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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

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I'm gonna get a pet fish without a fish tank. I'll leave him in the fridge or Long Island. Both have tangible amounts of water in the air.
Thanks This is exciting news for all four Long Island counties.
Long Island school district adds Muslim and Hindu holidays to school calendar. via
That special where the stock market crashes and you get a Long Island for like R6
Long Island, hit up for all your Vinyl needs. They have & in stock.
no it doesn't come out until march, and I work at a marina on Long Island. They were filming in the town
At Pine Aire Fish & Deli, we stock only the finest, freshest seafood on Long Island. From...
Here's a haunted house on Long Island
These threeAmerican Peking ducks, aka Long Island ducks, are enjoying life with all the feed…
The Robert Moses Bridge in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY is shut down because somebody decided to park their...
Theresa from Long Island medium should come talk to maya about cam.
Plug for "Long Island medium" begins halftime commercials on center-hung video boards.
Long Island Action for Today. I like Ohio Miami Alabama. 9-2 mlb playoffs. Lets have fun with a small baseball parl…
I'm from jersey but I'm in Long Island visiting family
Hi Marty. Enjoy listening to you here on Long Island. Are u on KNBR this weekend?
- Voted number 1 among the people who said they like us - Classic Long Island Radio
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
The Long Island Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk is October 23 at Jones Beach ❤ our red dragons will be there!
Great view of Long Island Sound South Setauket Thank you for your partner…
GAME DAY on Long Island! The Huskies go for six straight wins tonight.
Jon Stewart receives humanitarian award from Nassau firefighters via
My first ever gel manicure was in NYC and I just got my second for literally half the price on Long Island, god bless suburban prices
Have you spotted this in It's - handiwork of to open in the new year…
SteelerNation has officially evaded Miami-Dade County. We are here for Maui Maui and Long Island Ice Tea. Here we g…
Getting fancy with it tonight at Long Island's newest speakeasy!!…
P.G. Wodehouse died at 93 (1975) in his house on Long Island, a month after receiving a British knighthood.
Long Island tea.. Has nothing to do with. Tea. Or . Island . But Is definitely long...
Pick-your-own apples, raspberries, peaches, pumpkins & more @ farms & orchards all across Here's a few:
if you're at pp Long Island, go give. joey a big big big big big big hug ❤️
Awesome article about / Rock Band from Homecoming in Newsday!
We're getting close!.. Watch for the grand opening of our brewery in Bay Shore, Long Island...
Long Island flea markets can be tragic. It used to be interesting items. Now it's bras, aspirin and duct tape
domain names
A man hiking through the woods in Long Island came across what looked like a scene out of a horror film. Via NY Post htt…
I played the Sandy Caps mini game in Paradise Island 2, and my score was: 443
Long Island thrift stores have everything you've been looking for.
Some of Long Island areas most expensive, desirable and tricked out cars will be at the StreetWheelz Car Show...
I haven't been to the island in AC so long and I don't fish as good anymore :(( so I haven't been catching any sharks wahhh
Thanks for a great night LONG ISLAND! Let's do it again tonight at !
Are you intrigued by popular TV shows like Corssing Over or Long Island Medium? If so, you won't want to miss...
HS football Friday Night Lights coming your way!.
Don't forget about our in-stores at in New Jersey and in Long Island!
Looking to hire Drivers in NY Tri-State Area for PART TIME DRIVING GIGS - No Personal Car Needed
Cops: Drunken driver slams into car, splitting it in Rockville Centre: A South Hempstead man was arrested and…
Thank you on Long Island for having us at your annual luncheon. We're grateful for the joy you brin…
I watch Long Island medium to cry. Purposefully
So I was just at that Long Island medium show and I'm honestly still amazed
So flippin excited about this show. Youre coming to Long Island?! What?! I'll be there-mark it on the calendar!
Born on this day in 1948 in Long Island, New York, John William Cummings, aka 'Johnny Ramone' http…
Voters should defeat congressmen still pushing Trump-- like Peter King on Long Island
this close enough to Long Island medium? 😉
NYer in Seattle Gets Anonymous Note from Fellow Native: A Long Island woman on the other side of the country ...
Catch me at Amityville Music Hall in Long Island tonight, my sets at 9:15.
At least 11 people were hospitalized after a passenger train in Long Island derailed Saturday night.
remember watching him pitch here on Long Island for the ducks only a year ago... unreal
About 12 hours behind on my feed and just heard about the Long Island derailment. Not a good week for train in the New York Metro Area.
Man tonight was amazing. Thank you to everyone who made it special! You rule, Long Island!
Share to tell, being against commuter train derails on Long Island east of hurt & fear. Show 'em somehow recover." The came to adve
I'm leading Long Island in field goals👌🏻
Researchers confirm there's a great white shark "nursery" off Long Island
about to begin my third Long Island aka journey to certain death
29 injured when commuter train derails on Long Island, official says
um his jean hole is massive ill bring a sewing kit to long island I'm so worried
Electronic Device Insurance
When your manager tells you that you're allowed to have one drinks so you order a Long Island. 😇
Derailed train injures up to 100, disrupts service on Long Island, New York
Great craft beer needs good water, and aquifers underlying Long Island are among the most prolific in the country.
11 people hospitalized with non life-threatening injuries after Long Island train derails, NY governor says.
Long Island train derailment: scores injured after collision
Long Island train derailment: dozens injured after collision
Some 50 to 100 people suffer non life-threatening injuries as commuter train derails on Long Island, NY.
Up to 100 suffer non-life-threatening injuries after Long Island commuter train derails
Hilton Head Island was so lucky for so long. Absolutely heartbreaking seeing my home look like this💔
11 hurt after LIRR train derails on Long Island
Wow, thank you! Full show + soundcheck from Long Island, NY 10/08/2016, check it out, guys! :)…
Long Island bagels and NYC bagels suck compared to New Jersey bagels. And Long Island just *** in general.
Just heard on the news that the creepy clowns are spreading all over Long Island 😱
Dozens injured as train derails on Long Island, New York
I’m on Long Island right now and train of thought coming in is 1) there are NO BATHROOMS on the parkway and 2) is from here(?).
are you guys having any career fairs on Long Island?
NYU Langone & Winthrop on Long Island to Affiliate via
if you and Grayson were stuck on a deserted island alone for a long time, would u still be on Ethan's lane?
Fun fact, Long Island has over 80 of us on it.
Saw a set sign for "TAT" just off 495 on Long Island, any idea what that is?
Hillary's immigration policies are killing our children!
'So as long as we're in night. And we can be stranded on an island'
This election it's vital for both political parties to get solid turnout from "their base". Meet the Democrats...
You want to see how hispanics and white people dont get along for the most part in 2016, Come to a Long Island junior soccer league...
Authorities are investigating creepy clown sightings in New York and New Jersey
We have been nominated for our Burgers in the Best of Long Island Awards in the Food & Drink section. Vote at…
Can you recommend anyone for this Business Developer - Long Island - NY
Four teenagers from Long Island high school found dead in the past month, all suspected victims of gang violence
Great. While Hillary is championing importation of this
A Penn Station oyster bar offers a warm welcome and a vast drink list to people headed to Long Island or New Jersey
Liking this long set up in copper. Island reversal w/ volume over 200 dma. Still stuck in range.
Anyone tryina go clown hunting in Long Island? Lol
Here's the loss from a tough, 1-0, loss at St. Joseph's of Long Island today:
One last chance for professional baseball in Houston area is tonite at 7:05. Sugar Land vs Long Island in game 2...
When you grew up on Long Island back when I did, the song Summer, Highland Falls rings a certain type of true
Neturei Karta International · A delegation of Jewish Rabbis outside the Hofstra University in Long Island, New...
Brooklyn is on long island. The battle of long Island was in Brooklyn knows geography
Out of control hopeful presidential candidates. Wished my college classmate from Hempstead Long Island had not...
NatGeoTraveller: New on stacava discovers Long Island City is undergoing a revival
Ent! Yuh know how long we had to wait for wifi in Piarco? 😒😒😒
Long Island City: Out of the shadow of Big Allis: A New York industrial enclave noted for its power plant is ...
New on discovers Long Island City is undergoing a revival
Rare shark find off Long Island coast
Man shot, wounded in Deer Park, Suffolk police say
Are you from the Gold Coast of Long Island?
Oh goody. I can take you out for Long Island Iced Teas then. :D
Long Island ice teas are then enemy
and O'Donnell name-checked by a dude from Queens @ Hofstra. This so Long Island. Baba Booey
I grew up in Bedford, N.Y., and it was close enough to Jones Beach on Long Island that
The long pristine beach of Shela and its sand dunes in Lamu island.
Ever had a Long Island Iced Tea?! Use Lyft code for free ride home LOOT
I like that the cruiser weight from Long Island is named Tony. And by "like" I really mean "lol of course it is"
Fun debate drinking game:. 1) Turn off your TV. 2) Come have a Long Island. 3) Try to forget that these are our two choice…
One last round from rainy Long Island. Tune into MSNBC in a few mins. And read all of the Post's coverage
Students are racist if they support Trump, says Teacher in Long Island LiveLeak
Maybe some words? And then some sentences and paragraphs for Long Island Report?!
Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton spar over who is more presidential: At the first 2016 presidential debate, nominees…
Frustration has set in on Long Island, where the first presidential debate between Donald J Trump a: via
Friend: the value of long term monitoring-an island near-extinction event recorded for the dibbler
Countdown clock ticks near zero for first presidential debate
Staten Island Academy girls' tennis team bests Long Island Lutheran, 5-0 -
13 Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Deer Park: . Perhaps best known for the Deer Park outlets and the Deer Park th...
The OCEARCH research team just tagged the first baby sharks off Long Island
Watch party 'truly an amazing experience' for some Hofstra students: The music blared and balloons filled the room…
LONG ISLAND | DC. . October is going to be amazing!. Two Shows. New Music. New Members of the Fam. & You. h…
COME SEE ME IN LONG ISLAND I NEEDA SEE ALL MY LIL BABIES AGAIN i miss singing for y'all and lovin on u
So Buffalo and Long Island are on the same level of places I hate.
Watching MSNBC and thought "Stephanie Ruhle has to be either from Jersey or Long Island." Sure enough, she's from Park Ridge. 😝
Political Anthropology: On Long Island, frustration has set in - Gant Daily (registration)
was a frys superimposed on the micro center on Long Island. Wish I knew they were filming, I'm at that store all the time.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Price:- $40 million estate in Long Island, New York
Politics|Donald Trump's Potential Guest at Debate: Gennifer Flowers: Hofstra University on Long Island will h...
provost Robert Mangione throws out the first pitch today on Long Island for SJU service da…
You think any of them own a Downeaster Alexa? Or is that just a Long Island thing?
Hall-of-famer Larry Brown reportedly considers coaching job at East Hampton High in Long Island
do a video on lake Ronkonkoma being haunted on Long Island
Summer is not over yet on Long Island!! Volley America League Nationals on October 1st at Cedar Beach, Babylon!...
Northrop Grumman sued for $500M for allegedly poisoning Long Island park soil
brooklyn and queens are geographically Long Island so... you kind of live on Long Island babeh
No. SNL didn't ruin their lives. Catching up with parodied Hofstra debate questioners of 2012, by .
Already going to the Long Island date but wouldnt mind taking a trip to NJ too :)
Everyone at this school is from Long Island
And long Island ice tea on the side 😋
when Long Island is like a week away I'll be stressing an out because it's going to be cold and odheke
Hey yo hey yo! Happy Sunday fun people! Barley Island has $3.50 pints today and carryout all day long!!...
Perfect time 4 wine fresh off the vine (Sheer poetry) Vineyards
In 1971, pizza would cost 25 cents a slice at this eatery on LI 🍕
Suffolk cops: Man shot in hand, leg after scuffle in Amityville
Foster kids sent too far to oversee; Wash. state paid $145k to NY man now jailed on sex charges:
lol!! You should be riding my friend!! Loved the show on Long Island Fri you sounded Great Charlie! Lookin forward to Nov👍👏🎻
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Disastrous long run on the island, but had a spectacular view and great ferry ride. I'm showered and dressed, but feel wiped out. Home it is
If you're in the NYC area, head out to Deer Park, Long Island and support this amazing show, full of great...
New York is an island and New York is a big state. It isn't only about the Long Island, Gerry! Lmao.
I need to go back to Long Island and kick it with my people back home for a bit. 🔑
9th girls finish bracket champs going 5-0 at coaches choice showcase in Long Island!
EPMD: Still In Business || 30 Years Later, Long Island natives still rock the mic with ease http…
Amityville Village to proceed against two derelict buildings
This might be a great fit for you: Personal Injury Protection -PIP- Litigation Claims Examiner -... -
At long last this fella is on the wall. Pic by put a few add on's. Like proper race card and badge. https…
What's going on? Long Island Fall Festivals and Fairs 2016 - Long Island Press
URI: Where are you from? . Me: Western New York. URI: Oh so like the left part of Long Island. . ???!?!?!?!
The New York Nazi's of trump's daddy was there.
Congrats to senior Kevin Martinez named a top 50 LI boys soccer player to watch!
Drew. 12. Long Island thinks Giroud is better than Harry Kane
A Long Island, brisket and meaningful conversation with your bestie is for winners 😍
Hey if you're on Long Island and not stuck in the mountains without a car you should go to this today.
Really wish I was seeing all my friends in Long Island today. Make sure you don't miss Ends Meet, Maniac and Mind Force if you're going
Inside a Long Island City brewery, in the back, among friends
Lovers of Long Island Iced Tea! Lyft for free anywhere with Lyft Promo Code BEG
Apartments for Rent in Long Island City, Top 444 Apts and Homes in Long Island City, NY
I liked a video from Tulsa Talonflames vs Long Island Regirockies [UCL S2W10] -
:: 2 men arrested, charged in weekend robbery spree in Suffolk
Well good thing I didnt go to the House Of Hardcore show in Long Island tonight. Ryback was there
long story short, he might die. Those are all aggressive island words 😅
Challenger for 2nd District calls on King to drop support for Trump | News 12 Long Island
Affordable - housing lottery opens up in Long Island City
At school I'm a Long Island princess but at home I'm a Long Island hobo
I am watching a third set super tie breaker between Long Island and Southern. team tennis. 9.0 men's Good match!
Oheka is a great venue for any Long Island shoot!
2 attackers beat man at Freeport bus stop, Nassau police say: A 62-year-old man was attacked and robbed Sunday…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Haven't been to Long Island in 6 years also I LOVE TRAFFIC
Home getting some rest before I start my work week (@ 4003 10th St Long Island City in Long Island City, NY)
I don't care what he looks, acts, says or does it so long as he can beat Hillary. Time to crash and kill the Democratic Party.
Please consider making a donation to support the work of the Catholic Church on Long Island.
I'll be talking about in NYC, Long Island & DC next week. Learn more about the events at
So much fun doing the live FB with last week! Interview and video 👀💕
HEY LONG ISLAND, NY! This Thursday 9/15/16 Roger Earl​ will be performing along with our good friend and...
Spilled a Long Island on my phone yesterday. Living in its last days.
Dude I really met the love of my life, this dude is really perfect. & I met him at last call at a bar in HB.. S/o to that long Island lmaooo
. "Ur from Long Island?? DO U KNOW MY COUSIN JOE IN MINEOLA?. "OMG YEAH! Hes the best hunter gatherer in our…
ISWEARTUHGOD people outside of NY steady thinking Long Island is like the one tom hanks got stuck on in cast away or so…
CurlGod got me wanting to move out to bk or the city 😩😩.. Too LITT out there, Long Island is full of leeches 🙄💯
Man in Oakdale crash killed after medical event, cops say
its being long since I have being there. Spiadan Island, Malaysia is on To do List now
Sunset for 13-Sep overlooking the lovely and historic Long Island Sound:
"You know you have a drinking problem when you see 'lit' and automatically think "Long Island Iced Tea"😂😂😂
Long Island's own, holding up one of my books…
Nassau Legis. Judith Jacobs died after a fall, friends and political associates said
First-ever Queens beer festival coming to Long Island City – Queens’ first-e...
She was thrown, alive, from a moving car, only to be run over by passing cars, cops said https:/...
yo come be on our youtube show!! Its like howard stern we do it on long island 10mins from gossip!!!
Long Island abuse case reveals risk of out-of-state foster care: New York, Sept 14 — The…
Coliseum looking for Long Island food vendors. (well, formerly)
Please don't insult us Jersey boys. We would kick his *** all the way to Long Island so he can get his LI Iced teas. :)
Make a difference today by donating on my behalf to support Long Island Walk!
A surprising sign of progress in Long Island Sound!
I send you a genuine NY/LI water gun...with Long Island Water...if you sign a sign for me.
54th Senate primary proves maybe Long Island GOP is right. Maybe upstate is too stupid for a place at the table.
Bravo, ! Can't thank you enough for making this change for all those kids. (cc:
Web Development. Our Long Island Web Design Company has an excellent team of website development
myself & team will be Hitting Long Island this weekend!!
{I sit on the sand, my view on the horizon. Thinking about how long we've all been stranded in this island}
Legis. Judith Jacobs dies after fall, associates say via
Administration bars the faculty from Long Island University’s campus in Brooklyn after contract expires - no class!
Its a month late but hey check out me and and our trip to the long island retro gaming expo!
I don't go out to eat and NOT get a Long Island.
Putting in towards the bill because I want a Long Island as well and I'm sure he wants a drink😕
Long Island isn't one of the 5 boroughs last time I checked...
These were your delivery drivers on Long Island.
I need a long island now! I don't care if its 10 in the morning!
Literally sat down for 3 minutes yesterday to take a picture and every mosquito on Long Island bit me at once.
not for nothing but growing up on Long Island is definitely a blessing of its own
In 1 week we will be on Long Island for . New Fall items will be available. . Be You.…
Long Island is ending the summer right with one of the livest sneaker & lifestyle shows around!…
What I'd do for a Long Island bec right now
Long Island Tea's might be the best thing since sliced bread.
Eramo beat Toback with 71 percent of the vote via
Officer hit in head in likely domestic dispute, police say
Wow! So shocked and saddened by this news. I worked with her for almost 9 years - RIP...
Um we Chanel just asked da waitress how long is da Long Island. 🤔🤔 yeeea she had enough
. Wonderful news... 19 autistic Long Island guy wins gold at Paralympics.
5 days to go until we walk in Long Island to promote brain tumor research and awareness! Be with us!
I was at Gold Star in Songtan, South Korea. J/M were on Long Island and was supposed to go into the city that day.
Long Island University faculty have been barred from classes over demands for decent pay. It’s symptomatic of a...
I'll dig up references for you, mobilizing to NYC today & tomorrow to run a job on Long Island for next 3 weeks.
Fall for Kids Yoga starting next Thursday 9/15 at 4:15 p.m. at the Long Island Center for Yoga. Yoga poses is...
Tiny island of Dominica is the Caribbean's best kept holiday secret
John played high school soccer in Long Island. Says that background gave him a footwork advantage over his opponents
Fast-forward ten years. "Long Island's left fork: is it so far out, really? These former Brooklynites say no."
Good morning from Long Island with my little fluff 😍 @ Syosset
They worked on my balance today at physical therapy. The last time I was this unsteady i had a few too many Long Island Iced Teas at the pub
It’s Tough Being Over 40 in Silicon Valley. Older workers are trying lawsuits, classes, makeovers to keep working
purchased at the Westbury Store in Long Island NY. Customer service forwarded me to the store, but no one answered.
NYC is five boroughs, if we are going to the metropolitan area at large u have jersey Westchester and Long Island
Having Irish Stout and Long Island Iced Tea at an Irish bar after a…
One Long Island Iced Tea in and he's fumbling again. L I G H T W E I G H T
Students at Long Island University returned to a campus from which 400 faculty-union members had been barred.
Long Island Lawmakers OK 5-Cent Shopping Bag Fee: Lawmakers on eastern Long Island have approved a measure to...
Exclusive: Nassau jail medical vendor pulling out in 30 days or less unless it gets $2M payment by Friday.
please come to Long Island for book promo I need to meet you😭😭
When it comes to lung cancer, early detection matters: Long Island Jewish Forest Hills cares about preventing…
He told police he had consumed “several Long Island Ice Teas” in the hours before he attempted to enter the inlet. :))
Starting tomorrow, apply to live in this creative Long Island City rental for $850/month
Looking for more fun ways to exercise? Check out 5 ways to stay in shape in
Boater admits to drinking Long Island Ice Teas before stranding 72-foot yacht on Palm Beach
I'd like to visit this Long Island place. If only it were real.
Nassau jail medical provider says it will leave if not paid by Friday: The Nassau jail's inmate medical provi...
A perfect ending to a long day to rest in this luxury Centara Grand Island……
What do you get when a Long Island hopeful needs the help of and A lot of bagels and pizza! https:…
It is unethical & fraudulent to charge students their full tuition (or ANY tuition) at Long Island University right now. .
In Long Island getting a yearly physical at ProHealth. Doctors here are really great!
Diary: At weekends in our summerhouse at Quogue on Long Island, we go out to buy the newspapers and paper-cup...
.tests out her Long Island accent on for her hilarious Theresa Caputo 🗽 h…
Huntington Station garden in Long Island brings vets and veggies together
It's This university features an 1100 acre site on the North Shore of Long Island. Its name?
Denver sicko, 36, nabbed after flying to New York to molest 16-year-old Long Island girl he met online
Stitch dressed as Jack Skellington by Jaclyn at Da Vinci Tattoo in Long Island, New York
Bodies found on Long Island where two missing anglers were lost
Brand New is a rock band from Long Island, New York. Formed in 2000, the band consists of Jesse Lacey (vocals, guita
There is a risk for Tropical Storm force winds up and down the east coast, especially on NJ Shore and Long Island. https:/…
BTW, how's it in Tokyo, Japan? Hope all is well! I am here on the East Coast and preparing for the storm on Long Island! TTYL!
I usually buy mines for a $10 chicken plate and a Long Island so that's pricey for me
Cheap Beer, Snapchats, and Stickers: Does the Hampton Bays' Boardy Barn Still Live Up to the Hype? - Thrillist
you can visit suburban Long Island and we can terrorize the suburbs with memes and loud music
I got a Long Island so all is well. I guess.
thank you Just saw a change and actually looks like it may hang until Long Island-looks offshore-good storm to make us think!
This Long Island got me thinking 😬. If the FLEX is good, the SEX is good 😛
Maria Marrero is found in Long Island hospital after going missing in Queens
I liked a video from UCLS2 Week 8 | Long Island RegiRockies v Durham Druddigons
(NY Daily News) mom missing since found at Long Island hospital : Maria..
Never thought I'd be so into Long Island medium
Hi Jordan, are you visiting Long Island? I'm at I've been receiving your e-mails, but it seems like an auto msg.
no. Long Island ice tea. The drink lol
No qualms, A certain Scotsman is getting me to attempt a Long Island.. I'm worried to say the least.
Miss Long Island more and more everyday.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Great it looks like a hurricane is going to hit long island
The red lines are in knots and significant a developing jet streak. Note the direction off Long Island heading inland.
so if I go to a realtor on Long Island can I buy myself a long island on Long Island?
We didn't sit for long.this afternoon was another gorgeous day on the Big Island and we made…
so much libertarian on long island its like I have to start every convo introducing the idea of compassion and not being an *** it's wow
Hempstead duo arrested after weapons, drugs found, cops say - Newsday
*long island. Don't disrespect the rest of us
A Tropical Storm Warning is now in effect for Southern Westchester, NYC and Long Island.
Funnier still, Cohen a jew from Long Island talking about the "LORD".
accidentally orders half of Long Island evacuated. What?
Significant beach erosion is already occurring at Long Beach Island, New Jersey. (📸
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