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Lonesome Dove

Lonesome Dove is a 1985 Pulitzer Prize–winning western novel written by Larry McMurtry. It is the first published book of the Lonesome Dove series, but the third installment in the series chronologically.

Larry McMurtry Robert Duvall Tommy Lee Jones Yellow Rose True Grit Garth Brooks Gus McCrae Pulitzer Prize Diane Lane Open Range Anna Karenina New Mexico Broken Trail Wyatt Earp Charles Goodnight Jeremiah Johnson Coward Robert Ford

Wow! I just won this for free, UV Ultraviolet Digital Code: "Lonesome Dove Collector's Edition
Coach Sommer had Lonesome Dove playing on bus... got unanimously overruled and we just watched Billy Madison for the 15th time.
Watching Lonesome Dove and eating a rice crispy treat in my dorm cause I'm too RAW!
Lonesome Dove was great as always this morning, Rebels kickn tail tonite...
If ever in Ft. Worth, eat at Lonesome Dove in the Stockyards. One of the best steaks we've ever had. Especially the Buffalo ribeye. Deelish!
If she sits there amd watches the full six hours of Lonesome Dove, wife her up.
he was in Lonesome Dove with rick schroders lying *** and Reese Witherspoon the sequels!
On page 231 of 864 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
I want to reread Lonesome Dove again one day. I loved it. Was recommended to me by my philosophy professor.
It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.-Caption Call - Lonesome Dove
Mr Duvall I have been a fan for a Long time. I especially liked your performance in westerns like Lonesome Dove! Thanks Sir!
Hud, Lonesome Dove, Terms of Endearment, Brokeback Mountain, The Last Picture Show — Larry McMurtry has given us...
yes, great actors! My fave Duvall movie is Lonesome Dove, by far!
fanfic is such a funny genre. the Bleach piece I posted 4 days ago? over 100 hits already. the Lonesome Dove that's been up 2 weeks? 3 hits.
Will is right, there is a best book>movie adaptation. Will is wrong, it's not Lonesome Dove
Their show last weekend was the highlight of ACL for me. Well, that and the sausages at Lonesome Dove food booth.
At the old Lonesome Dove set location today! :)
Now you don't duck your head to nobody, Loire. Not to Clara, not to me, not to nobody. -Gus. Lonesome Dove (words to live by)
"She's got a pair of boots she just loves and like me likes Gus from Lonesome Dove that's my kind of woman"
There wouldn't be no Alamo, No Cowboys in the Superbowl... No "Lonesome Dove", no "Yellow Rose... If it wasn't for Texas
-. Oh, don't you see . That lonesome dove . Sitting on an ivy tree . She's weeping for . Her own true love . As I shall weep for mine. -
Watching the greatest western saga of all time "Lonesome Dove."
New dentists, swing on by the New Dentist Reception tonight in the Lonesome Dove Room. You can still buy tickets at the door!
what was it like working with The Great Robert Duvall? He's been my hero since I saw Lonesome Dove. Reminds me of my dad.
..with Anna Karenina at a ball in St. Petersburg and lassoed a steer in "Lonesome Dove" and had nightmares about slavery in "Beloved"..
Ten piglets got out this morning. Two are still on the loose 7 hours later. They just might become our Lonesome Dove free-range pigs.
I remember at lonesome dove austin Cruz told me to stop smoking and start dipping and that he wanted my boots😔 RIP buddy 😢
I'm reading LONESOME DOVE and it's just great.
that book yet. I also want to write a western novel that will give my favorite movie Lonesome Dove a run for its money
That scene still makes my skin crawl. STILL...RT lonesome dove.
I just want to go home and have a Lonesome Dove marathon on this rainy day!! ☔️
I think it is time for another session of Lonesome Dove this weekend. Been a while and need a boost from Gus McCrae and Cpt. Woodrow F. Call
If you started Lonesome Dove when you went to bed, and it's some how over when you wake up. You got a good nights rest
I'm so ready to finish the lonesome dove tomorrow! . I'm probs gonna cry though.
I wanna watch lonesome dove, but it's too long and it's too late.
Michael Pare: It was great working with Kurt Russell on "Bone Tomahawk" a great western on the line of Lonesome Dove htt…
Lonesome dove is actually my favorite
Lonesome dove. Netflix has got the westerns fired up. at
Probably more famous regionally except for Last Picture Show & Lonesome Dove. Rice is a beautiful spot though.
Travel day. Cracking open a yellowed copy of Lonesome Dove I bought for a dollar at a thrift shop.
Is it bad that I can quote almost every line in lonesome dove?
I want someone to call for me the way Gus calls for Lorie in Lonesome Dove. 💑 💕👌
On page 260 of 864 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
I've been tagged by Jane Malone-Miller to play a game of tens--to list 10 books that have stayed with me. Following my list I will tag more people. The idea is to list in your status ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Don't take more than a few minutes and do not think too hard. They do not have to be the right books or great works of literature--just ones that have affected you in some way. Tag me so I can see your list, then tag more friends to share your own. Do this in your status and NOT in the comments. Lonesome Dove - Larry McMurtry Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S. Thompson Watership Down - Richard Adams Blood Meridian - Cormac McCarthy Life Itself - Roger Ebert To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee The Stand - Stephen King The World According to Garp - John Irving The Road - Cormac McCarthy Chronicles - Bob Dylan
Hey SMU: You're gonna wish you could quit us after we send you to Brokeback Mountain. (By UNT alum/Lonesome Dove author Larry McMurtry)
I was challenged by Laura Poff to name 10 books that had the most impact on me or something of that nature. Whew...this is a tough one. The Bible is beyond any book on my list and is a given for me, so I'll list others. 1) David Copperfield by Dickens - My copy was over 1,000 pages and I was still sad when it ended. Probably my favorite novel. 2) Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry - Captain Augustus "Gus" McCrae and Captain Woodrow F. Call are two of my favorite characters. 3) The Gospel According To Jesus by John MacArthur - As a new Christian this book showed me what it means to follow Jesus as Lord. 4) The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford by Ron Hansen - Also one of my favorite movies. 5) Desiring God by John Piper - Introduced me to Reformed Theology and the joy we have in Christ. 6) A Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and the Eternal Passion for Books by Nicholas A. Basbanes - I have A Gentle Madness tattooed on my inner arm, that says all I need to say. 7) Gilead by Maril ...
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On page 205 of 864 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
Larry McMurtry is the author of Lonesome Dove & Terms of Endearment::))
On page 188 of 864 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
"When Augustus came out on the porch the blue pigs were eating a rattlesnake - not a very big one." - Larry McMurtry, Lonesome Dove
On page 166 of 864 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
"This would make a story if there was anybody to tell it..." - Larry McMurtry, Lonesome Dove
Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry: a brillaint Even 4 those who never read
Shadows on the Trail by John Bradford Branney - Lonesome Dove without the cattle.
South Texas Oilfield Expo Exhibitors: head to the Lonesome Dove to hear the Blue Channel Jazz Quartet.
Been watching Lonesome Dove since I was 9 and I still bawl the entire last hour.
can confirm Lonesome Dove is incredible. I borrowed it from years ago and it reduced me to tears.
I'm glad I've been wrong enough to keep in practice. . . You can't avoid it, you've got to learn to handle it. If you only come face to face with your own mistakes once or twice in your life it's bound to be extra painful. I face mine every day--that way they ain't usually much worse than a dry shave.” ― Larry McMurtry, Lonesome Dove
I need a lawnmower. I also want a Netflix password, because I am in love with Game of Thrones &Lonesome Dove.
Ending this amazing day off with watching lonesome dove!! Can't get no better than that!! ((:
Lonesome dove 3 nights in a row at this house, think someone is obsessed 😜
Japanese colors sounds like the Lonesome Dove theme song.
"This is Broken Trail, the *** in Lonesome Dove is way prettier than her." Direct quote from my daddy
Got ten pokes today. After just watching Lonesome Dove, they aren't quite the same as the movie version. Probably...
So, I've heard lonesome dove is the best western ever. I think it's on netflix or amazon prime. Is it worth it?
In Lonesome Dove by Garth is bar none my favorite song of all time
So far, it's been a good day. I'm watching "Lonesome Dove." That has to be the best Western film / mini-series ever made.
Need names badges, lanyards? These just came in for Lonesome Dove Equestrian Center. Thanks guys!
these lonesome dove boys are just trying to run a decent Horse ranch, but *** Augustus won't shut up
I think after I get done with the dishes, I'm gonna watch me some lonesome dove.♡
We got in here to the lonesome dove cowboy church just shy of Cullman AL. It's got a nice little arena and it was great to see people horseback and some roping cattle. It reminded us of home. The folks here are really nice and the horses were great today after a day off. We head tomorrow about 10 miles west of Cullman and onward from there. I met up with Will tonite and he took us to dinner and we had a beer. It was great to hang out with another grunt and just be us. Even though we never served together and met for the first time today he is my brother and I know him. Thanks buddy I really enjoyed hanging out with you. Raymond and I calculated the number of horse tracks we leave in 100 miles and the number is 1,536,000 and we need to lay some more so tomorrow we ride.
As an aside, Lonesome Dove is a GREAT movie. Fight thru the first 1.5 hrs; sets stage for epic last 4.5.
In Lonesome Dove, the character Gus (Robert Duvall) says: "I'm more persuaded by the bodies we just buried."
I'm on my 2nd draft of a YA Lonesome Dove x Buffy Weird West Fantasy. Anybody want edit tips? Anything specific? What do you need?
On page 576 of 945 of Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry
IT'S RODEO TIME!!! SHETLAND BRONC RIDING IS THE NEWEST EVENT A new event will make its debut at this year's Big Spring Rodeo, which has a 3-night run beginning Thursday June 19. It's called Shetland Bronc Riding. Kids 5 to 12 will attempt to ride the bucking little ponies. Lonesome Dove Rodeo Company in Mullin, Texas, established four years ago, is furnishing them. One of the owners of the company, Heath Hohertz says "We're investing in the future of rodeo by providing three events for kids 17 and under. They start with Mutton Bustin', then go to Shetland Bronc Riding, then for older kids, 13 to 17, we have amateur broncs. We hope this process produces some great professional bronc riders. Our horses buck just like the big horses. We provide rigging, helmets and safety vests for our riders." Heath will be bringing a dozen Shetland ponies to the Big Spring Rodeo.
Woohoo. I am lonely like . Lonesome dove.
If you enjoyed 'Lonesome Dove', you will enjoy this!
It's 2 in the morning, and yes I'm about to watch lonesome dove. Judge me
Just seen a deer go acrose the highway by the lonesome dove
Watched conclusion of Lonesome Dove on DVD tonight. Among best all time movies - ever.
I've watched Wyatt Earp, Tombstone, and lonesome dove so much this week.
"She learned the language and she learned to fight, but she never learned how to beat the lonely nights In Lonesome Dove"
Can anyone tell me what Gus McaCrae in Lonesome Dove favorite thing is. He likes to ride a fine horse in new country but that's not his favorite thing lol...
Lonesome Dove is definitely the longest 8 hour movie ever. But definitely a great western. Lol
The fact that Lonesome Dove is on Netflix makes me one happy cannot👌
Have had a great last couple of nights with my dad watching Lonesome Dove for the first time, but we watched every last one of them out of order... :€ had a great dinner yesterday and it was better the second time around tonight ; ) we even got started mudding the sheet rock in house! Super excited about all the improvements. We've been enjoying the quality time : )
OK - what does "poked" mean? I remember what it meant in Lonesome Dove . . .
Love nights like tonight: horses were great, got my favorite goat tying cowboy spending the night, and now watching lonesome dove. Only thing could make it better is if my honey could have stayed:)
"Lonesome Dove" I would rather watch once than 10 years of GOT.
you could make a badass reboot of Lonesome Dove today
Bout to get on this lonesome dove marathon
So, should I watch Lonesome Dove or The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly?
[BUR] Lonesome Dove {~BŪЯ§Ţ~} was just iced by Tony, who has whacked a total of 1,431,441 rivals. Tony just brought the body count to 1,431,439 by icing {OWM} owm joematai.
Lonesome Dove. Love that movie, but his quote is me all the way.
Lonesome Dove (TV Mini-Series 1989) photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more.
Catching up movie tie-in Winter's Tale by Mark Halprin 10th reminds me of someone, A Man In Full by Thomas Wolfe 11th secondhand book gem Black Beauty by Anna Sewell 12th pretend to have read..Lonesome Dove, I don't like it so skimmed barely 13th makes me laugh..I don't like books that are humorous but A Prayer For Owen Meany made me laugh and cry. 14th An Old Favorite Chesapeake by James Michener 15th Favorite fictional father Carson Drew father of Nancy Drew
Listening to cd's and getting ready to watch lonesome dove on VHS!!! *** I'm old school.
Bose Ikard's grave site in Greenwood Cemetary on Front. St. in Weatherford -- Bose Ikard worked for Charles Goodnight as a Cowboy and the engraving on the stone says this: Bose Ikard (1859–1928) with me four years on the Goodnight-Loving Trail, never shirked duty or disobeyed an order, rode with me in many stampedes, participated in three engagements with Comanches, splendid behavior. C. GOODNIGHT Bose Ikard was the basis for the character Deets in Lonesome Dove, as Oliver Loving and Charles Goodnight represented Gus, and Woodrow Call respectively.
Watching Lonesome Dove, one of my all time favorite movies :-)
Novel based drama; Lonesome Dove. Texas rangers organize a 2,500 mile cattle drive for one last adventure. 7PM
You know, this has been a pretty good day so far. Even if I have finished Lonesome Dove. What would be your Great American Novel?
51st annual Brown County Rodeo is in the books. Thank you to all of our sponsors that helped make this big event happen each year! And thank you to James Andrews with the Andrews Rodeo Company, Ronald Burton, TC Long, Cowgirl Chicks, and Lonesome Dove Rodeo Company
I just want to lay in bed all day and watch Lonesome Dove.
Lonesome Dove despite being made in late 80s. And loved Cohen brother's True Grit. Wish movie makers would do more westerns!
Re-watching Lonesome Dove for first time in decades. Hasn't aged a day. So many great actors getting their start -- B…
How many Lonesome Dove fans are out there? Here's an interesting interview from Robert Duvall from American...
Good morning. Like to thank my kids for the Happy Father Day wishes. Yesterday was good. I cleaned the pool n filter. Run around shopping. Then the best part. I got to watch my favorite movie. "Lonesome Dove".
Well *** I was gonna go to sleep but, Pure Country is on. This one is up there with Lonesome Dove on my ranks.
Idc how many times I've seen Lonesome Dove, I cry every time Gus dies😥
The 4th Lonesome Dove breaks my heart every time but yet I continue to watch it
Lonesome Dove marathon, part 3 and still going strong!
Personal best tonight. I guess the spurs inspired me. Now for some Lonesome Dove on Netflix. Goodnight…
I'm Lonesome Dove. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
When Deets dies in Lonesome Dove.. 💔😢 Gets me every time.
I'm watching Lonesome Dove for the second time today
Happy Father's Day to Robert Duvall in Lonesome Dove, who taught me how to be a man.
SUBSCRIBE NOW and receive a risk-free issue plus a free downloadable booklet: Lost Skills of the Old West We caught up with Robert Duvall to talk Gus, behind-the-scene stories from Lonesome Dove, horses, and future projects.
Watched Lonesome Dove last night, I love old Robert Duvall.. well it was over around midnight, and I decided to work on my geneology, found some old notes from a 2nd cousin of mine that past away years ago. He had told me a story of his dad working on a ranch for a Mr. Goodnight and was pd. $30. a month. Said that was around New Mexico and Texas that the Ranches were located. So I decided to pull up the name on my computer, found the Chism Ranch and Charles Goodnight was partner with John Chism. They said that the story of Lonesome Dove was based on the life of Charley Goodnight and a Mr. Lovely. They were partners and best friends and Charley took Mr. Lovely back to Texas for burial..The story added alot of script that was not true just to have a good story.. So anyway my Grandpa Wells older brother worked for Charles Goodnight..When my grandson Lane was little he named every animal we had, Gus, Woodrow, Deets and
This past week has been Lonesome Dove week on the UP network, channel 124 if you have Time Warner Cable in San Antonio. Larry McMurtry, ya know!!!
"Poke" was used many times in the movie "Lonesome Dove" Larry McMurtry regarding sexual advances to a ***
Let's see...Open Range, Lonesome Dove (and every prequel/sequel), Legends of the Fall, Tombstone, Unforgiven, Cowboys, Young Guns 1&2, Ghost and the Darkness, couple of Eastwood spaghetti westerns and what else am I missing?
Saturday night Jonathan lassoed me and today he is getting upset while we watch Lonesome Dove. The fun and caring parts of Jonathan Bolick.
Thinking about y'all today. Mom and Dad went to the parade this morning. They said it wasn't as exciting without "us". There's a snapshot somewhere of Eddie Wilson and me dressed as 'cowboys' for our jr. play. I was remembering when we almost caused our play to be cancelled by Lucille Patton. He said something sarcastic to me, (with his "Elvis-curled lip"), that I didn't appreciate. I knocked his designer-Stetson off. He poked me in the nose. I cried! We 'rassled'. Calmer people prevailed... End of "fight". Lucille sent everyone home and told us there wouldn't be a play. Well, this was 'dress rehearsal', and I'm sure she heard from Grady, Joe Bailey, Charlie, et. al. (Loretta, too...since her daughter was a star.) I had borrowed the chaps and cowboy trappings from Sprout Seddon and Bill Cummins. It was a a great play! Ed and I were like Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall in "Lonesome Dove"! Happy Memorial Day to all my dear friends from Hollis, especially Eddie Wilson (the authentic cowboy!)
Because Robert Duvall and Lonesome Dove. Get your issue here:
Happy Mother's Day from Fred Lomire … actor William Boyd played HIMSELF in the early Hopalong Cassidy serials : His Life was Novelized in Nevada Smith : he was a Vengeful Vigilante . the The Lone Ranger was another set of pulp stories attached to his LEGENDS … see Lonesome Dove for more Achey-Brakey Nostalgia ☼ .
Plus the via had features on Whale Watching at Oregon's Depoe Bay, All thru Cal. and Alaska, I didn't see mention of Cape Disappointment or WA. an article on that God energy RED ROCK ENERGY in Tucson, AZ and a Scottsdale feature. Disneyland, It's A Small World with Walt opening ceremony and children from all over the globe filling the river part of the ride with water and California Adventure Cars ride and Pinnacles National Park and McCall, ID (Lonesome Dove was in that last Cowboys and Indians Annual Photography Issue, I reopened this AM). etc.
True Story of Texas Grit! Oliver Loving From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In literature[edit] The manner of Loving's death and burial was borrowed by novelist Larry McMurtry for his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Lonesome Dove. In the book, Augustus "Gus" McCrae is injured by Indian arrows and sends his companion Pea Eye Parker to retrieve Woodrow F. Call. McCrae makes it to Miles City, but dies of blood poisoning, despite having one of his legs amputated. Call, like Goodnight, brings him back to Texas to bury him. [hide]This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. This article needs additional citations for verification. (June 2007) This article should be divided into sections by topic, to make it more accessible. (January 2014) The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia's notability guideline for biographies. (May 2008) Oliver Loving Born December 4, 1812 Hopkins County, Kentucky, USA Died September 25, 1867 (aged 54) Fort Sumner, New Mexico ...
Things are developing at a breakneck pace vis-a-vis Saturday's vendor fair at Quaker Hill Baptist Church. No Hollywood celebrity has said he or she will not be there. Thus, there is always the possibility that Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore, George Clooney, Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, and a host of other directors, actors, comedians, and movie producers will be there. This event could turn out to be a reunion for the cast of Lonesome Dove. I have received no notification that that will not be the case. In fact, there are totally unconfirmed reports that everyone in Hollywood is talking about this and that they're already chartering flights to the nearest airport (and I mean "unconfirmed" in the strongest possible sense).
621am and I am up because I can't sleep watching the BEST Western ever made... Lonesome Dove. Starring Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones...
check out Lonesome Dove...Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones...killer flick man
the only one better is Lonesome Dove!! Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones!!
read Lonesome Dove whilst road tripping USA - then didn't want to leave Montana when we passed through!
Carolyn's in Galveston with her mother and sister and I am Home Alone playing guitar, eating cheese dip and Blue Bell and watching Lonesome Dove!
Q: I was surprised to learn that you've never watched the Lonesome Dove miniseries with Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones. Larry McMurtry: Another myth I'm exploding is that writers are so entranced by their own work that they read it over and over, or watch it over and over as a film. I was tired of Lonesome Dove before it ever became a miniseries. I've seen snippets, and it seems pretty good.
Robert Duvall has appeared in the classic films To Kill a Mockingbird, True Grit and MASH before gaining stardom in the 1970s with unforgettable performances in films such as The Godfather I & II, Network and Apocalypse Now. Duvall received six Oscar nominations in his career, and won Best Actor for 1983’s Tender Mercies. His television work includes Lonesome Dove (1989) and Broken Trail (2006), for which he won an Emmy. ST. LOUIS CONNECTION - A devout Christian Scientist, Duvall attended and graduated from The Principia High School in St. Louis and went on to graduate from nearby Principia College in Elsah, Illinois.
“. If you want any one thing too badly, it's likely to turn out to be a disappointment. The only healthy way to live life is to learn to like all the little everyday things, like a sip of good whiskey in the evening, a soft bed, a glass of buttermilk, or a feisty gentleman like myself.”-Gus McCrae-Lonesome Dove
Selling VHS tapes, $1 each or 6 for $5. Disney movies are $2. Here is some of what we have, there is more. Disney: Peter Pan, Mulan, Jungle 2 Jungle, Winnie the pooh, Cinderella, Dumbo, Three Musketeers, Homeward Bound 1 and 2, Fox and the hound, Bambi, Aladdin, we have more disney but still looking through them. Movies: Cobra, Pretty woman, cruel intentions, jurassic park: the lost world, Jurassica Park 3, Red Planet, Mission Impossible, Jeremiah Johnson, Lonesome Dove, All dogs go to heaven, Butterfly Effect, The man in the iron mask, Flinstones-Viva Rock Vegas, Reindeer games, Child's Play, Striking distance, frequency, dirty dancing: havana nights, the cable guy, dawn of the dead, the perfect storm, a cinderella story, Ms. Doubtfire, Days of thunder, walking tall, anger management, little black book, hotchick, dream catcher, U.S. Marshalls, overboard, godsend, spiderman 1, Air force one, Maid in Manhattan, Forrest Gump, Steel Magnolias, Vegas Vacation, As good as it gets, Apollo 13, Mission Impossible ...
Karl Urban one of my favs!! awesome actor!! when they made a prequel to Lonesome Dove he played a younger Tommy Lee Jones and nailed it!! I have liked him in everything he has done so far!!
Lonesome Dove is the single best western ever made and that's the bottom line because I said so
Had to speed it up lol but leel of Lonesome Dove by Garth Brooks😻
.on Tom Landry's final hours with the and the importance of Lonesome Dove:
Great meeting at the museum last evening. Jeane Brunson, Parker County Clerk gave a talk about how they are preserving the old documents that are at teh County annex in Weatherford. They date back to after the courthouse fire in 1874. One document has the original signature of Oliver Loving, famous cattleman. Lonesome Dove based on what happened to him. Robert Duvall played him in the movie. Famous man in these parts. So glad we have those who are interested in preserving history. Our museum's motto: "Preserving the past for the future."
Texas Tour, May 2014 1. Two Circles Bar Ranch, Double Mountains, Stonewall County Buster Welch, a retired Texas cutting horse trainer, purchased the original Two Circles Bar Ranch near the Double Mountains and Raton, Tx. He sold several thousand acres to Robert Duvall after the making of "Lonesome Dove." We visited the area for a Hart Family Reunion in Aug 2011. Duvall uses the acreage to house exotic animals. Buster has invited me to tour the ranch and he can show me the original sites of my great-grandfather's house and barns (Jesse Hittson (1855-1942). It's on my list for our drive through Raton during the first month of May. On the ranch is a cemetery where the Pringle Moore and Donna Vernon Hittson children rest. There are only nine graves. It's a must visit for photos this trip.
I was listening to soundtracks from westerns on You Tube and it reminded me of how the music could effect the feel of a movie and how some of our favorites were helped or enhanced. Of course The Magnificent Seven is a prime example. I was also listening to other scores by Elmer Bernstein and those by Jerry Goldsmith. Basil Polidouris from Lonesome Dove and Quigley Down Under also got played. Question: Which movie score do you feel helped or hindered a movie?
I was fortunate in the last century to be in the two biggest hits film-wise, Godfather I & II, and Lonesome Dove. -Rob…
Did I miss anything important? I just spent the last four days cataloging my favorite 200 films and building a smart ebook that helps you watch all of them instantly for free if possible. I think many might be surprised most by the ones that didn't make my list, films I feel are vastly over-rated right now, a list that includes: The Shawshank Redemption, Lord of the Rings, Dances with Wolves, The Deer Hunter, Star Wars, anything about James Bond or Harry Potter. Here is what did make my list, and if I missed something important, let me know. Part 1 Stagecoach (1939) The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) The Searchers (1956) True Grit (1969) The Wild Bunch (1969) Little Big Man (1970) McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971) Lonesome Dove (1989) Dead Man (1995) True Grit (2010) The Manchurian Candidate (1962) Charade (1965) The Spy Who Came In From the Cold (1965) The Ipcress File (1965) Who’ll Stop the Rain? (1978) Munich (2006) The Company (2007) Carlos (2010) The Ghost Writer (2010) Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy ( ...
Imagine how different "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" might have been if it had starred Burt Reynolds as McMurphy and Lily Tomlin as Nurse Ratched, as originally intended. And who can picture Sylvester Stallone starring in "Beverly Hills Cop" or Al Pacino as ... "Rambo"? And the movie "Terms of Endearment" was based on a book of the same name (written by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Larry McMurtry, who also wrote "Lonesome Dove"), but the character of Garrett Breedlove, played by Jack Nicholson, and for which he won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar, wasn't in the book. It was written specifically into the screen version for Burt Reynolds, who turned it down to star in ... "Stroker Ace," which was a box-office bomb.
Got the truck out of the shop then durango goes in the shop, never win , Tuf & I r up watchin Lonesome Dove
Online Clearance Deal on Lonesome Dove on Sale SEE BEST OFFER → Dove Reviewing the Dropped Image by Dan Brown There was so significantly of buzz about the next giving from Dan Brown, it wouldn't be unnatural to be expecting some variety of miracle to choose place at the close of the e-book (when you turned in excess of the final page). The plot of the ebook was a mega key one particular and 1 might look at it to be a miracle that the contents didn't get leaked in excess of the internet for forty seconds immediately after the e book was unveiled. Lonesome Dove Kate Chopin and the New South Notion The finish of the article Civil War Reconstruction interval released several Southern politicians, thinkers and writers who began to review the continued issues of the American South looking at the potential to convey a progressive ideology that came to be regarded as the New South strategy. At the same time there ended up new developments in literature with the increase of this New South notion and the develop ...
Hey Angela Holladay Bryant I remember a few days ago you or a friend of yours talking about watching Lonesome Dove again and I have just finished waching the follow up Streets of Laredo and thought I would share a few memories and thoughts about it not only with you but with anyon else interested in reading. First off Sissy Spaceck (as always) And James Garner were magnificent. and so was the actress who played Maria ( I dont know her name) One thing I think Mcmurtry potrtrayed very well was the extremely important yet underplayed role that women played back then. One of the reasons I liked this particular movie was because when my sister Pam and I were small children and I am talking nearly 50 years ago we had a small black and white white tv and on a Friday night we were allowed to stay up (probably till 8pm) to watch the Man From Larimie with Clint Walker. Now Whenever I am driving eastbound on I80 and descend into Larimie out of the Medicine Bow forest It takes me back all those years to long before J ...
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Doing copious amounts of reading on Western US history is more fun when you listen to the themes from Bonanza, Lonesome Dove, and The Magnificent Seven. I want a pet bison and a chuck wagon. But not so much the cholera.
Well just dried my tears again. Been watchin Lonesome Dove for probably the 10th time and I cry like a baby every time. Love,love,love that movie. Its mine and Ronnies favorite movie of all time. Dont tell anybody but there were tears in hubbys eyes to.
Well I am sitting on my saddle, in my pjs, in my living room, watchin Lonesome Dove and ropin the tv! Tried to rope butter cup, but she is a mean customer, a renegade at heart with a kick!! Oh yeah got my boots on with my spurs! Now I am waitin for my cup of coffee! Don't tell butter cup, but I am goin to heel her when she comes with the coffee, oh butter cup!
the remarkable first season of Deadwood represents one of those periodic, wholesale reinventions of the Western that is as different from, say, Lonesome Dove as that miniseries is from Howard Hawks's Rio Bravo or the latter is from Anthony Mann's The Naked Spur. In many ways, Deadwood embraces the Western's unambiguous morality during the cinema's silent era through the 1930s while also blazing trails through a post-NYPD Blue, post-The West Wing television age exalting dense and customized dialogue. On top of that, Deadwood has managed an original look and texture for a familiar genre: gritty, chaotic, and surging with both dark and hopeful energy. Yet the show's creator, erstwhile NYPD Blue head writer David Milch, never ridicules or condescends to his more grasping, futile characters or overstates the virtues of his heroic ones. Set in an ungoverned stretch of South Dakota soon after the 1876 Custer massacre, Deadwood concerns a lawless, evolving town attracting fortune-seekers, drifters, tyrants, and b ...
Enjoyin this evenin wth my son n grnbby, watchin Lonesome Dove... eatin popcorn n drinkin tea can't get enough of these western movies ...
Up in the middle of the night, watchin Lonesome Dove. Me and mama would watch it everytime it came on. Crazy how watching a movie can make you feel closer to someone who is gone. Sure do miss and love you, mama!!!
yes, assuming there wasn't an ancillary villain in Lonesome Dove named Jimbo.
Lonesome dove always leaves me teary eyed 😭
Lonesome Dove is awesome. Pretty sure my Dad's seen it a million times. Horses are the BEST actors, it's nuts
I once spent a whole Saturday watching "Lonesome Dove" tell him to watch it
just thought, maybe you guys dont know what Lonesome Dove is. you can come over and watch it with me. i have lots of taquitos.
just said aloud to no one "Oh boy i'm gonna go watch Lonesome Dove!" because i am everybody's Uncle Tony apparently
Just finished Lonesome Dove about to start the second movie return to Lonesome Dove what a sad day Mr Augustus McCreae will be missed :( Ricki Grant
Right Lonesome Dove, let's see what you're all about (finally! )
I’d say more Lonesome Dove than Maverick, mate!
"The older the violin, the sweeter the music" . Augustus McRae!! (Lonesome Dove)
We have been in Lonesome Dove all weekend. Now we are going into the west! Cowgirl up.
Newt from Lonesome Dove is a fine looking man.
I'm def going to watch lonesome dove when I get home
Lonesome Dove. It's a beautiful book. But I'm sure I'll have another one to recommend next week!
Asked mom if she wanted to watch Lonesome Dove, her face lit up like a little kid on Christmas morning.
Lonesome dove marathon with the old man 👌
Lonesome Dove Rd is icy. I am not going out THAT way! My long driveway looks scary. Either driveway has an embankment to fall down. Not going to be fun leaving this morning. Everybody brace up and keep warm!
Happy Birthday Robert Duvall, superb actor. Underrated by many, The Godfather and Lonesome Dove are his best
Wow Lonesome Dove was surprising really good.
The song that speaks to my passionate soul is "Standing Outside the Fire" by Garth Brooks, "The Dance" and "In Lonesome Dove ...
“Which books make you feel like you're going home when you open their covers and sink in? Lonesome Dove.
Lonesome Dove is a fantastic movie.
Time to watch some Lonesome Dove! By far one of the best movies ever made
I just wanna cuddle and watch Lonesome Dove!
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First time watching lonesome dove since brad passed away...don't know how to feel about this.
My first music video from my iPhone. Garth Brooks song, Lonesome Dove
love Lonesome Dove - this inspired a reread for 2014 (some of the best characters ever written)
Gus McRae in Lonesome Dove was my personal fav but he's been solid in everything he's done.
All of Phillip Rivers' kids have seen Lonesome Dove.
Sunday afternoon snuggling on the couch with my boy...Watching Lonesome Dove & enjoying this down…
Lonesome Dove Bar.m.not lonesome for long!! lol
Teddy Blue Abbot inspired "Lonesome Dove", but there's more to his story. shares this tale:
The Lonesome Dove will be reopening tomorrow night for dinner service at 5:00 pm. Call us today to reserve your table.
anyone who quotes Lonesome Dove is ok in my book.
I think most the cowboying he done is from watching lonesome dove.
Sunday Funday: Lonesome Dove, anyone? Or perhaps Saturday night was a bit rough and you need a Hair of the Prairie Dog?
The decision has been made, Lonesome Dove. For a total of 6 hrs, this will be my Sunday movie for a few weeks.
You should check out "Comanche Moon" coach. It's a sequel to lonesome dove & it's in Netflix
It's one of those Sundays, I could sit and watch Lonesome Dove all day with a blanket! I already got the Morgan poured!
The first two asked for my recommendations. (Lonesome dove, slaughterhouse, sword of shanara, Isaac Asimov). I could've done this all day.
Lonesome dove is loaded with quotes, it's a shame that only 3 people I know actually have seen it enough to get em
right after we drive two longhorns from Lonesome Dove to Nebraska. I call the burro.
Snowed in, might as well watch Lonesome Dove all day
Pulled out Lonesome Dove s place and The Princess Diaries was in there with it
I was thinkin about being productive today but I haven't watched all of Lonesome Dove in awhile..
Laurie is such a girl about everything in Lonesome Dove.
Ummm.if you dont like Lonesome Dove you can lick on my left nut
Lonesome Dove is the greatest movie of all time.
Watch Lonesome Dove with me so I know it's real. 😭💕
Weenied-out on Lonesome Dove and going with Open Range instead.(for the 100th time) In a "happy ending" mood.
So I'm in the shower and look down to see something small and verdant circling my ankles. I immediately diagnose baby Water Moccasins and the whimper of my discomfort was heard as far afield as Casper, WY. Having both read and watched Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove I know what those suckers can do to a man! Upon closer inspection the nest of fledging vipers did however turn out to be a pine needle. As in one. Singular. If this happened to somebody else I'd be inclined to dismiss it as the demented ravings of a lunatic drama queen. But having experienced it first hand I see it more as a sense of heightened reality. In a lunatic drama queen. With a pathological phobia for reptiles.
Lonesome dove oh lonesome dove your call upon the wind I hear. It takes me back to another time when my true love was near. Go rest little dove in the tall tall trees an sing your mournful song and I will walk upon this earth and think of those that are gone.
Ending the day with Lonesome Dove, alone, cause my family doesn't understand the value of this movie.
I feel so awful...but I'm in the bed watchin Lonesome Dove makin the best of this...
"Return To Lonesome Dove", is just not the same with out Tommy Lee Jones. I don't even wanna watch it with this wanna be captain Call
Happy New Year! Lonesome Dove saw me through! This is a first in how many years I can't even remember!!
Looking for a DVD of 'Lonesome Dove' in excellent shape!
Lonesome Dove beats the chess club.
*tells self not to go on rant, tells self not to go on...* Can someone please, PLEASE, point me to a Western that is NOT: 1) a Zane Grey, Max Brand, or Louis L'amour repeat. Those authors were all great, but my goodness, c'mon fellow authors, write YOUR story, not theirs. 2) 1st person. Sometimes 1st person is good, but if I open up a book about a gunfighter or a marshal or whatever and I see 1st person, I know straightaway the MC lives and that, frankly, takes out one helluva lot of tension. Please, someone point me to a gritty, dark, realistic Western that has not been riddled with and sucked of life by political correctness. I don't care if the author is indie or famous or both, don't care if the book was published yesterday or last century, but I want something more along the lines of Unforgiven than Lonesome Dove. PLEASE. Cause I've been looking and I'm not finding it.
Went out to the Covington Walmart earlier, followed by Half Price Books in Tukwila. Used my X-mas gift card at Walmarts & saved 20% at HPB (sale through tomorrow)!! R.O.N. is D.V.D. happy, NEW to collection: "Holy Man" "HollywoodLand" "Finding Neverland" "Witness" (SE w/ awesome bonus material) "The Hired Hand" (CE) The (Dean) Martin & (Jerry) Lewis Collector's Edition (2 DVDs) "The Prestige" "Men in Black 3" (only $4.99 at HPB!!) "The Princess Bride" (Dread Pirate Edition) (2-disc set) **LOL this is the third copy of the movie I own on DVD but there are some most excellent bonus features/material on this one so I just had to get it!!** 'We Bought A Zoo" "Stargate" (UE Extended Cut) "The Day After Tomorrow" "Fire With Fire" "Lonesome Dove" (2-disc CE) & 15-movie action pack (成龍 Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris Steven Seagal) Saved money, used gift card = money spent well.
Favorite gift this year, an old 1985 copy of The Lonesome Dove. It also had several news paper clippings of The Fort Worth Star from the 1980's about Lonesome Dove stuck inside the pages. I can't muster the words to explain how much I love the movie, so this book is sure going to keep my eye.
Best after Christmas movie: Jeremiah Johnson or Lonesome Dove? Please vote.
Sittin here watchin Lonesome Dove wit my son an mom...pretty long movie!. Captain Call takin hiz friend bk to Texas. Blue Duck gonna hang! Lol gonna b up for awhile!
Malisa, I've hesitated because to leave out any of my friends seems traitorous. Here are a few: Walden, Thoreau; Lincoln, Carl Sandburg; Hawaii, James Michener; All the Pretty Horses, Cormac McCarthy; Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Tom Robbins; the Bible; On the Road, Jack Kerouac; Go Down Moses, Faulkner (or any sentence of his); Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald; To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee; Tale of Two Cities, Dickens; Lonesome Dove, Larry McMurtry; Black Boy, Richard Wright; Watership Down, Richard Adams; "Song of Myself" Walt Whitman--"I think I could turn and live with the animals, they're so placid and self-contained. I stand and look at them long and long." Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad. I guess I should stop, for now.
In need of diversion this week, I had myself a Larry McMurty Texan style re-education on not so distant US american history. 'Course, I've seen Lonesome Dove a few times, Duvall and Tommy Lee just aint to be missed wherever they crop up. This time I commenced with the youtube offerings in chronologically askew fashion. Dead Man's Walk (seen before), Comanche Moon (first view), Streets of Laredo with James Garner and topped off with Lonesome Dove itself...but a crappy end that was as it only had the first two parts and the second was missing its first section, darnit. I'd completely forgotten how cute Diane Lane was, but that's by the by. The true nature of the genocidal war on the indigenous population was not given enough weight, though some of the characters were truly horrible whatever skin colour they happened to be. Man rarely looks down on himself objectively as he is caught up in his own history and the making of it. Maybe fiction is as close as we get to an objective view. What was amply evident i ...
I have a movie suggestion I'd like to offer. When I was a kid, a movie called Lonesome Dove came out and my father watched it religiously. It became a family tradition each year. It's more of a mini series. It stars Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Diane Lane, Danny Glover, and Rick Shroder(sp?) among many others. I'm watching it in full in honor of the family tradition right now. I truly believe this was the greatest western ever made. The reason I say that is because this movie is so historically accurate that it remains relevant even though it was made in the 80's. It is also the most accurate translation of a novel I've ever seen. The way the "old west" was, that short window of less than forty years after the civil war and leading into the 1900's, has had so many interpretations and Lonesome Dove stands as a shining example of the hardship, pleasures, life lessons, and fortitude necessary to survive within this time. If there was ever a cinematic experience that could impact your life, it is ...
We haven’t had a novel from Larry McMurtry in five years, so it’s welcome news that The Last Kind Words Saloon will be coming out in June 2014. This retelling of the friendship between Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp is already being compared to Lonesome Dove. If you love the Old West, or if you just love fine writing, place your hold now in the WRL catalog.
Thanks Alicyn Gitlin for enticing me to come up with 10 books that have stuck with me. I've changed it up a bit, mentioning trilogies and some authors in general, but here goes: Another Roadside Attraction - Tom Robbins. My favorite of many... All Larry McMurtrey - So many - Horseman Pass By, Lonesome Dove + All Barbara Kingsolver - partial to the out west books - Animal Dreams, etc All Desert Solitaire, Monkey Wrench Gang - Ed Abbey All Both Fear and Loathing books - Hunter Thompson (Las Vegas and on the Campaign Trail) All Sometimes a Great Notion - Ken Kesey All Catch 22 - Joseph Heller New Mexico Trilogy - John Nichols All Pillars of the Earth - Ken Follett The Prince of Tides - Pat Conroy The GroVont Trilogy - Tim Sandlin All Like Jim Smart, I've indicated with an "All" that I've read almost everything a given author has written.
As usual, cant sleep, so of course im drinkin folgers! Oh yea, watchin Lonesome Dove! Awesome movie!
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6 facts about my pregnancy! 1. I found out I was pregnant in November of 2010. The first person I called was my mother. We were all very excited/nervous. 2. I went from weighing 115 to 180. Yes I was huge! But thankfully No stretch marks. & a week after he was born I was back to my old size. 3. We chose the name Dyson because we wanted him to have the same initials as his dad. DLB. I was watchin Lonesome Dove one day & the producers name was Dyson. We both loved it. (He is not named after a vacuum cleaner) 4. I never got sick throughout my pregnancy. Not once. 5. We found out I had preeclampsia which means my blood pressure was too high so I got put one be rest. The day Dyson was born I had gotten a terrible headache so I went to the hospital & my BP was outrageously high so they decided I had to have him. Some "complications" caused me to have to have a c-section. Which scared the crap out of me. 6. Dr. Dozier knew how bad I needed my mother so he let her & Dustin be in the room while he delivered Dyson. ...
There's hope:) Diane Lane is divorced. Here's a clip from Lonesome Dove: via 1 of my 8 channels.. Enjoy!
Hunkered down.snuggled up.watchin Lonesome Dove wif my hunny.and my weenie dog curled up at our feet.aaah.
A cowboy is not boots, spurs, hat or a love for John Wayne. It is who you are inside. It is how you treat those around you. It is giving of yourself before you give to yourself. It is a smile that comes from your heart and a howdy that comes from your deeds. A rodeo ride isn’t a prerequisite nor is it a requirement to be a cowboy. It isn’t being able to quote Lonesome Dove or talking about the time you saw Garth Brooks in concert. A cowboy has an aura like no one else. A cowboy makes those around him stand in awe of his wisdom, wit and True Grit. He holds his mates hand as well as their heart. He treasures what others take for granted. He steps up when others step down and picks up those who stumble around him. A TRUE cowboy is solid, grounded and a gift from God. That is something no item bought at a boot store or driven off the lot of a dealership.
11/14/1961: D.B. Sweeney (Shoeless Joe Jackson in Eight Men Out and Dish Boggett in Lonesome Dove) is born in Shoreham, NY
Sitting in the guard shack sippin my coffee and watchin Lonesome Dove.for about the 56745th time...I love this movie
is celebrating D.B. Sweeney's birthday today by taking Shoeless Joe Jackson to the Lonesome Dove bar in the Blue desert to meet the Mountain Men to hear about the Legend of Korra. Later my Memphis Belle, Miss Rose White and I wear Leather Jackets in the Garden of Stone to watch The Fire in the Sky and discuss Life As We Know It with the Roommates. Finally Karen Sisco has Two Tickets to Paradise to see The Event involving the Ice Pilots that buzz the Castle introducing a Harsh Realm for lord Spenser...who is For Hire.
Things you may not know about me: 1. I had a picture of Ronald Reagan in my locker when I was in high school. 2. All my MS friends call me "Gladys". 3. I got my nickname "Gladys" by imitating something a precious lady in my Baptist church I grew up in would do. 4. Lonesome Dove is the greatest movie ever made and I can quote most of it by heart. 5. I was never a cheerleader, EVER! 6. I ran the hurdles in high school and played basketball. 7. I started off in college to be a math teacher and had to change majors when I was failing trigonometry. 8. My mother is an excellent golfer. 9. My husband and my mother used to dominate the couples golf tournaments back in MS. 10. I wanted to name Christopher Greg Norman Shelley and Chris wouldn't let me. 11. I have competed in 3 body building contests, 2 of which I competed in with my then 70 year old uncle who was in better shape than me, wouldn't trade that memory for anything. 12. I wouldn't change one thing about Christopher Shelley...wide open, nonstop, cove ...
reopens his Lonesome Dove resto today, 2 months after fire destroyed the space. New menu, too.
Chef Tim is a classic example of the don't quit American spirit! God bless Lonesome Dove's re- opening!
Flannel PJs coffee pot going all day watchin Lonesome Dove. Love lazy Sundays
Stuck in traffic , in the rain watchin Lonesome Dove .
Sittn here watchin Lonesome Dove with my lil man...
When I first saw this YouTube I had a little confidence that they were going to get this right. What a disappointment. Real working cowboys are like Rattlesnakes. You can see guys dressed western all day long. But when you see a real working cowboy you know who you are looking at. Robert Duvall was great as "Gus McCrae" in the series, but Read "Lonesome Dove"! Tommy Lee Jones was very convincing in, "The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada". As was Tom Selleck in his remake of "Monte Walsh". Watch this YouTube of Big Tex are all working cowboys, the last of the fist four is Tom Blasinggame, the oldest working cowboy of all time after working for the JA for 73 years. I can't even come close to these guys, but I was a working cowboy from 1978-1983 at The SV-Bar Ranch in Hempstead, Texas
Today is a good day for hangin out in the living room, snuggled up underneath the ol navajo blanket and watchin Lonesome Dove... Perhaps i will get a wild hair to be domestic and make some Mezzcan Casserole!
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What's your favorite movie? — Lonesome Dove, Tombstone, Outlaw Josey Wales, and, of course, Beauty and the Beast...
Happy Birthday Tommy Lee Jones Actor and film director. He has received four Academy Award nominations, winning one as Best Supporting Actor for his performance as U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard in the 1993 thriller film The Fugitive. His other notable starring roles include former Texas Ranger Woodrow F. Call in the award-winning TV mini-series Lonesome Dove, Agent K in Men in Black and its sequels, Sheriff Ed Tom Bell in No Country for Old Men, the villain "Two-Face" in Batman Forever, terrorist William Strannix in Under Siege, a Texas Ranger in Man of the House, rancher Pete Perkins in The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, which also served as his directorial debut, and Colonel Chester Phillips in Captain America: The First Avenger. Jones has also portrayed real-life figures such as businessman Howard Hughes, Radical Republican Congressman Thaddeus Stevens, executed murderer Gary Gilmore, U.S. Army General Douglas MacArthur, Oliver Lynn, husband of Loretta Lynn in Coal Miner's Daughter, and baseball gre ...
Resurrections: Tim Love's fire-damaged Lonesome Dove planning an October re-opening
Labor Day Weekend!! its here at last.sitting in where its nice n cool watchin Lonesome Dove!! wipin tears away coz Gus just died!!! boo hooo!!!
Just got done straighting up the house now just sittin here watchin Lonesome Dove with dad. I like watchin his westerns with him. We both pretty much like the same shows
It's hotter than the devils ol' lady in spike heeled shoes. Sittin under the A/C watchin Lonesome Dove. Best western of all time
Layin in a hotel relaxin watchin Lonesome Dove! Gotta love it
I'm watchin Lonesome Dove with my favorite man.
sittin here eatin popcorn and watchin Lonesome Dove with the kiddos ((: Jaxson loves it.Danica is not that interested and Reese is just a plain ole animal *** monster lol
Val Kilmer as Doc is my second favorite character in any movie. Robert Duvall as Gus in Lonesome Dove is
Gonna paint my kid's room. Here's my choices: Lonesome Dove, Say Anything, Casablanca, Red Dawn, Rise of the Planet of The Apes. Help.
Lonesome dove yet again sure am missing and my smelly girl Dani
Lonesome Dove is probably my most favorite movie ever..
I think I'd be reading Lonesome Dove faster if there were 100% less use of the euphemisms "poke" and "carrot."
Every time someone mentions Lonesome Dove I can barely contain my excitement!.
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Its a good night in the Honea house... Got my cleaning done and now im kicked back watchin Lonesome Dove...yessir
Came home to find and watching Lonesome Dove.
Oh don't you see that lonesome dove, that flies from vine to vine. She's mourning for her one true love, like I will mourn for mine.
great quote for a Texan "I reckon I'm as American as anyone from Tennessee" from Capt. Augustus McCall in Lonesome Dove
"The older the violin, the sweeter the music." (Lonesome Dove)
Well that was quick. Now reading Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry.
Today is National Rum Day so what better way to celebrate than with a mojito at the Lonesome Dove
Finished the epic LONESOME DOVE by Larry McMurtry in 37 days. Took forever, but worth it...fantastic western.
Film Clip of the Day - August 15, 2013. Lonesome Dove 20th Anniversary – Teaser...
Forgot everybody is leavin me this weekend. Everybody's goin to the beach and ill be the lonesome dove stuck working :/ lol I hate them!
Well since nobody wants to watch lonesome dove ill watch it by myself
Which one of my buddies is gonna finish Lonesome Dove with me tomorrow? 😊
Ah man the Lonesome Dove movie is just as moving as the book. Hats off to Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones. ***
Check out the pie of the day at the Lonesome Dove! It is a fresh strawberry gelee pie and it is delicious.
& Like me, likes Gus from Lonesome Dove.
Maybe I'll give Koontz another try...gave him up a few years ago. How about Larry McMurtry? And what WAS Lonesome Dove?
Republicans want to repeal the 20th century they wanna take us to Lonesome Dove
it's the one I went for! Glad I picked correctly. It has a tough act (Lonesome Dove) to follow.
Watching Lonesome Dove, probably the best Western I've seen!
“scarier hostage scene: or Lonesome Dove? :-)” Ooo, good one! Have to say
Glad to hear it. Angelus_Bell started it, but I haven't yet, still several hundred pages of Lonesome Dove to go.
I have Lonesome Dove and The Godfather on my dvr to watch. I'm gonna need a few days for those. Like I need a good amount of time for that.
Have you never read Lonesome Dove? Hunker down and cover your face with a handkerchief.
Good thing is you don't even have to worry about lonesome dove! I got it(:
Just bring me some *** ice cream, new box of colors and lonesome dove. ***
scarier hostage scene: or Lonesome Dove? :-)
"...enjoy the little everyday things" Gus, Lonesome Dove
Thinking bout all nighter watching Lonesome Dove ?(:
“you and me both! thats why im going home tomorrow” --- kickback at my house 2ma. Lonesome dove
This Friday night I'm gigging with my sister as Lonesome Dove at Come check it out! Music starts at 10pm.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Can you believe I've never watched Lonesome Dove and have to say I love it so far except when they killed Robert Duvall off...REALLY!!!
If only I could watch cowboy up or lonesome dove rightnow id be happy
Watching lonesome dove with the bebe👶💕
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