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London Bridge

London Bridge is a bridge over the River Thames, connecting the City of London and Southwark, in central London.

Waterloo East Charing Cross Coulsdon South New Cross Gate East Croydon West Croydon Beckenham Junction East Grinstead Peckham Rye Borough Market London Victoria Grenfell Tower Cannon Street Norwood Junction Manchester Arena Tower Bridge

ALTERED The 08:44 London Bridge to London Victoria not call at New Cross Gate, Brockley, Honor Oak Park, Forest Hill and Sydenham
ALTERED The 07:49 London Victoria to London Bridge not call at Sydenham, Forest Hill, Honor Oak Park, Brockley and New Cross Gate
London terror attacks on London Bridge and Borough Market | Herald Sun
Like in Nice on Bastille Day and London Bridge? Trucks of peace and submission. Bonkers left and Islam apologia
Going from portslade to charring cross. Was saying best via London Bridge, now saying there are tra…
Hero cop PC Wayne Marques receiving the 2017 City of London Sheriffs' Award for his bravery in fighting the London Bridge terroris…
‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell read by Michael McEvoy at London Bridge station part of
LONDON! A lot of my WIP revolves around Thames House, HQ of MI5, with a j…
Alright . are we going to talk about the ghastly smell of poo at London Bridge station ?
Too late!. Staff at London Bridge told me to get off at East Croydon!
A fault on one train and waiting at London Bridge 9 minutes after another train should have left. Normal service resumes
Sister of London bridge attack mastermind, Khuram Butt, sacked from Heathrow airport job after initial suspensio...
Lovely view of the bridge this morning @ London Bridge City
Trying to get to Uckfield. Was getting 7.55 from London Bridge, delayed & now not calling at Uckfield. Next train please?
Morning - why has the 9:34 from to London Bridge been cancelled this morning ?
Nothing in London or anywhere in the world can hold a candle to crossing the bridge into Manhattan and seeing the city…
Already at London Bridge... though I did fall asleep on the train
The in Roupell St is my favourite Waterloo pub. What are your Southwark and London Bridge recommendations?
Still be there now and have to deal with commuters at London Bridge. Nope! Am already back home in my bed.
CANCELLED The 08:18 London Bridge to Tonbridge and Reigate has been cancelled
I liked a video Walking Through Central London 2017 || London Bridge, Millennium Bridge and So on
CANCELLED The 07:50 London Bridge to East Grinstead has been cancelled
Trains run regularly from Victoria and London Bridge. Please check beforehand which train as some require a change at…
ALTERED The 06:40 East Grinstead to London Bridge will terminate at Oxted
Hi, this is two days in a row there’s a problem with the 0732 Anerley > London Bridge. What’s going on here please?
The 07:55 London Bridge to Uckfield has been delayed by 10mins from London Bridge
house to let! Off road parking and near rail links to £1,250 PCM 
The 07:22 Guildford to London Bridge has been delayed by 7mins from Guildford
Another joyful commute in progress from to London Bridge this morning
I was on the delayed 6.57 to London Bridge but we've now all got off as train defect cant be fixed.…
The 06:38 London Bridge to Uckfield has been delayed by 5mins from Cowden
The 06:30 Uckfield to London Bridge has been delayed by 12mins from Oxted
Hi, are there problems in the East Grinstead to London Bridge line this morning?
How can someone pay almost £300 a month and not get a seat on the 7:10 hove to London Bridge it's absolutely ridiculous!
I'm hoping that the walk from London Bridge to the venue will burn off some nervous energy!
Morning, please can you tell me why the 0719 Epsom-London Bridge train has been cancelled this morning? Thanks.
London bridge too. I'm not sure about twinkle twinkle.
Beautiful view of flying into London. Below is Thames River, London Bridge, Tower of London.
On this day 46yrs ago London Bridge opened for use, in Arizona.
A3212 Chelsea Embankment (SW3) (Both Directions) at the junction of Chelsea Bridge - The road is bloc…
1971: Sold, dismantled and moved to the United States, London Bridge reopens in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.
CANCELLED The 07:19 Epsom to London Bridge has been cancelled
London bridge is fallin down fallin down fallin down
east side west side, all around the town the kids play ring around Rosie, London Bridge is falling down.
The 19:33 Uckfield to London Bridge has been delayed by 11mins from Edenbridge Town
The 18:10 London Bridge to Littlehampton has been delayed by 9mins from Three Bridges
The 07:53 London Bridge to Brighton has been delayed by 5mins from Three Bridges
(Colorized by me): London Bridge with trams, London, 1918-1919.
The 20:40 London Bridge to West Croydon has been delayed by 5mins from Thornton Heath
ALTERED The 21:40 London Bridge to West Croydon not call at South Bermondsey, Queens Road, Peckham Rye, East Dulwich and North Dulwich
It takes to long to get London Bridge stn/ from Liverpool st stn !!!
Friend of London Bridge terror attack ringleader jailed. Find out more on our new 24hour radio station LDN24 click…
Theresa May gets round of applause at saying that UK will not give in to terror 'Ariana Grande returned, London Bridge is bustling'
thanks for letting the 17:29 from London Bridge leave early and now I have to wait until 17:52 to Waterloo East.
when is someone going to sort the service between Waterloo East and London Bridge?
Thank you. Wasn't what they said at Waterloo East! A very nice chap at London Bridge refunded me when I got my weekly. 😁👍🏻
The commute to my new job is 2minutes quicker over London Bridge instead of tower. May take the 2m hit for the bett…
when will trains from Waterloo East to London Bridge between 0806 and 0830 start stopping at London Bridge again?
So turns out no train between London Bridge and Waterloo East between 530 and 550pm! Argh so annoying. Will have to run to make it tomorrow
- Trains between London Waterloo East and London Bridge are no longer being disrupted.
- Trains between London Waterloo East and London Bridge may be delayed by up to 15 minutes.
Trains which were scheduled to run between Tattenham Corner and London Bridge will be diverted via Crystal Palace and Peckham Rye.
Why is 9.37 to Peckham Rye from Streatham Common now only running fast to London Bridge?? Told mid journey no explanation!!
How about a service tonight ??? Utter chaos at London Bridge- L'hton train announced only as 'stuck' - had it sunk??
Hi Lukh. Trains are busier this week because of the closures of Charing Cross, Waterloo East and London Bridge
Closed Charing Cross, Waterloo East & London Bridge yet still managed not to run the train on time without disruptions.
lol they really closed London Bridge, Charing Cross and Waterloo East at the same time? Are network rail sadists?
and are both having major delays, on the same week that London Bridge, Waterloo and Charing Cross aren't accessible 👀
Charing Cross, London Bridge and Waterloo East closed, and Cannon Street now has no trains. How do I get home
Charing Cross, Waterloo and London Bridge all reduced service or closed, Cannon St overflowing, tube rammed as a result.
When do London Bridge, Waterloo East and Charing Cross stations reopen and ... via…
This is the deepest shii I have seen all weeks 😭😭😭💔 . Song - London Bridge by Jhene Aiko
No Waterloo East, Charing Cross and London Bridge remain closed for the week. This is re. our trains diverted to Waterloo ^RK
Pretty blonde with cyan t-shirt drawing very nicely on Gatwick Airport at 18:36. You said goodbye at London Bridge - Green onesie hunk
London travel update: no trains at London Bridge, Waterloo East or Charing Cross, & delays at Waterloo all due to engineering works
No trains to Charing Cross, London Bridge and Waterloo East this week on the Hayes Line, diverted all to Cannon Street.
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You could replace failing with fixing, given that's what they're actually doing. Same with Charing Cross - London Bridge.
Charing Cross, London Bridge and Waterloo East are closed all week as part of works ^RK
It will be bad, everyone will be using Cannon Street because London Bridge and Charing Cross are close…
I use Southeastern.. London Bridge, Waterloo East and Charing Cross all closed for the week. Going to be fun
Hi Ben. We've had to re-time some trains to allow for changes in times because of no trains running to Charing Cross/London Bridge
Coming to our hospitals 26 Aug–2 Sept? No trains will go to London Bridge, Waterloo East & Charing Cross
London Bridge, Waterloo East and Charing Cross closed: What you need to know and travel ...
ALTERED The 14:25 West Croydon to London Bridge not call at North Dulwich, East Dulwich, Peckham Rye, Queens Road and South Bermondsey
Barcelona attack: Woman caught up in third terror event after surviving London Bridge and Paris rampages
Ah that'll be why-the offer is for journeys from Blackfriars, Cannon Street, Charing Cross, London Bridge, St Pancras 1/2 ^RK
- There will be a reduced service in both directions between London Bridge and Beckenham Junction until 21:15.
WARNING: Reduced Southern service between Beckenham Junction and London Bridge this evening
Now that the garden bridge is toast can we please rebuild old London Bridge? It was such an iconic image of London for centuries
terrorists run down people on London Bridge, this is how Trump reacts. terrorists run down Americans, and we get "Charlotte…
Four fans who were victims of the London Bridge terror attack have been recognised on the pitch.
London Bridge attack victims show city as Europe's lodestar | The Seattle Times
Tulse hill to London Bridge - one train an hour, down from five trains an hour at peak times! Really
BBC Radio 4 brings in New York Times "expert" journalist to discuss London Bridge terrorists and their families.
For anyone in London who fancy's a game of squash pop into fitness first monument under London Bridge.
As the day ends. Taken on London Bridge. Looking over Tower Bridge and the city hall.
Anywhere nice and quiet in SE1 between Waterloo and London Bridge, suitable for a funeral wake? Sensible suggestions please…
1831: 'New' London Bridge opened to the public. In 1967 it was sold to Robert McCulloch, who moved it to…
New revelation: One of the London Bridge attackers worked at an Islamic primary school
ALTERED The 11:59 London Bridge to Caterham not call at Brockley, Honor Oak Park, Forest Hill, Sydenham, Penge West and Anerley
Why does he never ask about Manchester Arena, Westminster and London Bridge? Why did he stop asking about…
So what forms of extremism have carried out terror attacks at Westminster Bridge, London Bridge and Manchester Arena th…
Ding ding, round 2. Now traveling from Blackfriars. Getting out of London from London Bridge is probably pointless until 2018.
I was in a train headed for Blackfriars. After standing still for 30min it announced it was now going nonstop to London Bridge.
Love this cruising version of the American who bought old London Bridge & took it home with him (from Peter Ackroyd…
18:33 fast from London Bridge to new eltham where have you been all my life 🚂 💨
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'Lion of London Bridge spits on a black photographer' in shocking racist rant footage
'Lion of London Bridge' filmed spitting on black man and ranting about 'foreign c***s' via
The 10:57 London Bridge to Horsham has been delayed by 20mins from New Cross Gate
London Bridge hero Roy Larner sorry for offence caused by racist abuse saying 'it wasn't intentional'
If the London Bridge is falling, would anybody hear a sound? 😍
London Bridge terrorist Khuram Shazad Butt entered UK as a "refugee" with his parents from Pakistan.
Bus/cyclist crash on Lambeth Bridge highlights that the safety barriers are a real hazard that need improvement now…
I knew this twunt was too good to be true...
View from London Bridge looking like a *** painting right now
Sister of London Bridge terror attacker Khuram Butt 'sacked from her job at Heathrow Airport'! - Follo…
FORMATION The 19:08 London Bridge to Uckfield will be 6 coaches instead of 8
When your anti-terror hero is actually a foul-mouthed National Front open racist - caught on camera https:/…
FORMATION The 19:06 London Bridge to Caterham will be 8 coaches instead of 5
Anyone in London Bridge fancy a pint?
FORMATION The 18:32 London Bridge to Dorking will be 4 coaches instead of 8
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
ALTERED The 18:30 London Bridge to Horsham not call at Norwood Junction
I was thinking of visiting the sights around london bridge, charing x and watereloo for that period wi…
Sister and brother-in-law of London Bridge jihad murderer FIRED from Heathrow “over security fears”
This so called hero is only 'sorry' because he got caught.
wn: 'F*** you I'm Millwall' London Bridge hero Roy Larner caught on video launching racist abuse at anti-racism pr…
Please RT: Were Heathrow Airport right to sack sister of London Bridge bomber?. Call 020 38 29 1234.
Shall we ask the victims and survivors of London Bridge? How quickly you choose to forget. What a *** https:…
English hero is being smeared as 'far right'.
Somewhere between Modern and Borough Market, en route to London Bridge station.
Man who shouted 'F*** you I'm Millwall' at London Bridge terrorists caught launching racist tirade
6 July 1952 - One of the last trams in London crossing Westminster Bridge.
Still no comparison with the vile of 3 men mowing people down and slashing throats on the…
If I trust you with the aux & you hit skip on Fergie when London Bridge comes on, our friendship is terminated 🙅🏼
Roy Larner, the 'Lion of London Bridge', in vile racist rant
Turns out Millwall's "Lion of London Bridge" also a foul-mouthed, racist, NF extremist. Didn't see that coming...
Praised by MSM as the "hero" of London Bridge, media gave rise to a racist National Front believer. Disgusting.
Cool down in London this week with Cyprus Kitchen:. THURS: London Bridge. FRI: Kings X. SAT:
The Millwall fan dubbed the 'Lion of London Bridge' has said sorry for a 'racist rant' caught on video
The hero of London Bridge caught on camera launching racist tirade what a loser!
Part of the reprisal harassment Muslims have been facing since London Bridge and Manchester Arena.
ALTERED The 16:58 Horsham to London Bridge not call at Salfords, Earlswood, Merstham, Coulsdon South, Norwood Junction and New Cross Gate
TEST: Due to a train late from the depot the 17:18 Southern svc from Norwood Junction > London Bridge has been chan…
Minute's silence being held for Manchester, London Bridge, Grenfell Tower and Finsbury mosque
"London Bridge will never fall down. You can't break our . spirit!". Tower Bridge, London,. England🇬🇧. 📷by me
I'm not even British but the fact that so many don't know the difference between the Tower Bridge and London Bridge driv…
London Bridge terrorist Khuram Butt's sister 'is SACKED from Heathrow' via
Win tickets to the plus an overnight stay at the London Bridge with
//Yup. Then again a town in Oklahoma paid for the 'London Bridge', thinking they'd get the Tower Bridge lmao
Westminster, Manchester, London Bridge, Grenfell Tower, Finsbury Park. An election in which the winners feel like...
Wow a real lack of trains from London Bridge to Peckham. Off to New Cross Gate we go!
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my train 07:26 from Coulsdon South to London Bridge had disappeared. When the f*** will it be back!!
0726 Coulsdon South to London Bridge - do you always need to cancel this same train?
Neither are there any direct trains Coulsdon South to London Bridge until 0945. Absolute bloody sha…
ALTERED The 16:04 London Bridge to Tonbridge not call at Norwood Junction, Purley, Coulsdon South and Merstham
Hero PC shot London Bridge jihadi was on his first call
Prince Harry has visited Borough Market to support the local traders following the London Bridge attack last week → https:…
WHERE is the national manhunt for John Tomlin?!!! Why can't the police raid houses the same way they did for the London Bridg…
the only bad things I have found club mate at London Bridge.
London Bridge hero is in hostel for homeless while illegals who occupied Grenfell Tower get luxury millionaire…
Come and meet the team on Stand 2 at the MGAA Conference on the 4th July at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, 45 Prescot Street…
"I try to take the first (attacker) out in one go" - Hero cop speaks about tackling London Bridge terrorists
"All I was trying to do was keep people alive" - PC Wayne Marques, who took on the London Bridge attackers
Tower Bridge: Uncovering the history of a London landmark - BBC History Magazine
I'm going to at Royal Albert Hall in London, United Kingdom - Oct 3
hi, I’m traveling from Coulsdon South to London Bridge later - will I be ok today?
How 🇬🇧, and other European countries, are turning to 🇮🇱 for help stopping 'lone wolf' terror…
Packed newsletter went out last night about the London Bridge Attack, the Grenfell Tower fire, the Finsbury van...
WATCH: 'I only had one voice in my head' - Hero police officer tells his harrowing story of London Bridge attack https:…
Obligatory Tower Bridge photo to show the conference I was speaking at was actually in London 😁…
Hero off-duty cop stabbed after tackling London Bridge attacker gets WWE belt
I'm wondering if he's more offended by Manchester/London Bridge than Grenfell?
.meets Charlie Guenigault, a London police officer wounded in the attack at London Bridge, to personally thank him for hi…
How UK police are turning to Israel for help stopping 'lone wolf' terror attacks
.your commitment to is exemplary. As a Leader & Bridge Builder you do us All proud. branding…
CCTV shows police opening fire on London Bridge attackers – video - . Video footage shows police marksmen opening fire on the London Brid...
The sights in London, too. Also, something about a vehicle accident on the Bridge?
Join us and for a special screening experience at Flat Iron Square in London Bridge from July 3rd.
Firearms cop who shot dead London Bridge terrorists 'only two weeks into job and attack was first call-out' - …
Why can you not run direct to London Bridge before 0945 from Coulsdon South? This is stu…
What happened to the 6.50 from Coulsdon South to London Bridge this morning?
Phil all London Bridge trains from Coulsdon South cancelled. Advice is to change at East Croydon
This interview with a police officer who took on the three terrorists at London Bridge is pretty remarkable.
as usual grove park, hither green, etc signal issues but nice station at London Bridge; what a joke!
Fuk off.please please just jump off the London Bridge u dirty vile *** miracle u can find1billion fo…
London Bridge terrorist gave a false name to get into Britain . via
Oops it appears one of the London Bridge terrorists lied about his age to enter as a child refugee, nobody saw that coming
London Bridge Attack: 18 Minutes of Chaos in Borough Market, on Streets - NBC News
London bridge is fallin down that what it would be without you
Mayor has no time for east London road bridge idea
Do u guys realize the River Thames says "River Isis" under the bridge in your map?? Please correc…
please use this to report all terrorists acts such as Pulse Night Club shooting, L…
One of the London terror attackers entered the UK under a false name, inquest told
Coroner: London Bridge terrorist got into Britain claiming to be 5 years younger and gave false information
Following the London Bridge attack installed security bollards on 3 bridges to prevent further attacks h…
It's just lazy stereotyping. Cracking example the other day was "mentally-ill X" attacks Mosque vs. "terroris…
She gon sing like a canary in that interrogation room
So heartbreaking what's happening. ♥ my heart is with everyone involved in the London Bridge Attack. 😢 what's this world…
First time eating McDonald's in bout a year and now I'm throwing up ...🚮🚮
Has al-Muhajiroun been underestimated?: One of the London Bridge attackers was a follower of the banned…
London Bridge terrorist got into UK using bogus identity. Sounds about right.
The last time we were in Shasta. gregdick @ London Bridge
Kareena Kapoor poses in Trafalgar Square and Tower Bridge in London for as their newest brand ambassador! h…
All 48 London Bridge attack victims who made it to hospital survive - Business Insider
Will there be good songs in the future?. Yes. Will they ever be as good as London Bridge by Fergie?. No.
Khuram Butt and Rachid Redouane identified as London Bridge attackers -
Always wanted to try Hutong, Aqua Shard or Hawksmoor?
'London Bridge: Inquests open into attackers' deaths - BBC News'
Fury as Uber prices soar after London Bridge terror attack carnage - but firm says it removed 'automatic increase'
terrorist lied about his age to get into Britain. This can only mean he was another 'child refugee'. 😡. ht…
'Lion of London Bridge' Roy is out of hospital - and living in a hostel - Southwark News
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CNN has plenty of ethics problems. Did you get caught staging a Muslim march today at the London Bridge? Yes I think…
London Bridge terrorist got into Britain on false details
London Bridge jihadi is Muslim migrant who LIED ABOUT HIS AGE AND NAME to enter UK
Khuram Shazad Butt and Rachid Redouane named as London Bridge terrorists
ALTERED The 19:33 London Bridge to Horsham not call at Coulsdon South and Merstham
London Bridge to Sundridge Park. Currently at hither green delayed, not impressed, no amount of free co…
Old Swan Stairs: north bank of the River Thames between London Bridge and Cannon Street Station via
Let's not forget all the sad incidents that took place: Manchester, London Bridge, Grenfell Tower, Finsbury Park, to name a few.
Strongly condemn terrorist attack at London Bridge & Borough Market in London. Prayers go to the victims & their families.
Not to mention the women and girls murdered at Manchester Arena and London Bridge ... or those murdered…
The 17:49 London Bridge to Bognor Regis has been delayed by 14mins from Littlehaven
A3 London Bridge is now CLEAR following the recovery of a broken down car. Traffic is flowing well.
Terror suspect, 33, is charged after London Bridge raid via
How the London Bridge attack was reported vs Finsbury Park mosque.
Moving charity single for London tower fire ...
Lone wolves, misfits and drifters: The new profile of British terrorists
Soccer fan who fought London Bridge terrorists honored with his own beer
Nope Britains most hated men killed and injured many people in Manchester and London Bridge.…
Police in and have recorded an increase in Islamophobic following recent attacks. https:/…
Why are the Tories still in charge? After Brexit, Manchester, London Bridge, Grenfell fire & their flopped election?
Theresa May says the internet must now be regulated
hi, about the 17.46 Reigate train from eastCroydon. Cancelled at London Bridge so why show it as on time until 19.46?!!!
Your managers need to front up at London Bridge tomorrow and apologise for this chaos. Absolute disgraceful - s…
Hi, we do not run services from Waterloo. There is a service at 19:29 to Epsom from London Bridge. ^Amy
As new bridge opens,charges will take traftic thru Warrington making it worse each day. London eli…
Southeastern are accepting tickets on their services between London Bridge and Tunbridge Wells
No tears for Manchester. No tears for Westminster. No tears for London Bridge. A mosque is attacked and he cries
Funny, don't remember him visiting Manchester or London Bridge
ALTERED The 18:41 Beckenham Junction to London Bridge will start from Birkbeck at 18:45
All purpose parts banner
Bridge Over Troubled Water by is now available to download in aid of London Community Foundation https:…
No,he didn't.As for the London Bridge 'incident' he told us what a laugh everyone was having…
"You put yourself in the line of danger when you had no duty to do so"
is London Bridge ok for departures to Epsom as going there now
The 18:14 London Bridge to Caterham and Tattenham Corner has been delayed by 5mins from Purley Oaks
Come and learn to dance West Coast Swing in London Bridge this Thursday from 7:30pm. Absolute beginners free.
Corbyn just mentioned Grenfell, Finsbury Park & Jo Cox in the HoC. .. No mention of Manchester, Westminster or London Brid…
Terror attacks in London timeline: From Westminster attack to Finsbury Park terrorism
City of London Dragon boundary mark | London Bridge | Tower of London | Queen Elizabeth's 91st birthday at Buckingh…
Lifesavers: interviews with Gary Edwards, first paramedic to London Bridge scene, & surgeon Richard Cohen .
Cool down at tonight's FREE outdoor screening of Bill & Ted at London Bridge festival. h…
Trump quiet on By now after London Bridge attack he had. - shared unverified report. - tied to Muslim Ban. - attac…
attack is an outrage, but those who rolled their eyes after Westminster, Manchester & London Bridge are the…
But it wasn't a truly horrific "TERRORIST" attack at London Bridge, Mr Khan when that happened?
Calm down. When the London Bridge and Manchester attacks…
If Sky News say "it appears deliberate" as at London Bridge,then use the T-word. They did at this stage when driver was brown.
.reveals what she and the other BGT judges did in the aftermath of the London Bridge attack…
London's oldest surviving bridge was built back in 1293
Another fab day: Tower of London, Boat Cruise, and the Tower Bridge Experience
There's a cleric in Detroit who has influenced many western ISIS fighters. Why we can't stop him.
Trump links travel ban to London Bridge attack via
I liked a video 🌊 London Bridge Is Falling Down | Nursery Rhymes Collection and Kids Songs from
Imagine after the London Bridge attack & sick bombing of British children in Manchester if we had taken to the streets…
He had dropped a couple off at London Bridge half an hour before the attack and had been up all night trying to find o…
London Bridge attack hero Geoff *** describes moment he confronted the terrorists
3 Muslim Men killed on London Bridge after deadly attack
Shame on all those marching in London tomorrow. . You stain the memories of terror victims on London Bridge & Mancheste…
"3 young men killed by London police after a car accident on London bridge"
Red Arrows right now from the Millenium Bridge on route to Buckingham Palace .
..and,wasn't as pro active during London bridge,Westminster bridge Islamic terrorists.
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in the city, there you feel aged, soul is the boldest waste land, when the snow spreads out across the London Bridge,
Do you think BBC would have run 'Three Muslims killed after deadly stabbings in London Bridge'?
Was filming in the streets last night not far from the bridge. Thankful to be safe . Love for London
Disgusting headline-Would they have done the same here? "3 muslim men killed after deadly stabbing at London Bridge" http…
knife used by IS attackers in Jerusalem is similar to knife used in London Bridge attack.
Heartbreaking 💔 Prayers and thoughts with the victims and their families
Where's the 1minute silence for 2 days after the London Bridge bombings the whole country stood still 5…
3 Asians killed after car mounts kerb on London Bridge. . Imagine if the BBC wrote that. . A young police woman... htt…
Where were they after Westminster ?. Where were they after Manchester ?. Where were they after London Bridge ?
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