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London Bridge

London Bridge is a bridge over the River Thames, connecting the City of London and Southwark, in central London.

London Victoria Cannon Street West Croydon South Bermondsey Beckenham Junction Peckham Rye Honor Oak Park Queens Road Forest Hill East Croydon Three Bridges Haywards Heath Wandsworth Common Tulse Hill Charing Cross East Dulwich

are you at the borough station end then? I'd go Elephant and castle and then Embankment - London Bridge to Waterloo and walk.
ALTERED The 16:13 Beckenham Junction to London Bridge will start from Birkbeck at 16:16 due to signalling problems
London Bridge northbound will take you over the route (which runs underneath on Upper Thames Street). You'll be fine.
any news on the stabbing by London Bridge hospital this morning??
You could catch a service to Waterloo East then use your ticket from Southwark to London Bridge at no extra cost ^SK
The 07:18 London Bridge to London Victoria has been delayed by 10mins from Honor Oak Park
Hope you directed him to London Bridge station
The 20:22 London Victoria to London Bridge has been delayed by 5mins from Wandsworth Common
Is this drone delivery being tested in front of. London Bridge tube station!
Be plenty of Mil knocking about down London Bridge. Start at Borough and work your way to the station.
1/2 ALTERED The 09:16 London Bridge to Beckenham Junction will not call at South Bermondsey, Queens Road, Peckham Rye, East Dulwich...
FORMATION The 09:15 Beckenham Junction to London Bridge will be 4 coaches instead of 5
ALTERED The 07:00 Norwood Junction to London Bridge will not call at Sydenham, Forest Hill, Honor Oak Park, Brockley and New Cross Gate
London Bridge?.. very nice..recently renovates so looking like a space shuttle station. Everything new
Different stations but London Bridge underground is literally 100 feet away from the station
Question to Londoners from a clueless northerner - are London Bridge railway station and underground station the same thing? Same building?
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Walkway in the London Bridge tube station.
hi, is it possible to get to Gordon Hill from London Bridge with an Oyster card or a paper Day Travelcard ticket?
London Bridge station is all new and scary I feel like I am in a maze ??? It was half built for years and I never thought it'd get finished
My train just went past my station, stuck in London Bridge at rush hour now ffs
So sorry Mia, that doesn't sound good. Could you DM which restaurant it was in London Bridge? Was it the one in the station?
1968 - London Bridge was sold for £1m to American oil tycoon Robert McCullough. He decided.
Local News Disruption between London Bridge and East Croydon is expected to...
CANCELLED The 16:43 Beckenham Junction to London Bridge has been cancelled due to a train fault
CANCELLED The 15:55 London Bridge to Beckenham Junction has been cancelled
The 15:25 London Bridge to Beckenham Junction has been delayed by 7mins from London Bridge
what time is the last train tonight from London Bridge to Dartford. Thanks
The 06:26 London Bridge to Wimbledon has been delayed by 5mins from Peckham Rye
also tiny fragment of old London Bridge at porch of St Magnus in the Martyr. Bits of wall ran right past my school in Barbican!
How smart is the new overground train station London Bridge, I think that it's amazing!
Im only at London Bridge, a young Northern Line ride will get me to Kings Cross real quick.
Left Broadfield Stadium at 6.45pm, walked to Crawley Station. Had to bus it to Three Bridges, get a train to London Bridge via East Croydon!
Bt tower the orbit Tower of London Bridge and London eye all took part in 🌏🐼
A city stilled, shocked and then enraged by attack. London : The big red buses sit abandoned on the bridge, six...
condemns attacks that took place on Westminster Bridge in front of the UK Parliament building in London
Reports claim at least a dozen people have been injured on Westminster Bridge near the parliament building.KB
London terror attack: - Yahoo7 via I do not condemn this woman as it is her religion that did this.
Just a few months ago I was walking on Westminster Bridge. Where today, innocent people got rammed down by a car. People of Lo…
We need more of this: A woman comforts an injured person in Bridge in after the attack.
How strangers helped the stricken victims of the London terror attack
My heart goes out to the victims of terrorism in London. We were just there a few weeks ago, standing on that very bridge htt…
First footage of London terror attack shows woman falling off Westminster Bridge
A man drove into people on Westminster Bridge in London, then tried to get into Parliament. 4 de…
If the Brits were smart they'd hang that SOB from London Bridge.
London attack: How a lone knifeman brought terror to Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament via
ITS STARTING ALL OVER AGAIN--THE TERRORIST ATTACKS. NOW London England man ran over people jumped out stabbing walkers Westminister Bridge.
Terror takes over the streets of London via
I am American as a matter of fact. But live in London, near Westminster Bridge. There are a quite a few of us…
Is Der any Pious/Peaceful Maulavi,Who cd rename Definitions of Islam, in the name of Humanity or Peace in the world?
3 French students are amongst the injured in London attack, people were driven over on bridge, some fell into T…
can't believe what happen in London, and to think just a couple months ago I was crossing that bridge a million times a day.
Witness to Westminster Bridge incident in London shares his story
Attack on Westminister: A knife-wielding man plowed a car into pedestrians on London's Westminster Bridge
London Terror Attack: Five dead as 'terrorist' plows car on Westminster Bridge.
London Ambulance Service says it treated at least 10 patients on Westminster Bridge
Bridge Street in London appears to have been closed before the so called 'event'. Always the way when staged. London Par…
Woman rescued from London river after bridge attack:
Horrifying footage shows woman plummeting into River Thames as terrorist ploughs into pedestrians on Westm. Bridge https:/…
The goes dark to show support for London after Westminster Bridge attack.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the horrific incident at Westminster Bridge, London this afternoon.…
London terror attack: What happened at Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge - everything ...
Chilling footage shows London terror attacker's car on Westminster Bridge as woman JUMPS into Thames
The trail of terror across Westminster Bridge in London:
Five dead as knife-wielding man plows car on near the Houses of Parliament
Reuters photographer Toby Melville describes witnessing the attack on London’s Westminster Bridge
Pedestrians had nowhere to run as car sped across Westminster Bridge
What I have noticed past 3 months is your signal between East Croydon station and London Bridge is rubbish.
someone stabbed a police officer at Westminster and then ran 15 people over in London Bridge
will be swinging from London Bridge 😂😂
We both dropped our phones on the 10:21pm London Bridge to Cannon Street train. I wish we had had an extra second - Weak boy in green shirt
If you are into Royal stuff and the British Monarchy like I am, give this a read. 'London Bridge is down' .
Un poco largo, pero vale la pena leer. 'London Bridge is down': the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death
Are trains to London Bridge from South Bermondsey on Sunday running?
1982: Mike Oldfield earned the right to drive sheep over London Bridge after being made a Freeman of the City…
‘London Bridge is down’: Operational codeword for the Queen’s death leaked
'London Bridge is down': Operational codeword for the Queen's death leaked - RT
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
This is an utterly amazing piece of writing, about a thing that will one day happen.
Considering that "London Bridge" article thinks BBC One would drag out the Exercise ident for an obit, I would pay it no furthe…
A phenomenal, must-read investigation by into the days after the Queen dies (bravo to the editor):
I recommend this beautifully-written piece in The Guardian today by on Operation London Bridge:
This is an incredible piece on the quiet preparations behind British royal funerals.
"She will get everything." Amazing story on the planning for the Queen's funeral.
Really thinking about leaving for maybe then I can get data at London Victoria and London Bridge!
"BBC news teams had to work on Sun. mornings to perform mock storylines abt the Queen Mother choking on a fishbone"
'London Bridge is down': Secret code civil servants use before the public is told the Queen is dead revealed in ..…
“The prime minister will be woken and civil servants will say “London Bridge is down” ”
Good long read via Now sure why I was so riveted. Thinking of formality + ritual + how much things change.
Excellent article on what happens when the Queen dies
I, too, want time to give away some of my horses. First, I need time to get some horses. . . .
“In 1952, at the same moment, all of the passengers on a flight from London to New York rose from their seats and …”
Wow. Fascinating and thoughtful piece on plans for Elizabeth II death rituals
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Reading the Guardian article on the plans for The Queen's death and this bit made me smile, *so* 20C British 😏…
We're not meant to think about it, but the state has thought about every detail - What happens when the Queen dies
A fascinating read that describes Operation London Bridge, or what happens when the Queen dies.
Iniesta - Stamford Bridge London 2009!!! To send Barca to the Final. Insanity
Had she been a Guardian reader, this would have got Madge reaching for a Gin & Dubonnet a bit earlier than usual! https:/…
"The next great rupture in Britain’s national life has, in fact, been planned to the minute."
May favourite line in this article is “There may be corgis.”
Fascinating article- it is going to be crazy when this happens...
This is fascinating, on the plans for the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.
The plans for eventual passing of are as magnificent as they are detailed.
This long read on the death of the Queen, by is utterly brilliant.
London Bridge is down: Secret code words that will be used when the Queen dies - Mirror Online
If you haven't yet read that piece on the Queen's death then do because is so ludicrously stuffed with odd details. https:…
Enjoyed reading the full London Bridge piece today -- skip the shortened copycat stories and read the real thing:
This article about what will happen when the Queen dies details such a weird outdated thing.
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Police help man in his 20s down from bridge in Northolt.
Operation London Bridge: why Britain is obsessed with the days that will follow The Queen’s death
Actually hearing this song makes this paragraph from seem even more insane…
Canada's plan for Queen's death involves pundits declaring that we're no longer a monarchy or should no longer be.
People who are not expecting to cry will cry.
Fascinating. And the reporting in this, just wow.
We literally killed King George V for content.
"It will be quite fundamental." My about the plans for the death of the Queen:
This is an insanely riveting piece about what will happen right after Queen Elizabeth dies. Must read.
I am in awe of the technique and style uses here. Such fantastic writing, without any gimmicks
Royal British Legion are looking for a Manager - £37k, London Bridge. Pas it on...…
This is an incredible read. Civil servants will announce "London Bridge is down" on secure lines when the Queen dies https:/…
The site displays stone remains of old London Bridge & a timber of the Roman river wall AD 75.
Primary Teacher Needed, London Bridge Area. - A primary school based in Southwark close to the London Bridge ar...
Woman on DLR has just said she is going to London Bridge to catch a British Rail train .
Two icons at dawn on Westminster bridge. Get to see the re…
The very last Class 442 service operated by GTR is currently on its final journey. Running on the 17:57 London Bridge…
Brilliant macadamia brownie from to complement my view of Towee Bridge yesterday…
Are u london bridge? Are you falling? — Idk. All I know is I'm not allowed to fall
We stay lit like London Bridge. So fly make the haters sick
More WIProgress on Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast and the Thames East from London Bridge
Year 1 visited ,the Monument,London Bridge&Tower of London to support our them…
Think this might be my favourite bridge in London 🌉 . View from the walk home last night, s…
This can't be happening to me. London bridge is..😱😅
playing in London Bridge on Good Friday, will be .. er .. GOOD!
Last run for the 442s from London Bridge in normal service, 2410/13 doing the hons. https…
They have built a replica of London's Tower Bridge in the city of Suzhou. Interestingly, this replica is...
no it's n of London Bridge.gracechurch st before it becomes bishopsgate
CANCELLED Due to shortage of train crew the 11:00 Horsham to London Bridge has been cancelled
Pick up a leaflet at London Bridge Tomorrow & find out about closures in 2017 so you can plan ahead
Old London Bridge with the spire of Old St Paul's Cathedral on the horizon before the Great Fire recreated in this…
Thank you for such a wonderful day out shooting around London Bridge x
Really felt pace of change in London this morning travelling from Lewisham via London Bridge to Kings Place at King's Cross. Disorienting.
A steamer packed with passengers leaves the ancient pool of under the Tower Bridge raised bascule'…
Yes London Bridge is open. Was it our app or the National Rail Enquiries app you were using? ^RK
ok thank you :) no it was just saying a direct train like normal, is London Bridge open?
In the boozer in London Bridge. I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve! Come on you Lions 🦁⚽️
Caught the bus to Hammersmith bridge and then walked in to this little wonder
Heads displayed as a warning above the drawbridge entrance to old London Bridge & the City on the Southwark approa…
A bridge made of Lego is on display in London:
I was handed this by policemen at London Bridge this morning - how to report sexual harassment on the tube. Thought it was w…
LDN "A very brief history of London Bridge
A very brief history of London Bridge
ALTERED Due to a person being hit by a train the 12:55 West Croydon to London Bridge will terminate at South Bermondsey
Hi Georgia, I advise changing at Three Bridges for a service to London Bridge. ^SF
London Bridge station is now back up and running. Early reports indicate that the "suspicious vehicle" was a Southern train…
my usual ain't open today. Quiet day in London Bridge
. Hello mate sorry it's the ticket today.Tomorrow or Friday alright? I'll be in London Bridge?
"A crowd flowed over London Bridge, so many" -- T. S. Eliot, The Waste Land .
Forest Hill to London Bridge. It's as unlawful as fare dodging you know. Any chance of a similar crackdown?
So this morning il be walking from liverpool street station to London Bridge across to Tower Bridge Road!!!
Sometimes I wish it was 2006 again so that Fergies ICONIC London Bridge was still popular because that song is🔥🔥
thanks I'm on the 16:21 London Bridge to Hastings, diverted via st Mary's cray to Sevenoaks...
Everyone who got to see London Bridge tn at the palladium lucky af.
We were able to move the London Bridge to Arizona. Maybe we can move the Great Wall to the Southern border.…
We sold London Bridge to the Americans. Can't we sell them Hadrian's Wall? Hold on, the Scots might still want it?
based on my experience of the new London Bridge layout probably miles away
I'm looking for a BI Analyst who has experience in building/creating data warehousing to work close to London Bridge.
im near South Woodford station. How do I get to London Bridge?
I'd rather have root canal surgery than re-experience the journey I just did from Charing Cross to London Bridge. Utter chaos.
Based on own experience cycling Lewisham-London Bridge takes under an hour. Let's get some regular cycle user figur…
Hanging out on the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona a couple weeks ago. Really late getting this video ou…
0827 Brighton to London Bridge due 0935: will be starting late from Brighton & is expected to be 5 mins late.
0712 London Bridge to Brighton due 0817: has been delayed from London Bridge & is now 17 mins late.
thanks for cancelling the 7.30 from Hurst green to London Bridge. An announcement would have been nice!
is the 07.31 train Hurst Green - London Bridge coming or not coming? Staff and comms boards don't know...!
why is the 715 from Hurst Green to London Bridge not 12 coaches?
I'm travelling from London Bridge to Haywards Heath today at 16.42. Will this be affected by the strikes or be delayed?
yes they can. Trains from London Bridge are generally faster than the Gatwick "Express" from Victoria; Anytime single £10.40
1 more thing has sprung to mind. Can Gatwick Express online tickets be collected from self service machines @ London Bridge?
train to London Bridge stuck at Norwood junction with no info from driver. What's going on??
The 19:40 London Bridge to West Croydon has been delayed by 15mins from Queens Road
London Bridge. We got off at Norwood junction. Although we were on the 7.20 to Tatt Corner first so possibly that one?
Taxis can now use the bus lanes at Wandsworth Gyratory, Catford, Tooley Street westbound and London Bridge northbou…
Services will be operating from London Bridge and Cannon Street. ^JD
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but I thought trains from Cannon Street weren't stopping at London Bridge at the moment.
hello is anyone there... there are no trains from Cannon Street...If I get to London Bridge or Charing Cross what will happen
Your best option is to go over to Cannon Street for the 18:22. That train won't stop at London Bridge though. ^JS2
After this weekend i dont want to see the inside London Bridge, Bermondsey or Canning Town tube stations for a long time! Lol
Trains from Cannon Street won't stop at London Bridge until mid 2018. ^JS2
are there trains from Cannon Street to London Bridge tonight?
Close to missing a train at London Bridge, so I got the Jubilee Line to Canning Town, got on the DLR to Woolwich A…
this was Waterloo, London Bridge, North Greenwich…. just full of annoying drunks
In all honesty after London Bridge, Tower Bridge, Waterloo bridge I can't tell the rest. of the bridges🙈🙈
are BXH trains going into/out of London Bridge or Cannon Street on 28/29/30 Dec ?? Being told confusing info.
poets. and people what like poets. Deptford is 6 mins from London Bridge. You should probably pop along really.
Just sprinted from London Bridge tube to overground while listening to American Girl. If I was in shape it would have been so cinematic.
Look out for a famous face as you head towards London Bridge from the Globe Theatre via
Gee, Thanks for letting me get back from London Bridge to East Croydon in under two hours - so glad this service is cheap.
Is the lift at London Bridge from Jubilee Line to exit working? I wish to use it later today?
The fantastically excitable American platform announcer on the Jubilee Line at London Bridge just made my morning. What a queen.
I love Kenwood House - has that very special painting of London Bridge.
When you need to be at the platform on London Bridge in 40 minutes but you're stuck at the platform in Turnham Green.
would it be a better idea to just go straight to Charing Cross/London Bridge?
Hey are any trains to Tulse Hill running from London Bridge tonight? No one on the station seems to know...
easy to get to, Walk from Westminster to London Bridge station along Thames. Great walk. Have food at Borough Mkt
Used the new London Bridge station today. A remarkable transformation.
I wish I had read this earlier...better than being abandoned at London Bridge station!
Every number on display at London Bridge station is meaningless. Good practice for the autumn statement I guess.
It's peak evening and London Bridge station has a single train in on the terminus platforms. What a shambles…
is the delayed 18.50 from London Bridge going to leave any time soon? Very little communication at the station.
Bloody *** London Bridge is a confusing station if you've not been here for a while.
One of many images taken today on a tour of London Bridge station - still a massive construction site.
yeah i drive past it every day it's gonna look good once London Bridge station is all done x
I've only just realised that the Shard is on top of London Bridge station
Words can't describe how much I hate starting work at 9am at London Bridge. Waterloo station is peak this morning going down to Jubilee Line
under a railway bridge just outside London Bridge station.
My annual poppy selling session at London Bridge station for
Currently at London Bridge station listening to London Bridge. This was my purpose in life.
Read the latest on the London Bridge development which is currently running to schedule
NEWS: London Bridge is to install three more escalators in order to manage traffic flows at the station, just for a laugh
It's been while since I used London Bridge station and spent first 5 minutes today walking round like a lost soul
London Bridge is almost 180 years old. Can you share any pictures of the station from before 1960 with us and
Going thro' London Bridge station this morning,a primary school class out on a jolly to town broke out into 'London Bridge is falling down'
Performing today at London Bridge station from 6-8pm, say hi if you're passing by!
Staff at London Bridge station particularly helpful and happy this morning
London Bridge station looks mad different, I was legit confused if I was in the right place 🤔
Main thing I hate about London Bridge station, is that half of the time it smells of faeces outside.
London Bridge station - No step fee access to the Northern line platforms while we fix faulty lifts.
London Bridge station in 1972, photo by David Flett.   10% Off
Turns out 'transformation' of London's oldest railway station at London Bridge = demolition
London Bridge station Business forum, takes place this Thursday focusing on the progress of the build:…
Pob Fenchurch St 2 Mill St SE1. Heading 4 London Bridge he says “why are we going over London Bridge?”. Stay calm Justin, prison is not 4 u
got London Bridge / fenchurch street etc loads of options on day but as Slav said they close most Liverpool Street
1702 Brighton to London Bridge due 1805: will call additionally at Hassocks & Burgess Hill.
Martin Kirby & Joey Hayes bt CJ Banks & Danny Hope via London Bridge(boys & girls). Loved absolute, ridiculous daftness of all of this
Ring Around the Rosy / Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush / London Bridge (medley) by Pete Seeger ♫
"There's Brooklyn Bridge, London Bridge, And the Bridge of San Luis Rey. But the only bridge,…
If you see our volunteers in Canary Wharf, London Bridge, Covent Garden, Kings Cross, Victoria or Euston today,...
Also on my reading list Gus. Am now reading London Bridge is Falling Down a very good story so far.
Paul Cox - will you and your RMT colleagues do a meet the passengers session at London Bridge?
If you can get to London Bridge you'll have more of a choice if not Cannon Street looking the best. ^g
My dad thought it would be funny to make my doorbell play London Bridge. I specifically asked for the Imperial March.
This is part of the new timetable, that considers Cannon Street trains no longer stopping at London Bridge. ^DM
1102 Brighton to London Bridge due 1205: has been delayed between Haywards Heath & Gatwick Apt & is now 9 mins late.
Update your maps at Navteq
1042 London Bridge to Brighton due 1142: is being delayed between Haywards Heath & Brighton & is now expected to be 9 mins late.
Avoid the new London Bridge station. Only access to the Tube is a long walk down the street.
New design at London Bridge station. No ticket machines and only 2 cashiers. Terrorist haven why is the ticketing office below street level.
No aircon on Gatwick express 8:04 from Haywards Heath to London Bridge. Brilliant!
why don't Cannon Street services stop at London Bridge anymore? I'm baffled by the new timetable.
Q: Will the train from London Bridge to South Bermondsey be working on Saturday or is their planned engineering works?
hi is belsize park to London Bridge ok around 6pm?
From our glorious boat ride down the !! @ London Bridge
Don't worry, if you don't go to London Bridge station enough, it happens...
1 home ticket to Chelsea v Burnley at Stamford Bridge - London, 27 Aug, fv £47.50. Buy with protection:
London Bridge station set for partial opening of new concourse via
Love London bank holidays - when the city empties out. Ship Inn on Wandsworth Bridge is deserted!
my mil hires rooms for £20 per night. It's Kennington but you could get bus to London Bridge and then jubilee to Stratford X
'How London was Built', Interesting photos showing the construction of some of London's most iconic landmarks.
Bye-bye London, bye-bye my friend. Crossing the sea, bound for Paris! @ Tower Bridge
london Bridge by twenty88, back to sleep remix by chris brown,usher,zayn . don't by bryson tiller. sucker for pain by lil wayne
Bridge collapses on M20 London bound carriage way
like the London Bridge is falling down
Now it's the final leg! Usain Bolt parties in London AGAIN Obviously a Bridge fanatic.
The International Space Station is passing overhead The London Bridge, for 641 seconds.
Will the ever be built? It now faces delays raise risk of major boat collision
A bridge has collapsed on our end route to London. And the bus driver says "unfortunately" No one is hurt
The state of our railways: just TWO ticket machines at London Bridge - one of UK's busiest stations
Bank Holiday chaos as bridge collapses on M20 motorway
Yes, request a ticket to "London Terminals" as this will cover both routes but is the same price.
Wedding day selfie with these two. They're getting married in the North Tower of London Bridge today
A bridge has collapsed onto vehicles on in between junctions 3 and 4 - at least one person is being treated by…
Me and my partner lost our GoPro Hero4 in near the Tower Bridge Aug 11th! Please RT!. https:…
What an great innings by 2nd odi century ... kindly jump from London. Bridge...
We've updated our London Bridge map for the recontrol at Cannon Street - check out the details at
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Floating down the Thames on a soca boat. London I'm back. @ Tower Bridge
So I lost my iPhone yesterday at London bridge station, look at where it is now.
MORE: Footbridge collapses onto truck on M20 motorway between London and Dover
Announcement at station says your 18:42 from London Bridge to Brighton is terminating at Three Bridges due to staff shortage 1/2
1842 London Bridge to Brighton due 1946: will be terminated at Three Bridges.
You could take a Thameslink train to London Bridge, then Jubilee Line to Canning Town and change there to the DLR.
We walked from Trafalgar Square to London Bridge, via Tower of London, looking for some of the
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