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Lonesome Dove

Lonesome Dove is a 1985 Pulitzer Prizeโ€“winning western novel written by Larry McMurtry. It is the first published book of the Lonesome Dove series, but the third installment in the series chronologically.

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all I can think of is how they use the word "poke" in Lonesome Dove. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฑ
Watching Lonesome Dove on this fine night ๐Ÿ˜Œ
๐ŸŒพ๐Ÿ‘€๐ŸŒพ Lonesome Dove starts bottom left corner
And lonesome dove too. I'd watch that channel everyday of my life
Nights like this I just wish my PawPaw was here to watch Lonesome Dove with me until I feel asleep.
I was wondering if u had lonesome dove and love hate ?. Cheers ears
wow you never hear lonesome dove references! I loved it so much I wrote a high school paper on it.
And then I found out it was inspired by Lonesome Dove and I loved it even more! .
LOL, Lonesome Dove one of my all time favorite books;)
Lonesome dove is absolutely the greatest western movie of all time... that is all... Merry Christmas. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
On page 400 of 945 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
I had this dream where I was downloading Lonesome Dove. So I woke up at 5 am to download Lonesome Dove. Then I went back to sleep until 9 am
While I am watching "Lonesome Dove," Tupac is going all Machevillian in my head with the J-bird X3 Bluetooth...
did you just ruin the ending of Lonesome Dove for me?
dvd series Lonesome Dove like new shipped FAST ORIGINAL CASE/PKG. western movie
Check out an update on our matching campaign at Lonesome Dove Ranch!
If you haven't watched Lonesome Dove you're seriously missing out.
Take 2011. A good reading year: MOBY *** LONESOME DOVE, etc, but why is Maggie Nelson's BLUETS not in the top 10?
I would love to show you my listing at 202 Lonesome Dove Lane Marietta, SC. (YouTube Video:...
I am looking for a buyer on 202 Lonesome Dove Lane
Mom texted me asking if I wanted to watch Lonesome Dove with her when I go home โ˜บ๏ธโค๏ธ
just finished Paradise Sky,really enjoyed it,but would have been happy if it was like Lonesome Dove in length.
I could watch Lonesome Dove every day of the week
I'm re reading Lonesome Dove, which means I don't want to do anything else.
I won't say I did and I won't say I didn't! But a man that won't cheat for a poke didn't want one bad enough- lonesome dove
We'll always remember him best as Jake Spoon in "Lonesome Dove."
Aw *** yes, Summer. You just channeled my fave movie Lonesome Dove, & 2 fave characters on earth, Gus & Woodrow, bโ€ฆ
I remember him leaving to shoot Lonesome Dove or whatever ๐Ÿค”
I bought a rosewater driftwood linen spray because I think I live in Lonesome Dove, and it is the best smelling thing in the world.
I read that book, 'Lonesome Dove,' and I told my agent that they we...
Lonesome Dove is the best movie ever made
I'm surprised you didn't add Lonesome Dove The series to your profile!
"What do you even do for an Ag semester test??". Clean the shop & watch Lonesome Dove, what else?
I liked a video Lonesome Dove remembered
Now playing Lonesome Dove by Abbot Kinney!. Check it out:
In Montana, when we did 'Return to Lonesome Dove', we rode on the...
It's Christmas time and I'll be making a trip home which mean I'll be watching:. Jeremiah Johnson. Bad Santa. Lonesome Dove. with my dad.
Lonesome Dove is a western mini series staring Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones. Only 4 episodes. Each an 1 and half long.
I kind of thought Jon Voight sucked in Return to Lonesome Dove. So, I don't care who he voted for. He's no Tommy Lee Jones.
I'm almost finished reading Lonesome Dove, so naturally I've added about 20 westerns to my instant queue.
Like, I finished Lonesome Dove this morning and I'm just now viscerally remembering that Montana is a settled state in the actual union.
The original town of Lonesome Dove (the movie) in Texas.
I watched all 6 hours of lonesome dove today and I'm not ashamed
One of my life's work projects is to produce a lonesome dove audiobook but make it like. Fully casted and with an original score and stuff
Someone should make a Lord of the Rings and Lonesome Dove crossover movie. Idk I'd watch it
Just finished Lonesome Dove for the first time. Cried the entire part four ๐Ÿ™ƒ
Woodrow F. Call as excited as he gets to see "Lonesome Dove" on list,
I wrote about the Lonesome Dove Reunion, a h/t to the film based on Larry McMurtry's novel: httโ€ฆ
On page 192 of 843 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
Lonesome Dove is a trip to Canada. Blood Meridian, a trip to Mexico.
Lonesome Dove has too many perfect sentences to count. "He seldom got downright drunk, but he did enjoy feeling misty along about sundown."
Basil Poledouris's LONESOME DOVE theme, guaranteed to make make Texan dad/grandpas fight back tears
Lonesome Dove is never going to get old
Nothin like a fine pinch of snuff and watchin lonesome dove ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป
Stephen Trimble says he loved Lonesome Dove so much he propped it on his steering wheel as he drove cross-country
Two amazing books from the Dove Saga # Larry McMurtry.
On page 158 of 843 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
Oh honey you lead me to that lonesome dove
I worked on 'Lonesome Dove' three weeks all together. When I heard they wer...
OPEN HOUSES! Come out and see us in Ringgold this Sunday from 2-4 pm!. 57 Hummingbird Hill. 207 Lonesome Dove Lane
Lonesome Dove is by far the best movie.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I just checked in at Lonesome Dove with Download today!
LONESOME DOVE makes Stephen Trimble weep. Which winner do you love?
Just had Lonesome Dove quoted to me by memory. Best thing ever. Imma sleep on it.
To this day, I still think Lonesome Dove is my best part.
Robert Duval saying goodnight at the Lonesome Dove cast reunion!!!โ€ฆ
in the words of Woodrow Call from Lonesome Dove "I put a lot more value on the animal".
Hands down 3 favorite movies are Lonesome Dove, 8 Seconds, and Walk The Line. . So there's a fun fact about me.
There wouldn't be no Alamo. No Cowboys in the Super Bowl. No Lonesome Dove, no Yellow Rose. If it wasn't for Texas.
This is so me at the end of a great story or movie. My God, I never wanted Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove to...
Lonesome Dove was amazing. I think that's all I've read of his. I'm a big fan of James Lee Burke, Alex Kellerman, Scott Turow.
Just bought Lonesome Dove and Dances With Wolves on Blu-Ray for $25. This might be the biggest success of the week
"I hate rude behavior in a man. I won't tolerate it." . Captain Woodrow F. Call โ€” watching Lonesome Dove (miniseries)
Love watching Lonesome Dove. I got it on DVD.
Welcome to Downtown Knoxville! We're excited about all that's happening in Old City Knoxville.
I had a feeling The Shipping News was in there. Iโ€™ve never read Lonesome Dove, will add to my to read list.
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I saw that. He will kill it in a college town. Lonesome Dove will be packed and Love Shack will always stay busy.
Was really tryin to go to sleep but lonesome dove is on so sleep is gonna have to wait!
When Lonesome Dove comes on, you clear your schedule and watch it
I wish I had lonesome dove on dvd so I could watch it whenever I wanted
Steve Underwood is Sam Elliot from Lonesome Dove. Never knew what he looked like until now.
no way!!! That is awesome!! (Lonesome Dove is one of my favorite books.)
Lonesome Dove Offender Caught on the Wing. An early morning call to an Otorohanga address prevented an offender...
He just can't help it. His reading of Hagrid from Harry Potter sounded like Tommy Lee Jones in Lonesome Dove.
ICYMI: Love brings two eateries to Knoxville via
*** Lonesome Dove still brings me to tears๐Ÿ˜ช
Deer steak for dinner and lonesome dove on tv and bed by 8:30 you could say it's a good night and 15 days of fire academy left till I start
If I have to watch Lonesome Dove one more time... ๐Ÿ˜‘
Lonesome Dove, Josh's favorite movie. He must watch it over and over again. ๐Ÿด
Lonesome Dove. This is one *** good movie, with an incredible all star cast. I absolutely love it.
Celebrity chef Tim Love to open TWO new restaurants in the Old City.
Plan ahead for the weekend: reserve your table at now for your night out in
catch up number one: Lonesome Dove. Two: The Brothers K by David James Duncan. Three: Lila by Marilynne Robinson.
Tim Love bringing Lonesome Dove to Knoxville: Also adding a Love Shack in Tennessee city Love graduated fromโ€ฆ
Almost cried when Augustus died in lonesome dove...๐Ÿ˜” strong friendship right there fellows.
Lonesome dove is 6 hours and 24 minutes of pure goodness๐Ÿ‘
Gonna head up to Lonesome Dove on Richland Chambers this weekend. Been too long since I have been up there.
Explains why the Dove is so Lonesome.
I'm waiting on a let's watch lonesome dove and chill text (:
In the TV mini-series "Lonesome Dove," Laurie is taken captive by an Indian named "Blue Duck." She is abused by...
Lonesome dove since I can't sleep I think so (:
TIL that in the 1989 TV adaptation of "Lonesome Dove," Steve Buscemi plays a small mean cowboy who tries (unsuccesโ€ฆ
Lovin' Denton's own Chef Tim Love to bring Love Shack and Lonesome Dove Western Bistro to Knoxville via
Wonder what it's like to push cattle from Lonesome Dove to Montana
**Lonesome dove is on**. Mom: we are not watching this again. . Dad: it's not again, it's part two. It's different.
I just want to live my life like Lonesome Dove
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
occasionally I have a yen for us to show Lonesome Dove over four nights on the video wall at the alumni center. just for fun :)
The Ed Sullivan Show predates me by a decade. Merlin Olsen by 5, and I was 3 when Lonesome Dove came out. Ancient history.
Fort Worth to host Lonesome Dove anniversary events, gala in 2016
Find your spurs, Fort Worth to host Lonesome Dove's 25th anniversary events, gala in 2016. .
Cast of 'Lonesome Dove' TV miniseries to reunite at Fort Worth Stockyards in 2016
Grateful that my parents raised me to respect classic western films like McLintock!, True Grit, Rooster Cogburn & the Lady, & Lonesome Dove.
"Characters haven't touched me so much since Lonesome Dove." Bk. 1
It would be so much easier to go to bed if we wasn't watching Lonesome Dove!
On page 387 of 945 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
Basil Poledouris' score to "Lonesome Dove" is as breath-taking as the movie itself. So easy to get caught up in its sweeping melodies.
I loved the character so much and I'm a sucker for names from great westerns. My cat is named after Gus from Lonesome Dove
Are you going to watch Lonesome Dove?
Someone come see me. I'm just sitting here in my sweats watching lonesome dove with an ice pack on my foot. ๐Ÿ˜‚
After Deets dies in lonesome dove I pretty much become an emotional wreck.
"Don't go crossing rivers in the spring! Haven't you ever seen Lonesome Dove?"๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ featured in NBC s Science of Love
Lonesome Dove's Newt is raised by former Texas Rangers, one of whom is the father that refuses to claim him.
On page 358 of 945 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
Share the with your favorite person; make a reservation for your upcoming special evening!
I reviewed Lonesome Dove Western Bistro (and rated it 4.5/5 on
So pleased! And Larry McMurtry will be there too so a perfect excuse for me to finally read Lonesome Dove.
On page 70 of 864 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry: I god, there ain't no other man qui...
I like to adapt this Lonesome Dove quote to Faith's books!. "not one to quit on a **garment just because it's got a little age"
Ugh. Thinking about Lonesome Dove when that guy was attacked by water moccasins. ..going to have nightmares
If it wasn't for Robert Duvall, Lonesome Dove wouldn't be the movie it is.๐Ÿ˜
It's like I told you last night son. The earth is mostly just a boneyard. But pretty in the sunlight. Lonesome Dove
On page 57 of 945 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
Starting Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry: Let's do this! Lonesome Dove, I'm coming back t...
I freaking love old western movies, ESPECIALLY TOMBSTONE and Lonesome Dove ๐Ÿ˜
The Lonesome Dove motorcycle ride was FUN & Exciting all at the same time to see more ~
Obama to award humanities arts medal to "Lonesome Dove" author Larry McMurtry of Archer City:
Larry McMurtry wrote "Lonesome Dove" in an ode to bird who lived in the eaves of his Texas house.
On page 275 of 945 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
YA westerns are 1 of my new fave things. Even inspired me to buy Lonesome Dove!
if Lonesome Dove isn't in your top 3 something is wrong with you!!!
Staying up till 5 with your buddy watching lonesome dove is about a perfect Saturday
Been watching lonesome Dove all day
What is a movie that is sort of like Lonesome Dove? As in, "If you like Lonesome Dove, you will like this..."
Larry McMurtry, author of "Lonesome Dove," to receive National Humanities Medal at White House Sept. 10. โ€ฆ
1993 Streets of Laredo Part 4 of the Lonesome Dove Series by Larry McMurtry
The outline for the first possibility eventually became the novel 'Lonesome Dove'.
Maybe. But first I think Im gonna watch the Lonesome Dove mini series. And True Grit.
8% done with Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry: The reading aloud is going well!
" General Robert E. Lee freed the slaves. I can whack it if I want to". - Larry McMurtry - Lonesome Dove
I'm currently reading Lonesome Dove while watching simultaneously. Gus McCrae might be my favorite character ever
Boot Hill (cemetery) in Ogalala, Nebraska. This town was one of the settings in Lonesome Dove
Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones performances are epic. One of my favorite movies! โ€” watching Lonesome Dove (miniseries)
Olivia Hussey is 64. (Romeo and Juliet, Lost Horizon, Jesus of Nazareth, Death on the Nile, Lonesome Dove). Happy Birthday!
Charles Goodnight, the book and movie "Lonesome Dove" is based on his life, March 5,1836 - Dec. 12,1929.
Why can't boys at Mohawk look like young Ricky Schroeder in Lonesome Dove?๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ฉ.
Reading Harry Potter aloud and Casey's Hagrid accent has gone from "general west Texas" to straight up "Tommy Lee Jones in Lonesome Dove."
Quiet dinner with Grandma Bonnie, Big D and I. Tenderloin and Shrimp! First New Years without Grandpa John...watching Return to Lonesome Dove in his memory!
Welcome to Lonesome Dove fan page! Hit "Like" to join our community and become a fan!
Happy New Year!!! Watched some of lonesome dove and going to bed. Love my friends and family!! See y'all in 2015 --- nite
Drinking crown royal black with my son laying in my arms asleep. My wife up stairs already fast asleep and me watching lonesome dove. Oh the life!
In 2014 there were great moments of Joy and happiness while watching my fav series ever Lonesome Dove (TV miniseries) the classical cowboy series and thanks to my dear friend Gail for telling me about it, that made me very happy. and *** On Wheels and all great friends all of them are one family and love them all i can't say one name cause all of us are a part of it and we still have two years more,but i have to thank our amazing friend Claudette for her great efforts for making us happy and thanks to Nel and her great efforts and posts about HellOnWheels. I won't forget Justified and Breaking Bad the great shows I really adore them and wanna thank my dear friend Bridgitte for telling me about them. I will start this week Sons of Anarchy it's a great show and thanks to Joetta for telling me about it. Y'all are great friends happy that 2014 made me know all of you. Happy New Year. :)
Wild Turkey , popcorn and Lonesome Dove on the tv. Happy New Year to all my brothers and sisters wherever you may be.
Man im a wild one sitting in my recliner watching return to lonesome dove
I can't tell Keith or he'll do his Lonesome Dove "Gus" imitation all night. His all-time fav!
Got the grandkids all tucked in and the hubs is still glued to his Lonesome Dove marathon for the millionth time. Happy New Year family & friends. May 2015 bring you all you want and more!!
Watching lonesome dove with my father in law for the new year
Lol yep. Me and jordy watching return to lonesome dove :")
I watched the Lonesome Dove marathon on TV today since I'm laid up sick. I have come to 2 conclusions : 1- I'm thankful I wasn't born back then; 2- always kill the bad guy the FIRST time you have a run in with him bc he always comes back doing worse things.
My wife is asleep. She has to work tomorrow, and as for me, I'm up watching "Return to Lonesome Dove".
just found out there is a sequel to lonesome dove...omfg I'm to excited for this๐Ÿ˜‚
Forget Prince Charming.. I just need someone who'll listen to Waylon, Merle, Cash, & all the oldies.. & watch Lonesome Dove with me.๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ
I'm watching Return to Lonesome dove. . just got done with the original.seemed like a good night for it. Feels like 12am
Lonesome dove marathon for me tonight... Wooo
I just rewatched part of Lonesome Dove. Now that was a great tv miniseries.
Plans for the evening... Watching lonesome dove by the fire with my dog and glass of wine ๐Ÿท Happy New Years y'all
Watching Lonesome Dove for the third time today...๐Ÿ˜…
Eating ice cream and watching Lonesome Dove
Lonesome Dove...doesn't get much better.
And the brainwashing of Lonesome Dove has begun!
That's awesome! It's a good day for some Lonesome Dove. Happy New Year bro!
I cry every time when Gus dies in Lonesome Dove
"Lonesome Dove was an Indian girl. Right?" Happy New Year, from my family to yours.
I can watch Lonesome Dove all day everyday
Lonesome Dove will forever be my favorite movie.
Thank God there's a Lonesome Dove marathon on... These bowl games suck!
If he loves Lonesome Dove, marry him.
YES! "Lonesome Dove" is on. Watching this always reminds me of watching it with my daddy when I was young.
Whatever that is, I have a deep need to watch it, seeing as I live on Lonesome Dove Road...
Lonesome Dove for the second day in a row!
"It ain't dyin' I'm talkin' about, it's livin'" - Lonesome Dove
Everyone getting ready for tonight and well me... Im laying on the couch watching lonesome dove ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Hopefully everybody gets out early at Lonesome Dove so we can leave around 10 or 11
My favorite movie is on! There's my new years plans laid out for me right there. I shall pig out on snacks and watch Lonesome Dove ๐Ÿ˜†
Watching lonesome dove with my grandpa. life can't get any better
If we do get iced-in tomorrow, that'll mean 1 thing for sure: The watching of the most epic western ever - Lonesome Dove. All 6 hours of it!
I ask my dad what he wants to watch and of course it's lonesome dove...
Hamilton Collection
In my down time, I like to watch Lonesome Dove
My fave story I wrote this year -> Larry McMurtry on Fiction, Money, Womanizing, and Old Age
& like me likes Gus from lonesome dove..๐Ÿ’™
I've got it on Lonesome Dove because I'm my father's daughter.
My mother shushed me while she's watching Lonesome Dove. We own the movie and she's seen it thousands of times. ๐Ÿ˜’
Lonesome Dove is on. I don't see myself getting off my couch today. :)
This tree was full of doves. By the time I took the picture? [Insert lonesome dove joke here.]
On page 293 of 864 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
Lawless and lonesome dove will always be my favorite movies
I kinda wanna watch Lonesome Dove. Is that lame?
no. he's a giBBY. a gibbon. he's like a pigeon. a lil lonesome dove.
Episode 2 of Lonesome Dove has gone all Game of Thrones: everybody en route somewhere else and some very crabby.
dude i cant get enough of Lonesome Dove
Today was a good day to curl up on the couch and read one-star reviews of Lonesome Dove and just laugh.
Watching Lonesome Dove with my parents while my body recovers from work (im in so much pain rn omfg)
i finished Lonesome Dove last night, will be starting I Am Radar soon (though probably before it's technically 2015).
For all the Lonesome Dove lovers, here's a special novel for you
I feel like laying in bed & watching lonesome dove the rest of the day.
Watching Lonesome Dove all the way to New Orleans
I daydream about the lonesome road. Being a true road dove.
Watch Lonesome Dove with me so I know it's real
After a night of throwing up, cleaning up, and staying up it's almost time to wind down with the best book...
Watching Lonesome Dove brings back good ol' memories.
finally finished Lonesome Dove! i loved it, but it just sort of...ended. guess i'll have to read the sequel. and the two prequels. :)
MJB has landed safely in Mandan, ND. We have 12 shows in the next 13 days at the legendary Lonesome Dove, can I get a YEEHAW??!!??!!
I believe that is writing a Buffy x Lonesome Dove YA.
Love your Woodrow Call quote about the late Josh Deets from "Lonesome Dove." Please donate my $5 to your favorite charity.
Lonesome Dove hands down best movie ever. Always
"Better to have it and not need it than it is to need it and not have it." -Lonesome Dove
The surgery scene is only rivalled by the river crossing/snake attack in Lonesome Dove.
Why not read my review of Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry at
On page 168 of 945 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
Photo: Completed: Lonesome Dove, Larry McMurtry I like audiobooks. ย I have a commute of about 30+ minutes...
Augustus McCrae and Woodrow F. Call are my I'm in love with Lonesome Dove and these two Texasโ€ฆ
So Gracie and I stayed up until 2am last night watching "Lonesome Dove" on Netflix, an 8 hour mini series. I thought I'd watch 2 episodes last night and the last 2 today. Well, I couldn't STOP! I adore Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall is probably my all time favorite actor. I love his talent as an actor, his character and well, just about everything about him! Great mini-series I'm no doubt the only person who'd never seen it! lol! P.S. I fell in love with Mr. Duvall all over again last night, as he was a rough tough cowboy/Texas Ranger with 2 pet pigs!
Another item from old Ellie Rucker files concerning Lonesome Dove series. A lot of publicity was given the filming of Lonesome Dove around Austin and Central Texas. What I want to know is when will the television series of the McMurtry book be shown? -M.G. A.Plans call for it to be aired in four parts beginning Sunday, Feb. 5. It will end Feb. 8 (on KTBC-TV, Channel 7, Cable 2). Stars are Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Anjelica Huston. But the biggest stars and most important are all the Austin actors and actresses, stand-ins, extras, producers and designers. All sequences supposedly taking place in Arkansas were actually filmed around Austin. The segment about the river raft was filmed on the Colorado River. Cattle-drive sequences - open prairie scenes - were filmed around Creedmore southeast of Austin. Willie Nelson's Western Town on his ranch at Pedernales Country Club is in the film. In the movie when you're in Fort Smith, Ark., you're actually looking at Willie's Western Town (it was built for Redhe ...
Lonesome Dove do soon! Wed. Nov. 19 at 8pm at Opening Bell Coffee "Dallas' best acoustic live musiโ€ฆ
Or Gus, character played by Robert Duval, in Lonesome Dove. He was straight forward and positive. See that is a tough one
It's 240 am and this *** put on lonesome dove like a 6 hour movie ๐Ÿ˜’
Lonesome dove, chocolate milk, and cope at 2 am ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Wow! I just won this for free, UV Ultraviolet Digital Code: "Lonesome Dove Collector's Edition
Coach Sommer had Lonesome Dove playing on bus... got unanimously overruled and we just watched Billy Madison for the 15th time.
Watching Lonesome Dove and eating a rice crispy treat in my dorm cause I'm too RAW!
Lonesome Dove was great as always this morning, Rebels kickn tail tonite...
If ever in Ft. Worth, eat at Lonesome Dove in the Stockyards. One of the best steaks we've ever had. Especially the Buffalo ribeye. Deelish!
If she sits there amd watches the full six hours of Lonesome Dove, wife her up.
he was in Lonesome Dove with rick schroders lying *** and Reese Witherspoon the sequels!
On page 231 of 864 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
I want to reread Lonesome Dove again one day. I loved it. Was recommended to me by my philosophy professor.
Mr Duvall I have been a fan for a Long time. I especially liked your performance in westerns like Lonesome Dove! Thanks Sir!
Hud, Lonesome Dove, Terms of Endearment, Brokeback Mountain, The Last Picture Show โ€” Larry McMurtry has given us...
yes, great actors! My fave Duvall movie is Lonesome Dove, by far!
fanfic is such a funny genre. the Bleach piece I posted 4 days ago? over 100 hits already. the Lonesome Dove that's been up 2 weeks? 3 hits.
Will is right, there is a best book>movie adaptation. Will is wrong, it's not Lonesome Dove
Their show last weekend was the highlight of ACL for me. Well, that and the sausages at Lonesome Dove food booth.
At the old Lonesome Dove set location today! :)
Now you don't duck your head to nobody, Loire. Not to Clara, not to me, not to nobody. -Gus. Lonesome Dove (words to live by)
"She's got a pair of boots she just loves and like me likes Gus from Lonesome Dove that's my kind of woman"
-. Oh, don't you see . That lonesome dove . Sitting on an ivy tree . She's weeping for . Her own true love . As I shall weep for mine. -
Watching the greatest western saga of all time "Lonesome Dove."
New dentists, swing on by the New Dentist Reception tonight in the Lonesome Dove Room. You can still buy tickets at the door!
what was it like working with The Great Robert Duvall? He's been my hero since I saw Lonesome Dove. Reminds me of my dad.
..with Anna Karenina at a ball in St. Petersburg and lassoed a steer in "Lonesome Dove" and had nightmares about slavery in "Beloved"..
Ten piglets got out this morning. Two are still on the loose 7 hours later. They just might become our Lonesome Dove free-range pigs.
I remember at lonesome dove austin Cruz told me to stop smoking and start dipping and that he wanted my boots๐Ÿ˜” RIP buddy ๐Ÿ˜ข
I'm reading LONESOME DOVE and it's just great.
that book yet. I also want to write a western novel that will give my favorite movie Lonesome Dove a run for its money
That scene still makes my skin crawl. STILL...RT lonesome dove.
I just want to go home and have a Lonesome Dove marathon on this rainy day!! โ˜”๏ธ
I think it is time for another session of Lonesome Dove this weekend. Been a while and need a boost from Gus McCrae and Cpt. Woodrow F. Call
If you started Lonesome Dove when you went to bed, and it's some how over when you wake up. You got a good nights rest
I'm so ready to finish the lonesome dove tomorrow! . I'm probs gonna cry though.
I wanna watch lonesome dove, but it's too long and it's too late.
Michael Pare: It was great working with Kurt Russell on "Bone Tomahawk" a great western on the line of Lonesome Dove httโ€ฆ
Lonesome dove is actually my favorite
Lonesome dove. Netflix has got the westerns fired up. at
Probably more famous regionally except for Last Picture Show & Lonesome Dove. Rice is a beautiful spot though.
Travel day. Cracking open a yellowed copy of Lonesome Dove I bought for a dollar at a thrift shop.
Is it bad that I can quote almost every line in lonesome dove?
I want someone to call for me the way Gus calls for Lorie in Lonesome Dove. ๐Ÿ’‘ ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ‘Œ
On page 260 of 864 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
I've been tagged by Jane Malone-Miller to play a game of tens--to list 10 books that have stayed with me. Following my list I will tag more people. The idea is to list in your status ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Don't take more than a few minutes and do not think too hard. They do not have to be the right books or great works of literature--just ones that have affected you in some way. Tag me so I can see your list, then tag more friends to share your own. Do this in your status and NOT in the comments. Lonesome Dove - Larry McMurtry Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S. Thompson Watership Down - Richard Adams Blood Meridian - Cormac McCarthy Life Itself - Roger Ebert To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee The Stand - Stephen King The World According to Garp - John Irving The Road - Cormac McCarthy Chronicles - Bob Dylan
Hey SMU: You're gonna wish you could quit us after we send you to Brokeback Mountain. (By UNT alum/Lonesome Dove author Larry McMurtry)
On page 205 of 864 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
Larry McMurtry is the author of Lonesome Dove & Terms of Endearment::))
On page 188 of 864 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
"When Augustus came out on the porch the blue pigs were eating a rattlesnake - not a very big one." - Larry McMurtry, Lonesome Dove
On page 166 of 864 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
"This would make a story if there was anybody to tell it..." - Larry McMurtry, Lonesome Dove
Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry: a brillaint Even 4 those who never read
Shadows on the Trail by John Bradford Branney - Lonesome Dove without the cattle.
South Texas Oilfield Expo Exhibitors: head to the Lonesome Dove to hear the Blue Channel Jazz Quartet.
Been watching Lonesome Dove since I was 9 and I still bawl the entire last hour.
can confirm Lonesome Dove is incredible. I borrowed it from years ago and it reduced me to tears.
I'm glad I've been wrong enough to keep in practice. . . You can't avoid it, you've got to learn to handle it. If you only come face to face with your own mistakes once or twice in your life it's bound to be extra painful. I face mine every day--that way they ain't usually much worse than a dry shave.โ€ โ€• Larry McMurtry, Lonesome Dove
I need a lawnmower. I also want a Netflix password, because I am in love with Game of Thrones &Lonesome Dove.
Ending this amazing day off with watching lonesome dove!! Can't get no better than that!! ((:
Lonesome dove 3 nights in a row at this house, think someone is obsessed ๐Ÿ˜œ
Japanese colors sounds like the Lonesome Dove theme song.
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