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Long Drive

Long drive is a competitive sport where success is derived by hitting a golf ball the farthest by driving.

Okay, I will test you a few days before with details. Long range weather forecast looks good. I'll drive. So excited!!! :)
Mayo fans best be practicing their disappointed look; its a long drive home for a sore face πŸ˜‚ 🏐
I could watch this all day long. What a drive.
Great day yesterday. Bought all the Moulettes offerings. Listening now on the long drive back down the A1
Just did a LONG drive through Iowa and can confirm this.🌽
I am missing the Chimay glass. Long drive for a glass! Fill it with beer and possibly!
Can’t Wait to drive down the A702 and as the road bends on the approach to hillend see that amazing view of the forth. Gonna be long month
Finally I can drive! I have waited so long for this. Bye bye current car ✌🏻️
Now finally women can drive themselves! Why has it taken so long! Does it have a…
How long will it take Pulis to drive up to Stoke?
When Lewis is in this mood I long for the engineer to say "Lewis just drive the fecking car and STFU!) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lake Erie is gonna have a long drive home
Beach Drive rehab will give us a taste of a painful full roadway shutdown Long overdue but still tough to take.
Not looking forward to this long drive
14 Minutes and a long Wymondham drive tipped over well by hope; resulting corner comes to nothing.
taking a long drive as proscribed but my traveling partner has his own mind while I enjoy
All purpose parts banner
I'm being a bit impulsive but for the first time in a long time I've had a drive to draw so I want to keep it going.
I don't know how long I can put off having to drive back down SW 😩
How long can you really drive on an empty tank? Here's what you need to know:
I'll bet she did! I had a few beers but still had a long drive. I fell asleep pretty quick too.
Either way, just as long as NEITHER of them actually drive.
I'm really not excited for this long *** drive home this afternoon πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ
Was it just a dream. That happened long ago?.. Well it hasn't been the first time. And it sure does drive me mad.
it's a long drive from Montana to Wick, but I'd love to
I always forget my drive to work takes half as long on a Sunday morning and end up 30 minutes early.
Rooney booked, looking like a confused Orangutang talking to the ref. Long drive back to Cornwall and Surrey
That's gonna be a long half hour drive home for the United fans... 😁😁
We're a long way from that. Last 3 years has killed teams identity and drive. Almost nothing left.
Take me on a drive to somewhere pretty w/ good music & I'll love you long time
Preparing for a long drive home! 7 hrs is a breeze, see you all soon!
After a LONG drive. QB Jalil Morris takes it in himself for the TOUCHDOWN! 47-13 .41 Q3
Little Giant Ladders
How long after the sesh can you drive? I need food man!
Super sleepy and this is a long drive 😿
.stout defense, long 4th-quarter offensive drive seal victory for the Warhawks over Mukwonago. h…
The perfect weather for a long drive on a Sunday evening! Wait, I don't have my car with me. Nor my bike.
Made a video after a long time! Give it a watch and let me know how it is!
Who will come with me for long drive
Here's to another long drive home and attempting not use all my data. Texts are welcomed. iPod will be plugged in.
Rapid fire . 1. Long Drive or House Party. 2. Candle light dinner or Dinner on terrace . 3. Humour or Looks .
Leaving Maryland uggg long drive ahead and don't wan to go back to school!:(
Here you go beaut as promised 😘 from thank you❀️ Now for a long drive back to Wales 😭 https:…
Back in July I lost 3 stories I had been working on for A LONG TIME! Due to a hard drive failure.
Like a real patari, never stops from surprising me. Listening to the long drive compilation and it's Doodh Jal…
I know! I drive past it when I'm going to my parents'. I used to go into it when it was XtraVision - LONG time ago!
Haven't seen Hamilton drive a worse weekend than this in a long time. Literally no where.
I long for an endless drive with gospel music playing in the background. *Sigh*. The day shall surely come.
I'm sensing a) you're not driving b) you're a bit bored on the long drive today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The long drive home after a road loss is even worse!!
Yeah, I was. It was a long drive to get there.
Only 3 drive by caches today. I hope this bad back doesn't last too long πŸ™
Morning! . Last night was so fun, groupsex with 3 other people and sucked a taxi drivers *** for a long free drive😈 http…
"I don't care what you drive as long as your nice" . *only dates guys with a minimum of a 6 inch lift*
Been away a. Long wile but the level of the new beats is high not gpna lie got stacks of fresh barz too diffrent drive in life now.
yes .. long bloody drive though .. still, I managed to stock up on haggis and lorne sausage .. every rejection has a silver lining
that's what I'm thinking but also want something I am happy to drive and sit in on long distances
I need someone to bring me a long drive πŸ™ˆ
I drove so long for this and even with a new show date my parents won't drive me again is it to much to want an explanation?
Sitting back relaxing after a long drive from Rapid City... Great times... But I could really use a nap or two
someone dm/text me on this long drive to Colorado :-) pls
Sometimes I wanna drive a long nail into my forehead with my fist but I'm good :)
On a very large streetlight manifesto kick on this long *** drive down to Orlando. No complaints except this heat.
Gou drove us there. It was a somewhat long drive but he said he had been there before and felt it was worth it.
How long are City fans going to sit back and allow and to drive out of this city?! Its staggering!
We put our 2016 F-150 through the paces so all you need to do is go on the test-drive:
getting ready for the long drive to my new house in LA // πŸ‘» lauvsongs
Wrapping, wrapping all day long. So thankful for everyone who donated to our pajama drive!
You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.
I need someone to come with to drive really far for a long time
Hate how I can't just call up my dad to take me for a long drive,And have a heart to heart conversation like we used toπŸ˜”
Trynna just go on a long drive away from here
Man ditches desk job to drive, hike and camp his way across country
Early bedtime tonight much needed after fun antics & a very long drive back to London. Sweet dreams. 😴
When the court I have to go to tomorrow is farther than my drive to Jersey, yet it's still Long Island. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
has anybody pointed out both Nola and Simmons attended LSU? That's kind of cool and random
Date VS Macaron 😍😍😍 Sooo worth the long drive from Abu Dhabi ... ... Make sure you add me on…
the Mets need to lose because my company is there and I want them all to be sad
Just wanna drive for a really long time and end up in a forest somewhere with no service and only nature surrounding me
Are you going on a long-distance drive soon? Don't forget to check your oil and properly inflate your tires!
Someone entertain me on this long drive. 😩
6 of pod casts downloaded ready for the long drive up to Scotland tomorrow
Another one that will drive you insane: Frank Darabont apparently has a screenplay for The Long Walk ready to go. He HA…
OK, fans, lets go, it's time to get Odubel into the ASG. Cot for El Torito lets go lets go lets go.
The drive-through is perfect for doing buisness emails...the line is long enough, and you are in a great mood...cuz πŸ”πŸŸ duh
I dont understand why my dad insists on driving everywhere. Texas is a long *** drive lol
Just gonna go on a long drive and hope I drive into a ditch or something. 😧
Being able to drive from pomona to long beach with no traffic >>>
Bout to bump TLOP, on this hr long drive
Sat in a very long Starbucks line and then got my drink paid because people are awesome even though they can't use a drive-thru.
You better and 5 hours is a long drive who you going with?
I have a numb bum from this long drive
that is such a long drive omg I couldn't do itπŸ˜‚
I did this a while ago. WHEN IS IT GOING TO GET HERE???
Phillies DFA Emmanuel Burriss to make room for Jimmy Parades.
Just want to go on a long drive smoke n talk about everything with somebody.
Would like to print this out and have him sign it at the Phestival tbh...
Why would the new sonicdrivein be this long on opening day @ Sonic Drive-In…
Was a long drive but spending time in WI Dells, Wished you could be here. Hope you are doing good. Headed to water park soon.
Wanna go for a long drive with good music and windows down😴🌻
Anu Anupam: Perfect weather for a long drive..
Just want to get in the car and take a long drive
That happened when I had a bad anxiety meltdown not too long ago and impulsively went on a long *** drive, it just made things worse lmao.
This day feels like it's dragging. Long drive just won't end.
He needs to work on driving the ball when he gets his pitch
Perfect weather for a long drive.. @ Novotel Hotel Kolkata
when is a Nick Williams call up likely
what does he need to work on in AAA that he can't figure out in majors? making the routine plays still?
Listed by Mike Nichols, this 3 bedroom Long Beach home is everything you need.
Long drive home and is spittin some TRUTH. You should listen.
Even such planned drive also might become futile, for misdeeds of congress for long , its harm to indian soul.
Police called for what happened after long McDonald's drive thru line
I listened to "Long Drive" and I heard some real potential, fellow North Carolinian. πŸ˜€
My dad is teaching me how to drive and long story short, I almost crashed the car
On a whim I decide to drive the long-term M235i convertible 420 miles to Sacramento this morning.
Check out make official announcement for World Long Drive Championship…
Now I have to drive to Magic Mountain after a long 3 days..😑
This morning I had to take an hour long conference call (on my day off) then had to drive to Lincoln to find signs
3.5 hours drive left to St. Louis... Been a long drive from SF.
Stay at home for as long as you can, until YOU feel ready. Save your money. Learn to drive if you want. Independence comes…
Enjoyed it as always guys! long drive is definitely one the rise!
my sister's job that has the fencing and the long drive. I haven't been able to get a picture as it is generally night when we go by there
But as long as they drive themselves it's okay, right?
Live long and prosper. And drive your track-only on the road with a conversion pack!
Country music never fails to make me want to take a long drive with the windows down on an sunny summer afternoon
So I had a dream I went to a village Mexican into nastier tried to help some guys and girls shoot in a limo over a long drive & read a card
Bout ready to drive a long way for some Popeyes
yeah honestly that is a bit smarter. As long as you don't drive around and atuff
idk why I chose to move to this area 😭 (jk yes I do, it's pretty) I just have a long drive tonight and red bluff ***
"Analytic insights will drive innovation and long-term staying power across all industries,"
9am Britannia Stadium, Stoke, in cool sunshine. 10 clubs, so halfway there. Long drive to Norwich now. M6 toll road? http…
At the end of the day I really don't care how much money I make, what I drive, or how big my house is, as long as I hav…
Why is the waiting list for a driving test so long, just want to be able to drive
Career?? What career?? You have never made one single penny doing long drive! You finish DEAD LAST in EVERY event!
Long drive someone please keep me company
What a nice day today, wish I could go fishing or go for a long drive.
It's a long drive to go to Chula Vista 😭😭
Someone please text me on this long *** drive. πŸ˜”
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Finally home, bloody long drive home!
I know. 😩 Sadlifee. I just hatee the drive cause it's so long and I get bored. Ha
I want a slushie. But 7-11 is a quarter of a mile from my house and that's such a long drive
*** that was the nicest drive home I've had in a long timeπŸ‘ŒπŸ» actually had the widows down for a change
Chickfila and Starbucks. Two of the only places I'll wait in a long *** drive thru line for an overpriced meal or drink
Let's see how long it really takes to drive 600 miles. 😎
Finally heading home after almost 2 weeks on the road. It's a 17.5 drive so we'll see how long it takes.
In the kind of mood to go on a long drive with some good friends and listen to my favorite tunes.✌️
My pic Boats on Beer Beach is selected 4 Bath Soc of Art Open! V prestigious show, so worth the long drive now!
Mark cooper states the players aren't driving him out ,, they won't fookin drive me out either..I'll still be around when their long gone .
That was a long drive home traffic chaos through Ashton nightmare...
That didn't last long...goes first-pitch swinging and pulls a line drive HR of his own to RF! 2-1 USC http…
please can you play Free by on the got a long drive home from work & need something to keep me going!
So so tired but cannot wait for a nice little drive and catch up with it's been too long πŸ™ˆπŸ˜
The long drive in car selfie , time to rest up 2 weeks recovery and…
Really in the mood for a long drive with no real destination
Does this mean you get to go home? In other thoughts, that's a really long drive to make and not have clients show.
Arrived in Canada after long overnight drive. Tonite we rock in Ottawa & tomorrow in Toronto!!
Can't wait to get home and drive my whip, been too long!!πŸ˜’πŸš—
Traveling mercies and prayers are always welcome when i have a long drive ahead by myself---off to Oklahoma City...
Is it a long drive to get your computer looked at? We offer remote support so you can get help fast and save on gas! (780) 679-0355.
Oh it's cold outside, such a long wait on MtA bus.. Got to learn to drive 😬
Not ready for this long drive back home πŸ™„πŸ˜­
sure hope so. Don't want that last verse in "Long Drive Home" to become creepy
This long car drive got me thinking about alot of πŸ’©.
There's nothing like going for a long drive, putting a country station on, and thinking about life
Let's go for a long drive to nowhere in particular
The last drive was a long shot, but the play calling was poor. Way too conservative
Whole drive they do dump off passes, then when they have the chance to do one to get the ball to the 25 with a play left they go long
Go For A Long Drive Together ... 900+ to with someone new through in 200+ Cities. Join
Meet Black Singles 300x250
that was such a long drive for me lol but it was cool insight, even tho I had fought questions to ask πŸ˜‚
If JB can come back after the last few years I can survive this meeting and the long drive to tech... Right ?
It was heartbreaking today. A long, wet, dark drive to and what happens? That’s right, I dropped half of my pork pie.
No better book to listen to on this long 7 hour drive. The only thing getting me through LA traffic
So there's to many people that have taken my bed for a test drive the list too long to narrow down I just hope y'all leave a tip next time
Are we able to drive up and just drop off, or is the traffic backed up? The shuttle line is really long.
I just wanna go on a long drive to anywhere and blare the music
We have a LONG drive ahead of us today. You all have heard the 5 "P"s. Prior planning prevents…
Just cancelled my flight ... This drive is gonna be long 😩
Back in Cape Town. What a long drive
Long *** drive to Tallahassee an back to tampa
I'll drive in my car as long as you promise we'll go somewhere where the stars meet the sky
Feeling very full! After a long drive dropped off Connie on Shropshire (high tea) then an hour later arrived at in laws (supper)! πŸ–πŸ·πŸ–
hmmm maybe drop me a text if you end up out tonight or just drop me a text anyway cos on a long drive tinggg X
can't drive more than 5 miles without a slowdown. Gonna be a long day.
1990 motorhome hymer cruse at 65mph plus drive out of alps. Not many holdup. Lots of peple making way home. Had two long stops
I just want to go for a long drive, but my gas tank says no.
. Oh I'm sure we'll be fine. Our offense is built to grind out a long time consuming drive.
Let thought-leader James Wexler expand your knoweldge and drive your business!
A long drive is exactly what I need right now. πŸ’†πŸ»
Aaaaye the spaceship isn't driveable till Wednesday, and then I can't drive it for god knows how long again πŸ˜πŸ”«
I would rather fly than drive long distance coz the fear is short-lived
Whenever I'm upset I just go for a long drive
Just got back from my grandparents house. Man that was a long drive back
I'm surprised this isn't sold out. Athens isn't that long a drive away from Jacksonville
As long as I can listen to music I could drive all day
This would be a nice time for to go on a long-clock eating drive for a TD!
I don't even care if I have to drive an ugly car when I get my license, as long as I don't have to depend on people for rid…
Franklin did no service to McSorley on that drive, open up with a big first down pass, then 2-wasted runs force 3rd long …
Come out to the El Paso Country Club to watch the Long Drive & Putting Contests. Starts at 9am and Lee Trevino will be in attendance.
If a Long Drive guy ever came to Manhattan Country Club, they'd have to only play nine holes and swing at every other green.
🎢This life-long search is gonna drive me insane...🎢 I'll wait forever,…
Cannot complain having a long drive on a day like this 😎
. 9) How long did it take the Pastoralists to create the 4 Wheel Drive Carts?
β€œAs long as you are happy and passionate, you will do well. If you have that drive, you are going to be successful.”
Rain is great except when you have to drive to school westbound in long island rush hour traffic
Been to long since I had to drive my car to work
Not looking forward to the long drive back to Essex tonight πŸ™ˆ there had better be wine in the fridge! πŸ’‹
Had one of the best drive today; a long drive with Sawah Padi on both sides of the road and enjoyed every bits of it.
I'd love to go, I'll have to check prices. 1, how far is it there, well more importantly how long is the drive?
Game Day! Ready to take on Rabun Co. & Rabun Gap tonight at 5&6pm. It's a long drive but our next home game is Sep 22 (…
Long Drive contest is 2day wonder if Bubba Watson will take his ball cry & run home like last yr
Can't wait until Long Drive by Jordan Taylor (comes out. Check out his music video "Need Each Other".
The local Starbucks has a drive-through. The line is currently 16 cars long.
Caffeine for the long drive on 3 hours of sleep... (@ Shilla Bakery & Cafe in Fairfax, VA) –  10% Off
Long drive. Could end in burning flames or paradise
111 BUSCH DRIVE with Clydesdales Hitch Experience all weekend long...
Tell them you can drive a fork lift truck, a milk float and a long axle mini bus, that should get you the job, I say.
Virginia to Massachusetts, this is going to be a long drive πŸ˜…πŸš—
Tomorrow long drive over the Alps down to Italy for last Henry Girls show at Abbazia di Rosazzo in Manzano
Me: How many baby spiders hatch at a time? . My memory serving me: hundreds, thousands. Me: This is gonna be a long uncomfortable drive.
In a car 8 hours today and then a long day to Oklahoma tomorrow πŸ˜– Already having nightmares about that drive through Missouri
After rehearsal likes to go for a long drive in the 442. . Photo by:
Someone needs to take me for a long drive around Auckland city, not say anything just blast Tonight - John Legend. Thats all I want in life.
Long drive down to Cardiff tomorrow😩. Excited to see and the other lads sing though and maybe some of you gu…
Getting closer to Getting in the mood on the long drive with A New Hope
Long day of travel ahead, Flight from Orlando to Baltimore, then from Baltimore to Nashville, then 3 hour drive from Nashville to home. :(
"Midnight, you come and pick me up, no headlights. A long drive, could end in burning flames or paradise"
I was gonna get Krispy Kreme last night but that line was long as *** 😭 inside & the drive thru
In the mood for a long sunset drive feat. good company and equally good music
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how long is wait for a bus at madeira drive going to be? Waiting 1 hour so far
Its been what, like 2 or 3 months since I've seen live? Three and a half hours isnt that long of a drive
On the way to E NE today! Hoping to see some storms. Long drive ahead.
Barely in Calallen. This is gonna be a long drive 😩
We are taking a long drive right now and I'm just super happy
Really wanted to go back through the drive thru & ask for a refill, but I learned a long time ago not to be that guy
So you invite me out for my birthday dinner, make me drive a long way, then don't talk to me. Okay.
I just wanna go for a drive and walk down-town before this long weekend is up
Why is the Taco Bell drive thru line always soo longπŸ˜’πŸ˜‘
Long drive home from the party of the century
I need a long drive to clear my head
Can't be tired from a long drive and miss my parent. πŸ˜’
How long the drive from Ohio to Richmond, va? Anybody know?
Took the long way home just so I could drive the passat a little longer πŸ˜‚
Because who doesn't need an ice cream cone for a long drive home
Headed for bed. Long drive to PA tomorrow for orientation. I'll be online β™‘ Nice to hear from you! G'night my friend.
Long *** drive back home because I packed my bag but forgot my dress for tonight on my bed πŸ˜–πŸ˜žπŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Poor after a long day he has to drive home from NE with only CQ's boring stories to keep him from dozing off.
Gonna go for a long drive by myself like I used to, & stroll by all of the places that remind me of you :-)
Someone go on a long drive with me right now please😞
omg I haven't seen that thing in so long lol I can't believe he let u drive itπŸ˜‚
I read they'd been up since 4 am, still had long drive & one stayed w/body. They just needed food & coffee for drive.
Come on, we're going on a long drive
extra long distance rear 4engine jet This format of design makes wings more aerodynamic No drive by wire
Long walk, brunch, beers and a drive with one of your best friends. Thanks Tom!
Getting some time in after a long drive.
omg my nails are tapping on the keyboard again. girls with long nails DO NOT do computer work - that is a fact. they'd drive themselves mad.
and long drive. Early modest mouse just kills my heart
Link to FDA Guidance document for New Drug Applications by Researchers. Only 28 pages long.
john I usually hate dding but I havent been able to drive in so long that I'm perfectly okay with dding tonight
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Ima drive the long way home tonight.
This long weekend let's drive carefully and be safe.
OMG must've been a *** of a long drive from Limerick to Dublin!!
I feel like I have jet lag. I hate that long *** drive
It's been a long day. Albuquerque to Little Rock in a 16' Penske Truck. A short 5 hour drive to my final...
Just left house now and already want to kill parents.. this is going to be a long 18 hour drive
Bouta make this music playlist cause it's gonna be a long drive back to VA.
I really just want to take a nice, long drive in my new car.
"She would've made this day. This is a long *** drive Y˜©ai¸. It's basically a storm outside, if you think
As long as he keeps looking to drive the ball up the middle...yes...
Finally home after a long drive. :P
4hour drive πŸš—πŸ’¨ . U kno I'm about dat action, u been around me too long not to kno dat,
Summer-long food drive begins with Miners home opener
Want a relationship that lasts as long as Davis drive construction
I wanna go on a long drive and just vibe 🎢
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
That's a wrap! It's going to be a long drive home. Regram from bbernartphoto.
I need to chill I got a long drive Tamar
Wana go out for a long drive but I have no friends lol
Niall's the type of bf to drive around for a long time in search of your favorite restaurant even though you told him you'll …
ATL🚚MIA Long drive when you can only go 75! ATL I'm home baby by romottley
nope probably have to drive a long way to find a Starbucks lol πŸ˜‚ I leave on the 12th!! Super excited but A little nervous.😧
Beer & card games = long night & early morning which = a long day and an even longer drive home
From now on if I go anywhere that's more than a 5 hour drive I'm flying, these long drives do not make sense
Nothing better than just going for a long drive when you need to just get it all out
I went to Lukut on Friday and just came home yesterday. Phew~ what a long drive (ok im not used to driving, it was my longest drive so far)
I will never understand how Starbucks drive thru on Day St is always on stand still!! Plus they don't apologize for the long wait. 😑
it would be alot easier if I lived in the city lol. It takes so long to drive to the arenas especially with traffic.
Its too beautiful to sit here. I need to go for a walk or a bike ride or a long drive or something
I need a long drive and someone to talk too
A long drive is just what the doctor ordered right now
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riding to Florida is a long *** ride the drive back to Georgia feel like it's longer
the road is long and I am tired but you are my horizon I will drive until it all breaks down
Only thing that appeals to me on a Sunday night is a long drive
I want to go on a long drive somewhere
Still bumpin and and im about to drive long distance and yall know what ill be bumpin😊
Sometimes you just have to take a long drive alone to get things off your mind 😐
I just need to take a long drive somewhere .
there's just so much more stuff between Dallas & Ft Worth, it doesnt FEEL like a long drive...or like you're going "out of town"
it's only 2 hours, but still that's a long drive._. ugh I dunnoπŸ˜“
Well it was a fun night. Happy birthday Tyler. Now for the long drive back being hung over
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