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Long Island Medium

Long Island Medium is an American reality television series that currently airs on TLC.

Theresa Caputo Teresa Caputo

Long Island medium got me in my feels over here
You're Berkeley's answer to the Long Island Medium! Thanks bro!
Obsessed with Long Island Medium, I need to sort my life out
Breaking Amish, Long Island Medium, Extreme Couponing. omg the coming weeks are going to be absolutely brilliant.
Long Island Medium -if you believe in mediums watch this
So I was sitting on my couch watching Long Island Medium and I put my Starburst's next to me on the arm of the couch.
I just seen my aunt on the Meredith show with Teresa the Long Island medium πŸ˜”
There's just something so sad about watching an intelligent reporter like host a TV show with the slimy Long Island Medium.
I'm watching The Meredith Vieira Show - Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo; Glee Star Jane Lynch; How to Get the Perfect Eyebrow with Shazam.
I want the same haircut as the Long Island medium
OK! Exclusive Video!. Theresa Caputo reveals that she almost became a hairdresser!
I would have been a great hairdresser don't u think? LUV this
don't tell me you've never watch Long Island medium ? 😩😳
yes . I wanna meet Theresa off of Long Island Medium
Are u serious Long Island medium just made me bawl like a baby
I have to catch up tomorrow. I've missed kuwtk, CHRISTINA m show, Long Island medium, PLL , teen mom & little women LA😀
like Long Island medium that psychic chick, that reference was a stretch
subtitles are NOT working for Long Island Medium eps AGAIN. Thanks.
It never fails every time I was Long Island Medium I always get teary eyed!😭❀️
I was watching Long Island Medium & Teresa read a girl named John & my sister was like who T'F names their daughter that?& my tv turned off😳
My mom: "Why are they inducting the Long Island Medium? Are they doing a seance?"
Long Island Medium gives me chills and makes me cry.
going to a group reading by Theresa from Long Island Medium next month omg
How do I end up on Long Island medium? I wanna hide a bee hive in that frauds hair bump 😎🐝 and just see what happens
Long Island medium has so many twins here
if I end up dropping out of college I'm gonna become a fake psychic like the girl on Long Island medium
I get very emotional every time I watch Long Island medium
Yes. That was me on Long Island medium last night. Now please shush up. ✌️
Long Island medium all full length all kinds of scary movies American Dreams Tv show all the American Girl Doll Movies almost anything that
I can watch Long Island medium all day
Long Island Medium using the family of the deceased Stacy Peterson for fame! Stacy murdered by Drew.
I will forever cry at mostly every episode of Long Island Medium
Watching Long island medium isnt the same without the other half to my medium powers -- 😚 miss you
Emotional wreck watching long island medium..
I can't watch Long Island Medium without crying. God, I love . I'm gonna meet her!
I'm convinced my mom is the new Long Island medium .. This woman reads minds
You cannot watch Long Island medium without shedding some tears
I have come to the conclusion that IS the Long Island medium πŸ’†
So is it possible to watch Long Island medium without bawling
I really love Long Island medium but I always cry when I watch it
Never watching Long Island Medium before bed again
Nice job on Long Island Medium last night!
Why does no one watch Long Island medium!
my dads gf is watching long island medium that show is so fAKE
we didn't get to see your Long Island Medium for *** Game, any chance you'd do a vid so we can see more of it
Long Island medium is literally my favourite programme rn
Theresa from Long Island medium is the living form of the devil
hi! I was going to do The Long Island Medium! But if I make season 8 I will do Miss Fame for *** Game :).
I can never watch Long Island medium without crying 😭😭😭
I love watching Long Island Medium, mainly bc I got to experience it myself β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘Ό
Long Island Medium's crazy duck tail nails crack me up
The Long Island medium is just too ridiculous!
holy moly I can't stop crying when I watch long island medium
Long Island medium is thee most annoying show
I love Victoria from Long Island Medium she's hilarious!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
tivo3> Long Island Medium: 'Just Me and V in the Catskills' @ 1:29 pm on 1056 TLCHD
Don't watch Long Island medium at the dentist, you will get emotional and tear up and your dentist will Lowkey judge you
When you need a good cry just turn on Long Island medium
Watching Long Island medium when your trying to get ready was such a bad idea
Every episode I watch of long island medium makes me cry
Long Island Medium is the best show. It makes me laugh, and cry all at the same time. you are amazing.
Ummm why am I crying at Long Island medium right now..
This episode of Long Island medium is so sad😭
This young kid crying on Long Island Medium is about to make me ruin my makeup I just put on😭😭😭
Long Island Medium never ceases to make me cry.
Every time I watch Long Island medium it's like I'm playing how quick can this make me cry
"I've always wanted to go to Long Island Medium". I H A T E SASHA 😭
Long Island Medium is one of the best shows ever !
I have such a soft spot for the Long Island medium I love her so much
Wesley has never heard of Long Island Medium.*has stroke and dies*
I feel like I'm forever waiting. Now I'm waiting to get Bae. At least I get Long Island Medium on this motel room TV.
.I'm having to watch the Real Housewives and Long Island Medium tonight. What did I do to deserve this?
sorry, but I'm not going to sit and watch Long Island Medium for 3 hours
you know that "Long Island Medium" lady? she takes advantage of emotionally crippled people and takes their money. she's a …
Long Island Medium will chat with the dead at Germain Arena in Estero
Found out Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium is coming to the gm centre but tickets start at $238 😭😭😭
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Extreme makeover: home edition and Long Island Medium are my weaknesses 😒
I love Long Island Medium, and it makes me want to meet a medium and communicate with my dad
Guys come to my house and ask about if I know about life after death and I respond "have you seen the show Long Island Medium!?" πŸ˜‚ sorry
Y'all wanna chip in & hire Long Island Medium so Sharon can take on evil Mamma Joyce? Grim reaper stole that tv moment from us
Yes and the housewives. I am going to get it. I got Long Island Medium but didn't start it yet
Thank god, I was afraid I would have to contact the Long Island Medium here soon.
I didn't realize he was married to the Long Island Medium!
Theresa from Long Island Medium is so classy. Long Acrylic Nails. Massive beehive hair. The accent. She is the night of sophistication.
You Did Not Just Attack TLC! It would be ok if all I ever watched was Long Island Medium.
Long Island Medium gets me all the time
"😘" OMG Long Island Medium just blew me a kiss. My day is complete. Right back atcha Blondie 😘 lol
when does the new season of Long Island Medium start ?
Just had to explain to my mother that, like God, Criss Angel and the Long Island Medium are fake.
She doesn't style her hair like the Long Island Medium because she loves herself. This is a cry for help.
A lot of them are for when we shot the Long Island Medium parody! Looks like we may need to do a Part two.
Have just found "Psychic TV"!!! Where has this been all my life? If only it had Long Island Medium on…
This is a copy of the Long Island Medium's new book signed for Desiree and Mattia from Theresa Caputo.…
Not all magic is bad, but a gift of good ! Example; Long Island Medium - Theresa Caputo
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Long Island Medium makes me cry every time 😭 can I just meet Theresa Caputo please?
Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan welcomed "Long Island Medium" Theresa Caputo to "LIVE! with Kelly and Michael" on Friday, September 14, 2012. She stayed ...
Long Island Medium always makes me cry πŸ˜”πŸ˜‚
Good question, I will answer it for you..You asked this, I have a staff and a magic wand, I do the same thing Moses did with his staff, I practice magic.. here is my answer.. Really? I will quote Jesus, you neither know the power of God or the Scriptures.. One God gave Moses the staff It had the POWER OF GOD IN God's command it became a serpent, and Moses picked it up by the tail and it became a staff, at God's command.. when Moses appeared before Pharaoh, Moses used The Power of God, not magic arts, the magicians in Pharaoh's kingdom could not compare to God's power.. God laughed at Pharaoh's magicians, Also, the staff by the word and power of God parted the red sea, so the Iserealites could walk through on dry ground. Magic arts and the Power of God are 2 different things.. one is a farse one is Real..I choose The Rock that which is Christ.. for he can make water come out of a Rock, and he can, raise the dead.. by his power...Long Island Medium says the spirit told me or the spirit says.. what sp ...
Review of Blithe Spirit by Harley Strickland " I had a most enjoyable evening last night at the Gateway Center for the Arts.The superb cast recreated this Noel Coward piece set in the early 1930's.f you like good theatre you should call for tickets either this weekend or next.. I especially liked the clever dialogue in the second act between the three main characters.The music set just the right tone. I'll be loving you always brought back may happy memories.The world of spirit and mediums continues today in a modern setting on tv with the Long Island Medium. Linda Bishop ,the Director has once again assembled a fine cast..This is community theatre not to be missed. She has recaptured the time , place,and people/spirits. Finally please let your friends know about Bllithe Spirit. Harley
Guess who gets to see Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium tonight, ME !
Today I shall be saying 'validate', in the style of Long Island Medium's Theresa Caputo, to excess.
Theresa Caputo, star of Long Island Medium, will be appearing live in LA
This week on Long Island Medium, up to her crazy schemes again, Theresa Caputo learns to use a blender! ...
There's a Long Island Medium marathon on Discovery Home and Health. Still not convinced it isn't just one big pisstake.
Theresa Caputo, psychic medium of the hit TLC show, Long Island Medium is in this week at
A8: Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium was fun too. "I'm sensing some loss".
If Bellatrix Lestrange and the Long Island Medium had a child, it would be my hair
I'm watching Long Island Medium where she visits the jail. is such a inspiration to go there and give lovely messages
Going to see Theresa Caputo tonight, the Long Island Medium! Hopefully Big Daddy and Fausto can make their way through the crowd and give me some encouraging words and let me know they're looking after Salmita and I! We could use it!
In bed last night, the wife was watching "My 5 Wives" and "Long Island Medium." The gates of *** can't be much differen…
For those that attended the Theresa Caputo ( Long Island Medium ) signing...
Admission 1: I watch Long Island Medium. Admission 2: it makes me cry.
Looks like I get to go see Long Island Medium tonight!! Just won tickets thanks to the awesome radio station here in Salina :)
You know you need to get a life other than television when the girl you see with Teresa Caputo on Long Island Medium is the SAME girl you see on Dateline on ID being murdered by her husband! WTH!
Holy bejeezus has it been a crazy time to be the lone publicist for All Jane No *** Comedy Festival. 2 nights down, 3 to go. Time to lay on the couch in my Homer Simpson jammies, share a sandwich with my dog, and binge-watch Long Island Medium like a civilized human being.
I miss being lazy and watching Long Island Medium at my hotel. :(
Guess what I'm doing. Packing for another trip tomorrow. Surprise I know. But I can't wait, I'm going with 5 other amazing women to New Orleans. We are going to see Teresa Caputo, I AKA The Long Island Medium. Then gonna do some shopping Saturday on Royal St and in the French Market.
Going to watch Long Island Medium that we DVR'ed and have a bite of supper to eat. Love the cooler weather and look forward to it being cold
Sorry Long Island medium but the lady from angels among us is amazing πŸ‘ΌπŸ˜‡
Knew it was PMS when I caught myself crying hysterically to Long Island Medium earlier πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
So excited to see The Long Island Medium with Cara Rheinschmidt next friday!!
Long Island medium new favourite show 😍
*sees lady with long nails and big blonde hair*. Peter: Oh my god it's the Long Island Medium
Out of all the tv shows I can pickC I choose Long Island Medium πŸ˜ͺ
Long Island medium always makes celine cry she cant even how cute❀
Long island medium has me in TEARS. This girls husband died the night of their wedding
Who doesn't love The Long Island Medium? She went purple for Spirit Day.
the Long Island medium lady is in Kalamazoo the 27th 😱
Let's be real I could watch Long Island Medium all day everyday😁
Long Island Medium Powerful messages at Jacksonville show last night. Lesson: don't wait. Be present with loved ones now.
If I ever ran into Theresa the Long Island medium, I think I'd just cry off jump.
I'm watching Long Island medium & they're getting a cheesesteak from the same place 5sos got one lmfao
The Long Island medium is so fascinating idk I love her
Watching Long Island medium gives me the chills & makes me cry.. I wish I had the chance to communicate w/ my aunt one last time πŸ˜”
If you don't cry while watching Long Island medium then you're wrong
Long Island medium gives me chills every time.
Long Island medium make me cry every time!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜­
Sitting here drinking hot tea, looking out the window at the rain and watching Long Island Medium. Perfect β™₯
what the heck is with Long Island Medium making me cry?! My goodness
Long Island medium is my favourite show ever
Brb bawling because is making me watch Long Island Medium.
Cry every single time I watch Long Island medium no matter what
Man, Long Island Medium gets me every time i watch it😰😭
Why is my mom torturing herself with Long Island Medium?
Watching the saddest episode of Long Island Medium on this depressing *** day was not the best life choice 😒😭
Long Island medium got me feeling some typa way
does spirit know people in the physical world change the channel at even the slightest hint of Long Island Medium coming on?
Long Island Medium is funny bc people actually believe it
Long Island Medium will forever have my heart. πŸ˜ͺβ€οΈπŸ‘Ό
Michael needs to go somewhere I'm here watching Long Island medium crying why he's just staring at me.
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The Long Island medium always gets to me
It never fails that every time I watch Long Island Medium I cry. Every. Single. Time.
Balling my eyes out watching Long Island medium, neverfails
I literally had Long Island Medium on for two minutes and I'm already crying πŸ˜‘
Is there such thing as watching an episode of Long Island medium and not crying?
Long island medium did it again! Can't watch that show without crying!
Long Island Medium never fails to make me cry 😭😭
Bawling my eyes out to Long Island Medium 😭😒
Crying like a baby over Long Island medium
Shjsnsb I can't watch long island medium its too emotional hu
When kids get read and cry on Long Island Medium it absolutely KILLS ME
This Long Island medium episode right now 😒😭
I watch Long Island Medium an cry like a baby every time.
Cannot make it through 5 seconds of Long Island Medium without sobbing
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