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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

Long Island City Long Island Medium New York City

Heading to work at Long Island's Hit Music Station 106.1 WBLI. Download the app at the App Store. Win tix to
If you're from Long Island you know these fields 🙌🏻
Mr.Bigshot, James Woods, started out as a chorus boy in South Pacific at the Jones Beach theater on Long Island.
Jody reminds me of George Costanza driving his fiancee's parents out to Long Island.
well my friend did hers in the city like 59th street the doc I'm looking at is here near my job Long Island City
Orange Crush girls had a great day at FGL showcase in Long Island.
their Long Island limoncello is really strong apparently, I didn't know 😓
An FDNY firefighter has been identified in a deadly crash on Long Island.
Water Toxins Blamed for 100s of Turtle Deaths in NY
Water Toxins Blamed for Hundreds of Turtle Deaths in NY -->
Long Island train stations are full of mad sketchy people
Selling iphone in good condition, phone is i recovery mode. The phone is at&t blue 16 gb,If interested email...
Teams face off in Special Olympics hoops tourney
I want some wings and a Long Island ice tea
The Syosset Braves storm back down 7-3 to beat Smithtown East 14-8 to win the 2015 Long Island Championship!
ESM and Wantagh underway in the girls lacrosse Long Island 'B' championship game
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Hundreds of dead turtles wash up on Long Island
Amboy reminded me of the great gatsby since Long Island is across the bay
ion know yet we ain't gon get nothing yet but prolly Long Island
Linx lounge is where am gonna be.. . Long island on fire tonight.
High level of water toxins blamed for hundreds of Long Island turtle deaths
Excited about what God's doing in Long Island City...until next time😉 @ Gantry Plaza State Park
Thanks to for showing me that Long Island doesn't suck
An LI woman was killed when her Mercedes hit a dump truck, cops say
Got a strong feeling about the in this game 7! Go Hawks from the heart of Long Island!
Residents of Japan's Kuchinoerabujima island face a long evacuation after the eruption of Mt Shindake.
Also the long Island was mad strong LOL
NY Doctors to create thumb for baby born without -->
Next up here at Adelphi, Eastport-South Manor takes on Wantagh in the Long Island 'B' championship
Prince Edward Island, Canada's smallest province is only 225 kilometers long and 56 kilometers wide.
Watch the game replay of 7-6 boys lax victory over Mt. Sinai in the Class B LIC here
Informant linked to cop facing probe is kin of noted LIer: A confidential informant linked to an undercover drug…
Home bound and heading to Long Island with the little one. (@ Union Station in Washington, DC)
Jones beach concerts make me thankful to be from Long Island 🌻
Billy Joel speaks to the graduates at Stony Brook University on Long Island. Billy says, "If you are not doing...
Used 2007 Chrysler Sebring Touring in Long Island, NY 11726 for sale at AutoSpace Corp.: Used Blue 2007 Chrys...
Shutterbugs program focuses on creativity for pediatric cancer patients: A program new to Long Island shows th...
university of Bridgeport is 5 min walk from the Long Island sound which has a beach side. Catch me drift?
Lou was from Long Island! He totally would have hit Tom Buchanan with a flower!!
What's happening on Long Island this weekend: An exhibition, drawn from Hofstra University Museum’s permanent ...
I love seagulls in Nova Scotia and Long Beach, Long Island. Seagulls are like good friends especially when I feed them!! Beautiful creatures
no it is not. I work for a university on Long Island. Trust me I know what goes on
By arguing chimpanzees are autonomous beings, hopes to free two from a university on Long Island
Lawyers for two chimpanzees are in court to argue that the animals have "personhood" rights and should be freed from Long Island university
Nice! I was on Long Island — It's definitely worth the trip. So beautiful, and the air smells heavenly.
wanna make a gallon of Long Island iced tea with me? 💁🍺
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Nassau moves to reassess all residential and commercial properties
found your book displayed in Barnes in Noble on Long Island! Got it today!!!
This guy is from Long Island, rooting against the Rangers, wearing wallpaper from a Vegas motel
Supreme Court declared Ellis Island to be mainly in NJ today in 1998. It had long been a source of controversy.
Long Island Recovery: Long Island Recovery is a program that will help save our youths from the dangers of drug and…
lmao really? After we just talked about your experience in long island a little while ago
. Can I be a lucky winner? I was suppose to meet you on Long Island but I was in hospital 😁😔
The family that deals together, jails together - A mother and daughter from North Merrick, Long Island were...
LI has some of the best beaches in the country. Vote for your favorite:
A woman was seriously hurt when a car with 5 passengers struck a tree, police say
ICYMI Albany leaders negotiating another 'big ugly' megadeal with no new political-conduct laws via
you suck for not living on long Island so there
Failure add Long Island to tour, share part 3 of studio diary
I've worked 8 days in a row. I think it's time for a Long Island or two. 💃😋
CBS2 LI Doctor Fed Up With Drivers Crashing Into Office: A Long Island doctor is fed up after an out-of-control…
After my first day of working in the city I've realized how crucial it is to my health that I find employment on Long Island.
In case any of you are in the Long Island area, maybe you can help
U hit it home w/Jaclyn she's smart pretty kind .Seldom come that way.Long Island seems safe but don't u want to love jump!!💕
Lol remember our senior banquet? When we were supposed to dress up as a demographic that literally does not fit in on Long Island?
I guess I missed what scandal the Long Island Medium was in. Does anyone know?
Help make it happen for Long Island Lights via
Long Island people I don't know are following me but it's chill
When you just want a couple Long Island's during Friday's happy hour, and some endless apps 😔😔😔
including yourself kate, you shunned the team that brought attention to long Island you ungrateful turd
Long Island mom, daughter arrested for dealing heroin :
Peter can I come stay with J IN Long Island with youu ??
How many of these favorite LI burgers have you tried?
"Dear Newfield and Centerreach,. Nobody cares about your relationship problems, . sincerely, the rest of long island"
The classic Long Island Iced Tea gets a local twist with nods to products made in NC.
Wondering why hasn't there been a Long Island snap chat story yet
Get your iPhone insurance today!
The way I'm obsessed with Long Island Medium, I love Theresa so much! Such an amazing and special human💖
Long Island mom, daughter arrested for dealing heroin on Long Island
Nassau Democrats prepare to nominate candidates for district attorney, Hempstead supervisor
Wonder if Long Island police department got calls from fans in hopes of getting Dean Ambrose.
My Art Show at the Syosset Library was announced in the New York Times this Sunday. This 2 month show will be on...
I'm from Long Island and if and stay together, I'll let Ryan sell me my 1st home
Devin Leonardi - Two Friends on the Shore of Long Island, 2009
At halftime, Mt. Sinai leads 4-1. Check out the girls lax highlights in the Suffolk 'C' final here
The only thing geography has taught me is that Long Island has the best iced tea
Happy 19th birthday to the one and only Long Island Taylor!!! I hope you had a great day and have an…
Long Island member, Steve Rocchio won the Hogan flight (+2) at The Vineyards. Great job Steve.
~ for University? My cousin sister got married to a guy from America. They live in Long Island or Manhattan, can't remember. I —
A look back at John Laurinaitis in Long Island: WWE App Exclusive, May 25, 2015
Sure, when Ambrose goes to Brooklyn, he can steal a hot dog cart without issue, but he goes to Long Island and he can't assault anyone.
Remember when was Pepperidge Farm remembers. Also, Long Island does. . RYDER FOR US OPEN CHALLENGE BOOK IT
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
woke up early today and planted flags at Long Island national for all the soldiers
Feng Shui consultation in New York City this bright and early morning, after,.north fork of Long Island...
It *** that my dad wants me to drive to Long Island for college. He seriously is forbidding me from going to college in the city 😒
and that's the city lmfao I'm talking about Long Island aka the suburbs
most of the people on this train don't even know where Long Island City is i'm sure of it
I miss living in the city, Long Island is so boring
Really wanna go to the Long Island aquarium and swim with those sharks.
I wish to live the life of Samantha Jones whether it be the one from Sex and the City or the one from Long Island idc
Long Island.. It's not technically a city.. But... It's what I came up with.
I mean the city and Long Island are the only relevant parts, once you go an hour north of NYC it's pretty much the south lol
lmfaoo the one in garden city Long Island
Long Island City?”. The winner! Yes, LIC by the Pepsi sign and loading dock.
Know anyone for this job? District Sales Manager - Long Island in Long Island City, NY
A customer @ work today was from Long Island, but sadly wasn't a medium. She did sound like Janice from "Friends"
Long Island's receives his honorary from Stony Brook University
Long Island father, Jay Venini, felt so inspired by the winter Olympic games in Sochi that he build this awesome...
F. Scott Fitzgerald's Long Island home where he is believed to write the Great Gatsby is on sale for $3.9 Million. http:/…
Devonté Green 2016 Guard from Long Island, NY new mixtape. Solid guard with amazing handles and court vision.
Join me tonight in Long Island garden city at Seasons 52! 6-10
Millions of dollars worth of renovations set to start at Jones Beach - News 12 Long Island
"I was happy the Rangers finally won a Cup _ and that nobody from Long Island can say '1940' again." _ Phil Esposito to
whatevs... lol... you sound like a Long Island sorostitute in Ohio State University from Kappa Delta ***
Please share this big goofball in hopes of a loving home. Long Island, NY.
Work Jamie Baker and me Jamie Baker both have family from Queens and both have dads from Long Island. ***
Jenna Bush Hager opens the doors to her Long Island beach house starring via
Fresh bagels from My Three Son's Bagel Cafe in Garden City courtesy of our Long Island office. The…
"Dear Garden City Athletics, . Just a reminder that nobody likes you . . -The rest of Long Island"
- NYC and Long Island kids pitch ideas to transform travel & tourism
Cops: East Rockaway man who robbed bank caught hours after holdup: Nassau County police Major Case Bureau…
Looking for something to do on Long Island this Memorial Day weekend? Check out the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds at …
your location on Staten Island was the worse shopping experiences I have had in a long time. The sales people were very dismissive 👎🏽
Cops found a man they suspect of robbing a bank less than 12 hours later after he fled just a few blocks to his home
Congratulations to the Long Island Team on the grand opening of Flushing Bank plaza in Uniondale
Not yet. I am developing a new script set on Long Island. Would be cheaper to film in Florida. I have family in Melbourne!
Before you vote in school elections, look up your candidates. Districts A-R here: S-Z here: .
My mistake, there's one in Long Island City in New York. No clue how far away that is from you.
Fog, drizzle, rain and wet conditions in the Tuesday Long Island forecast
CBS news recognizes the biz on Long Island
These 'puppy dogs of the turtle world' are dying off in droves on Long Island this year
Fog, drizzle, scattered showers with highs in 60s forecast for Long Island on Tuesday
Voters across Long Island head to polls in school votes
Google penalizes non-mobile-friendly sites Hauppauge, LI web design for all devices
Beware! Long island iced tea at colaba social gives you an instant buzz!
You know you're from long island when... You don't understand the point of taking a class unless there's a regents at the end of it.
I don't know anything about football. Jen thinks its crazy how on Long Island our HS fields didn't even have lights.
Love your blog! North Fork of Long Island is a wonderful wine-growing area for the moderately addicted red …
Our M4M Long Island, NY Chapter presented medals at special program at Bethpage Ballpark.
Norwich v Middlesbrough live in NYC Monday at 10am. Be our guest and join the before your show on Long Island!!
Body English can't come soon enough get ready for one of the best outdoor party's on Long Island hit…
Have you looked at lately? We have exciting new positions across Long Island, so why wait, apply today!
MAY 24th 2015. Come Join the team as we dance the night away SEAN PAUL at CLUB MIXX in Long Island 160...
"Now is the perfect time to plant Dahlias, the crown jewel of the late Summer / Fall garden. The Long Island...
Reintroducing Shelbie, my beautiful friend from Hempstead Town Animal Shelter in Long Island,... http…
The psychologically thriller with a twist at the end. By
Group behind rally on LI are now targeting 'unchecked police practices'
I don't think I've been this upset in a very long time
Well I don't wanna go to Long Island City THAT badly.
Job Opportunity - Regional Director of Quality - Northeast US in Long Island City, NY
Check out what I found. Mens River Island Long Sleeve Crew Neck Sweatshirt Jumper Black Size Medium via
Safety Town and other places you'll remember if you're from Nassau:
We don't even get one in Nintendo World Store... ain't going to Long Island!
i want a McDonald's breakfast i wish they delivered in long island
After spending all that time upstate I feel lost on Long Island.
Cops: 4 sought in Uniondale holdup of 2 men sitting in car: First Squad detectives are looking for a woman and...
After a day near Long Island, that great white shark decided she prefers the Jersey Shore
This 14-foot long polished marble island is about both looks and utility.
Naked, Machete-Wielding Man Threatens Costco Customers - 'headline of the day'
Cops: Coram woman fired rifle from her apartment balcony: A 26-year-old Coram woman was arrested and charged w...
Haven't been able to contact in too long. Can only hope he found himself an island girl
I walked 1.54 mi with Check out my route in Long Island City, NY, United States!
with some of my loves | 5.13.15 @ East Marion Long Island Beach House. Luv It
The Nassau County legislature has already approved $8.5 million in borrowing but now Ed Managano and the...
if the rangers play the islanders in round 2 the whole land mass of Long Island will explode and sink into the ocean never to be seen again
they tried that chant on Long they moved the Islanders to Brooklyn
Long Island is a great place for celebration:
Long Island is a great place for celebration!
I had no idea that Janice Rossi from died in 2001. 😕 she was the epitome of Long Island in goodfellas and jungle fever.
lol your a joke! Long Island needs the Islanders and We fill the barn up, it's makin money and you mov…
I just said "in Long Island" instead of "on Long Island." I am a disgrace to Long Islanders. I am so sorry.
Really excellent article by a student I'm working with, Erica Cirino, about ospreys on Long Island and why we...
I need to go back to Long Island and pick up these typewriters. It isn't healthy to stare at a computer screen and write.
My now late stepfather knew Joe Simon. Was a customer of his at his old print shop on Long Island.
Back from Long Island. . Eastern District of New York. . I hope to return.
My goal for the 5sos jones beach show is that they acknowledge they're on Long Island and not just New York
In my own bed! it's been sooo long! Got told I look like an island girl today! 😁
now you just need to come to Long Island, into farmingdale and drink at nano craft brewery
Baltimore, Ferguson, Staten Island: ‘A very long running movie that is still not over' via
Newsday points out we always had wasted high school *** MT
I just earned the 'Long Island Craft Beer Week (2015)' badge on
have you ever been to Long Island? you should come one day so we can hug ( I give great hugs )
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Florida is a long way from Rhode Island
Let me know if you'd like your film "Zolushka" screened for possible showing at The Long Island *** And *** Film Festival.
so since you're from Long Island tell me what is it like
Audit: Cuomo's $211 M ad blitz has no tangible results for taxpayers
I'm bartending at the lodge upstairs at Ogradys ! Amazing Cocktails and martinis ... We have 4 dollar Long Island...
SHOCKING: A Long Island man is under arrest, accused of murdering his wife with a dumbbell:
I'm listening to Classic Long Island Radio: Discover thousands of radio stations on
spent $20 on a Long Island and a shot. I hate being 21
I miss the city. I had such a good time, met lots of people. Long Island life is so uneventful.
personal fitness in Suffolk county (Long Island)
A 1983 play about a Puerto Rican family in Long Island still resonates: reviews THE HOUSE OF RAMON IGLESIA
Another one of Shane from the not to long ago.
Talking about going to Long Island and jersey makes me so happy 😊😊 can't wait
Love early bday dinners and long walks on the beach adventuring with my fav @ Figure 8 Island,…
Why does a public school in Long Island think it necessary to drag a group of young girls to visi…
I'm listening to Precious And Few - Climax on Classic Long Island Radio!
Watch KDJ and as they breakdown all the latest LI baseball action! .
I'm listening to People Gotta Move - gino vannelli on Classic Long Island Radio!
At one point, LI prom-goers just wore their everyday clothes to the big event
$5 40s, $6 Long Island Ice Teas, and BROS... Does it get any better?! 😜 Come visit me at…
Fell’s Point was "First described by a European seafarer as "Long Island Point" in 1670”. Wow. Didn’t know it was a thing that long ago!
Never smoked. :) And drinking contests with Long Island Iced a bucket. And gas at $.33 when I was little
Can't wait for the incoming 2015 class in September. Will be on Long Island June 8-12 recruiting.…
a world champ is coming to Long Island😎
ATTENTION snap story lies why it says that long island has her heart...cause really I do
In NYC he's a leg-lifter. On Long Island he'll also squat.
Remember that one time on Long Island when asked me to go to the Pier with them then took this pic http:/…
just hit me that im actually leaving Long Island and all my best friends in 3 months
I've noticed some diffs in Oscar's pee habits between when he's on Long Island vs NYC. Thought you'd be interested. 😄 🐩💦🌳📍
State: PSEG should cut rate hike by $173M LONG ISLAND 💲💲💲
domain names
Hempstead man yanks gold chain off woman, police say: A Hempstead man was charged Thursday after, Nassau police…
Long Island! See you tonight at the book signing at Long Island.​ 7pm.
I received a couple very nice letters from some kids on Long Island tonite. Emma Bockrath keep singing! Joey Valero, good …
Don't plan on being on the island for long...
Ooh, the things I would do to be on Long Island 😔
Tropical the island breeze. All of nature wild and free. This is where I long to be. La isla bonita…
Dear bring to the theatre at westbury in westbury Long Island perfect place for an nxt live event I will go if it happens!
15 arrested in connection with drugs, dog fighting - News 12 Long Island
...I want a Long Island iced tea, a crown & apple juice, & a beer right now. But I'll wait till Friday or this weekend.
Middle school girls can register for the Girls Inc. of Long Island's Spring Into Strong, Smart and Bold Conference!
Chuck E Cheese corporate office to close Commack, NY location leaving only 4 on all of Long Island.
I get to see you guys in both Long Island and New York City, I'm so pumped!! 😍
.talks about the Long Island bridge closure. Nice of him to mention it, but I fear it's just lip service. We shall see.
when marisas mom tells her that Long Island is in New York.
bump-bump. bump-bump. And really, it's about time: After all, Jaws (the book) was set on Long Island and was...
Looks like is in a 'New York State of Mind' off Long Island.
just saw a parent letting their child drive the car from their lap on the Long Island expressway.
np centereach Long Island area code 631 exit 71 on the Long Island expressway
My latest blog for is a look at a Long Island little league all star benefit for
Albany aside, Skelos case fouls LI's civic waters -- 'Keep it coming Mother Nature' v. 'time for traffic problems'
This Long Island Dell got me is so strong!!!☺️
hopefully Adonai will buy me food bc she owes me for going back to Long Island + never coming back
you're leaving Long Island a day before my birthday 😞😭😭
You're a Rabbitohs fan from Long Island?! How did you discover the greatest team from Australia?! I am a BIG fan, btw!
Island Bluffs is a present-day town bound to the past by horrible secrets and pacts made long ago.
LI state Sen voted on bills to benefit clients. Is Flanagan the best the GOP can do?!?! http:/…
Linx lounge ,long island NY ,30th may . Kmc new single release party...don't u miss this
Happy Mother's Day! Vote: Do you think these daughters look like their moms?
Got love Cosmos trolls' desperation. No one cares about you or your minor league Long Island club.
Learn & earn CEs at the Couples Weekend Workshop, Long Island,
hey guys!!! SO sorry this is last minute but our spring celebration party tonight has been moved to the cranberry bogs in long island
so the LONG ISLAND Railroad is a Ranger fan?
bcause he works for profiteers NOT pub. ed. kids
bcause he works for profiteers NOT pub. ed. .
bcause Pub School Parents on Long Island will be voting him OUT in 2016! .
So hyped for tour TGOD is coming to Long Island
I think you made a sweet deal on this one! I'm at Roosevelt field mall on Long Island. profit
When life hands you lemons, get in your car and do 130 on the Long Island expressway
Nu Epsilon Kappa formal tonight in Long Island at the same spot I had my prom. Gonna be another banger!
Well worth me coming in and playing catch up all! New buyer!Long Island wanting to retire in Northern NY-Tug Hill.See not everyone goes So
I'm on the Long Island expressway headed to the airport and just watched 100+ police cars and ambulances with flashers going out... ***
Craving some buffalo wings,Chinese,a Long Island ice tea,a burger, cheese cake, and some fried pickles
All Senators sticking by indicted Skelos are from Long Island or elected >=10 years ago + mercenary Dem Simcha Felder
Gotta love when the 18th Airborne Corps commander gives us a random 4 day weekend. A little vacation in Long Island is exactly what I need
Tonight for my birthday I will walk myself to the bar to get me a Long Island and a margarita 😍
Glen Cove, citing 'unruly' speakers, considers time limits at city council meetings
I just registered for the Color Vibe 5K in Long Island, NY - July 11, 2015-2. Sign up before it sells out!
One time my told me the Long Island drink I made for her tasted like aquarium water
LONG ISLAND NY: Poco is looking for a home! We found him alone, scared and quite beaten up. He is great with kids...
:Tech News is about to start in a few minutes. Tune in now for the latest news from the world of tech!
I'm a lifelong conservative/ libertarian and I would never ever vote for . She betrayed Nassau and all of lo…
Dramatic works to debut at Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City
I ain't never drinking a watermelon🍉 Long Island ever in life again 🙅
:: Pressure mounts on Skelos to quit Senate leadership post
Long Island time along with the game (at in Fayetteville, GA)
They live in Long Island. Drive from Central NJ through NYC & out to them. About an hour and a half. Not too bad.
You only get a hangover if you stop drinking! . $2 Any Shot You Want . $2 Drunk Punch . $5 Long Island Mini Pitchers . Doors o…
Thank you to for having me on their "Live Session" segment today!.
got that fire music Who knew LONG ISLAND still had so much talent
At work daydreaming about the cherry coke Long Island I'll be consuming in about 3 hours 😛
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
did you know we are building a collection of your work? Check out what we have so far.
No bids on this last set of VIP Long Island Ducks tickets!
Why are there always people from long island on wheel of fortune
Overjoyed that in 24 hours I will be in the holy land aka Long Island
Brookhaven Town tells school board candidates not to violate sign laws
GRUM ! come to Long Island next week I miss u, both u and jess :(
long island this weekend with rob... Be ready!!!
Drs. John & Julie with the NMS staff on Long Island.
Thank you for taking away the coli. Thanks for putting yourself above the good people of Long Island You *** burn in ***
Once upon a time on the north shore of Long Island...
bud light is doing the most - they have Long Island iced tea now
KATIEE! I just watched ur younow and u seem so cool. I live on Long Island too! Can u please follow me so we can be friends 😁
If anyone is going to the Joey Graceffa long island meet up hmu
So I got the job! I'm now an official Long Beach Island badge checker! 😄🐟🐚🌞
Holy cow! Right in my neck of the woods!!! I'm on Long Island!!! Gonna don my bonnet and hop the train in! ;)
Growing up on Long Island, I feel like I've seen CC Sabathia pitch 1,000,000x. I remember way back when he was actually good!
Ain't nothing in the whole wide world worse than a Long Island girl 🎶
Tamashii Ramen is now open!!! (@ Tamashii Ramen in Long Island City, NY)
I want to help u design your next car we talk at love night club love long island
What day is Count To Ten playing?they won the breakcontest from Long Island.I want to know so i know which day to buy tix for!
my mom actually thinks she's best friends with the girl on Long Island Medium please send help
nice to meet you! How could I not follow a social friend from Long Island. It's where I grew up!
Craving some lemon drops and a Long Island.
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a stand still traffic jam on to I-495 E / Eastern Long Island, Queens on - Drive Social.
NYPD: Two bullets match gun used in fatal shooting of Officer Brian Moore; $17,500 reward offered
Having my stylist wash my hair for however long it takes is like 1 of the greatest joys in my life lol
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