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Long Branch

Long Branch is a city in Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States. As of the 2010 United States Census, the city population was 30,719.

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On the bright side, I made it out of Long Branch with two fully functioning knees
People always talkin bout how wack long branch is but y'all aren't trying to get out. Please stfu
Photos of the 01/01/15 swearing in ceremony at West Long Branch are now posted
Took way too long for people to stop hating on Branch. Boy's got a good heart...
Long Branch wrestling team rallies for win over Wall.
been standing at queen and university for 20 minutes without a 501 long branch. Multiple Humber cars though.
St. Anthony Jersey City Coach Bob Hurley today at the HoopGroup Tourney in Long Branch.…
fave this for a somewhat honest DM BC long car ride
Sunday long run at Nate's house. 625 box branch circle meet at 6:45am, start running at 7am. All are welcome. Talk with coach about distance
I could comma in a circle on my hand and my feet, passin joints as long as a branch cuz it's family tree
Check out highlights and post-game reaction from all five games in Long Branch at the Boardwalk Showcase
Had a long conversation with my daddy today& it only made my decision to move to the A next year stronger I have to branch out💁👌
Wow, 3D printers have really come a long way.
Wondering just how long a Canadian branch of a would last, given their penchant for publishing racist images?
Looks like it's the Long Branch for me tonight!
Your MVPS. Matawan's Jason Dunne 16 pts, Manasquan's Luke O'Shaughnessy 15 pts. That will do it from Long Branch High School.
Hi Alex, I'd like to share your fb about the long wait w/mgmt. Could you send us a DM with the location of the branch? Thx. ^at
At Shorefire Recording Studios in Long Branch NJ working on new songs! Who wants to hear them?! 🎵😉
Sitting at a hotel bar preparing for Seattle Thinking about Rye and Long Branch. Ha!
A Long Branch man, convicted decades ago of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl in the city, has always...
just emailed a complaint tea branch to helphow long before I can expect a reply please?
Shore's Dan Largey takes home MVP honors after dropping 25 on Long Branch.
Time is up in Long Branch, The Colts fall to St. Anthony's 60-35. Pat Andre led the Colts in points with 17
CORRECTION: Make that Admission to get into Long Branch high school today for the Hoop Group games is $13 for adults and $6 for students.
hi Laurel here in Long Branch where the sun is shining on all manner of icy landscapes
Taurean Thompson throws down a dunk in front of a sold out crowd here at Long Branch
Jampacked house here at Long Branch, St. Ant going about business as usual, hold CBA to 15 pts from 3 scorers. McGuire scoreless
Next up is Rumson-Fair Haven vs Point Beach in the 4th game today at Long Branch High School at the boardwalk
Long branch had an awesome day defeating Wall, river dell, and rbc good job wrestling today boys
travels to Long Branch HS to meet up with the always talented St. Anthony HS.
Long lost , South Fork Branch,you were born to be @ ScuttleButt Lodgewink !
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Red Bank Catholic 67, Long Branch 45. Che’Kasha Andrews had a game-high 22 for Long Branch (5-2), which had its...
Red Bank Catholic faces off against Long Branch in boys basketball
I phoned your Dagenham branch and was told you haven't done it for a long time? Would have gone there last night otherwise!
Well it was a good night!!! We chilled at long branch n' celebrated the beginning of a new year...we had maybe 5 drinks...went to steak n'...met another friend there n' I ate like a pig!!! Now I am home safe n' was a good night!!! I had a blast... Thanks for celebrating Dee SassyPants Dillion...💜☝🍹🌝
Long Branch Saloon's kitchen destroyed in morning fire. (Sent from KTUU)
so upset I won't see you in West Long Branch for a bit :(
SBSU Long Valley branch manager Reese to retire
pls o is Calabar branch not part of ur bank? Just 1 branch! D place looks like a market square, even customer care has long lines!
Lol ok I just saw on the news it said 18 in Long Branch
I wonder what's going on in Long Branch rn 👀
Photo: Reunited for the New Year with my long lost lovers and
I didn't realize there was a Long Branch Saloon in Anchorage.
Actually made it to church . Hello Long Branch Baptist 👋
how much beef could Jeff sell if kelly gave him a tree? then when kelly gave him a tree and he saw a face how long would the branch be?
Congrats branch!! As long as you keep God first, this will only be the beginning of many great things! Proud of you bro! ✊🏀
Donna says the last / first day of the year is no night to cook (@ Sirena Ristorante in Long Branch, NJ)
Long Branch Saloon kitchen destroyed in early morning fire
Mom and dad are going to Long Branch and told me I might have to be their DD. Good thing I don't have plans
Long Branch Saloon kitchen destroyed by fire. This is a state of emergency for Anchorage burger & fries aficionados.
Danny Rongo has a show on 01/02/2015 at 06:00 PM @ Ocean Place Resort an... in Long Branch, NJ
bad service at Sutton in Ashfield branch too long wait went in at 8:30 came out 11:23
Thank you 2014 for my wishes that came true 💛🌴 thank you for the best memories @ Long Branch Beach
York wanted Harbaugh out long before Roman was "a problem."
Ending the year where it all began ☀️🌊 @ Long Branch Beach
Does anyone have an up-to-the-minute update on Long Branch Saloon? cc
still have to drive all the way to long branch... I just wanna pop champagne
Dear West Long Branch and Monmouth U,. You have no idea about what is going to hit you tonight. Love,. freehold
The good thing is *** you came a long way, the bad news *** is you went the wron way
UAW teachers branch joins boycott of Israel.Not long before call for another holocaust
Long branch tonight. Will be a good time with loud *** music.
Shed a tear for my home port, the Long Branch Saloon. I wish you a speedy recovery.
Twelve AFD units respond to morning fire at Long Branch Saloon; no injuries reported.
Long Branch Saloon's kitchen destroyed in morning fire
AFD investigating cause of morning fire that destroyed the Long Branch Saloon's kitchen:
AFD responds to fire at Long Branch Saloon
UPDATE: 501 Queen turning back east at Humber Loop due to emergency track repairs. Shuttles operating to Long Branch Loop.
Getting a branch toward spirited sympathy dallas is not straight a perplexity as long as anyone: MZpS
Long Branch Crossing: Welcome to LongBranch Crossing, a 2,785-acre one-of-kind property. that...
Ticket link for the Hookers & Blow & Comedy show this Fri, Jan 2 at Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ. Hope to see ya! …
They have been cooperating for a long time.
Hi there. Are you heading east or west from Long Branch? ^NC
will there be buses at Long Branch heading west to Clarkson/Burlington? need to make contigency plans
Buses replaced the radial line west of Long Branch in 1935. Today the 501 Queen and 508 Lake Shore streetcars run as far as Long Branch. 5/5
Notes from the A&E Biography episode about Bruce Springsteen He was born as Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen on September 23, 1949 in Long Branch, New Jersey In 1956, Bruce Springsteen had been inspired to take up music after Bruce Springsteen saw Elvis Presley on "The Ed Sullivan Show" In 1964, a major turning point for Bruce Springsteen occurred with "The Beatles'" appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show" In 1965, his mother took out a loan to buy a $60 Kent guitar, which was an act that he subsequently memorialized in his song "The Wish" In the late 1960s, he acquired the nickname "The Boss" during this period when he played club gigs with a band he took on the task of collecting the band's nightly pay and distributing it amongst his bandmates In 1972, Bruce Springsteen signed a record deal with Columbia Records with the help of John Hammond, who had signed Bob Dylan to the same label a decade earlier In January, 1973, when his debut album, which was titled "Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.", he was esta ...
There was a great crowd that came out on a beautiful Sunday for the Long Branch
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Long Branch, NJ Monmouth County 3rd Avenue and Morris Avenue pedestrian struck by auto and now stuck underneath the auto (via ATF-1)
I'm going to at Sawa Pier Village in Long Branch, NJ - Dec 13
Good night at the Long Branch tree lighting ceremony at Pier Village with city council members
Finally a RocknRoll Chorus show today at Pier Village in Long Branch at 4pm! Feel free to show up ✌️🎅🎶
Dr. Henry Cram of Long Branch and Paul Crupi of Ocean were sworn in as the newest members of the Brookdale...
Signed up for the New Jersey / Long Branch half marathon (five months is enough time to train, isn't it?!
Jaydakis Scott and Ricky Sisto... Long Branch grads. Nate Knox too... So proud!
Red Bank and Long Branch tied 2-2. Randy Boehler and Justin Gilson goals for RB, Sam Hernandez and Juan Carlos Merino for LB.
Family Friday: Summer Vacations in the 70's For one week in August each year during the 70’s, we took a family vacation “down the shore”. Some of those times my aunts and uncles and cousins would go also go down for the same week, all of us descending on Long Branch, Bradley Beach, and Asbury Park and setting up quarters within blocks of each other. Typically, around February or March of the year, my parents would take my two sisters and I for a rideto the shore to look for “a place”, as we called it. This meant a one hour drive would be at least two hours because my father would inevitably get off at the wrong exit. Once in the beach town we would parade in and out of countless motel rooms, “housekeeping units” and studios apartments as my parents talked with the owners about the rates and weeks available. We would fall in love with this or that until then watch the tense process of seeing what weeks were available and whether they coincided with the one week my father had requested a ...
Long Branch and Rumson-Fair Haven high schools battle to determine who has the most school spirit this week in our new contest. The goal? Share, promote and watch the video as much as possible for the chance to win a cash prize. Watch their videos at
A mom who walked in on the most horrible thing imaginable paid for that with her life. Police believe that foster mom Joan Colbert walked in on her cousin, Brian Farmer, taking sexually explicit photographs of Colbert's 10-year-old foster daughter. They believe that after she confronted Farmer, he killed both her and the girl. Mom and foster child were both found dead of strangulation in their Long Branch, New Jersey, home. Police eventually found photos of the girl on Farmer's cellphone and were able to piece together what they believe happened. Farmer allegedly forced the girl to perform a sexual act as well as engage in sexual acts with him while he recorded it. After the pair were found murdered, a relative says Farmer actually came to the funeral and hugged him and asked how he was doing. You can only imagine how the mom felt walking in on this kind of horrific sight -- and the chaos that would have erupted. Which one of us wouldn't be enraged and threaten the man? Unfortunately, this allegedly spell ...
Don't miss Stormin' Norman Seldin at SAWA at Pier Village in Long Branch this Saturday night (September 6)!. Read...
Long Branch in late summer evening glory. Cure for what ails...
Who's at Pier House in Long Branch tonight? Beautiful night by the beach 4 a wonderful cause
continues. Oh what a night we had at Avenue in Long Branch back in 2010.
Sander is coming... 2nd annual this Saturday in Pier Village, Long Branch, NJ - register at…
I saw you guys get off the train at Long Branch last night at the last min
“Butler,” a new play staged by the New Jersey Repertory Company in Long Branch, addresses the thorny topics of slavery and duty with wit and wordplay.
I love Long Branch cant believe i didnt go this summer😞
Where back on the Beach today At 6pm-6:45 North Long Branch off of Seaview ave.
Some photos I took over in Long Branch at Avenue with Thomas Gold.
I haven't been down to LBI this summer but I'm glad I get to back down to the shore (Long Branch & Asbury Park) twice next month :)
Compared to other bird feathers, ostrich feathers have long barbs (the branch-like strands that run out from the...
The official site of the Long Branch Free Public Library
I’ve been doing this a long time… love doc… and no one knows. Not the consultants, not the branch Governor… no one
that was my question, too. And yeah, LPN. I'll branch into RN. Long term I want to be a nurse practitioner.
Fall into History this September, October, and November at Long Branch Plantation!
Hey Kathy! You can pop into any TD branch and as long as they have the cash on hand, you're good to go. Safe travels! ^SM
Yes, everyone's very nice to me. It's a small branch so I only have 4 coworkers including the manager. I work long days +
Hi Amy, we're sorry if you experienced a long wait in our branch. Can we ask if you managed to speak to an advisor? ^KA
Part of an amusement park in Long Branch, NJ which opened in 1978 and burned down in 1987. For more info check out
limited to 50... What, per branch? i bought a long term world gym membership back in the day, .. & it folded the next month
have funn. I might be in long branch this Sunday and Monday
Beach day in Long Branch with Marie, Mona, Tara & Lucy.
long branch and mt peak elem each had plaques that mentioned God and someone complained to Freedom From Religion
Who wants to go to long branch we are leaving in 1 hour
:D yeah, phantomjs is quite long to compile... take a look at 2.0 branch: better perf's, web sockets support etc...
Hi Freddie, please let us know which branch you visited and how long it was until you were assisted?
Not long now till our 3rd ISO SUSHI branch opens around September time :)
yo this girl in one of my classes is from long branch. Said she graduated in 04' I've never seen her a day in my life 😐
and Saturday were going to long branch for the beach. Pete friend has a mansion on the actual beach😍You're coming too
Bishop John Schol of & Eileen Lofrese of one of AFWH's most generous grantors, in Long Branch …
After a long day,Equity Bank Westlands Branch Manager makes my day. God bless her soul.
See upcoming events in Long Branch | Oceanport, NJ area
The Montgomery County library system’s first digital media lab at the Long Branch Library in Silver Spring has...
domain names
I just got home and I already want to go back to long branch
Manchester branch takes too long to bring food out Everytime I've been they have messed up on orders
Hi there, we apologize for the long wait and the inconvenience caused. Please give us the reason for your visit to the branch?
long branch bound off to New York City
We apologise for the long wait, Alexandru. Did you manage to complete everything you needed to do in branch today? ^JC
on my. First trial day at your Brighton branch , after not being told about the long stay option for parking I received a
Hi Roche, please let us know which branch you're visiting and how long you've been here for.
It won't be long until we have a branch of here in Guernsey.
Long que (@ bank of maldives kulhudhuffushi branch)
Was this at a branch? It seems like a very long time to wait. Could you provide me with more info? RB
Best work out .. trying to fight the rip current at long branch today..
I'm sorry for the long queues M- If you can tell me the location of the branch, I'd be more than happy to pass the feedback on ^SN
thanks for stopping by great job with study hall and my hometown Long Branch Bungalow Hotel
Its time to start letting cats branch out and fly on they own.. *** get too dependent when you titty feed they *** for too…
Always thought the long hair was odd. Also: Love Taylor Branch's account of trying to get him to endorse McGovern.
Sorry to hear of the long wait Jacklyn – I'd like to pass the feedback on to the branch if you can DM me details ^SN
The varsity field hockey field at Shore Regional High School in West Long Branch will be dedicated in the name of...
Driving to Long Branch, sharing real-time road info with wazers in my area. ETA 11:41 PM using - Drive Social.
awesome ! You've come a long way from telling Deon Branch "I have your coupon" 😄
Just lost at music trivia at Long Branch, team name you ask? 2 bags 4 balls, they loved us
Lisa Coppola has a show on 08/29/2014 at 06:00 PM @ Tiki Bar at Ocean Place in Long Branch, NJ...
Long Branch at Brick Memorial and Holmdel & Allentown at Middletown South. Reminder these scrimmages are subject to change
I've been to New York City, Long Branch, New Jersey, Austin, Texas & Phoenix, Arizona all in the past 24 hours.
Pictures of The Doughboys at The Stone Pony on June 20 2014. The band is back down the Jersey shore August 14 at Pier Village in Long Branch for a Free concert. Photos by Sandie Desiderio
Time and the sea have taken their toll on Stella Maris, a sprawling religious retreat in Long Branch where an order of nuns using the property as place of spiritual renewal for nearly 75 years has decided to sell the site
What I want to know is "how long do I have to wait?" I went to FBN, Okota branch and was told the mail they sent was yet to be replied
 sara poppin. You guys at long branch?
For as long as I can remember games have been my biggest and almost sole hobby. I should try to branch out more.
that's so nice. I live like 15 mins down the shore from long branch!
Feels so weird not being at long branch for once 🙆
Y'know, had NFL just put long-overdue Branch in their own HOF, maybe we all could've avoided this
kindly inform Customer service agents @ Ikoyi branch not to spend 30mins attending to 1 customer when u have a long queue
Lol lazy it's only like a hour a half away 😏 Long branch
i still have one or two spots open for beach pictures tomorrow Thursday July 31st, 6:30 & 7pm. long branch Pier Village. message me if you want in :) $20 deposit due today
Hi Sophie, you are able to take this back to any branch as long as you have your receipt with you when returning, Thanks - Chirs
Problems of being the only female at the branch. SPORTS TALK! all day long
MTA Long Island Rail Rd: due to Escalator Malfunction Hempstead Branch Floral Park Sta (Nassau Cnty) west of the Sta building, from St ...
Hi Laura, sorry to hear you've had a long wait. Can we ask why you were looking to contact your branch? We'd like to help. ^DN
I was @ the Thibault square branch 1st but they were off line then waited for about 45 min @ Long street to get statements
Mehn see long queue for access bank alausa branch
On our way to Long Branch, New Jersey for NUWAY Summer Nationals! Lots of new gear will be on display!
is there a reason why, at 9:15am I have to wait a half hour for an eastb 501 streetcar at Long Branch? This is now 2 days in a row
We have had this lovely male neutered cat handed into our Long Melford branch. He was found in Lawshall. Please...
it was *** long wait to opn an ac at ur branch in Anand!!!shocking..wat service u talking about???
At the Cultural Institutions & Emergency Management statewide conference today in West Long Branch. Monmouth U's campus is gorgeous!
I was here in 1997! Beautiful. Stella Maris retreat in Long Branch for sale as a preserve via
Bmw 3 branch as long as amortizement is la bully money illusion in what period seeking an immature motorcar: NbtOp
Fitness Tip for those using Branch Chain Aminos Acids (BCAAs):. Again I am only concerned with your LONG TERM...
service @ your Long Street branch is terribly slow.
Stella Maris retreat property in Long Branch for sale as a nature preserve
This guy has the whole train to sit on but chooses to sit next to me. We're not even at long branch.
Shocked...SHOCKED rumors of to San Antonio took this long to gain steam had pics of MD in SA w/Cl…
As long as servicing your not affordable cars-think good the subdue branch office: lFlhrLPx
TATAS have long relation with Jharkand, far they have not opened TCS branch in capital RanchiIt &Ranchi deserves it
Wow I haven't listened to Michelle Branch in so long! 😯
Long Branch is on the north shore of New Jersey. again...I'm not sensing any Jersey. THANK THE LORD FOR SMALL FAVORS.
how are the cops at long branch? I plan on bringing some vodka in a snapple bottle
yes I'm an lbi person myself long branch is very nice
going to long branch in the jersey shore. Very quaint place. It's 40 minutes from me.
Idyllic beach abroad? No: this is the Long Branch boardwalk, 15 minutes GO train from downtown Toronto!
TY 2 the new Exec Director Hakim for joining us @ the Asbury Park, Long Branch and Red Bank train stations …
Did you know...Nearly 20 high school students from Long Branch, Asbury Park and Neptune were welcomed to the...
Sean Sheehan of will be @ Long Island City branch to demo their tool line. Plenty of specials, too. Save the date: Tues. July 22
Well today is the day we lay my aunt Jean Hastings to rest their will never be another woman like her Long Branch the whole Hastings family has a special way about them i love all of you you know that and to the Platts Logan Rogers Everett Wright Brown Stokes Walkers Morgans The Love is the same for you also that will never change Lets celebrate our mother aunt sister grandmother friend Peer to the fullest she was a very great woman know questions about that peace to you all
felt uneasy in the same position for too long. He quietly moved from his branch to one of a another tree, almost hiding--
Oh no :( Hope it wasn't too long a wait, which branch was this in?
North Jersey Coast Line train the 8:41am from Long Branch may be delayed up to 10 minutes due ...
Tomorrow is going to be a long, but great day. Have my ultrasound to see my precious baby, going to watch The Purge, dinner, Side Splitters to watch Gail do an amazing show, and maybe stop by to see a few friends play at the Long Branch. c:
SMALLER THAN THEM ALL, YET GREATER THAN THEM ALL "IT IS LIKE A TINY MUSTARD SEED! THOUGH THIS IS ONE OF THE SMALLEST OF SEEDS, YET IT GROWS TO BECOME ONE OF THE LARGEST OF PLANTS, WITH LONG BRANCHES WHERE BIRDS CAN BUILD THEIR NESTS AND BE SHELTERED." Mark 4:32, 33 The christian journey is such a way that Christians need to be like the Mustard seed -tiny, small, lowly, least admired and servant- to be greater in God's sight and that of men. Jesus healed the sick several times, cast out demons uncountable number of times but in most of them He warned them never to mention His name. Even though He left His crown, throne and kingdom and glory to come to earth but He never lord Himself over His disciples. He even stooped low to wash their feet to show servant-hood. Greatest of it all is that He laid down His life for all mankind. Indeed, He was the lowly of all men and most humble to all manner of people unto death. Such should be the character of all Christians laying low, serving all manner of people and .. ...
Katherine earns 1st place in paddle boards at the Long Branch Junior Guard Tournament (WARNING: protect your hearing while watching this video, extreme cheering!)
in branch. I was book an appointment for the following week in a brachyuran I had to travel a long distance for.
Thank you so much Ami Young for helping and supporting the families at The Ronald McDonald House in Long Branch!I am sure your delicious fish dinner you brought over was a huge success! Love you! Samara's Mitzvah Project XOXOXO
I want to do a documentary on the history of music in the shore area.for big music me some influential artists ..singers .and producers ...the last 15 yrs .in Asbury Park ..Neptune ...long branch and Red Bank in the field of hip hop and r&b
A lot of people get sued over beaver (long branch).
Catch Saeed at Flash in Washington D.C this Saturday, for the Younan Music Label Showcase. And Long Branch New...
Update your maps at Navteq
- In Britain, as long as neo-Nazis do things way Special Branch want, they usually get away with anything
thanks for your help but why this long.process for it to happen? Was in hemel branch an hour ago and they wouldn't do it ...
Early start for me, gonna be a long old day since I'll not finish work (which is going v well) while 2300 hrs tonight!.
Long Branch hotel settles Sandy claim with insurerSee:
Hi, it's the branch on Long Row. Cheers.
Don't let that long wait to get an appointment with your bank get in the way of your application Contact us ht…
just saw off yet another branch of their long-term competitiveness. Front-line employee value for bank seems forgotten.
Hi Chris. This branch is due to open on the 27th July, so long as there are no hold ups. Thanks, Louise @ Wickes
Does anyone wanna come with me to see Monmouth saturday then go to long branch 😊
I was wondering why the Greenwich branch near our bldg had this long line. Turns out they're giving free pizza to the first 100 cust @ 2:30
I know everyone in my branch. However, it took me a really long time to actually make a good, close friend.
I am so high I drove all the way to manalapan and thought it was long branch again
How long will it take for me to replace my old ATM with the new ATM if i go to my equity branch?
I HATE heights, but this incredibly long zip-line over the Cave Branch River was exhilarating & I'd do…
Hi jeanette, how long ago did you take it into the branch? if you DM us your customer number we can follow up with them.^DG
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Aug 2 in Long Branch Park come check out Souley Kante LadyShacklin Hilliard and many more. Come support Killeen Tx.
How long has this Orioles billboard on Branch Ave and Woodyard Rd been up?
This Paedo-FILES saga has been going on for a very long time - MI5 did an amazing job eh!
Congestion, avg 10mph on I-95 NB between Long Branch Rd and US-421 -
me and kris are going to long branch! Go there
The bombers soared tonight for the Red! Behind 7 long balls and 13 runs West Raleigh topped West Branch from VA. Red is now 1 win from VA.
I swear if I stay in long branch tonight ima do suing stupid .
Beautiful sunsets with my beautiful mother 💕 @ West Long Branch, New Jersey
Strumberry Pie this Friday night at Zachary's in West Long Branch 9pm
could I be going to grad school in long branch? The decision 2015. Where am I taking my academics?
Long Branch man killed on Parkway after checking on other motorist in crash
Hey Jersey - Governor Chris Christie will be in Long Branch, New Jersey Tues, July 15, 2014 to have a Summer... http:/…
Time for some Live Music Tonight! If you are local head over to Pier Village in Long Branch at 7:00pm tonight to...
Long Branch police investigating reports of gunfire via
TONIGHT - there is a call in show about Rutgers' seismic blasting on the Steve Trevelise show on New Jersey 101.5 from 7-8pm The number to call-in to the show TONIGHT is: 1 (800) 283-1015 Please spread the word we need as many people to call in as possible On the call yesterday we talked about generating some calls to Senators Booker, Menendez, and Congressmen Smith and Pallone asking them to please attend the emergency meeting tomorrow. As you know, Congressman LoBiondo is attending our meeting tomorrow and Congressman Runyan is sending a staffer to our meeting. Below is the contact information for those we need to reach: Senator Booker (202) 224-3224 DC (856) 338-8922 Camden (973) 639-8700 Newark Senator Menendez (202) 224-4744 DC (856) 757-5353 Barrington (973) 645-3030 Newark Congressman Smith (202) 225-3765 DC (609) 585-7878 Hamilton, and (609) 286-2571 or (732) 350-2300 Ocean County Congressman Pallone (202) 225-4671 DC (732) 571-1140 Long Branch. Thanks! Lauren Clean Ocean Action 215-939-762 ...
Congratulations to our own, Mike Ciavolino, who was installed as President-Elect of Rotary Club of Long Branch at...
This is Shakespeare's complete Twelfth Night with no cuts to the text filmed on location at the Lady’s Pavilion in Central Park and a special cobblestone street in downtown NYC, a beautiful Victorian private mansion in Asbury Park, NJ for the interiorsof the countess’ home as well as a cottage which housed the dungeon location in Highland Lakes, NJ, a small house in Long Branch, NJ for the interiors of the Duke’s Manor, a farm with a body of water in Seaville, NJ, and lastly, the sprawling, lush, gorgeous and versatile estate grounds of Waveny Park in New Canaan, CT for the exteriors of the countess’ home. Twelfth Night features a cast of 19 actors both new talent and seasoned performers. Under guidance ofdirector Catherine Taormina, both levels of abilities proved dexterous. Preserving a sense of history for the play, costumes, which suggest the period,were designed and mostly handmade by Taormina. Taormina also produced, actedin, cast, production designed, propped, lit, filmed and edited the pro ...
Tuesday: Point Pleasant. Wednesday: Long Branch . Thursday: Jones Beach. Saturday: back to South. °my intro to summer is gonna be litt 😂🙌😏
Long Branch for the night, hopefully this outfit doesn't go to waste
queen may you come over to long branch an give they Guys neck again bring Emily too
The sun had to chill cause my forehead was already radiating enough heat for long branch sorry y'all
Legal contract long-term loan arrangement is guiding star as least mortgage companies: JQJQWYC
sure, as long as you branch out beyond Gayngs, Doomtree & Fugazi ;)
What kind of wifi I find in long branch😂
Just saw a guy at the long branch train station doing cocaine out the in the open..I didn't know they legalized that in New Jersey.
this happens frequently at Long Branch Loop, could be due to backlog further down, but needs to be addressed
I had a long day Yesterday with Atteridgeville Kaizer Chiefs Branch and Kaizer Chiefs fan and supportters.
Dinner & Drinks @ Avenue in Long Branch. and & is here as well as other good people (that we actually know)
/kisses cheek/ I'm sorry for lying for so long, I don't think I really deserve all that trust... /chuckles and moves a branch/
Prior to last Sunday, how long did the the President of the United States, anyone in the Executive Branch...
so apparently long branch jam is. Tomorrow :( I don't remember it being this early.. Look at the website :(((
she dont care if i depend on her just as long as I get that degree but i'm choosing to hustle & branch off early.
Beach day with the best trainer ever! ☀️🌊😎 drock_dm @ Long Branch Beach, NJ
Check out our brothers at West Long Branch fire Co and give em a like
In the old neighbourhood. Long Branch keeps getting better and I'm a little sad we left.
oh nice, it's on the Long Beach branch right? I feel like I've been through it on the train.
Religion of peace so long as you believe in the exact branch of Islam as them, otherwise they'll shoot you in a ditch or cut your head off.
Who's ready for to take over Avenue tonight?!! Perfect weather for a rooftop party on the beach! 23 Ocean Ave Long Branch NJ!
I want to play sports for as long as possible.
Well done BrumDonks. Hope you have a sister branch in NE before too long!
@ Long Branch Beach for Baby Tayseer's Big Beach Adventure with the family. #
Our little Opal who made a long trek from BC SPCA Trail Regional Branch to find her purr-ever. She was adopted...
. I missed New Jersey. . I'm from Long Branch. . Cooliest state in the United. States!
Girls are like They don't let go of 1 branch til they got a firm grip on another... tol me that 1 long time ago
Chillin in the sand. Sunburned and satisfied. ☀️🌊🌊 @ Long Branch Boardwalk
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
MTA Long Island Rail Rd: due to Delays, west Babylon Branch out of Babylon Sta (Suffolk Cnty) the 3:10PM departure due in Penn…
Long branch then seaside then Bradley beach then back to Harrison 😭
Glad that Asbury, Long Branch beef over cause I fucc with my *** from Asbury
MTA Long Island Rail Rd: due to Earlier incdnt, west Ronkonkoma Branch out of Ronkonkoma Sta (Suffolk Cnty) the 1:40PM departu…
"hey lets go to the beach" ☀️ @ Long Branch Beach, NJ Pier Village
Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds headline the daylong festival at Long Branch Park. Here's why you should go.
***Reminder! *** Our farm solstice potluck is today (Saturday), starting at 4 PM. Directions to the farm are available on our website, Due to a road closure, you will need to alter your route a bit. Rather than turning left on highway 574, continue on for another mile or so and turn left on Orem Lane. Stay straight through two stop signs and the name of the road changes to Long Branch. Our street address is 499 Long Branch Rd. If you're so inclined, bring a musical instrument with you. Hope to see you here to celebrate 10 years of A Place on Earth CSA Farm!
All my Nashville and Knoxville friends that are artists - my boy Aj Jordan The-Crescendo is getting a show together in both areas, looking for openers that can sell tickets and promote. If any of you guys are interested in doing this, hit him up. (It would be Sept 12 and 13th) He also needs some help getting info for the venues, I suggested long branch for Knox and Venue 109 in Nash - but maybe you guys can help him out more than I can since you guys do this ALOT more. Hit him up and talk biz - hes one of my good friends, we've known each other, both business and personal for a while now - its his national tour, and hes looking to get some contacts, so please hit him up if you are interested in coming on with the show, or if you have info on venues that would be helpful(If I've tagged you and you don't wanna be tagged, please just untag yourself and my apologies for the disturbance) Thanks guys!
Saturday June 28th the Rescue Mission needs help with their Ride & Run for the Rescue Mission event. The particular location they need help with is a water stop at Marcellus Park from 9-1:30. You would be responsible for filling cups with water so they are ready for participants to grab when they come by. At 1:30 you are asked to break down the station and bring the supplies back to Long branch Park where you will be treated to a picnic lunch. Volunteers will also get a tee shirt. If you're interested please contact Glenna Price ASAP at the Rescue Mission @ 472-6251.
PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE TRI-STATE AREA (NY/NJ/CONN) PLEASE READ: Looking for a budding photographer to shoot a 50th Birthday Party in West Long Branch, NJ. The event will be from 1-7pm, they are looking for someone to shoot from 4-6 hours and will pay $200 for your services. The event organizers want someone to have fun taking photos -- nothing staged, nothing dramatic, nothing fancy. Just walking around the party and shooting and having fun. If you are interests or know someone who might be please leave a comment on this post or inbox me. Thank You!
Do you still need to sign up for Summer III or Fall? Check the Brookdale website for walk-in advising at Neptune, Wall, Freehold, Hazlet and Long Branch. Don't forget - You can always register at the Lincroft campus!
JUNE 12, 2014 - New Jersey) Mere hours after former WWE Tag Team Champion Curt Hawkins parted ways with WWE, his first appearance was decided - and it will be this Friday and Saturday night for Jersey Championship Wrestling (JCW)! A native New Yorker, Hawkins followed up his training from Mikey Whipwreck by making a name for himself in independent wrestling organizations along the east coast. A brief stint in the WWE development territories saw Hawkins gain both critical and fan approval, accelerating his call up to the main WWE roster. After winning the Tag Team Championship as the youngest tag team champions in WWE history, Curt spent time with the ECW and FCW brands before returning to the main roster once again with NXT, Smackdown and RAW. With such an extensive amount of wrestling experience in his young career, both the singles and tag teams of JCW should be ready for anything when Curt Hawkins comes to Long Branch and Hasbrouck Heights this weekend! In addition to Hawkins, JCW has previously anno . ...
Had a nice drive on the BOARDWALK TODAY!!!. Driving South on Ocean Ave.. From Pier Village.More People in the street and Yelling at me for invading their space? *** who figured out where to place the ORANGE Barricades.. Must have been a 5 Martini Lunch that Day? 1 thousand feet of beach and People still need to walk in the Street.. Get it together LB,.,Every other Town in New Jersey affected by Sandy has a Boardwalk again!!! Maybe in 4 years we might have a new Boardwalk.. Long Branch only knows how to place Barricades and skip fixing the problem!!! What a SHAME!!!.. For the 1st time I felt like a tourist in my home town...
If anyone is available tomorrow morning, there is an ALS fundraising walk (like the one in Long Branch) in Saddle Brook, New Jersey. There is another team for my mom, and I will be volunteering. If interested in either walking or volunteering, please contact me! :)
I hope no one minds my posting this - I know we've got a bunch o' Festus fans here. It looks like my newest book is going to be a collection of my western poems, mostly novelty rhymes. And since my original Festus rhyme is in Ben Costello's wonderful Gunsmoke book, I needed to pen one for my own book. Hope you like it. It's called Whiskers :) Whiskers by Sandy Henry Hitched up to the rail at the Long Branch Saloon is an oversize, trusty ol’ mule. Ruth isn’t a she-male, as one might expect – But his rider don’t play by that rule. Festus Haggen was born to a wily ol’ clan, He’s got cousins and uncles galore. There’s perty Aunt George and young Mayblossom, too. And Feeder, too big to ignore. The Haggens are spread ‘cross the gulleys and hills, With their own brand of hillybilly smart. A mite skilled with a shotgun – they’ll shoot off your ear (well, only the hangy-down part). Festus ain’t much for workin’, but he earns his keep Lookin’ after the yay-hoos in jail. The Marshal dep ...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Today in New Jersey history: 6/3/1844: Garret “Gus” Hobart was born in Long Branch. He was William McKinley"s VP and died in office in 1899
Wild Hearts SC would like to thank EVERYONE that attended and helped make the benefit for our President Brenda Bishop such a great success. We want to thank the businesses that allowed us to use them as a poker run stops, Rodney's Cycle House, Iron Horse Church, Round Pen, Quick Draw, Long Branch and FOE for also allowing the use of their facility for the night events and biker wash. As announced last night, we are happy to report that her tests results came back NEGATIVE. We can not thank you enough for coming out and showing your support!!
ONLY jersey beach I'll go to is Point Pleasant and Long Branch.
The annual Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Festival, which will take place at three venues this year, in Long Branch, Asbury Park, and Pt. Pleasant, offers three full days and nights of jazz, blues, food, crafts and plenty of family fun.
This Saturday the 610 Reunion Party at Murphy's Bar in Long Branch, NJ. Music by D.j. Bundie & D.j. Reem. Hosted...
yes!! I might be costing long branch pretty soon! When do you move out?? And I still have your shirt!!
I just added you to my branch about “So Long Google Calendar Invitations”
Unusual for Marrickville - a long pendulous branch on a street tree & it looks very beautiful
Click to get this lead now! It is a 2 Small bedroom 4500 lbs. Local lead move from long branch NJ, 07740 to flor...
Premature Firewerkin in Mimico/Long Branch. Wait til it's dark, folks.
Today while I was driving,I thought this branch of leafs that came at my windshield was a bird...been a long day😭
plays tonight 💖 at Brighton bar in long branch nj go see them and buy their cute merch !
Yeah not to long ago they saw him at branch brook
MTA Long Island Rail Rd: due to Elevator Malfunction Babylon Branch at Merrick Sta (Nassau Cnty) the elevator is out of servic…
Long Q for my delicious coffee. This branch always only have one or two staff that cause t...
MTA Long Island Rail Rd: due to Automobile on the tracks, west Long Beach Branch from Long Beach Sta (Nassau Cnty) to…
Whenever I go to long branch I have to seclude myself from the crowd
So I have just learned that tomorrow, the ribbon will be cut on the new Asbury Park boardwalk ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. This is a place I was introduced to by my brother, Sammy Steinlight and his wife Jennifer Gantz Steinlight and that I have grown to love. The nights enjoying Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes with the likes of Irwin Steinlight, Michael Solomon, Eric Morrell, Jeremy Neuer, Constance Patsilivas Kazee, Mark Masefield, and Matt Hamdan are memories etched in my mind's eye forever. It is also great news that communities like Long Branch, Seaside Heights and Monmouth Beach are up and ready for the Summer of '14. Although Justine Stevenson insists that I call it "the beach", Bruce said... "Down at the Shore, Everythings Alright". It certainly is!!! See you soon Jersey!!
Branch gains endorsements, Paxton loses endorsements. Branch has a long record of fighting for (cont)
MTA Long Island Rail Rd: due to Equipment problems Babylon Branch from the Babylon Sta (Suffolk Cnty) 6:03PM train due into Pe…
My dad needs to figure out if he moving to Long Branch or Red Bank so I can start making friends 😂
Could you let me know which branch so I can let the manager know about your experience? So sorry you had to wait that long.
how abt the boardwalk in Long Branch? Still haven't started on it since Sandy.
***Job Post*** The Mix Lounge Food Bar in Long Branch (West End) is looking for 2 part/time barbacks immediately.
How long does it take to cash up check with tax back when I bring it to branch to put in my account?
Robbery in Long Branch, Takoma Park assault + more - Silver Spring crime update:
Elijah ordered me Nelly's all the way from Neptune nd I'm in long branch
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