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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

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Sachem North looks to repeat in 2014: Sachem North won its first Long Island cha...
Long Island this weekend: Steve Martin, Isaac Mizrahi and celeb authors - Newsday
Long Island rough riders want me to tryout 👀 hmm
I would like to think that if Walt Whitman was alive, the mall on Long Island would be his favorite accomplishment.
Are you really a cheerleader if you don't stunt on the beach??👙🎀 @ Jones Beach - Long Island
Missing Kayaker Identified as man from Sound Beach | Verizon FiOS1 News - Long Island
If you've never been to a Long Island beach I really feel bad for you
swing thru when ur done with beach since ull already be out in Long Island and that's where the function is
Our sister company, Miller Portable Services, is your premier Long Island company that offers the widest variety... htt…
I hope you're excited to see the sign I'm making for your Long Island show bc it cost me a layer of skin thanks to gorilla glue!
Harry's Long Island accent impersonation is the reason I wake up in the morning
Just noticed your a Long Island native. I went to Stony Brook.
West Highland White Terrier puppies for sale on Long Island.. on eBay Classifieds New York City
NORTH BABYLON, N.Y. - Communities across the U.S. are drying out after unusually heavy rains swamped highways, flooded basements and were blamed for at least four deaths. Long Island residents were urged to remain off the road Wednesday as a round-the-clock recovery continued after a record 13.26 inches of rain fell between midnight and 9:30 a.m. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder issued a disaster declaration for the Detroit area after rain sent mud cascading down embankments, closing stretches of freeways all of Tuesday and part of Wednesday. Officials at a Nebraska hospital said Wednesday its public cafeteria could stay shuttered for months after it was inundated by floodwater over the weekend. The latest iteration of wild weather hit the northeast Tuesday night and lingered through Wednesday. A slow-moving system, powered by tropical moisture and clouds soaring far higher than in usual summer storms, lashed communities from Maryland to New England. The hardest hit areas, Long Island's Suffolk County and the t ...
Yes, SHE is a Medium from Long Island. Like Sylvia Browne and those types. SEES DEAD PEOPLE
--- What an Amazing scene on Long Island today!!! This is Sunrise Highway in Islip.
LIers prove a sense of humor can help you get through the toughest times (Credit: Craig Kempf)
View the Long Island, New York inundated with flash floods photo gallery on Yahoo News. Find more news related pictures in our photo galleries.
The only island I saw growing up was Long Island. Now I'm riding around the island of Capri in…
Multiple local government agencies on Long Island declared states of emergency Wednesday after a storm dumped nearly an entire summer’s worth of rain, causing major flooding in some spots that stra...
August 2014 – New York - A historic storm system flooded cars, turned parking lots into lakes and smashed records on New York's Long Island, where one town got more than a foot of rain in just six ...
20,707 Jobs available in Long Island, NY on one search. all jobs.
We are lucky here, with all that rain Long Island got nailed . wow 13 inches amazing.
Communities across US recover after floodsChron.comVehicles attempt to maneuver down a flooded Montauk Highway in Babylon, N.Y., Wednesday Aug. 13, 2014. The National Weather Service says parts of Long Island experienced record-setting rainfall in the past 24 hours. In one community, more than 13 ...
good morning watching u know big fan of yours from Roslyn heights Long Island how are today
I ran 4.00 mi with Check out my route in Long Island City, NY, United States!
It is an absolutely beautiful day here on Long Island today, cool ,dry day, hoping all touch by yesterday's deluge of rain are ok today.
Park planned in Melville land swap is put off.
Smithtown has plan B if offer for property refused - Newsday
Hoping waters recede soon,how much can Long Island take
Savour our modern variation of the classic Long Island Iced Tea!
Recovery after floods, from Detroit to Long Island; 4 killed, dozens rescued in heavy storms
time for the big drive to new home: Long Island
Long-term care insurance system was launched in April 2000. Japan is an island closest to heaven in 2030.
All I'll say is I'll be on an island (and I ain't talking Long or Staten) 🌴🌴🌴🌴
Flash floods falls in 2 hrs on Long Island, NY:
A reception center was setup at the Bay Shore Fire House for 4 families displaced by the floods. Full update here:
Long Island's 13.27 inches of rain is 1-day New York record - ...
'The Maid's Room,' filmed on Long Island, explores dark side of...
So tired today :( even though is a day off...but glad :p to spend time with my bro for a few drinks :p *A sex on a beach and long island iced tea ! Thus, fresh haircut awesome!
hey Tony: Bohemia is a small town on Long Island, near Islip airport. Might still be under water today.
Lacrosse is victorious over Long Island, 10-9 in overtime! Way to fight hard boys!
Rain on Long Island Breaks a Record, Floods Highways and Sets Cars Afloat, via
Long Island is beginning to wring out the water after a record-setting deluge
I like beer but sometimes I just really want to mainline 3 Long Island Ice Teas. . So yeah, this beer will do.
Flooding from Detroit to Long Island leaves 4 dead via
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Fellow Long Island Educators: is approaching. Great FREE PD for teachers by teachers! Register now!
Tick spreading red-meat allergy through bites on Long Island - This tick’s bite could become the Hamptons’...
Flooding remains in parts of Long Island
thoughts, prayers for those of you dealing with floodwaters, esp on Long Island, NY...difficult fun!
Fidel,allgood as long as I donot,as they say.This is not2000years,say hello Honecker,I buy an island,do not want to pay thecapitalists
Cops: New Cassel woman left 3 children home alone: A 23-year-old New Cassel woman was arrested as she walked h...
--- People trapped in their cars everywhere you look here on Long Island... This is the ramp to the LIE at exit 62
Yesterday was a giant rain day for Long Island. But b afterynoon, the sun was peeping through and it looked...
Heading to Long Island! Excited to be a part of I-matter Surf Camp this Saturday. The Lombardo family is in route, we love ya Krissi.
A whole new world today after yesterday's commute. Some hot spots remain on Long Island
At least on Long Island I didn't see any signs of a MAUL and convection wasn't intense enough for any lightning at all.
Weather experts say that today's rainfall was a 200-year weather event
Video: Record-breaking rain flooded parts of Long Island and the NYC area.
Record rainfall on Long Island. Many are still dealing with a mess
Don't understand why people steal cars here. It's an island, how long can you hide a car on a freakin island.
Long Island dries out, cleans up after record rainfall
Watch: Long Islanders search for missing dog swept away by flooding river
2004 swimming in our pool on Long Island
Letters: Power plant delay, green energy - Published: August 11, 2014 4:48 PM PSEG Long Island has found that the...
it was beautiful night on Long Island also and woke up to a gorgeous day low humidity clean air just wonderful enjoy your day
They should put a warning sign near the bridge entering Long Island saying "Warning:You are now entering an area where ter…
A mother was arrested after leaving 3 kids home alone, police say
This morning I am thinking of my two older daughters (and families) hoping for a great flight to Long Island. . I hope none of them have w...
How to Minimize Flooding and Water Damage in Heavy Rain: Long Island was battered with record rainfall last we...
Today I am thankful for the sunshine, which hopefully helped the waters dry up on the long island roads.
Back on the road again. Going to New London Ct. and take the ferry to Long Island. Clear sky's today just a little cool 50.
Please say a prayer for those of us on Long Island who have been hit by this unexpected storm. Our house is intact, but all our cars (two cars and one truck) will be totaled because they were underwater My backyard looks like a beach with at least 2 feet of sand covering the yard. My neighbor behind me had a very nice stockade fence which broke loose and his yard ended up in mine. His boat floated out of his yard through mine down my driveway and across the street. With all this mess, we still have our home and our lives. I look at my neighbor and my heart bleeds for them - their house was condemned because the foundation caved in. We are all grateful that we have our lives because the other is material things and can be replaced with a little aggravation dealing with the insurance companies.
Shark week yesterday on long island
On the early hours of August 13th, 2014 Long Island got 13+ inches of rain in 2-3 hours. & already responded to some calls, while en route or at a call were needed to get to more serious calls... Then themselves needed help. Working together with Emergency responders thankfully everyone was ok. Sadly there was one individual (name unknown) who died. Not known who or where he was headed around 3-4am on the around ext 49. if anyone has any pictures of during this please share them here. Thank you.
Umina and Bateau Bay PCYC boys out today on the Hawkesbury River. 800 metres of Long Island in Sandbrook Channel was cleaned, mostly small items removed. Then over to Kangaroo Point, South to the boat ramp, where plenty of litter presented. Recent bushcare work revealed stacks of beer bottles and rubbish. Boating products were collected, two large truck and car tyres were also hauled aboard Rob Moxhams barge. 20 full bags, plus bulk, totalled 1.4 tonne. First time out for these boys, initially a culture shock, but they did warm to the task, and appreciated the adventure.
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saw you in NYC best night of my life!! Don't forget Long Island for your next tour.Your the most talented singer alive!
Then rain may have ended but the memory lingers on the Sunrise Highway on Long Island.
Macari, on Long Island, wins winery of year award in the New York Wine and Food Classic, the annual state contest:
Body found after Long Island explosion identified - New Jersey Herald
The largest amount of rain to ever fall in New York State in a 24-hour period caused flash flooding on Long Island. More than 13 inches fell over parts of the island in a matter of hours. Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone says the size of the storm came as a surprise. As a result, hundreds of motorists were caught on flooded roadways and had to be rescued from their stranded vehicles. Bellone says homeowners now have to deal with flooded basements, reminiscent of super storm Sandy.
What a morning! Had to be up west for a meeting @ 8:30 AM - - left home @ 7:00 AM and turned back @ 10:00 AM because the LIE was closed in several places. Never made it to the meeting! News reports say that we had more rain in western Suffolk County than Hurricanes Irene and Sandy combined! McArthur Airport had over 13” of rain in six hours. What a mess. It’s over now and beautiful weather predicted for Long Island over the next few days.
New York town gets entire summer's worth of rain Originally published: August 13, 2014 6:44 AM Updated: August 13, 2014 1:01 PM By The Associated Press FRANK ELTMAN (Associated Press) NORTH BABYLON, N.Y. - (AP) -- A storm dumped an entire summer's worth of rain on parts of Long Island, leading to a fatal crash Wednesday and stranding drivers on roads flooded with door-handle-high water. A person died when an SUV was hit by a tractor-trailer at 4:40 a.m. on the Long Island Expressway near Dix Hills, during the height of the storm, according to Suffolk County Police Chief James Burke. He said it appeared the SUV was driving slowly when it was hit by the larger vehicle. The person who died was in the SUV; the body was burned beyond recognition, said Burke. The staggering rain total, over 13 inches, was recorded from Tuesday evening until Wednesday morning at an airport in the hamlet of Ronkonkoma in Islip. That was more than the area's normal total for June, July and August of 11.75 inches, said Joe Pollina ...
Wow...the god *** flooding here on Long Island has really crippled the South Shore of Suffolk County.
Suffolk County Courthouse parking lot on Long Island is now a swimming pool.
This is the flooded parking lot at Islip station this morning. Mother Nature not playing nice on Long Island.
Had the proud privilege of being the GRAND MARSHAL day parade at Long Island,New with Senator ht…
Just casually watching Long Island Medium when my tv decided it wanted to shut off. there are ghosts in my room Theresa Caputo help me
Eeep! Mitchell's mom made my day, possibly going to see Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium 😄😄😄
Announcing! Long Island, tickets are sellling for my next Wine & Comedy show! Aug 15th ->
Madonna performing with her band Emmy at Uncle Sam's Blues Club in Long Island photographed by George DuBose 1981
It's awful to actually see the damage of hurricane sandy in Long Island still in effect a year later
In 24 hours I will be in Long Island with my best friend .. It's basically Christmas Eve.
Today is Monday, August 11, the 223rd day of 2014. There are 142 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On August 11, 1954, a formal peace took hold in Indochina, ending more than seven years of fighting between the French and Communist Viet Minh. On this date: In 1786, Capt. Francis Light arrived in Penang to claim the Malaysian island for Britain. In 1860, the nation's first successful silver mill began operation near Virginia City, Nevada. In 1909, the steamship SS Arapahoe became the first ship in North America to issue an S.O.S. distress signal, off North Carolina's Cape Hatteras. In 1934, the first federal prisoners arrived at Alcatraz Island (a former military prison) in San Francisco Bay. In 1942, during World War II, Pierre Laval, prime minister of Vichy France, publicly declared that "the hour of liberation for France is the hour when Germany wins the war." In 1956, abstract painter Jackson *** 44, died in an automobile accident on Long Island, New York. In 1964, the Beatles m ...
I dont know. I grew up a Redneck on Long Island in a town of 3000 that was far right wing, even borderline white supremacist
They say he's a king on his throne.. @ Jones Beach, Long Island, NY
All the waiting around.. Backstage at Jones Beach Theater, Long Island, NY.
Poetry Q) Born on May 31, 189 in Huntington, Long Island, what American poet wrote “I Sing the Body Electric”?
Long Island was pretty expensive $8 each you guys need to lower the price to $5
Left district with a Long Island ... Came home with a Long Island 😘
'Why did it take so long to finish Little Eaton island work?'
If you are over the age of 21 you should not be ordering a Long Island Ice Tea. Grow up Peter Pan, Count Chocula!
Long island iced tea mmm i will never forget how good you taste ever again.
never take the 2:53 AM LIRR train to ronkonkoma unless you want to see all the long island stereotypes come alive
Skokholm through the eyes of our fantastic long-term volunteer Billy:
what is a Long Island it's tea even
We have a tiny pup thing going on over here! This is Polo! Also 5 pounds of cute! He is Mr. Personality, so funny and adorable. Loves to be held and definitely wants all your attention! He loves cats and small dogs :) For adoption from Ruff House Rescue Long Island, NY Questions? Email us: ruffhouserescue
LONG ISLAND # 3, Had to go way up for that one,LMFAO! CANT STOP LAUGHING!
Just drank the darwin casino pool bar out of sangria! Onto the Long Island ya tarts!!!
You know its a good long island when half way down you complain there is no alcohol in
He was a local Long Island, NY fisherman shark hunter who had the experience to land the largest sharks ever found off Long Island & his true life character was the basis for the Capitan in the original JAWS !!!
Tonight at Riverhead Raceway we qualified 6th and redrew 4th. The car was hooked up and took the lead around lap 8 and never looked back!!! This win was a National Qualifier for the nationals in Vegas. This will most likely guarantee us a start in the feature if for some reason we fail to qualify by basic means. I need to thank my sponsors Pro-System Brakes, Long Island Performance, A&S Bagels, Draco Springs, and The Joie of Seating!!!
So i come home to find my moms on the floor throwin up after a long island n my cuzin i went out went throwin up on me on the way to the house wat a cebration of the night smh lmao
I'm super turnt up!! 2 long island !!compliments from my job the big Apple bees best bar tender Christin Parish !! Even on my day off !! Came helped my baby out!!! Then we parking lot pimp at caf'e brio !! Turnt up some more!!! I love my squad @ the bee's
The Bridgeport Bluefish TEAM has accepted the "Ice Bucket Challenge" to strike out ALS. We have challenged the Long Island Ducks TEAM, you have 24 hours to complete this challenge. Atlantic League of Professional Baseball
One long island and I'm done for the night.
.. watching Long Island Medium with my hubby .. ooohh tearsz teasrsz tearsz !! 😩😩 ..
I had a fun night out with Bobby Hoad and RJ tonight!! Lots and lots of fun. Oh and Long Island Ice Teas are AWSOME.especially 6 or 7. ;)
I don't like to sound like a teen angst blogger but I hate Long Island so much everyone is so *** passive aggressive it's pathetic
I'm being told that when I say the word "god" I sound like I'm from New York. So that's what I get for spending all that time on Long Island
Boston bound via Orient Point & Cross Sound Ferry...more things to love about Long Island :)
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
.is back on the road again tonight, playing in Long Island, NY at Soul Sound Records!
[ Hunting ] Open Question : I live on Long Island near the Sound and i want to know if im allowed ...
Does anybody's wife/girlfriend have a worse lineup of DVR than my wife does? 1. Real housewives or Atlanta, 2. Real housewives of Orange County, 3. Real housewives of New Jersey, 4. Honey boo boo, 5. Don't be tardy for the party, 6. Keeping up with the kardashians, 7. Teen mom 2, 8. Watch what happens live, 9. Long Island Medium, 10. Sister wives, 11. The little couple, 12. 19 kids and counting. Just to name a few
will be performing in Eisenhower Park on Long Island on September 6th.
Fall 2014: Polar Vortex to Visit Northeast; South at Risk for Tropical Hit - (Long Island, NY) According to the...
1 dead in massive house explosion in Port Washington, Long Island via
The mission of The Ronald McDonald House of Long Island is to give comfort and shelter to families experiencing the pain of having a sick...
Just heard that Dark Star Orchestra is giving a free concert tomorrow night in Tanner Park in Copiague, Long Island!
For those living on Long Island's South Fork & Shelter Island, this report should spur you to prepare for the worst
"Endless Summer-Visions of Long Island" is now open to the public - Come see the show - 150 works of art created by 60 artists and photographers are for sale to benefit the Nassau County Firefighters Operation Wounded Warrior. Tuesday through Saturdays - till Wednesday, August 27. Hutchins Gallery at LIU Post in the Schwartz Gallery - 720 Northern Blvd., Brookville, NY. Artwork credits L to R: Marc Josloff, Mac Titmus, Joanne Von Zwehl.
"IF IT TAKES A VILLAGE, DOES IT ALSO TAKE A BODY COUNT?" Testimony by Andrew Malekoff to the Nassau County Legislature - 8/4/14 Good afternooon . . . For the last few years I have testified at these meetings to advocate and educate. Today, I ask you for nothing more than three minutes of your undivided attention. Because you collectively represent all 56 school districts in Nassau County you need to understand the seriousness of the children’s mental health crisis on Long Island. At the Guidance Center, we receive more than 100 calls each week, many from parents who cannot find help. The Affordable Care Act mandates parity for mental health care. But, for many, parity is just an illusion. Following is a random sample of 12 recent calls, that l present to you in the child’s voice. These calls came from Roslyn, Great Neck, New Cassel, Manhasset, Elmont, Massapequa, Glen Cove, East Meadow, New Hyde Park, Roosevelt, Bayville, and Hicksville. But, overall, the kids that we see come evenly distributed from ...
This heroic pooch saved his family from a fire raging in their home, authorities say
Of course you can *she smiles shyly* For someone who has been secluded in an island for so long, you have a nice approach
time for you to come to Long Island and see a real beach! 🎉 🎉
I make Long Island Ice Tea with it and I literally have ppl *** near dead back home 😂😂
domain names
no like you literally say the letters and then say "double r" or people just saw Long Island rail road but that's long
Check out my friend's Long Island Country band, Southbound!
" I don't do tea parties.. Unless it's a Long Island Ice Tea party, then I'll be there"
If you've never heard me rant in a long island accent then you're really missin out
As much as I'd love to take a week long trip somewhere, money is tight. Maybe a day for long weekend to use my parents condo on the island
Bitter sweet day tomorrow, I am going to Center Reach Long Island to list a home for sale!! Good news the buyer has already been secured, so it is a done deal! The sad part, is I lost a dear friend last year, and it is his home town, and since I was unable to say goodbye before he past, I guess I have been fatefully called to his home town to do just that!
2 weeks and it's bye to Long Island for a while ***
Long Island Ice Tea and daddy I feel great..!! Enjoying each others company something so simple but yet so's a husband and wife thing they wouldn't understand..!! I cherish my family they are all I have..!! Prayers sent up kisses sent up to our beautiful baby boy and our princess is tucked in bed..! Mommy&Daddy time...Jeurrod Lee I can't get enough of you I'm so addicted to your love..!!
long island had Me feelin Myself lol
A family dog is being hailed a hero for waking up a sleeping couple and their son as a fire raged in their Long Island home early Monday, authorities say.
Finally off!!! Wouldn't be right if I didn't stop to have a drink for Semajj Matthews 30th birthday. ...This long island is for you! Rest In Peace!!!...celebrating ur bday wit u.CHEERS!
Wishing our dear Grandma Gigi a joyous 101st birthday!! We spoke with her at Aunt Roberta's in Long Island earlier this evening and she sounded wonderful! We love you and can't wait to see you again Grandma Gigi!
9557 down Long Island steel through Southern Cross at 1400 with BL29-BL34.
- 1425 I Aint even come To long island that day the party was canceled waddupk thou
Come down and train with some of the best people on Long Island! If you aspire to be a fighter, maybe get in shape or just want to learn self defense then this is the place for you. We are located at 518 Middle Country Rd. in Coram. We offer several different disciplines, come check us out!!
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Posted for, and donated by, Cher Mattes: One Photoshoot of your dog/family. Valued at over $300. You will get a flash card of the photos to keep. Cher will travel to Upper N.Y., Westchester, Putnam and Ulster Counties, Long Island, S.W. Connecticut and Upper NJ only Below is a sample photos that Cher has taken. This is: upper left hand corner, going clockwise: Charolette, Chester, Emma and Rosie.
Living in long island is so weird lol like
come back to Long Island and let's go ghost hunting.
I could live on an island somewhere, with sandy beaches and good people. Doesn't have to be Long, just has to be near the ocean.
they need Long Island iced z to make it broriffic.
My sister just asked me to go see Teresa of Long Island Medium.
Here are some of my favorite shots from in Long Island a few weeks back, check it out -
I keep having to restrain myself from being That person. I'll be less psychotic when I'm back on Long Island I guess...
I always stay in Long Island for 3 days & now that I'm staying for a while 😭😭😭😭 I jus can't wait & see my love ones 😩😍
I'm watching Long Island Medium do u guys believe in this stuff
5sos said Long Island a lot it was great
Does anyone in Long Island have an ID I can borrow on Wednesday
McCuskers for the win with these arctic splash Long Island iced teas
Attractive human beings are an extinct race on Long Island ***
Hey! And in the fall you should bring your truck apple/pumpkin picking on Long Island!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
"Russell Cohen is Long Island's top comedian!" - someone who has never seen my act
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What could be better than an episode of Law & Order where Hilary Duff is the star AND has a Long Island accent.?
I wanna go to Long Island next weekend!
I'm like 2 play dates away from cutting my hair like the Long Island Medium lady and tucking my tshirt into my yoga pa…
We want to buy my sister's boat...look how big it is! Can anyone tell me how I haul it from Long Island to Tampa?
Seven people charged with selling alcohol to minors, Suffolk police say - Newsday
oh nice! what part of Long Island? im going to NYC this Saturday, hopefully
We are on an island, a long island.
Great idea for Honey Boo Boo's June and Long Island Medium's Theresa on Wife Swap. I'd pay so much to watch Su…
Long Island is not where it's at man ...
Happy to have gotten a good fare to Long Island during a 10 day RCCL break.. gotta see my dentist too :)
So this is a "Luscious Lucia on Long Island" tradition. Every time I reach another thousand fans, I take a video with my hospice baby and we talk about it. Of course I've been sick and miserable for the last week and a half that Remo has been with me so I haven't been in the mood to videotape my mucous filled face. Today I'm feeling better but my voice is slowly abandoning me so I figured before I go mute, I'll shoot this video! Enjoy! 9,000 fans!!
PSEG Long Island helps residential customers go
On the real tho it's like all the infamous social media thots of Long Island come together and have their own lil illumi…
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Dude at applebees seen we was from Indiana and hooked that long island up nothing but liqour lbvs finna turn in got business to handle in the a.m gn
Decided to use watercolors in secret garden today. Long Island, Ny 5 1/2 x 8
Crying fest tonight for me and Myiah Mae Simon lol first it was Long Island Medium now
after today I need a light drink Long Island Ice Tea will do.!!
Great double Feis Weekend - Catskill Feis and Long Island Feis - 4th Place & 2nd Place. Great time with Aunt Bridget Chludinsky! Thank you for all your support.
Just a reminder, the community meeting on the post office is tomorrow at 2:30 pm. The manager from Salina will be here to try and answer any questions. It will be held in the lobby of the Long Island Post Office.
With my uncle this morning headed to Long Island sound.
Some behind the scenes from the commercial we shot with an amazing Long Island videographer! Can't wait to see it for South Shore BBQ and Bilski Productions
Laying here watching Long Island Medium & ballin like a baby...stupid emotions
To anyone that has anything to say about my previous post about me wanting to go see the lady from Long Island Medium, I'm going to go ahead and say this one time and be done with it. because 1. I don't push my beliefs on to you. 2. Seeing a medium isn't going to send me to your *** and I can surely tell you that no one is going to stone me to death. 3. Let's please talk about education. Educate yourself on MY beliefs before you tell me to educate myself on yours, posts are not directed at you. You need to take a step back and realize how very ignorant you sound. I don't come at you with what I believe in, so do have enough respect to not come at me with what you believe, when I surely didn't ask you. Putting someone on blast on FB because they don't follow your bible and your religion isn't very Christian like, no matter how nicely worded. So maybe you should take a long hard look into your own soul before you worry about saving mine, and go thump on your bible elsewhere. Bye.
Had a great time friday night, met these 100% Irish men in long island...we showed them how to party
The BOUNTY HUNTERS – SEMINOLES GAME SUMMARY - 8 / 2 / 2014 1st QUARTER : The Hunters take the opening Kickoff. After picking up a First Down from scrimmage, The ‘Hunters give up a fumble… The Noles first drive of the game starts with on the ‘Hunters side of the field. The Noles Center snaps the Ball over the Seminoles QB head in the Red Zone, A sack and fumble recovery by DE # 91 Lamar Middleton---Hunters Ball ! The Drive stalls,the Bounty Hunters forced to punt---The Seminoles regain possession. The Seminoles QB “G-Block” Wilson completes a pass on a shallow cross to WR The ‘Noles are now back in the Red Zone and are on the move !!! The drive culminates with a 4-Yard TD run by HB“TY” Brown !!! Extra point is GOOD. The Seminoles are up 7 to 0 in the 1st Quarter! On the next Bounty Hunter drive,they give up the ball again by way of fumble… The Noles recover the Ball deep in Hunter territory.. End of the 1 st Quarter Noles-7, Hunters ,0 2nd QUARTER: The teams switch ends of the fie ...
Going to see the Long Island Medium on October the 14th ! Best birthday present everrr
Been so sick for the past few days... felt better Thurs. to go out with singers CHEYENNE ELLIOTT & DIONNE WARWICK and our guests, and 2c MILEY CYRUS/LILY ALLEN perform in Long Island on Friday... plus a late visit with singer ZELMA DAVIS! Thereafter, I have felt like I could just crawl in2 a cave. Tonight I also sneezed and coughed hard causing me to black out momentarily... crashing to the floor. Scraped my elbow. Hoping tomorrow I feel better.
Just now watching Long Island Medium from last night.thank God my DVR remembered when I tears tho, as usual. Wish I could meet her!
The Savannah Civic Center announced today that Theresa Caputo, star of TLC's "Long Island Medium," will be bringing her Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience show to the Johnny Mercer Theatre on Oct. 14.
Quote in New York Times back in 2004 about free AC on long island. AKA sea breeze.
Back on Long Island!! It was a great wedding weekend so glad Sydney Strong and Casey Strong had such a great day!! And we met some nice new friends !
Had an incredible time visiting his wife's extended family in Long Island, NY. Great fun!!!
Cedric Phillips Heath Slater wins?? What is going on with the WWE? First Long Island Iced Z, then Slater? I'm flabbergasted!!!
We don't normally put personal stuff on here but we wanted to share with you what we are positive is the best summer camp on Long Island: CRESTWOOD! If you are looking to send your child to a place where they feel like they are part of a family and not just a number, this is the one for you. The grounds are unbelievably beautiful, the activities are top notch and the kids have an absolute blast. Best summer of our daughter's life! The next OPEN HOUSE at Crestwood is this Saturday, August 9th from 10am-2pm. We wanted the South Shore families to see what a gem we found and hope your kids enjoy it as much as ours. xo, Chef Chris & Heather
my friend maggie wagner just won best supporting actress in the long island international film festival for her film WISDOM directed by daniel baldwin
A former All-Long Island high school football player pleaded guilty to masterminding a botched 2009 robbery that led to the killing of a Long Island man, officials said:
Ofcourse I'm having 2 of my many addicting Long Island iced teas I swear I'm not an alcoholic
I'm on the Long Island Sound, at the house where I was born. Thanks for the best wishes. I've been humming "A Pirate Looks at 40." But now it's 60.
Bill Aims to Help Homeless Veterans on Long Island: Suffolk County legislator Steve Stern has proposed the Hou...
Playing in Long Island, NY tomorrow night at the Vibe Lounge. If you're from the area you should come give me a high five.
Been A Long Time video shoot august 17th at a beach house in Long Island! 💨💨 and all that!
Since school is starting, here are a couple of interesting facts about some famous people and their education and/or lack of. P.S. school starts in 16 days. :) Mark Twain didn't graduate from elementary school. The oldest public school in the US was founded in 1635, and 5 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence graduated from this school, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Robert Treat Paine, Samuel Adams and William Hopper. It is Boston’s Latin School. Sheryl Crow taught music at an elementary school before being discovered. Everyone's favorite smart guy, Leonard Nimoy (known of course for his role as Spock on "Star Trek") went to Antioch University in Ohio and received his master's degree in education. Billy Crystal worked as a junior high substitute teacher on Long Island while he waited for his career to take off. Among the classes he subbed for: girls' gym, which must have been a great source of material. J.K. Rowling, the "Harry Potter" author worked as an English teacher in Portugal a ...
why are so many mediums from Long Island famous,like John Edwards, George Anderson, Theresa Caputo and of course you.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Harris brother trio of Dix Hills, Long Island aiming to make NBA history. Tobias stars for US Select Team
This is Buster, WIN's latest rescue in New York. This sweet 12-year-old boy was taken to a shelter by his family when they moved and could not take Buster with him. WIN volunteer Bonnie Gould bailed Buster out of the Oyster Bay shelter on Long Island and put him up for the night until foster parents Leslie Henry and Wes Pruden could get him. Stay tuned as this story continues to unfold. We are sure that a great forever home is in Buster's near future. In the meantime, he's going to kick back and enjoy the good life with Wes, Leslie and foster-sister Sophie, herself a WIN alum.
The Hot Stove League is a new baseball league on Long Island. This is a team that plays in the league this summer.Plainedge Red Devils Team Black play in the Long Island Hot Stove Baseball Summer league in the National League division. It is a team of Plainedge kids who are in this for the love of t…
Yes...our road washed out again. We also lost a huge tree in our gully that simply uprooted due to the ground saturation and fell in to the yard. I'm (fortunately?) in Stony Brook, Long Island with Andrew so will post some picutures when I can. Carole is holding down the fort and is in charge of the Ark! Kudos to the Town of Avon DPW who are there again today doing repairs. These guys and the Village of Avon DPW and our Avon, East Avon and neighboring Fire Departments have been AMAZING this week.
Bethenny Frankel Hits the Beach With Younger Beau Michael Cerussi (VIDEO) - . Long Island may not have the most...
Check out Long Island heavy rockers JOHN WILKES BOOTH, who recently released some new music:...
were u able to stop by? Try and come to the Long Island shop if u can.. We have more stock here currently :)
To all my Long Island, NY peeps come out tomorrow night for the Tri-State Gospel concert. I'll be…
All 5'5 Jewish White girl from Long Island of me is walking around my Upper East Side apt singing "Turn Down for What". Quite the scene.
NEW DRAFT BEER! Summer Blonde from Southampton Publick House in Long Island! Trappist style ale with aromas of stone fruits
Big thank you to Daniel Baldwin! Great interview with our friends at Verizon FiOS1 - Long Island talking Long...
the war between these copy copy bands on Long Island is crazy... they're all tracers anyway...wake up and be an original
I can't sleep, I'm too excited to wake up tomorrow and start on the way to Long Island with two of my best friends yay
Did you know how much enjoyed a certain Long Island mall? Famous LIers' favorite hometown places:
We thought the Craig Whyte/RangersFC situation was crazy, John Spano did it all 15 years earlier on Long Island
All purpose parts banner
maybe at the tanger outlets on Long Island for a meet up :)
hands down the healthiest restaurant in all of Long Island is Bigelows in Rockville Centre.
Long Island strike for a run in the top of the 3rd inning on Lew Ford's RBI single. The Ducks lead 2-1 thru 3 innings
INVERTIA live at the Vibe Lounge in Rockville Centre, N.Y. this Friday 8/1/14! Doors at 7! See u there Long Island!
going to adventure land in farming dale Long Island playing *** ball for a quarter
So my daughter in law is going to be having her baby earlier than expected so I will be flying via NYC on the weekend before Labor Day, the 24/25th August. Anyone willing to host a class. You will receive a 50% discount on your training. If you are able to find the students to attend the class yourself you will only pay 25% of the fee for the class. I am willing to go anywhere a train will get me, New Jersey, Long Island, Upper Manhattan. Get in on this fantastic new service to offer your clients. Remember lashes 10 years ago? This service is incredibly new. Get in from the very beginning, so that as the industry develops you will all be brow masters ready to embrace the changes.
Long Island: Know when I have my comedy shows! Send me your email address and i'll keep you in the know! :)
"Long Island Ice Tea.🍹🙈" *** girl you really trying to get typsy!! 😂👌
Tulip is a complete love and I promise she will melt your heart in a matter of seconds. She loves to snuggle and is so eager to learn new tricks! She knows her basic commands and even how to roll over. Due to the chaotic environment in which the shelter presents, she is beginning to shut down and is super stressed. She is spinning in her cage and constantly pacing wondering where her forever home is. She desperately needs out and fast!! She is good with cats and will do best with a low-key dog or as the only dog in the household. Please please please share one of my favorite dogs in hopes of getting her out as she so desperately needs it! Laura Miller Nora Louise Lynda Lack Lisa Stawecki Patty Pibble Sylvia Twigg Winchell Gary Kaufman Gary Dogmon Gary Freedum Laura Reilly Shelter Link Marta Bennett Romy Brooke Stumpf Martin Susan M. Fox Beth Marzo Bonnie Zarrillo Alexis Krummenacker Crissy Rosselli DeAngelo Michael A. Whalen Regina Dattner Kimberly Young Kim Richichi Cheryl DelPrete Desperate Dogs Of Long ...
Saw this church sign on Long Island. I get the pun, but.?
**ATTENTION LONG ISLAND** Thu 07.31.14 we take the party to in Hempstead! S/O
As i go through my photos and I find this pic from couple weeks ago oh my didn't know my hair was that long yikes!
I can't believe I just found out that Long Island Medium is on Netflix
“John Kerry's greatest accomplishment was modeling for Easter Island.” Why the long face sea bi…
I good girl only drinking tea, Long Island Ice Tea lol, I miss bundy rum
Stay tuned for details on my Long Island comedy show at Pugliese Vineyards in Cutchogue, NY
Went swimming tonight... then came home and made whiskey bbq chicken on the grill. time for Long Island Ice Tea and to relax
I will be in Long Island for my charity event Sept 19-21at South Levitown Lanes
That Long Island I had earlier was strong. I'm just now coming off my buzz
right now i'm going to Long Island in a Invitation
FLASHBACK: shareholders fire former president for trying to convert the school into a non-profit, build endowment
March 2013 I tore my LCL struggling on a 5.11 rock climbing. I took a hiatus. Fast forward a year + and almost zero climbing later because I have been hesitant and have had other things in my way even though I loved rock climbing. Tonight instead of making a left to go home I simply took a right. Went to the Cliffs in Long Island City. I was instantly welcomed by a longtime old friend I haven't seen in a while who has been previously out of the country for years. (Right place right place). Looking at all the climbs and all of the people motivated me to throw on a harness. 5.8, 5.9+, then I said what the *** and jumped on a 5.11. I turned to the person belaying me and said, "Falling". She smiled and I started to climb. I knew instantly I had this climb, and even though I had to take for one second because a foot chip was blended in with the tape I rocked that climb out no problem. Felt so good. The hardest thing about that climb was getting over all of my hesitation and fears of failure. I' ...
Sooo for my birthday I want to get a hotel for a few nights somewhere in NY. I want a beach *** area. Long Island City? Fire island? Fire island would be last resort. Any other suggestions? Or a *** friendly hotel in the city with a nice pool? Suggestions?
So here there i was, enjoying a nice Long Island Ice Tea at Ruby's. A dude and what I believe is his girlfriend sits next to me. After brief conversation about weather, work and all that jazz. He decides I need Jesus in my life. Apparently laughing at him was rude. Guess he shouldn't have interrupted my binge drinking for that!
Old Stanley's has been taken over by 21 year olds and Long Island iced teas 😂😂
A NY court ruled in favor of a Long Island Dad who hit his 8 yr. old son for cursing at an adult. Good ruling?
When I was younger and lived in Queens I would always buy Wise Hot Cheese Popcorn from the bodega. Where can I buy that on Long Island?
Hi Mr.Douglas!I am of a new original rock band from Long Island called The Little Red Men. We are all 16 and 13 years old.
New! My stand up comedy-> | Long Island YOU'll love my next Wine&Comedy show->
I'm hungry. I shouldn't have ate so early. I should have taken food to go. And I should have had that Long Island smh
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
At Miller's with Katie. Always order what's not on the menu, bartender's know what's up. Currently having Long island beach tea!
We needa get a round of som Long Island Ice Teas from BWW one day Tyler!
come to Oakdale on long island and see it all go down. There is no doubt shes looking for some D. We just dont know which one.
Boston tea party?! I think it's time for a Long Island tea party
'American Idol' draws talent in show's first Long Island auditions - ...
I'm staying on Long Island! But I'm coming to the city on Wednesday!
Long Island Ice Tea. Should hve me sleeping like a Baby in jus a few...
Literally drove my tiny car filled with people all around Long Island to get some kind of apps tonight
Those people who talk about cities like Detroit being the worst places to live have clearly never been to Long Island. Having been a lifelong native here,...
Spent a few hours with my mom today and it felt great (even though I hate visiting long island) We were there for her blood transfusion and everything went fine. she's so alert and energetic...!
The fact that he came from Hackensack to fortlee to Long Island , just because I was stuck 🙌🙌🙌
literally same when they were on Long Island I got in there hotel and slept a floor above them
Someone get me a Long Island and a committed relationship
I love diners they are my favorite places in the world I'm so happy I live on Long Island where there are 4 billion of them
I spent an hour watching Long Island Medium and now I can't sleep
Breast Cancer Awareness
I can't watch Long Island Medium anymore because I literally cry my eyes out every episode😩
"I'm never drinking again" this morning and now he just ordered a Long Island
Thanks to this drone, you'll be seeing some awesome footage from the Long Island sky
where are you I'm in Long Island for 3 days man!
A man is "heartbroken" that the restaurant he owns will close after a dispute with a Long Island town. Officials said the owner opened a basement room, which had apparently been operating for more than a decade, without proper permits and without sufficient parking. Details:
hey babe! Sorry I couldn't watch your Younow bc I just got to Long Island love you😘
Got a few parts, located on Long Island Ny. 02-04 rsx-s stock struts. 125 shipped. 150 with upper mounts Silver center console trim pieces 40 shipped Universal 6 hole racing wheel with honda horn button. Please look close at the pic, what u see it what u get. 28 shipped
Having some long island teas , some down time tea in it up my peeps!
Astoria was pretty cool. The gyro I just ate was also pretty cool. Long Island, please also be pretty cool tomorrow.
Had a blast loving on all these sweet kiddos from Hour Children" preschool in Long Island City today…
Hanging in East Hampton Long Island was so great this past week!!!
Happy birthday to the young homie Clayton Fishington.aka "NastyNiggaNeal".aka."Captain long Island".have a blessed one bro
1- u were right about my friend mr Long Island
Wanna be on Long Island Medium so bad😩
mañana ppl! Hit me up to book your table for this one time event! Ferrari-Maserati of Long Island ...
Here is a picture i snapped with my cell phone of the sunset tonight from Suffolk, Long Island, New York. We don't get the crazy storms from out west here, but we do get some cool shots of the sun setting over the water with the clouds.
Chase Baize when he has a Long Island Ice Tea in Florida
One more week!! New Long Island Medium on TLC next Sunday 8/3 at 9/8c. I can't wait for you all to see the new shows! What was your favorite reading or moment from last season? There were so many I don't think I can pick one 😳 XOXO THERESA
Two-run eighth inning lifts Long Island in Bridgeport
8. Patrick Madigan: I laugh every time you show up to a trip because you live deep in Long Island and... you are THE ONLY ONE WHO'S ON TIME FOR ANY NYC EVENT!
The State Senate is up for grabs The New York State Senate, which has historically been controlled by Republicans, is in play in November’s election, and races on Long Island are key. There are five factors giving Senate Republicans cause for concern. First, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who previously had a hands-off approach, is now actively promoting a Democratic Senate. Second, the independent block of senators that currently caucus with the Republicans say they will side with the Democrats next session. Third, the field of Democrats running this year is much stronger and more well-funded than usual. Fourth, the Republicans are distracted by recent indictments and retirements of key senators in battleground areas. Finally, everyone’s angry about their school taxes. Republicans have, for the most part, controlled all nine Senate seats here on Long Island for decades. Their key argument, that a Republican Senate keeps more school aid on Long Island, has been undermined by the fact that Long Islanders pay the h ...
tequila, ciroc, Dr.s, cosmos, rum, Long Island iced Tea are all natural remedies that make us happy
Fire department looks to hire for firefighter jobs in Long Island: The Rockville Centre Fire Department is bus...
My mom just asked my sister if she wants a virgin Long Island iced tea... So basically if she wants a splash of coke and lime?
you are missing one thing.Long Island iced tea !
Long Island iced tea and the Bachelorette👌
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Long Island Reiki Master Teacher Patty Alessi
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