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London Bridge

London Bridge is a bridge over the River Thames, connecting the City of London and Southwark, in central London.

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Minute's silence being held for Manchester, London Bridge, Grenfell Tower and Finsbury mosque
"London Bridge will never fall down. You can't break our . spirit!". Tower Bridge, London,. England🇬🇧. 📷by me
I'm not even British but the fact that so many don't know the difference between the Tower Bridge and London Bridge driv…
Win tickets to the plus an overnight stay at the London Bridge with
//Yup. Then again a town in Oklahoma paid for the 'London Bridge', thinking they'd get the Tower Bridge lmao
Westminster, Manchester, London Bridge, Grenfell Tower, Finsbury Park. An election in which the winners feel like...
Hero PC shot London Bridge jihadi was on his first call
Prince Harry has visited Borough Market to support the local traders following the London Bridge attack last week → https:…
WHERE is the national manhunt for John Tomlin?!!! Why can't the police raid houses the same way they did for the London Bridg…
the only bad things I have found club mate at London Bridge.
London Bridge hero is in hostel for homeless while illegals who occupied Grenfell Tower get luxury millionaire…
Come and meet the team on Stand 2 at the MGAA Conference on the 4th July at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, 45 Prescot Street…
"I try to take the first (attacker) out in one go" - Hero cop speaks about tackling London Bridge terrorists
"All I was trying to do was keep people alive" - PC Wayne Marques, who took on the London Bridge attackers
Tower Bridge: Uncovering the history of a London landmark - BBC History Magazine
I'm going to at Royal Albert Hall in London, United Kingdom - Oct 3
hi, I’m traveling from Coulsdon South to London Bridge later - will I be ok today?
How 🇬🇧, and other European countries, are turning to 🇮🇱 for help stopping 'lone wolf' terror…
Packed newsletter went out last night about the London Bridge Attack, the Grenfell Tower fire, the Finsbury van...
WATCH: 'I only had one voice in my head' - Hero police officer tells his harrowing story of London Bridge attack https:…
Obligatory Tower Bridge photo to show the conference I was speaking at was actually in London 😁…
Hero off-duty cop stabbed after tackling London Bridge attacker gets WWE belt
I'm wondering if he's more offended by Manchester/London Bridge than Grenfell?
.meets Charlie Guenigault, a London Police officer wounded in the attack at London Bridge, to personally thank him for hi…
How UK police are turning to Israel for help stopping 'lone wolf' terror attacks
.your commitment to is exemplary. As a Leader & Bridge Builder you do us All proud. branding…
CCTV shows police opening fire on London Bridge attackers – video - . Video footage shows police marksmen opening fire on the London Brid...
The sights in London, too. Also, something about a vehicle accident on the Bridge?
Join us and for a special screening experience at Flat Iron Square in London Bridge from July 3rd.
Firearms cop who shot dead London Bridge terrorists 'only two weeks into job and attack was first call-out' - …
The 07:53 London Bridge to Brighton has been delayed by 5mins from East Croydon
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as usual grove park, hither green, etc signal issues but nice station at London Bridge; what a joke!
Fuk off.please please just jump off the London Bridge u dirty vile *** miracle u can find1billion fo…
London Bridge terrorist gave a false name to get into Britain . via
Oops it appears one of the London Bridge terrorists lied about his age to enter as a child refugee, nobody saw that coming
London Bridge Attack: 18 Minutes of Chaos in Borough Market, on Streets - NBC News
London bridge is fallin down that what it would be without you
Mayor has no time for east London road bridge idea
Do u guys realize the River Thames says "River Isis" under the bridge in your map?? Please correc…
please use this to report all terrorists acts such as Pulse Night Club shooting, L…
One of the London terror attackers entered the UK under a false name, inquest told
Coroner: London Bridge terrorist got into Britain claiming to be 5 years younger and gave false information
Following the London Bridge attack installed security bollards on 3 bridges to prevent further attacks h…
It's just lazy stereotyping. Cracking example the other day was "mentally-ill X" attacks Mosque vs. "terroris…
She gon sing like a canary in that interrogation room
So heartbreaking what's happening. ♥ my heart is with everyone involved in the London Bridge Attack. 😢 what's this world…
First time eating McDonald's in bout a year and now I'm throwing up ...🚮🚮
Has al-Muhajiroun been underestimated?: One of the London Bridge attackers was a follower of the banned…
London Bridge terrorist got into UK using bogus identity. Sounds about right.
The last time we were in Shasta. gregdick @ London Bridge
Kareena Kapoor poses in Trafalgar Square and Tower Bridge in London for as their newest brand ambassador! h…
All 48 London Bridge attack victims who made it to hospital survive - Business Insider
Will there be good songs in the future?. Yes. Will they ever be as good as London Bridge by Fergie?. No.
Khuram Butt and Rachid Redouane identified as London Bridge attackers -
Always wanted to try Hutong, Aqua Shard or Hawksmoor?
'London Bridge: Inquests open into attackers' deaths - BBC News'
Fury as Uber prices soar after London Bridge terror attack carnage - but firm says it removed 'automatic increase'
terrorist lied about his age to get into Britain. This can only mean he was another 'child refugee'. 😡. ht…
'Lion of London Bridge' Roy is out of hospital - and living in a hostel - Southwark News
CNN has plenty of ethics problems. Did you get caught staging a Muslim march today at the London Bridge? Yes I think…
London Bridge terrorist got into Britain on false details
London Bridge jihadi is Muslim migrant who LIED ABOUT HIS AGE AND NAME to enter UK
Khuram Shazad Butt and Rachid Redouane named as London Bridge terrorists
London Bridge to Sundridge Park. Currently at hither green delayed, not impressed, no amount of free co…
Old Swan Stairs: north bank of the River Thames between London Bridge and Cannon Street Station via
Let's not forget all the sad incidents that took place: Manchester, London Bridge, Grenfell Tower, Finsbury Park, to name a few.
Strongly condemn terrorist attack at London Bridge & Borough Market in London. Prayers go to the victims & their families.
Not to mention the women and girls murdered at Manchester Arena and London Bridge ... or those murdered…
The 08:24 London Bridge to East Grinstead has been delayed by 5mins from East Croydon
The 17:49 London Bridge to Bognor Regis has been delayed by 14mins from Littlehaven
A3 London Bridge is now CLEAR following the recovery of a broken down car. Traffic is flowing well.
Terror suspect, 33, is charged after London Bridge raid via
How the London Bridge attack was reported vs Finsbury Park mosque.
Moving charity single for London tower fire ...
Lone wolves, misfits and drifters: The new profile of British terrorists
Soccer fan who fought London Bridge terrorists honored with his own beer
Nope Britains most hated men killed and injured many people in Manchester and London Bridge.…
Police in and have recorded an increase in Islamophobic following recent attacks. https:/…
Why are the Tories still in charge? After Brexit, Manchester, London Bridge, Grenfell fire & their flopped election?
Theresa May says the internet must now be regulated
hi, about the 17.46 Reigate train from eastCroydon. Cancelled at London Bridge so why show it as on time until 19.46?!!!
The 17:59 London Bridge to Horsham has been delayed by 18mins from East Croydon
Your managers need to front up at London Bridge tomorrow and apologise for this chaos. Absolute disgraceful - s…
Hi, we do not run services from Waterloo. There is a service at 19:29 to Epsom from London Bridge. ^Amy
As new bridge opens,charges will take traftic thru Warrington making it worse each day. London eli…
Southeastern are accepting tickets on their services between London Bridge and Tunbridge Wells
No tears for Manchester. No tears for Westminster. No tears for London Bridge. A mosque is attacked and he cries
Funny, don't remember him visiting Manchester or London Bridge
ALTERED The 18:41 Beckenham Junction to London Bridge will start from Birkbeck at 18:45
Bridge Over Troubled Water by is now available to download in aid of London Community Foundation https:…
No,he didn't.As for the London Bridge 'incident' he told us what a laugh everyone was having…
"You put yourself in the line of danger when you had no duty to do so"
The 18:37 London Bridge to West Croydon has been delayed by 5mins from London Bridge
is London Bridge ok for departures to Epsom as going there now
The 18:14 London Bridge to Caterham and Tattenham Corner has been delayed by 5mins from Purley Oaks
Come and learn to dance West Coast Swing in London Bridge this Thursday from 7:30pm. Absolute beginners free.
The 18:10 London Bridge to Littlehampton has been delayed by 7mins from East Croydon
Corbyn just mentioned Grenfell, Finsbury Park & Jo Cox in the HoC. .. No mention of Manchester, Westminster or London Brid…
Terror attacks in London timeline: From Westminster attack to Finsbury Park terrorism
City of London Dragon boundary mark | London Bridge | Tower of London | Queen Elizabeth's 91st birthday at Buckingh…
Lifesavers: interviews with Gary Edwards, first paramedic to London Bridge scene, & surgeon Richard Cohen .
Cool down at tonight's FREE outdoor screening of Bill & Ted at London Bridge festival. h…
Trump quiet on By now after London Bridge attack he had. - shared unverified report. - tied to Muslim Ban. - attac…
attack is an outrage, but those who rolled their eyes after Westminster, Manchester & London Bridge are the…
But it wasn't a truly horrific "TERRORIST" attack at London Bridge, Mr Khan when that happened?
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Calm down. When the London Bridge and Manchester attacks…
If Sky News say "it appears deliberate" as at London Bridge,then use the T-word. They did at this stage when driver was brown.
.reveals what she and the other BGT judges did in the aftermath of the London Bridge attack…
London's oldest surviving bridge was built back in 1293
Another fab day: Tower of London, Boat Cruise, and the Tower Bridge Experience
There's a cleric in Detroit who has influenced many western ISIS fighters. Why we can't stop him.
Trump links travel ban to London Bridge attack via
I liked a video 🌊 London Bridge Is Falling Down | Nursery Rhymes Collection and Kids Songs from
Imagine after the London Bridge attack & sick bombing of British children in Manchester if we had taken to the streets…
He had dropped a couple off at London Bridge half an hour before the attack and had been up all night trying to find o…
London Bridge attack hero Geoff *** describes moment he confronted the terrorists
3 Muslim Men killed on London Bridge after deadly attack
Man who shouted 'F*** you, I'm Millwall' at London Bridge terrorists gets perfect tribute
Shame on all those marching in London tomorrow. . You stain the memories of terror victims on London Bridge & Mancheste…
"3 young men killed by London Police after a car accident on London bridge"
Red Arrows right now from the Millenium Bridge on route to Buckingham Palace .
..and,wasn't as pro active during London bridge,Westminster Bridge Islamic terrorists.
in the city, there you feel aged, soul is the boldest waste land, when the snow spreads out across the London Bridge,
Do you think BBC would have run 'Three Muslims killed after deadly stabbings in London Bridge'?
Was filming in the streets last night not far from the bridge. Thankful to be safe . Love for London
Are you planning ahead for when we have no trains at London Bridge, Charing Cross and Waterloo East for eight days from 26…
Disgusting headline-Would they have done the same here? "3 muslim men killed after deadly stabbing at London Bridge" http…
knife used by IS attackers in Jerusalem is similar to knife used in London Bridge attack.
Heartbreaking 💔 Prayers and thoughts with the victims and their families
Where's the 1minute silence for 2 days after the London Bridge bombings the whole country stood still 5…
3 Asians killed after car mounts kerb on London Bridge. . Imagine if the BBC wrote that. . A young police woman... htt…
Where were they after Westminster ?. Where were they after Manchester ?. Where were they after London Bridge ?
They cancelled electioneering after the London Bridge attack. Yet the pomp and preening for the queen carries on up the ro…
Whitehall, Manchester, London Bridge, Grenfell. I preferred 2016 when it was just beloved celebs dying every week. 2017 i…
Here's a picture of Barbara Windsor herding sheep across London Bridge, exercising her right as a freeman of the City of Londo…
🌐 Borough Market reopens after London Bridge terror attack
Borough Market opens after London Bridge terror attack
Borough Market reopens *today* after London Bridge terror attack via
Police make new arrest in connection with London Bridge terror attack Join us:
British police arrest 19-year-old in connection with the London Bridge attacks
Mother of London Bridge terror attack victim hears how her 21-year-old nanny daughter died of stab wound to the nec… http…
There is two Sainsbury's in London Bridge one on Borough High Street and one of Southwark Road even and Te…
I really like the cut of this fellow's jib. But to be fair, there are others.
Lock knives? Never said anything about that. London Bridge Killers attacked with knives. Better outlaw them
The Mayor needed a crapping on for his dumb comments about how we must get used to terror…
British imams are refusing to give Islamic burials to the London Bridge attackers.
Forcing British taxpayers to fund islamic terrorism must end.
Chilling warning over female jihadis 'who hate the West'
It appears that terrorist ringleader in London Bridge attack was a Kashmiri Muslim. Andrabi & Geelani must be proud:. h…
London Police commissioner says nationalities of eight London Bridge victims tell a proud story of city's diversity
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British NUT JOB Police Chief Praises the Diversity of Victims of the London Bridge Attacks THESE PEOPLE DIED!.
British Muslims handed out 3000 red roses on London Bridge
Security bosses had 30 MI5 and undercover police officers following the London Bridge…
Police release images of fake suicide belts from London Bridge
Exactly, in the grand scheme of things Joan being top dog isn't that important. *** we have Trump…
Her hand at him accusing him of lying and as usual she spoute…
'Moment London Bridge jihadi takes to dancefloor as 'life and soul of the party'
The Great Ocean Road self drive itinerary with maps
has taken down the documentary "The Jihadis Next Door" because one of the London Bridge attackers was featured…
I just did *** Even know all u had 2 do was go to…
I'm a British Muslim the same age as the London terrorists – I know why we turned out so differently
London Bridge terrorist attack: video of police changing into camouflage pants |
Indoctrination: PRIMARY SCHOOL teaches children “facts” about after Bridge massacre... http…
How a crippling shortage of analysts let the London Bridge attackers through: Last Tuesday, in the wake of the…
1st victim of has been identified as Canadian & bride-to-be, Chrissy Archibald. RIP 😔.
British police arrest another man in London Bridge attack probe.
London Police make additional arrest, release image of knife used in London Bridge attack.
This is a fake suicide belt worn by one of the London Bridge terrorists
Here u go. Since your incapable of your own research…
Medical miracle as all 48 London Bridge terror victims who made it to hospital survive their injuries
The 30 y/o Canadian woman killed in the London Bridge attack is one of those being honoured at a vigil in
Muslims hand out thousands of roses at London Bridge
These Media people are INSANE!! Is EVERYTHING a 'botched robbery?' I am waiting for them to blame London Bridge att…
Police arrest another man in relation to the London Bridge terror attack
British Muslims give out 1000 roses on London bridge.. LOL! This is a strategy even Kashmir-militant supporters can adopt…
.on what Trump doesn't understand about gun control in Great Britain - .
Next ISIS threat to the UK 'could come from brainwashed women'
UK taxpayers supported London Bridge jihad mass murderer: he was on welfare
London Bridge jihad mass murderer applied for a SECURITY job at Wimbledon, suspected plot to blow up Wimbledon
REVEALED: Boris Johnson removed safety railings on London Bridge because they were 'UGLY'
BREAKING: London Bridge on lockdown again following terror attack
Simple Minds caring tribute to the victims of the London Bridge terror attack at the beginning of their concert las…
Can't believe it's only a week since the London Bridge terror attacks. Amazing how quickly things like this can drop off the news agenda.
Let me rephrase. "... of eight London Bridge victims tell a true story of islam not caring about who you are"
So what was the meaning of the Union Jack in today's rallies' context? Je suis London Bridge? Bring back the Queen?
Two more arrests in London Bridge attack: British police
London mayor Sadiq Khan was at a conference with London Bridge killer's friend
Three more men arrested over London Bridge attack
Moment man is arrested in Newham as police carry out raids linked to London Bridge attack
London Bridge Ringleader Attended Demo in Support of Lee Rigby Killer - Breitbart via
There were 14 more "racist incidents" recorded yesterday than average. The left cares more about this than terror. http…
The REAL TRUTH About the London Bridge Terror Attack via A false flag to take away our fre…
'I was dumped by text for London Bridge jihadi': Jilted boyfriend reveals terrorist's wife ended their relationsh... http…
In response to the London Bridge attacks, Scotland Yard arrested more Anglo-Saxons for contempt of Islam than known Jihadis.
As Mayor, I have a zero-tolerance approach to hate crime. If you commit a hate crime, you will face arrest. .
New video shows London terrorists stabbing bystanders before getting shot. Story:
London bridge footage of Muslim attackers?
Love this guy. GC seems appropriate.
'Police arrest 3 more in London Bridge attack investigation'
Theresa May has wanted to control the internet for a long time. Wastes no time exploiting this attack to demand this https:…
Dearborn cleric said to have influenced London Bridge attacker was kicked out of 2 mosques in metro Detroit yrs ago.
Its time to meet our brave police dogs who worked so hard at the London Bridge terrorist attack. Thank you PD Marci and PC Bil…
Fundraiser for London Bridge attack victim and Millwall fan Roy Larner who was stabbed eight times by terrorists…
Defeatist Political Correctness results in dead people. "It is time to stop being PC and start speaking the truth".
London Bridge terror: Xavier Thomas' body pulled from Thames to become 8th victim
Over 500 Imam's will gather tommorow near London Bridge to pay tribute to those killed in terror attack. More Info: ht…
No easy security measures to guard against vehicular attacks like But risks can be mitigated. My latest: https:…
Theresa May's plan to scrap human rights is a distraction turned dangerous
One of the many maddening takeaways from the London Bridge jihad attack is this: If you post videos on YouTube
London Bridge attack: CCTV shows fatal clash with police, story by
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
More than 100 Imams hold a vigil at London Bridge remembering terror attack victims and condemning extremism
BREAKING: Armed police arrest three men in connection to London Bridge terror attack
Hero Millwall fan reveals his injuries after he stopped London Bridge jihadis attacking women and children
3 more people were arrested in connection with last week's London Bridge attack, British authorities say
Off-duty soldier tells how he raced to save London Bridge terror attack victims ‘as shots rang out’ htt…
What is the Al-Muhajiroun network that helped radicalize London Bridge attacker Khuram Butt? ht…
hit with bread crate: of the Bridge terror attack
An off-duty police officer who was stabbed repeatedly as he tackled the terrorists has been hailed a genuine hero
Khuram Butt alleged mastermind of London Bridge attack hails from Punjab’s Jhelum & his maternal uncle is PML-N’s president…
Footage of the London Bridge terrorists attacking people. People need to see this . I won't apologise for sharing it…
London Bridge attack: Labour accuses Theresa May of breaking pact to halt campaigns
."He's still saying the same old stuff, even as London Bridge has fallen down on his watch."
Little wonder they did not want us to know the identities of the Butchers of London Bridge
British chief rabbi urges countrymen to stay tolerant in face of London Bridge attack IMHO, a useful infidel..
Cops reveal missing Frenchman may have been hit by terrorists' van and thrown into Thames in London Bridge attack
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POLICE fear an eighth victim of the London Bridge terror attacks may have been thrown into the River Thames duri...
London Bridge terror death toll rises: Police fear EIGHT dead as Frenchman may have been thrown in Thames
London Bridge attack: Missing man may have been thrown into River Thames by speeding van.
Eight feared dead in London Bridge terror attack as police suspect French man was thrown into River Thames
Terrifying picture of London Bridge attacker emerges as Boris questions security services # via
Pictured: London Bridge attacker working on the Underground
At 11:00am I just happened to be at London Bridge underground whilst the minutes silence happened, no one spoke the whole journey
Pictured: London Bridge attacker working on the Underground via
WATCH: London Bridge terrorist's group shout at police after being stopped for black Islamic flag.
I still can't quite believe that Philip Schofield's defiant walk across Westminster Bridge didn't prevent the London Bridge attack.
Gardai probing whether London Bridge attacker used Ireland as gateway to U.K. from is LIVE with
TFL UPDATE: TfLTrafficNews: - no change to the road closures; London Bridge closed southbound. Borough High Street shut Marsh…
Is it my imagination, or were there not FOUR in the white van on London Bridge, and one fled towards Monument station.…
Yves Le Drian, the French foreign minister, says he will be in London on Monday following London Bridge attack.
London Bridge terror attack - Several dead after van hits pedestrians and reports of stabbings in Borough Market
Viewers hail a ‘legend’ after he repeatedly grills an MP and an Imam about the London Bridge attack
David Bossie suggest Trump should go to London and walk across London Bridge this week. Would that be a good idea?
London Bridge will NEVER fall down... you can't break our spirit (spotted in Walthamstow)
It's London Bridge, Borough Market, and Kings College Hospital. Why did you prefix them all with "The" in your last report?
John Oliver has a short, NSFW message for anyone who thinks London is "reeling" after the London Bridge attack:.
London Bridge attack: Romanian baker who fought terrorist with crates hailed a hero.
Theresa May responsible for security failures of London Bridge, Manchester, Westminster Bridge. Should be resigning not s…
My office is within the cordon on Southwark St today. Spoke to 3 different Police officers walking from London Bridge, 1 for best route cont
BREAKING: London Metropolitan Police say they have arrested 12 people in connection with London Bridge attack.
Metropolitan Police arrest 12, including 7 women, in connection with London Bridge attack
Dramatic footage captures moment Metropolitan Police kill London Bridge terrorists in hail of bullets
Metropolitan Police says four police officers were injured in the London Bridge terror attack
Paul Ross is live until 10am from the police cordon at London Bridge & Borough Market. Guests include Lord Brian Pa…
Hero journalist uses his martial arts skills to tackle London Bridge terrorists
'Gunshots' heard near London Bridge terror raids as armed cops descend on Dagenham
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Islamic State claim responsibility for London Bridge terror attack
London Bridge attack latest: ‘Gunshots heard’ as police launch fresh raids in east London after Islamic State claim…
One of the London Bridge attackers was allegedly reported to police for trying to recruit children to Islamic State
A rainbow over London Bridge this evening
Details of the London Bridge jihadi killer are revealed | Daily Mail Online
WTH Tony Blair. Did you welcome the London Bridge murders to the U.K.?
This man who witnessed the London Bridge attack went back to pay his restaurant bill today.
BREAKING: Armed cops swoop on 'gunman' after London Bridge terror attack
Police make 12 arrests in Barking, east London, after last night's terrorist attack at London Bridge.
Sky Sources: searches are taking place in East Ham in London following the London Bridge attack
JUST IN: London Police arrest 12 people in east London in connection with London Bridge, Borough Market incidents.
Who are Blue Thunder? What you need to know about elite unit who responded to London Bridge attack…
SAS counter-terrorist team "Blue Thunder" landing on London Bridge last night (04/06).
SAS Blue Thunder unit in helicopter landed on London Bridge last night as part of the armed response
Who are Blue Thunder? The SAS unit was deployed for the first time at London Bridge | Essex Live via…
Elite SAS unit 'Blue Thunder' helicopter team called in after London Bridge attack.
Latest in London: A NKY couple was 1 mile from London Bridge attacks, hear from them on GMTS at 6.
PICS: Six killed in terror attack on London Bridge | Independent Online
London Bridge terror – ‘This is for Allah’ via This has to be stopped. I know I will fight back. 😡😡😡
Theresa May returns to Downing Street ahead of emergency Cobra talks as London Bridge confirmed as terror attack
If you see the London Bridge news & think "now's a good time to make a political point about Jeremy Corbyn/Theresa May
Downing Street: aware of the situation unfolding on London Bridge
Here's a map of the major incident underway at London Bridge. Follow our latest updates:
London attacks: incidents at London Bridge and Borough Market confirmed as terrorism.
Terrible news on London Bridge this evening. If you are in London be vigilant as the van driver has not been stopped
UK Prime Minister Theresa May: “The terrible incident in London is being treated as a potential act of terrorism.”
1 London Bridge is our regional headquarters and home to dozens of my colleagues. Hoping one and all are ... -
London Bridge and under attack by Radical Islamic Terrorists. Let us all be in prayer for our friends th…
This account is from a taxi driver. Horrific. .
The US State Department has condemned the "cowardly" London attacks
Very worrying reports of horrific incident, possible terror attack, on London Bridge.
This is how the terrorist attacks in London unfolded, less than 2 weeks after the suicide bombing in Manchester
London attacks: 'Suspect with canisters shot' after deadly knife and van terror incidents
New photos reveal the scene, emotion and situation moments after the London Bridge terror incident. ht…
Militants drive van into people on London Bridge, stab others
Breaking News: London Police have called the attacks on London Bridge and Borough Market terrorism incidents
BBC is still reporting just an "incident". Daily Mail reporting this. . 7 dead, terrorists said it was for Allah. https…
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