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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

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Long Island residents outraged a stranded humpback could not be rescued because the gov't waited too long!
Spectators burst into tears, vent anger as humpback whale stranded for days in Long Island bay is euthanized…
Actus Mer/Sea News: Stranded humpback whale stuck in sandbar off Long Island in Moriches Bay euthanized -
USA - A 25-foot-long humpback whale that got stuck in a Long Island bay over the weekend was euthanized Wednesday...
Drone video shows rescuers try to save grounded whale in Long Island bay
Also last night: the Berlin Bandits won Gotham's first season in Long Island as they edged out Glen Cove FC on goal…
Bob Iger grew up on Long Island! I always knew I liked him. The mouse knows what good is when he sees it!
On this day in 1965 Bob Dylan married Sara Lowndes in a secret ceremony under an oak tree in Mineola, Long Island.
Everyone on Long Island, this is my Aunt Theresa. Please let me know ASAP if you see her!
Could really go for a Long Island Iced Tea right now 🍹
Read this comment, and sign the petition. As a national guard soldier flying over the Long Island sou... via
from Long Island ➡️Maryland for the Packers game tonight! 💚🏈💛
Can you recommend anyone for this Intern for Public Relations/Marketing Assistant (P/T flexible) Long... -
Building a Brand in Long Island, but Brooklyn, too
Collaborating with fellow Long Island business owners today. Modeling for in…
Doing some shopping at today? Come check out our table outside the Dining District to learn about L…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I'm listening to Eyes of the World - Grateful Dead on Classic Long Island Radio!
It's a beautiful day for lacrosse. Long Island Fall Lacrosse Classic.
Loro teaches us how to do the NINJA choke!. Loro is getting ready to fight LC Davis for his next Bellator fight!
Breakfast with We're set for the start of the Long Island Fall Classic. Commits from about every major college…
NY! i used to live there. well, on long island. here in MO, where i live now, ppl go into a panic when we get a light dusting
Anti-KKK rally in Patchogue Village opposes hate propaganda: More than 60 demonstrators descendcd on Patchogue…
I am traveling to the Hamlet 📍HOLBROOK in (Suffolk County), NY on Long Island this afternoon . Reach out if you're in the surrounding area💈
Photos: Best of the Long Island Sun Chasers (11-18-16) - via
I couldn't make it but I love the fact that last nights show was a charity benefiting a few organizations and went real well. Long Island.
I've been nominated for a 2016 BWW Long Island Awards!
See! I was think that but your girl just got the Long Island instead lmao 😂☺️
First public backing for as House Dem leader: 1st termer from Long Island
Wow--Kathleen Rice from D-leaning Long Island district first D to line up behind Pelosi challenger
Japanese American WWII vet: "How the *** can I be an enemy alien if I was born in Long Island City?
Thank you and thanks for trooping it to Long Island best friend😁💛
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LONG ISLAND ACCENTS AND NEW JERSEY ACCENTS ARE NOT THE SAME!! @ a reenactment of a scandal that happened on Long Island that I saw
More than 60 KKK protesters rally on LI via
Building a Brand in Long Island, but playing in Brooklyn first - NetsDaily
Oneonta is draining the life out of me!!! I need Long Island and my mom and my sisters PRONTO
4.Long-tailed Ducks still N.of Swan Island early afternoon
Lowest bidder for Nassau contract: under invest . Second lowest: under invest . So ... who's left? story:.
“It’s not easy to hear insiders say, ‘He’s damaged goods.’" Suozzi reflects on win after 3 previous losses
The Clean Energy Link is the largest renewable energy project ever proposed for Long Island.
Download our mobile app from Google Play, App store and BlackBerry World. Search Classic Long Island Radio or visit
Today 3pm in Times Square then off to teach Teen class on Long Island. Re…
I'm in long Island by on the border of Queens/Nassau
Tens of thousands of dead fish have appeared in a Long Island canal
Rosie, Finnish Lapphund (11),Park Ave., NYC • "They're reindeer herders, so she's excellent with deer in Long Island. She ch…
The only thing I remember from last night was dropping a full Long Island on the dance floor and walking smooth off.
Me: Mom, you like Long Island Iced Teas huh? . Mom: I have kids, I like anything with alcohol in it . 😂😂😂
I spent $15 on a Long Island Iced Tea last night 😂
Gotta love getting calls from a Turnt *** in Italy saying she spilt her Long Island Iced Tea so she left the discotecca
I also had a shot, a Long Island Iced Tea, a cherry vodka and squirt, and I think that was all...
"Why isn't there any tea in an Long Island Iced Tea??" -
"Can I have a Long Island Iced Tea, please?" "We don't have iced tea." .
I made my first Long Island Iced Tea by myself!!!
Dad has had two beers and a Long Island Iced Tea and he's gone lol
Long Island ice tea Thursday's will get ya
Long Island Iced Teas are a good idea at 3pm
Dean met you when you played Long Island this year.Going to be in Chicago for a few weeks in Dec any dates coming up there?
I found a 48 hours by googling the Long Island serial killer, they don't have any recent ones that I've found yet tho :(
Thousands of dead fish turn up in Shinnecock Canal on Long Island
Check out how to eat on Long Island's East End for just under $10.
When you think how long it took to rebuilt London Rd bridge and make a mess of Kingsway island …
Joining the program by way of Long Island, give a warm Pirate welcome to Janae Barracato!.
They saw the election results and just gave up.
Connect with the Long Island Business Exchange on!
Ten’s of Thousands – Millions of Dead Fish Found Floating in Long Island... via
I've voted several times!!! Love the show hoping to get tickets to see in person, I live on Long Island👍🏻
The perks of living on Long Island ❤️
Prescribed fire is saving an exceptionally rare wildflower at Sayville Refuge, NY
A tip for anyone going to David's Long Island concert: drinks are super expensive at The Paramount so do your drinking beforehand
Long Island Me. school finishing up their science project. Having a little fun with it too.
One week til Long Island bagels and a large sweetened ice tea from golden😍
what! Where can I get it on long Island New York
Chris Kelly and Carle Place-are moving on. Hear from the Senior QB on The Football Fix. .
Sad to hear about closing down. Glad/proud to have been a student at the Long Island campus with Chef Lenny almost 4 yrs ago 💔
long it will cost - If one is likely to take place from the air above this Island against an overseas attack, I must call the Soviet Govern
Long Island bishop forced all priests to read letter he wrote saying vote only on abortion ie 4 Trump. Wanted to walk out.
One person killed, another airlifted to the hospital after 4-car crash on Long Island last night,
Mark your calendars for November 29. It will be a day for everyone to support our campaign at…
Thousands upon thousands of dead fish appear overnight in Long Island canal.
Thousands of dead fish spotted in Long Island canal
Join me Sun. 11/20 for their Long Island Cares Holiday Food Drive! I will be playing from 1:30-5:30.…
I can not wait to be on Long Island in a week holy s h i t
Thousands of dead fish appear in Long Island canal via
Mostly good, - but what's the problem with Long Island being in NY? What do you want them to do, call it Conyorje?
JUST ANNOUNCED: is headed to Long Island! 10/5 at the New Coliseum Pres. By NYCB. Tix on sale 11/21 at 10AM.…
SEE IT: Thousands of fish turn up dead in Long Island canal
Another fish die-off on Long Island. What's causing it? On at 430 and 555
Hempstead Town Board votes to appoint new IDA members: The Hempstead Town Board voted Tuesday to appointing new…
New York State again unlawfully delays issuance of sea level rise projections. Building in hazard areas unimpeded. http…
Of you're heading to places like Mowe,Ibafo,Arepo and still on the island. You better sleep there. Ojota down to Long-bridge is blocked.
.football is going to the Suffolk County championship!.
I could go for a Long Island Iced Tea rn
It's funny that a Long Island Iced Tea is an L-I-T .. lit
I literally had 1 1/2 Long Island Iced Teas & one shot and I'm really drunk. . SOS I'm a hot mess
Today I found out Long Island Iced Teas don't have iced tea in them. This is why I have trust issues. 😡
Men who drink Long Island Iced Teas are *** Women who drink them go *** to mouth on the first date.
I just learned there's no actual tea in a Long Island Iced Tea.
She bouta make you a Long Island Iced Tea? 😂
I've had many coronas and Long Island Iced Teas. It's the alcohol, not the friends 😂
Is it alcoholism when you're depressed and drink 1/4 a bottle of Long Island Iced Tea
People know my obsession with tea especially iced tea, so you know whenever I go to a bar, Long Island it is😋 just sayin
gotta get her a Long Island Iced Tea 👍🏿
Could definitely use a nice tall Long Island Iced Tea right now
Strong believer in wine and Long Island Iced Teas at 2 PM
fun fact: pax found out that Long Island Iced Teas actually does not have tea in them 🙃
"What's in Long Island Iced Tea?". "Iced tea and islands...that are long"
Alright now I know what it's like to be drunk off Long Island Iced Tea and Hennessy and I don't like it one bit
Order Miche Bag Online!
Ordered a Long Island Iced Tea for the first time tonight bc I want to experience what dying feels like
I always lose a little faith in humanity when someone over the age of 22 proudly orders a Long Island Iced Tea.
It's been a good day done some Xmas shopping 🎁had a costa Orange hot choc and Long Island Iced Tea at slug & lettuce 👌🏼
love this picture with the smackdown live women's champion and the Long Island iced z zack Ryder
You're the type of guy to order a virgin Long Island Iced Tea..
I'm not a Bloody Mary kind of guy at breakfast, I'm more of a Long Island Iced Tea kind of person in the morning.
Boy. You was asking to be drunk! That's *** near worse than a Long Island Iced Tea.
We have partnered w/ to bring competitive high school games to Long Island, NY on December 27th,20…
A group of high school girls in Long Island just learned about your story ☺️ How has life been since your voyage?
So I've never been to Disney Land but the bar I was at last night had 3 different sized Long Island Iced Teas so like.. same thing right?
Consumed 10 Long Island Iced Teas in one night.
When he says he's gotta work at 4:30am but you guys get all the Long Island Iced Teas and it's is to lit 💀
Long Island Iced Tea got me FUCEKD UP
is that the Long Island Iced Tea with rum you mentioned?
Who invited pitchers of Long Island Iced Tea... I hate you
Which of these Long Island high schools will be the best this season in your opinion?
Never having a Long Island Iced Tea again
Winter is definitely here. Only thing I like this cold is a Long Island iced!
I went to a Mexican restaurant and had a ridiculously strong Long Island Iced Tea
I underestimated the strength of their Long Island Iced Tea...and the consequences were catastrophic. Lmao
If you have to ask if it's too early to drink a Long Island Iced Tea - you're an amateur and we probably shouldn't be friends.
The fact that the majority of Suffolk County voted for trump makes my hatred for Long Island and all the wannabe hicks…
Remember to enjoy the view. @ Montauk Point Lighthouse, Montauk, Long Island
Matthew Governale arrowed this 9-point in Long Island, NY... Suffolk County on 11-8-2016
Rare bit of good news for LI Democrats; Arnold Drucker wins special election in Nassau for Judy Jacobs Leg seat
He was right...Stony Brook prof. Helmut Norpoth used science to correctly predict Trump win
That's interesting. How long would it take to get from one side of the island to the other?
living on Long Island is gonna be a scary thing now, increased chances of hate crimes against everything my identity consists of!!!
I'm going to Long Island Thursday to Saturday night
Donald Trump elected President of the United States; Clinton concedes
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
i'm angry bc I live on a teeny island to the south and my arms aren't long enough
if you are an African American man or woman living in Long Island, NY please understand your life is about to drastically cha…
I will gladly school anybody who thinks racism isn't alive. Especially you Long Island folk because y'all blissfully unaware abt ur country
With all of these people moving to Canada does that mean less traffic on Long Island?
And the fireworks are going off at 240 am. At least Long Island is happy with the trump presidency.
Fireworks going off somewhere in my neighborhood. I live in Long Island.
Being black in Long Island with trump as president will be interesting...
Republicans Dim Democrats’ Hopes for Control of New York State Senate: Republicans on Long Island turned back…
Thanks for listening – Playing all your favorites from 1970 – 1976 - Classic Long Island Radio –
“For my family, immigration reform would impact if my parents get to stay here or get deported.” http…
I have long been of the view that if we started to behave like a tiny island, we would be more prosperous.
Remember when you couldn't sexually assault women, or be openly racist, or mock disabled people? It seems such a long time a…
To heal the wounds of a divided nation by the way that's Friday an Saturday at Brokeridge n Governors on Long Island
Maybe the east coast will separate from the US via our long over due earthquake and we'll be our own island county
my aunt is from long island and shes filipino and *** and im really really upset Andworried about her thanks donald
Too early to start drinking? Anybody got any good breakfast cocktails? Moscow Muesli? Long Island Iced Toast?
Staten Island is so irrelevant people forget it's a borough. Long Island got more relevancy than they do.
What happened good this week: Calhoun's, my high school, soccer team are Long Island Champions! Always think of the Positives!
.but will there now be a slow speed chase on Long Island expressway, followed by trial of the century?
Strength be to the black youth, like myself, that live in white supremacist/privileged areas like Long Island, NY and at…
Isle Of Man could enjoy Brexit Aussie deal I volunteer to go there on a long holiday ooops fact finding trip
To Mr Trump...its 2:45am Wednesday...congrats on your win...we voted u overwhelming on Long Island
I'm going to die of alcohol poisoning this weekend. If you need me I'll be at the bottom of the Long Island Hyatt pool with tequila.
"Mom what were you doing during the 2016 election?" Future me:at the bar having the best Long Island Iced Tea ever.
Barack Obama where my Long Island Joshua ... I'm bout to be real ugly pig face lol
Love these states still counting. Plus the people who voted for 3rd party rep You must feel so proud. It's time Long Island gets it own vote
Happy to announce that I have decided to further my education and baseball career at Long Island Univeristy in Brooklyn!!
Seafood restaurants are a dime a dozen on Long Island. 5 standouts sit atop the food chain:
Wish that I wasn't raised on Long Island bc it's hard to see that my high school friends actually support Trump
Sooner or later, "managed retreat" is a concept Long Island has to come to grips with ... "Oakwood Beach has...
Get 6 Free VitaTops
At Pine Aire, we specialize in preparing the finest seafood on Long Island. 140 Pine Aire...
Dem insider:"Cuomo's 'across state tour' for Clinton today only includes Buffalo, Westchester & Long Island -'across' must mean 'fly over'."
Entry and Hall - See more of Brian J. McCarthy Inc.'s Long Island, NY on 1stdibs …
Want to thank Joan Jet for popping up all the time on Long Island east end and singing. Loved it back in the day. xoxo
I can use a Long Island Iced Tea right now
Towns push for stricter sex offender laws via
Only 45 more RT's to extend free cover till 12😅 ^^^ $1 Coors light & $2 trash can & Long Island pitchers
Cubs fans are put on this planet for 1 reason, for to pick fights with after his 6th long Island
Long Island Restaurant Week continues through the weekend! Enjoy our special three-course prix fixe prepared by...
Taco Bell not so good in Texas. It's the bomb on Long Island & NY since you can't get authentic tacos like you can here from taco trucks
I've been wanting to go to Prince Edward Island for like, so long.
I saw a retired military guy wearing a MAGA hat at a commissary in Long Island and it made me very sad.
The good news is we have to keep Sheriff Longmire alive as long as he desires!
Addiction impacts every community. That's why we supported the opening of the 1st bilingual recovery center
Chase your dreams...from Long Island, New York to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! 2004-2016
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
This little gem went out this week. This Hither Hills series wedding album was made with Melissa and Brandon's...
The little hamlet of Northport on the North Shore of Long Island is worth a trip. So picturesque. Make sure to stop into Corktree Fine Wines
Witness how shiny this pocketwatch is. Relaxing, isn't it? You WILL pack Tom Baker in your Long Island luggage. You WILL.
They have NY as blue, which is shocking to me bc everyone I speak to hates Hillary and I live on Long Island
Guy at Olive Garden: how's your virgin Long Island?. My dad: it's a little strong
In Long Island just waiting for the moment I run into Theresa Caputo
All ive done since ive gotten to Long Island is eat and sleep and i have had a fantastic time doing it
I met a really nice nun who's trying to help Latino immigrants build community in Long Island...
Wheatley wins its first girls soccer Long Island Championship since 2006.
Social Long Island and our complete services!: via
"The Island is long but life is short in this town" -Jon Bellion "80's Film"
my parents in Long Island shop at Wild by Nautical
Long Island, you've got some trash headed your way 🗑
Bribey Island seems a long way away now
Visit Social Long Island of New York's Blog for up-to-date information for all of your social media needs!
Don't forget to vote! needs your help casting a ballot for Best Dentist on Long Island
Long Island football is headed into playoffs and the staff has made some picks. See if they chose your favorite team.
Fortis Development shows again that they are bad-faith actors, with no concern for what's best for community.
In disappointing turn for de Blasio, Long Island College Hospital will not include affordable housing
TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS | In 1959, Hal Hartley was born on this date in Lindenhurst, Long Island, New York, USA
Garden City advances to face Suffolk A champ Mt. Sinai in the Long Island girls soccer championship after PK win in…
. Top reviewed Elle on Long Island with Vanessa. duos available!. Garden City area!
95 Long Island food stores on state's latest list for total of 1,000 health safety violations. See what's near you:
Take a ride out to Grimaldi's out in Garden City on Long Island or John's down the block from Carmines in Times Square.
Today, the 29-year-old Long Island resident is taking the project on the road, driving to all 50 states in her...
In this excerpt, a *** couple with children, Elisa and Joey Waters, both teachers in Long Island, New York,...
LONG ISLAND! Next Saturday afternoon I'm playing at with some awesome local talent. Get your tix now! 🤘🏼
Special deal in starting at USD113.29
it'll be a long time before I do dollar Long Island night.
If I can taste a Long Island by 12 ill be impressed.
One week vacation in the east in a week and a half. I'm gonna have a Long Island and watch a scary movie and get much needed sleep.
.was looking for craft beer. It's sad that small Long Island bars have more of a selection. What a let down...
I prefer weed. But I do love a cold Long Island.
Chad come to Long Island and play me
do you offer meet and greets for your shows ? It would be an honor to meet u on long island in January!!!
Bout to *** my pants with how many Long Island Iced Teas I drank ~
my cousin lived out there with his wife but they moved now to Long Island he said he loves it out there.
Pictures of my Sportster/? I'll find them in the mean time check out this pan headrally long…
Sweet I miss the dirt riding been long time nowhere to ride in staten island anymore..
New York! It's been so long since we've played Long Island. We're back on 11/9 at Revolution Bar & Music Hall!.
Here is a video of my southern friends trying to pronounce the names of towns on Long Island..
I'm so used to driving to Long Island solo that it's gonna be weird to not have to drive this time and not be alone 😂
great show out in riverhead Long Island. Can't wait to watch the special.
Sometimes living in LIC feels like a sci-fi set @ Long Island City
I just checked in at Long Island Railroad with Download today!
I drink so many long islands that people sometimes think I'm from Long Island
Cops nab L.I. dentist accused of groping female patient: A Long Island dentist was arrested Friday for gropin...
Happy The now includes students/teachers in FOUR boroughs, plus Long Island!
got a special lil something that's gonna show up this weekend in Long Island 😉
Been a long 8 months since I've been on this island!! Love Kona!!
A Long Island dentist was arrested Friday for groping a woman while giving her an exam, police said.
Someone started playing Piano Man and the whole train is singing along. This is so Long Island I can't handle it.
nah just some gross Long Island girls who's parents give them everything
Zaria from NYC ACC is safe! Thank you Feline Rescue of Staten Island and long live the seniors!. ht…
and going to have ridiculous numbers ALL year long if they are healthy. On an island of their own
Egidijus Mockevicius has signed an NBADL contract, league source tells D-League Digest. He will play for the Long Island…
I need to get off Long Island and leave this town asap, college can't come soon enough.
Last chance nominate for the Regional Awards!! Long Island, nominate here!!
I want a Long Island pitcher rn to wash down that game
Long Island Fact: if you look at your reflection in the Long Island Sound and say "bagel" 3 times Billy Joel will appear
Wish we had something like this on Long Island!
Colorful David Willmott, publisher of Suffolk Life, was an icon of Long Island journalism
Long Island, NY AIA CES Learning Unit Opportunities - 6 learning units in one day - Garden City and Riverhead:
Jim Rama will be performing live at The Mint Lounge, 1 Ring West Garden City, Long Island (across the street of...
Colin Powell will vote for Hillary Clinton, he tells after saying same at Long Island luncheon this afternoon
I think a lot about Gregg T. on the Long Island rail road. What's he like? Is he happy? Is he keeping me safe *right now*?
Next week I will be working in Manhattan, Yale, and Long Island if anyone wants me on their tv show. I work cheap.
Staten Island to Manhattan back to staten back to Manhattan long day long night 😩😩😩
Ahead of UFC 205, Chris Weidman goes – on Long Island – with Kevin James
35 suspected members of Long Island gang arrested amid string of killings, including discovery of teenager's remains
My friends in long island always ask me why do i live in queens and i really wanna respond uhhh my dad punched me remember lol
New Episode comin tomorrow for PEOPLE OF LONG ISLAND dont miss out on sbxsike interview…
If I never had to go back to Long Island I would be a very happy camper
Then again if this was the mets it would have been she did live in Long Island for a while
There are good waves not that far from Manhattan - on Long Island, ...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
My late night drives is the one thing that I miss about living in Long Island 💕😔
Brewers in New York modeled more growth in the craft industry from a wine law.
Long Island Ice Teas DEFINITELY be sneaking up on yo ***
Stop trying to hit home runs. You should be listening to Long island Action
2 top GOP elected officials on Long Island were just arrested on federal corruption charges!
if you're feelin me tell me, I'm not the Long Island medium ***
I'm supposed to be in Long Island right now. Where am I? On my couch...sick. This *** 😫😡
Nicky Hayden will replace pedrosa today at Phillip Island.. Long time no see Handsome Kentucky kid.
Last Long Island show done, time for the dome!!! 💚
I've been gone from Mackinac Island so long that I can smell the aroma of horse poop.
uh i tagged myself instead of u im s dumb but look at this,,, LONG ISLAND
Police arrest 35 suspected members of Long Island gang
Model run by a Prof.Norpoth of Stony Brook U,Long Island;claims model has great success record;every winning streak ends,lol
Long Island dead be boring son I need to move back to the city
There's about 20 people in the party. Net worth than 5 generations of the Long Island Conklins
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I can feel the electricity from Wrigley all the way here in Long Island.
I found one mountain rage up and down a long island I started on.
Half the largest beer selection on Long Island. Come down and grab one!
One more long island and im gonna be flat gone lmao
Long Island's only smiling cause my souls is fine
I finally watched Brooklyn. It was simply beautiful. I will miss Eilis & Tony. I want to see their lives in Long Island, meet their kids.
Power lines caught fire just now. Nassau County, Long Island. Photo: Deborah P
Born in Long Island . Raised in Long Island . Moved to Ocala . Moving far away from Ocala
Proof that karma is real: if you watch someone's drinks at the bar while they go to find their friends, you get a free Long Island 👍🏼
Give me a Long Island Iced Tea if u want me to bust a move
Can feel the electricity all the way from Long Island, NY ⚾️🏆
Long Island, Pennsylvania, Nashville, North Carolina all meet up at a concert in New York!…
I want a Long Island but I can't drink alcohol
This is Long Island: Huawei's curved-screen flagship will be dubbed the Mate 9 Pro
I just checked in at Ymca Of Long Island with Download today!
by Lark Tattoo artist Matt C. Ellis. . See more of Matt's work here:
Cayleigh Kunnmann is one of three girls playing on Long Island varsity football teams
FYI The Long Island Out of Darkness Walk is tomorrow morning (Sun 10/23) at Jones Beach. It's to raise awareness... ht…
Nothing I love more than a packed Long Island rail road train
A chapter of my memoir will need to be dedicated to my time spent on the Long Island rail road
I'm gonna get a pet fish without a fish tank. I'll leave him in the fridge or Long Island. Both have tangible amounts of water in the air.
Getting your Oysters on Long Island this weekend? is a great way to get to the Festival.
Thanks This is exciting news for all four Long Island counties.
Long Island school district adds Muslim and Hindu holidays to school calendar. via
That special where the stock market crashes and you get a Long Island for like R6
Long Island, hit up for all your Vinyl needs. They have & in stock.
no it doesn't come out until march, and I work at a marina on Long Island. They were filming in the town
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