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London Eye

The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel situated on the banks of the River Thames, in London, England.

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Mentored the yutedem from Archbishop Lanfranc on the London Eye today. Croydon link up.
A beautiful view of Big Ben from the London Eye! 😆
Five up and coming young Spurs players to watch this season. Will they catch Pochettino's eye?
London Eye and Tower Bridge. When we still were in bed at noon today, I realized we weren't going to do much in...
Mo Farah paid a visit to the London Eye this morning
Someone promised me they'll take me to london eye but they never did. But im happy to have experienced it for the f…
You and you're paper turn a blind eye to ethnic gangs killing in London. Knive crime up gun crime up and acid attacks.
I liked a video Sir Mo Farah says farewell with signature move on London Eye
ICYMI: Surf in the sky. Free wifi on the London Eye
Don't listen to these negative people about London. London is beautiful. Go to the London eye and Piccadilly Circus...
To Venice. Intrigued that felons and low life were imprisoned in cage at top of Campanile. New use for London Eye?
I think it's there for a while, we went on Friday, it's close to the London Eye - so aft…
Rohler was 4th in London so keep an eye on him in Doha 2019
Sir Mo Farah takes 'Mobot' moves to the London Eye
One in the eye from us downtrodden Northerners to you effete Southern softies in London, with all your ludicrously expensive houses - ha!
thesun: 'Mo Farah poses on top of the London Eye'
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Mo Farah poses on top of the London Eye
Paramedics report that the man who collapsed on the London Eye earlier is slowly coming round.
Mo Farah reclaims the 'Mobot' on top of the London Eye in emotional farewell… mediat
Mo Farah basks in glory on top of the London Eye after 5,000m silver.
Had the pleasure to film atop of the London Eye this morning as he waved farewell to track athletics. .
This fruity tart by is a real summer show-stopper!
Four-time Olympic champion Sir Mo Farah took the Mobot to new heights - as he struck a pose on top of the London Eye.
Also in view, Alexandra Palace, Canary Wharf, Shard and London Eye, plus in the west, planes landing and taking off at Heathrow.
Sir Mo Farah climbs London Eye to bid farewell to track athletics via
Is this woman (Helen Chapman) turning blind eye to epidemic in need to answer s…
Mo Farah takes the 'Mobot' to the London Eye.
MailOnline "RT DailyMailUK: Sir Mo Farah in stunning send-off after devastating silver in his final race at Wor…
FlyingTV, & Capt Prentl proud to capture the stunning aerials of today atop the London Eye! htt…
Fun 1st day in London: Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Eye & Churchill War Rooms -and a few pints! Missing our A…
Cruise the Thames and enjoy a two course lunch. See Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, London Eye and more. http…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Big Ben, London Eye, Greenwich, Cutty Sark, RAF Museum. Busy day but that's what happens when…
Harry Potter star Eddie Redmayne uses his magic to turn the London Eye blue ... - -…
Proud to join Eddie Redmayne, London Eye and other landmarks in turning blue and orange to support 🔷🔶
he London Eye travels at a speed that is thrice that of the average tortoise
London terror attacks see tourist numbers fall at Madame Tussauds and London Eye
Pic(k) Of The Day!. BABYMETAL on the London Eye, the giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames
London: Tate Modern, The Wolseley, Harrods, Hyde Park, London Eye. Germany: which part will you be in?
Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge & more. See the best views in London with our River Thames cruise every 40 mins:…
Took the kids into town, daughter played in a playground nr London Eye, then met some friends for a…
Meet the the man who cleans famous monuments, from Mount Rushmore to the London Eye
I'd love to hear your thoughts! London: Madame Tussauds and the London Eye.
Night lights of Lindon looking pretty on flight back from Berlin - spot the London Eye lit up in red
Tourist boat in River Thames at the London Eye - Download on
Matthew Lynn's London Eye: 5 reasons Merkel needs to rescue Deutsche Bank right now
People trapped on London Eye following attack
Eye at Stansted arrival left today to Doha.
Unfortunately, London's unwritten law is that don't interact with people on your commute, don't even make eye contact longer than 5 secs
IKR? I don't understand anyone who lived in London and doesn't live in the V&A -- it's a giant box of eye candy.
Are you a modern with an eye on Indulge yourself (or your in this programme
Can you see the London Eye in this photo? No? That's because it's lights were turned off for…
.will on April 2 for World Autism Awareness Day! ht…
maybe we could try to go to the London eye?''
Which prob leaves London, NY or LA? I'll keep a weather eye. Gotta rope her into the ʝҜֆ ☾☋ʟ☨!👹
still feel like I'm on the London eye
^Una Eye Service too Much! Nigerians blast Tiwa Savage & Uche Jombo for their comment on London Bombings (Pics)
You can now sleep in one of the pods on
East London is an eye soar, needs to be demolished and rebuilt
New artwork for sale! - "The Coca Cola London Eye on the South Bank" -
I'm looking for 5-13 yr olds with to take part in an Eye Tracking study here at Please get in touch…
Taken from the London Eye on a family day out 🇬🇧 ❤💙
STOP turning a blind eye to the reality that is radical Islamic terrorism. . London terrorist named. Khalid Masood .
Did you know that despite there only being 32 capsules on the London Eye, for superstitious reasons, they are...
Left my flat this morning 😴Looking forward to going home with 43002Would have taken a photo @ London Eye, UK.
Bt tower the orbit Tower of London Bridge and London eye all took part in 🌏🐼
definitely does have an effect, but will bounce back from says Eye chief
They've turnined blind eye after blind eye to rhetoric casting Scots in London as ‘not really Scottish’ and part of some…
Terrorism definitely does have an effect, but London will bounce back from terror attack, says London Eye chief…
We had a good day and have made it back to our hotel. National Portrait Gallery, London Eye,…
London terror attack: People are being held in the London Eye by staff "as per tried and tested security procedures" https:/…
More police arriving at suspended London Eye with people still stuck on board
Police have stopped the London Eye. Lots of people still stuck on it.
First of all, let's check out our awesome office view on the 8th floor, right next to the Oxo Tower & the London Eye.
Sites around the world in tonight? Leaning Tower of Pisa...Freedom Tower...Great Wall...London Eye...Cedar Park City Hall...
An observation wheel larger than the London Eye is coming to Moscow.
That's our tickets booked for Madame Tussaud's, London Eye, London Dungeon and London Sea Aquarium in March! Very excited!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Have u got any Tesco clubcard vouchers? Think they can be traded in for London Eye. Under 3s are free
Thames from the London Eye. Smartphone photography competition
Review: Soaring over the capital on the London Eye
In London:must do first things first-Big Ben, the London Eye, 10 Downing St and the Houses of Parliament
This is fantastic. I half expected to see being lowered down from the top of the London Eye on a gian…
Catherine,Duchess of Cambridge attends the World Mental Health Day at the London Eye on October 10,2016 in London,Engl…
Praying when we hear Big Ben strike midnight and the fireworks from the London Eye that it'll start with Gene Wilder's Pure Imagination ❤️
Woman on bus pointing at the Ferris wheel in Hyde Park for Winter Wonderland: "I can see the London Eye, look! I can see the…
only there for 2 days (we stayed w/our friend's in Paris) the London Eye was great, of course Buckingham Palace,
99p/99c HisFic London 1663 Science & medicine An eye opening read It's like you're there.
A fifth of adults (19 per cent) living in the capital admit they have been a victim of, or witnessed a crime, but...
London I swear the good boy Starboss Big Eye is comming to you next month Nkuziniremu_Self contained book you...
Winter in London: In found a gorgeous little street with eye popping decorations. Wonderful restaurants everywher…
going to shrek adventures and on the London eye with ☺️☺️
When you go to see the sights at the London Eye, you don't expect to see this...
I want to a stylish Taylors Eye Witness Carving set in this
Couple enjoy public love makin Oral se* Act by London Eye fun -
Holidays are coming, holidays are coming, holidays are coming --->
It wont happen anyway else except why accept it. That would cause an outcry in London or USA.It cant b acceptable i…
Went to London to ride the London eye and got to see the Coca Cola Truck and get some free coke!…
Randy couple spotted performing lewd sex act by the London Eye
Randy couple spotted performing lewd sex act at the side of busy road
A mist opportunity. Tourists on London Eye won't see much today but does give new meaning 2 checking your Eye-cloud https:/…
seeks to B a digital Eye in Abuja's Sky! Think of London Big Ben, imagine a Digital Version of it in Nigeria's…
I spy with my London Eye... via Reddit
St Pancras, Tate Modern, Kings X and the London Eye seen through a fisheye lens today
Savings on activities inc. London Eye, Kew Gardens, Kensington Gardens + more.
Baby Buddy app mum Morgan and midwife Mitch with Prince Harry at the London Eye 4 WMHD16 htt…
Prince William, Kate and Harry are tourists for the day with ride on London Eye
Royal trio William, Kate and Harry take a trip on the London Eye for World Mental Health Day
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined by Prince Harry on London Eye
heads to the London Eye in a Kate Spade dress --
Duchess of Cambridge dazzles in £400 Kate Spade dress as she boards London Eye
the NHM and London Eye, both have taxi rank next to them and always taxis available , enjoy London
How much approximately would NHM to London Eye cost?
Evening view over Hungerford Bridge with the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament.
Westfields, you can hit London Eye, Aquarium and Madam Tussauds for like 30quid and hit the underground music scene.
BnW photo of the London Eye over looking the Thames
Southbank yo. Got Big Ben, houses of parliament, London Eye, River Thames, street performers, skate park - all on one stretch
Good show, but unless has relocated to the Pennines, those hills behind the London Eye look a tad OTT for North Downs!
cast are looking forward to 'the history', 'London Eye' & of course 'Vamos Cuba!' when they come to town htt…
"The New York Wheel, a 60-story Ferris wheel patterned after the London Eye, will offer a birds-eye view of the...
Looking forward to performing on the London Eye today for then off to the press screening to see the film
Matthew Lynn's London Eye: Buy Britain, but sell Europe after stunning Brexit rebuke: After the stunning rebu...
Do Londoners like the London Eye or is it a blight?
my moms deathly afraid of heights and just went on the London eye for me das luv tho
London eye and its area OR Emirates cables, both may be too much. If personally go with the first one, more touristy
science museum, London eye Big Ben etc the whole area, Emirates cable thing, Oxford street for shopping, then walk up to trafalger sq
watch people go round on the London eye, go to the zoo
this city unceasingly takes my breath away @ London Eye, UK
Matthew Lynn's London Eye: The 4 Brexit outcomes smart investors need to prepare for: There are good and bad ...
Glide down river to see Albert Bridge, the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament in all their splendour!
, Olympia Park Stratford, Westfield Mall, BB Bakery Teatime , London Eye, Ride from the O2 over the Themse
Matthew Lynn's London Eye: Global markets brace for summer of Trump: Markets are going to have a very rocky s...
Minor delays on the 1335 RB1 Westbound service from North Greenwich to London Eye. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Checkout the London Eye! I feel like I'm watching already the Bloomberg show where they…
the hotel we're at is so nice and it's literally just next to the London eye GOALS
i've had such a good day in London i got to see so much and go on the London eye and have nandos and shop at my favourite places🌤⛅️
Excellent! I'm not in London these days but will keep an eye out anyway. :)
Might drive an hour down to London to show little Ben the London eye. So blessed with him xox
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Office workers in London are facing an “epidemic” of eye problems from being glued to computer screens.
Some of our Little Shop of Horrors principle cast on the London Eye. What a great trip?!
the beauty that is this view of the London Eye and Big Ben
1/2 Question: What does Marischal College, the London Eye & Blackpool Tower all have in common?
This photo was originally published on 500px. Popular on 500px : London Eye by thalerst
Popular on 500px : London Eye by thalerst with us @
Popular on 500px : London Eye by thalerst
Fun times in London with @ London Big Ben London Eye and Tower Bridge
Took this just before landing back in London, spot the London Eye (purple ring) from the air :)
When you go on the London Eye an the only good picture you get has work in the background 🤔
Marching for Lions in London yesterday - passing the magnificent Lions in Trafalgar Square with X-eye.
Marching for the Lions in London yesterday - outside South Africa House. . Stereo photo - X-eye.
Marching for the Lions in London yesterday - passing Piccadilly Circus and a very appropriate poster!. Stereo- X-eye.
Very eye-catching as you enter and leave London Victoria Train Station BRAVO TO YOU
Chuffed to get nice reviews for our eye-opening tours of London's lesser known neighbourhoods
At London Eye waiting for it to turn purple!
Earth And Travel: Travel Spot - View of London from top of London Ey... via .http…
Mother's love lasts forever and is priceless. ❤ @ The Official London Eye
Well there is always next time. I want to photograph the sunrise near the London Eye - will try & do this summer x
I added a video to a playlist Playing Asphalt 8: London Eye
£50 and you can kick my *** in a London Eye capsule for the entire rotation
Only in a Roland Emmerich film will you see the Petronas Towers falling onto Tower Bridge, or Burj Khalifa being dropped on the London Eye!
I wanted a moody looking sky for my London Eye painting here : …
UK terror cell linked to Brussels and Paris terrorists planned to attack the London Eye
London Eye is a 'prime target for the Isis-backed Paris and Brussels attacks terrorists', *** reveal
London Eye is a prime target for ISIS terrorists wanting to re-create horror attacks
About to check out the aquarium. Wanted to ride the London Eye but it is PACKED!
Matthew Lynn's London Eye: A message from Italy: You’re paying for the next bank…
Vets at the London Zoo once fitted a snake with a glass eye
The Tribe experience hip hop karaoke, the London Eye & Tower Bridge in this new ep. of htt…
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that kid outside the London eye didn't like his he let it fly away 👀🎈😂🙈 xxx
He was suddenly giddy, an evening with on the London eye couldn't possible be horrible, right? "Hurry up, slowpoke!"
"Almost." He found the look that was giving him completely adorable. It didn't take long for them to get to the London Eye.
's Madame Tussaud's statue will be dressed as Gaurav & will be placed at London Eye. Never happend with any cel…
go on London eye and let me know how high it is 😂😂😂
Been there my man. London Eye at 4am once. It's why we do it. Or something like that.
He nervously took it from his eyes wide. "Phil, are we going to the London eye?" He just wanted to go home now.
Annoying Lucy by making time lapse videos of the London Eye from the hotel room. LA on Wednesday! https…
I remember days before I moved here to London, I thought I'd wake up every morning, look outside my window and see Big Ben and London Eye
London looks beautiful at night when you're on the London Eye! ☺️
the light and shadows of the londoneye . thanks for the ride! @ The Official London Eye
C1894 - Long before the construction of the London Eye, the Great Wheel at Earls Court was the largest in the world https…
The one where Danny thinks he's falling out of the London Eye
Alright, take me on a ride on the London Eye and I'll be happy.
Great demo of the Samsung VR googles from Eye-Kon...Chris
but the uk is cute like the London eye man
Josh thought the London eye was called the big wheel 😕😕
Beautiful view over the Thames and London Eye
Arriving in London this month Eye Spy via
In bed at half nine!!! Had to be done, I've started Jack London People Of The Abyss, enthralling, powerful, eye-opening.
And lastly tonight these images from Trafalgar Square and the London Eye
.has a vision to put'London Eye' style pods in orbit between Earth and Mars
Splendid afternoon for a spin on the Eye.
Down at the London eye for the Grandad's 100th birthday last week!!…
Did you at least get to see a bit more of London than Matthew so far? Have you been on the London Eye?
Revealed: 57 London Tube stations at 'high and rising' risk of flooding:
Matthew Lynn's London Eye: Britain, Ireland, Switzerland will be big winners from…
Westminster Abbey and Big Ben from the London Eye. Incredible.
Matthew Lynn's London Eye: Terrorists can't destroy Europe's economy, but they can da..
Matthew Lynn's London Eye: Terrorists can’t destroy Europe’s economy, but they can damage it -
"London Has Fallen" isn't currently showing here at GC. However do keep an eye on our page for schedule updates
"Hmm.. Well we can go to London Eye was it you mentioned?"
The 'Egyptian Giants' and the Assyrian Hall inside the Crystal Palace Great Exhibition in 1851...
Enjoying Champagne on the London Eye last night:-)
wouldn't it be cool if when it's the year 3000 they play Year 3000 in the London Eye firework show 🎉
Líbí se mi video London Eye's lights being turned off for WWF's Earth Hour
Watch some of the journey that our firework barge takes along the Thames from our loading dock to the London eye
that'd be the eyes of London watching the London eye watching the eyes of London?
It's weird how in recent movies, wide shots of London have been using the London eye as an identifier rather than …
Join in with from sponsored by for a chance to
Cruise Auckland to Tower Bridge London. 115 days of eye-opening, life-changing world travel to many of the...
If you've enjoyed some fresh air link up at & a chance to win
No I left my moisturiser and eye cream at the hotel in London. First my bank card now this 😫😭
New artwork for sale! - "London Eye and Winter Tree at Sunset" -
New artwork for sale! - "London Eye and Shell Centre Building at Sunset" - https:…
Nicolas Mahut and Pierre-Hugues Herbert have one eye on London after winning their third team title at the BNP Par..
im finally in ends, oh London Eye you look beautiful this evening, the sky looks amazing man
London is on a Monday and looks all sold out - Brighton is sold out!! :/ - have to be so fast for gigs these days! I keep eye
Has anyone been on the London Eye. New location for the James Bond movie. What does anyone think.
Monday blues already creeping in? Well tomorrow morning we have a treat for you all! Keep an eye out!
Serious scandal going down in South London. Neighbours keep an eye out for the precarious pooch.
Big Ben and the London Eye. Successful day over here in GB 😝🤗
Have you heard the story that Hitler had his eye on Ducane Court to be his London HQ?
London eye was anxious for me and katy but the view was quality
If you zoom in to central London on apple maps, you can see the London eye rotating!
Outdoor time is healthy time, share with us on & win Cornish
central London is the best place, just walk around leceister square, covent garden for restos, see brit museum Ldn Eye St Pauls
Keep an eye on Erie vs London tonight too folks. If the Otters win in regulation, your Attack play London in the first round.
GET AT ME for Reduced Rate Paper Tickets 010416 Ministry Of Sound London who's in??? Keep an eye on my pages for more...
At the Western Eye Hospital in London 3+ hours now! Haven't seen a doctor yet! Disgraceful NHS service to tax payers of this country!
Silva easy on the eye, completing 92% of passes. Can he change things?. 0-1
Didn't expect to drive past Big Ben, West minister abbey, London Eye on my travels today! Added bonus to this horrendous drive!
Trend spotting in East London: white eye lashes! @ Lee Valley Riding Centre
The London Eye and Big Ben switched off their lights last night to mark the tenth
holy bejeeezums. That is amazing. Very eye opening way to think. Good on you, man. And have a good day!
from Waterloo Bridge where's the London Eye gone!
Year of the population owns 99% of the London Eye, now they are ready to receive Ashya king if they refuse.
pet peeve: tourists who only see Big Ben, London Eye, Carnaby St, Oxford St, Harrods... seriously there's so much more to this city
Thanks Pat - St James Park looking towards the London Eye and Horse Guards Parade
When your taxi home is down the Royal Mile, past the Horse Guards Parade, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye 😍
Today I saw Big Ben, the London Eye, The Tower Bridge, rode down the River Thames, walked the Millennium Bridge and viewed the Tate Modern.
Globus' London. World class museums and galleries, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the London Eye, a legion of b... http…
Arrived safely in London, taking in the sights of Westminster and the city from the London Eye. Dungeons tomorrow!
Hi! Long time no see! Did you see we are creating London Eye no 2 in Brighton with BA as sponsors. Deja vu singing with lucy?!
London Eye spy with my little eye...
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Great first day in London! London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London Dungeons and China Town!
Matthew Lynn's London Eye: Falling oil prices will bankrupt the likes of Russia, Saudi Arabia
Does anyone happen to know a cheap deal for Madame Tussauds/London Eye pls?
Blackpool Tower would look nice next to the London Eye...
Today : London Eye view by meldarbordeaux namaste
📷 best-lovequotes: Via 11 Places to Visit in London - London Eye
This is exactly how it looked when we went on the London Eye. Couldn't see a bloody thing 😂
Keep an eye on livewire, all the latest on Europe's slow suicide https:…
can't wait to go to london for Katie's birthday shopping london eye and meal it is👸🏽
Aha that's so cool, i am glad to hear that and thanks for your advice, wish i can go to London Eye too
Premiership Round-Up: Newcastle leapfrog London Irish, Exeter eye top after Worcester win …
good work man! I will keep an eye out for you when I'm next in London in the works van!
London has many beautiful structures but the London eye at night is one of the most beautiful…
Look! I'm carrying the London Eye on my head 😂
Did you know that celebrated its 16th year this January?! -->
the one on the southbank, near London eye, is bigger but always too rammed with tourists
ahhh I've had my eye on it for so long! Beth went to London for the weekend and bought it for me!! Super lucky 🙈
Touristy shot of the London Eye from behind a Telephone Box.
View from London Eye. Some do's and don'ts about riding Eye. Even fear of height won't stop you.
- Superb London Eye and Three Course Michelin Dining and Prosecco for Two.: £9...
Tattersall Castle as seen from the London Eye today
Wandering about London, from Waterloo en route to the London Eye.
Thanks & you, Elizabeth Tower [Big Ben] + London red buses, London Eye always make for good sightseer, scopes!
today is London Eye, a river cruise and sea life centre oh and a spot of lunch on the South Bank!
Big Ben and a green London Eye captured with Royal Festival Hall from Waterloo Bridge -
Michael with Camila Cabello on the London Eye last June!
Combine a Hop on Hop off Bus Tour and Madame Tussauds, London Eye, or Sea Life London Aquarium and save money...
When people say 'we can't change our city' show them this. (it's where the London Eye is now)
Horse Guards Parade Ground with London Eye in the background
Did you know the Emirates Spinnaker Tower in is taller than the London Eye, Blackpool Tower & Big Ben?
Had fun with our Mom yesterday in London Eye and Langham hotel. 😄😁😘 http…
Minor delays on the RB1 20:13 eastbound service from London Eye to Royal Arsenal Woolwich. Apologies for any inconvenience.
New Year fireworks - London Eye and Big Ben over the River Thames
Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Derren Brown, The Underground and walking the streets of London, what a start to the holiday!
Christmas shopping in London and it's absolutely clear the UK now has two wholly divergent economies. London/Home Count…
Let's go to London eye for ice rink!
Keep an eye out for us in the London Evening Standard tonight!
We provide a reliable and secure minicab service for tourists in such as Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, Madame Tussauds etc
(for photography) were going to covent garden, Trafalgar square, the London eye, Leicester square, the photography gallery😍
.Good luck to everyone at the new Optegra Eye Hospital in Central London.
I need to be at kings cross theatre at 19:30 I should have time to do the London eye right
No question: Orfeo in April. It was glorious -- joyful, eye-opening, life-enhancing.
Why is TFL turning a blind eye to this? Why ?. Why indeed ?
So I've just found out, right now, the Official Name of the "London Eye" is the "Coca Cola London Eye". I want to cry.
hi guys are you running a service on Christmas Eve? I'm trying to book return tickets from the O2 to the London eye, thanks
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what motivates me to go to school and study hard? :London eye🎡
Looks like you might have a trip to London to plan.
hello! Are the mbna water taxis running on Christmas Eve? If not are any boats going from the O2 to the London eye that day? Thanks
Meet the most expensive stuffed bear in London! . (I pulled on him and now he's giving me the side eye) .
Malema in London said China is colonising Africa, yet China is also doing business with UK, signed a deal to build a nuclear power station.
Assign otherwise evil eye on the london folkway luster: RVc
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