actus Mer/Sea News: Stranded humpback whale stuck in sandbar off Long Island in Moriches Bay euthanized -
USA - A 25-foot-long humpback whale that got stuck in a Long Island bay over the weekend was euthanized Wednesday...
Drone video shows rescuers try to save grounded whale in Long Island bay
Had a Tolberone, Long Island iced Tea, sex on the beach, unicorn shot, brain haemorrhage, whiskey-coke and best for last, Beer!
Also last night: the Berlin Bandits won Gotham's first season in Long Island as they edged out Glen Cove FC on goal…
Bob Iger grew up on Long Island! I always knew I liked him. The mouse knows what good is when he sees it!
On this day in 1965 Bob Dylan married Sara Lowndes in a secret ceremony under an oak tree in Mineola, Long Island.
Everyone on Long Island, this is my Aunt Theresa. Please let me know ASAP if you see her!
Could really go for a Long Island iced tea right now 🍹
Read this comment, and sign the petition. As a national guard soldier flying over the Long Island sou... via
from Long Island ➡️Maryland for the Packers game tonight! 💚🏈💛
Can you recommend anyone for this Intern for Public Relations/Marketing Assistant (P/T flexible) Long... -
Building a Brand in Long Island, but Brooklyn, too
Collaborating with fellow Long Island business owners today. Modeling for in…
Doing some shopping at today? Come check out our table outside the Dining District to learn about L…
I'm listening to Eyes of the World - Grateful Dead on Classic Long Island Radio!
It's a beautiful day for lacrosse. Long Island Fall Lacrosse Classic.
Loro teaches us how to do the NINJA choke!. Loro is getting ready to fight LC Davis for his next Bellator fight!
Breakfast with We're set for the start of the Long Island Fall Classic. Commits from about every major college…
NY! i used to live there. well, on long island. here in MO, where i live now, ppl go into a panic when we get a light dusting
Anti-KKK rally in Patchogue Village opposes hate propaganda: More than 60 demonstrators descendcd on Patchogue…
I am traveling to the Hamlet 📍HOLBROOK in (Suffolk County), NY on Long Island this afternoon . Reach out if you're in the surrounding area💈
Photos: Best of the Long Island Sun Chasers (11-18-16) - via
I couldn't make it but I love the fact that last nights show was a charity benefiting a few organizations and went real well. Long Island.
I've been nominated for a 2016 BWW Long Island Awards!
See! I was think that but your girl just got the Long Island instead lmao 😂☺️
First public backing for as House Dem leader: 1st termer from Long Island
Wow--Kathleen Rice from D-leaning Long Island district first D to line up behind Pelosi challenger
Japanese American WWII vet: "How the *** can I be an enemy alien if I was born in Long Island City?
Thank you and thanks for trooping it to Long Island best friend😁💛
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
LONG ISLAND ACCENTS AND NEW JERSEY ACCENTS ARE NOT THE SAME!! @ a reenactment of a scandal that happened on Long Island that I saw
More than 60 KKK protesters rally on LI via
Building a Brand in Long Island, but playing in Brooklyn first - NetsDaily
Oneonta is draining the life out of me!!! I need Long Island and my mom and my sisters PRONTO
4.Long-tailed Ducks still N.of Swan Island early afternoon
Lowest bidder for Nassau contract: under invest . Second lowest: under invest . So ... who's left? story:.
“It’s not easy to hear insiders say, ‘He’s damaged goods.’" Suozzi reflects on win after 3 previous losses
The Clean Energy Link is the largest renewable energy project ever proposed for Long Island.
Download our mobile app from Google Play, App store and BlackBerry World. Search Classic Long Island Radio or visit
Today 3pm in Times Square then off to teach Teen class on Long Island. Re…
I'm in long Island by on the border of Queens/Nassau
Tens of thousands of dead fish have appeared in a Long Island canal
Rosie, Finnish Lapphund (11),Park Ave., NYC • "They're reindeer herders, so she's excellent with deer in Long Island. She ch…
The only thing I remember from last night was dropping a full Long Island on the dance floor and walking smooth off.
Me: Mom, you like Long Island iced teas huh? . Mom: I have kids, I like anything with alcohol in it . 😂😂😂
I spent $15 on a Long Island iced tea last night 😂
Gotta love getting calls from a Turnt *** in Italy saying she spilt her Long Island iced tea so she left the discotecca
I also had a shot, a Long Island iced tea, a cherry vodka and squirt, and I think that was all...
"Why isn't there any tea in an Long Island iced tea??" -
"Can I have a Long Island iced tea, please?" "We don't have iced tea." .
I made my first Long Island iced tea by myself!!!
Dad has had two beers and a Long Island iced tea and he's gone lol
Long Island ice tea Thursday's will get ya
Long Island iced teas are a good idea at 3pm
Dean met you when you played Long Island this year.Going to be in Chicago for a few weeks in Dec any dates coming up there?
I found a 48 hours by googling the Long Island serial killer, they don't have any recent ones that I've found yet tho :(
Thousands of dead fish turn up in Shinnecock Canal on Long Island
Check out how to eat on Long Island's East End for just under $10.
When you think how long it took to rebuilt London Rd bridge and make a mess of Kingsway island …
Joining the program by way of Long Island, give a warm Pirate welcome to Janae Barracato!.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
They saw the election results and just gave up.
Connect with the Long Island Business Exchange on!
Ten’s of Thousands – Millions of Dead Fish Found Floating in Long Island... via
I've voted several times!!! Love the show hoping to get tickets to see in person, I live on Long Island👍🏻
The perks of living on Long Island ❤️
Prescribed fire is saving an exceptionally rare wildflower at Sayville Refuge, NY
A tip for anyone going to David's Long Island concert: drinks are super expensive at The Paramount so do your drinking beforehand
Long Island Me. school finishing up their science project. Having a little fun with it too.
One week til Long Island bagels and a large sweetened ice tea from golden😍
what! Where can I get it on long Island New York
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