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Long Island Medium

Long Island Medium is an American reality television series that currently airs on TLC.

Theresa Caputo

Sitting here on my lunch break with no food, 50% battery on my phone, & endless episodes of Long Island Medium😁
can you please have Long Island Medium on next season for readings
Excited to speak with Long Island Medium star, Teresa Caputo at 7:10 on Saskatoon Morning. I've never spoken with a medium before!
Long Island Medium is my fav show although i cry every single time without fail
On LinkedIn I have the best way to contact me as "Through Long Island Medium's Hair" and yet I still get messages
Idk what I'd do without long island medium
I always loved the voice but knowing the Long Island medium loves I know like it even more! 😍💁🎶🔮
Still time to enter to win tickets to see LIVE in
Let's elect the ghost of FDR as channeled through the Long Island medium. Her poofy hair is fulla ghost smarts.
Long Island Medium is making me cry gah
A medium came up to me and my mom today and I swear it was just like Long Island Medium lol psychics are real
"Psychic Matchmaker" is basically "The Bachelor/ette" meets "Long Island Medium" so if you like those shows, you should watch.
I really feel like u are a Long Island medium
I'll just chill in the corner and watch Long Island medium honestly
Why am I watching Long Island medium? This makes me sad this girls husband died the day of their wedding omg how sad :(
You learned Tricks from Long Island Medium? Sensationalize? Katy Perry wants a fruit salad and some quiet time before show?
who does the long Island medium chose to win tomorrow
How long before Celine Dion is on a very special episode of Long Island Medium?
That Long Island Medium lady is a disgusting, vile human being. Exploiting people's grief from monetary gain with her BS "gift"
I just don't understand mediums AT ALL and the Long Island medium is on tv I'm riveted
theres a joker in the subway car who has 1 eyebrow up &keeps moving seats 2 stare at everyoneHe looks like the husband on Long Island Medium
A new episode of QVH is out now folks. We spend about 15 minutes talking about the Long Island Medium so CHECK IT OUT!
me tomorrow: "sorry I'm late to class I was up late watching Long Island medium"
I LOVE Long Island Medium. I sent in a application to get a reading 😂😂😂
this episode of catfish is like a Long Island medium episode lmao ***
I really need to go to sleep but I really wanna watch more Long Island Medium
It's like a super intense episode of Long Island medium
my moms schizo episodes are coming back and earlier she deadass thought she was talking to Long Island medium
Taylor swift x2, Long Island medium (if that counts)
Melisandre 2.0 is better than the Long Island Medium.
On a date. Ya, I've been told I'm pretty incredible in bed. I can go for like 8 hours straight*. *binge watching Long Island Med…
When is the Long Island Medium coming back?
We have more Teresa Caputo - Long Island Medium tickets to give away. Win them here:
I liked a video Behind the Read: A Reading for a Newborn Baby | Long Island Medium
the only medium I think I would travel to see would be watch Long Island Medium on TLC.
after this weeks episode can the Long Island Medium be a future co host?
People have always been superstitious. That's why Long Island Medium is still on TV.
Anyone want to go see Long Island Medium in Broomfield on Tuesday? I LOVE her!
Check out Theresa Caputo (The Long Island Medium) and family in our Hottracxs Entertainment Photobooth. . Give us...
Long Island Medium w/ Theresa Caputo😊 idk what Hollywood medium is but all those shows stem from Long Island medium😂
Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, will be at the Broadmoor World Arena Monday night. Listen to win your...
Theresa Caputo, from TLC’s hit show, Long Island Medium is coming to SLC! Enter to win tickets from ZHT!.
Theresa Caputo, from TLC's hit show, Long Island Medium, will be appearing live on April 6th. Theresa will share...
"Who is Mother Theresa? Is that the Theresa from Long Island Medium?". - Alex
.great show today but not the Long Island Medium segment. trust in God, not the devil/it's demonic. Lev. 19:31.
When you're watching Long Island Medium and all you want to do is ball your eyes out, but there's people around!! 😭
Long Island Medium is proof that the con-artist profession is alive and well.
you mean to tell me Long Island Medium is a fraud? Looks like you need to gtfo
Probably my best talent is ugly crying during any and all episodes of "Long Island Medium."
I've never cried during an episode of Long Island Medium, and the one time I do, it's because there dog passed away 😭🐶
Wish I could meet with Theresa from Long Island Medium 😫
My English teacher utterly ruined Long Island Medium for me and now I no longer know what to believe in.
Saw advert. Long Island Medium is "surprising" 11 year old with reading. Network -just irresponsible! .
9. I have a really bad Long Island accent I've been compared to Theresa Caputo (the Long Island Medium)
Don't mind me while I SOB watching Long Island Medium 😭😭
i just watched the Hollywood Medium and idk if i feel he's as legit as the Long Island Medium. 🤔 i really wanna like him, tho.
Jimmy Kimmel communicating with Uncle Frank through the Long Island Medium > *
Dan, baby. Saw you on Nancy Grace. Please consider a recurring role on my show, too. Sincerely, Long Island Medium
You know her from TLC's hit show Long Island Medium and now you can LISTEN TO WIN two tickets to see Theresa...
Theresa Caputo from TLC's "Long Island Medium" live at the Benedum Center on April 22. Presales now at
at Slate we write about the important topics that matter to Americans, like education policy, the presidential race, and Long Island Medium
You're in the wrong business, Long Island Medium.
Long Island Medium is coming to UD what
from the show, Long Island Medium will be at the Times-Union Center on Saturday at 7:30 p.m.!
Theresa Caputo aka the Long Island Medium is coming to UD on April 23rd. My life has been made.
I might go see Theresa from Long Island Medium!
Long Island Medium making me cry... But what's new 🙃
I want a show dedicated to proving that the Long Island Medium is a hoax
"Dad, do you like Long Island Medium?" . "No I like Long Island X-Large" .
Sometimes I fear that I have a heavy Long Island accent like the Long Island Medium
Don't worry and Natalie Morales, it's fiction, but don't tell the Long Island Medium and followers
I literally bawl my eyes out and also drop to the floor laughing hysterically while watching Long Island Medium.
I just saw a commercial for Long Island Medium and she talks to the Sheldon dude and makes him cry
Nope.I binged on the Long Island Medium *winking*
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