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The London School of Economics and Political Science (informally the London School of Economics or LSE) is a public research university specialised in the social sciences located in London, United Kingdom and a constituent college of the federal University of London.

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Watch me bust out the Ben Sherman shirt, barcode gel hair and base London school shoes next time. 🔥🔥
Watch this brave school student perform a poem about being transgender
🔥 Whisky Masterclass with Lunch in London. For those partial to a wee dram, this full day whisky school in ...⬇
Read about our courses for school leavers >>>
Cruise for 1,700 school kids ends in tragedy as MUSLIM migrant passengers gang-rape girl .
Chestnuts Primary, our lovely community school in London N15, is looking for a brilliant new head! Pls RT. .
Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be going to school in the city
What do you want to do when you leave school? — Go to London for dancing x
Trained London School of Medicine for Women and first woman GP in Brighton
This is an actual school in London. Seriously. Said it before: I wouldn't leave my son alone in a room with the pe…
bus shelter outside my school someone had written 'bus wankers' which pretty much sums up London
Adam Afriyie grew up in South London and attended Addey and Stanhope school in New Cross before…
Great view of school by Westminster Abbey.
One of our make-up courses could be the break that starts your career.
But even the 'non-fake' stuff is fraud, as proved by London primary school children in 2015 .
My parents both taught at rough comps in London. Hence sent me to Mill Hill School. Being an only child made them over protective
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The LONDON LARGE books: an old-school cop with the heart of a lion confronts a metropolis in meltdown.
hate it and in front of children , it's not big and it's not clever , I work in a north London primary school and lots of
So exited to take my IMA at The London school of makeup next month! 🎨
Pulling out the old school and drinks in
We are excited to announce our first Friday club at the stunning West Londonon 24th February 2017…
A teaching resource for education of children in care by PALAC's leading researchers:
Room rescued in 1895 by CR Ashbee from James I's palace at Bromley By Bow when it was demolished by London S…
Some of you weren't born in 1985 but here at Point School we remember it well London In 1985 | Londonist
Yesterday I was and today off to Hampton Court feel like back on school trips. some bloke got my hat on
Watch this brave London school student perform a poem about being
King's College London - My Primary School is at the Museum event 7th March
the first place I lived in London was while I was going to school there...on Abbey Road! Not kidding! Miss it so
Students enjoy access to a robotics club, maths extension classes and outside speakers from places like Google
Good to see local primary school getting stroppy about air pollution. It's awful that they need to. https…
in - Purchased Al-Taqwa High School Building for Girls for Islamic Educational Foundation - London, Ont…
Y'all grown asf throwing shade on chino hills & talking trash cause they lost them high school *** will cross most of…
My dad's garage in East London, RSA: I used to sit on a racing Itom 50cc after school & give out Easter eggs. We ate more t…
Naughty school girl Tia has been a very bad girl today. Playing with her pig tails (and the rest
Zareen just performed at support by donating to get our team to life-changing trip in the US https:/…
The school is in Scotland, that train leaves from London. It stands to reason that Scottish students wouldn't take it.
IEET affiliate scholar Steve Fuller published at the London School of Economics
His record as a civic nationalist. Went to Harvard and London School of Economics, was a Navy Captain for 10 yrs.
Don Ayler, Bill Folwell, Albert Ayler, Beaver Harris, and Michel Samson rehearse for the BBC at the London School o…
Najeeb Jung graduated from London School of Economics, was an IAS of 1973 batch. He was the Vice Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia 2009-13
Is your child a star in the making?? - a London Stage School experience in Wirral. Book your place now. ht…
the location is west London and it's an abandoned school it's bare scary I've been
😂😂 she prob thought about law school? An employer paid for her go to London, legit. Maybe u can help her get a book deal?
Cant get over scott telling me hes in London to audition for some fancy performing arts school and I believed him 😂😂😂
Strange I can't see their "Save City of London" badges for their school chums. But that is priority
UK Children fed up with Goose Stepping Bigoted Royal Bobbie Goons swarm on 2 Coppers and stomp them into the ground
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Going on a two day trip to London in July with the school, VLOGGING IT ALL!!! 😝
totes! Just I have a) a genius working her way through school and b) a profound love of London
London trip leaving Hamilton at 11.40 pm. Estimated arrival at Birnam approx 1.00 am then stopping at Ballinluig before arriving at school.
Good to see being recognised. A great local school.
Danny Dyer went to Woodside Community School, Prince Regent's Lane, Plaistow, East London; the school is no longer there, b…
Lol nope, I have music school on Saturdays in London XD I have to get up at 5:30am so I'm going to bed now. Goodnight Michele :)
Popular on 500px : Johanne Monfret I Royal Ballet School of London by SoulBerenson
Been in London for less than an hour and already seen someone from school😭
Going back to school in 1938 from Paddington Station
How to stop Internet Trolls: Politely School an Internet Troll on
Let's be honest. Anyone would be better than Farage as ambassador. Even I would be better, and I am a school kid from London.
Its time for some old school Dancehall vibes . . LISTEN .
Bigger pattern is return of a London-Paris-Berlin-Moscow great-powers game, with US doing its own thing, somewhat unreliably. Old school!
School paying 13k for a graduate GCSE /A Level tutor in London.
kids on the edge! About a school in London for kids with emotional/behavioural problems, was amazing! Good watch 😁🙋🏼
what about the London born population. Regardless of race/nationality, interested to know. Most people I went to school w left
Police brutally attacked by 30 schoolchildren in London brawl (VIDEO)
omg I love England, I was there once in London with a school trip
IT'S GAMEDAY KNIGHTS!! Football plays in the state semis tonight at 7:30 pm at London High School!! Theme is Camo!! Be l…
It was the wood pigeon. Well done if you guessed right. Register now for next year…
Lena, was wondering if we could have a chat or wish me luck at all please? I'm going to drama school next year in London x
We are University of the Year 2016 | London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine | LSHTM. via…
From northern fog to London smog, felt like old school MSN relationship drama.
Police stamped on & attacked by 30 schoolchildren after trying to break up fight in London
Join our Certified ‘Fintech Course and be part of a truly session
Heading back to London after my early evening talk to Yr 12 Another excellent audience, asked lots of thoughtful questions
Dear Patwaris 🌶. Count these Slaps by Pakistani students at the London School of Economics for Ahsan Iqbal
Chelsea, Tottenham prepare for resumption of old-school London derby
no, I was at the school later dubbed 'the worst school in London' and turned round by a high profile lady :)
Julian Assange just appeared at a London Prep School to tell the kids Santa Claus doesn't exist.
Count ths Slaps by Pakistani studnt at the London School of Economics fr Ahsan Iqbal https:/…
Prof. Meredith Wilf to discuss Intl. Implications of National Financial Rules Thurs.- London School of Economics
Google to offer free digital skills training in UK - London School of Business and Finance (blog)
SWIS RE17 : London School of Economics - New LSE financial markets research programme in partnership with Swiss Re
From the conspiracy theorists at the London School of Economics
QE may be here forever, says new head of London School of Economics via
London School of Economics researchers found that 75 per cent of press coverage 'misrepresented' the Labour leader.
Reports on Critical Care Medicine from London School of Economics and Political Science Provide New - Insurance News
Maths programme - Covering all the essential areas of the school curriculum
Fit for Sport Kids Activity Camp: Kingswood Lower Primary School, London - From sports and games to arts and...
. To think that soros was educated by the fabian london school of economics bout it really. The red flag is blud
school of economic scholar Dr discussed on current issue with .
You did well as a Yorkshire lass to last ten years in London! 😀 What was on the school's doorstep there?
he lives in London as well. Attends a private school. What a manc
Rise of London's super-state schools 'represents complete undoing of comprehensive school reform'
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Fancy a night out on the Curiosity Carousel this September? Get your early bird ticket by 20 August:
So I have to start school tomorrow. Would anyone like to escape to London with me?
Looking forward to the Pathology Summer School this weekend.Over 80 students from every medical school in the UK will b…
ok these are BEAUTIFUL. you're going to slay fashion school in london
Pork gets the chop at ALL primary schools in London borough And so we keep submitting to an intolera…
Still in actual shock that I'm going to London for drama school in less than a week what
🌸 GORGEOUS GIRL!!! 💖 I remember middle school when we were London buddies 😂
Going to school, then Corbin, then London today has made me so tired I could sleep for forever. 😩
. that's pathetic. not surprised tho all we get telt @ school was fire of London/ black death ww1 zero Scottish history
🍛 join today AND YOUNG school. have fun. 🍋
Combine Design Thinking learning with fun in London
we get back in London at about 8am so I'm gonna have to shower and come to school after that
Sandwich board outside the bookstore where I got my school books at University of London.
Great report on our last event of the school year 2015/16
Angelina Jolie Is Joining the London School of Economics as a Professor via
Council leader says cash for London free school site is ‘staggering waste’ | I've got a LOT to say about this!! https:…
What is SGI English school in London like? Video testimonial
Top bloke. I used to work in a film school in London where he occasionally taught.
Razzmatazz is a new theatre school launching in SW London in the Autumn. They are holding an Open Day on 10th...
Go back to School or Visit to London? Who knows? :). mugs here:
kinda , I'll explain later.. Wyo after school?
🍊 go best SHARING school. do not sleep. 🍍
My niece wants to go to the London School of Apiary, but she needs two Bs to get in.
I really just want to graduate and go away for school & start all over.
mock all I want that pics well before ko,city only took 500 in school hols at £350 a flight London only,would u of made it?
Exciting news on our member, DINA VARPAHOVSKY:. Graduating from MA City&Guilds of London Art School this autumn. https…
Help us get to LONDON & come to our concession stand, Thursday, Friday & Saturday @ the School! 💓😇
Great to see a team member in London today showing We Rule the School & a trailer for an upcoming doc on the Coup
That depends where your school is... Field trip to ChickenCottage anyone?
My drawing of Old St Pauls Choir School near St Pauls Cathedral in The City of https:/…
Find how to get from London to Rome in two weeks, today in Pod 2 after school. 😎
Halfway through school hols at 6-45 pm London bridge northbound. .what a mess !
In London today and seen this. School sandwiched between two buildings with such clever use of the space
YES PLEASE! Alan Cummings strikes at the London Palladium! One night only. Sat 8th Oct. East London school trip??
Went back in time last night at recreation of YMCA Shakespeare's Hut at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
WW1 opened 100 years ago today on the site of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
Urgent action needed to prepare UK for effects of | London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine's a dive trip with LSD! LSD Scuba - London School of Diving and Dive Saint Lucia!
Amartya Sen describes Indian caste divisions as anti-national at London School of Economics vi…
Bluewin blocks of the London School of Economics website Related to London Stock Exchange hack?
Mr Andy Leow from Valbury Asia, member of London Stock Exchange visited London School of Accountancy and Finance...
I went to the London School of Economics to study sociology and psycho...
So writes Nicholas Barr, Professor of Public Economics at the European Institute, London School of Economics:
Angelina Jolie is to join the London School of Economics (LSE) as a visiting professor on a new masters course on...
Helen Reece, a reader in law at the London School of Economics, called on Theresa May, the Home Secretary, to...
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Angelina Jolie's next venture will be teaching at the London School of Economics.
Kimberlé Crenshaw appointed Centennial Professor at London School of Economics.I cannot wait to attend her talks!
Conference on Babasaheb Ambedkar at London School of Economics. Speakers include Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen and...
Being at work makes us miserable and having sex cheers us up | A survey carried out by the University of Sussex and London School of Economi
London School of Economics report on : too many risks, no advantages for Europe; kept secret by British gov.
Angelina Jolie will teach a master’s course at the London School of Economics
Angelina Jolie Pitt will be a professor for London School of Economics masters program
Angelina Jolie is teaching in the London School of Economics. Can u teach a course on the art of sexiness in a college too? :)
What?! Angelina Jolie is a university professor? At the London School of Economics no less. Juilliard sure, but LSE?
Trade and business: EXCLUSIVE: London School of Economics Islamic Society holds segregated...
Buy-to-let tax will push up the rents of sitting tenants, says London School of Economics | via
Audio recording of launch of Land of the Seven Rivers by Anshu Jain in 2013 at London School of Economics:.
Justice Kennedy has a Joint Degree from Stanford and London School of Economics. He pursued his Law Degree at Harvard Law School.
Sevanan B School is an official LAP of London School of Marketing (An Associate College of Anglia Ruskin University).
ha! Falsely labelled: that is the old hall of the City of London School, now some sort of bank on the Embankment.
Mwai Kibaki in 1957 when he was studying at the London School of Economics.
I got into the MSc Global Mental Health joint program run by Kings College London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine!
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Scholarships 2016/2017 for Study in the UK
Andrew Prentice from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine 🇬🇧 starts his presentation cc
Redefining McMansion? Apparently a single home being built on Addison St in Richmond behind London School.
UNBELIEVABLE, high performance VPS only $5 Blog post from London School of…
Oh look. Some clever people from London School of Economics have rumbled us. That's Will Hutton's next column sorted
Postdoctoral Research Officer - London School of Economics and Political Science - Department of S...
Opportunity for: London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE): Professor/Associate Professor in Data Science - London, UK …
Cleanup U.S. burn pits in Iraq & Afghanistan. A talk at London School of Hygiene, Mar 15, 2016:
Congratulations to Matthew Condon of Rio Staff Super Fund, FEAL's 2016 winner of the Aberdeen BNP scholarship to London School of Economics.
Dan was educated at 2 independent schools for boys: Sussex House School & the City of London School. "Dan The Man Is 23"
Research Assistant in Epidemiology and GIS: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine - Disease ControlSala...
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Scholarships in UK, 2016-2017
2016-17 Scholarships in London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine based in London
Launch of the book: Pneumonia in Children | London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine |
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine with 1400 staff and ~ 1100 postgrad students support Safer Bloomsbury
NGOs: problem or solution in global health? | London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine | LSHTM:
Project to combat TB in cattle awarded £1.1m - London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine via
"Michael Steward, Professor of Immunology at the London School for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, headed a team...
Co-working helps startups to thrive, says study - London School of Business and Finance (blog)
New business hub in Walsall to benefit entrepreneurs - London School of Business and Finance (blog)
HND saga continuing. "London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) has had its permission to recruit and teach...
To our UK friends, join Ernesto at the London School of Economics - Saturday February 20th...
LSBF Launches New E-commerce Website for CIMA and ACCA Programmes: London School of Business and Finance (LSBF...
A view of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine from Gower Street.
New blog post by London School of Marketing Shows Business and Marketing degree students how to improve their CVs...
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine selects Nexthink for IT infrastructure visibility:
Laura Rodrigues, professor of Infectious Disease at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, joins us from Brazil to talk
Prof Laura Rodrigues from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine explains how affects unborn babies ht…
London School of on building an new architecture school from the ground up
Entrepreneurs can improve their business by studying competition - London School of Business and Finance (blog)
SME bosses expecting a rise in interest rates - London School of Business and Finance (blog)
Business editor Sion Barry offers tips for budding entrepreneurs in 2016 - London School of Business and Financ...
When you have nothing planned for today: Grab your friends and hangout somewhere at London School of Business and Finance.
"Budowsky . holds an LL.M. degree in international financial law from the London School of Economics." Wow!
Online education in London School of Business & Finance(LSBF) |
The perfect gift to help our dedicated volunteers. The Royden Richardson Virtual School for Volunteers.
Callout for young playwrights and directors - Oxford, Oxfordshire - ST EDWARDS SCHOOL OXFORD
Matric examination frm sind madrasa-tul-Ulum high school,Karachi.He was sent to london to study law by his father whn his friend Sir Fredric
Check out this - Outstanding School Bexley at REESON Education in
London School of Marketing releases a new blog post exploring shifting trends in MBA courses
HORIZON TEACHERS is hiring a Outstanding London School, apply now!
i. i just discovered that on my london school trips i stayed at the same hostel that key from SHINee stayed at once and i'm so. i cried.
People starting to stand up to the Invasion of their Culture and Heritage/ Pig Heads Dumped Outside Muslim School
Day 22 of Mortlake ware from Little Ilford, London. Find out more: https:…
Economist Anthony Atkinson, London School of Econ, calls for top marginal rate increase in U.S. & U.K. to 65% to spread wealth.
Latest construction photos of the Whitefriars Community School in Harrow, Greater
Edustaff London Ltd  is hiring a Assistant Required in Lovely School, apply now!
In Peshawar visiting the Police School of IT and a Police Station. The progress in last 2 years speaks for itself. https:/…
London boys dress the same these days with their high school white shirt with balenciaga and thinks its fashion smh
“London Business School is once again the best outside the US.” Thank you
stop you know I love London so I'll deff be there! I wanna go to school there in the summer !!
36 peaceful pictures of London in the snow.
School of Business & Management: Becoming an ethical employee - Get ready now! -
The Cocktail Trading Company’s new permanent location in East features a bar school and in-house distillery.
Jocks who called punks *** back in high school are now buying "London Calling" on 180-gram vinyl at Urban Outfitters. …
So are tracksuits like London boy thugs only attire? School me.
Students from Elite Music School Set to Perform for Migrants in War Zone Calais
To read our full interview with Sir Alex Ferguson, download our free app on the Apple Store:
Get your iPhone insurance today!
London School of Economics? ? You must get your maths smarts from me.
Watching a fascinating documentary about a very "culturally diverse" primary school in London, putting on a Nativity Play.
Festive Greetings from the London School of International Communication via
The study by University College London and London School of Economics found mothers who were overweight or smoked could i…
John van Reenen, director of the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics, argues that the…
1. Professor Mike Savage of the prestigious London School of Economics has come up with a new classification for the British society.
Prof Mike Savage from the London School of Economics thinks that the traditional three-class analysis is out of date.
delighted to welcome London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to the
3 women-led firms make shortlist for £100m London School of Economics project LSEnews
llm: - London School of Economics - Department of Law - LLM Master of Laws. The LLM at the London Sc...
Dr. Hakeem also attended London School of Economics from 1978-1979 and later attended Uni. of Sussex from 1981-1986, both in UK
14. PPP Chairman Asif Zardari’s education is a "?" but he claims to be a graduate of London School of Business Studies.
Opening of City of Vienna's exhibition on UN Headquarters at the London School of Diplomacy
Researchers from Emory University, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and the World Health...
Key Remarks from Douglas Booth at HeForShe GetFree Tour: London School o... via
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
But I'm still gonna try to see 5sos in London next year :). My mum's gonna be so happy since she's gonna have to excuse me from school again
Spent the last 2 hours working on the London Session contest thing. I never even put this kind of effort into school 😂.
Spalding High School students achieve success in LAMDA exams
my undergrad in marketing is from tech. My masters is from The London School of Economics. Wanna dance?
Eight books on everything from economic history to why some companies grow, and why some don’t:
This films director is a sponsor and former Governor of the London Film School ( ) -
The ride from school to New York was six hours. I could be in London right now in that amount of time.
Semanggatt kakakk (with Evhi, Anastasia, and 5 others at London School of Public Relation) —
2 tips for developing good management skills | London Business School -
Like I go to school in LONDON, I have 2 internships with HUGE magazines, I live on my own and I'm only 19.what 19 yr old can say that
We have more London school spirit than Cianna does
I'm no Wish me luck for 2nd Audition! @ STIKOM The London School Of Public…
Yeah, my parents took my 10 year old sister to London... During the school year. Yup.
The London District Catholic School Board is now hiring Supply Secretaries and Supply Educational Assistants. Details her…
LSPR 4C Workshop my Session is on Commitment 💙 (@ The London School of Public Relations (STIKOM LSPR))
I'm joint principal of the London School of Sliff Rolling.
*LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER 50% OFF* Stand Up For The Comedy School . Follow this link and enter the pr…
Congratulation to mr Haroon, from . Passing his with
I really have to do the contest for the London Session my sister went to art school she can do it for me
Susan McCormack. As a Director of Limited is responsible for...
In 1969 I had the honour of interviewing Mr. J. Lennon in London for the newspaper of my film school, called the...
Stevie Wonder visiting a children's school for the blind in London (1970).
it's a difference between school friends & real friends..if you my school friends I'm only tryna see you in school don't e…
SB show "extensive clips of the play, as well as seeing BC visit an East London school to view their own performance of Hamlet"
A second day tuning at the City of London School. Great to see the brilliant Paul Harrison.
Current collaborations and future opportunities | London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine: The launch of C :)
More from ystrdy's London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Bloomsbury
Funding boost for healthy and sustainable low-income housing (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine) ...
About to tour London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine on Open House, just had an insect bite on my hand
Free sweets in the queue to see the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is taking part, open both days
Creativity in behaviour change in public health, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, 23 Sept
82.- like the WHO, UNICEF, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in UK
Gave away WSCR Stones contest tickets I won. (I knew *** amp;JFK- London School of Econ.). Get off the stage. Get off my lawn.
2008 he claimed he had graduated from the London School of Business Studies with a bachelor of education 2/2.
London School of Business Professor to a Punjabi guy : "Visions of the Future are Better than Dreams of the Past." Please explain 1/2
London School of Finance and Business has licence to recruit overseas students suspended (THE)
London School of Business and Finance sponsor licenses suspended:
London School of Business English: Develop your knowledge of idioms.
The government has suspended the visa sponsor licence of the London School of Business and Finance:
Information: London School of Business and Finance removed from the Tier 4 and Tier 2 sponsor.
[Correction] UKVI announce the 'removal' of the licence of London School of Business and Finance
Song for a lovers 💘 ♫ London School of Economics by Acid House Kings —
/ Class Teacher needed for a fantastic SEND Special School in South East
Dubious references to 'facts' about investing in re school readiness. Value for money discourse prevails
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
I don't think I want to be just one thing but for now, to be a founder of a private school 🌼✨
Year 1 Teacher, Docklands: A school based in the London borough of Tower...
School in NW London are interviewing now for an exceptional Year 4
Teaching Jobs London History Teacher: Acorn Appointments is currently assisting a Secondary School in the London...
daily bread food bank - started volunteering in high school. So you think I'm a liar. You should work on your trust issues.
London school named in lawsuit against four schools for the deaf. Read more:
Obesity rates higher among London school children than anywhere in UK/
Tomorrow perform Local musicians of all styles. Wed 12th Aug
I do need to come to London soon to start buying things for school! We will have to work out a day to see eachother!
Learn in central London. Book with us and learn new makeup skills, minutes from Oxford Circus.
Year 2 Teacher - A vibrant three-form entry primary school in North London (N22) is seeking a...
Plans to appropriate park for new school dropped after alternative site found - getwestlondon
Why has not been invited on debate? He was v interesting when he visited my school to talk London
Looking for a job? a website for graduates/school leavers looking for vacancies in Lo…
Take child out of school during term, get fined. Send child to school that indoctrinates, teaches little else, and..?
This is The Foundery - Methodism's home in London 1739-1778. 1500 seats, school, clinic, community center.
Report by highlights importance of school readiness. Schl readiness at 5yrs linked to future attainment:
These people at school arguing over a pen they said London who pen this is I said bihh this my pen go bye u another one
Producing promotional video for schools - what do you need to consider?
Three graduates in this September at the
Based in East London, Mamma Mia's Transport is primarily a school transport service, but we cover many other of...
3A* and 1A. Finally. London School of Economics here i come. Thanks everybody. . *wakes up. Gets ready for Lahore...
KS3 urgently needed for fantastic, well-respected school in South East London Please RT?
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