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London Mayor

The Mayor of London is an elected politician who, along with the London Assembly of 25 members, is accountable for the strategic government of Greater London.

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If you want to split hairs, Boris Johnson has had countless outbursts on TV, and in the chamber when he was London Mayor.
According to London Mayor terrorist attacks are 'part and parcel' of living in a major city. How about DEPORT the terrorists…
Nope, again Gavin Barwell was Housing Minister at the time and Boris was London Mayor at the time.
London Mayor has condemned the terror attack
Maybe the London Mayor should appoint Davina McCall, she's a dab hand when it comes to family trees. 🤔😉
London Mayor "We aren't going to allow anybody, whether it's Donald Trump or anybody else, to divide our commu…
Let's not forget who the mayor of London is.
Trump slams London mayor for being ‘politically correct’ after terror attack (NYP)
NOT OK: Trump just slammed London's mayor in the wake of the WILL A SINGLE REPUBLICAN HAVE THE GUTS TO REJEC…
Here's the problem with London Mayor, Sadiq Khan and the safety of our people on the streets... Khan is TOO busy 'TRUMP B…
Dear London,. Sorry that Trump is exploiting to go after your Mayor and repeat false NRA talking points.…
I'm not so sure the people of London agree with Mayor Khan or is it "Con"? https:…
Mayor of London must be part of the problem because attacks continue not improving for citizens of London
From 2015: The then-London Mayor Boris Johnson pleaded with PM David Cameron not to carry out Home Sec Theresa May's po…
Donald Trump uses London terror attack to twist Sadiq Khan's words as he trolls capital's mayor
So sorry for intelligent Americans who feel embarrassed for their idiotic non president via Report
Activist Brendan Cox whose wife, MP Jo Cox, was killed by a far-right terrorist responds to Trump's lies about London's mayor…
That's a lie if you slate the Mayor of London!
Just a WH staffer tangling w mayor of London day after the city suffered a terrorist attack .
Mayor of London was sworn in on Koran. Do you think he will keep you safe or do what it takes to stop Islamic terror attacks?…
Trump took this way out of context. The London mayor said there's "no reason to be alarmed" about increased police presence…
White House social media director tells London mayor to 'WAKE UP' after attack
Apparently the mayor of London still hasn't assimilated to Western culture. He should take his cultu…
First London Mayor allows Islamists to have there way, then terrorist attacks by Islamists and he says don't worry. This guy is part of prob
Don't risk safety of London with police cuts, Boris Johnson pleads to PM
According to London's mayor, they have the safest global city in the world despite continued attacks. Now that's a whole load of garbage.
And now the response from London Mayor Sadiq Khan to Trump's lie this in the wake of the Th…
The mayor of London is like Temple Grandin.
The Mayor of London has the mind virus called liberalism
Trump responds to UK attack with apparent criticism of London Mayor Sadiq Khan Reuters
London mayor says terror is part of living in an urban city. . BS. Kill the terrorists and don't let them into your coun…
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Killers shouted "this is for Allah" whilst stabbing people and Mayor of London doesn't even mention radical Islam. http…
London Mayor Khan: "We are the safest global city in the World". Fact: Only safe place in London is in the Muslim communit…
5) Donald Trump Sr. made a similar attack on the Muslim Mayor of London this morning.
At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is "no reason to be alarmed!"
London's pride towards our Mayor should only be matched by the United States' shame towards their President
WASHINGTON: Donald Trump lashed out Sunday at London's mayor Sadiq Khan, accusing him of downplaying the threat ...
London Mayor is Isis supporter and apart of the terror network in London but May, Cameron, parliament have heads in sand.
What is the Mayor doing about air pollution?
General S, still coughing blood, stuffs the grenade in the former London Mayor's mouth. "This one's for Bed Stuy" he snarls. A coyote howls
“London is proud to once again host Europe’s largest tech festival”– Deputy Mayor on https:/…
Same echo by all elected puppets fr London mayor rotherdam mayor. They are cut fr d same cloth
Muslim elected Mayor of London: A triumph of multiculturalism or Islamic supremacist deception - or both? - Isla...
It seems like yesterday when I met the ex Mayor of London Borris Johnson. One of the funniest man with a great...
Sadiq Khan- London Mayor has lost control of London. Fights in streets over Uber Corruption
London mayor: Terror attacks are part of living in a city. French PM: France must learn to live with terrorism. Wonder…
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A year of Sadiq: Here’s what the Mayor has done for London so far .
One year ago I was elected as Mayor of London. Here's how I've been working hard to improve the lives of Londoners.
Mayor of London, Sadiq Kahn feels the same way. Americans should stay home. 🇺🇸
What will the Muslim Mayor do about the Refugee Rape & Violence in London? WakeUp! London has Fallen! https:…
Mayor of London. Transport for London This footage of a driver STOPPING on the is just shocking:
As night mayor I will ceaselessly antagonize my counterpart in London, who let Fabric fail and then bailed out Fabric (pick which is worse )
Owen Jones, calls the Christian people's allowance bigots and racists while defending, Islam because the London mayor is Muslim. ***
Mayor of London focuses on air pollution as a public health emergency. But silent on the 10 fatal knife stabbings in Lo…
London's knife bloodbath continues. 11 killings in just two weeks. Mayor Khan has finally commented.
London Mayor and Transport Commissioner Mike Brown have failed. Rapes mugging and crashes. They are killing Londoners..…
Who will London's Muslim Mayor side with if Brits target Muslims the way Muslims target Br…
I feel I may have a vocation to be sword bearer for the Lord Mayor of London.
Oh i agree but I was talking about the current Mayor of London
I'd be very cautious about quoting the former Mayor of London if I was you - very muddled thinking on the issue
The then PM the Chancellor George Osborne and the Mayor of London said we would leave the single market. That's just a few
London News Search (Mayor of Seattle drops bid for reelection amid scandal) 1 London -
Real reason for CSH...all in it together 😉.
What is the actual point of Mayor of London? The three great big knobheads we've had so far have been an absolute liability.
As Mayor, I want to send a clear message: carrying knives will not be tolerated on London’s streets.
I have put forward the boldest plan to tackle air quality anywhere in the world. Find out more here →
To bad he can't remove your London mayor.
"I deeply regret that Boris Johnson, the London Mayor ultimately responsible for all the decisions and actions taken..ref…
well he did vote BJ as London Mayor and said he preferred Cameron to be pm rather than Miliband. Figure it out.
The former London Mayor spoke to following his "marathon" disciplinary hearing
Central and borderline Zone 2 was lucky that Boris Johnson became London Mayor, but him and his squad mashed up TfL smh.
Boris Johnson press conference: Watch live as Foreign Secretary and former London Mayor speaks about… News
True statements about the London Mayor. How could the Brits elect a Muslim. CRAZY!
"Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism" - London Mayor on terror attack
Scottish Labour is tragic relying on a London Mayor who offended an entire movement & now on tired, old Gordon Brown. Nothing new.
Sadiq Khan is on track for the worst strikes record of any London Mayor. So much for his 'zero strikes' pledge... http…
Imam encouraged Muslims at UK mosque to conduct terror attacks for ISIS via London Mayor is a muslim!
London Mayor, Sadiq Khan drops into Rough Trade East to play some records and chat 'London Is Open,' much more.
London Mayor, Sadiq Khan at Rough Trade East playing records and chatting with store manager Noreen McShane
London Mayor like Sadiq Khan talking about music for Rough Trade Records > Zac Goldsmith on Bollywood
London Mayor came into Rough Trade last week to talk about his fave records and London's nightlife –…
Zac Goldsmith reveals how he feels about shameful 'dog whistle' London Mayor campaign
London Mayor orders new investigation into Olympic Stadium
London Mayor orders investigation to West Ham stadium costs
Tribal Football : London Mayor orders investigation to stadium costs
Zac didn't tell the truth in the London Mayor election, no reason to believe he'll be truthful this time.
The clown was a persona that worked when he was mayor of London. Dangerously out of his depth as foreign sec.
Zac says the media misrepresented his London mayor campaign and made it appear racist. So why didn't he put the record s…
RAW VIDEO: Tempers flare as supporters and detractors of Mayor Mike Bradley face off against each other.
What are you going to do about spike in stabbings of Black youths in London Mr Mayor. Mayor of London Labour…
Should the mayor be promoting Time Out? Many local London publications worthy of the mayor's support.
| Zayn has been named the seventeenth most influential Asian in the UK via https…
Tory turncoat Zac Goldsmith reveals how he feels about shameful &whistle&London Mayor campaign
Former Mayor: comes to anyone who threatens U.S. oil interests.
London becoming muzzie ghetto with immigrant invasion & muzzie mayor, sad to see a beautiful city become 3rd world…
Reality check: these are the real challenges facing London/UK that London's mayor refuses to discuss:…
This is what London mayor Khan should have said in his recent speech about London/UK social integration:…
David Cameron MP: Remove Sadiq Khan as the Mayor of London! - Sign the Petition! via
London Mayor and City groups slam business rates overhaul and urge reform
mayor Khan made a speech about the social problems of Here's what he forgot to mention.
Mayor of London: Stop the plan to build 4 concrete & asphalt factories next to Olympic Park - Sign ... via
😂👏👏👏 carry on u crazy retard. U must of been real happy about the new mayor of London.
When the Mayor of London comes to see your show! Yas!
We have a plan! Vittoria Wharf could be a flagship example of a positive community planning in London h…
Were that the case why did the mayor attempt to separate London from the rest of UK post brexit? Hmm?
Tensions rise during rally for embattled Sarnia mayor Mike Bradley. has more.
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Any Mayor of London who loves is OK with me.
Is 'local MP's record' code for voting for Goldsmith because principles and Heathrow or because the racist L…
Was mentioned as part of the Mayor's preparedness report as a reommendation. It's on Page 9
Former Mayor: Destruction comes to anyone who threatens interests.
It appears the London mayor visited a Bangladeshi school today, jokes, this is london
this picture is missing that numpt , London Mayor . Fool .
Want to keep up to date with the work I’m doing for London? Sign up for my regular emails here
The Mayor of Madrid Manuela Carmela has launched an attempt to take over from London post as European Financial Capital
London Mayor plans increased engagement with small businesses 2 better equip them with tools 2 fight online threats.
Sadiq Khan: London Mayor plans to DEFY Brexit and offer city visas to migrants .he should be removed from his job ..htt…
Also on GPS this Sunday at 10 am + 1 pm ET on CNN: I speak with former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and London Mayor
Jesuz. . The utter SHAME of having THIS specimen, Sadiq Khan, as London Mayor, is unbearable. .
London Mayor Outlaws:Using "Radical Islam" Despicable Sadiq Khan outlaws the truth to aid Islamization of London&UK
LONDON MAYOR TO OUTLAW USE OF TERM ‘RADICAL ISLAM’. Free speech under attack in the capital of England
My parents are at a Q & A with the London mayor and the moderator keeps skipping the top question. nice
London’s Muslim Mayor is checking out Rahm Emanuel’s shul this Shabbat
'I want young French people to be incredibly proud that they can be French and Muslim' says London's Mayor (taking on a global role)
mayor Sadiq Khan, in first US visit, appearing now at Council of Global Affairs-criticizes "walls"
It was an honour to meet London Mayor this morning at
It is Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, not Amir Khan, the boxer. Extract of speech
Mayor Emanuel & Mayor discuss the importance of strengthening the relationship between Chicago & London
LIVE STREAM TODAY: on social integration in cities at 6:15 pm CT https:…
PMJT and mayor of London Sadiq Khan talk diversity. Khan is brilliant, liberal, Muslim -- an Islamist's nightmare.
"A society should be judged by how it treats it most vulnerable" says London Mayor
London Mayor Sadiq Khan avoids this prepared remark, sticks with importance of "building bridges not walls"
Have a question for London Mayor Ask it here:
A ray of sunlight in British Politics - Sadiq Khan: Time to let go of segregation — globally
.the Muslim London Mayor says "Together we can build bridges than walls."
"Together we can build bridges rather than walls," says London Mayor
From working to hearing mayor of London, speak "Together we can build bridges rather than walls"
"Diversity is not the same as integration" says London Mayor
London mayor just appointed 1st ever Dep Mayor of Social Inclusion bc Diversity not the same as integration.
.the London Mayor criticizes ban on but no one applauded him on that
London Mayor Sadiq Khan on social tolerance, integration: “In short, we should be building bridges, not walls.”
.the 1st Muslim Mayor of London says one doesn't have to loose their culture to intgrate with the mainstream
Sadiq Khan: when my dad arrived in London there were signs in the windows: "no blacks, no Irish, no dogs." And now his s…
Sadiq Khan's Chicago Tribune piece, extracted from his speech tonight
London Mayor Sadiq Khan is a Muslim still. And who can trust a Muslim, even a " moderate" except perhaps a few staunch reformers?!!
London 'integration' deputy spoke at event run by CAGE via
Mayor on London as a beacon of openness and diversity at tonite
Mayor of London technically talking about trump
Why Barking deal on affordable homes is not what it seems: A deal struck by London Mayor Sadiq Khan to hike a...
Poll: Did NCAA make right call in North Carolina?
live in Chicago right now: Tune in to the live stream now...
Police budget: Mayor, councillor butt heads with board over 'comfort letter'
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
London Mayor Sadiq Khan says London is one of "the most diverse and tolerant cities in the world."
My message in Chicago this evening when I speak at we need to build bridges, not walls.
London Mayor on decision to back Owen Smith not Jeremy Corbyn: "I didn't vote for Jeremy last year, although I nominated him"
Delighted to have the support of our London Mayor! Read his piece on why he's backing me to lead Labour https:…
Zac versus Sadiq: The fight to become London Mayor by Dave Hill Get it as an eBook via
Boost for Dons as London Mayor set to reject public inquiry calls for new stadium at Plough Lane.
THIS IS FROM 2014 ...when Boris Johnson was London Mayor... London mayor Boris Johnson expresses sympathy with...
SCUM: London Mayor wants to turn London into an Islamic State
'Taliban apologist' Imran Khan raises big problems for the would-be London Mayor
Taliban as an authority is doing this,will Muslims like say Khan the London Mayor, others work for peace via Islam
how could it not be with a democratically elected London Mayor?
As Trump said he let in London Mayor, Trump selects who is a good Muslim and not? It really pisses me off.
If you think Boris Johnson as your PM is going to sort out the issues such as housing, just take a look at his record as London Mayor
I think he share avian DNA with former London Mayor & posh UK Trumpette, Boris "Bozo" Johnson.
Echoes of Remain guru Lynton Crosby's London Mayor campaign for Goldsmith. Got nasty and voters turned off.
Trump Ban Muslims is a nonsence when 1. they fighting ISIS Middle East 2. Even London Mayor. Muslim
Despite Tory protests & all the window dressing, I think they've a long way to go for racial equality. London Mayor elections show that.
If the Tory press is as successful with as it was with London Mayor then IN will have an easy victory
Why was Andrew Marr so suck up to the new London Mayor and so obstructive with Michael Gove all in the same show?.
If Diane Abbott was running for London Mayor black peeps would burn their voting cards!
Hope Sadiq will be referred to as London Mayor not Muslim Mayor. It's like being referred to as 'Black Ed' by my GP or at work. 🙄
Ken Livingtone to give advice to new London Mayor on Vanessa Feltz this morning. Oh happy days!
I don't remember people calling the previous one Christian Mayor Johnson, so can we stop calling Khan a Muslim Mayor, just London Mayor?
London Mayor campaign 'shows Tories don't know how to treat ethnic minority voters'
First Pakistani Muslim as London Mayor is a great reminder that proper conduct & behavior has its rewards in Western Civilization!
Zac Goldsmith accused of 'racial profiling' voters in London Mayor campaign (again)
““When Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson were elected London Mayor, l recall that their religious or...”
Fantastic speech from on becoming London Mayor. All about values. No room for the politics of fear anywhere in the UK!
Thing that confuses me about this London Mayor thing is how do they go from Ken Livingstone to Boris Johnson to Sadiq Khan?
We need to know if as US president would allow newly elected London Mayor into the US (being he is a Muslim).
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Join Nick live from City Hall as Sadiq Khan waits to be officially named new London Mayor
It is now mathemetically impossible for Sadiq Khan to be beaten by Zac Goldsmith in the contest to become London Mayor.
don't Go by Religion Madam.APJ Abdul Kalam Azad is the best President India had. So this London Mayor may Shine
Labour's Sadiq Khan on the brink of being London Mayor on election day | Daily Mail Online
The former London Mayor defended Naz Shah less than an hour after she was suspended by his close ally Jeremy Corbyn over controversial
cast my vote today 4 u as London Mayor & liberal Democrats for both assembly & camden/Barnet
Zac Goldsmith takes to the streets in a 24-hour push to win the London Mayor crown - Daily Mail -
Don't work about Zac Goldsmith not being London Mayor. He can always spend more time in the Cayman Islands visiting his money
London Mayor election THIS THURSDAY. Here are my reasons you should not vote for Sadiq Khan https:/…
London Mayor candidate has been responding to petitions today! A suffragette statue?
It is 3rd May & I still haven't received my polling card for the London Mayor and London Assembly Elections.
It's sad to see Labour claiming racism falsely and cynically - my thoughts on the London Mayor campaign for http…
Owen Jones describes London Mayor campaign as nothing more than an attempt to smear We...
Well said Owen Jones. Racial profiling & playing on people's fear is not the way to campaign for London Mayor.
Liverpool to win Europa, City to win Champions league, Tony Blackburn to be London Mayor?
Website Builder 728x90
Lee Harris published early in Brainstorm, 1970s. Now running for London Mayor.
London Mayor calls out 'Kenyan' Obama. Forgot to mention communist and Muslim.
2,500 leaflets delivered today in South Ruislip and Northolt. Vote David Furness for London Mayor and vote BNP
is it true that polls are showing you have 0% of the vote in your bid to become London Mayor? 🤔 Much better than we thought! 🇮🇱
George Galloway’s disastrous campaign to be London Mayor sees him polling at ZERO per cent: https:…
I suspect this will only air in the south-east because of the Britain First candidate for London Mayor. But it...
1930 or 2016? How will the new London Mayor tackle homelessness?
I read it yesterday that London Mayor, Boris Johnson, paid about a million pound sterling in tax over a period of 4 years.
Boris Johnson's comments about Sadiq Khan, running for London Mayor = sounds like Trump! Boris = Trump. Both laughable but highly dangerous
I have no idea who I'd vote for in the next general election or for London Mayor. Can't imagine I'd vote for Clown Shoes Boris..
Why is presenting Boris Johnson as a good judge of who's an extremist? Watch Eddie Mair expose London Mayor:
Is Boris Johnson primary job London Mayor or cheerleader?
and boris basically has been London Mayor for free
Today we're in Parsons Green Depot launching our London Mayor and Assembly manifesto
Also the Borough of Watford has 4 stations (Bushey, Wat High, Met & Junction) under TFL but has no vote for London Mayor?
Hamilton Collection
Labour MP David Lammy has been fined £5,000 for instigating 35,629 nuisance calls urging people to back his failed bid to be London Mayor.
London Mayor resurrects controversial idea of "Boris Island" airport in the Thames Estuary https:/…
Boris Johnson's new airport may be back on after London Mayor releases new report - Metro
Heads up---Ck your US and world news page. You have a pic of Rubio for Sanders and Cameron in the UK for the London Mayor...
don't say a word London Mayor hopeful Zac Goldsmith has risked 'electoral suicide' by back... RT
Yes we won London Mayor under Blair when he was sweeping all before him,no comparison now
Come and join us tomorrow canvassing for Sadiq Khan for London Mayor - Hackney Downs ward 11am.
London Mayor admits he did not read report criticising 'deeply flawed' hospital ward closures
PM launched stinging attack on Labour's candidate for London Mayor as he sought to frame the election as the first verdict on Jeremy
I was hoping would run for London Mayor first Bloomberg ponders White House run
London Mayor announces that a pedestrianized Oxford Street is being studied: http…
London Mayor, Boris Johnson, overturns local authority planning decision in favour of developer again
I'm not fully getting your point but neither London Mayor or local councils able to nationalise.
Not sure I agree. The man was voted in as mayor of London twice.
Livingstone was a disaster as the man to save London from another disaster for Zac being Mayor is NOT a career move
Narrow fronts many doors.Popular,high density.Answer to London housing if next mayor'll changeLondon Plan htt…
Sadiq Khan has an army to help him. Best wishes alone will not win it for Zac, but with YOUR help he could be London Mayor
📰 London Wants to Declare Equality & Happiness, To Britain & To the World. Justice is only Possible;with Mayor= (2016)
May your NYE resolutions include pledging your offers of help to ensure becomes London Mayor in 2016. We ne…
You too Zac! Continuing to work hard to ensure you become Mayor of London in 2016!
Awaiting the start of the Lord Mayor's parade London
I'd like the malcontent Labour MPs to explain to members WHY they fear JC doing well in coming elections & becoming London mayor?
Team London: Team London, the Mayor’s volunteerin via on VOTE NOW!
says moderates' fear" Corbyn will do well in elections & wins London mayor.WHY is Lab doing well a fear to them? Says it all
the LONDON mayor election for Sadiq is NOT at risk, that's scaremongering, JC is VERY popular in London & Khan is benefitting from it!
20th June 2013 - Boris Johnson became mayor in 2008. He pledged to eradicate rough sleeping by the end of 2012.
Was the last 'welcome to London' the esteemed Mayor?
2015 Predictions. EU referendum date to be May 2017, Corbyn still Lab leader,SNP win in Scotland, Sadiq Khan London mayor
A New Year honour list of cronies, donors and celebs. But Lord Mayor of London gives Freedom of City to paedophiles every year.
Having Boris as mayor of London, is like having Sepp Blatter do your Christmas club
oh dear that is bad,used to live in London when I was a child.all the best for the run to be mayor❤️ from Singapore
A very happy New Year to all our friends and members. Here's to a Labour London mayor in 2016!
I added a video to a playlist Lord Mayor's Show London 2015
The Olympics, the Euros, a new Mayor of London, the Queen's 90th... and maybe an EU referendum?
Happy NY+good luck to all the cheerleaders taking part today in the mayor of parade! ♡
More than 1,700 now follow UKIP Culture Spokesman and candidate for Mayor of London Peter Whittle
Independent: Watch leading Labour candidate for London Mayor 'lie' over her love …
political resolutions 2016: supporting become London Mayor
Mayor Boris lays out green infrastructure plans for London 2050:
Nominate your local heroes for the Mayor’s Civic Awards 2016
I finished my assignment yesterday. Now off to London to see what the Lord Mayor's Parade has to offer. I must be keen!
London Mayor calls in controversial Norton Folgate plans
Happy new mayor, London: Bojo will step down and Sadiq Khan will take his place (probably) https:…
Thanks to mayor off London it was 1 of great organized new year night
Morning folks, it’s not long until Here are my tips to help you have a great night, whatever you do
Boris Johnson could be made foreign secretary to boost leadership credentials after he quits as London Mayor
We all know Heathrow 3rd runway decision's being delayed until after London Mayor elections. Don't patronise us saying…
Article by Amit Singh for Consented - Is Sadiq Khan encouraging Islamophobia to help him become London Mayor?
Property giants call for London Mayor to protect business districts - Evening Standard
dtn uK: Boris Johnson challenges George Osborne over London Living Wage: The London Mayor, who has led critici...
London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has said the testing standards for diesel cars are to blame for the capital exceeding air pollution standards
Its amazing, also Ken Livingston ex London Mayor has praised Chavez in the past
London Mayor to Cities Resisting Uber: Toothpaste Out of Tube via Toothpaste can be washed down the sink
Wonder if Campbell used his "But I am Sol Campbell" line when being told he won't be London Mayor:
Congratulations to for becoming the Liberal Democrat candidate for London Mayor.
Caroline Pidgeon announced as Lib Dem candidate for London Mayor
London Mayor hits back at critics of West Ham's Olympic Stadium deal...
My first question is where did the women go? Top four Lab roles (Leader, General Secretary, Deputy Leader, London Mayor bid) now all male.
Tories will be concerned about the tenancy of City Hall with as Labour leader and Labour candidate for London Mayor
'an in-house dedicated housing development team (at City Hall) would be set up by as London Mayor .v interesting
domain names
Congratulations to for being the Labour candidate for London Mayor. Next stop City Hall, insha'Allah.
Voting Jeremy 4 leader & unsure about London Mayor? Why not take a look at candidates voting records? htt…
Jamie Huntsman's piece on is an example of the depth & quality of our candidates for London Mayor
TV comic backs as next London Mayor
Sick of New Labour? Want peace & prosperity? candidate for London Mayor. The only MP not to serve as a N…
Only Jeremy Corbyn will properly oppose the Tories, London Mayor hopeful Christian Wolmar says
I have just voted Jeremy Corbyn for Leader and Diane Abbott for London Mayor. I hope you will too
Just voted Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader & Diane Abbott for London Mayor. Hope you will too!
Diane Abbott not for London Mayor just like Boris Johnson selfish and not for helping the people of London
Exclusive research for LBC suggests Tessa Jowell is the favourite to succeed Boris Johnson as London Mayor
Elizabeth Jones, of Dartford in bid to become London Mayor
Elizabeth Jones, of Dartford Ukip, in bid to become London Mayor
Gareth Thomas ((Lab) would be London Mayor) 2day talking of his plan for Housing. Forget it! No point if you can't sort environment! 2RWays!
Jeremy Corbyn appears to endorse Diane Abbott for London Mayor (again) | via
WATCH: Suzanne Evans wants to be Ukip’s first London Mayor - and says backs her
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London Mayor's militia, defeated in court. OCCUPY DEMOCRACY CASES DISMISSED IN COURT via
Although 3/4 Labour Candidates for London Mayor that could vote against did so. Respect
Green Party are not going to abstain they are going to SUPPORT a Tory to be London Mayor.
Its not just the Labour Leadership and Deputy Leadership open to £3 "supporters" but the London Mayor selection too.
. Being a City of London Mayor made her "Worshipful Company" to a lot of masonites.
Sorry, why is June Sarpong texting me about London Mayor - no.
London Mayor wannabe calls for tourist tax - Children's hospices and air ambulance service to benefit
Could Diane Abbott, Christian Wolmar and Gareth Thomas be blocked from London Mayor ballot?
MP for Harrow West says why he should be London Mayor.
Why I should be London Mayor: Gareth Thomas: The MP for Harrow West on what he'd do with the job
Sol Campbell standing for London Mayor ? What next Peter Tatchell as Prime Minister, No wonder Russia stays well out of it . they must laugh
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