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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

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Sugar! will be premiering on tonight, July 20th at 7:45pm at the Bellmore Movie theatre at the Long Island...
Picture of a snowy owl in the dunes on Long Island
Hofstra University on Long Island will host the first of the three presidential debates this fall:
A long-abandoned wine storehouse on a remote island is now a hot spot for travelers:
I'll buy you a smooth Long Island iced tea
Lucas Dell'Abate from Long Island on the Independent like.
just because yore a few days older uh just Long Island but I'm back now. Wbu 🤘🏼
I can't believe I'm gonna be on Long Island at 9a
Any nothing like that african/island music I could listen to both all day long and not get bored lls
thx for the info. Spotted this on my zukes on Long Island, (NY) :~(. How can I prevent this next year?
Closer I get to going back to Orlando the more I want to stay on Long Island
Living in the car LOL road trip to Long Island !! 6 hours away. Shooting lots of stuffs. :)
maybe that's what it was? I'm from Long Island. NYC schooling is a strange machine.
I was featured in story! I also performed my new single http…
Idk how people commute to the city from Long Island every day for work..I did it today and I'm already exhausted
um, I stutter, I'm allowed & there's almost nothing worse than my long island accent so I'm entitled.
Most days, he's known as Long Island Joe. But not today. Today, he's American Joe.
Luxury home sales plunge in Long Island's tony Hamptons - Overall sales plunged by about half and home prices fell…
Only on Long Island would there be standstill traffic at 11:40 pm
Rudy Giuliani makes the case for Donald Trump: CLEVELAND -- Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani drew cheers…
Plumbers Union apprenticeship program draws hundreds to Long Island City in New…
It's a long island but instead of a splash of coke it's blue curaçao.
I played the Sandy Caps mini game in Paradise Island 2, and my score was: 483
They need an emoticon of Kermit the Frog sipping Long Island Iced tea, for us alcohol connoisseurs. 🍹🐸
"hi I'm josh your waiter, you're the only two people here if you wanna get trashed I'll get you a Long Island ice tea" -AMC…
Randy hasnt drank in so long, that he had Long Island iced teas, Bahama mamas & is now drunk 😂
yea but you know, it's the state fair. Its just weird how long I've lived in Sac and haven't gone to it.
This is the moment I'm talking about! It's just amazing! I'm so happy for him! Go Long Island Joe!!!
Not really. Maybe parts of Staten Island and Brooklyn. People in NJ and on Long Island like him.
Long Island has such a sophisticated culture.
werws the land in Britain I knoq lets wipe all green belt and wildlife out to house are overcrowded island SOFT LEFTY
Update your maps at Navteq
Come to da Knicks and play for bread and water
watching Long Island Medium and reliving meeting on Saturday. Such an amazing soul 💕
I left my laptop charger on long Island n it died w 5 minutes left in a criminal minds episode n like ok world I get it I should've stayed
I aspire to live the life yaw flex about.
Kudos to local resident, Nancy Vincent! She was featured in the Daily Voice with her efforts for cleaning up...
Roy from Long Island: Donald Trump is the only person that's ever brought up the "illegal immigrant" issue
TimeLapse of gust front coming in to north shore of Long Island
Phenomenal. 9.4 Gs! Thank you to all of the Thunderbirds. Esp Mjr Kevin Walsh from Long Island. He's...
Multiple people this week have listed "not having places to hike" as reasons not to live on Long Island...that's a selling point for me
now that I don't live there anymore, I love being on Long Island. everything smells beautiful and is clean.
I'm proud of where I'm from. I'm proud of Long Island.
Long Island officials laud end of veteran homelessness, but some remain on the streets - News 12 Long Island
Great crowd at Liberty Village homes for veterans celebrating the end of veterans homelessness on Long Island!
Roosevelt field is everything I hate about Long Island
Drove all night & making it to Long Island just in time to watch the sun rise on the beach🌞
NY Woman Accused of Endangering Kids, Starving Dogs: A Long Island woman has been arrested after police say h...
Like my girl mixed like Long Island tea !
Yep! Increased sales by 30% at a pizza parlor in Long Island City, the manager spent $10 on lures.
Certified Collision of Long Island will celebrate its grand opening on July 15
Celebrate and support Long Island's agricultural workers this Thursday at Martha Clara Vineyards. Details & tickets: htt…
Long Island chicks really take 15 minutes to get to Brooklyn for some ***
Hey people on the interwebz! I'll be hitting store in Long Island, NY on Thursday…
Kicking off volunteer training in Long Island.
Debuting our new cocktail tonight at Long Island Bar: "I choose you, Hakushu!" Hakushu Old Fashioned. Ordered by chucking a nerf ball at me.
Inmates deserve adequate medical care. My office is going to make sure they receive it: https:/…
Right winger looks back at his career with the -->
Happy Harry, age 9 of Long Island NY was our June winner! Enter for August!
East Coast Chapter Conference is On! Oct 7-9 on Long Island, NY. Take our survey.
Join the Genzyme team! See our latest opening here: New York
I met you guys in long island NY yall are awesome thanks for signing my shirt much love and respect! https…
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
EXCLUSIVE: Is the next great crusierweight to come out of Long Island? Meet the
Donald Trump: America's next president or the Long Island Medium?
New artwork for sale! - "Long Beach Island fishing boat at Marina" -
That's why my banner is a map of Long Island. I miss it even though it drives me up a wall.
A scoop from Bloomingdale's to anchor new Long Island City tower:
If a school has a lot of kids who opt-out of Common Core, it could soon be rated lower
pinned on western end of Long Island on map
island patch Join us on August 2 ,2016
Other notes: Taiwan can stay on Taiping Island (now a rock) as long as it does not enforce EEZ (which it has never done anywa…
Living on Long Island is great because of all the beaches but...
Located in Long Island City in a beautiful spot looking to NYC Skyline, is the Italian restaurant
Is there ANY taco Tuesday deals on Long Island!?
the best cinematographer on Long Island!
Scoop by Bloomingdale's will join WeWork at new Long Island City office tower via
Patriots burned hay and seized livestock on Long Island in Boston Harbor in 1775. (via .
Fine, can I borrow your passport? My Chapel Hill via Long Island accent is totally believable to the Swiss.
Southbound Cross Island Parkway with a crash right now near the Long Island Expressway.
The Long Island Autism Speaks walk will be here before you know it. Come support the Long Island autism...
can someone explain to me how to make a water Long Island?
Hi Will you be boating in Long Island this summer? Come visit the Great Peconic Bay Marina!
Family vacay on Long Island and put on Radio at AMAZING choice or…
Rally for racial justice and against police brutality in Nassau County, Long Island.…
In 1996, the Unabomber suspect, Ted Kaczynski, was arrested. TWA Flight 800 crashed off the coast of Long Island, New York. Bill Clinton was
I was a small kid from Huntington, Long Island. I never imagined that ...
The High Tide Hatters from Long Island had a fun July 4th marching in the parade.
Target Points Inc. highlights 3 ways to improve Responsive for small Long Island ba...
A Long Island woman mistook the sound of a gunshot for a firework until she realized she was shot, police say,
There are some things I'd miss about Long Island @ Robert Moses Bridge
Manufacturing is Alive on Long Island! $9.18M of manufacturing and installation of exterior panels for 3400 NHP Road
John I'm sure Long Island has a curfew better go to bed
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Great for a long weekend or a good long break... Norfolk Island
Thank you for catering to hip hop heads in the island!!! Amazing lineups all summer long!!!
Algae known as 'brown tide' creating a nuisance on Long Island --
The day I choose a Bloody Mary over a Long Island ice tea is the day I turn vegan
Nice hobby! My husband collected trains when he was younger & his family used to work for the railroads on Long Island.
by itself it does lol I always mix it with something though. Patron and grey goose go good when you make a Long Island
Don't suppose u could set up a class here in NY? Preferably middle to eastern long island
Ifyou real...pull up to Long Island and catch this L in FIFA
Watching the Twisted Sister doc on Nflix. The SMF’ers were kind of the Jersey / Long Island proto-… right?
Me and my timeline after a Long Island at the Formation World Tour❤️
The 2016 Long Island Toy Show is on Saturday July 9. Tickets on sale NOW. Tell your friends!
ABC7NY: 4 killed, baby injured in July 4 crash on Long Island:
I would go but I love on Long Island
2015 beach data shows more clean beach days overall for Long Island Sound beaches
From trash to treasure, Long Island sea glass
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
A long-tail boat anchored on Lipe Island. . Koh Lipe is a small island in the Adang-Rawi Archipelago of the...
Hempstead school board picks leaders, fails to adjourn meeting
one of Long Island's greatest treats is The Cup's 4x4 bathroom
US: LaValle calls on EPA and USACE to withdraw Long Island Sound dumping plan
Tomorrow morning is the start of a week long BC road trip to Revelstoke, then Kelowna, then Salt Spring Island! 😊 http…
105 arrested in DWI stops on LI over holiday weekend via
If you're lookin for work in NY, check out this
"A Friendly Call," painted in 1895, is set in William Merritt Chase's elegant summer house on Long Island.
So this is really it? We're gonna run away to some island? "So long world good luck with all the zombies"?
I think I've milked it long enough to buy my Caribbean island.
Its a long shot but anyone going Central Island picnic?
Virgin experience with natural long exposure on this trip @ Git Git Twin WaterFall, Bali Island
The best places to go pumpkin picking in Long Island:
Long Island, New York probably has the best cellular service known to man.
Bye Trey lol you really from Long Island but imma chill
Long Island Ice Tea abbreviates to LIIT coincidence? I think not
*** Can't be."Kanti the Long Island Medium woman is fraud😕😐"
Innovation in the Vineyards of Long Island at Paumanok (Wine Spectator): Innovation is key to succeeding with...
Documents inside the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island show that Faraway Island was conceived long before its actual implementation.
Blue Bottle Coffee!!! or Sweetleaf Coffee (if you're in the Long City Island area)!!!
It's been a long time coming but we are over the moon to be opening our first South Island store tonight in...
Kanti the Long Island Medium woman is fraud😕😐
you should go visit at the long beach island foundation. She works from 12:15- 2:30.
Cruise down the roads of Long Island in style for the
You know you've been watching too much Cake Boss when you start to sound like you're from Long Island midway through your morning prayer.
Wish I was at Long Island right now tbh
your weirdo and stop twatching me. Take your trannys and yourself to an island and see how long yall last
Pacific, as well as Charles Island, were long on the rocks and dug up the counters on the white albuminous substance.
This old lady had fun at the Long Island Adventure Park today!
John Wayne Gacy, Sarah Payne and the Long Island Serial Killer- issue 13 is now on sale:
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Long Island iced tea dialogue:. "Why do you sound Mexican?". "Because there's tequila in my drink"
This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time 😂😂😂
House haunting in Long Island tomorrow, I'm already planning my beauty room
.has issued Tornado Watches for Capital District, Hudson Valley and NYC/Long Island regions until 10pm tonight. https:…
he had a legit case, used tax advantage as unfair advantage. I live on Long Island. ½ r not "Indian"
I'm on my 2nd long island and the struggle is real
When it's Sunday night & you gotta go back home to Long Island 😔
The hottest beach party on Long Island isn't on the's on the pole. TONIGHT at GOSSIP
Yellow deli people at phish🐠😊 (now I'm craving a Long Island rancher)
Looking forward to returning to LONG ISLAND NY Sat Sept 10 for with this stacked lineup!
The game between the Sugar Land Skeeters an Long Island Ducks goes final with the Ducks winning 8-4. Bees would have been eliminated anyway.
Down 4-0 deficit, Long Island wins 8-4.can you smell what the Ducks are cookin?
No words can describe this guys talent!! Thank you Jason for killing it at Westhampton Beach tonight!! Long Island LOVES you!!
FINAL: The Ducks hold on to beat the 8-4! Long Island improves to 38-30 and the magic number is TWO!
Ducks win 8-4 in Long Island. As of this moment, they have a 1 1/2 game lead. A Somerset loss pushes that to 2 games w/2 left this half.
Been watching Long Island Medium for 2 minutes and I'm already crying
Sipping on the strongest Long Island ever
Up to 6 inches of snow expected to hit Long Island; 1-3 inches...
how lucky, I wish he can come to Long Island 😢
Long Island iced tea gone take me straight to yo baby mama crib
when you don't drink in forever and had 3 long island iced teas and feeling BUZZED!
Elizabeth and I party like its 1776 and on the south shore of Long Island.
Long Island is the largest island in the Continental U.S.
Thankful to have seen Dolly Parton last week at bc tonight's Paul Simon concert was a hot mess Long Island-packed failure
With departure of Nassau Coliseum mainstays Okposo, Nielsen, and Martin, connection to Long Island is further dimin…
Playing piano brings focus and joy to Long Island man with autism
Alec Baldwin and his wife introducing the loads of 52nd St. at the Long Island hospitality ball
Sources on Kevin Durant's free agent meetings will be staged in the Hamptons on Long Island (N.Y.) Friday…
FINAL: Todd Coffey gets the save and the Ducks WIN! Long Island beats the 3-1 behind a tremendous start from Darin Downs!
yes, iced tea that is imported from Long Island. 😉
now back to this poorly made Long Island iced tea 😖
when I makes tea, I makes Long Island iced tea, and when I makes water…
Strong *** Long Island iced tea like she was never a drinker 😩
please have a Long Island iced tea for me 🍹
Me: I'd like an iced tea, please. Waiter: Sweetened or unsweetened?. Me: Long Island.
I've replaced all the regular iced tea with Long Island iced tea, and now we wait...
stay away from windowless white vans promising Popsicles & other iced products. Don't fall for iced tea from Long Island!
When life hands you lemons make Long Island iced tea. 🍋
Long Island is known for Greeks and iced tea.
excuse me where is Long Island iced tea on this list.
Billy Joel joins cover band for performance on Long Island - listen "can you f'ing believe this?!" via
Billy Joel joins Billy Joel covers band for surprise performance in Long Island: The Piano Man sits in for three…
Billy Joel makes surprise appearance at tribute band show on Long Island
Today was a long day... Some new tomorrow @ Bristol, Rhode Island
Long Island improves to 5-0 in dominant fashion and strengthens position atop standings.
it's 11:13 pm we are on our way to Long Island and I am jammin to the foo fighters
I'm from Long Island NY, does that count
Tonight Every Saturday Night party on party on Long Island
"You're going to an island? But that's surrounded by water and I don't own a boat! And I've never swam long distance before!" -crazy eyes
August 26th is not yet set in stone. If you're on Long Island you can see it 7/7.
Life guard station at Long Island NY today.
Injured seal returns to the sea in Hampton Bays
I want some crab and rice str8 outta Long Island 😭
On Long Island? is sampling ISOLYZE at Bros vs Pros at Pro-Fit (41 Mercedes Way).
Playing all your favorites from 1970 – 76 Classic Long Island Radio –
Rekindle interrupts search for clues in Moultonborough's Long Island blaze
Quick photos from from Long Island's dominant win in UWLX action over Baltimore. More to come...
Photos: Long Island and Boston take Saturday victories as UWLX weekend comes to a close:
It's that time of the year where I'm really itching to move to Long Beach Island to work at an ice cream shop and live my best…
You should shoot me on Long Island, with a water gun.
Never again will I go in a Long Island taxi
so Long Island of u to complain about the food service of people who work in penn
i will NOT drink even one long island.
Always a good time sharing the stage with these guys. Thanks for coming out, Long Island!
If you're on Island long weekend, The Mutchmor & Peace Café's Grand Opening is July 1st!
These precious pups are looking for a loving owner to go home with
Go to Snowflake Ice Cream in Riverhead on Long Island for some really great ice cream
Founder of failed Miso Media explains what went wrong after being featured on Shark Tank
King crab, lobster tails et al...seafood feast pending on the South Shore of Long Island.
weirdly, I didn't really love that movie. I thought I would. . Also, love the MN vs Long Island piece
I'm having some beer and watching Trainwreck in Long Island.
And thank the Lord for long island iced tea! Thank you!
I can't believe I'm going to Long Island right now lmao
Me and your girl, opposite of sober @ Long Island Game Farm - Wildlife Park & Children's Zoo
Should've carbed up here lol...Back to Long Island! Thank you so much for everyone who followed…
LI Performance Festival raises money for cystic fibrosis cure
There isn't much I appreciate more than summer on Long Island
Seaford teen poked by hypodermic needle at Jones Beach
Ok but how is there only ONE place to go zip lining on ALL of Long Island?
my bad DC is the first, Long Island is the 2nd
"Just one drink". -one whole pitcher of long Island iced tea later
pooping in the Long Island Wendy's is my new aesthetic
Air traffic controller shortages double training time for hires - Newsday
Watch Billy Joel perform surprise set with Billy Joel cover band on Long Island
Living in long Island is a blessing
is Long Island really the most expensive
. I wanted to go so bad but I couldn' bout a concert on Long Island
Dining | Long Island: Review: Prime 23 in Freeport Revels in an ’80s Menu: The steakhouse opened along Nautical…
Long Island native closes in on dream of playing in NHL - New York Post
you need to come to Governors Comedy Club here on Long Island. My wife said she will get you 2 cakes if you do!
Friends of mine that own a well booked Long Island based band are looking for a Male Pro singer. DM me for details.
very saddened .He ws a gr8 singer heard him in Long Island n with Sonu Nigam. Terror can n should not b tolera…
Long Island goes up 14-6 with 8:32 left 2Q on a 1-yard TD run by Brian Haeffner. 33-yard pass from Klemm to Greene leaping catch sets up TD
Lady got mad at her friends for shaking hands with their "foreign" server. He's from Long Island. Some people make Americans look pathetic
We'd like to welcome Rocket Fizz to Levittown, Long Island! Thank you for allowing us to brand your very first...
At this time a year ago I was driving down to Long Island to go see Sam Woolf in concert, I'm not emotionally stable
New Jersey thanks for making us feel the ❤. Tonight: Long Island at - can't wait! 📷:
brass monkey in meat packing does the brekkie. Am out on Long Island this weekend tho lads. Éire abú.
cedar beach north shore of Long Island? Mt Sinai?
I'm from Long Island which is Very Bad and no one cares about it and everyone just assumes the city so I play along
EBI Driving to Long Island over the Throgs Neck bridge. A beautiful sky, a vibrant city.
DUDE a lot of NYPD & Wall Street live on Long Island... just sayin'...
As if I needed another reason to hate Long Island.
In Man in the High Castle, all the big Nazis live on Long Island.
Do you have what it takes to be Strawberry Queen?
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Then we head to Long Island on Saturday to take on tag champs, Flawless and…
YAPHANK, N.Y. — A Long Island man was arrested on weapons charges on Thursday after police officers found assault...
Man in long island arrested after pd found in his house weapons guns and anti-semitic books not clear now if he planned attacks against jews
Her friend took bullets at that she says were meant for her
Get outta here with that, we don't need people like this on the Island. Or anywhere else for that matter. .
FYI: Most of NYPD officers live in Long Island.
the emergency services on Long Island suck
this is exactly why I never go to long island.
Congrats to incoming FR JoeTierney for being named to prestigious All Long Island 1st Team! ht…
No mention of conspiracy to commit terrorism or anything. Weapons Cache & Bomb-Making Instructions Found at NY Home
Had the privilege of repping UAs on ITV Gold on Time Warner Cable in Long Island City. No,I'm not under-dressed,...
“And we want to stop hate in this country,” he said. “There’s enough.”
New Britain Bees fall to Long Island Ducks to end their road trip with six straight losses
Ribbiz really is last on my list of places to go if I'm doing road. Which is sad cuz dem long island is fiya
Thanks for adventuring with me this week, love you long time Mar! ❤️ @ Edisto Island Beach
TFW you're not at all surprised to see Long Island Nazis
Long Island brothers ge busted with stash of weapons, drugs, bomb instructions, Nazi gear
Police discovered assault rifles, $40,000 in cash, and Nazi paraphernalia in Long Island
Brad Baker completed the 2016 season tops on Long Island in assists among private and…
the last two live shots you've called it Hempstead Pike , it's Hempstead Turnpike and welcome to Long Island glad to have you!!
I'm a coastal person. I grew up in Long Island and lived in San Diego.
The 2017 is now available at our Long Island dealership. Read details about the model here:
Danced all night with Bob Wilson to a wonderful band. Met a wild gal from Long Island. Had a blast!
Blue Crabs fall 14-4 today at home to Long Island; Long Island scored 13 of those runs in 1st 5 innings
Only runs of game scored in 6th; after Long Island scored in top half, Jamar Walton 2-out, 2-run HR put Blue Crabs ahead to stay
Cares more about Israel than she does about Long Island. Where is the education plan Anna?
Looking forward to tomorrow's CureDuchenne Cares caregiver session in Long Island.
select Long Island natives Justin Dunn and Anthony Kay with top two picks. Full details:
Both Mets draft picks are from Long Island. It's official, the Mets can't afford to send scouts off the very island they call home.
Mets going heavy on the Long Island arms, Take UConn LHP Anthony Kay. Same high school as Steven Matz.
Can we go 2 for 2 on Long Island picks and take Anthony Kay pleassse
I always said serial killers are born and bred in Long Island basements.
Mystery Hangout time! Ms. Lee's class is from Long Island, New York. Love the global connections Ss are making.
July 3rd I will be competing in Long Island
9 ducklings rescued from storm drain on Long Island
Captain Kidd Scottish-born pirate William Kidd buried his treasures on Long Island, captured & hanged in 1701.
Long Island man pleads innocent to vandalizing traffic cameras
Making blackberry fruit leather in the @ Deer Park, Long Island, New York. USA
God I wish I was rich, so I could live in North Fork, Long Island in New York💖😍
*** ain't Deer Park in Long Island? one of the whitest parts of New York? lol
S06995 [Engross] Authorizes Jain Samaj of Long Island, Inc. to apply to the assessor of the county of Nassau for ...
The Welcome Center is a "no-brainer" and long overdue. It will promote the Long Island market.
How you gon be a redneck on Long Island
Spinach basil pesto in our new food processor @ Deer Park, Long Island, New York.…
Long Island iced teas at Red Robin are so good
Would love it if we could read more about him in Newsday. He's from Long Island, yanno 😏
When the court I have to go to tomorrow is farther than my drive to Jersey, yet it's still Long Island. 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Currently craving a $3 Long Island from Harvest. I need to get back to Philly soon. And on a Thursday.
Looks like my local Long Island supermkt after Hurricane Sandy hit abetted by poor crisis management from my Dem Gov
"Every moment of light and dark is a miracle." -Walt Whitman, born 5/31/1819. Long Island photo by Andrew Wakefield https…
Suffolk County, Long Island is my least favorite place that I've lived
Pleasant conditions across the area as of 5pm, with some clouds across coastal SE Suffolk County on Long Island.
We salute one Walter Whitman of Long Island, NY on his
Breaking News: Long Islanders urged to prepare for hurricanes: Long Island's county execu...
Long Island is so overpopulated that they ran out of 631 phone numbers so they're adding a new area code to Suffolk county
Angel from HDE Atlanta visits Long Island. She will be bringing back some Homers for the team! Thank You Team!
yo yo yo happy birthday! 20's are a big deal and us and Long Island will celebrate big time.
Hey come see my band play in West Babylon on June 22, first Long Island headliner show, and kicks off our run of shows across the north east
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