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Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeast of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City (Queens and Brooklyn), and two of which are mainly suburban (Nassau and Suffolk).

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use to not hate the Rangers, then I lived in Queens/Long Island or wherever the Dirty Rock is..
Yo! How can we transform Long Island for the future?
Mineola student uses 3-D printer to raise money for charity -Long Island via
Will I have to disclose my fruit of the month club and emeritus greater Long Island running club memberships when I run for president?
.and at our Youth Soccer Festival at Park on Long Island. .
Farm-fresh garden roses from Long Island to kick off this gorgeous Monday in NYC.
Friday we in Long Island at El Patron Hosted by Maino 🙌🙌
and the Jersey Shore cast actually represents Long Island more than Jersey. And LI is wretched.
Planting crosses at Suffolk county PD. Honoring & naming those killed by police in Long Island and New York
Hello, I'm playing tonight at Even Flow in Bay Shore, Long Island.
A Long Island resident was killed Sunday in a fiery crash in the Nassau County hamlet of Baldwin, police said
Just dumped half of a bud light Long Island mixxTail out because I didn't like it. Really REALLY wish that was the worst part of my night.
hush it's actually pretty good plus im finna help my step dad with his Long Island tea B)
wraps up the 2014-15 Season by spoiling the Long Island farewell party.
Man grazed by stray bullet INSIDE his Long Island apartment; bullet went through wall, then TV set and then...
Your budget is $550 million. Your mission: Vote for the idea that will truly change our lives here http:…
Gotta love Long Island! Thanks to Stella's Pizzeria and Governors comedy club! Calzone as big as my…
This is an ideal spot to search for seals on LI. spills on 15 of the region's secrets
She sells sea shells by the sea shore. Long Island shore that is.
So proud of my former roommate and Long Island fella and my ex-teammate on winning the NCAA National Championship!!
Rockin out private event in long island with the cousin
We've been on this island too long.
I understand that Long Island is selling blue jackets 5-4% off because they have to go through DC first.
am I supposed to be scared of my father lol he lives in Long Island what is he gonna do drive here with a license that's not valid in nj
Increasing numbers of mental health clinics are closing on LI, and more are at risk
Long Island dancers have been beyond amazing
Mary Dette Clark and family: A tradition tied to fly-fishing
take the regular Long Island Ice Tea and be satisfied?
They were basically Long Island Iced Teas with blue food coloring in it
Isles last home game in long island
No more hockey on Long Island. Bruins are eliminated. Presidents Trophy to NYR. Best regular season ever.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Long Island is where my family's from!! This is perfect! 😂😂😂
Mental health clinics close, more at risk
close out the season on Long Island tonight: [PREVIEW]
good effort! I went Long Island, Long Island, Long Island, Long Island, Lo- you get the point
Thanks for posting this. It's very sad and really a shame for Long Island.
We are the perfect Long Island venue for all special occasions like Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, Quinceanera. htt…
My flight is filled with Long Island cheerleaders. I am really really hoping for no delay on the Tarmac.
What are you doing for on Here's a list of some events- if you have more-- add it on! ht…
Yeah same! My dad has been an Isles fan since the beginning so they have a soft spot in my heart! Plus I'm a Long Island kid!
Ending a fun day at the vineyards on Long Island.🙌😊🍷 @
My bf is on a cruise, at the casino, drinkin a long island mid ocean & I'm sitting on the couch debating on goin to bed at 9 on a Saturday 😑
At least 354 people died from binge drinking on LI over the past five years, records show
At least 354 people died in incidents where they drank too much alcohol on Long Island over t...
Increasing numbers of nonprofit mental health clinics on Long Island are closing or being sold...
Okay so . One of my favourite women from the island has been off work for a long time bc she is struggling with severe depression.   10% Off
lol everyone says that. I just have a lot of followers that live there. I'm in NY. Long Island, NY to be exact
unbelievable finish on long island (GO JACKETS). Caps get home ice against the isles, which is good, because that place gets loud
When you have a business event to plan, whether it is a seminar, corporate party, or executive dinner, .
There is a former nazi neighborhood in Long Island, NY with streets names like "Hitler", "Goering", and "Goebels".
Quick tip to my D.C. reporter friends: Was once told the swordfish is the best dish at the Long Island Marriott Champions bar.
It's cool but the jackets just won the final regular season game in Long Island. 13 game point streak and an early 16 cup pick. I'm wishful
Tunnel to Towers host fundraiser at Yankee Stadium for family of one of Long Island's Bravest. Game: Aug 4 vs. BoSox
Nearby: A car smashed through the waiting room of a Long Island dentist's office this afternoon,
My mom is hating so *** the Long Island Medium and Im getting screamed at because Im just tryna stand up for my homegirl Theresa Caputo
Long Island rail road shut down. Someone was hit by a train.
do u know if there's gonna be a fan meet up in Long Island or NYC??
Had a conversation with my mom (from Long Island) about the accent here(Hudson valley).her:"I've always wondered why people talk funny here"
My grandparents live in Long Island, which is at least closer to the Hudson Valley😂
Michael Kors Net Worth: Karl Anderson, Jr. was born on 9th August 1959, in Long Island, New York, USA of Swedi...
Ekeh, of Elmont, Long Island, applied to 13 colleges, hoping to maybe get into Stony Brook University in Long Island, he said?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Lightning Boy claims that he came from Long Island, the same city where Steve Vai (the Devil's guitarist Jack Butler) was born.
I've endured year-long detours off the Hawthorne and Ross Island Bridge over the years. You can do it!
LOL. You're upstate. I'm like between Queens and Long Island..
Midnight munchies will be going on from 10:30-1:00am • $2.00 PBR • $2.25 Long Island Ice Teas all night long
We are happy to be one of the exhibitors at this year's 2015 Special Needs Expos on Long Island, April 26,...
Week off the weights to relax and recharge and a long weekend away with the old man to get a few shoots in before island games 👍🔫☺
At seventeen she left Long Island bound for Hollywood. 🐟
Breaks are no fun unless you're somewhere that isn't Long Island
. His contributions have already passed the value of tuition. Do you think hecshould pay for his...
*Strawberry Long Island “Tootsies really got the best Sex on the Beach and it got me right right right”
Wow! This high school student just got accepted to all 8 Ivy League schools--like a boss:
I'm really just trying to drink Long Island Iced Teas and go golfing
Did you guys get your tickets Long Island, NY will be there. . Tickets:
4th day sober and ke nkgelwa ke Long Island. Just @ me
Great segment today. Made me long for my grandma Carbonella's spaghetti and meatballs and cherish my Staten Island roots.
Eye Care for Computer Users. A job involving looking at a computer screen for long periods of time can cause...
That moment when you're a high school student who got accepted to all 8 Ivy League Schools...
I had so many Long Island Iced Teas last night! I'm surprised I'm not waking up with a hangover that's out of this World! 😷😏 God is good! 🙏
I just want a Long Island and some Korean tacos and Im good!
A touch of island style goes a long way.
Did you guys get your tickets to see my in Long Island, NY at Tickets:
Dan can you help spread the word please we want Justin to come back to Long Island NY contact Syke
I just got out of bed, I think it tells its own story. Bucket of long Island for my girl !!
This high school senior got accepted to all 8 Ivy League schools:
Subscribe for my FREE must know info for POCS (Parents Of College-bound Students)
Sad week for Long Island. Sad week. Let's take this time to mourn and then let's go nuts in the playoffs. th…
Compare health ratings for restaurants in Long Island City before you eat 20150407
State sponsoring bus getaways from NYC, Long Island
Tomorrow is your chance to meet the and buy the classic blue 3rd kit. Come to our Long Island store at 6pm! http:/…
Join us 4/9, 150th anniv. of end of for reenactment of surrender at Appomattox. http…
Update your maps at Navteq
The Long Island Iced Z came out half a year before Jersey Shore was on tv
utog is hiring Operations Analyst in Long Island City, NY
Honored to have my painting "Agawam Pond" accepted in the Long Island Museum's 2015 Juried Art Show: Landscapes:...
June 7th Long Island NY will have the best tasting wings! Buy tickets here
Come down tonight to Long Island MMA I will be teaching at 8pm! . Come down tomorrow as well for 11am MMA class!
Alll I wanted for years was a New arena on Long Island. All I ever wanted or a renovated coliseum. My sadness is deep. N…
cud not find either of those beer. Looks like it is only available in Long Island. You know of any places in the city?
Tonight on our two part series begins on the influx of unaccompanied, undocumented immigrant children now livin…
"this is what my BBW *** and s craving. If u r local to Long Island and love head…
just put a key on a kite and do tricks then you'll be famous in Long Island
You can catch a live taste of and get your copy signed Apr 15! info from
Brought back a real Long Island bagel for
I could go for a long Island ice tea right about now. 🍸🍹
Jamaica - the island of the quick fix! Does anybody think long term ova here??? What will this island look like in 50 ye…
Please Justin accept this invitation us Long Island Beliebers miss you so much
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
"She found it on one holiday in Long Island and she gave it to me as a charm to keep me safe, I never go anywhere...
Stony Brook, Long Island university, Rutgers, and I'm going to go to temple
Roosevelt field mall is the best mall on Long Island
The best for you, Suzyn and Candy in this baseball season. I report the broadcast from Stony Brook, Long Island. Excellent!
Long Island: Teddy Roosevelt and Billy Joel. "The Lo": Rick James and Loganberry . Cocaine is one *** of a drug...
well I've narrowed my choice to Stony Brook in Long Island so that's the one I'm going see but I'm also going to see Hofstra
Month of Green: Plant USDA organic and non GMO seeds - News 12 Long Island
How to *** off someone from Long Island very quickly: call the Long Island rail road the LIRR and not the L-I-double R
How a queens girl knows she's deep af in Long Island: HOV lanes
Four years ago, this girl walks into my office in her six inch heels and Long Island accent and…
Girl took my hoodie to Long Island so I'd come for it/her. Never seen that hoodie again. Smh
Once fell off the Absolute dj booth ke itsentse di long Island :D no one noticed thou
My highest grossing track on station. Listened to it after a long long gap! :)
Rain today, heavier tonight. Dry and cool for the weekend! Check out your full forecast:
Long exposure makes this nocturnal beach looks like it's daylight: Vanuatu a tropical island near New…
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Now you can buy jewelry from the Long Island Medium
They have said that a lotta times "Never wanna see a long island. Ever. Again."
Do they even know about that Long Island Railroad matchup?
LOLOLOL "Never wanna see a long island. Ever. Again."
my favrt part of the song..."Never wanna see a long island. Ever. Again."
Never wanna see a long island. Ever. Again.
request Common by Androyd87 on WPTY-FM Long Island New York using
RIP MY *** “Well i know personally me And had sum of the hardest bangers on long island at one point”
I mean some other island than this one, obviously. a long way away.
Great band from Long Island NY. Good tunes and awesome vocals
Apply now to work for Episcopal Diocese of Long Island
Stay at The Inn At Fox Hollow Hotel on Long Island, NY. Dates into June.: . Hotel at a Glance: The I...
She sees dead people: Long Island Medium visits Estero
Ready for these awesome drinks on April 10? Our long island ice tea is a must-try!
Long Island Terracotta Tile was established in 1990, and is family owned and operated.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
lol. Well if you must know, I'd prefer a long island than a regular tea
had to keep an eye on the homie bc she had Jack, 2 margaritas, a long island!? and blue moon.😒😒😒
Jeremy Wade is out on Jamaica Bay off of Long Island. What will he catch?
Police say this woman drove drunk while her 11-year-old daughter was in the car
Something new to make: a Long Island Iced Tea. Dangerous.
We are number 5 on the ReverbNation Rock charts for Long Island, NY.
CoStar Group is hiring a Long Island, apply now! (
species endanger biodiversity more than humans and habitat loss in AUS, says in
So long, Rote Island. I'll be back someday. Thanks for the amazing journey! 😄 [pic] —
We wish you a happy Easter long weekend enjoying our amazing island :).
So Victoria from that long medium island show sounds just like demi
might get the stuff to whip up some Long Island ice teas in the horse 🙌
There was a Nazi Summer Camp on Long Island, from 1925 until Germany declared war on the USA
You know you're from long island when... You think going to Queens is a hike.
Tell your friends! The Long Island Toy Show is ON Saturday, July 11 at Hofstra University.
Long Beach Island's surf could reach between 5.62ft and 6.63ft high in the next 24hrs.
Robert Moses's surf may be at least 6.67ft high tomorrow. Get out to Long Island New York, pronto! via Surfline
celebrates the creativity innovation of Long Island students.
fighting Saturday at The Paddocks,Long Road. SS8 0JA.Canvey Island. 7pm. Be there early as he's fighti…
Long island will always be winning idc idc idc
You know you're from long island when... You know somebody with a tattoo of Long Island.
Large section of Long Island bridge demolished
You know you're from long island when... You've never been to Times Square on New Year's Eve.
idk what a Long Island race is but it seems like something I should be involved with
Yo! Long Island labor force drops to lowest level in mor
““Im done with the west side of Orlando...” Come back to Long Island like” No, you come to Orl…
hmm…we should head back to my place, hai… ok let's get something sweet fur our throats befur we go… two Long Island iced… -
Long Island Medium gives me shivers from head to toe
just watching Long Island Medium and crying my eyes out.nothing to see here
.is your typical Long Island mom, except she talks to the dead AND has a pretty awesome jewelry line:
listen to Rob & Audie at 7am to win $100 & qualify 4 Great Escapes.Plus free tickets to Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo @ 8:08
Long Island Medium seems like a great idea until half way through when I'm bawling my eyes out
Long Island Medium lady: "I can't believe I've been married for 25 years.". Me: "Umm. You're an awful medium if you didn't see that coming."
I won't be able to see the first show of Long Island Medium 😩
R5 will be performing at 106.1 BLI summer jam on June 13 at Jones Beach Theater in Long Island!
Heriberto zayz dude didn’t be dayz off wen dude picke vegetablez at an upst8 farm…
Riders climb off stalled coaster: Riders on a New York roller coaster took the long way down Sunday after Coney…
Long Island Medium is backk!!:) I swear its my dream to meet this wonderful ladyy 🙌❤
Where's the $1.9 Joe certainly not helping kids. .
The Bund were very big in the U.S. before America entered the war
same here with the addition of orange juice in my case. Other than that it's the occasional cocoa and Long Island Iced Teas. :)
that's awesome bro! I met Ricky in bayport Long Island in 2007 at a dunkin donuts/ got an autograph!! Awesome guy!!!
some of the stories on Long Island Medium are unreal. these poor families
Long Island was once home to this Nazi summer camp. More LI facts you probably didn't know
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
If she's drinking a Long Island on the first date she's smashing you.
The woman on Long Island Medium looks identical to
If the girl from Long Island Medium was real she'd ask tupac who shot him
Long Island, I'll be in the city tomorrow
kinda wanna go talk to her. not go to Long Island. Long Island *** ***
LIVE on Sunset long beach island nj USA
Missing pizza from the Dominos in Cortland. How is the pizza there good, and dominos on Long Island *** 😒
My mom will watch Long Island Medium over 19 Kids and Counting...what?
Or the name misleads. Long Island Iced Tea comes to mind...
Coney Island Cyclone gets stuck on opening day, forcing riders to climb to safety http…
im watching the Long Island Medium on TLC. kinda wanna go
Farmworkers rally in Long Island for overtime pay via
I wanna run into the Long Island Medium somewhere
Dining | Long Island: Coffeehouses Where the Brew Is as Crucial as the Bean
Farmworkrs rally on Long Island 4 overtime pay
are you guys excited to be on stage in Long Island again?❤️
Long Island Medium is such an interesting show like wow
Live in Long Island? You should come out to our screening of Vessel!
I walked 3.33 mi with Check out my route in Long Island City, NY, United States!
binge watching Long Island Medium and eating meatball soup
long island isnt bad at all too. Its just too calm
Miami Slinger vrs. Long Island Iced Tea: "Ginger, have you ordered fresh fruits at the Room Service or is the wrong Pepsi?!"
Coney Island roller coaster stuck on opening day, riders forced to climb down wooden structure
Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot in a bar? Only in Long Island.
..Do we really have to call Santa to deal with Easter eggs??(it just cant stop snowing in Long Island)
Having a little Easter Bunny fun today with Momee Friends of Long Island, Sweet Frog, and Lou Johnson The Magical Juggler.
Larry come out to Long Island anytime for some real courses.
Updated snowfall forecast map for the Northeast, amounts to top 3" in eastern Long Island and central CT:
the longer my dad + i debate medical ethics the stronger our respective accents get (Long Island lockjaw vs eastern Appalachian)
Latest guidance suggest a rather rotten day for E CT and eastern Long Island.
what the actual *** Mother Nature clearly hates eastern Long Island
Latest HRRR now showing heaviest area of snow over eastern Long Island:
Snow in the forecast for eastern Long Island and parts of the area. ***
short term models bring some accumulating snow to Long Island/eastern CT/RI/eMA for Sat evening.
When you have to say ur from eastern Long Island and not Long Island cause there's a difference
now Daniel is the Long Island psychic. Vic Fangio, lost how many players in SF? Addressed them w/ non difference makers?
Police: 11-year-old boy brought unloaded handgun to school: Police on eastern Long Island are investigating after…
A new frontier is distilling in American craft beer: Long Island spirits makes whiskey from Blue Point Old How...
The best Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurants on Long Island: Updated March 25, 2015 6:52 PM “Mediterr...
I hear NY state is cedinG Long Island to New Jersey & rerouting the LIRR straight into the ocean to reduce crime/police brutality
During a finale weekend, the Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center will host the 10,000 Maniacs at Long Island... htt…
My sister enjoying her stay in Long Island, NY! @ Kings Park Psychiatric Center
great dinner out with Glenn and John after superb rehearsal day on Long Island. Moon having out there right now. Stars lazy but shining.
J.P. would smile about that Nassau Coliseum goal of Zachs' where he left his mark in Long Island - R.I.P. Jean Paul ht…
SHOOTOUT ALERT! and are headed to the shootout at Nassau Coliseum on Long Island.
Civic leaders have sued Suffolk OTB in an attempt to block a 98,000 sq. ft. casino planned for Long Island
Levi McIntyre selected to become Brentwood schools chief
Stunning day in Long Island today... you'd never know it was freezing! But we went to the beach…
Robber steals cash from a Long Island – along with two plain-cheese pies … via by
With my daughter about to go to the long island rail road with me
BOCES Open House: Long Island high school students interested in pursuing a career in the arts – from Dance an...
anywhere off Long Island or NY stupid cheap
I know everyone always thinks New York is spectacular yes to a point but where I am in Long Island not so spectacular😒 the people
Islandia's mayor takes exception to Suffolk County's review of an LIRR second ... - Newsday
Spread word:writing matters.My last regional convo on Long Island was devoted to Argument/Exposition K-12. A3
and Islanders headed to overtime on Long Island tied 1-1.
Are banks to blame for homes in disrepair? Check out day 3 of 5-day abandoned home series.
I don't think Long Island has trailer parks
Yoo like 3 more days till long island food 😍
Thank you to all those who came to the Long Island Accepted Students Reception in Melville!
I always thought it was people who were born here but grew up on Long Island.
Family of murder victim Denice Fox asks judge to approve settlement with killer's therapist: The family of Denice…
He realy regrets getting this tattoo now: This Home Depot vendor claims an unfortunate…
I really wanna try a long island ice tea
I enjoy long walks on the beach on an island stranded with you.
Let me be the one that you long for, let me the one that you dream of... ♥︎
I take it you've never been to long island then
I hate Long Island why can't I leave this place one day I'll be free and I won't see any of you
is the best for bringing us bagels from Long Island 😍😍😍
Will you be at Long Island Connected Educators? I hope to make my virtual friendships personal ones that day.
“From the LIE but i'm the truth *** you from the Long Island expressway?😂
I second Angela's greetings for (Carol, ELA Consultant from Long Island).
He realy regrets getting this tattoo now
I want a nice, tall long island right now.
An LI woman and her husband stole $200G in goods and services from the her employer, DA says
All purpose parts banner
I think Ted Cruz was voted off Latino Island long ago
When life hands you lemons, make a Long Island Iced Tea. . 🍋🍋🍋
Bald eagle sightings around North Fork, Long Island get attention of birders and -
*** tried to put my long Island in one of them girly cups 😕
I want a long island... well several
I so want to meet when I watch Long Island Medium I normally end up in tears !! Amazing women !! X
This a Long Island ice tea. In a to go cup. Fml
Today I learned that Long Island Iced Teas don't actually contain any ice tea. Not mad about it
pitchers of Long Island ice tea. Be crawling up the stairs at the end.
my dream is to be the next Long Island Medium
Why does everything make me cry stupid sex in the city and Long Island Medium
Getting far too emosh at Long Island Medium 😢
Long Island Medium always gets me teary eyed.
why is Long Island ice tea even in that conversation?
Long Island Medium got me in my feels over here
Oh and yesterday I had thee best and only Long Island ice tea I'll ever drink !! Wow it was amazingly god!!!
I just seen my aunt on the Meredith show with Teresa the Long Island Medium 😔
I want the same haircut as the Long Island Medium
don't tell me you've never watch Long Island Medium ? 😩😳
Oh, and Long Island ice tea from the beehive. Now THAT I'm pumped for 🍹
Are u serious Long Island Medium just made me bawl like a baby
I have to catch up tomorrow. I've missed kuwtk, CHRISTINA m show, Long Island Medium, PLL , teen mom & little women LA😤
like Long Island Medium that psychic chick, that reference was a stretch
How do I end up on Long Island Medium? I wanna hide a bee hive in that frauds hair bump 😎🐝 and just see what happens
I remember my blue Long Island ice tea phase. With two of those joints I was hugging the car windows.
Long Island Medium has so many twins here
if I end up dropping out of college I'm gonna become a fake psychic like the girl on Long Island Medium
I get very emotional every time I watch Long Island Medium
“How much is a bottle of Long Island ice tea ?”.50 Cent
Yes. That was me on Long Island Medium last night. Now please shush up. ✌️
Long Island Medium all full length all kinds of scary movies American Dreams Tv show all the American Girl Doll Movies almost anything that
The only thing I like about Long Island is their ice tea 😏
I can watch Long Island Medium all day
Someone make me a Long Island ice tea and watch glee with me.. It's the last series and I'm not okay with this..
My mom to the waitress "I think i get hammered and have a Long Island ice tea"
what happened to the Long Island ice tea recipe ? It's all exotic !
no exactly, id rather drink Long Island ice tea
My wife's birthday at thanks ps great Long Island ice tea!
Just wondering, in Long Island do they really have a beach where you can enjoy a cool ice tea with a nice summer breeze :)
Great Eastern Sun. I think it comes from somewhere on Long Island.
The tugboat, which sank after radioing for help on Saturday afternoon, had been doing work on the eastern tip of Long Island, the Coast
Probably bww or sumthin. Need a Long Island ice tea, it's been a minute
Jäger bombs and Long Island ice tea not a good mix when you have college the next day
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Long Island Reiki Master Teacher Patty Alessi
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